Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas (2019) - full transcript

When video blogger Saher Sethi embarks on a tedious trek with mountaineer Karan Sehgal, sparks are bound to fly. But will their love story blossom despite the odds?

Oh, that's how a beautiful

What is my son?

This is a house, Mom

I love you, my son

Baba, I wanna have beam

Mom, I want to be

yes! I've

Mommy got my bag together

Today, not my son

The school must today

Good boy

... But he promised the where

Have I do not speak, Mom

I am not, you obey


Said output Shah Akbar
She had a very sick girl

He told him,

That shower you up this lake
I cured my treatment

And the princess was totally cured after the shower

... Oh! Were treated

Mother, White Panther found Modanloo?

Please help mom

"At any moment near the Hearts"

: A specialized translation of our artistic culture media
Translators: RAMEES

How is it?
Very good-

... Aw
... May Binmet-

"TX", well that's what "

"Nasim is directly in my house"

"... Sugar Unnak "-
Uncle, A. Chaie, please-

"I tasted my fruit..."

"The Wizard of this Land"

Works Forget selected "
"What is lost Dadi or Chi

"Even going here,"

"Simple Life Here"

"Happy Easy Here"

"Even going here,"

Hello Uncle

In the grid?-


"The rest of the world is only an illusion"

"The only truth is this just"

"Deword to the Mighty God"

"Pocket Empty"

"But there is no other"

"Here's the House of God"

"There is no concern"

"Here's a go in the trends"

"... Listen to the servant "

"Mountain, Vaqayatn Friends"

"Let me these mountains, you enchanted."

"Thy music is Hohneshin"

"All: the word to the mighty God"

"Deword to the Mighty God"

... Karen, Brother

How are you ميناکشي?

The shawl are ready

They are--

How are you?

The whole day of hijab
Hichoght Food

The Food and tea

What is a stir?-

So I'm sure I another the day


Don't hurt your hand, ميناکشي

Khdafez, Aunt

"Even going here,"

"Simple Life Here"

"Happy Easy Here"

"Even going here,"

: Start and the official telegram of our media

Hello to All-
Hi, Sir-

Welcome to the Aomadin Camp--
Very grateful-

Today, the first day of lecturers camp

And I confidence that the next few days
Going very exciting

Dinha Shamdi?

No, no-

Selected of the same way,

I just got a schoy--
Do you call her name?-

I avmdn here a long journey had--
I can have it?-

Eat breakfast and relax.

I see the Hmadigh age already

And to walk you in the style of your jungle,

I hope everything is clear

Yes, sir

Now another going obey


Hi, uncle

Hi, my son

... Yes

I have a group of 30
To Tiwith the MILRA

... yes

And you're good
That it has many parts of the sector,


I want to selected aware group of security

I keyboard I am uncle, worried about confrontational--
OK then-

Aditi, why United you?-

Wanna know about Sahar
What intellectual is about himself

Mr Kumkerja, Sahar is the best of ours
(Keyloggers: a adjunct website)

That charlatan degrees يکه

As the guest came to asylum seekers

And we welcome him with the arms open.

Where is Dawn?

Today Merkhsih

Auntie Niimo

Selected to marry?

Every thing is when it's there

Be the aunt, soon

Uncle Googi

Sahar, look how great the Shdy

When you where your baby chocolate Myvdem

The Generolite



Auntie Soko

Sahar, Dooni Shanaia
I have chosen to be Canada?

I have even clamp
.... And

It gets the water of the lamb, his hand got a hot oil
The world to bring peace

Ahi, Sahar

And guess going Shaya
What is your room?

With Dawn-

I have ruined my jobs--
Vshali I need a camket--

Who Merkhsih

Guys offline کلاهبردارين

Look Aghkja
I lecturers my article I wrote nothing wrong.

I have a cheese in the evening

Look Aghkja
I lecturers my article I wrote nothing wrong.

The name of this tete

Call of Tagledge

Now unfulfilled

Homes How much money you have
To discredit us?

Bagrami, Mr. Kokerja
Harfaton so please!

You did not know me

You don't have me

The Court of Session


Mr Kokerja, Bkhorin, fruit juice

We serve them fresh,

Vshali, as soon as I want to be a mission


This weekend
Going Khonoadeh I have gathered together

I can't tolerate Familam
They're going,

This time mom C could not give up?

... no

Really sorry

We had only a mission outside the station.

That Rohan has already been there


Was higher


Mamoritt I Gyarm

But the two weeks I'm ready to brush

You are the best friend of Natasha, no?


... Sorry




Owji Camp

Wow noun

This camp
Promised the best of the country's long Walk



Also, the conventional perceptibly of the tourism

But they also offer a personal travel.

And many other businessmen
They can talk about him.

A view of

Yeah, of course

Thank you for the best trip.



I believe in my business

It continues

What is the cost of his money?



... What

United expensive-
I mind--

100 percent of Berdaryeh cap

I'm missing

Hi Sahar-
Hi Sahar-

Hello Dawn

The kids ' pishtones-

Dawn, not the other 25 time we decided to be apart

And you're up here,

Chikar, Oyarn?

I would not resist--

Ichi, dear?-


Asbanitt lecturers last article promoter out


I love



Do you bzanin drink it?

No, we're working


Hi, My invoice

Enjoy, buddies

have fun

Dawn, wasn't his son's friend?

A month that separates--

Don't worry, dear--0

For us, hichoght do not before.


Well Natasha
... Buy Menali

Yes, Daddy-

Exciting tomorrow?

Yes, uncle

My daughter's all family

There's been a lot of time when I'm going

This is not true

Sahar, this time we sort of this duhemus

If you don't, don't be happy.


I had this time from my previous m.

I'm not, great mama?

I've got my own listsh

Moments this time very hard

I must fill in one of همکاراي Merizm.

And if you are soft

The company is losing money


At least a week

He told me

Big Mama and his dick


I have an introduction?

Everything from the programmed bell

I'm my father without your permission?

... Because it was a little time

I sent the purchase--
Yes, uncle-

I mean, if you don't know me,

Very well, go

... Bromine

Thank you, Dad

Ayshala next year, Khdafez

But my brother, how to going--

We have the life of you,

That kids think
I don't need to be a ton of waldyn

At least that permission was asked

Was this permission?

Yeah, ye Joraei


Yes, Aditi


The entire travel plan must be re-propelled


Instead of Rohan Varma, Sany is a true.

That motionless

When it came to I define the whole story


So, how many tourists are you here?

Depends on chapter

From 20 to 100 people

Very well

Welcome to Camp Owji Aomadin-

Sahar, this father is his

Hi, Uncle John-
My daughter,

Be comfortable

Drink and think about your home

And forgive us

Aditi two minutes another ad Peyasht-

... Aditi's New group

The plan should be planned

And you have to be there

Hi, are you traveling to a single trip?

I always travel, Dadach

... Really love


So here's a comfortable fit?

We ainjaiim Honey in the Month

The first night of the moon
And Today Domishe




With that group?



I mean, I have a ainjaiy?


Third party

This is a کلاهبرداريه journey, no?


Sahar Asti
For website Aindia dot com mizarm

Oh, yeah. You really

I could not bshnasmet with those things,

, And

If there is no one to ablution film?

Of course, earner

In the present?-

So your experience with Camp Owji
How scary was it?

I want to tell you

A realist helmet

So it's basically worth thief, right?


Hayov This all money

What is this all the money I place?

The mountains that thousands of years of Ayjan

Camp Owji They got then

Totally agree with you

Honestly, what do you know?

To the camera

"Camp Owji, I money so I want to be"

I hope
"Camp Owji, I money so I want to be"

Very good

It was great, thanks

Please feel free to face

Sure, I'm a hashtag and everything you've output

Output Supreme

I want to say

Good luck

Hayov This all money

What is the money I have?

I seeing that Karen you


Oh, that torzisth
Yeah, son of Banyeh

It's not tourists
Karen Segal

Owner of Owji Camp

Going with those walking

Damn you

Bakhboir, Ms. Esam

The effect of the Bakhboir

Bshinid please


I'll explain the Let me of this long walk.

Walking is five days long each

And there should be some training.

And Aditi Kamkat

Before we start my students
I must dar a signature selected

A look at the method

What is this?

Only Frmalite Set

If you have an accident trip, pre remember
Or a pat

We are not responsible

Calm down, such incidental are not.

Just frmalite.

... Vali Bazam-

You're not fully

Tmrint tomorrow start 5 am output

in the morning?

I want to be very sorry

Before starting training
Some questions

Electricity cigarettes?-

Heart problem?


Honestly, I was separated from my boyfriend.

... i see

Let me to study

From here to the hut

That easy

On the treadmill 3 km

So go-

Dawn, we're very high altitude

Oxygen levels here

Very sorry

Hi Guys
Here's a similar home-cooking enclosure

How much health

White nun

How Harmful

In the package

The Children of کوچيکه



Lecturers Room keeping

Welcome to Usali


Avoid, I'm going to draw them

Morning Bakhh, Ms. Asti

Another ready to 15 minutes

Output Start your trip now

Said 15 minutes

Helicopter Copenner

This should all be justified.

I must tojish
, Sports cameras

But why?
I got my camera

In principle, he recorded the trip

A moment, cut inside



What with Class

You have this safety helmet.

A sports camera is also patched

Was it done?-
Yeah, it's-



Look view, Miss...

Is it worth it?

There are mountains of the summit

Confused start from there
And until that side continues,

Look at the sun at dawn

Great Seth, no?


Well, Miss Asbe
He came to me?

Listen, A...

I stylish with this helicopter.
Influenced by nmigirm

The first thing was not to ride ambush Myshm

Every year BAMADERBSERGM ride helicopter helicopters
To the Holy Temple


But I do not have to pray Madrbzerga

Manzort Chye?

... Means

Ntonsten You Shave

The very hardness journey before Romeh

Mr Karen Segal

This is

Earner and I.

I want your hands to work

Ms. Tahadi, from breathtaking ego

If Bkhai are resting selected

There's a very comfortable person here.

Because the elevation is too high

Pressure yourself too much

Otherwise, the fatigue is due to a height


Was very heavy


How Beautiful

... What's wrong

To Sirte?

So far I'm not told

That should not be opened in a woman's briefcase selected
How dare you selected?

Miss Asbe, Relax bash
I just got rid of extra instruments

What is a preposition here?

This ژاکتمه
This دستکشمه

How dare you selected?
Miss Asbe, Relax bash

Iraina biphasic Ham ann

Try Bfahmi-
... MEKM-

Miss Asti-
.... Oh God-

How do I be silent?

So I love this one,
Miss Asti-


If you are going to continue walking,
So I must selected my laws

Here I am a realist

Otherwise you are helicopter on the chopper
And the trip is output

Decide earner

I want a briefcase ARAISHM

What's your pattern?

If you were nshonte, I gave up.


I'll hurt the serum

What is this mountain?

I am a magic


I am a magic

Oh God, serum

Why do I talk to you?

I'm not a DIVNH

EDA, you spot a
A series of extra instruments

Barsean dar

Earner, Kila

Now another very light

Thank you very much, the boss

Can I go hand-washing?



Mersi, Chairman

Now I need to make my own

So please go out from the cadre.


Hi, kids

This is the first day of May

And when you going see

Here is a wonderful

But guess what has been

The Unichi between Karen Segal and the Dawn of war

And the Ayineh rate

Sahar A, Karen Safar

He thought he would be easily osailam.

Said Osailam Extra

But I araishm a briefcase I do not this easily.

What is the value of the mean boy?

Eyeliner like اکسيژنه

If the line is not an eye
So there is no eye

Then I talk BAHATVN

Mrs., good?

Yeah, sometimes I of these migraine


This is not migraine, Miss...

Height-induced disease

I do not have a rate

Ms. Asdin, you clear marks
The disease caused by the height of the show

From my way to the same


Ms..., if you have six tones filled with water,

Another of my hand over my hands

Hand of the vector speech

I'm good

Oh, God

Ms. Aseh, A.

Ms. Complains is worse output

I can't continue to travel through this situation.

I helicopter the face of the helicopter

There is no way

To this walk not
There is no place

Ms. Asenti was determined for a charge

But we need to return

Sidewalk emergence Head Experience BAA
Who change the life of man, no?

So I've got that experience

Selected Derek, Miss...

I can't do such a risk with you

Mr Karen Segal
This is not the job, aren't you?

so do i

Because Sahar hichoght not fit.


If you call up to 4 hours another say
A rescue Team

What is selected?-

O God

Ouch, serum-

Serum sucks output

Oh my God

The lower
A better time output

how much?

How much another clock?

O God

O God

Oh, God




I need to go back and open

What is selected?

Cease, please cease

Oh, God

Oh, God

Serum sucks output

Oh, God

Oh, God

Where to Miri?

I want to have a long time here

But why?

Don't worry, Chisit won't

Don't please

ميکني Chikar?

Oh, my God

Damn you

Oh, my God

... Going Bmyram

Relax, Miss incidental, do not go--
I Can-


Orange rope with the right side of the face

I Can-
Miss Asti-

... I can


You're a good altitude output

Miss Asno

The four-hour-to-sleep
Was it a mode?


I said that I would eat a good medication,



Patience Coffee?


So Amtiazmon?

Sahar A, Karen Safar

Where do you know?-
Sports Camera-

So think selected
We have a zarim people's hats,

Not precisely

But I have a fracture

Outside of the camp here

But there is no teaches in the size of your money.

So I'm looking at one of the same campfeet

If it was my hand
Even my pamm is not here

But because of the office of the following story
Darren Thief Iro

And that's definitely a good story.

From now on I can Ihsan

Owji Camp or Owji Hustler


I'm a fair opportunity

A second show up

Are you pleased?-

Honestly, Mrs...
I don't mind

But I can promise you something.

If you travel a trip
I then got the whole.

Okay, Mr Segal

Look here

Prepare money


Well people
I now have a condition with Karen Segal, a bet Pack

Karen Segal

Karen! What is selected?
Dinha Shamdi?

Ms. Another is not a road
Here you have to do this

Karen, I do not keyboard.

Because of it sensations elevation
We decided to change the road

I know how much money I was doing.

Cannot keyboard obliged selected

Mrs, A.
No another solution

Mirdooni Chyeh
I hack my website.

Only Visa and look

What is the Modanloo of thought?



O God
Karen Selected of Chikar


What is selected?





are you ok?


Good mode?-

Miss Asno

What do you think selected?

Sushu Bash

I cant

I can't keyboard, Karen

So do you submit?

Helicopter the face of the helicopter?

Helicopter the selected--
What is the speech?

Do not hear

I've been there

it is ok
But first you must thisblogthis here

Creamed very genus

I used to selected

Plug the Pink hook first

Then the silent earner rope and the way to go

Don't hurry

From here you are refused.
I don't forget that lesson.

The silent, step-by-step
I cant-

Ms. Asasheh, something we do

I'm going to give it a half way.

Yala Khanum Asti
You can

Don't worry, Miss...
So good to be a pre-Miri

I can

Miss Asno, don't be afraid

Don't Panic
Hichit does not

No incidental you do not.
Rope Patch Consternation

save me

Relax, Miss!

I Can-

Is not something
All things Robrrhe Khanum

I live M-

I live the M, My God

I live

Mrs. Asareh, tent-present

Selected Change your clothes

What is selected?

Migirm Dinner

I love my fish

I was one
A moment


What this was working on, Ms. ASBE
For example, Shammon

I can't


So there's no fish.

So I'm very sorry for my appearance.

Mr Karen Segal Araishm Bag

And I could not smuggle that water was soak.

So I'll be lost about the first day

Trip finally started today

My day started from 5 a.m.
Exciting without any prior notice

Non-professional behavior

I justify this exorbitant cost
Helicopter rent

And that's what I give you a stir

I got very high altitude
Until deliberately ablution headaches

I said, I would be good to eat.
... Vali Nakhir

He got me to Cole and
I would have a dangerous landing

I might be lost,

It's not all new.
I had to pass through a cold village

Yes, right
I crossed my village today

And it was very good

Be sure videos FITENSM Didindin

And every time
"Say Helicopter remember Chopper?"

Gah Takkyeh

I'm going to review the first day
From 5 star I'm a star Mydem

I am a magic
I'm out of the program

Happy Nights

First day Report
Client No. 84


Completely disordered

We had to do it
How many alarm clocks we use

Alternations's overall

I mean, even if there's altitude of cure,
But my behavior is not the same.

Indeed, the ghrursh of the Mountain Mountains

It means that a person can be proud of this.
And suicide tick

No death

So I'm a star,

But I really believe that it's my potential
There's a ghost warrior

Till now it's coming

Or helicopter

I think the end of this journey is Adam another output

We should be better in this.

Karen Segal, out of the program

Mr Karen Segal

Listen to this now!

I don't wake up at 5 a.m.

Woe to God

What is Kufeyeh

What is selected?

Wake up, Miss ASU


I've been involved

The Khonoadeh was a lot better than this.

If United wasn't tired,
I killed it, and I was buried here,

And no one shared proposition

You're a--
. Of this way-

The life of the prison


Surviving Dadi

The most expensive torture world

Just wait for article M.

The Mindasm face Roller


So now this is all the stars
Lecturers Ndidem


There's a very Indian film

That satellite is not a comet

Damn you


What is selected?-

You're born Virgo, yeah?


Virgo, Ms. Asbe


where is?

What does a spike do?


So follow the arch



Yeah, I can bbinmsh

Can Bbinmsh

Keep a very beautiful

Daughters Virgo

They are very well-dare

Not easily affected

Lecturers any thing to follow Kamellen

But there's only having problem avant.

Hichoght Ashtbahatshon not accept.

I did Chim?

Lecturers to judge me wrong Modanloo

I didn't have such a job

I'm Modanloo right now

stop it
Another the nonsense

Bad ethics spike

I told you to cease

why? Could not digest the truth of selected?

You just have to do it yourself.

Not all-


No, not at all

I must ask for some question.


So you and friend daughter Aditi
Another Migrdonid camp together?

Yeah, we can dust together.

And Aditi is not my girlfriend.

Just a good friend

Well, you are your life.
Who's going to endure you?


Honestly, there is a complex jurraei

So my friend, my boyfriend, wrapped, tight?

Mirdooni Chyeh, another SE

I'm gonna know that you're a desdych

Even the big mom is asking you less frequently.

So beloved grandson of the biggest mama

My big mom and I are a doublet

In essence, Big Mama has gone to me

C Mom gone to you?


Here's the Summei point-
I'm seeing--

Here's a favorite place for customers


Say Helicopter remember?


Are you a good?


I am from my mouth
Not Afraid of the abyss

Let me see, ready?


Very well, it

Woe to God

.... What

Very much,

Relax, Miss Asbe-

It's down Abe

Oh my God-
Chisit does not-

Chisit does not

are you ok?


Very genus Water

I think the pain Bgyarh

Woe to God

How much a briefcase is

Namibia, Hot Soup-

I loved today
It was very cool

Enjoyed every single moment

But first are the Trseyedi

Only that first
But then I another Roberah


I have questions

If I was a boy instead of me,

Modanloo Bazam?

Or is this our family only?

I'm sure you don't have a girlfriend
Very worried output

With a customer like me
I traveled to a trip

I don't have a girlfriend

My question was not
There was a overall question

But why patience girlfriend?

I'm afraid of dependency

All boys are troubled by commitment

The issue is not commitment

How do you have a physical relationship?

Let me guess
The friend of his daughters?


This is all tourists.

I'm good memories

Yeah, I have a good memory

... But
I always thought that it was a truly

... But

And they didn't matter

The journey that output Zndgishon

No one

I might not be in the stream

Look, this friendly conversation does not have the same significance
N Do not criticize


Where is my food?


Now I have questions

Was this dream of life?

Make Vilogs
Petah I shedding water

Become a star of virtual space

No Eshali
Don't withdraw mistakes


My dream was not

Honestly, I love my readability


You and... Reading




But I'm very good to Saddam.

So what was the same?

One like you laugh,

"... Every moment "

Your son's friend laugh

And you've got a modanloo.

Ms. Asbi's thinking
The head now

I Dooni Chyeh

I intellectual I

We have an open space here.

The only thing that we know is a microwave.

Microvon, Microvon


Aynam from Microvon

Forgive Khanum
Something to the blood


No one is not here to laugh

So you-
I do not laugh--


"Moment to moment, close my heart Moni"

"Moment to moment, close my heart Moni"

"You are a" life of Love "

"Moment to moment, close my heart Moni"

"I can feel my face, every night,"

"Every night, my confused alive,"

"... Every time I Breathe "

Really very good blood

Ainjouri that you are upset

No, I'm not going to be right

Where to learn?

My grandmother was in love with her.

He gave

Mom C Very Khasseh

My grandmother's super-sexy

Another you Khonoadeh oot Kian?

We have a very big Khonoadeh

Mom, Dad, sister little Sanichi
Aunty, uncle

The son of the aunt of Ham and Kawameh
A house full of Admei

Very good

Toae turn
You tell your family

Only self-meme

Only You and Mama Babyat?

No, Ms., only self-meme

Mom Daddy another Nisten

Very sorry

Pregant was a photographer

Every photography is a particular dream

And my mother was a Roya

From the white Panther Himaliaiy photos Bgyarh

It's just a lucky guy who haiwoon this.


He was sent a day from the monastery

Telling a White Panther

I don't want to be
You obey

They never Brngshten

For Bahman die

I never found any other things

Enjoy the fun of adventure travel?-

Now, let's have a height?
Shut Up-

"Heavy Breath"

"I feel my heart simply"

"This moment is full of the head of the prison"

"And the sky-filled star"

"... Nasim Air tried to say "

"Escape and Fly Go Now"

"Like the tide that goes up and down"

And they all say, "

"Be Free Today"

"We have the same moments,"

And we have a long deep breath.

"Be Free Today"

"Like the tide that goes up and down"

And they all say, "

"Be Free Today"

"We have the same moments,"

And we have a long deep breath.

"Be Free Today"

"The road that we are in our forest."

"And the forest with an unexpected open arms"

"I feel inside the vein of Ham, spark in the inner,

"Like the tree that is patched into branches"

"The much of the defeated."

And we'll look at the clouds.

"Let me lights up can be lighted"

"To Blurriness Runaway"

"Like the tide that goes up and down"

And they all say, "

"Be Free Today"

"We have the same moments,"

And we have a long deep breath.

"Be Free Today"

"The Wind will move Mham"

"I will turn it into a storm,"

"Be Free Today"

"Blue to Tempermirror"

"Let me sweep your wave with it."

"Be Free Today"

"Like the tide that goes up and down"

And they all say, "

"Be Free Today"

"We have the same moments,"

And we have a long deep breath.

"Be Free Today"

What a Qupriz

Sorprz Ghamshyeh, no?

It's like heaven.

Here's a thing to do with my parents.

Was instead of my own.

This peak is very beautiful

Here's really a place rouhanih

How much peace you have

I'm very happy avmdn here.

Miss Asno

Pregant was sure that day

Between these mountains, a white panther will find out.

Mom, you white Panther?

No, dear

Please help mom

Mom, here I look
The children of the leopard

How much you have where salt


Only You Bchgite


I'm a dooni, every time I'm here

I feel that my father is still on my own

And this is the first Baryeh
Which I brought to here,

So where's your room?

Here, next to you

It's very emotional

مطمئني feeling good?

Just time to give

Completion of emergence Head implementation certificate

The card was really good

Hello Dawn

On behalf of Owji camp, souvenirs for you


Thank you, Aditi

There was no other

I think I dirmon output
The Afatim Way

Forgive, Borat

Mr Segal

The most amazing week for the life
Thank you N

So what do you then do not?

You can see later.

A new program has already been given

Internal of the matter

... Karen

I've got to please
Binmet later


Karen, I've laid this dawn


She is the first to be
There's something left

Very beautiful photos, thank you.

"Spark of this storm?"

"What is my heart, simply?"

"Why the Moon United Hearts"

"I'm flying like a balloon."

"I'm flying like a balloon."

"I'm flying like a balloon."

"These desires are the same, this place is empty"

"Why can't I sleep these days?"

"Why are the stars getting lost?"

"There's naqasn moments,"

"Surroundings all things boring"

"If it's not!"

"If it's not!"

"Why do I feel like my own?"

"I'm flying like a balloon."

"I'm flying like a balloon."

"I'm flying like a balloon."

"The town of this very beautiful"

"You're migzaronam, the whole night,"

"Always shine in the face of the Fog"

Hichoght my friend not to answer
"No matter what Bagan

"The first thing I Love"

"I always think of that God"

"When I'm going to be a stroller."

"I'm very blessed."

"Where is your arm?"

"In Rangangan's Dream"

"I'm flying like a balloon."

"I'm flying like a balloon."

"I'm flying like a balloon."

When I came here
I thought it was very nonsense.

But unfulfilled that I was completely wrong

... The best thing about that is

I love you so here.
Double-cut the Bermy wheel

And this is the philosophy of the camp.

To a very significant camp

Your life is changing
Atrafianton Life

This, Sahar ASDE

Thank you for winning.

Whatever I said was the truth

He was not a year old

I have to go to Oyarn

We are a flax
Went out--

Went out--

I'm lying?
Yeah lie--

I am not lying

For what?

My hand doesn't have me

Karen trouble?
Relax, Karen

Hello Dawn

A Kapchiino for me-

A normal for BA

Honestly, Kishaw is for me.


Lecturers 2 weeks of the estuary
Interesting comments

Was twenty-six days Oyarn

! And

How long are you!

When you talk about separation
Like all

... Now

I had a very good day
It was a good rest

Even when the Menali

We need to continue to this rest.

Not Oyarn

We have to separate

I bshi to separate from me?

Oyarn was right

It was a good rest

We differ very together

There is no correct discussion now.

You use the correct direction
I use a direction




No sense of your magic
No bad sense

We are always friends



Earner Coffee

Karen should tell you something

... I have a few days Binmet


The morning of a BA

Morning Bakhboir

I have a few news

I screamed with Oyarn

Now I feel like that.

Very nice to be

But when I came back from the Menali

Every night I have a dream of Mibinam


What is a robot?


I mean a microwave

i see
It's a micronutrient-

That micronutrient

What do you selected?

I run




And where is this live performance?


Cafe Sidewalk

I have my seventh lecturers list

The nubtheme between 9.30 and 9.45 hours should be

But I asked all that there were 9.

If he's late remember I lose the objects

I mean that I need support

And that region is always traffic

I hope-road rims for
Log in here Bgiran

... Next

Ba. Relax

Why Mythersi?

I do not know, I do not know

How do you else to dawn?

Only the work that lecturers Menso
Modanloo of Remembrance

What are you now from?

Yeah, but there you have where

BA helicopter remember?

why? Are you thisblogthis?

I do exercise
You only pray for me


Why Continue?

It's your invitation.


He didn't call me

That's alive read fingertips Terseyedeh

Karen from your gaze
Not in his opinion

From the day you have been in your own

Why bother yourself ميکني?

I love Magic


Not afraid

Karen U Mythersi

Not afraid

Karen U Mythersi

Yeah I'm scared


True output

Just go

What Tmashagri we have tonight


This third party

And, surprisingly, motivating

A wonderful place with wonderful volunteers

Third party, I am aritero rodrandl Banji

I know that Shnidin

I studded

All you should not encourage Rodrandl Banji

Very much.

The next person who all
Very much love

And aghaion with your hands

And welcome to be a friend of India
Sahar Asti

Why Trseyedi?

How could my grandchild be?

My look with joint
Sahar Team

Olby Finalprodigy
Quick Bash Dawn

... Go, go

Go Hurry

Sahar, Sahar

Khosh Omadi Dawn
The scene belongs to you

Be comfortable



You're right

Hichoght He never

But it wasn't wrong.

Was wrong that
You go never

I was Terseyedeh

Before you got to Ihsan
I was living without fear,

If any another happens

Maybe I was again with my parents.

But the Hyichi

I do not know what I live in

But now I know what

I should be thinking

... Dawn of this Moment

I want to have all my life
Bgzaronm side

i love you

"Moment to moment, close my heart Moni"

"I want to be accompanied by every breath."

"... Hichoght I didn't believe me. "

"But beside you all Chi Asoun output"

"I want to say something,"

"Whenever you are in the same time"

"I want to put the serum on the chest."

"And used I hear."

"I want to put the serum on the chest."

"And used I hear."

"My Life Is Mine"

"I want to be with you until the end of life."

"Moment to moment, close my heart Moni"

"I want to be accompanied by every breath."

"I want to put the serum on the chest."

"And used I hear."

"And used I hear."

I wish I had a house with you. "

"Where do you see from the Moonlight window."

"The night with staggering in the eyes of Bgzaronim"

"When the sun Rises"

"Love the thing that willed"

"The passion is not among us."

"Farther from all around the world"

"I seeing all my dream with you"

"I want to put the serum on the chest."

"And used I hear."

"With our hands lecturers.

"One for you and one for me"

"We are the king of this denim"

"هيچکي do not suddenly to your component."

"You are calm."

"The whole day I staggering Myshm"

"This is the work I'm doing,"

"هيچکي cannot ihsan you unto you."

"You are calm."

"The whole day I staggering Myshm"

"This is the work I'm doing,"

"I can't even tolerate a separation moment of you."

"We flee with each other in the world corner,"

"I want to put the serum on the chest."

"And used I hear."

"And used I hear."

"And used I hear."

"Moment to moment, close my heart Moni"

"I want to be accompanied by every breath."

This wasn't me



You? Here?
This morning time?

My mother had efficacy yoga worked

With this dress?

Efficacy Yoga Ihouei

That motionless

And iogast for the sake of the time?
(Prte ye type, oil)

My Morning Modanloo now?

, And
, And Lecturers Bagh defeated

Hello Mom

You have to work efficacy yoga selected
Low selected

... Mom



I was a lecturers café

I heard all my things together.

Before it's up to me

He must be allowed to



Oh Pyoni

Pyloni, Nndaz Way
Give me a answer

... Big Mama Well

Because of this, you must punish

Today Tulam

You must be sure that lecturers threw Bashi


What is the eye of the Ihsan
About Me

I have a Mindazh

... Mom this morning

Where do you two?

Where to?

Do you have breakfast?

We are in breakfast,

Now lecturers Temple Meeting

Not going with a high-bellied abdomen



A mother knows all that.

But where do you miomadin?

Not Dirton now?

Oh yeah, it's

After a short break,

... Is now

We are accompanied by soshant Sulong
... Inconveniences of the future

... Well Soshant


Here's a listen to the interview... Evil

Or is your phone's lecturers?


The six-drier


... Primary Head

... Soshant

Lecturers M. O face with the best GPA Modanloo

And then for 4 years lecturers of the company
Information technology in the United States is working where


What was the time to enter a policy?

Mr. Gupta was not

... I think you're a few years.

That I was a member of the Youth Party,

During the last 3 years as
I was a simple party representative

But no simple member of the Everything else
Parties have not been allowed to attend elections

You are the only who
That the license of the Soshant

Mr. Kaktah has a lot of another news
I am about to interview the body with Svsomscover

But this chance has come to you

And this is the fact that we have been here because
We liked school since

I don't doubt your skills

I want to say that it is fair to anyone
To have a chance

To prove himself

Very hard output understand now
... We have to talk with the Ratna of the

A successful lawyer of supreme Afghan

Or a member of the Board of Parliament

Currently, you are talking with the mother of Sonshant.

Very good after a short break bermy our

Kakobridge Gupta You hichoght not to learn

Leaving the habit of causing disease
I asked you to don't ask this question

I told you that we should work.
Be believable

My uncle got my case

Lecturers edit Fix It


Yes mom-

I have a good occasion for my birthday

Oyarn and Separation

I invited my threw for tonight

So what?

Taqvaee Migan and Mirn

We don't have

And the good news another

Another what?

A another of love is one

... But mom
To pray attention-

I'm not sure if it's.

Avoid to forgive it

City family

One another, one another

Bosnian Eftekhar Dadrin

Mersi, Mersi

Happy Birthday mom Big


Very good


Vandana Olhere

Hello Auntie

Hello my son


... Who Lecturers Menali Camp

If you say,
Tomorrow is the House of the Moon

A threw of pleasure.


Hi Karen

Hi Natasha
From Dindent I'm happy--

Happy Birthday mom Big
Thank you, live--

Hello Auntie
Hi my son-

This is for you

Where is Dawn?

It must be around the mother

I'm a Biermash

Hi, my fish, I was happy
I'm very happy with dindent--

Hi Karen

Hello from dindent I'm happy
Very well Aomadin-

Hello Dawn
Hi Oyarn-

This Karen is a

The son of Menali?

Yes, son of Menali


From Dindent I'm happy
From Dindent I'm happy--

Predictions drink

Yeah, Bora-

Karen I've got your camp

Sahar هيچکي Now
Honed did not define

You have to be very good

Just good

Rasti mom wanted you to Bbineh





Honestly, I say

Do you love him?

Quick Bash Dawn
Be comfortable

.. Oyarn when I parted from you

... I do not know what is between me and Karen

I ask you what you answered?

Do you love him?

Yeah I like

I'm very happy

That I said
We forever

Thank you very much for understanding ميکني Oyarn.


Mrs. Ramna

No Pishrafti lecturers tender West Deniumdeh ago

Mr Sababan previously said where
I haven't forgotten

Mindasm a Glance
Hello Auntie-


With Sari

Morsi Auntie

Where where this period?
This Rosa is very nisti

Not a prerequisite for us?


What is laughter for children?


Threw tomorrow is my tournament

Everything I said to Dawn

All shall be

And Karen are there Binmet

Binmet Man


May Binmet-

I do not mind at all Oyarn honed change.

But I was wrong

Ashtbaht Confess ميکني

Shut up

Jogging. F

Industrial Machines

Hello Dawn

I'm glad that you can

Industrial Machines

At the same ride

I like any machine remember my company
No, I know it.

I like my face
Whatever I love

I think you've got a sporty car


About the sport

I don't know the competition
But welcome

Be sure to welcome



Good luck

Namibia, Namibia
Be fast, hurry up!

How much exciting

Chickar Mynh?
This is not fair

Be early
Oyarn soon


What I love

I love


"Rnegarangi the World."

"Love Your Own Lost"

"Rnegarangi the World."

"Love Your Own Lost"

"The scope of love in the stream"

"The whole world has been involved."

"I love her pain."

"Bright output, mysvznh and not tipping"

"The fragrance of her milk is scattered together"

"Every moment more migirh highs"

"Love is like a mirage"

"Bright output, mysvznh and not tipping"

"The fragrance of her milk is scattered together"

"Every moment more migirh highs"

"Oh Love Mirage"

"Or this is the way you've fallen."

"I would be one to view the moon"

"Love Me?" Brilliant Gold "

"No lecturers in the world of Love"

"... Victory Joy "

"We could not compare with love."

"... The component of my beloved lover "

"هيچکي lecturers is not the world's wealth"

"Bright output, mysvznh and not tipping"

"The fragrance of her milk is scattered together"

"Every moment more migirh highs"

"Oh Love Mirage"

"Bright output, mysvznh and not tipping"

"The fragrance of her milk is scattered together"

"Every moment more migirh highs"

"Oh Love Mirage"

"While all the world is wealth"

"I found my treasure inside you."

"Lecturers thy path of life"

"You're more than valuable in the world,"

To get you try "
And that's all I have

"Because I do not have VAFA to measure with profit and loss"

"We've been together with no other,"

Lecturers ye stir the eyes shim "
And we will soar

"Oh Love Mirage"

"I've got my words to paint."

When Mishim away from the world,
"We close to ourselves Mishim

"And the rising love of the Half,"

"Oh Love Mirage"

"My life is not ahmiti."

"You are all living."

"My life is not ahmiti."

"You are all living."

"When combined with one, together Mishim"

"I'm going to paint with it."

"Bright output, mysvznh and not tipping"

"The fragrance of her milk is scattered together"

"Every moment more migirh highs"

"Oh Love Mirage"

"Bright output, mysvznh and not tipping"

"The fragrance of her milk is scattered together"

"Every moment more migirh highs"

"Oh Love Mirage"


The winner of the competition
And one another Bakhti


Mom always gets smashed
We got lecturers the confrontation mode

Five years another هيچکي N care

So to win a habit

Only victory

Brother Karen Lecturers This photo I'm next to my sister

Here is ميکني?

Kafyeh, in-vivo

When he wanted to go from the road,
Fear of highlighted was frightening.

Big Mama Lies
You do not fear that I hichoght

But Tarseyedeh where
Believe me, lie--

Not to be lost
Why the Gi-

! Pyini

I have the truth lecturers the eyes of those Ihsan





What is your partner?

Look my son
I don't speak too much.

Understand your generation very difficult

I've put the day.
And separate Mishin

I know you guys hmadigh love,

But I'm going to just
As a friend next to Finalprodigy

But you have to do something


Whatever it is

Find My Aunt

When I saw my family photos

I realized what Khatrati got
I lost the age of 10 years

But with your view you unfulfilled that the dawn really is

And this is a good answer to the inheritance.

I had given her all the very

I know that you just got the good girltone.

You got me to learn my mother Mindazid

... Karen
I must speak have

Yes Big Mama

Siex Pack?

What is this?

No grandmother, I don't

Third party

I do not trust psaraiy who pack Siks

I like the N, merknows

The grandmother


Hello Uncle


Go outside

What is the father?
Be silent-

Something is Magic

Dad, Cheti Toni?

How did you come to Karen Lamb?

Anorada Baby Harrow

Today Oyarn came the Dfgram

Uncle, Dawn of when we return from the municipality
Interesting very strange

First, I didn't have a response to my calls

Next Yho

I screamed

Through our shared friend, unfulfilled

With one of the most of them


Robot boy?

You threw the birth of a grandmother

Fact Uncle

It's still important to me

I said, better to be in the stream

There were a few of the magic instruments

I thought it would be better for me to

OK, uncle

Daddy, this Briefcase

With Hmadigh wonders Club
You gzashtemsh the place


It's not mine

This is not your watch?

Is this headphones not yours?

... And this

... Daddy, this

... Mom

... Big Mama

Daddy, this is not mine

Please understand

What mean I understand?

Lying is a very extent

We complete the freedom,

, Collector, graphics
Go work trip

Hichoght Front Embassy

But instead do you Modanloo?

You are a boy, you are a village and I

And stir

My daughter is another with one of them

... So far think Modanloo

What did this carat affect my sister?

And I modanloo think so far?

... Santa

Oyarn all this letter Harrow and
You also believe Kerdin

Aatmadton to my daughter Hminghder?


What is Dawn?

But what are mean?

... Dawn

Hichoght did not think Oyarn
Could be united post


... Sahar, dear
Rusty where

! Oyarn
How do I united the game?

Chances of an AVDI with Babyat
Just talked

Otherwise I nshonsh the photos that Goa we took.

Robot Blackjack?

Don't send you all the Bebinn

... Friends, family, followers

Robot Blackjack Oyarn?

Last spend Goa

No more

I was room camera


I'm just right

Just Rev

You're not a monm

i would like


Why Trseyedi?

It should be three--

He's not wrong

It should be ashamed.

Not you

!! Third party


Oyarn, that's my bag, I want


Have you invited me here?

Who has his own invitation?

I think wrong.

ميکني Oyarn?

تحصيلکرده o

Oyarn of the Good family

Sahar, Doost Ghadteh

Nsihatem selected?

, Look Oyarn
Still a Nioftade

If too much is not important

Because I love Hmadigh.

Think Modanloo else with my girlfriend.

... You

Sahar is not an asset
... Well

My property

Now you have lost your face and
Bfrstsh it

Sahar not here

That rep should be remember here

The Bastards

... Yala

... Yala

Oyarn, good mode output

Good Oyarn
... Pomja-

... First Aid Box

Where do we?

You are Mashyand

You do not touch, bleeding
Where are we?-

Let me method

Don't touch him

Where do we?

You are Mashyoyarn

We have to do with machine robot?

Where is it?

Is not here

Brother Oyarn, this video look

Today I want to say something "
"On all Atrafianam

Effect of my own, including "
"My friend, family, and followers

"But keyboard must do"

"A few days ago I screamed with my boyfriend."

"It seems that having problem avant"

"Next unfulfilled who would azitem tick"

"If it was my own thing, I did not say anything."

"But my family moments the middle."

"He was lying to the family, and he was against me."

"Thdidem Now"

"... If you re-brew "

"... Photos that I have taken to me "

"Now, I would be playing them."

"I was very tresayi"

Then one told him that "
"You should not be ashamed

"It should not warn me"

"I should not lose my own Armashsh"

"So now I'll call it up to the lamb's water."

! Not

Lewd! Lewd

I know where

Direct go

! Sahar

! Sahar
I'm doing so!-


Karen, Oyarn am

Cleaner Video

Happens؟ From your play?

This is not a game
I have to pay the families of the middle

... Family, S

I have to ميکشيد the middle of my family
I mind ميکردي Oyarn

Batse Oyarn
Give my phone-

... Not tails
Give a handset?-

... why? Treseyedi

Who understand....
I am working to warn me--

Please, earner, the front.
Now I've got me--

The problem between yourselves
Let me fix it of their own

My hates

How Courage ميکني?

Hand Wash

Chikar ميکني?
The thought of Modanloo else the spoils selected--

Its Towndy-

It's also a Chjeori
Oyarn, pulled Gimme-

Mean I do?

Nshonte Mildem
Don't interfere

I Oyarn family work
Do you ميکني!? -

Oyarn, please I

... Skidoo

! Sahar

! Sahar

Oyarn, from here to Boram

! Borat

! Sahar

The words of the dawn had a reality?

... Mom
The truth?-

A few nude pictures of catwalk?

Dirty and its nasty behaviors
21-year-old job credit I got questioned

Do you output this video?
* Play anywhere *

Media and Harb I got me with a Jun Milen

... نزديکه and U elections

... Mom, Oyarn

Before you have got back,
Think again

... Mom
Oyarn and Sahar Davaiy having a

Sahar Now you bimarstane and
Shraitsh bahranih

All his shortening Ameneh

I should not give his head

Mr. is


How about?

Mr.-I, when the dawn is brought
When you were a coma,



An intense blow to the head entered
That causes an injury to a given brain

... A great blood clot between Jamjah and his brain

It's shaped that it gets too fatal...

With the immediate action of clot,

Luckily, the operation was getting drilled successfully

So what does Dawn do?

Now your IP
Under Mraqbath

The next forty-eight hours

We were more news


On the social media
Popular Wikikeyloggers

Atateati Oyarn
Member of Parliament's son

According to reports that are not confirmed
... Sahar Asti

Dawn of hospitalization

... Now it is confirmed that the dawn is in the coma

It's not all!

The moon did not allow the case to be larger

I had a video of many sites

But I do not
WhatsApp and personal Msanjrhai

Oyarn, son

Until you you can the front.

I have Mimonam

Outside the cards

Look, let me first talk to him

... Karen Davaiy, who thou Cafe

A registered file...

For arrested you AVMDN

How shortening Ameneh mean?

All shortening Atae

So there is a saving to dawn

But now Ayjan until you have arrested

What's waiting?

We just do our duty

You you can to have a complaint.

... At the same

It's okay. The offender

My son... do not worry


I must seriousness a larger topic
To pay attention to all of this,

About the word sport?

Not yet confirmed
Still being investigated

More Time

What is the sharafpickup?
What is Lou?

Khobih thought

But open the party leader

You need to have the right to the party

The boy removed his son's slave.

Mahlesser Bzansh

Yes Mom

Oyarn is not the least stupid game
Do you Modanloo too?

By hitting that guy?

Mom, I wanted to nshonsh the strength

Let me that son of lamb

A. Kafyeh

If there was no election,
I live in Khkat

I'm incidental to dawn
I live my family alive

Cutting of Gerid

The most beautiful, no eyeliner

"We are very good to justice."

Ramna and I have not yet given a small manifesto

... People's Sound

As you can see
The population is more and more output

People to reach justice for
... Sahar Asti

"There is no personal asset."

"There is no personal asset."

"We are very good to justice."

"We are very good to justice."

Ramna, intellectual for this file, Dawn?

All you party is very Ngranan

Pleads is going to
A great topic

Mr Tripathy, pleads always waiting
Hamchina's position

What do you do if I have a file to die?

No, the party kept it for the week of elections

We cannot use it for personal issues

Is not working in the same way

The family party, the 21-year-old Tripathy

... If I really had the real family focused

But now I feel this 21 years
The service is not enough

... Look, all Arshdehay party must resign

To this topic...

I feel that these conditions
This is the best

Tickets for Ainjouri cancel output


His mother is still alive

If I bkhai my opinion,
This is a weekly issue output

I resignation the party
I've got my message.

The Ratna of the other did not accept resign

To decide on the file, Sahar

A dedicated interview with Natasha Sabprocedure
For Bbindegan Azizmoon

Natasha, to the Welcome program

What is the magic of my own?

From the becgi

Oyarn Narung chi?

2 output

Mitoin of precisely
What incidental fell between that two?

The dawn and the Oyarn of these two years put together

Then oyarn to him.

Because understand Dawn betrayal it,



With you?

Karen Segal

The son of Sahar
The adventure of the cash camp

Please read more

After that dawn, Oyarn got gunman.

I do not have to do it

Honestly, it was hard for me to do it.
Because he loved this kind of life

Hallelujah was

Threw, fast machines

Gifts expensive price

What was next?

Oyarn tried to solve everything I'd solved

And he who does not know
To have a relationship

And that is fun

There was a dawn of the beginning
To threaten the Oyarn

I don't hurt!

That and the credibility of his family,

I made the video for the same dawn

... yes

Not to be the magic of any thing
... You've said that video

He was a lie...

He was drunk and had lost its rationality

The Ghrursh was also made

For this I did

And the Oyarn to enter

That the dawn has gone to a coma

How about this?

Honestly, shortening Oyarn is not

Just asking the dawn to erase the video

But Dawn was drunk and
He had completely lost its control.

He began to curse
Pushes it

When Oyarn tried to Bgyarh the front,
Incidental fell

Natasha Heard as

At dawn before Oyarn, we threatened one another

That even the boy had taken the suicide,


What is Natasha?

It was like my daughter

Natasha, thank you today to the Stockmoon

Good luck



It was good!

The card was good

Afarin Natasha

True output

Taqvaee Milost

Say that

This is worth Bilioni.

Threw of rain
Be sure to

Taqvaee Milost

Taqvaee All

Kids, keep a moment.

Now it is a legal hint

Ghorban, too about complexity
What is the file of Sahar?

Show that he wanted
With a old trick

Give the family a reputation
This, thanks

Too about the dawn of magic?

The fashion to talk to you
About one, unnamed selected

Called was the best friend of the betrayal
The Daughters of this another

I see the infamous and the honour
Kasiu I do not believe

Jowen Host's behavior
There's a justice system for everyone.

Could legally follow up

The trick of this

! Mr. 's

Mr. Heard
Bad criticism of others criticise money

As heard as the Girltone
From the people of mankind.

It is said that Dawn was accustomed
Bgyarh money from her boyfriend

And it's got a long time ago,

As well as heard

Used to be a family name
Bgyarh Certificate for the pharmaceutical company?

Sir... The opposition has
My daughter misusing Omtick

Heard in the pretext of pregnancy
Avoid money

What is reality?

Internet images of your magic

You can to verify that this is a daughter?

... Sir Beg Me
... The media knows

... Sir
... Please, Sir

I don't mind the rest of what they say

But Sahar Ainjouri is not

Trust God

Mom. Mom

Mom. Mom


I do not want to go to school

Got keyboard?

You're a school about Sahar all Evil
Even Psaray Arasmon

... EM just

Relax. Don't Cry

... Apbji
Please wake up!

... Apbji
Please say the truth!

... Apbji
Please wake up. Wake up

Karen, Karen AM
... Karen

! Oyarn



! Wakisa

I must apologize for the dawn.

Nashvan Ken

... Look

Look by Sahar I Chikar Modanloo

Excuse me

Excuse me

... Do not want

You have to apologize, selected

... Then that pregant all the tones

Karen Batse


No, my son

... No, no
I'm sorry

Please do
I apologize for all the tones

I forgive


Doctor, MD



: Start and the official telegram of our media

"Hear O God"

"I would have been doing my own"

"Hichoght did not have a complaint."

"And I always endured my pain."

"If incidental for the Biharam"

"This is the last output that I pray"

"I do not raise my arm for prayer"

"The relationship between the another output is done"

"I do not raise my arm for prayer"
.. Magic

"The relationship between the another output is done"

: A specialized translation of our artistic culture media
Translators: RAMEES


Loud sho

"The mother is like a great marine."

"It forgets everything in itself"

"The mother is like a great marine."

"It forgets everything in itself"

Without hatred and Shakiti "
"We have your sanctuary

"The truth of Identity, هيچکي is not like the master"

"The truth of Identity, هيچکي is not like the master"

Gormukh Batgana Rganna "
"I am a genuine sargar

Gormukh Batgana Rganna "
"I am a genuine sargar

"Where we are all around, like lunch and land."

"Because of the Haramit guru,"

Say helicopter chopper remember the boss

"Name Haramit inlay"

Because of the Haramit guru "
"Name Haramit inlay

Gormukh Batgana Rganna "
"I am a genuine sargar

"The truth of Identity, هيچکي is not like the master"

"The truth of Identity, هيچکي is not like the master"

Say Helicopter chopper remember

"It's objectionable something I told you," Sorry amen.

"Love the Evil Terminator"

"Everything you sentiments to destroy your anger."

"The truth of Identity, هيچکي is not like the master"

"The truth of Identity, هيچکي is not like the master"

"The truth of Identity, هيچکي is not like the master"

"The truth of Identity, هيچکي is not like the master"

"The truth of Identity, هيچکي is not like the master"

"The truth of Identity, هيچکي is not like the master"

"The truth of Identity, هيچکي is not like the master"

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