Paradise (1982) - full transcript

In the Victorian period, two teenagers, David and Sarah, travel with a caravan from Baghdad to Damascus. At an oasis, the white slave agent known as the Jackal raids them, mainly to add the beautiful young Sarah to his harem. Only David and Sarah narrowly escape, and all the others are slayed in the massacre. Their flight leads them to a beautiful oasis - their paradise - where they discover love and sex. However, the Jackal has not given up on Sarah yet, and David must lure him to his death, or be killed by him.

It's not wise to encourage them,
Miss Sarah.

Your father never believed in it.

Oh, Geoffrey, don't be
such a fuddy-duddy!

Your father paid me well
to be a fuddy-duddy

and I shall continue to be so

until I get you safely home to London.

You're like a little bird.

What's he saying?

My dear Miss

unless they speak the King's English.

I'm as much at a loss as you are.

The King's English is fit for selling pigs

not for praising the beauty of
such a perfect desert flower.

El-Aziz, leave her alone.

She is under my protection.

Ah, Haboush, and what is
your protection worth?

Five gold coins for the girl

and ten if she is a virgin.

We shall meet again.

Then the English will be dealt with.

Thank you for helping us.

I'm afraid Geoffrey and I would
have been quite lost without you.

The British East India Company
did much business here.

Your father was greatly respected.

And a good friend to me.

Well that last fellow was
certainly a nuisance.

Sheik Abdul El-Aziz is much
more than a nuisance.

He is known as Elthatlab... The Jackal.

He is a slaver.

Pray to God you never
meet such a man alone.

Why was he offering you money?

He wanted to buy something
that caught his eye.

My father's watch?

No, you.

He must have been quite taken by you.

He offered an extremely
handsome price.

Bloody wogs.

Oh, excuse me sir,
I didn't mean you sir.

You must trust no one, Miss Sarah

The people of the desert
look upon the Frangi

the foreigners like yourself

much like the hawk
looks upon the sparrow.

Excuse me.

Five gold, ten it's enough.

One, two five, twenty five

five gold, ten, fifteen.

One, two, you can do better than
that it's a mountain girl.

Fifteen, sixteen, seventeen.

Come on, come on
she's a mountain girl.

Ten, fifteen.

Come on, show us your gold.

You english son of the bitch...

go on with the auction.

Today's girls are made of gold.

David! What happened?

Nothing, mother.

David! It is a sin against God
to look upon such wickedness.

They are heathens. Non-believers.

They will burn in Hell.

Bashi, I wish only to hire a caravan

not to purchase one.

So do not try your thieving
tricks on me, my friend.

I must employ extra guards.

The way to Damascus
is most dangerous.

The sunrise is magnificent
over Baghdad.

It would be sad if you were not
around to see the next one.

No, no, watch that trunk.

Careful with that, man.

What's the matter with you?
Are you asleep?

Dr. Hahn's Medical Journal.

It was Sarah's father's.

Lord Scott did not trust any doctor
outside of London.

Not without reason, rest his soul.

Bloody cholera.

Excuse me

excuse me, sir.

You, yes you, sir.

How do you do?

My name is McBride.

Reverend James McBride from Boston

my wife Rachel, my son David.

How do you do?

Ahmed Haboush.

This is Miss Scott

and her manservant, Geoffrey.

Bashi, we are losing precious time.

I wonder if we might join
your private caravan.

We have some money... not much...

the people of God are not
always able to give.

We will be travelling fairly fast.

Perhaps you would be
more comfortable

with one of the large
merchant caravans.

But sir, we have been trying to get to
Damascus for nearly three months.

It would be an act of Christian charity.

Oh, yes.

We Moslems have always been
very concerned with Christian charity.

They won't give us any trouble.

Dear Lord

bless this food to our use that it may
nurture us and give us strength

for our journey and for thy holy work
among the heathens

in Jesus' name, Amen.

Bloody camels.

What this country needs is
a fine English coachmaker...

bring'em into the 19th century.

Allah is great...

I'll make us some tea, Miss.

Oh, thank you, Geoffrey.


David, what's keeping you?



Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lords.



James, no!




Run, child, run.

Run to the well.

The well?

To the water well. Hurry up.

Well done, sir.

Come on, David!

Hurry up, let's go! Come on!

Hurry up. We've no time.

What about the water?

There's a small cave on one side.
Hurry up.

Oh, Ahmed, come with us.

Quick, hold on, tight!



Quickly, into the well.

El-Aziz, I delievered them
into your hands as agreed.

I demand my payment.


For what?

The girl escaped.

There is little else of value.

You have captured many
women, El-Aziz.

They will bring you a good price.

One less will not make you a poor man.

The English girl will not be for sale.

She's for me.

This water is foul!

Treacherous dog!

Perhaps that will improve
the water's taste.

Agh, Agh... Thank you, Miss Sarah.

We commend these souls
to thy keeping in the sure

and certain knowledge of the
resurrection and eternal life.

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Amen.


Now, now, sir.


Sun's up, Miss.

Time we were on our way.

Where are we?

Further than we were yesterday.

Where's the trail?

It's gone, Miss.


We lost it last night.

Don't worry, Miss.

We'll head due west.

Should we miss Damascus

we'll still reach Alexandria.


That's hundreds of miles from Baghdad.

It could take us months.

What about food and water?

I don't know, Miss.

All I know is we'll die if we don't move.

Then let's go.

And we'll die if we do.

Water! I found water.

Down here.

This place must be used
by the desert people.

We'll have to be careful.

After you.

It's sweet. I already tried it.

Oh, it's warm.

It's also wet. Try it.

Oh, that's good. Ah, that's so good.

Where are you going?

To the camel to get a cup, sir.


Geoffrey! Geoffrey!

I do apologize, Miss.

This is quite unforgivable.

No... shush... quiet.

Does it say what to do for him?

No, I can't find anything.

It's all kind of technical.

You look funny.

So do you.

We shouldn't be looking at this.

Why not?

Could be a sin.

But they're beautiful.

How could looking at something
so beautiful be a sin?

My father told me it was wrong
to look upon nakedness.

Well, Adam and Eve were naked.

They were not.

They wore leaves. Big ones.

How do you know? Were you there?

No, but I've seen lots of pictures in
churches and they always wore leaves.

Hmm... well...

Anyway, this is, this is different.

This is a book for doctors.

Doctors have to look at you
with no clothes on.

The doctors have no clothes on?

No, you have no clothes on,
the doctor's dressed.

Huh... this thing works!

The mighty hunter returns.


Oh. How's Geoffrey?

He's still asleep.


Did you see anything?

Yep. I sure did.




Well, I'm glad you're feeling better, sir.

Oh, just a tough of the sun, lad,
nothing serious.

Bit more of this fresh air

and I'll be right as rain in the morning.

Then we should be on our way.

We've a long way to go, you know.

To get to where?

Home, of course.

Miss Sarah has a boat to catch.

And I'm sure you're anxious
to get back to... to your people.

My mother and father were all I had.

Thank you.

Steady, sir. Steady on now.

The Arabs. They're here.


About a mile away.

Very well, sir.

Take that beast up to the cave
and gather our things.

If you please, sir.

Where are you going?

For a closer look.

If they're friendly they could
help us to get out.

No! No, we can't trust anyone.

I shall be very careful.

Now, go. Get packing.

And mind you look after Miss Sarah.

This country's not fit for a proper
young lady of breeding.

I wonder what's happened to Geoffrey.

I don't know.

He should be back by now.

I'm going to look for him
he may need help.

Wait! Be sure to come back.

I can't even get on this stupid
camel by myself.

I forget the word to make him kneel.

It's easy. It's...

No. No, don't tell me now.

Just show me later. Alright?

Yeah. The mighty hunter shall return.

Come with me, Ahmed, Ahmed,
come with me.

Where is the boy?

It's mine, it's mine... no, I want it
Bad girl.

Where were you? What were you doing.

Where is the boy, where is the boy?

Ah, I'm not hungry, I'm tired.

The men have left us alone and
we're here with nothing to do.

Sarah's trunk.

We'll look again tomorrow.

The girl cannot be far away.

Lying English. Pooh!

Who would believe he would
send us on a false trail.

Ha, indeed. He died more
bravely than I thought.

Sarah... Sarah...

The camel, we've got to get out of here.

Well, what happened?

Where's Geoffrey?

The Jackal killed him.

They did awful things to him.

God, let's get out of here
before he finds us!


they've killed him?

Oh, no.

Sarah, we got to get outta here.

How long have we been gone?

What does it matter?

We just can't give up... we can't.

We'll never get home, will we?

What's the matter?

I don't know.

I can't get him to move.
Here, hold this.

Well, that's it then.

We've had it. We can't walk out.

We've dead.


David, where are you going?

What's the difference?

Come on.


Help, David, the camel.

David! David, help!


Sarah, wait for me.

But I can't stop the camel!

Sarah, Where are you?



Got a reservation?

Whoo-hooh! Ha, ha, ha!

I don't believe it. I don't believe it!

Ah, that look good... looks good.
Hurry up.

I'm going to be in first.

No, you won't.

I'm going to be in first. You're slow.

You wanna make a bet?

Oh, oh.

I'm too slow?

Yeah, I'm going in first.

No, you're going in last.

Hurry up, hurry up, come on.

Hurry up... Hurry up or I'm going in
without you if you don't hurry up.

Come on, come on. Ready...




Can we stay here?

I'm not moving until at least, forever.

Mmmm... it's so quiet.

Sometimes it feels like we're the only
two people left in the world.

Our very own paradise...

that's what it's called in the Bible.


I like that.

I wonder what the first house
looked like.

Sarah... Sarah is that you?


Where did that come from?

I made it.

You made it? It's great.

I didn't know you could make things.

Well, you made this house.

I didn't know you could
make things either.

Try it.

It's beautiful. Really beautiful.

David. What was that?

I don't know. Stay here.

Wait. Maybe it'll go away.

Maybe it won't.

Alright, hold it right there, buster.

Sarah, come here quick. Look.

Ahhh, it's a dinner guest.

Think he's friendly?

Well, he's eating my cooking
and not complaining.

What can be friendlier that that?

Sarah... Sarah.

Come here, I won't hurt you.

This is David and I'm Sarah.
Nice to meet you.


You speak pretty good chimpanzee.

Well, what shall we name him?

I don't know. How about Doc?

Doc? Why Doc?

We have to have someone who
can read that medical book.

Ok... Doc it is.

Just what I need, a critic.

Hi, have a nice day?

What's the matter?

Something wrong with your back?


Then, what's the matter?

David... tell me...

do I look any bigger?

Taller you mean? Maybe.

No, not taller. Bigger.

Oh, you mean fat?

No, forget it.

Sarah, what do you mean?

Sarah, what are you talking about?

I said forget it. It doesn't matter.

Well, I'm not mind reader, you know.

No, just blind.

Sarah, wha...

Do you know what she's talking about?

Do you know what she's...

I don't know what she's talking about.

Nobody knows what she's talking about.

Women! Aghhh!



Sarah. Did you put that thing on me?

No, Doc did it.

Doc, did you do it?


Now you've had it.


Thanks, Doc.

Sarah, come back here.

Sarah, when I get a hold of you.

Come back here!

Sarah, I told you when
I getta hold of you!

Will you ever do that to me again?

Huh? Promise?



I promise. I promise!

I promise, I promise.

I'll never lay a finger on your
gorgeous body ever again.

That's better.

I lied... Ahh!

Sarah, are you alright?

Yes, go back to sleep.

Here, cover yourself with this blanket.

What's the matter?

I have stomach pains.

Maybe it was something you ate.

Well, good luck.

I'll need it.

Ha, ha. David, look at Doc.

Hey, hey, stop that.

Stop, Sarah, don't look,
c'mon, don't look.

Doc, get out of here, go on,
go on, get out of here.

Get out of here, Doc!

Come on, get outta here!

I said get out of here, Doc. Go on.

Come on, get outta here, Doc.

It's not funny.

Yes, it is.

It is not.

I bet you do that.

I do not.

I bet you do

the books says all boys do.

It's a natural thing.

I do not, it's not natural.

People who do that are crazy.

Well then, it's too late.

You're already crazy.

Oh, God, he's back.

Sarah, hurry!

David, maybe they'll just go on by.

They won't go on by.

They'll stop for water.

Yeah, but if we leave now,
they'll see us.

Then we'll hide in the dunes
and sneak away tonight.

This is our Paradise.

We can't just leave it.

Wait, David, what about Doc?


oh, Doc, where are you?

The camel, Jesus, Sarah, stop it.

Oh, God!

It's gone. It's gone.

I couldn't catch the damn thing.

It ran out into the desert.

David, I'm sorry.

You're sorry?

The only reason we're in this mess

is because you were flirting with
that guy in the marketplace!

David, that's not fair!


He killed my mother and father

he killed Geoffrey

and he'll probably kill us.

So don't tell me about fair!

If he just kills me, I'll be lucky.

Come on, let's go, follow me.
Attack them!

Kill them!

I don't believe this.

Two chimps?

Well, we've got a Doc.
Why not an Eve.

Why not Adam?

Take a look.

Eve it is.

It's ok. We'll build a new one.

I didn't like the view anyway.

I'm sorry I yelled at you
when the camel ran away.

I know.

I really didn't mean it.

I know you didn't.

I promise I'll never let anything
happen to you.

Son of a bitch.

Oh... sorry.

- Hold on.
- OK.

- You ready?
- Uhuh!

Here we go.

That was fun.

David, what are you doing?

Stop, I can't.

I'm sorry.

I just... I don't think I'm ready.

You'll never be ready.

It's all because you've been reading
that damn book so much.

David... David, wait.

David, will you wait?

David, don't.

Give it to me.

What are you doing?

- Please, please don't.
- Get away from me.

- Leave me alone.
- Give it to me.

Come on, David.

You know you're crazy.

You're really crazy, you know that?

Yes, because I've been doing it
by myself too long.

No, don't.


Evie, what's wrong?


They've got Sarah.

Here you are, Master.

Thank you.

Where did they find her?

How do I know.

Quiet, quiet.

You need to bathe.
And have fresh clothes.

Then you will be fit to come to me.

How will they dress her?

She's a foreigner.

She's English, isn't she?

Hold my horse...

Come on men, follow me.

You two stay here.

I'm going to try and find Sarah.

If I don't come back...

I said stay here.

See how long her hair is.

She's a beautiful brunette.

Especially her eyes.

Come on, get away from here, fast...

Come on, get away from here.

- Look, who's that?
- Stop.

God damn you, you little bitch.

Fill the jug with water!...

I told you to fill the jug with water
can't you hear me?

Where did she come from?

She look strange... how do I know?



Son of the Devil!

Am I glad you guys never listen to me.


I couldn't believe it.

I looked up and this ugly woman
came in the tent

and I thought. Oh, God, not another one.

And it was you.
You were really fantastic.


David, what's wrong?

Scorpion got me on the arm.

Let me see. Oh, my God.

If only we had the book.

Oh, I shouldn't have made you angry.

I'm sorry.

It wasn't you, it was me.


I was crazy and now I'm going to die.

No, you're not.

Shhh, don't talk.

You're going to be alright.

I'll take care of you...

shhh... it's alright.

Please don't leave me, David.

Don't go away.

Everyone I ever loved went away.

Please, David.

I love you, David.


Oh, David!



You know, I really thought I'd lost you.

I really thought I was going
to be left all alone.

I'd never leave you alone.

You know last night...

when you didn't move.

I thought of all the things
I wish I'd said to you...

and all the things I wish we had done.

Like what?

It's alright.

You're not scared anymore?


Baby boy, Doc... haul him in...
Haul him in, Doc... haul him in.

I'll get him.

Too bad, Doc.

He got away.

Must have been a big one.

Spoken like a true fisherman.

Hope you like this.

I made it specially for you.

It took me all day long to make.

Looks real good.

Too spicy?

No. It's perfect.

It's perfect. Oh, ok, then
I'll give you seconds.

No, no, no, no, no... no... I'm full.

Come on in, lazy bones.

The water's great.

No, I'll swim with you tomorrow, ok?

Aw, that's what you said yesterday.

And the day before that.

And the day before that.

The only exercise you've
been getting lately is this.

Come on, David.

I haven't had a bite all morning.

That's 'cause you ate all night.

David, if you want to see fat,
look at Evie.

We better be moving soon.

Yeah, I know.

Here, Evie.

No, take it in this hand.

No, not your tummy.

Brush your hair.

See how beautiful you are?

Yeah, that's a good girl.

David... come here, quick.

What is it?

Come on, hurry up.

Look, Evie's had her baby.

Come on.

You mean we're going
to have one of these?

Uhhuh. Only ours will have
a little less hair.

My God!

Here Doc, take your baby. Take him.

Can't you ever leave us alone?

Sarah, Sarah, we've got
to get out of here.

He's coming.

How did he find us?

How does he ever find us?

Let's get out of here.

Doc... Evie.

Hurry up, come on.

Sarah, let's go.

The tracks are fresh

wait here.

I will take the girl alone.

Hyaaa! Come on!

David, the camel just
can't run anymore.

He's got to, we've got to keep going.

Come on move.

He killed it.

Just like he's killed everything else.

What do we do?


Can't we just keep on running?

If he's coming, he'll catch us.

If he's not

we'll move at night when it's a lot cooler.

I love you.

I love you too.

He's coming.

I can't see anything, but I know it's him.

Wait here.

David, maybe he'd let us go.

Keep this.


David, are you alright?


It's alright.
I'm ok. I'm ok...

David, be careful.

It's alright, Sarah. He's dead.

My God!

There are people down there!

Civilized people.

Hot bath...

clean sheets... shoes!

And chocolate... chocolate anything!

Oh, no.

Oh, oh David.


It moved.

What are you talking about?

It moved just now, here.

It hit me.

It's going to be a fighter.

Mmm, just like his father.

You're going to need help.

We better get down there.

Yeah, I know.

What about Doc and Evie and the baby?

We've got to decide what to do.

It isn't our decision anymore.


Doc, Eve...

Wait, Doc.

We'd better get going.

Yeah, we'd better.