Palay Khan (1986) - full transcript

The British government have taken over there rule in a deserted region in India. But some of the people there strive for freedom; one of those brave freedom fighter is Palay Khan, who owes his intelligence to the entire region. When British soldiers attack he is always present to defend and now he and his gang is wanted by the British, no stone is leave unturned to catch him but all ways prove fertile until one day a British Officer by the name of Gulbar Khan manages to adduct one of Palay Khan loyal associates, Amar Singh and held him captive until Palay Khan surrenders. But in retaliation Palay and his gang kidnap Helen the daughter of British General Bonz, but eventually Palay and Helen fall in love. This love might as well bring about the change in hatred for love between the British government and the freedom fighters.

'This piece of land is like an ember.'

'It's without any trace of blemish.'

'These peaks are filled with stories of thirst.'

'Thirst can be for water, wealth and even blood.'

'Thirst and conflict of thirst make history.'

'Our story too is about a conflict of two thirsts.'

'One thirst is of the British Empire,'

'which wants to conquer the entire world'

'and the other is of some gallant men of Mandokhail,'

'who want to confront the British Empire to get freedom.'

What's it, Zulfikar Khan?

That Jamaal Khan and Karim Khan are instigating the people

to hand their entire land to the foreigners.

Why don't you understand?

What has your barren land given you except

starvation and burial ground for dreams?

Tell me. I say sell off this graveyard!

Mohammed Khan, have you ever seen 2,000 rupees?

2,000 rupees? - Yes, 2,000 rupees.

What are you thinking? Give your thumb impression fast.


Friends, I admit

your land has given you only starvation and suffering.

But it has given you independence and dignity too.

Karim Khan, this isn't a sale of our land, but of our independence.

Friends, I'm not stopping you from selling your belongings.

But think of what you're selling.

You're not selling your land, but your independence.

This deal of freedom for a few pieces of silver will cost you dearly.

And I don't agree to it.

Jamaal Khan, I won't sell my land!

Hassan, please forgive us!

We made a great mistake!

We were lured by the foreigners! Please forgive us!

Don't apologize to me, but to this land and to god.

God will forgive you.

And remember,

learn to live and die like Pathans.

I considered you Pathans and trusted you.

Mr. James, I swear had that scum Hassan not meddled,

the work would've been done. That ruffian told the villagers

to live and die like Pathans.

But the two of you don't look like Pathans to me.

Mr. James, by god, had anyone else told us this,

we'd have slashed his tongue!

We'll now return only after avenging our humiliation by killing Hassan.

Absolutely! - I don't believe you.

But if you kill the chief of Mandokhail,

along with the support of the British Empire

you'll each get a cash reward of 10,000.

10,000 rupees? - Yes.

For that much money, I can even behead myself.

Bye, Mr. James.

Let's go, Karim.

Bye, Mr. James. - Work is done.

Bye, Mr. James.

Uncle Khan!

What is it? Why are you fighting?

You tell me, Amar Singh. - I don't know.

I know. These two are fighting for me.

Both Palay and Gulbaaz want to marry me.

Now you tell me, whom should I marry?

O god! Quiet, shameless girl!

What's there to be ashamed of?

The best marksman between them will marry Zulekha.


Son Gulbaaz, go there and aim at me.

Gulbaaz, fire on this pomegranate.

Palay, it's now your turn to shoot.

Well done, my brave boy!

I'll marry Palay!

Yes, you'll marry Palay.

Never, aunt! She'll marry me!

Will you force me? I'll never marry you!

Greetings, brother-in-law.

Greetings, sister. - Come, Jamaal Khan.

Greetings, sister. - Greetings.


Sister, why is Gulbaaz looking so sullen?

Karim Khan's daughter has refused to marry him.

Palay has won me.

Hassan, then keep your daughter-in-law in your house.

Her mother is no more. I can't look after her.

Jamaal Khan, how come you visited us today?

I heard you're going out for a few days. - Yes.

I want to go to every village and alert the people

not to sell their land to the foreigners.

The foreigners are trying to enslave us with their money.

Ok, Fatima. I'm going.


God is great!

There is only one god!

There's blood on your clothes?

Hurry up. We've to leave this place.

Whom have you killed? - Nobody.

Answer me! Whom have you killed?



You killed Hassan? - Yes.

You killed your own brother-in-law? - Yes!

Look at this! We can make Gulbaaz's life with this money!

No. - We'll live in comfort under the foreigners' shelter!

Do you think I'll go with you to live a despicable life of comfort?

Never, Jamaal Khan!

I'll summon the entire tribe!

You haven't killed just Hassan, but the entire Mandokhail! - No!

No! I won't let my son live with a traitor like you.

Let go of him! - Move away!

Stop, Jamaal! Don't take my child!

Gulam Hasan, Haider Ali.

Everybody! See what's happened to Hassan!

Come fast!

Daddy has come!

Palay, listen.

What has happened?

Daddy has come!

Daddy! - O god!


What's happened?

Bring him down! - Daddy.

What's happened?

Daddy! - Oh god!

Look. - Daddy.


thank god

I never bowed my head to anyone but him.

Everyone, listen to my will.

Palay, my dear son

one moment of independence

means much more than ages of slavery.

Carry on this battle even after my death.

Son, I'm handing you this holy book.

Hassan Khan, fight your death and tell me who your assailant was.

Give his name.

Karimuddin Khan and Jamaal.

O god!




Officers, look at this map.

The sun never sets in the British Empire.

We've subjugated such a big country like India.

But this small blot out here

has been challenging the British power for 50 years.

A few illiterate and dumb bandits

are holding up the advances of the British Empire.

Historians of the future will mock us.

In these 50 years, there have been 15 generals,

but they couldn't subdue those handful of bandits!

Shame on us!

Gulbaaz Khan, come with me.

Colonel, I won't tolerate this at all

that my name should be the 16th after those 15 unsuccessful generals.

Who's their leader?

It was Hassan Khan first, now it's his son, Palay Khan.

Who? - Palay Khan.

Palay Khan. - Yes.



Colonel, I want Palay Khan in fetters,

with his head bowed.

And I promise you you'll get a letter of appreciation

from his majesty, King George V.

My sister is looking very beautiful as a bride.

But I'm not feeling good. - Why?

Elder brother isn't here.

How can Palay come here, Radha?

It's dangerous for him.

I heard the new British officer is very sharp.

But my heart says brother will surely come.


Brother Palay. - Friend.

My friend, greetings. - Greetings.

I told you not to come, but still you're here.

One doesn't need permission to go to god's or a friend's house.

Try to understand, Palay. - Radha is our sister.

We had to come. Right?

Yes. - Come.

Greetings, uncle. - Greetings, child.

How are you?

Greetings, sister-in-law. - Greetings.

How are you? - God has been kind.



How are you, sister? - I knew you'd definitely come.

How can a brother not attend his sister's wedding?

Look what I've brought for you. - It's very beautiful.

Wear it. I'll meet mom.

I haven't been scolded by her for a long time.

O god!

Greetings, mother.

I know you're angry with me

as I stay away from you for months together.

But what can I do?

Should I quit the battle dad had started to stay here?

Listen, mom.

Don't obstruct me with your anger.

When I lie down in the lap of the mountains at night

I can feel your presence.

Really? - You?

How come you're here? You know this is Khan Hassan Ali Khan's house?

It gets defiled if traitors step into it!

Maybe you haven't recognized me.

I'm not Karimuddin Khan, but his daughter Zulekha.

But you're still a part of him.

Even god doesn't punish children for their father's sins.

I'm not god!

Had you been god, I wouldn't have dreamt of marrying you.

If you've any such dream, forget it.

And be grateful that you're a girl or else..

If I were a boy, what would you've done?

I'd have killed you to avenge my father's death.

Then you can't avenge it. - I will.

I'm waiting for the day when you'll have a son.

I'll kill him and avenge my father's murder.

Will you kill your own son? - What rubbish!

If I marry anyone, it'll only be you.

And I'll give birth only to your son. - Beware if you..

Why are you venting your hatred on her?

Listen to your conscience and broaden your outlook.

You're the heir of a brave man like Baba Khan.

Forget the past, son.

He always thinks of the past.

He'll continue to hate me no matter what.

People go to Mecca to kiss the sacred stone.

But I complete my pilgrimage by kissing my mother's forehead.

My beloved son!

My dear Radha, you're looking so lovely!

Here comes the beauty of Mandokhail! - Zulekha, may you be ruined!

You're so late! - What can she do?

Palay has returned after a long time.

So she got late entertaining him. - Quiet!

Zulekha, start now.

But what should I sing? - What you sang at Salma's wedding.

Start the music.

"Salma found her beloved, so she's leaving us."

"Salma found her beloved, so she's leaving us."

"In a moment she forgot our friendship of 17 years."

"Salma found her beloved, so she's leaving us."

"Salma found her beloved, so she's leaving us."

"She used to look so innocent."

"When did she fall in love?"

"She used to look so innocent."

"When did she fall in love?"

"When did she set eyes on her beloved?"

"We found it now when she's leaving breaking all ties."

"Salma found her beloved, so she's leaving us."

"Salma found her beloved, so she's leaving us."

"She's feeling shy."

"Don't say anything to her or she'll scold you."

"She's feeling shy."

"Don't say anything to her or she'll scold you."

"The beauty has found her lover."

"She now belongs to a stranger."

"Salma found her beloved, so she's leaving us."

"Salma found her beloved, so she's leaving us."

"My prince charming."

"When will he come to take me?"

"My prince charming."

"When will he come to take me?"

"When will my palanquin depart from my house?"

"She's leaving decked as a bride."

"Salma found her beloved, so she's leaving us."

"Salma found her beloved, so she's leaving us."

"In a moment she forgot our friendship of 17 years."

"Salma found her beloved, so she's leaving us."

"Salma found her beloved, so she's leaving us."

So you're celebrating a wedding?

Carry on, but first tell me

where Palay Khan and his gang are.

Tell me fast

or you'll be buried here.

Where's Palay Khan? Speak!

Where's Palay Khan?

Are you Palay Khan?

Tell me!

You must be Palay Khan! Tell me!

Where is your gang, Palay Khan?

Captain, look around!

Your death is standing on all sides!

Today is my sister's wedding

and on this happy occasion I don't want to shed your dirty blood.

And if you don't want this captain's mother to mourn his death,

drop your weapons!

Everybody, drop it.

White pigeon, leave with your flock! Go!

Everybody, let's go.

Hail Palay Khan!

Hail Palay Khan!

Captain Smith, well done!

The British Empire is proud of officers like you!

You've demonstrated how the British

run from a few slaves to save their skins!

I'm sorry, sir. - Shut up!

We haven't come here to lose, but to rule.

This is the first time in my life that I've lost.

But I've thought of a plan now.

Arrest every male above 15 years in the villages.

Make them slog, so that they turn half dead.

Their agony will make their sympathizer,

Palay Khan restless.

And we.. - We'll eliminate Palay Khan, our oldest enemy!

What are you thinking, Zulekha? - Nothing.

I was thinking of Radha.

Liar, were you thinking of Radha or Palay?

He's leaving today. If you wish, I'll send him a message

that Zulekha is missing you terribly.

I know you won't tell us where Palay Khan is.



You've become more beautiful in your youth.

This beauty

and this radiant face

shouldn't remain in such mud huts.

Will you live with me?

I'll make you my princess.

Gulbaaz, leave her!

Do you know the outcome of raising your hand on me?

I'll answer it later.

You're their priest.

You won't lie.

Tell me where Palay Khan and his gang are.

Tell me or all of you'll be killed!

Tell me!

Foreign scum!

Idiot, I won't spare you!


Leave him! Don't hit him!

No. Leave him!

No, Captain Smith.

He's Palay Khan's faithful man, Amar Singh.

He'll be useful to us.

Soldiers, shackle all the men and take them away along

with this scum!

Captain Smith. - Yes, sir.

I'm taking this scum to the head office.

Imprison all of them in the Quetta jail. - Ok.


Let me go.

Move ahead.


What has happened?

What has happened?

Khan, someone is coming! Be alert!


What happened?

Is everything fine? - Palay,

Gulbaaz Khan came with a British force and took away all the men.

Many people were killed too.

You can go.

Palay Khan's gang! Follow them!

Palay Khan!

No, Palay Khan!

Hail Palay Khan!

Uncle, where's Amar Singh?

That traitor Gulbaaz Khan has taken him along.

God bless you, Palay!

Come, son.


Where's my father?


Where's Amar Singh, son?

I couldn't bring him. - What?

You left my son behind?

God know what's that poor boy is going through.

Amar Singh, my childhood friend!

Amar Singh.

I was longing for years to see you in this condition.

Today a part of that longing is satiated.

I'll be completely satiated

when Palay Khan, my other childhood friend

will stand in front of me in the same condition.

Tell me

where Palay Khan is.

Or else

I'll be forced to take still better care of you.

What kind of a Pathan are you?

Wearing this vile British uniform

have you forgotten the loyalty of Pathans too?

Some Pathans are born loyal and some crooked, like me.

And as far as this uniform is concerned,

had I not donned it,

today I would've been standing here like you

and begging a foreigner for my life.

Amar Singh,

have pity on yourself and tell me Palay Khan's whereabouts.

Coward, hit me as much as you want!

But I won't degrade myself by telling Palay Khan's whereabouts.

And you want me to degrade myself by killing you?

It's impossible! It won't happen.

I'll torture you so much

that your entire body will make only one sound

and it'll reveal Palay Khan's whereabouts.

I think you don't know the power of the soil

and mother's love of Mandokhail.

If the pain becomes unbearable, I'll cut off my tongue.

But I won't reveal Palay Khan's whereabouts!

Hit me more!

Hit me more!

Gulbaaz Khan,

come with me.

Corpses can't answer any question.

If you keep interrogating him like this,

Amar Singh will only turn into a corpse.

We'll have to break him up gradually and find Palay Khan's hideout.

Perhaps you're right.

And listen.

My daughter Ellen is coming to Quetta from Bombay tomorrow.

It's your responsibility to bring her safely here with honor.

Yes, sir.

Khan has come.

Thank god!

What has Gangadin written, Palay Khan? - Amar Singh is alive!

Let me read the entire message.

There's another good news.

General Bans' daughter is coming day-after-tomorrow.

We'll make a deal with the general for his daughter.

This is the perfect way to get Amar Singh released.

Miss Ellen, do you like reading Urdu?

Well, Mrs. Riley, papa says that

one should learn the language of any country one goes to.

That's the best way to win the hearts of the natives.

Can I come in, ma'am?

I'm lieutenant Teg Ali Khan.

Lieutenant Teg Ali Khan.

You've already mentioned your name thrice. - Yes, ma'am.

You've even told me this is Palay Khan's area. - Yes, ma'am.

And you've even told me

for my security there are armed soldiers in the

compartments ahead and behind this compartment.

Yes, ma'am.

So what have you come to tell me now?

I've only come to tell you not to be scared.

If Palay Khan comes here, I'll arrest him.

Just tell your daddy.. - Recommend your promotion.

Yes, ma'am.

Go now and send our lunch.

And don't eat my brains. Ok?

Yes, ma'am.

You stupid fool! Can't you watch your step?

I can't see a louse like you. - Did you call me a louse?

I didn't see you before. Who are you, fool?

I'm known as Palay Khan!


Break it down!

What do you want?

What do you want?


Help! Leave me!



Leave me!

Move away! - Who's she?

Leave me! - Aunt, ask him who she is.

Will you shut up?

Why should she? Who's this girl?

She's Ellen, daughter of the English resident general Bans.


Aren't you ashamed to misbehave with a woman?

He'll kill me!


You're a guest of Ali Hassan Khan's widow.

And Pathans love their guests like their own honor.

You're under my protection.

Mummy, this is the only way to save Amar Singh from the British.

I'll use her to make a deal with general Bans.

You're not a trader's son to make a deal.

You're a brave soldier's son.

Don't use this girl as a pawn and insult your clan.

Take her right now and hand her to her worried father.

But don't forget Amar Singh is in our sworn enemy's clutches

and she's her daughter - No, Palay.

A daughter is the same, whether one's own or an enemy's.

What should I do then? Let Amar Singh die?


Ok. Take care of your father's house.

But remember, if you don't take this girl back,

I'll never forgive you!

All my love and affection will perish!


Don't be scared, girl.

Palay will take you to your father's house tomorrow.

Wipe your tears now.

Who's Amar Singh, for whom you had kidnapped me?

He's a freedom fighter, a Pathan and my brother.

But he's a Hindu and you're Muslim.

So how can he be your brother?

Because Mandokhail's land gave birth to both of us.

Why did you stop?

The border of freedom ends here and that of slavery starts.

This horse will take you there and return to Mandokhail.

Does he know the way to Mandokhail?

Very well.

Can I say something? - Yes?

When I tell papa how softhearted and nice you're,

he'll surely change his views about you

and you'll get a pardon.

What? - Pardon.

You'll be forgiven.

Pardon for what?

Are freedom loving people considered criminals in London?

If that's the case, I don't want such pardon.

But this war should end, Palay Khan.

Ellen, if this war ends only in my pardon,

let it carry on

till the day either we're left or the British Empire.

This world is very small for us.

But it's not too small for our friendship?

I'm an enemy of the British Empire, but your friend.

As long as I'm alive,

that enmity and our friendship will remain alive too.

I'll try my best to get Amar Singh released.

If you try to get him released because I've released you,

I don't want his release.

But if you feel that his arrest was unjust, go ahead and try.

Shall we go? - Ok.

When and how can I meet you?

Keep this horse with you and come to me whenever you wish.

Khan, this girl can't leave.

Amar Singh is still in British custody

and she's our means to get him released.

This girl will certainly go because it's my mother's order.

Tomorrow if your mother orders you to join the British,

will you commit this treachery? - Haider Ali,

had anyone else told me that, I swear he'd have been beheaded.

Ellen, go.

Leave the rein, Rehmat. - No.

We won't let you betray our people!

Leave the rein. It's my order!

We had sworn to obey our leader's order, not a traitor's order.

Ellen, go.


Rehmat Ali, don't misunderstand me.

My mother had ordered me to free Ellen, dear.

We've only one beloved and her name is Mandokhail!

This is the only way to reach Mandokhail.

But the villagers can see this way from a distance of 2 miles.

Why don't we bomb the place? - No!

Yes. - Neither I nor the British government wants to kill the villagers.

We want those people alive

in shackles and with heads bowed.

And I want my daughter alive.

And in one piece.

We'll have to arrest Palay Khan.

People like Palay Khan aren't born to be arrested, papa.

Oh my darling. My child. - Papa.

I missed you so much. I love you.

I was so worried.

Are you fine? - Yes, papa.

Did that bandit.. - Bandit?

I mean, did that Palay Khan..

Palay Khan escorted me till here. - Really?

He's an absolutely decent and brave man.

To save my life, he put his own life in danger.

He quarreled with his men because of me.

We're misinformed about those proud Pathans.

They're wonderful people.

They're brave, honest and sincere.

Instead of fighting with people like Palay Khan,

we should befriend them.

His majesty's empire doesn't need slaves,

but some good friends.

How strange!

Your daughter is lauding our enemy in front of you,

but you're standing silently!

Colonel Gulbaaz Khan.

Even if that proud mountain isn't added to the British rule

the sun won't set on it.

Ellen, what are you saying?

I'm asking you to meet Palay Khan once and talk to him.

Compared to slaves, friends are more dependable.

But will Palay Khan meet me? - Sure.

But in order to show your goodwill you'll have to do something first.

For instance. - For instance

you can free Palay Khan's friend Amar Singh unconditionally.

That's impossible, sir. It can't happen.

Will you make general Bans' decisions now?

Gulbaaz Khan,

I think Ellen is right.

Thank you, papa.

You shouldn't have freed that foreigner girl.

I'm still sure she'll fulfill her promise.

Nobody has ever returned alive from foreigner's custody.

But Amar Singh will definitely come back.

Today is a festival day. The entire world is celebrating, but we..

Gulam Rasool Khan, I know it's a festival day.

But I swear I won't celebrate it till Amar Singh returns.

My friend, Amar Singh will definitely have to come then!

My friend! - I've come back!

Happy festival! - Happy festival!


"Dance with excitement."

"Sway and dance!"

"Kiss your swords and dance!"

"O lord!"

"O lord!"

"Remember god and be brave."

"Remember god and be brave."

"My friend, my beloved! Avenge your enemies."

"Remember god and be brave."

"Remember god and be brave."

"My friend, my beloved! Avenge your enemies."

"Dance with excitement."

"Sway and dance!"

"Kiss your swords and dance!"

"Today is the day of festival and to meet dear ones."

"Today is the day of festival and to meet dear ones."

"A ray of hope has come to us today."

"Grasp it with your hands."

"Remember god and be brave."

"My friend, my beloved! Avenge your enemies."

"Dance with excitement."

"Sway and dance!"

"Kiss your swords and dance!"

"Don't be afraid of anything. Don't fear death."

"Don't be afraid of anything. Don't fear death."

"We live happily under the shade of sorrow."

"So cheers for happiness."

"Remember god and be brave."

"Remember god and be brave."

"My friend, my beloved! Avenge your enemies."

"I'm waiting with a yearning heart."

"I'm waiting with a yearning heart."

"Both of us are ready."

"Accept my greetings."

"Remember god and be brave."

"Remember god and be brave."

"My friend, my beloved! Avenge your enemies."

"Avenge your enemies."

"Avenge your enemies."

Why did you come to Mandokhail?

Gangadin told me today is festival day so I couldn't stop myself.

I was worried about you at that time.

What if someone else besides me had recognized me?

Who else besides you could've recognized me?

Only a lover can feel the presence of his beloved.

I love.

I've to go back.

Go back again and again.

It'll increase the fervor of your arrival.

Love means waiting too, right?

I'll escort you to the border.

Palay, papa wants to meet you.

Why? - To forge friendship.

Why can't he come to Mandokhail for that?

Don't be stubborn. Please do it for my sake.

Ok, but I've a condition.

Both of us will traverse a certain distance, all alone.

Do you accept? - Yes.

What's this for? - It's the seal on our contract.

There's no sign of Palay Khan.

Did he fool us? - No, papa.

He's a brave man and brave men don't make false promises.

Look, papa. There he comes.

He had promised to come alone.

But we're not alone too, Gulbaaz Khan.

Welcome, Palay Khan.


My men are so foolish.

They don't even know that before talking of friendship

one should remove all traces of enmity.

General Bans,

it has my picture.



Check properly. There's nobody here.

When you're in this country,

it doesn't matter whether your men are in this room or not?

Have a seat. - Thank you.

Now tell me, what do you want to talk about?

Palay Khan,

the British Empire is so vast that the sun never sets on it.

The sun has to set.

When the days of the British Empire are over, its sun will set too.

Because it's in the nature of the sun to set.

I'm not in a hurry to explain that to you.

The coming ages will explain it to you very well.

Did you call me only to explain that? - No.

Actually, we want to be your friends.

And what will we get in return for this friendship?

A lot.

We'll open a hospital in your area

so that your sick people can get proper treatment.

We'll supply free medicines. - And?

Your area is plagued with illiteracy.

So we'll open a school to give your children proper education.

And will that be free too? - Of course.


We've approved schemes to build a number of roads in your area.

It'll provide new employment to your people

and remove poverty and destitution.

Very good!

Then you're not enemies, but angels of mercy!

You're more concerned than us about our illiteracy and poverty.

And what will we've to do in return for your kindness?

You'll only have to lay down your weapons.

Weapons are a part of a Pathan's attire.

We feel vulnerable without them and turn helpless.

What's there to worry about so much? You're under our protection now.

We're happier to be under god's protection.

Don't be afraid. Now you're under Palay Khan's protection.

Be grateful to god that I haven't come here to fight,

but to talk of friendship.

We sell fruits, honey and spices, but not our freedom.

And neither are we afraid of death because death in freedom fight

is softer than silk and sweeter than honey.

Remember one thing, general Bans,

we are always ready for an honorable death,

but we don't wish to live in humiliation.

Palay Khan, so what have you decided about our conditions?

You've declared a very less reward for my life.

You can double it if you want. Bye.

Don't you forget, Gulbaaz Khan,

that as long as Palay Khan is in sight, he's my guest!


What happened, papa?

Our talks broke down. - Why?

Palay Khan is not only brave, but an intelligent and daring man too.

He won't come to terms so soon.

Shall I bring anything else, child?

Your coffee has turned cold.

What are you thinking?

Gangadin, I was thinking of

how to send this letter to Palay Khan.

The security is very tight,

but I'll have to do it for you.

Come with me.

"My love, I received your letter."

"You asked me to reply to you."

"But instead of sending a letter, I'm here myself."

"But instead of sending a letter, I'm here myself."

"My love, I received your letter."

"You asked me to reply to you."

"But I've arrived even before my letter."

"But I've arrived even before my letter."

"I couldn't endure separation from you."

"I couldn't endure separation from you."

"I couldn't stay without meeting you."

"You've said what I couldn't."

"You've said what I couldn't."

"I couldn't stay without meeting you."

"My heart started beating so fast."

"You asked me to reply to you."

"But instead of sending a letter, I'm here myself."

"But instead of sending a letter, I'm here myself."

"Every gust of wind came to me"

"Every gust of wind came to me"

"with a message from you."

"Don't love me so much."

"Don't love me so much."

"Or else I'll die with your name on my lips."

"May god keep you safe!"

"You asked me to reply to you."

"But instead of sending a letter, I'm here myself."

"But instead of sending a letter, I'm here myself."

"My love, I've received your letter."

"You asked me to reply to you."

"But I've arrived even before my letter."

"Instead of sending a letter, I'm here myself."


I've been noticing since many days Ellen often goes out of the house.

I'm afraid that she may stray into the enemy territory.

I understand everything. Don't worry.

'Palay Khan, Ellen is coming to meet you.'

'Send her back quickly.'

'Gulbaaz Khan has turned suspicious.'

When will we meet again? - God willing, very soon.

Ok. I'm going.

Bye. - Bye.

Do you see now? He's crazy for that British girl!

He still remembers my father, Karimuddin Khan,

but he forgot those British who made my father kill his father!

Why are you silent?

Why don't you say for that girl, you've forgotten Mandokhail,

where your mother keeps praying for your long life!

Trust me, Zulekha.

I haven't forgotten Mandokhail.

How can we believe you?

Don't forget that our goal is freedom.

And your love for that British girl is a hurdle in our freedom fight.

You're standing at a crossroad today, dear.

One road goes to that residency and the other to our hearts.

This is your moment to decide. Make a choice.

I promise you

I'll never meet Ellen again.

I'll never meet her.

That's what we expected of you.

We were always proud of you and always will be.

Hail Palay Khan!

Papa, why are you standing here?

I was waiting for you.

But why has it resulted in worried look on your face?

I forgot to pay attention to it. - Never mind.

I'll give you such good news that your worries will vanish.

Then let's have that good news first.

What do you mean by 'first'?


I'll give you a couple of bad news.

Then let me hear the bad news first.

I'll give you the good news later.

The first bad news is that Gangadin is our prisoner now.

He turned out to be a traitor.

He is a taitor.

Traitor? - Yes.

Are patriotic people called traitors in English?

You're patriotic too.

So don't insult your patriotism by calling another patriot a traitor.

Ok. Give me your good news now.

After hearing the other bad news.

The other bad news is

that you won't be allowed to leave the residency from today.

You mean I'm under house arrest. - Almost.

Reason? - You know the reason very well.

Palay Khan? - Yes.

Your growing friendship with Palay Khan

is clashing with his majesty's political interests.

My heart isn't a part of the British Empire!

His Excellency the resident.

It's free and will always remain free!

And the good news I was going to give you is that

I've decided to marry Palay Khan. - What?

You've gone mad, Ellen.

You can't step out of the residency! These are my orders!

If you tell me where to find Palay Khan's associates,

you'll save both your feet.

And if you tell me Palay Khan's whereabouts,

you'll save your head too.



Yes, I'll tell you.

Traitor son of a traitor father!

You turned out to be such a brave man, Gulbaaz Khan!

Stop this torture! - Miss Ellen, you're..

Get out!

You shouldn't have come here. - I say get out!


I'm highly ashamed, Gangadin.

These aren't wounds,

but medals for rebellion, child.

But I can't endure this pain any longer now.

Whenever I'm hit, I feel like revealing Palay Khan's hideout.

I may reveal the location any moment.


shoot me. - No!

I'm asking for the reward of serving your family.

No! It'll be murder!

No. It won't be murder, but a favor.

Save me from sending Palay Khan to the gallows.

My hands are cut.

Or else, I'd have folded them and begged you to shoot me.

Just shoot me.

Oh god! - Please shoot me.

God bless you.

Shoot me.

O god!

No! No, Gangadin!

You can't die like this! I want to know Palay Khan's hideout!

Tell me! - I'm departing without telling it to you, traitor!

What have you done?


Where did he go?

Have you gone crazy? Why were you firing?

What else would I do?

My alluring eyes failed to entice you.

What misbehavior!

You call love, misbehavior? Fall in love and see for yourself.

Move! You come in my way unnecessarily.

Palay, this path leads straight to my heart.

On that path, lies my father's corpse.

But if you tread on this path you'll find me death.

Then die!

Goodbye, Palay. Sweetheart, god bless you.

I don't blame you for my death.

Zulekha, what have you done?

Darling, I've loved you.

"I hope god shows some miracle, my sweetheart."

"I hope god shows some miracle, my sweetheart."

"My sweetheart."

"My sweetheart."

"I hope our hearts unite, my sweetheart."

"My sweetheart."

"My sweetheart."

"I find even your anger very sweet."

"I'm floored by your temper."

"I find even your anger very sweet."

"I'm floored by your temper."

"It's great, dear."

"What if we fall in love, my sweetheart?"

"My sweetheart."

"My sweetheart."

"I hope god shows some miracle, my sweetheart."

"My sweetheart."

"My sweetheart."

"Shyly and coyly, I'll compose myself."

"I'll embrace you tightly fearing the lightening."

"Shyly and coyly, I'll compose myself."

"I'll embrace you tightly fearing the lightening."

"Let's dance, sweetheart."

"What if we marry each other, my sweetheart?"

"My sweetheart."

"My sweetheart."

"I hope god shows some miracle, my sweetheart."

"My sweetheart."

"My sweetheart."

Are you scared?

Didn't I tell you we'll meet again?

My childhood sweetheart!

Leave me. - Come to me, dear.

I say leave me.

I'm crazy for you. - Leave me.

Leave me. - Leave you?


It's a British ambulance.

I think its foreigner's trick.

I'm sure there are weapons in this ambulance.

Yes. Even I think so. - It's possible.

This is not a bank van but an ambulance.

We know, but we want to search it.

Who are you to do that?

Palay Khan! - I don't care.

I'm a doctor and I'm taking a patient to the hospital.

Don't argue. Open the door fast.

No. - Do you want to die?

I too don't fear death like you.

What's your name? - Ram Krishna Sinha.

Brother Ram Krishna Sinha, you're a brave man.

I like those who aren't scared of death.

But I'll surely search this van.

A native of this land in a foreign ambulance?

Who's he? - Jamaal Khan.

Mr. Khan is a government contractor

and he also owns a bar named Naaz Bar.

You're a Pathan, still you work for the foreigners?

You also run a bar where liquor and women are sold?

You've no right to live. - Palay Khan.

I had heard you're a brave man.

But you turned out to be a coward. - Doctor!

If you can kill a patient, you've no right to fight

or die for the freedom struggle.

You've to kill me before killing my patient.

Palay Khan, shoot me.

Dr. Sinha, you look like an honest man.

Palay Khan offers his friendship to you.

Even I accept your friendship.

God forbid, but if you need my help, you can try me out.

Bye. - Bye.

Shut it!

Greetings, mother! - Palay, god bless you.

Father! Who are with father?

He's Karimuddin Khan and he's your traitor uncle, Mohammed Jamaal Khan.

Mohammed Jamaal!

There was no sign of him since that day.

God knows if he's alive or dead.

He's alive to be killed by Palay Khan.

'Mr. Khan even has a bar in the city, Naaz Bar.'

"My beloved has come from Kabul."

"My sweetheart."

"My sweetheart."

"My beloved has come from Kabul."

"My beloved has come from Kabul."

"After so many days today, I'll love him."

"My sweetheart."

"My beloved has come from Kabul."

"After so many days today, I'll love him."

"My sweetheart."

"My beloved has come from Kabul."

"My beloved has come from Kabul."

"This morning I got an omen from god."

"This morning I got an omen from god."

"My heart felt that a guest will surely visit me."

"I decked up and got ready."

"My sweetheart."

"My beloved has come from Kabul."

"My beloved has come from Kabul."

"He knocked at my door and called me."

"He knocked at my door and called me."

"When I peeped from the window, he held my hand."

"I wanted to refuse him, but I couldn't."

"My sweetheart."

"My beloved has come from Kabul."

"After so many days today, I'll love him."

"My sweetheart."

"My beloved has come from Kabul."

"My beloved has come from Kabul."

Mohammed Jamaal Khan, stop!

I could've killed you before you entered the mosque.

But I gave you the chance to offer the last prayers of your life,

the chance which you didn't give my father.

You remember your friend, Khan Ali Hassan Khan?

And you might also remember this dagger?

This dagger still has bloodstains of my innocent and pious father on it.

Because I needed your blood to wash off those stains.

Palay Khan, have mercy!

Mercy? And that too on you?

Should I've mercy on the man who made my mother a widow

and made me an orphan?

Should I've mercy on the man who killed an honest man

like Khan Ali Hassan Khan when he was praying?

No, Mohammed Jamaal Khan.

If I show mercy on you, god will never forgive me.

No, Palay Khan. I'm your uncle.

Uncle Jamaal Khan,

with all the prayers offered in this mosque as my witness,

I send you to god's house.

Father! Father!

What happened to you?


For god's sake please tell me who's responsible for your condition?

Answer me!


Hassan Khan, there's a good news for you.

Your Palay has killed Jamaal Khan.

Now your son has become a young man.

Now your soul must be in peace?



Amar Singh,

perhaps we belong to a generation which is destined only for vengeance.

After avenging an injustice, I've to avenge another one.

But who was that person?

I didn't see his face, but he was that traitor Gulbaaz.

Doctor. - The bullet has penetrated her brain.

Due to nervous damage, she has lost her eye sight.

She may recover after an operation.

But this is only possible in the city.

'God forbid, but if you need my help, you can try me out.'

Priest, this is a son's duty. I'll go.

No! My friend, your life is more precious than our lives.

I'll go with aunt. - No.

Zulekha will go with me. - No, mother. It's impossible.

Then I won't go. - Ok, aunt. I'll get Zulekha.

No, my son. Not you.

Palay Khan will call Zulekha.

Ok, mother.




Zulekha, mother is injured. We've to take her to the city.

And she's insisting that she'll go only with you.

Zulekha, mother's life is in danger.

Ok, stay quiet. You'll be responsible for mother's death.

Palay, I can no longer face anyone.

I won't go.

I won't go.

Why are you endangering your life? - Mother, don't be stubborn.

Palay, wait.

I'll go with aunt.

Child, you've come. Come.

Get down. I'll go with aunt.


Zulekha, go to the Quetta military hospital and meet Dr. Sinha.

Tell him she's Palay Khan's mother.

I'm sure he'll take good care of mother.

Sir, a lady wants to meet you. She's standing near a horse-cart.

Ok. You can go. I'm coming.

Did you call for me?

Dr. Sinha? - Yes.

She's Palay Khan's mother. She's injured.

Don't worry. I'll perform the operation right away.

Come here.

Take her to the operation theater. - Ok, sir.

Doctor. - Aunt is out of danger.

I'm really thankful to god.

But she has to stay here for 2-3 months for her eye treatment.

Zulekha, remember one thing.

She's my mother and you're my sister Radha, not Zulekha.


Friend, what's it? You're looking sad.

Mom left 3 months ago, but there's no news of her.

I don't understand what to do.

Don't worry about aunt. God will take care of her.

Gulbaaz Khan! How are you?

Fine by the grace of god.

How come you're in the hospital?

My friend captain Christopher is your guest here.

He's in room 12.

Thank you. - Ok.

Doctor. - Yes.

I heard your mother is sick and she's in this hospital too?

Yes. - How's she now?

She's better. - Can I meet her?

No. Actually she's sleeping at present.

Give my regards to her. - Sure.

Bye. - Bye.

Go in that room. - Ok.

Who's that? Is it the doctor?

Yes. - Thank god.

I'll be able to see, right?


I wanted to see Palay Khan's youth. That I've seen.

But now I want to see you.

Earlier I was the mother of only 1 son, but now I've 2 sons.

Palay Khan and you.

Good morning, ma'am. - Good day, Riley.

What's the news? - There's a bad news.

I've heard from the cantonment that Dr. Sinha's mother is serious.

It's a hopeless case. - Is it?

I wasn't aware of it.

I must go.

Aunt. - Yes, child.

There's good news. - What?

Doctor told me your bandages will be removed after 5-7 days.

And you can go home after 15 days.

It's indeed good news.


Isn't it Dr. Sinha's mother's room?

Yes. - But what are you doing here?

Can't you see that aunt is not well?

You can complain to your father

that Palay Khan's mother is in this hospital.

Who is it, Zulekha? - She's the same foreigner.

Maybe Gulbaaz Khan found out about you.

Oh god!

And he has spread the news that Dr. Sinha's mother is serious.

When this news will reach Palay Khan, he'll rush here.

And then he'll be trapped by Gulbaaz Khan.

Then please inform Palay Khan somehow that I'm fine

and he shouldn't come here.

I can't trust anyone in this matter.

Aunt, I'll go. - Ok.

God bless her.

Who fell down?

She's Zulekha.

Just check whether she's injured.

Oh god! She's pregnant. - Oh god!


Good morning. - Good morning.

Where's Dr. Sinha's room?

On the first floor, second room on the left side.

Thank you. - Welcome.

Hello, brother Sinha.

Palay Khan, why did you come here?

How's mother?

You didn't meet Zulekha? - Zulekha?

Why? - Your mother is absolutely fine.

Gulbaaz Khan spread this rumor to nab you.

And you got trapped in his trick.

Fool! You didn't even think if mother had been serious,

I would've informed you.

But brother..

Don't argue. Escape from this window.

When I've reached here, I won't return without meeting my mother.

I haven't taken her blessings for months.


Hello mother!

Palay Khan, she's sleeping. Let her sleep.

Let's go.

Brother, seeing a mother's face is like offering prayer.

And I can't go without paying homage.

Welcome, Palay Khan.

Dr. Sinha, I already knew of your treachery.

But I was waiting for the day to kill both of you together.

Palay Khan, you should've realized that

you would've to pay for killing my father.

Are you Zulekha?

Yes. But who are you?

I've heard that your case will be presented in the village court.

Will you reveal the child's father's name if they question you?

I'll say it even if they don't ask.

But who are you?

Taira Misri.

If you reveal the father's name,

Palay's mother will be unnecessarily killed.

Who told you this?

Mohammed Gulbaaz Khan.

Zulekha, now nobody can save Palay Khan.

But aunt Fatima's life is in your hands.


He has also said if you don't reveal his name

aunt Fatima will return safely to Mandokhail.

Where are they taking us?

They said they'll take us to the court for trial.

But I think they're going to kill us.

Drive them away.


Brother Sinha, what did you do?

You sacrificed your life for me?

No, Palay Khan.

You've done me a favor.

You gave me an opportunity to

become a martyr for my country.


Zulekha, daughter of Karimuddin Khan,

before making decision, once again I ask you the name of that man

who's your partner in this sin.

If you can't utter his name loudly,

you can whisper it in someone's ears.

You can even write his name on the ground.

'lf you state your child's father's name,'

'Palay Khan's mother will die unnecessarily.'

'Aunt Fatima's life is in your hands.'

'Aunt Fatima's life is in your hands.'

'Aunt Fatima's life is in your hands.'

'Aunt Fatima's life is in your hands.'

Zulekha, daughter of Karimuddin Khan,

you've been proved guilty of adultery.

Because you're carrying its evidence in your womb.

So I, Qazi Alimuddin Shah, hereby declare

that every adult Muslim will pelt you, till you die.


Hit her!

Hit her!

Stop it!

Move aside, Palay Khan. She's a sinner.

She is carrying an illegitimate child.

She's not a sinner, she's my wife.

And she's pregnant with my child.


Then where and when did you get married?

Priest, in this very place, in Mandokhail.

Who officiated?

2 adults don't need a priest to marry.

But there is a need for witnesses.

Is there any witness of your marriage?

God. - Don't mock your religion, Palay Khan.

Tell me the names of the witnesses.

Priest, the three of us are witnesses of this marriage


Why did you lie to save my life?

For our childhood relationship.

You won't ask his name?

No need. This is your sin. Keep it up to you.

This is not my sin, but my helplessness.

And you've to listen to it.

The name of my helplessness is Gulbaaz Khan.

Why didn't you say it in the assembly?

He had sent a message that if I state his name, he'll kill aunt.

I swear by my mother, I'll kill that traitor before dying.


Mother! - Aunt!

My son. - Mother.

Aunt, are you fine? - Yes.

Mom, why did the foreigners release you?

Son after sending you to Quetta, Ellen got me released.

God bless that girl. How did you get released?

Mother, your blessings shield me from everything.

I don't believe it. It's impossible.

This news is true.

Palay Khan himself admitted it in front of the assembly.

Shut up!

Even if I keep quiet and you disbelieve it, the fact won't change.

Palay Khan feigned love to you to trap general Bans.

The truth is that Palay Khan always loved Zulekha

and will always do so.

If you don't believe me,

ask Zulekha who is pregnant with Palay Khan's child.

Here, child. Have some food.

No, aunt. I won't eat.

During pregnancy woman shouldn't stay hungry. Here.

If you won't eat, how will you live?

It's better to die than to live such a life.

My conscience pricks me.

No, child. Your soul is as pure and clear as a crystal.

But this child in my womb..

I'll willingly accept it.

Whoever it may be, but still it's Mandokhail's child.

Tell me one thing. Do you want a baby girl or a boy?

Aunt, if god gives me a boy, Palay's wish will be fulfilled.

God is great.

Where were you? - Mandokhail.

Father, Palay Khan turned out to be a cheat and disloyal man.

It's good that finally you realized it.

Ellen, I think you should go back to London to your aunt Lucy

I'll go,

but after getting even with Palay Khan.

'Palay, I'm going back to England forever.'

'But before leaving, I want to meet you just once. Yours Ellen.'

You kept me waiting for so long.

I thought perhaps wouldn't come.

Is it possible for me to refuse Ellen's invitation?

If you hadn't come, my desire would've remained unfulfilled.

What was your desire?

Ellen? - Not, Ellen. Call me Miss. Bans.

I had called you here to get you arrested and get you hanged.

Cheat! Disloyal!

Palay is neither a cheat nor a disloyal man.

Yes? There is no truth in your marriage with Zulekha, right?

Zulekha is not my wife. - Don't lie to me.

I swear by the holy Koran and say that Zulekha is not my wife.

Then that child?

It's Gulbaaz Khan's child.

Gulbaaz Khan dishonored Zulekha.

If I hadn't accepted her, villagers
would've stoned her to death.


Please forgive me.

What have I done!

Palay, run away

because Gulbaaz Khan and his men
will be here any moment. Go.

I'm not scared of Gulbaaz Khan and his soldiers.

We're brought up to become martyrs.

Palay Khan, I'll surely fulfill your desire, scum.

Don't dare to shoot Palay! - Move aside.

Or you'll be harmed because of this beast.

Palay, run away. The soldiers are here.

Goodbye, beloved.

No, Ellen.

Goodbye. - No. Ellen.

Have courage. I'll take you to Mandokhail.

Every house there makes medicines for such wounds.


I don't have enough time to go to Mandokhail.

Please forgive me.

Please forgive me. Palay.

I love you.

"The gust of wind came to me"

"with your message."

"Don't love me so much,"

"I'll die with your name on my lips."

Untie me for sometime so that I can wash up and offer prayers.

Walter, untie him.

But sir, it's dangerous.

I can't take this responsibility.. - I take his responsibility.

Yes sir.

General, god will surely give you a return for this good deed.

I'll surely pray for you.

Thank you.

If possible, please pray for Ellen too.

I'm in your room.

When he finishes his prayer, send him there.

Yes, sir.

Palay Khan, it's still not too late. Be friends with us.

Perhaps I can still save your life.

We, fanatics, only know to die.

And your friendship means slavery.

How can I accept it?

Palay Khan, a handful of your people can't fight forever.

One day they'll have to surrender in front of our army.

Check the history, General Bans.

If life was such a precious thing,

in the battlefield of Karbala, Prophet's starving grandson

would've surrendered in front of the Yazid's army.

We're the successors of such martyrs

who were more fond of martyrdom than lives.

We don't surrender. Either we win or die fighting.

Our freedom struggle will continue.

The series of martyrs won't end with me. It'll go on.

Palay Khan, you're accused of revolt against

the government of this country.

Accused Palay Khan, this court gives an order that

tomorrow, on 16th September 1935,

in your own village, Mandokhail, you'll be hanged to death at 7 a.m.

You'll be hanged until death.

Everything has been sent by god and will ultimately return to him.


Palay Khan!

Palay Khan!

Palay Khan!

Palay Khan!

Palay Khan!

Palay Khan!

Greetings. - Greetings.

Palay Khan, do you've any last wish?

There are thousands of wishes and every wish is very dear.

But you've asked only one wish,

so I want to thank god and Mandokhail.

Unlock his shackles.

My dear fellow citizens.

I'm happy that I'm going to attain martyrdom.

I'm rejecting the shelter of British rule.

Because instead of their slavery, we prefer our freedom.

Goodbye, Mandokhail.



Let me go.






No, child. - Mother, please let me go.


Let her come.

Palay, kill him and avenge your father's death

so that I can be free from your debt.

Zulekha, a child is a god's gift.

He's the successor of his father and fulfills latter's incomplete wishes.

He's the successor of my martyrdom.

Raise him the same way my mother raised me.

God knows for how long our country will need martyrs.

Before dying father had given me this holy Koran.

And today before dying I'm handing it to him.

O god, I'm grateful to you as I'm dying at my enemy's hands.

'May his soul rest in peace!'

'May his soul rest in peace!'

'May his soul rest in peace!'

'May his soul rest in peace!'

'We don't surrender.'

'We either win or die fighting.'

'Our freedom struggle will continue.'

'The series of martyrs won't end with me.'

'It'll go on.'

'It'll go on.'