Paju (2009) - full transcript

Paju, is the name of a place everyone has heard of but don't really know. There, we see a man sharing the lot of the neglected, and the women surrounding him. Bearing the paradox of liaison in the name of love, this place creates the traces of an unknown age.


Please understand I don't know
the man in the back.

You know, women can think

the person they're sharing a cab with
is the driver's accomplice

who will drag her
to a deserted place

and do things to her...

I hope I haven't
offended you, sir?


Welcome, sir.

Know why nightlife spots go up
before any development takes off?

Development's all about bribery
and backdoor dealings.

Are you from here?
First trip in a long time, right?

This place has long
changed this way.


Meanwhile, the police,
regarding the 5th Pan-National Rally,

have taken in 2405

and arrested 5
for National Security Law offense.

For the actively involved,
a thorough investigation...


Min-jae, I'm so sorry.

I'm really sorry.

Don't cry, stop crying.

I'm sorry.
Stop crying, stop.

You're early.

Mommy's here, mommy's here.

You had fun with uncle
Joong-shik, didn't you?

Want to ride in this?
Let's do that.

Can't you act more civil?


Can't you see
I'm also a human being?!

You do this every time
you visit Doo-man in prison.

I didn't see him. I just stood
outside the building and left.

It's your home phone number.

Want me to make
the call for you?

It's been a while
since you've last seen your mom.

Stop, that's enough!

There's no way
mom would call my beeper.

It's the cops out to get me!

Are you trying to get me caught
by announcing where I am?


Just this once, please?

Just this once...

Just this once...

No! Oh my god!


Uh? Joong-shik?

What brings you here?

Honey, Joong-shik's here.
Let's go inside!

You should've called.
Go inside.

- Great sermon.
- Thank you.

Okay, good bye, deaconess.

Drive safely!

- Hey, wake up!
- No!

Let's go home!

Get up, okay?

Get up!

Let's go home!

Shit, help us, mister!

Get on my back, hey miss!

Help us, mister!

OK, OK...

Can't you hold her right?

Just get on my back, miss.


I'll take you home!

Why's everyone such a nag today?
I said I can make it.

I don't have an ulterior motive...

- Hey mister!
- Yes?

I'm a Buddhist.
I'd never get into a church van.

Yeah, but...

will be with you wherever
you are and bless you

by guiding you back home.

To a secular man,
this all seems so unfair.

For a cheater who lied to
his father and brother,

leaving his loved ones
with scars so profound

to receive God's blessing
instead of judgment.

However, within this lies
the Divine Providence.

Hurry, hurry!

Go, go!

Check your betting ticket.

- Welcome.
- Check your betting ticket.

- Hey, Eun-mo.
- Huh?

So you're refusing
to go inside again?

The bald guy on the first floor
keeps yelling at me.

Wasn't it great spending
his deposit little by little?

- You must be hungry.
- Yeah!

Hey, landladies!

When're you returning
my deposit?

It's been four months!

We've got to move soon.

Your place's out on the market,
but no inquiries yet...

Who'd move here
at your asking price?

Besides, no one wants
to live with the landladies.

Take my advice
and sell this place,

so you can rent
a room to live in!

Yes, but our parents
left this place to us...

This overlapping part,
would be 3 and 4, right?

You all know that, right?

What, too easy?

- Sir!
- Yeah?

Tell us about your first love
since it's raining and all...

Yeah, tell us!

- Why? Don't feel like studying?
- No.

Yeah, okay. It's no use studying
on a day like this, right?

She was my college senior.

Now she's a mother.

- She's two years older than me.
- Wow, she's older than him!

I was first attracted to her
powerful voice during protests.

Was she pretty?


Especially, her neckline
was really beautiful.

When she brushed her hair
to one side,

her long neckline

and fuzz under her ears
were exposed.


Tomorrow's Teacher's Day, right?

Give this to your teacher.

Why do you bother?

A Teacher's Day present is
the parents' responsibility.

Or the guardian's.

You're late.

Yeah, I had a couple of drinks.



Sit down.

When are you returning to Seoul?

You're off the wanted list.
Besides, it's been over a year.

I can't go back to Seoul.

Then how about finishing
your education here?

If you're planning to stay in Paju,

finish theological school and
take over my pastoral duties.


As well as the study group.

I'm thinking of becoming a farmer.

There's an opening in Namwon.


I can't take over your church.
I don't feel confident.

What about the study group?

I tend to say anything
that comes out of my mouth.

Things that I shouldn't say,
things I can't say...


What're you doing?

I love you Joong-shik!
Do you find me pretty?

Did you give your teacher
my present?


Yeah, something much
better than a necktie.

What happened
at the study group today?

Did you see his face?
He was really stunned.

I want you both to stay put
while I bring your teacher over!

Awe, this sucks!

I'm leaving.


Why'd you do it?

Stay away from my sister.

Just leave her alone...

I wish you could stay
at my place.

This place is just fine.

My dad was furious when he heard
you stole your college tuition

and went to India.
I just couldn't ask him.

It's okay, you can use it
as blinds or security bars.

We worked hard today,
so we deserve a little fun



You go up first.

I need to get some money
from the ATM.

I couldn't find a bank nearby.

It's okay.
I have an idea.

Hey gorgeous!

I hate free-booze-drinking-
rowdy customers

who won't even cooperate
when I book them a date.

Call a friend to pay the bill!

We don't have any friends.


You think this place
is your playground?

To come in and out
free of charge!

This way, sir

Okay, then call your mom or dad.

Hey, that's enough.
Let them go.

Hell no! We should hand them
over to the police.

Just let them go!

This must be your lucky day.

Are you okay?

This fucking sucks...

Did you sleep well?


We have to go somewhere.


There's an Anti-Demolition
Task Force meeting here today.

My dad's got to work,
so he wants me to go instead.

I guess this apartment site
will be our fighting ground.

- Well hello!
- Hello!

- Where's your dad?
- He had to work.

Is this seat empty?

- Hey, let's gather around!
- Okay.

- Here.
- Huh?

What is it?

Give it to the Task Force, okay?


What's that?

It's for the Task Force.

My dad feels bad
leaving for work.


Want to join me for dinner?

Mi-ae told me about you.

This place is the same.

Your room's just like you left it.

Things won't be stable with
the demolition and all.

But we'll be able to get along
like we used to.


Three years ago...

Why'd you do it?

Because I was afraid.

Of what?

That I couldn't make it
on my own.

What about now?

LEE, hey LEE!

A little more to that side, right!

Dong-shik, a little more that way!

Do it right.
Pull harder.

- Is this right?
- That's good.

What about here?

There too.
Raise it a bit more. Good!


Uh, hello!

It's been a while, hasn't it?

Are you planning to
live here, too?

No, thought about it though.

But not with this big bump.
I'll have to move out.

Did you see your brother-in-law?
And visit your sister's gravesite?


You'll be rich now.

Don't you know?

Didn't your brother-in-law
tell you?

Your sister took out
a life insurance policy

with your brother-in-law
as the beneficiary.

When they found out
Eun-soo had died,

they began an investigation
on your brother-in-law.

It just made everyone
so uneasy...

At first, I couldn't help
being suspicious myself.

I wasn't speaking too loud, was I?

Let's get together sometime,

A little bit more, more!

Raise it, raise it more!

Let me see. CHOI Eun-soo...

Born, 1971... here it is...

The amount is $100,000.
The beneficiary: CHOI Eun-mo

Not KIM Joong-shik?

It was changed once.

At first it was her husband,
KIM Joong-shik,

and then changed to
her younger sister.


This is strange.

How was the recipient changed
when the policyholder had died?

Can I look at the insurance
investigation records?

What for?

Did your brother-in-law
extort your money?

It's not my job. The head office
handles these matters directly.

But I'll look into it,
so leave your contacts with me.

Excuse me,
but what happened here?

You won't believe it.

The demolition squad bulldozed in,
setting tires on fire

to smoke us out like raccoons.

I guess we're less than humans
to those sons-of-bitches!

Isn't that Dong-shik's mom
on the stretcher?

Hey, watch the nail!
The nail!

Uh, what?

Come inside.

I was looking for you
a while ago.

I was relieved
when they told me you were out.


Your sister left this for you.

I, KIM Joong-shik, forfeits
all rights

to CHOI Eun-soo's
death benefit of $100,000.

You won't have to worry
about your tuition anymore.

I had you registered back then.

So if you reapply your admission,
you can go back to school.

And you can now reclaim
your parents' house.

Oh, you're here.

They've been waiting for you.

Are you CHOI Eun-mo?

We want to buy this house
you own.

It's not for sale.

My parents left this place to me.

I'm not selling it.

Actually this area has become
a designated public welfare district.

Under the new development plan,

this place will be afforested
into a park.

So fact is, it's the State
that's buying you out.

I've got nothing more to say.

If these people keep harassing you,
you can move out anytime.

I can now return your deposit
when you need it.

Redevelopment district residents
consent to hometown destruction

not because they want to,
but because they have to.


Don't shoot!

You fucking gangsters!

Come down!

Why aren't the police here?
It's been over 30 minutes.

Whose side you think
the police are on?

They aren't coming

- Give me that.
- Okay.

We don't speak to gangsters.

Let's go!

They're coming!

I can see them!

You, sons-of-bitches!

Eun-mo! Mi-ae! Go!

- But we need proof!
- Go!

Don't you have a conscience,
you sons-of-bitches!

Housing is a fundamental
human right!

Guarantee temporary housing
projects to the residents!

There're elders and
women over here!

Don't you goons have a heart?

Where are we supposed to go?


We want the State to fulfill
its responsibility!

Hey, you sons-of-bitches!

Get out of here, motherfuckers!

Who was in charge of that wall?

How was I to defend it

when the excavator was
charging at me?

Shut the fuck up.

We were almost killed
because of you!

They can try to kill us all,
but I'm not backing down!

You're our leader, say something!

We'll throw Molotov cocktails.

Anything to stop the excavators.

Yeah, we'll do that.

- It'll be payback.
- But that's an immediate arrest!

I'll take sole responsibility.

We'll fend off the police
until we can.

If I offer to fold on condition
that I'm the only one arrested,

- they'll accept.
- Joong-shik!

That's not right.

Then are you gonna do it?

He said he's taking responsibility.

Nice, nice!


In! In!

I saw it, it's an IN!

No, it went out!



It's for you.

You're here.

Sir, this is Ms. CHOI Eun-mo.

This is the insurance inspector
from Seoul.

So, you haven't been told
about the beneficiary transfer.

It's not like that.

I just wanted to understand
what really happened.

What really happened?
What do you mean?

Why the beneficiary was changed?

Was it

a car accident or gas explosion
that killed my sister?

It's a gas explosion. Who said
anything about a car accident?

Is that what your brother-in-law
told you?

I smell something fishy here.

In fact I'm here due to
some loose ends with the investigation.

Your sister died from
a gas explosion.

But the gas pipe supposedly
causing the leak disappeared.


So I had suspicion of intentional
evidence destruction.

But since Mr. KIM wasn't aware of
his wife's insurance policy,

and wanted to transfer
all rights to his sister-in-law,

I closed the case.

I did acquire a notarial deed.

And made sure we wouldn't
have to process the payment.

As it was unlikely the
deceased's sister would show up.

Any company would take
that kind of position, right?

I'll give you my business card.

You make me wonder
if there's more to investigate.

I'm still not sure if I should
reopen the case or not,

but I'd like us to keep
in close contact.

We need to talk.

If you keep resisting, we'll have to
drag you to the night club.

But if you cooperate,
we'll talk here. Your call.

Is this about the night club debt
or selling my house?

Our boss seems to have
a good impression of you.

Forget the night club debt.

Let's just talk about
your parents' house.

We'll take it off
the afforestation list.

So you don't have to sell it
to us anymore.

Just tell your brother-in-law
to drop out of the Task Force.

Why don't you tell him yourself?

Stop it.

You're making us
look like gangsters.

Since you now know
what my boss wants,

think hard what's best for you.

Come on, let's go.

Where have you been?

People have all gone out
to find you!

We heard you were kidnapped
by the demolition gangsters!

Uh, there they are.

Are you okay?

Are you hurt anywhere?

Are you okay?

I'm fine...

They haven't done anything
awful to you, have they?

- Let's see!
- Stop it!

What happened?

Why did those thugs kidnap you?

Tell us!

It's okay, tell us.

It was about the debt.


I owe the night club money.



How can you be so immature?

- It's your sister's memorial...
- What's it to you!

What's it to you!

Does she even think
before she speaks?

She's so thoughtless.

Can you believe her?

Where were you all day?

Mr. KIM asked me to help out.

You weren't here
and Mr. KIM was busy.

Tell me,

how my sister died.

There were no witnesses,

so I don't know for sure.

A hit-and-run's always like that.

I heard there was a gas explosion
here 7 years ago.

Is it possible to look at
the files related to the case?

What's this about?

Are you with a TV station?

No, it was my house
that caught on fire that day.

Those files are not
open to the public.



Are you tired?

Uh huh... I'm sleepy...

What's your ID number?

Why do you ask?

I need to register something.

Do you need it now?

No, we can do it in the morning.

Your brother-in-law's here!

Go to the career advisory office!

I've discussed this
with your sister.

And we think you should
go to prep school.

Then I'll consider it a 'yes' and
inform your head teacher.

It'll be good for you to go
to college, right?

You can't even afford it.

Then why the hell did you
marry me? It's been months!

What the hell's the problem?
Because I'm not a virgin?

Or because of
these horrible burns?

So what? It's not my fault!

- Why're you doing this to me?
- It's okay, sis.

Why did you marry me!

You've got me!

Forgive me.

Forgive me.

Did you sleep well?

You've got quite a feast there.

Your brother-in-law needs to sleep.
Just have milk today.

Milk on an empty stomach
is good for constipation.

When did he come home?

Early in the morning.


- Mommy!
- Don't run, you'll fall!

You played in the dirt again,
didn't you?

Come inside and get washed.
Then we'll have supper.

Aren't you going in?

I can't believe class has started.

And I almost made it.

I need money.

My sister's become a slave.

I really need to reclaim
my sister.

And my house.

But for now I have no power
or strength to do so.

Me neither.
I ran like crazy for nothing.

You married him for money, right?

I'm leaving for Seoul.
There I'll try to earn enough.

Just wait five, no three years.

Do you have a red magic marker?

Magic marker?

I don't think so.

Not even a felt-tip pen?

Why are you standing in my way?

Have you got something to say?

Uh, no.

You're hiding something
from me, right?


I said, NO!

I want you home early!

Hey, Eun-mo!

Mi-ae, we're leaving today.

It'll just complicate things
if I go back home today.

Okay, then I'll wait for you there.




- Good?
- Yes.

You can use a lighter
to burn it off.

- Wait.
- Stop, it doesn't matter.

I brought your order.

What is it?

A cup of coffee, please.


- Hello?
- This is Mi-ae's father.

Oh, hi.

- Mi-ae has just come home.
- Really? What about Eun-mo?

She said
Eun-mo's afraid to come home.

They parted 30 minutes ago
near the pillow factory.

You haven't told Mi-ae
about Eun-mo's sister, right?

Of course not.

Where's the person now?

The one who killed my sister.

It was a hit-and-run.

Why'd you move?

Dae-yeon had some issues.

it was our newlywed pad...

I just couldn't stay there.

Let's go now.

Eun-mo, do you mind
staying here alone?

It's freezing.
Three coffees.

I'd like the pretty lady
pour it for us.


Let's get out of here.


Help me find a size 75A
in this design.

We can leave only
when I've found one.

Is this it?

How about this one?

This one's nice, it's a size 75.

Can't we eat instant noodles


We'll have instant noodles
as soon as we're done with this.


He must be really hungry.

He lives nearby and spends
a lot of time here,

because his parents work late.

Highest grade, 75!




There's a college
open call soon, right?


Is there a major you have in mind?

Perhaps Philosophy of Religion?

- Or Social Welfare?
- Really?

That'll make you
a good partner for me.

I haven't decided yet.

You look good.

I'm good myself.

The surgery's gone well.

He's almost fully recovered.

I just wanted to let you know.

- Someone's calling your mobile!
- Uh? Okay!

- Did you buy a mobile?
- Yeah, yesterday.

But you always hated
those things.

Yeah, it's me.

Are you done?

You must've stayed up all night.

I was about to leave.

I should avoid
the rush hour traffic to Seoul.

Want my mobile number?

Maybe later.

I'll call if I'm late.

These documents are testimonies
from North Koreans,

who escaped repatriation camps
after defecting.

These are the English
translated version.

Who did the translations?

I'm not sure.

If these get into the wrong hands
due to negligent security,

clearly they'll be misused.

And the authorities will subject
everyone to interrogation.

We've got to be careful.

Did you submit your application?


I'll check the translator and
have them keep the documents safe.


But are these testimonies credible?

- See you later.
- Yeah, good bye.

- See you.
- Bye.

- Bye.
- Bye.

Aren't people talking?

About what?

You're living with your sister-in-law
who's a grown woman.

She was just a kid
when I first met her.

Besides, she won't be living
here for long.

Since she's going away
for college next year.

Joong-shik's been arrested.


A detective took him away.

Let's go inside,
there's something I need to hide.

Where... is he now?


Why don't you ever call him

What's it to you?

He's held at the Paju
police station.

But he could be transferred
to Seoul.



Is attorney CHO busy these days?


Hello, it's me.

Everything's okay.
Nothing bad will happen.

I haven't paid
your college tuition yet.

Search my drawers
for the bank book and bill.

The deadline's tomorrow.

Make sure you pay by then.


Since I'm in prison, I need
you to bring me a few things.

A few items to clean up and...


Strange that I'm here?


It's okay.

You must've been scared
last night.


I slept well.

Here's what you asked for




I'm thinking of going on a trip.

Are you planning to go overseas?


I think India would be good.

Hey, you sons-of-bitches!

Get him!
You motherfucker!

Fucking assholes!


do you do this?


do you get out of this,

I'm not sure...

At first I did it
because it was cool,

then because I felt
I owed people a lot.

But now, I'm not sure.

It just seems

I'm always faced with
more things to do.

And it never ends.

I don't understand you.


Wait a minute.


I need to take a short nap.

Everyone's using my place.

The water's cut off, right?


I had the impression
you had something to say to me.

You called me 'brother-in-law'
back there.


Have you ever loved my sister?

I couldn't...

love your sister.

Is it because of your first love?

It has nothing to do with

There's nothing to even
consider between us.

We can't go there anymore.


what about me?


There was never a moment

when I haven't loved you.

Three years ago
when you suddenly disappeared,

I couldn't believe
you could do that to me.

Especially when
I was tied up in prison.

I was swept with secular emotions,
I hated you like crazy.

Even when I vowed
never to see you again,

I really was

in love with you.

Waiting for you...

Is that...

all you can say to me?

I need to know.

I have to know the truth.

It is the truth.

All of it.

Where to, miss?

Just go.

- Are you okay?
- Excuse me?

No, I was just...

- Is there any left?
- Of course.

Anyway, I don't believe it.

- When did they arrest him?
- This morning.

For Molotov cocktail throwing?

No, I think they said
insurance fraud.

But he's not the kind of person
to do that!

This is not the time
to worry about others.

We all threw Molotovs
because of Joong-shik.

And now we might
all get arrested for it.

The insurance thing,
he was absolved last time.

- So, what's the problem?
- I know.

The truth doesn't matter.

They'll use any excuse
to throw him in.

This kind of thing is perfect
to use against him.

It won't be long for the press
to hop on the bandwagon.

Why did Eun-mo have to
cause trouble now?

She's a serial runaway.

You think
she would be considerate?

Her sister had died.

I would've done the same thing!

Just shut up!

I can't do this anymore.

You must be kidding!

- I can't anymore...
- So, you're bailing out?

But you don't have a child.

Go! No one's holding you back!

You're not the only one suffering!

- We're all suffering!
- Stop it!

Can I see Mi-ae?

Don't ever come back.

Want me to set
the record straight?

The truth has to come out.

It'll be okay.

There're just
accusations but no proof.

And the Task Force?

What about the Task Force?

I've been so arrogant.

Once again I've forgotten
how foolish a man I am.


I know this from experience.

It's better for Eun-mo

not to know what really
happened that day.

The bible says, one lost lamb is
more important

than a flock of 99.

Hey, CHOI Eun-mo!


We'll also keep our promise!