Palace Carnage (1978) - full transcript

The heroic Ma Teng has developed a counter to the Flying Guillotines attack, and when word reaches The Emperor, who is more bloodthirsty than ever, he creates a new deadlier version and trains a squad of female assassins to use it. Now Ma must help the gang of rebels trying to overthrow the evil tyrant and create a new counter-weapon to defeat the improved Guillotine.

Open it

Where is she from?

Your Majesty

A pretty Han girl from Soo Chow

Bring the sword


I dislike Han women; throw her out


Let him leave the palace
but have him followed


Yung Jing Emperor of Qing Dynasty

To consolidate his power

The Emperor ruled with a strong hand

And developed the Flying Guillotine...

to kill Han people
and those who opposed him

But righteousness would not be suppressed

The heroes of Jiang Nan
rose up in rebellion

And created a heroic event
to assassinate the Emperor

You've lost again

Tien Sin Dragon swordplay

It commands my respect

Jiang Nan's Fastest Sword
Jiang Cheung Fung

You really live up to your fame

I am not quite convinced

Li Sing Nan

How can you be so outright blunt?

I haven't seen it, so I'm not convinced

So you're Jiang Nan's Fastest Sword?

This is the expert of
Tien Sin Dragon Sword?

Sui Sheng Piu

Unless you two let me witness
with my own eyes

Minor technique - no big deal

I was under surveillance, so I'm late

Sincere apologies

Is everybody here?

Brother Bai Tai Kuan hasn't arrived

Everyone knows

The Emperor is killing the innocent

The people are oppressed

Now all heroes are gathered at
Dan Hsia Mountain

...prepared to overthrow the tyrant

Everyone here is laden with
heavy responsibilities

We should go to Dan Hsia Mountain at once

Na Lan

Hero Jin

Na Lan, why have you risked coming here?

Bai's mission to assassinate
the Emperor failed

The Flying Guillotines are coming,
we can't stay

I have to leave. Goodbye

Brother Jin, who is she?

One of us

Na Lan, daughter of Military Secretary

Brother Bai failed

Let's go

Big brother

Big brother

Bai Tai Kuan

You took matters into your own hands

...and made a mess

God knows how many innocent people
and heroes

...will die for this

Big Brother, I'm wrong

Rash people like you...

should not go to Dan Hsia Mountain

Big brother, I...

Flying Guillotines, go

Ma Tan

Hero Ma, wait a minute

Come with us to Dan Hsia Mountain

What for?

To kill Yung Jing Emperor



I can't do it

Ma Tan

Are you afraid?

Brother, watch your manners

Since hero Ma has his personal reasons

Farewell and we'll meet another time

Take care

You're so useless,
can't even capture Ma Tan

We're incompetent and deserve death

Ma Tan is an expert
of the Flying Guillotine

He knows the theory and can nullify it

He could pose a problem in future


Yes, your Majesty

These are a single day's reports
from Jiang Nan

Have a look


Thank you

Who has incited the people to rebellion

Assassinating our officials,

...and made an attempt on my life?

Come, men


Bao Ying, Gang Jing Fung


Decree from the Emperor

Bao Ying

Here, your Majesty

Gang Jing Fung


Enter the palace


- Gang Jing Fung
- Bao Ying

Your Majesty

The whereabouts of Ma Tan

Have you found out yet?

Yes I have. However...

Ma used Iron Umbrella
to block the Flying Guillotine


You are so useless

You can't even find Ma Tan

I have a good idea...

which will corner Ma

Come and tell me


In every village...
out of every ten families Han will be killed
every three days

They'd be forced to give up Ma

I also have an idea


Hang their bodies on the roads

And let the rebels see

Good, kill two birds with one stone.
Let's do it


The Emperor has decreed


Capture Han people


Behead them


I hear they're looking for you everywhere

I am worried for you

Yu Lan

The shoes are made, try them

Yu Lan, in these years've suffered with me

Hiding everywhere, living without peace

Siu Cheung's father

Don't say it

With you by my side,
even if it's worse...

I wouldn't complain

Except that Siu Cheung should be
at school


Sleep now

Remember my words

If one day I really have to leave you...

take Siu Cheung;
change your names and hide

Why can you...

You should understand

Some people should not live
for themselves alone

I don't understand and don't want to

It's time to proceed with the execution

Please save them



Ma Tan

I'm the one you want

Let them go

All right, release them

Bring Ma Tan


Thank you, hero

According to the Emperor's order

Ma Tan once caught
should be executed immediately


Siu Cheung's Father...!

Behead him

Run quickly

Who's in charge of Jiang Nan?


Reply inside


Do you know your faults?

Yes we do

There's still no sign of Ma Tan

What should be done?

We're incompetent and deserve death

I'll grant you your wish

Behead them

Your Majesty

Aren't you going to thank the Emperor?

Useless servant

Behead them


Take them away

Yes. Move it

Come on


Greetings to Royal teacher


Teacher, please wait

What's the matter?

You have special privilege
to enter the library

I also have the power to search you

What? Search me?

By order of the Emperor

All right, search then

What is this?

Don't you know it's a snuff bottle?

How'd I know
if there isn't a concealed weapon?

I'll return it when you leave

Useless servant

Your Majesty


About these three lords

Teacher, please wait

Gang Jing Fung, Bao Ying

Here, your Majesty

I decree that any official...

who dares to represent the three of them;

Will be guilty as they are


The Emperor has decreed

Whoever dares to represent them

...will be guilty as they are

Your Majesty, what are they guilty of?

They have failed to suppress
the rebellion

Your Majesty

What are the causes of rebellion?


People will support a just rule,
otherwise they'll rebel

I don't want their hearts,
I only want the kingdom

Without winning hearts,
how can there be a kingdom?

I don't need to argue with you

Hadn't I considered you
as my teacher 20 years ago

...I'll not have mercy on you

Your Majesty


Please take back your decree

Your Majesty, I beg you

None of your business


Here, Your Majesty

Behead the three of them

Your Majesty


Execute them


Drag them out


Your Majesty

Tyranny will only suppress kingdoms

It will not win over hearts

What insolence!


The whole kingdom will fall
because of your tyranny

This is serious insubordination
and insolence

Execute his whole family


Your Majesty

You can't act in your own ways

Have mercy

My words are ordained by heaven,
rebels will die

You tyrant king


He dirtied my spotless palace

Get rid of him


Your Majesty, aren't you afraid

...of being a laughing stock?

You are coming of age

And unsuited to be a lord anymore.
You may retire

Bao Ying, Gang Jing Fung

Here, your Majesty

Take his hat and see him out


Wait! No need for you to do it

Nor do you need to see me out

Teacher, thank you for
your years of guidance

I am not your teacher

Wise men don't have such pupils

Out of respect for the late king...

I'll show you how to run the country

Your Majesty, farewell

The snuff bottle?

Useless slave

See the Royal Teacher out


Bao Ying, Gang Jing Fung

Yes, your Majesty

Send him to hell


Thank you, hero... for saving my life

Please accept my gratitude

Teacher, you're welcome

You are...

Na Lan, daughter of Military Secretary

I came here to save you

This is no place for staying long

Please hide out in the Guan Yin Temple


What's the matter?


We have orders to capture Teacher Yeung

Have you seen him?

No... leave


Lady, what are you doing here?


What do you think I'm doing?


I know you're practising your sword

And I intend to use your brain
for practice

Lady, lady


Yes. Let's leave

Teacher, it's all right

Miss, I don't understand

Why do you assist me
behind your father's back?

Your help is essential for success

Success for what?

Assassinate Yung Jing


To be honest with you

My mother is also a Han

To prove his loyalty
my dad was forced into divorce

My father dared not disobey

Yet he could not be torn from my mother

At the end...

My mother hanged herself to her death!

Besides, the emperor is tyrannical

As long as he lives...

Han people will not have
a single day of peace


Lord Cheung,
I'll bury your family for you

Hope you could help us out

I appreciate your righteousness

But killing Yung Jing
is like ascending the Heavens

Even if he is in heaven,
I will fly up to kill him

impersonating Korean embassy officers...

to assassinate Yung Jing is a doomed task

To sacrifice one life
in exchange for his head

It's worth it

OK, let's draw lots to decide

I'll go

You look more like a bandit than a prince

How can you go?

Let's draw again

No need, I'll go

Teacher, this is a list of gifts

Palace rules forbid
ordinary people access to it



We'll conceal the poisoned sword here

And avoid being detected

This is a concealed weapon?

Don't touch

This is the Poisoned Sword

And must be handled with care

Old sir, maybe you don't believe this

This was left by my great grandfather


It's turned black

Yung Jing has a mean heart

When he's dead, he turns black

Old sir, where do you think
it should be hidden?

Put it here

Brother Cheung,
do you know how to use it?

A light touch
will release the concealed weapon

Don't touch it for any other reason

All of them have changed

You're still playing the flute

I only know playing flute

Isn't that what you say?

I misjudged you. Forgive me

Do me two favours to make up for it

I'll do anything


My mother is quite aged

I'm afraid my assignment this time...

I'll take care of her

Believe me

I have a friend

...who is with me all the time

Keep it company when I'm gone

Who is it?

This is it

it?ll be light soon

Brother, take this

We'll prepare a feast
to celebrate your return

Even if I don't return

My spirit will


Anyone entering the palace
must be searched

Search him

Lord, you cannot open this

No one can unless the emperor has seen it

Tsui Jin Ru of Korea to see the Emperor

Long live the Emperor

Tributes for the Emperor to see

Korea is besieged by draught and famine

Still you bring us gifts!

Prepare tea for him


Thank you, your Majesty

Tsui Jin Yu


Your Shun Tak King is 70 odd years old

How is he?

The king is fortunately in good health

General Li wiped out the bandits

He fought a good battle

Thank you, your Majesty

It's nothing to be boastful of

Bullshit. The battle was in fact lost

The king has died
over a hundred years ago

How can he be alive?

Seize him

To disguise as Korean,
kneel with both knees

Dagger is concealed;
luckily I've armour for protection

Who are you?

Debt collector

The country is rife
with persecution of intellectuals

How much blood do you owe the people?

A pity!

There is still a bit more debt owed

Cheung Fung, your spirits in heaven...

will see us accomplish your will

Oh, my rice

Don't move


Here are ten taels of gold for you

Open it

4th Brother

Mount up

His Majesty the Emperor

Where is the cardinal?

I need to see him


More medicine


His Majesty asks for you

Let him wait

What a nerve, not to welcome the emperor

Disobeying the Emperor


- Yes
- What's the hurry?

Your Majesty

Your Majesty shows his kindness
to Lama Koupin

...and invited him
from Tibet to the palace

Even converted Yin Hu Palace
into a monastery

Yet he dares not to come to pay respects

We must not tolerate this

Damn, what do you know?

Ask Lama's guards to stand down


The Emperor has decreed the guards
to stand down

Your Majesty

What wrong has your servant done?

He is skilled in principles of mechanics

And can develop all kinds of
concealed weapons

I want to make use of him

You are wise, Your Majesty

Forget the formality

The cardinal pays his respects

Your Majesty

I'm late and deserve punishment

I will not blame you

Come in


These are gifts from Korea

I give them to you

Your Majesty is very considerate

Also, your hat

I want to give you a new one

I assign you
as the Chief Cardinal of Qing court

Thank you, your Majesty

It's just that... I do not deserve it

And I should earn it
with my accomplishments

I've no accomplishments;
how can I serve your Majesty

I want you to improve
the Flying Guillotine

Has someone found a way to block it?

Who would that be?

Ma Tan the traitor

The Guillotine is used by
royal commission

It beheads from a hundred paces

It is powerful and unbeatable

How can it be blocked?

Simply by this

A tattered umbrella!

Very smart

You'd never think that a boxer...

could figure out this principle

Capitalising on the upward rotation
of the umbrella

To bounce off the Flying Guillotine

And those using the Guillotine...

have been hurt by the ricochet
of the Guillotine

Doesn't it mean that...

the royal weapon would become useless?

Relax. By law of nature one thing
preys on another

I will think of something

I'll improve the Guillotine
and thwart the umbrella

Good. When will it be finished?

Well, Rome was not built in a day!

The sooner the better

The unbeatable double Flying Guillotine

How is it different
from the previous version?

The secret is inside

I have to see this


Here, sire

I decree the palace to be secured
and locked

No one is allowed to enter


Your Majesty, are you satisfied?

You have designed it meticulously

Thank you, your Majesty

Congratulations, your Majesty

Even with Ma Tan's weapon

He can't block
the double Flying Guillotines

Can you discern
the secret amidst it all?

Yes I can

Two Flying Guillotines put together...

when blocked by umbrella
will trigger the mechanism

And set off attacks from below and above

Xiao Chi Tsi

People say you're quite smart

You're not bad

Thank you, your Majesty



Come here


Xiao Chi Tsi

Here, sire

Have you learnt kung fu?

Yes I have

If I had not...

how would I serve your Majesty?

You're gonna come in useful

Thank you, your Majesty

Go over there


I will test the Flying Guillotine on you


Your Majesty, try it on me?!

Go on


Go over there

Congratulations, your Majesty. It works

Listen, all of you

Double Flying Guillotines' secret
can't be leaked


May I be bold enough to ask...

Why did you kill Xiao?

Those who love acknowledgement
and praises

...cannot keep secrets

Your Majesty is wise


Your Majesty

Your contribution to this invention
is commendable

Here are 10,000 taels of gold
as your reward

Thank you, your Majesty

Bao Ying, Gang Jing Fung

Here, your Majesty

I decree

Have the military head
gather the 3 Flag platoon

Select new recruits...

to retrain in the Flying Guillotines


Come back


I want you to let Ma Tan,
Jing Fung Chi and the lot

Taste the steel
of the double Flying Guillotines


Lord Lao

You have to be very careful


You be in front,
I'll lurk in the background

And capture Ma Tan
at the blacksmith's place

I know

You should change your hat (rank)

Thank you, Lord Gang

You thank me a bit too soon


Who is it?

My daughter Na Lan

Lord Gang, your swordsmanship is deadly

Yours isn't bad either

She liked to practise
martial arts as a kid

She could serve the Emperor in future

Why did you hide behind the partition?

I've brought medicine for father


Good, good


See him out

We will make a detour

We must go before the vultures...

to save Ma Tan

Everyone is clear

Miss Na Lan, you can't come with us

And you three...

should proceed to Ping Jiang
to check out the situation

Don't worry

We can perform as well in water,
mountain and land

We are familiar with
the surroundings here

Everyone, keep your eyes peeled

There'll be guards along the way...

with Flying Guillotines concealed


Any good choppers?


How much?

5 copper coins

Thank you

Go quickly

We can handle it here

Hero Ma

Flee with your relatives


Yu Lan

Siu Cheung


Siu Cheung's father

It is you the Emperor wants

If you could only come with us!

All right, I'll go with you

Release them first

I don't trust you


Take him


Siu Cheung's father


Siu Cheung's father

Siu Cheung, Yu Lan

Remember my words...

Yu Lan, Siu Cheung

I'll avenge you

I'll follow you to Dan Hsia Mountain

The double Flying Guillotine
is indeed powerful

I want to ask you

Will it be defeated again?

Nature does decree that
one thing preys on another

So it's difficult to say for sure

I wish you could develop...

an even more powerful Flying Guillotine

Yes, your Majesty

Hero Jin,
only by sneaking into the palace...

can we obtain the blueprint
of the new Guillotine

And thus nullify the enemies' efforts

Wait, I'm familiar with the palace

Yung Jing is treacherous and conniving

You are merely a girl

It's easier said than done

You underestimate me

Hero Ma

You can escape from the palace

So by the same logic
I can sneak into the palace

Even if you do, it'll be suicide

For the sake of the Han kingdom

...I have to do whatever it takes

The Emperor is holding a test
for fighters

The candidates, please come in

Our respects, Your Majesty

You have been selected among 300 fighters

You're the best of the best

I assign all of you
as the Royal Flying Guillotine

Thank you, your Majesty

Swear-in ceremony

We swear by the heavens

To be loyal to the Emperor

If we renege on our promise

From parents to off springs

They'll be doomed and damned

We pledge loyalty

We will also be filial

If we rebel against the Emperor

Families will be exterminated

The Emperor leaves

What's the matter?

Stop her

Who is it?

I've come for an audition


You useless wimps

What power have you?

Get them out




The Emperor seeks the best fighters

We have come for an audition

The guards not letting us in,
is understandable

But as an official why do you stop us?

What are you talking about?

Lord, if Emperor knew

you can't take the responsibility

What a sharp tongue!

The Emperor seeks the best fighters


But has not said to exclude women


Mu Gwai Ying storming the Heaven Gate

Fa Mu Lan fighting in her father's place

And the legend of Madam Sair

My lord,
even if you haven't read about them

You must have heard of these heroines?

Shut up

They were Han people

My lord

Han heroines can equal men
and become legends

We Manchu girls have heroines...

famous throughout posterity


Come here

Our respects, Your Majesty

Who is it?

Your Majesty

She is Lord Bao's daughter

I apologize for not teaching her well

Insolent Na Lan,
you have insulted your superior

Do you know what punishment that means?

Heavens can attest to my loyalty

May it please your Majesty to note

You have vision and commitment

But how is your kung fu?

If I didn't know kung fu,
would I have dared to come?

The knife, the spear,
the sword and the lance

I'm equally skilled

Axe, Pole-axe, Hook and Fork


Striking and leaping techniques

I know them

Try her


If you can hit the target

You're spared

If you miss

Your family will be beheaded

Your Majesty

I am not afraid to die


Lord Bao Lao

Your Majesty

You've taught your daughter well

Thank you, your Majesty


You fools, had I not
auditioned candidates myself would have wasted such talent

It is my fault

I deserve death

Na Lan

Your Majesty

You're now the female Flying Guillotine
by royal decree

Thank you, your Majesty

Father, father

Na Lan

See what have you done behind my back!


I captured Teacher Yeung; you freed him

I caught Ma Tan; you released him

Today you stormed into
the training ground

Father, I...

I wanted to avenge my mother

You know the Flying Guillotines
are well organized

And are cruel and brutal

You are but a girl


I know

I've long since disregarded
life and death

This is poison

It kills by a mere taste. Use it well

Take it

Father, don't worry

I know what to do




Don't play this trick again

If not by me, who else?

You look after the men,
I'll deal with the women

None of your business

Who says you're to deal with the females?

The Emperor

You dare to use the Flying Guillotine
in the palace?

You dare to molest a girl in the palace?

I tell you, it's unwise cross a Flying Guillotine

We have accomplished our training

It is accomplished...

What's the big deal?

This is elementary

Continue training

Continue tomorrow


You dare to give orders?

Female Flying Guillotines
are under my responsibility


You dare?



Whoever dares to go will be beheaded

You dare?


My lord

What are you doing here?


I followed Na Lan...

and saw her coming out
from the Lama Temple

What was she doing there?

Follow her


How did it go?

I got the blueprint

Who is it?

Bao Ying's associate

What's to be done?

Take the blueprint to Dan Hsia Mountain

Lin Gia

Lin Gia, what's the matter?

What is it?

Speak, speak

You silenced the witness

What did he see?

Lord Bao, no nonsense

His Majesty the Emperor

What's the matter?

Your Majesty

Lord Na used the poisoned needle
to kill my man

Judging by the way he died...

he might have discovered Lord Na's secret

Please investigate, your Majesty

Is there really such a matter?




Na Lan


Why kill him?

Lift up your head

This training area
is off-limits to outsiders

He sneaked in at night suspiciously

And kept silent when I questioned him

He turned and fled

How was I to know he was Lord Bao's man?

I took him for an assassin

And could not have let him go

Your Majesty,
since she did not see who it was could she say it was an assassin,

and kill unscrupulously?


Your Majesty,
we've the responsibility to guard you


We must be extra cautious...

and act without slightest hesitation

If I cannot do even this...

am I eligible to be
a female Flying Guillotine?

If you think I did wrong, punish me then

No, you did well

Thank you, your Majesty

He deserved to die


Arise, all

Thank you, your Majesty



Jiang Nan confidential submission
for your perusal

Ask Lama Koupin to come and see me

Return to the palace


The Emperor departs

All of you come with me

Your Majesty


Thank you, your Majesty

I have summoned you
in the middle of the night

...for a small matter

Do you've the blueprint
for double Flying Guillotine?

Yes I have

Where is it?

With me. Please take a look

You vermin, daring to harm the innocent!

I am very sorry

Na Lan


Slap him... vent out your anger

Thank you, your Majesty

My lords

I must obey the Emperor,
please forgive me

Get out

Thank you, your Majesty

Na Lan

Yes, your Majesty

There's something I need you to do for me

Thank you, your Majesty

It is to kill someone

Who might that be?

Your father

You dare to disobey me?

No, I dare not

He has the intention to rebel

...and his family
ought to be exterminated

But I take your loyalty
into consideration...

and send you on this errand
to prove your innocence

Can you bring yourself to do it?

My father has rebelled against
your Majesty

He deserves to die

I am under the auspicious employment
of the Emperor

And my loyalty should come
before being filial piety

Do it right away


He must not live beyond 3 a. M


You must do it yourself


Forgive me


One cannot live if the Emperor
has decreed one to die

Nor can a child live
if the father wishes it to die


This is not your fault

Give it here


Give it to me


Lan Er

Too much to be expressed in words

Take care, child

You die for Han nationality
and its posterity

It's an honour

I wish your name will live on

Even a kid knows
he should love his parents

It is a cardinal sin to slay one's father

Na Lan, are you aware of this?

I pledge my loyalty to the country,
not to family

I pledge loyalty only to king,
not to father

My father rebelled against your Majesty
and should die

I have accurately judged your loyalty


Thank you, your Majesty

I wish to send you to check out traitors
at Jiang Nan

Follow me

Capsized in the sewer

Today we were played at the hands
of that girl

So powerless!

There's something strange about this

How come Lama has a blueprint?!

Maybe she hasn't stolen it


The blueprint with Lama
might not be genuine

Because if the blueprint were lost...

The Emperor would have killed him

Right, let's look for the Lama


I have an important assignment for you

Please decree, your Majesty

Bao Ying, Gang Jing Fung

Here, your Majesty

Come in


Your Majesty

Na Lan

Here, your Majesty

I promote you
as the leader of Flying Guillotines

Do your best to suppress the rebels

Thank you, your Majesty

Getting rid of the rebels is important

I'll depart now


You both heard, didn't you?

Yes, Lord Na

See you at the training ground


Gang Jing Fung

Here, your Majesty

Do you know how did Na Lan...

kill her father?

With poison

It's right, then

She's trying to preserve
her father's body

This shows she is filial

This might create resentment in her

You're right, Your Majesty

That's why you should monitor her
on this task


If she falters, execute her

Yes, your Majesty

I have an idea

Now that the Flying Guillotines
have left the palace's timely to assassinate Yung Jing

This news must be brought to
Dan Hsia Mountain

Use delay tactics

And hold up the Flying Guillotines

Sister, don't worry. We know what to do

Go on

Good. I take your leave

Ma Tan

How is it?

Soon. One more day
& I'll be done with the lock

Then we can stop
the double Flying Guillotine

No way. It's too late

The Flying Guillotines are
on the way to Jiang Nan

...and will reach
Dan Hsia in the morning

This is the best time
to assassinate the tyrant

Ma Tan, you...

Don't worry,
I'll be at the mountain tomorrow

...and deal with Bao and Gang

I'll depart first then

All heroes are gathered to
slay the tyrant

We pledge with our lives
to kill Yung Jing

Good... with so many hearts
joined together

Yung Jing must die

God speed you all with success

No time to waste

The Flying Guillotines will arrive soon

Be on your way now

I'll handle the situation here

Hero Jin, take care

Speak up... where is Na Lan?

Where she ought to be

So you're unwilling to speak!

You two, out with it


I'll tear open your clothes

All right, I'll tell you


She has gone to rid us
of tyrant Yung Jing

And return peace to the people

You're too cruel

Na Lan will seek revenge on you one day

Not talking?

I'll let you die slowly

I've since long disregarded
life and death

You've done so much evil.
Your time has come

How should we deal with this?

I think there's more than meets the eye

Wang Biao,
lead them to wipe out the rebels


We'll return to the palace
and protect the Emperor

Hero Jin

Hero Ma

Catch up with Na Lan and kill Yung Jing

Hero Jin

Where are my men?

Your Majesty, please stand back

Ma Tan

You dare to go back on your word?

I deserve death in breaking my pledge

But the blood you owe to the people...

would have to be reckoned with blood!