Pakka Commercial (2022) - full transcript

A hotshot lawyer who is a money-minded locks horns with his father, a good man and an ex-judge in a case involving the person because of whom the judge had to resign.

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The real foundation for our judicial system
is the lawyer.

Justice dened by several judges,
can be delivered by a determined lawyer.

Aha! How aromatic!

Hey! You wanted to eat together.

What are you thinking standing there?

It’s just that…

How they are going
to receive the judgement…

What do we care?

The evidences submitted to us

and the witnesses cross examined

Our judgement is
based on them, isn’t it?

If they like your judgement,
they will accept it.


They’ll approach the
higher court and fight.

But to worry about their personal lives…

As a judge,
it is not at all correct.

Do you have anything to say?


I swear by my father.

He looked at me in a wrong way
on the day of interview itself.


Three four times,
he insisted on a private meeting.

Because I refused him, he tried to
threaten me taking my nude pictures.

Oh, no! No, Sir.

When I approached the police station
to file a case against him,

he made the police counsel
me and send me away.

With a hope to get justice
at least in the court,

I applied directly and
made him stand before you.

You must somehow…

Ok, ok.

You have made your statement.
Same dialogue version.

You must have appointed
some writer to do it for you.

You must have thoroughly practised
those few lines.

what the court needs is evidence.

And witnesses.

Not your emotional
drama and forced tears.

Your Honour!

What Amulya is expecting
through this display,

I have already proved it to you.

To make sure no other girl makes
such mistakes,

I beg you to pronounce the right
judgement and teach her a lesson.

That’s all, Your Honour!

After examining all the
evidences it is clear that

Miss Amulya’s allegations are baseless-

and the court believes that for the sake
of money she has purposely implicated

the College Chairman,
Mr Vivek, in this case.

The court warns Miss Amulya
and fines her fifty thousand rupees.

Court is dismissed.

Why is this guy here?

I failed you as a judge.
I want to help you as a person.

I recommended you as an Assistant
Lecturer in KL Engineering College.

You can join tomorrow.

No, Sir.

You should have done
me justice in the court.

Not in private.

A girl who hesitates to change clothes
before a mirror,

they made her stand naked in public.

For the sin of approaching the court,

I was pushed into an abyss
I can never get out of.

It’s not that, dear.

Sir! If you have really
come here to help me,

don’t step into the court again.

Remove that black coat.

Sir! You are unfit
for this judicial system.


Can I speak to your father?

Dad! It’s for you.


-I am SI Sivarao.

Amulya hanged herself, Sir.


But I have just met her!

Yes, Sir.
This happened as soon as you left.

The public feels she committed
suicide because of your judgement.

Please don’t come here, Sir.


But why?

You studied so hard and came up…

Came up and?

What did I do?

The word ‘judge’ and me
sitting on that sacred chair…

the respect that people give me
and the judgement I deliver-

When there is no co-relation among them all
why should I work there?

A man who should be in prison
is in a guest house.

The girl who should
be in college is hanging there.

A black coat that cannot do
justice to a girl,

What does it matter whether
it is on or off?

When we don’t have the
strength to reform the system,

we shouldn’t compromise our character.

I couldn’t make
Amulya win in the court.

I will make her win at least
by fulfilling her last wish.

Come, sir. Come.
Come, sir.

No matter how much we resist,
they don’t stop their work, sir.

Hey! Stop it, man!
Stop, it!

Hey! Stop it!
Stop the engine!

Stop it!
Can’t you understand?

There is no end to the scams
by Mythili Constructions, Sir!

They have illegally occupied 200 acres
of our scheduled community

and they are cheating us
with wrong survey numbers, Sir.

When we confronted them,
they started showing us hell, Sir.

Hey! Show the passbooks.

Take a look, Sir.
See it for yourself.

Here, Sir.

Lucky! Look.
When they have such clarity,

why can’t they find someone like you,
get the stay order, and stop the construction?

Dad! But they are not aware.

That to protect the judicial system
from certain commercial candidates,

a resigned judge, who felt
he didn’t do justice to his job,

a non-commercial lawyer like me
uninterested in money is right here.


That no matter how rich the opponent is,
I will fight for justice for the weakest.

Yes, boy.

I will call up the channel, take that
person’s number and bring him to you.

Dad! Why would the channel
give you his number?

Take a look. The company against
whom they are making bad publicity,

they are scrolling the advertisement
to buy plots from the same company.

It is all commercial.

They are not ethical like us, Dad!

That’s why bring him
directly to me somehow.

We will help him.

We will save him.

Senior! Clients are ready!

-All new!

-I will be back, Dad!

Think about how to bring them.


Hmm. I am Pasha for the old city.

It was a litigation property.
I wanted to buy it as it is cheaper.

But these guys appeared even there.

I took some gentlemen to reason it out.

But they spat on their faces,
broke their heads,

created a mayhem and settled here
for good refusing to move.

Even if we drag him to the court,
his body shows no language of surrender.

It has to be settled out of the court.

We told you we tried and failed, Sir.

But the lawyer wasn’t Lucky.

-Whether you are underestimating him…
-Oh! You are here!

Or overestimating yourself,
I have no idea.

We just want the matter to be settled.

I must happily relieve myself in the site.



Here, here, here!

Not just pee, you can do
whatever you want in your site.

Once our Senior takes up the case,
bags have to be packed.

They or we?


This is not a comedy platform.

Don’t be angry, Sir.

Whomever we hired only bragged a lot.

But no one could do the job.

Going by the way your guy praises you,
this looks promising.

Why don’t we decide on the fees?

You are not in the place
I can exert pressure on you for fees.

This is the house of
Ex-Justice Mr Suryanarayana.

Greetings, Mr Suryanarayana!

-That way.
-Greetings, Sir!


Get ready for the meeting
happily in the afternoon.

-What? Today itself?

-I will make you run and settle the matter.

-You have any problem?
-What problem would we have?

We’ll happily sit here.

Why lift me after falling down?
You could have placed the chair properly!

-This is Lawyer Lucky here.

Yes. Greetings, bro!

I took up the case of Old
city Pasha’s opponent.

To kill me ...

One, two, three, four …
Fifteen men are behind me.

When you act too big for your boots,
you will have to bite the dust.

Why did you accept the case?

I have already accepted.
Please come and save me, Sir.

He gave me the information
about the case.

He will come only after you are killed.

Mr Pasha! But this is not right.

No. It is not right.

It is wrong to make a lawyer
stand like this and argue.

There must be punishment.

Oh my God!

I will see his end.


Oh, God!

Mummy! Mummy!

Why do you hit me so hard, bro?

I am just a kid, bro.
I will die.

Hey kid!
This is called self-defense.

When someone is trying to kill us,
in order to protect ourselves...

bounce them,

Oh, god!

Shoot them in air…

Or break them like this,

or throw them like this…

None of it is wrong says
Self-Defence Act 302, 324 and 325M.

So, I must defend myself.

I must save my life from you all.

Come on, man. Come on.

Come on! Run!

Something is odd here.

-Setup …
-Sir, sir, sir!

Please save me, Sir.
Please help me, Sir.

What is this?
It looks as if you have bashed them up?

I knew you would say this.

That’s why I made a
witness video. Look!

Yes, Sir.
It is all recorded.

Not just that.

It was you who gave the
information to kill me, right?

I have recorded even that.

Hey, Baji!
I may have to add you as A3.

What the hell!

-But actually…

According to numerology,
that number doesn’t work out for me.

-Let us sit and close the matter.
-Why the delay then? Let’s go.

Ok. Here. Sign this.

Here, here, here.

Hey, man!
Distribute chocolates to everyone.

What is this bro?

With a chocolate in hand,
you are settling the entire matter?

Shall I put it in your mouth then?

-It’s not that, Sir.

For paper Xerox, sheds,
furniture, petrol, provisions…

Hey, stop reciting your accounts.
Is it around ten?

-Lakhs, man!

-Will you give us?
-I will make them give you.

When I settle a matter,
both the parties should go smiling.

In spite of being beaten.

-Hello! You are not being paid any fee!

How can you promise this black
guy and that mushroom cut ten lakhs?

How come he is here at
the happening moment?

Wow, my cunning client!

So, this is your business!

So you are a welder?

To hide your dark circles,
you wear sunglasses, don’t you?


Ok, then.

25 for them.

Fortuner for me. Gift us.

How did ten become 25?
Why should I give a Fortuner to a nobody?

I have settled such a big site issue.

How can you bear seeing me use
an old vehicle?

You will definitely park a white Legender
in front of my house even if I refuse.

Oh, my! Now I know
why you refused the fee.

-I will inform.
-Inform whom?

-Your dad.
-Inform what?

He tells every customer at his
grocery store about how great his son is.

I will tell him you are thoroughly
commercial, a cunning lawyer and open his eyes.

Before he opens them,
they will close you.

-I will tell you.

-Give me the gun once.
-Give him the gun.

-No bro!
- Hey, quiet.

-Sir, loaded?

-Keep it.
-Oh! Why?

-You are used to it.
-Oh! To avoid sparks.


For calling my client, Pasha,
for a settlement…

And making a panic attack, holding the
gun at point blank and forcing him to sign

for attempt to murder, Section IPC 307, 506
and Arms Act 24, throw you in jail…

Oh! Oh! You!

Wait! Let me tell you
what’s on your mind.

Tell me.
Tell me what I am thinking.

'The kind of guy whom your dad
doesn’t want to see in the society,'

'shocked to see the same kind of man
in his own house which is you...'

-‘Is this you?’
-Ah! Correct!

'Redefining criminal lawyers as lawyers
for criminals with your corrupt attitude…'

'are you a criminal lawyer?'

Even this is correct.

No! I am a lawyer with criminal mentality.

Wow,wow! You are spot on!
But there is something else I thought.

-You couldn’t guess.
-Tell me.

You refuse fee before taking up a case.

Once the job is done, you make
him bend and…

Stop your body language.

If you act more vulgar than this,
under section 504 another three years.

By ten tomorrow morning
pick up a new car and come to my home.

-Yes, Sir!

Hey! I am not a hero to be saluted.


You said it symbolically
and yet we couldn’t understand.

-Give it to the gentleman.

What is the bouquet for?

Tell him it’s for siring him.

Oh! Your car keys are stuck in this.

Oh, no! They are not stuck there, sir.

We tucked them there.

It’s a gift for your son.

What? A car?

Why gift a five lakh worth car?

Tell him, man!


Five lakh worth car
in a 150 rupee worth bouquet?

Do you think that’s your son’s range?

Look there.

Hey! Toyota Fortuner Seven Seater
Legender has arrived!

It’s not that.

When I was a judge,
though I won many cases,

I didn’t take even a pen as gift.

Sir! Pens, pencils, sharpeners and erasers-

Governments provides you
with so much stationary.

Don’t compare this with that.

Hey, whether the gift is small or big,

if he gets used to accepting them,

he will expect something else
in some other case.

-Father! Father! Father!
-Don’t spoil him.

-Greetings, sir.

I didn’t even accept their fee.

Why would I expect gifts from them?

And how did you raise me?

You taught me to serve justice to the wronged
and run the month on a fee of 1116 rupees.

That’s what I practice.

Oh my!

What did I tell you yesterday?

What did you tell us, sir?
What did you?

Though you earned crores from a case
because of me, you must enjoy it all.

Don’t give me even a single rupee.
Did I tell you that or not?

How I wish you told us, sir!

-You mean to say I didn’t?
-Yes! You told us.

You did.

Then how can you bring
such gifts and tempt us?

-Shall we take it back then?
-Take it.

-As per section 502, take it back.
-Hey, no.

Why mention sections?
Why do you refer to sections now?

If I don’t, you might convince
my dad and me and leave us the gift.

-Oh! Convince…

-We will give you.
-Yes, we will.

Sir, this is not for you.

You must accept this for us
and for our happiness.

Okay, okay.

Just because I am accepting this now,
don’t bring me a Range Rover next time.

Only fees.
We will document whatever we agreed upon.

Three of us will put our thumb impression
on the paper

-and give you fee.
-That’s it!


We can’t afford these vehicles, sir.


First take the bouquet, sir.

Dad! I feel disgusted to touch them.

Just as you delivered fair judgement
before the Lady Justice in blind fold,

close your eyes and take the keys they
are lawfully giving you.

Please take it. Take it.
They will be satisfied.

-Go on. Go on.
-Okay, okay.

-Bye, sir.
-Okay, okay.

“Hey, no rituals, no worship
this is thoroughly commercial!”

“The god, the devotee, the incense sticks
everything is thoroughly commercial”

“Teachers, students, studies
all are thoroughly commercial”

“Thoroughly commercial!”

“Is the air free?

“Is the fire free?

Is water free?

“Is the square foot you stand on free?
-No, no, no!”

“Thoroughly commercial”

“Birth or death…doesn’t it cost you?”

“To live every moment involves cost”

“Do you say it’s wrong?”

“Do you say it shouldn’t be bought?”

“Though it is clearly explained”

“Do you say you won’t pay heed?”

“What else carries the glory
of eating in this world?”

“The world prostrates
before money all the time”

But what are you trying to say, bro?

“Thoroughly, thoroughly, thoroughly”

“Thoroughly commercial”

“Drink, dinner and bed…
everything is thoroughly commercial”

“Thoroughly commercial”

Senior, call from a client.


Hello! Lawyer Sir! This is Bano
speaking from Tolichowki.

Tell me, Bano Madam.
What do you want from this commercial person?

I killed my husband.

You killed him?

-What does your husband do?
-He is a cab driver.

So, I will get a new car!

Stay put. I am on my way.

“Is there a vote without a note?”

“Will you have power without money?”

“Be it charity or philanthropy
do they happen without expenses?”

“Only salutations,
will they add do your good deeds?”

“Unless you drop something in the hundi?”

“Will they give you moral books for free?"

“Unless paid,
will the swamis bless you for free?”

“All the transactions are business based”

“Calculating all the time”

“Bear this in mind and meet with success”

“Thoroughly, thoroughly, thoroughly”

“Thoroughly commercial”

“Drink, dinner and bed…
everything is thoroughly commercial”

“Thoroughly, thoroughly, thoroughly”

Senior! How long will you dance
without a heroine?

-Are we done?

-There is no heroine, let’s go.
-Let’s go.

I wonder when she will come.

‘A peacock spreads its
feathers in Pushpaka Vimana’

Daily Serial
Episode Number 6932

Roll camera!

Order! Order!

Sir, this wastrel…

Wear your mask and speak.

Sorry, Sir.

As a father, what do you feel
about your son’s behaviour?

Speak up!

Why do you stand like
that with your white beard?

I will say it, Your Honour!

Lawyer Jhansi!

Have you personally come
to argue the case?

Yes, My Lord.

I am not here just to argue.

I shall express the anguish of the father
by getting into his character, in his words

with the same exact feeling in a flow.

Can we sit and hear?

Yes! Please, proceed.

Sit down, sit down.


Though we run a grocery store,

we took a lot of trouble
in making him a lawyer

because we wanted him to do good
to people and win laurels.

But not to refuse fee and
drink their blood in form of gifts.

Ok. He has done it.
It is even digested.

What now?

Is it because you didn’t get a share?

I don’t want, Your Honour!

I don’t want such corrupt money or
him or his addressing me as ‘Dad’.

Hey! Look here!

-Grant me divorce from him.

Divorce between a father and a son?


Grant them and…and…and…

I think she forgot her dialogue.
Say ‘cut’, Sir.

Say it, dork!

I will prompt you, sister.

- [Prompt] This father and son relationship-
-This father and son relationship!

-Sever it permanently.
-Sever it permanently.

-After I die…
-After I die…

-He shouldn’t even touch my dead body.
-He shouldn’t even touch my body!

He won’t.

But there is a lot of
time for your death.

Why the hurry now?

No, Your Honour.

No, Your Honour.

I came to the court
prepared for a heart attack.

I came to the court
prepared for a heart attack.

As long as you pass the decree…
-As soon as you pass the decree!

I am ready to hear it and die!

Dialogues are over, sister.
You can die now.

Cut it! Ok!

Wow! Wow!

Sister has enacted the heart attack
so well and you don’t want to clap?

Get up! Get up!

What a performance, Sister.

Have some coconut water.

Super! Super, Madam.

Your character will stay forever in the hearts
of Telugu audience from both the states.

That's the reason you ended my role, right?

As a writer, what can I do, Madam?

If they ask me,
I will have to chop off your character.

Of course you will, I know.

You sit 24 hours to chop off the character.

Why talk to this guy?

Sister! Let us talk to the producer and
director and give them a dressing down.

Come on, Sister.

Ah! Producer Sir!
She is coming here.

Four times extern orders here.

Let her come.

What do I care?

Hey! Producer!
What is this?

6932 episodes.

Ten years in the role.
Acting journey that started at the age of 15.

Wherever she goes she is
recognized as Lawyer Jhansi.

How can you kill such a
role all of a sudden?

-Won’t the audience weep with broken hearts?
-Won’t they?

Watching me die, can the ladies cook at home?
-Can they?

-Will they live in peace with their husbands?
-Will they?

They won’t.
Why should I be bothered?

Corona has affected the budget and

so I requested you
to reduce your remuneration.

But you increase it like petrol price.

Not enough that I sponsor you,
you have these two extra blacks.

Hey! Look here.

How did you develop this balloon?

On my production food, right?

But I am quite thin.

You are using it outside.

Making lungis out of girls’ skirts,
you guys don’t even spare costumes.

I have had enough of your tantrums.

And so I have permanently
removed you from this serial.

I am suppressing you intentionally.

Hey! To be suppressed and to leave when fired
I am not simply Jhansi.

She is Lawyer Jhansi!


The coat I have lost,
I know how to get it back from you again.

Hey, keep the coat safe.

Hey, my sister has made a vow.

Now your lives land at the bus station.

In that case, go to the same
bus station and beg. Get going.

In 48 frames with a feel good aura, we issued
a warning and made a dynamic entry here.

What am I to do now?

File a suit against the writer
who has abruptly ended my character.

Wait, wait.

So, because they ended your role
in a daily serial,

you want to file a case
in the real court. Right?

How well you caught my sister's point!

Be honest.

You would never expect such a case
in any lawyer's career, would you?


My sister has already told us this.

Sister! Tell him what section the
case should be filed under.

-Uh. Note down.
-Please note down, Antarvedi.

Criminal breach of trust…

Cheating under section 406 of
Indian Penal Code.

For deliberately killing my role
and making me lose my remuneration

As per IPC 500

And as per IPC 503

Mentally and physically…

Ma’am, Ma’am,
One minute. One minute.

What is this atrocity? Huh?

You are quoting Sections
like the snap of a finger?

Sister has studied Law
in order to play lawyer.


She is B.A., L.L.B.



-What if she gets the role of a doctor?
-She will study MBBS!

-What about police character?

She is rocking it!

When I was given a maid’s role,

I worked in a few
houses for ten months...

and then faced the camera.
I am so dedicated.

Thank God.
You never got the role of a prostitute.

Ma’am, Ma’am, Ma'am!
I’m sorry!

I didn’t mean that.
Please don’t take it otherwise.

I have clearly understood you.

I think no lawyer is
capable of handling your case.

Take my advice and be your own lawyer.

With no repeated hearings,

argue your case and settle it in a
single hearing and go back to the TV.

Please do that.

Sister, this tall lawyer
has spelt it out right.

He cannot handle this case.

Let us storm into the court
and shake it up. Let’s go.

-You think so?

-Lawyer Jhansi!
-Long live!

-Lawyer Jhansi!
-Long live!

-Lawyer Jhansi!
-Long live!

What is this rukcus?
They may face jail.

-Order! Order!
-Up! Get up! Sister is here!

-Lawyer Jhansi! -Long live!

-Order! Order! Silence!


Good morning, Your Honour!

I’ll come straight to the point.

This producer-director duo has killed a
lawyer loved by the public for ten years.


What were the police doing?

I don't even see an FIR copy here!

You won't, Madam.
We don’t let it in there.

Even if the police convoy is blasted
in front of the court,

no police will question.

Why just a lawyer?

Police, doctors, IAS, IPS, engineers…
we killed hundreds of them.

You confess to it so openly?

Are you all approvers?

[both]: No. We are creators.

We have killed so many men, Madam.

-But no one has dragged us to the court.

But this crafty lady…

Crafty? Hey!

How dare you call my sister crafty?

Order! Order!

I will slit your throat. Be warned.

Why do you bother about them?

Why will they do it?
They are small time artists.

Don’t compare Jhansi with them!

-Tell me, rogue! Are you on par with her?
-Mind your tongue. I warn you.

-One word …

Hey! Get down!

-Get off the stand!
-Madam Jayalalitha! Ok, ok!

You say you have murdered…?

Lawyer Jhansi, Madam!

Aren’t you Lawyer Jhansi?

Yes, Ma’am.
Didn’t you see me on TV?

Ma’am! I think the team hasn’t
briefed you properly.

Her complaint is her fictional character,
Lawyer Jhansi, was abruptly killed.

You approached the court because
they have ended your role?

Of course!

I think you don’t have much
knowledge of daily soap.

Otherwise, you would have got up and
bowed to Sister as soon as she entered.

As soon as I came I winked and lifted my
brow. Yet, you didn’t get up. Jealousy?

-It could be ego!

-Sister’s leadership!
-Shall flourish!

-Lawyer Jhansi’s leadership!
-Shall flourish!

Did you see that, Ma’am?
This is my fan following.

Mine was no ordinary role.

That’s why these monsters
who killed my character

must be sentenced with five
months’ simple imprisonment and

Stop right there!
Leave the sentence to me.

I will do it.

Hmm. Proceed.

Yes. Do it, do it.

-Do they rent this court for shooting?
-Yes they do.

-How much do they charge?
-Ask her. She will tell you.

For bringing a baseless case to the court

and turning the sacred premises of the court
into a shooting atmosphere,

considering this as the
first offence of Miss Sirisha

ordering her to donate
one lakh rupees to the Legal Counsel

expecting her to observe the arguments and
counter arguments in the court for a week

advising her that only after she
apprentices for a senior lawyer

should she take up any other case

and resenting the behaviour of
her assistants in the courtroom

For ten days..

Not enough

sentencing them to a month's imprisonment,
the court passes the orders.

Lawyer Jhansi!
Don’t let go of it.

Let us organise discussions on TV, appeal to
the High Court and win in the Supreme Court.

Not necessary.

The judge who has humiliated me
surprising her in this very court

I shall make stupendous argument,
and make her say ‘Bravo’.

Lawyer Jhansi! “I am your fan.
Can I take a selfie?”

-I will make her say that to me.
-Oh, Is it?

-I will join as your Junior and prove myself.

Hey, hey!

I think you slipped your
tongue about being my Junior.

-I can’t. I can’t!
-Why? Why, why?

You said ‘why’ so many times.


When your line is short,
repeat it several times.

The other person gets confused
and the scene comes under your control.

You know too much and so I can’t let you
be my junior and affect my seniority.

If necessary, I will talk to Mr Allu Arvind

and request him for a chance
to act in web series on Aha.

-I can’t handle you. I am sorry. I can’t!
-Hey! Please.

-Senior. Senior!
-I am sorry!

-Mr. Lucky!
-Why sorry, Senior?

A heroine wants to become your assistant.
Why do you make a fuss? You are too much.

Hey! I am planning to give her
my wife's post.

Why do you call her a junior artist, Junior!

-Is that your decision?
-Yes, it is.

Still I won’t leave you.

You have no choice but let me join.

Let us join!

-Let me get the car.
-Do it.


I only snatch money.

I don't give it.

Yet, I give you lakhs of rupees
and you still whine. Why?

Sir! It is the top industriallist
Nekkanti Satyanarayana that your brother killed.

The opponents are submitting
all evidentiary proofs to the court.

To win such a critical case …

this bundle won’t be enough, Sir.

Give me a big bundle, Sir.

-Hey, listen to Brother, first.

How will this old guy do the job, Sir?

I tell you.

There is a thorough commercial lawyer.

He will get the job done.

Hmm. So, that’s the issue.

Don’t worry, Aayub Khan.

I will take care of you.

Commitment with me is like a promise
to suicide and kicking the bucket.

Same here.

If someone stands before my car to die,

I run over them.


If it is still ok with you, join hands.

I will get your brother out.

Why do they all look the same?

Who is the murderer among them?

What do you mean who, Your Honour?
He is the guy.

Jaleel Khan.

If he is Jaleel Khan,
am I Sharukh Khan?

I am Jaleel Khan.

Notice the guy who claims to be Jaleel, Your Honour…
the middle guy.

He is Aayub Khan's brother…Jaleel Khan.

Correct, Mr Prosecutor.

Why are you so confused?

I knew you would somehow
confuse the court.

That’s why I came with an eye witness.
Security Lingaiah?

Greetings, Sir.

Greetings, Sir.

-Mr Lingaiah!

Among the four of them before you,

who is the Jaleel Khan that killed Satyanarayana?
Is it him or him or him?

Can you see and tell?

Sure, Sir.

Where to?

I want to go close, see and then tell.

Did you watch the murder
from so close in all style?

Er…uh... I saw him from the same distance.

Then tell us standing here.

I mean…
my vision has become a little poor, Sir.

It is difficult from here to tell the
original murderer from the duplicate.

Mr Prosecutor! Your eye witness
doesn’t seem to have eyes.

This witness is not valid.

What is all this, Your Honour?

How can they discredit every witness I bring?

Jaleel Khan’s call and his warning
is reflected in the call list submitted.

We have the confirmation
that it’s his cell.

We have some other information.

What? What is it?
What do you have?

One week before the murder,

he lodged a complaint in the Panjagutta PS
that he lost his cell.

You can check it for yourself,
Your Honour.

Your Honour!

To implicate my client Aayub Khan
and his brother in this case,

someone stole his cell, talked in his voice,
arranged for a man who is identical,

made him commit the murder,
shot the video and uploaded it on YouTube.

This is all from my serial.
Episode number 1114.

Your serial? Oh, my senior!

Your Honour!

If you want more clarity,
at the time of murder that day,

Jaleel Khan was in Saibaba temple and
CCtv footage to that effect is ready.

[saibaba harati song playing]

I can create a hundred such graphics.
With my juniors.

These are no graphics.

Shall I show what real graphics are?

I have another footage ready
showing the judge as the murderer.

Would you like to see?

Hey, hey, stop it!

Don’t drag me into all this!
Switch off the tv.

Finished. He turned it over.

What are you trying to say?

They made an identical looking man
commit the murder and blamed it on Jaleel?


But he has a typical face.

How can you get such close resemblance?

-I can tell you, Your Honour.

We have many such ideas.

What is this crazy one up to?

You can find them in our field,
Your Honour.

No matter how distorted the face is,

our junior coordinator will find one.

Oh, my!

Based on the character,

we can get the make-up done and
effect the same appearance.

Do you know something?

If I miss the shoot due to fever,
they finish the episode with my dupe.

Even our heroes’ rope shots and
risky shots are done by a dupe! Right?

So, you are aware of this?

If you observe,
you will know for yourself, Your Honour!

Okay. But are you original or not?

How can a dupe deliver so many lines?

So, you say this murder could
have been committed that way.

No, no, no!

Yes, Your Honour!

That was what had happened.

My brother! You have won.

Hey! Naughty!

Hey! I asked for it.

He gifted this for winning the case.

You asked him for a watch.
But my episode?

You stole it without giving me credits.

-Your episode?

Was it your own argument? Huh?

You watched my 1114 episode last night.

You flicked my line and changed
the content here and there.

You argued like me and won the case.

I can make out from the body language.

Your Honour!


-I copied your serial episode and won the case?
-Of course!

That too with your female body language?
-Yeah! Admit it!

I won’t feel bad.

Because I am going to work
for you as your Junior.

-But I won’t allow you!

-Why not?
-Why not?

Why not?
-Why not?


-Because …

I like you a lot.


If a beautiful lady like
you becomes my Assistant,

I sponataneously feel like flirting.

To touch your hands with mine

to kiss your lips with mine

to press your leg with mine

to let my total body lean
over you at the right time…

Hey! Cut…cut…cut!

If you confine such a beautiful feeling
to words, there won’t be much reach.


-Express it in a song.

With beautiful music
added to a rich set,

the reach will be terrific.

“Hey, lovely beauty! with your makeup on!”

"You came here for me”

“You filed a suit in heaven against me”

“You closed it on the earth”

“Hey, human and lawyer!
Will you teach me the work?”

“Appoint me. I am here ready”

“I don’t need any pay
just become famous”

“Just be at my service”

“My heart seems to stop
watching your hips sway”

“I remember nothing
When you are next to me”

“My heart seems to stop
watching your hips sway”

“I remember nothing
When you are next to me”

“Hey, lovely beauty!
with your makeup on!”

“You came here for me”

“You came”

[Folk music playing]

“On the small screen
I am a big star”

“In all Telugu houses,
everyone is a fan”

“I gave up everything and came here
Give me the post”

“Have no inhibitions and follow me”

“Your name sounds so good
it suits you so well”

“Black and white hall has burst into colour”

“If all my conditions”

“Are acceptable to you”

“Just come why the delay?”

“The combo is set”

“Our combo is all set”

“Like a series with no end
we must stay together for a 100 years”

“The combo is set”

“Our combo is all set”

“Like a series with no end
we must stay together for a 100 years”

“Hey, lovely beauty!
with your makeup on!”

“You came here for me”

“You filed a suit in heaven against me”

“You closed it on the earth”

“My heart seems to stop
watching your hips sway”

“I remember nothing
When you are next to me”

“My heart seems to stop
watching your hips sway”

“I remember nothing
When you are next to me”

“My heart seems to stop
watching your hips sway”

“I remember nothing
When you are next to me”


Do you want biscuits?

Ah! Now you recognise me!

I am your Lawyer Jhansi.

You favourite actor you watch daily on TV.

Nothing, uncle.

I am going to work for your son as Junior.


All things said and done, you are a
senior in the field… a sincere judge.

So, I came here
to take your blessings.

Bless me.

I am a celebrity.
I shouldn’t bow further.

Please, bless me.

Very good.

Train well.

My son is very talented.
See you.

What sort of talent?

He wins using my episodes.

Probably you haven’t heard
of the murder case.

As it is, he followed my acting and
got a most wanted criminal acquitted.

Why would my son argue
on behalf of the criminal?

Yes, uncle.
Why don’t you take me to your son?

The way Venu Gopal’s true colours were exposed
to his father Rao Gopala Rao-

I will reveal your son’s character to you
with expressions.

Isn’t 50 percent too much, bro?
There are four of us.

Show us some consideration, brother.

I am not an emotional fellow
to be considerate.

I am commercial to the core.


Lawyer Jhansi with our Home Judge!

She is bringing him along.

You think she told him
what happened in the court?

Her serial expression
has shifted to his face.

You must be right, senior!

What will you do?

Brother, please consider, brother.

Stop pestering!
Bloody criminal!

Look, dad! He stole 70 lakhs and
he wants me to take up his case..

Am I that kind of a person?

Okay, bro. Don’t be disappointed.

Take 40 percent and close the matter.

Forty percent?

Hey, Praveen!

-He has uttered the words he shouldn’t have.

We shouldn’t spare him.
We must make sure he goes to no other lawyer.

You thief!

Because he rejected your case, you try
to convince him increasing the commission?

Shut up. I will cut your tongue.

-Cunning fellow!
-It’s not that, brother.

What’s up, dad?
Why this sudden entry with Madam?

Get lost.

Did you support a killer and
got him out of a murder case?

My episode… 1114!

Wait. Tell me.

Is it true what she said?

-It’s true.

I got someone out of a murder case.

But he is not guilty!

Just like you and me he is a common man
with no criminal history.

What is this, dear?

He says the accused was not the killer?

Why should I bother about that, uncle?

Ask him whether he won the case
following my series or not.

-What is this Daily Soap issue now?
-Oh my!

-Dad, please come here. Let me explain.
-Where to?

Come here, dad.
I will explain. Please, come.

What will he tell his dad?


She went to court against killing her role
in the series and got sentenced for it?

Of course, dad!

To play a lawyer’s role,
she went to the extent of studying Law?

Yes, dad!

Is she slightly…

No, no.
Nothing of that sort.

She became an actor while still immature.

She thought she became famous.

Everyone asks her for a selfie.

So, she is in the delusion that
she is a goddess and got stuck there.

I was concerned about her and
allowed her to work as my Junior.

Poor child.

Forget that child.

Do you suspect your child?

No, son.


You should never praise
great people on their face.

Is that why he took you aside?

[both]: Great people?

You don’t have to point your finger
and show the world.

My series are dubbed into Hindi as well.

Dear! Please move aside.

See you, dear. See you.

-Do you want me to come along?
-Come! -I am coming.

-Hey! Wait.

So? As soon as you came
you tried to create a wedge?

What else?

When fiery Jhansi is around,
how can we not have a little fire?

That’s the fire I want.

That fire would never happen.

I will generate it.

Even if I get a smooch as the scene demands,
I am a person who takes a mint and wipes her mouth.

No matter what happens to this body
before the camera,

it doesn’t reach my heart at all.

Oh! One minute.


My brother is home!

You should be here in five minutes
and let’s say cheers!

Any problem if I say cheers
in two minutes?

No way!

There is no end to the atrocities
of Mythili Constructions, sir.

You have done a good job
pulling him out of the dark.

Have you mentioned
the sections properly?

He arranged them like sweets and cakes.

That’s why he could get the stay
order against such huge construction.

Ok. Let us see the writ filed
by the opposite party.

Then we will file the counter.

You must first get the
NOC from your lawyer.

-Who is it?
-Rajak Sir.

They beat him to death
because he got the stay order, sir.

Now they are seriously trying to find me, Sir.

When you mess with such big shots,
why would they leave you alone?

Fine. Abscond for some more time.

After the matter is settled,
you can come out.

Don’t be scared, Anji.

My son will take care.

Hm! Come, come.

We take your leave, Sir.


Catch hold of the contact of
Mythili Constructions’ Chairman.

Senior! This is too unfair.

What is unfair?

Is he capable of a court fight?

He doesn’t even have food to eat.
He can’t even buy us pani-puri.

How will he buy the judgement,
and how will he win the case?

That’s why we meet the opposite party,
get Anji a rupee and we take a thousand.

Both of us will be happy commercially.

All this is fine.

What if dad comes to know of
your original character?

Why should we worry?
God is our saviour.

-God you are my saviour!


Sorry to disturb you, sir.

Your friend, Minister Srinivas, is on line.

Tell me, Srinivas.

What should I say?

Switch on the TV.

Reputed Industrialist, prospective politician,
Chairman of Vivek Group,

Vivek was under a homicide attack
a while ago.

Jubilee Hills Police thwarted the attempt.

Before they were caught by the police,
Jaleel and his cronies organised a recce

at Vivek’s home and club as revealed
in the preliminary investigation.

In retaliation to Vivek framing them
in the murder of Nekkanti Satyanarayana,

Jaleel Khan’s group made an attempt
on his life as per the police investigation.

How can Jaleel Khan come to kill me
when he is in prison?

So much is happening and I wonder
where Diwakaram is gone!


I guess you are the new tenants.

Shall I send you some free sugar
and jaggery for house warming?

I knew the people opposite will keep
their shop open so I didn’t bring them.

Please send it.



Sir, where are you gone, sir?
Will you come home?


If you know someone got Jaleel out,
you might make us dance in the bath tub.

That’s why we didn’t open our mouths.

-Who is it?
-Lucky, sir.

A young lawyer
who recently entered the field.

He is not an ordinary person, sir.

Once he takes up a case,

even the most dangerous criminal
can relax in the stand.

If an ordinary young lawyer
emboldened them to kill me,

he should not be on their side.

Shall we bury him?
Concrete mixer is ready.

Bury them.

It will be a good riddance.

Trusting them I go on a killing spree.

And they yawn away in their night suits,

picking at their hair on the ears,
and playing guitar! Crap!

I need a young mind that can work actively
even at midnight.

Send for him.

Let’s schedule the meeting
for the day after.

Suma! Is your Scooty free?

Do you want to go on the Scooty?

You are saying day after or the next day.
I am planning to go by myself and talk.

Got it.
I will bring him.

I never filled my own plate.

If I am serving you now
it’s because of your inner beauty.

Because I like your talent.

Why does such a rich and
reputed man like my talent?

Is that what are you thinking?

I am not that gracious.
Mine is all….


Buffalo herding batch.

My father would always say…

When you are not wise enough,

at least you should be clever
enough to get a wise man.

I am clever that way.

Using the brains of people like you, look!

I have developed so much.

But the people I depend on
for running this huge system…

Looking at you, I understand
how inefficient my law department is.

Take a look there.

Seniors should eat papaya.
Give it here.

Just because you are senior,
how can you snatch it from my plate?

You are very strange.

Look at them fighting
over juice and fruits.

If I don’t immediately renovate
the department, I will once again…



That’s the situation.

Er… I have enquired about you.

I heard you are also
thoroughly commercial like me?

I will give you a percentage of my sins.

Ditch Jaleel in the court tomorrow
and argue on my behalf.

In advance,
I give you the keys to this villa.

Not just the keys.

Including the original villa.
Take it.

Thanks a lot, sir.

You gave me an offer as easily as you
served idli but I am not the type.

You shift into the villa.


I may not have the strength to coerce
the man who rejected my offer.

But I know how to borrow the strength,
subdue him and get the work done.

I have the talent.

Sir, sir, sir!

Who are you showing off your villainy to?

You are doing it now.

I had already done it,
seen it and am here.

If you wish to see it again,

let me know.
I will do it once and show you.

A small sneak peek. Okay?


This is ‘Nijam’.

My darling... 'Varsham'



You have thoroughly enjoyed, haven’t you?
My villainy?

Same way, my heroism has an aura.

Concentrate and you will
hear a reverberation from the aura.


It will be kick-ass.

Hello, Uncle!

Where is Lucky?

Jaleel's case hearing is in a while.

He is in preparation.

Ok. Shall we wait at the shop?

What is this, Uncle?

You have come so far.

Why do you want to sit in the shop
instead of watching your son win?

Though I argued in a fake court,
all my relatives would queue up to watch me.

Here, you are his father and
he is following your ideals perfectly.

How closely you must watch him?

How proud you must feel?

You are right but-

It is more than 25 years since
I stepped into these premises.

So what?

What is a better time to do it?



Let us wait here and meet your son.

Come uncle.

Why has he come here?

Out of the blue!

Proceed, please.

Your Honour!

Proving wrong all my evidences
that Jaleel Khan killed someone,

he has released them all!
Our Defence Lawyer, Mr Lucky.

But a dog’s tail is never straight.

Within a week they made an attempt
on Mr Vivek's life

and they are all caught again.

Objection, Your Honour.

Passing by his house twice
and asking when Sir would be home,

The mischief of going
in to the pub with a toy gun

The weapons found in the car they rented
to go to Baba Bhajans were all connected

and to allege my clients
that they were there for a murder…

How terrible! How unfair!

Speak! Are you not connected
to this accusation?

Not at all, sir!

We even stopped watching murder films.

How can we murder someone?

Yes, sir. We are reformed now.

We are the devotees of Saibaba.

We are leading our lives with songs,
arti and offerings.

Excellent. For more clarity…
they can even sing a devotional song for us.

I cannot sing, Sir.
My voice is bad.

Sing once. Let's hear it.

Er… sing.
Judge Sir is asking.

“Baba! Baba! Sai Baba on my mind”

“Darling! Darling! Cupid is on my mind”

Hey! Hey! Not this song, dear.

We want a proper Baba song, dear. Sing.

Sir, Sir! I can sing, Sir.
I know it, sir

He sings well, Sir.

“My darling Baba!"

"You are always in me”

Hey, hey!

Just because you add Baba at the end,
film song doesn’t become devotional.

He is projecting street goons as Baba
devotees and making fools of everyone.

We must blame the father
who made him a lawyer.

I will make a move, dear.

Mr Lucky! I cannot believe these people.

Pronounce a sentence, Sir.
That’s better.

How much can I try to save these monsters?

I told you.
Please, sit.

What can I do
if they can’t put in even a small effort?

They don’t change their outfits.
They don’t improve their language.

They can’t even sing!

Why should I face this hell, sir?
Sentence them, sir!


Enough! Your bones will be broken, careful!

Remove your mask and threaten me.

Look at him, Sir.
He is not afraid of the judge.

He is not worried about punishment.

He is warning me right in front of you.

You have something in store.

Your Honour!

Since he has opened up,
let me tell you the truth.

Aayub Khan threatened to kill me and
my father unless I get his brother out.

He sent Pasha and others with knives
to threaten me in broad day light.

If you want, see the visuals
posted on Insta that day.

Your Honour! Not just this one.
They have committed many more murders.

I have all the concerned proofs.

Please have a big heart and
to help them get out of their poverty,

and make money life-long
working in the jail.

help them get at least two meals a day.

He’s my son, Lucky.

Son of Suryanarayana.


Please note that I am
doing all this for you.

Know that I am doing this risking my life

and grant me the boon you promised yesterday
the one you offered me on a plate?

Grant it and prove it.

I must see the smile in your face.

You must see the spark in my eyes.

Do you understand?
Do you understand?

Do you understand?

I do.

Of course I do.

Hey, take the car to the court.

Dad! Dad!

Wait for a minute.

You are here on the steps of the court?

I can’t believe myself!

I never thought I will see this.
God has granted my wish.


This Goddess has fulfilled it.


I came here for Lakshmi.

When she went to MRO office
along with Anji today...

One minute…

Hello! Who is speaking?

Hey, hey… Lakshmi! Lakshmi!

She is worried Mythili Constructions
is behind this.


Welcome! Welcome!

Congratulations, Lucky.

Welcome to Vivek Group's family!

What does it mean, sir?
I didn’t tell you I will work for you.

You have clearly demonstrated you will take
this only after proving yourself.

So, you got the message?

-Come on! Take it!

Such a costly gift is better
received by my father, Sir.


-The one who gave you life?

-Where is he?
-Over there.

-Lets go.

Dad! Dad!

Recognizing my service to law,
Mr Vivek wants to give me villa keys.

If you turn this side and take it,

he and the Lady of Justice,
both will be happy.

Take it, Sir.

You are?

It’s me. Suryanarayana.

Ex-Justice of Sessions Court.

A judge separated
from his chair because of you

and running a grocery store
and leading a lay man's life.

Because of me?

If not you, who?

Dad…he is…

Hey! Don’t tell me about this guy.

He killed many innocent people,
and built an empire on their graves.

If he was given a fitting punishment
in Amulya’s case then,

he wouldn’t have become
the reason for the tears of such people.

Don’t argue on his behalf.

Argue on my behalf.

Consider me your client and
prove him criminal number one.

Ok, Dad. Definitely.

Take the keys first.
The case will be closed.

-Then I will take up your case.

Do you hear me?
What are you trying to tell me?

Dad! Don’t make a mountain
out of a mole hill.

As soon as you saw him, bad
memories are triggered in your mind.

If he really committed a crime, how would
he move free and give me the keys now?

Hey, that’s what I am trying to tell you.

He buys justice with money.

He misuses law to his whim and fancy.

Ok. We will take care of it later.

-First take the keys.
-What keys?

Are you taking a stand for Lakshmi or not?

Ok, Dad. I will support her.

Talk to her and fix the fee.


What can she give me?
May be four days’ wages.

Who can win a criminal case on that money?

No one is ready for free service here.

Give me those keys, sir.


Both of you remember when I tell you this.

Whoever made me give up my black coat,

the justice I couldn’t do
and hence moved away

I will wear it again.

The books I rejected and distanced myself
from this sacred place

I will bring it back again.

To protect Lady of Justice

and to teach a strong lesson
to you, my son,

I am ready.

The real story begins now.

The game starts now.

War has begun.

Film is not yet over, my friend.

No matter how much elevation we give, they
have their own judgement in the rest room.

Go and support the
line in the second half.

Whether commercial format is a winner
or the non-commercial format

we will see in the climax.

-Ah …


We will see.

Let’s see.

She scares me. Who is the baby?

I will tell you about the track over
a nice cup of coffee. Let’s go, Sir.


Don't drink like a buffalo.
That’s coffee.

Hey, sir!
You seem to be in some sort of tension.



For the questions you are going to ask?

Guess my questions.

Your questions?

‘Did Amulya really die
because of my dad?’

‘Are you responsible
for my father's resignation?’

‘Is his anger towards you justified?’

And so on, right?

You are a know all, sir.

You are very shrewd at reading minds.

I appear to be shrewd.
But your dad is seasoned shrewd.

-My dad?

After the court hearing that day,

when I went to Amulya’s home to ask
why she filed a case against me.

I found your dad there.

I was shocked.

I wondered what a judge was doing
at a culprit’s house.

When I went in, the truth surfaced.


For the sake of money,

I filed a false case against
a gentleman like Mr Vivek.

Now you want me
to file another case against him.

I just can’t do it, sir.

Here. The money you gave me.

Take this back and leave us alone, sir.

Please, sir!


Sit, sit, sit.

Don’t frame him this time in a case
that will be struck off.

Frame him in a case he can’t get out.

What the heck!

I don’t know what you will do.

File a strong case now alleging that
he tried to rape you.

Oh my!

-Or else I will use your own stole-

-And kill you like this.

Do you understand?

Do you?

Do you understand?

She couldn’t stand your dad’s villainy

and immediately, she followed your dad’s hint

and hanged herself to death.

Like this.

‘With that one word I simply got up,
put my two hands in both my pockets,

… I just walked away and
I didn’t even know where.’

Lucky! Where are you off to?

If the listener is dumb,
even a pig will start reciting Ramayana.

It is not decent to call you a pig.

-That’s why I am going away.

You equaled Rao Gopala Rao in acting
and yet he didn’t take the bait.

What did you say?

My dad was responsible
for Amulya’s suicide?

With a cigarette in one hand
and a quarter in the other,

did he outdo Satyaraj playing
half hero and half villain?

Who do you think
you are telling these stories to?


If this is just a story,
what is ‘inspired by true story?’

I will tell you.

You said my dad offered money
to Amulya, right?


After my dad left, this man sneaked
into her house with money.


-Get out!

Instead of coolly counting money
and settling the dispute,

why show temper?

You shouted in the court too
but what did you get?

This rotten world doesn’t demand
a voice to survive.

Beauty, money, fame, influence,
or at least caste.

Anyway you don’t have four of these.

Share at least the beauty you own
with someone like me who likes you

and come up in life.

Instead, if you roam before my eyes
without giving in to me…,

I won’t let you live.

When a real villain like you
gave her a warning,

she didn’t know what to do
and hanged herself to death.

-Is it so?
-Wow! Just wow!

How did you guess so correctly?

If I can’t guess even that,
why would I wear this?

Why would I sit and have coffee with him?

Sir, if you are a rogue,
admit that you are a rogue.

Rogues like me will like you for it.

Instead, when you try to become a hero
making a villain of my dad,

what is the use? Tell me.

Remember one thing.

There are two races in this world.

One is the virtuous.
The other is the wicked.

The good ones lead a middle class life,
being called good by everyone…

try to remain in books
when they leave the earth.

But the cheats?

I mean like the two of us…

Even if it takes deceiving several,
they live on their own terms lavishly

and leave the earth.

It is that kind of life I want.
And I am here for the same.

That’s why I impressed Pasha,

got Aayub Khan’s case, suppressed him
and in the process impressed you

and made you call me.

Because you are not easily approachable.

Won’t encourage us.

I worked through so many plans
only to settle well in life.

Not to carry forward my dad’s vengeance
like a revenge format story-

and spoil my career at present.

So, if you find my version true,
let us work together.

If you feel otherwise,
let us shake hands over it,

sanitise our hands and part.


I am impressed.

Come on.

Bah! Something has pricked me.

Oh! Diamond ring!

This seems to match my finger
more than yours.


Thank you for the return gift, sir.

Thoroughly commercial!

Diamond is a gift!

Return his four hundred rupess to him.’

‘For the fault of being his father,
I can afford his daily meals.’

Wow! Wow!

The diamond ring sparkles so bright!

-It is really sparkling.

Don’t you have shame?

Are you not ashamed to join hands
with a man who ruined your dad’s life?

Uncle! This warning is a repeat matter.

You have already said that in the interval.

If you say that again,
it will be removed in editing.

Directly ask him
if this is his final decision.

Tell me.

Have you decided to work for him?

What does this ring tell you?

He has gifted me this in advance
as soon as I asked.

Which lawyer would reject a client
who cares and respects him so much?

Especially someone like me!

He is a criminal!

So what?

What do you take criminals for?

They are gods to us.

They are our patrons.

If lakhs of police and lawyers are happy
today along with their families,

it’s because these living gods
are active and alive.

That too… becoming the main priest
in the temple of most wanted criminal, Vivek,

how fortunate I must be!

Hey! How can you speak like that
to your father?


Tell him not to make me repeat the mistake
he committed as a judge.

He had the opportunity but he didn’t earn.
He could enjoy but he didn’t.

Now let him not make me do the same.

From being rich, he reduced us to middle class
and messed with my life.

Tell him I can’t do that to my son.

Look, dad!

I shared your blood
but not your characteristics.

Be happy.

Come. Let’s go eat Hilsa.

Commercial curry sent by a cheat in a case.

I believe it tastes terrific. Come.

‘Godavari! Draw a line across the house.’

‘The line should be more powerful than
what Lakshmana had drawn for Sita.’

Why do I see two of everything?

I thought only songs and RR get used
from films.

You started using scenes as well!

Hey, mister!

[both]: Just because commercial and
non-commercial films

[both]: play in the same complex,

Hey, you stop!
You carry on, dear.

Brother! This is called prompting, brother.

It is difficult for artists to remember
pages of dialogues and deliver.

Assistant Director prompts and they repeat.

-So all sham here?

Ready! Take two!

[both]: You have supported injustice
for the sake of money.

[both]: Your father had rejected money
for the sake of justice.

Though you both live in the same house,
it’s better you stay separate.

Hey! Go slow. Go slow.

It’s better each one lives…

It’s better each one lives
in his own portion.

So, I divided the house.

You did a great job, dear.

I have been thinking
how to live with this guy.

Good thing you drew a line of separation
and marked distance.

What? Is she giving you a role?

You are living it.

-Hey, don’t talk too much.
-Uncle! Please, hold on.

Let me enter your character
and say what you wanted to say.

Oh! You go ahead.

-Stop it!

-Without prompting?


Today I may not have my son
but I have my daughter-in-law.

She will beat all your tricks,
crush you and Vivek and make me win.

My daughter-in-law
who is not yet my daughter-in-law.

When you keep stressing ‘daughter-in-law’,

this son feels she’s his wife
and his lips are yearning to kiss her.


To stop your yearning lips and
your hands that touched corrupt money,

this is fiery Jhansi’s fire line.

If you cross it even by mistake,
CG will be full of fire.

You will burn.

I am sick of your over acting.
Let’s go.


-If you step in this side, consider me dead.

This expression doesn’t go well here.

‘Dad! Dad!’

That’s the expression here.

Only then will we get a separate close
and they will chat.

He doesn’t know even that.
He thinks he is a great lawyer.

‘The peacock was taught this dance’

What atrocity is this?

-Come on, dad!
-Let’s go, dear.

Lakshmi! Sign this.

Wherever they hid Anji,
I will find him and get him out.

I will file a missing case
and alert the police.

-Hey, Praveen?

Going by the area,

I guess SI Simhachalam
will be dealing this, right?

-Who? The ‘Mysore Bajji’ candidate’?

Why delay? Get a plate.

Let’s eat.

Morning, Bajji bro!

Long time no see!

You have to handle a missing case.

Are we to find him?

No, no. Just pretend,

make them go round
and round for enquiry

and finally drive them away showing
some silly reason. That’s all.

It takes hard work to do duty.

You only want me to pretend.
I will live my role.

If they move the court
for the silly reasons you give?

As if courts and fights are anything new!

If they act smart,
I will file a murder case on the petitioners.

I will file a reverse case that they killed
the missing guy and arrest them.


You prove that the world is full of rogues.

Give me a call
as soon as you get the complaint.

I will send you the cash.

Uncle! Don’t worry at all.

The Constitution is aware
of such corrupt police and lawyers.

So it gave us a right.

Habeas Corpus petition under 226 and 227.


When a person goes missing,

the court orders the police to find him
within a certain period.

Episode number 368
400 million views on YouTube!

I ran one entire episode on this point.

Super, dear.

To cut the tails of such people,
it is better we take that route.

You made the perfect suggestion
at the right time.

Let me put on my coat and come.

We will see them in court.

-Uncle, uncle!
-What is it?

You are wearing the black coat
after 25 years!

How great the elevation should be!

How many cut shots we need!

Audience should get goose bumps
and their hairs must dance.

Hey, Balaraju!

Sister! I got it.

Not KGF one or two.
We will give them ten directly.

Put lipstick for the judge,
load him with make up

and put him before the camera!

Oh! I can’t do it.

Play a dream song if you want it.

Whatever you say, sir!

Come on.
Let’s watch it in the dream.

“Master! So rocking is your poster!”

“Your black and white suit
is a block buster!”

“Listening to your argument,
they will whistle for you”

“Your fans will put up your hoardings”

“What get-up and what make-up
as though for a shoot”

“What set up and what build up
as though you won the case!”

“Don’t worry, boss!”

“The critics have no job”

“Don’t worry, boss!”

“We have stamina in the subject”

“Master! So rocking is your poster!”

“Your black and white suit
is a block buster!”

“Climbing a few steps,
You seem to run out of breath”

“Why take such risk at this age?”

“Though heroes grow older
still kings they remain”

“Haven’t you watched Amitabh
and Rajinikanth?”

“This is a real court, not a movie set”

“The job is not as easy as you think”

“The film hasn’t reached the climax;
why do you review?”

“At our success meet you will turn yellow,
and we know it too”

“Don’t worry, boss!”

“These criminals are jobless”

“Don’t worry, boss!”

“We have depth in our subject”

“Don’t worry, boss!”

“These criminals are jobless”


I never thought
I would see you in court again.

Now that you came, watch how
your friend will make you win the case

and bring your prodigal son back on track.

Thanks, man.

Mr Lucky! The case is very clear.

Because he got a stay against
Mythili Constructions for illegal building

one Mr Anji was vengefully
kidnapped by Vivek.

The allegations by the prosecution
to this effect are perfect.


When we go into the details of the case-

Excuse me, Your Honour!

Even I can level allegations.

But what if they are proved wrong
in the enquiry?

Do you mean to say Anji’s is not missing?

Whether he is missing
or he was made to abscond,

you can decide only
after I cross examine his wife Lakshmi

and after hearing my witnesses. Right?

Look! You and Akula Anjaneyulu
are married for five years.

How come you have no kids till now?

Objection, your Honour.

This is a missing case.

And he is asking why they had no kids.

So irrelevant!

There is relevance, Mr Suryanarayana!
Be cool!

Objection sustained.
Please, please. Sit down, sit down.

Ah. Tell me.

Who has a problem?

Neither of us.

How can you say that?

Isn’t it because you have a problem,

he caught hold of Anandajyoti
at Amaravati and struggling for kids?




Yes, sir.

He struggled with the same passion
and since I failed,

he went to Vizag tired and
hopeless to Vimala.


Yes. He came to me too.

He said ‘Andhra’s first capital
couldn’t do much…

… so will you the second capital
do something?’

I said ok and we lived together.

What happened?

Just like the capital,
it stopped with the announcement.

No kids.

I took pity on his hard work

and set him up with Kanakam
from the third capital, Kurnool.

Hmm. One more?

I am in my fifth month now.

This is all cheating.

Even I thought the same.

But until I heard the recording
of your husband’s conversation

with your Neighbour, Pencildas,
I didn’t realize it was all true.

Please, listen to this, your Honour.

‘Lakshmi is barren.’

‘She is defective and she tells everyone
I have a problem.’

‘But I want kids.’

‘I can’t wait anymore.’

‘That’s why I married Kurnool Kanakam
and am going away to Dubai.’

This is the forensic report
proving it was Anji’s voice

which we already submitted to you,
your Honour. Please check it.

This case is dismissed.

Your son reminded me of you
25 years ago, man.

Only, you stood up for justice
and he is trying to sell justice.

How did you father such a son?

The day you resigned,
I was very proud to be your friend.

But today when I see you
as the father of such a son-

Careful. Take care.

Congrats, Lucky!

You are super!

Totally inconsiderate of your father who stepped
into the court after several years,

you made his opponent win and for that
commerciality of yours, hats off, bro!

Forget the hats off.

What did you do with Anji?
Is he safe?

You are working for me
to cover the crimes I commit.

Not to meddle with them.

Fine. Give me the cover
and silence me.

You saw it?

Guess how much I am giving you.

How come this feels so light?

Not much stuff inside?

It may evaporate before I reach home!

It is not a sanitizer
to evaporate at one whiff of air.

-It is vaseline.

It stays there until you wash it.

Does it mean it is a huge figure?

A size that suits your case.

But next time, black is preferable, sir.

More than the white I wear inside,
I like the black I wear outside more.

But it is better that white goes in first.

That’s why I gave you that officially.

Sounds logical.

But more than the regular salary,
the box of crackers you get on Diwali…

This is too precious to me!


You know this is the most expensive
golf club in the world.

I won’t allow anyone’s finger prints
to land on this one.


-In that case, I won’t allow them either.

I will carry it as it is,

mount it on the wall in a frame
and see you in it.

Sir! Amulya.



Hey! Let’s meet later.

Leave me alone.
Leave me alone.

Go, go, go!

Go, baby!

Come on, come on.


What is it?

Who is this Amulya?

Stop it, man!

I am burning from head to foot.
And you add fuel to fire!

You are too hot!


How can you be disappointed by the First episode
and start drinking?

Look at the fresh script.

This is not a casual subject like Lakshmi.

Fully family pack. Crime thriller.

Tell him.

Yes, sir.
My name is Adarsh.

I am a crime reporter in a Youtube Channel
called Question News.

While gathering news,

I found that in five projects
belonging to Vivek,

nine persons who opposed him went missing.

Just like your Anji.

Uncle! How is the line?

Does it have a soul or not?

This is no ordinary thing, dear.

If nine people went missing in a case
related to a single person,

Anji’s case will become stronger.

And this will become a huge issue
across the state.

You are still thinking in the regional range
of state and district.

Sister’s planning is in Pan India range.

It means Malayalam, Kannada, Bhojpuri,
Panipuri, it will rock all languages, sister!


Will those families cooperate with us?

Yes, sir!

They will do whatever you say… blindly.

Please be on this side of the line.

If anybody crosses the line,
we are not responsible for it.

Hey, man! Beard! I just told you.
That's not our side. Come.

I heard about the tragedy in your families.

Please tell me what happened as it is.

I will take a video complaint from you
and with Special Bench permission,

I shall deal with your case.

For stifling the voices questioning him,
and distancing you from your dear ones,

let us make sure
the human beast is hanged to death.

Oh, I see!

Is it so easy
to get a death warrant, Praveen?

No way, senior.

In Mumbai Taj Hotel shooting,

Kasab, despite killing so many,
was tried for six years.

After spending a hundred crores,
they finally hanged him.

Now when they are not even sure
of Vivek sir’s role in a crime,

-how will they send him to the gallows?
-I agree.

Poor guys took a share auto and came here.

How will they get justice?

Hey, no justice… nothing.

Better than waiting for years
for the judgement,

I say take the fresh cash sent by Vivek sir
and go home happily.

I say not necessary.

I ask what do they want, then?

I will say it.

Don’t you understand looking at us, sir?

We were burning inside and
came here after becoming coal black.

-Hey, Shinde! Switch on the camera.

We will turn our suffering into tears and
make a complaint of our anguish.

The emotion should be strong enough
to make the hearts bleed. Ok?

Start camera!


Sir! My name is Jogula Venkatrao.

We are from Maheshwaram Mandalam.
Survey no. 73.

Thoroughly commercial!

-Save me, Ayyappa!
-Hey, where to?

Money was falling from god’s hundi.
I was trying to pick it up.

Hey! That’s not hard earned money
to be picked up.

It’s black money earned unjustly.

Black money should be black like him.

But it is shining white like you!

Shut your eyes, get a hold of yourself,
and concentrate on the complaint.

Or the camera will give you one.

Come here. Stay still!

Sorry, brother. Where did I miss?
At 100 rupee notes or 200 rupee notes?

No! It was at 500 notes!


You have nothing to do with that money!

Tell us what they did
to your brother Jogula Rambabu.

-Tell me!
-But his heart is elsewhere.

It’s with the money here.

Prove them wrong, Venkatrao.

Prove it right, Venkatrao!

Venkatrao! That’s an illusion. Trash!

No! It’s cash!

No, Venkatrao!

Come on, Vnekatrao!
This is yours. Take it!

-Throw it!
-Catch it!

Two thousand rupee notes!

Are you so fascinated by this note?

Fascination? One bill of 2000 rupees
and I don’t budge from the wine shop.

So many notes in front of me!
I’ll make it Srisailam dam!

-What about the vacuum left by your brother?
-The note will fill it.

Hey, worm! Monster!

You don’t deserve your brother.

What are you pushing into your lungi? Huh?

No shooting in several days, sir.

We are penniless.
Can’t even buy underwear.

-No underwear?
-Free air.

Shit! Shit!

That is poor man’s blood and sweat.
No one who touches the money will fare well.

-Please, sir. Give me the two thousand bundle.
-Take it out!

-She’s watching.
-Take it out. Remove it!

-No sir, please!
-Damn! Close it!

Sister! I am your person.

Why will I go that side?

Go stay there.

One more.

Boom, boom!

Now you are one of us.

Don’t look at me like that, sister.

“Your smile is jasmine white”

I was tempted by the new bills.

We got the make-up material, sister.

Crap! Crap!

Why did we come here?

What are we doing?

-Hey, Venkatrao!

Have you any sense?

Is this what your parents taught you?

Didn’t we all come together
in the share auto?

How can you do this?

Sorry, madam.

I went across without my knowledge.

-It’s okay. You can come back now.

Why alter your system for my sake?

Talk to them about the case and decide.

Take the papers.
Give me the bundles.

Come here.

Your people may be in these bundles.
You can collect them.

Sir, my husband is there, sir.

My husband, Somaraju…

Somaraju! My sweetheart!

-Somaraju! Where are you?
-Hey! Where are you going?

Are you in the five hundred note?
Are you in the two thousand note?

Tell me if you are feeling breathless
buried in the notes.

I will come and pull you out.
Tell me.

What is this? Why are you slowly moving
to the money bags blabbering something?

-Don’t you cross the line!
-Take your hand off.


I didn’t cross the line.
I jumped over it.

Sir, I have an idea.

I will lodge a complaint
since you called us.

Since they are waving money,
I will collect it as well.

I will testify in the court
since my people are dead.

How do you find my idea?


You are the right man to oversee match fixing.

What? Are you taking a dig at me?

Have I landed safe?

Even a pilot is no match for you.

Here, sir. Give me, sir.

Come here!

Thoroughly commercial!

Hey, hey, hey!
Who are you all?

Vetapalem batch.

They have a track of terror
in the film ‘Krack’.

Really? Why are they here?

You snatched my clients from me
with your commercial cleverness.

I brought these thugs from that
commercial film to take revenge!

Wow! Are you all film fighters?

-Can I take a small selfie with you guys?
-Sure, sir.

Ah, boys! Come.


Hey, hey! Pungunuru pudding!
Move aside!

Hey, master!
You are not here for selfies with him.

But to break the back
of this commercial lawyer.

Okay, madam.

Are they really going to kill me?


Have this drink, sister.

Where the heck is he going?

Oh, no! I don't think I can watch this!

-Hey, wait, wait.

You fall without getting kicked.
You throw up blood without being touched.

Let me check that.

Why doesn’t this cut?

Is this not original?
Tell me! Give me the bottle.

All of them are dummies, sir.
They look original.

Rajamouli Sir, Boyapati sir,
made all the weapons in commercial films

with the same material, sir.

Hey, Punganoor master!

You think he is Karan Johar?

Why are you enlightening him
about our directors?

There is no point relying on him.

I am much better.

I think it is better to dance with him,
defeat him and send him away.

Let’s do that.

-Move aside.
-Ok, sir.

-Audience will be entertained.

-There will be a nice song in the second half.
-Come on.

Since we titled it ‘Pakka Commercial’,

play a duet here and
it’s a different kick altogether.


You may be thoroughly commercial off screen.

But on screen,
I am as commercial for such songs.

You can’t match up. Get it?

Let’s see, come!

Jakes! Song, please.

“Like a gracious lady in lehenga
when you pose what will happen to me?”

“She is the latest Phoolan Devi”

“Though the cut out is of a hero’s
He looks at you like a villain”

“Don’t invite a fight with me, boy!”

“When a girl is a tough catch”

“It’s a different fun altogether”

“If she is easily impressed,
what is the kick?”

“Thousands chased me but I ignored.
My range is different. Get lost.”

“You can’t try your angler.
I am a psycho, watch out”

Bah! How arrogant!

“She is a piece of cheese
try chasing with a wink”

“She is a piece of cheese
she kills with her velvety looks”

“Even if you are angry,
please don’t come ruining me”

“Don’t fall for me deliberately”

“I will give you a dowry of one crore”

“It won’t last a month”

“I shall live with your parents”

“I won’t change the surname”

"I shall deck you with jewelry;
stop the teasing”

“Definitely your palms
will go red with henna”

“When someone like me marries you”

“And the mouth will stay red
being a tenant with us every day”

“Smart fellow, don’t try to win me with words.
Your plan is a flop so go”

“I am a toughened nut
I am a psycho!”

“She is a piece of cheese
try chasing with a wink”

“She is a piece of cheese
she kills with her velvety looks”

“Even if you are angry,
please don’t come ruining me”

“Don’t fall for me deliberately”

“Like a gracious lady in lehenga
when you pose what will happen to me?”

“She is the latest Phoolan Devi”

Sir! sir!

What is it?

I am having trouble standing in steam bath
and you are banging on the door!

Sir! Even war is stopped after six.

But you never stop trying in some corner
once you get up in the morning.

Hey! Where are you going?

Go, go. Go inside.

Sir! You can wield that sword later.

Rajendra is on line.


Sir! This guy is on the verge of dying.

Speak to him.

Hey, Anjibabu!

Set out for your final journey.

Don’t think of haunting me because
I am responsible for all this.

I am just a saint.

A messenger of god.

Whatever Lady of Justice orders me,
I follow it to the letter.

In the court yesterday, she believed you went
to Dubai and convinced the whole world.

Including your wife.

That’s why I am spending my money
and using the support of my fans to send you up.

Do you understand?

Let everyone be happy.

Except you.

Are you ready?

Trusting that I will help them
Lakshmi exposed Anji.

Not knowing what came of Anji,
Lakshmi is suffering a lot.

The very thought that I am
indirectly responsible,makes me restless.

Can’t you help me in some way
regarding the case?

Why won’t I, sir?

But my senior shouldn’t get to know.

I will take you to a place tomorrow.

Come with me.

They are?

Anji’s fake wives.

Three capitals.

Thoroughly commercial ladies.

Pay them whatever they want and they will
help you with anything from word to body.

So, we have a little cash crunch.
Keep my car.

Hey! You are doing all this…?

I am doing this for you, boss.

Though I am a junior to my senior,
it was you who helped my studies.


Thanks to guys like you,

people like me are able to breathe on earth.

Watch me now.

How I will make them sweat!

What is this, sir?
You are making me sweat even in ac.

I have been rejecting the call
and yet you won’t stop ringing!

The ac is fine but I am boiling from inside.

-First, come here. Come here, man!!
-What happened? What’s wrong?

Don’t panic. Tell me in a settled tone.

I brought a lady called Amulya
the other day, remember?


The old man wants to marry the girl!

Which old man?

Vivek sir.

I thought as much.

His body language looked different.

Who is Amulya, anyway?

-My soul mate.

My soul mate, boss.

Don’t you belive me!
Play here.


-Do we also get something?

When my barren heart was given
a taste of sweet porridge at midnight,

I wanted the taste forever and
fell deeply in love with her.

She is your soul mate and how can he…?

What can I say?

He is always like that.

He would clean the same buffalo I washed.

He would hold the same hot stick I held.

He would climb the same buffalo
I climbed and go round the village.

Now finally he wants to marry the girl
I am in love with!

That’s why, do something and
stop the old man from marrying her.

Because he really trusts you.

If you can come up with some legal reason
and scare him,

Amulya will be mine.

Ok. We will do something.

-But first tell me where the lover boy is.
-I will call him.

There he is.

I expected this proposal from Diwakaram.


You are a queen.

You are supposed to fall for a king like me.

Not for servants, rocks and stones.

I know your worth.

Excuse me, sir.

Ah! Lucky, come.

I have good news for you.
Sit down.

Can you come out and tell me?

-One minute, sweetheart.

-I know what you want to say.

Why do you want to marry at this age, sir?

If you are so interested,
why don’t you pay the fee

and celebrate in the farmhouse every day?

You know… I prefer the same.

But not every woman is tempted by money.

That too it gets more difficult
with a superior clan like hers.

Hi, baby!


That’s why I will marry her as per her wish,
have pleasure officially,

enjoy as long as I have the strength,
and one fine day I will say her character is bad.

Get a divorce through you
and send her away.


Did you think I will keep her forever?

I don’t even like to sport
the same hair style every day.

If I am stuck with one woman,
what is the value of my hair?

Sir, I am convinced.

But before that I must check
if the girl is right for you.


It’s Diwakaram who brought her.

When he buys a buffalo from the market,
we needn’t test the quality.

Sir! She is not a buffalo.

She is a person.

If she got a proposal
out of you within ten days,

I should know whether she is genuine or not,
whether her intentions are good or not.

You are my well wisher.

As you wish!

Sir, don’t play on my head in front of Amu baby.
I feel embarrassed.

Talk more and I will play
with the other side of the rings.

Your smooth tonsure will show blood stains.

-How did your husband die?

When she is meant for me,
why wouldn’t he die?

Sir! If you answer for her,
why should he interview her?

In an accident.

Mr Diwakaram was in love with you, right?

It was Mr Vivek who first proposed.

How do I know, boss?

That he would overtake me?

What if I say you are marrying him
for his money?

He was the one who proposed.

Not me.

-Congrats, sir.
-Thank you.

You could select me and
how can your selection go wrong?

So this wedding-

-You must organize it personally.

I can’t do this.

Stop crying and look there.
He has tied the knot.

Here. Bless them with the sacred rice.

Give me.
Bless me with the sacred rice.

What blessing?

He is two years older than me.

He belongs to Tretayuga.

Listen! No one can bless you here.

Bless yourself.

Who cares?
Let us bless ourselves.

Amu! Amu, Amu!
Wait, wait. Wait.

How can you take his words to heart?

-You know how strong my love is, don’t you?
-What’s going on?

Why are you making an exhibition
of your love?

Go into the room and do it.
Why here?


But the system needs
some charging time, bro.

Are all these just superficial?

What is this?
Why did it come out like this?

You pulled out my hair!

It’s pretty weak.

That hair is quite old.

Hey! Only the body ages not the mind.

Tell such stories to the buffaloes
in our village. Not to me.


I am aware of your strength.

That’s why I brought the six elements
from Dr Mastan Yadav.

Take just one and even an Arabian camel
will become an African horse.

Then she will run out thinking
some animal entered her room.

Hey! If you continue to cry behind me,
I will play kabaddi on your hairless head.

First play the actual game and win the cup.

You can brag later.

-Sir, sir, sir.
You, Idiot!

Madam is calling you.
Please carry on.

Enjoy yourself. Go.

Just enjoy yourself! Go!


What is this mischief?

Stop it, man!

Don’t bruise me and then salve it.

Who wouldn’t bruise a man
who is offering his behind?

Curse me for telling you.
I must brand my mouth.

Why don’t you try once?

Diwakram! Forget me.

What about you?

Amulya was in the house opposite.

Why did you take her to your boss
in spite of knowing him?

Because… She wanted a job.

-I thought if I got her one, she will do it.

She will be before my eyes and
I can watch her every day.

So I showed him the photograph.
And this bull caught hold of her.

I guess your anguish has reached God.

Look at your guy bouncing back
like a ball against a wall.

What? Done already?
You are back in a flash!

How can I not be done?
Why would your father leave me in peace?

When did my dad come to your wedding?

Not to the wedding.

-He came into my room.
-To your room?

As soon as you want to see me,
medial shows me all over.

He reopened Anji’s case.

Is this ok for you?

Hey, Vivek!

Look here.

All the witnesses in Anji’s
disappearance case were false.

Mr Sundar Rao’s bench was convinced about it.

Asking the police to investigate
the case from all angles,

and instructing the Sessions court
to begin the hearing,

the High Court has passed the orders.

Darling! Come.

How can I come? I am out.

He lost the case and
I thought he gave it up.

But he raked it up again.


Though your dad is messing with me,
since you promised to take care,

I am letting him be.

If he continues to irritate me this way,

I may tolerate it but my fans won’t.

Sir, sir! I won’t let it go that far.

I will take care of him
in the court tomorrow.

Madam is waiting inside.
Go and enjoy!

What enjoyment?

I used all six of the six elements
you gave me.

Yet my life is like a biscuit dipped in tea.

-So, inside?
-It’s in ruins, man.

It has collapsed all of a sudden.

It has become dilapidated.

The building won’t rise
even by using ten cranes.


Look at his brutal joy!

Order! Order!

Order! Order!

Order in the court, please!

Mr Lucky!

The witnesses you had presented
in this case are prostitutes.

Also, the reason behind Anji’s disappearance

is the stay order he got
against Mythili Constructions.

The court believes it to be true.

Do you have anything else
to say about this case?

Yes, your Honour.

Before that, senior lawyer and
ex-judge Mr Suryanarayana

I request the court to give me permission
to cross examine him.


Aren’t you Mr Suryanarayana?

I guess you are not Mr Satyaraj!

Hmm. Proceed.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Born into a middle class family,
becoming a judge with your dint of hard work,

you are supposed to sit in the judge’s chair
and deliver judgement.

But you opened a grocery store
and sell goodies. What is the reason?

Because of the commerciality
piling up in the judicial system.

Because someone was tempted
by the money offered by Vivek,

and turned this court house into a market

making me who considers justice as a mother,

deliver wrong judgement in the case
of an innocent girl. That’s why.

I get it.

Unable to fight lawfully against
the corrupt man you think he is,

you resigned to your job and left.

But what made you come back?

That was also because of Vivek.

Because his criminal activities
kept increasing by the day.

Because a few lawyers here were lured
by his money and became commercial.

I am the target now!

You mean-

You have been trying to put him
behind bars for 25 years

but since everyone here
is corrupt except you

you have entered the field yourself
with an aim to take revenge, right?

Call it revenge.

But he is a criminal.

What he did was a crime.

That should be decided by not you
in the witness stand.

But by the judge who is sitting in the chair.

You have heard him, your Honour.

He himself declared my client
Mr Vivek innocent a few years ago.

Then he resigned because
he felt his judgement was wrong.

Unable to accept the progress
my client was making,

he has been trying to frame him.

As his false cases couldn’t stand before
Mr Vivek’s good character,

he began to dig up old cases to prove
Mr Vivek guilty of something

and make him face execution…
the so called Ex-Judge!

Do you mean they are not prostitutes?

Just because they are prostitutes,
don’t they have a right to become mothers?

Is it not true that one of them
is five months pregnant?

As a proof,

I submit to you the report given
by Gynecologist Ramadevi, your Honour.

Even when I produced them
as witnesses in the court,

I never claimed them to be Anji’s wives.

I said he only tried to become a father.

But he wanted to turn a truth into a lie.

So, he made my Junior gift them a car
and forced them to give false statement.

I gave it, sir.

Your Honour!

If there is a flaw in our system,
he has to correct it lawfully,

and stand as an example to the public.
Instead, this ex-judge,

is carrying his old vengeance forward

and is trying to defame
a respectable man in society.

Hence this man must be tried
with a case filed under 1961

under Section 35 on Punishment
for Advocate Misconduct

and be restrained from interfering
in my client’s life in future

directly or indirectly and keeping his age
in view be advised to stay home

and as a lawyer and as a son,
this is my request to the court.

That’s all, your Honour.


Past is like a rear view mirror.

Use it only when necessary and drive.

If we keep looking at it while driving,

accidents will happen.
Just like this.

Yes, dad.

That sort of driving is not good
for you at this age.

And I say that to you
getting your license canceled.

I sincerely wish that you will take your
son’s attempt for your safety positively.

I really didn’t imagine you would do
so much for me, Lucky.

You have been very sincere,
and yet I had an inkling of doubt in my mind.

Would he treat his own father like an enemy
for the sake of money?

Would he make his father’s enemy win?

You finally proved me wrong.

You have proved that no relationship
can stand in way of your commerciality.

Listen. I am giving you double promotion.

Once I swear in as an MLC,

I am going to take charge as a Minister.

You will be the Head of my lobbying.

Have a ball.

Loot as much as you want and hoard it.

Thank you so much, sir.
Thank you.

I, V. Vivek Vardhan, having been elected
to the State Legislative Council,

It is done. I am elected.

I am elected. Right, sir?

Read on, please.

India’s sovereign…Sover…Sover….


Yes. That I will do what Sir just said.

That I shall uphold the integrity of India

-I shall discharge my duties with disinterest…


-with sincerity…
-What are you saying?

God …

-I swear in the name of God…



Play what?

Famous industrialist and shortly swearing
in as MLC, Mr Vivek Vardhan,

a dead body is found in his house.

The police identified the dead body
to be a cab driver Ismail’s.



That’s your farm house.
You should know it, right?

No! But… I don’t know who he is, sir.


Not just my boss,
even I don’t know who Ismail is, sir.

If it is a cab driver, the body
definitely doesn't belong there, sir.


Someone must have buried
it in our courtyard by mistake.


The deceased’s wife alleges Vivek
is responsible for her husband’s death.

Huh? Hey, Diwakaram!

Whom did you bring?

How can Amulya be the dead man’s wife?

Go and ask her.

Let me teach her a lesson.

Hey, remove your leg.

She is your wife, right?

Something… something is wrong.

-Let me read this paper first.
-No, wait…

Let her speak.

Vivek had his eye on me.

He beat up my husband, killed him-

threatened to harm my daughter
and forcefully married me.

No! She is lying, sir.


Vivek’s PA, Diwakaram, is calling me up.

Listen to him yourself.

Hey, Amulya!
What are you doing there in the burqa?

Why do you call me Amulya, idiot?

-My name is Shaila Bhanu.

I am Ismail’s wife.

Wife or not,
first, leave that place immediately.

Come away. Come.

What will you do if I don’t?

If you don’t,
our men will drag you here by your hair.

You know that?

Probably you think
my boss has ordinary rowdies.

-They are all monsters.
-Hey, hey! Diwakaram!

-Let them come. Let them.

I will stay right here.

Until you and Vivek face the noose,
I will sit right here.

What the heck?

You are sitting with one corpse
and you act too big for your boots.

I have buried twenty such corpses.

Let my boss give me a hint and
I will hack people like fodder grass.

Hey, Diwakaram!
I beg you, man!

Hey! Your threats will not
frighten Shaila Bhanu.

Hmm! Shaila Bhanu from ‘Bombay’!

If you don’t leave that place right now,

you will land in the same place
your husband is found buried.

Hey! Hey, scoundrel!

I am working on it, Sir.
Give me two minutes.

-Please, wait.

Tell me!


You have really messed it up.

What’s wrong?
I am talking in secret.

Watch your secret there.

Speak up, man.Tell us how many people
you have killed and what all you have done.

Hello! Is this Paragon Footwear?

Have you got cherry on kulfi ice cream?

They have tonsure ice cream. Want it?

I will… complete it.

Er… I will… finish reading this.

-Go home and read it.

Go home and read it!




I couldn’t see the colours
in your face directly,

but they are more clear on TV.

Now, no one can save you.

And you.

And you!


I will speak to him, mom.

I will speak to him.
Don’t worry.


Your men seemed to have taken my dad.

I had warned you!

If something happens to me, I may take it.
But my fans won’t.

It’s not that, sir.
If you can make a call and tell them-

They won’t listen to me.

When he meddles with me 24 hours,
why will they?

They won’t.

Ignore your useless dad
and take care of my bail.

Take as much cash as you want
and crush the emotion.


What is it?


You mentioned cash.

Why don’t we finalize the figure?

I am impressed.

Come here, you hariless.

-Tell me, Lucky! How far has the bail come?
-Very difficult, sir.

Thanks to what your fans have done,
now no one can get you out on bail.


Yes, sir.

They took a sincere, principled man

and beat him till he bled, sir.

What if they beat him?

What if they beat him?

Since I am your man,

I will take your money and sit tight.

But my fans won’t.

Your fans?

Yes, sir.

When you can have fans at your range,

I too will have some, won’t I?

Hard core fans.

Just as your fans follow you,

my fans observe my dad.


They love my dad a lot and
when you beat him up, can they sit idle?

Especially my fans are not the social media
batch tweeting on Twitter and trolling, sir.

They are the bosses of mass
from Andhra, Nizam, Ceded!

If they put the betel leaves in the mouth,
roll up their sleeves and get into the arena!

Cut outs will be broken.

Posters will be torn.

By the way, I forgot to tell you.

There is a psychotic rogue among my fans.

He is crazy about my dad.

When your Lachanna
came at my dad with a knife,

the way he thrashed him!

Hold the line. I will tell you.

I worked through so many plans
only to settle well in life.

Not to carry forward my dad’s vengeance
like a revenge format story-

and spoil my career at present.

Why do you stare?

‘He and I have no direct
acquaintance in the flash back

or a revenge story in the present.’

‘Why is he rebelling now?’

Not just you.

He has the same feeling.

Inconsiderate of his own father,

he sent him out of the court
in front of everyone.

Does this commercial son
love his father so much?

Does he have so many emotions in him?

Am I right, dad?

Shall I tell you something?

I am more emotional than all of you.

But I suppressed my emotions

and lived like a hard core
mercenary for this day.

Do you know why?

At a time when a nine year old’s father
should stand by him and guide his future,

for sending the father into
ten years of depression

and playing with the kid’s life.

Though he is a judge to the world

he would come home and
laugh like a child and play.

For silencing that laughter
and giving me hell.

For making a man, who everyday delivered
justice to several, open a grocery shop.

For making my mother who was respected
as a judge’s wife helpless to face questions

blaming her husband for Amulya’s death
and causing her pain from those insults.

Recalling the unforgettable incident
again and again,

unable to do anything to you
who was responsible for it,

trying to erase it through his addiction to
drinking and ending up beside a garbage pile

I would go looking for him and
when I see my father in a painful situation,

do you know how my heart broke?

Unable to do anything to you who silenced
my happy family and caused it disgrace,

I would weep and weep, draw your pictures
on the wall and kill you there.

If I want to discuss my childhood
with someone,

other than tears, sleepless nights

and the stupid sketches I drew,
you left me with nothing.

My childhood could have been a sweet memory.

But you changed it
to a painful, pathetic story.

That’s why…

being a judge’s son,

I wanted to kill you
without blood on my hands.

I waited for a chance.

I met Shaila Bhanu.

Grabbed the opportunity.

Tell me, Madam Bhanu!

What do you want
from this commercial man?

I killed my husband.

Though you are not at fault,
murder is a crime.

You will definitely face a sentence.

I will plan something so that you can live
with your daughter happily life-long.

Do as I say.

Shaila Bhanu became Amulya and
I placed her opposite Diwakaram’s.

I shifted the body to your farm house
the same night.

Dig up. Fast!

We are not on an official job
with permission!

I know you are a womaniser.

So, I sent Amulya to Diwakaram for a job.

Sir! Amulya.

I made you propose to her

and made sure the wedding took place
only after my approval.

But first… I must check
whether this girl is right for you or not.

Congrats, sir.

You could select me and
how can your selection go wrong?

I created a scene before the media
that she was unwilling to marry…

I played my dad’s video
on your honeymoon night and diverted you.

Darling come!

Where to come?
It’s out.

What you wanted will happen as it is.
Live telecast in two minutes.

I timed your swearing in ceremony
for your downfall,

introduced you as murderer to the world
and totally cornered you.

Oh, my!


Even when I directly commit crimes,
I leave no scope for revenge.

Because you feel I ruined your childhood

and frame me in a murder I didn’t commit,

do you think you can have your vengeance?

This is India, dear.

It takes generations here to convict a man.

Hey, Veeraiah!

Don’t I know a drover can only think so far?

Playing a joke on the court all these days,

you don’t seem to know its potential.

One twist in the law can noose
around your neck and make you writhe.

If you can… and have the guts,

use your knowledge, money,
reputation, influence

and save yourself from a punishment
in a crime you never committed. Let’s see.


Sounds good, right?

A new legal point
in a regular revenge format.

Feels good.

Enjoyable. Come.

Sir, the new lady lawyer is here.

She also got you bail.

Smile, sir.


What is that sound?

Dad used to say a man must patronize art.

Otherwise what is the difference
between man and beast?

You obeyed his word,

patronized your own art,
finally ended up in a case

and now you have come to meet the lawyer.

Meddle with her now and
you won’t be in this shape either.

A lawyer?

What, sir?
Why is uncle dull?

Did she just call me an uncle?

Nothing, dear.

Slight tension whether
he will win the case or not.

Why, uncle?

If you see the witnesses presented
by Lawyer Lucky,

you will understand the depth of the case.

I committed no murder.

What witnesses and depth can there be?

But he submitted them!

Using the golf club he took from you, he created
that you killed Shaila Bhanu’s husband with it.

He smeared it with blood
and kept it safe at home.

What does it matter?

He has your gloves too, uncle.

Like how you throw
the used tissue after lunch?

He filed proofs that you threw away
the gloves after the murder.

So what if he did?
It should be proved I went there.

He has your hair, uncle.

Your hair that he pulled playfully
at your wedding,

he put it safe in his side pocket

and dropped it near the dead body
to prove your DNA.

As if that will suffice?

Hmm. He knows it wouldn’t.

That’s why the diamond ring
he took from you…

was dropped in the location as if
you lost it while burying the body,

and made the police find it.

Umm … I don’t understand.

To make you understand,
he also involved media.

This is Shaila Bhanu’s house.

I will show you clearly
how Vivek killed Shaila Bhanu’s husband.

Follow me.

He quietly entered the house and killed
Shaila Bhanu’s husband seated on the sofa,

striking him again and again
with this golf club.

His body lying still in a pool of blood.

Yes! I killed him!

-I killed him!
-Hey, this is unfair.

-All these are tangible witnesses.

Do you know the intangible evidence?


What did you do with Anji?

Don't tell me he is a witness.

I killed him long ago and
made him a part of the pillar.

Whose version is this?

Vamsi? Vasu? Or Mr Arvind’s?

No. It’s mine.

Hey, Anji Babu!

Have a safe journey.

I only spoke over the phone.
And my fans gave him a live burial.

I have one more version.


Your phone call was correct.

Your words were true.

But they didn’t beat Anji to death that day.


Sir, this guy is on the verge of dying.

Please speak to him.

Hey, Anjibabu!

Have a safe journey.

With my money and the support
of my fans,

I am sending you.

Lucky sold the villa you gave him
and encashing your cheque,

he distributed everything to your fans
and freed Anji and took him like a king.

He applied to you all the commercial tricks
he had learnt from you

and presented all the witnesses he gathered,
including Anji, before the Chief Justice.

As a son, though he did this
to make his father win,

as a lawyer in order to make law win,
and to make sure no lawyer takes up your case…

he requested everyone
in the Bar Council in his own style.

In a country that has great lawyers who got
the Chief Ministers sentenced in the court,

In a system that has sincere lawyers who lived
on their salary and principles life-long,

In a society that has honest lawyers
who died on the road for justice,

it is an unbelievable hard truth that there are
also commercial lawyers who love currency.

So, let us, who always work for money,

sometimes work from our conscience.

From the stage of a murderer being nonchalant
because his lawyer will take care,

I say reform it so that there comes a stage
when he would think his lawyer will skin him.

I say let us set Vivek’s case
as an example.

Politicians and businessmen imprison
the judicial system in a frame

and I say let’s stop their commercial game.

So, now on my behalf-

I won’t argue either, sir.

For the crooked looks you gave me
while walking in,

my back was hurt.

I wasn’t looking at your back anyway.

You want to give some reason and all of you
together want to send me to the gallows.

For a crime I didn’t commit! Huh?


For the sin you committed and the six month
imprisonment his dad gave you 25 years ago!

When calculated, all this along with interest
has summed up to hanging.

When you are cursed by a girl’s anguish,
the most powerful man can bite the dust.

This is a story time wants to narrate.

You are delivering his lines too!


He kept calling himself a villain and
now he changes the entire system

and wants to become hero,
you think I will simply watch?

I won’t for my life!

The audience should remember only me
when they leave the theater.

Great Andhra, Telugu 360, Tupaki,
Telugu 123, Mirchi 9 and Idle Brain

I will make them all write reviews
only on me!

Uncle! Uncle!

Call me ‘uncle’ once!


Great! I don't mind beign hanged now.

Mr Vivek!

Arguments, witnesses, proofs from
her side are all very strong.

If you have arguments from your side,
please proceed with your lawyers.

If I could get a lawyer,
why would I fret so much?

Do you all have to come together
to declare god is good?

In the huge variety of species I created,
you are all just tiny worms.

All these days,
I thought I was only a messenger of god.

Now I know I myself am god.

That I am born for a reason.

Do you see the yellow light and aura
behind me?

Just as Nature with the help of dirty China
created Corona virus

and reduced the waste and
pollution on this earth to a degree,

in order to cleanse the deep rooted virus
called commerciality in our legal system,

I had selected the thoroughly
commercial Lawyer Lucky and did my bit.

It is now time to end my avatar on earth.

Without further delay, sentence me
to death and free me from this human life!

After examining all the
proofs and evidences,

-Sir, Mr Subhalekha Sudhakar!

Don’t read the order and
make the sin of punishing god.

I will read my death sentence myself.

That will be the end.

Hmm. Carry on.

‘Let the people of the world be happy.’

Except me.


I made a mistake.

I made a grave mistake.

Thinking you were on a wrong path,

I made an incorrigible mistake.

So if you turn your face and go away
how is it going to help?

What else can I do?

Other than holding your hands
and asking for your forgiveness?

Audiences get up and go
exactly for such old dialogues.

You managed the climax quite well without me.

Let me show you the real climax.