Paradise City (2018) - full transcript

The worlds of a young cop with a checkered past, an ex-con turned devout Muslim, and a junkie with affluent roots collide in a plot to justify New York City's counter-terrorism campaign against homegrown extremists.

(atmospheric music)

(atmospheric electronic music)

(breathes deeply)

(curious music)

- Brother...

this is your time to shine.

You are the cause of what you cause, man,

so be careful what you cause.

Let's do what the average mind can't do.


You've been poor all your life, man.

Now's your time to get rich
off your greatest deed.

You're a cop, man. You ain't no criminal.

Stand up for your community right now.

You know I love you, brother.
You know it's genuine.

Can I get that love back?
Can I get some balance?


(tense music)

Put that down, man.


You know it wasn't me, brother.

You know it wasn't.


I'm not scared of you, brother.

I don't hold no ill will towards you.

I only show you mercy.

As a matter of fact, I forgive you.

Love is love?

(tense music)


(gun bangs)

(man crying)

- A long time ago...

I remember heading to the yard.

I saw my man Cito Caban
wearing a straw hat

with a stick in his mouth, reading a book.

I said, "Papito, what you doing, man?"

He said, "Yo, Pi, I'm
in Puerto Plata, papi.

I got my feet in the sand and
the sun shining on my face."

I remember going back to my cell

with goosebumps on my
back and watery eyes.

Because I'm like Cito Caban,

I didn't have the vision
to carve out my piece

in this hell that we was living.

(stirring music)

(overlapping speech)

- Hold on.

Tonight, federal authorities, as you know,

have announced that they
have credible information

that terrorists are plotting an attack

in the coming few days.

Now, at the moment, this threat
has not been corroborated.

The NYPD has deployed additional
resources around the city,

and it has taken on the
steps to keep our city safe.

Here's what you all need to do.

If you see something, you say something.

That's always been true.

Over the next few days, let's all of us

keep our eyes wide open.

Let's go.

Keep your eyes wide open.

- Bianca Holmgren.

(train clanking)

- Bianca Holmgren, we told
you how her brand new book

is generating a kind
of feminist firestorm.

It's in part because of her blunt talk

about the leadership ambition gap

between working men and women.

She is the head of a
Holmgren Organization,

the now iconic New York
real estate dynasty.

- This book is about helping women know

they can reach for opportunities,

so that one day we can live in a world

where women have equal representation.

Wouldn't that be amazing?

- Tell me about your brother.

The one who lives on the street.

- He is finding himself,
and when he is ready,

we will welcome him back with open arms.

Heck, he may even run
our philanthropy division

giving back to the homeless.

- Your father trusted his advisors.

In difficult times he trusted them.

- [Bianca] I'm not scared of making money.

The decision is already made.

- With my hourglass dwindling,

I wish to make one final
executive decision.

From this day forward...

what remains of my fortune...

will be donated entirely...

to the poor and disenfranchised.


- We need your companies
in the South Bronx.

Without those holdings, we have no deal.

- [Man] It turns out those
holdings were transferred

to an estranged member of the family

prior to Seymour passing.


(frenetic string music)

- Yesterday afternoon,
counter-terrorism officials

brought down an al-Qaeda operative.

Special agents like our
very own Jim Colon here

did outstanding work
tracking down this individual

and containing the threat
he posed to our city.

Now, let me make some observations here.

Let's make sure we never forget

that freedom is more powerful than fear.

As long as we hold true to that tradition,

I have no doubt that America will prevail.

(camera snaps)

(languid bass music)



- What are we doing?

You know...

got a little out of hand
there last night, Smooch.

Might need to go get yourself checked.


What do you think, Smooch?

Yah, no, I'm hungry too, but...

that just means we gotta
put the work in, right?

Time's money, Smooch.

Let's get to work.

We're gonna pick up some ladies.

We're gonna get ourselves
some drinks and, hey...

we're gonna do it all over
again tonight, right, baby?

You gotta put on the happy face,

'cause otherwise we ain't
gonna make good business.

So let's get to going.


Thank you. Thank you so much.

Sorry. Sorry, ladies and gentlemen.

Oh my good God.


♪ Hey pretty lady ♪

♪ Girl you're looking good ♪

♪ Why don't you come round here ♪

♪ Wish you would ♪

♪ I'm not crazy just a little insane ♪

♪ Why don't you take my hand ♪

♪ I'll show you my pain ♪

Wait, you like that?

That was a compliment.


Excuse me, miss. Can I steal a bandage?

'Cause I think I hurt
my knee falling for you.

♪ Don't be afraid ♪

♪ Of my little boy Smooch. ♪

♪ He's a wonderful doggie ♪

♪ That likes to lick for a hobby ♪

What was that? Nah, that was ugly.

They're always looking at you

for material kind of shit, right?


What do you grade that, Smooch?

What would you grade?

Thicker than a bowl of
oatmeal right there, Smooch.

- Young man, what seems to be the problem?

- Uh, nothin' much, mister officer.

I'm just...

I'm sharing my gift with the community

on a bright sunshiny afternoon like this.

How you doin'?

- Pretty good.

My brother, you don't
look too good though.

I ain't gonna lie to you.

You're gonna cut yourself
on some glass any minute.

- Oh, yeah.

I've been meaning to get that fixed.

Yeah, nothing a little
duct tape cam fixed though.

I appreciate the concern.

Thank you. Bye.

All right, wait.

Hey, do you want me to sing you a song?

You like that shuck and jive stuff, right?

I know you. He likes that shuck
and jive stuff, don't you?

All right, I got you,
man, but it's pay to play,

so uh, make it count. You better-

Best pull out that wallet.

- You need to get in touch
with social services, man.

They can help you get a room,
connect you with your family.

One step at a time, man.

- Family.

He wants to reconnect
me with my family, man.

You drink?

- Negative.

Alcohol is a poison, my
brother. I don't do that.

- You snooze, you lose. More for me.

- Devil's spirit.


Listen, we 'bout to go
celebrate Allah's blessings.

Why don't you come inside for a minute,

get yourself cleaned up.

- Ah, no, I'm good, man.

Me and Smooch here, we're about to bounce.

But thanks for the offer.

- Looks like your dog
can use some help too.

Come on, man.

(curious music)

Come on.


- Brother Hamid, can you get this brother

a proper wash and some sandals?

Come in.

Get his dog something to eat too.

- Yeah, 'cause I can't stay
more than five minutes.

Compensation, unless you got
it, you know what I mean?

Is you paying me?

- As-salamu alaykum.

- [Men] Wa alaykumu s-salam.

- My brothers, how y'all feeling today?

(speaking in foreign language)

I want you to meet two new
Muslims to our masjid today.

Brother Asif here. Where he's at?

Come on, brother. Come up to the front.

Just converted to Islam
and received the Shahada.

We are jealous of you as you stand here

shining in your purity.

We unfortunate have
accumulated some misdeeds

since Allah accepted us to Islam,

but we are all a work in progress.

Ain't that right, brothers?

- [Men] That's right.

- And brother Farouk is
new to our neighborhood

and just moved to our community.

So we must offer our
hospitality and our brotherhood,

which to us Muslims, this
bond is thicker than blood.

To us, this bond transcends all race,

nationality and gender.


- Okay.

- So what are we doing, mani-pedi or what?

- What are you on, man?

- Oh, me? Oh...

I'm as clean as a whistle, my man.

- Okay, sure.

These are just mosquito bites, huh?

- You must be some kind
of scholar or something.

You get your PhD or something? (chuckles)

(curious music)

- I just got one question
I like to ask our brothers.

Are you a cop?

(anxious music)

- No, sir.

(speaking in foreign language)

- Are you the FBI?

- Nah, man. Fuck the police.


- No, no brother. We don't talk like that.

We show respect and we offer grace.

Now, I know you're new to Islam,

so we can be patient with each other.

It's all good, brother.

But I do have a message for any informants

that may be in the room.

If you are with the NYPD,

we do not tolerate violence

against any particular people or groups.

But I do have a message for any informants

or undercovers in the room.

If you are with the NYPD
or the FBI, I welcome you.

And that's true talk.

We know that you are here,

and we hope that you will
benefit and grow spiritually

as a result of your time in our community.

Just know, if you ever
decided to become a Muslim

and cross that line
like brother Asif here,

once you bear witness that
there's no God but Allah Muhammad

(speaking in foreign
language) is the messenger,

We believe that everything
you did up until that moment

will be washed away.

You'll be a brand-new person.

And when that happens,

you'll start to see
people act differently,

and you will see some
pretty wonderful things

take place, inshallah.

Let us embrace our brothers.

(speaking in foreign language)

- This some kind of cult or something?

You boys just sit around
and drink Kool-Aid all day?

Does anybody actually work around here?

- You of all people
should be the last person

to pass judgment.

- No, I'm just saying.

You got to such soft hands, mister.

That means you never
worked a day in your life.

You're a gentle man, like me.

(chanting in foreign language)

- Here. For your feet.

Now, go about your business.

And don't ever disrespect again. Ever.

We can only help the people
who want to help themselves.

- If I disrespected you, I apologize.


- Embrace your brothers, man.


- I mean, the thought of you hating me

would be absolutely devastating.

- Don't forget your guitar.

- Thanks to these. And...

- [Hamid] Peace be upon you.

- Yeah, yeah. Peace be upon you too.

I got my guitar, and
I'm gonna take my dog.

Where'd you bums put Smooch?



Let's get outta here, Smooch!

The place is corrupt!

Leaving this shit hole!

Where'd you bums put Smooch, huh?

You're being lied to!

Do you understand?

Nobody cares about you!

Nobody cares!

And nobody's ever gonna do shit for you!

What, you think people care about you

when you go out in the street?

Nobody cares about you!


- Don't worry about that,
brothers and sisters.

He don't know no better.

- I'm gonna take these,
I'm gonna take this,

and I'm gonna take my dog!

And screw you all!

(soft music)

- There's a history of
violence in your family.

Your old man died in prison.

Your mother OD'ed on crack cocaine.

And your brother is serving
a life sentence in Sing Sing.

Must have been something in the water

in the Colon residence.

- At a young age, I figured
I'd do the right thing.

- Do you know what we do here?

- [Colon] Counter-terrorism, sir.

- [Chief] We protect the homeland.

- Sign me up.

- His name is Andre Davis.

Convicted murderer, con-artist,

and now radical Islamic fundamentalist.

He converted a few years ago
in jail to impress the judge.

He got off on some
fabricated DNA bullshit.

We want you to stop him.

(anxious music)

(car horns honking)

- Hey, hey! You!

Get back over here!

- Hey! Can't you see I'm walking here?

Get your head out your ass!

- I'm sorry.

- [Handicapped Man] You gonna
help out a Gulf War hero

or what?
- I'm sorry.

- I fought for your freedom, nigga!

That's how you repay me?


- [Farouk] Hey, hey!

Come over here! You!

I saw what you did over there.

Come over here.

Get over here!

- Hey, 50 bucks if you
want to lick the hog.

A clean hundred if if you
want to suck my ass, okay?

- Do I strike you as that kind of guy?

- Yeah, you do. You kind of
little nasty little Nancy.

I seen your culty type here before.

Hey, he wants to suck my dick, everybody!

- The fuck are you talking about, huh?

I never seen you in my life.

- You got a little potty mouth
now, huh? You a bad boy, huh?

You want a chocolate
sundae all over your chest?

- Listen. How 'bout we start over, huh?

I'm gonna introduce
myself to you, first time.


- Farouk?

Yeah, well, whatever you
think I did, I didn't do it.

And I ain't going back to that
shelter, thank you very much.

- Do me a favor, all right?

Don't come back to this mosque.

Two, don't steal from those people.

They're good people, all right?
And they don't deserve that.

If you want food, you
ask for it like a man.


Now give it to me.

You understand what I'm saying?


- Yeah, well, I don't know
what you're talking about.

Give me the money.

Now give me the money.

Come on.

- What money?


- Come on.

I know you got it in your pockets.

That's a good guy.


Good guy. Thank you.

- Hey!

Hey, kiss my ass, motherfucker!

(smacks butt)

Right here!



(soft music)

- I like coming up here, Murdoch.

Get away from it all.

Looking at these symbols...

reminds me of why we do what we do.


- Sure.

- Protection.

Above all else, that's
what the public desires.

Safety for their loved ones.

Peaceful environment.
Make a decent living.

You'd be surprised the
concessions people make

for their civil assurance.

I didn't risk my life in that sandbox

for you to play identity politics.

- Politics?

That's no place for a soldier, Murdoch.

It requires conscience.

If all soldiers had that,
hell, we'd have no army.

- Soft power only works on
soft things, Commissioner.

Man has a dark side.

(unsettling music)

I've seen it personally.

This world is evil.

- [Commissioner] I can't
imagine what you saw out there,

but undoubtedly some
pretty horrific stuff.

(stressful music)

- [Murdoch] That's life, Commissioner.

Daily battle of attrition.

(gun pops)

- Just bring me my collars

so we can keep this federal
funding coming through,

which, let's not forget, means
that you and all your men

get compensated accordingly.

If not, well, you could always explore

the alternative financial package.

Down at the VA's pension office.

- Autonomy is what I need.

No oversight.

No questions.

- I bet you think your
brother would still be alive

if he didn't skip town.

- No.

My brother would still be alive

if these bureaucrats
didn't let these savages

run the streets unaccounted for.

And that's the loss I plan to reconcile.

- Let's go Smooch.

(door chimes)

Okay, right here, right here.

Okay, Smoochie, you're
gonna stay right here.

Daddy's gonna get you
some food. Okay, boy?


just a couple of these.

Listen, man, I don't want any trouble.

I just...

if you could get me this food
and a little bit of money,

that would be great.

- I told you never to
fucking come back here!

- I just, you know, my dog's hungry.

I need a little bit of cash.

I promise you won't see me again, okay?


- Told you not to come back here anymore.

- I just want this.
- You need to leave, please.

- My dog's hungry.
- Just go, okay?

- You know what I mean? My dog's hungry.


- [Cashier] You need to go
to the shelter, all right?

You need to leave here and
go to the shelter, please.

- I know, I know.
- Go to the shelter!

They have food there. Just go, okay?

Just please go.

- If I could just get the food in a bag,

that would be fucking fabulous!

- [Cashier] You need to
get out of here right now

before I call the cops.

- Listen, asshole! I
need the fucking food!

I need the money! Open the
fucking register, okay?

Give me the fucking money!

Give me the fu-

Okay. Okay.

Okay, you want to fucking
blow my brains out? Go ahead.

Go ahead.

You want to fucking blow
my brains out? Go ahead!

I ain't afraid to die!

Shoot! Shoot!

- I will shoot you!
- Do it!

- I will fucking kill you!
- Do it!



Give me the fucking money.

Open the register!
- Get the fuck out of here!

- Give me the fucking money!
- It's locked,

you stupid shit!

I'm gonna call the
police, you stupid shit!

Get the fuck out of here!

(overlapping shouts)

- What?
- What are you looking at?

- Looking at your fucking dirty ass!

What you want? You wanna
fucking square up, cunt?

- Get the fuck outta here.
Nobody wants you here.

- Get the fuck out of
here! I will call the cops!

- Okay, I'm gonna take this shit.

I'm gonna fucking take this.

- [Woman] Get the fuck outta here!

- Fuck you! Oh, okay.

- Get the fuck outta here!
- Fucking shower!

- Bitch!
- Nobody wants you here!

- Take a fucking shower.
- Fuck you, huh?

Fuck you!

What are you gonna do?

- Get the fuck out!

- Let's go, Smooch. Let's go.
- Get the fuck out of here!

- I'm gonna enjoy myself a nice bag.

(overlapping shouts)

- Help!
- Fucking dirty ass!

- [Reporter] In today's real estate news,

after a series of
contentious negotiations,

the biggest private
real estate development

in the South Bronx has been put on hold.

- When I was a little girl,
my father used to say,

"Bianca, if you're going
to be thinking anything,

you might as well be thinking big."


He taught me to be a dreamer,

and perhaps more importantly to be a doer,

to execute and stand by
while others bear witness.


Some would say we have
reached the mountaintop,

but I say that is not high enough.


(doleful music)

(car horns honking)




- Hey!

- As-salamu alaykum, brothers.

- [Group] Wa alaykumu s-salam.

- And my sisters.

My dear brothers and
sisters, we are at war.

Not with America, not with the West,

but with our own people.

There are those within Islam

trying to hijack particular
verses from the Quran,

the most beautiful words to
ever come off the tongue,

and twist them to inflict
harm on other people.

Now, I remind them that the word Islam

literally translates to "peace".


And I know that (speaking
in foreign language)

has blessed us to be a
community that is not extreme.

So it bothers me that we
have certain individuals

who do not value human life.

Now, this war will not be one
but violence and politics.

The war of all wars, the war of ideas...

will be won by mankind's greatest weapon.




So today I ask, inshallah,

that you use this weapon
to spread goodness.

Because this conflict
is gonna come to an end.

And those of us that have the courage

to stand on the right side of history

will be rewarded by Allah

and seated next to him
in paradise, inshallah.

So may Allah aid us in our position,

keep us strong as a community,

and plant our feet firmly on goodness.

As-salamu alaykum.

- [Group] Wa alaykumu s-salam.

- May Allah accept our prayer.

Appreciate you, man.

- Allahu Akbar.
- Brother.


- Thank you so much.
- Ah, thank you, brother.

Thank you.

(soft music)

Farouk, how are you?

I knew you would come back, my brother.

This is your home now.

We're not here to judge you,
brother. We're here to bond.

(gentle vocal music)

It's okay.

That pain now.


Come on, brother. It's gonna be all right.


It's all good, man.

It's God, brother.

For you.

Let's make dua for our brothers, man.

(speaking in foreign language)

- [Group] Allahu Akbar.


- That's the sign of mercy right there.

Brother Farouk, please
lead is in dua, man.

Make prayer for us.

(upbeat music)

- Of course.



Maybe I should just read from the text

so it can be precise.

- Nah, nah. From the heart, brother.

From the heart, brother Farouk.

- I mean...

what verse?

- Any of your choosing.
Recite whatever you want.

- I'd much rather read it from the text.

I'm thinking that I
don't want to mess it up.

(anxious music)

- Allah's mercy.


Who is that?

- This is America!
- What is he doing?

- Fuck all your terrorists!

All of you are terrorists.
All you bitches.

And you know what I got for terrorists?

I got something for you.

This is what I think of terrorists.

- [Nazim] What is you doing?


(stark bass music)

- Alistair.


- Oh, back up!

- Alistair, Alistair.
- Back up!

- No!
- Calm down.

(smashes guitar)

- Get back!
- Alistair, for Christ's sake!

- Get away from me!

Get away from me!
- Calm down!

Your father's dead!

- This evening, at approximately 10:05...

my father was found asleep at his study.


He passed away doing what he
loves most, seeing to business.


Effective immediately,
I will assume the role

of Chief Executive Officer
and Chairman of the Board.


- He's dead.




- [Alistair] Get the fuck
away from me, Douglas.

- Come home.

- This is my home.

This is my home.

- Okay, but I'll tell you
this, go see a doctor.

You're too young to die. Go see a doctor!

- End your miserable fucking
life, you piece of shit!

- We need you home.

You know where to find me.

You're too young to die,
son. Go see a doctor.

Get in the car.

- Hold this.

Excuse me, ladies and gentlemen.

May I have your attention please?

I'm not gonna take up
too much of your time.

I'm not gonna sing or dance

or take up your whole afternoon.

I just want to let you know
that, inside of this briefcase,

inside my pockets, I
have a boatload of cash.

That's cash money!

Which I want to hand out to you all today.

So I'm gonna come around now.

Please, please, don't freak out.

This is real money, no counterfeit bills,

No food stamps, just cold hard biscuit.

- I need some of that.
- There you go.

Hey! Yeah, yeah, that's right.

Yeah, it is real money. There you go.

Yeah! Yes!
- I'll take it.

- Yeah, people, take it.

It's all right. It's all yours.

It's all yours, all yours.

Take it. I don't need it.

It's all right. I got plenty more.

Get that briefcase open.

I'm gonna be coming around for
some more. That's all right.

Please, please, take some.

See, I know you all
may be wondering why...

why I would do such a thing.

Well, truth is I'm dying, you know.

I don't have...

I don't have much time left.

- [Passenger] May God bless you.

And it's in the card of some kinda...

I don't know the scientific
name behind it, but...

- [Passenger] I'll pray for you.

- It's just...

It's a reminder for all of us
to live life to the fullest.

- [Passenger] Amen.

- 'Cause you never know
when the big man upstairs,

he's gonna hand you that pink slip.

So please accept the spare change.

My ticker is blacker than a
coal miner's asshole, so...


take it, take it, it's all yours.

Even you, sir.

You look like somebody
who likes to help people.

Oh, come on. Hey, if you
were to give me cash,

I'd accept it from you, so here you go.

Hey, man, maybe someday
you'll offer me spare change,

and I'll accept your offer.

There you go.

- Take it.
- I'll take it.

- I'm good, bro.

- Aw, that's a shame.

That's a shame.

Who thinks I should sing to this man

so that he may accept my spare change?


That's right! That's right!

Okay, if you know the
words to the song, sing it!

♪ I know you want to leave me ♪


♪ I refuse to let you go ♪


♪ Oh uh oh ♪

♪ Ooh uh oh ♪

Come on!

♪ Ooh uh oh ♪

♪ Ooh uh oh ♪

♪ If I got to beg or
plead for you sympathy ♪

♪ Oh I got something around this way ♪


Accept the spare change,
please, on behalf of a Muslim.

Have a blessed day, and, hey,

may your luck come out
just as good as mine.

- Go fuck yourself, man.

- [Passenger] Come one.
Why you gotta do that?

- I don't need your
dirty prostitute money.

Why don't you go out and
get a real fucking job

like the rest of us here.

You know, it's people like
you who are ruining this city.

Hurry up and die, asshole.

- [Passenger] Fuck him,
bro. Fuck him, bro.

Fuck him up, bro. He's talking crazy.

- Did you just call me an asshole?

- I didn't stutter, did I?

- Considering we share
the same prison purse,

I'll let that one slide.

Now, if you call me a snapperhead...

then we would have a problem.

- I speak English, bro.
You're still an asshole.

- [Passenger] Come on, guy.

- Well, you didn't call me a snapperhead,

so you're still good in my books.

- Get ...

a fucking job...

You fucking snapperhead!

- [Passenger] Oh!

Beat him!


Bro, violate him. Violate him, bro.

- Merry Christmas. Oh my
God, you are beautiful.

Anybody tell you that? You are beautiful.

Please, accept this spare change.

- Well, sir...


Now you've just earned yourself...

a new fucking asshole.

- Fuck you, man!


(soft music)


- Be playing so much.

- What?

- All right, all right, what's
the next topic? Because-

- Okay, okay.

- Who's the greatest
basketball player ever?

You can pick one, only one.

- Come on, man, that's too
easy. Dr. J. Julius Irvin, baby.

- I like Magic, man. Showtime.

- Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

How can all of you
mentioned all these names,

and not mention Michael Jordan,
the GOAT, the greatest ever?

- Wow!

- I'm gonna give you that.
I'm gonna give you that.

- Wrong.

- [Farouk] Right or wrong?

- Wrong.

- Don't give me that LeBron crap, man.

- Wrong again.

- Let me Find out you one
of them Kobe fan boys, man.

Without Shaq, he's just
another Clyde Drexler.

- No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

No, anybody who shoots 50 times

is bound to hit a bucket or two.

- All right, so who you got, brother?

- Number 33.

The hick from French Lick, Indiana.

Larry Bird.


- Hell no! You're crazy that all outdoors.

- You know how I know he's the greatest?

- 'Cause you never played ball.

I saw you move around with
those two left feet of yours.


- That's the point exactly.

Anybody who can't run or
can't jump, can't pivot,

has no hip direction whatsoever,
but still hits 30 and 10

every time he steps on
the floor, that's skill!

- Ah, hell no, man. Are you serious?

- Larry Bird!

- This guy needs to get
out of the car right now.

- True.

Man, pull this van over. This
man has lost his damn mind.

(overlapping speech)

♪ This little light of mine ♪

♪ I'm gonna let it shine ♪


♪ This little light of mine ♪

♪ Woo ♪


♪ I'm gonna let it shine ♪

♪ This little light of mine ♪

♪ I'm gonna let it shine ♪

♪ Let it shine let it shine ♪

♪ Let it shine ♪


- [Farouq] That don't
make him a greatest, bro.

Believe that.

(chatter on police radio)

- [Nazim] What the fuck
is going on? What is this?

(chatter on police radio)

- There's been a call put out

for vehicles that match this description.

- Officer, do we got
anything to worry about, man?

- Follow my instructions, sir,

we won't have a problem, okay?

Pass me the paperwork.

- This isn't my van.

It belongs to somebody in my congregation.

- Is this vehicle stolen?

- No, it's not stolen.

- No. We're not showing you anything.

- Was I talking to you, sir?

- We're not gonna show him shit.

What's the violation? You didn't
tell us why you stopped us.

- [Officer] Was I talking to you, sir?

- I'm talking to you.

Put your hands on the
dashboard, both of you, now!

Put your hands on the
dashboard, both of you!

Is there a weapon in this vehicle?

- There's no weapon in
the vehicle, officer,

Can I get you the paperwork so
we can be on our way please?

We ain't looking for no trouble.

- [Officer] Shut up!

- I apologize for that,
officer. Just had a long day.

- Why the fuck would we have
a weapon in the vehicle?

- We're searching this van.

All right, let's get out.

- [Farouk] I'm gonna
get your badge number!

- Slowly.

- [Farouk] I'm gonna
file a full complaint!

- Is that necessary?

- That's illegal! That's illegal!

- [Officer] Get out of the van! Let's go!

- That's illegal!
- Let's go!

Hands up against the-

(window shattering)

(fire whooshing)

Put your hands on the fucking vehicle!

Do you understand?

You got any sharp objects on you

that I should be made aware of?

- You have no reason to suspect anything

going on with this van!

You have no suspicion
whatsoever to stop us

for what you just stopped us for.

There's no justifiable
reason. No reason whatsoever!

- You some kinda goddamn lawyer?

- No, I'm not a lawyer,
but I know my rights!

- [Handicapped Man] That's
right, motherfuckers.

Shock and awe.


I call this the Desert Storm revenge.


(boxes tumbling)

- Hey! Get down on the ground now!

Hey! Get down on the ground now!

- [Asif] I'm sorry!

- You make the wrong move,
you're gonna get in trouble!

- Put your hands on your head!

- If you move!
- Interlace your fingers now!

- I'm sorry.

- Interlace your fingers!

Get up!

- [Asif] I'm sorry, man.

- You're under arrest
for threatening behavior

towards a law enforcement agent.

- Sir-
- Shut up!

- I just want to go home, man.

- You're under arrest.

If you make a mistake,
you're gonna get hurt!

- [Nazim] Asif, it's not worth it, Asif!

- [Asif] I'm sorry, man.

We're just trying to get home, man.

- [Officer] Shut up!

- I just want to get home.

(fire crackling)

- [Officer] Yeah, we
checked everything there.

There's nothing here, just
toys and stuffed animals.

Something about charity.

Should we let 'em go?

- Sir, there's no
explosives in the vehicle.

Somebody must have taken them
out before they took off.

- [Murdoch] Look, you just do your job.

I want Andre Davis.

- Where the fuck is Murdoch?


I'm talking to you, Captain.

- He's finishing your homework, kid.

- Finishing my homework?

What are you talking about?

What's going on out there, huh?

I almost got shot by one of my own men.

- You're taking too long, Colon.

We should've had a terror plot by now.

- It's not a sting.

I thought this was
surveillance, not a sting.

Like, my ass is on its
own out there. Understand?

- Nazim can smell you from a mile away,

which is why we've been forced
to take preemptive measures.

- Preemptive measures,
what does that mean?

- We need blow backs, son.

Because any minute, this son of a bitch

is about to go public and
we're all out of a job.

- [Officer] Jimmy, relax. Come on.

Take a walk. Let's go.

- [Captain] Thankfully,
Murdoch's out there

cleaning up your fucking mess as we speak.

- Ah, come on. Fuck you!

I'm trying everything in my powers.

In fact, they're not
saying any of the shit

that you claiming that they're saying.

You know what I'm starting to believe?

That Nazim is nothing like
what Murdoch says he is,

- Well, you see, that's
what terrorists do.

They make you sympathize with their cause

and then they fuck you in the ass.

- Well, you do me a favor, all right?

You tell Murdoch to let me do my job.

And if he has a problem,
tell him to come see me.

In fact, if it's so easy,

you talk to with a gauze and
see if he could do what I do,

'cause none of you motherfuckers
could do what I do!

You hear me?

- Son, we're gonna give you
one more chance to set 'em up.

It's time to back them into a corner.

We just need you to not fuck it up.

(emotional string music)

- He planning an attack, man.

- [Murdoch] That's not
enough, Mr. Andre Davis.

- You know that's not my name anymore.

- Why not?

- What's wrong with
that nice Christian name

your mama gave you?

- They said if you see
something, say something.

Well, I'm here.

- You tell anybody else about this?

- Nah, I came here first.

- Good.

Not a word gets out to the public.

- Ain't that the point of all of this?

I don't even know what we're
talking about right here.

You need to be out there
doing something about this

instead of in here talking to me.

- For all I know, this could
be a bait and switch scheme.

- That ain't got nothing
to do with me. Nothing.

- You Muslims think you're
tough shit, don't you?

Slapping your women.

Cuttin' their clits off.

Make 'em dress like the
fucking Grim Reaper.

Why don't you try slapping
me around, tough guy?

- You must not know my wives.

And smacking you around would be too easy.

- [Murdoch] Yeah.
(bangs table)

- He's not even a real Muslim, man.

He don't know how to make salat.

He don't know how to make prayer.

And now he's recruiting
law-abiding Muslims

with cold, hard cash.

- My man, with your criminal record,

I take your word with a grain of salt.

- I could tell you want people to get hurt

so you could turn around and
say they came out of my mosque.

- Not if you help us stop 'em.

- Help you?

You buggin'. That's your job.

And if you don't do
something about this, I will.

- You get him in the room with explosives,

I'll bring this whole thing to an end.

- Brother, what do I know you from?

- You did your country a
service today, Mr. Davis.

You should be proud.

- Look real familiar.

(tense music)

Real familiar.

- I know every crack addict
here within a seven mile radius.

Every one of them.

More kind, more honest, more giving...

than any of the rich
scumbags I grew up with.

So, me...

I'm free.

(soft music)

- You know there's other
ways of making money.

You don't have to put your
fucking neck on the line

for nothing but pennies.

- Cops do that shit every day,

except they got a team behind 'em,

and that's what I was fucking doing.

That's my team.

Just like you got the mosque,

you got your brotherhood.

I don't exactly fit into that,

So I've gotta fit in somewhere.

So leave me the fuck alone.

(soft music)

- There's one thing I
give a fuck about, bro.

- What's that?

- And that's smooch.

Always loves me.

Never gonna leave me.

Got my back 24-fucking-seven.
That's right.

- Know what you sound like?

You sound like you got some daddy issues.

You sound like your father
fondled your little wee wee.


- If only he was that affectionate.

(bright music)

- At least you had a father.

All I would have is a window
that would separate us.

Motherfucker spent his
whole life in jail, bro.

- Hey, maybe that's where
my old man belonged.

Then again, where would I have gotten

all my colorful pills from?

Yeah, they told me I was
very special child, indeed.

Pill, pill, pill. "You're
very special, Alistair."

Pill, pill, pill. (chuckles)

Oh, I'm very special indeed.

(atmospheric music)

- You know, I've-I've always wanted

to be different from my father.

But here I am.

I am in a fucking alleyway...

with a motherfucking junkie. (chuckles)

No offense.

You're a good dude.

I don't even know who I am anymore.

(curious bass music)

I don't.

I don't know who I am.

Don't know what I'm doing.

I'm just as fucking bad as you are, man.

- You sound like you're
overthinking way too much, Farouk.

Take a hit.

This is the real deal,

so stop staring and start daring, brother.

(siren blaring)

- This shit ain't
approved by the FDA, man.

- Fuck the FDA.

This is a dope disguised
as a Happy Meal, man.

- I got a prescription for this shit.

Look, I got my name on it.


Shit, I've got my name on it.

Ah, fuck it.

- That's right.

(lighter clicks)

Yeah. (laughing)

Now you're you!

Now you're the real you.
You're free, just like me.


- Now to a possible arson
attack in the Bronx.

As flames tore through a
withering Cypress Avenue mosque,

in what investigators
call a suspicious fire.

This would not be the first
time a possible hate crime

has afflicted this community.

QBS News's Susan Connors
is live on the scene.

And it would appear this blaze

has claimed the life of a young child.

(somber music)

- I should have been there.

I let him take my boy.

- How do you want to be
remembered by your family?

As a coward?

Or as a martyr?

- We have to fight back.
We have to act now.

If not, we cease to exist.

- 'Cause I'll be damned if I sit around

and let them kill my loved ones.

- When does it end, huh?

You tell me.

If I killed, then they will kill again.

And the cycle just goes on and on and on.

- [Asif] Brother Farouk is right.

It is not violence if it is self-defense.

- Come on, turn this off.
I can't watch anymore.

- [Alistair] We're being tested, brothers.

Allah is just separating
the pious from the wicked.

Maybe I'm a little confused, but...

Wasn't Allah supposed to be the one

to stop this from happening?

I mean, like he's in charge, right?

- [Nazim] Well, to be honest,
I used to ask myself that

every day when I was locked up.

- Locked up?

- Yeah.

Before I took responsibility
for my actions,

I used to get myself into
all sorts of drama, man,

running around, raising
havoc with the old crew.

We used to call ourself the Do Brothers.

Used to do work, do damage,
do drugs, do mega sex.

And of course, I was Mr. Do.

We used to meet up in the park every night

and buy drugs from the older brothers

that they stole from other cats.

And believe me, we made it rain

on all them crack heads and dope fiends.

Type of money I was getting at 17?

I was shining.

Gold, clothes, and bank rolls.

But little did I know,

them fake ass niggas was cops.

And then, boom!

Officer down.

Now I'm doing 15 years in Elmira prison.

- So this whole time you...

you been frontin' like you was a saint.

You been preaching to people about God,

but you've got blood on your hands.

- His man did it.

But my looks fit the
crime, so I took the fall.

- Man, I ain't buying none of that bacon.

- I'm innocent!

I ain't got to prove
that to you, my brother

- All right, you don't
have prove nothing to me.

You ain't a preacher. You a killer.

- Shut the hell up!

Show some fucking respect!

Watch your fucking mouth, you hear me?


- Do something. Do something.
- Get out of of my house!

- Relax. Relax.

They want y'all to fight
amongst each other, man.

They want y'all to
fight amongst each other

and kill each other!

So they don't gotta do it.

Come on, brothers. Dig in.

Where's your faith? Where's your iman?

- You have any loved ones, brother Farouk?

Where's your family?

(soft music)

'Cause my family is...

gone, and so I'm having a hard time

understanding why I need to take the lives

of so many people to save my own.

- We need justice for peace, brother.

We need justice.

- Here's to jihad.

It's all right. We can
forget our troubles.

- Why you bring him, man?

- You a little stressed there?

Looks like you need a little drink,


All me then.

- We can't trust him, Farouk.

- Yeah, you can't trust
me. It's all right.

'Cause it's my fault.
I'm the bad guy here.


I'm the white man, right? The man?

Blame it on the man. It's all right.

You can put the blame on me.

'Cause you don't know me.

You don't know me.

But I got something for y'all.

(anxious music)

- [Reporter] Back now to our top story.

Authorities say they
have intercepted plans

of men discussing intentions

to set off bombs in Midtown Manhattan.

- [Reporter] Our Susan Connors is live

at the QBS news center with
the disturbing allegations

laid out by intelligence officials.

- Thank you, Jim.

I'm here with Police
Commissioner Richards,

who wanted to personally
issue this urgent warning

to our city's residents.

Police Commissioner, are you saying

that an al-Qaeda operative
has infiltrated a local mosque

and is planning a terrorist attack

because of the recent mosque fire?

- That is correct, Susan.

He's looking for locations to leave a van

that would be packed with explosives.

And he spoke extensively
about taking targets

like St. Patrick's cathedral off the map.

- Is this our new
normal, Mr. Commissioner?

Why do we have to live in constant fear?

- So let me make this
clear to your audience.

I think our boys have
done an extraordinary job

in keeping the city safe.

Now ,every once in awhile,

a bad apple may sneak through the cracks,

and it's our job to quickly
identify these individuals

and smoke 'em out.

(emotional vocal music)



- It's good to see you.

- That's some good coffee.

Thanks, Douggie boy.



This place looks different.

What did you do, Missy?
Place looks really nice.

- A lot's changed.

- Boy, hasn't it? (laughs)

- Take a seat, Alistair.

- Oh!


Do you guys have it?

Oh, no way! Wait, wait, wait!

Did you move it?

No! Why did you do that?

There was a bookshelf
right here. Used to be...

it was my favorite book.
And what was it called?

It was...

- "The Grinch"?

- "The Grinch"! That's
right, "The Grinch".

Yeah, me, you and mom,
we used to sit right here

on this big old mat.

It was a big old...

what was it?

- Rainbow mat.

- The rainbow-colored mat. That's right.

You remembered

Yeah, we used to sit right here

on that rainbow-colored mat,

and she used to read us
the story of the Grinch.

Little shrinking heart.

Shrink and shrink 'cause of all that hate.

- Yeah, and then I'd
have to finish reading,

because mom would pass out.

- 'Cause all those vitamins, right?



Awfully nice renovation.

Except this guy. Here's a new commodity.

I don't like that
jack-off. Get rid of him.

What happened to this?
Why is his picture gone?

It was his favorite picture.

The suit and tie. He was
looking all nice and shit.

- I'm redecorating.

- Redecorating? Is that right?


Right, you're the boss now,

so you can do whatever you want, right?

So, we're here to talk...

What are we here to talk about?

- Look, Alistair, I know
you may not believe me...

but I have thought about you a lot.


I want to help you.

- Oh, that's sweet.

I'm willing to offer you a
significant amount of money

for you to get yourself cleaned
up and back on your feet.

- Wait, how much are we talking here?


- $50,000 every month for
the rest of your life.

All you need to do...

is sign right here.

- That's amazing!

You would do that for me?

I mean, I don't even know
if I can accept this.

Wow. Okay.

Your money doesn't mean shit to me.

What'd you think, I'm
just gonna walk back in

after eight years of being
treated like a piece of shit?

Your money doesn't mean shit to me!

See, this whole exchange
is, how would you call it?


- Alistair, I know that...

somewhere behind this
thing that you're doing...

you're still hurting.

Because the last time
you were in this room...

(unsettling music)

mom killed herself because of you.

So the least you can do...

is transfer the property rights

that father left in your name...

over to me.

- You're right.

You know what, you're absolutely right.

You're right.

♪ The candy man can ♪

♪ Mixes it with love and
makes the world go round ♪


♪ Candy man can ♪

- What do you want?

What the fuck do you want, Alistair?

What do you want?

(anxious string music)

- You need to stop feeling
sorry for yourself.

I was there once before.

Except I was hunkered down
in a demolished building

after I was cutting a sawed off.

The last deployment in Iraq.

The Battle of Ramadi.

It was just me and my fellow soldier.

And a little red dot.

Waiting for you to move
two inches to the right.

One inch to the left.

- You piece of shit.

I knew you were a cop.

- Stuck in the trenches.

That unrelenting pressure
hanging over your head.

Knowing that, in that
one solitary moment...

everything's at stake.

- There's a bomb parked in a car

next to your police friend.

- [Farouk] No, no, no, no, no.

The bags are in the van.

- [Hamid] No.

I switched them.

These are duds.

- [Farouk] No.

- [Hamid] Enter the code.


(emotional music)

- You're not thinking about
buying groceries or...

paying your cell phone bill.

You're just trying to
keep each other alive.

- You can't do that, man. I can't, I can't

(gun bangs)

- Now...

enter the fucking code.

- That's brotherhood.

That's love for your fellow man.


- I'm gonna ask you one more time!

Turn on!

- Fuck you!


(gun bangs)
(blood spurts)

- We cried at each
other's feet that night.

And when I woke up...

his skull was split open
like a goddamn horseshoe.

(breathing heavily)

I eventually found that sniper.

And put a bullet through his eye socket,

just before taking his
scalp and returning home.

You know what I mean?

- Fuck you...

and your war stories.

- You don't know what it's like.

Returning home from war.

Expecting a hero's welcome,

like they show on TV on Veterans Day.

Only to find out your younger brother's

been killed in the line of duty.

And no one even gave a
shit to tell you about it.

(distressing music)

He was just like you.

He wanted to do good and
bring hope to this...

to this godforsaken hell hole.

You and me...

we're family now.



- Family?

- [Murdoch] Family.

- No family.

We'll never be family.

You don't wear blue the way we do.

I'm gonna expose you.

You're gonna be all over the news.

Yeah. Laugh.

Crooked motherfucker.


(emotional string music)


I didn't know you were gonna say that.

I'm gonna give you one more chance, son.

Criminal possession,
distribution and use of heroin

is a violation of federal and state law,

punishable by up to nine years in prison.

- I didn't sign up for this.

Everything, it's a lie.

- You bring me Andre Davis...

and proof of the explosives
in the mosque downtown,

or you're gonna be
eating prison guard salad

for the rest of your life.

- Can I get a nurse in here, please?

I need more morphine.


(somber music)

- [Reporter] In lower Manhattan,

protesters vowed to stop
the Islamic Cultural Center

planned just two blocks
north of ground zero.

The unexpected donation comes

from the Holmgren real estate family,

a staple in New York's dynastic circles.

Caught in the middle are Muslim Americans

who say they just want a
place to worship in peace.

- Our charitable division
is willing to donate

this property to...

El Haji Mosque...

and its Iman, brother Nazim Abdul Rahim.

(speaking foreign language)

- Let us give thanks to Allah.



- What's the damage?

- Well, Alistair's current
worth is $50 million.

By all accounts, he
intends to donate it all...

to the Islamic Relief Fund.


- Oh, wow. He is a true Holmgren.

A mover and a shaker.

Tell me, Douglas, what's your commission?

I beg your pardon?

- How much is my brother
paying you to bend me over?

- Give me a break, Bianca.

I warned you months ago that your father

still had Alistair in his will,

and you did nothing about it.

It is a miracle that he did not leave him

the entire fortune.

- You will tell me where
he sleeps, won't you?

(anxious music)

(calm vocal music)

- Brother Alistair...

you made history today.

And for that we're forever grateful.

- Ah, it's no biggie.

You know, it's the least I can do.

You guys helped me so much.

You're like a family to me.

This food, though. (chuckles)

(soft music)


- Sir.

I thought we were gonna speak in private.

- Come on. We're all family here.

The force is a brotherhood.
Don't forget that.

Have a seat, son.

- Thank you.

(package smacks)

It's all there. Entrapment,
personal vendettas.

- So Murdoch's gone rogue, is that right?

- He tried to plant IUDs in
an innocent man's vehicle.

You know it's against the law.

Even worse, he put my life at risk

with this bullshit sting operation.

If that's not domestic terrorism,
then I don't know what is.

- You swore and oath of honor, son.

You know, the one that says
"I will not betray the badge."

- "Or the public's trust."

- You know, loyalty is a point of pride

in this line of work.

We expect the bad guys are hurting us,

but not one of our own.

The consequences can be dire.

- I beg your pardon?

- Self-preservation.

If we continue like this,

the three of us are gonna
end up on the nightly news.


Police corruption scandal.
Commissioner on trial.

Quite frankly, nobody's got time for that.

- Arrest him, make a public statement,

then get back to work.

- You know we got a rat
problem in the department.

What do you suggest we do with that?

- Why don't we just take out the garbage?

- Son, I understand
that you may be dealing

with a little trauma right now.

It's gotten too personal for
you. Clouding your judgment.

Back in my day, we called it shell shock.

- Hell, with PTSD, you
might not even remember

this conversation tomorrow.


- Listen, I got a great doctor.

He'll get you straightened
out. No deductible.

We just need to know that you're
going to be a team player.

(tense music)

- You gonna play ball, son?

- I must say, I respect your integrity.

I only wish we had more
young officers like yourself,

willing to put their necks on the line,

check their superiors
when there's signs of

corruption or misconduct.

You did good son.

And who knows?

After the dust clears, you may
be up for a ranking officer.

Sounds good.

(dramatic music)

Don't it?


(gun bangs)

(slams gun)



(gun bangs)

- Alistair.

Alistair, just listen to me, please.

It's not a gun.

You gotta listen to me. Just listen.

I know what you're thinking of me. I know.

And you're right.

You've always been right.

But Bianca, she's changed.

She ain't the same. Please.

Next time you talk to
her here, you wear this.

You wear it, and you do not trust her.

(siren blaring)

(intriguing music)

- [Reporter] Now, still no sign tonight

of a man police consider
armed and dangerous.

- This so-called cop killer is on the run

after murdering high-ranking
law enforcement officials.

This is a crime that has gripped the city.

Police are warning people
in all five boroughs

to be on the lookout.

- And as the manhunt continues,

fear is spreading that this fugitive

may be linked to a larger swath

of terrorist organizations
plaguing our city.


- Listen to me, god damn it! Listen!

Murdoch put a fucking hit on you, man!

- Get the fuck off me!

- He's gone rogue, man!

Man, I knew you was wired up.

So I took my hands off that van.

Figured it would buy us more time.

Help Murdoch finish the job.


Should have let 'em pinch you right there.

- We're just pawns, man.

We're just fucking pawns
in this corrupt game.

- Listen to me. We both undercover.

That means to we in this
together, no matter what,

because if they can flip it on you,

they won't think twice about my shit.

And I'm the only one that knows the truth.

- And what's that?

They control what's real now.

Can't trust nobody.

- [Asif] Brother Nazim can testify.

- [Farouk] Not if he's dead, man.

- [Asif] Murdoch's looking for payback.

And he's already making mistakes.

That's when we check him.

- What makes you think
that he's not watching us

right now as we speak? Huh?

That he didn't already think about this?

- He'd have called out
brother Nazim already.

They're gonna settle the score tonight.

- Let them kill each other.

I don't give a fuck.

- Nah.

Gonna make 'em work for it.

I done slashed his tires.

Put a hit out on him.

his own man's gonna do him.

- I thought we were the good cops.

- Nah, right now we're terrorists.

Until we right this wrong.

(anxious music)

- As the days go by, my
prayers have been consumed

with visions of my own death.

Now back in prison,

I was always taught to
keep a razor in my mouth,

just in case my life was threatened

I, for one, do not see confrontation

And denounce what I believe
to be what is wrong.

(unsettling music)

But my natural instinct is to survive.

And I do not know if I have the strength

to deny myself the gift of life.


(dog barking)




- Is that all you got?

That was weak, son.


- Look, Alistair, all I need you to do

is sign this piece of paper,

and we can end this
once and for all, okay?


Sign the paper, Alistair.

You killed him, didn't you?

You killed the old man.

- Oh yeah.

That's what you want to hear, isn't it?

- It's all right.

You can admit it.

You don't have to lie about it.

I'm your little brother.
You can tell me anything.

- Tell you what.

- You can whisper it in my ear.

Just whisper it in my ear.

- I fucking killed him.

What the...

- Uh-oh.





I don't know how that got there.



I swear, I don't.

Don't you fucking!


Don't! Don't, don't, don't, don't!

Please, please!

I'll sight it! I'll sign it!

I will sign it.

I'll fucking sign it.

Don't you fucking dare! (yells)

Don't you fucking touch him!

(dog barking)

Don't you fucking!

It's me you want. It's me you want.

You want the paper? I'll sign the paper.

It's all right! I'll
sign the fucking paper.

Bring it here. Is that what you want?

If you fucking hurt Smooch, I'll...


Okay. Are you happy now?

Tell him to back away!

Tell him to back away.

Call that piece of shit off.

Don't you fucking touch him!

(dog barking)

Don't you fucking touch him!


(gun pops)

(dog whimpering)

(emotional music)

(siren wailing)

(chatter on radio)

Where am I?

What's going on?

- Just relax, brother. Rest, brother.

- Smooch.

Where's Smooch?

Please tell me he's alive, man.


- Alistair, man, I'm truly
sorry for your loss, man.


He's fucking dead, man.

- I'm sorry.

- Fucking gone, man.

Where the fuck was he with Smooch, huh?

Why the fuck was he with Smooch?

- We in danger right now, bro.

And if we don't do something about this,

your dog is not gonna be
the only one that dies.

Brother, I learned two
things upstate, man.

The difference between a cop and a crook.

Your boy, Farouk, is a
cop. Believe that, man.

- What the fuck are you talking about?

- We're caught up in a trap right now!

And the head of police
wants my head on the block!

- You're a fucking liar!

Go to hell!

Go to hell! I don't
want to fucking be here!

Let me out!

Get me out!

(overlapping shouts)

(tense music)

- Well...

It's done, Bianca.

You have the family trust.

- Douglas, don't be rude. Come sit down.

- Of course.

I've resigned my post.

That's effective immediately.

And I've given my letter...

to the executive committee.

- Well, as much as it
pains me to see you go,

I must thank you for your
many years of loyal service.

I want you to know it
hasn't gone unnoticed.

- Oh.

My, my, my.


(anxious music)

You know...

I know what you're doing, Bianca.

Well if anybody else ever,
ever finds out... (laughing)

I know that we will both...

both rot in hell. (laughing)



Fuck you.


(sharp string music)

(overlapping speech)

- On several occasions,

I tried to notify the police department

that there were outside criminals

trying to conduct acts of terror

underneath the guise of our mosque.

I'm now convinced that these bad apples

are in fact working
undercover for the NYPD.

(overlapping speech)

Furthermore, this entrapment
has been conducted

under the direct supervision
of the police commissioner

and one Frank Murdoch on
the county terrorism unit.

Now, I have reason to believe,
personal and official,

that this individual is
now threatening my life.

But believe me, I'm not afraid to die,

especially for what I
believe to be the truth.

This is America, and in this country,

you, me, everyone out here

has the right to worship or
pray to any God they choose to.

Now, unless the constitution has changed,

we have the human right
to be treated equal

and innocent until proven
guilty, if nothing else.

So I ask all of you watching at home,

if you see injustice,

at least stand up and
call it for what it is.


That's all I have to say.

I ain't got nothing else to say.

(overlapping speech)

God bless America. God bless America.

(speaks foreign language) I'm good.

(frenetic string music)

(train rumbling)

- Smooch is gone, man.

He's dead.

Guess there ain't much I can do now, huh?

Then, maybe I should uh,
file a police report.

Ain't that right...


- It wasn't supposed to go down like this.

- What's your name?

Your real name.

- It's Jimmy.

Jimmy Colon.

- I kinda like Farouk better.

Where are you going?

- To do what I gotta do.

What I signed up to do.

(voice quavering)

(stark bass music)

- Where you going?

- I think I'm going to
pay the old man a visit.

I haven't seen him in a while.

In fact, I think I'm gonna get
the whole gang back together.


That's what I'm gonna do.

(anxious music)

- Slow down. Don't get too close.

I'd like to thank you, sir.

You and your people.

You gave me a chance to defend

this great experiment called America.

And a chance to face
down our foreign animals.

Like yourself.

That means we're living.

That means we're not
sitting on the sidelines

like some god damn pussies.

Because of what you're doing right now...

you won't be sitting
on some shrink's couch

when you're 45 years old,

saying, "What the fuck
did I do with my life?"

(gun clicking)


Someone like you and me...

we serve others.

We serve a higher purpose.

(anxious music)

You know something?

I would gladly storm the gates of hell

in company of men like you.

We show people that free people
can still fight like hell.


Pull over.

(singing in foreign language)

- Yo, Murdoch...

(guns banging)


I always knew you was a fucking pig!

(gun bangs)

(singing in foreign language)


- No, it's fine. Like-

Let him be.

(clears throat)

(glass clinking)


I'd like to make a toast, everyone,

to my dear brother, Alistair.

He's been sick and...

I just want to welcome him
back home with the family.

So, cheers, everyone.


(calm music)

May I have this dance?

- Love is love.


(moving music)

- [Nazim] Yo, Cito Caban.

Tell the guards we're
leaving the yard now.

Got the wind on my back.

Sun on my face.

I'm walking with you now.

(peaceful music)

(bouncy bass music)

(ethereal vocal music)