Paradise Cove (2021) - full transcript

A contractor and his wife move to Malibu to flip his mother's beach house and are terrorized by the deranged homeless lady living under the house.

Look, baby!


Ah, ocean.

Oh, man.

Teach me how to surf, mommy!

We're not gonna be there
that long.

How'ya do?

Here you go, man.

God bless.

Good luck.

Have a good one.

- Have a great day.
- You too.

Happy new year!

Oh, Malibu.

Nice place to be homeless.

Look at these houses.

This is crazy.

Oh, man.

How did she score a place here?

This is it.

You ready?

- Mr. Bannett.
- Hi.


You're so lucky, you know
the fire was contained,

so there's no structural damage.

It's got great bones.

And of course,
you can't beat the location.

I know a couple of developers
who would jump all over this.

Oh, thank you, but uh,
we're actually gonna do

the work ourselves.


Well, we need to clear
the brush.

Yeah, let's just uh, let's just
worry about the inside.

Okay, well, best of luck.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

Uh, quick question, what...


Okay, here we go.

God, it was never this bad.

Honey, don't.

When you said
we could live on site,

you didn't mention the smell.

This may be the best thing
my mother ever gifted me.

That is a $6-million-view.

But what's the land worth?

Oh my God.

Oh my God.


We just stick to the plan,

No more flipping row-houses.

We build our dream home,
we have kids, we retire.

But what if we can't sell it
right away?


I'm sorry, have you...
have you met that view?

Again with the view.

Is that all you got?

Mom, I'm home.


Should have tried harder.

Babe, don't.

Even if you'd found her
the right facility,

she wouldn't have gone.

I know it's hard, honey.

When my mom died, I cried
in the shower for a year.

I love you so much.

I love you, too.

Hey, Gary.

Come here, baby.

I'm sorry, Gary,
your mom's a loser.

Oh, you're my baby.


I'm Joan, if you need anything,
just let me know.

Okay, thank you.

I just got these in.


My customers rave about them.

From south of the border.

What do you think?

Oh yeah, that works.

- Okay.
- Okay.

I'll take two of these please.

Well, thank you,
my wife's gonna love 'em.

Yeah, yeah.

Alright, stick it in.

Oh, right.

And I need to see your I.D.

Right, yeah of course, sorry.

Here you go.

So you're the guy that
just moved into the house

on Paradise Cove?

I'm the guy.

Have you met Bree yet?

Uh, Bree who?

You know what, take another
bottle of this on the house.


Welcome to the neighbourhood.

Thank you.


What the hell?

They're beautiful, but...

You're welcome.

You were gonna get lucky
any way.

You really didn't have to.

Okay, well,
I'll just take 'em back.

I'll send 'em back to Turkey.

- You need more.
- No, no, I'm good.

Oh, come on, keep going.

No one likes a quitter.

- Alright.
- Move.

I'll give you just... just enough
to match me.

Alright, that's good.

- That's good.
- How about...

That's good.

You don't have to do anything.


No more for the night.


Hear that?

It's like living on a boat.



- Hi.
- Hi.

More eggs than a hen house.

Yeah, more targets.

- Hmm.
- Mhmm.

Wanna hit my target?

I do.

Can't beat this view.

Well, listen um,

you can always put up
"No Trespassing" signs.

Does that work?

Uh, it depends on who you are.

Look, normally
with the homeless,

half of them are on drugs,

and the other half are
out of their minds.

The city does nothing.

They wanna give them access.

Got nowhere else to put them.

But Bree is different.

Yeah, she's lived here
a long time.

Well, we live here now.

Yeah, and we're about to do
a major renovation.

Yeah, well, you are always free
to uh, clean up

your own property.

Night, folks.

Excuse me.

- Thank you.
- Yeah, thanks.

- Watch your head.
- Yep.

Oh boy, good luck.

Honey, what are you doing?

Well, I'm cleaning up
our own property.


It's not too much stuff
to remove.

What the hell?

Who took my stuff?



That must be the lady.


Well, I don't wanna
go down there.


Go deal with her please.

I can't.

Alright, alright.



So uh, this is a...
a private beach.

I know.

I got married on this beach.

Supposed to be access points
all along here,

but beach hoarders
don't like to share the sand.

So they go out of their way
lock entrances and post signs

just to keep trespassers
off the beach.

Ever since the railroad barons
stole it from the Chumash,

Malibu's been trying
to keep out interlopers.

But if history teaches us

you can't...

You can't... you can't own
nature's bounty.

Ocean eats away at everything.

I'm only 22 years old.

Look, just so you know,

there's gonna be a lot of people
working here.

Ah, the hubris of building
on the temporary.

Rising sea levels, erosion,
wild fires.

Even the hills could come down
on you at any moment.

And where does the pigeon
decide to build his nest?

But it's the fragility that
makes it valuable.

And you wanna build
your identity around owning

this fragile thing,

but your identity
is the most fragile thing

that you own.

You just... you can't live
in a construction zone.

Aren't you staying?

Yeah, but the point is
it's just... it's not safe.

Hmm, now you sound like
your mother, Knox.

You know, it's funny, Patricia
never mentioned having a son.

How was she, in the end?

Desperate, isolated, lonely.

It was sad that she never got
the help she needed.

Suffering alone like that.

Look, I don't know
what happened between you two,

but it's mine now.

I have the deed.

You have the deed, Knox.

You got yourself
a piece of paper!

But did you think about
who had to fail

for you to succeed?

Or is that just
the Bannett family way?

Uh, you... you probably have
some family.

Do you have family around here?


My son, Roman.


How about I call him?

Can I call him?


Oh hey, please don't, don't...

Hey, hey, you're okay,
you're okay.

You're okay.


I'm sorry.

It's just... it's been a while,
I'm not used to...

Listen, I'm just trying to help.

Could you get me a glass
of filtered water

from the house?

My mug is over there.

Uh, yeah.




There you go.

Oh, hmm.

You know, there are a uh,
ton of shelters around.

With this view?

Um, yeah, here.

What's this?

That... that is for you,
to find a new place to live.

So we're good?


We're wonderful!


Hey, Knox...

I could taste the hose.


Yeah, thank you.

Another developer?

Kids on your
hand, can't eat lunch.


Hey, what you got for me?

Treasure map?


Alright, 26270 Paradise Cove.

- It's a special property.
- Comes with something extra.

Mhmm, mhmm.

Private beach.

Alright, let's see.

We got a one bedroom,
one bath here.

Uh no, it's actually a...
a two bedroom, two bath.

Not according to zoning.

You gotta convert it back
to get a permit.


No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

No, we... we can't do...

Uh, can't you guys
look the other way?


All you flippers say that.

Look, it's my mom's house, okay?

I'm gonna be in and out.

Look, if it's liveable,
you might wanna think on it.

How's the surf, Griff?


Alright, give me 10, bro.

Yes, sir.

Have a good day.

Come on!


How can I get $6 million
out of a one bedroom house?

You can't.

Personally, I'd unload it.

Griff, come on.

You gotta help me out here.

Nah man, I don't like
doing un-permitted work, dude.


How do you feel about cash?

I feel like your house
will be done in six weeks.

- Alright.
- Alright.

Don't get wet,
we're leaving soon.

That's a good boy.

Oh, sweetie,
I think this is her.


You're our new neighbour!


- I'm Tracey.
- Pam.

This is my husband Mike.

Hey there.

It's so nice to have
a young couple move in.

When we first got here,
3 million years ago,

this street was all
full-time residents.

Now they're second homes.


Where are you from?

Uh, Detroit.

Oh, that's funny.

The last owner
was from Michigan.

Total nightmare.

When do you think
you'll be finished?

Babies can hear sounds
in the womb.

Is it your first?


- Wow.
- I know.

He doesn't even need to be
in the same room.

You must have started it early.

Not really.

She's 32.

It's time to replace me.

You got any kids?

Uh, no.

Oh, that's too bad,
they're really fun.

See you around, Tracey.

Nice to meet you.

What are you doing?

You don't wanna skimp
on finishes.

It is Malibu.

Where'd you go to design school?

Ah, here it is.

Cararra marble.


My husband will be back
any minute.


When you're rich,
you're eccentric.

When you're poor,
you're just plain crazy.

Will you give me my dog!

You know, bad luck
is not bad character.

I'm a good person,
once you get to know me.

Not like your grifter

Excuse me?

What, you never asked Knox
how mommy scored

a beach house in Malibu?

Connect the dots, Tracey.

Patricia moved in,
stopped paying rent,

while she was secretly paying
my property taxes.

That's right...
I didn't know

I lost my own house
until your squatter-in-law

showed up
with the goddamn deed.

Oh, should I lock up?

I wanna call the sheriff again.

No, honey,
the sheriff can't come here.

Why not?

Because we're not doing this

Are you kidding me?

Good luck with that.

Knox, she's squatting
under her own house.

You never asked your mother
how she got it?

I thought it'd be different
this time.

This time.

Oh, I get it.

This is what she did.

How she raised you.

I was a kid,
I didn't know any better.

30-fucking-9, Knox!

And I'm your wife.

Why didn't you tell me?

I didn't want you to think
I was like her.

No, you're not like her, Knox.

You're worse.

I'm taking the truck.

Can uh...

Yeah, here we go, yeah.

Are you guys still having lunch?

We gotta finish that framing.

What's that?

Let me see that.

Did you find that under there?

Under there... uh yeah.

Alright, I'll take care of it.

What can I get you, Bree?

Oh, hi.

Uh, 3 pounds of the sirloin


We just love grass-fed beef.

So good with just butter
and salt.

No fussy bordelaise sauce
to junk it up, you know?

Always the best.

Thank you.

Have a good one.

Not again!

Hi, honey.


Did you give her money?

Yeah, so she could find
a place to live.

Well, she spent it on
$50 steaks!

What are you spying on her?

I was shopping for groceries.

And are you seriously
taking her side?

No, I'm not taking her side,
but honey,

have a little compassion.


'Cause she looks like that?


Oh, come on!

You haven't noticed
that underneath all that,

she's fucking hot?

Honey, she's a middle-aged
homeless woman,

living under our house
and she will leave, trust me.


Dog rules.

- Can't leave any holes.
- Okay.

No huecos.

- No problema.
- No... no problema.


Hey, we... we can't let Gary out.

If he's not in his crate...

He's on his leash.

- Okay.
- Okay.

Alright Nick,
hey, vamanos.

Let's go, let's pack it up.

Guys, thank you.

No problema, huh.

Hey, hey, where do you think
you're going?

I'm ovulating.

- Oh, oh, say no more.
- Okay.

Joan, I come in peace!

Are you here?


No trespassing.

Oh my God.

Bree, what are you...
what are you doing here?

Oh my God, there's a bug.

Are you... are you living here?

What are you doing?

You have to pull yourself
together, Bree.

You're broken.

You wanna fix something,
fix your car.

Okay, okay.

Bree... Bree, everybody
is trying to help you.


Look, I... I will... I... I...

I'll put you...
I will get you

a 72-hour psych hold.

Maybe you can talk to somebody,
but I can't do anything

if you're not gonna
help yourself, Bree.

You gotta help yourself,
do you understand me?


- That'll work.
- Yeah?

Oh yeah.

Come here.

Do you smell that?


Babe, she could burn down
the house.

Alright, I'll go down.



I'll deal with it,
I got it, I got it.

Oh my God.

Pretending not to see me
like that rude wife of yours?

She fits in perfectly with
those fish-lipped trophy wives

hooked on chardonnay
and antidepressants.

Print keeps getting smaller.

You like my remodel?

Budget was a little tight.

Yeah, well, it uh,
wasn't meant for that.

You thought
you could bribe me to go?

Check a fucking sales record.

There's a reason why
beach houses stay in families

for generations.

Okay, look,
you can't smoke under the house.

Your mother got me hooked
on Menthols.

Nasty habit.

But I never quit anything
once I start.

Yeah, well,
my mother died smoking, so...


It really is dangerous.

Tracey's right.

I could burn the house down.

But you're not really worried
about fire.

You still haven't cleared
the brush.

No people food, Gary.

What were you doing down there,
asking her to prom?

I was weeding.

Oh yeah, night weeding.

- Is that a thing?
- Yeah, it's a thing.

Seriously, Knox,
she's not your friend.

She's not your mother.

I know that.

But I think
I can make her go away.

Well, good.

'Cause if you can't get me
pregnant, the least you can do

is get her the hell out of here!

Well, maybe I'll just do both.


Hmm, twice in a day,
that's my hunky monkey!

That's right.

Wait, wait, Knox!


I think Bree's in here.


I think she's in here.

I'll go check.

Just stay here.

Door's locked.

Are you sure?

Am I sure?

Yeah, hello, hormones.

I'm not paranoid.

There's a crazy lady
living underneath the house.



There's a very handsome man
living in your house, so.

Yeah, there is.


Don't worry.



I love you.

I love you...

oh, you were talking
to the dog,

I thought you meant me.


Hey, hey, it's okay.

I'm sorry.

I'm just so afraid of getting
my hopes up again.

Come here, it's okay.

Woah, woah, woah, woah.

Guys, guys, guys, guys,
what are you doing?

I just... I just put that up!

You wanna tip off the city?

Fine, fuck it.

Listen, if you fence her out,
she'll just dig in even deeper.

See there's crazy,
there's Malibu crazy,

then there's Bree.

You know,
Bree used to be even hotter.

Yeah, back in the day,
I remember

when we put in that deck,
she came to watch,

Hiron almost cut his hand off.

Wait a minute,

you've worked
on this house before?

I've worked on
every house before.

Hey uh, you need a ride
to the bank?

Uh yeah,
let me just grab my phone.

Oh, cool.


Aw, hello baby.

Hi, cutie.

I don't know if I could work
with my husband,

but we do love watching
those home design shows.

Seems like so much fun.

Mhmm, it's mostly stress.

Any way you can reduce
that stress?

We're in the middle
of a renovation.


Hey, getting pregnant
during a remodel is hard,

but staying pregnant
is even harder.

Here, scooch down a little bit.

Oh my.

What's going on here?

Let's go.

Pssh, wait.

Hmm-hmm, you're home.

Trace, oh.

Guess again.

You can't make this go away.

Stop right there!

You're dripping
all over the floor.

Still no sign
of social services.

I called all of the shelters.

The closest one is downtown L.A.

So woohoo,
we're on a waiting list

to get a fucking crazy lady out
from under a house

we can't sell.

Honey, I think the shots
are making you

a little emotional.

Fuck you, Knox.

You didn't even ask
how the new doctor was.

- Oh, that's right.
- Yeah.

I for... I'm sorry, yeah.

How did it uh... how did it go?

I didn't make one single egg.

I made 20.

- What?
- Yeah.

Turns out
I'm a pretty good egg farmer.

Are you proud?

Honey, yes, I am.

I love it.

So 20 eggs that means 20 babies,

- Hmm.
- I like it.

It's... it's a lot.

Alright, I'm gonna get dressed.

Tragedy strikes in Malibu.

Movie producer, Steven Lehvey
and his 9-year-old son

were killed after their car
plunged 200 feet

off Malibu Canyon Road.

The boy is survived
by his mother,

Lehvey's ex-wife, Bree.

Yeah, that's gotta be
why she snapped.

It's horrible.

But it doesn't change anything.

We're not gonna just give her
her house back.

Gary, dinner!

He's probably stuck in a crate.


Did you remember
to close the door?

Hey, uh!








Come here, boy!


He didn't have dinner.

Honey, we'll do a full sweep
in the morning.


He's gonna show up, I promise.


Honey, you forgot your phone.




Dammit, Knox!

Did you even look?

Honey, I'm sorry.

I'm so, so sorry.

How can I trust you
with our child?

I'm gonna be a bad father,
because I ran over a dog?

He was my baby!

What are you doing?

Honey, we need to bury him.


I want him with me.

It's not our house.

We have to cremate him.

Honey, I loved Gary, too.

But we can't spend 300 bucks
on a dog funeral.

Yeah, let's see if the
economy by how well

these people are doing.

I can't believe
he threw this in the trash,

lucky you were there.

No problem.

Man, I miss war.

Yeah, me too.

It's like what you ladies
must feel in childbirth.

Having the power of life
and death.

Yeah, that and wasting people.

Well, what doesn't kill you
makes you dead inside.


Alright, that's it,
everybody out now!

This is private property.

Yeah, she's got rights.

Hey, Mr. Five Dollar!

Saw you at the hardware store.

You see me?

Everyone deserves to be seen.

You want us to go home, buddy?

Yeah, I do, get outta here.

We ain't got no home, buddy.

And we were just having fun.

I could do this all night.

No, I don't know.

You about ready to leave,

I'd rather be water-boarded.

Okay, easy, my brother.

There you go.


Comprende, amigo?


Alright, let's pack it up, boys.


Anything for our queen.

And free steak.

Thank you.

Bye, lover boy.

Don't be rude to the guests,
Papa Pigeon.

They're not my guests.

These boys are true friends.

You can't count on anyone
in this town.

They're all crazy.

Fucking Malibu crazy.

Like that lying whore, Joan.

Some friend
she turned out to be,

stealing my husband.

Why are you still here?


Because I belong here.

You never will.

Tell me something, Bree.

What's the wife of
a big Hollywood producer doing

living under a house?


For what, ghosts?

Your son and husband are dead.

Face it, Bree,
you're all alone here.

And I thought
you cared about me, Knox.

Maybe you only like me
in the shower?

Oh, hey man, what's up?

I was just about to head
to the bank.

Uh, wrong direction.

Hey, I need the last quarter,
up front.

Yeah, well, I thought
we'd be further along.

Well, there is
the squatter factor.

I can pay you,
but you gotta help me out, man.

Come on.

I can't have you hijacking
my construction.

Now you fuck with me

and I fuck with you,
Mrs. Lehvey.

Are we clear?

Are you high?

My client is not happy.

Well, I wasn't happy
with you either, Griff.

What are you gonna do?

Call the city on me?

They'll send out an inspector
out here tout suite!

By the way, that's French for,
"you're fucked".


15 grand.

We need Cararra
countertops, it's Malibu.

We just shelled out 6 grand

for your fancy
new picture window.

And we have other expenses,

Like my massive medical bills?

Sorry, I'm such a failure
and destined to be a drunk

like both my parents.

You're not a failure.

Oh, just a drunk?


Look, we either pay
for fertility

or finish the construction,
what do you wanna do?

Who cares?

We both know it's never
gonna happen anyway.

We just can't afford to have
anything else go wrong.

Motion lights.




He shouldn't have been there,
the tide was pushing in.

Yeah, is that what
we're calling her now?

We just need to finish
this thing

and get the hell out.

Really, Knox?

You think she'll just
let us finish?

Your mom couldn't get rid
of Bree.

You think you can?

What will it take for you
to get half as pissed as me?

Don't say estrogen!

'Cause crazy can't win!

Yeah, hi mom.

I'm so excited,
I'll call you from inside,

so you can hear the heartbeat.

I know!
Crazy fast, right?

Happened first try.

And I thought
we'd be out all this money.

I'm gonna be a mommy.

Mrs. Bannett.

Okay, so I wanna lower
the dosage next round.

- Okay.
- Okay?

The hormones triggered
early ovulation.

Um, what does that mean?

I'm afraid we can't do in vitro.

The cycle.

Well, we... we can't afford
to lose another month.

Is there something that
we can do?

Doctor said only chance is
doing it the old-fashioned way.


Babe, the workers are here.

I'm in this with you now,

so you better give me a baby.

Let's go.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Sorry, it's your
baby-making shirt.

I need a jumpstart.

Careful, this... you got this?

Lo tengo, lo tengo.

- Despacio!
- Okay.


Where are you?

I'm here.

No, you're not.

No, I'm right here.

I'm right here.


Oh my God!



There's nothing sadder
than a woman who can't fulfill

her basic biological function.

Oh no, trust me,
I know the whole science route,

the pee sticks, the blood work.

Then you stop having sex
and that doesn't help.

Makes even a good man stray.

Oh, have you tried the tea?

It works.
It's how I got my Roman.

Mm, never mind.

Even a baby can't save
your marriage at this point.

Fuck you, Bree.


Knox is right.

The drugs are making you
emotional, Tracey.

Stay the hell away from us!

Happy Valentine's Day!


I'm so glad I made this for you.

Did you write the check
to Dr. Baum?

What do you think?

Honey, please.

Don't tease me.

You know, I'm super sensitive
right now.

Of course, I did.

Come on.

That's the point of
this whole thing, it's for us.

Are we okay?

You know, I've been moving
around my whole life.

In between evictions
and mom getting help.

And not getting help.

All that noise and the moving,
the chaos... was like living
under construction.

I didn't even know
it wasn't normal.

But now I see it.

The quiet.

Because no matter
how loud it gets

or where we're living,
I know where my home is.

It's with you.

Get the fork out of here.

I mean it, Tracey.

I'm lucky to have you.

And so was Gary.


He taught us how to be parents.

Yeah, he did.

And now we're ready to mess up
our very own human baby.

I've been up and down
and pushing you away.

You've been so patient with me
and hung in there.

And you were right,
what you said before,

it is the hormones.

And I am so sorry.

Hey, have I told you
my construction joke?


Hold on, it's not done yet.

That's a good one.

I can't wait to see
our new window.

I know, me too.

Hey, let's see it
from the beach.


Alright, let's see this thing.

- Wow.
- Mhmm.

And you doubted me.

I know.

What was I thinking?

I don't know.

Why you doubted me.

- I love you.
- I love you.

- You okay?
- Oh my God


Yeah, see she's right there.

Alright, get out.

- Did you enjoy the breeze?
- That's it.

Get... get her the hell
outta here!

Step back, please.

Mrs. Lehvey,
whenever you're ready.

Accidents happen
in construction.

We're not playing
in a wheat field in Tulsa.

The danger is real!


You think you're gonna be young,
and beautiful,

and just live forever?


Where's my phone call!

What if she gets out?

No, the sheriff said
she wouldn't see a judge

for 72 hours.

God, she's like a boomerang.

You throw her out,
she comes right back.

Nice security system.

Honey, I promise, I won't let
anything happen to you.

Thank you, babe.

Don't worry.


Alright, Bree, let's go.

You made bail.

Come on, let's move.

Come on.



Thank you for coming.

Yeah, do you wanna show
me where she's been living?

Well, right down here.

Sorry for the delay.

There's only 58,000
homeless people in L.A. County.

Hmm, that's more people
than my hometown.


Well, you are right.

These are not
safe living conditions.

I hope you can relocate her.

Yeah, I'm not animal control.

She's not a raccoon,
she's a person.

But I was able to pull
a few strings

and get her a bed downtown.

That's amazing.

You know what,
I can just take her right now.


Yeah, you said
it was an emergency.

Where is she?

Um, she's... she's in jail.

So what you're saying is

I can't take her because
she's not here?

And I drove an hour and a half
on PCH.

Peace out.

Hold up, Knox.

Griff, can we do this later?

No, no, no,
we ain't doin' this later.

I need my 10K today.

Come on, man,
get off my back, will ya?


See, this is why
I don't do un-permitted work.

'Cause see people like you
try and take advantage of me,


Listen dickhead,

I put my ass on the line
for you.

I got my best worker out,

I got A-listers who pay
waitin' on me.

Now if...

If you ain't square with me
by the end of the day,

then we're moving on.

And ain't nobody around here
gonna touch you

or your goddamn shit shack!

8, 9, 10 to make 10,000.

Thank you.

Um, do you have an envelope?

Uh, will you be making
a deposit today?

Uh, no.

Can I check my balance though?

Of course.

Sorry, thank you.

Thank you, I'm sorry.


Social services finally came.

Perfect timing.

And that wasn't the worst part
of my day.

Honey, come on, you can't trust
a cheap box test.

They're 99% accurate.

Well, the doctor is just trying
to drag this out,

so he can make more money.

It's not her fault I'm barren.

Okay, this is the part
where you tell me that I'm not.

Knox, are you even listening
to me?

No, no, no, no, no, no.

It was just here.

What are you looking for?

An envelope from the bank.

Yummy fertility tea.

You want some?

Me neither.

He's got his crew
running around here,


Did you check the bedroom?

Why do you have this?

What's that smell?

Oh my God.

Call 911!


Where's my phone?

Hey, hey!

You can't be burning things
out here.

What are you...

Oh no, no, no, no, no, no!


Oh no, no, no, no.

Enjoy the barbecue.

Where's the money, man?

It's gone.

- She burned it, man.
- Oh, come on.

Come on!

What is this?

Griff's final payment.

What are you saying?

I'm saying she's down there,
burning our money.

Well, how'd she get out?

I don't know!

Are you fucking kidding me?

Mom, it's the flippers.

You can't grill on the beach,
it's illegal.

Good evening, Mrs. Mahoaney.

Sheriff Garcia.

Sorry to bother you.

Have you seen your old
neighbour, Bree Lehvey?

That was my money you torched.

I can't get blood
from a fucking stone.

You think I won't tell the cops
that you put Paco

in a fucking coma?

I should kill your fucking ass.

Well, just be aware that uh,
she could be dangerous.

Could be?

She broke into our house,
almost burned it down,

and stole all of our money!

Can't you people leave
that woman alone?

And don't make us bail her
out again.

The parking
in the valley is terrible.

Come on, sweetie.

Oh my.


I can't...

This is unbelievable.

That went well.

But you're Bree.


Let me get this straight,

you accused her
of shattering a window.

Now you claim
she stole from you.

There's no proof of any of this.

I realize Mrs. Lehvey
is an inconvenience,

but she is still a citizen

who will be here
long after you two leave.

Now if you'll excuse me,
I have real bad guys to catch.


Where's Griff?

Hiron, what?

What is it?

It's Friday.

Pay day.

Okay, excuse me.

Nice, one step closer
to getting out of here.

Alright, Griff.


Excuse me, coming through.


Received a call
from one of your neighbours.

The Mahoaneys?

Bree Lehvey.

Shall we?


- Lot of nice work here.
- Thanks.

Yeah, just uh,
you know simple stuff.

Found it!


Guys, that second bedroom
was here when we got the house.

- Yeah?
- Come on.

I uh...

I'm sure the city has
bigger fish to fry.

Alright, look, Inspector,
just tell me.

How much is it gonna take
for you guys

to forget about this?

Um, do I like my career, Bill?


You love your career.

I didn't graduate
the best online

community college in Bakersfield
for nothing.

Where's your contractor?

He walked off the job.

Yeah, well, Griff finishes,
if he gets paid.

Guys, come on,
we're gonna be outta here

in two weeks.


You got two weeks to tear
all this out,

put in a proper
one bedroom/one bath.


Let's go.

You put this doorknob here,
that's on rust.



Oh my... oh.

Oh my God, Knox.

Oh my God.


Oh my God.

Honey, are you okay?

Okay, okay, okay.

I got you, I got you.

Honey, we're gonna
get through this.

You're lucky
you came in right away.

I'm so sorry about the baby.





I assumed
you'd taken a home test.

I did.

You were only
a few weeks along.


I am so sorry.

I should leave you two alone.


Okay, okay.

It's okay.

Honey, it's okay.

Do you know what this means?

We have to start all over again.

No, no.

It means you can get pregnant.


God, in a...
in a construction zone

with a crazy lady and no money
to do IVF,

because you gambled our future
away on a stolen beach house?

That's a recipe
for quality embryos.

I am sorry.

It's okay.

Maybe we dodged a bullet.

With your family history.


You can go now, I'm tired.

Hello, Papa Pigeon.

I know Tracey is sad,

because she didn't see
two lines on a stick.

But having a child
is a huge responsibility.

Like owning a beach house.

You don't deserve either.

You think you're special?

A miscarriage is nothing
compared to the pain

of losing a real child.

You should thank me
for what I did.

You messed up.

You put a house before family.

Now it's your turn
in the barrel.

Feeling lonely, hunky monkey?


Hey, it's me,
the doctor let me go,

I'm waiting in the lobby.

Okay, honey.

Honey, don't worry,
I'll be right there.


Well, you're up
past your bedtime.

Was I uh... was I speeding,
Sheriff Garcia?

No, no, no.

Your bungee snapped.

You're about to lose
whatever's under that tarp.

Oh, it's uh... yeah, it's...
it's just some tools.

Well, can't have anything
just flying out

- onto the road.
- I understand.

Cars running over it.

Yep, you know what,
I'll... I'll go fix it.

No, no, sit tight.

I'll take care of it.

Step out of the car.

We've got a problem.

You lost your tools.

You should circle back,
see if you can find them.

I'll be on the look-out.

Oh, and one other thing,

we uh, found your contractor
floating outside your house.



Had a dent in the back
of his head

that matched this.

Oh my God.


How... what... I mean...

How... how long has he been dead?

I'd say about a day.

Wanna tell me what you were
doing yesterday?

I um... I was working.



With a hammer?

Yeah, where... where's...

Where's Bree?

Why... why aren't you talking
to her?

No one's seen her.

And nothing in her history says
she's ever going anywhere.

Now this is what I think.

Griff asked you for his money,
you got into a fight with him.


- No?
- No.

Or you did something to Bree.

Griff found out.

And you did something to Griff.

- No.
- That's it, isn't it?

- No, that's not...
- That is it.

- No.
- Come on, let's go.

No, no, no,
I need to get my wife.

No, you need to get your lawyer!

Alright, alright, alright!

The workers
said Griff walked off the job.

Did that piss you off?

Look, I lost my temper,
but I didn't do this.

You're telling
me a 50-year-old woman

killed a 200-pound contractor?

I never touched him.


That's the truth.

I'll take a lie detector.

Did you kill Griff?


I had to take an Uber home
from the hospital.

Honey, I'm so sorry.

Where are you?

She got me arrested.

Well, what did you do?


Are you on your way home?



Lock the door.


No charges.

Thank you.

But don't leave town.

Did you know Malibu means
loud surf in Chumash?

Get off me, you crazy bitch!

Looking for a hammer.


Oh my God, oh my...


Domestic dogs are members
of the genus canis,

they're carnivores,
you know descended from wolves.

So even the smallest,
cuddliest little pup

can smell meat
from 40 feet away.

So if you leave it out,

they're gonna get to it
everywhere in fact.

Even the driveway.

- Jesus Christ!
- Oh.

Yeah, you ready now, aren't you?

You about to die!

Get some pounding, huh?

Are you ready to die, boy?


Look at you,
this is too easy, boy!

Remember me, motherfucker!

Remember me?

No, motherfucker!

Come on!

I'm gonna make you my bitch
right now!

Honey, okay, okay.


Mom, I'm home.


Oh my God.

Sure beats a match.

Didn't matter.

She was so drugged up,
I could have burned

the whole house down
before she even woke.

You killed my mother.

Patricia didn't leave me
much choice now, did she?

Without your mother,
I would still have my house,

my husband would have
never gotten custody,

my... my boy would still be home
safe with me.

And I never would've had
to mess with those damn brakes.

Your son was in the car.

Roman was supposed
to be in school that day.

He had a fever.

And they called Steven
to pick him up.

Oh, you're crazy.

And crazy can't win!

Knox, help me!

Help me please!

Help me!


Hi, have you considered selling?


Best house on the water.