Old Maids (1966) - full transcript

Bettina Eriksen, manager of her Uncle Teodor's nursing home, is being framed for murder. With the help of 2 older ladies, Bettina sets out to find out the murderer's identity and motive.

(a dog barks)

(writing on a typewriter)

(the dog growls a little)

Simba... ssshh, calm down.

"I hereby declare that I
have taken my own life."

"It was I who murdered
Uncle Theodor on May 13."

"May God forgive me.
Betina Eriksen."

(the dog barks)

You don't just have to endure stuffing
yourself with beer bread!

But it is also full of lumps.
And the sweat is it!

They knew well that dr. Joergensen
has prescribed the beer bread each morning.

- We would like to see you get well.
- If you don't want me here, I can travel then!

- Go to hell!
- That was not what I meant.

Add m-more s-sugar.

S-so the cl-lumps
pro-bably slide down.

Ha-ha-ha-hand me the sugar.

(Mr. Rasmussen laughs)

- Queen beats D7.
- Runner F8.

Tower H8.

Grossier Eriksen is on the phone.

Look, Johanne,
isn't it delightful!

I told you it would be modern
with ribbon and flowers.

Excuse me, may I be allowed.

Oh, Johanne, how
it would wear me!

Undoubtedly. It is
impulsive but charming.

Yes, isn't it true! Pink
ribbons and spring flowers.

Yes, adorable for a teenager!

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

Queen, C7.

- Have we all had a restful night?
- Yes, thank you.

- Thank you, miss. Emma.
- Doctor, I've had trouble with...

Is it now wrong with
the discharge again?

- Bon appetit.
- (Mr Rasmussen laughs)

- Wh-what did Uncle Theodor say?
- The ad is in today.

"Ellerkilde for sale."

(Mr. Rasmussen slurps)

- Runner C4.
- Jumper F6.

- Did you know that Ellekilde is for sale?
- What do you say?

- Ms. Eriksen's uncle wants to sell.
- It is very unfortunate for her!

Ms. Eriksen said everything
was done to prevent that.

It's in the newspaper.

Elsa, you can clear the table.
Mrs. Carlsen, check the office.

- D-doctor...
- There are clu-clumps in Mr. Eriksen.

Let's meet down in the park.


- Ugh! Only he got a blood clot!
- Yes, he is mean.

- Johanne, I've got a great idea!
- Oh, now again.

I have an idea
with the big shadow and the vail.

- If I snoop around town...
- You'll look like a mess.

- Johanne, you're the dullest on this Earth!
- AM I?

Contrary to that, you're one
of nature's weirdest things.

How did you become my sister?!

They must have been in a
bad mood when they made you or some bad weather!

Director Theodor Eriksen?
They are talking to manufacteur Berg.

I'm calling about the ad.
I love Ellekilde.

Couldn't we arrange a
time and meet outside?

Asparagus soup is excellent.
What shall we have for dessert?

- (there is a knock on the door)
- Yes!

Come in. We'll be done soon.
Pour us a glass of sherry, will you?

(the dog growls a little)

I had thought of
meatballs and vegetables.

So, Simba, calm down.
And fish balls for the sick stomachs.

Yes, it's not exciting
to be a cook girl here.

If only I can continue to be!

Thanks, Ms. Carlsen.
Let's drink to it.

And let's hope for a miracle then. Cheers.

- Thanks for the sherry.
- (the phone is ringing)

Hello, Ellekilde.
Is that you again?

Yes... at 2 o'clock.
And you arrive a little earlier.

Yes, I'll ask Osby to
have the papers ready.

A lover has signed up.
It was uncle.

I must tell you about his
room. He'll probably stay here.

- Should I clean it up?
- Yes, and air out.

- I will not take it!
- Is it Mr. Petersen?

Yes, he bites her
when they ride in the elevator.

- Shall we let Elsa look after him?
- No, our lord is preserved!

- Lend me your pocket towel.
- D-d-d-that...

The ladies are out
enjoying the good weather.

Yes, one gets so
terribly bushed.

Yes, it goes without saying!
More thasn usual.

I'm going down and have
a sniff at the manufactory...

Yes, that hysterical hat
cannot interest dr. Joergensen.

May I propose to the ladies
a l'hombre after dinner?

- Yes, we would like to, doctor.
- Yes, with all the fool lines!

- What is he doing in the bushes?
- Yes, what do you think!

Now remember to
speak loudly and clearly.

I don't stutter when...
I have... balls in my mouth.

Try spitting one out.

They... must... soon...
make... me... well... doctor.

2 more.

I... have to... go... home
... to... my studies.

Try 2 more.

I co-co-come...

Don't get discouraged.
We almost got it. What is wrong?

I-I'm s-s-so b-worried
about Betina.

She is terribly upset that
Ellekil-de is to be sold.

Can't you give her
n-something comforting?

Something to s-sleep on?

Can't we make
Ellekilde profitable again?

I have previously
suggested reducing the staff.

Dr. Joergensen has, for example,
2 rooms in addition to his laboratory.

It can be furnished for a pensioner.
I have touched it for him.

No, he is doing
great scientific work!

He also became somewhat
pale and quite uncomfortable.

His results are amazing
and the patients love him.

That was Uncle Theodor's idea
to move him out here.

- Yes, but it is also his money.
- Money?!

There is more to the world than money.

But not for your uncle.

Osby, you are the financial
administrator for Ellekilde.

You are his advisor.
Can't find a way out?

He is about to invest most of
the fortune in a giant project.

- What kind of face is that?
- It is stupid, ugly and poor.

Gustav tells me, you have bad nerves.
I'll get you something to sleep on.

No, not your poison mixes.
Save them for the patients.

- You should try.
- Why not decorate on the mood?

The mood? I wonder who smiles,
when Uncle Theodor comes?

You can spare yourself
that, Soerensen. It blows up.

Yes, it is going north.

Nerves... Clap failure.

Ms. Emma big crap.
Ms. Johanne no crap.

Dr. Joergensen...
know better. Hypochondria.

Mr. Petersen... terminally ill.

- I'll get Mr. Petersen.
- Thanks. Or he won't get any lunch.

Ugh! And me, who thought it was spring.

It's probably Uncle
Theodor, who's on his way.

Have you started taking alerts?

Betina, here is the most
innocent thing I have.

Thanks, but that's redundant.

- Don't you want to take off your coat?
- Yes, I will.

- Let me.
- I can do it myself!

It's just to help you.

- Springer G5, chess.
- F beats runner.

- Queen H5 Chess!
- We are in the middle of a bloodbath.

May I offer the
ladies my protection?

- Queen H7.
- Runner E7.

- Runner D2.
- Runner B6.

Now again, Mr. Petersen. Dr.
Joergensen, will you explain?

Your gut, liver and
kidney need to be spared.

They have advanced
pancreatitis and hepatitis.

- How interesting he is!
- They can become dangerous for you.

A hepatitis... gives
sour in-cidents, right?

- Yes, many and very angry.
- It was so delicious!

- Runner beats Runner.
- Queen G8.

Uncle Theodor? Already?

I think first you
said you came...

- Elsa, another envelope.
- No thanks, I've eaten.

Stay seated.
I go into the office and wait.

- Can I have some milk?
- Yes.

- Water, Elsa.
- Yes of course.

- Runner C6.
- Tower beats Springer.


- Tower H7.
- Queen G8.

- Queen beats E6.
- Chess, runner E7.

(Simba growls and barks)

(Elsa screams)

- Queen E7, chess.
- Tower beats Queen.

Stop killing each other!

Runner H6, check mate.

Elsa, will you pack your
things and leave Ellekilde!

- Gustav, call Bitten.
- Y-yeah.

Simba, go and lay down.

B-b-Bitten, will you come
up and help Mr. Petersen.

- No!
- Now I have to.

I can't imagine that Mr. Petersen
will grab me from behind.
- He is looking for so much fun!


What should I say? "Sorry, Mr. Petersen,
I'll take care of you while you pinch me!"

This is a nursing home. If you
don't get that you can be let go!

Until then, mind your work!

Wipe your eyes and
get something to eat.

He has club feet and a tail!

I'll put him in the
elevator shaft!

Uncle Theodor?

Queen E7.

Runner C8 to E6.

(Miss Emma laughs)

What is it, that's so funny
you can't keep to yourself?

Mr. Petersen can't even have salad.

Well, Mr. Petersen, we
need to have our shot.

And then a little nap, Mr. Petersen.

As if I fathom, what
happened with Uncle.

- The potential buyers haven't come either.
- I-I guess he's... given it up.

- From Bitten and me. Pardon.
- Thank you, Elsa. Nice of you.

(the gong sounds)

(he laughs)

Bitten, put these with Ms Eriksen.
It's something to sleep on.

Make her take just one.
She needs it.

I thought I got rid of you.

Ouch... for darn it!

- They didn't see the light at all!
- Very funny.

I hope one day I
can repay the debt.

Peasant C4.

Go ahead, Elsa.

- E4.
- E5.

(Simba howls)

Dogs only howl when there's dead!

- Thanks, I can do it myself.
- I just wanted to help you.

- Queen hit 7G.
- Runner F8.

- Sugar and cream?
- No thanks.

- (the phone rings)
- Now I have to.

No, I'll take it myself.
It could be Uncle Theodor.

It is Ellekilde.
Hello? ... Hello?

- Ms. Betina Eriksen?
- Yes... Who am I talking to?

- Your uncle...
- Has something happened to him?

He has a knife in his
throat... Your knife.

Who are you and what
do you want from me?

They have murdered
your uncle, miss. Betina.

- It's a joke... isn't it?
- I never jest.

Miss, I just had a call.
Where did it come from?

Yes, just a moment.

- (the dog howls quietly)
- Simba... Simba.

Yes, it came from Ellekilde.


Elsa, will you call for a carriage?
I have to go to town.

Our Lord is preserved, in that weather!

Well, there you are,
Doctor, we can get started.

I can't understand... I must
have misplaced my cigarette case.


But God, child! Take her.



No, it's a joke...

- (she screams)
- Then out, out with everyone.

Emma and I will handle this.

Yes, the cart is there.

We've got to have the l"hombre to our
credit. Are you coming up with some coffee?

Just go, go.


Thanks... I'm afraid I've
been in for an unpleasant joke.

A joke, that made you so anxious, -

- that you're not
sure it's a joke?

I got a call.
He didn't say who he was.

But that my uncle had been
murdered... with a knife, my knife.

- Oh, how exciting!
- Will you control yourself.

(Simba growls)
- It doesn't happen everyday, did disappear...

He is in the closet... Look!

(she screams)


Well, there's Uncle Theodor.

What on earth is he doing in there?

And then he is even dead.
What a mess.

- Are you the ones who killed him?
- No, no.

Ladies don't get away with something
like that in such a clumsy way.

- I have to call the police.
- No, our lord is preserved.

These ossified officials
and foul-smelling prisons, -

- this is not a place for you.
Emma, ??clean him up again.

- It is our duty...
- You have not murdered your uncle.

The killer wants
you to call the police.

- Now you're rambling, Johanne.
- Then we'll carve it out in paper.

- Well...
- Stop interrupting me.

Your uncle has been murdered
in your office with your knife.

He was well on his way to
destroying your existence.

- They're going to inherit him, aren't they?
- Yes, Gustav and I...

Yes, this is carefully planned and
your fingerprints are everywhere.

On the knife, at the cupboard,
and on the glasses there.

God knows if you don't
amaze me, Johanne.

It comes as a shock to
you that someone is thinking.

The killer had two
purposes with that call.

To scare Betina and that
Uncle Theodor should be found.

And what do we do?
We reassure Betina, -

- and we don't find
Uncle Theodor at all.

Neither here nor there, and
certainly not in the closet.

- (Simba small howls)
- Simba!

- You are a genius.
- Yes.

There is something I forgot.

That call came
here from Ellekilde.

Elsa, ask Ms Bitten
to come to the office.

Yes, I will.

Bitten will help you to bed,
take something to sleep on, -

- and then we'll talk about it tomorrow.

Bitten, will you come
down here afterwards.

(steps and a door opens up)

There are some pills
from Dr. Joergensen.

- Shall I close the window...
- No, thanks.

- Well, then good night.
- Good night, Bitten, and thank you.

- Can we trust Bitten?
- Depends on what you'll do.

I didn't know... not yet.

- (there is a knock on the door)
- Yes.

Bitten, will you answer me
honestly on a few questions?

- Yes.
- Are you loyal to Ms. Betina?

- I like her very much.
- And you are a brave girl, aren't you?

- I am a trained nurse.
- Ms. Betina's uncle is murdered.

He's sitting here in the closet
... with a knife to his throat.

And you are just as brave when I
tell you, the killer is here at Elleskilde?


Will Ms. Betina not
have Simba with her?

Emma, ??couldn't you organize
Mr. Petersen's wheelchair?

- I can try.
- He's sleeping now.

Now use your talent
for something sensible.

- (there is a knock on the door)
- Yes... Who is it?

It's me...Ms. Emma.

You might want to have
Simba with you tonight.

(Simba growls)

- (Simba growls)
- Simba!

- (the parrot screams)
- Ssshh.

(quiet snoring)

- Evening. How was the meeting?
- Yeah, like those always go.

- Aah...!
- Sshh, you're waking up the whole house!

Oh god, miss. Emma, ??is that you!
Yes, yes, I'll probably be quiet.

- G-good evening, Mr P-Petersen.
- Good evening.

We might as well live
under the open sky.

Well, it has helped somewhat.

I'll ask Sorensen to look
at it tomorrow. Goodnight.

So here it is. But wheelchairs
are not the easiest thing to have.

How about you gentlemen chess masters?

They neither hear nor see.
They might as well be on the moon.

- Where is the trip going?
- The cooling box in the basement.

- Black Queen F2 to F5.
- What?

Black Queen F2 to F5.

Surely no one has
seen his upper mouth?

I'll put a violet rose all the way
out on the edge of the shadow...

- There where all the velvet runways...
- Emma!

Now I have to, Ms. Emma.

Black Queen F2 to F5.

(there is a knock on the door)

(knocking again)

Mother's little dog... come on, Simba.

- (the glass knocks over)
- Oh no, you pig!

Oh, will you take care of the milk?
Simba... come on, out with you.

He knocked it over
in sheer excitement.

Ms. Johanne and Ms.
Emma comes up here after morning coffee.

I think that Ms.
Johanne has a plan.

- Bitten...
- Yes?

Bitten, come, sit here.

I know it all, Betina.

Has Ms. Johanne and
Emma told you that?

- Have you moved...
- Yes. The cooling box.

(there is a knock on the door)

- Good morning.
- I have driven Mr. Petersen up.

Well, Betina, you look really
nice today. Did you sleep well?

Yes, I slept like a rock.

Johanne, let's hear
what will happen.

Here we walk around with a killer,
and you're sitting there steaming!

First of all, we have
to pretend it's nothing.

No one must suspect that
we have found Uncle Theodor.

- If I suggested a body search?
- There'll be 30 cops who wants to check the cooler!

There will be no house inspection
here. Nothing happened here.

We have to know who the killer is!
Then we'll find the motive.

Until then, you are
running a big risk, Betina.

"Sorry, mr mystery. Did you murder Ms.
Betina's uncle? And why have you done it?"

Be quiet, Emma. Stop meddling
unless you got ideas.

- We need a dead man.
- But we have that.

- Not him, someone else.
- Can you repeat that?

- We'll need a dead guy.
- Yes, they're hanging on the trees!

What about Mr. Petersen?
He is both old and is horrendous.

He looks dreadful and he rolls around with
one wheel in the grave.

Emma, ??control yourself now!

- (knocking)
- Yes, come in.

- Mr. Petersen...
- Nah, is that you? Sucha good time.

- Shall we look in?
- I'm sorry if you don't...

Oops, be careful Johanne.
Electrical installations at ankle height.

It would be a shame
if we tumbled in them.

- Why are you coming here? It's not a train station!
- It is a courtesy visit.

Good day... that was funny.
Go ahead and come inside.

- How are they?
- I have never felt better.

- Go ahead and sat you down.
- Thank you, Mr. Petersen.

- What are you up to?
- Absolutely nothing.

We wandered down the
corridor, then my sister says:

"I wonder how
Mr. Petersen is?"

"The nice old man,"
I say, "let's visit him."

"We must be
good to each other while we can."

- I don't like chocolates!
- Oh, I love chocolates.

You can probably wait
until you are offered!

Chocolates are wrong. Mr.
Petersen must not eat it.

Does it taste good?

- Have you seen the key to the cooler?
- Nah.

I've called around, but
no one has seen him since yesterday.

We must get him wanted.
He has been away for almost 24 hours.

Sorry, Ms. Eriksen...
the key to the cooling box?

- (the gong sounds)
- Let's finish first.

There is plenty for lunch.
Make vegetables for dinner.

I go in and call the police.

Will you handle the lunch?
I need some fresh air.

Will you move Mr. Petersen's
envelope down here to us?


- Are you playing l'hombre, Mr. Petersen?
- No!

- The Italian one, Johanne?
- Thanks.

- Bridge?
- No.

- Saw Canasta? Casino?
- No!

- Rummy or Black Peter?
- No!

Will you hand me
the salt, Mr. Petersen?

- Poker?
- Uh...

I knew it! Splendid game.
Shall we play after lunch?

Well, then we look
inside the cave.

Johanne, we are invited
up to Mr. Petersen's.

One moment, Emma.

We are invited up to
Mr. Petersen's place to play poker...

Shouldn't I make a piece
of the Italian for you?

No, I don't like salads.

Ms. Eriksen needed fresh air.
She went for a walk...

But I don't know
where the others are.

There is something wrong.
Find Ms. Betina, hurry up.

Bitten, take Simba with you.

(she screams)

- (Simba barks)
- Betina! ... Betina!

- (Simba growls)
- Betina? Betina?

Bitten, get
Soerensen and a rope.

And Bitten, hurry!

- Bitten?
- The view. I'll get a rope.

- Betina!
- Yes.

- Are you hurt?
- No, just a few scratches.

Aah, thank God.
That was good, Simba.

About 1.62 meters. Blue
eyes, gray tailored suit.

- Dark tie, dark shoes.
- Yes.

They say he left his coat.
Can I see it?

I-I-it's hanging over there.

Ms. Eriksen... can you
put a noose around your body, yourself?

No, I can't let go of my hands.

I'm coming down.

I go down to the beach with her.

There is a staircase here.

(stones fall)

- Hello, can you handle this?
- Yes.

(more stones fall down)

- So let go...Hold on.
- Yes.

Better go a little further.
More may come down.

- Thank you, Soerensen!
- Yes, I am an old artist.

How did you it happen?
Walk into the fog?

I must have gone too far...

So extreme, so I was easy to push.

- Then you were luckier than me.
- Good day.

This applies only to the search.

They weren't seriously
injured, were they?

Ms. Eriksen only tripped
and got a few scratches.

Yes, 40 meters without net!

So it wasn't to be this time.

I came about your Uncle. Are
you okay with a wanted notice?

Then I won't trouble you anymore.
Your cousin informed me.

- That's excellent, little you.
- Can I help with something?

Don't talk about. They probably
apologize for us being seated.

- Of course.
- Soerensen, follow our little officer up.

Don't worry, Commissioner,
I'm in good hands.

Strange, that they have a problem
getting when you don't need them.

I was pushed out.

If you tell the police everything, then
you are the one who killed your Uncle.

Or if you need anything
else, take sleeping pills -

- or jumps 40 meters down,
then the evidence is finally proven.

Ms. Johanne, what do
you need a dead man for?

No, I won't. You probably have enough
by looking after yourself.

Just strolling out...

Ms. Betina has known this
place since she was a child.

It's not really believable.

- 3 crowns.
- 3.50.

- 7.50.
- 8.

- 9.85.
- God, it's like a sale!

- 12.
- 14.

- Can I see?
- Full house.

Straight flush.

- (it knocks)
- Yes! Take a chair and sit down.

They are welcome with a deposit.

Aah, sorry, Mr. Petersen,
I didn't think twice.

- But you will probably allow us.
- Cut.

Well, mr. Petersen, what
will it cost to be apart?

2 crowns.

I raise.

- They're bluffing.
- Who... me? Nope.

- One new.
- Two.

I don't want anything.

- 25 cents.
- 50.

- 75.
- 4 crowns.

- 5.
- May I see.

- 10.
- 20.

- 20.50.
- 22.

- 24.
- 25.25.

- 26.
- 26.50.


Now you shouldn't
overestimate your cards.

- 40.
- Emma!

- 40.25.
- 40.50.

Well, mr. Petersen,
time for our shot.



- 45.50.
- 47.

- 50.
- 52.

- 55.
- 56.

- 58.
- 60.

Your milk, Mr. Petersen.

- 61.
- You ruin your teeth, Emma!

- 65.
- 67.

- 80.
- 100.

Can I see?

5 aces.

So, Mr. Petersen, your milk.

Look, isn't it going to be one
of the most ravishing things?

No, that's funny!

"Why walk around and be half dead,
when we bury you for 500 crowns." Sweet.

He shouldn't be...

No, he's just sleeping.

Much work for nothing.

No... he has been
playing with marked cards!

If it had happened in the States,
he would have been cold by now.

You shouldn't bemoan your luck.

- Shall we take a little break?
- Well, bring some life into him!

It's harmless to see him
lying there gathering strength!

5 Aces...

(the gong sounds)

Mr. Petersen?

Awake then, you sour reprobate!
Mr. Petersen!

- Ms. Eriksen!
- Yes, what is it, Elsa?

Mr. Petersen... is completely cold.

Dr. Joergensen is upstairs.
Take care of dinner, Elsa.

- Is he dead?
- Yes.

That was dreadful!
The sweet old man.

- Is he...
- Yes.

He quietly slept away. Any relatives?

- No, he was all alone.
- I'll write a death certificate.

- Are you absolutely sure?
- Yes, sure.

You heard stories of people waking up again.

He has apparently
been away for a while.

Close the door. What now?

- Can you get a chest up here tonight?
- Possibly, we are good customers.

Good. Get him ready
and put in the coffin.

Book the funeral for tomorrow
as early as possible.

Then we have to hope that
someone notices that we are busy.

- Is he going to sleep here tonight?
- Nah, he needs to be in the cooling box.

No, Johanne, now you're losing it!

Not at all.
Shall we go down and eat?

A bulletin.
The 58 year old Theodor Eriksen -

- disappeared yesterday
from the Ellekilde rest home.

He is about 168
cm, has blue eyes

- is wearing a gray suit,
dark tie and dark shoes.

Please report information to
the nearest police authority.

The funeral will take
place tomorrow at 10.

I would appreciate that we
met as many as possible.

Mr. Petersen had
neither family nor relatives.

(there is a knock on the door)
- Maybe I can finish my hat?

-Yes, it certainly would fit the occasion.

Good evening. Shall we go upstairs?

Yes, it was nice of you to
come on such a short notice.

We are here for the same.

King D1.

Runner beats Jumper.

Then we don't have to trouble
you anymore, miss. Eriksen.

We are so used to it.

When we are done,
we list off quite quietly.

- Shall we screw the lid on?
- No.

Runner D7.

Long cast.

- I have informed the police.
- About what, Dr. Joergensen?

My toxin cabinet has been broken into and a
bottle of scopolamine was removed.

- Then we're done, miss. Eriksen.
- Now I have to...

Don't talk about. We can easily
find out ourselves. Good night.

Then it can't be
Dr. Joergensen.

If I should use scopolamine, I
would break my own cabinet open too.

Runner D2.

Queen G8.

Well, little children, let's see
if we can get to bed.

We go up to you. ...
Are you coming, Emma?

- Yes, good night.
- Good night.

F beats G.

Is there anything
we can do for you?

No, enough has been done.
Good night.

- Go-o-night.
- (Simba grunts)

Elsa, will you ask
Bitten to come up to me.

(Simba grunts)





Where did you hide your uncle?


- Betina...
- Yes?

Do you want to bury him
instead of Mr. Petersen?

All I know is that Uncle
Theodor has disappeared.

You're lying, Betina.

(the elevator goes upstairs)


(the elevator door goes up)

(the sound of footsteps)

Well, here you are.

I went downstairs for a bottle of sherry.
Will you take it to me?

- Should it be the completely dry one?
- Yes, please.

- (both are startled)
- (Simba growls)

I guess we have to get Uncle
Theodor up in Mr. Petersen's coffin.

Yes... but only when there is
complete peace in the house.

- The wheelchair!
- Yes, yes, yes.

- Emma, ??get a better grip.
- Where should I grab?

- Grab it below the knees.
- Yeah... uh...


Ah! Is that you, Mrs. Carlsen?
They scared the hell out of us.

We just got hungry
and needed a bite to eat.

Just jump into bed.
We will be fine.

So good night then.

- Jumper D5
- Jumper beats jumper.

- C beats jumper.
- Runner D2.

- F7 to F6
- Runner beats H7, check.

- King beats Runner.
- Springer G5, check.

F hits jumper.

- Queen H5, check.
- King G2.

- Tower H7.
- Queen H1, check.

- Jumper H4.
- Lady beats springer, chess.

- Queen beats Queen.
- Runner F7, check mate!

(a door slams in)

Go away, Bitten.
But stay with Ms. Betina.

- Shouldn't I stay here?
- No, we will arrange it ourselves.

Remember, there must be peace in
the house. I'm waiting for the killer.

- You are a genius, Johanne.
- Yes, get into the cabinet.

- Am I going to be all alone in there?
- No, take this with you.

I stand behind the curtain.

- Emma, ??can you see the coffin?
- Yes, thank you, all too clear.

If I gather, how do you come
up with something like that.

Shut up, Emma!

I don't know whether to
be proud of you or ashamed.

(handle squeaks)

(the door closes quietly)

- Emma... Did you see him?
- Yes!

- I couldn't see who it was.
- I could.


- Emma... the hat.
- Pardon.

- Now I have to.
- Thanks.

(the organ starts playing)

Always safe when you go.

ways God knows

even if you reach the goal

only at the end of the world

forget everything
you've loved...

- Runner E7.
- Short game.

... then life is
not so difficult

neither did the dead.

- Well, we made it.
- Yes, right on the minute.

- Aah!
- Emma!

From earth you came

to earth you shall remain

but of earth you again will rise


Sorry, but I must ask you to open the casket.

You absolutely cannot
do that without permission!

Mr. Reverend, won't you
convince our little officer there.

They will have to
show me a permit.

We can wait.

Ms. Eriksen, there is
nothing new about your uncle.

Not yet.


Runner H7 beats Jumper.

Come on, Bitten. Sit down.

Our friend has told the police
that we have buried Uncle Theodor.

Then we have him! He's the only
one who knows that uncle is dead.

He probably hasn't
given up who he is.

That means we have
peace for him until tonight.

The earliest the officer has the
permission is in the afternoon.

He cannot open the
tomb until after dark.

We are in a hurry, we have
to get Uncle Theodor's will.

- It is in Osby's office.
- He's not dead yet... officially.

- We can't ask him to...
- We don't need to either.

Right, Emma?

- Shouldn't I come along?
- No, Emma can do it alone.

I have another task for you.

- But, Emma, ??only the will.
- Well, it was his...

- Well...yeah, I'm pretty sure.
- What are you looking for?

Here! The lawyer's keys.
I was afraid, they were stolen.

Bitten, do you have a pair of
dark slacks, sweater and gloves?

Put it on, stay in your room, until I call you.

The armchair is moved over
with its back to the window.

Cognac is served with the coffee.
And Elsa can't remove the bottle.

It must be on the table
with 2 clean glasses.

When the officer has his permit,
you must meet for identification.

Take Osby with you.
It's comforting to have a lawyer.

- If the police keep me?
- They won't do that.

Ask the officer to drive
you and Osby home.

Do you know how dead comes
when you take scopolamine?


Then I'll tell you
... after lunch.

Springer C3.


- Aah... aah...
- Well, Emma!

Elsa, will you pick up my bag?

- It's nothing serious.
- I think I'm going to pass out.

Move forward. Head well down.

- Here you go.
- Thanks.

- How does it fair then?
- It goes better now.

- They were supposed to lay down.
- Come on, I'll help you up.

So, let me go then.

I'll take care of this.

- She grabbed my stethoscope.
- And my keys are gone!

What was that comedy for?

Sometimes you're dumb. You ask me to break into a
lawyer's office for a document, -

- which is well stored in a steel
box, which is equipped with a puzzle, -

- which I look forward to solving
with dr. Joergensen's stethoscope.

Otherwise, I'm ready to
go, no one will miss me.

- When does a train leave?
- 15.10.

Then you take a carriage home!

- Shall the lawyer pay it?
- Oh, you silly body! That...

How is Ms. Emma?
Shall I go check on her?

She's better, Doctor.
Bitten looks at her.

- (phone rings)
- I'll take it myself, Elsa.

Ellekilde... Yes, it's me.

It was the police.
They'll pick me up in fifteen minutes.

I need to identify Mr. Petersen.

- Are you coming with me?
- Of course.

Elsa, You can serve the coffee.

Elsa, would you like to serve
a cognac with the coffee?

- Thanks for food.
- Bon appetite.

- D3.
- F4.

Thanks for food.

Thanks for food.

Elsa, leave the cognac. We'll
probably need one when we come back.

Myrdrian, Fullenberg
& Schnuppelhauser.

Runner D6.

- Was there more tonight?
- Nah, thanks.

- So good night.
- Good night.

Wholesaler Theodor
Eriksen was murdered.

Yes, murdered here at Ellekilde -

- inside Ms. Betina's office
and with her paper knife.

Later, the murderer
hunted Ms. Betina for her life.


Ms. Eriksen...

It's Mr. Petersen. Will you drive
us home, Mr. Police Commissioner?

- Osby?!
- Yes.

You are gorgeous, Ms. Johanne.

And very, very brave.

Practical, Dr. Joergensen.

I hope Emma finds the
motive and the proof.

Yes, gentlemen, shall we...

Mr. Schnuppelhausser...

Simba, Simba...

(a door slams)

(the clock strikes 12)

Betina... cheers.


(she drops the glass)

"I hereby declare that I
have taken my own life."

"It was I, who murdered
Uncle Theodor on May 13..."

Good evening, Osby. I'm afraid
you've made a fool of yourself.


Clever girl. Very nicely done.

Bitten, will you hand over that glass?
It probably needs analysis.

Here's more of
interest, little cop.

And now, will you remove the lawyer there.
He's certainly not decorating.

- How about a cup of tea, dear child?
- Of course, Johanne.

I got it, I found it!

Oh, how it is exciting
with such a little break!

Good evening, Commissioner...

... and Osby. Now you have to see.

Thanks for lending.
I have locked after me.

Uh... Are you the killer?

If you knew, how excited I
was of which of you it was.

Uncle Theodor has
returned to honor and dignity!

A little cup of tea? How nice.
Here you go, Johanne.

Late night tea and thunder coffee
is the most romantic thing there is!

Dr. Joergensen, here you
have to see... and sorry.

Another time you
can just ask me for it.

No, I didn't know if
you were the murderer.

So here we have the motive.

Besides Betina and
Gustav is thought of, it says,-

- that the assets are to be
administered by lawyer Osby.

Yes, then we must hope
that he has not screwed it all up.

- Th-the--They forget to stutter!
- Yes. What did Mr. Petersen die of?

Have you noticed
that spring is upon us?

- Yes, the sirens have gone out.
- And the golden rain.

It's the time, I care
the most at Ellekilde.

(the ladies chatter)

- Runner beats Tower.
- Queen beats Runner.

Johanne, are you joining
the factory tomorrow?

I have to make myself a new hat.

G-g-good night.

We've g-g-forgotten Uncle Theodor.

Oh, save me!
We have to return him to the cooler!

(the dog barks)

--- Subtitles by Essery. ---