Paradesi (2007) - full transcript

Get down ....

They are the bloody notorious criminals .
- Please don't beat me !

Please be seated.

Place it there ....

Your permit is going
to expire after 3 month's.

Apply for the request quickly.

lt's been orderedthat all the
lawsabidingthis matter should be strict.

l shall apply for it as soon as possible.

l'm not feeling well ....

l don't know why are they
disturbingthis Old man ?

The S.P had claimedthat most of them
are not comingfor signing in the register.

l think some hadto be departedfrom here.

Most of the them are having difficulties.

They are having different kinda ailment's.
And some can't even walk without the help of others.

Even we have some restrictions ....

Shall l leave ...

There wasa call from Rauf ?

Enquiring that why did you visited
the Police Station without informing him ?

Even l too got scared ....

l'm pretty much worried
when you visit's the Police Station.

lsn't there any problem ?

He made me remember
that the permit is going to get expired.

Grandpa there had been
a Comedy Film telecasted in the T.V

Grandpa you missed it.

Didthe Police-mens beat you Grandpa ?

Come along ...

Police-mens won't beat your Grandpa.

Why are they goingto beat-up
this poor Old Man ?

My classmatesare sayingthat you will be
shot dead by the Police since you are a Pakistani.

Grandpa, Will Something like that occur ?

Stop your rubbish talk's ...
Let him take rest.

Your Grandma didn't like it .....

Dad, l will be leaving at evening.

Since the kids have to go
to their schools.

Dad, you must consult a Doctor.
You are very weak .

You come here let Grandpa
take some rest.

Can't you leave on
tomorrow morning in Rauf's Car.

She had to study at night
and we haven't taken the booksalong.

You are suffering from number of diseases.
So go to sleep after taking your medicines.

Yet the Almighty
is not calling me back.

Since your Dad had died quickly,
He might have decided to take away your life lately.

Dad died by the hands of Britisher's for
the sake of the Country.

And l might get died
asa Foreigner or asan Spy.

Everthing is like a Joke.

Again started
to think unwanted matters.

As per your request ....

Considering the decent records
of a Pakistan Citizen like you...

... had been allowedto reside in lndia
for one more year from 15-8-2001 to 1 4-8-2002.

During this span you shouldn't compete in any Election's
or get into any Political Party or any offence.

lf you are found guilty of getting
into any of these deeds ...

Then the permit for your stay in
lndia would be taken back.

And must register your sign in the Manjari
Police-Station between the 1st and 5th day of every month.

l think the officer's
had started to think wisely.

Many innocent fellows
will be saved if they wish.

They had carried out these
kinda Drama'sa number of times.

The superiors over the both side
are cruel and un-humanly.

Who is going to know about
the worry in the heart of the Poor's ?

They'll leave after quarelling
among each other.

Come in Hamsa ....

l haven't seen you from a longtime.
Please be seated.

The Police are a great nuisance.

They visit's the house twice in a week.
andabuses my Wife and kids.

Now l doesn't sit
in my house for too long.

What to do now ?

What should l say now ...

How can l ask you to fight a case,
who is finding hard to earn his own daily bread.

The Police is claiming
that l'm a Spy !

ln the recent notice they had asked me
to leave the place immediately.

lt's mentioned in it ....

You don't give up ...

Live in the same place
which had given you the birth.

You will have the help from the natives.
Don't sit in your house for too long.

There's no other remedy ....

You would get into trouble if caught by
the Police or the Advocates.

l'm confused Moosa Brother ...
The sight of my un-married daughter worries me.

They are looking after the family
after going for work.

Who is goingto marry them
seeing my condition ?

God why am
l not still dying !

Let me leave Moosa Brother.

Stop ...
Stop !

Grandpa l'm searchingfor you
since a longtime.

When l went to your house they said that you
had been to the Advocates Office.

And when l went there, you had gone to Police Station.
Atlast l hadfound you .

How are you going to find me if you search
at the time when l'm not available ?

Tell me ''Sahipichi'' ...

You have started teasing me
again calling ''Sahipichi''.

You have learn't the language of
the Britishersand had read lot of their Books .

... and had earneda Master's degree .
Then what shouldthis poor man address you as.

We and our Country could make such a
progress due to the education impartedto us.

Daughter, you shouldn't
say this to the Country-mens.

Our ancestors didn't fought against them
by taking up the education from the Britisher Schools.

Varian kuninu and Haji Mussaliar had gone to which
colleges to fight against the British Empire ?

kids like you won't understandthat.
So howfar is my work going on ?

For that you must first help me ....
l want to know some more things.

Grandpa, you must give
me those documents to refer.

And don't call me ''Sahipichi'' hereafter.

Ok as you wish ...
l shall provide you the documents.

Even if you write anything,
nothing good is goingto happen.

Yet it's good that
the World should be aware of it.

You haven't toldanythingabout your childhood.

What is there to say, the childhood of a
Poor isall the same with sufferingand disaster's.

My Father got killed by the hands of Britishers
in the Pukotur battle of 1921 .

He died when
my Mom was pregnant.

There were no one to help us.

l left my Home town at the age of 12.

Brother, please take care of my child well.

lsn't this Mumbai a Big Market ?

He is my only hope.

You don't worry about him.
He is like my own Son.

So shall we leave ....
Come along Son.

l wandered in most of the Cities in lndia.

To supress my hunger andto
look after my family.

From Mumbai l learnt the
art of making Beedi.

From there l had learnt to read
and write Malayalam.

From there l reached
''Mubarak Beedi'' Company in karachi.

Weren't you aware of the
lndependence Struggle duringthose days ?

Duringthose days poverty and worry
about unmarried Sister's had encaptivated my heart.

ln Bazar l used to hear People saying
the name of Gandhi and Nehru.

And l learned more about it
when l joinedthe struggle.

Andthat too not to a great extent.

lt's been too late ...
lt won't be good if l stay here further.

Mom will get worried ....
Shall l leave ...

l shall meet you later .

Should l drop you till the Bus stop.
- No need.

ls Advocate Ramakrishnan here ?

No, but his assistant hadtold that
he would be arriving soon.

keep it. . .
- Ok.

Moosa Shahib had arrived early.
Come along.

Be seated.

So How are you ?

Last week the Police Officer hadtold
that it's time to renew the Permit.

Yes we shall submit it immediately.

Along with that shall we pass on one
more request of no:92for the Citizenship.

There's some possibility for that.

lt's been saidthat
the Sumit is goingto take place.

Rafeeqandthe Convict
of the Perundalmana had come.

Ask them to wait.
- Ok.

We can try as you said.

Once they had returned it earlier.

Now after 8 years back...
Have to search the document's.

lt's not 8 but 10 year's had passed.

Anyways we can try for
it once again.

The documents might be there in the files.

We can claim that you were here in 1950's.

We can't apply on the same grounds
that we had applied earlier.

because at that time we were not able to prove that the
Pakistan passport was issued without your wish.

Can attach even the request of your wife.

And since you have
grown oldand has disease's.

lsn't this Lawsare meant for the humans ?

Don't leave the hope.

Afriend of Asharaf had come.

He toldthat his daughter is getting
some marriage proposals

Even she is goingto get married.

But she is still studying.

She was born when l arrived here
after leaving karachi forever.

She is our first Grand daughter.

From where is the proposal ?
No one had come here.

They are from the Qatar itself.

They are concernedabout the proposal
since you are a Pakistani.

l'm not a Pakistani.
l'm from Pukotur.

lt's the truth that is know to us.

You are a Foreigner in
front of the Law.

That's true ....

Because of that our Elder Son got settled in Gulf
saying that his Father isa Pakistani.

And our second Son shiftedto his own house claiming
that his childrens would get scared by the Police.

l'm awaiting when you too
are goingto leave me.

What's your problem ?

The Girls nowadaysare interested in living alone
with the family safeguardingtheir own interest.

And they too have
different kinda excuses for that.

Everyone is havinga way
to get escape.

Without whom should l share
the worry and pain in my heart from 10-40 years.

You are the only one to support me.

Should l give permission to Ashraf
to fix the marriage ?

Let them fix any proposal they like
l'm will be glad .

Anyways let the Guy they are looking
for her shall be well educated .

Don't just pursue
after money and wealth.

Hope they wouldallow our childto
pursue her education.

l shall bring you the medicines.

By the way Abu-Bakar,
Our Moosa is not yet to be seen.

He is been very lucky.
He had got the keeradath House so cheaply.

Moosa's Father wasa close
associative of keeradath House.

There is no need for a Father like that,
he is more than enough ....

He had started talking rubbish.

Hey fellow it's your daughter's
wedding today.

Could l stop from sayingthe truth even
if it's my daughter's weddingtoday.

Sainatha, why there is no Music ?
l can't hear khabisha singing.

Let everyone arrive ....
- Everyone is eagerly waitingto listen your song.

Stop flattering Brother Abubakhr.
Don't tease me ...

We were just talking about you.

He might have said something
rubbish in his gossip.

Whenever l tell the truth they say
that it's rubbish gossip.

When he used to live at Bistimula in Mumbai,
He was entitled with a nick-name as '' GossipingAbubakhr''.

Due to God's blessing he retainedthe name
in karachi andas well as here now.

Even his Father was not badat that.

Where is Vetisheri Abubakhr ?

He is here...
lt's his daughter's weddingtomorrow !

He isa Pakistani !

We have being orderedto arrest
and depart him to Pakistan as soon as possible.

Call him !

Sir, l shall come along with you tomorrow
after my daughter's wedding.

Please don't ruin
my Daughter's Marriage.

Please exempt me ....
Just for a day ...

l can't do anything ....

lt'san epoch-making case ....
l would loose myJob.

What are you doing ?
- You get into the Van.

Sir, please don't take him away ....
Let my daughter's marriage get over.

No one should create a problem ....
l had told you the seriousness of the matter.

Abubakhr come along.
- Daughter !

Please don't take him away !

Walk along ....

Son of Bloody Bitches !

My God !
- Walk along ....

That's the house of Abu-bakhr ...
l'm not coming, you go alone.

Wasn't there any Newsabout him later ?

We came to know that he was in a
Jail in karachi, after that he never come.

There was no mail from him.

And atlast we came to knew that
he died in a Hospital in karachi.

Mother, what is your belief ?

l feels that
he won't come back again.

So who carried
out the weddingafter that ?

Moosa and rest of his friend's some
how carried out the wedding.

She was that Bride ....
- Take the Tea ...

Do you have any photo of your Father ?

There might be some old one's.
Let me check it out.

lsn't your House name is Vetisheri ?

That day didn't anyone tried to
release him from the jail ?

We were not able to do that.

Here is the photo.

Hamsa, haven't you woken up yet !

Allah ! l thought that it
would be Police.

Moosa Brother ...
Please be seated.

From past two day's he
is not feeling well.

Yesterday too the Police
had come to visit.

He was not the Police-man
who usually visit's us.

He wasa kind hearted person.

He asked him to go somewhere else
away from home when he saw him here.

Hamsa, who is that Police-man ?
- l think his name is krishnan.

l think he is the Head-Constable.
He isabout to get retired.

There are good people's still
living in this World.

Yesterday while doing the prayer's
l felt like seeing you.

My feet'sare getting wounded
by this continuous walkingand hiding.

The Body start's itching whenever
l'm exposed to Sun-light.

My heart start's to beat heavily whenever
l listen to the sound of any incoming Vehicle.

lt's such a messy condition.

l had sat here itself
since l was not at all feeling well.

Yesterday my elder Son Ashraf had sent
some Money from Qatar.

Then l thought of giving
some money to you.

Leave after
having somethingto drink.

No need... Let me reach
my home before the Sun turns too hot.

When did you arrive, naughty girl ?
- We came last night .

Father awaited you a lot yesterday.
- l went to kozikhode ....

Where is dad ?
- He is taking bath... Come in ....

Shall l serve Tea for you ?
- No ... l had my breakfast just now.

And Ashraf Brother had called me up.

lt seems that Samira's wedding
is gettingfixed.

Today he may call up Mom and Dad .

He hadtalked to your Father.

lt'sa good proposal but it seem's that
they have some condition about your Dad's issue.

So you had arrived ....

Now you don't need
your Mom and Dad, lsn't it ?

Yesterday he awaitedthis
dogfor so long.

Mom had started her scolding's ....

l was busy ...

From when did you had
got so busy.

Whenwe are having such
a Big Bungalow ...

Your wife is complainingthat she can't reside
in a house where Police keep's visiting .

Don't make me say more ....

Mom, please stop it ...
Dear you come along.

l'm visiting here after takingtime-out
from a busy schedule.

And when we arrives you start's
with complain and scolding.

lt's not much year's left ....

Let's leave ....

You too had come ...
- Grandpa, don't forget to bringthe Chocolates.

Orelse l won't allow you to get in,
and shall make you get caught by the Police.

Don't do it...
- Shall l leave ....

Now are you feeling something
different in particular ?

Sometime l feel's bit dizziness ....

My whole body isaching especially hand's ...

Andtiredness ...

ls he experiencing
any mental disturbance now ?

Mom hadtold me that a reporter is frequently
visiting him and enquiringabout the past.

Deny from saying it
if you dislike.

Get up ...

lt's not because of that.
She is a nice knowledgeable Girl.

l'm getting tired since
l'm getting older.

There is nothing to worry about.

Have the same medicines which
you are taking now.

His pressure is bit high.

You must take some rest.

lt's just few year's left,
should l waste it by taking rest.

We had been to your house ...
- Ooh it was you.

l thought it's some other trouble.

The S.P is very strict.

He had askedto
observe everyone in particular.

l couldn't find you last day
when l came to sign.

And l didn't even find anyone familiar.

Give him Rs 500.
l'm not having enough money in my pocket.

Start the vehicle ....

Who is it coming ...
lt's our Moosa Brother.

She is looking like ''Singer Noojhan''

ls she your new Bride ?
Anyways she is really beautiful .

When was the wedding ?

Abdul Rahman, you
please keep your mouth shut !

Come in ....

Sulaika... just come out ...
See who had come.

lt's our Moosa
and newly wedded Bride.

Abdul Rahman, she isa reporter.
l'm fed up of him !

He doesn't know what he is saying !
What to do .

Come in ..

Don't take his words seriously.

She had come to see Abdul Rahman.

And l'm not able to
go everywhere like earlier.

And she is scared to
come alone.

How is he ?

Now the condition had gone worse.
He is deprived of sleep .

And he is not eating his
foods properly.

What is she saying ?

Your Father is Crack.

Does she know
what is happening in this world ?

Last week the Police had come to visit him.

lt get's worse after their visit's.

Moosa Brother l got hold of both
of the personalities.

lt's been so hard to findthem.
- Whom ?

l'm talking about
that Nehru and Jinnah.

l took our krishnan kutty and Aftab
from karachi in front of these personalities.

And askedthem could you
tell us from where do they belong ?

Nehru andJinnah laughed.

They laughed like the Britisher's.

l got angry and beat them hard.

Then l askedthem again could
you tell us from where do they belong ?

Then they made it clear.
That they belongto our Country.

l have to go and see the advocate
and give a petition.

lt's due to the shortage
of money we are not going.

Will l get the Citizenship ?

l enfurled so many details in front of them.

l toldthem even about
the beedi mending works in Bistimula.

And l toldthem that
l worked as Bar-tender in Mysore.

And even toldthem that l workedat
Mubarak Beedi manufacturing company in karachi

But they didn't give it.

karachi Police-mens had beaten me hard.

They put me in jail so many times.

So it's the government here
who should give me the Citizenship.

Request them that please don't
send me back to karachi.

Stop crying ...

You come and interview Sulaika later.

Shall l leave...

Moosa Brother ...

Moosa Brother ...

l forgot to say something.

l had searchedfor
Sardar Vallabhai Patel alot.

l heardthat he is been
taken away by the ''Vishwa Hindu's''

l hadasked him to visit me
when ever he comes.

Citizenship !

lsn't anyone here ?

There are no ladies here.

Could you just open the door ?

l want to enquire about something.

What do you want ?
- l'm from Media ....

l had come to visit you on
Moosa's saying.

l don't care who had sent you.

Not only the reporter's but even the
God can't save me from here.

You leave from here.

Uncle Hamsa, please come outside.
l want to take a Photo of your's.

l want to enquire many things.

lt's not to harm you.

lf you have some humanity then
please leave from here.

l don't want to see anyone in this world.

l think the rice has been boiled.

He might be comingafter having
the meals from there.

Nadira wouldn't have allowed
him to leave.

''Mother, don't you feel depressed living with
a person who is always being chased by the Police....

... and had to spent most of his time in hide-out's ?''

Our depression is not so important.

But l feel upset when l think about
those people who are bearing this stress.

How did Grandpa baredall
this severe conditions ?

At first he never usedto go outside.

And now he reveals somethingto me.

His great depression is to
die asa foreigner.

He feels so proud when he say'sabout
the Father's pension recievedto his Mother.

Do you know all these peoples ?

l do know many thing's ....
But most of them are not alive now .

There wasa girl named khadisha .

She was one of his relative.

khadisha knew how
to readand write Malayalam .

She knew everything
along with singing and dancing.

khadisha and the Groom would
leave by the next Train.

We would be visiting you frequently.

The karachi is just nearby.

He is speaking as
if karachi is located in Manjeri.

lsn't it , Moosa ?

After khadisha had left, the song's in
the weddingare not so pleasing and soothing.

lt's been so many years
l hadn't hearda songfrom you.

C'mon singfew lines ....

Moosa is crazy about khadisha's song.
He always makes her sing.

Her Father was too like that.

Since you are leaving sing
few lines to him.

Cmon sing ...

Yesterday there wasa mail from khadisha.

l got disturbedafter readingthe letter.

lt's was not like
the usual letter's from her.

khadisha haven't likedthat place.

lt would change with
course of time

Most of the Grief and depression would
drive away after having kids.

lt's been four yearsafter her marriage.

Aunty you don't get tensed about it.

Now l feels that there was
no needfor such kinda proposal.

lt's our fate !

Everything happensaccordingto his wish.

Shall l take tea for you ?

No dear ...
Let me leave ....

Tell Moosa to come and visit me.

He had gone to Manjeri ,
l shall inform it on his return.

Let me take your leave.

Ramakrishna, make sure you have
the money before betting.

l have been playing card's for many years,
its not the first time.

But you bet for higher amount's even
if you don't have any money.

Brother Moosa ....

lsn't she the daughter of our Sainatha ?
- Yes ...

lts not been long
you had left from here !

l left that place ....

That Man married
a Pakistani women from there.

Did he divorced you ?

No ...
But he asked me to be his second wife.

But my heart didn't agreed for that.

l'm coming along
with you to your house.

l shall come soon .....

Don't hurt aunty by
complainingabout unnecessary stuffs.

l won't hurt anyone .....

l haven't hurted anyone
till this year's.

Aunt Sainam ....

Dear why did you return ?

Dear what had happenedto you ?

Aunt you don't enquire anything now.

She is tiredafter travelling.
Let her take rest .

Moosa what had happened ?

She toldthat she had quarreled
with her husband.

There's something serious ....
Orelse she won't have returned ....

l shall post a mail
to karada Abdul Rahman.

He isa close friend of the Groom.

Let me try
if anything could be done.

Son, you must do something .
- Aunt you don't get worried.

Don't scold her ....

Shall l leave ...

Daughter khadisha ...
What have you decided ?

To stay in the country where l was born.

Orelse what can l do ?

Daughter what are you saying !

l carried out your marriage by
taking so much of trouble.

God .... My daughter's fate had
turned just like mine.

Dear you go there once again.

lf someone is goingto karachi from the Native,
l shall send you along.

l'm not going anywhere !

l'm fed up of that enclosed Gown,
the tasteless food'sand a Cruel Husband ....

The desire to stay
with the husband had gone.

Tomorrow we must go and visit Maika ...
- Ok we can go ...

He wouldask to work
asa servant in his house.

l had seen a lot.

Let's go there after all they
are our relatives.

'' Those who are rich are his friends,
and who have nothingare his labour's ''

You don't worry dear ....
l shall pray for your welfare.

The almighty would surely
show usa way.

My heavenly father,
please save this orphan's !

Aunt, where are you going
at this early morning ?

l'm visiting my younger Brother.
Since he is the only relative that l have.

Son, where are you going ?

l'm going to Manjeri.

On the way
l thought of visiting you.

You might be knowingthat
khadisha's Visa had got expired.

ln the usual case they
won't allow for it.

lt's not so easy for women's since
they can't stay in hide-out's.

l'm clueless....

And she is not at all agreeing for
returningto Pakistan.

By the way, Son how are you able
to stay in the Country ?

l'm continuing my stay by remaining in
the hide-out'sand offering Bribes.

Don't know when
l'm goingto get caught !

What should be done so
that l can stay here ?

l won't return to that place
even if they kill me !

lt would be too expensive
if you go to court.

Aunt Sainam won't be
able to afford it.

Would the Advocate be able to help us ?
- May be, since it's his profession.

May be the Police might show some pity
over you since you are a women.

khadisha think once again ...

Nothing is going to work out since
you are bearinga Pakistani passport.

Enough ...

This kid won't allow us to talk.
- Go ...

khadisha tried everything to continue
the stay in the country.

Didn't Moosaka helped her ?

He talked to many of
the advocates.

Then nothing worked out.

What could be done by
khadisha's Mother !

lt's better
we don't talk about it.

Aunt Sainam, found it difficult to
even earn his daily living.

Where have you been ?

Nothing ... Nothing ....

l went to do some house hold work's
in my Uncle's house.

Since we have to earn our livelihood.

lt's the reward or wages got
from my Uncle's house.

Don't cry ...
Everything will be fine.

l never thought that Aunt Sainam and her
daughter would ever face a situation like this.

Suppress it ...

l don't mind doing anyJob.

Atleast l got escapedfrom that Hell .

Now l won't go anywhere leaving my Mother.

Ask your Mom to come and visit me.
-To offer some money, lsn't it ?

There's no needfor that ...
- khadisha l ...

Don't regret for what you have said.
Everyone say's it due to care and love.

Shall l leave ....

Come ...

Come ...

Drink everything ...

l won't go anywhere
leaving you all ....

Have it ... Since you don't have to
fear anyone like me .

Come ...

Daughter ... Police .... !

Ooh Police !

Hey don't run !

Don't try to run away from the Police.

khadisha don't run orelse you
would get beating's.

Stop there ....

Stop there ...
We hadasked you to stop ....

Stop there ...

Where are you running !

Please don't beat me !

Please don't beat me !

Mother !

Please don't beat me !

Please don't beat my daughter !

She ran after being scared.

My child isan Orphan.
We are Poor !

You are having citizenship of Pakistan.

Your husband and passport
are from Pakistan.

We are sending you back
since your passport had expired.

l'm not havinganyone there .
My husband married some other Women.

l was born and bought up here.

l'm just havinga Mother.

And she is here ...

For God sake please allow
me to stay here.

No chance for that ....

The Government's decision is to sent
you back by tomorrow's train.

Andtwo Police-mens would be
accompanying you.

Daughter ...

My daughter ...

Mother ....

No one went to
bid farewell to khadisha.

He too was not able to go there since
he was hiding from the Police.

That day he was in grief.

He usedto like khadisha a lot.

Didn't you got anyone else
to get married.

How can we change our fate.

You may go and sit there.

There is time left
for the arrival of train.

Moosa is not yet to be seen.

Where had he gone ?

The Police is
wandering here and there.

Shall l serve foodfor you .
lt's been too late.

Mother ...
Mother have you gone to sleep ?

Where have you been ?

You must atleast consider the
condition of your wife.

l went to visit Aunt Sainama.

She came to knew
that khadisha died in karachi.

Allah.. !
How did she died ?

She committed Suicide.

Should visit her by tomorrow.

Saina's condition had got miserable.
She is not havinganyone now.

Poor Women ...

Mother ...
lt's the Police ...

You won't return to your country even
on the expiry of your Visa !

This is my Country !

Aren't you the Spy from Pakistan ?
Walk to Police-station.

What rubbish are you talking !

He is the Son of the person who sacrifised his
life for the country in front of the Britishers.

Shut up !

Walk along ...

Get aside ....

Mother !

He always says that the sight
of Ernad Railway Station scares him !

That our innocent leader andancestor's usedto
be carriedfrom this station for killingthem.

There soul's are wandering in that place.

To prevent mishap's !

lsn't there any alternative ?

We would be able
to visit some different places.

No one ever thought of it.

Will you come again
to increase our work-load ?

l would come here again.
lt's my country too.

Who is it ?
- lt's me Moosa ....

Mother ..

My Son ...

kid is not aware of you.

Since he haven't seen you.

l got worried when there was no
News about you for months.

l tried a lot to come earlier.

But l couldn't .

There are many troubles .
Everyone is in distress.

The law'sabiding it are
very strict now.

Son, did you know our aunt Sainam died.

She was not able to bare
the grief of khadisha's death.

Then she got ill....

When did she die ?
- lt's been 3-4 months.

She was born in such a rich family.

Aunt Sainam, wasalways in distress.

Take the shower ...

Aunty ...

What happenedafter that ?

You would know that after
getting married.


Then also .. Please tell me.
l wanna listen that.

No need to listen that.

l'm having work below.
- Aunty !

Take rest ....

The disease would leave you quickly.

l'm feeling better now.

How is the fever ?

Father can't you take rest !

l'm not usedto take rest .

ls there any News about
your Elder brother ?

There wasa call from him.

Those who made the proposal are
demanding a lot as Dowry.

Tell them they can offer
what they can afford.

Don't give tensions to the girl
by unnecessary talks.

They are bit greedy.

lf it was my daughter l wouldn't have ever given
my daughter to these greedy peoples.

Earlier the natives here won't even take
proposal from that state.

The people there had helped
the Britisher's during the uprising of 1921 .

Nowadays they don't consider that.

Let's not say anything now.

Let everything be
done accordingto his wish.

Let it happen ...

Citizenship .... Passport ....
Border ....

They are taking away my
peace of mind.

Police - The Son of bitchesare not
allowing me to live.

What had happened now ?

They frequently visit's my home ,
tortures andabuses me.

Foolish Mens ...

Now is there any Country or Passport's ?

What kinda passport ?

They don't know
that the world had changed.

Now they are imposingtwo laws
by a Single ruler.

What is the new law ?

Secularism ....

l'm scared ...

Wouldthey hurt Sulaika ?

For God sake please tell
to the Police ....

l'm not able to sleep....

l won't meet any of the leader's .
Almighty ....

karada, please don't cry ...

You usedto be such a brave man !

Even till now it's so excitingto
listen Politics from you.

Cheer up !

What is there to cheer up !
The world is full of injustice !

Since there is no one to stop it.

Why are you cryingAbdul Rahman ?

Then what would Sulaika do ?

l hadtold her to leave me.

Let she marry someone else.

Atleast she could live without
fearingthe Police.

My fate !

ln the report that we got,
there is nothing mentally wrong with karad.

lsn't he does spy work's for
the enemies during the night time ?

He is not at all sleepingat night.

l'm seeing it everday how
disturbed he is.

For God sake please don't
say anythingfalse about him.

ln the intelligence report that we got it is clear that
he speak's perfect Politics when you say he is Mad.

The report that we got from the
Delhi too reveals the same.

Sir, he is really a Mental patient.

Who are you ?

l'm a Freelance News reporter.

l had heardabout you.

lt's a very Sensitive and crucial case.
Don't get into trouble .

lt'sa problem
of Human Right's too.

The News reporter spirit which tries to find
Human Right's in the Pakistani Spy's....

l would put an end
to that within a day !

You may leave ...

Grandpa let's leave ...

That S.P isan animal .

Let's leave and look for some
other alternative way.

Don't cry ...

You are very well aware of the
Police-men's behaviour.

Yet l thought of just giving a try.

Come.. There is no use of sheding
your tears in this World.

He is in Mecca ...
Would be arriving by tomorrow.

Moosaka nothing could be
done in this matter.

The Party is Consisting of 2-3 M.P's ...
Can't anything be done even if they wish ?

There are some hinderance in this Case.

karadan isa Mental Patient.

You know l can't even whisper the name
of our Political Party in Delhi.

They are claiming that karadan
isa Pakistani Spy.

The leader's of our party had warned us not
to even say the name of that Country !

Moosaka you can ask for
any other help ....

We had come to
discussabout karadan's matter.

l had read your articles.

The one that you had written against
the Financer's andthe Police.

Shall we leave ...

Moosaka sorry l couldn't help you.
Please don't feel bad .

Who is it !
Please come in ...

No ... Since you
were about to leave.

Today there would be two strikes.
So l would be very busy .

You might be knowing our karadan Abdul Rahman.
Yes indeed ...

The Pakistani
who is mentally disturbed.

The Police is torturing him a lot.

And his condition is getting worse.

Something should be done .

This is problem is out of our reach.

lt'san lnternational problem.

Can you do anything about it.

This problem wouldturn out
to be a national issue.

Only the big committee could influence it.

Vasu brother
you must do something.

lt's really miserable .

Usha, you might be knowing everything.

We have lots of restrictions.

Even then l shall talk to my leaders.

Could you call up the Police station ?

No need if he calls them, then this poor
fellow hadto answer in front of many peoples.

l'm in a hurry...
Shall l leave .

Ok leave ...

l thought atleast Vasu could help us.

Vasu and his colleaguesare
really nice guys.

Just can't understand what they are saying,
while deliveringthe Speech.

Now what should be done ?

From now onwards l won't go in front
of politicians for help.

l knew it earlier that they won't be able
to do anything in this matter.

l had come on your saying.

We must visit some Advocates.

lt would be bit expensive.

ln the case of karadan, there is even no
one to look after his matter's.

Shall we meet Advocate Ramakrishnan ?

He charges a lot as fee.

He takesaway an appreciable amount
from the money sent by my kids.

l know two advocates named,
Pradeep and Fazal .

We can handover the case to
one amongthem.

They won't charge too much
if their client is poor.

Hand it over to Pradeep.

Why not Fazal ?

Nothing ...

They are scared to interfere in
these kinda matter's.

l'm saying it due to the experience.

ls it ?

From when l had startedthis investigation
everything is turning out to be astonishing.

lt'sa crucial matter.

We can try an attempt.

He is miserable and poor.

He is not havinganyone to even run behindthis issue.

First we can give a petition to
the State embesy.

After that quickly
we have to apply for a stay order.

His disease is a strong legal point.

You can handover the documents to me.
l shall get it signed.

We have to offer somethingto the Police
so that they won't disturb him.

Who is he ?

Waliagath Moosa ...
He is residing here with 1 to 1 year permit.

He is the one who is helping this poor's .

How did you got into it ?
-Asa part of a project.

He is having some proof and documents.

You always get's into
this serious kinda issues,isn't it

karadan sound is not to be heard.

Dear he is not here.

The natives here hadtaken and locked him
in a distant relatives house.

He would come after two days.

Did he agreed for it ?

Some how they took him.

He isabusing the Police.

So the Police had startedto come and
disturb him frequently.

Please put your signature here.

Take his thumb impression on it.

l shall get his signature on it.
- Ok ....

Didn't you took karadan
for any treatment ?

We tried all that was possible.

He wasa great knowledgeable man.

He was well versed about the
Politics of that time.

Moosa and his friends used to get
astonished by his speech.

He was being severely
tortured in karachi, lsn't it ?

He sometime say'sabout it.

By hanging upside down, the karachi Police
and Military mens used to torture him a lot.

He get's violent when he talks
about those cruel mens.

Have you decidedto stay here itself ?

You were in a deep sleep.

Let me go and wash my face.

l think she is hailingfrom
a poor family.

She asked me for some starch water.
And on giving she drank it .

l enquiredabout his house
a couple of times.

She won't utter a word.

And would change the topic.

l went in search of your house.

You won't be able to figure it out so easily.
Have to work harda bit to find my house.

Atleast tell us now
who all are there in your family ?

Mother, Brother is in Mumbai
and Dad died .

Didn't anyone approach you with
marriage proposals ?

The desired proposal had
not come yet.

Will you be able to pay the dowry ?
- Oh yes, we are very rich .

Anyhow you got born
in a respected state like our's.

That's why l'm not scared of anyone.

This is the soil which
even made the Britisher's to Shiver !

They claimedthis country asa hell.

And now even their slaves
are claiming the same.

Who are the slaves ?

Everyone expect
this oldand elderly peoples.

Grandpa you are sweeping
from the bottom.

This is not just the knowledge
acquired by reading.

l acquired it being with my natives.

We wouldacquire knowledge
when we are living in between the peoples.

The food had been served.

Come .

l just need little ...
- lt's less ...

Grandpa, why didn't the thinker's like this
got into power after the partition ?

Even the leader's who took the initiative for partition
didn't knew that the Country is getting endangered.

Then what about this poor peoples ....

Britain did this to trick our leader's
who were greedy for getting into power.

lt seems that you don't have any
objection towards ''Mahatma Gandhi''.

Britains trick didn't worked
out in front of him.

Moosaka the Cirle lnspector hadasked
you to come and visit him.

Ok.. l shall visit him by tomorrow.

What is she doing here ?

She is a news reporter.

We know's it well .....
You might be tryingto find loop holes in Police.

We can't stop from doing our
work because of you all.

Your work !

Don't act to smart ....

Moosaka you don't carry this trouble
maker along with you.

Dear would you get into trouble ?

Even l'm born in this Soil ....
They won't dare to do anything !

She isa brave girl .....

Moosa Shahib the reply for your
request letter had arrived.

Do you know English ?

Since it's our Mother tongue ...
Could we refrain from learning it !

l know about 10-30 words.

Your request could only be taken into
consideration if you take a Pakistan Passport.

So you must apply for a Pakistani Passport.

From where am l going to
get the Passport at thisage ?

Here there are proof that you
are a Pakistani citizen.

And it's true that you don't have a
passport along with you.

The law would follow the
rulesabide to it.

Take your copy .

ln the letter from the S.P he had again asked
me to create a Pakistani passport.

What should l tell to them ...

You go to sleep..
We can think about it latter .

lt's not like earlier ...
You are getting weak .

That Usha is in the next room.

She want's to talk about something.

She want to know about
so many thing's.

Sometimes l feel
like laughing at her queries.

She even want's to know about the
relation between us.

He becomes restless
if l'm not near to him.

While sleeping he places his hand over me
to check whether l'm near to him.

He say's that the sleep is with
fear so he does that.

lt might be due to love...

You could consider it
only like that.

Many people had migrated
from kannur, lsn't it ?

ls Granpa keeping
in touch with those still now ?

Yes there are some contacts with them.

khadisha's Husband was from Pannur.

Even there were too many peoples of this kind.
But most of them got perished .

Nabisa and Usman were from
Chakara Parambu.

Ashraf is not yet to be seen.

Where had he gone ?

lt's been a longtime l
haven't seen you.

Earlier l usedto see
you atleast within two weeks.

Nowadays l don't move out from my house.

There is no information regarding my
husbands were about's.

Everyone is claimingthat he
is not in karachi.

Then where should l search for him ?

You don't worry .... He might be safe somewhere.
He would surely come .

Go and check it
out through a Paranomist.

Will he be able to tell us clearly about his where abouts ?

From how long is he away from here ?

lt's been a year ...
And their is no information regarding him.

l'm seeing the person ...
He had lost his youth and grown old, lsn't it ?

He isa fearful person ...

Yes he fears the Police.

l can see a
person running with fear.

The place is not clear.

l'm not confident about the
place where he is now.

The desire to return is not
at all to be seen in him.

Please tell him to come at any cost.

There is no sign of his return soon.

Let me try .
Since he hadto be brought back.

There would be some expenses.

Would it cost much ?
- Let's try.

Aren't you from his family ?

Come after 2 days ..
- ok.

Don't worry .

Let me study everything in detail.
Everything would be fine .

He had come atlast.

ls it the Police ?

karachi Police .

He is very scared
after returningfrom there.

Nabisha tried out most of the treatment's.

And she went before
many priest's to cure his disease.

And she had gone to each and every place.

And later on his Son too turned
out to be like his father, scaredand silent.

Sometimes Nabisha usedto come
beside usand cry.

What is Nabisha's condition now ?

Last year Nabisha died suddenly.

She was not sufferingfrom any particular disease.

She died by takingtensions.

Now his Son is guardingthe Father.

He feels that his
Mom would come back.

There'sa women in their relation.
She cooks the meals for them.

Mom is not here ...
She would return after few days.

l had come on Moosaka's saying ...

Why had you come ?

l had come to see Usman and his Son.
l want to take some photo of their's.

l had come on Moosaka's saying ...

Daughter, they might have informed you about everything.
l don't know what are you upto ....

Usman is inside ....

Close the door !

Go away ....
Shut the door !

Close the door the karachi Police is
comingto take me away.

Shut the door !

Shut the door ...!
Orelse they would take me.

Shut the door !

Mom would be coming soon...
Don't be scared !

Mom would be coming soon.

Don't be scared !

lt's a good one ...
And is havingfat.

Nowadays everyone
is just buying the Chicken.

She had arrived with the meat ?
- You hadarrived.

Ooh... l'm not keen
to bring meat for you.

l know you are a miser from earlier.

Mom, where is Dad ?
- Dad had gone out.

Why Dad isalways wandering
with that Usha ?

She was notorious from the
time of college.

He might be behind her at that time.

You listen to her foolish words.

Our Dad would get into trouble.

Police have a cold war with that girl.

Shamsudin Sir had askedto be precautious.

They are blamingthat
she is betraying the Nation.

There is nothing wrong with her ...
She is brave and intelligent.

Guy's are jealousabout her.

You both don't
quarrel upon this matter.

She isa kind girl.

She won't get scared so easily.

l saw it that day how bravely he
talkedto the Police-mens.

Then you both make her stay here.

And so that we can marry her to you.

See he is blushing.

l'm not sayinganything.
you will regret it later.

What's wrong with him ?

There won't be any difficulty
in findingthe way.

Anyone would show you this Bungalow.

You fooled me....

Will you come to visit me
if l say this was my background.

You are a witty fellow ...
Didn't she got any marriage proposal's ?

No ... Everyone is leaving
away after lookingat this house.

Aguy came here with a proposal
that he loves her a lot.

After visiting here ...
He ended up all his love and left.

Love is meant for rich peoples, lsn't it ?

Grandpa you sometime say's the truth.
That's the attitude l like about you.

You even came to know
that l speaksabout the truth seldom.

l would end my life if l find a person
on this earth who always speaks the truth.

You won't findanyone
who always speaks the truth.

Grandpa you told
a truth one more time.

Shall l serve tea for you ?
- No ...

l shall come later.
Since Usha is our leader !

Today l visited Usha's house.

When l went to Manjeri
l thought of visiting her house

After visiting, l regreted
- Why ?

She was just boasting ....

What you said was right...
She is hailingfrom a poor family.

l think they don't
even have enough to eat.

l never heard of her
saying about her problem's.

She alway's fake's .....

Sometime she forceibly gives the auto fare.

l got really surprised ....

She had grown older than the
age of getting married.

lf it was from our family,
She would have got 2-3 kidsat this time.

Who would be willingto marry a girl
who is not even havinga proper Job.

Nothing could be offered from his family as dowry
and even her Father is not alive.

From my experience the
late marriage's are usually successful.

Something good will happen to her.

From where are you coming ?
You are looking so exhausted ....

Your face is looking as if you have
participated in a hunger strike.

l hadto meet some people.
So l was busy. . .

l didn't got time
to even have my food.

l was searchingfor you.

The Police is after you ...
So be cautious !

lt's good if the Police
are developing human values.

What happenedabout karadan's Case ?
- The medical reports should be submitted quickly.

Andalong with that some certificates from
the School too should be provided.

Moosaka didtold me that
he used to reada lot.

Let me try ...
And l shall submit the certificates soon.

Where are you about to go ?
l shall drop you till there.

No... l'm on the way to
the bus stop.

C'mon pop in ...

There are no brave guy's here.

l must visit Gandhi and Abdul Rahman Shahib.

Abdul Rahman Shahib hadtold so many
times that Place won't suit us.

He hadasked so many times that a
Malabari couldadapt to their food.

Who is going to listen !

lt's been few daysafter hisarrivals.
Now there is some peace here.

The Police are not visiting him
for past few weeks.

l had come to take the Medical certificate.

And could you find
any old certificates of his.

l hadarranged for the
Doctor's certificate.

Two year's back the School
where he took the education got shut down.

All the proof's had been transfered
to some other Office.

We should get it ready from there.

The advocate had told
it would be better if we get that.

l hope we will get that

Shouldn't some fee's
be given to the advocate ?

He is not greedy for money.

No need for it now.....

So you are the one
who is tryingto save us now ?

Would it result in the way likeJinnah Sir
triedto protect the Muslims ?

Dear you don't take it seriously.

Where is Moosaka ?

Had be gone to get marriedagain ?

What could be done
other than that in the old age !

Don't you knowthat you have to come and sign in
Police station between 1st and 5th day of every month.

Are you trying to increase our work load !
Walk in ....

Should l send notice to you ?

l would lock you behindthe bars.

l'm sparing you
since you are an old man.

l didn't do it intentionaly.
l was not at all feeling well.

Yesterday Dinesh Sinha Sir called me up
andasked to arrest you.

l settled it with so much difficulty.
Are you aware of that ?

Go and put your signature ...

Why are you so depressed ?

Why didthey pick you up ?

For delayingto sign ....

lt's my fault ....
l didn't go since l was not feeling well.

l would have taken him if you
just called me up.

Should we plead for help from
you all at this old age.

Don't you know that your
father doesn't ask's for anyones help !

l didn't think about it ....
l forgot about it since l was busy.

lt's ok ...

Why are you not sayinganything ?

ln early day's l had taken so much
scoldingfrom the Police.

And hadtaken so much of beating's.

The karachi Police had beaten me
hard all night long earlier.

At that time
it didn't hurted me much.

Anyways your mind is not as
strongas before.

l had grown old ....

My fate is to live like a thief in my
own Country till death.

God, l'm not able to finda place in the Country
for which my Father hadfought for !

God, lt'sall your plays ...

Yesterday l dream't about Rahimka.

Why are you talking like this ...
Forget about Rahimka...

lt's been all over ....

Rahimka do you want some more water ?

No need ...

When did we go to sleep yesterday ?

Anyhow l woke up early.

l too hada sound sleep.
Hamsa's wedding was Grand.

Yes it was grand !

l was not at all well to
attendthe wedding.

l don't know how
l reached here from kunnur.

l thought of attending his marriage
at any cost since his wasa late marriage.

Please come and have your breakfast ...
- Come in ...

Rahimka you are
not visiting here regularly.

l'm not well dear.

Where are your kids ?

They had went to learn the Gospel.

Are you facing trouble from
the Police nowadays ?

Now why do the Police need me ?

Now no one comes to disturb me.

Hope they wouldallow
me to die here.

l think they won't trouble you now.

l heardthat there would be a War .

You take care of yourself.

God save us ...

lt's fear in everyone's heart.

Ooh it's kutan Nair ...

You might have visited
on the way to your paddy field.

No... l had come
to visit you purposely.

Since you are here in the Country for long,
Why can't you own some more paddy fields.

l'm wishingto buy some more fields.

But what's the surety on my stay here.

Everything would be alright.

Who is he ?
- He is Rahimka ...

He was with me in karachi.
- Now l'm settled in my native.

Our Native place can't be replaced by
any other places on earth.

Yes indeed ...

l had come to inform you that
Our krishnan Nair got expired in Delhi.

l haven't seen him for years.
Was he suffering from any disease.

He had grown old ....
And he got settled there.

He loved your family a lot.

l can't forget the help done by him.

Because of his help
l got financially well...

We didn't knew what to do
when Britisher's sealed Father's property.

krishnan Nair used to say all the time that
he gave the land considering your Father Ahmed .

Son, shall l leave ...

You continue with your chat.

l wish l could
reach there before noon.

Allah, now how long
l have to wait for the Bus.

Why are you hurrying so much to leave.

l have to go.

Moosa surunder yourself.

Don't beat me ... !
l shall come along with you.

Hey betrayer of nation ....
Go back to Pakistan.

Where are you tryingto escape ?
- Walk along ...

Are the all document's verified ?
- Yes ...

You would attack the Police, lsn't it ?
Damodhar be cautious.

Take him along with handcuff's.

These Pakistani citizens triedto stay in the limits
of Manjeri Police station without any proper valid documents.

They should be expelledfrom lndia immediately.

lt is been decided that
they should be sent back to Pakistan.

Do you have anything to say ?

Please consider my condition.

Rahimka don't get depressed.

Will l get saved from this trouble ?

Be patient ...
Don't worry.

lsn't it Moosa ?

l couldn't recognise you ...

You had grown Old ...

lt's been year's
you had gone from here.

Your fate is really miserable.
- lt's been many year's ...

l was not able to return
even after trying for longtime.

l usedto hear it from peoples.

l rarely comes here...
Now l'm staying with my daughter in Tirur.

l saw Ameena once ...

She hada hardtime.
Nothing is in our hand.

You too have changed a lot.
How is Meenakshi amma ?

She died ...

And l'm remainingasa burden
on the Earth.

You don't go anywhere ..
Stay along with your kids.

l too have decided the same.

Ahmed's Son won't go anywhere.

Our native place have changeda lot.

Now everyone is getting emigratedto Gulf.

Malayalee's fate is to leave his
native place all the time.

Shall l leave, l'm feeling tired.

You move on..
l can't walk too fast.

l shall come to your house after two days.

Look at the fate of Ahmed's son.

Law which doesn't allow's him to
reside in his own Motherland.

Such a bad world ...

l thought you won't return.

And l know you are not a person who
would wait for too long.

This time it got too late.

lt got late because l decided not to
return after coming back.

Do you have your Visa ?

l'm not having Visa nor my passport.

l destroyed the passport.

l decided whether l could return to
my Motherland without having both of them.

That was bit dangerous.

Anyways you are very courageous.

What have you decided to do now.

l had come to discussabout that.

Please show me a way.

Do you have any enemies here ?

No ...

Then let's do one thing ....

Limit your visit to outside.

Now l won't go back at any cost.

l'm fed up and l am old now.

Do what is necessary
l shall visit you sometimes.

Anyways the Police is
not arresting you on your wish.

Remain in hide-out'sas longas possible.

Take care that no one betray's you.

Andthe Police is of our state ...
They too are in need of money.

Our Native place had changeda lot.

Yes it had changed.

After that he didn't go anywhere.

He lived hiding in his own Motherland.

Atlast the court too favoured him.

Didn't he hadany contact's with
karachi afterwards.

He was having some business there.

He had come after
selling the shop in karachi.

Andafter that
l haven't even seen his Passport.

The Passport is the cause of every problem.

lf we wanna stay there then
we should bear the passport of that state.

And it is even required
while coming to their own Motherland.

While creatingthe passport
he too might have never thought of the trouble.

What had happenedto Sahib ?
Aren't you taking care of him properly.

lt's due to her over caring nature.

For 2-3 days l was not able
to sleep properly.

He is getting worried
about unnecessary stuffs.

Don't worry ...
The pressure is low ...

You can get discharged by tomorrow.

How far your article and
investigation had reached ?

Are you feeling better ?

Doctor said he isalright now.

From where are you coming now ?

l came to visit you
when l heard that you are not well.

You would be happy on next week
after the Summit get's over.

lt would be benificary.

We had seen these kinda Summit a lot

Grandpa you are having fever.
- Ooh is it... Are you a Doctor ?

We can consult you to
the Doctor after Uncle's arrival.

Who told you that your Uncle is going to arrive ?

Mother and Grandma told me so.

They even told that their
would be a wedding here after hisarrival.

Would you buy me new clothes, Grandpa ?

Sure.. Wearing new clothes
you could go along with the Bride.

We can send one more reminder to them.

Anyways if anything is goingto happen
it would occur after the end of this new Summit.

Usually it arrives by this time.

The Police isawaiting for it.

Body and mind both had got weakend.

lt's been 1 7 years
you are continuing your stay here.

And 6 years without
getting into the sight of anyone.

And rest year'salong with this permit.
You would get surely get the grant to stay here.

Nowaday's the back stabbing is more.

Back stabbing is not
good for the progress in Politics.

lt is been done by
those from the same party.

Our Rahimka was too betrayed by this Politics.

This is being done by those who had
helped in the Partition.

The court session would begin now.

lsn't your Visa is goingto get expired ?
You haven't shown your documents yet.

lt would get ready ...
May be after this Summit .

Anyways it shouldn't be a trouble for us.

Rauf would come come to your house.

Send me little more ....
Since the expenditure is high nowadays.

Let me try.

Hold it ...

You go and play dear ....
- Ooh our Native place is so beautiful.

You are saying it
because you have not stayed here before.

The Police does come here to catch our Garndpa.

We all get's scared ...

Will they even catch us
if we stay here.

The Police is catching our
Grandpa because he isa Pakistani.

They would even catch us ....

Since we are his Grand childrens.

That's why Mom decidedto
take us to her house.

Grandpa doesn't fear anything .

Those who had come
from Gulf are scared of everything.

l would complain it to Grandpa ...
- You go and Complain, l don't care.....

Grandpa they all are afraid
that they would get caught by the Police.

Go inside ...

Dear you go inside.

My opinion is that too
many peoples shouldn't be invited.

That's your wish but must
provide a tasty meal for the guest's.

We could organise the Henna Ceremony in the Hall .
- No ... We can carry out it in the house.

l think it would be better if
we organise it in the house of my Wife.

Where are you ?

Where are you ?

l'm right here ...

What are you doingat this late night ?

l got scared ...

l wasn't able to sleep.

Our kids had grown big ...
And had got really big ....

Then how would be able to sleep, lsn't it ?

Leave it ...
There might be some problem .

That's why he might have taken
a decision like that.

l had raised him with so care and Love.
No he doesn't needanyone.

He can't even spent a night with his parents.

He is busy with the thought of
howto make the marriage Grand.

lt may be because of that he had decidedto carry out
the Henna ceremony too in his Wife house.

Will you attend the ceremony ?

That ceremony is meant for Women and Childrens.

The needfor people like me is
just in the wedding.

l won't attenda
Henna Ceremony without you.

What is going to happen with all this ?
- You try for some other Job .

lf l publish thisarticles may be
l would get a Job in their Newspaper.

How long are you going
to run behind this problem ?

You are not even getting proper sleep.

The Police and Politicans would
come behind me if thisarticle get's published.

You don't worry about that.

All the preparation for tomorrow's Summit
between the lndo-Pak leader's had been done in Cochin

Our Diplomatic Editor John Britas is Online
to enfurl us with more detailsabout this Summit.

Britas what are the preparations
carried out for the Summit.

Shahina the most beautiful city of South lndia (Cochin)
is grabing the attention world-wide.

The Summit would begin on 11 o'clock
tomorrow at Le Meriden Hotel in Cochin.

Within tonight the Pakistan leader
and his colleague would reach in Cochin.

The most interestingfact ...

'' Pakisthan President was born in lndia ''

'' The same way lndian Prime Minister was born in Pakisthan

The leader's world-wide are looking forward
how this fact is goingto influence the Summit.

And one important thing is that terrorist group's
play a major role in both the Countries.

They too are observing this Summit minutely.

The Summit which is goingto begin
on tomorrow is an epoch-making event.

Andthere would be a debate over this
issue at 11 p.m on Malayalam T.V

Hope it would be beneficial.

Everyone are claiming it to be benefical.

l won't come to see the
attitude of you and your Wife.

No one know's there Dad now.

This decision was bit harsh.

What are you saying ?

lt's difficult to conduct it here.

And Dadtoo didn't opposed it.

l don't agree to it.
Your Dad would bare anything.

The Henna Ceremony could
be conducted even in our absence.

Nadhira are you listening what our Mom is saying ?
Please make her understand .

l shall come but parent's must
decide whether they like to come or not.

Everyone is trying to blame me.

l haven't seen thisanywhere ...
lt's of how much grams ?

lt'sa new fashion ..
lt was made on her wish.

She even designed it.

lt would be around 64 grms.

lt's really beautiful ...
So it's how much Gram of Gold in total.

lt'saround 1600 grms ....

Rauf l'm coming
after informing it to your Dad.

l shall arrive as soon as possible.

He is too sensitive ...

Since even you
too are not going attend.

l shall bringthe supper from there.

Ok bye ....

You go there ....
And you search the opposite side ...

There should be some one at the gate.

you go and search there ..

Go and search those rooms ...

You go and search upstairs.

lsn't there anyone here !

There is no one to be seen.
There is no one here.

lt's not possible ....

Yes you are right even the door hadn't be locked.
He might be somewhere here ....

That Old man is tryingto be youngagain.
Let's search outside .

Mother, what is thisall about ?

He is right here ...

Are you trying to get escape ?

Rascal, are you trying to fool us.

Please don't beat me.

We had searched you at so many place's.
The Old man is trying trouble us !

Walk along ....

He is an ill man.

keep quiet ...
Orelse we would take you along.

Ooh my God, it's blood on your face.

Sir, please let me allow to feed him the dinner.

No need ...

Where is your Nation Betrayingarticle ?

You want to write badabout the Police, lsn't it ?
Go andfetch it .

What nonsense are you doing by comingto a house
where the Womens are stayingalone !

Shut up !

Stop there ...
Hamsa we had asked you to stop there.

Ooh my God !

Don't run ...

Stop there ....

Please don't beat me.

Please don't beat me.

For God sake please don't beat me !

You were trying to get escaped, lsn't it ?

Get into the Van ...
You are tryingto fool the Police for so many days.

Get down ..
l hadasked you to get down.

These Son of Bitches have
the right to do anything !

Wouldanyone go
call our Gandhi and Abdul Rehman.

Do hell with your Gandhi and Abdul Rehman !

Get lost ...

You have beaten me up so many times !
Aren't you satisfied yet ?

C'mon Beat me ... Beat me !

Will you please postpone
this journey for two more days ?

We shall bringthe stay order at any cost !

Within that time the Resident Permit
would be allotedto him.

We would loose our Job.

And it'sa rare occasion for Police mens like us.
We are given some extra money and a free journey.

You go and show the stay
order in the Border's Police station.

We would do anything ...

Go andtry to arrange the stay order
without wastingthe time here.

The Train isabout to arrive,
let's go ...

ls the Groom and Bride at home ?
- Yes they are there ...

lt's not because of anger
l didn't attend the Henna Ceremony !

l have seen Police ruining marriage's
in the house of People like us.

l wished your daughter's wedding
shouldn't be ruined.

l knew it....

Please take care of your Mom properly.

Convey my regards to her.

Dad what are you saying !
We would reach there with the stay order if we are alive.

Moosaka you haven't eaten anything.
- Didn't we hadtea ...

l'm not feeling hungry.

Will your Son'sarrive ?

Your Son'sare not yet to be seen.

Moosaka so shall we leave.

Ok ...

What happened Rahimka ?
Why did you slowed down your walk.

What happened ?
Do you wanna take rest ?

l want to go back ....

What are you saying ?
What foolishnessare you talking !

Both the Military troopsare side by side.
Someone will shot you down.

Cmon ..
- You go ... l'm not coming .

l want to go back to my Motherland.

Get aside Moosa ...
lf you love me then please don't stop me.

You move ahead ...
- lt's dangerous ....

How is it going to be dangerous
the journey to their own Motherland ?