Pajarico (1997) - full transcript

Manu, who just turned ten, makes his first trip to Murcia to spend some time with his father's family. Surrounded by orchards, sea, nature and a cheerful and warm family, he will find his first love and the first signs of his adult life.

Let me help you.

I have a son your age.

Is there someone waiting for you?

Yes, my uncle Juan.

You wait here for your uncle, uh?

And do not worry, he will come soon.

Are you Manuel?


Well now, whew...

How was your trip?


Do not you remember me?

Uncle Juan, your Uncle Juan, my boy.

How much you've grown, uh?

What do you got here, son?

What's wrong, baby?

I want to go with my parents.

Oh well, no big deal, Manuel,

you will see how everything works out.

You'll see.

Come on, that's better. Is it true that you have been given a drawing prize at school?


Blow your nose.

The Cebri?ns have temperament of artists.

"Who through life sighs asks:

what is life? Life is suffering, grief,

a torment that invites us to meditation."

What do you think of the poem?

Well, your father wrote it, when he was your age. Such an guy was grown your father.

I want to go with my parents.

Then we start well.



Manu, you're wondering what do you do here in Murcia with your uncles.

It is because my parents are getting divorced.

Well, that matter we'll talk later, yeah?

You'll see how things are getting out:

following the instructions of your parents,

you're going to spend three weeks here with your family in this house.

You'll spend the first week with Uncle Juan,

and Marisa, your aunt.

And, of course, with your cousins.

Sofia, Amalia, and Fuensanta.


Then you'll spend another week with Fernando

and Aunt Beatriz.

They live in the first level flat

and are the owners of the shop.

And if it's any reference,

I'll tell you that make sweets that taste great,

the finest in Murcia.

And the last week you will spend here with us.

I am Loly.

I am Emi.

Well, all this if you think it fits.

Because we're in a democracy, no?

Margarita, Margarita, uh?

Yes, yes.

We thought it convenient, that rather than to go to a new school, with the implications that this entails,

it is better that I give you classes to learn new subjects,

and, above all, you do not forget what you have learned.

Also trying, as far as possible,

to visit some of the most remarkable monuments of this city,

in order to increase your cultural heritage.

Murcia is a beautiful city, which the River Segura, given the benefit of its water

to create this beautiful garden where orchard and lemons and oranges...


...grow handsomely.

Antonico, son, where are you?


He speaks to you, play along.

Son, who is it?

Are you sick?

Say something.

I've been looking all over the house, and I have not found you.

Where have you been?

I was out there playing.

Where, playing the birdie (pajarico)?

What do I say?

This is Manuel, Antonio's son, your grandchild.

My grandson, grandson?

He is the son of Antonio.

Grandpa, your son Antonio married Teresa, remember?

This child is your grandchild Manuel.

And my son Antonico?

Is he dead?

No, Dad, he's not dead, your son Anthony lives in Madrid.

My nephew Manuel, what do you think?

He is handsomer than you.

Have you seen such beauty? Greet.


Well, keep working.

Manu, you and I, we will work too.

# In the garden of Murcia I bring a flower #

# of which, my life, I make a love nest #

Pelea, you have an ass such as to bit it a nibble.

Already returns to its old ways?

What shall we do, my daughter?

Well, first lesson, Manu, write down:

Maruja, come.


Come for a little while.

Come, come.

I go.

Do not go!

Why wouldn't I go? Leave me alone.

The most important thing is to take good measurements.

if you're wrong you lose the customer and your self confidence.

Write down:

back: 33.

back long: 40.

Do not give yourself, Marujita

Why not?

I'm not at all like you, Celia.

Bust: 85, beauty!

Record it, son, write down.

Hi, Dad!


Good morning!

She's beautiful!

Let's see, what happens to my Fuensanta?

But Fuensanta, you look like a princess!

Such a nice dress!

And the notebooks ...

And this is for you.

Thank you!


Well, here, place yourself where you want.


Put your hat on, in these latitudes the sun is strong.

"Neither the sun nor death, can you look ahead."

# On the edge of the Segura #

# when a farmer woman laughs #

# glows with beauty #

# all the Murcia shore #

pay attention,

Concentrate on what I say.

Do you see?

Look, that light!

That light!

The reeds and the river, can you see, which bisects the whole space,

but most important are the colors.

Look, Manu, look at the green trees

is it not a wonder?

Look, a magpie!

It's a bird beautiful,

though a little bad for the country.

Remember me when I got home to show you a picture by Breguer

I feel chills every time I see that picture

Do you know why?


Because it has mystery.

The mystery, Manu, is a gift that only the enlightened ones have

but today we will comply with stealing from nature one of their colors,

is it true, child?

Come on, do your thing!

# In the garden of Murcia I bring a flower #

# in which, my life, goes a love nest #

# what happy I will be #

# Lady of Fuensanta #

# what happy I will be #

# virgin in my heart #

Fuensanta Fuensanta!


We have visitors.

We've done it!

Good day!


How are you, Sheriff?

Have not you heard? I'm not sheriff anymore.

Now I am God.

Damn, and on Sunday?

Have you changed your profession to improve

it is a joke, do not get angry.

Okay, okay, okay.

Got anything to eat?

Yeah, man. Give him an apple, Manu.

Give it, give it.

Let's see, You are an innocent child,

tell me who I am?

And shuld I know?

You do not know who I am, girl?

Do not know who I am?

Is it possible?

I'm God!

Yes, yes, yes.

I'm God!

And how do you know?

Would it will be enough one proof for you to believe?

I can disappear anytime!

Really? Then disappear

and leave us alone.

Not so, not so easy, right?

You gotta have faith

with faith, yeah.

Faith moves mountains.

Hey, you want me to disappear?


Okay, do not bother us, get out of here.

Wait, wait, wait.

Okay, okay, I'll disappear.

He doesn't disappear.

Sheriff, Sheriff, man,

have you died?

Where am I?

Who are you?

He is well, yeah.

Well, well, well.

I'm here again.

You've seen how I have gone?

I told you.

I disappear when I want because I am God, the Almighty.

But you have not moved from there

Above all, incredulous

Ridiculous! I have returned!

I'm already back here!

I left, and I'm back, and here I am.

Stay with God!

Marking, marking!

Now, pass it.

Hey, the skirt,


Listen, Manu!

Look how wonderful!

Something happens in this picture that makes it unique.

The hunters, dogs, but the mystery is in the magpie,

flying over the snowy mountains.

Do you see? We remove the bird

and it is another thing.

It loses the mystery, Manu

Fuensanta, turns on the light!

You see,

what's inside

see the green tunic

everything in this picture has double meaning

like the mirror, for example,

here it is.

And here it is!

This is for me the picture of pictures

what a picture, my God!

I'll give my life to paint such a picture

In the life there are a few magical moments

something happens that moves us,

felt like an earthquake

the trembling of the beauty in music

in poetry, in a picture

sometimes in a movie

great artists,

maybe they do not know,

have the power to convey the magic

the mystery of beauty

the harmony of the words

and things


Am I ok so?

Turn a little

a little more, woman

there is nothing more beautiful than the female body

and you have a great body, Martita.

You have to have confidence in me

I am an artist

let me see your breasts, baby!

Can' you see? I do not know how you hide something so beautiful.

Those breasts have grown

and developed

to be cherished

what else pretty things you say, Juan!

It is a secret.

What secrets?

Well, women thingss.


And you?

Well, it's a hassle with homework, I enjoy at recess

playing football with my friends

And so much you like soccer?

You hate football, no?

I like more reading and I want to be a dancer

Those at television?

Well, everything.

Want me to teach you?

- What?
- Cod!

Like going to school today?

What's up, Sophia?

I do not know why we have to go to school for what you learn ...

Better you are there, than all day shut up at home watching TV

Best for what?

I'll give you a slap!

I do not want to go to school!

You'll do what I say.


You know the colors in English?


How you say "rosa"?


and "azul"?


and "negro"?


"morado" (purple)?

I do not know.

And "verde"?




"Lapiz" (pencil)?


Coming, Manu?

What's wrong, son?

No, nothing, aunt.


Fuensanta, where are you?

Do not be heavy, Fuensanta, this is a pain!

Where are you?



You are stupid!

You've scared, uh?

Stupid, stupid!

Do not be angry, wait!

Such bad genius, hey, no big deal!

How funny you!

Have you scared?

No, I do not scare with that crap.

Yeah, you were scared, admit it!

- Manu?
- What?

Do not get so, man,

if I knew you so impressive, would not do not it, OK?

Do not ever make it to me anymore!


Sit down here beside me.


This is my favorite place

I come here to wonder
- To wonder?

Do not you wonder?

Try it,

close your eyes,

and wonder.

What do you see?

I see my parents

at Madrid

I'm awake

in bed

I can not sleep

And so?

Your parents have separated because they don't get along

And so?

Well, they have separated.

Everyone does his life

Aunt Maggie says your father is a pennant.

What is that?

He is a gulf

They were arguing and saying things

what did they said?

Did you spy them?


Well, yes.

One night, yeah.

I could not sleep

and went to their room.

My mother said she had reached the limit of his strength

and could not take it anymore

What else?

Do you promise not telling anyone?

I promise.

Promised, promised, promised.

My mother told my father that he was disgusting

is not it terrible?

I only disgust roaches

Come with me

now I'll show you my secret

Now be quiet

I see nothing


Get stuck to me

Be quiet, uh?

What do they do?

They make love


It makes me much laughter

It is the third to take

you will feel bad


Something more?

This phrase is devilish, hell!

Nephew, take that chair and sit down

You cease playing a couple of days and you lose the mechanism

as I can not give you much time as you need

so, nothing.

A disaster.

You are very demanding

you want me to put my finger on the exact site

nor 1 mm above or below

and that takes hours and hours of work, son.

Thousands of times you have to put my finger exactly micro metric

and without reference, son

and also there is the arc

the exact pressure

tilt due

and stop at the right time

not to extend a note and

and destroy all the work done so far.

The genius, baby, do not exist

they are done by dint of working hours and submission.

My teacher told me

"Fernandico, you are much valuable,

you have talent,

and if you would,

you could be a figure in the music scene"

Yeah, he said

That saying of the "music scene" he liked a lot, son

"but you are lacking something important thing,

you lack consistency,

willpower, tenacity,

wanting to be a star above all"

He knew me well, because to me, baby,

what I like in life,

is wandering.

In that respect I am Barogiano, I like to walk the roads of life

and see what life reserves to me

or gives me, and so on. etc. etc.

You do it very well, uncle,

I like it a lot.

Thank you, nephew.

Thanks to everybody

thank you, dear audience

what would the Philharmonic without me!

Thank you, and you give up your ass!


Work claims for us, and evil money, son.

The owner calls you

Treat me with respect, Tony,

and mostly in front of my nephew

I need to talk to you

See you later?


The flesh is weak, beloved nephew,

And you, what about you?

Do you like girls?

Well, it depends

Yeah, of course, then take some advice, son

be careful with women

they have the wisdom

and strength

Did you called me?

Man, you playing the guitar and Bethlehem with the shepherds

as there is much to do ...

Remember you have to make the wedding cake for the Enriquez?

Ah, the Enriquez?

"What became of so much elegance"

What a head I have, son, I had completely forgotten

a wedding cake

with its doll and all

from that we make a living, do not forget.

Life is a wedding cake, child,

"where do you go, child, through the woods

I'll take the flowers of nature "

No, I'm very inspired today, son

my neurons are here

between the cream and the Chantilly

you've learned that of VAT?


Well, very simple, baby,

Always more.

How dare you do that?

You have no right.

I do not know what happened, but it is so.

I fell inlove with her

I do not want to hurt you, Fernando, I have always been honest to you

and me with you, Toni

I know you'll suffer

but I prefer your information by me and not for others

But we can keep meeting

We're getting married

I'll kill myself!

I can not live without you.

Do not tell me that, that hearts my heart, Fernando!

I can not live without you!

I love you, Toni.

I love you more than anything in the world

Do not leave me, Toni

please do not leave me!

I love you too, I van never forget what you have done for me

I was wrong, I

I didn't knew what I wanted, I was trying

And now you know?


You said you loved me

that you would live forever with me

We can not control feelings

they are stronger than us

they are stronger than all things

you tell me that, do you remember?

But we can keep meeting

even if you go with that one

No, Fernando, I will change my life!

With Rosa I discovered that I like women

I never felt so before

my flesh burns when I touch her

I dream on her body

I like her voice

look, when I...
- Shut up!

Do not humiliate me

okay, go away

without rancor?




I'm sorry, really.


Get in!

Can I come in?

Come in, come.

Come in at once!

What do you want?

You have scissors?

You know I do not like you fooling around with the scissors, so that you?

I wanted to cut a thing

in the toilet I think I have some

in the top drawer, in the sewing bag

How do you like my dress, you like it?

Have you ever seen a naked woman?


Do you like my body?

Do you like my breasts?

Look, man, they will not eat you!

Come, come closer.

Touch me.

Uncle Fernando says he is going to kill himself

You say?

He has a gun, and says he will kill himself.

He have said it to you?

No, not me, Toni. Toni says he's going to marry a woman

and Uncle Fernando has said that if he does, he will kill himself.

That is nonsense!

Where have you seen that?

What do you know?

Promise me that what you'll never say it to anyone


Or does someone else know?

Promise me, then?


Sleep, my life

sleep, my love.

Nobody has told me how much solitude is needed

to know what is loneliness

how much love is needed

to feel loved

or how much pain to want not to be born

Nobody will hurt you

I'll always by your side

I will be with you always

Manu, opens the door.


He don't caughts me!

I had a terrible day at school,

but terrible, terrible.


Because I've been punished.

Well, I've had a very strange dream

want me to tell?


I was in a train station, I wonder if you saw

one of those that have many railways,

crossing each other,

when going out of the station

Of course I've seen!

You think that only those you at Madrid know everything?

Well, okay, okay!

I had to go from side to side of the tracks

had to cross the tracks

it was all full of train tracks

Suddenly, I heard the whistle of a locomotive

and saw a train approaching in the distance

I did not know where to hide

because I was in the midst of all tracks


And what did you do?

I stood still and closed my eyes

what could I have done?

If I ran it could have been worse

and what happened?

The locomotive coming toward me

to me!


I stood still

Yes, and what else?

I woke up.

Well, well!

Have you seen who he was?

What a shock, no?

Who were they?

My cousin Loly and her boyfriend

Don't take it!

There is blood!

Do not touch it, throw it, it is very dangerous!


If you touch the needle you die!

How does it feels that if you prick?

You die, throw it, Fuensanta!

Do not you ever have a shot in your veins?

It hurts?


I can not look at it, I get dizzy.

Are you in pain?

Something terrible is happening!

What, where?

Do not know.

But something is happening in this house

Emilio! Your brother just fall and dies!

Look what happens!

Quiet, please!

Calm down, please!

Immediately send an ambulance!

The hospital? Get me to the emergency room.

Yes, by Dr. Cebrian.

Don Emilio Cebri?n

an ambulance to his home, Velluga Cardinal Square

Emilio, they ask if it is a heart attack


They immediately send it.

Yes, please, urgent


Let's see, Manu, where is Italy?

Do not get distracted, where is Italy?

Is it possible?

What is the capital of Italy?

Rome, Eternal City.

Okay. In Rome, well, at the Vatican,

lives the Holy Pope

Where is Australia?

I'll give you a clue, where are the kangaroos from?

From Australia

So, search

I think they're here, look

Do not be an ass, that's Africa!

Shut up!

Why is that I can not speak, or what?

- No.
- Why?

Because I said so. Come and do your homework.

Then go!

But, well, what happens?

Why do you cry so?

Watch that bug, look at that beast!

Manu pick up the telephone, it's your father.

Kill it, kill it!

God, she is already with her hysterical!

Dad? Where are you?

I'm fine.

But when do you come?

Calls from Italy

But when?

It's a hassle, Dad!


Yes, I'm fine.

I want you.

And Mom?

I would like a robot

Aunt Maggie spies on me!

She's a heavy one.

She will not let me breathe

No one withstands her

I'll be patient

Goodbye, Dad.

How dare you, uh?

How do you do that?

I was consumed for you


Are you deaf?

Grandfather is calling!

See, I can not go now!

Come on, grandfather is calling!


What happened?

My father comes to get me


Right away.

Manu, how is father?


My child, precious.

Come, Santica.

Can you give me the phone?

Yes, yes. See you later.

See you later.

What will I do when you go?

You come with me.

My parents will not allow me

Why not?

We can not live together

cousin marriages are banned by Pope

that's nonsense

today this is not a problem

Did you ever get in there?


That's forbidden.

Prohibited, banned, banned.


And if we get caught?

But really, what are you doing here?

We wanted to know what's inside

Then that's fine

because curiosity is the mother of science

And what do you think?


What is this?

That is the iris

Who would say that in so small an area is reflected the health of a person, uh?

Of course, a complex nervous system

draws, like a map

to each organ of the body

within the iris

This really interests you?


Look, this is the right iris,

but is placed here on the left.

And here, at 12 o'clock, the brain is represented

and here, at 5 o'clock zone,

are the female genital organs

Do not you believe it's so, Fuensanta?


Well, believe me, baby

everything good and everything bad that is saved here

almost everything we know

comes in trough our eyes

and from there we place it here

in the brain

but well, let's leave that now, uh?

Manu, Fuensanta, stand behind the camera

come, without fear, here

come, come Manu

and see through it

Let's see

what do you see?

The window, and you, but in reverse.

Exactly. That's how we see things.

But the brain puts them upright

so that no one falls from the ceiling.

There are still who believe that a photograph steals your soul

and that the image reflected in the mirror decreases you

because on bending you, you lose half your energy

but the truth is that

we live from appearances


and illusions

do not you think?


I see things that I can not see.

True, Fuensanta sees things not seen.

It's possible.

Some people have these powers

well, that say so

Fuensanta, I've never looked at your iris, no?


Well we're doing it right now

Manu, press that button next to the window

the one next to the curtain, uh?

- This?
- That.

Come, sit.

Support the chin here.

Easy, uh?

And look at this staring point

closer, Manu.

Well, do you see?

Now we focus




what complexity

secrecy and mystery are in there

That is the iris of a child

still clean and transparent

the colors are vivid

Life here is at its best

let's see for a while, Fuensanta

do not move

here there is something somewhat unusual.


Quiet, quiet, do not move.

It's like a vibration.

and you say you see things not seen, no?

I also hear things.

And what do you see now?

I see Aunt Maggie comming

and grandfather says he wants to speak to Manu on a death.

But what are you saying, child!


Are there the kids?

Yes, yes, they are here, Margarita.

Where have you gone, uh?

Have not I said it is forbidden to enter here?

I'm going to seriously punish you

if you think you can do whatever pleases you, you are very wrong


Okay, okay, what do you want?

Dad, he is increasingly obsessed.

No one withstands him.

I tell him to get up and he says no

that he wants to stay in bed for life.

He gets intolerable

says he wants to speak with Antonico.

Well, we have to be patient.

let him rest.

But, Emilio, you said that he should exercise every day.

Ok, but for one day, nothing happens.

Anything else?

Yes, he insists on talking to Antonico.

He says: "I want to talk to my baby Antonico"

uncle, whom grandfather wants to talk is Manu.

can be...

You no longer understand him anything

he asked me for a pitcher of umbrellas

He wants orange juice.

But, how do you know that, my daughter?

Well, come on, Manu, accompany Fuensanta, and go see grandfather

and be very patient with him, please

he is a very old man, go!

This century is going to end badly, son

will end badly this century is going to end very bad son

Why will this century end badly, Grandpa?

Have you heard the news?

The Russians are going to Christianize

and Americans are going to be all black and Communists

million people have been killed for nothing, son

for nothing

everything's upside down

in the European war

they killed 50 million people

do you realize what that means?

What folly! Nobody agrees.

And without change, there's no life.

But the changes brought disaster

disorganization and chaos

Have you traveled a lot?

I've been to Santiago de Compostela

with school

And what of it?


You have to travel, Antonico

to realize what life is

Here we believe we are the navel of the world

Not that there is no better place to live

perhaps is worse off

but everywhere they baked beans

I get really heavy with my sermons, right, son?


It is the inevitable legacy of a life devoted to teaching

hand me the hair on the tongue

He wants a glass of water

You want a glass of water?

Of course!

I am an useless oldman

but this still works

Well, Antonico, let's go to our thing

I, before, before... that

I have to tell you something I have not told anyone

Come a little bit closer

in this house a lot of things have happened, Antonico

My name is Manuel

Do not you remember, grandpa?

The most important thing is what I'll tell you

We all keep a secret

of which we are ashamed, son

I have my secret

something that nobody knows but me

and that One, if he exists.

A secret I've kept with me throughout my life

but now that I'm going to...

I want you to know it

You have been my favorite son, Antonico,

my solitary bird (pajarico)

You know why I named you lonely bird?

No, not really.

Because you were always jumping around from one place to another

and you liked to be alone

and reading, and be independent

you're just like me

And the secret?

What secret?

The secret, Grandpa.

Ah, yes.

My secret

I must unload the spirit

You see, those were times of war, son

and in times of war, they dispelling the order of things

and committed the worst atrocities

on behalf of who knows what

it is a time of vengeance and cruelty

He came to see me dressed in black, with a gun, on the belt

He came to tell me I had taken his girlfriend

and that he would kill me

He was a rough guy, nasty and stank of wine

I was frightened

I told him that she had chosen me

It was true, because they are the ones who choose, son

I tried to use all possible arguments

to make him desist from his intentions

but he came determined to kill me

I do not know where I got strength

but I jumped on him like a bull

drew his pistol and he hit my arm

I still have the signal

and look, look what I did

I felt a divine wrath

hit him until I could not more

first with the hand

and then with a shovel

until my fingers flayed

it was horrible, I lost control

and for a very long time

I was another person

when I came to me, and I realized what I had done,

I trembled

what to do?

What could I do, Lord?

What did you do, Grandpa?

Who are you?

What did you do after killing him, Grandpa?

I buried him at the foot of the stairs

and there he is.

In the basement?

In the basement, yeah.

Don't you hear a heavenly sound?

It's uncle Fernando coming from the hospital

No, no, no, Uncle Fernando is very bad

has been paralyzed for ever

never be able to play the bagpipes again

It rains over the fields

He wants you to get down a bit the blind

what will be there? Nothing ...

One is gone, and that's it.

I wish there was something

not to die at all the way

a place where one could breathe comfortably

if you breathe well and feel no pain

then you're in heaven

How fine you are

when you're fine.

Why do you paint your face?

To be more beautiful

you want me to paint you?


Why kids are not painted?

What do I know?

Why do you ask me?

Why do you prick yourself?

But what you say, you're crazy?

I would not skewer.

So what did you do on the terrace?

Look, baby, do not get into what you're not called or I'll give you a wafer so they're not going to find you, right?

I do not skewer me

I do not like it

Whom were you with at the terrace?

Well if you're so interested, I will say with my boyfriend

He pricks himself.

We found a bloody syringe

who else knows?

Just me

and Fuensanta

The donkey in front

That one always gets my leg. If you sing I'll kill you both!

And you tell that stupid one as she doesn't mum, I'll whack her so she will remember all her life,

and you too!

You are playing with fire

you are advised

If you say a single word of it, I'll kill you

is that clear?

You know where your sister has gotten?

With her boyfriend, I say

We will have to do something with this girl

otherwise we fall out

She had to be home already

Leave her, in these times of ours, you can not demand she get this early at home

if only for discipline, dad, and an example to the young ones

we must adhere to rules

when she grows old she can do what she wants

if she want to leave home, she leaves

now she is too young to go around

She is 17 years old

at that age I was married to Emilio

That were other times

but that is not what worries me

it is this boyfriend that she got

he is too thin

and vicious

but if you just told me to do whatever she wants, what do we agree, Dad?

Not confuse quail with lettuce

Grandpa is right, Emilio, that kid is very pale

and exerts a bad influence on her

to me this kid is taking drugs

it stings, with heroin.

But how awful is that, dad,

that boy is the son of Gimeno

Well, yes, it is legit

Therefore, if doped, we would know, here in Murcia knows everything.

What he makes to himself, I do not care.

But my Loli ...

I can not sleep a wink at the thought

Emilio, you have to do something!

I would like you to examine him using any pretext, that kid

and so, at least get out of doubt

and I'd be more quiet

we are totally crazy in this house, and what happens to you Margarita, whom you speak?

No one, do not talk to anybody, Emilio, with whom was I to speak?

That's what I want to know, whom, what happens?

I knew you would sense it, I wanted to tell you

let yourself off mysteries, Margarita, and tell me what happens

I'll tell if you insist

This morning I had a miraculous vision while in the bathroom

I saw a wonderful light, it was incredible


It filled all with light, and She appeared


Stop talking nonsense, Margarita.

You've taken the pill?

Of course I have taken the pill

Well, pardon me, what I mean is you can not go around

scaring the kids

But it is the truth, and every day I took the pill

This morning I told the Father Justo and he told me it was the virgin that lit the path to glory

Then tell that jerk to stop sticking their noses into our lives

and please sister do not you dare go telling the miracles

because we will have here a pilgrimage

Emilio is right about that, do not go saying that you have visions

But it's the truth!

Well, even if it's the truth!

You shut up, or you tell me

and that's it.

What do you saw, aunt? How was this glow?

You see, it was like a light globe to come from the beyond

and fill me with its light

a sense of peace and joy flooded my heart

the globe opened, and a golden light filled it with everything, everything

and there, inside the balloon, She was

all golden, dazzling and beautiful.

Good night to all!

Good night, Grandpa.

Let's see, you can not ever come at your time?

Go, I thought it was early!

How time flies, right?

Tomorrow you tell your boyfriend to stop by here, I want to take a look at him


Because I do not like how thin and pale he is

You have no right to meddle in the lives of others, dad

But, well, I'll give you a slap

however you are woman

I need to know whom you meet, and this kid looks sick

and I do not want my daughter to meet a sick guy

So tomorrow you say him to come here

and if he is not I'll call his father

And what can you say, that Jaime is skinny?

I like him that way.

What can I say?

Stop it, damn it! Enough is enough!

I've always been a man of order


I've never said anything

well, well

It's not that bad, Emilio

Easy, Emilio

calm down

Do not get so angry, that's not worth it

Do not panic, occasionally he gets it

but soon gets well

He got this from always, his eyes got blanck, as if he were to have an attack

so when he says that I am epileptic, he would do better looking himself in the mirror

Do not panic, Manu, come here, young man!

It's the adrenalin that has somewhere to drop

Be calm, it's always the same

not important

it's his character

No, in my opinion it has nothing to do with Uncle Fernando's

mine is temporary, calm down

To Dad this also happens sometimes

Do you see? We only inherit the iniquities

I've always been a peaceful man peace-loving

Less when you almost kill the boyfriend of Aunt Margarita, grandfather

This man came to the house dressed Falangist

and I've always been a Republican of honor!

He was not my boyfriend, he was courting me, though.

And you, what a brother you get into the closet, scared to death

Enough is enough, Margarita, that's a fallacy, a lie

That one is true. When came Aunt Maggie's boyfriend, Emilio and I got into the closet scared to death

Federico Sanchez was a very handsome boy, but when I was abusing my absences were

and father forbade him to come and see me

That one just wanted to fuck you

I did not skeep things

He was very fond of me

was so passionate ... One day he came here to this house, saying that

or I was his, or anyone

Look, for these times ...

He came pointing the pistol and saying he would kill us all

if he did not carried Aunt Margarita

and uncle and I tucked in the closet!

And he fired? It was not grandfather who shoot?

Yo don't know the fear I get through into the closet

I even peed

Did grandfather killed him and buried him in the basement?

I killed him with these hands, and buried him in the basement

This brings fantasies, dad

You did not miss anything, Margarita, because what ht was, was a pimp

No, no, no. You mess me

I had the asparagus, when Antonio came in with the library in his hand, and gave me the speaker

and I, with the leg of the thing,

I told him that if he didn't give me the solution,

I was not about influence peddling

that I was tired of resources, bulging and corruption

Calm down, Dad!

There is a storm, Aunt

Storm? Nonsense!

Damn! It is the light stricking that does not stop!

The history is always written by the victors

"It is written, rest in peace"

"The shadows of the night were going ahead"

Psalm 10, verse two

"My heart is wounded"

Psalm 102, verse four

then, nothing has happened here

listen to my poem

What do you want now, Dad?

Well, I want to recite my latest poem

The dedication is a very, very special

It is for you, Antonico

For me, Grandpa?

My heart is hurt

and my days are like the shadows that vanish

the shadow of the night hides the child in me

I am like a sparrow alone on the roof

Emilito, son!

What happened, man?

The grandfather, he is not at home!

Emilito, son, wake up!

What is it, Mom, what happens?

Come on, you need to help find grandfather!

He had never done such a thing.

Margarita, let's see, have you spoken to Juan?

Yes, he knows nothing, no trace of grandfather.

Before calling the police, some of you know where can be grandfather?

No, Emilio, I've already said no, nobody knows anything.

I'm concerned, Margarita, is the first time it happens

Emilito, you know something?

Let me sleep.

Emilito, I'm asking!

No, I do not know where he is!

Then answer!

He may not have gone too far, I'm going to look for him.

Where? All Murcia around, daughter?

No, over there, of course, standing here we're no doing anything

I know who knows

How could you know? Do not start that nonsense

Leave him alone!

Who knows, baby?


Hi, Grandpa!

Hello, Antonico!

I was expecting you

Have you lost?

Dad, may we know what you're doing here?


What will I do?

I've lost again, my son.

I forgot everything.

I did not know where I was or who I was.

I did not know which way to go

The whole family is looking for you around town, Dad

You see, here I am.

Do you know how I knew you were here?

Because I know you like trees

the flowers and birds

I wanted to go to sea, but I got lost

I want to see the ocean one last time

I'll take to the sea, Dad

life is beautiful when you breathe right, baby

Now you go home with us, Dad

Do not worry, not worth it.

I'm fine here

I am an elephant, Antonico.

An elephant?

If he says it's an elephant, then that's it.

When the elephants are old, they leave the herd,

and go away to die

While Emilio your son is alive, you will always be with us

Truth, Manu?

Yes, come on, Grandpa, go home!

Is not that ...

You're better already...

Come on, do not be so lazy, dad

I wanted to go to the sea

but I lost

Well, I'll take you to the sea, Dad, I promise


A Cebrian's promise is a ...

It is a promise, no?

A truth as a temple, son!

A security for the future.

The transmuting voice, uncompromising legislator

says: holy word, heavenly music,

testimony, warranty and oath

A vote!

One day my father caught up in some old papers,

found a text that caught his eye

was a text written in Arabic

from Methuselah time

when he was in the Moroccan War

swallowed it like a wall.

The text said

where a treasure was buried

When he returned from Morocco

my father was devoted heart and soul

to find the treasure of the Arabs

which said the text

was buried at the foot of an olive tree

in precise coordinates.

Everyone thought my father was right in the head

and the matter was forgotten.

But my father, after many twists and turns,

found the treasure.

It was a fabulous treasure

with hundreds of gold coins

and priceless jewels.

He said nothing to anyone

was silent as a death

in the event that the dead could talk

Well, gradually selling those currencies

here and there

he gave a carrer to all his children

and still had enough money to buy a house here in Murcia

and another one in the Urrutia

in the Minor Sea

Is that true, uncle?

Well, It can be if grandfather says

Possible? Possible?, Why not?

Litter that takes the wind

the moon and the stars

who is the gold, and who is the Arab?

It is also said of crowing and not putting the egg out

which means: who hard presses little covers.

Or that for getting on earlier you don't have clearer ideas

Do you understand anything?

He has the ideas accelerated

which claims reason the words become wrapped in the tongue


that is, life is a creeper that binds us to the abyss

And speaking of abyss

There are depths of passion and depths of hell


How beautiful is life!

How beautiful is the sea!

How nice it is when you're okay.

While it is true that we are saddened by body separation

those who have the priceless gift of Christian faith

hope to be reunited with him in Father's house

We must console

as we raise our prayer to ask God to welcomes our brother in his mercy

and to grant his family and all who mourn his death,

the consolation of faith.

Let us pray.

Our Lord and our Redeemer

that gave yourself to death so that all men be saved and pass from death to life

look kindly upon your servants

What saddened by the death of that ...
- Dad!

...who loved him, come to you confident

You, Lord, you're the only saint

and the only one infinitely merciful

How you've grown, Manu!

How handsome you are, you look like a man.

... and do not let eternal King, who in baptism was incorporated into your church,

look away from you

but by your glorious merits

grant them the place of light, happiness and peace,

You who live and reign forever and ever, amen.

Suddenly I realized that the arrival of my parents had destroyed something

Something happened when they arrived

I was different, I had grown

Fuensanta stared at me, she had changed too

she was now staring at me very seriously

Perhaps we'll never see each other again

but one thing was certain: if my parents had not been to get me

I would had lived with her all my life.