Parade of the Planets (1984) - full transcript

In a surreal puzzler, this story of a fantasy lived by a disparate group of men captures the visual imagination with its images and leaves a large question mark in the meantime. A rare ...

- Who is cutting? - Sultan.

It's me.


Ku-ku guys. Got an agenda?

Get into the carriage.

German Ivanovich.

Crocodiles! - Sit down.

Hello comrades.

Good morning, Comrade Senior Lieutenant.

Not everyone is welcome. Not all.

Hello comrades.

Good morning, Comrade Senior Lieutenant.

It’s free!

Private Elephants! Button up your tunic!

And pull yourself up. There is! And you too.

Become as expected.

Free does not mean loose.

I am listening.

In the near future, our platoon

will take part in the exercises as part of the unit.

I order you to check the uniforms,

weapons, tools, equipment.

Be prepared. Your platoon

will be included in the advance detachment.

To the Golovinsky massif

follow in a common column.

Further, leading the fire crew of one of the guns,

start a covert maneuver with a target

rapid deepening to the rear of the southern.

Try to avoid

open spaces. Follow the forest.

Clear. - Eighteenth,

at six zero-zero,

upon arrival at the place where the enemy was crossing,

you have to withdraw

direct fire guns

and disrupt the guidance of the phantom crossing.


distract the enemy from the direction

our main blow.

Further, if successful,

retreat to the village of Kuzkovo. There she is.

Found on maps?

Kuzkovo. Clear.

Any questions? - No questions.

I have a question for you, senior lieutenant.

We bet it was you or not you.

In the sense? - were at our training camp

the year before last. Yes sir!

Well, what did I say?

Only you had a beard, right?

Yes sir! Well, it all fits together.

I just lost my beard.

Are you a physicist or who? Like this.

Do you remember me?

I remember. Let me be free.

Go ahead.

So much for the stream. There is a stream.

Do you remember how we jumped over it?

That's right.

Look how swollen you are. Swollen. Rains.

So what are we going to do? Shall we pass?

Where is this chauffeur? Give it here.

Hey driver, how are you there? Afonya?

Come here.

It's shallow here. And you?

I have - in! Up to the neck. - Nothing. Carbine!

Kustanaev. Coming guys.

Do not. - Hera, well, for the company.

Come on, come on. Everything here, everything.

Take it right. Sultan. There’s a tree for you.

See? - I see.

Driver! Do not be afraid.

This is not your trolleybus.

Forward! Go ahead, they tell you.

You quieter with him. He has power in us.

Let's go to the right.

I'm here guys.

Turn out! Turn it out!

Did you serve together?

Served, yes.

So I see, a cheerful company.

Is there anything you don't like?

No, why?

Carbine. Kustanaev. What? Are you walking

Are you looking at the river? I check the posts.

Come on, finish up, change the architect.

Well, there?

Hera said a parade of planets, sort of.

You can't see a damn thing. You won’t see it.

This is it only, through his telescope.

I know.

Well, can we get her out tomorrow? A gun.

A cannon? And the tractor? - Look look.

Get down!


For me, for me!


To the gun!

The target is the tank! Sight "zero"!

Ready! - Fire!

On the head car! Fire!



There is! Ready!

Tanks on the right! Fire!

Fire, Pukhov!

Have time.

And this one is ready.

Hey! What are you up to? Are you out of your mind?

In gives!

Hey, now we’ll swim, after all, we’ll make a mess.

Get up! Be equal!


Comrade General!

Second platoon of the third battery

seventeenth artillery regiment. Platoon commander

Senior Lieutenant Kostin.

Hello comrades.

I wish you good health, Comrade General.

It’s free! - At ease.

Hidden march at estimated time

came to the place of crossing

disrupted the guidance of the phantom bridge.

Knocked out three tanks

and destroyed several phantoms. Well done!

It is called civilians shook the old days.

All in all, peaceful people,

but our armored train ...

So, what? “That's right, Comrade General.”

Surname? Pukhov. Sergeant Pukhov.

This is even now on the front line.

So I do not mind. Well then, comrades.

Command gives thanks.

Return to the camp and that's it. Home.

Thank you for your service.

We serve the Soviet Union!

Why home? What does it mean?

And so to understand, my dear.

We are no longer in the world.

Everybody guys. The war is over.

Comrade Captain!

Allow me to apply. I didn't get it.

After the enemy retreats from the coast

a missile attack was launched on your positions.

Where did the rocket come from?

Where, lieutenant? From there.

There is a rocket launcher.

Comrade Captain. - Well? The task is completed.

What are you? Wait. - And there is nothing to wait.

You are not. Not visible and not heard.

You have died a heroic death.

Thank you for your service.

What guys? You, too, like that, huh?

Also, too. - Everyone, or what?

Our regiment has arrived.

Six more dead. Hooray!

Who can find a cigarette? - On the shore.

Is there anyone from the rubber factory? Nobody?

Or maybe there is a reinforcement bar?

There is one here. Krokodilych, swim here.

Pukhov, Pukhov. - What?

Are you? Why are you suddenly Krokodilych?

And you, man, not the Sultan?

Butcher from the third store. - Was a butcher.

And now? And now the spirit.

This is us in the next world!

All guys. We sit for a day.

Already gone today.

Tomorrow will be tomorrow.

Like this? - And like this.

Something early won back.

This captain, damn him.

And where did he get that rocket launcher from there?

And why didn’t we know anything?

Would take refuge somehow.

You can't hide from her.

Well, did they know in advance? And U.S

a sacrifice, or what?

It's good that the rocket is not real.

Yes, even if it’s real.

You are not right.

And what? Once - and no.

Why lose?

Life, weirdo. Life, got it?

Here you live for forty years, you live.

And what is life, you don’t know. Yes, I know.

Harem in the meat department.

He is supposed to. After all, Sultan.


Five minutes of pleasure.

And now you are wrong. I'm not talking about that.

Where is it, Guskovo? Where is it?

Guskovo, Guskovo. All ears buzzed.

Guskovo got covered.

Ruslan. AND? Quiet.



Well, thank God.

Where are you taking us? I didn't get it.

I need to go home. I am working.

How to where? There was an order.

In Guskovo, in a cordon.

So shall we continue?

So I don't mind.

What kind of dream?

Have we come back?

Long time no see.

Where are you from, brothers?




See how bad it is to leave your comrades?

I had to overtake you on the way.

Where are you going?

Clear. Have you decided to get rid of us?

You are welcome.

We can travel separately.

And we thought, to hell with him.

When else in life will this be?

Nobody knows where you are.

No one is waiting for you. Not looking. Does not call.

Free from work.

A whole week, where are you, who you are.

What? Where are we?

What kind of city? Look.

How did you get here?

Do you have a textile town here?

Or what? Huh, buddy?

Let's get acquainted.

We are military people.

Don't look that in civilian clothes.

You know, this is our task.

And besides, we were covered with a rocket.

So we don't seem to exist.

It happens? - Of course it does.

So what do you call?

Don’t call me in any way. Spirit I.

No, I'm telling the truth. We are from the other world.

Yeah, perfume.

Listen, you're pretty.

How old are you?

Don't tell me, everyone is mine.

I hear it every time.

Twenty six.

Divorced? Yeah.

Did your husband drink?

How do you know?

Yes, I myself am like that. And the wife left me.

Found sober.

He will show her.

You dance strangely.

I haven’t danced in my life.

And stop drinking?

And I fastened.

Two months not a drop. And I didn't sew anything up.

Yes, the force loves.

Listen, marry me.


How rude you are. Rough.

Do you need gentle ones?

Yes, gentle.

And what is Guskovo?


Down the river.

I really like you.

You are very good.

You're beautiful.

Nobody told you about this?

Well, you see, I'm the first.

That's better.

And you dance well.

Studied. “Where is it?”

In the House of Culture. In a circle.

We can say that I danced all my young years.

I had prizes. - How?

You look, now more and more are marking time.

And you have to turn around.

It is necessary to turn.

Let's go and teach. - Where?

We will find a place.

Look, you’re faster, dancer. - Why pull something?

Like this!

Once again with a twist.

There. To me. Wait.

Where is our driver? Vasiliy!

How are you there?

Vasily Sergeevich! Vasily Sergeevich!


Where are you there?

Here! Come here!


Well, my dear?

I'm with you.

Where are you with me? What for?

There's nothing.

I ... I will drown because of you.

Do not drown.

Come on, swim home.

Carbine! Kustanaev!

How I got there, you don't know, do you?

I actually can't swim. - What are you up to?

And where are our things?

Where did our things go? What tricks?

Yes, here, here is your clothes. Do not Cry!

Shoe, second. That's it. Wait a minute!

What about socks?

The keys fell out of my pocket.

Here's your number. How do I get home?

And I have the keys.

Yes, and money, by the way.

The money is safe. Sorry.

And no T-shirt, that's what. Where is the boat?

Then how are we from here? Really.

I don’t know, I didn’t agree with him.

Is it an island or what? And the devil only knows.

Why did you let him go?

Well, here we are. Are you brothers?

What are you up to? German Ivanovich!

What? - Is this your invention?

Well then explain.

I can be said to have been torn away from women.

German Ivanovich, I ...

By the way, I didn't understand either.

What are we going to do here?

Like what, here's a fire, now we'll dry.

Let's eat. And you will have women at home.

And all the rest. Women, keys,

money. It's all there, okay? Such an agreement.

Whoever doesn't like it, swim back.

Well, everything is fine there, no?

Everything will be, everything will be, guys.

Settle yourself.

Come on, give it to me.

We must still find out if this is an island or ...

what? What for? Then back on what?

On the logs.

Sit still

do not ask, most importantly, questions.

We also have an agreement on this.

I see that you have reached an agreement here.

Yes, guys, we have an interesting company.

You maybe weigh me in your store

and you, what good

you will take off your jacket on a dark alley.

Who am I? - Never mind.

You see, you are like friends. Indeed.

To be honest, I haven’t had one.

Well, in vain.

To be friends is, brother, you also have to try.

Here I have enough friends, let's say.

Why, and I have friends ...

Birthday -

full apartment. Nowhere to plant.

All traders?

Not only.

Traders are people too.

And I also have doctors, by the way.

My doctors are friends.

The professor is alone.


Neuropathologist. Docent. Wife at the Philharmonic.

And you give them meat, tenderloin.

I am their friendship.

But meat too, right?

Wow, I don’t like your brother.

All these yours have taken over


Why queues?

From the fact that everything is out of line. From this?

Such as you feed, heal each other.

Where did so many envious people come from?

My wife is the same.

Let's come back now,

ask how they spent time.

It must be answered, which is bad.

Then she is good, then she is kind.

You say okay

will burst with envy.

That's right.

I still had a friend from the army.

We can say the most cherished.

We started together at the factory.

But then I got married, he got married.

He has a child, I have two.

It all went wrong.

Here one wife did not like the other.

Not so, you see, accepted. And off it went.

And my friend died, guys.

He died of vodka.

Believe it, no?

Drank, drank.

I gave it up. And that’s all.


Buried this spring.

And I'm afraid of mine.

I don’t get up from the place, I'm afraid, that's all.

Not that she writes where or

in the party ... There is nothing like that.

Behaves normally.

The mood works.

Do you know how?

Here is silent.

And you're already nervous, you start to think

which is not what you did not please her.

You start to think.

And so, in silence, I twisted it.

You twist you.

Not. Mine is just talkative.

As he opens his mouth, so nothing ...

Your? - Mine.

Can you imagine, swam, eh?

Well, by God, I can't swim.

And then nothing came up. And he did not drown.


No guys, we need to

to meet in the city.

And when?

When shall we meet?

We have never been in two years.

We are here together

in a heap, we go somewhere unknown. And then ...

last time.

Why last?

But because they won’t take us anymore.

We are old.

Exactly, age.

But, comrade.



Come here please.

Whose tent is there? Yours?


And the boat?

Mine too.

Don't sell?

What? The boat.

Well, is there a buyer?

Here he is.

I would love to, but the boat is government-owned.

From the camp site.


And who are you?


Why a physicist?


I am not a physicist, I am a chemist.

What, seriously chemist? Yes?

But where are you chemical? In the car park?

In the shop? - Why in the store? And where?

I am really a chemist. Organic chemist.


I'm on vacation.

Well, that’s it, comrade candidate.

We are military men, though not in uniform.

We have a task. Special task. Very important.

We need to get out of this damn island.

I do not know.

Take him prisoner, or what?

Together with the boat.

What do you say, senior lieutenant?

Or come on voluntarily.

Do you feel better?




Fedya arrived. Natalya Sergeevna, look.

My son has arrived, Fedya. With comrades.

Sorry. Finally.

Where have you been for so long, because I'm waiting for you.

Sorry, mother, you probably ... Fedya!

Here. Here, comrades.

I’m waiting for you in the morning. Come on, hurry up.

I ask you.

Comrades, stop.

There’s some mistake.

We are from the camp site. We are tourists.

We went here. Who are you waiting for?


And not from the repair shop? Not.

This is the number. And where are these? Repairmen.

Well well. You eat.

We do not have guests in a nursing home.


Like a curiosity.

And they are waiting for you.


Fedya. Fedya. Sorry, but ...

Tell her that you are her son.

Never mind, she'll forget tomorrow.

I am a doctor myself, I know. Don't be afraid, tell me.



I'm here.

I'm here. You see me? - Sure.

Let's go to.

From the road! Chicken legs!

You were then taken away along Lake Ladoga.

And I was at work.

In hospital. I come, neither you nor Marina.

I am at all orphanages.

And then, when the blockade was broken,

I go there and here. For reference.

And they tell me they are at this age

could forget their names.

And all the documents were gone.

Search. They say according to signs.

Somewhere alive. Grew up.

Maybe what kind of mole is there?

No, I say, as luck would have it.

And you see. I will face you right away.

You look like a father.

Yes, yes.

Why don't you drink?

The tea is fresh and delicious.

Here are the cheesecakes today.

Yes, yes, come in.

Natalya Sergeevna.

Darling. Later.

My son came to me.

Good good.

Well, tell me.

I don't know anything about you.

Are you married.


And there are children?

Son, thirteen years old.

Do you have a card with you?


And who is your wife?

She works.

We learned together.

I went to astronomy.

She is going to school.

Well, tell me, tell me more.

I want to know everything about you.

What are you?


No, I guess.

And taciturn.


I do not know.

Nothing to talk about.

Well? How is it, not about anything?

Everything has been discussed.

Everything is generally known.

Tired of words.

You have friends?

Not. Rather, there is. These are the people

with which I came.

You are kind?

No, I would not say.

Where did you get this astronomy?

Is this a childhood dream?

I studied well.

And good students dream

become astronomers.

Discover the stars.

But everything has long been open.


It can't be. And yet

What are you doing?

I live.

I'm working.

I don't like this, Fedya.

You have to be more fun.

I think this is not enough for you.

My father and I were very funny people.

We must often recall that life is beautiful.

I am doing my best.

Anna Vasilievna,

we are visiting our guest now.

Fedenka, they are waiting for you there.

Mom will go to bed now.

And you will come tomorrow, right?

Go, Fedenka, go.

Everything is laid out there. Go ahead. See you tomorrow, huh?

I told them here about the parade of planets.

Do you see what's going on?

I haven’t messed up, right?

You can't see a damn thing.

This one has binoculars.

Well, dad, saw, no?

All right, let them look.

Today, planets line up.

Once a thousand years.