Painkillers (2018) - full transcript

Hey, where are you guys?

Oh, we left.


Lame. That party was amazing.
Hey, miss?

Yeah, it was just okay...

Help, please.

Are you okay?

Sarah? Sarah?

Hello? Sarah?

Talk to me, what's going on?


Go, go, go!

Come on, come on,
come on, come on...

Go, go, go, go!

Oh, my gosh, you did that
and you're in dress shoes.

That's right, I am.

So, where's your skills?
Come on.

Come on, buddy!

Your goal!

Goal! Whoo!


No, no.

Come on, come on, buddy.

I gotta be a goalie, okay?


Come on, man!

Come on, what's with you?

I'm the doctor,
you're the soccer player.



Oh, you kicked me!

Hey, low blow!

Tickle monster ensues!

It's a ticklish spider!

Oh, hold on, buddy.

Hey, Dr. Konrad.


How are his vitals?

Yeah, and what's the...?
Can we play?

What's the CT scan show?

All right, I'll be there in 20.

Let's fly, buddy.


Hey, you know how it goes.

It's an emergency
and I'm on call, let's go.

Pack it up.

Come on, buddy.

I'm sorry.

You're always sorry.

Look, it was
getting dark anyway.

Couldn't play that much longer.

I just...

miss you, Dad.


you wanna see something scary?


Okay, here goes, ready?

Three, two,



Again, again!

Oh, come on.

I would highly advise
against that, Captain.

Override protocol.

Copy that, over.

One, two,

three, four,

five, six,

seven, eight,



Do 20 now!
Oh, let's not get carried away.


Thanks, Dad.

That was fun.

So how are things at school?

You got a girlfriend now, right?

Dad! That's gross.

What's her name, Irma?

Dad, watch out!

Hold on!

John, can you hear me?

It's okay, baby, it's me, Chloe.


How long have I been out?

Two days.


Brian, is he all right?

Oh, God, no, oh, God, no.

Oh, God, please.

No, not dead.


Oh, what's happening?

Somebody help!

Describe what you're feeling.

Call Dr. Konrad!

This will help.

Just breathe,
just breathe, relax.

John, John.
What's happening to me?

What's going on?
I don't know, he was coming to

when we were talking and then
something got triggered.

It happened quickly.

Do something, anything!
I did.

Morphine, five milligrams.

And then nothing?

All right, give me
a hundred of the ketamine

in one of the verse.
Dr. Konrad...

Do it!

He should be knocked out by now.


Dr. Konrad...
Do it!


I can't, I can't.

I'm sorry...
I'll do it.

...I'm sorry!
Chloe, you don't work here anymore.

Step back.

It's okay, baby, just breathe.


From a medical standpoint,
all the reports and tests

come to the same conclusion,

that there's nothing
physically wrong with you.

I mean, we just can't seem
to find the source of the pain.

And, quite frankly, I've never
seen anything like this before.

I mean, I personally consulted

with dozens of experts...

I don't care
about other doctors,

what's your opinion?

That you've suffered
a traumatic shock...

both emotionally
and psychologically.

And that...

this is just your body's way
of dealing with the pain.

Could it be a form of
post-traumatic stress?

It doesn't fit the diagnosis.

You both know as well
as I do that there are

new orphan diseases every day.


It doesn't explain the pain.

John, we've given you
every painkiller and sedative

known to man and you're just...

You're not responding.

So, if you want my...

professional opinion...

go home.


And with everything

that's happened...

talk to each other.


What are you doing?

Why are you putting him
away like that?

Thank you for coming.

Thank you.

I'm so sorry for your loss.

Thank you.

John, can I speak to you
for a minute?

I'm sorry, do I know you?

My name is Herb Morris.

A friend of mine told me
about your situation

who works in the medical field.

Dr. Konrad consulted with him
regarding your condition.

He wouldn't have told me

about your situation
if he didn't think I could help.

And I can help, John.

Look, I...
don't have time for this.


I understand
you've been through so much

and you have a long road ahead.

Let me give you my card

and you call me
when you're ready.


You'll know.

Who was that?

No one.

Just some ambulance chaser.

Do you want some help?

I can do it.



We should talk.

What do you wanna talk about?

Our son died, John.

It wasn't your fault.

Don't say that, okay?

You... you weren't there,

I was there, I was driving,
this was my fault.

You have to stop blaming
yourself, you can't live...

You call this living?


Here, give me this.


John! What did you do?

What did you do?
Hey, hey, shh.


It's not what you think.

You're not shaking anymore.

The pain is gone, Chloe.

This is John Clarke.

Said you had some information
about my condition.

I'm ready to hear it.

What you have is an extremely
rare version of PTSD,

and by rare I mean
one in a million.

Now there are theories,
but, in the end,

nobody's been able to figure out
exactly what this is.

Is there a cure?

A cure? No.

Barely a palliative.

Just by looking at you,
I can tell

that you've already
discovered it for yourself.

You drank your own blood...

and the pain went away.

I know what
you're going through, John,

believe me I do.

This is insane.

So, what, I just drink my own blood now...?
Whoa, whoa, whoa no, no,

not so fast there, champ.

For some reason, that particular
cure only works the once.

I don't know, maybe to
give you a taste for it.

I can assure you,
you continue down that route...

you won't last very long,
if you know what I mean.

What, am I like a...
vampire now or something?

What's happening to you
is very real.

Now, I can assure you
you're not gonna live forever,

you can still go out
and enjoy the sun,

you can have garlic
on your steak,

hell, you can even enjoy
your good looks in the mirror

when you wake up in the morning.

All that shit is just myth.

But the core of it is true.

It's blood.

Blood eases the pain.

Fresh human blood,

animal blood doesn't work,

old, stale blood doesn't work.

Mother nature knows best.

Yeah, you find this natural?

Good news is...
Is I can get you what you need.

Are you offering
to sell me blood?

Think about it, John.

You can have your life back

and nobody need ever know.

Oh, fuck!

Just gonna change this
out for you.

Where were you?

I've been calling.

Oh, sorry,
I... lost track of time.

Are you okay?

Yeah, yeah, I'm all right.

And the pain?

It's gone.

But how?

I mean, you've been sick

for days and then,
just like that,

it's gone?

Did you call Gail?

Don't get me wrong,

I'm glad that
you're feeling better,

but... there has to be
some kind of explanation

otherwise it could
just come back.


I'll be fine.

Just please give me some time.


Gail, it's Chloe.

Urban legend Carla Franken

was found dead today
in her prison cell

where she was awaiting trial.

Police sources say she committed
suicide by hanging herself.

Ms. Franken was arrested
earlier this year

for the alleged killing of
24-year-old Sarah Mendelsohn.

Unofficial sources at that time

claimed that Ms. Franken
had drank the blood

of her alleged victim,

which sparked
a series of tabloid rumors

that labeled her as the "Charles
County Vampire Killer."

Official sources
strongly denied those rumors.

Ms. Franken had been troubled
for many years

after her entire family died
in a house fire

that she inadvertently started.

Gail wants to see you
in an hour.

Oh, uh, right.


Thank you.

What were you looking at?



Rapid response team to room 453.

Rapid response team, room 453.

Dr. Barnett,
please dial 115.

Dr. Barnett, 115.

You wanna be reinstated?

Pain's gone, Gail.

It's over.

Over just like that?

I guess you were right,

it must've been psychological.

I have no other
explanation for it.

It's only been a couple of days.

I... did you start seeing anyone?

I talked it over with Chloe
like you suggested

and it really helped.


Well, I wanna start
monitoring you

on a daily basis.

And you can
when I resume working.

I'll be here,
you can keep your eye on me.

John, don't you think
it's a bit too soon?

I can do it.


What happened to the other hand?

I... I tried to do
some home improvements,

the shaking relapsed
for like a second when I did.


And what happens when
it relapses during a surgery?

Look, I knew you would say that,

and you know that
I would never risk

endangering a patient's life,

so I'm not asking you
to put me back into surgery

on my own at first.

Let me assist for a while.

I'll be at the hospital,

I'll get back into my rhythm...

John, we don't
need you to assist

on somebody else's surgery.

I need it, Gail.

I need to feel useful again.

You know me.

My whole life is my work.

You don't even have to
put me back on payroll again.

You're being ridiculous.

When my mother died,

all I could think about
was getting back to work

and staying at work.

All I wanted to do was just...

do anything to just...

...stop thinking
about her all the time.

And stop thinking
about the guilt...

and the shame.

Stop thinking about the pain.

I wanna help you, John.

I do.

But this help comes
with a warning.

I'm gonna watch you
very carefully.

And the moment there's any
sign of trouble, you are out.


You can start next week,

Dr. Eubanks...
I wanna start today.


I'll take care of that.

John, listen, what are you
doing in the dark?


What's going on?


Just... talk to me.

You're scaring me.


...tell me what's going on.

I'm here to help.

I just wanna...

I just wanna help.
John, don't leave!


Jesus Christ.


Would you look at this?

Junkie doctor.

Never thought I'd see the day.

Look like you need a fix, doc.

Maybe I can help you.

Hook you up.

You want some morphine?

Some crystal?
Fuck off, will you?

Whoa, doc, you off your meds?

Wallet now.
I don't have anything on me.

I'm not taking your word for it.

Your night's not tonight!

What the fuck, man?

Dude, you fucking stabbed me!

You did that yourself.

Why are you staring
at me like that?

You're fucking
creeping me out, man.

Do something!

You're a fucking doctor,
for fuck's sake, come on!

I'm bleeding out here, man!

Hey, where are you going?

The ER's right in there.

Help me!

You're seriously gonna
leave me like this?

What are you doing?

You went back to work?

What happened?

Oh... relapse.

I dropped some blood samples.

The pain's back?

It's okay, honey, I'm here.

Arms up.

I'm here.

Thank you.

We'll get through this.

It's gonna be okay.

What? What happened?

Stay away from me.

I don't wanna hurt you.

What? What's wrong?

You don't understand,
I'm a danger to people,

I'm a danger to you.

What are you talking about?

I need to go!

John, stop!

You're not the only one
who lost Brian.

I need you.


I'm sorry.

Hey, thanks, Herb.

John, welcome.

Take a seat, I won't be long.

Here, this should help.


Don't spill on the rug.


You have it too?

But your skin.

Pale skin's bad for business.

Are there many others like us?

Worldwide, a few hundred maybe.

Around here, barely a handful.

And... and you know them all?

I like to think I do.

I heard about this woman,
Carla Franken...


Was she one of us too?

Well, I guess you could say so.

Not one of the smart ones,
if you ask me.

She paid the price
for her recklessness.

Where'd you get this?

I mean,
I've tried blood banks, but...

You're a smart man, John,

but you're gonna
have to adjust your notions

of good and evil.

You'll come to
understand that grey

is a fine color after all,

good for all seasons.

Did you kill for it?

Not my style.

You like what you see, hmm?

You can have
your life back, John.

You can have control.

Would you like me to show you?

Come in.

Hey, Gail, do you have a minute?

Chloe, uh... yeah.

In fact, I was...

actually planning to call you.

How are you doing?

I'm keeping it together.

Have you seen John?

No, I haven't, not today.

Which is why I wanted
to talk to you.

Please, sit down.

Last night, I caught John
stealing blood from the O.R.

And when I confronted him,
he ran away from me.

And earlier yesterday, several
blood bags were punctured

and left all over the floor.

The other night, I, um...

I found John unconscious
on the floor.

He had...

cut his wrist

and there was...
There blood on his mouth,

but I didn't think
anything of it, I mean,

it was the first time
that the pain had stopped.

I mean, he wasn't
shaking anymore.

And then last night, he...

He said that he was
a danger to people,

to me, and he ran away.

This doesn't exist, right?

Before John's condition...

I would've said no.


Chloe, we've gotta
call the police.

We can't let him be a danger

to everybody else,
or himself for that matter.

No, no.

Please, Gail,

we both know John,
he's just probably

trying to figure
this out on his own.

I need to find my husband

before the authorities do.


24 hours.

After that,

I have to call the authorities.

Thank you, Gail.

I'll just...
I'll keep trying him.

Okay, and I'll do the same.


Please take care of yourself.

So where are we going?

You'll see.

So what's your story?

What happened to you?

9/11 happened.

I was in charge of a rescue
dispatch unit when it happened.

Oh, my God.

We were in the north tower
trying to get everyone out

and, um...

then the south tower was hit.

I couldn't...

I had to save myself.

I got out just before the
building collapsed entirely.


I made a choice.

Looking back on it,
I could've saved some of them.

I saw a way out,
I didn't look back,

I didn't tell anyone.

In that moment,

right before
everything goes black...

you have to make a choice.

If you really want to survive,

if you're willing to do
anything to survive,

then you survive.

The pain comes
from unbearable guilt,

like yours, John.

No, try not to think about it.

The pain comes back earlier
than it should if you do.


before it was decided

I was unfit for active duty,

they took away my badge,

put me on permanent paid leave.

So you came to California

and found yourself
a new line of work.

No, I don't look at it that way.

No, life threw me a challenge

and I rose up to meet it.

It wanted to knock me down,
but I didn't let it.

I was supposed to die
that day in that building,

but I didn't.

And I won't let
anyone or anything

take from me what I can have
in this world, John.



I don't play
with the cards I'm dealt,

I deal the motherfucking cards.

Hi, you've reached
John Clarke's voicemail,

please leave a message
at the beep,

I'll get back to you
as soon as I can.

Urban legend Carla Franken

was found dead today
in her prison cell

where she was awaiting trial.

Police sources say
she committed suicide

by hanging herself.

Ms. Franken was arrested
earlier this year

for the alleged killing of
24-year-old Sarah Mendelsohn.

Unofficial sources,
at that time,

claim that Ms. Franken
had drank the blood

of her alleged victim.

Hi, you've reached
John Clarke's voicemail,

please leave a message
at the beep,

I'll get back to you
as soon as I can.

Where are we?

That's Jack Crane's house.

The pedophile?

Alleged pedophile.

He was released last month
after a mistrial.

How do you know where he lives?

I got friends.

And that's why they call it
the glove compartment.

Trust you know
how to put those on?

Herb, what are we doing?

Shh, justice, come on.

Come on.





Oh, God.

Well, I guess you're less
imposing to grown-ups.

Who are you?
What do you want?

Who are we?
What do we want?

We want you.

With a fucking gun?
Shut the fuck up

and open your eyes.


That could be your kid, John.

Oh, her.
You fucking pervert.

You disgusting monster!


You dirty fuck!

You piece of shit!

Get the fuck up,
you dirty motherfucker.

No! No! No!
You piece of... shit!

I'll kill you!

I'll kill you, you fucker.

I'll fucking kill you!

You dirty motherfucker!

You fucking dirty

John. John!

John, stop! Hey! Hey!

That's enough!
That's enough!


Shit, man, I thought you
were gonna kill him.

Okay, I wasn't expecting that.

Pretty impressive.


What have I done?

Is that why you brought me here?

To beat the shit out of him,
is what you wanted me to do?

Holy shit, what have I done?

Nothing's gonna happen to you.

What about him?

We're not done with him yet.

He's gonna get what he deserves.

Let me take those for you.

That's it.
Okay, just here.

Now what?

I got it from here,
you take a load off, champ.

I'll be right back
with refreshments.

Right on time.

What's wrong?

What did you do to him?

Oh, come on, you're smart enough

for me not to have to explain.

No, I can't.

I won't.

Don't go down this road, John,

do not make this choice.

I don't to do with whatever
you got going on down there.

Jack Crane is a pedophile!

We did society a favor!

Yeah, how
do you feel, John, huh?

How does that feel?

'Cause that does not
get any better, trust me.

John, do the right
thing, take control and drink.


You need to understand
something, John,

you are either with me
or you're against me.

And, believe me, you do not
want to be against me.

You leave me out of this.

Don't you ever come near me
again, do you hear me?

Do you hear me?

What a waste.

Hi, you've reached
John Clarke's voicemail,

please leave a message
at the beep,

I'll get back to you
as soon as I can.

Hi, you've reached
John Clarke's voicemail,

please leave a message
at the beep,

I'll get back to you
as soon as I can.

Hit me again.


I'm gonna have to see
some money, dude.

Knock yourself out.

Hey, handsome.

All that and
you're still shaking.

What are you on?

You don't wanna know
what I'm on.

Pour me one?

Hey, why don't we...

come back to my place?

No, thanks, not interested.

Come on.


I know what you want.

You don't know what I want.

You don't know what I need.

What's your problem, man?

All right.

Time to go home, buddy.

Let's go.



I'm sorry.

Come in.


How is she feeling?


Thank you for...

saving her.

How are you dealing
with the pain?

I'm dealing.

Tell me about the blood.

Well, it wasn't hard
to put the pieces together.

Blood is barely a fix.

So, then, did you attack
that man in the alley?

It was self-defense.

But things... things will
never get out of hand again.

I promise.

I resign, Gail.

I'm sick.

If you get through...

When you get through this...

the door is always open.

We'll see about that.

But I think Chloe...

would like to return.

I think that
she would love that.

She always was
one of our best nurses.

Yeah, well,

too bad she hooked up
with the wrong doctor.

Alleged pedophile Jack Crane

has been missing
since last night

in what appears to be

an attempt at revenge.

Crane's release from his
mistrial earlier this year

attracted nationwide attention,

causing uproar
from the victims' families

as well as backlash from the community.

Prosecutors are
fighting for the...


You feeling better?

Thanks for the meal.

You know I'm not much of a cook.

It was perfect.

Talk to me, John.

I need to understand
what's going on.

Look, I'm... I'm tired of
hiding things from you.

So I'm gonna tell you
the whole truth.

Even if it means that...

you don't want to
be with me anymore.

Come on.

That's not gonna happen.

Tell me.

Do you remember that man
that was at Brian's funeral?

John, promise me...
this is over.

Everything with Herb
and the blood.

From now on,
we start fresh, okay?

I can't promise you that
just yet.

Why not?

'Cause whatever he's doing
to Jack Crane,

he's doing to other people.

So call the police,
we don't want to get involved.

I already am involved.


Then what?

Wait here.

John, old friend.

We need to have a little chat.

I thought I made myself clear.

It's a little chilly
out here, John.

Oh, by the way,

your neighbors...

...such nice folk.

Come in.

Thank you.


I didn't realize
you were such a big shot.

I told you I was done.

No, you're not, John.

You just had
an instinctive reaction

to something that your current
set of morals rejected.

But morals do evolve over time,
believe me.

But you didn't seem
to hear my warning.

So I brought you this.

They got your DNA all over them.

Jack Crane's too.

If I fall, you fall.

That means you're stuck with me.

You set me up.

I run a very dangerous
business, John.

I need insurance
that one of my clients

isn't gonna have a moral dilemma
and call the cops on me.

So let me tell you

exactly what is
gonna happen now.

You're gonna shut your mouth
and do what you're told.

You're gonna come every day
to my showroom.

I'm gonna give you your fix

and you're gonna pay me

out of your big,
fat surgeon salary.

I don't want your fucking blood!

Now, you remember, you fuck,

you are nothing
without the blood!

Weak, small, pathetic,

nothing more than
a crippled fucking junkie.

So you can climb down off
your moral fucking high horse

and listen very carefully
to what I'm about to tell you.

You are gonna do exactly
what you are fucking told.

You're gonna take the blood.

You're gonna get back to work

and you're gonna give me
my fucking money!

He's still alive.

What do we do?

I'm gonna end this.

Grab his keys and his phone.

What the fuck?

Please... help me.

I'm coming, I'm coming.

All right, stay with me.

No, no, no, no.

It's okay, man, it's okay.

It's okay.

You're gonna be okay.

We'll get you out of here.


Oh, God.

Let me out of here!

You prick!

Come on!


Hey, who's there?

No, no!
Not you, not you, please.

Not you.

Let me go, please, please!

Please, don't hurt me.

Get out now!

Get out before I change my mind.

You listen to me and you
listen to me now, all right?

You're gonna forget
about everything, okay?

About me, about this place,
all of it.

But if you ever touch a child again,

I swear to God, I will find you,

and next time,
I won't be so nice.

I promise!

Now get the hell out of here!

Get out of my sight!



Don't you fucking move.

So this is how you do it, huh?

What did you think, John?

You think I just walk around
openly killing people?

I'd have to kill someone
every fucking day.

Not very practical, is it?

You're no better than him.

People like this
do what they do for pleasure,

we do what we do
out of necessity,

in order to survive!

That doesn't justify
what you've done.

We're cleaning the scum
off the streets!

How the hell can you
live with yourself?

You slut fuck!

I opened up my arms to you,

I offered you a normal life!

This is how you thank me?

You know what, John?

I'm done talking to you.

Get in, you're gonna make
a great addition to my cell.

You're a fucking monster!

Shut your mouth,
get in there now,

or I pay your wife a visit
in more ways than one!

Gotta admit, I'd rather
drink the blood of a surgeon

than that of a pedophile.

My clients might not
know the difference, but I do.

I might even charge
a little more for it.


You're not gonna hurt
anyone else anymore!

No. No, no, please, no.

It's been too long since
you've experienced real pain.


John! John!

John. John!

You know I'm gonna be like this
for the rest of my life.

I'm not going anywhere.