Paradise City (2022) - full transcript

Ryan Swan must carve his way through the Hawaiian crime world to wreak vengeance on the kingpin who murdered his father.


[indistinct chattering]


Now, that's an awful lot
of noise coming out of there.

[Sid] Hey, well,
it's big night
for the kid.

And he got
the girl he wanted.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

After we got rid of her pa.


We can't have the kid go
to jail for killing
a floozy.

- Hmm.
- She was worthless anyway.

And how about the pathetic
sheriff that came along
with her?

Yeah, and you know
what, Pa?

I could have taken him
face on.

[Blair] Well, what would've
happened then?

Oh, you aren't
good at math,
so, you know,

he wouldn't have had
a bride then, would he?

[soft chuckle]
Well, he sure got her now.

And you-- you know,
you've been taking care
of that kid

since the day he was born.

Now that he's got
a real woman,

he ain't got a clue
what to do with her,
so I'm thinking maybe...

you know, maybe I should
give him some pointers.

Oh, I got a brother
gonna outshine
another brother.

Are you kidding me?
Get the ruler out.

- I should.
- [Blair] Sure.

- We got a ruler in the bedroom.
- Ruling brother.

I'm shining my shoes there
every night.


Well, speak of him,
here he is.

Through a doorway,
won't you?

A brother, a bit lit up.

- [Sid] Oh, no, look at you.
- Gentlemen.



Dear God, please help me.

Come on, come on.

Say, I'm looking for a woman,

about yea tall,
blonde, white dress,

prettiest damn thing
you ever seen in your life.

[chuckles] You already
lost your wife.

[Blair] Where do you think
she is right now?

[laughing] What?

She's doing something
you have never had
nor will have, except her.

Getting prettied up for you.
For you.

Look at that pathetic face.

She getting prettied--
That guy is kissing wood.

Oh, Jocelyn.

Oh, Jocelyn,
my lady.

[Blair] She'll never
touch your lips, son.

She'll never
touch your lips.

Silly drunk.
Cheers to that.

To the Callahan boys.

All right.
Thank you, Pa.

Let's get you
some coffee.


Whoa! Whoa.

Well, howdy, pilgrim.
You play that thing?

Sure do.

Where are you heading?

Meeting a friend
up at the next station.

Rhyker's station?

Well, that's where I'm headed.

Red Linstrom.

Billy Tyson.

Billy, good to meet you.

Why don't you tie your pony up
to the wagon and come on board?

- I could use the company.
- All right, then.


- Come on.
- Yeah, Billy.

I saw you
down in Mesilla.

Uh, you were gambling
with some Mexican kids,
letting them win.

I'm from Tennessee, myself.

- You're riding the grid line?
- Sometimes.

Yeah, I used to do that
when I was your age.

Then they pinned
a badge on me.

I was that way
for a couple of years.

A young lady hog-tied me.

I started a freight line,

had to feed
the wife and kids.

What about you?
Got a girl?


Don't want
to settle down?


Don't like


Yeah, I had a couple of kids
like you.

Always having fun.

So, what are you doing
at Rhyker's?

Just meeting a friend
at the next relay station.

Well, it's good
to have you aboard.


[whimpering and sobbing]

[crows caw]

[horse whinnies distantly]


Please stop.


- [panting]
- Whoa, whoa.

- Help me! Please...
- That looks like...

Miss Miller
and Sid Callahan.

[Sid] Jocelyn!

Oh, sweetheart!

[Sid sighs]

We missed your reception.

- [cries]
- It's time to come home.

- Help me!
- [grunts]

- My brother's
waiting for this--
- Let her go.

Oh, back off, son.
This here is
my brother's wife.


Goddamn! She bit my hand!

I said, let her go.

[Sid sighs]

Listen, sonny,

she's coming back
with me, all right?

Let this go, Sid.

Excuse me?

That there is Billy Tyson.

Billy Tyson?

Never heard of him.
Never heard of him.

He'll take you down.

Oh, is that right?

Get on your horse
and get out of here.

Well, I suggest
you slap leather

and get the hell
out of my way.

Sid, you're
more gurgle than guts.

Now leak out
of the landscape.

Old man, you just mind
your own business.

Backing off, sonny, or what?

No. You are.

- [gunshot]
- Ah! Dang!

Now you can die...

or we can talk about West Texas
and the Bonneville Ranch.

This ain't over.

Mm-mm, not by a long shot.

And I'll be seeing you,

Find my pa.


Meet us back at the ranch.
Come on.


You okay?


You're okay.

Ma'am, it's okay.

Easy now.

You're riding
a dangerous trail.

So are you.

And I got no answers.

But that lady
is Jody Callahan's wife,

and he's putting
together his own posse.

I've got you.
You're gonna be okay.

You know, Sid's never
been treed before.

Seemed like it was
about time.

Let's get her
to the wagon.

I got some blankets
in the back.

It's going to be dark soon,

so we can set up camp
in that canyon over there.

It's got a spring.

I'll get her some water.

I'll get her some food.

We'll be at Rhyker's
tomorrow. Here.

Callahans will be here
in a couple of days.

Go easy on the water.

Here, get some rest.

Don't worry about a thing.
You'll be okay.


Thought old man Callahan
was with you.

Nah, he left couple
of hours ago
to check on Jody,

back at the ranch.

Where's Sid?

Went back home
to change his clothes.

What the devil
happened out there?

Some kid stepped in.
Billy Tyson.

Ain't never heard of him.

Sid take him down?

Hmm, there was
a standoff for a bit,

until Sid put his fist
in that girl's face.

You know, Sid got
a temper, ain't he?

Yeah, yeah,
but I'll tell you,

you ever seen a rattlesnake
sunning itself, real

and then you throw
a rock at it?

- Mm-hmm.
- Yeah. That's Billy Tyson.

Hmm. Mm-hmm.

Get on with it, then.

You know, it got hot.

Sid went for his gun first.

- [gunshot]
- Billy was faster.

Hell, Sid, barely has his Colt
halfway out the holster

before he was staring
back at Billy's.

Yeah. Kid could have
shot him dead right there.

But he waited,
made him sweat.

I think old Sid
shit his pants.

Where were you
when all of this
was going on?

I was staring down
that old man's rifle barrel.

Yeah, I figured they went
to that relay station
over on Wild Horse Flats,


Well, we got Hardy
hanging out over there.

- You keep a watch out for.
- Yeah.

We'd best get back to the ranch
and give our report,

because Callahan is gonna
want to call the shots.

But I don't think he's going
to want any trouble there
at Rhyker's.

- Let's go see
the old man, then.
- Let's go.



[Red] You know, that was
a pretty amazing thing you did,

putting your life
on the line for that woman.

Now we're going
to Rhyker's.

You're going to meet
your friend there?

He's not going to be there.

You still
coming with us?


Let's go take care of her.

Hey, sunshine.
Time to get up.

I think you need a drink.
I know I do.

- Here.
- Thank you.

Okay, that's enough.

You're gonna founder.

How long have you
been out here?

Almost a week.

My horse threw me
and ran off two days ago.

Left me
without food or water.

Well, that's pretty rough.
Where are you going?

I have an uncle
in St. Louis.

Oh. We'll get you a stage
at Rhyker's.

Can I pay when I get
to St. Louis?


You don't have
to worry about that.

I got a load of goods here
for Rhyker's.

I'll get you
something to wear.

Here, come on down.

I hope this fits.
I know it's going
to look good on you.

Thank you.

Why don't you go
over there somewhere
and get dressed?

Billy and I will get
the camp set up.


Well, now that's
the girl I remember.

Your daddy,

he was a sheriff
at Three Wells.

You used to hang around
the office.

Here, have some coffee.

It might be cold,
but it-- it'll be wet.

- Thank you.
- So you married
a Callahan, eh?

They're a pretty
rough bunch.

I heard they came up
from Texas in a hurry.

Jody said they had some problems
with the rangers
over their brand.

So they ended up
selling their ranch

and moving up here
with their herd.

Jody's a lot younger
than his brothers,

so they give him
anything he wants.

Guess that includes me.

I heard there were seven

There were.

Three of them
died in the war,

and two were shot down
in Texas after the war.

Squatters, Jody said.

West Texas?

I don't know.

My mother died
a few years ago.

And then a couple
of months back,

my father was shot down
in the middle of the night.

I was so lonely,
and Jody was so sweet.

A week ago, we got married
at the church.

The reception was that night
at Callahan's ranch.

Everyone was drinking
too much.

[Sid] Oh, no.

Well, speak of him,
here he is.

[Jody laughs]

- Gentlemen.
- [Sid] He needs pointers.

We'll drink to that.
Join the club.


My dress was so hot,
and I was so tired,

and it was loud and crowded,
and I couldn't breathe.

I stepped outside alone
for a breath of fresh air.

- Don't y'all think
it's noisy in there?
- Yeah.

I could hear the voices,
but they couldn't see me.

Well, it's big night
for the kid.

And he got the girl
that he wanted.


After we got rid of her pa.

It was Sid and Mr. Callahan...

talking about how
my father was killed

so Jody could marry me.

Something about stopping him
from arresting Jody
from murder.

Can't have the kid go to jail
for killing a floozy,
though, can you?

"A floozy," they said.

She was pathetic,
that girl.

I stayed out of sight
and was too afraid
to go back inside.

You can have them
arrested and hanged.

I think they said
it was Sid who shot
my father,

but no one will believe me.

It's my word
against the Callahans',

and they'll just deny

But it's the truth!
I know it!

I took a saddled horse
with a canteen and bedroll,

and I just rode away.

Where would you go?

North, to the stage road,

but I got lost somewhere
in the hills.

Ended up on foot
with no food or water.


I'm sure they know
we're heading to Rhyker's.

Now I've got
the two of you in trouble.

Don't worry.

We'll be safe at Rhyker's.
He's a good man, a tough man.

And his wife is
a Mescalero Apache.
She's tough.

She won't let anything
happen to you.

Thank you.

And thank you for my dress.

It'll always be my favorite.

You were the brave one.

[Red grunts]

He's a kid.
They're not too smart.


Is he blaming me
for what happened?

[Red] Not at all.

He's got his own misery,
whatever it is.

He wanted to kill Sid so bad,
his hand was turning white.

When Sid hit you in the face,

that was just
too much for Billy.

It was more than that.

He looked like
a left-handed guy.

I'm grateful, all the same.

Well, you're never going
back to the Callahans.

You're with us now.


[Joe] Honey,
we got a stage coming.


This is an outrage.

You were for sure in the lead
when they were handing out
tongues, Mr. Potts.

[Joe] Ma'am.

[Hal] Hey, Joe,
we've got a real problem.

- I mean, a real problem.
- How's that?

Well, we were going down there
to old Holy Grail.

I hit some rocks and broke
that rear axle support,

tore up the undercarriage.

I mean, we're not going
to make it to the next stop.

We're going to have
to fix it now.

Well, then maybe he shouldn't
have been going so fast.

Well, Mr. Potts,
if I wasn't such a good hand
with my lines,

we'd be at the bottom
of that mountain, in a heap.

That fresh team
from the last station

could have hardly
hold them back.

Looks like we're going to have
to put you folks up for a while.

You'll get your luggage
soon as we get it down.

And I suppose
you expect us
to carry them?


This could never
happen in Boston.

Joe, this is going to take
a couple of more days.

Well, northbound ain't due
for another week.

Give Chauncy some time
to work on it.
Yeah, Chauncy?

- Yes, sir, boss.
- All right.

What's the squaw
doing here?

Oh, that's my wife,

She's the cook,
so you'd better
watch your mouth.

Unless, of course,
you want to end up
with a real bellyache.

And I'm expecting he's going
to carry our luggage for us.

No, he's a customer,
just like you.

We'll get your luggage, sir.
Go on inside.


...because he'll talk
all night long.

Ho! Ho!

[chuckles] Hey, Joe.

- Hey.
- This is Miss Miller.

- Ma'am.
- That the southbound stage?

Yeah, it's busted.
You got my goods?

Yes, sir.

[Joe] Chauncy
will help me unload.

- You bring my apples?
- Yes, sir, I did.

[Joe] All right!

Don't worry about the wagon.
He'll take care of your team.

That is, if you're
staying a while?

Oh, we're staying.
When's the northbound due?

Oh, about a week.

They cut back on their runs,
even though I told them

the Mescaleros never
come out this far.

Would you help her down?

Sure. Ma'am.

There you go.

And that's my friend,
Billy Tyson.


You hungry?

[Red] They are.

[Joe] Well, let's get on
in there and get a meal.

Let me take your horse, son.
I'll put him away.

Thank you.

[Red] All right.
That's right.


Who's that?

Customer. Name's Hardy.
He's waiting on some friends.

Figures. Don't turn
your back on him.

You know
something I don't?

I'll tell you later.

Right now, she needs
some freshening up.

- You got any luggage, ma'am?
- No, sir.

All right,
let's get you on inside.

- There you are.
- Thank you.

Who's that pretty
young thing in there?

We picked her up a while ago.

Sid Callahan was trying
to grab her.

The kid stepped in
and made him cow down.

[Joe] You're telling me
that kid is faster
than Sid Callahan?

[Red] Hands down.
The way I look at it,

Sid had to run home
and change his clothes.

But I got to get rid of that

I'm gonna take her
north in my wagon.

They'll just
track you down.

And you'd be all
by your lonesome.

You'd be safer here, Red.

What about the kid?

He ain't afraid
of nothing...

except that girl.

As for the Callahans,
he's got a heat in him
that's gonna boil over.

How much time we got?
I saw that Hardy ride off.

He don't matter.

They already know
where she is.


All right,
let's get some grub.

Come on in.


[Chauncy] Think we got this
almost ready.



You ready to put this on?

- [Hal] Here we go.
- [Chauncy] Okay.

All right.

I wish I drank
more coffee this morning.

Well, that Nellie,
she sure is a good cook.

I thought they could
keep me safe, provide...

- Thank you.
- Thank you, Miss Nellie.

And then when I heard
Sid and Mr. Callahan

talking that night...

- Let's see
if your boys will eat.
- Sure.

You boys hungry?

Hey, boys,
there's a rider coming.


I've been sent
to make a way for Jody
to see his wife.

What for?

He wants her back.

Well, she believes
the Callahans
murdered her father.

Why the hell
would she want to see him?

Well, he figures
she owes him
an explanation.

He had no idea
why she left,
what she knows.

All right.

We'll bring her on the porch,
but Billy and I
will be with her.

And that's all.

No one's going
to touch her.

Not ever.

Billy, you got to know.

The Callahans are planning
to hang you for shaming Sid.

Figured as much.

All right.


Friend of yours?

He's the only gun
I could ever turn my back on.

Sounds like you
don't trust anyone.

No, sir.

All right,
let's load up.


Honey. Honey.

Why don't you go outside,
get some fresh air
and take a walk?

It'll help.

- What's going on?
- Ain't nothing you need
to worry about.

If there's gonna be trouble,
that's something that we--

You'll be
on the southbound stage
this afternoon,

so mind your business
and eat your meal.

Don't talk down
to me, mister.

I own half of Boston.

Then maybe you ought
to go back there.

I don't like your attitude.

I'm just saying,
if you don't like it
out West,

go home.

- I'm gonna report you
to the company.
- Be my guest.

There's something
going on.

Yeah, well, whatever it is,
you're not helping one bit.


Who are you to judge
a man like me?

You're a woman.



Where's my pa and brother?

They'll be along

How many men they got
over there, Hardy?

This old man works there,
Rhyker and his Apache wife.

The freighter,
two passengers,
Billy and the girl.

And the stagecoach driver.

But it's pretty wide open
all around there.

[Hardy] Twigs is right.

The only cover
is the high ground
behind the house.

There's a shed.

I think we can get
some men in the gullies
around the place as well.

There's a spring
one canyon over.

We can camp there tonight,
get a closer look
in the morning.

I say we camp three men
at the south,
three to the north.

You and the rest
come with us.


Okay, now it's
pretty wide open.

You can find a spot, right?
Keep them from leaving?

We'll figure out a plan.

Wiley, let's go.


[Jody] I wore
my best new hat for her.

[Twigs] Oh, well,
she ran out on you.

[Jody] Yeah, it's
all that talk she heard.

[Twigs] Yeah, all true.

But don't forget, you were
the one who beat up
that floozy down at Mimi's,

- left her dead.
- She laughed at me.


Yeah, I know.

She also lived long enough
to tell the sheriff,

and that's why Sid
bushwhacked him.

And your blushing bride
knows all about it.


Now what she does is,
she cuts the apples
real thin.

And then she takes them
and she soaks them in whiskey.

That's the secret.

- Sounds pretty good.
- Yeah.

You're gonna have some pie.
You're gonna love it.

It's delicious.
One of the reasons why--

- [Billy] We got company, boys.
- Yeah.


Whoa, whoa.

Honey, you in there?

Honey. Oh, my God!

Yeah, that's far enough.
You stay right there.

Now, look,
I don't want no trouble.

- [Joe] All right.
- All right?


I just want to talk
to my wife.

I got a right.



Honey, what in the world
did you run off
in the middle of the night for?

You know what you did.

She heard your brother say
that you killed a woman.


And her father
was going to arrest you,
and they had him shot down.

But there ain't no truth
to any of it.

That's why you run off?

Over a bunch
of damn tall tales?

Oh, come on, honey.

- Just-- Just come with me.
- I'm not coming with you.

She's going to have
the marriage annulled.

What, is that what you want?

What, just like--
Just like that?

No! Let me tell you
something right now.

You don't come
with me right now,

a whole lot of innocent folks
are going to die.

- Meaning?
- You know who I am?

My pa and brother could have
30 men around this station
by morning.

We'll be here.

You want to die
in this rat trap?

All for keeping a man
from his wife!

That's my wife!

You save a whole lot of lives
you come with me right now.

I'm not coming with you!

I'm gonna get you back
either way.

You're mine!


Tyson, boy.

You ain't nothing.

You're a slug.

You got lucky with old Sid.

We'll see how you come out
in the morning...

when we string you up.

Unless y'all want
to turn tail.

We'll be here.


It's on you, honey.

It's on you!

[clears throat]

He means it, Billy.


- Well, they don't have
a lot of cover.
- No.

There's a gully
back there.

Then those mountains
go straight up.

We'd better be prepared.

What are you thinking?

I'm thinking
we could use a drink.

Me too. Let's go.

Remember to watch
the crossing
at Cibecue Creek.

[Joe] Chauncy,
is that the last one?

- Last one?
- That's the last one.

[Joe] All right.


- Ma'am.
- Thank you.

Team! Hyah!
Hyah! Hyah!


[exhales sharply]

Good riddance.

You got any dynamite?

Yeah, buried
behind the barn.

But they were already sweating,
so they could be real dangerous.

You know dynamite?

What's there to know?

When it's wet,
it's nitro.

Well, if it's wet, Red,
we won't touch it.

I seen it done.

All right,
let's go see about it.

Where are they going?

Off to get
some dynamite.

They could get hurt.

Here, come on,
let's sit down.

Rest a bit.

You really like Billy,
don't you?

He looked like he was
going to kill Sid
and was upset he didn't.

Why is he like that?

Before I got hitched,
I was a lawman
for a long time.

I saw a lot of men
with a lot more
than you could share.

Billy's just like that.

This is a rough country.

It builds hard men.

You don't have to worry
at all about Billy.


[Hal] Ho!

Put your weapons down!

Who the hell
do you think you are?

You can't stop
the U.S. mail!

Let me tell you something,
Mr. Mailman.

Until someone delivers me
my lawful wedded bride,

nobody's getting in or out.

Your wife's back
at the station.

We have no business
with you. Stand aside!

I know my rights.
Let us pass!

Get back inside!

Let us go.

We're not hurting anyone.

Now, gentlemen...


The Callahan boys
always get what's ours.

Now, whether or not
you want to be bleeding out
in the dirt here...

well, I guess
that's up to you.

We're going through!

[horse whinnies]

You shot him,
you son of a bitch!

Turn around.



[Hardy] Now head directly
back to Rhyker's!

You ever blown anything
with these before?


What are they doing?

Well, that's not good.


[Hal] Whoa!

What happened?

That Jody Callahan
and that customer of yours,

they ambushed us
looking for that girl.

In fact, they're not going
to let anybody leave

until they get the girl back.

I say, give her to them.

We're not going
to give her to them.

Yeah-- No, we're not.

I'm sorry about this, ma'am.
Why don't you go on inside?

Nellie will fix you
something up nice. Sorry.

This is not good.

I don't know.

You think they'll hit us
all at once?

Not right off.

They'll probably cause enough
trouble to bring her out, but...

I don't think they'll do any
more killing.

Too many witnesses.

Well, I hope your plan works.

Let's go.


All right, listen up.

Now as soon as my pa
and the men get here...

Well, we-- We know what
most of them likely to do.


What about Tyson?

What do you think, Twigs?

Well, I don't know much.

He never seems
to work for anyone.

But he's the fastest gunner
I ever seen.

You go face on,
he'll take you down.

He let Sid walk away.

Maybe he had his reasons.

But ain't nobody going
to beat him to the draw.

Then we'll take him out
any way we can.

How's that
getting my wife back?

We're counting
on the passengers
to throw her out.

Don't worry, kid.

You'll have
your wedding night
and your honeymoon.


I don't like this, Red.
It's bad for business.

You better tell Chauncy
to be careful.

- They'd love to find a hostage.
- Yeah, I already told him.

Those passengers,
they're gonna be trouble.

Uh-huh, I know.

We should always
look at that draw.
They might come down there.

Maybe they're arranging
to get to the fence line.

Let's go in
for some coffee.

We'd better fortify
this place.

We can build some cover
out front, board up
the windows.

- [men humming]
- [accordion being played]

Do y'all like Boston?

It's quite lovely.

Keep your eyes
on your own cards, please.

[Eloise] Mr. Potts,
you could be
more of a gentleman.

We don't have all night.

Don't rush me, Mr. Potts.
Two pair, kings over eights.

Straight flush.


- I fold.
- [Potts] Of course you do.

Will y'all excuse me?

[Eloise] Of course, honey.
You go right ahead.

If people are killed,
that'll be my fault.

My own father was killed
by Jody's family.

I still feel so much guilt.

Your father was killed
because Jody killed a woman,

and your pa was going
to arrest him for it.

I still feel awful.

Nothing's your fault.

Except being too pretty
for your own good.

You know, you ought
to go back inside.

They could probably get
their hands on you out here.

Not with you here.

Well, I'm just one man.

More like 20.


Mr. Linstrom said your pa
was a good sheriff.

Yeah, he was.

Didn't like Jody much.

But you did?

When my father died,
I was alone, and...

But you're here now.

I'd better go inside
before I say
something foolish.

And before I forget
you're a married woman.

I'm not married.

Not like that.

He never...

You know what I mean.


You got to a lot
of learning to do
when it comes to women.

[wind gusting]

You almost done there,

- [clears throat]
- Yes, sir.

All right, follow me.

Tell you what,
after you feed the stock,
leave the gate open.

There's plenty of graze
and feed out there.

Well, if we do,
they'll just kinda
drift away and disappear.

Yeah, but I don't--
don't figure they'll go
further than the creek.

That way, we won't
lose you so easy.

Lose me?

I feel like an old fence post,
I'm kind of permanent
around here.

Let's hope so.

You ought to get
some breakfast.

I was just figuring
why we're here.

You know,
like knights of old
and chivalry.


Doing the right thing,
protecting women.

And getting killed.

You scared?

No, sir. You're here.


Hope she has
some bacon on.

Thank you.

Thanks, Miss Nellie.

This is incredible.

And no one seems
to be worried.

And that squaw over there
seems like she's ready
to knife us.


No, Mr. Potts. It's you
she's watching all the time.

I think she's admiring
your hair.

Make a great scalp
to go over her stove.

Why are you even here?

I mean,
if you hate it so much,
why are you even--

Listen, I've told you,
I'm my own salesman.

Own my own clothing company.
Make good money at it.

Looking to expand.
Looking for opportunity.

Well, I'm selling
some beef cattle.
You interested?

Not a chance.

Besides, I don't work
with ranchers or farmers.

You have a wife?
Kids back home, Mr. Potts?

Absolutely not.
Wives spend too much money.

And they're always
wanting something.

Besides, when you're gone,

they spend every last penny
you worked hard to get.


No wife, no kids.

How about you?

Yeah, we do.

Four boys and a girl.

Well, ain't you a peach.

That Mr. Potts would
sell me off if he could.

Don't worry.

Anyone talks bad to you,
I'll put salt in their pie.

[both chuckle]

- You're really very nice.
- Only to people I like.

How long you been married?

Five years.

Uh, and no children.

A lot of men wanted me.

I did not like them.

How did you end up
with Mr. Rhyker?

Joe was trading
with my brother.

When he saw me,
he wanted me.

So Joe brought horses.

My brother said,
"Not enough."


It went on for a long time.

My brother was just
playing with Joe.

Finally, he said yes.

You speak so well.
Did you go to school?

No. Joe taught me.

And how to do numbers,

and to read.

But we have no children.

Joe wants children,

but he doesn't think
it can happen.

He might be surprised.

I think he will be.

When are you going
to tell him?

- Soon.
- [laughs]


That's so exciting.

You're going to be
a great mother.

Thank you.


Hal, a couple of horses
came off the hitch rack,

and they're looking
for new grass.

Oh, criminy!

I got a bad feeling.

No, they're not here yet.

They'll wait for nightfall
and come down that hill.

We just don't have enough men
to cover that gully.

What's Mintz doing?

A couple of horses got loose
and he went to gather them up.

Take the shot, Wiley.


get back here, now!

Damn it,
what the hell was that?

Warning shot.

Hurry up!

They're shooting!
Take cover!



That's a warning shot.
Let's go!


[Red] Poor Mintz.

He was a family man.

We can't let this go on.

What the hell's going on?

Wiley's getting soft,
or can't see for nothing.

Jesus Christ.

And you know
who you can count on
to finish this.

I just-- I don't--
I don't feel right about this.

Like what are we--?
What are we waiting for?

Your pa sent word.
We was to wait for him and
your brother.


We'll get her back, Jody,

and then we're going to hang
that little bastard.

I think now's the time.

Yeah, just lay down
a barrage.

Hit the stick near
that cabin on the ridge.

What kind of man keeps
another man from his--
his woman?

Yeah, you definitely got
some unfinished business,

- but we have to talk
about this later.
- Yeah.



Catch, Dylan,
go after him now!




- [distant explosions]
- What was that?

[Jody groaning, panting]

I think I'm concussed.


[Blair] Christ!

- [coughs] Pa!
- What are y'all
doing in here?

Go on out there.
Go up on the ridge.

They took over
all the ridge. Come on.

[man] Come on.

You don't hide in a house,
for Christ's sake!
We're in a war!


- Grab that for me.
- Sure thing.

- [groans]
- [Jody coughing]

Well, that's enough
of that stuff.

Good thing you got
a hard head.

- [Blair] You all right, kid?
- [Jody] Yeah, I'll be fine.

Did that hurt?

Oh, man.

We got to find a way
to turn this around
and get the advantage here.

That's right.

But we got to turn it around,
so it's fair for us.

- [Jody] That's right.
- And they lose.


[Blair] That's big artillery
they're using.

I got an idea, Pa.

How about we send Twig
to make a deal?

- That's a good idea.
- Thank you.

I could end up a hostage.

Please, don't whine
about every goddamn thing.

You're bright, you're smart.
You'll work your way out of it.

Go get it done, son.

- Get down.
- What's going on?

If you're not gonna fight,
just stay quiet and get down.

You can watch
the back window, at least.

What happened?

The driver tried
to get away on horse,
but they shot him.

So we blew up some dynamite
up on that ridge.

Well, did you kill them?

Not likely.

Well, they're gonna want
to kill all of you.

They don't want no witnesses.

They're after the girl, Potts,
so just sit down and shut up.

Well, all I got's
this derringer.

You know what? Come nightfall,
you can sneak out on foot.


You give me something
to shoot with.

You know how to shoot?

My grandpa Ines
and my uncle Alfred taught me
how to take care of myself.

- You give me that gun.
- Here you go.

I don't want
to be a target.

It's up to you guys to do
all the fighting.

- I'll cover the back.
- [Joe] All right.

Don't you worry about him,
little girl.

It's them out there
who got to be worried
if we turn him loose.

Just stay down.



They're giving you
one more chance.

Yeah? They want to get
blasted some more?

You send that girl out
and come along
so they can hang you,

or they're going to shoot
this place full of holes.

How many are out there?


Well... we got men
to the north
blocking the road.

Another group to the south.

The Callahans, Hardy,
and six more guns.

How about
that buffalo hunter?

Wiley, he's out back
behind the station,

but I don't know how long
he's going to hold out.

He's got a big appetite.

Why are you here?


I wasn't sure...

till now.

You coming over?


You know you'll be
the first one they hang.

Why should we
trust you?

Me and Billy,
we go way back.

And we got plans.


What do you think, Billy?

We go way back.

What now?

Sure could use
a decent cup of coffee.

Well, if Billy
can trust you...

you're all right with me.

I'd like to have
a word with Twigs.

I reckon we ought
to make this look good.

Then you'd better
take me prisoner.

You notice
Sid didn't flinch

when you brought up
the Bonneville Ranch,

but he'll start thinking
about it sooner or later.

We know they done it.

What in the hell?

What is Twigs up to?
What's he doing?

He's trying to make
the peace, Pa.

Well, he knows
we want the girl, right?

- And Billy Tyson.
- And Billy Tyson.

[Jody] You know, if he don't
come out soon, though...

Is he still talking?

Damn it. I want my wife.

Yeah, we know.
Just relax.

Question is,
does she want you?

She's just scared,
that's all.

All those raids,
they had their faces
covered, but...

there was a dead horse
with the Callahan brand,

and a rifle
with the same brand
on the stock.

When you wrote for me
to meet you here...

I was hoping you might've
found out who'd done it.

I was with him
long enough,

but didn't learn
anything for sure.

But... the smell is there.

I hear Rhyker's wife's
a damn good cook.

Is she gonna feed me
or knife me?

Don't be
in such a hurry now.

Come on,
let's go in.

I'll speak out for you.


He's okay.

[Sid sighs]

Yeah, Twigs sure
went in easy.

Maybe he's in there
still talking.


Bet the passengers
are going to have
something to say about that,

- I'll tell you that.
- Hmm.

And maybe they'll send
Twigs out with the girl.

You know, maybe I ought
to just go back in there
and give it another try.

No, son.
It's too late for that.

No, look, I sweet-talked her
once before.

- It's too late for that.
Hear me.
- Yeah.

We may have to hit them
with everything we got.

Now, come on, I don't want
my wife getting hurt.

She's not gonna.


You can't go down there!
You can't go down there!


I'll tell you one thing
I don't get
about this whole thing.

Billy Tyson.

How is he in the mix
in the first place?

Well, the girl bit me.

She drew blood,
so I hit her.

- She bit you? That was it?
- Mm-hmm.

Well, he also brought up
West Texas.

You were young, but we hit
about 12 places in West Texas.

But none of them
was Tyson.

He brought up
Bonneville Ranch.


I lost two brothers there
to shotguns.

They put up a fight.

They really put up a fight.

When we left there,
there was no one left,

and we burned the place
to the ground.

So how the hell
could Billy Tyson know
anything about that?

I don't know, Pa.
Maybe he's kin
or something.

Well, kin don't matter.

He's got no proof.

No, he doesn't,
but I don't think
he needs it.

What is going on here?

Twigs is a friend.

And what about
when your back is turned?

If he's a friend of yours,
we sure as hell
can't trust you.

- [Nellie] Mr. Potts.
- What?

I suggest you take a seat
and stop being such a--

such a Yankee carpetbagger.

I'm just trying
to stay alive.

I suggest all of you
do the same.

Well, any friend of Billy's
is a friend of mine.

Thank you, Chauncy.

Do you mind taking watch?


[speaking indigenous language]

I speak American, old man.


Old man, is it? Ah...

I could smell that beefsteak
cooking a mile away.

How are you doing, Twigs?

- Which side
are you on now, Wiley?
- You know him?

Yeah, he's okay.

I'm on her side...

with them beefsteak.

Got a feeling you might be
showing up here
sooner or later.

Well, I got hungry.

This here
is Billy Tyson.

- Good to meet you, son.
- Any more out there?

- Who's this?
- This is Wiley.

Twigs says he's okay.

[Wiley] I saw
about six of them
sneaking into your barn.

But other than that, no.

All right. I'm Jed Wiley.

[Potts] This is incredible.


Hello, ladies.

I've seen your tracks
out there quite a bit.

But you didn't tell them?

You sure
are trusting, Billy.

Well, anything Twigs says,
I trust it with my life.

And why is that?

He's my cousin.

Keep that
under your hat for now.

I figure they must've
pulled in
some more guns.

Probably ten hard cases
over there
with the Callahans and Hardy.

- But I know how we can
lower the odds.
- And how's that?

Me and Billy,
we clean out that barn.

There's not a lot
of cover out there.

We have to move fast.

We could take Wiley with us,
but he might slow us down.

Well, that might be so.

I bet I got a bullet
to outrace all of you.

Listen, men, whatever
you're planning, I'm in.

Miss Perimeter,
you could get hurt.

I'm a much better shot
than you think I am.

All right, ma'am.

We got it covered,
but Potts here has to fight.

Now we got Wiley,
Rhyker, me, Chauncy...

and this fine
sharpshooting lady.

And Jocelyn? Well,
her daddy was a sheriff.

I figure she knows
how to handle a gun.

So does Nellie.

[Red] Good.

Now let's get to work.

Twigs turned on us.

Yeah, and Wiley too.

I saw him go in
that back window,

and there weren't
any shots fired.

Well, it don't matter.
He's just an old turd.

He lost it a long time ago.

He's no matter.

Now what do we do?

Take a couple of men,
take them up there
on the road,

and put them
where Wiley was.

And then at sunup,

we're going to give them
everything we have.

Look, we don't know where
the rest of that dynamite is.

Well, it doesn't matter.

They can't see it
in the nighttime,

and we're gonna hit them
before daylight.

All right,
I've been patient...

but, Pa, I don't want
my wife getting hurt.

Shut up! This is not the time
to bring that up here.

She's responsible
for this whole goddamn mess.

Well, I want her cute
like I married her,

not all mangled up
like you fixing to do.

It ain't about your wedding.

It's about us not dying
in a clan fight.

[Joe] Come on, boys,
I dug this tunnel.

It'll get you to the barn.


All right, here you go.

It's a long way, boys,
but you'll get there.


Please be careful.

You scare him half to death.

I hope I get
to know him better.


[Twigs] He didn't tell us
it was a crawl space.

[Billy] Well, at least
he was kind enough

to leave
some lanterns down here.


I think I see the end.

We should probably kill
the light.

They're all around us.

Just take out as many as we can
and get the hell out of here.

- Well, better get to it.
- After you, Billy boy.

[indistinct shouting]


- Anything?
- Nothing.

you see anything?

[knock on door]

Wait, hold on.

What if it's not them?


Didn't think we'd see
you two again.

Well, welcome back.
You all right?

Well, now
that was something.

You should've seen her.

She got real concerned,
trying to go after you
in the hole.

Wiley had to pick her up,
carry her out.

She was screaming
like a stuck pig.
She's sweet on you.

Well, we got five down.

Still got all
the Callahans, Hardy.

Probably six more guns
over there.

Well, what now?

What do you think, Billy?

Well, we've still got
two more sticks of dynamite
out there on the ridge,

and a Southern sniper
in here.

It'd be a waste
to use them now.

[Joe] All right.

Let's hunker down
until they come back.
Nellie's got some hot coffee.

You want some apple pie?
Come on.

They hit us hard.

The ones who weren't
killed ran away.

[Sid] So they're all gone?


Just like that?

They got lucky, that's all.

So wait, you're telling me
we got nobody out there
right now?

- No, sir.
- Well, it doesn't matter,

because in the morning,

we're going to hit them
with a barrage that's going
to wipe that place out,

every window, and the front bay,
and everything else.

Kill every goddamn one of them.

Can't you just call
some more men?

They were just a bunch
of clowns anyway.

You don't have time
for more men!

We're here
because of one reason.

We're all risking
our lives in a clan war

for your almost-bride.

Get those guys back.

Pay them double,
if you have to.

Get a gun and kill someone.

Yes, sir.


Mr. Potts, are you in?

[Potts] Um...


Billy, you and Twigs
should get some rest.

I'll take first watch.

They'll hit us hard
at daybreak.

[distant howling]

[cocks rifle]


All right, Chauncy.

It's time.

- All right.
- Let's go.


Wake up, wake up.

Wake up, wake up.
There's danger. Come.

Go, go, go, go.

Hey, Rhyker.

Rhyker, take over.
Got to reload.

Careful, don't hit her.

Oh, for God's sake,
shut up!

- Do you see her?
- I don't see her.

- What you shooting at?
- Shut up!

Damn it, Sid,
don't you hit my wife!

- Shut up, man.
- She's lying on the floor.

You seen her
hit the floor, right?

Nah, if she's standing up,
she's got five bullet holes
in her head.

What? No!
Don't you hit her!

- You see those cans shining?
- [Eloise] Yeah.

That's where we hid
the dynamite.

- Shoot for them.
- Yeah, I see it.


Ah! Son of a--

- [coughing]
- Hey, Jody. Jody.


Oh, shit. Jody!

Jody, Pa!

Jody ain't breathing.

- Jody! Jody!
- [Blair coughing]

Pa, are you all right?

- [grunting]
- You all right?

Go kill
every goddamn one of them!

All right,
all right, I will.


Leave no one alive.


[Blair coughing]


You don't look
too good, Blair.




Right after the war,
you were raiding

all the small ranches
outside West Texas.

We needed the grass.

One of them was
the Bonneville Ranch.

You killed my pa
and his ranch hands.

So what?

You pistol-whipped a boy.

Threw him in a well.

- Yeah?
- But I wasn't dead.

Twigs here came and pulled me
up out of that well.

That was you?

Then you dragged
my mother behind the house.

That was Hardy!
That was Hardy!

You're going to shoot
at a dead man?

That was Hardy.

Where is he?

Well, wherever he is,
he's running away,
trust me.




So I was the--
I was leading them.

And I shot.
And he went down.

Tumbled like a steer.
He went down like a steer.


You take care,
young lady.


- You were wonderful.
- You too.

Ma'am, such a pleasure.


[Red] All right...

- Stage is leaving, boys.
- I'll miss you.

Hyah! Hyah, team!

- [wagon trundles away]
- And it's done.

Nothing's changed.

Nothing at all.

Sure, it has.
Nellie's got
some hot apple pie.

Who wants in?

Is that what it's come to?

- Apple pie?
- [Red] That's about it, son.

It's all
about hot apple pie.

And I can already taste it,

Wiley gets there first,
there won't be
any left for us.

Don't worry, Nellie always
hides a piece for me.

- Best wife a man ever had.
- And every man should
think that.

That's why my wife
is the best.
She sent the apples.


That she did.
Oh, Red...

[clears throat]


it's all over, Billy.

Oregon's waiting for us.

Well, now we can have
some peace and quiet.

- Not for long.
- No, Nellie.
It's over and done.

Back to the same
old routine.

Not anymore. You're going
to be a daddy.


I said, you're going
to be a daddy.

- What?
- Before snow falls.


Oh, what?

Boys, I'm gonna be a daddy!

[Joe laughing]

Come on!

Billy! Billy,
I made a baby!


Whoo! Everybody!

You can get on
back inside, now.

I will not.

What's next for you,


Twigs and I
are getting a spot.

Is that his real name?

No, it's Jess Bonneville.

And yours?

Billy Tyson Bonneville.

[inhales sharply]

Jocelyn Bonneville.
I like it.

Whoa, whoa. I--
I didn't ask you.

- You can't just--
- You save a girl's life,

you have to marry her.

Now, you-- You get back on
in there now.