Paradis amers (2012) - full transcript


Zero future

Hugo, we're going to Africa!


Not Africa, Mayotte.
We got our transfer.

I don't get it.

You asked for Reunion
or the Antilles.

The job's in Mayotte.

Then you can just say no!

We can't, we've been
waiting so long.

Can I stay?

Hugo, don't get started!

He can stay with us.


And fail 9th grade?

I'm not going.

You can't force me.

I won't live in that nowhere.

I hope you won't be sorry.

Where's Mayotte?

Oh, it's so small!

Will there be bugs?

I don't give a shit.

- Can I get in your bed?
- No.

You're so annoying, Lydie.

Are you really not
coming with us?

Welcome to Mayotte

Wasn't someone supposed to
pick us up?

Yes, yes.

Here's the number.

It's hot!

No one's answering.

We can wait for 5 minutes, right?

We should've taken a taxi
when there was one.

To go where?

I only have the school address.

And no one's answering the phone.

- Here!
- Wait.

Come here, dear.

- Isabelle, Guillaume?
- Yes.

Sorry we're late.

It's the barge.

We had to let 2 go by
before we could get on.

We have to hurry
or we'll miss the last one.

It starts with a cruise.

Isn't this a great trip?

Too bad it's so dark.
It's the biggest lagoon in the world.

Is the water rough?

He gets seasick.

No, it's smooth as oil.

There's oil in it, too.

The house will be ready
on Friday.

So we reserved a B&B for you.

It's plain but nice.

The owner had a restaurant in Mada.

"In Mada?"


Oh, yes.

It's really nice of you
to meet us.

Of course.

We can't leave
newbies on their own.

Next year, it'll be your turn.

Did you hear?

- What's that animal?
- I don't care.

Do you think it's poisonous?

Can I get in your bed?


You're so annoying, Lydie.

We're not staying here, right, papa?


Our house will be ready soon.

She means not staying in Mayotte.

What's that thing?

It calls people to prayer.

Where are you going?

Be careful.
Don't go far!

What are you doing here?

The exit is that way.

Get out right now!

What are you doing?

Whose kid is it?

I don't know.
He was all alone.

There were cops all over.

Get in, quick!

I know what to do.
Come on!

You're new here?

This is the ghetto
for illegals from Anjouan Island.

The island across the way.

They come at night
on makeshift boats.

If they make it.

- Why?
- It's France!

And there's work.

Well, a little.

It's paradise!

This is paradise?

- Let me know what happens, OK?
- OK.

See you later!

I gave him to my brother-in-law.

He knows all the illegals.
He'll find the parents.

What happens then?

The police deport them

and then the whole family
will come back.

- Françoise.
- Hugo.

Welcome to Mayotte, Hugo.

Welcome, Wazungus!

You'll see.

The coconut generation
has become the Coke generation.

It's not like Reunion yet.

It's more like Africa.

You'll see during Ramadan.

They don't eat
and they sleep all day.

Polé, polé as they say.
Gently, gently.

Polé, polé?

It means "gently."

- A bug!
- Where, sweetie?

It's just a cockroach.

You'll see more, dear.

I saw you on the barge.

- Victor.
- Hugo.

So we had to meet.

- Your parents are the newbies?
- Yeah.

Don't worry, in 3 weeks
you'll be real Wazungus.

- What?
- Wazungus.

Whites in Mayotte.

- Where are your parents?
- In France.

They got divorced 5 years ago
and remarried jerks

with kids who are jerks.

- So hasta la vista!
- You live alone?

No, with my uncle

The fat guy, the owner.

He's only interested in money...
and African girls.

He married her last year.

At least she's over 18!

After 4 years, I've learned

that pants and long sleeves
beat the heat and mosquitoes!

My uncle's wife has a store
next to the tourist office.

Come by if you want.
I live above the store.

Did you make a friend?

Yeah, right.

What is this stuff?

Hugo, your sister, OK, but you...

If you want designer,
hop on a plane.


Isn't your mom kind of nervous?

Her fantasy was an island with
white sand and we land in Africa.

Same with my dad.

He hates the heat
and when he sees a boat, he pukes.

He can wait around for
his expat bonus and buy a house.

He's not like that.
Teaching's his thing.

My mom too.

They're all into different cultures
and all that...

Do you like it?

I see what you mean.


Why are they

always right in the middle!

Are you OK?

This fucking heat.
I can't sleep.

I know it's hard.

It's hard for us too.
We didn't imagine it this way.

We have to consider it
an experience, a chance

to see something different.

When I was your age,
I wanted to run away

as far as possible.

But I'm not you.

I don't want to be like you.

OK, boys, stand up straight.

Look here.
Take your hands out of your pockets.

Don't smile.
Don't chew gum.

Look straight ahead.
There we go.

- Are you ready?
- Yes.

Are you new?


My name is Zaïnaba.
Z, a, ï, n, a, b, a.

I'm Hugo.
H, u, g, o.


Hello, Madame Garcin.

Sit down, sit down.

If you don't know me,

I'm Françoise Garcin.

I teach history and geography

and I'll be your class teacher
this year.

We'll take attendance?


Your parents were OK?

Yes, but Madjidi's parents
didn't like it.

They were ashamed
that their son married a white woman.

It's been this way for 17 years!

And Françoise and my mother
only exchange 1 or 2 words.

A great mother-in-law...

Has it been hard adjusting here?

I've learned that French is taught
as a foreign language.

- We have to adapt.
- OK, but it's hard!

In my class, 9 out of 10 students
don't listen.

You're exaggerating!

Focus on
the 1 who is listening, right?

We have a homework helping group.

We even go to the distant villages.

Are there a lot of volunteers?
Mostly teachers?

Students too.

If Hugo would like to help,

we'd love to have him.

This area could be very quiet.

But the village women
get water at the spring.

They jabber and screech...
with their tons of kids.

Excuse me, this is heavy.

See you soon.

Good luck, bye!



Françoise said
there's a music class.

I don't care.

Can't you speak nicely
to your father?

I'm sick of your negative
attitude here.

We're trying our best.
Lots of kids would love this.

Then make them live here!

Isn't life great?

Maybe we made a mistake.

You're the one who wanted this.

I know, but...

I didn't expect this.

Oh, no.

Sweetheart... Isabelle,

we'll get through this.

- We have to adapt.
- Yes.

Give yourself some time.

You're right, I'm being stupid.


I'm sorry.

Great, my mom is losing it.
I'll be back before Christmas!

Need help?

Sure, if you want.

Who's this?

My best friends.
We had a band.

So that's why...

Yeah, yeah.

You know her?

We're in class together.

Aren't you bored
in this shithole?

I read, I write, I live.

You can bum around,
you're free.

Yes, that's right,
I'm totally free.

What'll you do later on?

You don't want to stay here?

Here or somewhere else...

You have 30 minutes left.

What is it, Fatima?
Are you OK?

Your father?

Should I go see him?


Thanks for French class.

Don't worry about it.

Also, we're neighbors.

Not just in class.

- My village is down there.
- Oh, OK.

And that's our spring.
It was ours

before the m'zungulands.

We don't mind if they borrow it.
But we were here first!

See you tomorrow?

See you tomorrow.

Oh, fuck...


He's 20 years older
and on his 3rd marriage!

They can't force her
to get married!

She's of legal age.

- So let's just ignore it!
- You're crazy!

Fatima is Muslim
and you're a Wazungu!

Saving every poor girl
isn't going to make you happy here.

I can't just watch
while her whole life is ruined.

Do what you want.


I know where she lives.



- Fatima lives here?
- She's not here.

Are your parents home?

Hello, madame.

I'm here...

It's because...


Hello, Madame.
I'm the village kadi,

the local judge.

Hello, I'm Isabelle.

How can I help you?

It's Fatima. She's in my class.
She's unhappy.

She is to marry an older man.

- You know this...
- Yes.

Fatima's mother told me
that in class

you told her to disobey.

Oh, no!
Not at all.

I just listened.

She was very upset.

This is not good.
She is marrying

a very reliable man.
- She's too young!

- It's disgusting.
- Hugo, please.

Madame, this is what
I'm trying to avoid:

a ruined girl like her.

She's in my class too.

What's the problem?
She's 16 and still single?

Madame, no one interferes
in your class,

so respect our traditions.

Tell Fatima to come home.

Oh, no! Not golf.

This game sucks,
I wanted soccer!

I did my best, it's from Reunion.

You're lucky to have a game.

Shitty country.

You're not happy either?


At least you got your shoes.

Not the ones I wanted.

What's wrong?

You know.

I hate this time of year.

And this endless rain
is a nightmare.

Then we can just go home.

Grandma and Grandpa
are on the webcam.

Hi, Grandma!

Thanks for the foie gras.

- Tell me if it's good.
- I'm sure it is.

It's the same one from last year.

We're thinking about you.
We miss you.

We miss you too, Dad.

Merry Christmas, kids.

Merry Christmas to both of you.

Isabelle, what is it?

Hugo, what's going on?

It's just hard not being with you.

We're far away.

Why don't you come back?

Ask them.

What about you, Hugo?


- It's Gramps.
- Oh, no!

- I don't know what to say.
- Kids!

- Come on, talk to him.
- No!

- Hello?
- Hello, Pop?

Hi, I'm here.

Merry Christmas!

Basic review
from 6th grade on

Move, please.

Why, Madame?

So that Hugo can develop
his own skills.

If your mom saw this...

Go on, hurry up.

Sit there.

Kabale, move over, please.


OK, hurry up!

What are you doing?

OK, OK, come back.

Go, go.

Oh, fuck!

Start over, Hugo.

Let's go, get into position.

Zaïnaba, you're the champ,
come help him.

She'll show you how.

Hold your stick like this.

Ready, set, go.

Look ahead, not at the tire.

Go, go.

This is stupid.

I guess tire racing
isn't your thing.

Like geography.

What's up?


He's here?


- We had to wait the last time.
- Don't worry.

- You like this one?
- Yes.

How much for this?

He says 150.

No, no.

His gold is not the best quality.

He says 125.

It's OK,
we'll look elsewhere.

He says 100.

No, stop.
100 is fine with me.

Don't worry, I'm a pro.

You know me,

I'll give you 50.

He'll take 50.

Great, thanks.

Thanks, brother.

It would've cost 400 in town.

You never would've done that
back home.

We're not back home.

It benefits everyone here.

It's gross!

Don't say we're here
to see other cultures

and then screw over
illegal immigrants.

You piss me off, Hugo.

Are you any better?

With your fucking video game.

I don't need your preaching.

I'm sick of you, and Mayotte!

Hugo, what are you doing?



What would you like, dear?

Save some, it's the last one!

I got you one.
Want some?

No, thanks.
I'm not very hungry.

Why do you always
have drumsticks?

Because I used to play music.

Slow down!

It's not just fruit juice.

I know.

Wasn't that good?

Thank you, darling.

Thank you.

Oh no, not him.


What if we become like him?

Like him?

No way.

We'll be long gone.

Relax, darling.

Think about us.

Happy anniversary.

- You like it?
- It's fabulous!

But it must've cost a fortune.

No, it was Jean-Marc's idea,
I bought it in the ghetto.

The seller still makes a profit.

Everyone wins.

I thought blacks had rhythm.

You think your drumsticks
have rhythm?

Can't you tell?

I figured it out.

With 2 years' expat bonuses,

we'll have enough money
to build a house.

- You're sure?
- Yes!

We should do it,

like Aline and Jean-Marc.

With a backyard?

With a backyard!

And we'll have
our own bathroom?

Of course!

I always dreamed of having
a master suite.

Oh, great.
You're real expats now.

Oh, you don't want a house!

Hi! You're leaving?

I'm going to help Zaïnaba
with schoolwork.

- You think she'll graduate?
- Why not?

She'll never do it,
like most people here.

- What an awful thing to say.
- It's true.

We're slackers and
head of the class...

In any case,
they all want to leave.

France doesn't care.
She won't get a job.

Not a white job.

Why shouldn't she stay here?

What's the deal?
Can't I have other friends?

You're such an idiot!

Isn't it pretty?

I'm going to Fatima's wedding
to give her this.

- Will you come?
- I don't want to.

It's not the Middle Ages.
Arranged marriage is bad.

Not here.

Her mother needs the dowry.
And Fatima will get a house.

- And when he dumps her?
- She keeps the house.

The judges always rule for us.
That's as it should be.

We're the ones who raise the kids,
and cook...

we do it all.

Should we go?

Why doesn't Fatima's mother
like you?

And that guy said
that you were ruined...

Do you think it's true?


92 apartments for sale

Why are they yelling at me?

The Wazungus mess it up.

You destroy fishing villages
to build this stuff.

Go slowly.

At least with you Wazungus,
it's fast.

Look at this one.

3 windows, an eat-in kitchen...

Lots of light.

This one is kind of funny.


- It's nice!
- Yeah.

Where were you?

With Victor.

This one is nice.

Do you like it?

I thought that bangas
were only for boys.

My brother's married,
he's in Reunion.

I have a great idea.

It's called "Banga Tourism."

"Banga Tourism."

We could rent empty bangas
to tourists.

You white people love that,
stuff that's authentic.

Don't you want to go to France?

Not anymore.

As a kid, I had trouble in school.

We didn't speak French at home,
I was lost.

But I loved the maps of France.

I learned them by heart,
with the departments.

By heart?


Department 67,
county seat: Strasbourg.

But "county seat"
changed to "prefecture."

Our skin looks good together.

Don't you think?

You're beautiful.

That's because I'm happy.

I have to take care of Hagi.

Your little brother?

No, my son.

The context supports
decolonization starting in 1945.

The European colonial powers
have been weakened by war.

Subjugated peoples
don't want foreign rule anymore.

They want to gain
dignity and freedom.

Zaïnaba, stop!

Why can't you sit still today?

Indigenous elites start
a liberation movement

and rally people
who want to leave poverty behind.

Bye, kids.


What's going on with Zaïnaba?


I'm not judging, it's your life.

But this is not France.

You're white, she's Mahoran.

Do you know what that means?

You can hurt her a lot.

That's not my intent.

I know.

Having a child
doesn't make her an adult.

You understand?

You knew?

Of course.

Sorry, I have to go.

You want your Zaïnaba?

Beat it, I'm not in the mood.

- I miss you.
- Leave me alone.

Let me go.

Don't you fucking touch me!

I loved him.

But he wasn't reliable.

Losing your virginity unmarried
is shameful.

Everyone called me a ruined girl.

When he was born, I was all alone.

Even my mom was unkind.

What's wrong, Hugo?

You could have told me before,
that's all.

Does it matter?

Everyone else knew.

The teachers, the kadi...

Even if everyone knows,
we don't talk about our mistakes.

Babies should only happen
when it's really love...

for both people.

Come here.

There he is!

do you have a minute, please?

We have to talk.

We've thought it over

we can't go back home
for the summer.

Oh, no!
You promised.

We're sorry.

With the new house,
it costs too much.

OK, fine.
I'm not surprised.

Welcome Wazungus!

Excuse me.



Are you sick?

I threw up this morning.

What do you have?

We're having a baby.

You're not on the pill?

You're not happy, Hugo?

A baby isn't a tragedy.
It's only joy.

I love our baby
because he'll look like you.

Maxime, that's enough!

You're annoying me.

You're going back to France!

I'm sick of this shit.

Go live with Grandma.

- In the middle of the year?
- It's October.

- I don't want to.
- So what?

- And Zaïnaba?
- We'll handle it.

You can't make her!

Oh, is it her choice?

We'll pay her.
That's what she wants.

You're in shock,
but don't say that.

They made a mistake.
We have to help, not hurt.

We don't need your lessons.


Sorry, Hugo.

I wish you good luck.


Tell me, Hugo,

have you ever heard of condoms?

Tomorrow you'll get tested.

And the baby?

Can I get into your bed?

Am I going to be an aunt?

Can I be the baby's godmother?

In keeping
with local health regulations,

we must disinfect the cabin.

We apologize
for this inconvenience.

No, sir, stay seated.
Fasten your seatbelt.

I'm so glad you're here.

Are you cold?

Mom told us of your exploits.

I rewashed all your laundry.

Why are you in the dark?

You're just sitting around?

Next Saturday, you'll come with me.

Could you knock next time?

Total Close-Out Sale

Excuse me.

The mall is open
for 4 more weeks before

closing for renovation.

For 4 weeks,

find amazing deals
in all our stores.

Everything must go.

- Excuse me.
- Sorry, I saw it first.

No, Madame, you were after me.

- No, I'm sorry.
- No, no.

- You're ruining it.
- Let go.

- Hugo, say something.
- Let go, it's mine.

Guess what she said?

"If you think that your age
gives you the right..."

Did you really need it?

You have tons of sweaters.

Hey, guys, I saw this movie
where a chick kissed a guy.

She was rolling her tongue
in every direction.

Whaddaya mean, "in every direction"?
Where can a tongue go?

- What direction?
- Should I show you?

Come on, quit it.

Hugo, how do the girls
kiss in Mallorca?

- Do they dig white guys?
- You idiot.

- Go on, tell us.
- Yeah.

It's Mayotte, not Mallorca.

I met this girl.
We made love every day.

Several times a day.

A girl I love,

and who loves me.

And who's carrying my child.

That's it.

What a liar.

Boys' turn.

No, we're fine,

but I'm worried about Hugo.

School isn't going well,
he's always alone.

Sometimes, I find his behavior...

a bit odd.

Yes. Yes.

"Hello, Hugo.

"I hesitated to write to you.

"But I think you should know.

"The baby is gone today.

"Maybe it's better this way.

"My mom says I should forget you,
but I can't.

"It hurts to know
I'll never see you again.

"Please don't forget me."

Bang X

Before it's too late

It seems she's
in the south with her aunt.

Find out where.

If her family has hidden her,
it's not going to be easy.

You know everyone. Try.

I'll see what I can do.
How are you doing?

I can't stand it here.

People only care
about stupid trends.

That's life in France.

Oh, promises, promises...

Listen, guys.

The other day,
what you said about

the girl in Mayotte,

was it bullshit?

You believed me?


No, no, it was too crazy.

Excuse me.

Hugo, this isn't school.

What are you doing?

Isn't it obvious?

You wanna photo?

I am not a product

To many images kill

It's "t, o, o," not "t, o."

You made a mistake.

Too many images kill imagination

Wanna smoke?


On TV,
you can mute it or change channels.

But outside,
you're forced to see ads.

It's infringing on our freedom.

We're all over France.

We tear down posters
or mark them up.

We're resisting, we're at war.

Watch out, it's flammable.


Oh, fuck!

Advertising = mental rape

The carbon tax and recycling,
that's useless bullshit.

The only thing
that can save the planet

is a radical decrease in consumption.

What you said about Mayotte
makes sense.

Your island will be a dump,
like here and everywhere else.

Oh! Hugo.
My God, where were you?

- What?
- The school called.

Where were you?

- Nowhere.
- But you come back...

You've been smoking?

- No.
- Don't lie to me.

I tell you, I wasn't smoking.

I left 50 messages on your phone.

- Why didn't you answer?
- My battery was dead!

Ads are lies

You ad, I ad,
they pollute

- Your roommates aren't home?
- They're in Berlin.

The ad guys are there.
We gotta be there before the vote.

Otherwise they'll put ads
everywhere, with no limits.

At the Brussels
Convention Center

during a big convention,
it'll be a big deal.

I'd like you to be there.

Condoms are there.

Well... I better go.

My grandparents are uptight.


Merry Christmas!

Can I come in?

What's wrong?

Is it school?

Your grades are average,
but you have to get readjusted.

Grandma said
you skipped class

and you're coming home
very late.

Don't mess up again.

It's been hard enough as it is.

Hard for who?
For you, for Zaïnaba, for who?

We had a 12-hour plane trip
to see you.

You've got 30 seconds
to come eat.

OK, it's time for presents.

Children first.

Here, from Mom and Dad.

For you.

Merry Christmas, kids.

- Get something you like.
- Thanks.

- Open it!
- Yeah.

Here, I'll help you.

Organic fabric, recycled soles,

and the factory
respects workers' rights.

Like them or not,

at least they're not corporate.

- I surprised you.
- He's going to start boating.

A cell phone, cool.

You got all you wanted.

Shut up, you got
your bamboo shoes, right?


Don't speak to your brother
that way.

- You're still coming home in June?
- Yes.

Did you see Zaïnaba?

It's on the right, honey.

- That's the new house?
- Yes, that's the lot.

Work will start in March.

It'll be ready by Christmas,

if all goes well.

- Which room is biggest?
- None is.

And your brother has a say.

No, I don't care.

You should care,
it's your house too.

No, it's yours,
your bonuses paid for it.

Shut up.

That's what I said.

Where are you going, Hugo?

Between here and Brussels,
don't touch anything.

Our goal
is the Convention Center.

There will be lots
of advertisers there.

No graffiti in Brussels.

We only put up posters.
No spray-painting.

Oh! You came.

- Here are the tickets.
- Thanks.

Hugo, Cédric.
Cédric, Hugo.

- Hi.
- Hi.

I meant to tell you, when...

It's OK,
I'm with someone too.

OK. Should we go?

OK, we'll be there in an hour.

If we don't do it,
nothing will change.

Hello. Tell us
what you're doing today.

Not now, we'll talk after.

Come on, let's go!

Down with billboards!
We don't want your billboards!

Down with billboards!

We don't want your billboards!

Quick, get back!
Everyone, get back!

Down with billboards!
We don't want your billboards!

There's the environment
commissioner. Come on, quick!

Down with billboards!
We don't want your billboards!

Hugo, look out! Get out of there!

Why am I going to Gramps'?

Why do you think?
I'm sick of you.

Everyone is sick of you.
Even Grandma and Grandpa.

But Gramps lives in West Buttfuck.

Yes, exactly.

You'll end the school year
in the sticks.

You won't be tempted
by consumer society.


You can't keep on exiling me.

At first I didn't like it there.

The climate?

Everything, the climate, the heat,
the mosquitoes,

being white
where everyone is black.

Doing well in school without trying,
and being richer.

I just didn't fit there.

And later?

I liked it.

Your father drew that.

He was a good artist.

Does it look like her?

- There's no radiator?
- Radiator?

With this comforter,
you'll be fine.

Could you live there?

- Long-term?
- I don't know.

Soon they'll be like us there.

It's screwed up.

You sound like your father.

He said it was screwed up,
he would change it.

But in the end...

When we walked by here,
you used to throw pebbles

at the crown to make a noise.

- How did your essay go?
- It was fine.

Your grandma called this
"calm hour."

Night falls quickly in Mayotte.

There are no seasons,
it's always like this.

You'd like it there.

They live simply,

like you do.

Your parents wrote
that you weren't OK.

But I don't think so.
In fact,

when someone wants to be free,
then he's doing quite well.

Veal stew.


- I haven't had it in years.
- You should've come sooner.

- A little more?
- Yes.

Great, thanks.

Is it good?

Really good.

Your grandmother's...

was even better.

The worst is,
sometimes it's hard...

to remember her.

That's why I put her photo up.

When she died,

if it weren't for your dad...

I was 19 when we met.

But I was supposed
to marry someone else.

It was all arranged,
a lot of money was involved,

and farmers' land.

It was a big scandal.

Back then, this was serious.

My dad beat the crap out of me.

But I held firm.

No one could stop me.

I was in love,

and I married your grandmother.

I usually go to bed early.

Good night.

Good night, Gramps.

- You'll turn off the lights?
- Yes, don't worry.


I don't know if I believe in God,

but I know
there's something more,

and I'll be with your grandma.

OK, you can tell me later.
Excuse me.

I'll be back, hold on.

Hello? Hello?




Your mom and I are separating.

What happened?

I don't really know.

I had a thing with Aline.
Very stupid.

- And Mom found out?
- Yes.

But it's not that.

She hates Mayotte
but I want to stay.

You want to stay?

But... what about the house?

It's for Mom and Lydie.

I'm doing 2 more years.

I feel like...

I can do something there.

The island changed us.

Or it changed me.

And you too.

And Aline?


went back to France with Jean-Marc.

They didn't get Mayotte.

At least we're not like them.

You can choose:

come with me to Mayotte
or live with Mom and Lydie.

Subtitles: Eclair Group