Paradise (2019) - full transcript

Jacob and Mia Patterson had a seemingly perfect life until one decision has them questioning everything that's happened between them.

(dramatic music)

(soft music)

(somber guitar music)

♪ It started with a blank page

♪ A name then another came

♪ Cut through memory

♪ Like a fire

♪ With fury for the air

♪ You

♪ You

♪ You

♪ You are

♪ So egotistical

♪ And mythical

♪ The one the all

♪ So call

♪ You

♪ You

♪ You

♪ You are

♪ So egotistical

♪ And mythical

♪ The one they all

♪ So call

(somber guitar music)

(clearing throat)

[Man] All right.

[Dr. Connors] Is
everything set up?

- Yeah.
- Okay.

[Dr. Connors] Can
you tell me your name

and what you do, please?

My name is Mia Patterson
and I'm a social worker.

[Dr. Connors] What type
of work is that, exactly?

I help expectant mothers
place their children

with foster parents.

[Dr. Connors] That
seems rewarding.

It can be.

[Dr. Connors] What brought you

to this point, Mrs. Patterson?

(ominous music)


Yes, this is Mrs. Patterson.

No, I wasn't aware of that.

My husband was gonna pay it.

No, it's not a problem.

Just give me a second.

Sorry about that.

Yes, are you ready?

(ominous music)

Hey, babe.

I got a call from the
credit card company today

saying that it hasn't been
paid in about two months

and that it's maxed it.

Damn, I'm sorry, baby.

I had to use to
catch my flight back.

It was an emergency

I aint even think to
check the balance.

Flight back?

I thought the company
paid for stuff like that?

We lost the account.

The Esquire account?

I'm so sorry.


Al the corporate
cards are frozen.

You know me being the vice
president of marketing,

I'm gonna get hit first.

Probably gonna have
to lay some guys off.

Like who?

Todd and Jamel for starters.

Didn't Todd just get married?

Yeah but I'm up
against it with this.

I mean, I got till the
morning to figure this out

before they start making cuts.

What can I do?

Nothing just take care
of the credit card for me.

That would be great.

Just take it from savings.

Yeah, I took care of it.

Thanks, babe.

Sorry, I just, I've been swamped

and I haven't been
getting any sleep.

I'm gonna get out of your hair

and go get started on dinner.


Ethan called.

Did he?

He said he hadn't
heard from you in awhile

and wanted to know when
your flight got in.


He's worried about you.

Is he?

Well, he is your brother.

Yeah, I mean,
I'll get up with him

when I got some time.

[Mia] There's some
paperwork in there

that still needs your signature.

I think it came
in from the lawyer

but I think you should
still look at them.

Yeah, I know.

I know, I'll get around to it.


I'll get you some wine.

Bourbon please, babe.

[Mia] Okay.

I'm more old
fashioned, I guess,

when it comes to relationships.

I believe there's a reasonable
solution for everything.

[Dr. Connors] Explain.

Well, what's the biggest
issue in any relationship?

[Dr. Connors] I'm listening.


See, we're all
flawed when it comes

to expressing what we feel

in a way that our significant
other will understand.

[Dr. Connors] Does the
fault land with the person

receiving or giving
the information?

Well, that's the million
dollar question, doc.

We're paying a lot
of money to find out.

(upbeat hip hop)

(low ominous music)

(eerie ethereal music)

(light ethereal music)

I, um.

I have a hard time sleeping.

(ominous music)

[Dr. Connors] Why?

I don't know what's
wrong with me sometimes.

I just have a hard time
remembering if I slept or not.

[Dr. Connors] Is that
what the medication is for?

Good morning.


Let's see.

Thank you.

D.C. today?

Look at you.

It's my job to
know your itinerary,

plan ahead, make
sure you're good.

Well, I wish you
could take this flight

and go take care of this for me.

I'm sure you'll do great.

Yeah, I hope so.

Well, you seem good.

Of course.

I'm always good.


I guess I'll call
you when I land.


How 'bout when I get back

maybe we start planning
to go somewhere special.


Like that place you're
always telling me about.

My island.

[Jacob] Yeah.

Have a safe flight.

[Dr. Connors] Are you still
attracted to your husband?

What do you mean?

Like physically?

[Dr. Connors] Yes.

God, yes.

He's beautiful to me.

[Dr. Connors] To you?


I mean.

He's everything I could ask for.

I'm lucky to have him.

(upbeat hip hop)

♪ You're always doing it right

♪ Always doing it right

♪ And I can't lie

♪ Its simply exceptional

♪ The things you do

♪ Your love is like paradise

♪ Oh

He's deflecting.

It's what he does.

It never fails.

Everything that goes
on, he makes it seem

like it's someone else
fault, mostly mine.

[Mia] And here you
are banging his wife.

You were mine first.

We should stop.

Stop what?

You're his brother
and I'm his wife.

[Ethan] Are you happy?


Are you happy.

Yes, Ethan.

I'm just trying to figure
somethings out within myself.

Through me?

I got you.

Use me as much as you like.

I'll relish it.

It was good seeing you.


Where is he, anyway?

[Mia] D.C.


Well, it was good seeing you.

(tense hip hop)

♪ Oh yeah

♪ Oh yeah

♪ Oh yeah yeah

I'll call you later.

Long day?

It just looks like
you had a long day.

Yes, definitely been that.

Well, work will
do that to you.

Yes, it will.

I'll have what he's having

and bring him another.

Oh, you don't have to.

It's my pleasure.

Jacob Patterson.

Alexis Cooper.

So, what do you
do, Ms. Cooper?

I'm in management consulting.

Oh, small world.

Are you out here for
the conference, too?

Partly but mostly
to see clients.

Oh, exciting.


Extremely boring stuff.

I don't think I even made
it through the first hour.

I made it two.

There was a point
where I actually

fell asleep a couple times.


Married, huh?


For how long?

Four years.


That's really sweet.

It's something.

And you?

Oh me.


Almost tried it once.

I was engaged.

It just didn't seem
like the right time

and honestly, I don't
think I was quite ready.

There's nothing
wrong with that.

Can we actually have two more?


Hey, it's happy
hour somewhere, right?

[Dr. Connors] When
you see your wife

how does she make you feel?


She's peaceful.

[Dr. Connors] And
what does peaceful mean?

When life is presenting
certain obstacles,

she's always there.

She finds a way to make me
realize things aren't so bad.

[Dr. Connors] She brings
balance to your life?


Yes, she does.

(tense hip hop)

♪ This

♪ Is the legion

♪ My money making money

♪ So it's stacked

♪ And Benjamin be
happy where I'm at

♪ All these rubber bands

♪ It's all these rubber bands

♪ All these rubber bands

♪ Watch me stack

♪ My money making money

♪ So it stacks

♪ Benjamin be happy where I'm at

Hey, babe.

Sorry I missed your calls.

I was busy working and
my phone was on silent

and I'm sorry.

I know it's late.

I just wanted to check in

so, call me in the
morning when you're awake.

♪ Get it stacked

♪ Then make shit flip

♪ Get it stacked

♪ And then make shit flip

♪ My money making money

♪ So it's stacked

♪ And Benjamin be
happy where I'm at

♪ All these rubber bands

♪ All these rubber bands

♪ All these rubber bands

♪ Watch me stack

♪ My money making money

♪ So it's stacked

♪ And Benjamin be
happy where I'm at

♪ All these rubber bands

Yes, ma'am, that's
normally how it works.

A typical wait time
for a healthy infant

is between two and seven years.

Yes, ma'am, exactly.

Sure, no problem.

If you have any more questions

feel free to give me a call

and I'll be happy to walk
you through the process.

You, too, have a great day.

I know exactly how you feel.

They act like just
because up and settled

that they wanted a baby
that we're just magically

supposed to give them one.

No, ma'am, that's a process.

Yeah a process that only
applies to non-celebs.


Celebs can get anything done.

They can fly over to Africa

and adopt the whole
continent if they wanted.

You're crazy.


My prescription.

Completely forgot.

Hey, babe.

I'm sorry to call you like this

but can you do me a huge favor?

Can you stop by the pharmacy
and get my prescription?

Yeah, I'm gonna be
here a little later

than I thought I was gonna be.

Oh great.

Thank you.

Love you.

Well aren't you lucky.

Why do you say that?

You actually have someone
who gives a damn about you.

That's sweet.

Yeah, guess I am.

(tense hip hop)


Don't hurt yourself, old man.

What's up?

You tell me.

Trying to catch up with you.

Yeah, you know, in and out
of town for the most part.

Well how's the corporate
world treating you?

You know, same old.

Trying to stay afloat.

And you, Dr. Patterson?

You know I never thought
I'd complain about this

but looking at vaginas
all day is draining.

I'm serious man, and
I'm talking all kinds.

It's not exactly super models

that's walking up
in there daily.

And since when does
that matter to you?

Man, don't get me wrong.

I love women but my goodness.

Speaking strictly
professional, man,

some of them women need
themselves together.

You crazy, bruh.

So what bring you out this way?

I figured I'd come
and check on my brother.

You know, maybe catch
up and get a few drinks,

chop it up a little bit.

Nah, man, you know wife
will be home in a little bit.

I need to run out and
grab her prescription

before she get in.

Family man, huh?

Well I guess you got to take
care of home first, right?

That's what they say, huh?

I guess.

Well, you know me.

I wouldn't know.


Well, I'll get with you.

All right, man.


What's up?

Damn, uh.

I got a call about lot four.



No, Marietta.

I'm going up there
tomorrow to make sure

they put that new flooring in.

I can by there
if you need me to.

Nah, nah.

I'll do it.

I just came to let you know.

Once it's finished we can
get some renters up there.

Yeah man, I hear that.

All right.

All right.

Oh that's D right there.

Tell him I said what's up.

All right.

What up, D?

[Dr. Connors] Tell
me about your family.

My family?

[Dr. Connors] Yes.


My father died when I was 12

and my mother when I was 16.

I got two younger
brothers and that's it.

[Dr. Connors] Tell
me about your brothers.

There's not much to tell.

Ethan is a gynecologist.

- Really?
- Yeah, don't ask.

And my youngest brother,
Devin, he's an engineer.

[Dr. Connors] A
successful trio of brothers.


We made it.

[Dr. Connors] Thanks to you.

You made sure
everyone succeeded.

I don't know
about all of that.

I never asked to be head
of estate and our affairs.

Can be a bit much.

[Dr. Connors] The
financial responsibilities?


[Dr. Connors] You
are in a position

that most people would envy.

If you can get
that form over to me

as soon as possible, I
can get that form started.

Thank you, Ms. Willis.

Have a great day.

I keep telling her
over and over again.

Third time today and
she keeps calling

over and over.

Guess she got tired of
hearing about it from me.

Yeah, well if I was pregnant
at 16 I'd be nervous, too.

Stop it.

Hey, so.


Ethan, silly.


Yeah, did you
talk to him for me?

I think he's seeing someone.

Think or you know?

Well, come on, Mia.

I mean your husband's
brother is fine

and I'm single,
looking to mingle

You need to calm down.

Well ever since the divorce

I've been really looking forward

to getting back on that horse,

if you know what I'm saying.


You're doing too much.

You act like you're
keeping him all

to yourself or something.



Oh I'm just playing, girl

but if you could look
into that for me,

I'd really appreciate it.

Hell, I'll even take
the youngest brother.

I won't discriminate.


I'll check into it again.

Thank you.

Regarding your
personal finances,

you've taken a few hits
in the past few months.

Your investments
have not panned out.

Yeah, the company
is taking substantial

financial hits recently.

I kind of saw it coming

and I've been trying
to establish myself

outside of Mason and Associates.

Branching out?

Yes, sir.

Investments and such.

I see.

The money just
isn't there, Jacob.

Now, I can move some assets

from your family's
affairs, temporarily,

to put you in a more
viable position.


Jacob, I've watched
you and your brothers

take what your family left

and grow it into
generational wealth.

I've been thoroughly
impressed with that growth.

Which brings me to
my next question.

From a personal standpoint,

your money has been erratic
for the last year or so.

Is there something you
want to tell me, son?

I don't know, Mr. Watkins.

I don't even know.

I mean I've made some moves.

I didn't think it was this bad.

Think I just need to slow down.

Well, I can
restructure some things,

put you on a more
restrictive budget

until we get a grasp on it.

That is if you don't
want to go with option A.


I don't want to touch
the family's assets

if I don't have to.

I understand.


And can we keep this
between the two of us?

I don't want to
worry my brothers.


Sex is something
I've always needed

to a certain degree.

[Dr. Connors] Why?

Is it purely for the
physical stimulation?


I like being needed.


[Dr. Connors] By your husband?

Of course.

[Dr. Connors] You don't
ever feel the desire

to be needed or
wanted by other men?

Why would I?



(phone buzzing)

Hey, honey.

Yeah, I'm fine.

Getting ready to head home.

How are you?

(soft tense music)

(phone chimes)

(phone chimes)

(soft tense music)

(eerie music)

[Jacob] You know
you can't sneak up

on a black man like that.

Almost knocked your ass out.

You look like you saw a ghost.


So, how was your day?


Well, I'm gonna
go take a shower.

You should join me.

I will.


(tense hip hop)

♪ Oh yeah

♪ It's on tonight

♪ It's on tonight

♪ Just you and I

♪ Oh yeah

♪ It's on tonight

Marriage, huh?

Yeah, think I'm ready.

You think?

You need to know
before you tell Jacob.

You right.

What's up with him, anyways?

Man, you know, I
really don't know.

Maybe he's traveling or
handling some business,

I guess, I don't know.

Did you tell him about
the Marietta property?

Yeah, I did.

You know J's cool with
whatever it is we decide

as long as it's nothing crazy.

I mean I handle all the
property stuff anyway

and he handles the
investment stuff, so.

What about me?

You just freeload.



Man, whatever.

Y'all need anything
though, let me know.

Oh you good, bro.

You just make sure you put that
engineering degree to work.

I can dig that.

So what you think about
me telling J about Alice?

I don't know.

Just tell him and
see what he say?

I mean, it's just so hard to
catch up with him these days.

Yeah, it is.

Maybe you should stop by his job

or catch him at the crib.

I can do that.


Baby brother is
getting married.

Man, I never thought
I'd see the day.

This could be you, man.

If you play your cards right.

I play my cards right.


(phone buzzing)

Hey, Daisy.

Nothing just sitting here
planning out my vacation.

I know right, if
I ever take one.

What's up?

No, that sounds fine.

I'm just sitting here, just
finished up your caseload

from when you were out.

Yeah, I can bring everything
to the office tomorrow.

Okay, sounds good.

See you then.


♪ Yeah uh

♪ Let's go

(upbeat hip hop)

♪ Feeling good

♪ Till I die

♪ Everybody's got a story

♪ Everybody's got a book

♪ Sometimes they just
write the verses

Okay, so.

He really is a nice guy

I just I don't know
if I'm that into him,

if you know what I'm saying.

What's wrong with him?

He's passive.


Like, really passive.

Like I'm having to
initiate everything.

Although he is really
good in the bedroom.

Then what's wrong
with him being passive?

I feel like I'm supposed
to be teaching him things

that he should already know.

Although he does take
direction exceptionally well.

I just, I don't want to be
coaching when I'm in the moment.

Well you have to communicate.

How else is your partner
supposed to know what you like?

By the screaming
and the moaning.



No, seriously.

I mean like all the
signs are right there.

So what are you doing,
is everything okay?




I gotta get going.

You good?

Oh yeah, I'm good.

I'm probably just gonna
do another mile or so

before I wrap it up here.

[Mia] Sweet.

Call you later?

All right.

- All right.
- Bye.

Yeah, it's crazy as hell, man.

I mean she emailing,
calling, texting nonstop.

So why'd you do it?

Do what?

Come on, man.

Do I have to spell it out?

All right, enough, enough.

You got a wife at home.

So why'd you do it?

I mean, you know, Mia and I

been in this weird space
for the past couple years.

Okay, but y'all are
working on it, aren't all?

[Jacob] Something like that.

And you still love her, right?


Okay, then get rid
of this psycho chick.

Get rid of the chick?

That's your advice, huh?

Yeah, man.

It's simple yet it's effective.

Why not?

Oh and don't worry,

I'ma send you a bill in
the mail, you're welcome.

Look, it was a one time
thing when I was in D.C.

Man, honestly,
you know I'm happily

and faithfully with my girl,

so I don't know
what to tell you.

Maybe you should run it by E.


Y'all beefing again, man?

Aint no beef.

Now you know as
smart as you are,

you suck at lying.

Like I aint got
no issues with him.

Okay, if you say so.

Look, why are you here?


I got you.

Get this right here.

What's that?


You know I'm starting
to doubt we're related.

This is a ring.

I know it's a ring, genius.

Who is it for?

- Alice.
- Alice?


The Alice you've been
with for like five months?

Same one.



That's it?

What you want me to say?

I don't know, congrats,

I'm proud of you,
little brother.

Something a loving
family member would say.

I'm happy for you.

Now you know that
was fake as hell.

Look man, is five
months really enough?

I mean is a year, two, three?

I mean, shoot, look
at you and Mia.

That's not what I meant, bro.

Look, all I'm saying is for me,

yeah, five months is enough.


Well, I am happy for you.


(soft tense music)



I'm glad you could make
it on such short notice.

It's fine.

I was free today.


Well, have a seat.

Thank you.

You're welcome.


So I told myself I
wasn't gonna beat around

the bush when I told you this

and then I wasn't
gonna get all dramatic

once I told you.

What is it?

I'm seeing someone.


Is that all you have to say?

Why are you telling me this?

The reason I'm
telling you is twofold.


One and probably the
most obvious reason,

is that whatever is
this we are doing

it can't continue

and the other

I think we should
tell Jacob about us.

Excuse me?

Just hear me out.

Have you lost your damn mind?

You had no problem
sleeping with me

when you didn't have anyone

now all of a sudden you do

you want to blow my life up?

That's not what
I'm trying to do.

Then what are
you doing, Ethan?

Please keep your voice down.

How dare you?

I'm just trying to build
something with my brother,

that's all.

And telling him that you've
been sleeping with his wife

is gonna do that?

No by telling him about
us before he met you.

You're a piece of work.

Don't be like that.

Go to hell.

Brother or not, if
I see you around me

or my husband again,
I'll kill you.

(soft tense music)


(tense electronic music)

Yes, sir.

Okay, thank you
for your business.


Come in.



I have someone that
I want you to meet.

She's new to the firm.


Mr. Patterson.

I've heard so many
good things about you.

All good things, I hope.

Of course.

Ms. Cooper here seems to
be a big fan of yours.

She has done a lot of
research on you, Jacob

and the company of course.

So, in fact, I figured
that a partnership

between the two of you
would be most beneficial.



Ms. Cooper here has experience
with Esquire Incorporated.

So, of course,
once they got wind

that we were bringing her on,

they decided to renegotiate
our contracts with them.

Of course.

As Mr. Reed stated,
I'm here to help

in anyway that I can.

I see.



All right well, I will
leave you two to it.

Make me some money.

Thank you, sir.

What the hell are you doing?


You're crazy.

Yeah but you love it.

We're not doing this.



Because I'm married.

Yeah but are you?


Do you really...


Your wife is pretty.

She likes to work
out on Tuesdays,

go for a run with her
friend on Thursdays

then a matinee on Friday,

picking up
prescriptions, dog food,

and then coffee at eight
a.m. every morning.

She is particular.

Predictable yet
strangely alluring.

I wonder if she would like me?

What do you want?


(ominous music)

[Dr. Connors] You seem
a bit distracted today.

Is everything all right?

What would you like me
to focus on, Dr. Connors?

- [Dr. Connors]
The time is yours.

I'm here for you, you know?

Are you?

What have you done, Dr. Connors?

What have you done
for me and my husband?

You sit there and you
ask all these questions

and you feed us
delusions of grandeur,

what are you expecting to get

from these sessions,
Dr. Connors?

[Dr. Connors] That's
completely up to you, Mia.

My purpose is to ask
the hard questions

and to get you to
think outside your box.

What you get out
of these sessions

is entirely up to you.

(eerie tense music)

It's been a long ass day.

Yeah, you're wearing it.

You look tired, bro.


But look, um.

You think you gonna make
it out to the dinner?

I don't know, depending
on what time it is

I might be able to get out
there for a little bit.

You know I got a lot
going on right now, man.


Well I mean, just let me know.

We'll work it out.


E, what's up?

We have a problem.


What's wrong?

I just left the property
up in Jonesboro, lot eight,

and it's been sold.

My key doesn't even work.

So did you flip it or
something without telling us?

Sold, what you mean sold?

It's been sold, Jacob.

It's gone.


Wait, I'm confused.

Look, I didn't sell anything.

See, this is exactly why

I felt that we all
should have power

of attorney over our
estate's affairs.

Look, calm down, E.

- Calm down?
- I'm sure it's

just a misunderstanding.

Let me make a call and
see what's going on.

I know what's going on.

Your company is suffering.

You're losing clients,
bad investments.

So maybe you needed it, huh?

But if you needed it, you
could of at least told us.

That's right.

I spoke to Mr. Watkins.

You know what he said?

That he didn't want us involved.

You in a real bad spot, man.


So maybe, huh?

All right, look, E, relax.

I'm sure we'll figure this out.


You got something to say to me?

I think I just said it.

I think you need
to be real clear

about what you saying to me.

All right, relax.

It's not that serious, guys.

J, pick up the
phone, make the call,

see what's going on.

E, you and me,
let's grab some air.

Yeah, let's do that.

Look like you could use one.


Everything okay?

Yeah, we just had a slight
issue today with Ethan.

Issue, why?

I mean, what happened?

One of our properties got
sold off without my knowledge.

Trying to figure
out what happened.

Can they do that
without your authority?

I don't know.

Well did you contact the...

Yes, Mia!


No, it's fine.

I'm sorry, I'm just
a little worked up.

I understand.

Did you speak to
Ethan about my job?

What do you mean?

Nothing, don't worry about it.

But other than that, he's
just been blowing me up

saying we need to talk.

About what?

I don't know, you know him.

He's just, he just
keeps hitting me up

saying we need to talk.

Talk about what?

I mean, your guess
is as good as mine.

Probably just
needs me to come in

and course correct or something.

I um.

I slept with Ethan.

(ominous music)

I met him a year
before I met you

and I'm sorry, I
should of told you.

(ominous music)

I'm sorry.

Please say something.

Get your goddamn hands off me.

(ominous music)

[Dr. Connors] Mia.

Are you all right?

I'm uh.

I'm just tired.

[Dr. Connors] I understand.

Can we skip today, please?

[Dr. Connors] Of course.

(ominous music)

All you need is me.

I'll take care of you.

Everything happens for a reason.

(phone ringing)

This is Jacob Patterson.

No, I haven't spoken to her.

Did you try to call her?

I'm not sure why
she's not there.



I understand.


Hey, Mia.

Your job just called me.

They said you haven't been to
work in the past couple days.

They haven't heard
anything from you.

Give me a call
when you get this.

(eerie ominous music)




(eerie tense music)

Mia, Mia, Mia.

(eerie tense music)

[Watts] Mia Patterson, 33.

Apparent overdose on
prescription pills.

Come on, man, what is this?

[Sykes] Relax, sir.

It's just a formality.


My partner, Detective Sykes,

likes to use fancy
words and shit

but I'm Watts and we'll be
handling your wife's case.

What case?

[Sykes] Well, we
discovered certain anomalies

involving your wife's death.

Oh my god, man.

[Watts] How many properties
do you own, Mr. Patterson?

What's that got
to do with anything?

You've recently had
some financial issues

that lead to you selling
off one of your properties.

I see you recently
made changes

to your insurance policy,
for you and your wife.

[Jacob] Wait, what?

Is that your signature?

Yeah, I signed it

but my wife normally takes
care of all this stuff.

[Watts] Prescription
changes as well,

which you picked up.

Look man, what
are y'all saying?

We're not saying anything.

We're just asking questions.

[Watts] What are
y'all nervous for?

It's just a few questions.

I'm not.

Am I a suspect?

Because if so, maybe I need to...

Good afternoon, gentlemen.

Mr. Collin Hicks, Mr.
Patterson's legal representation

and if we're done here,

I would like to
take my client down

to identify his wife's body.


Lawyered up real quick, huh?

I see you.

Thank you, gentleman.

Mr. Patterson.

What do you think?

I'm not sure just yet

but let's check into
his wife's financial

to see what we come up with.

Roger that.

What is this and who are you?

I'm your lawyer,
Mr. Patterson.

My lawyer?

My lawyer is an old white dude

and you sir are not him.

Look, I'm well aware of
your current representation,

I was referred by
a mutual contact

who thought I could
assist with this matter.


Look, my wife is dead.

I'm just trying to
figure all this out.

Precisely and I'm here
to help figure things out

but, Mr. Patterson,
we need to go

and identify your wife's body.

Just trying to
get some answers.

I'm trying to
give them to you.

Now, please.

I'm scared.

[Dr. Connors] Why
are you scared, Mia?

(tense electronic music)

Mr. Patterson.

(tense electronic music)

And they think that you
had something to do with it?

I don't know what
they're thinking.

They looking at the
money, the properties,

all of it.


I'm just trying to process it.



What's good?

How you feeling?

Good, man.

(eerie tense music)

Oh man, I'm sorry.

This is my fiancee
Alexis Cooper.



There must be something
in this water.

How did you manage
to keep that a secret

from the two of us for so long?

Well, that's why I've
been blowing you two up.

I wanted to tell y'all together.

She's been back and
forth out of town

and you know we've
been kind of on and off

and finally I decided
to make it official

and once we got the
news about Mia...

I'm sorry, J.


Devin, I presume?

Nice to meet you.

You, too.

And you must be Jacob.

I've heard a lot about you.

Bitch, you need to get
the hell out of my house.

Wait, whoa, whoa.

What the hell is wrong with you?

She's here to support me.

Support you?

Both of y'all can get
the hell out of my house.

Man, y'all, chill for real.

Get your hands off me, man.

You know you got problems.

You deal with that shit.

Come on, Lexi.

(tense music)

What the hell is
wrong with you, bro?

I'm good.

Aight, man.

(tense music)

Here we go.

Where is this dude going?

Are you sure we
should be doing this?

Relax, we're fine.

Just keep an eye on him.

I just don't want
to step on his rights.


We're good.

All right.

(tense music)

What are you doing here, man?

You sent that
bitch, didn't you?

[Ethan] What are
you talking about?

And you fucked my wife.

(tense music)


Man, look at this shit here.

Now this is interesting.

Should we help?

No, they're brothers.

Let it play out.

Get off of me.

You all right?

Man, look you need to relax
on Mia and I, all right?

It's complicated

and whatever you
have towards Alexis,

you leave her out
of it, all right?

Your girl, Alexis.

I fucked her.

So I guess we even.

(tense music)

(tense music)

(tense music)

(eerie tense music)

(soft thudding)

(tense music)

(tense music)

I'm losing my mind.


(eerie music)


(eerie tense music)

You still taste good.


You had everything.

You had her but she's mine.

Not your brothers,
not yours but mine.


Oh him?

Don't worry about him.

You'll see him really soon.

You killed him?

Oh me?

No, not me.

(eerie tense music)

Hi, honey.


Hi, baby.

I killed him.

Slit his throat from ear to ear

and it was so easy
to get close to him

because he couldn't control

what was in between his legs.

Oh I need you.

Don't leave me, I can
be better than her.

(mock crying)


Why are you doing this?

Because I can.

I'm dead, remember?

And you signed power of attorney

over to Mr. Collin.

Don't look so shocked.

[Jacob] All this over money?

Of course not.

This is about me getting
all that I deserve.

My own little slice
of heaven, all of it.

[Jacob] You're crazy.



Kill him so we can go already.

You go ahead, I'll catch up.

[Alexis] What?



(eerie tense music)


Back to you...


(tense music)

You guys are so predictable.

A lonely wife.

The alluring girlfriend.

The disloyal brother.

Easy, easy, easy.

All I had to do was
keep chipping away.

My life was meant
to be so much more

than you could give me.

(tense music)


(tense music)

(eerie tense music)

(energetic tense music)


(tense electronic music)

I see you recently
made changes

to your insurance policy
for you and your wife.

[Mia Voiceover] There's
some paperwork in there

that still needs your signature.

Your money has been erratic
for the last year or so.


[Watts] Is that
your signature?

I'm scared.

(eerie tense music)

[Watts] What you picked up.

Is that your signature?

It's my job.

That's why I worry.

(eerie tense music)


Jacob, Jacob calm down, bro.

I'm right here.

You're good.

How long was I out?

Like 10 days.

And E?

He didn't make it.

Oh Jesus.

That Alexis chick,
she went psycho man.

She cut his throat

and then she came after you.

What about Mia?

Mia, what do you
mean, what about her?

Mr. Patterson.

Glad to see you join us
in the land of the living.


Detectives, how
can we help you?

Just following up
on those anomalies.


And the reason we brought
you in, Mr. Patterson,

was because we thought
you were being targeted

for some sort of scam

and it turns out our
suspicions were spot on.

Your wife and this gentleman.

The lawyer.

He and Mia were actually
brother and sister.

Donna and Kevin Paradise.

Her brother's IQ
is off the charts,

bio-chemist, borderline genius.

Meaning he's fully capable

of coming up with a concoction

to slow a heart rate
to resemble death.

So she never died?

[Watts] Nope.

[Sykes] How well did you
know your wife, Mr. Patterson?

Well I didn't
dig into her past

or anything like that.

They like to
play the long game,

get in, find the
money, the properties,

create the avenue
and exploit it.

[Jacob] Wow.

And you and your
brother were the targets.

They take over lives,
then move on, start again.

Some sort of sick,
twisted game to them.

We can probably
trace this back

to six other cases like yours.

All across the US.

That's some Invasion of
the Body snatchers type shit.

You got lucky.

More than likely
because of the girl.

Dana Jordan.

She was the newbie they
hired to get to you and Ethan

and when she couldn't do
the job, she was expendable.


What about Mia?

[Watts] She disappeared,
her brother, too

but if it means anything,

we're not letting this one go.

I appreciate it.

Take care of yourself.

Damn, bro, that's crazy.

Like something straight
up out of a movie.

Got me second guessing
trusting these women now.

Like for real.

Alice might have
to get the rundown.


For real, bro.

Don't make me laugh.

Oh man.

[Dr. Connors] So, what's
next for you, Mr. Patterson?

Some time off.

Maybe a trip to paradise.

(somber hip hop)

♪ No more pain

♪ No more crying

♪ No more sorrow

♪ No more

♪ No more

♪ And this is what I feel

♪ The pain is real

♪ All of those lies

♪ I've cried and I cried

♪ What more can I take

♪ What more can I say

♪ You are no more

♪ This pain I endure

♪ You are no more

♪ That door is closed

♪ Come on

♪ We fight

♪ We stand

♪ We rise

♪ No more

♪ No pain no prize

♪ These eyes

♪ Can lie

♪ No more no more no more

♪ We fight

♪ We stand

♪ We rise

♪ No more

♪ No pain no prize

♪ These eyes

♪ Your lies

♪ No more no more no more

(soft R&B)

♪ Imagine where you want to be

♪ Lay down kissing

♪ Rubbing touching

♪ Holding on to me

♪ I feel it rise

♪ Feeling nice

♪ When you're close to me

♪ This is how it's
supposed to be

♪ Loving you you're loving me

♪ Yeah

♪ Babe let's take our time

♪ And let's do this right

♪ Babe I got the time

♪ Girl it's right tonight

♪ And baby in the darkness

♪ I will be your light

♪ This is what they mean

♪ When they say have
a healthy appetite

♪ We can ride

♪ We can ride forever

♪ If we ride together

♪ We can ride together

♪ We can ride forever

♪ We can ride wherever

♪ Forever together

♪ We can ride forever

♪ Just let the top down

♪ Just let the top down

♪ We can ride

♪ Just let the top down

♪ Down down

♪ We can ride

♪ Never wanted to see the day

♪ When you become
another lesson learned

♪ So I'm better off

♪ Walking alone

♪ Carrying this weight
up on my shoulders

♪ Neither one of
us want to admit

♪ That this over when it's over

♪ I wish you the best

♪ Pray one day you realize

♪ That's there more to love

♪ Than just your presence

♪ I don't want to keep walking

♪ Walking alone

♪ I don't want to keep drowning

♪ In my fears