Operation Finale (2018) - full transcript

A team of secret agents set out to track down the Nazi officer who masterminded the Holocaust.










[Christmas music playing]

[little girl] No.

[speaking in German]

-[little girl babbling]
-[man speaking German]

[little girl babbling]

[knocking at door]

[knocking continues]

I'm Lieutenant Dalton.
I'm Lieutenant Dalton.

Lieutenant Dalton.

[door opens]

-[man] Herr Werner?

I'm Lieutenant Dalton, up from Viden.

We've found a few inconsistencies
in our records from your time with us

and we'd appreciate your help
clarifying them.

-Thank you so much.
-[Werner] Mm-hmm.

[Herr Werner grunts]


[phone jerks on table]

What do you want from us?

-It's all right.
-He didn't do anything to you.

He was a medic.

I don't know what stories
he's been telling you,

but we know who he is, Vera.

My name is Annie.


No, your sons Klaus and the other boy,
Dieter, they...


-[Annie screams]
-Shit! Shit! Moshe!

[Dalton] It's the wrong guy.
It's not even him!

[Moshe] So, what?

He was a Nazi.

I bet he was on someone's list.

[Moshe] You gonna give us a hand
or what? Come on.

[man 1 speaking in Hebrew]

[Moshe speaking in Hebrew]

[man 1 speaking in Hebrew]

[man 2]
I remember reading years ago

some Austrian they mistook for me.

I have the article framed at home.

I hope that future historians

will not be tempted to stray from
the truth as we record it here today.

I could talk of what I saw

at the pits, in Minsk.

Or the vans at Chelmno,

but these were the deeds
and demands of others.

I issued no such orders.

Our work was paperwork,

And though I struggled against
endless idiocy,

I only did what little I could
in Germany's fight against her enemies.


[clears throat]

[applause continues]

[keys clacking]

[woman] You said you wanted
to take a job in Jersey.

Couldn't we run away?
I'd do anything to be with you. Anything!

That's not a bad idea.

That's not a bad idea at all.

-Just tell me one thing.

Is it true?

Is what true?

Is your mother a nigger?

[man] Tell me.

-[man shouting] Tell me!
-[woman] What difference does it make?

-You love me.
-All the kids talking behind my back.

-[man] Is it true? Are you black?
-[woman] No!

[woman] No, I'm as white as you.

-[man] You're lying.
-[woman] I'm not!

-[man] You're lying. You are!
-[woman] I'm not! I'm not!

-[scoffs and chuckles]

-[woman screams on-screen]

[instrumental music swells]

-[shushes again]
-[shushes back, chuckles]

-[man] So, you're German too?
-[woman] Well, my father is.

I'd love to meet him sometime.
Can I see you again?

Father made us learn
100 Spanish words a day.

-One hundred.
-No more, no less.

I was...

I was terrible.

I just wanted to ride horses
and explore Tucum?n.

What part of the Fatherland are you from?

[man] We moved all over during the war.

Oh, so your father,
he was in the army?

SS, actually.

But he was killed in the East.

Oh, I thought, I thought...

[man] We live with my uncle now,
Ricardo. He's, uh...

He's like a father to us.

[woman] I'm so sorry, Klaus.

That's awful.

Do you ever think about going back?

[Klaus] To Germany?

Um, I don't know.

I'm told things.

What things?

Oh, the Jews, clawing power back,

taking jobs,
corrupting everything, like before.

But, of course, there are plenty
of them here too so...

My uncle says they pop up everywhere,
like mushrooms after rain.

-[Klaus chuckles]

-[Klaus chuckles]


-[laughing] Mushrooms.
-[woman laughs out loud]

[all three laughing]

A toast.

To your father.

A hero, I'm sure.

[clinking glasses]


Tell me, would I recognize his name?


[man 1] Mr. Harel.

Mr. Harel. Just five minutes.

[man 2] Herr Harel, please.
Sir, this is Herr Fritz Bauer,

he's the District Attorney of Hessen
in West Germany.

He says he's found someone.

[Herr Fritz Bauer] I have a lead
on a great enemy of our people.

I don't have time for this.
Rafi, take care of it, okay?

[Herr Fritz Bauer] Adolf Eichmann
is not just some pencil pusher.

This man deserves to be punished.

You have the word of a blind man.

[Bauer] He doesn't need his eyes
to hear the boy's name. Klaus Eichmann.

[Harel] Why would this girl, Sylvia,
date a Nazi's son?

Hermann spent time in Dachau;

he decided to raise Sylvia Catholic.

[Rafi] She didn't know she was Jewish?


Has he broken the bad news to her yet?

[Bauer chuckles] Yeah.
She insists on seeing him still.

Says she's a good Catholic
and the boy is, too.

[Harel] Okay. Thank you.

Listen, I really appreciate your coming,

but you have to understand.
I got Egypt wreaking havoc,

the Fedayeen.
Hikers getting killed at Masada.

Our resources are limited.

I can't waste them chasing rumors.
I'm sorry.

Think what it means.

Jews finally, publicly, holding to account
the man who organized our slaughter.

Organized. Past tense.

It is my job, Herr Bauer,

to focus on those
who are planning it today.

Thank you very much for coming.

-[Harel] Thank you very much.

Just give me one second.

[Harel clears throat]


Let's say he's right.

Can you imagine the headache
when he tells the world

that we wouldn't waste our resources
on the architect of the Final Solution?

[man] Slowly.

[indistinct chatter and grunts]


[indistinct chatter and grunts]

What are you...?

Shall we just stand here?

You're waving at my crotch
in a weird way.

Just get in there. Don't be afraid.

I'm not afraid,
we're focusing on technique.

Okay, well technically,
do it better.

You know why they throw
all the shittiest jobs at you, right?

I don't know, antisemitism?

Shall we?

Don't be scared.

[grunts] Oh!

-Hey, Rafi.

-[Rafi] Aharoni, come with me.
-[Aharoni] You got it.

-Where you going?
-[Rafi] Aharoni's got a flight to catch.

I'll call if I need you.


[firearm being loaded]

[gunshot echoes]

[indistinct chatter]

[indistinct chatter]

-[Klaus] Sylvia.
-Thank you.

-[Sylvia] Klaus, hi.

You made it.

-Let me show you through.
-Could we go somewhere first?

-I need to tell you something. Okay.
-Can we wait? He's about to speak.


-[Klaus] This is Sylvia.
-[Sylvia] Hello.

My word.

Look at those eyes. Your hair.

Where's your family from?

-[Sylvia] Um, I'm...
-[man] We're ready for you.


[indistinct chatter]

[indistinct chatter]

[Klaus] You see those two?

That's the Deputy Mayor
and a member of Parliament.

[Sylvia] Who is that man
you introduced me to?

[Klaus] Carlos Fuldner.
He helped my family settle in Argentina.

[indistinct chatter]

[Carlos claps]



our hundred fiftieth
Independence Day approaches.


[Carlos] There will be a chance
for us to dance,

to drink, for freedom.

-[indistinct chatter]

But have you noticed the road blocks...

[crowd silences]



every day across Buenos Aires?

Now should be the time to
celebrate our national unity,

the iron bond of church and state.

It doesn't decay, amigos.

A rot within our society,

that is forcing us to fight for
our beloved and holy patria.

Who can tell me its name?


[crowd starts chattering]

[in Spanish]
Thank you, Father.

Loyal only to themselves.

The Jew will betray our homeland

and continue poisoning
this great nation of Argentina.

So, I ask you.

What should we do with the Jew?



What must we make of the Jew?

[crowd] Soap!

-Jew! Jew! Jew!
-[crowd] Soap! Soap! Soap!

-[Carlos] Sieg heil! Sieg heil!
-[crowd] Sieg heil! Sieg heil!

-[Carlos] Sieg heil! Sieg heil! Sieg heil!
-[crowd] Sieg heil! Sieg heil! Sieg heil!

-[Carlos] Sieg heil!
-[crowd] Sieg heil!

-[Carlos] Sieg heil! Sieg heil!
-[crowd] Sieg heil! Sieg heil!

[upbeat Hebrew song plays]

[indistinct chatter]

[man laughing]

[male player 1]
Okay. Are you in, or are you out?

-[male player 2] In.
-[male player 1] Peter, your turn.

[male player 1] Peter, let's go. Play.

[indistinct chatter]

[children shouting and laughing]

Hey, hey, hey!

[children chatter]

Come on, kids.

[children laughing]

[woman sobbing]

-[door opens]
-[crying continues]



Mama, what's wrong? What happened?

[mother] Your sister.

She was on top and I closed it.

It's all right.
I'm sure she forgives you.



Go put them in some water.
I'll clean up.

New refrigerator, huh?

Who'd you kill to get that?

Seriously, should I worry?
Is there a dead body in there?

[chuckles, sniffs tears]

[dog barking outside]

I haven't seen Hanna lately.

Mama, please.

What? First you see her all the time.

-No relationship talk.
-You were ready...

-We've been over this. Eat your soup.
-...to start something. Poof. She's gone.


[telephone rings]

Peter, don't you dare. It's Shabbat.

[phone ringing]

It could be an emergency.

Don't come complaining to me
if you get sick after eating cold soup.

Who gets sick from eating cold soup?
Ma, please. Hello.

Is this about the Astypalaia thing?

Because, to be honest,
I've read maybe 70% of the briefing.

-[Rafi] No, it is not.
-Okay, good, 'cause it's more like 30%.


[Rafi] Aharoni's out there now running
reconnaissance in Buenos Aires

with our guy at the Embassy.

Our contact's daughter, Sylvia Hermann,

has agreed to take us to
Klaus Eichmann's family home.

If it is Eichmann, they will attempt
to get a positive photo ID.

Why didn't you ask me?
Aharoni's an interrogator.

[Rafi] Precisely.

I wanted someone who would interrogate
the evidence rather than just shoot at it.

This is strictly catch and extract.

Raf, if it is him, a bullet would
be easier than dragging him here.

Eichmann will stand trial here in Israel.

Nobody needs to hear what he has to say.

[Rafi] The Prime Minister disagrees.

A trial will help put all of this to bed.

After all, not everyone's
as emotionally balanced as you are.

Peter, it isn't about you, okay?

Okay. I'm in.

[Harel] You're not going.

Every op leader describes you as
manipulative, impulsive and self-absorbed.

[Peter] No one mentioned
my sense of humor?

[Harel] And the fiasco in Austria.

The strings I had to pull.
You killed the wrong damn Nazi!

I remember, sir.
It wasn't even the right Nazi.

We are talking about violating
Argentina's sovereignty

while they are celebrating
150 years of independence.

If we fail, Israel will be humiliated,

the local Jews terrorized,
and I've lost some of my best agents.

So, what makes him worth the risk?

For starters,
this current plan's a real piece of shit.

[Harel] Great start.

[Rafi] Peter.

If you wanna get him out alive,
you need a basic crew.

No soldiers, no guns. Period.

If we get into a shoot-out,
we've failed already

and it says here
that you want to extract him

via shipping container,
but that would take weeks.

We do that, he won't make it past Rio.
The only way is by plane.

[Harel] Military planes
can't reach Argentina.

You think I haven't thought about it?

No, I'm sorry.
Of course, sir. Of course.

I'm guessing El Al is not an option.

El Al doesn't fly commercially
to Argentina.

Perhaps if we had a good cover story,
they could be convinced?


[Peter] You said it's Argentina's
150th anniversary, right?


So we get ambassadors,
politicians, whatever,

send them over there to say,
"Mazel tov. Hurrah for independence."

[Rafi] We'll invite Abba Eban,
everybody loves him.

Then we sneak Eichmann on board,
airlift him here direct.

[Harel] What about airport security?

I'll disguise him to look like one of us.

-[Rafi] He'll struggle.
-We'll sedate him.

Make him seem hung over, drunk to shit.

To keep him in that state for hours.

-The only agent that we have--
-[Rafi] Had.


She's refused every job
I've offered her after Bren.

That wasn't Hanna's fault though.
The guy was allergic, right?

She's the only one with
the right field experience for this.

-I'll get her to do it.
-I thought you two weren't...

-What, together?

She'll do it, trust me. Sir...

we'll get him back here alive.

Get Hanna on board, then we talk.

[female over PA system]
Dr. Adwan, please report to Emergency.

Dr. Adwan, please report
to the Emergency room.

[indistinct chatter]

-Five minutes. Hear me out.
-I don't wanna hear.

Is Mrs. Levington in prep? ECG done?

-You know how important this is.
-Hi, Michael. See you tonight.

Who's Michael?

What's tonight?

[door slams]

The trains that shipped the families
to the camps, that was him.

-I'm not joining your hit squad.
-[Peter] No, that...

Yes, I would happily put a bullet
in-between his eyes,

but that's not what we're doing.

Did you hear what happened last time?

Yeah. Rafi told me. The guy was allergic.

That's what he told you?

[Hanna] No, we kept on landing
and refueling.

Rafi kept telling me to put him
under again and again and again.

So, I did.

That was Rafi's fault, not yours.

My needle, my fault.

First do no harm, that's what we swear,
and I won't break it, not again!

That's why we need you.

In Buenos Aires.

Where we'll need you to eat steak.

And drink red wine
and definitely go tango dancing.


I need you.

["Buenos Aires la Reina del Plata"

Radio Siete Cuarenta. Buenos Aires.

-[Aharoni] Another road block.
-[man] For the 150th.

The government says
they're protecting democracy.

They're all over the city.

What are they so afraid of?

[man] Commies.


Nacionalistas, Peronistas.

Depends who you ask.

You clear on the plan?

Knock on the door,
deliver the gift,

get his uncle outside,
don't give them cause for suspicion.

Enough of that
to go around already.

[guards speaking Spanish forcefully]

-[guards raising voices]
-[woman reacts forcefully]

[Aharoni] Listen carefully, all right?

If you're feeling any kind of danger
whatsoever, you get out.

It's going to be all right.

[door opens abruptly]

Yes. May I help you?

Hello. My name is Sylvia. I'm...

You're the Sylvia.

We wondered whether
we would get to meet you.

Well, come in.

-Come in.
-Thank you.

Oh, I'll just...

[kettle whistles]

[Sylvia] Oh my, those are beautiful.

Oh, aren't they?

Is it a special occasion?

This year even more so.

Smell them.

Smell them.

[door opens]

Oh, hello there.

[woman] Oh, darling. This is Sylvia.

The Sylvia.

Such a pleasure.

[Sylvia] Klaus and I had
a bit of a disagreement,

so I thought I would come over and...

try to fix things.

-[woman] Oh.
-[baby coos]

That's very thoughtful.

I'll make us come coffee.

Oh, no thank you. I can't stay long.

No, please.
We're delighted to have you.

[baby chuckles]

The munchkin is ready for a nap.

Papa is ready for munchkin
to have his nap.

-[Eichmann chuckles]
-[baby laughs]

-[Eichmann blows a kiss]

So, what do you think?

I'm sorry?

The house.

I mean, there's still no electricity,
but she's getting there.

Yes, it's quite lovely, Herr...?

Klement. Se?or Klement.

[Sylvia] Se?or Klement.

I'm sorry.



[winding sound]


-[winding sound]
-[motorcycle driving]

The disagreement you had.

I don't wish to pry,
but would you describe to me its nature?

[door opens and closes]

Sylvia, what are you doing here?

-[Eichmann] Hey, watch your tone, Klaus.
-I just came to apologize.

Klaus, you're just in time for coffee.

No. Sylvia's leaving.

Now hold on just a minute.

Klaus. I said wait a moment.

This is how I taught you to behave, is it?

I'm sorry, Father.

You've no need to call me that.

[door closes]

[Klaus] Sylvia.

[Klaus] Sylvia.

-[Aharoni] Did you get it?
-[man] I don't know.

[Aharoni] What about the girl?

She'll take the bus.

Get out of here.



You embarrassed me.

-Leaving the meeting like that.
-I know.

I had to leave, and I'm sorry.


He said he thought you might be a...

I am.

[Sylvia] Does that really matter to you?

-[indistinct chatter]
-[typewriter clacks]

[Rafi] Isser is here.

[Rafi] This is Dani Shalom
from documents, and you know Moshe,

he'd handle the vehicles.

[Harel] Where's Hanna?

Sorry I'm late, sir.

That steak better be good.

[Harel] Okay.

[Harel] This is everything
Sylvia Hermann could give us.

As for the pictures,
our guy at Tel Hashomer Hospital

is saying the ears match.

Hardly compelling evidence.

Sylvia heard Klaus call him father.

-"You don't need to call me that."
-[Harel] Not enough.

You have to make sure it's him.
Give me documentary proof. Come on.

Wait. Look.

The flowers.

-Vera implied it was a special occasion.

"This year even more so."

-What date was Sylvia there?

[Hanna] Here.

The marriage certificate.

-[Rafi] Hey, careful.
-Like it makes a difference.

There's a system to this.

[Peter] Here.

Why is 1960 a special year?

Because 25 years ago Adolf Eichmann

married his wife,
Vera Liebl, on the 21st of March.

[Peter] We have our guy.

Ricardo Klement is Adolf Eichmann.

[indistinct chatter and laughter]

[Peter] All right. Round two.

-[piano playing]
-[Peter] Next week in Buenos Aires.

Yaakov, welcome.
Our wonderful front man.

He's a little ugly,
but we'll make do, right?

[Yaakov in Hebrew]
Todah rabah.

Okay. For the ones who can't.

-[Hanna in Hebrew] Yimakh shimo.
-[everyone] Yimakh shimo.

May his name be obliterated, huh?

So, why are we making him famous?

[Moshe] We should be putting him down
like a mad dog.

That's not what I'm here for, Moshe.

[Moshe] Yeah?

How many did you lose?

I'm not competing with you.


-We're really doing this?

[Yaakov] All right, asshole.

My parents, aunts, uncles, four cousins.


[Dani Shalom] I'm the only one left.

[Peter] Hey, Moshe, enough.

All right?
Raf, you know any rock 'n roll?

Is the Pope Catholic?

[all laughing]

-[piano playing cheerful music]

[Hanna] Eh!

-Shall we dance, yeah? Let's.
-Let's dance.

-[piano continues]
-[Hanna laughs]

[Harel] On your feet
for the Prime Minister.

[Rafi] Oh, shit. It's Ben-Gurion.
Get up. Get up.

[indistinct chatter]

-[door opens and closes]
-[man coughs]

[man] Sir.

-Is this all of them?

[Ben-Gurion] Good.

If you succeed...

we deny the world the chance
to let Eichmann's...

murderous edicts sink into obscurity.

For the first time in our history,
we will judge our executioner.

We will also warn off any
who may wish to follow his example.

If you fail...

he escapes justice.

Perhaps forever.

For the sake of our people,
I beg you, do not fail.

[Ben-Gurion] Our memory reaches back
through recorded history.

The book of memories still lies open.

And you here now...

are the hand that holds the pen.



[plane whirs]

[female voice over PA system}

-[official] Bienvenidos a Argentina.
-[Yaakov] Muchas gracias.

-[woman over PA system]
-[indistinct chatter]

-[man 1 speaking Spanish]
-[man 2 laughs]

[man and woman speaking Spanish]

[man] Hola!

Why have they sent you?


[female voice over PA system]

[indistinct chatter]

I think we'll take this one.

[official] Excellent.

Good choice.

[Hanna in French]

[in Spanish] Yes.

[Yaakov] And an apartment
for my assistant. Nothing fancy.

[official in Spanish]


Keep your hands to yourself.

Or Malkin will kick my ass?

I'll kick your ass.

There's still the thing with you two.

[Yaakov] He'll let you down, you know?

[Yaakov] He lets everyone down.

[birds chirping]

[Yaakov] Ladies and gentlemen, behold,
terra, the best safe house money can buy.

With the finest
in counter-surveillance technology.

[Eichmann] I've lived enough of life
looking over my shoulder.

I only did what little I could
in Germany's fight against her enemy.


[Carlos] What a narrative. What tales.

[Carlos] Tell me,

these story telling sessions,
are they for money or for pleasure?

For posterity, to correct the lies
told by those swine at Nuremberg.

[Carlos] Huh.

You left so quickly after our rally,
we didn't have a chance to talk.

I wasn't aware a discussion
was to be had, Carlos.

You saw the support we have.

The government is teetering.
Soon we can come out of the shadows.

All we need is organization.

A mind like yours.

-[Peter] Who's this Fuldner guy?
-[Aharoni] SS Officer.

Worked with the Vatican,

then Peron to get Hitler's
higher-ranking officers out of Europe.

They keep a low profile, but they'll
make themselves known if we slip up.

-I've written this all down.

Yeah, I'll read this.


[bird tweeting]

[crickets chirrup]

[birds chirping]

[car puttering]

[Peter] The man is a human metronome.

Every morning he goes to work at
a Mercedes factory in Gonzales Catan,

same time, same two buses,
there and back.

[man] Why don't we grab him
at the factory?

[Rafi] It's too public.
One witness and we're screwed.

[Peter] And on his journey home
it's darker, there's fewer witnesses.

[Dani] Any blind spots?

There are lamp posts
here, here, and here.

There's a blind spot about five meters.
Should be pitch black at night.

That's where you grab him,

and then hold him here
a few hours ahead of flying.

-[Peter] Can we get him to the airport?
-No, It's too dangerous.

[Hanna] I'll be giving him micro doses
of Haloperidol throughout security.

The set-up needs to be precise,

so fixing it in the back of the car,
it's too risky.

The wrong dose
and he could slip into cardiac arrest.

Okay. Everyone got what they need?

[Yaakov] Strips of soft metal.

-[Harel] Okay.
-Tin, ideally.

[Ilani] Write it down.

I'm putting together a squad
of sayanim to help.

Are we sure
we can trust the local Jews

to be loyal to us and not the Argentines?

Yeah. Efraim worked with them
before, right?

Yeah, that's correct.
They know the city, speak the language.

They'll help limit our exposure.

People are gonna say it's a real
international Jewish conspiracy.

-[everyone chuckles]
-[Harel] Okay. Hey,

the plane will arrive in four days.

This is the last time
you're gonna see me until we have him.

If you need me,
leave me a note at the Embassy.

no contact in case I'm followed.

We'll exchange money
and documents in cafes.

From now on, every move
you make, and every second it takes,

counts for everything,
so don't make any stupid mistakes.

That's very inspiring.

[car engines motoring]

-[Moshe] What about his family?
-[radio in Spanish]

What if they call the police or worse?

[Peter] Authorities aren't gonna
stick their necks out

for a Nazi on Independence Day.

And the safe house still isn't right.
I'm telling you. Three days isn't enough.

We're gonna make it work.
Relax. Stop worrying.

[radio volume increases]

[Moshe] Sounds like Khrushchev
got some American.

-Spy pilot I think.
-[Peter] Shit.

Poor guy.

I hear the Commies like to use
their fingernails, tear 'em out.

[Peter] Shots of adrenaline
straight after, stops you from fainting.

[Moshe] Think the Argies
would do that to us?

[Moshe] You ever think about
whether we'll get to do that to him?

[Peter] That's not why we're here.

[Moshe] Come on, Habibi.

You're telling me
that after what that fuck did to us,

you didn't want someone here ready
and willing to make him scream?

[construction outside]

-You can have the bed, sir.
-Yaakov, son of a bitch.

[Ilani] ...and never return to
the same store in the same day.

You'll work in shifts.

-My father...
-[Ilani] Graciela?

My father said we'd be paid?

Expenses only, I'm afraid.

The real reward will be
when Rabbi Levy dedicates a hymn to you.

[everyone chuckles]

Graciela, you'll work
in the safe house. The rest of you...

[upbeat instrumental tango music]

-[Hanna] Do you want another one?
-[Peter] Maybe.

[Hanna laughs]

[upbeat instrumental tango music]

[stop watch ticks, stops]

One more.

-[instrumental tango music continues]
-[typewriter clacks]

-Hey, Moshe.
-[Moshe] Yeah.


-[upbeat instrumental tango music]
-[indistinct chatter and laughter]

[instrumental tango music continues]

[train horn blows]

[heart beating slowly]

-[indistinct chatter]
-[heart beating]

-[indistinct chatter]
-[heart beating]

-[soldiers laughing]
-[camera snapping]

[heartbeat speeds up, grows louder]

[crickets chirrup]

Talk to me.

I saw him with his boy.

His son. Beautiful little boy.

They were watching the trains go by.

We're gonna get him.

He needs catching first.

MAY 11TH, 1960





[indistinct chatter]

-[man 1 in Spanish] Need any help?
-[man 2 in Spanish] No, thank you.

[man 3] No.

[thunder rumbles]

Who the hell was that?

You ever seen that guy before?

[Peter] Here he comes.

[bus approaches]

I don't wanna touch his mouth.

[brakes screech]

-[Peter] Where is he?
-[Rafi] Shit. He knows. He must know.

[Aharoni] We need to leave.

His wife and kid are home.
He wouldn't leave without them.

-[Rafi] He's done it before.
-We have to warn the others.

Let's go. Let's go!

[bus driving]


[brakes screech]

[bus accelerates]


-[Moshe] It's him.
-[Aharoni] Why is there a second bus?

And that cyclist.
I don't know, something feels off.

Your call.

Start the engine.

[thunder rumbles]

[Peter whispering in Spanish]

[whispering in Spanish]

[whispering in Spanish]

[Peter speaking in Spanish]

-[thunder rumbles]
-[Eichmann grunts]

[Eichmann groans]

[grunts continue]

[screams] Ah!



[grunts continue]

[Hanna] Ah.

[Hanna grunts]

-Get the sedative. I got him.
-Make a sound and I'll kill you.

[Peter] Just be quiet,
you'll be all right.

[driver] Hang on!

[Rafi] Okay. Let's go.

[Peter] Cover his hands.

[guard speaking Spanish]
Diplomatic plates. Wave them through.

[indistinct chatter in Spanish]

If you speak without
being spoken to, you will be gagged.

Open your eyes.

I want you to tell me your name.

[Eichmann] My name is Ricardo Klement.
I'm a Jew from Palestine.

No, you're not.

[Eichmann] I was born in Serona,
the German quarter.

I know my prayers. Listen.

Tell me your name.

Shma Yisrael,
adonai elohenu, adonai echad.

[Eichmann] You see?

You've made a mistake.


Drop me anywhere. Blindfold me.

I won't tell anyone what you've done.

[in Hebrew] Where did you live?

I'll admit I'm a little rusty.

You were born in Solingen in 1906.

Your father was named Adolf.

-Your mother Maria Shefferling.
-I don't know those names.

It's not true.
My surname's Klement.

Yet the boy you raise has
the name Eichmann, does he not?

His father died during the war.

So, you let another man's progeny
call you father.

What is your current profession?

Foreman. Mercedes Benz factory.

-Current address.
-14 Garibaldi Street.

-What is--
-What is your wife's name?

Vera. Vera Liebl.

Who is your son Klaus's father?
What is your name?

I am Ricardo Klement.

So, you raise another man's child,

but you feel only obligation, correct?

Should something happen to him, like,

oh, I don't know,
let's say he should suddenly...

disappear tomorrow,

a part of you wouldn't care?

You once had a mistress
named Maria Masenbucher.

-Did you not?
-Not that I recall.

That's interesting,
because she gave us a picture.

Do you recognize the man
in this picture?

I can't see him clearly.

Who has his glasses?

The man in this picture is you.

SS number 45381.
Am I correct?

Again. Your number was 45381.

[Aharoni] Your number was 45381.

45381. 45381!

It was 4-5-3-2-6.

Enough. I accept my fate.

My name is Adolf Eichmann.


-[all] L'Chaim.

[cheering and chuckles]

-[Rafi] All right.
-[Hanna laughs]

[more chuckles and laughs]

[Rafi] Enjoy. We pack up after dinner.

What's wrong?

[Peter] We've got him.


My mama spends her days in a dark
apartment alone,

because of what men like him have done.

When she can see the look on
Eichmann's face

when he finds himself in a country
full of us,

that's when I'll have peace.

Come on, Klaus.
Rack your brain. Who knew?

[loud knocking]

[dog barking]

-[officer] Lothar Hermann?
-[in Spanish] Yes.

[officer in Spanish]
Is your daughter home?

[Lothar in Spanish]
She's out of the country.

[officer in Spanish] Take him.

[Lothar speaking in Spanish]

[Lothar speaking Spanish]

[car motoring away]

[airport worker speaking in Spanish]

[Ilani in Spanish] Is the plane ready?

[in Spanish] I've got bad news.

[Peter] All right, let's get changed
and get out of here.

[Ilani] Listen everyone.

[door opens and closes]

There is a problem
with the flight.

-[Peter] What?
-[Harel] What?

The airport says it's delayed by ten days.

-Nobody knows.
-[Peter] Shit. Ten days! Oh, shit.

It's coincidence.
It's too soon for anyone to know.

-Not if they found the glasses.
-[Aharoni] They know.

[Rafi] Okay. Ephraim, tomorrow morning
you and Moshe, you return the cars.

If they quibble about damages,
you pay whatever they say.

-[Ilani] We'll need money.
-I'll take care of it.

We're gonna need to watch him
24 hours a day. We'll do it in shifts.

Now you need us in the room with him?

He could swallow his tongue,
try to hang himself.

We're not gonna let him get out of this.

[Rafi] Aharoni's the only one
who speaks to him.

If you have something to say,
keep it to yourself. Got it?

[Moshe] And if they find us?

We're not just gonna let him go, are we?

[Rafi] Hey. Shh.

-Quiet. He can hear everything.
-[Peter] We have him.

Now we just lay low, play the
"who's the worst cook than Rafi?" game.

-[Peter] Hard part's over.

[birds chirping]

[loud clunk]

[bed rattles]

[vapor escaping]

[indistinct chatter]

[Rafi] Germany issued an extradition
request a few months back

and they suspect he's hiding here, too.

[Harel] Okay. From now on,
nobody leave this house.

-[Aharoni] That's right. We all sit tight.
-[Hanna] A scared old blind man.

-It's our fault they got him.
-[Peter] What are you doing here?

[Hanna] Peter, listen to this. [sighs]

The police arrested Lothar Hermann,
claiming he's Joseph Mengele.

-Joseph Mengele.
-[Rafi] Yeah.

The angel of death himself.

-[Hanna] This is a bad joke.
-This is Fuldner's people.

They're using him as bait.

[Harel] It's worse than that.
El Al is refusing to send a plane.

They say first
they need something from us.

A signed document from Eichmann
saying he'll willingly come to Israel.

[Peter] What?

-They're out of their minds.

Can't we have Dani fake it?

No, we have no idea
what his signature looks like.


Can you squeeze a signature out of him?

Can you?

Of course, yeah.

Well, he's going to need to read it.
Did you replace the glasses that you lost?

Thank you. For these.

[Eichmann] I'm grateful.

You want me to stand trial
in place of an entire regime?

I'm offering you a fair trial.

If these are German crimes,
they should be tried in German courts.

-That's not an option.
-Ask your superiors to negotiate.

If they refuse, I do, too.

I've no desire to be your scapegoat.

I'd argue the Architect of the Final
Solution has plenty to answer for.

The Architect... of the Final Solution.

-Do you deny your title?
-We love nicknames.

They used to call me the Little Jew.

Did you know that?

I read about Nuremberg.

Those swine, Wisliceny and H?ttl.

Blaming the absent to escape the noose.

Well, then refute them. Come to Israel.

Make your case to the world.

I would rather die...

than have my history told the way
someone else would like it to have been.

You have no interest
in what I have to say,

unless it confirms
what you think you already know.

[Aharoni] Tell me, what is it
that I think I already know?


-May I have a cigarette?
-You may not.

[Eichmann] The exact consequences
of my work were kept hidden from me.

I was merely a cog in a machine...

-[indistinct chatter]
-...digging its way to hell.

By the end, I was chained to my desk.

Twenty hours a day.

My job was simple.

Save the country I love
from being destroyed.

Is your job any different?

But none of what I say matters.
Your lawyers and your lying press

will try the man they think they know,
not the one who sits before you now.

[Rafi] Forty, sixty, eighty, five hundred.



-[Rafi] Eh...

[Rafi] Uh, groceries.

[Aharoni] Can someone else feed him?

-[Moshe] It's your turn.
-[Aharoni] I know.

I'm... I'm asking for a favor.



[inhales heavily]

[clears throat]



[Peter] All done.

You're the man who grabbed me.
I know your voice.


Please, just tell me.
My family, are they safe?

-[church bells toll]
-[doves chirping]

[Klaus] You said you had news.

Do you know the number of people
buried here because they wouldn't listen?

Everyone should visit this place
once in a while

to remember things can go the wrong way
if you don't behave the proper way.

Two Jews returned a rented Buick
to a shop near Acassuso.

[Carlos] They paid for it in US dollars,

but the vendor called the police

when he saw the license plate
had been tampered with.

-And the rental documents?
-We don't know.

Their identification was forged.

We'll talk to shopkeepers.

If so much as an empanada is paid for
in dollars, I want us to know.

[Peter] It's too tight.

[Ilani] Don't any of them come
with some actual shape to them?

-Is there any medium? Okay.
-[Harel] We are running out of time.

[Harel] We have to get the signature.

[Aharoni] He's being belligerent.

The problem is he's
got no incentive to sign it.

If the easy way doesn't work,
do it the hard way.

You have my permission.

This guy convinced rabbis
to load the trains themselves.

[Peter] And not by force.

You can't strong arm a guy like that,

but if we can relate to him,
if you appeal to his--


His ego makes him feel like
he's in control.

I appreciate you're trying to help,
but he's as slippery as they come.

Spots tricks a mile away.
This only works if we wear him down.

If he knows there's no escape,
eventually he'll yield.

-That's not working.
-You've done your job.

Will you leave me to do mine?

[Eichmann] Let's put the shoe
on your foot, shall we?

You're a soldier ordered
to make me sign this,

but are you or your superiors
responsible for that order?

I'm offering you a fair trial.



[banging continues]

[Eichmann] Herr Captor,
I need the lavatory, please.

It's quite serious.

This would be much easier
if I had something to read.

Should we lend him your copy
of Mein Kampf or mine?

I remember visiting my father
at the Tramway and Electrical. I was nine.

He introduces me so proudly.

"My boy!" He says, "This is my boy!"

So, imagine my dismay when I had to use
the bathroom and unleash sheer hell.

[Eichmann groans]

I said, "Everybody does it, Papa.
Everybody shits."

I think about that still, to this day.


If only you'd cover my nose
as well as my eyes.

[Yaakov] So, this is the master race.

Oh, we used to say to be
the perfect Nazi,

you had to be as slim as Goering, as tall
as Goebbels, and as blond as Hitler!


May I wipe now, Herr Captor?

My family, are they safe, please?

-Of course, they are.

-What do you think of us?
-Thank you.

[clears throat]
Thank you.

Herr Captor.

I wonder if I might keep
speaking with you.

That Jobnik they send, he won't listen.

[door opens]

[door closes]


Round face, straight brown hair.
Heavy set.

I want eyes at all major transit points.

This is one of the Jews
who took Ricardo Klement.

-[Moshe] Do you want some more?
-[Hanna] No, thank you.

[Yaakov] Oh, great, beef again.

I'd kill for a fish.

[Rafi] Shut up and eat your cubed cheese.

Why is it so bland?

-[Aharoni] It's missing the bacteria.
-Or a nice goat's cheese.

[Rafi] You know
that Lifta cheese back home?

It's really strong.

[chuckling You remember when Miriam
made a cheesecake with it by accident

and you ate a whole slice
just to make her happy.

[laughing] "No, Mir, this is really good.
Thank you."

You know, Lifta is an Arab cheese.

Is it? I didn't, uh,

-ask to see its papers.
-Oh, this is a joke, right?

[Moshe] Giving money to our enemies.

The people who want us dead.
It's hilarious.

Aharoni, you tried that one yet?

-See if it works on Eichmann.
-He'll sign. We're close.

We should string him up
and beat a signature out of him.

[Moshe] That's what they'd do to us,
but no, that'd be too easy.

Instead we have to feed him.

Relax, Moshe. It's just cheese.

[Ilani] Moshe.

You're up next.

No, it's all right.

[Peter] I'll take his shift.


Why won't you sign?

I'm an Argentine citizen
accused of crimes committed in Germany.

Don't be modest.

Lithuania, Hungary, Poland.
You were quite the traveler.

I should be tried
in one of those countries.


I don't buy it.

You can't win a war
if soldiers don't follow their orders.

[Peter scoffs]

No, that's not good enough.

-The truth will out.
-What is truth? Whose truth?

-No one will listen to me.
-I wanna listen.

To pin everything on me.
We held those, too, you know.

The preening prosecutors,
the compliant judges.

[inhales] My God. This--

[sighs deeply]

[inhales] That's--

You look like shit.

[sharp chuckle]

Don't worry.
I'm not gonna hurt you.

Some of your men want to.
I can smell it when they're in the room.

-May I ask you something?
-I'm not in a position to refuse.

Is it true you called the camps
"liquidation machines"?

Mengele called you all
kosher salami.

Everyone used flippant terms
for dirty work.

-To make us seem like animals.
-We're all animals.

Fighting for scraps on the Serengeti.

Some of us just have bigger teeth
than others.

You know I tried to help.

For years, I got your people
out of the country.

That was my solution.

I wanted the Jews sent to Madagascar.

Yes, dying of malaria is nicer
than poisoned gas. Very thoughtful of you.

Other countries wouldn't take you.

But that didn't stop me
from trying. I negotiated.

With your Dr. Kasztner in Hungary.

Trucks for lives.

We tried to save Jewish lives.

He was a hero,

yet your people shot him in cold blood.
Imagine what they'd do to me.

-[Peter] I didn't know about that.

That's why you're here, Herr Captor.

To make me think Israel will listen to me.

I just always fancied myself a barber.

Your razor.

The brand?

It's a lot older than you, I think.

From Solingen, like me.

My Papa died in Israel.

One of those pesky Jews who survived.

[Adolf] Oh.

So, you didn't lose anyone.

I'm glad.

I don't know what I'd have become
if my family had...

[Peter] I spoke to him.

[Hanna] Why?

I was trying to get him to sign.

-What did he say to you?

He said we're all animals.

The Jews?

No, no, everybody.
Jews, Germans. All animals.


If we're animals,
he would be in pieces now.

-He says he was following orders.
-He chose to do it.

And we are choosing to keep him alive.

To let him speak,
but not here, not now.

Keep your distance.

-[music playing]
-[Peter] Eleven...



The boys love this.

-I prefer the older stuff.

-Carlito Gardel.

-El Zorzal Criollo.

-[pants] Enough.


[pants] Tell me about you,

Herr Captor.

I want to know what it was that
brought our lives together like this.


How about this? You sign, I'll tell you
anything you want to know.

Ah-ha. You're striking a deal.

I'm establishing a trading post.

But I'm fresh out of trucks
before you ask.

It is... ha!

It is poor form to negotiate
from a position of weakness.

There's an art to these things.

Always know the man
who sits across the bargaining table.

Well, now's your chance.

You sign, I'll tell you anything
you wanna know.

I would like to offer a counter.

Your name in return
for my consideration of your terms.

Just your name.

Is that asking so much?


[Harel] We are running out of time.

[Dani clears throat]

[Harel] I'll see you in an hour.

[door opens and closes]

I am so close, sir. He's going to break.
I know he's going to break.

[Rafi] We're hearing Nazis
are searching the neighborhood.

I recommend we move Eichmann
to another safe house.

[Harel] We can't move him. It's too risky.

Forget the damn paper. Forget
him signing. Let's just get him out.

It's more complicated that, Yaakov.
El Al is the only way out.

-What do you mean it's more complicated--
-Yaakov. Let's just relax, okay?

[Eichmann] Look at me.

[thunder rumbles]

I do want the world to know
what really happened.

But it needs to be fair.

People have to listen.

In Israel,
they'll just want to see me suffer.

[Peter] No, not if they see you
the way I've seen you.

Talk to them the way you talk to me.

You can tell your story, the real one.

In a country where my family
cannot even come to watch me die.


No, I would rather end it all.

Right now.

Please, just ask your superiors...

for my family's sake. Please.

Dani's ready for him.

Hey, you're making everyone very nervous.

Talk a walk just round the block, okay?

-[rain and thunder]
-[airplanes flying]

[heavy rain and thunder]

[indistinct dialogue in Spanish]

[indistinct dialogue in Spanish]

You check the next one.
I'll take a look here.

[man speaking in Spanish]

[man speaking in Spanish]

[rustling, breaking door]

-[fence hinge creaks]
-[door bangs]

[camera gears crank]

Hide him, quickly!

[Rafi] Go, go, go.

[man whistles, speaks in Spanish]


-[Eichmann grunts]

[struggling, choking]

-[man] No.

[Eichmann coughs]


Peter, help!



-No wonder he hasn't broken.
-[Peter] All he knows is my name.

I've just spoken to him.
Is it true you give him cigarettes?

[Peter] Yeah.

[laughs] Oh, of course,
he wouldn't break.

He's getting room service here,
catering to his every whim.

Did you think for even a second
what was going to happen, huh?

We're all going to rot in a cell
because of you.

-I can get the signature.
-Give me a break.

-That's bullshit!
-[Hanna] Let him.

-Let him try.
-[Aharoni] Bullshit.

Let him try.

[Aharoni] That's nonsense.
He's compromised us all again.

Sir, I can do it.

We've got no choice.

[Harel] Get us his signature.



-I think you should sign.

Because I believe you.

Tell them what you told me,
about the orders you ignored.

They'll only hear the ones I took.

You and I both know I shall die in Israel.

Don't lie to me, Peter.

Why am I the one guilty
for my country's mistakes?

So, you would say what you did to
my people was a mistake?

We were told that Germany,

our land of hope and possibility,
was being overrun.

-If we were to survive--
-Yes, but there's a line.

And you believe you people
have found that line, do you? Funny.

I've heard the rumors,
a facility in the Negev Desert.

Do you know a hydrogen bomb
rarely asks the age of his victims?

That's not the same
and you know it.

You watch,
they'll cremate my body.

I don't know.
I don't know what they'll do in Israel.

And not everyone will give you
the chance to say your peace.

Whom did we take from you, Peter?

Think about your boys.

If you sign,
they'll know you told the truth.

That you went to Israel
with nothing to hide.

Whom did you lose?

-We lost six million--
-I'm asking about you.


She's beautiful.

She was more than my sister.

She was my teacher,

and parent.

My friend.

She had three beautiful children.

May I ask how she died?

We think... in the woods near Lublin.

-I'm afraid I don't--
-I wasn't asking.

Of course.

She would have died...

protecting the little ones.
I know that much.

I'm sorry.

I am truly sorry.

May I...

May I ask her name?

-[whispers] Fruma.

Her name was Fruma.

I saw you... watching the trains.

You were counting the wagons
with your boy.


Just like Fruma used to do
with her little boy.

The only difference...

is that her boy is dead,
and yours is alive.

Are you a family man, Peter?

Maybe one day.

It only gets harder with age. Trust me.

[Peter chuckles]

You have a woman, I'd assume,
so why no children?

I think you know why.

I think perhaps you worry
that the future will look like the past.

[Eichmann sighs]

I hope that changes...

for your sake.

[Eichmann sighs]

I would like to ask one last thing.

I would like to see my wife again
one last time before I die.

If you sign, I'll make sure
you see your wife again.

You swear it, Peter?

On Fruma?

On Fruma.

-[birds chirping]
-[indistinct chatter and laughter]

You did it. [laughs]

[indistinct chatter downstairs]

[indistinct chatter in German]

[loud gunshots]

-[car driving]
-[man whistles]

I'll need to call a friend to
bring more pesos.

You can wait at my place.
It's nearby. Follow me.

[loud horn honks]

[Graciela crying]

[continues crying]

[Carlos] We know you work for the Jews.

If you want us to stop,
you must tell me where he is, my dear.

[crying] I don't know.
I don't know.

-[shouting] Stop! Stop! Stop!

[Klaus] Stop!

[crying desperately]

My name is Klaus Eichmann.

I just want my father back.



Help me and I can make them stop.

[Graciela whispering indistinctly]

[Graciela sighs and continues crying]

[indistinct chatter in Spanish]

[man speaking in Spanish]

[Rafi ] Let's clear the house
of all personal items.

Moshe, prep the cars.

-Yaakov, get the luggage ready.
-[Yaakov] Okay.

-Oh, where's Graciela? Someone call her.
-[Ilani] I'm on it, boss.

[Rafi] Go get Eichmann ready.
We leave in one hour. Let's go.

-Okay. Yeah.
-[Eichmann] Time to go, is it?

I'll examine you
and then I'll give you a shot to relax.


Sounds very peaceful.

[Hanna] Sit back.

You remind me of her.

His Fruma.

[Eichmann] I said I couldn't help,
but perhaps I can.

Her story, your story,

reminds me of when I was sent east.

General Müller asked I check
on the Einsatzgruppen,

the morale had dropped. They needed
an authority figure...

to reinvigorate them.

And, to my mind...
[clears throat]

I wondered if I might solve

the issue.

Find a less chaotic manner

of proceeding other than vans and bullets.

It was horrifying.

Five thousand Jews lined up
to stand in this pit.

I had to drink Schnapps
to keep from fainting.

I remember a woman and her baby.

She begged for the child's life.

She lifted it up

as if she might give her baby to me,
as if I might save it.

I would, on occasion,

do such things, an old acquaintance,

people who might be of use, but this--

[Hanna] Stop talking, please.

Then bang.

[Eichmann] The bullet that killed her

goes straight through her child first.

I remember wiping its brains
off my jacket.

Do you think that's how we did it, Peter?

[Eichmann] Do you think
that's how we killed Fruma?

[Eichmann] One can hope it was that quick.

That they didn't do the things
some soldiers do,

but then we'll never know.

[Hanna] Peter, don't listen to him.

[Eichmann] They'll say my death is justice

for all the people you lost.

That makes my life worth
six million Frumas.

How does that make you feel,

knowing that she's not worth
the spit in my mouth?

-Let go of the syringe. Peter!
-Do it, for God's sake.

Go on, do it you coward.

-[Hanna] Don't.

-Make her worth something!
-[Peter] Get out.

-[Hanna] Peter.

-Is that what you want?
-[shouts] Leave right now!

Come on. Do it!

[Hanna] Rafi!

[Hanna] Get him out. He's ready.

[Rafi] Leave the cars. Out the back.

[Rafi] Moshe, do your thing.

-[Moshe] Yep.
-[Peter] I got him.

[Peter] Go around.

[Moshe] Come on. Come on.

[Peter] The car's too small,
we're not gonna fit.

[officer 1]
?Pol?cia, pol?cia!

[officer 2] ?Pol?cia!

Go get in the other car.

-[Peter[ What about you?
-[Rafi] There's no room. I'm staying.

[Rafi] I'll find my own way home.
Tell me what it was like.

[officer] ?Pol?cia, pol?cia!

[officers chatter in Spanish]


[officer] Miren en los dormitorios.


-I should have--
-[Aharoni] No, no. It's all right.

You got what we needed.

I just thought...

I just need him to be there.

I know, me too.

Our slot is in 15 minutes.

You'd better hope your people hurry up.

Don't worry.

[speaking in Spanish]

-[Ilani in Spanish] Hello, friend.
-[security in Spanish] Hi. Passports.

[mumbling in Spanish] Hello, sir.

[Ilani] Too much Fernet...
He's a monster on the stuff.

You have no idea.

-[officer in Spanish] All clear.
-[Ilani in Spanish] Thank you.

-[officer in Spanish] Goodbye.
-[Ilani in Spanish] Goodbye.

[in Spanish]
This is Inspector Rega.

[Moshe] Take him up.
I'll get rid of the car.

We have to prevent them from flying.

At your service.

Radio Fuldner! They're at the airport.

[traffic controller]
You are clear for landing, 25 right.

Winds are two, three, four, and six.

[pilot over radio]

[controller] Three, five, five,
eight, five, five. This is Buenos Aires.

-[pilot over radio]
-[controller] We have you on radar.

[man speaking over radio]

Quickly, strap him in.

[Eichmann grunts]

[Eichmann] Ah!

[airplane powering up]

Air traffic control.
This is El Al 4XAGD. NOTAMS checked.

Our flight path confirmed.
Ready for takeoff.

[controller] El Al, slot for you in five.
Confirming landing permits now.

[pilot over radio] flying… departure
frequency one-three-three decimal four…

Can I speak to you for a moment?

I'm sorry.

I lost it over there.

-No. It's just about you.
-You know that I love you.

Your pain.

Your hate.

-It's a long trip. In the air we'll talk.

[airplane engines power down]

[Peter] What's going on?

-[co-pilot] We have a problem.
-[Harel] What?

We have to stop,
and I've got to refuel.

We filed a landing permit this morning
but they're saying they don't have it.

That's impossible.

[Aharoni] It can't be an accident.
What do you want to do?

They're sending someone
to collect our copy.

-How long's that gonna take?
-Fifteen minutes. Thirty maybe.

What if one of us ran it over,
would we be able to get back in time?

[Harel] Can someone from your crew go?

[pilot] I am not leaving
any of my crew behind.

I'll go.

Give me the permit.

[man yelling faintly in Spanish]

-Landing permits. El Al. Who do I...?
-[controller]Traffic at three o'clock.

[indistinct chatter over radio]

Okay. They can go now.

Immediately, or the next slot's
in 15 minutes.

-Fifteen minutes.
-That gives you time to re-board.

[sirens wail]

Do it. Send the plane now.

[pilot] Ladies and gentlemen,
we have been cleared to take off.

What about Peter?

You know that I have Inspector Rega
following behind me,

and when he arrives this friendly
conversation is over.

[overlapping chatter]

[Klaus shouts] Let go! Let go!
My father is on that plane!

[Klaus] Let go!

[Klaus shouts] Let go!

[indistinct chatter]

[door opens]

Ladies and gentlemen of the Knesset,

a short time ago,
the most notorious Nazi war criminal,

Adolf Eichmann,
responsible with the Nazi leaders

for the extermination of six million
of the Jews of Europe,

has been discovered and apprehended.

[Ben Gurion] Adolf Eichmann
is already under arrest in Israel.

He will shortly be placed on trial
in Jerusalem

under the terms of the law
for the trial of Nazis and their helpers.


[Peter] All fixed.

[Mrs. Malkin] Take her with you.


[officer] Ticket.

Identification. Very nice.

Join the back of the line.

[indistinct chatter]

-[officer] Tickets.
-[Aharoni] Peter.

[Peter] It's quite a line.

[Aharoni] It's all right.
I'll help you get in.


[projector clicks off]

-[child mumbles]
-[woman whispers to child]

[man] I stand here
before you, judges of Israel,

to lead the prosecution of Adolf Eichmann,

but I am not standing alone.

With me are six million accusers.

But they cannot rise to their feet,
and point toward him who sits in the dock

and cry out, j'accuse!

For their ashes

are piled up on the hills of Auschwitz
and in the fields of Treblinka.

Their blood cries out,

but their voice is not heard.

[man] Therefore,
today I will be their spokesman.

And in their name,
I will unfold the awesome indictment.

The history of the Jewish people
is steeped in suffering and tears.

Yet never, down the entire blood-stained
road traveled by this people,

[voice fading off]
never since the first...

[Rafi] Hey.

They say the only thing
Eichmann will talk about

is what the cover of
his autobiography's gonna look like.

-You chosen yours yet?
-[Rafi] No.

You think Miriam would let me
make that decision?

She barely lets me choose breakfast.

You gonna go back in?

I don't know.

[Rafi] You don't have to.

Fruma won't hate you for letting go.

You got him. Remember that.

-Yeah. It wasn't just me, Raf.
-[Rafi] Ah.

It doesn't matter anyway.
No one's gonna know it was us.

History only remembers the tall people.


-What about Napoleon?
-[Rafi] Who?

[background chatter fades away]

[silence continues]

ON JUNE 1ST, 1962,