Paradise Beach (2019) - full transcript

A team of former robbers arrived at Paradise: Phuket, southern Thailand. Until the day when the devil arrives: Mehdi, sentenced to 15 years in prison during the robbery, comes to recover his share of the cake.





Come on!

Get in!





Come on!

- Mehdi!
- I can't move!

- Mehdi! Move!
- I can't move. Leave me! I can't get up!

- Get up!
- I can't! Just leave me.

Where's Mehdi?

He's down.

Don't move!

Don't move!


Fuck me!
How's it going, bro?

You're looking good.

- Good flight?
- Yeah.

Look at you.

Give me that.

- Sit on that side. There.
- There?

Like in England.

- It's paradise here.
- So I hear.

You'll soon get the hang of it.

Hurry up. Dad is here.

You okay?

Sean, Noam, and my wife.

- Hello.
- Hello.

Run along.

This is tom yam kung,

a traditional Thai dish.

It's a shrimp soup.
Careful, it's very spicy.

Use a spoon.


You speak good French.

Thanks. My mother's Swiss
and my father's Thai.

That explains it.

I thought my brother had taught you.

It surprised me
because he was always a lousy student.

That's thot man kung, shrimp cakes.

- Do you eat just shrimp?
- No.

There's everything, even French cheese.

I don't need to tell you,
this is your home, too.

I know.

Hey, kids. Where did you go?
What did you do? Let me smell you.

Oh, my God!

Very stinky. Let's go.
You need to take a shower.

Excuse me.

I'm gonna take the monkeys
for a shower, okay?

Come here.
Come with me quickly.

Smelly monkeys!

How did you find
a hot chick like that?

We're French here, not Arabs.

They don't think of us as terrorists.
There's a bit of a difference.


Her dad's a big businessman.

He's a jerk. We don't talk.
He never accepted me.

I'm just a falang.

When I arrived, at least I had money.

Hmm. "Falang"?

A Frenchman, a shitty foreigner.

But it's good for business.

Her half-brother is the head of police.

So, my brother's in league with the cops.

It's not like that.

I didn't choose my in-laws,
but I tell you, here...

having protection...

makes life easier. You need their help.

Come see your Papa first.
Kiss him. Kiss your Papa.


Mwah, mwah!

Come on.

Kiss your uncle.

Say goodnight.

- Oh. Oh.
- Oh.

Look at the sleepy baby.

Come here.

I'm going to bed now.
I'm going to bed now, Daddy.

Let's go, my baby.

They're cute kids.

- I didn't know you had any.
- Mmm.

Well, you told us not to contact you.

Are you tired? Your room's all ready.

I need some air.

- I'll come with you.
- No, I'd rather be alone.


I'll call Songchai, the driver.

My number's in that.
Call me if you need me.

And cash to have some fun.

He'll take you to the bars in Bangla.

Go to the Money Night. It's Zak's bar.
You'll have fun.


We need to talk tomorrow.

Why didn't you mention your brother?

I haven't seen him in 15 years.

Are you hiding anything else?


He did some bad stuff.
I didn't want to talk about it.

What kind of stuff?

Forget it.
It's ancient history, okay?

He's always protected me.

You always said
your childhood was complicated.

Yeah, that's putting it mildly.

Is there a problem?

No. There's no problem.


So, don't worry. We're gonna take
good care of him, okay?

- You don't wanna talk?
- No.

It's up to you, darling.

Yo, Hicham. How's it hangin', dude?

Why bring her along?

It's okay,
she won't disturb us.

It disturbs me. I wanted to talk.

What's going on?

Mehdi's back.


Mehdi's out of prison.

Mehdi, your brother?

Who else? Know any others?

Shit, sorry.

Is he okay?

He looked well.

Fifteen years, man.

- They flew by.
- Maybe not for him.

I'm glad for you that he's back.

I hope he behaves.

Did he mention me?

Not you or anyone.

The devil is back.

Where is he?

At Patong.

- Cute, isn't she?
- What?

- The whores ain't enough for you?
- What?

- Who let you touch her?
- Calm down.

Am I touching her, fuckin' asshole?

My love...

Let me see.

Goyave, take Winny to the ER.
He's bleeding.

Come on, Winny.

What's your name?

Forget it.

Mehdi, no way!

I don't believe it!

Good to see you, man.

I was sitting there,
thinking that guy looked just like Mehdi.

Meet the guys.

You can have Awa.

She's gorgeous.

She's a sex bomb.

I'm not here for the whores.

They're princesses, not whores!
They're hot chicks.

You can't imagine what they can do.

I've had 15 years to imagine them.

Mamma mia, look at that.

Look at that.


What's your name?


Nice to meet you, Mr. No Good.

No. Mehdi.

In Thai,
"Mehdi" means "no good."

And your brother Hicham
is "smashed pussy."

- This is no place for us.
- It's for everyone. It's paradise.

Fifteen years!
It's the happiest day of my life.

We gotta celebrate.

Oh! He's out of it.
Most people love it here.

Don't look at it like that.
Look, he saved my life.

- So?
- I'm here thanks to him.

- He looks like a mortician.
- Don't talk about him.

Everything is okay?

What do you want?

Don't touch me.

You're afraid?

Afraid of nothing.

You don't like me?

I don't like bitch.

I know people like you.

And I know how to make you happy.

I don't think so.


- Don't wake him up.
- Shh.

Oh, wow!

He looks like Sleeping Beauty
after a 15-year siesta.

Who'll kiss him first?

- Asshole!
- Shh.

One, two...

Do I look stupid?

- No, the flowers suit you. Yeah.
- Yeah?

Look at that.

The sea, the chicks, business...

Sweet as a peach.

I hated it when things were sweet.

Never drop your guard.

You'll laugh, but I thought
it was a gay thing.

- I took up golf.
- Oh, yeah?

Yeah, it calms me.

Having a goal,
keeping your concentration...

Yet relaxed and laid-back.

At the end of your move,

your solar plexus is in tune.

And the aim is to put the ball...

in the hole. So cool.

Yeah, and you do it good!

The swing, man! The swing.

You mustn't mix up the hole...

with your asshole.

Funny guy.

Or the hole
a bullet will make.

Not as much fun.



When do we eat?

Not now.






- So good!
- Whoo!

They're all good. That's the problem!

Oh, fuck me!

Yeah, you can laugh!

I've waited 15 years for that.

Where's my share?

Give me my share,
then I'll go back to France.

This is where it's at, not France.

Are you deaf?

My share?

- We'll explain.
- What?

I read in the news, we got €2.5 million.
There were six of us.

You kept me 400,000.

It's more complicated. How can I put it?

There was a big recession. It's all gone.

We had to rebuild after the tsunami.

What are you talking about?

- You look like you're doing okay.
- Thank God.

Leave God out of it.
I did 15 years for you fuckers.

We know that.

You just screwed whores all that time!

- Huh?
- Mehdi...

- Wait...
- What?


Should I stop eating
because people starve in Somalia?

- Shut up.
- Screw this!

Hey, four hundred grand
for a 15-year stretch ain't much.

That's €2,222 per month.

Couldn't you protect my assets?

- Am I a piece of shit?
- Calm down.

I have no cash. We'll sell stuff.

We need some time. Nothing's in my name.

It all belongs to my wife:
the boat, house, golf course.

- What's this crap?
- It's true.

You can't own a business here.

Gotta put it in your chick's name

or you work with Thais who rip you off.
It ain't easy.

I don't give a fuck.

He got a golf course!
You got a golf course?

We got shares in one.

Not bad for a coke dealer
who was our driver.

Yeah, yeah.

Oh, Goyave, pull your head
out of your ass. Speak up.

Sabai, sabai.

What does that mean?

Everything's chill.

There's a problem, guys.

Sabai, sabai!
There's a big fuckin' problem!

- This sucks.
- Are you only waking up now?

You all agreed to take his share.

Shut up, you!

When we lost everything...

Shut up!

Yeah, I'll shut up.

Don't cry.

Julia, please, don't cry.

Fly to Phuket.

I can't.

I'll pay you back.

It'll be okay, don't worry.

- Hey, we'll work it out, Mehdi.
- You said I'd get the hang of it.

- I think I have.
- No, you haven't!

I didn't marry her father or brother.
They're bleeding me dry.

- What's their cut?
- Seventy percent.

- You're joking.
- Do I look like I am?

- What's his cut?
- I don't take a thing.

We're partners. Fifty-fifty.

Out of the remaining thirty percent,
he takes half.

Fifteen percent of your business
ain't much.

And you?

I have a restaurant, the Paradise Beach.

I sell hamburgers and pizzas
to guys like us.

I got two clubs. You saw the Money Night.

But Goyave has got nothing left.

Oh, yeah?

I lost the lot. I'm lucky. They help me.

- How come?
- I'll tell you some time.

Okay, so, apart from him,
you're all businessmen.

I gotta join in, too.

Mehdi, please...

A vacation will do you good.
We're all here together.

Enjoy yourself. Stop yelling at everyone
and being miserable. Please.

I'll give you the two bars at Patong.

But take the problems, too.

What problems?

These two-bit punks came
five years ago and never left.

They're stealing my girls.
Seven of 'em so far.

- Arabs?
- No, blacks.

- And you do nothing?
- I want a quiet life here.

If I touch one of them,
they'll trash the place.

- What would you do?
- What we always fuckin' did.

It won't be easy.

If you think violence
doesn't solve things,

you didn't hit hard enough.

That's the old you.

You can count on me.

Whoa! Hey! Are you Moussa?

Listen to me.

Listen, fucker.

I'm taking over the Money Night.

Bring back the girls you took, understand?

Next time, you're dead!

What do you want to eat?

- What you got?
- Hamburgers, pizza...


- Rare?
- Yeah.

- Pla duk foo.
- Okay.

- What do you want to eat?
- Same as you.

- Two pla duk foo.
- You got it.

Why are you out on your ass?

That beach...

There were bodies everywhere. A mess.

I stayed in Phuket during the tsunami.

It took me ten days
to find my wife's body.

Ten days!

Then, I helped the Thais rebuild.
I'd lost everything.

- And the others?
- They went to Bangkok.

You saved her?

She's like my daughter.

She was two
when I pulled her out of the mud.

Only her little hand was sticking out.

Her folks are dead, so I'm raising her.


I swear, if I had any money,
I'd give it to you.

I've nothing to lose.

Except her.

She's pretty.

So pretty, I could cry.

I want her to study

and not end up like some girls
who sell their asses to jerks.

That's good, bro.

Very good.

Sabai, sabai.

- Who was it?
- My brother invited us over.

Oh, no!

I don't want to. Go without me.

Oh, no, I'm not leaving you.
You're coming with me.

- Who's going?
- Everyone.

Who's "everyone"?

- Everyone.
- Ah.

Will anyone remember my name?

When I was in the shit, they abandoned me.

Even your brother.

They had no choice.

Family increased.

Are you here as a tourist?

Or are you going to remain here
like the others?

- Who's he?
- Pichai.

- Aom's half-brother, police chief.
- He takes your money?



What did he say?

Are you here as a tourist
or do you want to live here?


- Tourist.
- Tourist. Yes.

- Good answer.
- Thank you.

Very good answer.

Do you enjoy Thailand?


And what are you doing
in France, Monsieur Mehdi?


No, jail.

Jail! Wow!

I have noticed that jails in France
are very comfortable.

TV, toilets,

only three bodies per cell.

Which just means room.

It is not the same here, do you know?

Every people in the same sector,

toilets in the middle.

France, they're three-star hotel at sight.

Yeah, funny.

Yes, funny. Very, very funny.

Stop kissing that dog.
It's gross.

Are you jealous?

Think it's funny?

Did I say laugh?

Stop it, hon.

Stop what? You're making
a spectacle of yourself.

- Hands on your head.
- What?

Hands on your head!

- You're joking, Winny.
- Do I look like I am?

Hands on your head!

Right, I'll tell you
when you can take them off.

Feeding fish to her mutt!

Keep 'em up till the dessert.
I'll show you.

Okay, guys, come on.
Can you stop it now?

You're my guests in my restaurant.
Tatiana, take your hands off your head.

All right? Or you both can leave.

Take 'em down, you dumb bitch.

Some haven't changed.

To friendship.

To my brother.

To my friends. Those who didn't forget me.

No one forgot you.

To Julia who stayed true.

She wrote me every day.

She warmed my heart.

She wiped people's asses in a hospice
while you lazed in the sun.

All I'll do from now on is for you.

I swear.

- Salute.
- Salute.

Very moving.


- They wanna see you.
- Oh, yeah?

- Mmm.
- Okay.

You beat him up?

Mmm. I went to say hi.


Listen, next time you behave like that,
I'll stab you.

What was that?

We were dining with my brother-in-law
to protect your ass.

Cut that crap.

It's my business.

Do I criticize friends who screw ladyboys?

No, I keep my mouth shut.

You're the only jerk here
with a French whore.

I do things differently. Know what I hate?

Guys who screw Thai whores.

And when your wife disses me,
and you keep quiet.

Now listen, when my wife is right,
I let her speak.

You were a pig. I wanted to batter you.

Did you? Well, be my guest.

Get out of my sight.
You've caused enough trouble.

I'm the one causing trouble?

Since your brother came back,
you've been on edge.

See you soon.

- Good to see you.
- Yeah.

- I mean it.
- Your wife's very pretty.

Thank you.

I'll come tomorrow.

No need, stay with your family.

What was Mehdi's guilt trip about?

- It's only natural.
- Yeah, right.

Yeah, let's put our cards on the table.

We did that holdup. It went to shit.

It could've been you, me or Winny.

Is it your fault? Or my fault?
Look at me. Am I?

No. So?

- He wants the lot.
- His share.

It's only natural. He'll get it.

How are you gonna do that?

We've nothing to sell. What'll you do?

- Nothing's in your name.
- Just cut the crap.

What do you think of my brother?

What did you say, honey?

What do you think of my brother?

He looks lost.

I saw hate in your eyes.

Don't do anything stupid.

- I couldn't stand it.
- I know what I'm doing.

I can't accept some things.
It's a matter of principle.

You and your principles.

You haven't changed.

That's good, isn't it?

You've bulked up.

Gotta look after yourself.

Okay, kids.

- Bye.
- Go home.

I got something to say.

I killed that cop 15 years ago.

I did it.

Why say that?

'Cause it's hard for me.

You should've had the life I've had here.

You did 15 years to protect us.
I don't know what to say to you.

- I've fucked up.
- Now listen, Hicham...

I paid for everyone else, period.

Now you all have to pay, okay?

I know.

Just give me some time.

I was so fuckin' happy
to see you guys again.

But now I gotta think
about Julia and myself, see?

I feel like my back's against the wall.
I don't like that, bro.

I know.

Find a solution, and fast.

All right, Dango?

- Okay, guys?
- Yeah.

Take a seat. Want a drink?

Turn the music down.

Does it bother you? Good, huh?

The new generation.

More aggressive.
They waste old-school guys like you.

Not surprising.

Whoa! Hey, we're here to work things out.

- You wanted to talk?
- Yeah.

I know you. People talk.

I don't know you.

We've all gotten along here
for five years.

- This isn't your place. What do you want?
- Gimme back the fuckin' girls.

Don't talk to us like that, muhfuh!

Shut up.

I'll waste ya!

What are you saying, man?

How you gonna aim?

Listen, the girls do what they want. Okay?

If they wanna work here, it's up to them.

Who'll stop 'em? You?

Dango, chill. I can get you girls.

Think I need your help?

You done?

The chicks bring in the money.

They're sick of working in dives
for fat slobs.

We treat 'em good.

By fuckin' them?

I don't tread on people's toes,

so don't tread on mine, understand?

Stop that.

Stop asking if I understand.

Think I'm a moron?

You threatening me?

Guys, be cool. Look where we are.

We're in Thailand. It's one big party!

I want those girls back tomorrow.

- I'll see.
- You'll do it.

Slim, don't double-deal.

- I like you.
- I'm just trying to fix things, bro.

Yeah, sure.

Your brother and his pals
are real expats.

They've gone soft.

Those guys are serious.
They've brought their trafficking here.

It used to be Morocco and Spain.
Now here's where it's at.

They don't give a fuck.

They'd waste ya for nothing.
They got no principles.

Yeah, I saw their type in jail.

Mehdi, we'll work it out.

Your money.

Take your dress.

Hey. What do you want?

- Me?
- Yeah, you, what do you want?

- I don't care.
- Okay, you stay there.

You didn't understand.

Yeah, I did.

We paid her.

We came in peace. They're whores.

- Fuck off.
- Take it easy, old man.

She's hot. She can have a good time.

She makes me homesick.

- So, go home.
- What?

You gonna make me?



What are you playin' at, huh?

Hey, whitie!

- You asshole!
- "Asshole"?

- Watch out.
- I ain't scared.

I'm shaking!

Fuck off, the lot of you! Scram! Move!

Hey, wiseass, we'll take you out.

You'll take me out?

Will you? Get out, asswipe!

Go on, get out of my sight.

We gotta move.

They won't do anything. We have
too much to lose, to start a war.

- Sorry.
- Where were you?

At the Money Night.

Screwing girls.

Don't talk such crap.

I was with European women
who get cheated on.

That's good.

Is it? Right, I'm off.

I won't wait for you
while you're with chicks.

Look, if you want to go whoring,
I can understand.

You don't understand, damn it.

What is this?

I'm not some dumb bitch.

Leave me here to party
with your pals in Phuket.

It's perfect for pigs like you!

I had problems to take care of.

You always do. And you always will.

It'll never change.

- Julia... Julia...
- Leave me alone.

- Chin-chin.
- Cheers.

- Chin-chin.
- Cheers.

Drink to forget.

I feel like it's 15 years ago.

What happened?

- Nothing happened.
- You won't say?

I've nothing to say.

Your dad had money.

They grew up in poverty, in foster homes.

Mehdi and Hicham protected each other.

And they always will.

No one can ever separate them.
Not you, not me.

Why bring me here?

I'll try to calm down.

I need to deal with a few things,
then we can visit the islands.

What are you waiting for?

My money.

You think they'll give it to you?

If they don't, I'll take it.


Hello, Vinz. It's Mehdi.

I need your help.

Contact Pablo and get over here.

Thailand, Phuket.

Not Pattaya. Phuket, damn it.

Not to have fun.

You've got it.

I'm counting on you.






They shot at kids!

No! No! No!

That mutt keeps sniffing my ass!

- Careful.
- I'm sick of that dog.




They killed Slim,
Tossa and Sombat like dogs.

I know. They smashed up my restaurant.
It's a fuckin' wreck.

Screw your restaurant.

Now what?

What do we do?

- Nothing?
- There's a lot of them bastards.

- Cut their heads off.
- What?

Dango and that other guy.

Bodox. And the big Thai.

That's it.

- So?
- So, what?

What are you after?

What do you want us to do?

You've never done a thing.

You lost your balls?

- That's not the problem.
- I think it is.

If you go after them, so will I.

It's not up to him.

He has a wife and kids.

We've led a quiet life for 15 years.

We've lost the habit of war.

When there's trouble,
there's just a few slaps.

Okay, so when there's a problem,
you let them slap you?

They're just chicks.
Who cares about losing five or six whores?

I'm raising hell?

Why did you have to cause a shitstorm?

Shut up, Francky.

- Whoa, guys...
- He's right.

We can't let 'em fuck us over.
I'm with you.

- You don't need to ask.
- Yeah, right!

Hurry up.

Come on.


Get a move on.

- Bye, kids.
- Say goodbye.

Let's go.


Good evening.

She's my chick's mom.

They won't find us here.

He's got us into a fine mess.

He's clearing up our mess.

He's doing what we couldn't do.

Did you hear what I said?

We had deals here. Your father-in-law...

Fuck my brother-in-law and all his clique!

Let me tell you, when all this calms down,

they'll come back. Know why?

They need us like we need them.

- Money's all they're interested in.
- Oh, yeah?

Your brother's the devil.
He'll drag us all down.

The thing is, Zak,

we shouldn't have gotten caught.

- Why not?
- Why were the cops there?

- It's gotta stop.
- Hey.

Take a chill pill.

- You're scared of him.
- Hey!

Look, he's my brother!
What can I do? Tell me!

Lucky for him he is.

Watch your mouth.

Someone ratted on us.

Stop talking crap.

The nights I spent...

5,475 nights, going over it in my head...

We were the last to leave, you behind me.

They start shooting.

I see you on the ground.
I go back for you.

Hicham covers us.

Who's there, not moving?

Who takes off
as soon as I put you in the car?

- Winny?
- No, he came back with Goyave.


Franck. Yes.

He was driving.

Since he was the only dealer,

he ratted on us to save his ass.

- No way! Don't say that.
- Mmm-hmm.

Okay, I'll shut up.

- He's my friend.
- We were all friends.

I'm your friend!

I'm here to warn and protect you.

But take a good look around.

We're just waiting like jerks.

In two short weeks,

he's turned our paradise into hell!

- Hello.
- It's done.

Call your brother-in-law.

What happened, Hicham?

Two security guards
have been killed in Zak's bar,

and Slim got shot during Songkran.

I know all of that.

Last night, one man was shot
on a motorbike,

and three on Kata Beach yesterday.

- Three?
- Yes, three.

Now, I got a gang war on my hands now.

Was that you?

You really think I can kill those guys?

Your job is to protect us.

I don't know how we got here.

We live peacefully.
We don't fuck with anyone.

Okay. We are closing all the bars
and strip clubs on Patong

until future notice.

Tell your friends

we are going to carry on
with pretty much everywhere.

And we will take advantage of it

to clear out our city of these thugs.

If they want to kill each other,
that's fine.

Those yaba dealers bought off
the European chicks over here.

For me, they are not friends,
they are just Africans.

They are French, okay?

Yeah. Maybe.

Thailand has never been colonized.

They can't find us here.


- Want something?
- No, thanks, I'm not hungry.

Yeah, hello.

- Julia, take the kids upstairs.
- Yeah.

Go on, kids.


Let's read a story.

So? Hmm?

What happened?

I didn't see it coming.

Is that all you can say? Is it?

- Where were you?
- I was sleeping.

You were sleeping?

- I'm sorry, bro.
- Sorry? Sorry for what?

- You did nothing.
- What could I do?

What could you do?

We're at war, you were asleep!
You had my wife and kids!

- Hey!
- Get off me!

I fucked up.

You did? Well, fuck you, too!

Stop it.

How did they find us?
I didn't even know the place.

So, go on, hit me. Kill me.

Go on.

I said I was sorry, bro.

There are three dead at Kata Beach.

There were four of them.

So, one fucker is still out there.

They attacked
our family, Hicham.

You need to tell me everything.

Hey, I really don't know
what's happening. Okay?

They want two million dollars.

Yes, I know. So what do we do?

Because me, I don't have the money.

I don't.

I think that all of this has to do
with your business

and the yaba dealer.

I'm going to call my dad and see
what we can do about the money.

If this had been anyone else,

I wouldn't give a fuck.

But they took my sister!

And my family is under attack.

Hey, she's my wife, too.

Don't take any risks.

Wait till they call.

I'll be there first thing tomorrow
with the two million...

and with men.

What do you want from me?

Just let me go!

Look, you want money?
What do you want? Huh?

Listen. I have kids, okay?

I promise you, I have a five-year-old,
I have a seven-year-old.

They need their mother, okay?

Know what Julius Caesar said...

about the French?

French warriors are the best,

but if you don't know how to use them,

they're worse than women.

Why say that to me?

- I see them every day.
- Take care of yourself...

whether they are near or far,
black or white.

Who was with her?

I was.

And Winny.


That they'll check everything.

And he mentioned Julius Caesar.

He ain't happy.

Who was she with?

Winny and his wife,

Tatiana, Mehdi's wife, Julia.

Franck's wife, Boon,
and the children, Sean and Noam.

And why weren't you there
with your wife and children?

I was working.

Hey, guys.

They just set a meeting time.

On the bridge, with the money.


What is your name?


Okay, Mr. No Good.

Come with us.

Aom. Notice anything?

I couldn't hear anything. They put
headphones on me with loud music.

- Thai music?
- No, French rap.

Okay. Let's go.

Let's forget all this.


- You good?
- Yeah, you?

- Okay, bro?
- Well done.

We'll have a cool vacation!

My babies.

Hi. Oh.

You have to go to Bangkok.

- What about you?
- I need to stay here.

- Will you stay long?
- While I fix things.

You take care.

I would hate it
if anything happened to you.

Watch out for your brother.

Your brother?

What about him?

Why didn't he attend the ceremony?

I don't know.

Look me in the eye.

If you knew something,
you would tell me, right?

- Yes.
- All of this happened since he arrived.

Okay? The fighting on the streets
with your friends,

the death of my father.

You see...

He's the only person
who wasn't there today.

We're the same.

We have no secrets from each other.

Like yin and yang?

- Wait.
- What?

I have a surprise for you.



Oh, no!

My brother!

Oh, Vinz!

How are you?

This is Pablo.

- Hello.
- Hi there.

Pleased to meet you.

I didn't know you were coming.

- I wouldn't miss your wedding.
- He didn't tell me!

- It's the big day.
- That's life.

Oh! Thank you.

I'm happy!

You won't like this.

Try me.

You two are going home.

It's too dangerous here.

Where will I go?
We're married. Come with me.

My honeymoon gift is "Beat it"?

I'll give you money to go.

It'll soon calm down. I'll come back.

When is "soon"?

In one year? Two?
When I visit your grave? It'll be calmer!

- Look...
- What was it for?

You know who I am,
what I do, what I think?

No. You never wanted to know.

You imagined it was nicer than it was.

So, keep imagining.

My life is screwed.

Isn't my life screwed?

- Stop it.
- Stop what?

Everything! Why are you armed
in a restaurant?

I want to finish what I started.
I want you to be free from want.

Free from want?

What do I care if you're not there?


What's that?

- Was the kidnapping you?
- Are you done?

Yeah, I'm done.

Know what? If that's all you had to say,

you needn't have bothered!

Julia. Get in.

Don't come to the airport tomorrow.

- If you say so.
- I've had enough goodbyes.

Please, don't cry.

I'm not. It's not sorrow, it's anger.

I did it all for you.

You shouldn't have!

Alone with you in a little place,

I'd have been happy to lead a normal life.

Know what "normal" means?

I wish you'd have died in that holdup.

I could've started over.

Don't fuckin' touch me! Don't!

- Stop it!
- Come here!

Don't touch me!

Don't! Fuck off!

I don't wanna see you again! Fuck off!

please. Please.

Outside, please.

And passport, too.

But I know you. You remember me?

Yes. We had a beautiful dinner
with your husband.

Passport, please.

You arrived in Thailand ten days ago.

Brother, sister?


Did we arrive ten days ago?
Are we siblings?

Yeah. Brother, sister.

For holiday?

On vacation?

Holiday, holiday.

Where did you stay? Which hotel?

Which hotel?



Imperial Phuket.

Imperial Phuket Hotel.

- "Impe" what?
- Imperial Phuket... Hotel.

What is this?

Yeah, it's a hotel in Phuket.

Take him away. Hmm.

No, no, no.
What do you do with my brother?

You, stop! What are you gonna do
with my brother?

Hey. Come on.

- Relax.
- No! I can't relax.

You're taking my brother.

What are you gonna do with him?

You should take your plane
for Paris, okay?

Okay. It wasn't you who took my sister.

Listen to me.


- Your brother?
- Who asked you? Shut up!

I'm your friend.

Screw you! Stop thinking for me!

Did I ask you to think for me?

Listen, we're the next on the list.
I won't stand for that.

We built everything here.

We're losing it all.

Did you want for anything before he came?


There's no point talking to you.

Hey, bro.

I wanted us to talk.


It's gone to shit.

We gotta make some decisions.

What decisions?

What are we going to do with Mehdi?

Screw your crap.

Oh, yeah?

Fuck you.

Okay, great!

Understand? Count me out. Screw your crap.

Okay, you're doing fine. Stay like that.

Let's leave this asshole.

I knew one of these days,
you would come back to me.

Go for a piss, you.

What are we going to do with Mehdi?

- Not much.
- Oh, yeah?

We just take it, lying down?

Is Mehdi your new partner?

Mehdi's my friend.

He's our friend, too.

You're under his thumb.

What? You're in Hicham's pants.

Oh, yeah? That's good.

Leave me out of it. I hate trouble.

We've always been this close!
What are we doing here?

What about you?

I'm looking out for all of us.


- Whoa. Guys, calm down.
- I'm outta here.

Yeah, get outta here.

But you shouldn't stay neutral.

You're my friend.

All we've done counts for zilch
since Mehdi came.

Got a light?

Pain in the ass.

- You shaking?
- What are you talking about?

You were shaking when you ratted on us!

- What?
- What?

Yeah. Unless it was Hicham,
and you're protecting him.


I smoked Winny and Zak.

I understand about Zak.
He was in league with my brother.

But tell me something.

- Why Winny?
- It was Zak...

Mehdi got to him.

We argued. Winny stuck up for him.
I shot 'em.

He thought we'd ratted on Mehdi.


I may be many things,
but I'm not a dirty rat.

I'm not one of those fuckers.

I always protected you.

They were gonna shoot me.

It's your brother.

I told you, but you wouldn't listen.

He turned us against each other.

All to take over our business.

What would you have done?

I'll tell you, golfer boy.

Do you know the rule of three?

One always gets it.

You've been too selfish.

I told you to stop thinking for me.

You asked what was best for me.

Well, I'll tell you.

Protecting my brother, period.

Yeah... Hmm.

Look at me, Mehdi.

I didn't rat on you.

You believed Zak? You're a fool.

You killed two innocent men.

No one ratted on anyone.

I was followed by the cops.

So, you killed them.



Fuckin' stop it.

Stop what?

While you were sunbathing on your yacht,

playing golf and getting sucked off
by ladyboys,

I was reading books.

I read Machiavelli.

He said

men forget their father's death sooner
than the loss of their inheritance.

You see... How did you put it? Oh, yeah.

"The solar plexus is in tune."

Why, Hicham?

So, you wanted
to kill my brother?


Kill my brother?

You motherfucker!

Son of a fuckin' bitch!

Songchai, Goyave!

What? This fucker killed Winny and Zak.

Get rid of this shit.

Aom, I have some bad news.

Is it my husband?

I'll tell you later.

Leave the brothers
alone together.

They need to be alone.

It's done. It's over.

Go play over there, boys.

You'll buy me a drink?

Of course.