Pale Eyes (2005) - full transcript

Fanny lives with her brother and his girlfriend in their long time dead parents' house. Fanny needs some medication so that her behavior doesn't bring too much tension to herself and to closed ones.


- Is that right?
- Yes it's right... thanks.

- Get out!
- It's me. I've already seen you naked.

- Get out!
- I've brought you the bug spray.

- So what! I never get bitten.
- I'll put it down here.

Good night.

You could tidy up.

You know what's offered
for the bureau? 4,200.

- 25,000 in old money.
- That's great. You tell me now.

I called Alphonse. I told him I'd pay
him back in one go. Then we can relax.

- How beautiful you are right now.
- Why? Wasn't I before?

No, I swear, I find you...
in great shape.

- Since you've filled out. It's funny.
- You think I enjoy it? I am bigger.

- Yeah, but it suits you.
- Are you my sweet.

Wait, I'll tidy up, you know how
it upsets me, a mess, a bit.

You're as sick as your sister.

Oh, that's not true.

- Fanny, you piss me off,
what d'you mean? - Nothing, Gabriel.

- It's not right?
- Good night, my sweet.

Shut up.

Shut up.

Here it is.

Ah, yes it's very nice.

And it's in very good condition.
It's not Directoire, but Louis XVI.

- What did I tell you.
- My wife.

- Hello.
- Hello.

- He's an antique dealer for Alphonse.
- I see.

- I knew it was a Louis XVI.
- It's not the same price.

Did Alphonse say
this bureau belonged to my father?

- Yes. - He bought it more than 30
years ago but I don't know for how much.

Would you like a coffee?

No thanks.
But could I have a glass of water?

It's funny, because
I live just near here.

Are you from Paris?

My father says you're not right.

Your father is an ogre.

Before you there were lots of children.
But he ate them all with sauce.

Isn't that so?

He's only pretending to be nice to you.
Really, he's wicked.

I bet he has a great, big knife.
I'd watch out.

Fanny, can you help us please?
- What is it? - Come on.

Come on?
What do you want?

My ball's in the water
and I can't reach it.

What are you doing?

D'you think my arm's longer
than yours?

- When you put QG, that means
'quite good'? - Yeah.

What else is there?

- Did it go well?
- Yeah, ok.

- What else is there?
- For what?


Well there's... VG, which is 'very good'
G means 'good',

There's also 'fair'
and if not, it's 'bad'.

- Bad?
- Yeah.

When you put 'bad',
that means it's catastrophic.

- Don't exaggerate.
- Do you put that often?

No, not often.

But... it happens sometimes.

You know, it's a system.
Others mark like that too.

- What is it?
- Nothing.

I just don't love it when she sings.

- Why? - I don't know.
It's no big deal.

- Have you got a headache?
- No.

- What is it?
- You've got a blade of grass.

- Tell me where.
- There.

It's gone.

Excuse me.

It's good, Spirou?

I read them too, from time to time.

It's all there is to read here.

You've got your father's fine library
with all the Mauriac original editions.

- They must be worth a fortune.
- Mauriac's less fun than this.

- Shit!
- Fanny.

Calm down.

Where is he buried, Dad?

In Germany.

Yeah, I know.
But where in Germany?

A little village.


Not far from Hoffenburg.

Why didn't I go there?

- I don't know. You were too young.
- No, I was 13.

Don't know. You were staying
with Mum. Can't you remember?


- Don't you have a class today?
- It's Sunday.

Oh, yes.

Didn't Dad talk about the
German woman he knew?

No, not really.

Well, you know,
he never talked about all that.

I mean, of his escape.

And of the war in general, actually.

- She was called Gertrud.
- Ah no, Grete.

Ah yeah, Grete.

Why did I call her Gertrud?

How old was he in 44?

Ooh... 23.

Even the voices, I still hear them
lots of times. But I'm not bothered.

- How is that?
- I tell them to piss off.

What do they say to you?

Well, it depends.

You were born in 72...
Like me.

Except me, I was born in October.

I'm younger than you in fact.

My father, when he had me,
He was 51.

They say that children, the older
they are, the more chance of...

I hope it wasn't
Régissard who told you that.

Breathe in.

I smoke much less than before, don't
cough as much in the morning. A little.

What do you want me to say?

Better not smoke at all, anyway.

Anyway, it doesn't bother me coughing.

Shut up, I said.

You piss me off.

Tell me: 'You piss me off,
really piss me off. It's not possible.'

So where were you?

You see, I'm here.

Yeah but, all this time?
You weren't at your brother's?

- I see your brother, but not you.
- I'm here.

- Round and about.
- Yeah?

- Let us not drag on.
- Five minutes. To finish this.

It's dark, it's depressing me.
I want to go home. Ok?

Ok, ok. Let's go.

Yeah, I know.
You must give me your number.

- Ok, you must call me.
- Yeah, I'll call you tomorrow.


- Did you find what you wanted?
- Yeah, it's fine.

Excuse me. I'm the father of Sebastien.

Sorry. We met at the school fair.
I didn't recognise you.

It's your wife who picks up Sebastien.

What do you think?

It's over with Diane.

I don't care about Diane.

Yes, it's going very well.

- You know Cécile, my wife.
- Hello.

- I remember from the school fair.
- Do you have children too?

- No, no children.
- Sorry, excuse me.

Don't get her drunk too much,

- Hey, have you got a problem?
- No, it's just... be careful.


Let's go.

What's wrong?

Shut up.

- Right, actually, I won't take it.
- Very good,

- Is that better?
- Why better? It's ok.

- What's all this?
- It's mine.

- Was it given you?
- No, I bought it with my own money.

- What, you went into town?
- Yeah.

- D'you take the bus?
- Yeah.

You should have asked me,
I'd have taken you.

How much did you pay?

- I don't know. Why are you whispering?
- I'm not whispering.

Mendelssohn, it's much
too difficult for you.

What do you know about music?

- Alright.
- Yeah.

- What've you done today?
- Lots of gardening. Didn't you notice?

Yes, of course I did.



- Be careful.
- Sorry.

It slipped through my hands.
What a jerk!

Alright, alright. Leave it.

Go and put your shoes on.

Everyone was in cahoots.
I made out we were showing a film.

I closed the curtains in the classroom.

And when the lights were out, Mrs.
Dromard arrived with a cake and candles.

And then, his reaction...

- Crazy.
- What happened?

He started to cry.

He cried.
He was furious.

A reaction... of shyness.

- It's the end of April?
- Yeah..

But he's Taurus.
They're very modest.

Angry. Shy and angry.
Yeah, it's a strange mixture.

Suddenly there was
an eruption of mayhem.

All the children shouted:
Mrs. Dromedary, Mrs. Dromedary!

Mrs. Dromard was very embarrassed.
Ok, thanks.

I find that at that age,
having a kind of conscience like that...

Of shame, you see he was...

About dromedaries, I saw a program
the other day about them on TV.

- Really? Was it any good?
- Yes.

There were male dromedaries
who were fighting.

And after, the winner
pisses on his tail.

On his own tail.

And once it's really wet,
he makes like with a fan.

Like that.

He sprinkles the largest area possible
to show that he's the boss.

Then he stick his nose on the buttocks,
well... on the pussy of the female.

Like that.

Then he sniffs like crazy.

He turns his face to the sky
so the pussy juice runs

down there, like that.

And then he starts again.

Without stop.

It's amazing.

What channel was that?

The Animal Channel.

Very good.

Not got a spoon?

- What is it?
- Nothing. I'm done in.

- I can make another.
- No... I can.

And then there was silence!

- The way you said that. Just like Dad.
- Really?

Sometimes one'd say
you mimic him.

What! Don't start that again!

- You think that's funny?
- Yeah, it's funny.

- Good for you
- Shut your mouth.

- What!
- Shut your mouth!

What's wrong with you, Gabriel?

I mimic Dad?

Yeah, don't act surprised.
You know, everyone knows.

You like judging people?

What makes you say that?

- You've no experience of life.
Understand? - Stop it, Gabriel.

I'd like to know why Dad
never knew I was ill.

- Don't say anything, please.
- He knew?

- Answer. He knew?
- Of course he knew. - Never!

It's like the funeral. I wasn't there,
I wasn't presentable, right?

- Stop it!
- And when I wanted to slit my throat.

- Why hide that from Dad?
- You're confused. He was dead.

He wasn't dead,
it was Easter. I was 11.

- No, it was after.
- He was alive. I tried to cut my throat

I remember it well, even though you say
it wasn't me, I know it was me.

- I took the knife like that and I tried
to cut my throat. - Stop!

- I remember. If I hadn't been there...
- Yeah...

- Mum howled all night long.
- And Dad?

Stop it. I don't think you realise
the sacrifices he made for us.

Don't say that. If anyone here
doesn't realise anything, it's you!

No, it's alright. Stay there.

- Cut that out!
- Why, it didn't hurt.

Tell him.
What are you waiting for?

- What are you talking about?
- I don't care, you've no proof.

You're not right?
You're sick, just sick!

Fanny, stop!

I'll kill her!

Stop it!
Calm down! calm down!


Let me out!

What happened?


I think
you should go back to hospital.

I think it would be better for you.

Stop it.

Please, stop.


- Would you like a hand?
- Oh, no, it's alright.


Are you sure?

- What are you doing with these chairs?
- Throw them away.

- Will you give me one?
- Take them all if you want.

Which colour would you like?

I'll let you think.

Hello, yes...

I wanted to let you know
before talking to him about it. Exactly.

Brauchen Sie Hilfe ?

I... I don't understand. I'm French.

Merci... thank you.

Do you speak English?

I'm looking for the cemetery.


The graves.

Where they put all the bodies.

That way?

Straight on, left?

Straight on, left.
Second, then up. I...

It's my father.

My Dad.



Dad, Oscar.
Oscar, Dad.


Subtitles: Corvusalbus, JM2L