Orphan Horse (2018) - full transcript

A young runaway girl hides out in the barn of a retired horse trainer and forms a bond with his troubled filly.

Subtitles by explosiveskull

Is my food not good enough

for your refined palate?

Just not hungry.

I'll bet the kids from that
god-awful orphanage ,

I betcha they would be
thrilled to be here.

You wanna to back there?

Who told you that?

- Johnny, Paul and Jason.
- Paul, Jason, all right.

What's going on down there?

Hush up!

Answer me.

What an ungrateful brat.

No wonder no one wanted you.

Go ahead and
take me back then.

Get out of here!

Get out of here, dammit!

I'll shoot to kill.

Get out of here!

All right, show your teeth,

but get out of here!

Damn wolves.

That's all I need.

Don't you worry, girl.

You're my lady.

Don't you worry.

You're my best girl.

Hm, you know that.

I won't let anything happen
to you or your daughter.

You know that.

You, you got to stop
kickin' open things.

You're doing no one no good.

Okay, you settle
down, get some rest.

See you in the morning.

See you in the morning.

Don't you worry.

I'm gonna fix that thing.

I'm gonna fix that
thing for you.

I should've fixed it long ago.

Oh dammit.

Oh jeez.

I'll be back.


You know it's kind of rude
to watch someone sleep.

Oh my God, stop it!

Go away!

Get away from her!

Get away!

Go, get away!

Get away from them!

Get away, go!

Get out of here!

Get the hell out of here!

Get out.

I'll kill ya!

Get out!

Get out!

Who are you?

What are you doing here?

Oh dammit.

Oh God.

What'd they do to ya?

What'd they do to ya?

What'd they do to ya, baby?

It's just me, it's just me.

Okay, okay.

Go away.


Please, stop following me.

Go home.

Go away!

Leave me alone.

Go back home.

Why won't you just
leave me alone?

You have to go home.

You can't go with me.

Go away.


Just go home.

You can't go with me,

so just go back home, okay?

Go back.

Go home.

Follow me then.

I'm taking you back.

How long you
been sleeping here?

You shot that horse.

How do you know it couldn't
have gotten better?

I'll tell you how
this is gonna go.

I'm gonna ask the questions,

and then you're gonna answer.

Is that clear?

Take your horse.

He keeps following me around.

He is a she.

She's in for a rough time now.

She just lost her mother.

So what are you, a runaway?

Fine, don't answer.

You'll work it out
with the police anyway.

I only stayed here last night.

How old are you?


Sure, and I'm 35.

I have a pituitary
gland issue.

It inhibits my growth.

That's a good one.

Where'd you come
up with that one?

Are you gonna call the cops?

Please don't.

Listen, you don't understand.

I can't go back there.

Please don't report me.


Last thing I need is to deal

with the cops over some
juvenile delinquent

with a big vocabulary.

That horse trusts you.

Maybe you can help me
get her in the stable.

And then go on your way.

I won't say a peep.

What's her name?


Come here, Filly.

Come on.

Come on, Filly.

That's it, good girl.

Good girl, Filly.

Come on, Filly.

Come on.

That's a good girl.

- So...
- Stay, Filly.

You know horses, huh?


But I like animals.


Doesn't that mean
young female horse?

That's it.

Real creative.

You really spent a lot
of time on that name.

Well, she's a horse, honey.

She don't care.

And I certainly don't.

Just like you don't care
that you shot her mom.

If you follow that fence,

it'll take you to the road.

It's a good three-hour
walk into town.

Shelly, come on.

If you're late, you know
what's gonna happen.



Come on, wake up.

All right, you guys, let's go.

Grab your jackets.

We're gonna be late.

Where's, uh, where's Shelly?


Gerald, will you run up there

and go get her, please?

No, she's sick and
has a big bruise.

You probably don't want her
seeing the social worker today.

Man, that kid is more
trouble than she is worth.

Okay, Caitlyn, do me a favor.

Go grab the box of
protein bars, please.

They're all gone!

What, how can that be?

I just bought 'em yesterday.

Okay, come on, we actually
don't have time anyway.

Let's go.

You got everything?

- Yeah.
- Okay, good, good, good.

Let's go!

Here you go.


There, nice grain.

You got to eat something.

Come on, eat something, here.

Look, you're mad at me.

You and I got to
learn to get along.

It's just you and me now.

I'm mad at me, too.


Put this on.

I don't want to be responsible

if you freeze to death.

So Mr Crowley,
how old was she?


Your horse.

She's dead.

But how old was she?

24, 24.

So the wolves got her?


Too bad there's an ordinance
against shooting them.

I see them wolves again,

I'll shoot every
damn last one of 'em.

And then I'll track down the guy

who made that ordinance.

I'll shoot him too.

When can you come by?

We can have someone
by later this afternoon.

That's good.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

Thank you.

It's right here.

Thank you.

What's your problem?

I work for tips.

Well, I'll give you one.

Don't beg for what
you don't deserve.

How's that for a tip?

No wonder nobody likes you.

What'd you say?

Have a nice day.

Oh dammit.

What would you have named her?

Named who?

The filly.

I don't know.


I got it.




That's, that's what she is now.

You think that's a
better name than Filly?


It's the damn worst name
for a horse I ever heard.


Look, look.

I got a problem.

Yeah , seems like
you got a lot of problems.

You should talk.

What's your problem?

I got a depressed horse.

Won't eat.

You know, I
didn't eat anything

for a week after my mom died.

What made you finally eat?


Hunger, okay.

I got a bunch of groceries.

Good for you.

Are you hungry?

No, I'm good.

Forget it.


I guess I might be
a little hungry.

Okay, get in then,

if you have no better plans.

And I'll drop you in town later.


So how is everyone doing?

We're good.

I mean, it couldn't be better.

That's great.

I think, though, we
might be missing one.


We are.

Shelly has the stomach flu.

- She's sick.
- Oh.

Poor baby.

She was throwing up all morning.

That's terrible.

Okay, well, let's get started.

Is everyone adjusting
to the country?

You guys aren't used
to being out there.

No, but they love it.

I mean, they've been great.

- Really lovin' it.
- That's great.

I just, uh, I want
to hear it from them.

- Oh, yeah.
- It's understandable.


So , any challenges?


I love it.

You know, it's pretty normal

to experience some
challenges in the beginning.

Well, maybe.

Maybe what?

The challenge is
just getting used

to having such great parents.

What about, what
about you two?

Oh nothing, no challenges.

I love it.

Okay, so...

Um, I actually have to
assess all of the children

before I'm able to
release the check.

It's just protocol.

So I'm gonna need
to talk to Shelly.

I can assure you, though,

that she's doing great.

I mean, she's happy.

She's adjusted.

- She's...
- I'm sure that she is.

It's just protocol.

I have to talk to her.

So I could come by later today.

I have some time.

Yeah, it's just
that she's so sick.

Can I just bring her
in on another day?

I don't, I don't mind.

Plus, we can take care of
one of your site visits.

And I will be able
to give you the check

while I'm there.

- Yeah, okay.
- Okay?


You got a name?

Yeah, it's Michelle,

but everyone just
calls me Shelly.


Benjamin Crowley.

You don't look like a Benjamin.

It's just Ben.

Put that away.

Think it's too messy?

It's your house.

I could make
eggs or sandwiches.

A sandwich is cool.

Ham or turkey?

I'm vegan.

Get out of here.

I am.

I don't like eating animals.

Well, I could make a
lettuce and tomato sandwich.

Sure, sounds good.

Sounds terrible.

I'll put some cheese on it.

I'm vegan, not a vegetarian.

Look, I'm not
up on those stuff.

How 'bout a peanut
butter and jelly?

Can you eat that?


That's what you're gonna get.

So what was her name,

the mother horse
that you killed?

The wolves killed her.

Didn't know wolves
could shoot guns.

You think because
you don't eat meat

that you like
animals more than me?

My horse was suffering.

The wolves killed her, period.

I should've fixed
that wall better.

Didn't want to put
'em near the stable,

'cause the latch was broke.

Should've fixed that too.


that was her name.


That's a good horse name.



Come on, let's see
if you can help me.

You can take that with you.


Did you eat anything?

Let's see.

Nothing, huh?


Maybe we'll get
you some exercise.

You build up up an appetite.

Huh, Filly?


Come here, Orphan.

Come on, girl.

You win.

That's a good girl.


Talk about a depressing name.

Not if you own it.

Then it makes you stronger.

An orphan is sad,

but just orphan, it's strong.

She's a survivor.

You think you can get
her out to the corral?


Race ya.

Simple as that, I guess.

Come on, girl.

Come on.

Good girl.

Come on, give it back.

Give it back.

more, little more.

That's it, that's it.

Animal rendering?

Are you okay?

Fine, I'm okay,
go back to sleep.

Do you need to go
back to the doctor?

I don't know, honey.

Come on, Orphan.

You don't need to see this.

That's it.

She's over here, in the back.

At first, people
feel sorry for you,

but it doesn't last long.

After a while, you're,

you're pretty much on your own.

No one will ever love you
as much as your mother.

People will act like they care,

but they don't.

They just do whatever
makes them feel the best

about themselves.

I'm telling you this.

I mean, someone has to.

I wish someone
would've warned me.

No, Orphan!

No, Orphan, come back.

Stop, Orphan!

Hold it, hold on!

Come back!

Hold out, slow down!




Shh, it's okay, girl.


- Orphan!
- Let her go.

- Let her go.
- Look, it's okay, girl.

Look, I'm not hurt.

See, I'm not.

- I'm okay.
- Okay, okay.

I'm not hurt.

- What?
- We'll clean that up.

We have, we have to find her!

- We'll catch her.
- Stop it.

We'll catch her later!

- I'm gonna clean that up.
- No.

We got to take
care of business.

- As dirty a place as...
- Orphan!

I'll come get you.

Where is she?

- Where is she?
- I don't know!

What? Gerald.

- Where is she?
- I don't know.

I promise I don't.

She was gone this morning.

You told me she was
sick this morning.

Did you lie to us?

That's just what we need.

Okay, you go wash your face.


Okay, I've got this.

- Oh hi.
- Hi.

Um, you just missed her.

Gerald took her to the doctor

to check on that flu of hers.

- Oh.
- And you know,

now I feel like,

I feel like all the
kids are starting

to come down with something.

Do you know which doctor it is

that they went to see?

I'll just write it
down and pop by.

I, I don't know.

And Gerald doesn't have
his cell phone, so...

I can, I can let you
know when he comes back.

You have two cars?

Uh, no, um, no, because
Gerald's brother took them

to the doctor, today.

I like to always try to keep
a car her, just in case.

Is everything okay?

Do you mind if I come in
for a moment, actually?

Sure, I mean, you're gonna
have to enter at your own risk,

because it is germ
warfare in here.

You know what, it's fine.

I'll check back tomorrow.

- Okay.
- Okay.

I hope she feels better.

Thank you, thanks.

- So be safe.
- You too.

All right.

We best find that girl.

Oh it's not too bad.

It's not too bad, see?

Don't hurt, hydrogen peroxide.

That's a good one
for you to know.

All right, how 'bout that elbow?

What happened there?

I should fix that.

This is nothing.

What's this?

It's, it's nothing.

I'm just a klutz.

Who did that to you?

No one.

Come on.

Let's go find her.

Hey, it's Caroline.

I just saw a horse running
outside your property,

so I thought I would
call and let you know.

Orphan, Orphan!

She must be so scared,

all alone with no one.

especially this one.

Never left her mother's
side since she was born.

Well, at least
you guys have each other.

Truth is, she
never took to me.

This limp I got was from

when she busted up my knee.

Does Orphan have a horse dad?

Her daddy was a test tube

of $50,000 stallion semen.

Dude, come on, that's gross.

I'm sorry.

I guess I forgot I
was talking to a kid.

How 'bout you?

You got a human daddy?


It's just me and my mom.


You better hope we find her.


How long have you been waiting?

I don't know, maybe an hour.

I'm so sorry.

I was doing a site visit.

Yeah, well, it
wouldn't be a problem

if you actually gave
me a key to your place.

I gave you a toothbrush.

That's a big step for me.

Yeah, way to commit.

Told you, I'm a slow study.

Yeah, well, there's slow.

Then there's Caroline slow,

three years for a

Maybe in another
three, you'll get a key.

Seriously, though,

what are we doing?

We're not doing anything.

We're just, uh,
we're hanging out.

We're dating.

I don't know, Jake.

Why do you have to
always label everything?

Yeah, I guess you're right.

I guess if there's not a label,

there's no need to
actually break up.

Break up?

What, because you
don't have a key?

It's not about
a key, Caroline.

I want to be with you
for the rest of my life.

And you just wanna hang out.

I told you.

- I have...
- Daddy issues, I know.

Well, at some point,
you have to grow up

and accept the fact that
your daddy isn't here,

and he's not an issue.

So good luck with everything.

Good luck with everything?

Are you serious right now?


Goodbye, Caroline.


Here, girl!

It's gettin' dark now.

Let's get back.

What about the wolves?

She can't just be out
here all by herself.

Maybe she already
found her way back.

Let's go.


Come here, girl!

We'll leave the doors open,

in case she wanders
back tonight.

She'll turn up.

This is her home.

Where else is she gonna go?


I think I'm just gonna
sleep in the stable tonight,

in case she comes back...

Don't be ridiculous.

It's freezing down here.

I got the, I got the couch.

You'll be safe there.

But just for one more day,

and then tomorrow
you can, you know,

go do what you planned on doing.

Hey, there's a light
blinking on this thing here.

- What is it?
- An answering machine.

Dude, that's so old-school.

When'd you get it?


- You mean like the 1890s?
- Hey, leave that alone.

Don't be poking around my stuff.

Hey, it's Caroline.

I just saw a horse running
outside your property.

So I thought I would
call and let you know.


It wasn't Freedom.

Well, just wanted
to let you know.

That's all.

Who's Caroline?

Just somebody.

Come on, honey,
eat something, will you?

Do you have any idea
what a lobster goes through

before he reaches maturity?

You eat like a little birdie.

You eat like a pig.

Many of them are
eaten by voracious seagulls.



Don't get too excited.

It only gets five channels.

If the reception is bad,

just jimmy the rabbit ears.

Rabbit ears?

Oh, you don't know
everything, huh?

Rabbit ears, see?

That's water, honey?

I think he looks better already.

But don't worry.

If she don't come back tonight,

we'll find her tomorrow.

Good night.


What does an animal
rendering service do?

You want the truth

or the kiddie version?

Well, let's start
with the kiddie version.

Okay, well, the animal rendering
service took Freedom away

and delivered it
to horsey heaven.

Hmm, okay,

and the truth?

You don't want to know.

Get some sleep.

Don't use Dad's toothpaste,

'cause it's disgusting.

He also brushes fast, too.

Mom says you're supposed
to brush for one minute.

That's 60 seconds.





Orphan, come here, girl.


Mom, what are you doing here?

I thought we could ride
horses like we talked about.

Your mom is dead
and so is hers.

- Hey, get away from her!
- You don't tell me

what to do.



Get away from her!

Stop, no!

What happened?


She was right here
looking down at me,

and then I screamed,

and I guess I just scared
her off, and she ran.

She ran out here.

She ran this way.

I'm sure she's still out there.

What were you doing out here?

Well, I just couldn't sleep.

Just, I just wanted to be up

in case she came back.

Maybe the wolves
will come back, too.

Yeah, well, you
know she's close.

And I just, I really
need to be here

in case she comes back, okay?

It ain't safe here.

Well, if you're scared,

then, uh, you can go back
inside, in the house.

I understand.


This is private property.

I'm sorry for the intrusion,

especially so early
in the morning.

We're just, we're looking
for our little girl.

She's missing.

And she's, she's only 12.

And she's just cute as a button.

She really is.

But she's not used to being
out here in the country.

So we're really,
really concerned.

12, she run away?

No, no.

I think she just got lost.

You know how it is
being out in this parts,

being a city kid.

She's your
daughter, you say, huh?

Not, not our blood daughter.

We're, we're foster parents.

But, but we love
'em like our own,

even if she is troubled.

What do you mean troubled?

She's got a lot of
behavioral issues,

like a lot of the
kids that come to us.

She's, she's
intellectually advanced,

but emotionally,
she's very unstable.

So we're really worried

about her being out
here on her own.

If you do know
anything about her

or anything about
her whereabouts,

can you, can you
let us know, please?

I don't know
anything about no kid.

This is private property.

If she comes through here,

she'd be trespassing
like you're doin' now.

So you could turn around.

Good luck in your search.



Orphan, you're back.


It's okay, Orphan, it's okay.

It's okay, you didn't mean it.

You're gonna be okay.

You just got scared.

I know.

They took your mom away, huh?

It's okay.

It's okay, girl.


She and Gerald aren't here.

Oh, that's okay.

Do you mind if
maybe I talk to you?

May I come in?

They would probably be mad

if we let somebody in.

You're right, you're right.

That's not fair
of me to ask you.

I mean, you can come
in, if you want to.

No, no.

So how are you feeling?


But weren't you gettin' sick?

No, I feel good.

Oh, okay.

What about Shelly?

They still haven't found her.

What do you mean
they haven't found her?

I don't really know anything.

Honey, is Shelly missing?

- She may have run away.
- She may have run away.

When did she maybe do this?


They're out looking for her now.

Caitlyn, you did
the right thing.

Please, don't tell
them I told you.


I was never here.

You know, we have a
lot in common like that.

We both, we both lost our moms.

I'm glad you're in
my life, Orphan.

I don't have a lot of people.

You're like my best friend.

Do you like when
I brush your hair?

That's good, that's good.

Here, we'll put a
carrot in the trough.

She's gettin' the idea.

Oh look, there she goes.

that's a good girl.

- Good girl, Orphan.
- Yeah.

She's always been trouble,

ever since she was born.

Her mother was old
when she had 'em,

and maybe that's why she
come out a little squirrelly.

Okay, she's not squirrelly.

No wonder she doesn't like you.

Her mother was the opposite.

Freedom was great
with everybody.

Well, Orphan's
just misunderstood.

When I talk to
her, I really feel

like she understands
everything I'm saying.

And earlier, she felt bad,

because she made
me skin my knee.

Oh she
felt bad, did she?


Listen, maybe if you would
just apologize to her,

she would be much nicer to you.

You want me to
apologize to a horse?

I ain't apologizing to a horse.

Don't expect her to like you.

Well, whether she
likes me or not,

a horse has got
to eat every day.

If she keeps this up, she's
gonna get sick real fast.

I can get in a lot
of trouble, you know,

not reportin' you and
lettin' you stay here.

One more night.

We'll let Filly get settled,

and then I'll drop
you in town tomorrow.

I, uh,

I understand.

And her name is Orphan.

Hey, Jake, don't hang up.

Business, not personal.

I've got a set of fosters

that I think are trying
to cover up a runaway.

Can you help?

You talkin' about
Marta and Gerald Jenkins?

Yeah, I am.

Yeah, I'm going
to meet 'em right now.

I had a feeling.

I'm on my way.

You hold it like this.

You see where I'm holdin' it?

Hold it like this.

You're gonna put this
up over her nose.

And then this part is gonna go,

this part here,

put this over her ears.

Oh, she's...

See, that's not 'cause
she don't like me,

which she don't,

but horses are prey animals.

They spook easy.

This is gonna take time.

Freedom took two weeks

before she let 'em
put a halter on her.

Oh well, isn't that somethin'?

She's just lettin' you do it.

- Good girl.
- Look at that.

Well, that's a good girl.


Told you she wanted to do this.

Maybe if you would
just apologize,

she would actually let you.

Why am I not surprised?


Look, take the rope,
just walk in front of her.

She's gonna walk with you.

- Come on, Orphan.
- She walks with you anyway.


- She's gonna walk with you.
- Good girl.

- Good girl.
- Nice and easy.



You lied to me.


No, no, no, no, they sat
in my office yesterday.

They looked me
right in the face,

- and they lied to me.
- Okay, Caroline.

Just give 'em a chance.

No, I assure you.

The second that we found
out that she was missing,

we came right to the police.

And when was that?

That was a couple
of hours ago.

That's a lie.

She was missing yesterday, okay.

You didn't want to tell me,

because you wanted the check.

If anything happens to
this girl, it's on you.

Caroline, you're outta line.

We woke up this morning,

and she was gone.

When did you, uh,
take her to the doctor?

That was yesterday.

What doctor did you take her to?

I didn't take
her to the doctor.


Another lie.

She was feeling better,

so I thought it was best
to take her back home.

I think she just
had a 24-hour flu.

Okay, all right, let's
focus on the bigger issue.

We have a missing girl.

Thank you.

Can we focus on what's
important here, please?

We're trying to
find our daughter.

Well, she couldn't have
gotten too far on foot.

Right, but if she's been
missing an extra 24 hours,

that drastically changes
the search parameters.

I don't appreciate
the accusations.

I think it's really inappropriate
coming from somebody

who's supposed to be
trying to help us.

I am not here to help you.

I am here for the
child's welfare.

Do you understand that?

All right, let's just

- settle down, okay?
- I can't.

- I can't with these people.
- Just settle down, all right.

Do you guys have any
idea where she could be?

We looked at all the farms,
all around town, nothing.

I mean, everybody
was really helpful,

except for Crowley.

Yeah, well, that's
the way old Ben can be.

That man's had a lot
of tragedy in his life.

Isn't that right, Caroline?

She would've gotten a lot
farther than the Crowley farm.

Besides, Ben Crowley is someone
you run away from, not to.


Hot off the grill.

Pancakes for dinner?

Well, it's either that

or a nice, juicy steak.

Pancakes are much better.

So you never eat meat, huh?

Only when my foster
mom forces me to.

After my real mom
died, I went vegan.

I didn't want to kill
anything that had a mother

or could be a mother,
and plus it's healthier.

You need protein
for your muscles.

Look at horses.

They don't eat meat,
and they're strong.

You ain't a horse, honey.

So are you gonna have
a funeral for Freedom?

- A funeral?
- Yeah, yeah.

I think you should have one

I mean, I bet Orphan
would like it.

You grew up on
too many cartoons

of singin' fish and
talkin' donkeys.

Animals don't have funerals
for each other in nature.

You can learn a
lot from animals.

They move on.

They don't, they don't
linger in the past.

Well, if you
really believe that,

then why are you?

You don't know what
you're talking about.

Okay, no offense, but I
mean, look at this place,

the answering machine,
the rabbit ears.

You're clearly
lingering in the past.

Some of us only have the past.

You're a kid.

This'll be a distant
memory for you someday.

I still think you should
have a funeral for her.

Last thing I'm gonna do is
have a funeral for a horse.

Okay, now we say something.

Who wants to go first?

Why don't you let
the horse go first?



Oh God.

That was good.

Well said, Orphan.

I'll go next.

God loves all creatures,
big and small.

I assume that you
had a good life

and that you were a
great mother to Orphan.

I hope you're running
around in horsey heaven.

Now you.

Well, Freedom was
a , you know,

she was all I had.

She was a...

This is silly.

She was just a horse.

I know.

I miss my mom, too.

Well, hello, Jim.

- How are you?
- Hi, Hilda, welcome back.

Here's a nice book on horses,

something to take with you.

You've been hemmin' and hawin'

about somethin' you want to say.

What is it?

Okay, I want to ride Orphan.


And I think that she
wants me to, as well.

I, I can, I can just tell.

Honey, you don't
know the first thing

about riding a horse.

Well, then teach me.

That horse likes you.

I'll give you that.

But up till a, up
till a day ago,

she wouldn't let
anyone touch her.

She ain't broke.

Orphan would have to
be broke and trained,

and that don't happen overnight.

I know.

I'm a trainer.

It's what I do.

It's what I did.

You just, just
called her Orphan.

- Oh boy.
- It's catching on.

It's an awful name.

I was thinking

what if I stuck around
here for a little bit?


What, I can, I can clean.

I can take care of Orphan.


I won't get in your way.

And if something's
wrong, I'll be gone.

Now look,

I think you're a good kid.

I do.

But you got people out
there lookin' for you.

And I should've reported
you, earlier on.

If they find out that
I'm lettin' you stay here,

it's not you who's
gonna get in trouble.

It's me.


if they catch me, I'll tell them

that you didn't know I was here,

that I was hiding and
stealing from you.


You know what,
I'm just gonna sleep

in the barn with
Orphan, tonight,

and I'll be out of here,

I'll be out of here
in the morning.

You're not stayin'
down there again.

You can't tell me what to do.

I don't want nothin'
to happen to ya.

That's the last thing I need.

Come here.

You can stay in
here for the night.

Nice bed,

you'll be more comfortable.

Who's room is this?

I'll see you in the mornin'.

Simon dumped a bucket
of water on his horse,

which agitated him even more.

What's agitated?

Um , it means
it made him upset.

I want to ride
a horse someday.

Mm, you're gonna ride
a lot of horses, someday.

I'm sure
of it.

Honey, you're gonna get
to do a lot of things

in your life that
I didn't get to do.

And you may not think
that I'm there with you,

but I will be, okay.

We got to
stop for the night.

I can barely keep my eyes open.


Want to come over?

Caroline, we're not
doin' that same routine.

If you want to get back
together this time,

you better put a ring on it.

Oh, okay.

I didn't realize I was
dating Beyonce now.

But I'm sure you realize
you're kind of acting

like the girl in
this relationship.

- Oh yeah?
- Mm-hmm.

Well, maybe one
of us has to be.

And you know what,
according to you,

we're not in a relationship.

So I don't want to
see your face again.


Until tomorrow,
when I see you.

Okay, fine, I'll
see you tomorrow.

Caroline, you know I'm
crazy about you, right?

Yeah, I know.

Yeah, I just want somebody

who feels the same way about me.

I mean, look at this physique.

I'm sure there are plenty
of ladies who would love

to have some offspring
with these genes.

Ooh, yeah, there are,

lots of ladies.


Come on.

Look, get some sleep.

The girl will show up somewhere.

Good night, Caroline.

Good night.

Good girl, Orphan.

Okay, I need you to stay still,

because I'm gonna try
to get on your back

and ride you, okay?

Okay, Orphan, don't move.

You got to be kiddin' me.


I told you she ain't,
she ain't ready.

For someone who's supposed to
be intellectually advanced,

how do you explain
being so damn dumb?

Oh come on, I know she
wants to do this.

This ain't funny to me.

What were you thinkin'?

I was just, I was
just trying to ride her.

Yeah, I know what
you were trying to do.

What were you thinkin'?

I don't know.

I've never really
ridden a horse.

I mean, neither,
neither did my mom.

I mean, what if, what if
that was my last chance?

I, I had to do it.

You okay?

I'm fine.

Totally fine.

So can you teach
me how to ride her?

No, I'm busy.

Oh yeah, busy
sittin' around here

and waitin' to die.

Teach me how to do it.

It's a process.

Takes time and patience,

two things I have
very little of.

I told you, I'm sellin' her.

Don't you think she'll be
worth more if she's trained?

Honey, it don't
work like that.

Actually, you make a good point.

She would sell easier
if she was broke.

But neither of us is
gonna be around that long.

Okay, well, can you at least

just show me a few
things I'd have to do?

Yeah, I'll show you.

I'll show you some things.

You want me to show
you some things?

Maybe you'll get the idea.

It's a difficult process.


I'll show you a few things.

And then no more conversations.


Wait for me!

Here, try these on.

Try them.

Who's Lucy?

Is she your daughter?

She was.

What happened?

Here we go.

You missed a good
time, last night.

Oh yeah?

Yeah, I slept
without my retainer.

Ooh, sexy.

Hey, I want you to take a look

at anything outside of the
norm with these people.

Something ain't right.

Like what?


- Hi.
- Oh!

I see you've got coffee covered.

Okay, I just had Gerald
put on a fresh pot.

But anything, have
you heard anything?

No, nothing so far,
but I got my guys

as well as county
searching for her.


Can we take a
look at her room?

Yes, of course, please.

Just mind the mess, sorry.

Okay, see, this is a bit here.

And this is bridle.

This goes up over
here, this bridle.

And we got to get
the bit in the mouth.

Maybe some of your
magic may work again.

You're not gonna irritate her.


Let's try it.

This is the bit.

And this is the bridle.

I'm gonna put this on you, cool?


Okay, now see if you
can get it in there.

She's calm now.

See, she likes you.

Look, she's goin' right to it.

Come on, Orphan.

- Atta, girl.
- That's a good girl.

Yeah, go ahead, get in there.

Atta, girl.

Atta, girl.


- Get this in there.
- Good girl, Orphan.

You know, you got
some kind of talent.

My Lucy had that.

It's a gift.

Well, let's get
this girl saddled.

What do you say?

I'm enjoyin' myself.

So good, Orphan.

I knew she could do it.

Come on, Orphan.

You're doing so good.


It's all in your hands.

That was so funny.

Come on, Orphan.

Let's keep walking.

Good girl, Orphan.

Come on, girls, bedtime!

We got an early mornin'.

Just two
more minutes, please.

What ya doin' in there?

Daddy, do I look
like a prince?

You look like Tom Selleck.

You better hurry up
and wash that off your face

before your mother sees it.

Who do you think
drew the mustache?

You got to twirl
it like it's real.

- You look so beautiful.
- Handsome prince.

Come on, girls.

Tomorrow, I can go to Ben
Crowley's place, check there.

You can come along if
you think it might help.

Might do you some good.

I'll think about it.

What's all this here?


Have a seat.


ain't this somethin'.

Ain't this somethin', huh?


how do you take your coffee?

Black, please.

What does that mean?

Means no sugar,
no milk, just plain.

Oh, okay.

You know, I just, I've
always heard people say,

"How do you take your coffee?"

But never knew what it meant.

Now you do.

This is my first
time making coffee.

I hope it's good.

Me too.

Is, is something wrong?

It's fine.

Okay, I know you're lying,

so just tell me
what I did wrong.

Well, there's
some grounds in it.

- Oh.
- Why don't I do this?

Coffee's one thing
I make real good.

Sorry, I just thought they
were supposed to be in there.

Yeah, of course.

See, that's a filter.

Can I have some?

Well, don't they say
coffee's no good for kids?

Stunts their growth
or somethin'?

I don't think one
cup is gonna kill me.

You're probably right.

Well, let's see.

Oh yeah, I, I don't think
I take my coffee black.

It tastes like dirt.

It's an acquired taste.

Kind of like you.

What's that supposed to mean?

I don't know.

I just, I think
you act all tough,

but inside, there's,
there's a nice guy.

Don't get your hopes up.

I think she'll let
me ride her, today.

We'll see.


Come here, girl.

Come on.

Look at this,
she come right at you.

Come on.

Orphan, good girl.

Are you ready to do this?

Just like we talked about.

Yes, good girl, I know you are.

Can you help me?

Yeah, but I'm tellin' ya,

it's not supposed
to work this way.

Let's see, come on.

Here, pull over here,

pull over here, pull over here.

There you go, there you go.

Let's do this, Orphan.

Okay, good.

Here, let me help you.

Swing that leg over.

Swing it over like
an old cowboy.

- All right.
- Yeah, good girl, Orphan.

- Just hold that tight.
- Okay.

Squeeze a little bit,

just squeeze, squeeze
your leg, squeeze.

That's it.

Good, oh, she's going good now.

Good, look at that.

Good, Orphan.

Keep a hold
of those reins.

We're doing it.

We're really doing it.

Woo hoo!

That's it, just settle in.

Just let the horse feel
you, let the horse feel you.

All right.

Careful, be careful!


Orphan, we're doing it.

Woo hoo!


Good girl, Orphan.

All right.

- Hey, Ben.
- What's up?

What can I do for you?

Well, we got a missing girl,

runaway, 12 years old.



Are you sure?

Same thing I told the
people here, the other day,

this is private property.

Ain't no girl here.

Okay, well, just had to ask.

You, uh, you got company?

Double-fistin' it.

- One of those mornings, huh?
- Yeah, it's one of those.


That horse,

it's the same one I
almost hit the other day.


She's yours?

Yeah, Freedom's filly.

Oh, Freedom.

How is she?

Can I say hi to her?

Freedom ain't with us no more.

Wolves got to her, a
couple of days ago.

Damn things.


Why didn't you tell me?

I didn't think it
was a big deal to you,

and I'd have got
around to it, you know.

Of course you didn't,

and I'm sure you would've
gotten around to it.

Go, get back, go away!

If anything turns
up, I'll let ya know.

You breaking that filly?

Yeah, I'm tryin'.

Thought you
were done with all that.

Well, I put a lot of
money into that horse,

and she'll sell
better if she's broke.


Okay, well, thanks
for your time.

If you hear anything,
see anything,

- you know how to find us.
- Yeah, yeah.

Let's go.

That's, uh, the Cogan
boys brought that by.

You know kids.

They wanted to have a
funeral for a horse.


Okay , good to see you.

Good luck with the filly,

and I'm sorry about Freedom.

So, what's the
deal with Freedom?

Once upon a time,

Freedom was Ben's
most successful horse.

He really loved that horse.

Well, he didn't seem
too broken up about it.

Uh, he doesn't get broken up

about much anymore,

You think he knows
anything about that girl?

Uh, no, I don't,
probably not.

- Hey, Melissa, it's Caroline.
- Hello, Caroline.

You know, I just wanted
to say thank you so much.

It was really sweet
what your boys did

for Freedom's funeral.

Oh, Freedom died?

You're kidding.

No, she did.

So y'all had no idea?

No, not at all.


I'm so sorry.

You know, I probably
misinterpreted something.

Take care, bye bye.

So what's your endgame here?

What's that supposed to mean?

Well, what are
you gonna do now?

You got a plan?

I don't know.

I don't really think
about it that much.

All I knew is that I wanted out

from where I was.

Those people that
were here the other day,

your foster parents?

It's really none
of your business.

Oh, it is my business,

because now I have the police

on my property looking for you.

And I lied right to his face.

I don't think they believed
a word I was saying,

so they're gonna come back.

Maybe you're just too sensitive.

Maybe you deserved what you got.

My daddy'd just slap
you on the, on the,

he'd slap the back of your hand

with a wooden spoon or somethin'

and wash your mouth
out with soap,

just to teach you a lesson,

to build character, see.

So that's why
you're such a jerk?

That smart little mouth got
you in trouble, didn't it?

Is that what happened?

Tell me the truth.

Did you deserve it?

What happened

to all those people
in your life, huh?

All those people
in those pictures,

what did you do to
all those people?

What did you do to them?

What happened?

You probably deserved
the punishment they gave you.

Nobody wants to be with you.

You probably deserved it.

I don't feel sorry for you.

Yeah, and you couldn't
take it, and you ran.

This, is this what I deserved?

Who did that to you?

That man?

That woman?

What does it matter?

What does it matter?

According to you, I deserved it.

I deserved it.

No, no, no, stop, stop.

Have a nice, lonely,
miserable life.


Stop, stop it.

Hey, stop.

- Stop.
- Get away from me!

Where are you going?

What does it matter to you?

You're a kid.

You can't be out on your own.

I'll take my chances.

Goodbye, Orphan.

All you want to do
is feel your pain,

feel your loss.

Well, I'm here, and
I feel pain, too.

I'm your daughter, too.

I need to live a life.

Good, go then, go.

I'm not stoppin' you.

Go, live your life.


No, no!

Oh my gosh.




Are you okay?

I'm okay.

I'm fine.

I'm so sorry.

Easy, easy.

Okay, okay, baby.

Dad, what is she doing here?



- Hold on, sweetie.
- Is she gonna be okay?

Dad, is she okay?

- Is she okay?
- Her eyes are clear.

That's a good sign.

You got to be strong now, honey.

This horse needs you now.

You got to be strong now.

- Caroline.
- Yeah?

- Call the vet.
- Okay.

And tell 'em we need to get
this horse up to the stable.

Her eyes are clear, see.


Hi, it's Caroline Crowley.

I, um, I, I hit a horse,

and we need some help getting,

getting the horse up to
the stables at the farm.


I'm sorry.

- Where's Mom and Lucy?
- It wasn't his fault.

A vehicle ran a red light

and crashed into your
family's vehicle.

I'm sorry, Ms Crowley.

Your family didn't make it.

What happened?



It's okay.

She has some deep bruising.

But it looks like she
suffered some brain trauma.

We'll have to take her
in and run some tests

to determine the extent of it.

She's probably in a lot of pain.

I think your best bet
is to put her down.

No, you can't do that.

You can't do that, Ben.

Don't give up on her.

Don't let them give
up on you, Orphan.

It's okay.

It's gonna be okay.

Come on.

Why are they here?

I, I had to call them.

They are her guardians.

Thank God you're okay.

No, I'm not going with them.

Shelly, honey, you have to.

Look, honey, we've been
worried sick about you.


Don't let them give
up on you.

You can't give up on her.

Gerald, help me out here.

- Hey, hey!
- Dad, let him go.

You like to hurt little kids?

- Dad, come on!
- Ben, Ben!

What the hell are you doing?

- Gerald, are you okay?
- I got to take you in now.

- Jesus, Ben.
- Just having some fun.

Yeah, well, that kind of fun
will get you in some trouble.

- Caroline.
- Yeah?

- Caroline, look at her back.
- Okay.

These people ain't right.

- Gerald, come on.
- Look, look at her back.

- Shelly, come here honey.
- I will.

Shelly, honey, come here.

Can I, can I look at
her back for a second?

No, no, no, we've been

- through enough here.
- Excuse me.

We're gonna
take her home now.

I represent this
child's welfare.

Hey, hey, Ms Jenkins,

just let the child go.

You don't have a say in this.

Thank you.

Come on, Shelly.

Is it okay if I just
look at your back?

It's gonna be okay.

These people are criminals,

and they're the
lowest form of life.

Hey, Ben, you're
being released.

The court's gonna
figure out what

to do with those other people.

Thank you, son.

Ben, you got to put
your seatbelt on.

Don't want anything
to happen to you.

Law's the law, I guess.

You like my daughter, huh?

No, I love her.

How's she doin'?

No change really.

I'm not sure what's going on.

She doesn't show
signs of a concussion.

If it is brain damage,

she may never be
able to walk again.

You can go.

We'll see how she
is in the morning.

I need to ask you something.

Can you do it to her now?



Okay, I guess I'll just
apologize to Orphan then.

I don't mean the horse.





I suppose I should.

When you were a kid, I
shouldn't have shut you out.

You're my girl,
and I shut you out.

It wasn't your fault.

It was an accident.

And you're in so much pain.

We were both in pain.

I shouldn't have
pushed you away.

I just didn't know
how to handle it.

I was stupid, still am.

What I'm tryin' to say is

I'm sorry.

It's okay.

- I'm sorry.
- It's okay.

- I love you.
- I love you, too, Daddy.

I love you so much.

I love you so much.

- Whoa.
- Orphan!

Orphan, oh, Orphan!

Oh my gosh, you're up!

You guys!

Guys, guys, come on!

You have to see this.

Come on, what are you doing?

- She's actually healing.
- Oh my gosh.

- She's up?
- Oh my gosh!

Wow, good job, sweet girl.

So, so did you apologize?

Yeah, yeah.


Told you.


- Look at that, at you.
- That's so cute.

- Yeah.
- So cute.

- Missed you so much.
- Yeah, I got

to get Shelly back to
deal with this mess

with her foster parents.

Where they gonna send her?

It's for the state to decide.

Maybe I ought to adopt her.

Unfortunately, they'll
never go for that,

because you're a single male,

a little on the old side

with a fresh assault
charge on your record.

I think she wants
you to brush her.

- Me?
- Me?


- Okay.
- Come on.

This is a curry brush.

You're gonna move it in
circles around her body

but not her cute face
or her legs, though.

All right.

Am I doin' it right?

Yeah, you're doing great.

I think she likes it.

She's calm.

Hey, Shelly.

Do you mind if I borrow
this guy for a minute?


- Fine.
- Here.

- Take over.
- Thanks.

Good job.

I was thinking maybe
we could.

What about your daddy issues?

They're gettin' better.

Think so?

Startin' to like me now, huh?

You're startin' to like me now?

- All of a sudden.
- What a sweet girl.

- Is she okay?
- She's good.

I know she's getting cleaner.


You did pretty good.

You did a good
job brushing her.

All this time, I thought
you didn't like me.


Good girl, Orphan.

- Yeah, good for you.
- Yeah.

Good for you,
you're happy now.

You worried us so much.

Big kiss and love her.

That's it, yeah.

Where is everybody?

Let's go.

We're gonna be late.



Over here, I'm coming!


All right, kids,
come on, let's go!

No more fun and games.

We got to concentrate
on the competition.

- She's ready.
- Yeah, she's ready.

Yeah, she's ready, all right.

Let's go!

Good job, good job.

She's always ready!

- Keep 'em up, boy!
- Come on!

We're gonna be late!

Where's your dad?

- Dad!
- I don't know.

Where's your dad?

- I don't know.
- He's always late.

- Dad, come on!
- Come on!

- Hurry!
- You're taking way too long.

- All right, I'm in a hurry.
- Keep it moving!

- I'm in a hurry.
- You're in trouble.

Aw, sweetie,
I love you, too.

I love you, too.

Subtitles by explosiveskull