Painful Bliss! Final Twist (1977) - full transcript

A reportedly astonishing pink/roman porno yakuza film, helmed by the critically-acclaimed Kumashiro.

- Bring five beers.
- Yes.

How about some champagne?

- Something to munch on.
- Yes.

Bring some caviar.

- Bring hors d'oeuvres too.
- Yes.

- Is he new?
- Yeah, Mr Kitayama.

He's young, but already
a supervisor.

- Is that true?
- He graduated from elite Tokyo University.

You must be the son of the
executive director Kitayama.

-I am Toshio Kitayama.
- Young and strong.

Don't act so stiff.

But I like stiff things...

So sorry.

Oh. It's almost time.

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Starring: Naomi Tani, Osamu Tsuruoka

Masaji ENDO, Mami Yuuki
Jun Akai, Go Awazu

Erina Miyai
Reika Maki


Almost there.

What are you doing to me?

- Akemi! Akemi!...
- Hey! Getup

I thought you were drunk.

Who said I was drunk.

I've come this far...
you're almost mine.

Oh yeah?

I don't know about that


What is all this commotion?

Who the hell are you?

He's a guest.

I told you
don't bring guests from work!

Because he was too drunk...

- Are you drunk, eh?
- No.

He said he's not drunk!

Because of her kindness.
I 'am sober. I better go now.

Wait a minute!

You came all the way...
Come in for some sake, eh?

It's okay. I'm tired of
drinking by myself.

- Really?
- Akemi, bring some cold sake.

Hey, go inside.

Hey... Go.
Akemi... quickly.


So drink up.

What? Is something wrong
with my sake?

No. I didn't mean...

Then drink up.


Stop with the "buts... "
shut up and drink.


Swig it.

Don't sip it!

What is this?
It's vinegar!

I'm sorry.

Akemi. Are you shitting us?

I'm sorry.

So you were drinking vinegar.

I guess so.

Don't. He's awake.

Are you sleeping?

- He's watching.
- Akemi,

He's watching.

Shut up!

Hey! Wake up!

Wake up, what's wrong with you?

Wake up when I say wake up!

Did you want to sleep with
this woman? Eh?

You wanna wager a little bit
with me? Eh?


If you win... you can do
anything to this girl.


- How about that?
- And if I lose? Then what?

If you lose?

If you lose...

Then you will be raped. Okay?

What does that mean?

Don't make this complicated...
just agree!

All right.

Akemi, go get the dice.

Let's do it.

- So, which one?
- What?

I'm asking which one...
odd or even?


- Don't regret your decision.
- Right,

- Are you certain with even?
- Yes.

Result. 3 and 4 =7 Odd

I lost.

As you agreed... you'll be raped.


She's the wrong male!

What are you saying?

You haven't guessed?

- You must be kidding.
- I am goddamn serious.

- No way. Stop it!
- Shut up!

No way! You have no right!

This is a con game.
You tricked me.

You say I tricked you? This is
the essence of gambling.

Too long!

How much longer
will you be?

Open up! Mr. Kitayama,
come out please!


Honey... you are bad.
Mr. Kitayama is crying in there.

Leave him alone.

- You are too much.
- Why not?


I'm wondering. Do you this
with men often?

Nope. This was my first time.
Akemi, come here.

How was he?

How was he?

No. I can't hold my pee.

So how was he?

Not too bad.

Stop it! Don't. I can't...

Stop it!

I can't hold it!

Mr. Kitayama... come out please.
What are you doing?

I need to use the bathroom.

That's enough.
Out of the way!

Are you looking for this?

I know you want to go home,
but don't forget...

...Say goodbye to him before
you go.

Otherwise I'll be scolded
by him.

- Say goodbye? Why?
- Shh.

Be quiet.

Why should I be
nice and say goodbye?

Is this all a bad joke?

Say "It's been nice meeting you"

Don't be ridiculous!

He's up.

I had a good sleep.

What? Young man.

It's been nice meeting you.
Thank you.

-I see. Did you sleep well?
- Yes. Good.

Goodbye now.

- Oh... wait. Don't be a stranger.
- All right.

- I have to go to work now.

I'm leaving now.



Supervisor Kitayama is here.

- Send him in.
- Yes. Go ahead.

Your necktie is crooked.

I haven't received the document
due yesterday.

You haven't finished it yet?

Sorry... I haven't had time to
look it over.

You had a whole day.

What are you doing?
Come here.

Where have you been?
You didn't come home last night.

- With a woman?
- Ah... yeah.

I'm not saying a woman is bad.
But you must do your job first.

I'm not here to babysit you, son.

You know how people talk about
a father who hires his kid.

Wow... the director was upset.

I've never heard him lose
his temper like that.

So... you must put in overtime
tonight. I can help you.

Besides, I have something to
tell you.

Love is sweet

May I take my shoes off?

My legs are so tired.

I can't wait until we start
living together.

Have you told your father
about our relationship?


- Are you sure?
- Yeah.

Hey. Your father mentioned you
didn't come home last night.

Where did you stay?


Don't tell me you don't love
me anymore.


Kiss me.


Wait a minute.

It's going to stain.

Do you know how much
this dress costs?

- It changed.
- What?

- Society has changed a lot.
- Hi.


- Do you have a cigarette?
- Yeah.

Midori... how's your business? Eh?

Every man looks shabby.

I'm not anxious to do business
with them.

They stink.

Bad. That's bad.

- I'm bored with the con game.
- Is that true?

- It doesn't thrill us anymore.
- Is that true?

Don't talk so sassy.

Midori... open up.
And keep working hard. Eh?


- Mister... I ran out of money.
- What?

If you want...

Oh? This is your place?

- I rent this room with my friend.
- Ah?

My doctor told me not to do this
because of high blood pressure.

Are you really a
High school girl? How old?

- Oh?

I'm cold.


- It's showtime.
- Yes.

Hey, old man! How can I thank
you for destroying my sister?

Hey, old man! How can I thank
you for destroying my sister...?

And how are you going to fix
the situation?

All I hear is panting.
That's no answer!!

- Mister... what's wrong.
- What's wrong?

What do you call this?


What do you call this?

Coming and Going?

Coming and Going? Stupid!
Hey! You killed this guy...I

Now we can't get money from him.

It's none of my business.
He killed himself with sex.

This bitch! Your bad attitude is
caused by pleasant behavior!

- What are you going to do?
- What is that?

You are not allowed to
backtalk to me... ever. Eh?

Understood? Understood?
I want to hear the words.

Midori! You bitch!

Why do we now have to take care
of this old man?

Lift him.


Dig! Keep digging!

Keep digging!

Bury him.

- Midori.
- What now?

Don't dick with me.

Watch your mouth and clean up
your attitude. Too snotty...!

Show respect.

Midori! I didn't like you from
the beginning...

...cause of your bad attitude.

But I've been nice... out of
respect to my bro. Bitch!

You bastard! Asshole!

Are you attacking me, eh?

- You two are awful.
- What was that?

Stop! All of you!

The three of you, listen up!

You guys need to know how to
talk to your supervisors!

Self important jerk!

Bad attitude still continues!
Unbelievable! Eh?

How come you're so fucked up?

Girls... be quiet and obey them.

Midori... you still don't get it.

You aren't in the position to
give them commands.

Is that understood?

Do you understand, girl?

- I'm sorry.
- All right with me.

Listen girls... from now on,
be careful who you catch.

Unlike Midori... fish for
fresh and healthy trout.

- And hopefully rich.
- Such a thing doesn't exist.

What was that? What did you say?
Do you need another lecture...?

What a mouth against my bro!

I meant to say "hard to find. "

Are you still talking back to me...
this is unbelievable.

You will be sorry.
Very sorry.

This is unacceptable! Every
delinquent must obey the rules... must learn the most
important rule, respect...I

If you aren't careful we will
sell you to a Hong Kong brothel.

Then we wouldn't have to deal
with your big mouths.

Know what they do in Hong Kong?
They scoop out your eyeballs.

A prostitute doesn't need eyes!
You think I'm kidding...?

This really happens!
It's not just a Chinese story!

Do you understand? You must
learn how to respect! Respect!

Congratulations. It's good
to have you back out of jail...

Did you see him? My bro is
related to the YAMASHITA Clan.

I just talked to them about
you girls.

Don't even try to escape...
you won't make it alive.

Who was that guy?

I don't know. He asked me
for directions.

I don't normally do this sort
of things; It's not my style.

I don't like to do this to you.

But I must follow the orders
from my bro.

Girls... work hard!

- She did it!
- Good job, girl...

Hey, Midori... you haven't
done it!

The other two girls did it.
Why not you? Come on...

Hold your tummy tight and
push hard. Do it! Midori!...

Hey... what are you doing to
my sister?

It's you...

Everybody out of here.

It's been a long time.
You never come back to see me.

I have never forgotten about you...
not for one moment.

Is that true?

- Hey... close the door.
- Yes.

I should have tied you up and
kept you in my apartment.

Stop! Stop! Please!

- Madam... watch him for me.
- No problem.

What a poor boy.

I remember the days I had to
do this kind of thing...

...with ropes and all.

I can't believe it...
you have a boner.

I wanna have it too.

Honey... Honey...
I need it too. Come over here.

Not yet...

I need it sometime.
Come over here.

Not yet! Go away.

Oh... you're disgusting.

Swear to unconditional love forever


What now?

A little bit.

Little bit.

Do me a favor.

Can you shave my legs?

- Do it yourself. Don't ask me.
- What's wrong?

- I am not your maid.
- Shave my legs. Do it for me.

When I ask nicely, you better
do it... or this will happen.

- Watch your mouth, bitch!
- Not Don't!

I need to see respect!

Come over here! I want you to
feel what I felt.

Bitch! Is this what you want?

What's going on here?

She doesn't know how
to talk to me.

- That's enough. Come over here!
- No way!

I don't feel satisfied yet...

Nobody pays attention to me

Be more careful.

Don't move.

Damn it... I can't calculate.

It's too difficult for a
High school dropout

- Akemi... did you graduate?
- Yes I did.

Toshi... where did you go
to school?

- Me? Tokyo University.
- Tokyo University? Which one?

The one in Tokyo.

- Hey girls... you two can go home.
- Work hard.

Do your best.

Good job.
Midori... keep trying...


This time... try it without
my stick...

You did it!

You did it...!

Thank you.

Thank you very much.

Good evening.

Sorry I'm late.

Ah... madam.


Good girls... honesty is very
important for any business.

Betraying your own team is
the worst offense.

Let's go.

- Hey... why don't you come with me.
- What are we going to do?

What do men and women
usually do together?

- Madam... no way.
- Don't say no.


But madam... are you sure
you can do this?

Rude girl.

Come... take a good luck.

See how big.

You're right.

- You have a great dick.
- Yes.

Now I'm embarrassed.

I showed you mine... so now
it's your tum to show yours.

No way.

What? You don't even have
pubic hair yet!

Maybe I'm a late bloomer.

Honestly, I haven't experienced
the pleasure yet.

- You feel nothing?
- Well, it feels ticklish.

But I don't think it's
the right feeling.

Something wrong with you.

When my boyfriend touches me,
I feel very hot.

You're so lucky.

You may be a lesbian.

Perhaps that's it.

Maybe you are right.

So how can I cure this?

Stupid. It's not something
that needs curing.

Just pretend I'm a woman and
see what happens, eh...?

Then you'll have the feeling.

Hey... call me "sister. "


No good... try one more time.
Do It again.


Convey your feelings.

- Sister!
- Again.

- Sister!
- Try it again.





Here you two are.
Shooting shit?

Come with me.


- Listen.
- What?

I was wondering why our business
is down.

I found her... not working.

That's no good.

She still thinks she's
a delinquent.

Some bad girls like you
need constant punishment.

No. No, don't.

Your supervision is not

Bro... there's a reason for this.

I don't like excuses.

Midori... straighten out
your work ethic.

Or I will sell you to a

Bro... please listen to me.

- Can we go into the other room?
- Shut up!

We are equipped with everything...
candle, rope, whip and this...

Stop! I don't like this!

Quiet! Be quiet...I

Midori... Midori...!

I can't be patient any longer!

Can't be patient?
What are you talking about?

I'm in love with Midori.
We love each other.

- Stupid! How old do you think you are?

297 I don't want to hear a 29
year old saying he's in love.

Midori loves me too.

Okay. Okay.
I will give Midori to you.

But only at night time...

During the day she has to work
her job as usual. Understand?

I don't know if Midori
wants to do that.

If she wants?I

It doesn't matter what she wants.

You need to keep control over
your woman.

Smack her face if she
doesn't want to work.

You lied to me.

You said I wouldn't have to
work if I married you.

You promised.

What are you going to do
about that?

Shut up and do what I say!

What are you doing to me?

I told you I had a toothache
and not to hit me!

I don't like when somebody
takes too long.


Just finish it quickly...

Do your best...

Hold my leg.

Not like that.

All right. All right...

More. More...

Hey. Hey. Hey
Hey buddy...

Hisae... who is this guy?

Don't call me by name.
He's my brother.

- Yeah.
- Hey buddy.

You have a lot of nerve to
fuck my sister.

Look at your tattoo. Eh?

What are you going to do to
make things right...?

I expect you to come up with
something, eh? Tell me now!

But... But... there's mutual

What's that? What'd you say?
Tell me one more time!

I'm saying we both agreed...
between us.

Hisae... Is that true?

No. He forced himself on me.


That's no answer! Maybe we
should call the authorities.

Then you'd be in lots of trouble...
your tattoo won't help, eh.

The best answer is
monetary compensation.

Huh? Who's that?
Hisae... see who's there.

-My ID
- A cop!

Kawasaki... you're under arrest
for solicitation and extortion!

- Move it...
- Let me go!

- Hisae...! You fucked up!
- I didn't know!

I didn't mean to stab him.

I never imagined this
could happen.

This is not cool.

This isn't the way it's
supposed to go.

Everything was going so well
for me, Hisae.

I was doing fine...
using my brain... and penis.

I was on my way to becoming
a great Yakuza.

I could've become the Godfather...
boss of the entire Yakuza.


- Using my brain.
- Wait.

- Don't tell anybody what happened.


If you understand, then go.

Where am I supposed to go?



Shoo. Shoo. Shoo...

Who is it?



Who are you?

I wonder if you know Toshio

Toshio? Ha... yes,
Toshio is living here.


Yes, he's living here, but...
Please come in.

He's not here now.

Where is he?

I don't know.

What time will he be back?

Usually he's back by dark.

Let me help you.

Sorry but... could I wait
for him?

Want some tea?

Don't worry about me.

- It's been very chilly recently.
- Yeah.

What is the relationship between
you and Toshio?

A little complicated.
That's for sure.

What do you mean by complicated?

It's none of your business.
So shut up.

Can I fix this situation
with money?

I'm confused by your words.

Can you leave him?

- Leave who?
- Toshio, of course.

Why are you laughing?

I'm sorry.

- Do you really want to see Toshio?
-Sure I do.

What? Stop!

- Who bitch!
- Who's a bitch?

- You are!
- Says who?

I'm home.

Akemi... who is your guest?

Here is the lady who took
Toshio Kitayama from you.

Bad girl! You took somebody's
boyfriend away...]

Here is his fiance...
What do you have to say?

Kumiko... have a seat, dear.

Toshio! Why are you dressed
like this?

- I wonder what you want from me.
- Aren't you ashamed of yourself?

Akemi... I brought a cake for us.

I can't imagine what your father
will say about this!

The store in front of the
station was having a sale.

You are... so stupid!

Eh? Shall we have some tea?
And enjoy the cake.

Kumiko... have some cake.

You have some too.

Can you tell my father...

...Toshio won't be back to
the office forever.


You bitch!

Toshio is living happily
in her new home.

Now... Kumiko, I want to show
you something.

Take a good look.

You don't have to run off.

Kumiko... Kumiko... look at me.
I thought you loved me!

- Hey... wow, looks so pretty.
- Don't touch, they're fresh.

Akemi... Akemi!

What's the rush?

- We gotta go. Get ready.
- But why?

We're going on a rip.

I am in trouble!

What's wrong?

What are you doing?
Move, Akemi.

- Hey, Akemi...I
- Going on a trip?

Shut your mouth up.

I was just thinking about a trip...
where are you going?

You don't have to join us.

Why do you say that?

Can you zip it for me?

Why not me?


I don't like these
spur-of-the-moment decisions.

Why don't you take me too?

If you came with us...
you'd cause too much attention.

That's not nice.

- What is this?
- Hey.

You are too weird.
Go away!

- Honey...
- Let's go.

Hey... What am I supposed
to do here?

What should I do here?

Shut up! Nobody cares about you!


You're a monster!

Please. Don't leave me.


This is for you.

Driver... time to go.

Wait! Take me.

I wanna go. Pull me.

Please take me...I

Script: Rokuro Kumagaya
Camera: Masahisa Himeda

Art Director: Heihachiro Watanabe
Asst. Director: Yoshifumi Kamoda

Directed by: Tatsumi Kumashiro

The End