Pailwaan (2019) - full transcript

Krishna, a fierce wrestler, faces challenges in his personal life as he tries to fulfill the dream of his father, an ex-wrestler.

Every life has a purpose.

Life is all about understanding this purpose.

Krishna, who was born to Devaki,
grew up under Yashoda's care..

Mischievous boy Krishna became
the wrestler Krishna and defeated Kamsa..

He preached the holy Bhagavadgeetha
to the world...

Thus fulfilled his purpose of life

Just like that Pailwaan Krishna...

Here too a baby Krishna has taken birth...

What's the purpose of this Krishna?

This is the land of men, Gajendragar!

Every grain of sand is alive with bravery
and courage!

This is Sarkar, senior wrestler...

A Bachelor...

Although he quit along ago,
he still has the wrestling bug

He wishes to identify and nurture the local talent..

.. hence he has dedicated his life to wrestling.

One day in his life...

Three guys ganging up on a kid?

The kid himself set a bet to fight them!

Sarkar, that boy-

Ah, my leg!

What a fight! What a fighter!

How did you know the boy would win?

He has no fear in his eyes...

- Hand it over...
- Here you go

May good attend you! Bye!

Wrestler eh?

Are you in pain?

No pain greater than hunger sir.

Where are you from?
Where are your parents?

I have no one...I'm an orphan

With another human by the side,
none can be an orphan.

Will you come with me?

Is it right to bring home this street rat?

Have you ever fought for a single meal?

That guy struggles...

Not for himself, but for others...

What guarantee that he won't
become a rowdy tomorrow?

He who abuses might will become a rowdy.

He who has a mighty
reason will be a warrior.

He is a warrior.

Hey, who is it?!

What happened?

He's running way, Sarkar!

Did anyone scold him?

No one said anything, Sarkar.

I have never seen so much love.

I have only been abused.

After I get used to all this love,
what if you send me away?


You are not just like my son,
you are my son!


You will never be sent out of this house. temple! This gymnasium...

Ever since I was a boy,
I have been wrestling here.

My father, forefathers...
all practiced here.

I have a dream...
will you fulfill it?

Anything except studies!

Will you become the
National Wrestling Champion?

Sarkar, my life is yours! As you say...

This is the moment

The finale of the Fair and Handsome
Pro Boxing League!

Here's the crowd favorite...

King Tony!

Come on charge!

That was brilliant from Navdeep!

No one has challenged Tony like this before!

Hey, cheating!

Oh brother!

Tony, you are making a mistake!

Don't cross the limits!

Hey old man, winning is
the only thing for me.

The next round begins...

Navdeep tries for a knockout.

But Tony counters!

- Dad...
- Hey!

Hey, don't do that Tony!

That's fatal!

Navdeep is seriously injured.

The doctor has been called for!

Knockout specialist Tony's ban
episode has a new twist!

Tony's own coach Vijayendra
has stood witness against him!

Tony may be banned for five years.
His career may be over!

Hey old man!
I have fed you and clothed you!

You dare complain and get me banned?


Forgotten so soon?
Who rescued you from the streets?

Who trained and made you champ?

Get lost!

Did all your trainees become champs?

I have talent and guts!

That's why I'm a champion!

There is no boxer like me in all India!

Get it?

I'll create a new champion...

At least to avenge this insult!

If you really have the guts,
find just one guy!

Tony is the best!

I'll be waiting!

Bring a real man to fight me!

Don't be sad, Appa.

Tony was my student.
I gave him too much affection.

Don't worry about it.

You will surely find another like him!

It's not so easy dear.

Tony is a diamond I have shaped
with great difficulty.

Only diamond can cut diamond.

Did you fall brother?

I was bowing to mother Earth!

- Don't make fun of this, Paapu.
- What'd you say?

You donkey! I'm Assault Paapanna!

Assaulted every wrestler from
Kashmir to Kanyakumari!

- I know all about you.
- What do you know?

You haven't fought a single wrestler.

They say you've been
assaulted by all and sundry.

That's why you are Assault Paapanna!

Shut your mouth!
Here's twenty rupees, have some tea!

Stripping away the little dignity I have...

Excuse me

Just a minute sir!

Have some tea and continue practice.

- I'm Vijayendra, boxing coach.
- Hello!

I heard you're disposing of
your champ's equipment.

Yes sir...-Okay

This it sir...

Wow, old-style equipment!

- Can I see these?
- Please sir!

Thank you

If my boys use it,
their bodies will be like stone!

Can I buy this?

It's priceless, sir.

- Oh...that special eh?
- Yes sir, very special-

These were used by a champion
who was undefeated for seven years!

Every piece bears his stamp!

Had you come four years ago,
you could have met our champ Kichcha!

Kichcha was a lion in the ring!

Welcome every one to Gajendragar,
the land of men!

In today's most-awaited wrestling match...

...the North Indian champ, Baljit Singh!

Facing this Haryanvi Sardar today,
the great warrior, our tiger...

Hey shut up!

Our very own knight
from Veeranjaneya Gym...Kichcha!



This is a fifteen-point match...

The players are ready to begin!

The first hold by Kichcha!

A match of equals, but Kichcha....

...gains the upper hand!

Hey Sarkar, how much have you paid him
to throw the match?!

Talking ill of Sarkar...

Is he some big shot?
The eunuch can't even father a child!

And we have to fear him???

If he is man enough, ask him to face me.
I'll show him!


Let it go...

This is a 15-point match!
Let's see who wins.

He will score at least
one'll see.

The player knows the game,
the viewer knows zilch!

Five points required...
Baljit makes a strong comeback.

In a counter-move, Kichcha throws him!

Kichcha wins five points.

Well done!

Like every year, this year also...

...the winner of this match is Kichcha!

He wins the title of Veera Kesari,
the brave lion!

He wins every match

No one can face the Pailwaan

Born of the soil

To face the typhoon

This leader of men

Don't you dare meet his eye

He sees through the window of your heart

Immoveable, unyielding

The Emperor of our land

His mustache has never been muddied

Come on Pailwaan

He wins every match

No one can face the Pailwaan

Born of the soil

To face the typhoon

Hey champion of the world

He has no fear

Rayanna Sindhoora Lakshmana

Born of the same soil as him

See this wonder

The symbol of courage

Our Pailwaan

Anjaneyaaya Vidmahe

Vaayuputraya Dheemahi

Tanno Hanuma Prachodayaat

Jai Jai Jai Hanumaaan

Every limb like lightning shines

Colors of every hue painted

Like the spice of Mandakki Mirchi

Excitement shines in the eye

Cherished by Hanuman himself

Let us sing his praise

Come on Pailwaan

Come on Pailwaan

Going where?

- Why did you drag me into this?
- Did you hear me?

To the temple...


I had made a vow that if I won...

You made a vow?!

- Not me...him
- Yes, yes on his behalf!

What have you gotten me into...

You are going for the Nationals...
don't get into fights, police and all that.

Sarkar! What are you saying?

Fighter in the ring, friend outside!

The very image of peace!

- Let's go...
- Which temple?

Now we are finished...

- the one in the northern side...
- south!

First north
and then south...

Ever seen a goddess before?

What a question!

What a face!

And that light in her face!

Those features!

That's how wonderful she is...

Let's make an escape...

That's what I am trying to do...

- Overall...
- Get going

Thank God, let's go!

- That way?
- Yes, that way...

Hey! Idiot, can't you see
where you are going?

Hey, those scoundrels are coming this way.

Whenever injustice on
earth becomes intolerable...

...when evil flourishes...

...He will to come end it...

Are you joking?

Nothing will happen, relax.
Bow to the idol...

Hey! Do you know who
you're laying your hands on?

Sorry sir...

Did you say something to Sarkar?

What did I say?

Just try to remember...

'If he is man enough, ask him to face me,
I will show him!'

- So what now?
- Nothing, my lord!

Sarkar is my father, mother, god and guru.
You said those things about him... I came to inquire.

You come to our area and dare confront us?

He's come right? What are you going to do?

Is that so?

Hey! Shut that door!

Why this tension? I will shut it.

He will shut it don't worry!

Why did you ask to shut the door?

To thrash him!

What are you waiting for then?

- You!
- Just a minute!

- Paapu...
- I can't thrash these guys!

Didn't ask you to...
Sarkar will call, just 'manage' him.

As predicted, Sarkar is calling.


Don't let him know I called.

Cunning duo know each other inside out!
I'm trapped in the middle!

Tell me, Sarkar!

What is he doing?

- Breaking...
- What?!

...I mean breaking coconuts!

Who is this guy?

Hey! What are you doing?

- Sit properly!
- Sitting!

Go quickly and visit the god!

God has been viewed.
He is now distributing sweets!

You please proceed with your prayers!

What are you saying?
Give him the phone!

- Krishna?
- Yes Sarkar...

- Oh auspicious time?
- Yes, yes

- Get a viewing and come back quickly.
- Ok, Sarkar

...I'm Rana's man!

Rana who?

The king of Ranasthalipura!

Does your Rana have horns or something?

Let me go! I'll say no more.

Never again about Sarkar.
Forgive me!

A mistake can be forgiven once...
that's why...

If you say anything else again...

I won't say anything!

Remove clothes, thrash them, wear clothes
again! What is your problem?

Hey, you know nothing of Sarkar.

- You are such a Paapu...
- Oh, God only can understand

Who has installed this cutout
in the middle of the road?

It's a public inconvenience!
Get it removed...

Hey, who installed this cutout?

Sir no idea. I am not from here.

- I know nothing, let me go sir!
- Hey...

Sir you are new to the place.

You have no idea whose cutout this is.

Is he some leader or patriot?

Neither, sir...

Who then?

He is...the king of our place!

For hundreds of years,
their family has ruled here.

Everyone here venerates him.

Any work in this land must begin with him.

He decides who the MPs and MLAs are.

No one can question his pre-eminence.

If you do...

What will he do?

King or minister, a wrong is a wrong.

The law is equal for all.

I will remove it myself.

How dare you assault the police?

My lord, he's a newcomer.
He didn't know what he was doing!

Not him, it, my lord!

I am Rana. Raja Rana Pratap Varma!

Governments change, only the king remains!

Rana is defined by
a certain characteristic.

If there's a wedding, I must be the groom.

If it's a death, I must be the corpse.

The primary honor is always mine.

How dare you touch my cutout?

No, my lord. I will make him understand.

He didn't know he was making a mistake.

Sir, let's go...


Salute me!

He will, my lord...

Sir, salute him...or else he'll kill you.
Please salute him!

Can't you walk quietly?
-Okay, okay...

He's sitting right here. What to do?

- Beating over?
- Huh?

- He calls again...
- I meant, your beat over?

I will use the toilet...

No...I won't

What is he trying to do here?

Where is the offering? No sweets?

Offering? The temple was closed when we went.

He is joking since morning!
No limit to his jokes!

Here you go...

Not gone home yet?

I waited for you to come.

They'll be go.

I have a doubt.

Is this from the northern temple
or the southern one?

Go, go to sleep....

Eat them and sleep...
Brother, laddoos from the temple.-Coming-

- You carry on...
- Yes, Sarkar...

Not you Paapu...carry on

Right Sarkar...

I thought I managed him on the phone...

Did he remove his shirt and thrash them?

Thrashed them well?

Washed them with dirt!

- You take a small boy...
- Small boy??!

- To a fight?
- Me?!

I know my son...

Anyone who meddles with me,
they're finished.

He's beating me up instead of him...

- Told him all of it?
- Yes

Can't you shut your mouth?

Father and son know each other well...Ah!

It's bad times for me....

Put it up...

Rukmini Constructions Chairman
Gajanand Deshpande...

...suddenly announces
his daughter's engagement?

Dad fixed the match.
He knows what's good for me.

Hey come...

His father and I are developing a
big property in Mumbai.

He is their only son.

With this marriage,
our relationship will grow further.

So will my business.

For business, you will
marry her off to a stranger?

Did my mother know
my father before marriage?

Weren't they happy?

They have double my wealth.

My daughter will surely be happy.

I believe in God.

My man will surely take care of me.

These are the prospective
brides for Krishna.

I know my son well.

Till he becomes National Champion,
he won't marry.

Don't try to approach him this way.

He's insane...

Isn't this a bit too much?

Why are you laughing?

- I don't believe it!
- What?

I don't believe you don't drink.

Hey, what do you mean you don't believe?

I don't believe you...

I swear on that cat there!

If I drink...

You know what happens
when a pledge is broken right?

- I know, I know...
- Then?

He dares advise me...

By the way, why are you drinking?

Love failure...

Can a question paper fail in an exam?

- No...
- Who is that fails?

- Those who write...
- Exactly!

Can love ever fail?

It's lovers that fail.

And you failing is no surprise, Paapu.

What do you know about true love? Hey!

You just swore you won't drink!
Yet you finished it off.

Oh right! Don't worry, what can happen?

Come here, listen carefully...

Love is like a six-pack.
Very difficult to achieve.

Maintaining it is even harder.

But friendship...look down.
Your stomach...

Like this, it comes easily.

After it comes, even if you refuse it...
it will stay till death.

In such a case, why this love and stuff?

Guys who talk this way are the first
to fall in love and get married!

What are you saying?

- Fall in love I say!
- Who are you saying it to?

To you.

- Telling me?
- Yes!

Sarkar says we must not fall in love...

That's why Hanuman and Sarkar
are celibates. Me also brahmachaari.

I swear on you I won't marry.
I won't fall in love.

I swear on you!

You tell me? Me?

Get going home soon!


He swore on the cat, and it died!

He has sworn on me he won't fall in love...
what of me?!

If I am to live, he must not
fall in love...not marry...

I must find a way out.

A pair...pick a card.

The wedding of Seetha and Rama.

Your prospects of a wedding are bright.

Your star sign indicates you will marry.

Impossible! He is a celibate.

He has vowed he won't marry! Don't you...

What he's saying is....

I am Hanuman's disciple...

- Hanuman himself says it!
- What?

You will find your Seetha.
Go and marry her!

Really? Is this guy an astrologer?

He's lying for money.

Swami, don't just wag your tongue.

You dare call my astrology a lie?

Hanuman himself will come... you your Seetha.

You will see her.

When you meet her, Fire, Water, and Wind
will be witness to your love!

Write this down!

Lakshmi, goddess of wealth!

If I get it, I can drink tonight!

I have to get it somehow!


He's asking the music teacher
to act as Hanuman...

- What do I do?
- Pappu!


Rama, yes you...

No, I'm Krishna...Namaste...

Does Hanumantha know
Krishna or Rama?


Then? Seetha awaits you there.

Go Rama...go!

How did Krishna enter the Ramayana?
So confusing...

Lakshmi, please stop!

Where are you going?

Lakshmi, where are you going?

I'm you!

Got her...Lakshmi!

'When you meet her,
your love will be witnessed by Fire...



I saw Seetha today...


What a dignified bearing!
How she speaks!

Who is he speaking of?

Isn't that our tradition?

When I see her, I feel...feel...

- What do you feel?
- Let me tell you...

She's like...a pillar of a fire...

I feel like worshiping her.

I feel the astrologer's
predictions will come true...

Don't you believe such guys!

Hey, Hanumantha himself has said so.

See there, that Anjaneya!
Let him say so, and I will believe it.

Look, look there!
Anjaneya has himself indicated it!

That's not a's a body!

Look there!

Hey, it's you!

Can you come here a minute?

I am the one she called.

You go ahead.

I'm in big trouble.
Can you please help?

Anything! Shall I kill him?

Can you go to the wine shop...
and get four beers?

What did you say?


- Strong...
- Strong!

- Chilled...
- Chilled! What a tradition!

Also cigarettes... cultured!

What else?


Will you get these for me?

- Pillar of fire! Standing, flowing,...
- That's it...

Here you go...

Thank you!

Wait here.

All of it here.


Thank you.

He's venting his anger about
the girl on the dummy.

If it was the girl...

Hello, wrestler, which way are you heading?

Brother, going to drink water...

Going to drink water or...

...pouring water over your achievements?

Brother, that

Hey, love is one big lie.

Forget it!
What has happened to you?

No brother, I see that girl
and I think...traditional, cultured...

Tradition and culture?
You know better than me?

If you believe that, you are a dupe!

You know sugarcane husk right?

They will squeeze you dry like that!

What's wrong with you?
You are a wrestler.

Only wrestling and the
championship in mind.

No distractions,
do you understand?

No distractions...

Look and learn.

Take this...
-what is this?-

Wet trunks, wear it.

You will cool down.

Hey, idle fellow! Get over here.

Coming boss.

- Search there?
- Beer baby!


There is a proverb which says
'don't get ants in the pants'

I say nothing will happen.
Want to see?

More gutkha, cigarettes, beer?

Our boy will get it.


That guy who got it
that day for you!

- Can we meet him?
- Sure, please come!

- Krishna!
- What?

Why are you shouting?

- The beer girl is here!
- What?

She wants more.

She thinks you are a beer broker.
Show her her place!

Get her here.

Madam, all set. Please go.

Look on boys...

The lamb is at the tiger's mercy.
Love is finished!

I can't bear to see them fight...
turn away boys.

Krishna will explode now!
No idea what will happen after.

Let's listen.

Hey, no sounds yet? Why?

Come sit, please.

This are looking good.

Krishna, the environment has changed.

What is going on?

Hey, that cigarette, beer,
it's not for them!

Some bet with a friend.

They have no such habits.

Very good person! Innocent! Seetha!

Please sit.

Pappu listen, Hanumantha and
the astrologer were right!

So sweet of you...
I'm Rukku.

- Rukku?
- Rukmini!

- Lovely name!
- Yes, yes

- You are?
- Krishna!


O darling

Let's see you wink

Hold my hand

O pearl among women

No space to breathe

Only god knows of this heat in me

Nothing is in my grasp

O darling

Let's see you wink

Hold my hand

O pearl among women

The spell of her sidelong glance

Slides into my eyes

The love story begins

The path of joy

The boy loses his mind over her jewels

With each breath Passion rises

O colorful butterfly, o beautiful vision

I offer flowers for your hair

Time unmoving, hatches in me love

The touch of you like lightning strikes

The celibacy of youth crumbles to dust

He moved carefree and stubborn

With your touch, he lost his courage

O Kalyani O Kasthuri

Come hold my hand

O darling

Let's see you wink

Hold my hand

O pearl among women

In lieu of the coming
Dussehra celebrations...

Sri Vijayadurga Institution has
organized a special wrestling match!

Only four of the foremost wrestlers
in Karnataka have been chosen.

Among these, from Gajendragar,
Sarkar's Sri Veeranjaneya Gymnasium...

Pailwan Krishna has been selected.

Please see your son attends.

Our fortune...he will come for sure.

We are very happy to hear this.

Boss, when is the wrestling match?

Tomorrow night.

Shall we have some fun on the way?

- Hey! That's Rukku!
- Yes!

Madam, what are you doing here?

Going to trouble.

We too are going there.
We can take you...

Pappu! What are you doing here?

Weren't you in the vehicle?

He often fills the radiator
and keeps getting out...

I'll take you, come...

He seems very excited...

Your the first one to see
any feeling in him. Come...

Pappu, stay here, get
the vehicle ready.

Why Vijayadurga?

Dussehra celebrations.
A wrestler from Gajendragar is coming.

He's a sure bet to
double your money!

Have you placed bets on him before?

No chance!

Do you know the guy?

He...must be some great man.


Great man...since he
came to your notice?

- So you are going to see
this wrestler? - Ya

- Can you drive?
- Of course!

I drive well no?

Shall I drive fast?

Madam, jeep is finished!

- Sorry...
- Forget it, your leg?-

I'm okay.

I'm thirsty.


Water here...

Will you wait here?
I'll take a look.


Are you okay?

This water is wonderful!
Will you try some?

You drank that?-Yes!-

Rukmini, what are you doing?

Oops, hit that honeycomb...

Hey come on...those are bees not flies.

You are laughing?

The bees are gone?

No idea...

Do they have ears?

- So why are you whispering?
- Anjaneya!


Afraid to be with me?

No no, why should I be afraid?

No fear is it?

Champion Krishna, from our Karnataka!

Yes sir...

A pure desi talent from Uttara Karnataka...

This who we are searching for...

Yes sir, he has trained from a very young age.

Please allow him to compete in the Nationals.

He will definitely win a medal for India.

Please sir...

-Do one thing.

At the tournament at Ranasthalipura next month...

...the National selectors are coming.

Let him participate, and then we'll see.

Definitely sir. He will surely win there.

First, let him participate. The only guy who wins
there is Raja Rana Pratap Varma.

Exciting times at the Vijayadurga
Dussehra wrestling competition...

Raja Rana Pratap Varma is wrestling with Kolhapur's
Vikram Thakore.

Rana executes a superb move!

It's a terrific confrontation between the two.

This is a fight of equals.

Raja Rana Pratap Varma scores a fabulous victory!

Victory to Raja Rana Pratap Varma!

Where is Kichcha, not to be seen?

Hey Assault Paapu!

Who said Paapu?
Oh, mother Seetha!

Come, sit here.

Hey, sit over there.

-My man will be back shortly.
-Your man?

Your friend...

Oh! So many developments in a day!

-Just a little...
-Not little but too much

At this rate, there will be kids.

Can you check where he went?

He will come. Watch for him okay...

Next match, Ranadir Singh and Pailwaan Kichcha!

Here he comes...your man!

Hi handsome!

Hey...I love you...

Yay, yes!


Hey, get lost!

Too much Kichcha!-Get lost man!-

Which is that line about the mustache?

You read it yourself...

Hey Krishna! Hi!


Looking happy Rukkamma!
What's the urgency?

-Errr, Daddy knows...

I've told him everything.

How suddenly you spring it on me Rukkamma.

-...nothing like that...first time...

Nothing will happen.

Speak carefully okay? Come...


Is that your name?

No sir, I'm Krishna. Kichcha is my nick name.

Sounds so stupid.

Here's a blank cheque.
Fill in any amount you want.

Are you thinking of how much to write...

...or you don't know how to write?

I haven't studied sir,
so I don't know writing.

Thumb impression...-yes-
-Suits you!

Not surprised.

Okay, I will fill it in.
Tell me the account details.

No account as well?

No sir, but I don't know why you're asking.

I know why you are behind my daughter...

...and I know what you want.

Oh like that...

I've not raised my daughter for a street loafer like you.


Where are you going?

That is...shutting my mouth and pushing off!

Because, you'll say something, and I will respond.

It'll suddenly blow up into something else. That's why...

But if you say yes, I can speak!

Sir, I too got fooled like others.

Your palatial house, your cars...
I thought you were a big man!


We mustn't speak of ourselves, but listen anyway.

I can't write, but outside...

...the elderly and young are filled with their love of me.
That's all I want.

No account, but I have gathered some respect
in the form of friends.

A rupee each with love from them,
and I'll have more than you.

'If you tangle with me...if you do...'

I'm not one who speaks that way. No need.

One last thing!

How can a guy like you have a daughter like that?

How? This I can't understand.

Also, I will always be your girl's husband... I will be your son-in-law. Write it down.
See you soon!

See you soon!

I've told you everything.

Think of it from a girl's father's point of view.

I have fixed her marriage. What...

-When is the wedding?
-Next month

You prepare for the wedding.
I give you my word.

There will be no trouble from my son.

That's the way. Give me five!

Whose car is that?

This Chinna always teases me this way...
-Kichcha sir!

Namaskar! Can we speak?

Carry on.

I thought we shared the same dream so far.

Is it still the same? Or has it changed?

Why are you saying such things Sarkar?

You aim to be champ or not?

Of course! Why are you speaking this way?

Really? Or has something else become important?

No Sarkar...what else...nothing!

The National selectors are coming to Ranasthalipura.

Set aside all distractions.

Got it? Focus on wrestling...go

'You aim to be champ or not?'

'Has something else become important?'

'Focus on wrestling.'

What is all this Kichcha?

Nothing Appaji...the bike...

What didn't happen all these years... come suddenly today?

Where was your focus, Kichcha?


Focus on wrestling.

A slight distraction, and you will lose your life.

He who sets aside desires, sacrifices himself
and overcomes obstacles...

...only he can be a true wrestler. Only him!

Don't waste all these years of
sacrifice and hard work.


We welcome our king Raja Rana Pratap Varma
to the National Wrestling Championships at Ranasthalipura.

We also welcome Sarkar from
Veerajaneya Gym and the National Selectors.

After these junior competitions, the most awaited match!

Gajendragar's Pailwaan Kichcha versus
Raja Rana Pratap Varma!

Where is your son?

He will come sir.

The junior competitions are at an end.

We request the competitors of the
next match to get ready.

Sarkar, today is that girl's marriage.

Rukku...-looking so pretty- Smile!

Pailwaan Kichcha has not yet arrived.

This has disappointed the spectators.

If he doesn't show up,
-Scared to even show up!

...Raja Rana Pratap Varma will be declared winner!

I have always fought every match I have won.

He might come any minute, right Sarkar?

He will come...

Let us wait.

Our Pailwaan has arrived!

Bravery should be exhibited in wreslting arena...

...Not by doing accident

And Kichcha wins the match with that move!

Tear down his cutout!

-Down with Rana Pratap!

You don't know the results of your mistakes!

No one has spoken to Sarkar like this before!

Dear, your father...

Sarkar, these two didn't know
this would happen.

Poor children, they had no idea.

You know all about Sarkar.

You too know all about him...

-I don't!

-That is...
-I don't know who stands in front of me!

This is not the child I raised.

Sarkar, what are you saying?
He is your child....

Just because you're a friend,
don't cross your limits.

I wondered if I could trust.
This is betrayal of trust.

I will ask two things.

Ask if your husband will make it happen.

Definitely...He will do what you say.

He must stop training
and wrestling from now on.

Let him live happily...
out of my sight!

Sarkar, what are you saying?

You are asking him to leave!

Where will he go?

He is your son...your son.

You will send your own son away?

The girl wanted to kill herself...
that's why he got her home.

Krishna, come!

For the first time, my god asks
something of me, Murthy...

I will give him my life.

That was the last we saw of him.

We don't know where he went
or how he is doing.

He is not in touch with anyone since.

You sinner! You murderer!

-Yes, me

You said you won't sign itseems?
- Yes

-Not even on the pain of death!

-O dear...let her go

Why did you get her here?


Please let her go! I will sign on anything!

-What did you say?
-I will sign...


Shall I read this once?

'My son suffered from a heart problem'.

'He didn't disclose it, and fought in the match'.

'The doctor's certificate says
this is why he died'.

'I swear that this is the truth'.

-All good...but

If your coach doesn't appear at the court...

The ban will be surely revoked.

-Check this shop...
-No, not good

How much? Can't reduce it...hey!

Hey, look where you're going!

Brother, why this panic? What happened?

-He is right here! I saw him!



Who is he? Where?


What do you need brother?

Biscuits for her.

Wait here...

-That cream biscuit.

Where are you?

In your Heart...

-Come quickly!

Feeling shy?

-Principal waiting!

Sister, what's special today?

-Our wedding anniversary!

My gift to you...
May you live long and well.

I will take leave...
Jasmine, rose, flowers for sale!

You and I
I and you

Are now one
This my heart accepts

Nothing more needed

You have taught me all about love now

I will stay by you, bring happiness

I am your shadow this life and the next

You and I
I and you

Are now one
This my heart accepts

Nothing more needed

You have taught me all about love now

Let us embrace in love all day

Let us play the game of love

Let us overcome difficulties

Let us live like all the rest

This is the reward

The feast of marriage in our new nest

You and I
I and you

Are now one
This my heart accepts

Nothing more needed

You have taught me all about love now

Who has no troubles?

No lack for lovers

We will live without losing

The world is now envious

Everlasting love at dawn and dusk
can now begin in the season of rains

You and I
I and you

Are now one
This my heart accepts

Nothing more needed

You have taught me all about love now



So much time to make a throw!

Get next!

Right Sarkar.


Useless fellows!

Looking for Krishna?

Looking for Krishna in everyone.

None of them is Krishna.

It's not possible for them too.

I have forgotten him.

You can't, and that's why
you gave away his gear.

You sent him out of the house...

...but not from your mind.

-All good, Kichchanna?


Looking very nice. What's the matter?

You know what is special today?


Yes!!!. There will be festival in our village.

The first ritual...
the wrestling will begin in a week.

Sarkar will be happy today.

Ta da! How is it?

Even on our anniversary
you just go to sleep?


What else can one do?

Lots to do!

For now...

Take this.


-Should I wear it?



I will help you wear it.

Rajasthani saree, it's very different.

I will help you wear it.

-Then what?

I trained for four hours with the shopkeeper.

I will help you wear it.

What about Jaanu?

Jaanu, you wanted see that bird in the corner right?

Yes, dad!

Will you take your binoculars and go now?

Yes dad!

Go on darling!

How did I manage?

Appa, no birds there...

-Look on the left, sweetie!

-Okay, ma!


Mmm...I'll look elsewhere...

She saw us.



If she can understand,
we must complete our work.

-Hello, everyone, step out please,
an announcement!-what now?

Today's our wedding day!

-I bought my wife a Rajasthani saree.

I'm taking them out for dinner.

-Wanted to let you know...

Yes, Appa helped Amma wear the saree!

Look, he got a Rajasthani saree...

Have you bought a blouse at least for me?

Oh, this fellow shows us men in poor light...


Brother, I saw Pailwaan Kichcha!

What are you saying? Say it again!

I saw him...
Living happily with his wife and kid.

Come quickly brother!

Hello brother...that's the house.


What can I offer you?

Your husband has given me enough.

But I'll still take some milk...

How are you Kichcha?

I'm good. You?

Not good.

Not good for the past four years.

You just didn't defeat me in
our village that day...

You broke our family's pride, respect!

In our village, I am the groom in any wedding...


I'm the corpse when there is a death...all fine.

But you came to my wedding and made me the corpse.

That I can't tolerate.

I feel anyone who laughs is laughing at me!

I can't step out of the house.

If you feel like striking me, do so.

I'm right here.


I'm very relaxed now.

Now that I have met you.


My blessings...

It's you who said,
the victory must occur in the ring.

You must come to my village.

As a Pailwaan. And I must win over you.

That Pailwaan won't come Rana.

He will come!

He will, because I will bring him.

You know something?

This laborer business doesn't suit you.

As a Pailwaan...super!

Where is your daughter?

Such a sweet child it seems.

Where is she?

The Pailwaan must step out.

I will fetch him.

Hey old man, where are you?

Come out!

Come, come!

Hey Tony!

Hey coach!...sorry, ex-coach!

Tomorrow's headlines! Read it.

Champion Tony's ban revoked!

Tony is back!
He's back!

What do you understand from this?

The world needs winners!

What is a loser like you
doing with your life?

Oh yes, you have this big 'bakery'.

Producing all these 'biscuits'...

You are crossing a line.

You will definitely lose one day.

You dream too big.

You will make Tony lose?

You may not even be alive next year.

What do you say?

But this year, if you have a suitable sample...
bring it along.

Let's see...

Anyone you get will be...

Shall I get you tea brother?

No Ramanna.

-Karim bhai...
-Tell me Krishna

Sorry to bother you this late.

No problem...tell me, Krishna.

Karim bhai, I needed money for Jaanu's admission.

My son, you don't have to beg me for Jaanu's fees.

Come in the morning.
I will give you the money.

Thank you Karim bhai.
I will return it soon.

-Karim bhai!

What happened?

What could have happened?

How are you Kichcha?

I will bring the Pailwaan to my land.

Getting angry?...No?

No problem...I have waited four years.

I can wait a few more days.

The Pailwaan must come.

Till then, I won't give up.

Feel like beating me up? Do it!

No, I want to say something to you.

Don't mistake my silence for fear Rana.

It's respect.

If you respect wrestling and your opponents...

Wrestling will respect you back.

Had I lost to you that day,
I'd be happy to have lost to a great wrestler.

The sport is bigger than us Rana.

I have promised Sarkar,
who taught me wrestling.

I stand by my promises.

You are fooled if you think the Pailwaan will come.

He won't...

-Hello dear...
-Yes dad

Which garage did you say?

-Basha garage, dad...
-Basha garage...okay

Sorry Karim bhai.
I caused this to happen.

Let it go Krishna. I am fine.

Krishna, you wanted the money right?


Basha garage...

-Salaam, how can I help you?

My car is dented. Can you check?

Please sit sir. I will take care of it.

-Suleiman check the car.
-Yes bhai

Stop right here

See you brother!!!

Krishna, if you don't mind,
can I ask you something?

-Sure...-Does Jaanu need to go to that big school?

Why are you asking?

For the rent you pay for that hovel... are working like a donkey.

-Brother, why does the mother
carry her child on the waist?-Why?

So the child can see what the mother sees.

But why does the father carry
the child on his shoulders?

So the child can see what we can't!

This is not a difficulty but a desire.

And I'm a strong father!

Hey Krishna, a good man like you
will encounter no difficulties!

My mistake, shouldn't have asked!

I am reduced to this state
after giving away to others!

Now I am learning the business.

Brother, we will work for Rs. 40,000/-
Otherwise not possible.

This is a TV ad. Boxing ad...very less money.

Lots of work brother.
We too are many.

We can't work for so less...
Let's go.

What about you?

I'll do the work, brother.

What about co-workers?

I have none, but I can do it.

Just give me what you offered them.

Just you? Lots of work, you know.

I will do it.

The material is there. Take it.

Right brother, thanks.

- Shekri
- Yes brother

- Check if he does the work correctly.
- Okay

I always thought money was the only thing.

I gave no value to humanity and humaneness.

I thought Krishna wanted to
marry my daughter for money.

But he showed me I was wrong.

I am not here to make you suffer sir.

I wanted to speak my mind.

One day, I couldn't find
my daughter for an hour.

I searched everywhere,
but couldn't find her.

A three-year-old missing for an hour...

...and I almost felt like dying.

Whereas you raised your daughter
for twenty two years...

...and I took her away in an instant.

How you must have felt...

Now I understand, sir.

Forgive me.


How are you dad?

That's when I realized...

...humanity is important, not money.

I came that day to rant to you...

...not about Krishna
marrying my daughter...

...but because my business
deal went awry.

I am not a good father, Sarkar.

He is...

You, who raised him, are a good father.

I beg you to forgive me for a
mistake I knowingly committed!

No dear, I'm waiting here.
Yes, meal over.

- Sir hello!
- Hello, Paapu...

Where is our Kichcha?

Here...I could only find his photo.

I saw his photo at your gym.

This is him right?


Yes...this is our Kichcha.

Sir, what are you looking at?

Advertisement for the
annual boxing tournament.

Every time, the trophy was ours.

But this time...

By-two tea, please.

Sir, the photo...

- How much?
- Ten bucks...

- Photo of Basha's garage...
- Huh?

You know this mechanic?

Yes indeed...

- Him?
- That's Krishna

He's my neighbor.

- A minute...
- Hello?


Welcome again to Ranasthalipura, Kichcha.

I knew you'd come,
that's why I called all the leaders around.

Hey, all of you raise your heads.

When he won that day,
you all applauded and danced.

You stomped on my cutout.

Today, I will win.

You will celebrate and dance the same way.

Let me go! Appa!



Where are you going?
I'm talking to you.

He's just a watchman.

Tell me...

Have you come as a father...
...or a wrestler?

A father has come to fetch his daughter.


Let me go!

Where is your arrogance now?

You are getting thrashed so easily...




I want the Pailwaan!



Come on guys push!


Stop! He must still wrestle me.

Hey! What is the drama about
your promise to your father?

You are an orphan, that's all.

Where is the Pailwaan in you? Where?

He's dead.



Kill the girl...



My granddaughter!

Don't even think of harming her!

I'll cut you to pieces.

You shouldn't have made this one mistake.

So far, one set of accounts...

From now on, we'll have
a second account.

You shouldn't have woken up the lion.

I told you not to make mistakes.

Never said you should tolerate them!

We need such guys in the police department!

Save me!

Arrest him!...He's a policeman!

I'm just a watchman sir...

- Hey...

- Hey...

- I'm sorry!

- I'm sorry!

Can I speak to you please?

Why didn't you come
to see me all these days?

My mistake, darling, mistake...

My father says, Sarkar
never makes a mistake.

- Your dad said that?
- Yes...

I wasn't much of a believer...

But now I believe.

This mace led me to you from nowhere.

It showed me your true form.

Krishna and Kamsa were both wrestlers.

Krishna fought for Dharma...

...and Kamsa for Adharma.

The guy I trained for so long...

...I didn't know he'd be Kamsa one day.

He is a stain on the sport of boxing.

I don't care if you think I'm selfish.

To erase this stain, you must leave the
wrestling pit and enter the boxing ring.

- Is there money?
- What?

Money in boxing?


How much money?

I don't know Sarkar.

But I need the money for those children.


Children...When I left home,
I expected difficulties...

...but it was very difficult.

Difficulty not as a laborer or poor man...

...I suffered since
I didn't have you or wrestling.


I couldn't sleep.

I would go running all night.

I thought I could tire myself to sleep.

I thought I suffered the most,
but life showed me differently.

Those children...

Time for a meal, come.

You only worry about food.

First work, then food.

Shantakka, keep it there...

- Give it to me, I'll do it.
- She's the boss now

- Sushila?
- Brother!

Life was difficult at home.

After father died, we all moved here.

Initially, it was tough...
but now we are used to it.

It's like I have forgotten
how to run.

Where is Chinna?

He's not here.

Where is he?

He didn't want to come here.

He always wanted to be a cricketer.

One day, mother scolded
him to send him to work.

He refused saying he wanted
to play cricket and ran off.

- Where are you going?
- I won't work!

Don't go there.


We were the ones who
laid that road afterwards.

It hurts so much...

But we're used to it now.

What brings you here?

How long Sushila?

Sir, coming.

Brother, the supervisor is calling.

I'm so happy to see you.

We live close by. Come again.

I will go now brother.

God gives everyone dreams.

He also gives them hunger.

That hunger can eat up every dream.


Come...will you do something for me?

Yes brother...

I will look after you very well.

You must play again like before.

Come with me.

I will care for you.

Don't worry brother.

Why? You don't believe me?

I know you will keep your word.

Will you come?

All these kids were like Chinna and me.

That's Divya, taluk-level kho kho player.

That's Shruthi, kabbaddi player.

Here is Mahesha, district-level
volleyball player.

Life has dragged all these people here.

How can I come away alone?

We are not fortunate enough to play.

You are a good man.

You want to fulfill at least her wishes.

So many children right here,
then how many in Karnataka?

Will you fulfill all their wishes?

Those who have hunger have no food.

And those with hunger.

You need good fortune for everything.

'We are not fortunate enough to play'.

Pole stars

Pole stars

Thousands of them

Reside on earth too

Without twinkling live in sorrow

Pole stars

Pole stars

trapped under the wheel of time

O why this unwanted gift?

Piercing the eyes, right in front

The mirror of irony

How can I describe

How can I bear

Inciting a desire to climb the hill

He breaks your leg

In his gamble

We are all victims

Every drop of rain must turn into a pearl

The time of human celebration must come

A life of fairness we want this day

Pole stars

trapped under the wheel of time

O why this unwanted gift?

What talents Sarkar...little kids.

Little kids

They can't afford two meals a day.

So they have packed off their dreams
and set them aside.

Working as coolies.

I feel terrible.

With another human by the side,
no one is an orphan.

A human is not someone
who selfishly lives for himself.

You taught me that one must help
and show the way to his neighbors.

If my boxing can help their future,
I will definitely fight.

If you agree...

I only taught you to wrestle...

...but you have learnt
why one must wrestle.

Even as a child, you fought for others.

Even today you want to do the same.

I'm proud to say you are my son!

He who fights because
he is mighty is a rowdy.

He who fights for a
mighty cause is a warrior.

O warrior o gallant one

You shall be the winner

It is you, the world is yours

Let the earth explode, the sky shake

You fearlessly face the world

He who has a goal will win renown

Only a man with a mind will rise

Be victorious

Surge forward

It is you, the world is yours

Surge through the crowd

He who gets through wins

Let the cyclone in you awake

Defeat is worse than death

The hero must never lose

Your lineage is of the warrior Hanuman


Who will break whose records

Who knows of tomorrow?

Write your own history

You are the mighty one

He who has a goal will win renown

Only a man with a mind will rise

Be victorious

Surge forward

It is you, the world is yours

Life is a journey on the sea

Thunder and rain are natural

The heart that swims to the bank is human

This age is the servant of victors

You are your own guru

Learn to win

It all begins here

He who has a goal will win renown

Only a man with a mind will rise

Be victorious

Surge forward

It is you, the world is yours

This is the day, time, and moment
we were waiting for all this while!

This the first day of the Fair and
Handsome Pro Boxing League.

We have twelve boxers
from all across the globe.

They will fight over
25 days in the tournament.

Every match is a knockout match.

The winner takes home rupees ten crore!

The crowds are filling the stands.

Now, everybody's favorite,
the knockout specialist Tony Sebastian!

Here's the knockout specialist
King Tony!

Look at the power of his hot!

Yes, but he has a tough opponent
in front of him.

Tony faces the 7-foot tall
tiger from Punjab, Kuljit Singh!


He is so huge!

How tall is he! To meet his eye,
we need an elevator!

A suitable opponent for Tony today.

- The match is bound to be amazing...
- Fight!

Here we go!

This is what I call sheer power!


The next match is between
Eugene from West Africa...

...and our desi wrestling champ
Pailwaan Kichcha!

This is Kichcha's first appearance
in the boxing ring.

That too in such a grand stadium!

Here's Eugene, the swagger!

Follow my orders throughout the match
No foul play, no rabbit punches...ok?

- Eugene tries intimidation!
- He's doing it deliberately!

Ready!. Move!.

The bell rings...-Fight!
-Here we go!

Boxing is not about strength
but techniques too!

-Kichcha, super!

Oh my god!

Pailwaan Kichcha is using a wrestling move.


-This is hilarious!
-Come on Kichcha!

Eugene is in displaying his boxing skills

Break... Now!

That's the second warning.

You can't do that...


That's the third warning....
Next time you would be disqualified

-Bell...back to your corner...
-That's the bell!

The crowd is having a real good time.

Listen to me carefully!

This is boxing not wrestling.

He is doing the opposite
of what you're thinking.

You should beat him at his own game.

Focus and counter him.

The second round begins.

- Kichcha, don't let him go!
- Kichcha tries a punch.

He is unable to connect...
But Eugene connects

Strike him, come on.

- Eugene takes full advantage!
- Punch him!

Eugene escapes like thin air.

Are you serious?!
What a hit! Superb!

Come, don't worry about him.

Hey bakery, how shall I
eat up your little biscuit?

Hit...hit him! Go!


Kichcha, use the hook.

Hit him!


Oh no!

Congrats Tony!

How are you feeling?

Feels like a holiday!

Tony, what do you want
to say about your opponent?

Pailwaan Kichcha!

Ooh...I'm scared!

- Pailwaan Kichcha...
- Namaste!

What do you say about
your opponent Tony?

Tony is a great boxing talent.

I'm happy to get a chance to box with him.

You have left wrestling
to enter boxing. Why?

- For the money...
- Money?!

Not for me...

There are talented underprivileged
kids on the street.

If someone inspires them,

...they will become great sports persons
of this country.

That's what I believe.

Tony, what do you want to say
about this finale?

It's going to be short...
...crisp and short!

Pailwaan Kichcha! Will you win?

I don't know if I'll win,
but this I know.

I have never accepted defeat easily.

The new ray of hope for talented and
underprivileged kids...Pailwaan Kichcha!

Moving from wrestling to boxing, Kichcha... endearing himself for his purpose.

Children need sport as much as studies.

Everyone must support games for children.

I was a state-level volleyball player in school.
But no one helped me progress further...

Kichcha is an example to
both the state and the country.

His purpose is very praiseworthy.

Our employees are donating a day's salary
to encourage children's sports.

If he fulfills his aim,
our children too can play.

If he wins, our children will win.

God bless him!

Kichcha has won the hearts of people,
but will he win against Tony?

We have to wait and watch!

This is the moment we've
been waiting for!

This grandeur and excitement of the finale!

Tony Sebastian vs Pailwaan Kichcha!

He who has walked nine steps
can easily walk the final one.

But you can't reach your
goal without that final step.

The journey will not be complete.

Sir, please come!

Sir, it's the finals. If you don't come...

The moment I found an opponent for Tony...
I already reached my goal.

Today is not my fight.

It's his.

This day must belong to him.

He definitely doesn't need me today.

The purpose with which
he has entered the ring...

...will fuel his strength.

Welcome to the grand finale of the
Fair and Handsome Pro Boxing League!

Introducing first, the desi wrestler...

Pailwaan Kichcha!

Here's King Tony.

Please welcome the knockout specialist...

Tony Sebastian!

Red.. Blue... To the centre

Alright then... Let's do the drill once again...

You know the rules...
but I still gonna repeat a few of them

Incase of a Knock Down,
you go to the corner I tell you to

-Any Questions?
-Tony sending out a strong message...

The fireworks have already begun!

Which means more sparks will fly!


Kichcha tries to attack, but in vain!

A shower of punches on Kichcha
before he can even react!

This is very tough for him.

The punch must have
surely damaged the ribs!

Stop! Back to your corners...

Sit Kichcha!

Kichcha seems to be in a lot of pain...

...but looks determined.
Good to see him charge...

You can do it.

Thrash him...don't let him go!

The third round is set to begin.

Come on Kichcha!
-He looks very determined...

Go back!

Come on!

-Come on, go...

Move out!

A nasty blow from Tony...

Tony's coach asking him to watch out!

Well done Kichcha!

Stop, that's banned!
-Oh my god...

-Both the teams trying to separate the warriors.
-Go back!

This match is up and alive!

This is anybody's game from here.

Kichcha, terrific!

You can..C'mon...C'mon

Round 4, and the game has now truly begun!

Both boxers are tearing each other apart...
This is insane..

This is truly a war!

First time Tony sits in his corner...
He looks exhausted!

-Round 8...fight!
-That's the start of Round 8.

What a match! What a finale!

Come on, hook!

Thrash him!


'You are my son.'

'I'm proud to call you my son.'

'He who fights because he's
mighty becomes a rowdy'.

'He who fights for a mighty cause...'

'We are not fortunate enough to play'

'...becomes a warrior'

Look! I see some movement!

Kichcha is moving!

Are you okay? Ready to box?

Referee asks if he can continue.
He says yes!


-The Pailwaan is in bad shape...
-Doctor, examine!

The referee has called for the doctor.

Yes, Kichcha's eye is completely shut!

The doctor may disqualify him.

The match will finish this way.

Tony will obviously become the winner.

Can you see?

Alright.. How much is this?


That's good.. Ok

I'll close your eyes...

Tell me now.. How much?

-Focus and look Kichcha.
-How much?


Tell me.. How much?


-Good to go!
-That's a thumbs up!

Now Kichcha on the attack!

Tony's taking a beating,
but he hits back!

This is a street barred!

Tony looking to finish Kichcha...

-Come on...
-Kichcha come on!

That's a cheap shot...

That's a foul!

That's a warning!
You can't do that.

Now he hits back.

Go Kichcha go!

Left hook...another...and another!

Oh my god!

He's raining blows like tracer bullets!




-He's out!

Winner of the Fair and
Handsome Pro Boxing League

By means of knockout...
is Pailwaan Kichcha!


Sarkar, Where is Pailwaan Kichcha?

Sarkar, your son is not to be seen?

My son has gone to realize my dreams.