Palermo Hollywood (2004) - full transcript

In a country that has been broken down and corrupted by poverty, Pablo and Mario are best friends and local thieves. Although they come from very different backgrounds, they help each other out by committing petty crimes that help Pablo support his family and Mario become independent from his own. In a twist of fate, they become involved in a kidnapping that goes sour. This tragedy triggers and unmasks a series of events that changes their lives forever. Now the two friends will be tested and their lives taken to the limit.

Are you okay, man?

I have a world that's full of sensations

A world that's full of vibrations

I can give it all to you

I have sweetness to offer

Many caresses to give you

If you are willing to love me

They'll be the happiest days


That you will ever live
With all the colorful lights

I want you to see

I have a thousand arms just to hug you

A thousand lips just to kiss you

All my hopes I set on you

I'm full of poems of love and roses

A million wonderful things

And they are all for you

They'll be the happiest days

That you will ever live

With all the colorful lights
I want you to see


They'll be the happiest days

That you will ever live

With all the colorful lights
I want you to see

I have a thousand arms just to hug you

A thousand lips just to...

- Hey, bro!
- Hi, how's it going?

- It's your turn to buy.
- Me? Hey, I just got here.

You didn't even call me. What's up?

- Guys!
- I'll go, man.

And to celebrate,
I'm getting strawberry sparkling wine!

- Great, Russian!
- Good!

Great, Russian!

Look at the Russian, he coughs it up!

Aren't Jews supposed to be cheap?

- What about the strawberry sparkling wine?
- It's the only thing they had.

- Your little sister is so hot! Gorgeous!
- Hey! Watch your mouth, asshole.

- It's just a comment, an observation.
- No one messes with Juli, understood?

Come here. Are you nervous? Sit down.

Hi, guys.

- What's up, Juli? Are you with those guys?
- No way, they're from school.


Come on, walk.



The Russian is the best, man!

I'm okay, man, I'm okay.

Be cool now, because he's...

- How are you, Dante?
- What's up, Mario?

- How are you?
- What's up, man?

- Good?
- Do you want some maté?

- Yeah, sure, I want some maté.
- What are you guys up to?

Another riot? What's this one about?

- The dollar rate or what?
- Everyday there's a new problem.

It's hard to earn a living
out there nowadays.

- Tough, isn't it?
- Huh?

- It's tough, right?
- Yeah. But you guys have a blast.

Why? No, we don't.

- It affects me too, you know?
- You came back early today.

- Ximena?
- She's not here.

- Don't tell me she's at her mother's.
- Yeah, she is.

Damn it!

- Beba, can I come in?
- No, it's late. Didn't you notice?

- Beba, please. Let me in.
- No!

- Ximena!
- Pablo, calm down!

Pablo, can you calm down, please?

What's going on? Get out, Pablo,
I don't want to talk to you now!

- What did I do now?
- Nothing! You do nothing!

Can't you see that's the problem?

You don't give a shit
about Valentina and me! We're your family!

- You only care about yourself!
- Baby, that's not true.

Don't call me "baby"!
And it is true! You're selfish as fuck.

I can't plan a future with you.

- Ximena, let's go home and talk.
- Don't listen to him.

- Ximena, please.
- What? Get off me!


Valen, sweetie!

I'm not going back to your house.
Well, it's your dad's.

We're not married. I'll stay here.

- Stop it. Come here.
- But I'm right. It's not your house.

- Not in front of the baby, come here.
- Well...

Who am I? What's my name? The Ru...

- The Russian!
- Very good! Give me a kiss.

Three! Again.


There it is!


Talk to you tomorrow?

I'll tell you the truth, my love

I cheat on you with my dick
But not with my heart

I love you!

Cumbia with Damas Gratis

Baby, we'll make out today

I got high again today

I can't stop...

Thanks, Judy.

- Judy, my drugs, please!
- Good morning, right?


I can imagine, it must be a nightmare
for you waking up at this time.

Don't speak to your sister like that!

- Let him, Daddy.
- "Let him" what, you idiot?

See what you've done?
Do you want to upset him or what?

- At least he doesn't support me.
- Are you kids fighting already?

If he knew where you get
your money from...

- From stealing, where else?
- Mario, don't ever say that!

How do you think thieves look like?

- Mario!
- What?


Be like him, Mom, just read the newspaper.

- You know nothing about me.
- Well, you know nothing about me either.

Ernesto, please. Now's not the time.

No one gave me anything, you brat.
I worked to get to where I am.

And where are you?

Don't talk like that to your father.
He doesn't deserve it.

After everything he's done for you.

Do you realize? You've raised a monster.

Mario, do you need money?

- What's my name?
- The Russian.

- Where does that one go?
- Is that what you're wearing, Pablo?

And inside?

Where are you going to?


- To work!
- Yes.

Why don't you wear this?

Bye. Give me a kiss.

- Thank you!
- You're crazy about her!

- Where are you guys off to?
- To the club.

- Which one?
- The club. And you?

I don't know,
I'll check what the girls are up to.

Eugenia wants to go see Damas Gratis,
but I really don't want to.

You should come with us.

- What are you up to?
- What do you mean?

Don't play dumb with me.
I saw you with some girl the other day.

When, Juli? You're the only one.

- Bullshit!
- I'm saving myself for marriage.

- What? You want to marry me?
- Of course.

Really? How adorable!

Yeah, right!
If your buddy leaves, you do too.

- Where?
- To Italy, with Ximena's uncle.

Come on, you know.
You guys are like brothers.

You know more about each other
than about yourselves.

For sure!

- Russian, are you ready?
- Let's go.

- Bye, Juli.
- Bye.

And one for me? For the Russian?

Come on!

Guys, do you have any acid?

Do you have any acid?

- Fuck off!
- Okay, man.


Thanks, Russian!
I'll give it back to you tomorrow.

Come on!

- How are you?
- Fine, and you?


Very good. Great.

That's great.

- Do you have any...?
- Yeah.

"This is happening right now,
and it will never happen again."

Do you think this was meant for us?

- You could see it that way...
- How? Tell me.

My theory is that it was wonderful
and we should enjoy it while it lasts

because it won't happen again.

And another theory
is that that wonderful moment

was the result of something that was
always there, but was never expressed.


we should enjoy it now
because this moment is unique,

and will be remembered forever.

- I like that theory.
- I like it too.

Wait until I tell the girls...

Wait, I was kidding!

Where were you?

Mario, it's your life
you're throwing away.

Turn that thing off.

- Turn it off, I'm talking to you.
- What did I do now?

I don't know. You tell me.

Since when do you care about my life?

You're my son. I'll always care about you.

- When will you stop, Mario?
- When will I stop what?

- What are you talking about?
- I'm talking about your life, Mario.

When will you stop throwing it away?

Who do you hang out with?

Do you remember
what your grandfather used to say?

"If you make your bed right..."

"You'll sleep well," yeah!
Always with sayings and proverbs!

Can't you talk to me like a father?

"Hey Mario, how are you doing?

Did you go out? Did you get laid? Great!
Did she have nice tits?"

You think I'd be a better father
if I asked you if you got laid?

Sorry, I don't care about that.

What I care about is your future.

Are you working on something solid
that will make you proud and respectable?


But you wouldn't think so.

It has nothing to do with being Jewish,

the Belgrano neighborhood
or having money.

What's the problem
if I want those things for you?

That's the problem!
Can't you see? You don't want to see it.

You know what? It's just like TV, look.

You can ignore it if you want,
but the world keeps turning.

Don't get her pregnant.

- Hi, Vale!
- Hi, Pabli!

- You've been missing in action!
- I've been studying a lot.

Careful there! Did you scratch it?

For sure!


Yeah, what about it?

Come on, asshole!
Aren't you going to tell me about it?

Ximena has an uncle in Florence
who can get me a job there.

First, we'd go for three months.

If things work out,
we'll come back and do all the paperwork.

And you weren't going
to tell me about it?

It wasn't the right time, Russian.
I knew you'd be pissed.

Of course I'm pissed, man!
We're friends, aren't we?

Yeah, you're like a brother to me,
but I can't go on like this.

I have to get my act together.

This is Ximena's idea. She convinced you.

Look, man, I don't want to steal anymore.
I feel worse every time we do it.

And Ximena gets more and more upset.

She doesn't get over it easily anymore.
Sometimes, she doesn't come home for days.

I don't want to lose her, man.
Try to understand.

Also, I need about seven grand
for the paperwork

and the plane tickets.

Do I look like I have seven grand?
It would take me a year to save up.

It's just a dream.

Fine, man, you know I'd be the first one
to help you out.

But I'd lose a friend.

However, if that's your decision,
I respect it.

Family comes first.

Thanks, Russian. I love you, buddy.

- The apprentice beats the master.
- I let you win, fool!

- I won't beat you anymore.
- Me?

- There's the Turk.
- Do you have the money?

Do I have to think of everything?

Wow! Good work, boys!

- Sit down.
- No, thanks.

Pablo, sit down!

Forgive him, Stevie, he was with Roberto
last night and today he can't sit down.

Learn from the Russian.
Don't be ungrateful.

- Do you want a line?
- Can I?

That and much more, sweetie.


Do you want the whole package?
Pussy and blow?

- Excuse me, Esteban, the thing is...
- You're not excused.

You're so ungrateful.

Is money all you care about, then?


Come on, man. Just do a bump!

You know, Fag... I mean, Stevie.

Pills are for rookies.

We can do better than that.

Why are you looking at me like that, man?
You of all people.

Okay, guys,
if you don't want to fuck, get out.

I have things to do.

Russian, here's your money.

Later, kid.

Hi, sweetie.

- So? Did you like it?
- You were great!

- Really, don't fuck with me.
- I'm serious!

I wanted to get in there
and make love to you with that hat on.

- You're such an idiot.
- I mean it.

Honey, I have some good news.

I talked to my uncle.

He asked me if we were coming or not.

I told him we were saving up money
for the plane tickets,

that we didn't want to show up broke,
and we were still a bit short,

and guess what?

He said he'd lend us
the money for the tickets,

and that he'll get us jobs
once we get there!

That's great.

- What? Aren't you happy?
- Yeah, it's great.

Pablo, if you thought it was great,
you wouldn't be saying it like that.

Damn, why is everything a problem
with you?

How am I supposed to react?
What am I supposed to say?

"Bye! I'll just pack my things,
and that's it, I'm off to Italy!"

I'll say goodbye to my family,
to my dad, to my sister. "Bye, everyone!"

Fine, Pablo, never mind.

We always end up doing what you want.

That's the way it is.

You don't want
to make plans with me anymore.

You want to keep partying,
fucking other girls, and it's fine.

- Ximena, you're crazy.
- No.

If I'm right, just tell me.

I'll understand.

But I can't go on like this, Pablo.

Pablo, look at me.

If you want to be with me,
you have to actually be with me.

I want to.

Yes, I want to be with you.

I want to, yes.


- Hello?
- Juli, it's me, Mario.

Hey, what's up?

Pablo's not here,
he went to see Xime dance.

- Do you want to wait for him?
- Can I come in?

Juli, I actually came to talk to you.


I think this whole thing
is going to be a mess, you know...

I mean us, being together.

Pablo's going to freak out.

I know him. To him, you're untouchable.
To me, you're untouchable!

If he finds out any of the guys
tries to make a move on you, he'd go nuts!

And besides, it would never work,
we're too different.

I mean, I'm much older,
and I'm on a different vibe.

Pablo's like a brother to me, and you too,
you are like my sister, you know?

A friend's sister,
you're like a step-sister to me.

And I don't want to fuck that up!
Because you and I get along so well.

This would mess things up, for sure.

Pass that joint!

Anyway, I was so fucked up yesterday,
I didn't know what I was doing.

I mean, it's not like I didn't know.
I just didn't think of the consequences.

You know? I'd marry you, Juli.

Besides, you know how I am,

I'm not a one-woman man,

and you deserve much more.

But really, I'm not ready
for marriage, you know?

And it's not you, it's me.

It's this damn country we live in,
and this situation...

I'm a mess. I need you to understand me.

So, well, I don't know.

It's extremely important that we...
You know?

We... You need to share my point of view,
because we need to straighten this out.

Mario, I completely agree.

- What?
- I completely agree with you.

So, should I let you know
when I want to get married?

Or what do you want to do?

Julieta, what are you doing?


What are you looking at?


- Don't look at me.
- Why?

- Because I'm embarrassed.
- Why?

I'm not used to you seeing me naked.

- What time is it?
- Two o'clock.

Are you afraid your buddy will show up?

No, don't say that, girl.

Don't worry,
every time Beba's watching the baby

they don't come back until 6 a.m.

Do you have any album by Roberto?


Of course.

Destiny and time
Have struck me down so many times

But I keep moving on
And never let it get me down

It's not worth it to cry
Or beg to make it stop

You have to think
That good things will come by

I once had all the friends
That came with money I once had

And in bohemian nights
We all would drink until we drowned

But that's in the past
Time's taken it away

And as you can see I stand here anyway

In the end, life goes on anyway

In the end, life goes on anyway!

In the end, life goes on anyway

In the end, life goes on anyway!

Wine, women, parties, love

Are some of many pleasures
That make up for all the pain

We must smile and forgive

Because in the end, why suffer?

I made a bet with life
That I would never cry again

And cheated more than once
So I could win from time to time

I don't know how to lose
Because I was born to win

And as you can see I stand here and laugh

In the end, life goes on anyway

In the end, life goes on anyway!

In the end, life goes on anyway

In the end, life goes on anyway!

If once sorrow broke my heart

I just carried on with all the pain
I didn't pay attention to it

I joined forces with time
And all the pain then went away

Because pain was always my friend

Those things I dream about
I doubt they ever will come true

In my journey in life
Many of my dreams have long been overdue

But yes, I gained as much
As much as I did live

And today I see I didn't lose a thing

In the end, life goes on anyway

In the end, life goes on anyway!

In the end, life goes on anyway

- In the end, life goes on anyway!
- Yes, it does!

- In the end, life goes on anyway
- Sing with me, sing it loud

In the end, life goes on anyway!

In the end, life goes on anyway...

What's the matter? Did I scare you?

Fuck you, Wall!

- I shat myself.
- What are you doing here?

Having an ice cream, man,
what does it look like?

Are you alone?

We're off to Bustamante.
Do you want to come?

- The place with the Cuban girls?
- Yes, they've got great whores there!

- Come on! Let's go!
- No, I'm done for the day.

I was with Pablo at the Fag's before,
and I'm still fucked up.

The Russian, turning down pussy?
Who are you?

He must've been eating pussy all night!

- Sure, man.
- Yeah, eat you ice cream. For your cramps.


I just ran into Enrique and the Wall.

Did they see us?

I don't think so.

- What's up, faggot?
- Nothing.

Man, I told you about the Fag.

- Hey, it's money. It'll be quick.
- What kind of job is it?

An express kidnapping.

Listen carefully.

If everything goes well,
there's good money for everyone.

The Turk is going with you.

And listen. You'll do as he says.


- Put it on.
- Turn around.

- Turn around, motherfucker!
- Wait! What do you want?

Come on, bitch, or I'll kill you!
Turn around!

Wait, you don't need to do this! Listen!

I have my wallet in my coat pocket,
grab it!

Shut the fuck up, man.
Don't make me go crazy!


Turn left here.

- We'll end up in the middle of nowhere.
- Exactly.






Get him out.

Stop, motherfucker!

Where the fuck are we? Stop, man!



Come here! Come here, you son of a bitch!

Sorry about this. I didn't know
we were coming all the way here.

But don't worry about it.
We'll be out of here in no time.

Ximena will be mad as hell
if I don't pick her up on time.

I have to take the baby to the doctor.

Let's hope they pay us soon.

Do you know how much it is?


The call's been made.
Now we just have to wait.

You two watch the car,
I'll stay with Bonaventura.

With whom? Who's the guy?

I don't know. I thought he was a nobody.

Stop, motherfucker!

Come here, you son of a bitch!


Son of a bitch!

What's going on, man? Why are they taking
so long to bring the money?

They're cheap bastards, man.

We should be on our way back already.

Here he comes the Turk.

There's not much time left.
We've made our demand.

If the money doesn't turn up...

Man, this shit stinks.

It's going to be fine. Stop worrying.

I don't get it.
This is not an express kidnapping.

It's taking forever!

Besides, that Turk looks shady as hell,
I don't trust him.

I told you, man.

I told you not to do business
with the Fag!

This is the last time
I do a job for that son of a bitch!

If he doesn't come out now,
I'm getting the hell out of here!

Don't be an idiot, man.

Take a step out in this area
and you're dead! Are you nuts?

I don't give a shit!

What the fuck happened here?

Help me lift him up.

No, stop, man!

Stop, you son of a bitch! Please!

Come on, walk!


Stop, please!

Here. Put him down.

Wait, what are you saying? Are you crazy?

Do as I say, kid.

No way! You're nuts!

Listen, you little shit!

They won't pay! And this is what happens
when people don't pay! Come on!

You son of a bitch!

Do it now.

I'm out of here!
This is not what we agreed!


Hold on, Turk. Take it easy!

- Shoot him!
- No, man, wait!

I'll count to three. One...

Hold on, man, please...


Wait, man!

My two heroes!
Get over here, give me a hug.

What's wrong? Why the long faces?
You're going to make me cry, guys.

You're going to make me cry.

You did a great job.

And now you'll get the reward you deserve.

But most importantly...

now we're like family.

You do my dirty laundry
and I'll do yours, get it?

Esteban, the guy is dead.

It was your fault, honey.

It was really unfortunate.

It's all in a day's work, as they say.

- That wasn't part of the deal!
- It's okay to be a little nervous,

allow yourself to feel like that,
but just for a while.

Otherwise, you can't enjoy the rewards
of hard work.

Here, five thousand.

Hey, man, are you okay?

- Are you okay, dude?
- I told you, man.

How many times did I tell you that?

Do you have any idea
what we've just done?

The Fag's got us in his pocket.

You're fucked, Mario.
There's no going back now.

You're like me now.

- What are you talking about?
- Isn't that what you want to be?

Aren't you always trying to prove
how much of an underdog you are?

Well, you made it.
There's no going back now!

Calm down, why are you mad at me?

It's not my fault. I had no idea
it was going to end up like this.

What happened is really serious!

The worst that could've happened!

But try to look ahead, I...

I did this for you.

Did you know about this?

Russian, did you know about this?
Stop the car!

No, I didn't! How was I supposed
to know he was going to die?

I just wanted us to get five grand each!

When did he tell you all that?

Before we left, the Fag told me,

"Come back, I have something for you."

When I got in, everyone was so fucked up.

He asked me if I wanted
to earn ten grand in two hours.

"Of course," I said.
You would've done the same!

You are such an idiot!
You don't know anything!

Why do you even steal? Tell me. For spite?

To get back at your dad?

Who do you think you are? The pope?

You're no saint. Give back all the money
you've stolen, then!

Is this all my fault now?
You're the one who shot him!

- To save your life, motherfucker!
- I didn't ask you for any favors!

Are you talking to me like that? To me?

After everything I've done for you?
After treating you like a brother?

You selfish bastard!
You're going to end up all alone!

Go home, Pablo. We'll talk tomorrow.


I'm looking for an ideal girl

Who likes to smoke

I'm looking for an ideal girl

You are like a drug

You make me fall for you

You make me go crazy

You are my girl, my illegal girl



I was coming from presenting a commercial
at a building,

because I'm a filmmaker,

and a car drove up, a 504.
I clearly remember it was champagne color.

There was a guy in front of me,
he was in his car.

Four or five men got out of that car,
the one I told you about before,

and they started hitting this guy. Badly.

One of them pulled out a gun and I froze,
you know? I didn't know what to do.

They knocked him out or something,
put him in the car, and then...

the car took off speeding.

At that moment, I saw a planner
and a set of keys,

which I took to the police, of course,

and I also gave my statement.

And I think I'd seen one of them before,
I can't remember where.

But I'll do everything that I can

to clear up this case
and help in any way I can.

What we just saw
is a report that can help shed light

to the whereabouts of Mr. Bonaventura,

who has been missing for over a week now.

Is this another kidnapping?

This is his wife, Mrs. María Esther,

who's been living a real nightmare
since last week.

And this is Congressman Ernesto Segal,
candidate for Senator,

who, as a public official,
should be able to provide answers

to what is happening with this crime wave.
We'll be right back.

Give us our money back!


Son of a bitch!


- Miss, who are you looking for?
- I'm looking for Mario.

Mario is not here.

- Will he be back soon?
- I don't know, he didn't tell me.

I'm on my way. Okay.

- Judy.
- Yes.

I'm going to the supermarket to buy
a few things. Do we need anything?

- No, we're fine, ma'am. Thanks.
- Okay, good.

Hi. You must be Beatriz, right?

- Yes.
- I'm Julieta, Pablo's sister.

- Yes, sure. How are you, dear?
- Fine.

No, we don't need anything, we're good.

Okay, when Mario comes out
of the bathroom,

serve him lunch and tidy up his room
because it's a mess.

Yes, ma'am. As soon as Mario comes back,
I'll serve him lunch.

- Okay. It was a pleasure.
- Likewise.

- Will you tell him I came by?
- Sure.

Xime, hi, can I talk to Pablo, please?

- He's not here, Mario.
- Ximena, please.

I'll tell him you called.

Ximena, can you get him?
I know he's there! Tell him we...

I'll tell him, Mario.
I have to go, I'm with the baby.

- Ximena, please, tell him I'm at home!
- Sure.

Ximena, listen to...


Are you going to talk to me?

What happened with the Russian?
Why won't you talk to him?

Is that why you're upset?

What did he do to you?


He's not doing well, you know?

He was in jail for two years.

Good thing it was for stealing.

You know what they do to rapists,
don't you?

Is that true?

Pedophiles get the worst treatment.

They become slaves.

It's not like you see in films,
where you belong to a group.

Inside, you're all alone!

It's every man for himself.

If you're new,
you have to fight everyone.

One by one, until you can't go on.

The guard puts you in a cell,

and they come in and beat
the shit out of you, one by one...

until you can't get up.

The next day, the same thing happens.
Until you earn everyone's respect.

And you have to "asept" that,
there's no alternative.

- You have to what?
- "Asept" it.

You must "asept" it. That's the way it is.


"Accept," you moron!
Not "asept," "accept."

See? Do you want to end up like that?

Are you talking to me?

Pass that joint, man.

Well, guys, I'm calling it a night.

- Bye.
- Bye.

Do you want me to look after your car?

Hey, Mario. What's up with Pablo?
We haven't seen him in a week.

- I don't know.
- What happened? Did you guys break up?

- Do you want me to drop you off?
- Great, man.

Mario, can you drop me off too?

Why are we knocking on this door?

Well, because TV3 News investigated

and found out
that this is Mario Segal's home.

Who is Mario Segal?

Some people have testified seeing him
at the scene of the crime.

And we will stay here
until he talks to us.

Let's keep trying.

Mario David Segal?

What detergent do you use?

What detergent do you use?

Because with the new Shine Ultra,
with only half as much soap,

your whites are even whiter
and your colors, even brighter!

Try Shine Ultra.

Try Shine Ultra, it's cheaper
Try Shine Ultra, it lasts longer

It lasts longer!

Try Shine Ultra, don't miss out

Shine Ultra, it's cheaper
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What detergent do you use?

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your whites are even whiter
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Try Shine Ultra, it's cheaper
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Try Shine Ultra, we recommend it
Try Shine...

TV3 News brings you the latest news.

We are back.

On location, we have Fanny Mandelbaum
giving us the latest update.

- Over to you, Fanny.
- Thank you.

We find ourselves at this empty lot,

where the body of José Luis Bonaventura
has been found.

Apparently, a group of young boys,
who were playing soccer...

Let's see if the camera can zoom in.
So, they were the ones who found him.

The corpse has been here
for about a week,

and according to the experts
who worked on it...

He died instantly.

said a weapon that was found
near the scene

is thought to be the murder weapon.

There are new suspects
that will be under investigation.

We'll stay here
and try to get new witnesses.

Pablo, I can't take it anymore!
I can't keep seeing you like this.

I'm tired of being the loser
that deals with your moodiness here!

Ximena, please, I can't.


You can't what, Pablo?

What is it?

Please tell me. What happened to you?

Are you seeing someone else?

Is that it?

Do you want to break up?

Don't be stupid.

What is it, then?

You ignore me, it's as if I didn't exist.

What changed last week? I don't get it!

You came to see me dance, we had
a great time, we made plans together.

And now you're backing out,
shutting yourself away.

Why did you change your mind, Pablo?
I don't get it!

You're in a different zone.

You didn't even pick up Valen
to go to the doctor's.

Pablo! Is this about Italy?

Grow some balls, dude, talk to me!

If you want to leave me, if you want
to break up, just say it!

Ximena, leave me alone.

Look, Juli, it's Mario.

- Get out of the car, asshole!
- Julieta, please calm down!

"Calm down"?
I've been trying to reach you for a week!

What the fuck? Why do you do this to me?

You never called! You think I didn't know
you were home the other day?

- Do you think I'm an idiot?
- Julieta, I don't have time for this now!

Please, tell me where Pablo is.

Who told you to avoid me?

Just call me and end it so I can forget
about you! Who do you think you are, man?

Can you keep it down?

Sorry, but I have bigger problems
than you being in love with me.

In love with you? In your dreams.
I hate you! I hate you with all my heart.

You know what? Do whatever you want,
fuck whoever you want,

just stay away from me!


Finally! We haven't seen you in ages.

Juli, what's wrong? Are you okay?

I'm fine, Pablo. Go away.

- Hello.
- Pablo!

Don't hang up! We have to talk.
It's urgent.

- Where are you?
- At the park.

Finally! You have no idea what happened.

"What happened"? You fucked my sister,
that's what happened.

Yeah, I heard!

You piece of shit! You have no respect!

I gave my life for you!

You have no values, just like your father!
You're corrupt, just like him!

Man, just listen to me
for a second, it's important!

Why don't you tell us the truth?

Why don't you tell everybody
who you really are?

Fuck you, you motherfucker!
Tell them the truth, come on!

Tell them who you really are!

Tell them you're Congressman Segal's son!

You're no kid from the street!

You're a self-hating Jew who steals
so you can have a few friends!

Stop! Can you listen to me?

Get out of here, Russian!

- You have to hear what happened!
- Get out!

Attention, criminologists...

Hold on!

Attention, criminologists...

Take it easy, kid, turn around.

What's going on, sir?

- Turn around.
- But why?

What the hell is going on?
I didn't do anything.

- Come on, turn around.
- What's the matter?

Turn around, damn it!


Get in.

Officer, like I said,

it was a misunderstanding
amongst friends, that's all.

I'm a detective.

You're not here because you fought
with your stupid boyfriend.

Do you know this man?

No idea.

How about now?


And now?

José Luis Bonaventura,
businessman and politician.

Married, two daughters.

Lives on Libertador Avenue.

He likes parties and hookers.

How about this guy? Do you know him?

Stevie, the Fag.

Homosexual, drug lord, pedophile.

What are you doing here, Stevie?

I heard you got in a fight with Pablo
and wanted to check on you.

You know you boys are like sons to me.

And I always worry about my children.

- Don't worry, everything's fine.
- It doesn't look like that.

- Look at your face.
- It's nothing.

Get in the car.

- I have to go home.
- I told you to get in the car!

Do you know what they say
around the neighborhood, kid?

That the Fag owed a lot of money
to Bonaventura,

and since he didn't want to pay,

he had him killed.

Do you know what else they say?

That you and your friend
hang out a lot with the Fag

and do some jobs for him.

You know how the story goes, right?

Do you know who you're dealing with?

Did you know the Fag is wanted
by the Uruguayan police

for trafficking and murder?

Who are you protecting?

Your friend, you think he'll keep quiet?

What do you think will happen
when both of you get caught?

Your friend's daddy
is going to help him out.

But a street kid from Palermo
will end his days in jail.

You have two choices here.

Long and complicated, or short and easy.

Didn't I tell you that?
I said it multiple times.

- It has nothing to do with it!
- No?

You can't trust him.
See what he did to Julieta? I saw them.

What does that have to do
with his dad being a politician?

Shut up, kids, the adults are talking.

Are you going to tell me
who did this to you? Was it Pablo?

No, it happened in a soccer match.

I thought it was him because he found out
about you and Julieta.

No, not at all.

You know everything, don't you?

You know you can count on me.

You get special treatment from me,

- Stop it, Stevie, I'm late.
- Wait!


The short option is this:

you sign this confession,

stating that you participated
in the murder of Bonaventura,

but, mind you,
following Esteban Testaferro's orders.

You do some time, try to survive,

and soon enough you're a free man.
You'll have your whole life ahead of you.


If you want more, swing by the club.


you know I love you, right?

If you are in trouble,
you can count on me.

You are making things hard, kid.

This is the second option.

Today's the autopsy.

And tomorrow I'll have the dogs
chewing your balls off.

Say goodbye to your family
and to your life. Get it?

So, what the fuck is it going to be?

I'm deeply sorry about the death
of this man.


I have no idea what you're talking about.

If you want to lock me up, go ahead.

If not, then let me go,
I have many things to do.

You walk out that door
and the offer's gone. Understood?

It's your call.

Arrested because of an accident.

Your problem is that you
couldn't fuck her yourself!

Do whatever you want!

But if he shows up in my neighborhood,
I'll kill him.

You're a fucking Nazi!

I'm out of here!

Son of a bitch. Get the fuck out.

You have to make a decision now, kid.

You walk out that door,
you lose the offer.

Excuse me...

am I under arrest?

It wouldn't do any good
getting the police involved in this.

What's more...

I think Ernesto
would disapprove of your actions.


- Where do you get...
- Not Valeria, or Betty or Julieta! Get it?

Sealed lips, are we clear?

Here, kid.

Now, don't be shy.

Now go home and take care.



Where is she?

Beba, I'm begging you.
You know I love her more than anything!

I know we fight a lot,
but that doesn't mean I don't love her.

You, more than anyone,
should know I'd give my life for her!

It's my family! My woman, my daughter!

I know you love her in your own way,
I'm sure of that!

But she packed and left.
She's going to Italy.

And she didn't leave an address,
so that you couldn't find her. Okay?

- Please tell me it's not true, Beba.
- Do you want to know something?

Although I think you're a fucking bum
and a lousy father,

I do believe you love her.

And I'm scared of her going
to another country alone with the baby.

Please, go get her.

Find her, please. Okay?

I need to get high.
Everything's going to be okay.

No, just a bit more. Okay.

Just a bit more
and everything's going to be okay.

I... It's not my fault.

I'm fine.

Nothing will happen to me.

I'm fine. I... It wasn't my fault.
Julieta, it's your fault that...

One more.

One, two, three. Done.

I'm fine now. Just one more. I'm fine.

Everything's going to be fine.

Everything will be okay. I'm fine.
It wasn't my fault.

Everything will be okay because...

What are you doing? Are you crazy?

- Get out of here before I kill you!
- Stop!

Walk! Out! I told you to leave! Come on!


Xime, are you there?

Ximena, I got scared.

But I made up my mind. You are my girl.

That's it.

Let's get the fuck out of here.

- Juli, are you okay?
- What happened with Mario?

What happened?





I fade into shadows

I fall into my own trap

I fight against this anguish

I change my role in the middle of the game


Skin and bones activate

I turn the key, I change time





I deactivate my eyelids

I activate my dream

I see myself upside down in the mirror

I dream of science fiction
I sweat, I get irritated

I find danger...

You never know with women.

You'd think they're easy,
but they're smarter than us.

No, man, but this isn't just any girl.

This is a girl you'd marry forever,
you know?

Can you imagine
how our kids would look like, man?

They'd be beautiful, just like her!

That's it, man. She's smart, she's sweet.

And I blew it! Because I'm an idiot!

Just tell her you love her
and she'll forgive you.

No, this time I really fucked it up, man.

But I swear I'd do anything
to have her with me now, man.

She's an angel. You know?

She was crazy about me
and I fucked it up, as always.

My friends, my family, my neighborhood.
I'm all alone.

Are you going to try it or not?

You asked me how I was doing, so...

I don't need to know about your life!
I'm not a therapist.

Try it, pay me and get out!

Don't be a drag!
Come on, do it and get out!


Hey, sissy.

Get out of here, Russian,
before there's trouble.

Haven't you been telling everyone
you'll kick my ass, faggot? So?

Here I am! Are you backing off now?

- Cut it out, man!
- Come on!

It's their problem.

Come on, kid.

Someone is here for you.

How are you, Mario?

Mario, I...

I've always tried to guide you
in the best way that I could.

But... no, it's not that, it's that...

I'm not blaming you for anything.

I can imagine how much you've suffered
because of my absence...

and my ways.

But there's something
you need to understand, Mario.

I'm on your side.

I will never be against you.

Mario, I...

At times, I feel
like I have lots of strength left,

and at others,
I feel like I've reached my limit.

And maybe we don't have
much time left together, Mario.

Your achievements are also mine.

I always quote your grandfather.

Well, he used to say...

that we must use all our capacity

to understand
those who are lost or confused.

And I didn't see it.

I didn't see you were confused.

That you were lost in the storm.

Or maybe you felt like you didn't belong,
like you didn't have a family.

But that's not true, Mario.

You belong to this family.

You have me. I'm not the best father,

but you also have
your sister and your mother.

They're also your family and you can turn
to them when you're in need.



comes first.

And I, Mario...

Mario, I love you very much.

You have to understand that.


You know what, Mario?

I believe in you more
than you believe in yourself.





If you need me, call me.

Just say, "Hey, Dad,
I need to talk to you."

Come on, Mario.

Come on.


You don't know who I am.

Son, you have to sign.

Can I at least know what I'm signing?

You are signing a statement saying
that you were taken against your will

and forced to witness
the murder of Bonaventura.

- What about Pablo?
- Your friend will be charged with murder,

stating that he was under the orders
of Esteban Testaferro.

But he was forced to do it, he shot him
because he didn't have a choice.

- I want that to be clear.
- Mario,

what the police want is Testaferro
on a silver platter.

Your friend will just be an accomplice.

He'll have a better chance
of parole in a few months.

But he wasn't an accomplice.
He was forced! He did it to save my life!

If that's the case, now you're saving his.

Pablo's prints were all over the gun.

If you don't sign this,
he'll be going away for life.

Pablo will hate me.

How awful...

What do you want, Mario?

I need to talk to you, Juli.

I know what happened.
I understand your reaction now.

But it made me realize
that what we had was like a dream.

I'm over it now. We can be friends.

I thought I was in love with you.

And I'm an idiot,
so I thought you'd fall in love with me.

- I am in love with you.
- What?

Juli, I've never been
in so much trouble before.

I've never been so confused.
But things are clearing up now.

Now's not the time, Mario.

We can talk later...

Juli, please, just hear me out.

I want to apologize for what I did,
I didn't mean to hurt you.

I love you very much.

Russian, I forgive you,
you don't have to say all this.

Please, don't call me "Russian."

I know it's too late, I know I messed up,
but give me a chance.

I can't think of you as a friend.

You're much more than that.

You're unique.
It hurts not being able to see you.

With you, I feel like I belong somewhere.

I can't.

Can't what?

I can't imagine being without you.

Wants to give you a kiss.
Give her a kiss.

And one for me? A kiss?

With a big hug...

Who is this? What about the lion?



- Just a minute, please.
- the nose.

Pablo. The cops are outside.
They're asking about you.

What do I tell them?

Xime, listen carefully.

This is bad.
I need to run before they come in.

And we have to leave now!
Take everything you need.

- I'm going to get some money.
- What is it?

- Xime!
- Where are you going? Don't go now, Pablo.

Ximena, go to Enrique's. I'll call you
and tell you where to meet me.

Wait for Ximena here. Keep this safe.

Take her and Valen to Retiro station
and buy two tickets to anywhere.

Don't leave until I get there.

- I'm taking the motorcycle.
- Okay.

Careful with the Russian.

Where's Daddy?



You make me fall for you

You make me go crazy

You are my girl, my illegal girl

You are like a drug

You make me fall for you

You make me go crazy

You are my girl, my illegal girl


With Damas Gratis!

Feel it, baby!