Pale Blood (1990) - full transcript

A vampire arrives in Los Angeles to investigate a recent series of murders which bear the hallmarks of vampire attacks. Wanting to track down the murderer, he hires a private investigator who herself is obsessed with vampire mythology.

Please, please sit down.

What you are about to see
is one of the most dramatic

pieces of art that
has ever been created.

Now, I don't wanna
bother you with detail...

Mr. oswald, will you
please hold still?

Now, as I was saying, I don't
wanna bother you with details

on how I arrived at this, just
let me say that it is a work

of true conviction,
of true commitment,

and years and years of
single-minded dedication.

Mr. oswald, if you
can't stop shaking,

I will have to ask
you to leave the room.



Announcing the
arrival of uga flight 419

from Frankfurt.

Passengers will be arriving at
gate six in the b concourse.

Uga flight 419, arriving at
gate six, the b concourse.

British airlines paging
arriving passenger Hoffman.

Paging arriving
passenger Hoffman.

Please go to the nearest
available courtesy phone.

Paging David Tully, David Tully.

Please come to the
paging desk, lower level.

Paging David Tully.

Please come to the
paging desk, lower level.

This is the final boarding call

for Italian airways
flight nine to Rome.

All confirmed passengers
should be on board.

Final boarding call,
Italian airways flight nine.

Paging Timothy sweeper,
Timothy sweeper.

Please meet your passenger
in baggage claim area four.

Paging Rita size, Rita size,

please return to gate 14 and
reclaim your carry-on bag.

Rita size to gate 14.

Arriving passenger Michael fury.

Please pick up the nearest
available courtesy phone.

Arriving passenger Michael fury

to the courtesy phone, please.

Call for Michael fury.

Thank you.

This is Michael fury.

Mr. fury, I
have a message from Lori,

who says she's from
the detective agency?


She's unable to
meet you but asked that

you join her at Metropolis,
a store on Melrose Avenue?

Do you know where that is?

I'll find it.

Have you got your passport?

That's the fifth time
you've asked me that.

Remember when you tried to
go to Missouri and you left...

Yes, yes, yes.

The Metropolis on Melrose.

J close your eyes,
remember me from long ago

j never say a word, no
one will ever know

j I'll think of life
the way it was before

j imagine what the future
has in store for you

j I'll take the time
to waste 1,000 years

j touch the face,
wipe away the tears

j stab the back, bite
the hand that feeds

Come on, there it is
back there, come on!

Come on, guys, let's go.

Vampire city, come
on, let's do it.

Get me some light.

Oh, wow.

All right, come on in tight.

Starting tight on her
and then pull back

and open up to include me.

Get him outta here, will ya?

Police, move aside.

This is frazer Kelly, I'm
reporting live from Metropolis

a Melrose Avenue lingerie
boutique and a scene

of yet another grizzly
feast by the vampire killer.

Less than 10 minutes ago,
I received an anonymous tip

at the channel 3 news desk.

The shocking tip told me
that one of the mannequins

was not a mannequin
at all, but a corpse,

and very likely the vampire
killer's victim number three.

We've arrived here
before the police

to bring you this exclusive.

You must be Michael fury.

I'm Lori, from the agency.

The one you've been
corresponding with.

I'm really sorry I couldn't
meet you at the airport.

I got a hot tip from
a friend of mine

and I came right down here.

Looks like another one.

You are Michael
fury, aren't you?

The one who's been
paying me to investigate

these so-called vampire murders?

That's right.

You had me scared
there for a minute.

It's just like the others.

Someone is using
sharpened incisors

to bite into the
necks of the victims,

and all the blood
is drained out.

But there's no evidence,
there's never any evidence.

And they appear no closer

to solving the hideous crimes.

- I see.
- Now, here tonight.

Another victim.

This is frazer Kelly
for channel 3 news.

Now back to the studio.

Well, my car is right here.

Why don't I take
you to your condo?

That really freaked me out.

I don't even wanna eat dinner.

I tell you, it
makes me worry about you

walking out here by yourself.

Don't think I'm
gonna work here anymore.

Yes, ma'am?

Fill it up, please?

And the victims are apparently
killed someplace else.

Maybe the same place every time.

And then they're brought to
the place where they're found

and the rest you
know from my letters.

You want a coke?

Anyway, I found a great place
for you while you're here.

It's a brand new condo.

It's unfurnished.

That's what you
wanted, isn't it?

Have you seen it?

I spent a whole
day and night there.


Well, after all
our correspondence,

I kinda felt like I knew you.

My letters were very
business-like, as I recall.

I know, but I
like to read between the lines.

I made up a whole
personality for you.

I sat in your place,

wondering how you'd
decorate the living room,

which bedroom you'd
pick to sleep in,

what your bed would look
like, things like that.

What do you do in the agency?

Research assistant
on the graveyard shift.

All those summaries you sent
me were unusually thorough.

Well, I'm very
interested in the occult.

Not just vampires,
a lot of things.

Actually, I'm kind of a
joke around the office,

so when your first letter
came in, they kinda thought...

They thought we
deserved each other.

I've read all the vampire books.

Seen just about every
vampire movie ever made.

Wouldn't it be incredible
if there really was

a vampire behind all this?

You know, a lot of people
think it's possible.

Because of the puncture
wounds in the throats

of the three dead girls?

Well, you saw them.

They looked just like fang
bites and everyone knows

vampires must kill to live.

I think people do
see too many movies.

Why must what you
call a vampire kill?

Why couldn't they take
just enough blood to exist?

And let their quarry live.


That's an interesting
way of putting it.

I'm tired.

I'd like to get
to the apartment.


What are you really looking for?

I'm looking for a killer.

Nice slow pan from
Billy blue shirt,

and hold, beat.


Now nice slow zoom, real
slow, real slow, yeah.

That's good.



Now, pull back real
slow, yes, real slow.

Hell, somethin' moved
down there, I know it did.

Looking for something?

Jesus Christ, man, you
scared the shit outta me.

Are you a cop?

Are you a cop?

Something happening down there?

No, nothing's
happening down there.

Why are you filming nothing?

Look, first of
all, this isn't film.

It's videotape, all right?

Second of all, I'm an artist,
I don't have to explain to you

or anybody else in the
world what I'm doing.

Huh, art.

But there's nothing
happening down there.

You'd be surprised what you
can do in the editing process.


What's your video about?

It's a goddamn
documentary, all right?

About the murders?


About the murders.

I mean, why else
would I be here,

at this hour, freezing
my ass off, huh?

And listen, don't try and
rip me off, all right?

That happened to me once before,

and I didn't take kindly
to it, you understand?

First they steal your
ideas, then your creativity,

and then goes your bank book.

And I tell you wha...


Now, was that strange
or was that strange?

Oh, man.

I don't know.

Jesus Christ.

Get a hold of yourself, man.

Just get a hold of yourself.

Hey, watch out!



Not tonight.

Van, honey, you're
almost an hour late.

Let's go, inside.

Now suddenly he's
in a big hurry.

Maybe we
should think about this?

What're you, crazy?

I told you this was easy money.

Besides, we'll go
to drac's after.

We'll have a really good time.

No, forget it, um, I'm leaving!

Just tell Van I lost
my nerves, okay?

Oh, come on, don't be
a chickenshit, please!

I am chickenshit
and I'll wait for you

at drac's tonight, okay?

Bye, baby!

J right from the beginning

j clouds begin to pour

j but we were all too young to
fear the power of the storm

j if we had lost our
hopes we knew our

j dreams would still remain

j because nothing is impossible

j nothing burns like
fire in the rain

j fire in the rain

j thunder rocked the mountains

j lightning cracked the sky

j no one that survived this
hurricane would dare deny

j if fate had played it's part

j there would be
nothing to explain

j what was once a
very tiny spark

j is now a blazing
fire in the rain

j fire in the rain

j rain

J now see the sun coming out

j from behind the darkest clouds

j say goodbye to the storm

j as it moves across the sky

j see the fire burning brighter
than it ever has before

j moving close, touch the flame

j burn like fire in the rain

j fire in the rain

j fire in the rain

j fire in the rain

J I've heard that
voice before somehow

j can't imagine

j it speaks words without
knowing what they mean

j and I've seen that
face before somewhere

j can't remember

j it seems as if it
happened in a dream

j I laugh and now you know

j that some things never change

j I laugh again because
to me you seem

j so strange

j so strange

j so strange


I took a chance
you might still be awake.

Come onin.

I do my best work at night.

Do you want a glass of wine?

No, thank you.

Your last letter said you were
arranging a list of suspects.

I have friends in high places.

Well, a couple anyway.

There's over 2,000
names on that list.


What a city.

Only the first

they have records of kinkiness.

L.A. you know.

Any conclusions?

None that you'd
be interested in.

Try me.

Not one of them is a vampire.

You're right.

That doesn't interest me.

But you're the believer.

What makes you so sure?

None of them have
been seen in daylight.

Oh, yes.

The lore.

Can't be seen in mirrors,
afraid of garlic.

All those sorts of things.

Is that a smile?

You're really obsessed
with this vampire business.

Put my personal beliefs
aside for a second,

I also happen to be a
damn good investigator.

And rule one is, you work from
a theory that fits the facts.

Now, the facts are, we've
got a killer running around,

who drains his victim of blood.

Now, what are the possibilities?

Who drinks blood?

Nobody said the
killer drinks the blood.

Puncture wounds?

- Just kinkiness.
- No.

Rule two is you don't alter
the facts to fit the theory.

The facts say vampire.

Look, the victims' bodies
are still at the morgue, right?

As far as I know.

Well, doesn't legend say

that the vampire's
victim becomes a vampire?

That depends.

Look, the dead are dead, no
matter how they got that way.

Dead and that's all.

Do you know that some
people believe that the spirit

hangs around for a while?

That if you can get
in touch with them,

they can tell you things?

I suppose
you're one of the people

who believes that?

Actually, I am trying
to get in touch with them.

Maybe one of the murder
victims can tell me something.

I need someone to
investigate the living.

Let's stick to reality.

There are all kinds of reality.

Good luck.

Let me know when the
spirits talk to you.

You're funny, huh?

I didn't mean to
make fun of you,

but you must admit
it's a little bizarre.

That's okay, it was worth it
just to see you smile again.

I should go.

Really? So soon?

Why don't you stay and watch
some of this movie with me?

More vampires?

No, thank you.

When will I see you again?

I'll call you in a day or two.

Jet lag.

Tell me something.

What're you gonna do with
your vampire, if you find him?

I don't know.



Up and at 'em, morning glory.

Look, I brought
you some groceries.

Oh, listen, I'm sorry
that we didn't make it

to drac's last night.

You know Van, one thing
led to another and,

well, we never made
it out of the house.

Jenny, it's almost 8:30.

Don't you have to be at work?





Jenny, Jenny!

Oh, god, you scared me.

Well, listen, I
brought some groceries.

Breakfast in 15 minutes?

The thing about him is his eyes.

The way they look at you.

It's kind of hypnotic, you know?

Oh, brother, are you gone.

Michael fury, huh?

That's a nice name.

So, when are you gonna
see Mr. fury again?


Tonight at drac's.

No, you're not.

You promised me that you'd
do the video with me and Van!

No more, cherry.

But he's a famous
artist and I promised him!

He's using us.

He just got some kind
of big Grant, he's rich!

He's weird.

Will you at least come
along and keep me company?


You've won $1,000!

- Oh, my god!
- You've won $1,000!

No way.

The station that
just loves to give you money!

And now for all you people
sitting in that big gridlock

called the 405,
here's Jay Willis!

The number two Lane
closed for a couple minutes on

transition, harbor northbound
to the Santa Monica westbound.

Oh, that's good.

Very good, yes, I like that.

Huh, open up, open up.


That's nice.

Wet your lips, you
make me, I'll tell ya.

What's this thing here?

That's a vampire hunting
sword, 16th century.

Just put it down, put it down.

Thank you, step away.

Very good.

Right there, right there, yes.

On, the lick, yes, lick it.


Just move around, scoot around.

That's good, yes, yes.

"Woman found dead.

"Blood drained."

Oh, here's one about
the third victim.

Metropolis, two nights ago.

Oh, gorgeous.

Yes, that's good.

Do you think maybe
it's really a vampire?



Well, you know,
Van's great-great

grandmother was
a vampire hunter.

Get out, there's no such thing.

Jenny, babe, try not
to comment on things

you know absolutely
nothing about, all right?

Come here.

Let me have the chicken.

You've had enough
to eat, all right?

You're always eatin', sit down.

Okay, now look at
me, look at me.

My god, girls.

Do you see the, listen to me.

Look at me, look at
me, look at me, good.

Jenny, just take your finger.

Look at me.

Thank you, take your finger
and just, very lightly,

with your fingernail,
touch the egg.

The egg. - The egg's over here.

Come on.

Good, now just hold
it right there.

Hold on, hold on.

- That's tickles.
- Don't move, don't move.

- Your hands are freezing.
- Just touch it.

- My hands are greasy.
- For Christ sakes.

Just touch the egg!

Take your index finger.


Oh, this could get weird.

Take your index finger,
not on foot, on the egg.

Very good, right there,
now just hold it.

Oh, that's good, don't wipe
it off, don't wipe it off.

Don't wipe it, oh no,
back off, back off!

Hold it right there.

Hold that, hold that, hold
your leg, hold your leg!

God, yes, absolute master.

The curves.

The texture, shadows,
texture shadows.

Tantalizing ambiguities.

This is fantastic.

A little love in
the fast Lane from bill cool.

The afternoon commute home, Tom?

Pauline, southbound
55 there's an accident

in the number two Lane.

Hot new group, durango 95!

The darkness is his domain.

To be seen yet unseen
is no difficult task,

for one such as he.

The shadow you thought
you did not see

flitting against the walls
of your darkened bedroom.

It was there.

The sound you could almost hear!

His voice in another form!


The hiss of distant snakes.

Though his power over beasts
is great, it is not limitless.

No, sadly, no.

Certain animals do not obey him.

Indeed, would hurt
him, if they could!

Small dogs.

Especially pekingese,
dachshunds, cocker spaniels!

They are more to my liking.

The blood is the life.

In truth, his blood
is pale as water.

Pale blood.

Pale blood.

Hey, Lori.

Are you okay?


Let's go sit down.

Though his powers are
greater than his limitations,

the night only is his,

yet how completely he
dominates the darkness.

He can become shadow itself
and flow through windows,

like water through cloth!

To be heard, yet unheard.

His voice in another form.

Yes, the hiss of... - Hi, Jenny.

- Hi.
- Distant snakes!

The blood is the life.

I was afraid you wouldn't come.

I'm here.

We spent this
wonderful night together.

There are so many things
I want to know about you.


Michael, I think I'm
falling in love with...


Listen to me.

You don't know me.

You don't who I
am, or what I am.

I can't let myself love.


So, please.

No more questions.



So what?

Are you going to give me
your telephone number or not?

Barkeep, double scotch, rocks,.

Van, Van, there's Jenny.

- Where?
- Sittin' right over there.

Jenny, Jenny.

Just the girl I wanna see.

Hi, Jenny. - Hi, Jenny.

Hi, have you met Michael fury?

How is the video going?

It's goin'.

So listen, do you
mind if we join you?

No, look, we gotta go.

Wait a minute, we just got here.

You wanna stay here, you
stay, I got work to do.


Damn it, every
time I turn around.

Who was that?

I told you he was weird.

Listen, I don't wanna
hear it right now, okay?

I've gotta go.

Hey, but what about tonight?

I mean, we're supposed to...
Maybe later, huh?

Would you like a drink?

No, I'll get it myself, thanks.

Tell me about him.


He's an artist, I've been
doing a video with him.


I'd like to see it.

Oh, god, no, you wouldn't
wanna see any of that stuff.

Why not?

It's an erotic video.

I wouldn't want you to
think of me that way.

I don't.

Where is it?

I know what I saw, I
know it's here somewhere.

Come on, Van, it's
the big time now.


There it is, right there.

"Van vandameer.

"Date of birth,
October 17th, 1945.

"Place of birth,
peoria, Illinois.

"Criminal record, none.

"Medical history.

"Three instances of
psychiatric confinement.

"Memberships and associations.

"Demon defenders.

"International brotherhood
of dragon slayers.

"Ufo alert.

"Ufo space virus
healers association.

"Ufo watchers union.

"Friends of Dracula.

"Sky watchers united.

"Alien identification network.

"Psychotic drug episodes.

"Fight during seminar
on nature of demons.

"A collapse at ufo convention."



Back it up.

Back up real slow, slow.

Then, again.


My god, now you see
him, now you don't.

Nobody moves that fast.


Oh, Jesus, Van, you
got yourself a vampire.

Damn it, this is the kind
of thing that happens

when your dreams
come true, this...

Sure, fight him with
a piece of wood.


You know what he's
doing, he's using Jenny.

He's using her to watch over me.

Son of a bitch.

You just don't understand.

You're a beautiful
girl, full of energy.

So beautiful.

You're so young.

You have so much life
to look forward to.

Do you really wanna
see Van's tapes?

I can get some of them for
you, do you want me to?


I can handle it myself.

I would do anything for you.

You know that, don't you?

I know.

How did you get in here?

I, uh, I rented this
condo for you, remember?

I got the keys.

What's in the suitcase?

I'm not paying your
agency to investigate me.

Shouldn't you be
looking for a murderer?

I am looking for a murderer.

Meaning what?

I'm a suspect?

Everyone's a suspect.

Spoken like a master detective.

I don't think this is funny.

I did a computer search on you.

You don't exist.

Computers makes mistakes.

If I were the killer,
why would I hire you?

Maybe you want someone to

uncover evidence
you left behind.

No, my letters came from Europe.

That could be arranged.

You're actually serious.

You're not a killer.

Then what are you searching for?

I was hoping you
were the real thing.

"The real thing?"

You know what I mean.

What luck.

I come all this way,

and all I get are

Crazy people.

What hallucinations?


Forget it.

Please, Michael, I need to
know, what are you seeing?

What I'm seeing is
none of your business.

No, it is, you see I'm
causing what you're seeing!


No, you don't have that
kind of power, you can't.

How do you know?

Because it's just not possible.

It is possible.

I've been working for
those visions, you see?

Only, they've been
coming to you!

If that's true, what you're
doing is extremely dangerous.

You're playing with things
you know nothing about.

Leave the dead alone!

Michael, please.

I need to know
what you're seeing.

Blood, I'm seeing blood.

Sometimes I think I'm going mad.


You're not mad, Michael.

I don't know what you are,

but you're not mad.

I'm far from home.

Far from home.

And I'm tired.

I need to rest.








Right now for
you early risers, it's music...

In Los Angeles,
the weather for the southland

is more of the same, low
clouds here this morning,

hot and smoggy but
sunny this afternoon.

Highs generally in the mid-80s
in the downtown area...

It's going to
be busy on the Santa Monica

freeway east and westbound,
a lot of heavy traffic

this morning on the
Santa Monica freeway.

Had an earlier
accident, eastbound,

before the harbor
area in the fast Lane.

That has been cleared,
southbound on the 405.

J love is just a fable

oh, Michael.
J and a wrung out fantasy

j you made me able

j to look deeper right into me

j I know the consequence

And potentially
lethal shellfish from

Washington state, the
scallops contain vasotoxin.

That's a naturally-occurring
poison that can cause...

And Cincinnati, five-nothing.

Chicago four, Philadelphia one.

Montreal took Pittsburgh
five-four in 11 innings,

and the mets ended their
seven game losing streak.


Is anybody home?

Hi, um, um...

How you doin"?

I was, oh god, you scared
me, I was looking for cherry.


It's amazing, you know, I
was just thinking about you.

It's like you're
reading my mind.

Anyhow, cherry won't be
back for a little while.

- I really gotta go now.
- No, you know what?

I have something
I wanna show ya.

No, I really gotta go, Van.

No, look, it won't take
long at all, it's beautiful.

Very special.

So, how you doin'? - Fine.

- Are you well?
- Uh-huh.

- You look so pretty today.
- Thank you.

Will this take long?
Jenny, you could be a star.

With such pretty eyes.

I want you to trust me.

Come on.

Go on.

What's that awful smell?


I painted 60 gallons of
garlic juice on all the walls.

Well, I mean almost all of 'em.


Are you trying to
keep vampires out?


I'm trying to keep a
vampire from getting out.


So, where is the vampire?

Hey, don't look at me. - No?

I came here in bright sunshine.

And garlic,

and crosses,

don't do a thing to me.

Nothin', huh?

Well, you see, the
vampire's not here yet.

- "Yet?"
- Yet.

But don't worry.

He's comin'.

Gonna be here real soon.

Look, Van, that's
real interesting, but...

Oh, do you what's interesting?

Look right up
there, right there.

And over there, and
right behind ya.

I don't see anything.

Well look, right there,
it's a hidden video camera.

You see, first of all, I'm
gonna capture the vampire,

then I'm gonna tape him feeding,

and then I'm gonna become the
most famous artist in America.

I mean, it's one,
it's two, it's three.

That's a very clever idea, Van.

I know, very clever, huh?

- But I really...
- No, no, Jenny, Jenny.

You're so cold, so cold.

What's the matter, you think
I'm gonna steal your purse, hm?


Are you feeling guilty, hm?

- Guilty about what?
- "Guilty about what?"

About this.

About swiping my tapes
for your boyfriend.

You think I'm stupid?

You think I'm dumb?

You think I'm retarded?

Don't you think I know what you

and that blood sucker are up to?

What're you talking about?

Michael fury, that's
what I'm talking about.

That blood sucker.

- Are you crazy or what?
- Oh, yeah?

I'm crazy, I'm fucking crazy!

I'm crazy like a fox.

I had a plan all laid
out, where these murders

were gonna look like
the work of a vampire.

- Did you kill those?
- Oh, yeah.

Yeah, I killed them and
believe me, it wasn't easy.

'Cause those things don't
come that good to me.

'Cause you see, vampires,
they're so lonely,

and they keep searching
and searching,

and searching for
their own kind.

You're crazy!

I'm crazy.

Your boyfriend fell
right into the trap.

You're cra zy!

I'm crazy.

The Mark of the beast.

I'm c razy?

Look at me.

Look at Mel

I'm right, I'm fuckin' right!

I'm crazy.

I'm right!

No, no, no, no, don't
fret, don't fret.

How you doin'?

Look what I got for ya.

You know what this is?

This is the upper jaw of a
Mexican vampire bat, huh?

Fitting, isn't it?

Please, Van.

Now, don't you
worry, don't you worry.

This isn't gonna hurt
you one little bit.

Oh-ho, Jesus!

Oh, we got gusher.

Oh, Christ.

Okay, you're fine.

Hold that, hold that, good.

Just like Texas, you see.

The jugular's the
one you want to hit.

Of course, your boyfriend
was a little kinky.

He wasn't all that efficient.


It's ironic, isn't it?

I mean, I actually know how to
do this better than he does.



Okay, well we're gonna get
you lookin' real pretty.

Fix that little bow of yours,

straighten this out for
your boyfriend, okay, huh?

Here, hold still, hold still.

Very good, mm-hm.

Of course, you're not gonna
be much use to him all empty,

so, uh, I think there's
gonna be just enough left

to whet his appetite, for
the meal to come.

Just a little bit more,
we're almost done, all right?

Oh, Jenny.

Sorry about that.


Oh, no, no, this is wine.

I take the blood out, I
certainly don't drink it.

Here's to you, brother.

I'm not your brother.

Well, we are a little
touchy this evening,

aren't we, Mr. fury?

Why did you kill her?

It wasn't necessary.

Look, you might wanna
do things half-assed,

but if somebody's gonna
do somethin' right,

they should do it right.

You killed them all.

Of course I did.

And I've got videotape
of it, it's brilliant.

I drained each one
of them bloodless.

Just like you'd have done it.

I haven't killed
in a very long time.

Well, that's a goddamn shame.

I mean, it's
therapeutic as hell.


You must be so lonely.

So lonely.

There are not many of
you left, are there?

You're right, there
are few of us left.

Now all I find are perverts.


And madmen, like you.


You shouldn't have killed her.

J think of things that made
you cry when you were young

j realize at last your
life has just begun

j think of lonely
places far away

j I'm sorry but I don't
know what to say

yeah, yeah.

He's the real
McCoy and you, Van,

you, my man, are the
one who caught him.

Oh, my god, no.

Sweet Jesus!

Easy now.

God, he is real.

J close your eyes,
remember me from long ago

j never say a word, no
one will ever know

j I'll think of life
the way it was before

j imagine what the future
has in store for you

j I'll take the time
to waste 1,000 years

j touch the face,
wipe away the tears

j speak the truth, break
the heart that bleeds

j stab the back, bite
the hand that feeds

Oh, shit.

Damn it.

Oh, come on, Van,
maintain your vigil.

You know, who knows, man, don't
know what that beast'll do.

No, Lori.


No, Lori.



About time.



J cherry

j cherry pie

j oh



Voodoo Van?


Who the hell are you,
what're you doing here?

I'm here to see Jenny.

You're a friend of Jenny's?

Sort of.

Well, that's very
coincidental, isn't it?

I'm just waiting for
another friend of Jenny's.

I know you, don't I?

Yeah, I've seen you someplace.

You're a friend of
cherry's, right?

- No.
- No?

I'm sorry, what's your name?

Lori, I'm Van.

My god, you'd be perfect.

For what?

You're not gonna
believe this, but uh,

I'm doing a film and cherry
was supposed to play the role,

but she didn't show up.

You're absolutely
perfect for the part.

- Really?
- Uh-huh.

What part?

Well, it's the star of the fim.

Hasn't Jenny told
you about this?

- Oh, yeah, I think she did.
- You know who I am, right?

And you know what I do, right?

- Video artist, right?
- Right, right.

Well, Lori, let me tell
you, whoever plays that role

is gonna end up very famous.

- Really?
- Uh-huh.


Oh, yeah, famous.

Can I see Jenny now?


So I bet you're wondering what
this film is about, right?

- Oh, yeah.
- But you know what?

I don't know about
you but I'm so sick

of the male-dominated
superiority in this business.

The only thing that's
respected about a woman

is the size of her breasts,

or the amount of blood that
you can throw all over her.

Come on, really, where is Jenny?

"Where's Jenny."

Step right in, my dear.

Welcome to fame and fortune.

No closer.

I knew it.

I knew it from the
moment I met you.


Don't look at me that way.

I never really believed
this would happen for me.

I wish we had never met.

You don't mean that.

God look at her, she acts
like she has no will of her own.

Oh, yes, that's nice.

Vampire foreplay.

Go on, go on, bite her, bite.

No, damn it, you gotta bite her!

Yeah, maybe now.

Maybe, come on, bite her.

Yes, yes, once in the
thrall of the beast,

you're a blood
slave, nothing more.

But he hasn't even
bitten her yet.

Yeah, maybe now.

Maybe he'll bite her now.

Oh, my god.

She's one of 'em, too.

I couldn't have hoped.

Never go away.

You need blood.

Oh, my god.

Son of a bitch!


What a fuckin' nightmare.



Sit down, gentlemen.

Please, please sit down.

What you are about to see
is one of the most dramatic

pieces of video art that
has ever been created.

Mr. oswald, will you
please hold still?

It is a work of true
conviction, of true commitment,

and years and years of
single-minded dedication.

Now, you might ask,
"what is conviction?"

Conviction is sacrifice.

"What is commitment?"

Commitment is sacrifice!

"What is dedication?"

Dedication is sacrifice.

And finally, you might say...

Dr. lang to
orthopedics, west wing.

Dr. lang to
orthopedics, west wing.

And no one, gentlemen,

no one understands
that better than me.

There, that's your
key scene, Mr. oswald!

Now, pay attention,

'cause they can screw with
these tapes magnetically.

Oh, yeah, they can do that.

Yeah, see, see?

Bullet hits, right through the
chest, but it doesn't matter.

You can shoot these son
of a bitches all day long.

What's the matter,
am I boring you?

Well, how's this, huh,
look what they did to me.

These are vampire bites!

No, no, no, please
don't take 'em.

I'm just gettin'
to the primo stuff.

This is where this guy, Michael,

actually turns
into a mutant bat!

I mean, look at it, for
Christ sake, look at that!

I actually had footage
of him changing,

and then rising from the dead.

Got footage of him
making love, Mr. oswald.

X-rated love scenes, Mr. oswald.

I'm going to like it here.

Look, I wasn't saying
nothing bad about you.


I mean, we were just
watching the film, okay?

It's kinda like we're
friends, you know?

I mean, we've been
through things together.

Sort of like friends, right?

I mean, we were just
watching the film, it's...


I'm just gonna...

J close your eyes,
remember me from long ago

j never say a word, no
one will ever know

j I'll think of life
the way it was before

j imagine what the future
has in store for you

j I'll take the time
to waste 1,000 years

j touch the face,
wipe away the tears

j speak the truth, break
the heart that bleeds

j stab the back, bite
the hand that feeds

J now see the sun coming out

j from behind the darkest clouds

j say goodbye to the storm

j as it moves across the sky

j see the fire burning brighter
than it ever has before

j moving close, touch the flame

j burn like fire in the rain

j fire in the rain

j fire in the rain

j fire in the rain