Paradise (1991) - full transcript

Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson (at the time married to each other) play Lily and Ben Reed, a young couple torn apart by a family tragedy. It would take a miracle to rekindle their love and a miracle arrives in the form of a summer guest - Willard Young played by Elijah Wood.






CLAY: Gee,
sorry, Willard.


No problem.
Hey, where are you going
this summer, Clay?

I'm going to
my summer house
in Colorado.

Where are you going?


Yeah, Africa.

Well, see you
in September

unless you get eaten
by lions.

CLAY: Hey, Nevan!
Wait up!



BOY: Hey batter...

BOY: Hey, look who's here.
It's the faggot.


I didn't say that
in the first place.

You said that.

No. Okay, I'll call you.

Why not? Yeah, but why?

Hold on.


Louis Marcazano's mother
had a baby, and she didn't
send him away.

You're not being sent away,
you're being sent
on a vacation.

I don't want to
have to go through
all this again, please.

Thank you.

Bus 502 to Akron...


Now boarding, gate number 10.



ROSEMARY: Wake up, Willard.

Wake up, Willard.
We're here.



This is it?


This is it,
and that's that.

I'm tellin' you, Ben.

When it comes to men,
I have been
getting it all wrong.

Oh, yeah?

Yeah. I mean, look at me.

Here I am.
I'm over 28...

And I'm raising
two fatherless daughters
on a waitress's salary.

I mean, not that I regret
having Billie or Darlene.
I don't.

They may be the direct
result of nothing more
than physical attraction,

but they are my family.

I know I can't change
the powerful effect
I have on men.

That'd be like asking
the sun to rise
in the west. (LAUGHING)

But I can change

what I get from them, so...

I have decided on
getting married.

You're kidding. To who?

Well... I don't know.

I just thought of it
this morning.

Excuse me?

Do you know how to get
to Crofter's Road from here?


Go out that door
and make a left,

then down to the church
and make another left.

That's Crofter's Road.

Okay, thanks.

BEN: What's on
Crofter's Road?

I'm visiting some people
named Reed.

Oh, the Reeds, huh?

You know 'em well?

No. Do you know 'em?

Yeah, I know 'em.

Don't you like 'em?

BEN: No, I don't.
Not anymore.

I used to.


They've changed a lot.

For the better?

BEN: No, for the worse.

If you're lucky, your visit
will be a short one.


Oh, Lily!

Oh, I'm so happy
to see you.

Oh, I can't believe
it's you after all
these years.

You look exactly the same.


Here, let me take that.

This is my oldest friend,
Lily Reed.



LILY: Do you want sugar
in your tea?

ROSEMARY: No. Thanks.
Just some lemon.

Here, let me do something.
I'm sitting here while
you're doing all that work.

LILY: Exactly.
You're my guest.

So just relax and tell me
all about your life

while I fix us
a nice lunch.

LILY: He didn't touch
his food.

Doesn't he like chicken?

Oh, he likes chicken.

I'm not sure he likes
the country yet.



I'm so happy
to see you, Rosie.

I really wish
that you lived closer.

Remember all those
afternoons that we spent

at the Belle Queen Diner?

Smoking your uncle Tony's

Having fantasies
about Danny Spellman?

(LAUGHING) Oh, my God!

Danny Spellman...

I can't believe how
in love with him we were.

Yeah, I know.
But we couldn't help it.

He was the only criminal
that we knew.




Have you ever seen
a dead body?

If you were trying
to scare me, you didn't.

I knew you were there.

So, have you?
Seen dead bodies?

Yeah. Lots of times.

I don't believe you.

Where I live.
It's a tough neighborhood.

People kill each other
all the time.

You mean, in the street?

Yeah, all over the place.

I've only seen dead bodies
through the basement window
of the funeral parlor.

Nothing exciting
ever happens around here.

Unless you count when
Esther Piggot choked
to death

on a fishbone
in the surf 'n turf.

Nobody tried to save her
'cause everybody thought
she was laughing.


Do you live around here?
Next door to the Reeds.

Hey, that's where
I'm staying.

I know.
I've been waiting for you.

How old are you?
Ten. How old are you?

Nine. I thought
you'd be bigger.

Hey! Look who's talking,
you midget.

And it just so happens
I'm exactly the right size
for my age.

So why don't you
just get lost?

You don't have to go crazy.
It was just an observation.

Where are you going?

No place with you,
so stop following me.

I can go where I want.
It's a free country.

You want to go
down to the river
and catch crabs?

I don't hang out
with babies.

My mother works
in the coffee shop.

I can get us free sodas.

Do you want to see my sister
Darlene with her clothes off?

Why not? Nothing else
to do around here.

ROSEMARY: I don't know
what he wants.

He says we got married
too young.

He wants time on his own
but I don't know for what.


Do you think that
he might've met
somebody else?

Yeah, I think he has.

He won't say,
but I think he has.

I haven't told Willard
why his father's gone.

He thinks he's away
on sea duty.


Thanks for taking him, Lily.

I needed some time on my own
to work things out,

and his grandparents
would've asked questions.



You have such
a wonderful life here.

I envy you.


Have you known
the Reeds a long time?

BILLIE: Ever since
I was a baby. Why?

WILLARD: I met some man
in the coffee shop
who doesn't like them.

He's crazy,
they're nice.

Even though my mom says
Lily is long-suffering.

WILLARD: What's that mean?
I don't know.

But it doesn't
sound good to me,

and people never
say it about men.

It really makes me sick
that I have to grow up
to be a woman.

Did you build this?
No. Ben did.

I come here when I'm mad.
Well, which is most
of the time.

I can't stand most people.

They're always giving you
a hard time about something.

Yeah, I like animals better.
Me, too.



WILLARD: That's weird.

What's weird?
Ironing with
your clothes off.

Her boyfriend
drives a truck.

Last time he was here,
he had the clap.

WILLARD: "Clap,"
what's the clap?

You don't know
what the clap is?

Yeah, I know.
I just forgot
for a minute.

It's that disease
truck drivers get, right?

Right. But I bet
you don't know
how you get it.

Yeah, I do.

You tell me,
if you're so smart.

You get it from cheating.

Cheating? Like on tests?

Yeah. I heard Darlene tell...

ROSEMARY: Willard!
I have to leave.



Here we are.




Why aren't you
playing your game?

I can beat it.

Do you want something
to eat? A cookie and
a glass of milk, maybe?

No, thanks.

Do you want to help?


See, you snip the ends off
like this and put it
in the colander.

Your mother told me that
you have a scholarship
to Taunton.


It's a really good school.
You must be very smart.


LILY: Do you like
your teacher?


I know something
you can do.

This is great!
Where did you get this?

Ben made it.

I, I don't think
he'd want you
to play with it.


Would you pick some
blueberries for me?

There's a trellis
right by the garage.





Still here, huh?

What are you doing here?

Nothing exciting.

I told my mother
what you said,

and she said I should
stay away from you.

Smart woman.

But I think you're gonna
have a problem with that.

What do you mean?

I live here.

Ben Reed.

Don't look so depressed.
I'm hardly ever here.

How long is he staying?

Not long.
A couple of weeks.

Don't expect me
to entertain him.

I don't, Ben.
I'll take care
of him myself.


I'm here. I exist.

I'm not just some voice
you hear in your head.

You think you could
look at me when we talk?

Okay, Ben.
I'm looking at you.




It's stuck.

I know.
That's why I opened it.

You have everything
you need?

I don't know.
I guess.

You're gonna have
to do better than that.

Do you or don't you?

Good night, Willard.

Good night.





I haven't seen
your father around.
What does he do?

He's a professional

Darlene's is a butcher
from Detroit.

Your mother's
been married twice?

(SCOFFS) She never
got married once.

I guess you spend
a lot of time with
your father, huh?

Yeah. When he's home.

He's a radioman
on a destroyer.

He's been on sea duty,

so I haven't seen him
for a couple of months.

What makes you think
he's coming back?


Well, if he's been gone
so long,

what makes you think
he's coming back?

How do you know
he hasn't just taken off?

Because every time
he goes away,
he comes back, that's how.

Then he'll probably
come back this time.

I just think people
aren't coming back
when they go away.

Did your father go away?

He was never around
long enough to go away.

(SCOFFS) Never laid eyes
on the guy.

Is that your boat?

Hey, we could get
in trouble.

Scaredy cat.

I have this daydream
all the time about my father,

where I go to
this roller skating rink

and he's there
doing some sort of show.

Anyway, I'm wearing
this silver dress,

and I skate over to him,
but he doesn't know who I am.

So, I do all these
amazing tricks,

and then he knows it's me
and we skate away together.

Get out of sight, quick.
What is it? What's wrong?

It's her boat!

WILLARD: Who is she?
She's a witch!

BILLIE: I know
it's a long climb,

but when you get up
to the top,
it's like flying.

Hey! We could fall off
this thing!

BILLIE: Don't be afraid.
Just don't look down.

I'm not afraid,
and you didn't have to
tell me that. I knew it.


So what do you think?
It's all right.

Jump up here,
and it's more than all right.

What are you doing?
Are you crazy?

What are you doing?
Get down from there!

I've done this lots of times.
It's not hard.

You just can't be scared.

Now you do it!
I don't want to do it.

Why not?
I just think it's dumb.

I mean, what's such
a big deal about walking
a couple of planks?

Any retard could do that.

Do you have
a lot of friends?

Yeah. I'm the most
popular kid on my block.

I figured.

I don't have
a lot of friends.

People think
I'm a show-off.

(GASPS) Look at the dolphin!
See its tail?

If you're bored,
we could still go
to a shopping mall.

I'm not bored.


So, before I read the Psalm,

I want you all to take
a moment and concentrate

on what His message
is for us.

For it is a message
of love.

Reach out to the person
next to you

and take his hand
in love.

And remember these words.

"Forgive our trespasses

"as we forgive those
who trespass against us."

And reach out
in forgiveness.

Reach out in the image
of divine love.

Give your hand
in forgiveness

and love.


I don't know why I let you
drag me to these services.

I can't stand listening
to that guy's bullshit.

Watch your language, Ben.
My language?

How about the Reverend
Close's language?

Since when do words like
love and forgiveness
qualify as bad language?

When they're spoken
by a hypocrite, to a room
full of hypocrites.

(SIGHS) Just because
people aren't perfect
doesn't make them hypocrites.

BEN: Artie Parker's
been sleeping

with Bert Udall's wife
for two years.

Ernie Wait's foreclosing
that poor old man Belson,

and forced him
into a rest home.

Teddy McKeon cheated
his sister out of her share
of the grocery.

And the Reverend Close
doesn't believe in God.

He believes in the sound
of his own voice.

We used to laugh
at these phonies.

Now you want me to
hold hands with them
on Sunday.

Where'd your spirit go,

Why are you buying
this sanctimonious crap?

Because it comforts me.

Well, there's more to life
than being comforted.

Like what?


Oh, God!

I hate Sundays.

So dead.
Dead and quiet.

What about you?
You hate Sundays?

I don't know.
I guess.

Why do you always
say that?
Say what?

Every time I ask you
a question, you say,
"I don't know, I guess."

What do you think's gonna
happen if you have an opinion
about something?

Gonna get struck by lightning?

How come you always do that?


Make everything so hard.

That's a good question.

That's a very
good question.

We move to the bottom half
of inning two.

Ron Gant, Lonnie Smith
and Brian Hunter.



Lonnie Smith moves
into the batter's...










What are you listening to?

What are you listening to?




Yeah. My English
teacher thinks

it's a highly important
form of modern poetry.

It details the common
man's struggle

for survival in a
hostile environment.

Do you play baseball?


But I am very interested
in aviation.


I saw that World War II
fighter you made.

What fighter?
The spitfire.

It's really cool.
Did you make it
when you were a kid?

No, I didn't make it
for me.

Where'd you find it?

In the cabinet
in the workroom.

Does it fly?

Well, I don't know
if it flies.

(SIGHS) I haven't
flown it for a long time.

Maybe it's time I did.

Where did you say
you saw it?

bottom shelf.

BEN: Grab that remote
out of that plastic.


Here, it's yours.

I can have a turn
flying it?

No, you can have it.
I'm giving it to you.

Go on. Take it!

Just remember,
if you break it,

I'm not going to
rebuild it.

What do you mean?

I mean in about one minute,
it's gonna crash
into the creek.

I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to do that.

"Yea, though I walk through
the valley of shadow of death,

"I shall fear no evil,

"for thou art with me.

"Thy rod and thy staff,
they comfort me.

"Thou preparest a table
before me in the presence
of thine enemies.

"And thou anointest
my head

"with oil.

"Yes, my cup runneth over.

"Surely, I shall dwell
in the house of
the lord forever."


You know,

Mr. Fiske was mean.

He shot
Hardy Kramer's dog.

If he knew what
we just did,
he'd kill us.

Well, he's dead,
so we don't
have to worry.

How do you know?

How do you know
dead people
can't see us?

'Cause I can't
see them.

You can't see
germs either.

You can see them
with a microscope.

Maybe nobody's
ever invented a way
to see ghosts yet.

Even though
you can't see him,

maybe Mr. Fiske
is climbing out
of the coffin.

He's floating up
through the leaves,

and now he's almost
next to you.

Worms are crawling
all over him.

His eyes are like
mushroom soup.

He's lifting his hands,
he's reaching out
for your neck...

right behind you!

Don't ever do that!
I hate it!

WOMAN: Billie! Is that
you screaming?

Oh, no, my mother!
I'm not supposed to
be up here. I'm coming!

We're going to Brimley to
meet her new boyfriend.

Darlene says
he has bad breath,

but he runs a movie house,
so we get in for free.

You better be coming!

Come on!
Hurry up, we're late!

If I didn't have the
stretch marks to prove it,

I'd swear to God
you're not my daughter.

You don't have a
feminine bone
in your body.

Hey, you wipe the smile
off your face, young lady.

If you think I'm taking
you to the picture show
covered in leaves and dirt,

you've got another...


You little beast!
Come on!


Poor Mr. Parkett will
think he befriended

the kind of people who
live in bus terminals!



This came for you
this morning from
your mom.

Every time I get
a letter from my father,

the envelope's gone.


Well, how do I know
where he is

if the envelope's
always gone?

Your mother and father
told you where he is.

Yeah. But how do
I know it's true?

Do you want to call
your mother and ask her?

No. It's not important.

Wouldn't you rather
be off playing?

No. I like to help you.


LILY: What are you doing
up so early, Willard?

I thought maybe he could
come with me today,

instead of
hanging out here.

LILY: I wish you'd
told me sooner.

BEN: Why?
Were you planning on
doing something?

just surprised.

I thought you said
you didn't want to...

BEN: It doesn't matter
what I said before.
I'm saying this now.

Are you ready?




Good Morning, John.
Morning, Captain.




What kind of fish
do you catch?

What kind of boat is this?

A shrimp... Boat.


John! Get the line.


Thanks for taking me.
It was fun.

You did a good job.

Listen, uh... (CLEARS THROAT)
I know I'm rough sometimes,
but, uh...

I don't mean anything by it.

I know that.

Oh, you do, huh?


I know you like me.



Can I ask you something?

Sure. Anything.

What's the clap?


Finally back.

I was beginning to wonder
what happened to you.

I come back the same time
every day, Lily.

What are you doing here?

Nothing. Just some shopping.
Did you have fun?

Oh, yeah! It was great!

Well, you must be hungry.

Wanna go
to the coffee shop?


In that case,
I'll see you later.

Well, aren't you
coming with us?

I don't think so.

I got other things to do.


SALLY: That Joan Collins
knows a thing or two
about life, you know.

I got this picture from her
through the mail.

And I knew that
I wasn't alone.

"Dear, Sally.
Be strong, be pretty."

"Dear, Joan.
What else can I be?"

Do you think she's pretty?
LILY: Who?



Thank you.

I think she's fat.

No, she's not fat,
she's voluptuous.

What does that mean?

That means that she's fat
in all the right places.

(CHUCKLES) You mean
her fried eggs?

Her what?

Well, that's what they
look like to me.


I mean her fried eggs.


Here sit on the bed.

He will not suffer
thy foot to be moved.

And he that keepeth thee
shall not sleep.


He that keepeth Israel
shall neither slumber
nor sleep.

The Lord himself
is thy keeper.

You know, it's funny.

I haven't been to this spot
since Lily and I used
to come here years ago.

To fish?

No, not to fish.

It was before
we were married.

Seemed like no matter
where we started out,

we always ended up here.

To do it?

Come on, wise guy.

Watch me cast this
a couple of times,
and then I'll let you try.



You know, Lily used to be...

Not the person you know now.
She wasn't afraid of anything.

First time I saw her,
she walked right up to me
on the street in Brimley,

and she said,
"You look like trouble.
Wanna take me out?"


She was so full of life.
She gave off a kind of heat.

My God, I thought she was
the most beautiful woman
I'd ever seen in my life.

Don't you think
she's beautiful now?

Yeah, she's beautiful.

it doesn't matter anymore.
Come on.

Fishing and talking
don't really go together.

BEN: Okay,
let's get you rigged up.

Who was James?

How do you know about James?

I saw Lily put flowers
on his grave.

James was our son.

He died two and a half
years ago, when he was three.

How did he die?

An accident. Damn.
I'm all thumbs today.

Is that why you and Lily
are always mad at each other?


But since it's not worth
thinking about,

what do
you say we just drop it?

Do me a favor.

Don't bring this up
to Lily, okay?

All right, come on.

(GRUNTS) Every hour
you spend fishing adds
an hour to your life.

All right.
Come over here.
Right around here.


When I say so, I want you
to let loose with your finger.




All right,
start to reel in.



God. How can I explain it?

It's not his looks.
You know, I could live
with that.

I don't even mind
his breath that much.

His breath?
He has advanced gingivitis.

I just...

I can't put my finger
on what bugs me about him.
You know?

It's, it's not on the surface.

It's, it's like deep down
inside of him.

Sometimes, when I see him
walk across the room,

just the sight of him
makes my flesh crawl.

And haven't you been
telling me for years that

I've been throwing myself away
on the wrong guys?

Well, isn't it obvious?

I mean...

If I've spent my whole life

falling in love with dreams
that made my life miserable,

then it just goes to follow

that a guy I can't stand
will make me happy.

Look at all the fish
we caught!

I caught two of them.

You did?
Well, I sort of caught
two of them.

Ben was holding
the rod, too.

That's how I catch fish, too.
With Ben holding the rod.

Hello, Sally.

Don't you go
to the movies
on Sundays?

What're you doing here?

Yeah. Well, I've seen
that feature nine times.

Got to get going.

I got to pick up
Billie and Darlene
at the theater.

I am sick of romance, Lily.
What I want now is security.

If that means giving up
the sexual fireworks,
that's what I have to do.

I mean God knows
in that department,
I have experienced enough

to make 10 women
happy for life.



How was the good reverend's
message this morning?

Inspirational? Uplifting?
Yes, it was.

He talked about...


Getting a sunburn.


Something about the sun
burning thee not by day.
I slept through most of it.

Here, I'll do that.
You hate to clean fish.

I thought the deal was
you catch 'em and I clean 'em.

BEN: Come on,
we're changing the deal.

Ben thinks you're beautiful.





DARLENE: Frank...
I love you.



I love you, Frank.
I love you too, Darla.




Oh, God!
You spying little bitch!


FRANK: Get out you two.
Get out of here!

If I get my hands on you,
I'll wring your neck!



Oh, God.
Oh, God.

So, will she tell on us?

No. She doesn't want
my mother to know.

She'll know when
she has a baby.

She won't have a baby.
She'll get cursed instead.

What do you mean, cursed?

Every month, women get
this curse put on them.

I don't know who does it,
but once they get the curse,
they don't have a baby.

(MOCKING) Oh, Frank!
I love you.

BILLIE: I love you.


You're my best friend.

Hey, wait!

WILLARD: Wait up.




Don't go in the water.
It's gonna rain.

So what?
So if lightning strikes

we'll be fried
like two bugs on
a hot plate.

That's what.


When are you
going home?
I don't know.

I'm gonna have
a paper route this fall.

If you stay,
we can have one together.

No. I have to go back
for school.

Yeah, I guess.

Are all the kids
in your school
smart like you?

No. Most of them
are just rich.


Do you have a best friend?


Look. All that stuff I said
about being popular,

I just made it up.

I don't have a lot
of friends either.

I know I'm younger than you,
but am I your best friend?


Yeah, you are.

I thought so.

Who cares if it rains?

BILLIE: We'll get struck
by lightning. (GIGGLES)


Who did this?
I did.


It's Ben's grandmother.

She used to pinch me on my arm
to get my attention.


WILLARD: Who's the guy
with the beard and long hair?

That's Ben!
Our Ben?

Yeah, our Ben.

That was when he was going
through his rebellious phase.

He was gonna give up fishing
and move to the big city.

How did you meet him?

I was visiting my cousin
in Brimley and...
It was love at first sight.

Right on the sidewalk
in front of Woolworth's.

(LAUGHING) Everybody said
I was absolutely crazy.

Ben had a real reputation
for being wild,
and being a lady's man.

Two qualities that
I just love in a man.

Don't you love Ben anymore?

What a question to ask,

See, I think Mary
Queen of Scots was a moron

to think Queen Elizabeth
was going be nice to her
if she moved to England,

the place was full of people
who wanted to kill Elizabeth
so Mary could be queen.

Where did you learn
all that stuff?

my favorite subject.

I got the school
history medal last year.

WILLARD: Do you want
to hear more?

BEN: Sure, it's interesting.

WILLARD: Well, Queen Elizabeth
stuck Mary in the tower.

And after a long time,
she had her head cut off.

And this is really gross.

They picked her head up
by the hair,

and the hair came off
because she was wearing a wig.

And the head
was still talking!

The worst part is,

her dog was hiding
under her dress.

And when she died,
he started howling.

A few days later,
he died of a broken heart.

Oh, Billie, you're all wet!

WILLARD: Ben, come on!
Oh, go away!

Come on, please.

All right. Come on.

BEN: Come here.
Put your foot right in here.

Come here.
Your foot!



The water's great,
isn't it?


It was fun today,
wasn't it, Ben?

BEN: Yeah.

Willard asleep?


LILY: Oh, I love nights
like this.

The air is so soft,
you can feel it
on your skin.

Well, it's been a long day.
I think I'll go to bed, too.

LILY: No, I can't.
I can't.

I said I can't, Ben!

I was willing
to leave you alone.

Why in the hell didn't you
just stay away from me?


Hey, Ben,
how are you doing?
Just great, Pete.

Let me have a whiskey, please.

To the ice queen.


LILY: Ben.

Are you all right?

How I am doesn't
really matter, Lily.

The real question is,
how are you?

I can't make up my mind.

Are you sick of me
or are you just dead inside?

Don't walk away, Lily!

BEN: It's bad manners
to walk away when someone
asks you a question.

LILY: Why don't we talk about
this in the morning?

BEN: I don't want
to leave it till morning.

I want to settle it right now.

I've left this
for over two years.

And I am not going to leave it
a single minute longer.
You're hurting my arm.

BEN: I don't give a damn.

I don't give a damn.
I have had it.


LILY: Help! Stop it, Ben.
Stop it!

(SOBBING) Stop it.


LILY: Stop it.

You're not the only one
who lost a child, Lily!

So did I! So did I!

And that pain is going to stay
with me the rest of my life!

Jimmy's dead, Lily.
Jimmy's dead, god damn it!

And you can't bring him back
by turning this house
into a graveyard!

He's dead, damn it!

But I'm alive!
I'm alive.

And I'm not going to pretend
to be dead anymore,
just to keep you company!

Get your hands off me, Ben.
Why should I?

Why should I?

I'm your husband, aren't I?

I'm your husband.
I'm just playing
by your rules, Lily.

I'm just playing
by your rules.
(SOBBING) Stop it!

My heart's not in this
any more than yours is!



My God!

My God...

I don't know what's
happening to me.

How did I get...
To be this person?

LILY: I heard him cry.


(TEARY) I heard him cry
and I didn't go.

I never could tell you that.

I could never tell anybody.

I was, I was sewing and...

I heard him cry, just once.

And I waited and he didn't
make another sound.

And so I kept on sewing and...

When I went in to get him
from his nap, he was dead.

If I'd gone, he wouldn't
have choked on that candy.

If I'd gone, he...

He wouldn't be dead.

I can't... (SNIFFLES)
Stand to be touched.

I can't stand
to feel anything.

All I can stand
is to just be numb inside.

And to be sorry
every single minute.

Because when I'm not,
I hear his crying in my head,

over and over and over.


It's not your fault, Lily.

Nobody can answer
every little cry.

LILY: It doesn't matter.

Not a minute goes by
that I don't hear
his cry in my head.

I can't help you,
can I, Lily?


I can't go on
living like this.

I'm leaving.

(SOFTLY) I guess it's time.


I guess it is.

What are you staring at?


Then let's go.

You sure you want
to do this?

So what do you think?
Do I look like him?

Yeah. You do.

Come on! Let's go!
All right.





Clear the floor, please.
Clear the floor.

The afternoon session is over.

Clear the floor, please!

Everyone off the floor.

Advanced classes only!

This would be him!
Off the floor, please.



MAN: You booked in
for a class?

Well, if you're not booked
in for a class, you gotta
get out of the practice ring.

It's off limits.

But I'm Billie Pike.

Are you deaf? I said,
you're not allowed in here.

Hey, Eddie. Come on, man.
You're not doing your job.

You're supposed
to keep these kids
off the practice ring.

But there's something
I have to tell you!

Well, tell it to Eddie.
EDDIE: Come on, kid,
it's advanced classes only.

But you're my father!

Don't forget my
Jim Beam, Eddie.

SALLY: Oh, my God!
Look at that lifeline.

(CHUCKLING) It's as long
as the Ohio Turnpike!

Oh, do I see love?

You know, I have never seen
so much love in one hand.

You are a sneaky guy, Lou.

I had no idea you were
such a passionate man.

Well, look at you!

Boy, I must have asked you
to wear that dress over
100 times,

but no, you wouldn't.

You went to Brimley,
didn't you?


Honey, come here.

Come on. Come here.

Don't. It's okay.

Oh, don't cry.

It'll be okay.
Oh, you look so pretty.

SALLY: It's okay. It's okay.


Oh, hey, hey.
Look who's here!

What you doing?

What you doing?

Oh, uh, unpacking.

How come?
How come what?

How come you're
still unpacking?

Most people unpack
when they first
get to a place.

How come you're
still doing it?

I don't know.
You didn't fix the garage.


You said you'd
fix the garage,
but you didn't do it.

Willard, did you come here
to drive me insane?


I missed you. That's all.

I'm sick of doing this.

Play poker?

Yeah. My father taught me.

So, is he a good player?
Oh, yeah.

He's really smart
About things like that.

I wonder when
he's coming home.

Been gone a long time.

Do you think he might
not be coming back?

Well, I can't answer
that question, Willard.

Maybe you should ask
someone who can.

It doesn't matter.

Yes, it does.

Don't run away
from things just because
they scare you, Willard.

If you do,
you'll always be afraid.

It's a bad way to live.

What did your father
teach you to play?

But I prefer draw poker.

I think it's the purest
version of the game.

Ante up.

I bet a dime.

I'll see you
and raise you a dime.

Okay. I'll see you
and raise you another dime.

Call. How many cards
do you want?



Yeah, one.

Are you sure you don't want
two or three?

I'm sure.

I miss you, too, Willard.

I miss you, too.


WILLARD: What are you doing?

You scared me.

What's that? (CLEARS THROAT)
A letter from your mom?

Yeah. The mailman just came.

What did she have to say?

I don't know.
She painted my room.

I heard you crying last night.


I guess you miss Ben, huh?

Yeah, I guess I miss Ben.


How would you like to go
to the movies this afternoon,

and maybe
get some Chinese food?


If you miss him,

why don't you ask him
to come back?

Willard, please...

People are supposed
to stay together.

You could ask him
to come back.

He'd do it if you did.


Sometimes things
happen to people.

Hard things.
And... They get
broken inside.

I want Ben to come back,

but I don't know if I can fix
what's broken inside of me.

I'm afraid to ask him
to come back.


I'm gonna get the paper
and see what's playing. Okay?



What do you want?
Can I have a glass of water?

"May I." Not "Can I have
a glass of water, please?"

Yes, if next time you ask
before you steal my boat.

Please don't touch anything.

This plant is poisonous.

Is this poisonous?

I doubt it.

These extravagant gestures
of yours are not impressive.
They're just silly.

It's nice here.

I know.

Can I stay for a while?
Not now, I'm working.

Well, thanks, and so long.

You're welcome, and so long.

Can I come back
and visit sometime?

"May I come back
and visit sometime, please?"

And, yes, you may.

What's your name?
Billie Pike.

I'm Catherine Reston Lee.

Till we meet again,
Billie Pike.

(SCOFFS) Yeah,
Catherine Reston Lee.

Billie? The next time
I see you,

I want your clothes
to be clean

and your hair combed.


Because people like us
must maintain our standards.

No matter what happens to us,
we must always maintain.

♪ Happy birthday to you

♪ Happy birthday to you

♪ Happy birthday dear Sally

♪ Happy birthday to you ♪

Oh, I could cry.
I mean, I really could.

I just feel so loved.

I can't believe you all
went to so much trouble
for my birthday.

What are you talking about?

This whole thing
was your idea.

Oh, my goodness!
Look at all those candles.

Whoever dreamed that
one day I would be 29?

Twenty-nine? You're kidding.
I thought you were...

Okay, everybody.

It's time to blow out
the candles and make a wish.

I think we know
what that's gonna be,
don't we, darling?

SALLY: Yes, Ernest.
I think we do.



I did it! (LAUGHS)

Do you want to tell
them, or should I?

I guess I have to
start acting like

the head of the household
sometime, don't I?


I am happy to announce

that Sally and I have decided
to get married in September.

I hate you!

You don't even love him!


Don't pay any attention
to her. She's just a kid.

She's not a kid,
she's a wild animal.

ERNEST: I won't have any wild
animals living under my roof,
I can tell you that.

She'll learn some manners
when I start running things

even if I have to teach
her the hard way.

Who wants cake?

What is that stuff on you?

Lightning bug tails.

That's disgusting.
I don't care.

He's not so bad.

She doesn't even like him.

That face she makes
when he tries to kiss her.

She's always being
so nice to him.

I know her.

She's always the nicest
to people she can't stand.

You'll get to go
to the movies for free.

And maybe you'll like it.

Like what?

Having a father around.

I like it.

What are you talking about?

You don't have
a father around either.

I do, too.

For somebody so smart,
you sure are dumb.

Why do you think
he's been gone so long?

It's none of your business.
Will you just shut up?

Why should I shut up?
What are you afraid of?

I'm not afraid of anything.
You're afraid of
anything that moves.

And if you don't want
me to tell you about
your father, then ask Lily.

I'm not gonna listen
to you anymore.

Don't. Go listen to liars.

I don't know any
liars except you!

I am not a liar!

Everybody else is,
including your mother!

I told you to shut up!

BILLIE: I heard my
mother tell Darlene

your father isn't on sea duty.

He left your mother
for some other woman.

That's a dirty rotten lie!

I never, ever want to see you
again, so get away from me!




Where are you?

Billie, are you up there?


Have you seen Willard?


Well, where is he?

BILLIE: He's gone.
Gone where?

I said his father's gone,
and he ran away.

LILY: Willard!

BILLIE: Willard!




Willard's missing.

Are you sure?
No, I'm sure of it.

I didn't pick up any
kid of that description
since my shift started

and that was at 5:00.

But don't worry, ma'am.
If I do, I'll call you.

Thank you.

BEN: Yeah, that's right.
It would've been
after 8:00 tonight.

Okay. Thanks.

Well, if anything changes,
you'll be sure to call, right?

Okay, great. Yeah, goodnight.

(SIGHS) At least he's
not in the hospital.

How are you doing, Lily?

Are you okay?


Did you find Willard?
BEN: No.

SALLY: Billie's gone too.
I'm gonna keep looking.

Where's Ernest?

Oh, he's at home.

He likes to be
asleep by 10:00.

(SIGHS) I can't believe

I'm marrying somebody
who'd go to sleep
at a time like this.

I can't believe
you are, either.

Yeah. Well, maybe I won't.


You know what the worst
thing is about Billie?

She's always right.

She has the best instincts
of anybody I ever met.

God only knows
where she got 'em.







I found him!
I found him!



Hi, Willard. Are you okay?

Stay away from me!

BEN: Okay. But, uh...

What are you doing up there?

Never mind!

Do you need help getting down?

No! And I told you
to stay away from me!

I did it!



Hi, Mom.

It's me, Willard, your son.

I know you know I'm your son.


I'm calling because
I want you to tell me
the truth about Daddy.

LILY: Come in.

You comfortable?

Do you think my
father's coming back?

I hope so.

I think he is.

Hey, Willard.

Why did you walk that
railing this morning?

I don't know.

I'm just sick of being afraid.

What do you mean?

I'm always afraid of things.

I don't know why, but I am.

And I just thought

if I did something that
really scared me,

maybe I wouldn't
be afraid anymore.

Did it work?


It did.

You know what I mean?

About being
afraid all the time?


I know what you mean.

I know exactly what you mean.

What are you doing here?

I thought you didn't
like me anymore.

I changed my mind.

What are you doing?

A watercolor of digitalis.

Catherine Reston Lee
gave me the paints.

She thinks I have talent.

How come you
changed your mind?

I'm going home
this afternoon.

I can't take this
on the bus.


Will you keep it
for me till I come back?

Who are you kidding?
You're not coming back.

I wouldn't leave the plane if
I wasn't coming back, would I?

No, I guess not.


I guess I'd better go back.

I have to pack my stuff.

Okay. Bye.


Are we still best friends?





You hold him.
Support his head.


Will you remember to write?

I promise.

(SIGHS) So long, Ben.

So long, Willard.

Come on, you
better get going.

You don't want the bus
to leave without you, do you?

Well, I guess I better go.

See you later.



(SIGHS) Well,
better get going.

Looks like it's gonna rain.

Do you want to come in
for some coffee?

Uh, no, thanks.

I have things to do.

I can't get it open.

I can't get it open.

It's the rain.
Don't force it. Ease it.


Oh, Ben.