Painkiller Jane (2005) - full transcript

After an army unit is exposed to a biochemical weapon, everyone is killed except one young woman. She not only recovers from the exposure but has developed the ability to recover from any type of injury within days. After discovering that the army is not trying to help cure her, but rather is experimenting on her to develop a serum to be used on other soldiers, she escapes. Obviously the army wants to hunt her down and get her back under their security.



Do you want to talk about it?

It might help if we talked.

It might help me, Jane.

Mom's gone, Carla.

Talking about it can't stop
the funeral, can it?

Painkiller One, this is Homeboy.
Do you copy? Over.

Painkiller One, do you copy?

We're online.

This is Painkiller, Homeboy,
in the ballpark, ready to play.

Reading you, Lima-Charlie Painkiller.

Hold on for sat lockup.

Roger that, Homeboy.

Holding this position for sat lockup.

So, Captain...

if you could be anywhere
but this rathole right now

where'd you want to be?

That rathole across the street.

- You?
- That would be X-rated.

Be careful
what you wish for, soldier.

Viper team?

Here, Captain. Just say the word.

Pretty relaxed perimeter
for a heroin lab.


Homeboy, this is Painkiller One.

You reading any other
perimeter control on this location?


Negative on your perimeter,

You have one ghost
on the front door and...

six in the roost.

We good to go, Homeboy?

It's your intel, Jane. Your call.

I don't like it.

We're all dressed up.

Might as well go to the dance.

We say Nike, Homeboy.


You have the green, Painkiller.

Repeat, you have the green.

Roger. Out.

Go... go.

Go... go.


Move in. We got in.

Something's not right.

This isn't a heroin lab.

Painkiller Two.
Painkiller Two, come in.

Clear this room! Flynn!

Regain my team, Sergeant.


Where's Flynn?


What is this?

They're all like this.

Clear out! Get his uniform. Let's go.

Sergeant, help him out.

Move your ass!

Homeboy, if you copy,
we've got a bio in here.

I need evac
and a medical team immediately.


Hold your fire.

We are United States soldiers
on an anti-narcotics mission

with the full knowledge
of the Russian government.

Painkiller One, this is Homeboy.
Do you copy? Over.

Painkiller One, this is Homeboy.
Do you copy?

What's going on?

Where am I?

You're at an Army medical facility
in Virginia.

As you were, Captain.

It's good to see you, Jane.

How long have I been out, sir?

Three days here,
five days since we lost contact.


And my team?

We weren't able
to recover anybody else.

What's going on here, sir?

Go ahead.

Scar tissue, no discoloration,
no swelling.

Those wounds aren't five days old.

What's happened to me?

That's what we're gonna find out.

Have you ever heard of knocking?

I'm sorry. I didn't mean to...

Who are you?

Graham Knight. Dr. Graham Knight.

You're not military.

Me? No. I'm...
I've got a birth defect.

I'm a coward.

No, I'm what the military

euphemistically refers to
as a "outsource expert."

Expert in what?

I have a Ph.D. in bio-toxicology.

I'm a professor
at Braddock College in Maryland.

Colonel Watts asked me to head
the medical team on your case.

My case?

He wants me to help identify
what you were exposed to.

All right.

Special Ops Training School,
graduated in 1999.

Congo, 2000. Afghanistan, '01.

That's a very impressive résumé.

I'm what the government
euphemistically refers to

as a real "overachiever."

That's putting it mildly.

It says here that your parents died
when you were 15?

Raised by an older sister.

Parents died how?

Is this relevant, Doctor?

Family history is always relevant.

The Army is my family.

But it must have been very tough...

Excuse me, did I miss the part
of your résumé about pop psychology?

I'm just trying
to be friendly, Captain.

I don't need friends.

What I need is to get out of this box

find out what happened to me,
and get the people responsible.

You gonna help me do that?

You gonna let me do my job?

Double King with cheese,
hold the onions.

No, check that.

Make it a chili burger
with chili fries, and nachos

and a chocolate milkshake,
with whipped cream, to go.

Well, the good news is,
she's definitely not contagious.

And the bad news is?

I don't know
if I'd actually call it bad news.

I don't really know exactly
what I'd call it.

In order to ascertain
whether she was exposed

to a viral or bacterial agent
as she said

we introduced different varieties
of antigens into her blood sample.

Now, in order to get a baseline

we drew blood
from one of the technicians

and introduced a variation
of the measles virus.

Now, in a healthy individual

the natural defenses of the blood

will attack and kill a virus
within 45 seconds.

Now, we introduced
the same measles variation

with the blood drawn
from Captain Browning.

Wait. Can you play that back
at normal speed?


that was normal speed, Colonel.

Which means?

Which means Captain Browning's
metabolic rate

her immune response operates
at 20 times normal speed.

Whatever she was exposed to
over there has changed her.

In other words, she's unlike
any human being on the planet.

Captain, this way.

You gonna take me to the head, too?

Your new quarters, Captain.

Yes, Captain Browning?

Oh, sorry, sorry.

Try knocking, right?

I brought you some real food.

The works.

It's not exactly health food, Doc.

I had to sneak it
past your bodyguards.

What are they gonna do, shoot me?


It doesn't look good for me, does it?

You know, Jane, there's always
two ways of looking at things.

It's Chinese.

Wei Ji.

The top part is "danger"
and the bottom is "opportunity."

Two characters, one word.


Every crisis has both. Your choice.

- Don't you want some?
- No, I gotta go back to work and...

We're going to nail this thing, Jane.


- Why weren't we informed about this?
- I don't report to you, Don.

This has national security
written all over it.

We don't even know
what we're dealing with yet.

For all we know, she could end up
like one of those people

she described in Sovetskoe.

- Who else knows about this?
- My medical team.

What does she know?

She's one of the most intelligent
officers I've ever known.

We could be sure she's putting
two and two together.

Well, that's what I'm afraid of.

An asset like that...

She's not an asset. She's a soldier.

A soldier who was shot three times

and recovered completely
in less than five days!

I want to know how that happens

and then I want to know
how to replicate it. Is that clear?


Hey, sis.

Wow, you look okay.

What are you doing here?

I got a call.

Let's take a walk.

He told me you'd been wounded.

I was, but I'm better now.

- You never were a very good liar.
- They're still doing tests.

- What kind of tests?
- I'm not a doctor.

Well, I am and I wanna know.

Carla, this isn't high school.
This is the military.

I don't have to tell you anything.

But you could.

You should know better than that.

- Why do you always do this?
- Do what?

You always keep
your feelings boxed up.

You always want to go it alone.

Can't you tell me anything?

Carla, I'm an officer
in the United States Army.

And I'm your family.

Don't do this by yourself.

You shouldn't have come.


Oh, come on, Captain!

Give us a break!

What's happened to me?

What's happened to me?


What the hell were you thinking?

What kind of virus does this?

You keep me locked up in a room

that wouldn't qualify
for a cheap motel

stick two goons on my ass
day and night.

And I'm on video so much
I could have my own website.

- We did it for your own good.
- My own good?

- Don't I get a say?
- Hell, no.

- You're a soldier.
- Yes, sir, I am.

But what happened
in Sovetskoe happened to me.

I think you owe me.

Owe you? Owe you what?

The truth.

You may not like what you hear.

You're looking
at the only-known photograph

of Peter Irfan.

Orphaned when he was only four.

Raised in a series
of desolate state institutions.

Recognized early
as possessing a genius IQ

with a particular aptitude
for science.

Educated in Belgrade,
the Soviet Union, East Germany.

Then about 15 years ago

when the Wall came down,
he disappeared.

Now, since then,
we believe he's become part

of a global criminal enterprise

with tentacles reaching
into everything

from legitimate businesses
to governmental organizations.

Black market nuclear technology,
international arms dealers, fraud

commodities manipulations

a network of financing
social entropies so complex...

Their activities appeared
to have only been directed

at maximizing profit.

But there's new disturbing evidence

that a more vicious strategy
has emerged.

An intricate web of science
and technology directed

toward some unknown goal
we can't yet define.

Now, Irfan's specialty
is biochemistry

psychotropic drugs, bioweapons.

We have evidence the operation
in Sovetskoe was just a front

for one of his experiments.

The question is,
an experiment for what?

- Why wasn't I told this before?
- Nothing to tell.

Your mission, your intel.

It gave us nothing to indicate
that Sovetskoe was Irfan's op.

What makes you think it was?

Every bioweapon has a marker, Jane.
A genetic fingerprint.

Whatever you were exposed to
has those markers.

You've seen it before, it's like
a signature. Irfan's signature.

Then you know what I'm infected with?

Dr. Knight helped us rule out
what it's not.

But it's clear that Irfan
is working on something new.

More virulent than you've ever seen.

Sir, I request immediate reassignment
to whatever unit is going after him.

I'm afraid that's not possible, Jane.

You've been transferred, Alaska,
to a more secure facility.

At least until we find out
what you've been exposed to.

This man is responsible for the death
of my entire team.

He's responsible
for what happened to me.

I wanna go after him. I have a right.

I'm sorry, Jane.

Not anymore.


I wanted you to know that I...

I requested permission
to continue working on your case


it was denied.

I'm sorry I couldn't be more helpful.

Anyway, friends?



Dr. Collins to radiology.

Dr. Collins to radiology, please.

- Sergeant?
- Yes, ma'am?

Patek Philippe, Chronoswiss,
the IWC Portugieser.

Believe me, you're not gonna have
any trouble moving them.

So, are we cool?

Yeah, I'm happy.

All right.

Nice doing business with you.


Get off.

I said get off.

Last chance.

Lady, I think your last chance
is with me.

You better be good.

Just don't fall off.

How do you like the trip so far?

Fire your weapon, soldier.

I gave you an order!

It's all right. My place.

You're hit.

I'm fine.

You're a thief.

I like to think of it
as redistributing wealth.


What the...

A piece of bullet.

Nick... Nick.

- Who's this clown?
- His name is Blue.

Like "Code Blue" for emergencies.

You want to let a brother loose now?

- Look, if I could just take my...
- No.

Look, you need a hospital, okay?

I'll be fine in a couple of hours.

In a couple of hours

you'll be hanging
with Tupac and Biggie, all right?

He's pretty good with gunshot wounds.

Not this kind.

- Where are my clothes?
- We had to cut them off.


Hotshot, you're carrying
a truckload of meds.

Why don't you just ditch me?

Is that what you would have done?

I didn't ask for any favors.

No, you just put a gun to my head.

- I didn't have a choice.
- Yeah, well, neither did I.

I had a good thing going,
now I've got the Army after me.

All I got to show for it is you.


Nick what?

Nick "that's all you need
to know" Nick.

And right now,
I'm the only friend you got.

Dude, I'm telling you.

Look, there's something weird
about her.

- What, like Jerry Springer weird?
- No... no.

See, I'm talking ET, Area 51

Brother From Another Planet-
type weird. Look.

All that mess that went down
at the airport

and not one single mention about it
in the news or anything like that?

What does that say to you?
I'll tell you what it says.

It says weird.

Just like her.
I mean, she creeps me out, man.

Yeah, I could tell by the way
you were staring at her

when we cut her clothes off.

See, that was like the...

that was professional.
That's what that was. Professional.

I mean, but she is kind of like
a fine-ass alien, you know?

Garde, sucker.
It's over for you, man.

I see dead people.

It is over.

No way.

Relax, "Kevorkian,"
it was just a scratch.

- Look, lady, what I saw was a...
- Maybe you saw too much.

Yeah... yeah.

That's... Definitely.

Hell, now that you mention it

I think it was just like a scratch
or something like that.

No, a paper cut.

Yeah, definitely.

- Who's winning?
- Do you play?

I know the moves, that's about it.

Blue here thinks he's Bobby Fischer.

Yeah, well, against you,
I can be SpongeBob, all right?

Not tonight.

Black rook to F5.

White knight to H5.

Black bishop to F3. Check.

White king to C1.

Rook to A1. Mate.

White loses.

He doesn't know how to use a door?

He can get from one end
of this city to the other

without ever seeing the light of day.

I'm talking sewers,
maintenance tunnels

gas, electric, phone,
he knows them all.

It's like one big
Super Mario Brothers game

down there to him.

What do we got?


- He got a name?
- "Squeak."

- He got a home?
- Yeah.


He likes you.

What does he do
when he doesn't like somebody?

He bites.

Damn. See, now, that was a seven...

No... No, see, that was a five-move.
Combination to mate?

Beginner's luck?

My ass.

What, you don't like the food?

So, what'd you do to get everybody
so pissed-off at you?

I'd tell you,
but then I'd have to kill you.

Excuse me.

I have some stamps to lick.

If you want to help me, just...

You can't joke with him like that.
He's a very jumpy dude.

Unlike you?

It helps to stay calm
in my line of work.

"Redistributing the wealth."
Looks like you're good at it.

Looks like it.

Let me guess. Nobody ever gets hurt.

Never ever.

So, what happens now?

- With what?
- With you.

I'm gonna find a guy
or let him find me.

And then?

I'm gonna ask him some questions.

Then I'm gonna kill him.

Are you telling me she's going
after Peter Irfan herself?

I'd bet on it.

That can't happen.

Don, she feels
personally violated here.

You can't totally disregard
her psychological state.

I don't care
about her psychological state.

And frankly,
I'm a little concerned that you do.

We have a valuable asset
on the loose.

We can't let it fall
into the wrong hands.

Look, if we can't have her,
no one can.

Is that understood?

What, you can't sleep either?

There's plenty more
in the fridge if you want.

Who taught you how to iron?


It gives me something to do
at 2.00am.

It's also amazing therapy
for insomnia.

Back of the collar first.

In from the edges, then the front.

In from the edges, then the sleeves.

- Back first.
- An expert?

The Army taught me everything I know.

Not anymore.

Why don't you look
on the bright side?

Now you can open that fluff and fold
you always wanted.

That's better.

Anything I can do?

Yeah. Make sure I don't sleep in.

Hey, Nick?

Thanks. Thanks for what you've done.




She's gone?

And that's not all.

The money.


Dr. Knight's on a consultation.

- Consultation?
- Yeah.

He goes up to DC all the time.
Government stuff.

Any idea when he'll be back?

Hard to say.

Gee, I really need to talk to him
about my final grade.

Any way to reach him?

No. I wouldn't know. Sorry.

Will you excuse me for one minute?

Excuse me.

Is that Dr. Graham Knight?

Yeah. That's him.

Graham Knight. Dr. Graham Knight.

Step into the center of the room.

Put your hands on your head,
interlock your fingers.

Turn around, get on the floor.

- Jane?
- The floor!

I was hoping you'd find me, Captain.

Shut up.

Get up, sit on the couch.

Who the hell are you?

Lucas Insley, Military Intelligence.

- Whose?
- Ours.

- Why the cover?
- I'm on a job.

- Me?
- Not exactly.

I'm tracking a ghost.

Peter Irfan?

There is no Peter Irfan.
Peter Irfan doesn't exist.

He's a fiction, a camouflage.

- For what?
- Not "for what." For who.

For your mentor, Jane,
your CO, Colonel Ian Watts.

In the late '80s, our government
had an active bioweapons program.

Defensive purposes dedicated
to "what-if" scenarios

and guess who headed it up?

The political pressure got too hot.
The program got shut down.

And a lot of people
didn't like that decision.

You're saying Watts kept it active?

Sub-rosa, off the books.
Totally rogue.

And he had a great cover.

Peter Irfan.

An enemy without a face

who could be blamed
whenever anybody got close

to uncovering his operation.

A phantom that could never be caught,
because he didn't exist.

But why?

We think Watts' operation morphed
into something more ambitious.

We think he graduated
to full-scale bioengineering

using sophisticated
gene-splicing technology

to alter human capabilities.

- You're lying.
- No, it gets better, or worse.

Evidently, his subjects
did develop new abilities.

Nothing superhuman.

They just became more
of what they were.

Sound familiar?

But there was a flaw.

Everyone died,
eaten alive by their own cells.

That was before
"Operation Painkiller."

That was before you.

Sovetskoe was Watts' operation
until you stumbled into it.

If it was Watts' operation,
why would he send us in there?

He didn't.
You picked the target, remember?

You made the case so well
with the brass.

He couldn't overrule you
without blowback on his motives.

He had to let you in.

He just had no intention
of ever letting you out.

Don't you understand?

He betrayed Painkiller.
He betrayed you.

And he knows what you are.
You're the one that didn't die.

You're the one
that finally can accelerate

the evolutionary clock.

No wonder he wanted you in Alaska.

Get on the floor.

Jane. Jane, please think.

Just don't let your emotions
affect your judgment.

Do it.


You need someone you can trust.

We can work together, Jane.

Help me out.

I mean, we can take him
down together.

And then what?

So you and your buddies
can have a piece of me instead?

Jane, I know
this must be hard to take

but I can help you. We can help...



Mr. Pierce.

Got a minute?

So, you're saying
you're just a victim in all of this?

It was either roll with it or die.
What was I supposed to do?

- How long did she stay?
- Twenty-four hours.

Her condition?

Seemed fine to me.

Is she some kind of spy, terrorist?

I'm gonna give you my private number.

If you should see her
or hear from her

you're gonna give me a call,
won't you?

She's not coming back here.

You want to be on my side
on this one, Mr. Pierce.


Use your imagination.

It's nice doing business with you.

- Hey.
- Hey.

You're right. I can't do this alone.

Looks like nothing's changed.

Except me.

Can I have a look?


- You said this happened when?
- Three days ago.

Unbelievable, right?

All I can say is,
I wish you were lying.

It would be funny
if it weren't so damn scary.

Why didn't you tell me
about this before?

I didn't wanna get you involved.

I was afraid
it would be too dangerous.

I'm sorry.

Yeah, I see things, Carla.

Letters jumping off pages,
people appearing and disappearing.

It's like the world
is this big jigsaw puzzle

that's been blown apart.

When it comes back together,
everything's different, new.

Maybe your brain is doing
what your body is doing.

Making connections faster,
doing more than normal.

It's gonna kill me, isn't it?

Well, no. I didn't say that.

But I need to get you
into a proper testing facility.

Carla, the second I go above ground,
they'll turn me into a lab rat.

Jane, I'm your sister.

They're not gonna get
their hands on you.

No. That's exactly
what we're gonna do.


Let them get their hands on me.
And you're gonna help.

Business is booming, huh?

How the hell did you get in here?

- Nice hair.
- Oh, this place is nothing compared

to some of the places
I've gotten into.

Where's my money?

I've got a way you can earn it back.

You want me to work for my own money?

Well, strictly speaking.
It's not really yours, is it?

Hey, I trusted you,
and what did I get? Ripped off.

You know, why don't you
just come out and say

what's really on your mind?

Just say, "I need your help, Nick."

Come on, it's easy.

I need your help, Nick.

What do you need?

So, what happens now?

Are you certain it's Dr. Knight?

Sir, it's Browning's sister.

She said she won't talk
to anyone but you.

I'll get back to you.

- Watts here.
- My sister wants to turn herself in.

Leave the building alone.
Take the I-95 into Baltimore.

Exit East Eden Boulevard.
Take a right on Fern, across Third.

There's an alley on your right.

He's at the location. Stand by.

Negative. We've got nothing.

You're standing right next to him.


Welcome to Oz, Colonel.

Have a seat.
The party will be joining you soon.

Oh, and by the way,
get "Moe" and "Curly" off my street.

They're affecting property values.

- You okay?
- Yeah, fine.

- You trashed his phone?
- Yeah.

Was he armed?

Something to remember me by.

You want me to stick around?
I'll watch your back.

No, thanks.

Look, it's none of my business...

You're right.
It's none of your business.

Your job's over, Nick. Thank you.

Okay, hotshot. Your deal.

I hardly recognize you.

This is an unusual choice
for a meeting.

I figured you wouldn't want
to try anything too messy

with hundreds of witnesses around.

I'm on your side, Jane.

What side is that?

I can't help what happened.

All I can do is promise
to protect you.

Like you did in Sovetskoe?

What's the matter, Colonel?
You seem a bit nervous.

Jane, look.

If there's anything I could have done
to prevent what happened, so...

Oh, let's cut the crap!

- It's between you and me now.
- What are you talking about?

They know Sovetskoe
was your operation.

- "They"?
- Military Intelligence.

Captain Lucas Insley.

- Who?
- Insley, Lucas. A Captain.

Never heard of him.

But you've heard of Graham Knight,
haven't you?

Is this his idea?
Did he set up this meeting?

Jane, I have never lied to you,
and I'm not going to begin to now.

The real Graham Knight is dead.

My men found him with his throat cut
in a shack in the Florida Keys.

I found that out an hour ago.

Don't you get it?

Knight is Irfan.

Knight is Irfan.

He's playing us, Jane.
You, me, all of us!

He's using you to get to me.

Once I'm out of the picture,
he's got you all to himself.

Stand back! Stand back! Get down!

Nick! Nick! Over here!

I'm going for the shooter!

Move! Move, move! Get out of the way!


You need me. Remember?

I wanna know what this thing is
that you gave me.

Oh, the question
you should be asking yourself is

what is it that you gave me?

- What is that?
- It's you.

You gave it to me at Wilkins.

- My blood?
- No, more than that.


You have about three seconds
to start making sense.

Ever since our little encounter
in Sovetskoe

everyone's been trying to figure out
what did the virus do to you

when all I want to know
is what did you do to the virus?

Now I know.

You've helped me jump
a million years in biology.

You're the next step
in human evolution.

You're the new Eve.

You're insane.

Well, I think in time,
you'll change your mind.

I couldn't possibly leave you
to fools like Watts.

How could they possibly know
what to do with someone

as unique as you, Jane?

Why should we be satisfied
with who we are?

Why should we be limited
by the random acts

of biology that created us?

I think we should be more
than who we are.

I mean, what if we could change,
you know?

We could change everything?

The point of life is not to just be.

It's to become.


This is gonna hurt.

A shame.

Just think of what
we could've done with her.

She didn't wanna be used that way.

Well, she won't be used
by anyone now.

As a matter of public record,
she died from wounds suffered

while trying to escape transfer
from Wilkins.

That incident at the mall
never really happened.

Is that clear?



I need a few moments alone.

That sound okay with you?

A new name, new history.

Birth certificate, driver's license,
Social Security card.

All current and all clean.

And you were left this boat
by an uncle

and he left you some money.

Thank you.

Oh, we'll figure out
how to pay me back later.

We never found that vial
or the shooter.

No, it's at the bottom
of the Potomac...

with Irfan.

I need a drink.

You're buying, right?

Let's go, Pipsqueak.

What is it?

It's a scarab beetle. Egyptian.

It represents rebirth.


one big happy family.



We're ready to begin.