Palermo Shooting (2008) - full transcript

Finn (Campino) is a successful shutterbug who leads a hectic life, gets precious little sleep, and doesn't go anywhere without his trusty headphones. One day, when Finn's life begins to unravel, he leaves Düsseldorf behind to find peace in Palermo. Just as the seeds for a new life are planted, however, a mysterious assassin comes gunning for Finn with a vengeance.

What day is it?

I don't have a clue.

Time never used to go by this way...

As a child,
you felt things differently.

Everything lasted so marvelously long!

But now...

I don't sleep much anymore.

As soon as I fall into a dream,
I wake up with a start.

As if every sleep was a "little death".

You can do it!

Don't think about it, just do it!

Take a deep breath...

And then jump!



and three!

It worked last time.

You're lucky
if you learned to swim as a kid.

It'll spare you some embarrassment.

My Mom's fault!

She was afraid of water.

So I was, too...

Never was a problem then. But now it is.

How's it going, boys?

This one is coming along.

In the foreground, left and right,

we added a couple of buildings.

It makes it more dense.

Back here
we added some more floors.

Here, too.

And the horizon is more distant

and more multi-layered.
We've selected a couple of skies, too.

No, I have another idea for the sky.


time has to come into play here.

We'll put the sunrise from
the first series on the left.

The Arizona clouds in the middle

and on the right,
the sunset we put aside once.

From Western Australia?

That one. Exactly.

Pay attention to all the details.

The balcony glass
has to reflect the morning sun.

And the pool should reflect the clouds.


But here's the best part:

From here on,
right down into the city,

it should gradually turn to night.

You can stay in the house, Frances,

but not forever.
We never agreed on that.

You were the one who suggested it!

You can't just throw me out!

I have as much right to it as you do!

It's not my problem any more.

That's what lawyers are for.
Good night.

Frances is driving me crazy.

Don't get drawn into it!

Don't be so nice.

It won't work with her.

Throw her out, cut off her money!
She is such a bitch!

That won't make it better.

It's me. So?

Are you ready?

I can't tonight, Sylvie.
We'll have to postpone.

I have to work all night.

I know.

I'm really sorry.

I was looking forward to seeing you.

It's been like that for a while.
You don't give a shit any more.

We'll spend
a great week-end together soon.

- When would that be?
- It's a promise. Don't be angry.

I think of you. Bye!

Who was that?


Come, let's mingle with the crowd!

We need to talk
about tenants for your "Cube."

You can't leave it empty so long.

Three galleries have called.

By the way...

I changed the code to 4712.

You idiot.

In case you need the office again...

It's not cool
that you live in the place yourself now.

It won't be for long.
I can't sleep anyway.

You should try it.

It feels like lost time.

How often do I stand here
and look down at the river?

Yesterday, day before yesterday,
today, tomorrow,

all like and the same endless day!

Money's growing on trees again.

Photography's booming.
But you have to be careful.

The fashion shoots will ruin
your standing with the museums.

- Did Harry tell you that?
- No. I am telling you.

Julian, you're up early.

We'll say hi to Milla.

UFOs farther left!

Come forward, Mars man!

Hans! Go tell him!

Don't just stand around!

The whole boat! More dynamic!

Stay out of this!

Water, water.

Reflector up!

When should we do it?

No, today is bad.

Hand off the support, please!

It'll have to do!

Don't forget
that you're still in the frame!

Steelworker, come closer.

Keep it quiet!

You're not the only ones
who want to go home, yeah?

So you think
I should work on it even more?

Then it might become a real image.

That's enough about our photos,
and your opinions of them.

Now it's my turn.

I want to tell you
what bothers me about your work.

Fire away.

You found my picture so "empty."

I'd like to know what you feel
is "under the surface" here.

Things are nothing but surface.

It's not hard to understand.

If there's nothing to unveil,
we don't need to photograph!

We don't need to do a thing.

We may as well just get drunk
and wait for our retirement.

Or better yet, just die.

This is still too sharp.

S?o Paolo is hazier.

We haven't adjusted the contrast yet.

Get a move on!

Can I take a picture of us?

Can I have an autograph?

What's your name?

I could be dead now.

But I'm not.

I could feel twice as alive.

But I don't.

I have such a yearning
for things to change!

Everything, if you ask me...

How do you know you're dead?

When you don't dream any more?

Or when all you do is dream?

Lovely, isn't it?

The Rhine.

The meadows.

The morning.

Are those your sheep?

These? Oh no.
I am only a temporary keeper.

And the old man?

Did he stop?

He's sleeping it off...

And I pay him well for it.

You pay to do his work?

Of course.

I'm an early riser anyway.

The Tokyo stock exchange!

The dog does all the work.

I just walk along.

Why do you do it?


For the peace of mind, or what?

I enjoy how time passes.

And how does it pass?


Very slowly...

It all depends on how much time
you give yourself to sense time.

I tell you,
we can slow time down.

Time doesn't care about us.

Look at my tree.

I've known it since I was five.

How can you slow it down?

Don't you ever imagine things

that you believe
will happen again?

I don't want to be nosey,

but have you ever
lost someone close to you?

My mother.

I'm sorry.

Your mother...


It comes from Greek.

It was originally called "Panormos."

"Great harbor."

Did you ever imagine
how it was for your mother

to see her house for the last time?

Her last time at the hairdresser?

There is always a last time, eventually.

But we don't usually know.

So you need to do everything
as though it were the last time.

My last morning with the sheep.

The last stranger I look in the eye.

Your tear just now,
the last I'll ever see.

You have to take everything
dead seriously.

Just not yourself!

Take care!

Of course Milla will come.
She wanted it!

You have to tell her right away.

How can we organize it so fast?
Do you want to take the whole team?

No, no big team.
An assistant, make-up, stylist.

- How can I get you all on a flight?
- Harry's plane.

- Ask him to loan it to us for a day.
- I'm not sure we can.

Harry shares the plane.
Does it have to be now?

Yes. This afternoon... to Palermo.


Giovanni has all the connections.
Let him organize it.

Any idea where you want
to do the shoot?

No, I was never there.
I'm just checking some pictures.

What's missing?

What's missing in my life is...

What is missing, anyway?

Pack everything up
and fly back as soon as you can.

"23 calls in your absence"

When was I really present lately?

Actually "there"?

Take it from me:

it's a shitty feeling when
everything falls apart all of a sudden.

Don't move.

Do you mind if...

...if I finish my drawing?


"Little Hans went alone..."

Julian! How's it going?

Good. You on vacation?

The new photos of Milla are great!

They bought them, but did you
need to go all the way to Palermo?

I think we did.

When are you coming back?

Don't know yet.

It's the right place right now.

Do you know what Palermo means?

No idea.

- The Mafia Capital?
- Very funny.

It means "big harbor",
mother of all harbors.

Call if you need anything.

See you.

"Alley of Death."

Such a nice camera!

40 years, this one.
It worked for 40 years.

I also have a Leica.

Are you a photographer?

I photograph Palermo.

Life. Death.

You photograph death?

There's a lot of death in Palermo.

To honor the dead, to remember them.

So their memory won't be lost.

Tell me of your work,
it's better.

My work?

How do you say...

I am...


I understand what happens.

Isn't it beautiful?

That mountain!

Yes, it is beautiful.

So that was it...

The coup de gr?ce

has finally come...

He fell in!
He was hit! He fell in the water!

There's no projectile.
It's madness jumping in that filth.

Look, he's faking it.
He has no injuries at all.

He has to go to the hospital anyway.

Frances, it's me.

You can keep the house

as long as you want.

Eat some blackberries in the garden
and relax.

Take care.

"The Triumph of Death" in Palermo.

Spare me that meaningful look, painter.

You weren't hit by an arrow.

The stuff you painted, I lived it!

How are you?

Wonderful, and you?

It is condemned.
You can't come in here.

You can't come in here!

How much time has passed?

A couple of days?

A week, or two?

For me an eternity.

For the first time in a long while

now is just...


Maybe everything
will last longer again, now!


I can see you better... now.

and you me...