Palava! (2022) - full transcript

A legendary musician's life and family are turned upside down when a scandal is revealed on the eve of his 60th birthday.

[MALE VOICE] Make some noise!

Ladies, make some noise!

- It's about to go down. Mega 360.

Total shutdown! Make some noise!

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Right about now,

I'm about to bring
on stage one of Africa's finest.

One of Nigeria's
biggest exports in the industry. Ra!

Coming on stage to perform live
remix of his viral sensational

There's Problem! Yo!

Make some noise as I bring
on stage, the one, the only

Osa Wonder!

- Make some noise. Yeah!

- [WOMAN] Osa Wonder [CHUCKLES]

Come here.
We're even wearing matching colors today.

[WONDER] With training.

- [WOMAN LAUGHING] Mm-hmm. Yeah.

- Come here.
- You're gonna take it easy, baby.

[MAN] Yeah! That's the spirit.
That's the spirit.

Guys, make some noise now.

Hey, make some noise!

- [CROWD CHEERING] Osa Wonder!

- [CROWD CHANTING] Osa Wonder!
- Yeah, just continue clapping.

[IN PIDGIN] Keep it going.
Just continue clapping. Make papa happy.

Yeah. One more time. Keep it going.

Yeah. Make some noise.
Don't let him be upset, please clap.

- Clap. Whoa! Yeah.

Where's the old man?
Or has he gone to sleep?

No, no, no. He's just in the green room.

- No now.
- Just be gingering them.

- You understand? Just encourage the crowd.
- Bring him.

He's coming. Just encourage them.

You know how he is. Osa Wonder.

- Please, my voice is cracked already.
- [WOMAN] He's coming.

You've been a naughty boy.

I know. But the doctor said
I should take it easy though.

You're stronger than you look.

- I am?
- Mm-hmm. Come here.

Say my name, baby.

- Anwuli.
- Say my name.

- Anwuli.
- Daddy

Are you trying to have a heart attack?

This one will definitely kill you.


- Papa.
- What is it, baby?

Can't you hear them?
They're shouting, "Osa wonder."

- Seriously?
- Baby, I'm trying.

Really, papa? Really?
With this small child?

[WONDER] She's hot though. [CHUCKLES]

[WONDER LAUGHING] I would say.

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- How're you guys doing?

- Come on, girl.
- No.

Doing what? Are you out of your mind?

I don't care. Are you threatening me
when I'm to be there?

- Are you talking to me like that?
- Yes!

- Really?
- Don't!

Why are you being so cheap?

[IN PIDGIN] Please! Out of the way please.

[IN ENGLISH] Really?

- Really?
- Boss.

- [IN PIDGIN ALONE] Guy, calm down.
- Leave me alone!

- [WOMAN1] Calm down.
- [MAN] Papa, you?

- [MAN] Babe, you? But... Really?
- [WOMAN2] Guy listen, leave me alone now..

- [MAN] Argh!
- [WOMAN2] Leave him.

[WOMAN1] Guy, calm down.

- [WONDER] You all should leave me!
- [WOMAN1] What's all this? Please chill!

-[WOMAN1] Papa
-[MAN] Leave me.

Ever since he was born,
Osage Idehen was one of a kind

The Only Osage born without an
"I" in his name

courtesy of the nurse
writing his birth certificate

Osage made that mistake his own,

referring to himself as
"Osa, one of a kind"

which then became "Osa Wonder"
his nickname till this day

Osa wonder is a living legend

But as you know,
there was a time that wasn't the case

Osage has always loved women
But one day, he stole the wrong woman

Hajara Rabiu, a Governor's daughter

Governor Rabiu did not find it funny
and Osage was blacklisted for 20 years

His life was destroyed,
his music un played, poverty at the door

Osa Wonder was no more

Until three years ago
when everything changed

Daddy's Girl went viral on Tiktok

and his signature song Palava Dey
was remixed and stormed up the charts

Loved by a generation
that never even knew his name

Osa Wonder was back
and maybe even bigger than he ever was

He also happens to be my father

So we'll use the yam to prepare Ukodo

- Ukodo? Real Abuja yam...
- [WOMAN] Hello, please who are you guys?

Please who are you people?
What are you doing here?

Oh, Imade.

Hello, Aunty.

Hello, Imade. How are you?

Aunty, who are these people now?

Oh, it's Obonobiekhu and her people.

They are here to cater
for a brother's 60th birthday.

But we already have a caterer.

God forbid. For a brother's 60th?! Aaargh!

Foreign food? No!
Obonobiekhu is the best chef in Benin.

Do you know
how I suffered to carry her here? No!

Aunty, tomorrow's event
is an entire concert.

I don't think she... Papa won't even agree.

Oh. He already did.

God. Aunty. But this is a lot now.

- [AUNTY] Yes!

Take it to that side.

- [IMADE] Aunty!
- Only the best for Brother.

Gosh, Aunty. Argh!

[AUNTY] Make sure the place not dirty oh.


Additional five million naira!

That's ten million naira!

Ten million naira.

He gave her ten million naira

Please don't shout at me.
Don't even just shout at me at all.

Why won't I shout at you?

We agreed to give her five million naira
for that bloody nonsense documentary!

Which one is ten million naira again?

[IMADE] She said her cost went up

Come on, Imade. There's a reason
I'm in charge of the family's finances.

You can't just make commitments
without getting in touch with me now.

That's why I have an MBA.

[IMADE] Yeah? Because I don't have online
MBA like you, right? Get out please.

Look, I have to go. I'm late for
my sister's listening party okay.

So, please take pictures,
make sure everybody is doing their job.

Keep me posted, okay? Thank you.

Over the course of his birthday weekend,

I will be following him
and the rest of the family

in a documentary titled Osa Wonder.

Together, we will figure out what
makes my father so special.

- [MAN] Cut.
- Great.

Hey. What do you think?
How was that? Was it good?

[IMADE] It better be.
We're paying you ten million naira.

Come on. Don't be like that.

- It's good for the family.
- [IMADE] Hmm.

[IMADE] I hear you.
It's good for the family.

But you're the only one
collecting ten million.

Wait, hold on.
Are our free for an interview?

I'd love to interview you right now.

[IMADE] Maybe later.

[CHARLIE] Come on.
You need to stop avoiding me.

You have more insights
into Osa Wonder than anyone.

I mean, you quit school
at 24 because of him.

You're the one
who's responsible for his resurgence.

Look, the story of you and our father
is the core of this documentary.

Aww. Sucks for you. You see me like this?

I'm already late
for my sister's listening party.

- [IMADE] Hello?
- Okay.

-I'm coming with you
-[IMADE] Let's go.

Max! Max, let's go.

- [IMADE] Tima. Hi.
- Hey.

Hi. What are you doing here?

Oh, I'm running some errands for your dad.

Oh, but he's not home at the moment.

- Really?
- Yeah.


You could tell me whatever it is.


You know he doesn't hide
anything from me, right?

Imade, you know
it's not my place to say. You know that.

I'm sure he has his reasons.

Fine. Whatever.

I'm heading out
to meet him right now. You can

- come if you want to.
- [TIMA] Oh sure.

Alright. Cool stuff.

[CHARLIE] Come on, Max. Let's go. Argh!

Um, yeah. Tima, this is Charlie.

Charlie, this is Tima, the family lawyer.

Oh! The Video Blogger from the UK?

Correction. I'm a documentary filmmaker.

Argh, my bad. I'm sorry.


♪ I wake up
in the morning and all I see is me ♪

[WOMAN1] Can you believe this?

Look at him posing
and acting like it's his show.

This is why I didn't want him here.

Babe, if there's anything
I know for sure, that guy?

He's gonna get what's
coming for him. Alright?

Look at poor Ehi,
she's having to fake smile.

[CROWD CHANTING] Daddy is here!

What do you say Daddy?
Should we give them what they want?

Baby, you know that's what we do best.

- {Wonder] Shall we?


- So, I've been thinking.
- Mm-hmm?

Baby, do we really
need to do this thing at the party?

What? Babe, come on.
I legit thought we're past this right now.

[WONDER] Let's do this, girl. [LAUGHS]


You're ready ready.

- [WONDER] I'm ready ready.

Listen. I told you,
the more public the better.

That is the only way
we can capitalize on this ransom.


[MALIK] Listen, listen. Okay wait.

Even if you don't see it that way,
just think about it.

In a week, 20 million naira
will be ours to share after we kidnap you.

Babe, we said 15 million naira.

Okay wait, we said 15.
You do the maths. Do the maths right now.

What do you think five million naira
can do for us?

Come on, we still have to give
Big T ten million naira from that.

Come on, see,

that money will be enough
to put us right where we want to be.

It's fucking Canada now.

Baby, I know but that's a lot of money oh.

Yes, it is but you can afford it.

And your dad is about to sign
a multimillion naira deal tomorrow.

50 million naira.

You can't tell me that he can't give you,
I mean, 20 million from that.

Come on, babe. Come on, we got this.

Hmm? Come here.

We got this.

This is the venue where Ehi Idehen
will be launching her debut Album.

By Myself

[CHARLIE] Now, you may remember the remix
to her father's single Daddy's Girl,

which led to the rediscovery of him.

The world is eagerly awaiting
what she's going to do now.

-And we're so excited and we can't wait
-She's good.

[CHARLIE] to have her.

Not ten million naira good.

Oh, boy.

That was nice.

I'm so sorry. I'm tired. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

[IMADE] Papa, come on now.

[IMADE] Come on.

Why are you disturbing Ehi?

I thought I could help.

I came to see my daughter perform.

The title of her album is,
"By myself." Alright?

By myself I'm sure you can take a hint.

I know but have you heard her new single?

The music is not alive.

She can make whatever kind
of music she wants.

But can't she tell?

Imade, music is like a woman, okay?

She wants you to possess her.

And even after you've known her
through and through,

she wants you to be amazed by her,

you know, like it's your first time.

- You know what I mean?

Let's go. Ah.

Oh, I see you brought Ofure.

Charlie. Papa, her name is Charlie!


- Don't...
- Mm-mm.

I should not what?

Don't... don't be mad...

that you commissioned
ten million naira for the documentary.

[IN PIDGIN] Guy, if I slap you,
you will carry that thing out of here.

- Please leave this place!
- Ini!

Dad, ten million naira!
How could you? Ten million.

[IN ENGLISH] I know.

I know baby,
it's a lot of money but it's worth it.

Dad, we can't afford to be
spending money anyhow.

Ini, I know it's a lot of money but

when we sign the Buzz Cola
deal we will be fine. Right?

Daddy. That deal is fifty million naira.

Listen to that.

I love that song.
That's your sister's song.

Come on, girls. Let's go.

Let's go support your sister.

[WONDER] We shouldn't be
sitting down here just,

arguing. All right?

[WONDER] Let's go. I need a drink and
I'm sure you guys can use a drink as well.

[WONDER] Let's go.

[WONDER] Come on, girls!

[INI] I can't believe this.



- [WONDER] Ok babe, here.
- Oh my God.

What's going on?

Why is everyone looking at me funny?

- My name is Oma Bassey.

And this is Osage
Idehen's first son, Osage junior.


What is going on? I thought
she was supposed to sign it yesterday.

What does she want? More money?
Because she's not getting any.

She didn't say. That's why I came
to tell you today. This is...

[INI] How long was dad sleeping
with your former assistant?

I don't know.

[INI] I don't understand.
How could you not know?

- [EHI] Big sis.
- Is she not your former assistant?

- [EHI] Big sis.
- She was working for you, Imade!

What? Your ex-assistant?
Mad oh. [LAUGHING]

[EHI] Wait like...

I mean, Dad can keep secrets and all,

but who would have thought
that Oma is his type?

Like, I mean, she could be
somebody's type at the end of the day,

but uh, Dad really doesn't have a spec.

-Come Ehi, this is not funny. It's serious

Why is she upset?

Why is she so upset?

Buzz Cola.
They might pull out of the deal.

- What? Why?

Talk of the devil. He's calling now.

Mr. Ekpe, good evening sir.

You told me that that incident
was a one-off, him on fighting stage

What is going on?
This completely unacceptable

Completely unacceptable

I cannot believe that this happened again

Again?! What is going on?

How are you sir?

What is this that I'm hearing?

Well, it's um,

it's nothing sir.
It's just a little misunderstanding.

You know we
cannot be in business with someone

who abuses his power
to sleep with an employee

You understand we are a family company

Sir, I totally understand.

But let me tell you this... the thing is,
she's actually his girlfriend.

And you know it's just a publicity stunt.

You know, buzz for Buzz Cola. [LAUGHING]

Well, that was ill-advised

Yes sir. But not to worry.
Everything will be...



See, but wait,

- Shit!
- does Dad know that Oma is his girlfriend?

Excuse me.

[IN PIDGIN] I'm not available to babysit
anybody though. That's my own.

Osage has always loved the women.

Especially the wrong kind of women.

To be honest,
it's always been a part of his charm.

However, he's built his entire
comeback on a family friendly image.

The cuddling daddy of Daddy's girl

not the one we've known in the past
but over the last one week,

we've seen the old Osa Wonder.

The one who fights an MC over a woman

And the one who gets his staff pregnant

Rumor has it that Osage has spent
a large part of his new fortune

on medical expenses
linked with his recent heart attack

and he was counting on concerts

and endorsements around his 60th
birthday to refresh his coffers

Will her overcome this latest scandal
like he's always done in the past?

Or will this new age of me too
delay his comeback

and send him
and his family back to financial ruin?

That was good, right?

Wow, what a day! Okay let's go get
some interviews with the guests. Yeah?

[IMADE] What the hell were you thinking?!


[IMADE] Hmm?

Imade, I'm sorry. I...


I wanted to tell you
but I just couldn't bring myself to do so.

- I didn't know how.
- You didn't know how?

You almost messed everything up for us.

Do you know that Buzz Cola
almost pulled out of that deal?

I was handling it.

Okay? I... I was handling it.

She was supposed to sign an NDA
and a settlement for ten million naira.

And I don't know why she went public.
Maybe she wants more money.

Did you just say ten million?

Ten million on top of the
ten million for the documentary?

Does Ini know about this?

Don't give me that!
How can you be defending him?

Sis, it's Dad. This is what he does.

I mean,
he's usually more careful, you know.

I wonder if she took advantage of him.

As he said, this happened around the time
of his heart attack. [CAR HOOTING]

- After my heart attack, I...

I don't want to hear that.
I don't want to hear anything about that.

I don't want to hear anything about
that heart attack. I don't wanna hear it.

Okay? I told Buzz Cola
that she's your girlfriend.

So, tell me, Osa Wonder, Wonder boy,

is she gonna go with this story?
Is she gonna stick to it?

I don't know.
Maybe she will want more money?

The man has destroyed our lives again!
Again and again!

Shit! I can't believe this!
He has done it again! [HISSES]

- Ini!
- [INI] What?!

[CAR HOOTING] Red light.
Ini, it was a red light.


Ini, I think we're being followed.


[INI] Why are they driving
like mad people?

Ini, they want us to stop. Ini stop now!



- Ini. Ini.
- Are you people mad?


What is wrong with you?
How can you stop like that?

- Do you want to kill me?
- Did you not see the traffic light?

- What traffic light?
- [CHUCKLES] I think you're joking.

- Come on...

Don't touch me like that.

- You think...
- Don't touch me. What's wrong with you?

You don't have any
right to handle me like that.

- You are under arrest.
- Do you know who I am?

- You will sleep in cell today.
- I will deal with you.

- You will sleep in cell today.
- I will deal with you.

Are you really quiet?

[INI] Heh!

Madam, you better take it easy.
You don't know who I am oh.

- Who are you?
- Do you know who my father is?

Who are you? You will sleep in cell today.

- Ini, stop talking.
- Calm down... Calm down please.

[IMADE] After I do this...

I'm serious papa, look at me.

- After I do this...

I'm done.

I'm done.

Tsk. Leave me alone.


- [MALE VOICE] You got it?
- [FEMALE VOICE] Hmm, I have at home.

- Oh! [IN PIDGIN] What's up, big man?
- Come outside.

What's up? I'm with you. Why are you...

Bro, relax. Ah ah!

Why are you behaving like this?


[IN PIDGIN] What's happening? Relax.

Chairman, wait now. Ah ah.

Don't worry, it's okay.


Big T.


Big T. Ah.

[IN ENGLISH] You have been
ignoring my calls.

- Me? No. We weren't.
- Bring them.

- Big T, we weren't.
- Big T. There's no need for this oh.

- [MALIK] Big T, we weren't.
- Big T... Don't push me. Big T, wait.

[MALIK IN PIDGIN] Bro, take it easy.
Don't drag her like that.

[ITOHAN] All these things
you people are doing is not necessary.

[BIG T] How can you say that?

It's not necessary. They don't
need to be doing all this.

Don't you owe me?

- [ITOHAN] Stop pushing me now. Ah ah!
- [BIG T] Don't you guys owe me?

- It's not necessary to be doing all this.
- [MALIK] Stop pushing her like that.

- Go on your knees. On your knees.
- [MALIK] Big T, what is it?

[ITOHAN] Leave me. On which knees?

- [MALIK] See me, I'm kneeling down.
- [ITOHAN SCREAMS] Hey! Wow! Big T!

- Go down very well.
- [BIG T] Have you paid?

- Have you paid?
- We said we would pay you.

We're working on it.
We will pay you your money.

How're you going to pay me
my ten million naira?

Are you deaf? Huh?

See, even if you shoot us now
you will still not see that money.

You will have to just relax. Big T, relax.

We're working on it.

Kill her.

- [ITOHEN] Ah, Big T! No, no. Please.
- [MALIK] Big T, it hasn't gotten to this.

Guy, drop this thing.

- Big T, it hasn't gotten to this now.
- [ITOHEN] Wait, wait, wait.

[IN PIDGIN] Please, drop that thing.

How are you going to pay me my money?


Big T, see... [WHIMPERING]

See, we're planning something.

We're planning a kidnap, you know.

- To scam her dad.
- Yes.

Who's her dad?

Osage Idehen. Osage. Yes, the Osage.

- Osa Wonder?
- Yes. You know him. Yes.

- Osa Wonder.
- Yes.

That my guy!
Let me remember that his popular song.

♪ There's a problem oh ♪

♪ There's a problem oh ♪

But um,
why do you hate your father that much?

No wahala.
So, when is the kidnapping going down?

Tomorrow night. Yes. So...

20 million. You know.

20 million naira. Ten million for you.

Ten million for me... No,
we get ten million, you know.

Everybody is happy.

We're all happy, you know.

- [BIG T] No problem.
- We're happy.

I have to get myself
involved in the planning.


Actually, Big T, we don't need you.

We don't need Big T. We have it covered.

We don't need Big T!

I am sorry, my darling.
You don't have a choice.

♪ There's a problem oh there's a problem ♪

♪ There's a problem oh there's a problem ♪

♪ There's a problem oh there's a problem ♪

Shut up! Allow me to sing.

♪ There's a problem oh there's a problem ♪

♪ There's a problem oh ♪ Guys, let's go.

♪ There's a problem oh... ♪

[SOBBING] Big T. Big T, we don't need you.

We don't need Big...

Calm down.

Big T, we don't need you!

Malik you have killed me.
Malik, this guy is involved.

- Big T is involved.

- We don't need him!
- Don't shout too much.

He has not gone. Wait, wait...

Hey Malik, why did you bring it up?

- Rita! Rita!
- [RITA] Ma?

Check who's at the door.

Good afternoon.

[IMADE] How are you?

He sent you. Daddy's little manager.

[OMA] Hmm.

- Take.
- Okay.

Great. So, let's deal.

I don't want ten million any more.
Now I want 15 million.

So that is what this stupid stunt
of yours was all about?

More money?

Well, congratulations you just lost it.

What are you talking about?

The Buzz Cola deal is off.
Because of your stupid video.

So, congrats, there's no money
for you and your son!

You're lying.

Oma, take a good look at me.

Do I look like I'm lying?

This is unfair.

Your father tried to hide me.

I mean, he pretended like I don't exist.

The other mothers, they were not buried.

At least, he married them all.

He wrote a song for them.
He celebrated them.

It's not fair now! It's not fair.

Oh, wow! Congratulations
you're now recognized.

But you will
still enjoy that poverty. [HISSES]

Tima, please let's go.

Um, wait.
Is there anything that we can do?

Come by the house tonight
and we'll discuss better.

- [IMADE] Hello? What?!

[IMADE] Thank you for
being so generous, DPO.

- [IMADE] So amazing.
- [INI] Rubbish, nonsense.

- [IMADE] I see you and I see a great man.
- [INI] You're lucky I didn't slap you.

[IMADE] So discerning.

That is why we're here
to serve. You're welcome.

We need more people like you in the force.

You're welcome.

- [IMADA] Really appreciate it.
- [OFFICER] You're welcome.

- [IMADE] Thank you sir.
- [INI] Ah ah!

Where's my car?

They are impounding it till Monday

and you're lucky
that's the only they're doing.

[IN PIDGIN] What's wrong with you?

[IN ENGLISH] What were you thinking?
What is wrong with you?

You're right. I overreacted.

We didn't need Dad before.
And we don't need him again.

I'm over it. I'm done.

I'm done. We'll be fine. We will be fine.

- Are you okay?
- Yes. Thank you.

[IMADE] Oma has agreed
to be Daddy's girlfriend.

[IMADE] And she's
coming to the house for dinner.

[IMADE] We're just gonna say
it is publicity for the concert.

[INI] You know what,
that serves him right. Whore.

Like, I hope he enjoys
all his relationships.

I just feel like punching him in the face.

Like you punched
the policewoman in the face. [SNICKERING]

Sorry, I'm just trying to
lighten the situation.

So, I want more emphasis
on the sax and the keyboard, okay?

For sound, for output. Okay? Let's go.

[WONDER] One, two, three, four...



One, two, three...


It's good to see that at least one
of my daughters is not trying to avoid me.

You like the song?

Hmm? Come.

Do you like the song?
I wrote it for you're mom, you know.

Yeah, I know. She hates it.

No, she doesn't.

-"Frail as a daisy,
-Daisy, yes.

- you hold in your hand.
- [WONDER] Yes.

My destiny

- My destiny was hers to command.
- [WONDER] To command. Yes.

I never thought I'd see the day.

- I'd let my Sweet Carolina slip away."
- [WONDER] Sweet Carolina slip away.

I mean, who would want to be
described as frail by her lover?

I was good to your mom, Ofure.

- I don't think she would agree.

She was still with you
when you married Hajara.

No. Nigeria didn't suit her.
Hajara had nothing to do with it.

Yeah. Okay.

So it was my mom's fault then.

- Good to know.


♪ Frail as a daisy you hold in your hand ♪


Charlie, just the person I wanted to see.

Please come. Come sit.

- [CHARLIE] That's a first.

Oma is coming this evening.
And I need you to post on your stories.

- Post about what exactly?
- That she's Daddy's girlfriend.

- She is?
- Does it matter?

Look um, I'm here to do a puff piece.

Documentarian daughter
glorifies her musician father.

Good for him. Good for me.

Yes. Exactly.
This is going to be good for him.

This your ten million naira
documentary that you're doing,

if he goes and disgraces the family,
what good will it do for you?

- Fine.
- Thank you.

[ITOHAN.] I can't survive
these people for longer.

- [MALIK] We're not even in the house yet.
- [ITOHAN.] No. 30 minutes.

[HAJARA] Itohan.


[HAJARA] Itohan.

Why are you here?

No proper greeting? No hug?

I'm your mother. Remember?

Hi. Good evening.

[MALIK] Yeah, let's...

[ITOHAN] 30 minutes.

- [MALIK] Alright, let's go.
- [ITOHAN] 30 minutes.

[ITOHAN] I cant be here with these people.

[ITOHAN] Bayo.

[CHARLIE] It doesn't make sense.

Doesn't make any sense to me as well.

[ITOHAN] Let's just get in first.

Hi, sis.

- How're you, love?
- I'm good.

[MALIK] Hi guys. What's good?


He wasn't really tame.
That's why I liked him.

- [CHARLIE] Should I get with...
- [ITOHAN] Thank you babe.

God, this cannot be happening.

- [CHARLIE] Isn't that?
- [IMADE] Yes.

- [CHARLIE] Hajara?
- Yep.

Yo. This family is weird.

You can't be here.

Osage invited me.

I don't care. You cannot be here.

[WONDER] Imade,

Things have already been put
in motion for tonight. Please.

What do you mean things
have been put in motion?

[WONDER] I invited Hajara, okay?

Papa. Like your life
isn't complicated enough.

- [IMADE] What is wrong with you?
- Imade,

I invited her because
I want to right a wrong tonight.

I'm granting her a divorce.

- Osage, this better not be a joke.
- No, it's not.

[EHI] OMG! What are you doing here?

[HAJARA] Hi darling.

- [HAJARA] How are you?
- [EHI] Hi. I'm fine.

Good to see you.

[EHI] What are you doing here?

Dad is "granting her a divorce."

[INI] Wow. Finally. It's about time.

Ini, good to see you too.
I see nothing has changed.

Why should it?

Didn't you leave with Dad's manager after
he sacrificed everything to be with you?

[INI] Mm-hmm!

- Ehi, you look ravishing.
- Thank you.

- I'm so proud of you.
- Thank you.

- Hajara.
- Ese.

I thought you swore
never to set foot in this house again?

- But I'm glad you changed your mind.

- You look well.
- How are you?

We bless the Lord. Come in.

- Hajara?
- Yes?

Come and sit beside me.

Please. What's the
worst that could happen?

[WONDER] Just for tonight, okay?

After all, after tonight you
will not be my wife any more.

[WONDER] For tonight,
you're still my wife.

[WONDER] One for the road, like they say.

- [OMA] Good evening, everybody.

[OMA] Hi Honey. Mmm.

Oma? What are you doing here?

Where's Junior? Aww. [LAUGHS]

My baby.

And who is this baby you're carrying?

[OMA] Oh, you were not told?

[OMA] Oh sorry.
Well, this is Osage junior.

Okay baby. Go to Daddy. Go to Daddy.

What happen?
Just as I entered the kitchen.

Pregnant! Eh Osage!


Sister. Um, folks, I...

After my heart attack last year,

I was lonely.

I made an unwise decision.


- How can you say that, huh?

[OMA] Why are you laughing? What's funny?

[OMA] What is funny?
What's the difference between you and I?

Just because he did your own
when he was much younger.

We're both costing him.

At least now he can afford it.

[ESE] Praise the Lord!

No matter how it happened,
God has done it for the Idehen family!

- We have a son! Praise God!
- [OMA] Yes oh.

- Hallelujah!
- Sister, it's enough.

[ESE] Why are all your faces like this?

This is the best thing that
has happened to the Idehen family!

A son for Brother's 60th birthday!

Any child that comes into
this house is a blessing. Including you.

[IMADE] Aunty Ese, thank you very much.

- I think it's time for us to eat.
- Yes please.


- Get up.

- Excuse me?
- Mmm, you're excused.

I'm the current girlfriend

and that means I'm the centre stage
for this celebration.

And all the runaway wives need to move.

Hmm? You go to the back.
So get up and zoop!

[OMA] Some things never change. [HUFFS].

I definitely do not have the energy
for this drama.

I'll pick it up tomorrow.

What's wrong with this one? Please!

[WONDER] Hajara, wait.

[OMA] Please what are we eating oh?

You know I'm a nursing mother.
I have to eat.


Why am I here?

Well maybe I thought
it's time we stopped fighting.

I was never fighting you.

Well maybe. But I was. I was fighting you.

- I hated you.

I was fighting you without even knowing.

I felt I had given you everything
and suffered for you.

And then you left...

Left me for my manager,

who was my best friend at the time.

I hated you guys so much.

My life changed.

Why sign the papers after all these years?

- Are you tired of torturing us?
- [BAYO] He's not done yet.

He wants us to go through
more loops for his own satisfaction.

Look, we won't.

The truth of the matter is,
after my heart attack,

I felt like life is short and life should
not be lived with any kind of regrets.

Oh, this is useless.

He's not signing it.

Good night Osage.

Hajara, I want you back.

Yes. From the very first day
I saw you in Abuja.

I knew. I knew you were my soulmate.
The one for me.

Hajara, I broke us

because I felt like I couldn't deal
with losing you, losing everything.

I fought you without even knowing.


I know also
that I cannot probably get you back

if I don't grant you the divorce.


I'm going to let you go.

Release you.

Hoping that when I do,
you'll come back to me.

Soulmates can say no.

I did.

I'll bring the papers tomorrow, Osage.


At first I was thrown by this
whole girlfriend problem.

But you know, I think it will work.

Cause I deserve it. I deserve it.

I mean, I gave Osage
his first and only son. Mm-hmm.

I deserve to be celebrated. [LAUGHS]

Are you crazy?

Do you actually think this is real?

Look at this gold digger oh.

[IN PIDGIN] Real or fake, that's
your business. It's not my business.

As long as you pay me
and celebrate me, that's all that matters.

What's my business with real or fake?

[EHI] What is wrong with you?
This is not how we behave in this family.

If you have to be part of this family,
you'd do better.

Abule-egba Tiwa Savage. Hmm,

that's your business.

I will choose how I want to be.

I am going to be a member of
this family... in short, wait.

I am a member of this family.

Aunty, You're not a member of this family!

You're not and you
will never be a member of this family.

- Tell that to your father and my son.
- Look at this rubbish oh.

See, don't be deceived oh.
Don't think because I'm a nursing mother.

- I will beat you blue-black!
- You will...

- I will beat you like you stole chicken.
- I will bend you.

- I will break your head.
- You will not try it.

I said shut up!

Our deal does not in anyway give you
the right to threaten my daughter.

Guys, baby.

I'm sorry. I'm really
sorry about all of this.

Yeah. That's what you always do.


You're always sorry.

Imade. Imade!

I'm done eating. I'm going.

Hmm God.
I cannot lie really. I'm surprised.

You're not his type.

- You see these boobies?

[WOMAN] This is serious. Hmm.

I am any man's type.

So why did you break the relationship?

- And why are you entering the house now?
- And how is that your business?

When my nephew
will inherit from his father,

I want him to inherit
in his father's house.

I don't understand.
What are you talking about?


Oi. Hmm.

- Come. Come.

I want a brother to marry you.

[SCOFFS] Osage marry me.
He's not going to marry me please.

But if he does, won't it be nice?

Think about it.

[ESE] Mm-hmm.

[INI] Imade, we need to fix this.

- What if Daddy's not the father?

[IN PIDGIN] No go kill person.

What are you talking about?

Wetin you they talk?

Both the daddy o, both the Oma.

[IN ENGLISH] Both if them confirmed
that they had an affair.

So what are you going on about?

When was that ever enough?
Tima, did you do a paternity test?

[TIMA] That never came up.

Look, I'm right.

See, just let it go.

No. Sis, I've got this. Don't worry.

Ehi! Let's go.

You"re too stubborn.

-Like, your head... I don't
-Oh Imade.

[IMADE] You're crazy.

Hey Love, let's go.

[EHI] I have to go speak to dad.
Please give me a few minutes.

No. I can't. I'll just take a ride
with Itohan and Malik.

You guys are ready right?

When have I ever not been
ready to leave this house?

[IMADE] Please Ehi, since you're going to
talk to Daddy,

when you're done tell
him to please come to living room.

He needs some photos with Oma, please.

[IMADE] Chalie please can you
set up your recording too?

- Sure.
- [IMADE] Thank you.

- Paternity?
- Beats me.


Screaming sometimes helps, you know.


[TIMA] You know,

when you're angry, frustrated,

sometimes all you need to do is

reach within yourself like,
from the pit of your gut,

just let it all out. Scream.

I'll show you. [LAUGHS]

Pit of your gut.
Just let it go. Like that. [SCREAMS]

It works. [LAUGHING]
Come on, loosen up. Try it.

Look it works. Try it.

Pit of your diaphragm, yeah?

Just reach within yourself and
let everything out. One more time.

That's it! That's it.
You have it. [LAUGHING]

Tell me it worked.

I can't believe
I actually thought that would work.

Come on.

[EHI] Daddy can we talk?

Sure. Please.

What's up?

What do you think about my event?

I'm sorry baby. I ruined it.

I thought I was helping but I wasn't.

Even without the breaking news.

You know,

I actually gave up my
Masters program for him.

One year in. [CHUCKLES]

I was in New York...

on scholarship.

And then I just get a call,
"Oh, Daddy needs you. Daddy needs you"

I'm like why, what's going on?

Turns out his wife left him

and she took his manager with her.

And that was how one month

turned into ten years of my life.

I was not always Osage Wonder.

I was not famous for the longest time
but all that time I was still a musician.

And so are you.

- I'm scared.
- You should be.


After all these years, I'm still scared.

- Ten years.

Ten years of cleaning up his mess.

Ten years of dealing with the shit
he turns peoples lives into. [GIGGLING]

Everybody, everybody loves Osage,

until they have to live with him!

That's it. That's it. You have it.

Now tell me that worked.
Tell me it worked.

You're right. I do feel better.

But... Looks like I'll have a sore throat.

And no matter what happens,

I will always love you.

You will always be Daddy's little girl.

I love you too, Daddy.


You have to get downstairs.

Sister Imade wants you
to take pictures with Oma.

About that, I'm truly sorry.

Daddy, it's okay. It's life.

I know.

- I love you, Baby.
- I love you too, Daddy.

- ♪ There's problem ♪
- ♪ There's problem ♪

♪ Hey hey there's problem
There's problem ♪

- ♪ There's problem ♪
- ♪ There's problem ♪

♪ Different many issues ♪

♪ In the night,
Man could just rest in the night ♪

♪ Hot mama. Pretty hot mama ♪

♪ Oh, peace of mind
She just wants peace of mind... ♪

[ESE] Hey Osage, we're so proud of you.

You have made the Idehen family proud.

We came from nothing oh
but you made us something.

I'm so proud of you.

- Aunty Ese? Is there something you want?

[IN PIDGIN] You have done a part of it,
you need to finish it up.

So that everything will set well.

- So that everything will set well?
- Mm-hmm.

Er, what do you want to set well?

I don't understand what you're saying.

I don't... Let me think...
How do I say it now?

You've already given birth to your son.

Now you need to do the needful.

So that your son will become
a part of your family the right way.

Osage, marry this boy's mama.


So that your son will enter
into your family and have a proper say.

This your son is your legacy oh.

We're not praying
for any bad thing to happen. Abomination!

But we're not getting any younger.
You never know what can happen.

Do you want an outsider
to train your legacy for you?

[IN ENGLISH] Aunty Ese,
having a son is not your legacy.

My girls are my legacy.

[IN PIDGIN] Mother of God!
God forbid! Hah! Mm-mm.

- What now?
- I don't like what you just said now.

- What did I say?
- What do you mean?

But you know what I mean?

No! These girls I love them as my own.

Was I not the one who assisted you
to train them when their mama left?

All I'm saying
is we need to carry the tradition on.

An Idehen father to an Idehen son. Finish!

Did I say your girls are not a legacy?

What did I say?

[IN ENGLISH]No I can't deal with this now.
There's something wrong with you.

[IN PIDGIN] That's your problem.

There's nothing
I said here that's not true. Nothing...


Yes, you will meet me there.

I will text you the address
on WhatsApp. Uh-huh.

Are you sure he is going to sign it?

Is that really the question
you want to ask me?

I'm worried.

That I'll go back to him?

When he says he wants to sign it,

set you free and that would give him
a chance to come back into your life.

Babe, I chose you.

I stand by my choice.

You love him still, don't you?

Bayo, do you still want to marry me?

Of course, you know I do.

Do you believe I want to marry you?


So let's get the papers signed
so we can move on with our lives.

- I love you.
- I love you too.

[INI] Ehi, we need to go.

Go where? I'm in the middle of something.

Our Oma problem.

We don't have an Oma problem.

- Ehi.
- Ini.

So, if I don't follow you,
you'd still go right?


Argh! This is such a bad idea.

Can someone untie me, please.

Ah Ehi, we still have
a lot of things to do.

See, family comes first. I'm sorry.
Can you please untie me please!

Please, do the needful.

From the title you can tell, you
know, it's about, you know, differences.

So it starts like this...

♪ By the birth of the rat ♪

Please cut. Sorry.

I need to talk to Papa. Please excuse us.

♪ The two lovebirds
Have the same feathers ♪

Let's go. Bye Pops.

- We'll do this again.
- [CHARLIE] Okay.

♪ Should flock together ♪

♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah ♪

What's up?

Buzz Cola called. They need a favor.

It's an activation. Market.

-It's today.


Imade, today is my birthday.

No, I won't do it.

What do you mean, "No"?

- I'm preparing for the concert.

Papa, they're paying for the concert.
They're also sponsoring.

Please just go and get ready
and stop acting irresponsible.

Are we still talking about the concert?

I'm going to organize transportation
and security please.



- I wasn't supposed to do it but I did it.

Alright? And I'm sorry. I truly am.

Papa, I've said this before
and I'm going to say it again.

And I need you to listen, to hear me.

Once we get this money,

I'm done.

You don't need me any more. We're done.

But I need you.

You're the one person that... from
when you were a baby,

you're the one person that I can count on.

And you never fail to hide it.

Did you ever think or imagine
the kind of pressure that put on me?

The sacrifices I had to make?

Papa, how can you ask that of me? How?

There was nobody else.
There was nobody else, Imade.

I didn't have a choice.

I needed you then
and I still need you now.

Well, you should have thought of that.

You should have thought
of it before you slept with Oma.

- Imade. Imade!


Where is this place?

It's where we'll get what we want.

And don't be anxious. You must be calm.

When we leave here, you'll go home
and put on a very attractive dress,

So that once you get to the market,
a brother will see you.

He'll be shocked about your beauty.



[OMA] Hey!

[ESE] What?

[ESE] Please calm down.


[ESE] Come on!


I am Iye Love.

I am the number one
potion maker in Nigeria.

Everybody knows that my potion

is guaranteed
to give maximum satisfaction.

Deliverer of Joy,


- Sustainer of Desire.

Creator of Fire [CALABASH RATTLES]
Maximum Lasting...

- Maximum Lasting.
- Oh, Yes.

The last couple that used my
potion lasted two weeks straight.

Their lives were never the same.

[IN PIDGIN] For sure?

Iye, there's one that we heard about.
They said it's called the special.

- You've heard about my special?

- Okay then, come.
- Thank you. Come on.

Thank you.

This one is the ultimate.

Life changer.

- Yes, that's the one we want.
- Yes.

- No worry. Marriage certificate.
- Oh, she's not married yet.

I cannot be involved in this one.
I can't do Life Changer for a prostitute.

- Ah, no!
- Ah, I'm not a prostitute.

There's Deliverer of Joy. You can use it.

No, Iye, this one different oh.

The person who gave you
my number should have told you,

My work is to make
marriages stronger, not to destroy them.

- No.

This guy, he promised me marriage.

After marriage,
he impregnated and abandoned me.

I don't want to hook him.
I don't want to charm him.

I just want him to
take care of his responsibility.

Let him take care of his child.

Iye, I beg, help me.
Help me make him take care of his child.

I'm an orphan. Help me.

This man promise me marriage.

- Is this true?
- Yes it is.

- My brother didn't do well at all.

I cannot help you.

Hey! Iye, don't do this.

This is not what we discussed.

- Don't beg me.
- Don't do this.

- Don't beg me.
- Please, Iye don't do this.

- Don't beg me.
- Help me.

- Help me.
- Iye, please.

Iye, help me oh!

- [ESE] Oh my!
- Help me oh!

How are we going to
do what you want us to do?

[IN ENGLISH] I wish it could be different.

[ESE] Eh oh!


But we can... Ahh!

[DOCTOR] You need a father, Ini

You have no standing to request.

- Listen, your father could if...
- Oh no. My father cannot be involved.

Then I can't help you.

Clifford... please now.

See, Ini, don't do this.
Think about the women that I'm helping.

Then that should tell you
how important this is for me.

I could lose my license.

Yes, come in.

Oh sorry. Doctor Clifford,

some other women are downstairs
waiting for you and they are many.

It's alright.
I'll be with you in five minutes.


Clifford please.

You always said you wanted
a way to make it up to me.

Well, this is it.

Okay, fine. Just get the prospective
samples from the father and the child.

- You'll get your results in a week.
- Ah, no oh. I want it today.

Then you'll need
the mother's sample as well,

so I can apply for an emergency DNA test.

So, if I get the mother's sample,
I can get it today?

Tonight at best.

Um, that works.

- Let me get the kit.
- [INI] Thank you. [LAUGHS]

[DOCTOR] See you around.

Thank you.

What do you have on him?

The doctor that cheated.


I knew it.

But sis, this is a free clinic
for poor women.

Like, he could lose
his license because of us.

Ah! He's not going to lose anything.
Besides he agreed to help, right?

Okay. Calm down.

Let's just do what
Sister Imade said, let it go.


That witch wants to steal from us.
And I won't let that happen.


- Your plan will not work.

What do you mean?

That you will disappear from the event
and send a ransom note. It will not work.

Of course it will.
Big T, once you kidnap me, my father...

Your father you hate.

I'm not sure he even likes you.

Sorry sir.


We need to kidnap someone
that we know can pay a good ransom.

What does that mean?

We're going to kidnap your father.

What? Big T, no!

Nobody is kidnapping my father. What?

- Come. Talk to my ear.
- What?


- Babe!

Big T, come on now.
That's my girlfriend right there.

Big T, that wasn't necessary now.

Unless you pay me my money,

- Papa...
- I will do it my own way.

And make sure you do not warn anybody.

See you tonight.

Baba, it's not like that now.
Big T! Come on!

Babe, that wasn't supposed to happen.

- It wasn't supposed to go that way.

Come here baby, I got you. I'm so sorry.

Come on, let's just go.
Let's just get out of here, okay?

Deji, go and sort this thing out.
What's wrong with you?

♪ I'll be there by your side
I wanna be there... ♪

Deji, go and sort it out now.

You must all be mad!

- In my market! Who gave you permission?
- [IMADE] Please calm down!

-Scatter their things
-Deji, go and sort it out

- Be patient!
- [AREA BOYS CLAMORING] Come down! Where?!

- [IMADE] Leave my sight! What rubbish!
- [AREA BOY] What's up? What happened?

- [IMADE] What are you going to do?
- What are you going to say?

[IMADE] Iyaloja.


- [IMADE] I'm talking to you. Be patient.
- [IYALOJA] And so?!

- You should have called me before coming.
- [IMADE] Calm down. We're the ones.

- [IMADE] Calm down!

[IMADE] Can't you recognize me?

- It's not good at all.
- Who is that?

- That's Osa Wonda. Osage.
- Wonda. Wonda.

[CROWD HAILING] Wonda. Wonda.

- That's a big man!
- Bring it down. What are you doing here?

[IYALOJA] What are you doing here?


- What are doing here?
- These are my people now.

You did not tell me
that he's the one coming.

- This is my daughter.
- [IYALOJA] Aww!

I'm sorry, my dear. I didn't know now.

Next time you want to come to this market,

call me or come and see
me before you start anything.

But see, before you do anything,
you will sing for me oh.

I will sing for you.

I will sing for you.
I will dance with you.

- I will spray my money on you.

- You can go and do what you want to do.
- Thank you.

Sorry, my dear. Don't be angry.

- Next time you want to come here, call me.
- No problem.

I'll go and bring my card
for you. You call me. Go on!

When I say Osa, you say Wonder!

- Osa!
- Wonder!

When I say Buzz, you say Cola!

- Buzz.
- Cola!

When I say Cola, you say Buzz.

- Cola!
- Buzz!


Rub it well.

Okay, like this.


This your dress is very beautiful.

Yes. Okay.

- They are dancing already.
- Yes.

When you get there now,
you know you will dance to him.

I will. Trust me. I will do everything.

- Am I okay?
- Yeah, very okay.

Let me go.


♪ Efosa, the apple of my eye
Sugar in my tea... ♪

No, at this point I don't even care.


This one that I sprayed
on my body and it still didn't work.

Maybe we need to put it inside his food.

You understand.
Not for him to smell it. Let him eat it.

That's what I think.

Okay. I just hope it works.


Hey Aunty.

Is Brother's black soup ready?

It's already cooking. Don't you trust me?

- Hope it's really delicious.
- Ah ah! Don't you trust me?

Okay, come and show me the other things.

See everything here. See ema,

pounded yam and black banana.

Freshly made.

- [OBONOBIEKHU] Yes. And...

[ESE] Where the starch?

[OBONOBIEKHU] See the starch here.
Everything is ready.

[OBONOBIEKHU] Pepper soup is ready too.

[IN EDO] Ah ah, what are you doing there?

Leave that place!

- The aroma is so good.
- Leave that place!

I want some. Please give me some.

- See, I don't like my soup to be touched.
- I know.

- It'll become sour.
- I just wanted some. That's all.

- [IMADE] Great.

[WONDER] Hajara.

- Come. Come join us.

- I don't think so.
- Oh, come on. You're still my wife.

- It's a photograph.

What happened to letting me go?

Excuse me. [GRUNTS]

[WONDER] I will let go.

I will keep my promise. Aright?

- After lunch, I will sign.

[OMA] Is it my turn? Come.

[OMA] My darlings.

- [IMADE] Please!
- Please don't push me. I will beat you.

What is it now? What is it? Angry people.

When is it my turn?
I have to be in this picture!

I don't know why he's crying so much.
I'm your sister, baby.

- Baby.

I hope it's breast milk
you're giving my brother?

- Yes ma'am.
- Really?

Why is it so cold?
Let me heat it up for you.

- Don't worry ma'am, I'll warm it.
- Don't worry.

Don't worry ma'am.

Let me heat it up for you.
Just say, "Thank you."


Thank you ma'am.


- Did you get it?
- Yes.

Baby Osage's hair and breast milk.

Wait. Breast milk? Why?

Her DNA is in it, obviously.

What if it goes bad, can we still use it?

[CLICKS TONGUE] I didn't think about that.

Ehi, please go and get something else.
I'll go and get Dad's sample.

- Okay.
- Hurry up.

Hey, family.

I want to take a picture with my brother.

Why are you being so nice?

- Smile for the camera now. We're family.

What's going on?

Well, my birth mum, um,

- was you... kinda. Yeah.
- Mm-mm?


Thank you...

Okay, come closer
if you want to take a picture.

- Aww, he's so cute.
- [OMO] Mm-hmm.


I know.

- Gum?
- Hmm.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome

There's love in sharing.

- Alright.

What is it?

It tastes bad.
Can't you taste it? Bring it out.

- Let me throw your own away.
- It's not bad.

It has been in my bag for so long.

Why would you give me a gum
that has been in your bag for so long?

Don't be angry. Don't be angry please.

Please I want to take personal picture.

Just calm down. One more.

Yeah. I will leave you to it. [CHUCKLES]

Nice. Osage Junior. Family time.

[HAJARA] Black soup. My favorite.

Maybe we should, just wait, you know.

Not a problem


- [HAJARA] My absolute favorite.
- [WONDER] Oh! Black soup.

- [HAJARA] You know I love black soup.
- [WONDER] I know. Have you had it?

- First time.
- Please.

Ofure, have you tried black soup before?

No? Have some. Everybody, go on, serve.

[WONDER] Go on, serve.

[WONDER] Serve the black soup.

[WOMAN] Ok sir.

- Aunty.


Oh my God.

Shit. Shit.

[HAJARA] I'm so ready for you.

So, who's dying today. Is it me or you?

- You, my darling.
- Me.

So, we're doing this?

- Yes. Yes baby.
- ♪ Remember, Osa Wonder loves you oh ♪

Tima, you won't believe
what's going on. I'm just...

- My love! [LAUGHING]

My darling love!

- What's wrong with you?
- Your eyes are the colors of love.

And I live for that love.

- Tima, what's wrong with you? Tima.
- Imade.

What's wrong with you?
Tima, what's wrong with you?

- My Darling.
- What's your problem?

- Can you see...
- I cannot see anything in your eyes.

What is going on?

- Imade, I love you so much.
- [CHARLIE] I love you.

- [IMADE] What is going on?
- I love you so much.

- [TIMA] Wait. Ugh!
- What just happened?

What the hell just happened?
Why am I in the pool?

Tima, are you crazy?
What the hell is wrong with you?

- What are you talking about?

Saying, "I love you Imade."
What is wrong with you?

- I said... I said that?
- Yes!

- That's not how I meant to say it.
- What?

Why are we in the pool fully clothed?
What's going on here?

Bring my wig for me, please!

Look at my hair!

- [IMADE] Look at him... talking...
- Look at my hair, makeup, everything!

- This... How did we get in the water?
- [IMADE] Nonsense!

[CHARLIE] What does this got to
do with my documentary?

I'll help you.

- Uh. Okay.

At least it works.

- What's goin on...
- Ugh! oof!

- What took you so long?
- Don't ask. Let's go.


I don't think I can do this.

- Babe, what choice do we have?
- Malik, I can't kidnap my father.

Come on, you know you
don't deserve all this suffering, baby.

Look at you. Beautiful, gorgeous, smart.

You don't deserve any of all this.

You deserve that soft baby girl lifestyle.

and shaking your booty on a yacht.

- You know that's what you need.

And trust me that's why we're doing this

because I know you need it baby,
you need that share.

I just don't want them to hurt him.

Listen, I know that's how feel.

But I promise you, I promise you baby,
it's gonna be just fine.

- And you know I got you, right?

I got you baby.

Come on, crack a smile for me.

Look how pretty you look.

You're the most beautiful girl
in the world.

I have to tell you that.

[ESE] I say let us keep trying.

It is over!

Be patient.


- I am done with your family.
- Oh!

I am so done with this your family.

All I want is my money because
I can't wait to get rid of you people.

You want to carry Brother's only son away?

Where does that happen? Are you crazy?

- Are you mad?
- [ESE] Hey!

Are you threatening me? He's my son.

I said the love potion will work.
It'll work.

- It's not working.
- It will work.

- It's not working!

Can the two of you plot marrying
my father somewhere else?

Ah, Itohan. My child,
It's not what you think.

Aunty Ese, what is not what she thinks?

Look at the two of them.

They are here plotting
how to jazz pops with a love potion

so he can like this one.

- Imade.

It worked.
I can't believe it actually worked.

What are you talking about?

Tima tried to kiss me.

And your mom ran upstairs
with Papa like they were teenagers.

- What?
- Yeah. But water seems to stop it though.


My child. It's not what you think.

[IMADE] Aunty Ese,
I know it's not what I think.

But as for you, Oma,

you're very lucky that we still need you.


- What did you do this for?
- [HAJARA] Oh, my God.

[HAJARA] What did you do to me?
I said, "What did you do to me?"


We slept together!

How? Why?

I would never sleep with you.

We slept together
because we love each other.

Okay? Huh?

It's something we have done over
and over in the past. Hence...

Aww, thank you so much, Pops.

I hundred percent needed to hear that.

Anyway this happened
because two of you were jazzed

Jazzed? As in, juju?

- [ITOHAN] Love potion, yeah.

Osage, you used juju...

Not me. I didn't do anything like that.

It was Oma.

Pops was her target.
She was trying to get him to love her.

And somehow two of you ate it and... aargh.


If you tell Bayo...

I don't even speak to the man.
But look at it this way, alright?

We were jazzed and it worked on us
because we both... We love each other.


- was it that bad?

[HAJARA YELLING] Sign the papers. Now!

- As you wish. Just calm down.

Hajara, calm down. It's signed.

Great! Congratulations, guys.

I'm so honoured to have witnessed this.

Mom, let's go.

Let's go! Ugh!

[HAJARA] Pick up my shoe.

[ITOHAN] Let's go.

[MAN] Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.

[MAN] We'd like to recognise
the Daddy of this event.

CEO and Chairman of Buzz Cola.

- He goes by the name, Pastor Japheth Ekpe!

Where have the two of you been?

We had an errand to run.


You were planning
how to spend the money, right?

You know, I find it very interesting that

I was never involved in any
of that planning.

- It's giving me bad vibes. Honestly.

- It's giving you bad vibes.
- Yes.

A big round of applause for yourselves.
You look absolutely beautiful tonight.

Thank you for coming out to celebrate
the one, the only Osa Wonder.

Osa Wonda!



- You bloody bastard!

- Hajara.
- I couldn't keep it from him.

You couldn't keep it from him?

That's why I'm going to whoop your ass.

Whoop my ass? You?

- Really? Is that what you got?


Bayo, please,
you don't have to do this here.

You don't have to do this here, please.

- [BAYO] Why do you always do this?

You crazy bitch!

You think you can cheat us
and get away with it? I'll deal with you.

You slapped me?

- Yes, I slapped you.

What is all this?

- [TIMA] No, no.
- Oh my goodness! Can you guys stop it?!

- [HAJARA] Stop it, please.
- Sir, sir.

- [IMADE] Come here. Stop!

She slapped me!

And I will do it again.

[IMADE] What happened?

- I was right. I did a paternity test.
- Uh-huh?

- Is Papa the father?
- Yes, he is.

That bitch is not the mother.

[SPLUTTERING] I'm the mother.

If you lie again, I will slap you!

Oh, hold on. Just chill.

By the time I'm done with you,

you will regret
trying to cheat this family.


I can't believe this!

I have never seen such display
of random disregard in all my life!

I can't believe that I have to
work with a man like this.

Never! This ends now! Let's go. Get up.




- Who are you?
- Come here quick!

- They owe me ten million naira.

They even offered me Osage to kidnap.


But I'm not sure he has the money.

So guys, what are we going to do?

Sir, we can pay you.

I do not believe you.

[GUARD] This way. This way!

[BIG T] The Chairman of Buzz Cola.

You will fetch a nice ransom.


[WONDER] I'm so sorry. You can't have him.

He's my guest. [WHISPERS] It's okay.

- [OMO] Sweetheart.
- Who's going to stop me? You?

- Not like I...
- [IMADE] See, sir, think about this.

We have seen your face. You cannot hide.

You can never ever hide from this.
We will get you.

I've been recording you

and I will expose you
with the click of a button.

So, I will suggest that you
run and you never come back!

Record me and I will come for you.


- I will come for your family.

And anyone here...

Anybody here who dares to challenge me,

I'll come for the person.


you may be right.

We may not be safe from you
but we are not afraid of you.

- So get out of my way!
- Hey.

Get out!

They may not be safe but let me tell
you something sir,

you yourself you're not safe from me.

- [GUARD1] Who is that?
- [GUARD2] Where are they? Are you mad?

[GUARD3] Is this the guy
you were talking about?

- [IMADE] Yes, yes.
- [GUARD4] Go down!

He's the one I was talking about.
This is him.

- Take him away.
- [BIG T SPLUTTERING] Um, excuse me.

- And this boy too.
- Carry him!

- [INI] Carry him!
- [IMADE] Thank you.

[BIG T] No, no!

- Thank you. Thank you so much.
- [IMADE] Thank you so much.


[HAJARA] What were you thinking?


Plotting to kidnap your own father?

Putting everyone at risk? [SQUAWKS]

Why are you so irresponsible?

Young lady, what do
you have to say for yourself?

[SOBBING] I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

We borrowed money
for an investment and it went bad.

[ITOHAN] Daddy, I was stuck.
I didn't know what to do. I'm sorry.

Why didn't you come to me, baby?

You know you can always come to me.

[ITOHAN] I'm sorry.

- I'm sorry.
- [WONDER] It's okay.

[SOBBING] Mommy, I'm sorry.
I promise you I'll do better. I'm sorry.


- It's okay. Calm down please.
- [ITOHAN] I'm sorry.

Mommy, I'm sorry.

- Mommy, I'm sorry.
- [HAJARA] It's okay.

[HAJARA] It's okay. Hmm?

[HAJARA] Who are those people?

- How did they know where to come to?

Itohan confessed to me yesterday.


Sis, I need to talk to you.

She told me about her plans to kidnap Papa

I was able to contact
Iya Oloja and she agreed to help.

I couldn't go through with it.
I couldn't do it.

Imade, and you let him show up?

I mean, What if somebody
had gotten hurt? Come on.

But that was the only way I was sure now.

At least I got everything under control.

Since when did you become so reckless?

Who is our father?

Why does it always have to end up with me?


[OMO] Open the door!

I'll handle it.

Do we at least know the mother?

Well, we're not sure
but we think it's her...

Her? As in Nanny?

The mother owns
the breast milk and certainly not Oma.

- You mean her?
- Yep.

Nanny, come here. Come.

Um, are you the mother of my baby?


I am paid to give birth.

I'm very fertile.

I give birth on behalf
of different people.

Aunty Oma gave me Boss's sperm to inject

Okay. Um...

Will you stay with me
to take care of this my own?

I can do it.


Let me take care of my um...

Yes please, Papa. Take care of your...


[EVERYONE] Oh, please!

[WONDER] Coming over!

Oma! What do you want?

Take! Take! I have signed.
Come and pay me my money.


Pay me my money let me go.

You stole my sperm.

And you think you can come
in here and ask me for money?

You will leave here now...

Pay me my money.

And never come back here!

If you pay me my money
I won't come back here again.

You want to scam a brother.
You want to deceive a brother.

- [CHARLIE] Oh my goodness!
- [IMADE] What is it?

I got an email from a friend
that works at a streaming platform.

What is the difference
between me and you? Ehn?

What's the difference?

No worry. I say no worry. We go discuss,
you go punish me my own later

but for now, we need to
throw away this bad scallywag.

I am not going anywhere.

- Obonobiekhu!
- You have to pay me my money.

- Bring your girls!
- Pay me my money o.

"Heard you were doing a documentary
about your father's 60th.

I love Osa Wonda.
Would love to acquire it.

- We're thinking 200 thousand dollars!
- [CHARLIE] Two hundred thousand dollars!

But there's some flexibility.
Let's discuss." [SCREAMING]

[OMA] Pay me my money oh.

- This way!
- Go this way!

- [IMADE] It's a lie.
- [WONDER] What's going on?

[WONDER] What's going on? Let's share it.

- [IMADE] Nothing Papa.
- [INI] Nothing dad.

We'll talk about it tomorrow morning.


- Oh my God.
- Wait am not done my interview.

Thank you, Charlie. This looks
better than the Buzz Cola deal.

Listen girls,

you guys don't know how it feels

to just know that you all have my back.

And because you do,

it just makes me so happy.

You guys are my world.

My angels. You know you all are like...

- Daddy's little girls. [LAUGH]

Osa Wonder embarked on a worldwide tour,

without Imade who quit as his manager
and went on a long holiday with, Tima

Ini took over as his manager
and spends all her time fighting

While Ehi had a successful album launch;
100 million streams and counting

Itohan moved back in
with her mother, Hajara

who married Bayo but refused
Osage's offer to play at their wedding

Aunty Ese is still chasing Oma

And nobody knows what Iya Oloja
did with and Big T

And as for me,

I've just been commissioned
to turn my documentary

on Osa Wonder into a TV series

So, stay tuned

Subtitle translation by: Regina Njoku