Padayottam (2018) - full transcript

The story revolves around a local don Chenkal Raghu, from Thiruvananthapuram and how the society perceives him.

Subtitles arranged by:-
Samaksh ~ Varsha ~ Pankaj Jain


What is it, bro?


Where's that steel rod
that was lying here?

Which rod?

The one you used to hit the
SI at Medical College.

I can't give that.

Stop messing around and tell me.

You keep q uiet.

- PP, you should listen to this.
- What is it, bro?

Recently, him and his
big bro brought a guy.

They broke his skull, and this
place was filled with blood.

Finally I had to clean up everything.

Give it, bro.

That guy has been showing
off for a while.

I got him only today.

Vadi, listen to this.

Ifthe police comes
here in this name...

No. Tell me where your rod is lying.

Check underthe dog cage.

Got it! Hey! Come on!
We should beat him to death today.

Can go up to 8 stitches.


Vadi, you want to hit me?

Then go ahead.

But remember one thing. Before you go to
bed, you'll fall at my feet, and ask me;

'Pinku bro,

shall I sleep for a little while?'

And then?

Ifl make a call,
Shaji Annan will come.


Then you call him.

Call Shaji Annan.

Vadi, this will be
quite harmful foryou.

You call him, man!

Okay then.


He's not picking up?

No balance.

No balance?

Tell me the number.
I will call.

Hey! Hey!
I am right here.

Calm down.

Here. It's ringing.
Call him, fast.

I'll showyou now.

Bro, please move a bit.

Yeah. Stand closer.

Move the light, man!

Hello! Who is it?

ShajiAnna, it's me, Pinku.

Bro, move your phone.

Shaji Anna, they've brought
me hereto beat me up.

At that Sheshadan's workshop.


Yeah. Smile, smile!


He is at a wedding.

But isn't he married?

Is that so important now?

What to do with him?

What to do?

Beat him to pulp!


Hey! Stop it!

It's Senan and team.

Who is Senan here?

You stay strong.
We are with you.



Then do one thing.
I'll break the skull ofthe guy in front.

You guys thrash the guys at the back.

Get all the rods from the side.
You heard me?

Let's see how farthey will go.


Shall we stick a twig up
this guy's nose, bro?

Don't hit me, bro.


- It's paining, bro.
- What?

Don't hit me, bro.


Will you ever do this again?

No, bro.

Get lost.

Get lost.

Hey you!




Get lost!


How many times will we save
you from such troubles?

One slap...

- Those guys were irritating.
- Shut up. -Come.

You'll get into trouble,
and we have to come every time.


After doing everything,
you're justifying yourself?

- Aren't you ashamed?
- Calm down, bro.

What's the point in cursing him?

I was just saying...

Sree, don't try tojustify him.

What ifthere's a point
in what he's saying?

Let him say it.
What's the matter?

Bro, you should listen to this.

Didn't you all see Lalettan's flex we
kept in front ofthe boys' high school?

Lalettan's flex it seems.

I was the one who designed it,
printed it and kept the flex there.

- After collecting funds.
- Sree, come.

It has my name, photo and number.

And that Vadi and team tore it down.


(Reciting the poem 'Kaakka' (Crow)
by Vyloppalli Sreedhara Menon)

Where are you getting ready & going? I've
been seeing this for a couple of days now.

Being all hyper...

That's true.

Where are you going?

Go afterthis over.

Bro, I don't have the time to watch this.
Give me the key of that bike.

Take me to that Radhakrishnan's shop.

Get lost, you hag. When I'm leaving urgently,
you want to go to Radhakrishnan's shop?

I don't know what's happening.

I think all of you will make
us put up a shamiana outside.

Move, you hag.

You think I don't know anything?

He's coming and going
as he pleases.



ls she hiding?

- Where is Sreelakshmi, dude?
- I don't know.


Tell me, where is she?

Sanal, tell me.

My darling, tell me.
Where is she?

Calm down, man.

Stop throwing
attitude and tell me.

Where is Sreelakshmi?

Can't you see me
doing a job here?

If you try to disturb
in between that...

What is it, rascal?
Attitude, huh?

E51 Qwmflafixsmm

She got married.
Register marriage.

The groom is an attender
of a private bus.


The name ofthe bus is 'Mandamaruthan'


Didn't she invite you?

Bro, you should hearthis.

I was really serious about her.

- Still she ditched me.
- Shucks.

Leave it, bro.

What's the point of repeating
it again and again?

You won't understand it.

You'll knowwhen it happens to you.

Pinku, don't become all senti.

Renju, pourthe next round.


What's his problem?
Did someone die?

Kumar, enough.


This is also the same case.

The girl he loved for 4 years,
ditched him &went with a Dubai guy.

When he came to me, he was
even worse than this guy.

Now he's getting better.

- Kumar, your grief is gone, right?
- Yes, bro. Shall I work with more weight?

No need of excitement.
Work with the weights you can.

Hey! Hey!

Your situation is sad.


- I am at the gym.
- Do you want water?


Pinku, come and join the gym tomorrow.

Pay attention to your body.

Instead of going behind girls.

Get lost, bro.

Ifl come to the gym, I also
won't get any girl like you.

Not because I'm not getting any.
I'm not getting married.

Both are the same.


Renju, didn't you buy grapes?

Damn you...


If the sweat goes away,
the work out would be wasted.


- For me too.
- Pinku...

Good that she ditched you.


Didn't you see my situation?


Bro, her first night would
be over now, right?


- This guy"
' Hey Renju!

Keep quiet!

I won't them both leave in peace.

He's getting high.

Her damn 'Mandamaruthanfi

Best. Now go behind that,
and create more troubles!

- No cigarettes?
- Check that packet, bro.

This has only ash.

No more?

I smoked it in tension.

You and your tension.
Go buy it and come.

At this time?

No! After her baby shower...

Keep it there.

Drink once you buy it and come.

- I'll also go with him.
- You also go.

Hey! I'm also coming.

None of you rascals
have to com e.

I know where the hell I have to go.

Not there.

This side.

- To the left.
- I know!

- Bro, he..
- No problem.

If he sits here in this
mood, it won't be right.

If he goes out & comes
back, he'll be all right.

- There's a lot of checking.
- Hey! Dumbbell fly!


Will he fly away, bro?

One packet Gold.

One packet mini gold.

2 orange juices, ready!

I've been waiting
here for a long time.



Here. Eat it.

Broke that bottle!

Let it break!


Your shop..
I'll throwthis...

Get lost.

Why are you irritating?

I'm alone now.

Him & his shop!

Sree, over here.








I am sorry.

We tried the maximum that's
possible through medical science.

It's fate.

If he was brought here
a little earlier...

Doctor, these are the wrong people.

These are not Kuttan's people.


I mistook you.

- This rascal..
- Leave him.

Leave him.

- Bro!
- Pinku!


What happened?

- I was beaten up, bro.
- What is this?

Will you take away the
life that's left in him?

My dear Chechi, let us see him.

Who did this?

I don't know his name.

His mobile is with me.

Whoever he is, we'll break
into his house &fix him up.

Showthe mobile.
Today is his end!

-It's in the nursing room.
- Where is the room?

Tell me what actually happened.

I told the police that it's an accident.


We should slice up
that scoundrel, bro.

the world he is in,

make him likethis, and
bring him infront ofme,

and make him apologize to me.


We will bring him.

This Senannan will bring him.

Tonight's the end ofthat son of a @%%!$! #

Renju! Sree!
Come on!

Mom! Bro!
See you later.

Over there.

Number lock.

That can be solved.

Look at that son of a scoundrel.

Bro, from his looks, he
seems to be from Aattukal.

Bloody little one!

What should we do?

What should we do?

Puncture him &take him to Pinku.

Let me get this lock opened.

It's my brotherwho's lying there.

If you want to do anything
for your brother in law,

do that now.

I Will do it.


Bro, how can we sit like this?

Then shall I sit on your head?

Calm down, man.

I am serious.

Ifl see him now, I'll rip him
apart & stick him on the wall!

- Sit down, Renju.
- What?

Senan bro, got the
details ofthat guy.


Where are you barging in?

Sree, start the vehicle and wait.

Call Ambotti & ask him
to keep the tools ready.

Come on! Fast!


Call him!

IfAmbotti doesn't have it, let's get
it from PP. - Keep quiet for some time.

Did he pick up?
What did he say?

- Did he pick up?
- Wait, man!


Hey! One minute.
I'll call you back.

Turn offthe vehicle.

Tell Ambotti that we don't need tools.


His house is not here.

Wherever it may be!
Come on, start!

Then go!
It's in Kasaragod.



- Kasaragod!
- Really?

Yes, man.

Is it true?

Kasaragod orwherever he is...

we should catch him.

When that doctor said that
first, I almost collapsed.


In a way, he's in this
state because of me.

What is this, bro?

Bro, it's not because of you.

I want that guy who hit him.

Whoever he is, we'll get
into his house &finish him.

- I swear on my mother.
- What are you saying?

Aren't we angry?

Is going to Kasaragod &
hitting him so easy?

Expenses are fine.
We can collect money for that.

If we go there without
any ground support...

Bro, it's notjust that...

To stay away from home until
we come back from Kasaragod...

Well, I was just saying...

None of you have to come.
I'll go alone.

Like hell, you will.

Bro, what I'm saying is that...

You don't have to say anything.

It's not that.

Bro, his phone is with us now.

Can't we call his family or friends
from this and ask where he is?

If he hasn't left Trivand rum,

can't we get hold of him here itself?

No Sree.
That won't work.

There's another problem.


If one more personjoins us,

notjust Kasargode, we can
even go to Punjab and hit him!

Who is that, bro?


Chenkal Raghu.

Bro, do we have to involve
Raghu Annan in this matter?

He is a psycho!

Raghu Annan has great
connections and influence.

If he calls up, there will be people who
will hit him right in Kasaragod itself.

Raghu Annan should come.

Is it a Nalukettu construction?

- Whose?
- This house.

What is it, Senan?

Came to meet Annan (Bro).
Isn't he here? - He'll come now.

- He will come now.
- Bro, please.



Raghu Annan will come now.

- Leave me, bro. I have to go.
- You want more Dosa?


This is Raghu Annan's mother.

Is it?


Foryou, my son will
come and give himself.


- I'll give you later, okay?
- Okay.


Two days back, I had met
your mother at the temple.

Well.. Why are you not getting married?

You're heronly son, right?

Isn't it sad to make your mom
cook foryou at this old age?

Not for you...

Bring a girl from somewhere,
at least for your mom's sake.


She was crying in front of me.

I also felt really bad.

Iam really thinking about it.

Thinking about it, it seems.

When I tell my son here,
he doesn't even react to it.

He's staying as a bachelor because
he couldn't marry Thankamani.

Every motherwould wish to
see her child's marriage.

Whom do I say this to?

Who will listen?


Here he comes.


- Why don't you get married?
- RaghuAnnan is coming.

Have you seen Raghu Annan
tightening his punching bracelet?

Once Raghu Annan tightens
his punching bracelet,

you can witness a
festival of punches!


- What is it, Senan?
- Nothing. Came to meet you.

Bro, this is the guy.

Just a minute.

What is this?

I heard that you're a feminist.

No Raghu Anna.. I didn't...

You will let only ladies
get into your auto...

You will ride only to the area
where they are staying...

You won't take the proper route &take
a diversion through the museum...

Notjust that. He even gives candies
to the ladies who get into his auto.

What a service, right?

But bro, I...


You do one thing.

Let him give water to all the ladies who
come for the Pongala festival this time.

Until then, let you auto be here.

But bro..
I didn't do all that...


If you don't give water to the
ladies who come for the Pongala,

I swear on Attukal Goddess,

I'll dress you up as a woman & send
you to Kottamkulangara temple.

Got it?

Peter, take him away.

Come here.

Get lost.

Senan, come.

What is it? - The list of
programmes for the temple festival.

I'll come to the committee office.

Okay then.


Sit down.

Son, did you call Babu?

I'll call him, mom.

- Don't forget.
- I'll call him.

One minute.



What's that?

He's a great devotee to Mother.

He'll even die for his mother.


Sreekutta, sit.

Senan, tell me.
What is it?

Bro, we had a small...

a mama?

Tell me.

You know our Pinku, right?

A small problem for Pinku.

None of us were there with him yesterday.

He was all alone.

He was beaten up by a guy.

He's in the general hospital now.

Are you talking about our Pinku?

Yes, bro.

You can't forget Pinku
so easily, right?

- I am outside.
- Where?


Give it fast.

I'll call you later, okay?

Raghu Anna!



Senan, what's the matter?

This is the offering
from Mutharamman temple.

And ya...

you should call that Rappayi.

It's the naming
ceremony on 20th.

Naming ceremony?

Did you forget that?

Tulasi's son's naming ceremony.

When she got married &went,
she didn't want us, right?

And now why?


are you keeping
that in your mind?

We will go together.

- You go alone. I won't come.
- If I'm going, I'll go only with you.

Stop holding it,
and eat it, Senan.

Senan, tell me in detail.

Who hit him?

Bro, yesterday night, Pinku...

Bro, I'll say it.

Pinku and his mom were coming
from the General Hospital.

That lady hasn't been
well for some time now.

Pinku who was coming down the steps,
holding his ailing mother's hands.

Later what happened there were
dramatic moments, Raghu Anna...

Dramatic moments!

Is it paining, mother?

Yes, son.

I have a bad cough.

And a head ache too.

My hands and legs are paining badly.

So sad.

The doctor said that all those pains would
be gone if you have these medicines.

Doctor said that.
Let's see.

If it's difficult foryou to travel
by bike, shall I call an ambulance?


It's okay.
Let's go on this.

Your wish is my command.

- Oh no!
- What?


Oh no!
My leg!



Don't you know to walk properly?

What is this, child?


Who is your child, you dog?

Oh no!
Don't do this.

Don't do this.
We are poor people.

Allow us to live.

- Get lost, you hag!
- Mother!

Oh no!


Being arrogant to me,
and that too, over here?

I will kill and bury you all!

Don't do that, please.




Open your eyes, mother!




Did he hit his mother?

That lady had a surgery
scheduled for next month.

Vasu, get me the
key ofthe bike.

Let's take the leg that
he kicked her with.

- There's another problem.
- What's the problem?

His house is not here.

a Elm Kasanm

If it's in Kasaragod...

- Where?
- Kasaragod.

Sc**wed !

Are you leaving?

You have great connections
everywhere, right?

I have connections.

That's true.

Do you what we should
do to that boy?

We should catch him, thulp him, make him
fall at Pinku's feet and apologize.

And make him prostrate
in front of his mom.


After 16th, the Pongala
festival will start.

20th is that naming
ceremony mom told about.


Shall we go by train?

We might not get tickets to go by train.

We'll have to stand
till Kasaragod.

Shall we go in a bus?


We'll do one thing.

Take Vasu and go to
Rappayi's workshop.

Let's go in the car.

Okay bro.

Vasu never came after that, right?

I thought it won't be urgent.

Didn't Annan tell you?

Raghu Annan said he'll come now.


Naseer, Unni, Biju, come fast.
There's an urgent work.

I'll son it out now.
There's only a small problem.

10 minutes.

Make it fast.

10 minutes.

- This is over.
- Bro, is this fine?

Hey! Go there and bring the
tool set from that box.

You go and bring the spanner set.

Open it.

Remove everything, including the engine.
Let's go and fix it in the other one.



Just a minute.

- Oh Mother Goddess!
- Hey Sree!

Got the item!

E- (fifiml@[i§@fi@f©[fll§

Okay then.

- What did he say?
- Let's leave after Rahu.


Is he an actual goon?
He doesn't seem massy enough.


Com e.

Be careful, okay!

It's a place you don't know much.

I feel weird.

Aatukal Goddess is with me, mom.

I'll go and come back fast.


Don't roam around.
Work out from home, okay? -Yes.

I'm hearing for the first time that a
peon will be taken for a business tour.

As if you have so much knowledge.

You won't understand anything
about business tours.

Dear, get ready fast, okay?

Dear, daddy will be back soon.

When I come back, I'll bring Kinder Joy.

Renju, where are you going?

I'll be right back.
Just to the junction.

What is this?

The other door was faulty, bro.


What nonsense have you done?

If she knows this, she will eat my head.

It's the car in which
dad brought mom home.

- Is it?
- Yes.


Sc**wed !

Cover it.

Hold this.


What is this, man?

- Enough, mom.
- Drink it fully and go.

No, mom.

If Dasappan comes, ask him to
drop the metal near the motor.

What arethey murmuring inside?

Raghu Annan has a habit of drinking
the blood from a ram goat's hean.

Will any ofthis work out, bro?

Of course!

Did you urinate?

Is it paining?

I'm not able to feel anything.

There will be an injection in
the evening as well, right?


Stay strong, man.
We'll go and bring him.

We'll bring him here &
make him apologize.

Are all three of you going?

No. There's one more person.

Who's that?

Raghu Annan.

Raghu Annan?


Hey Pinku!

You stay strong!

I'll come back to Trivandrum only after
finding a solution to your matter.

Oh no!
Did they cut your leg?

No. It's here.


Where is the doctor?


Let's search for the doctor.

Be brave.

Hey! Why do you need Raghu
Annan for such a small matter?

Won't it be troublesome for him?


It's not a small matter for me, who lived
in your house, eating food from there.

Whoever he is...

this Renju will catch him.

Ifl spare the one who's responsible
for my bro's condition, how can I...



Senannan... Sree...

Raghu Anna, shall we take a selfie?


It's Pinku. Senanna, did you
forget something there?




- Where did we reach, he's asking.
- He lost his senses or what?

Get in.

Let's go!

So we need to fill petrol
only after reach Ernakulam?

After Thrisshur, man.


Not just mileage.


You know how many places
it has saved me from?

He is a war horse!
Awar horse!

There's an incoming call on that guy's phone.
I think it's his dad.

Cut it.

- Where's the naming ceremony happening?
- Thozhuvancode temple.

Bro, in between your busy
schedule, you came for us...

It's for our Pinku, right?

Bro, what's the plan after
reaching Kasaragod?

It's all set.

It's a huge block.

I think that car and lorry hit each other.

Where is he going?



Move your vehicle!

When so many vehicles are blocked...

Get in dear...
Move back!

Move the lorry!

Wow! Does he know dance too?

What did you think of Raghu Annan?

You're yet to see his true form.

What a performance!

This Annan!

These guys! Blocking the
road, right in the morning.

What happened, Raghu Anna?


- Must be because it's a new battery.
- Change it to neutral.

What are you doing?
Move the car!

Ijust got this out ofthe workshop now.

It's been so long! Where are you
coming from, right in the morning?

- Move the car!
- Chetta, just a minute.

Can you please move the car, son?

I'm trying, brother.

Move the car, you...

It's all coming off...


Move yourjunk of a car!

Did it break?

Sc**wed !

Raghu Anna!

What are you doing?

Hey! Get lost!

- What does he want?
- Get out and push if it's not starting.

E Htéflbfl
a [hmpmflmg]?

Kept fordrying!

- What?
- Coconut!

Hang up & get lost!

Bro, this is an even bigger block.

- Is it?
- Look.

It's a huge block.


- Police is coming, bro.
- Nothing else to do now. Get out.

But still, why did he say like that?

What you said was
correct, RaghuAnnan!

Amazing piCK-UP!

And great mileage,
since it won't run.

Shall I wave bye?

Don't eat all that.
It's oily.

What oil?

I don't care.

We'll get the car ready, bro.

That Rappayi..

I'll have to hear a
mouthful from mom.

She'll curse me like
hell if she knows this.

We'll figure out a way.

How will we go now?

That's what I'm thinking.

Shall I give you an idea?

Shall we go in a bus?

No! That won't work out.


Anyway, we've left...

Now we must finish the job.


there's a Mookambika travel
agency at that junction.

Right next to Meenakshi jewellery.

You can't spot it easily.

Go and tell them my name.
They will give a car.

Bro, after going there...

Go, man!
Just say my name!

Go, dude.

Should I come?


Pick a good car.



Take this card and
withdraw 6000 Rupees.

Fifty four Fifty four.

Go fast, man.

Won't even let me drink tea.

- 5445?
- Yes.

Good idea.

- They said they don't know me?
- No one knows you.

What ifthey are scared of me...

They know only one Raghu
who cuts Shawarmas.

If you could come with me...


Your password is 5445, right?

Ya. Fifty four Fifty four.

I thought it was Fifty four Fony five.

Some messages popped up belowthe
screen, and heard some beep sounds.

I came out, swore at the security
guard, pushed him down and came.

Won'tl be angry?

Sc**wed !

- Blocked it.
- Block again?


Get going!


Bro, what do we do now?

Hey Nidheesh!

Bro, tell me.
I mean, sir.. tell me.

I've been telling you 3-4
times, to send them out.

Don't make me take strict action.

Keep quiet.

They look like they're
troublesome people.

- What trouble?
- Sir! Sir!

I've also told you 3-4
times that we can't.

What? - If you interfere in this again,
the party will interfere.

Don't put yourselves in trouble.

Rememberthat both of you will be coming
back to the college after the tour.

Okay then.

Look at his bald head.

Ponnappan sir, is this necessary?

- Senanna!
- Nidheesh!

Isn't that our Raghu
Annan, sitting there?

Yes. How do you
know him, teacher?

He arranged a place for me, for
the last Pongala festival.


He is a big goon.

Don't worry.

He is a good goon.

A Qfimmmmn

Raghu Anna, this is Nidheesh.

I don't see you at
the gym nowadays.

What do I do after coming there?

I've heard a lot about RaghuAnnan.

Where is this tourto?

The tour is to Bangalore.

Is it via Kasaragod?

No. That's Mangalore.

This is Bangalore.

Shall I take a selfie with you, bro?

Why not?

Not you.
Raghu Annan's...

- Later.
- Later.


Okay then.

Play the music.

Increase the volume.

Renju bro!


Senanna, ask him not to drink.

You know, right?
He'll be sloshed in 2 pegs.

Hey Renju!


Ponnappan sir, walk slowly.

- Don't hold me.
- Hey! Look!

'Puttu' shop.

Tell me.

We started from there in the morning.

You'll get good 'Puttu' here.

Nidheesh, call them too.

- They will come, teacher.
- Did you tell them?

Look at them, dude.


Don't lose control, bro.


Dad calling.


Renju! Hey!

You guys leave.
I'll handle him.

I want him.

He's sloshed!

This is really sad.

You com e.

Aren't you coming, bro?

- I'm not coming.
- Come, bro.

We'll have some great
'Puttu' and beef.

- You finished?
- Ya. Enough.


Even the beef.

You com e.
Let's ask them.

Anju, we don't...

We don't knowthis place at all.

Ifthe boys knowthis, it
will be a huge problem.

And, you remember the
last tour, right?

It will be that situation.

Let him grope people at his house.

We can't let this go, teacher.
We should question them.

What you said is true.

They deserve a pounding.

But in this situation, there won't
be a single soul to help us.

Com e.

Rememberwhat I said?

Don't even look at them.

- We are still here.
- Don't look at them.

Awesome item.

- What is it, dear?
- Get lost!

- Will you take us also in this bus?
- What a chick!

- I have an idea.
- Let me click a photo?

Everyone got in?


- What is this?
- What?

To bring disgrace to us.


Shut up and sit there.

I'll sit...

Where is Raghu Annan?


You handle him.
Let me go see.

What did you do to my RaghuAnnan?

What for?

Tell me the truth!

Sit there!

Hey! If you have to say something,
say it on the spot.

Don't keep it in your mind.

I'm saying this out of concern.

We might not get time for it later.

Raghu Anna, is it urgent?
Can't we stop at the nextjunction?

What does he have to do here?



You could have come
further with us.

Raghu Annan has some
urgent work here.

- Shall we leave?
- Hey Nidheesh!

- First you get into the bus!
- Look at this.

Always blabbering.

- Leave it, brother.
- Raghu Anna!


- Okay then! Call me!
- Okay! Bye!



What a cultured professor!

Senanna, look!


Was this why he asked
them to stop rig ht here?

- Raghu Anna.
- Massage my back!

- What happened?
- Senanna!

- Here you go, bro.
- Massage him, bro.

- Did he drink?
- Did he? Who knows?

Didn't I tell you rascals
that I can't come in a bus?

In our present situation...

Give him water.

Take me to the hospital.


I've given him a glucose drip.




And if there's some loose
motion or something,

just tell me, okay?


Will it come announcing its arrival?

How are you now, bro?

There's a slight pain here..

Didn't I tell you that we
don't have to take a bus?

We didn't have any other option, bro.

Once this glucose is
over, we can go, rig ht?

Loo k!

Don't you have any mercy?

When someone's lying here,
without being able to get up!

So let's go tomorrow, aftertaking rest.

To take a room, this scoundrel
blocked the only card I had.


shall we try and stay at
some friend's house here?

Do you know anyone here?

Didn't we save a guy from
that Beemapalli case?

The fatso with a
chain on his neck?

- Don Bosco.
- Dominic!

His house is here in Vypin.
I have his number.

Then call and ask him.

Tell him it's for Raghu Annan.


Don't tell the guy who's coming
thatl have loose motion.

Say some big name for it in English.

Some honourable name?

Stomach upset.

Food poison.


- Fix it.
- Fixed.

- What is it, bro?
- Nothing. Everything fixed.


- Where are you?
- Where?

Sreekuttan bro!


- Long time, man!
- Are you doing good?

- Of course.
- Senannan is inside.

- Why don't you come there?
- That's a long story bro.

Baba has told me to wish
like this when I meet Dons.

A Efim a

- What happened?
- Loose motion & vomiting.

- You dog!
- Only vomiting.

- Food poison!
- Oh! Food poison.

Once this drip is over, we
can take the body happily.

I mean, we can go.


We need a help from you.

What's the scene?
Should I bring my boys?

- The entire Mattanchery will come.
- Calm down. Let me say.


Who's the guy?
What's the scene?

- Well.. Our Pinku..
- Hey! I'll say it.

You know our Pinku, right?

Pinku and his mom were
coming from the hospital.

We should finish him.

The one who pushed his mother,
we should get into his house &finish him.

Tell me.
Where is he?

His house is in Kasaragod.

- Where?
- Kasaragod.

Haven't you heard of it?

I have heard.

It's not that.

I have to go to the police
station and sign daily.

It's a bad scene with cops.

If not forthat, I could have also come.

Tell me if you need anything else in Kochi.
Dominic is here.

A place to stay?

That's difficult.

Still... Let me try.

Will this work out, man?

Will this work out, man?

He will make us walk around.

Here comes the pork.


Food & accommodation with
lot of liquor and music.

It's a nice place.
Our Baba's house.

Raghu Annan can
rest in peace too.

It will be awesome.


Thank you.



Oh my God!

A hag»)?

That girl is missing.

Which girl?

The bride has eloped.

With some event guy
who came yesterday.

- Sheesh!
- It's true.

RD and his boys are
searching all over Kochi.


The one whom we showed the photo to...
That dude...

- Kama... Vamadevan..
- No. Ramdev...

My dear Sree, last night a girl seduced
me and took me to a room. -You?

I swear on my mom!

But I didn't succumb.

Then she told me that the girl
is ready elope at the terrace.

In that tension,
I didn't understand anything.


My dear bro, there are
too many problems here.

We have to reach Kasaragod.

Don't play dumbbell
fly in between that.

- Where is Raghu Annan?
- He's brushing his teeth in between all this.

Brushing his teeth?

What is it?

Raghu Anna, the bride eloped!

The bride eloped!

- When?
- Last night.

They are all wondering what to do.

Wash your mouth and come out.

Don't worry.

The girl will come back.

Where can she go
leaving herfather?

Kids these days have
only that much maturity.

In this situation, I...

Don't feel bad.

No! In fact, I am the one feeling sad.

Leaving from here in this
situation, is not right. I know.

Bro, say that other matter.


They can ask her about it, right?

That won't be right.


There's another
problem with that.

Well, I was just saying...


Your daughter will be back.

Com e.


Basheer is on the line.


Kids who don't knowthe
pain ofthe mothers!

Or do one thing.

I will also come.
Let's search together.

I'm going crazy ever since
I came to know about this.

My dear bro, first let
your loose motion stop.

RD &team are searching
all over the city.

Within one hour, both
ofthem will be caught.

It's okay, bro.
Do what you came for.

Dominic, update me regularly
on what's happening here. - Done.

- Okay then.
- Shall we leave?

You know the way, right?
Go there and meet Britto.

He's awesome.

I've told him everything.

If you go there and meet Britto,
he'll take you straight to Kasaragod.

Okay then.

~ Okay!
~ Okay!

- Okay bro!
- Sreekuttan bro!

' See You!
~ Okay!


Is this Britto so great?

There's no one above
Chavakkadu Britto, man!

That's what Dominic said.

What's the name ofthe guy there?
Luttappi? Kittappi? Lonappi?

- What is it?
- Lonappi.

Whatever it is,
call him and ask for the route!

Yes. Saw you guys.
Come here.

We should have just
gone straight there.

When will we reach now?

Shouldn't we drop this car, bro?

- RaghuAnnan?
- This is the guy.

Britto had said that
RaghuAnnan will come.


Com e.


He was about to leave for a case.

That's when he heard
that you're coming.

He called the coun immediately
and postponed that case.

'Suicide is not a solution for anything'

Britto etta...

Raghu Annan, right?

See howl guessed correctly.

Sit down.
Why are you standing?

You are quite something!

So.. What's the next plan?

We have to go to Kasaragod.

Dominic told all that to me in detail.

What's the plan, right here, right now?

- Shall we open a bottle?
- Awesome.

Didn't I tell you?
It's awesome here.

So you go and buy some
mixture & some cutlets.

There's garlic pickle
in the kitchen, right?

a amgyfihflmu Em

An awesome guy like you haven't come to
Chavakkad or anywhere near this hostel.

We should celebrate this.

Dude, do you knowwho this guy is?

- 'Airavaf?
- 'Airavaf?

He is one hell of an 'Airavat'.

In the temple festival
at his home town,

30 guys surrounded him.

- Was it 30?
- It was 3, right?


Like Abhimanyu was surrounded in the
Mahabharat, while was holding a wheel.

Ascene like that.

They had swords, shields and whatnot.

What he had...

was just a small piece of a blade.

Just five minutes.

Is that so?


As if you don't know.

Only footprints remained where
those people were standing.

All ofthem escaped.


And then?

So Raghu Anna..
Which is your brand?

Shall we have a peg each?

Did you guys eat something?

No. We ate last nig ht.

Keep quiet.

What is this, Raghu Anna?
After coming here?

Come. Let's go eat something.

Come. Let's go eat.

Lunch is ready here.


So Raghu Anna, it will be better
that we eat from outside.

You have it yourself.

Nowwe can plan
everything after lunch.

Let's decide where to
have lunch from, first.

The 'Kolli' & 'Potti' from Shoshanna's
shop is famous in Chavakkadu.

What is this Kolli?

It's a food item from this area.

An item madefrom rice powder.


I come here for many body
shows in this area, right?

After digging a hole in
the middle ofthe Kolli,

you should pour the
Potti curry into it.

- Then you should have it.
- ls it really tasty?

Not as much as he claims.

It's nice. - There's something
elsethat not many know.

You should keep two
Papads on top of it.


ls it too farfrom here?

Seems like you're really hungry.


What is it?


That's okay.
I'll go and get it.

Okay. Bye.

Renju, we'll go there forfive minutes.

After collecting the cash,
we'll have Kolli & Potti.

- What say, Raghu Anna?
- We're not in any hurry.

Hey Britto bro..

Lonappi said that you had some case...

This L0nappill

It happened before I become a goon.

I didn't have any money with me,

no job, and when I felt
that life had no meaning,

I tried to commit suicide.

It flopped!

Then with all the fights and all,
I reached this stature.

There's no other case in my name.

Except for this one.

IPC 306 for attempt to suicide.

The scene is that...

to humiliate me every once in a while,

the coun keeps
hearings as it pleases.


I should havejust died then.

Even now, whenl sit idle,

I feel like committing suicide.

Just like that.

When the construction of
flats are going on here,

we send our boys for security.

This is the cash dealing for that.

Just five minutes.
I'll be right back.

After that, Kolli & Potti.

Is he mocking us?

- What all kinds of people!
- Atotal spelling mistake.

I'm also coming.

Peeing is fine..
Don't overdo it.

What does land cost over here?

Around 3 Lakhs?

We can get it for 2.5 Lakhs.

Do you want?


Did your uncle's property get sold?

Who knows?

You're his nephew, right?

Did he sell it without consulting you?

Hey! Why do you want
to know all that?

I was just asking, bro.

Renjuttan, can you do me a favour?

Can you give company
to this nut?


What's happening?

Who is it?

E- [hmppnam]?


- Did he jump?
- Raghu Anna!

He's not dead, bro.
Here comes Britto.

- Stan the car.
- Come on!

- Stan the car!
- Get in.

Get in!
I'll kick him.

Get in.

- Stan the car.
- Raghu Anna, get in.


Enough. Turn!


- Britto, go!
- What's the matter?

Chechi, you have more
ofthis yellow chutney?


Britto, what's the matter?

That scoundrel who called
me to give the cash...

He had given a contract against me.

The guy who fell from the top?
It's his building.

I have to stay away for 2 days.

Let me come back here after that.
I'll get back at him.

Raghu Annan...

You guys get down here.

Don't be tensed.

I'll arrange another vehicle
to go to Kasaragod.

Let me talk.
Get down.

- I'll tell you. Come on.
- Get down.

Dude, is he ditching us?

Almost like that.

Hey! You don't worry.

Either I will come back,
or my people will come.

You should wait here itself.

Phones might not be reachable.

Okay then.

I'm really sorry.

I couldn't buy the Kolli & Potti
from Shoshanna's shop for you.

It's okay. We'll have it
next time you come here.




Is he the great Chavakkadu Britto?


He's a goon, it seems!

He's walking around with a
suicide note in his pocket.

His damn Kolli & Potti.

To drink a little water,
he blocked the card I had.



What is it, mom?

What's happening, son?

We're on ourway.

Did you eat something?

I had Appam.

Eat on time, okay!

You have ulcer.

Did you have the medicines for pressure?

Dasappan came and
unloaded the metal.

- At the courtyard?
- No. At the backside.

And ya"
I've got some good fish.

I'll go give it when I visit
Pinku tomorrow morning.

Poor thing.

Give it.

Son, be careful...

They are Nonhies...

I'll call you later, mom.


Britto ettan sent this vehicle.
Hop on.


- Britto ettan gave it foryou.
- Thank you, brother.

Senanna, shall we look for a bus?

- Well, I was just saying..
- Why? To collect puke?

We started in a car.

And now we've ended up in a lorry.

Such a plight!

So, straight to Kasaragod.

It's tapioca!

So this is what he was
referring to as Kolli.

What did you say?
Item made with rice powder?

He has eaten it a lot, it seems.

Why do you lie so much, bro?

There's another item called Kolli, man.

Made with rice powder.

I swear on my mom.

That's Kolam.

Used to draw sketches
in front ofthe house.

- This is Kolli.
- Whatever.

What is this, bro?
You also don't object to it.

EFEnJm Bxflmflmgju

Give it here.

I haven't eaten anything
since day before yesterday.

Whatever said and done,
that Britto is a good guy.

So much fat!
ls this beef?

This is Potti.

Intestine of the buffalo.

If it's at home, we'll turn it over
with a string, and clean it properly.

I don't know how
it is, in hotels.

It's nice, bro.
Have it.

You know cow dung?

Stop m

Made me hate the food.

What is this, bro?

- Bro, the cow dung that's...
- I'll break your head.

Why, bro?

This is like increasing
the speed ofthe fan.

As we reach every new place, the
number of goons is increasing.

Now what will happen
when we reach Kasaragod?


Sree, what's the time?

It's past 8.45 PM, bro.

Don't you guys drink?

We drink, bro.
Of course.

What to drink?

Arrange a set up for that, man.

- Oh! Like that.
- Oh! To arrange, huh?

Can't even find a street shop
in this Godforsaken place.

Us drunkard scoundrels
are always like this.

We'll Wait till 8.50 PM.

- Are you pulling my leg?
- No way.

Let me see.

Let me ask the driver.

Hello bro!

Bro, do you have any
booze with you?

Bro, do you have any bottle?


I think they are fast asleep.

No way, bro.

What to do, bro?

Drink this if you want,
and go to sleep.

Got tempted in vain.

I don't want it.

Come here, bro.


We've reached the place.


Oh! Sc**Wed!

Did they hear what we asked
yesterday, only now?

It's not so crowded now.

- Shall I buy one?
- Let the sun rise, man!

Is the lorry going to Malayattoor?

Shut up.

Oh my God!

Sc**wed again!

Com e.


Bro, this is not at
all like our city.

EEB Kasau

What a discovery!

- What do you want to eat?
- What do you have?

(Lists all the food items on the menu)



can you get us 4 cups of black tea?



can we trust the guy who's coming?
He's not a fraud, right?


Not like you.
He's my boy!

Ifthere's any problem, he'll stand
with me, with all his hean.

I know him from when
he was this small.

- Is it?
- Yes.

Rathees h.

Kasaragod Rathees h.


You can't park this here.


Move it, if you want to.

Where is he coming from?

Call me later.

- Ratheesh.
- Hello!

Nam aste.

Did you come in a bus?

I was waiting at the market.

I thought you'd get down there.

There weren't any problems
on the way, right? - No.

What is he saying?

We came in a lorry.

- On the way!
- No! No!

I heard everything
through the phone.

The one who tried to kill his mom, should be
kicked to death & stuck as a wall poster.

And then we should
make him apologize.

That's what you want, right?

Not that.

We should kidnap the
boy from his house,

and punch him right on his
face a couple oftimes.

Then put him in the car
& go to Trivandrum.

Isn't that what hejust said?

- Is it?
- Yes.

You have to catch a guy from here,
take him there and make him apologize.

I'll get it done.

A pmm

- Give him the photo.
- Show the photo.


Go back in the very next bus.

This won't happen.

Have you heard of Samad?

Mangalore Samad?



E- fiamflflflam Qamafis?

This is Samad's son.


Dulquer Salmaan.

Is Mammootty behind all this?

- No! Your dad!
- Shut up, man!

This Samad is someone who's spread all
over from Mangalore to Trivandrum.

It won't happen.
Leave quickly.


- Where are you going?
- He said leave quickly.

Sit down!

We'll leave from Kasaragod
only with that boy.


Can you show me this boy's house?

- Whose house?
- That boy's house.



Can you show us his house or not?

I'll show you his house.

- I'm not getting in there.
- Why do you have to come, bro?

Is this unden/vorld in this by-lane?


Keep quiet.

L'lljump through the back
wall, pickthe kitchen lock,

get inside, catch him and then escape!


Who is it at this time?

Is this the house?


There are 10-15 kitchens in this house.

Go ahead.


What is this, bro?

This is Samad Bhai's house.

Go! Go hit him and come.


Go in & check if
the boy is inside.

- Go.
- Huh?

Oh! Then if you had called,
wouldn't I have gone and hit him?



My dear Ratheesh, I'm
really shon-tem pered.

Ifl go there, I'll be all violent.

You can be short-tempered
or whatever...

- Go hit him and come.
- You were excited the most, right? Go!

I haven't brushed my teeth.

As if you're going there to kiss Samad.