Paka (River of Blood) (2021) - full transcript

In North Kerala, a serpentine river witness to the long and bloody cycle of vengeance between two feuding families. Johnny and Anna, a young couple, wish to end the hatred within their families with their love and begin a life together. However, the return of Johnny's uncle Kocheppu, after imprisonment and his subsequent disappearance becomes a hurdle in their path of love and forces them onto the path of blood, murder, and revenge.

Need some oil!

Bring whatever he wants.

Oil is here!

He’s found it!

Spread the mat.

Stay back, people.

Stay away.

Hold the head.

Move out of the way.

Ask them to stand back.

Stand back, stand back!

Why are you pushing?

I’m just giving him a towel.

Get five witnesses ready.

Take a picture with all five of them.

Get all five in frame.

Get the file. Where’s the blade?

Inside the file.

Take a photo after we remove the clothes.


What’s up, dear?

They found a dead body.

Swimmer Jose got it out. It’s a young man’s.

Don’t you know this river, child?

There will be many more bodies.

Oh Lord, protect my children from harm!


Paka (River of Blood)

They hope to win with just seven guys? Losers.

Paachi, there’s no point studying so much.

Be like us.

Where’s Kunjan?

Where is he?


Come on!

You can pee the rest tomorrow!

Look, there’s Chandu.

He’ll kill Paachi for skipping practice.

Hey, Chandu!

Don’t call him!

Let them practice.

We’ll win the cup this time!

Fan the fire, Paachi.

Bloody chicken is taking forever.

While Vettikkal Joey and gang are having a wild boar barbercue!

Idiot, it’s not barber-cue, it’s bar-be-cue!


It’s all the same.

That Jose is a badass.

Which Jose?

Swimmer Jose.

Oh yeah, he is.

Once we were bathing in the river.

He threw dynamite into the water.

And dived into the trench.

Into Johnson trench!

And then he came up with fish.

Two caught between his teeth, two in his undies!

He’s that kind of guy.

Jose is a real badass.

Jose recovered a dead body from Johnson trench today.

No idea whose it is.

Was he a local?

Never seen him.

Someone murdered and dumped him.

Not murdered.

If it were a murder ...

It would’ve been someone from our family.

Or theirs.


What happened?

I had that dream again.

It’s happened after a long time.

Are you tense about our wedding?

No, not that.

Anyway, we’re meeting tomorrow.

Go get some sleep now.

I won’t get any sleep tonight.

Just go and lie down my love.


Those for Kallodi get off here.

No need to pay, brother. I know who you are.

Kocheppu! He’s out of jail?

Please have some tea, brother.

The Undertaker!

The Undertaker is back!


Still trying your tricks?

The Undertaker here tonight in support of his brother Kane.

Say a prayer before you sign.

Go submit it.

Hope nobody sees it during the waiting period.

Notice for Intended Marriage

There’ll be trouble if her uncles find out.



Paachi? Where are you, kids?

Oh my goodness, it’s Kocheppu!

Do you remember me?

It’s been a long time.

Of course, Mary. Where are the kids?

Paachi is at school.

Don't they know you’re coming?


Johnny has gone with his jeep.

I’ll phone him. Come on inside.

I’ve come with lunch for Grandma.


She doesn’t remember anything now.

Not even the kids.

I look after her when they go out.

Which bastard son of Satan is that?

Shut the damn window!

Won’t even let me die in peace.

She’s been like this for a while.

Always keeps the window shut.

Doesn’t like visitors either.

Oh God, it’s my Kocheppu!


Don’t leave me ever again, son.

Never again, Mother.

Be careful my child.

They’ll be waiting to get you.

Everybody get off, it’s the last stop.

Give me change please.

One cigarette please.



Play on.

Pass it, Paachi!

Stop the ball!

Quick, it’ll go into the river!

Look at his bicycle.

It’s that new model with gears.

Come play with us, Unni!

He won’t come. Let’s play.

Unni, are you back after football?

Got the buffalo, Uncle Varkey.

Is it big and strong?


Feed him well, Pappi.

Let’s fatten him up for Anna’s wedding.


What are you doing here, Unni?

How many times must I tell you?

You must wash and change first thing after school.

He hasn’t forgotten it.

Johnny plays it so well, Uncle.

His dad taught him this tune.

So cold!

Been so long since I laughed like this!

Jump in, Paachi. Get the soap too.

Do we call you Kocheppu or Uncle?

Whatever you like!

It’s Uncle, then.

So be it.

Uncle was so beefy in the good old days.

People used to call him ‘Goliath’.

Now only his tummy remains.

I rotted in jail for so long.

Jail changes people.

It’s another world.

I can hear a band practising.

You haven’t started yet?

That’s the St Mary’s band. We’ve also begun.

Our boys are practising well, Uncle.

We will play before Mother Mary’s chariot like always.

Will we let another band shine before our Blessed Mother!

Of course!

We will rock this time!

I’ve missed the festival for so long.

Join us, Brother.

Come on, the water won’t bite you.

Get lost!

Come on, the kids are calling you!

Brother is still afraid of water.


The day police took you away.

We remember it like yesterday.

You were our hero.

What really happened, Uncle?


Anna, please understand me.

Uncle arrived so suddenly.

I didn’t know what to do.

I’m already worried about the wedding.

And then he arrives.

Will you cancel the wedding if he says so?

What nonsense, Anna?

Uncle arrived so suddenly.

We didn’t expect him at all.

What if you had known earlier?

What can I do? He’s my uncle after all.

Leave it.


He should have stayed in jail.

Won’t let me sleep. Bastard.

How much is it?

Two hundred.


Shall we buy this?

Uncle, Uncle.

What a cool bicycle he's got.



How are you?

I’m good.

This is my uncle.

Of course, I know him.

He can join us for now.

We’ll discuss his salary later.

There’s no hurry.

Starting tomorrow, then?

He can start today itself.

There’s no news of our third guy.

Lots of work is pending.

Hey, Dileep.

See you then.

Good luck, Uncle.

Dileep, this is Kocheppu, Johnny’s uncle.

He’s joining us. Teach him stuff.

You can join Dileep, then.

Don’t undress, friend. Later.

What’s your name? (In Malayalam)

I’m Kocheppu.

Name? Lily. (In Kannada)

Lily ...

Where’s your home? (In Malayalam)


In Dasanahalli.

Dasanahalli ...

Wonder where that is.

I’m from Kallodi. This side of the bridge.

Your beard is very sexy.

Why are you shivering?

First time?


Why is he taking so long?

He’s seeing a woman after 15 years.

Lily, will you come with me?

Can’t hear anything.

I don’t think it’s happening.

It’s his first time, that’s why.

It’s getting late.

What time is it?

Let me go!

How dare you touch Goliath!

Leave me, son of a bitch!

What’s the matter, Uncle?

Run! We’re in deep shit!

Shit, we’re screwed!

Run, run, run!

Run, guys, run!

Catch me if you can!

Come on!

Run, Uncle, run!

Start the jeep!

Run! We’re in trouble!

Fuckers are chasing us! Run!

Start the jeep, Johnny!

Let’s go!

Come fast, let’s go!

Get in, man!

Start the jeep, start the jeep!

They’re still behind us!

Go, go, go!

What the hell happened?

He goes in and keeps us waiting for two hours!

After everything, he wants to take her along!

Aha, best!

And he went and told the manager!

And of course, they started to hit him!

Wow, thank God you escaped.

You’re a real rascal, Uncle!

She’s a sweet girl, Lily.

Shall I marry her?

He wants to marry her!

You’re crazy, Uncle.

Get lost, man.

She bloomed in the sky like the full moon

Glowing like the whitest flower in the dark

He blushed with dreams of her

And longed to start a life together

He saw the moon come down to earth

When wine flowed and she appeared

Pitch the tent, drape the flowers, prepare a feast, my friend!

You’re not drinking? Shall I pour you one?

No, Uncle.

I’m really happy.

No need for booze.

Why is that?

There’s a reason.

You’ve found a job now.

And ...

I’m getting married.

Life is looking good.

That’s great.

Things must happen at the right time.

Not like my life.

I can’t face the past.

The things I have done.





I should have lived a better life.

It’s alright, Uncle. It’s all in the past.

You’re a new man now.

It’s not that.

It’s the pain of seeing your loved ones pay for your sins.

Johnny, my boy.

I want to plan your wedding.

I’m the head of the family now.

It’s my right.


If you attend the wedding ...

I don’t know how Anna will react.

She’s shocked by your return.

She can’t forget the past so easily.

Jail was hell.

I don’t know how long I spent there.

I used to count the days at first.

Then I stopped.

I thought my life would end there.

I didn’t mean to kill your father.

It somehow happened during the fight.

It was complete madness.

Countless days I’ve thought about it and cried.

I’ve paid for my sins.

My life is ruined.

Can you forgive me at least now, child?

I’m so sorry.

I know I can’t change the past.


Who’s there?

It’s me, Kocheppu.

Oh you’re out of jail?

What are you doing here?

I came to the blacksmith to sharpen my sickle.

So why have you come here?

It’s been long since I’ve been here.

How did you dare to come here?

I spent my best years in jail.

What do I have to fear now?

I know what I did is wrong.

I got my punishment.

I want to live my life in peace now.

Let’s stop this game here, Uncle Varkey.

That’s best for everyone.

Yes, let’s end it.

You’d better leave before my sons return.

Go live your life.


Take it in.

Look brother, Uncle!

Oh wow!

Help unload the stuff, boys.

Are these for us?

Of course.

Paachi, here’s your bicycle.

It’s too big, Uncle.

Trust me, you’ll fly on this one.

I talked to your girl and sorted everything out.

Now let’s plan your wedding.

I bought clothes for the wedding.

For Mother, Paachi, and for you too.

Oh, and the most important thing.

No need to spend on the wedding necklace.

Where’s the money for all this?

I worked hard in jail.

Jail has changed. It’s not like the old days.

By the way, I’ve spent everything I had. Nothing left now.

Where did you go, my child?

Day after is Johnny’s wedding, Mother.

Let’s take it inside, it’s going to rain.

Look who’s here!

How did you come?

We took a bus.

I’d have picked you up.

Oh, it’s alright.

You didn’t call either.

I met Aunt and came with her.

Alright. By the way, I have some good news.

What is it, Uncle?

Go on inside, I’ll tell you soon.

What’s for dinner, Mom?

I’ve made your favourite food.

Why don’t you cook sometimes?

Don’t you want to learn?

You’ll have to cook for him once you go to Canada.

Who’s going to Canada?

You didn’t see his photo?

I’d sent it on WhatsApp.

I didn’t see any photo.

He’s a good match for you.

Mom, tell Grandpa I don’t want to get married now.

He has almost decided it.

Handsome guy, no?

He’s in Canada.

Has permanent residency too.

Dad has decided it.

Have you, Dad?


Did you ask her?

Where the hell is Joey?

He came here today, that Kocheppu.


Why didn’t you tell me earlier?

Did you tell Joey?


Jail was a safe house for him. Son of a bitch.

Why are you staring?

Please don’t, Joey.

Put it in.

Go faster.

Look, there he is.

We’ve been looking for you, Jose.

Let's go to the riverside. It’s an emergency.

Can’t come today.

Please, it’s an emergency.

Told you I can’t.

Only you can do it.

Get lost!

Damn it.

What do we do now?

Let’s find someone else.

We need Jose, sir. It’s too deep.

Strong currents too.

We’ll try once Jose comes.

Jose won’t come, sir.

He’s too drunk.

Can we get someone else?

Jose can go to hell, sir.

There are better swimmers.

There’s one Tiger Johnny in the next village.

I’ll call him.

Ok, do that.

Nothing here, sir.

Check thoroughly.

Look between those rocks.

Not ready yet, Anna?

We must reach the marriage office before your family finds out.

I’ve been calling him but he isn’t answering.

Nothing here, sir, I’m sure.

Alright, come out.

Checked the rock pool?

I checked everywhere, sir.

See there’s nothing here. Everybody disperse.

Don’t worry. He must have gone somewhere.


Why didn’t you pick up? I’ve been calling you.


Everyone’s waiting. Come fast.

Anna, Uncle is missing.

We’re searching the river.

I can’t come.

Let’s postpone the wedding.

What happened?

Let’s go.

It was our wedding day, Johnny.

Now I think it’ll never happen.

There is time.

No, there isn’t.

What if my family finds out?

Uncle didn’t just go missing.

It's been happening for generations.

Your uncle, my grandpa, your father, my father ...

Now Uncle too.

Am I next?

Wedding, my foot.

Our wedding would've solved all this.

I’m going. You decide and tell me.

Why don’t you help, Thankan?

I don’t want to.

You love being in this pigsty.

If we want to eat meat, someone has to get dirty.

Hold him firmly.

Look at him. He knows his time is up.

What the hell man, never killed a pig before?



What's up?

You had the dream again?

This time it was Uncle.

Don’t worry, Uncle will return.

Something has happened to him.

We’ll get some information soon.

Why don’t you understand, Anna?


If something did happen to Uncle, will you hurt my family?


The day after Uncle went missing ...

The tea seller said he saw a bloodstained slipper.

What about this?

That’s not useful, sir.

Why not?

A crowd had gathered by the time we reached.

Any evidence would've been destroyed.

Did you call the Rescue Force?

No sir, we didn’t.

But we got Tiger Johnny to search.

He’s an expert diver.

He recovered many bodies during the flood.

No wonder they complained!

Your investigation wasn’t proper.


You should’ve followed protocol.

You can go now. I’ll take care of this.

Thank you, sir.

Do you suspect anyone?


Those expert divers couldn’t find anything?

It’s just part of police procedure.

They found nothing.

Please do a search for us.

Even Tiger Johnny couldn’t.

What can I do?

It’s ten days since Uncle disappeared.

Nobody knows the river like you do.

Please do a search.


What is it!

Found anything?

I found a sack stuck in the mud.

I felt the knot it’s tied with.

It’s an expert job.

Can you recover it?

It’s too heavy for me.

Holy Mary, Mother of God

Pray for us sinners

Now and at the hour of our death. Amen.


Coming, Grandma.


Promise me you’ll kill them all when you grow up.

Did they kill Uncle, Grandma?

I told him to be careful.

Fucker didn’t listen to me.

Sharpen Grandpa’s sickle.

It belongs to you now.

Will they kill Johnny too, Grandma?

They will, my child.

Varkey and his sons will do it.

Got in, Thankan?

Yup, let’s go.

Let’s go.

Why so slow?

Oh it’s you!

Thankan, look who’s here.


Has your uncle returned?


Still hasn’t?

I must admit ...

Your uncle was a real man.

Goliath Kocheppu.

Fuckin’ bastard!

Stop waiting for your uncle, kid.

He won’t ever come back.

Shut up, Joey.

Get lost, fucker.

Talking drunken nonsense!

He’ll shit his pants if I raise my voice. Must I fear him?

Look at his face!

Don’t be afraid, Johnny. Just drive.

Yeah keep driving.

I won’t hurt you. Not now.

We’ve reached.

Turn it off. I want to talk to you.

Turn it off, fucker.

Turn it off!

Listen, you bastard.

I killed your uncle.

He’s in Johnson trench.

Come on, Joey.

Hey, fucker.

Don’t you dare come after me.

I’ll kill you, your grandma, and your brother.

And dump you all in the river. Got it?

Go now, Johnny.

He isn’t going anywhere.

He isn’t going anywhere!

Get out of the jeep!

Give me the key.

Stop this game right here.

Who’s left in your family anyway? You?

Fuckin’ coward.

Go home, you’re drunk.


I’d planned to kill you and your brother too.

But my bloody old man stopped me.

Don’t make me do it.

Stop it, Joey.

Your goddamn key!

You bastards, stay away from me!

Bring the police, Jose, whoever you want.

I know how to dump a body.

I’ve dumped many.


What happened?

I knew they would kill Kocheppu.

You must take revenge, children.

Kill them all.

Leave me!

Come on, Paachi.

Come back, Paachi.

Why are you late?

We were waiting for you.

Started early today?

Pour me one.

Drink up.


They’re over there.

Hey, Thankan!

What’s up?

Over here.

You need to see this.

Let’s go?

Can you see the way?

What is it?

Why did he shout?

What is it?

Look at this, Thankan.


His bloody love nest!

Johnny, you bastard!

Burn it! Burn it down, Krishnan!

Johnny, you bastard!

Get the box under the bed, dear.

There’s a dagger wrapped in red cloth. It’s for you.

It belonged to your forefathers.

It’s yours now.

Always keep it close.

Enemies are everywhere.

Don’t let them kill you and Johnny.



Where’s Paachi?

He went to school.

He’s not a coward like you!

He’s a real man.

Like your father and uncle.

Damn you, Anna.

You'll kill my brother, bastards?


Little bastard!


Get big stones.

Shall we go to the hospital?

No, don’t step out for a few days.

They’re searching for Thankan.

Don’t tell Anna.

Can’t reach his phone, Dad.

It’s switched off.

Who’s that?

It’s Anna, Dad. She’s home from college.

Didn’t Thankan come home last night, dear?


I met him just yesterday.

Told you anything?

No, he didn’t.

He never goes anywhere without telling us.

Gather men and search for him.

If he’s not back by evening ...

Get Jose to search the river.

Have you seen Thankan?

Did he come this way?

Where on earth is he!


You did well, my child.

Where’s Uncle Thankan, Dad?

Won’t he come back?

Shut up and finish your food.

This is the final game, my son.

It’s your move now.

He who plays well wins.

He who wins survives.

Don’t let him hide in jail like Kocheppu.

We always settle our scores with blood.

What’s up with him?

Hey, what’s wrong?

Come, have a beer.

Come, come.


Are you off to the hostel?

Kocheppu’s body’s been found!

Which bastard son of a bitch is that?

Never forgive! Kill and dump them in the river.

Be quiet, Grandma.

Get lost, kid.

Told you I saw his bloodstained slipper!

Don’t come out. I’ll go and check.

Kocheppu’s body’s been found!

Come, Jose.

A sack is floating near the rocks. Let’s check.

Please help him.

This isn’t Kocheppu.

It’s Thankan!

Vettikkal Thankan has been murdered!

Johnny, we must meet urgently.

They found Thankan’s body.

I’ll wait at the bus station. Come fast.

Those with us yesterday are not there today.

They won’t ever return.

O traveller, your grave lies ahead.

Get him.

Get that bastard!

Spread out and search.

Did anyone come this way?

I don’t know.

There he is!

Johnny froze with fear.

Joey threw his sickle at him.

It spun and spun and ... come I’ll show you

Hit the glass over here. See!

Johnny ran for his life.

They caught him over there.

And beat the hell out of him.

You know what happened next?

They chopped him to bits and dumped him in the river!

I saw it with my own eyes!

You lying bastard!

I saw it with my own eyes!

Johnny is dead!

No dear, he’s talking nonsense.

Dont worry dear, he’ll return.

Of course! That guy is always spreading lies.

Don’t worry, dear.


Is Johnny with you?

He isn’t answering calls.

I’m also trying to reach him.

Maybe he’s driving.

He’ll call you back.

Tell him to call me if you speak to him.


One moment, dear.

Get inside.

Let’s go.

Elsie, this is wrong. She should stay here.

Let her go, Dad.

You too have started supporting her.

Her fiancé will come from Canada next month.

Do you know why water rises in the river?

It’s because the river is thirsty.

Only blood can quench its thirst.

You must know this at least now.

Have you heard the story of Cain and Abel?

We were like that, their family and ours.

There was this girl in our family.
Beautiful like a goddess.

It all began with a fight for her hand in marriage.

Long before we came to this land.

Your grandpa and I were in love.

The Vettikkal family killed him over that old quarrel.

My soul died that day.

I raised your dad and uncle for revenge.

But your mother was against it.
She was a coward.

She threatened to leave and made your dad a coward too.

I pushed your mother into the river.


You must carry it forward now, dear.

If that is so, Grandma ... you must die first!

Search for him!

Look, that’s the path to the top.

Oh my god, Johnny!

Johnny, what really happened that day?

They covered up Thankan’s death.

They’re planning to finish you off.

Leave it. Have a drink.

Drink up.

Johnny, wear these, let’s go.

Paachi is alone at home.

But what about Grandma?

Grandma ...

Grandma is gone.

Been a few days now.

We searched a lot for you.

Didn’t even know where to look.

Come, let’s go.

It’s not time yet.

Let the festival begin.

This is a different Undertaker

Nice locket. We can put their photos.

We’ll need tiny photos.

It’ll be lovely.

Drink up, Joey.

What a grand festival.

That fucker was staring at us!

Beware of him.

No way. Joey will cut his throat if he tries anything.

Leaving already, Joey? Let’s finish the bottle.

They played some fantastic numbers!

It was superb, Paachi!

You were amazing tonight!


Where’s Brother?

We were together just now.

Yeah, he and Johnny were together at the procession.

Joey and his gang are here. Will there be trouble?

It’s possible. Let’s find him.

I’ll look behind the church.

We were together just now.

What are you doing, Joey?

You don’t need to know, Dad.

Don’t do anything foolish.

One shall not kill during the festival.

You must not break this rule.

It will ruin us completely.

Shut up and go to sleep, you old fool!

Johnny! What are you doing here?

We were looking for you. Where did you go?

Where’s Paachi?

Didn’t he come to you?

But I left him with you guys.

We thought he’d found you.

Come quickly!




Isn’t this his shoe?

Oh God, blood!

He’s just a child!

How could they!

I know where he is. I know.