Paradise Broken (2011) - full transcript

Ray and Misha's one bedroom apartment, only a half-a-mile from Waikiki Beach, feels a world away from the white sandy beaches and crystal blue waters of Honolulu. As the sun sets and the sightseers retire for the evening, Ray, a small-time drug dealer, and Misha, a hula-dancing prostitute, work the back alleys of Waikiki, trying to scrape a living from tourist crumbs. When the couple splits after a blow out, a regretful Ray searches for a pregnant Misha while she, alone now, must face off against forces that wish to possess her--her abusive father and a kingpin pimp of Waikiki. Can Ray and Misha reunite and rise above the powers that fight to bring them down? Or was their split the only chance they had to survive the brutal world of back alley violence and addiction tucked away from the pristine beaches of Hawaii? Broke is the Hawaii unseen. It's about what goes on in this paradise city after the lights go out.

[birds chirping]

[waves crashing]

[instrumental music]


Waikiki Beach.


But if you turn
that postcard over

there's another side to it.

Where the real
stories are told.

[dramatic music]

[music continues]

[music continues]

(male #1)
'Why don't you call
me your dirty fucking howlie?'

'A hundred more, I'll call
you whatever you want.'


'Thank you, baby.'

Now, just relax.

(male #1)
'Yeah, uh, uh, yeah. Cunt!'

[man grunting]


(male #1)
'Uh! Ah.'


(male #1)
'Wasn't even a minute.
Give me my fucking money back.'

Wait, sir! Stop!

- Ray!
- Who's Ray?

[intense music]

[horn blaring]

[gun cocks]

(male #1)




Fuck you.

[indistinct chatter]

- No!
- What're you doing?

- Let go!
- What you doing?

What happened to mace?

- Mace isn't strong enough.
- For what?

- To kill him.
- Are you fucking serious?

Misha! That's what I'm here for.

- Uh.
- Misha.

That's what
I'm here for, okay?



I can feel him.

I can feel him growing in me.

* Ah ah *

My name is Ray Geronimo.

That's my girl Misha Domingo.

[instrumental music]

* Yeah hey *

Every year
five million tourists

come and stay
in hotels built on swamp land.

Our Waikiki

mine and Misha's

it's not postcard pretty.

* Hey hey hey hey *

Once the clock strikes 12:00

we come out the rocks
like a wayo wayo

scavenging small fish
with big eyes.

The black pimps
from the mainland

they run things
from Yoko Hill Theater.

The slingers, the surf rats

the welfare queens

they live in walk-up
low rises like us.

Or on the streets.

God's forgotten children.

Tell me about the house.

Somewhere in the country.

Near the beach.

You can teach
your son how to swim.

Like a fish.

[instrumental music]

Nothing big or fancy.

A two bedroom, you know?

Like "Hansel and Gretel."

You could plant the garden.

I could build a boat.

And I'll slow down,
for the baby, I promise.

We need another girl.

- Never!
- Come on.

You hear me? Never!

You want another girl?

Oh, we need more money.

You want the house,
you want the dream.

We need another girl.

We don't need anyone else.

Fuck that!

Fuck that!


- Fuck it!
- Stop it!

- 'Fuck it!'
- Come on, you're pregnant.

Fuck that!

[glass shattering]

[dramatic music]

[Ray grunting]

You clean this shit up.

[music continues]


[waves crashing]

[birds chirping]

Eyes are the
windows to the soul.

How much?

A dollar.

- A dollar?
- Mm-hmm.

Hey, keep the change.

What's your name?
What're you doing after--

- 'Misha!'
- Sorry. Got to go.

[instrumental music]

[singing in foreign language]

[singing continues]

[instrumental music]

* Ooh

* Ah ah *

[music continues]

[instrumental music]


- Oh.
- Oh, what's up, Rick?

Hey, how's it?

You see that good-looking girl?

Goin' upstairs
with a fat howlie?

- Yeah, Misha.
- Misha?

- Yeah.
- Misha.

Come on, bro.
Twenty feet, man.

- I know.
- How long can you bust it?

Eh, what now, she..
She hooks?

No way, she too pretty.

I'm not sure, brother.

She goes upstairs

maybe once
every couple of weeks.

You know, maybe she's just some
girl who got holiday fever.

Looking for
a sugar daddy, you know?

You mind
if I stick around?

- I don't know.
- Hmm.

I don't know when
she'll be back down.

Why? She stays upstairs
all night sometimes?


Hey, you still
livin' on..

Yeah, schools
are fuckin' terrible.

My kid's always
getting in trouble.

And the fuckin' drive's
a bitch.

But, shit, who can afford town?

But it must be nice.

- You live by the ocean.
- Shh.

Yeah, I live by the ocean.
Pitch a tent.

Like all the fuckin'
dirty homeless

that live on that side.

Hey, yo!


I love your photographs.

Windows into the soul, right?

So, what do my eyes say?

- Confused.
- Hey, yo!

Look, I saw you, um, I saw you
come out of that hotel, right?

You saw me walk in, too.

Yeah, I saw you walk in, too.


U-uh, the, um..

So you..

If you're gonna ask
me something, just ask.

So what do you do
besides bust balls?


Not much.

What is this?

Hey, you're prettier than her.


You're a little liar.

What do you think?

You think you can
take a picture of me?

No, I'll pay you,
I'll pay you.

How much?

Uh, ah, what do you want?

Photography is about exposing
yourself to art work so..


Hundred bucks.

You're hired.

- What?
- Take it.



[instrumental music]

[birds chirping]

[music continues]

[music continues]

[instrumental music]

[instrumental music]

Fuck! Fuck!

Fuck! Fuck!




Fuckin' popolo.

He runs Kalakaua.

Real Hawaiian to the zoot.

Man, fuck him!

Probably big money.

Trick for him then.


Wonder if we could
join him?

The answer's,
fuckin' no!

- What guarantee he's--
- Look, enough!

Working with him
isn't gonna kill us.

'He's got the most clients
and pretty much owns Waikiki.'


What? You wanna..
Okay, let's go.

You wanna join
up with him? Let's go.

We shouldn't.

Do you want to or not?

Only if you want to.

[birds chirping]


'Still think we should
hook up with that Black dude.'

All that money.

I know we can make
it work, babe.



You know I'm right.


- No!
- What?

No, baby, no.


I don't know much.

But high is much
better than low.

Much, much better.


[both moaning]

'Oh, baby.'

[instrumental music]

That's the thing
about Misha, man.

She didn't understand.

No way, I'm working for some
tourist California wannabe

Hawaiian gangster nigger.

I got other plans.

I got my eye on this
one girl for a few weeks.

Downright rookie.

Her pimp's that
same fucking nigger popolo.

Fuck him.

This ain't his island.

It's ours.

[dramatic music]

Hey, yo!

Hey, don't be scared.

I'm not scared.

Hey, no one can hurt
someone as beautiful as you.

I've been hurt.

It's only because you haven't
met the right man yet.

The tourists.

They look nice.


You know, all these tourists.

You know what they are?


You mean like lollipops?

No, no, no.

Not lollipops.



Tricks with fat wallets.

It's paradise, right?

I mean, that's what
the brochure says.

And look the ones..

The ones with
their wives and kids.

They're the worst,
they tell their wife

"I need to go to the bar, get
a drink," jet lag or something?


They out here
walking the streets.

Looking for her.

She's pretty.

She's not as pretty as you.

[cellphone ringing]

[instrumental music]

- Look! Look at you.
- What?

Always looking
over your shoulder.

A good man would never have
you doing something like that.

I could use a quick fix.

See, shouldn't be hard

to ask for something you want.

I mean, you're
only asking, right?

He'll kill me.

No, he won't.

[instrumental music]


I can't stay long.

No, I know, I know.

I'm just gonna fix you up.

- Oh! Oh!
- Just a little bit.


[cellphone ringing]


Shit, man.

Yeah, you know,
my father in the homeland

he's a-a wood engraver, right?

So, he'll make trinkets
for tourists like

clocks in the shape
of Philippines

or boxes in
the shape of turtles

you know you can keep
your candy inside.

- Right?
- Yeah.

So...anyways it's like it would
take him half a day to make one

and then sell
it for like a dollar.

Hey, you know,
I'll be right back.

[dramatic music]


It's beautiful.

I got to pee.

- Oh, yeah.
- Yeah, okay.

Excuse me.

- Uh.
- Thanks.

What what the f..

Why? Why would you do that?

[toilet flushing]
You were the big..

Who the fuck is that?

We need another girl.

- Oh!
- Ah!

- Come on!
- Get off me.

- Get--
- No, no, baby.


He's going to kill me now,
for sure.


[dramatic music]


No balls, all bullshit.

[door closes]

Well, get the fuck out then!

[intense music]

(female #1)

'Who was that?'

She's up there, isn't she?

Alright, you know what?

Here. This' my card.

You know, I mean, in case
you're lookin' for some work.

Yo! There's no name,
number, anything on here.

How the fuck would
someone get a hold of you?

Hold up.

It's just a little
bon voyage taste, baby.

[dramatic music]

[music continues]

[music continues]

[birds chirping]

[birds chirping]


[instrumental music]

[crickets chirping]

(female #1)
'My sister she's a genius.
She's like Einstein.'

'She has a real estate license
and everything.'

She said I could live
with her and her husband

when mom got knocked up.

So I went there,
but her husband was such a jerk.

- Oh, yeah?
- You want me to try it?

- Yeah, sure, beautiful.
- Okay.

So what was I saying?

Oh, yeah, I had to leave.

Uh, but she hates me now.

Fuck her though.

Mom always said
I was the artistic one.

And...that's why I always
wanted to be a manicurist.

- Okay.
- Okay, wait.

Need to get this on right.

Uh, thank you so much.

I'm so excited.


This one is my favorite.

- You ready to do this?
- Y-yeah.

- Yeah?
- Yeah, sure.

- Okay?
- Okay.

[dramatic music]

(female #1)
'Give me a minute.'

'Okay, I can't find the key.'

(male #2)
'Are you sure you've any idea
what you're doing?'

(female #1)
'It'll be fine, baby.'

'Let me take
everything out of my bag.'

'It's here somewhere.'

'I swear I'd lose my head
if it wasn't connected.'

(male #2)
'The word is attached. Jesus!'

'You'd lose your head
if it wasn't attached.'

'Clearly, it's not.'

'You know, thanks
but no thanks.'

'I'm outta here.'

(female #1)
'No! Please stay.'

(male #2)
'Let go of me,
you fucking whore!'

(female #1)

- 'Baby?'
- Yes?

(female #1)
'Babe, you there?'

Just come home.

- Hey, come home, okay.
- 'It was so--'


[instrumental music]

[knock on door]

[knock on door]


Hey, don't worry.


Don't worry I said.

I'm sorry.

I told you to count first.
I mean check the cash.

I know, right?
I'm sorry.

What's up with the change?

One of the guy threw it at me
before he left.

I figured,
money is money, right?

- Right?
- I..

I need a fix.

That what you want?


After all you been
through tonight?

Ah, you'll learn.

Learn what?

What should I do now?

Go to bed.


'Close the door behind you.'

[instrumental music]

Thanks, man.

You wanna taste?

No, never.


[music continues]

[ukulele music]

[music continues]

Hi, dad.

[dramatic music]

Should have called
the cops on you.

I never.

Just like your mother.

Fuckin' hungry cunt.

Nowhere else to go.


You need to stop
selling those pictures.

You're distracting from
the people paying for the music.

But people like my pictures.

I'm doing well. I think I could
start a little portfolio.

- Maybe take some classes.
- No. No.


'It's not easy times.'

You know, you..

You-you know you end up the guys rooms.

Doing who knows what?

You end up
in their rooms anyway.

Ask 'em to borrow
a couple hundred bucks.

Guarantee they'd
give you the money.


Fuckin' bills.

You know,
when you were small..

You and mom used to come watch
your daddy play all the time.

It was good fun.

Used to sing..

[singing in foreign language]


I see the way they look at you.

Just pick the old ones.

They're harmless.

Plus they get money.


Who taught you
how to dance?

Who got you out of school?

I took care of you
when mom left.

'You owe me!'

'You owe me..
You listening?'

'You owe me!'

You owe me!

[dramatic music]


What happened to your mother?

She went back to the mainland.

When I was ten.

She said she'd come back
for me but she never did.

Why did you
bring that with you?

It's nice. I..

My look, it's so...blank.

It's called the Kuleshov Effect.


If you put...that
blank expression.. to..

...a photo of a bowl of soup.

'People will think
you're hungry.'

If you put it next to a coffin,
people will think you're sad.

Every time you look at it..' can feel
something different.

'You know.'

Do you want me to fix you up?

'You know I don't do that.'


You're a more man
than any one I've ever met.

Maybe just a little bit.

When I was little..

...I was always in the ocean.

And my mom used to
call me part fish.

And my dad
used to say things, like..

"Always be careful
of the undertow.

'Cause it'll drag you out
take you under."

'And he'd say..'

'"Never turn your back
on the ocean."'

That was the only time
he was nice to me and my mom.

My father..

...he said, all I need
is a good house by the beach.

'A good woman..'

'...nice kids..'

And a fine fishing pool.

He said, he said, the only
book you need to know.. God's book.

[dramatic music]


[music continues]

[bell tolling]

'Hey, man.'


Where's your girl?

She jackrabbit on you?

I'm done with her.


Well, shit, in that case..

Tell her if she's interested
I can hook it up.

She's not, okay?

Yeah, okay.

Well, it just so happens..

...that I'm missin' a girl too.

Pretty little thing.
Dumb as fuck, though.

Kinda weak.

She needs a strong pimp hand,
you know what I mean?

You know what I mean.

Do you think
he's really listenin'?

Yeah, I'll catch you later.

[dramatic music]

'We're broke.'

I saw a $100 here last night.

We already used it to cop.
I'm telling you we're broke, ah.

Fuck you doin'?

Things to sell.

Wha.. We already sold
everything we can.


Hey, no!
That's my mothers.

Sell the necklace. I sold all
my photography equipment.

Look, we gotta think, okay?

If we can get the fares?
One score.

We need to think long term.

We need to think long term.

I have something to sell.



- No.
- I have no choice.

- No. no.
- We're broke.

We quit! Okay?

We quit cold turkey.

Just a few times.

Just a few times until
we get back on our feet.

- No.
- We'll keep it under control.

- No.
- Just a few times.


It's not that big of deal.

I've done it before.

[dramatic music]

It's not a big deal.

It's not a big deal.

It's not a big deal.

[dramatic music]

You're mine! Not theirs.
You're mine. You understand?

[instrumental music]

[music continues]

That guy was huge.

He could have
strangled me if he wanted to.

Cut me to pieces
and no one would ever know.

Never again.

He wants to hook up
again tomorrow night.


Wasn't that bad.

Well, I mean, 500 bucks,
for 30 minutes of work.

I love you.

I want to show you something.

Now, look.


It's 200 grand.

Think we need maybe,
10 percent down to qualify?

It's 20 grand.

Five hundred a night into
five nights a week that $2500.

Oh, we can, we can get this
in like, three months.

We could have our own place.

Just me and you.

'Fuck out of Waikiki.'

Like a fish.

You could do anything you want.


We're gonna have to have
a system.

For security.

The guy tonight
was a real estate agent.

Got his number here somewhere.

[instrumental music]

'Put me on speaker.'


(male #3)
'Seven hundred.'

'I get everything right?'

- 'Yeah.'
- 'Good.'

(male #3)
Just remember, I want it all.


(male #3)
'If I want a lap dance, massage'

'or anything like that I'd gone
someplace else understand?'


- 'You look so nervous.'
- 'I'm not nervous.'

'Cash up front.'

(male #3)
'Here you go.'

[dramatic music]

(male #3)
'Take off your clothes.'

'I wanna give it to you good.'

'Ah, that's it.'

'Yeah, baby.'


'Tell me to fuck you.'

'Fuck me!'

(male #3)
'Tell me!'

[dramatic music]

[dramatic music]


I need to use your car.

Broken a long time.

I catch the bus.

Who you copying from?

Who says I'm copying?

I know one guy.

Fuck that.

Get out of my way.

[dramatic music]




What the fuck you doin'?

It's dumb.

I like the way it feels.

Like I just stepped out
of the world, you know?



[instrumental music]

I have a good feeling
about tonight, babe.

Hell, yeah.
You look gorgeous, baby.

- Yeah?
- Gorgeous.

- Yeah.
- Yeah, good. know
I got some shit to do.

Wait, wait, wait.
Where are you going?

- Huh?
- No, I mean..

You gonna be okay
by yourself tonight right?

- Um..
- What?

- What?
- My old pimp.

Yeah, okay, okay, uh..

[clears throat]

Okay, so here's some mace.
Just in case.

- I don't know about this.
- No, no. I know.

I know, okay?
This is very important.

Okay, baby?

- Okay?
- Really? Okay.

- Okay?
- Okay.

- Okay.
- Okay, bye.

Hey, now and remember.

[clears throat]

This's away
from your face right?

- Right?
- Right, right.


[door closes]

[dramatic music]

[dog barking]

[dog barking]


I don't know
if my old man..

Hey, look.

Hey, look, man,
I'm not here for no problems.

Get the fuck out of my house.

- Hey, where she at?
- Fuck you.

Get the fuck down
on your knees, old man!

Hey, wher-where she at?


Where she at, man?


Stop it.


Do it.



Where is she?


'Okay there's your gun,
old man.'

Show me your heart.


Shoot me right here!

- 'No..'
- 'Do it.'

Do it!


She's done with you,
old man.


The fuck she is.

I was high.

I was fucked up!

I am high.

I am fucked up!

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.


I played with the best.

I played with the best of 'em.

We need to get
the fuck out of here.

It's done.

He'll never bother you again.

[dog barking]

He's just crazy.

'Cause he's chained up
like that.

[dramatic music]

[dog barking]

Played with best of 'em.

All of 'em.

I was one of 'em.



[ukulele music]



[waves crashing]

'I ain't got but, couple
girls working the streets.'

You see, my girls..

My girls work mostly
in the massage parlors.

The parlors. That's where
the sweet money's at.

It's got better security.

Way nicer downtown.

Girl, I got me a little lounge..

...where you can chill out..

...get you something to eat,
watch a little TV..

Ain't none of this,
standing on your feet all night

'not on some fucking
street corner.'

'Listening to hecklers, watching
out for cops all night.'

'Feel me?'

Here you go.
A little taste.

No, thank you.


You know, it's very smart of you
to get rid of that guy.

I bet you all your loot you was
gonna spoil his happy, right?

Am I right?

Look at you.

Baby girl..

You see this?

Do you smell that?

'That's the smell
of a street walker.'

Sweetheart..'re days of carrying
that chum...are over.

Look, my girls..

Very nice girls.

And they're happy to be here.

Comin' over from the mainland.

They just happy they
ain't freezin' their asses off.

See, I got this one little crew.

They hit the beach
down there every day.

Can you believe that shit?

Surfin' hoes.

They got what you would call
a sunny disposition.

Until their time is up.

See, then they got to rotate out
for the next group.

This paradise, baby.

See, but, you..

I mean, this your home, right?

So, you can stay
as long as you want.


- What about Ray?
- What about Ray?

Look, sweetie, I don't go
lookin' for trouble.

But if trouble finds me,
you better believe

I'm gonna protect what's mine.

I don't want you to hurt him.

He's got a lot of pride.



Look let me tell you
something about pride.

Pride ain't nothing but
a weak man's second rate guts.

I'm gonna take guts over pride
any day of the week.

You feel me?

[dramatic music]


You okay?


You just go ahead
and crash on the couch.

We will talk business
in the mornin'.

We were gonna buy a house.. the beach.

Bay of Makaha.

Best waves in the world.

Is that right?


'How'd you sleep?'

So, you up for some shopping?

I have clothes.

Yeah, that's
old shit though, baby.

I'm takin' care of you now.

[dramatic music]

Live like us
and people they disown you.

There's no family
to go back to.

You burnt all those bridges.

Only one place
I wish to go to now.

And that motherfucker.

He comes here and he thinks
he rules Waikiki.

Fuck him.

[dramatic music]

Yeah, bitch.

Here, come on. Come on.



You know you fucked up, right?

You, bitch-ass motherfucker.

Hey, man.

You ever been to penitentiary?

[Ray grunting]

'Cause if so.. know what comes next.


[dramatic music]





[music continues]

For you.

Take it.

Take it.


I'll let you get to work.

[door opens]

Hmm, look at my pretty toes!

[dramatic music]


What are you doing?

- Get out of here.
- What?

I don't under..
I-I don't understand.

- No!
- You can work out!

No, you know I can't
do that. Hey!

The worst thing..
They'll kill you!

What? They'll kill me?
Come on--

Get the fuck outta here.

- I have nowhere to go.
- Just far away from here.

(female #1)

'Let me just talk to you.
Come on.'



'Come on, just, please.
Just let me in for a second.'

'Come on.'

[keys clacking]

Everybody, stand up. Customers!

Take him. Now.


So, where are you from?

Turn over.



You've been doing this long?

'Who's, uh, Geronimo?'

Listen, this isn't a date.

You're right. So, uh..

Get to it then.


- Oh!
- Self-service.


- I quit.
- Quit?

This is not like job at hotel.

No one quit.

Whoa, whoa.

- Wassup?
- I can't do this.

Oh, come on, come on.
You know what?

Now, let's go
in the office and talk.

- No.
- I'm not asking.

Come on, come on, come on.

What's the problem?

I'm out.

I'm pregnant.


It's true.


Okay. Well..

Go. Go on, mama.

Go and pop that puppy out.

Yeah, hop on
that welfare gravy train.

You know somethin'?
While you're at it.

Go back to school

on government's tab,
as much that sickens

our republicans' sensibilities.
Hell, why not.


Hold up. One thing.

Those clothes
you got in your back?

I own those.

The shoes you got
on your feet? Mine.

Motherfucking air
that you're breathing right now

belongs to me.

Which means what?
You owe me.

- I can pay--
- No, fuck that!

No refunds.

This America, baby.

Land of the free.
Home of the fucked.

Which means you ain't
going nowhere until

you give me what's mine.

You know what?

It's cool.
Give me three days.

Three days.
Work it off right here.

Ain't no reason you can't fuck
while you're pregnant.

What I hear, y'all get more
horny when you pregnant, right?

I mean, you ain't showin' yet.

[intense music]

Wait, wait, wait! Whoa!

Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.

So you-you just gonna do that
upstairs, right?

Or you just gonna bleed yourself
out in my place of business?

[Pimp chuckling]

Fuckin' crazy-ass bitch.

See? That's what
I mean about guts.


Pride ain't shit.

Now, get the fuck outta here
before you bleed up my office.

[instrumental music]

[music continues]


On call. Dishwashing.

Minimum wage.

And I'm just
gonna say this once.

Zero tolerance.

Now, you did this ten years ago?

Well, yeah-yeah.
With my dad and my uncle.

- Yeah, I was just a kid.
- Mm-hmm.

I'll start you tomorrow night.

You be here at five.

What's your dad do now?

Uh, he died.


Oh, sorry.


You work hard,
I'll move you up to busboy.

It depends
on the economy though.


It-it's just that,
that's what my..

...old manager told my dad.


- Never happened.
- Listen.

I'm not like that.
I'm not full of shit.

You be here at five.

[instrumental music]

[music continues]

[door creaks]


[instrumental music]


[music continues]

[door creaks]


Baby! Baby! Wake up.

Wake up. Misha, wake up.

Wake up.
Oh, shit. Oh, shit.

Mi-Misha, wake up.

Hello? Hello? Yeah.

We need ambulance.
No, right now. Right now.

Misha, wake up.
Wake up. Listen to me.

Listen to me. Stay awake.

Baby, stay awake. For one..

Misha, stay awake!

You see me?
You see me?

'Oh, baby.'

[instrumental music]

Tell me.

I lost him.

I'll take care of you.


- I need--
- No.

- Please--
- No. We have to stop.

[instrumental music]

He's gone.

He's gone.

He's gone.

He's gone.

[music continues]

[door creaks]

What's this?

I got a job.

'Tonight's my
first night in a..'


Washin' dishes.

Baby, you need somethin'?



Well, that's what I need.

I'm gonna kill
that motherfucking popolo.

[instrumental music]

[music continues]

[paper rustles]

* Hey hey hey
hey hey hey *

* Ohh

[music continues]

[birds chirping]

* Hey hey hey
hey hey hey *

* Ahh

* Ah aa aa ho

* Ah ah ah ho *

[music continues]


[water sprinkling]

[intense music]

[bottles clinking]

- What are you doing?
- I'm cleanin' up.

- One week. Give me one week.
- No!

- No! No!
- One week.

You have no idea
what I've been through.

This fucker's going down!
This motherfucker's going down!

It's motherfucking right
and that money

to buy our own house outright.

Fuck that down payment.
This fucking..

This is bullshit.

[music continues]


[instrumental music]

[singing in foreign language]

[music continues]

[singing in foreign language]

[singing continues]

[singing continues]

Hey, man, I'll call you back.

Take me to your place.

Man, take me to your
old motherfuckin' place.

Or-or-or what?
So you gonna rob me too?

God works in mysterious ways.

No, he don't.
No, he don't.

Oh, maybe
for motherfuckers like you

think he'd keep it
faith all that good shit.

But when you get right down
to the truth of it.

God is a straight up gangster.

He's real. Babylon. Kenan.


God say do this
or I'll burn your shit down.

Worship me,
or I'll burn your shit down.

Batter me,
or I'll burn your shit down.

Walls of Jericho, motherfucker.

Like in Sodom.

I mean, he actually
had to do that shit.

Just to show them motherfuckers
that he's for real.

Look that's all that
little bitch was, baby boy.


Had to show 'em
I'm for real.

[cellphone ringing]

Hey, man,
you-you better answer that.

Yeah, that's your girl.

I saw her go up in there with
two gang-rapist motherfuckers.


Go with God, my brother.

- Go with God!
- Uh!

Show him you're for real.

[indistinct chattering]

Yeah, that's right.
Feel that, feel that.

- Get the fuck out!
- Hey, hey.

- Get the fuck out.
- It's cool. It's cool.

- Get the fuck out.
- You got it.

- You ain't got to do this.
- Right now, motherfucker.

- Break out.
- It's cool.

- We're out. We're out.
- Shoot. Shoot.

'Shoot, Ray. Shoot.'

What the fuck are you doing?

- We need to get outta here.
- Fuck you.

- Now.
- You-you let them walk.

You're not a real man.
Who are you?

- Misha?
- Fuck you. I'm done.

I'm done with you.

You liked it.
You liked it, didn't you?

Shut the fuck up.

You like to take it
up the ass.

- Did you kiss him? Was it--
- Shut the fuck up.

What the fuck?

You're gonna shoot me, Ray?

'Fucking pussy.'

Do it. Fucking shoot me, do it.

Do it. Do it.
Fuck you..

Fuck you!

All pride, full of shit.
No heart and you know it.

'You're broke.'

You're fucking broke.

Wasn't even your
baby who was dead!


Fuck! Misha.



[birds chirping]


Tell me about the house again.

[instrumental music]

[music continues]

[music continues]

[Bruno Mars singing
"Talking To The Moon"]

* I know you're
somewhere out there *

* Somewhere far away

* I want you back

* I want you back

* My neighbors think I'm crazy

* But they don't understand

* You're all I had

* You're all I had

* At night when the stars

* Light up my room

* I sit by myself

* Talking to the moon

* Trying to get to you

* In hopes you're
on the other side *

* Talking to me too

* Or am I a fool

* Who sits alone

* Talking to the moon

* Oh oh

* I know you're
somewhere out there *

* Somewhere far away *