Obey (2018) - full transcript

As London slides towards a time of violent social unrest, on the estates of East London, a young man's life is torn apart by a love for a girl from a different place.

Subtitles by explosiveskull

Now you see, let me tell a
story that I was telling you a lot about.

Chasing it, this chick was fucking her felly
and proper giving her some welly as well.

Next thing you know, the fellow's hurt her.
So obviously they stopped beating, init?

She's turned and said to him:
"Instead of you fucking me,

- Why can't you just eat me out? 'cause I'm still a bit sore?"
- That's the way.

Trust me. So he was like, "Ah cool,
but to spice things up a little bit,

- come let's put four Fruittellas up there, init?
- What, man?

She's put four Fruittellas
up her...

I was hoping
you'd fix your jeans.

- Whatever.
- Oh, fuck it.

She put four Fruittellas up there now and my
man would be munching her up munching her up

- and that, yeah. At the fifth, he's up. Are you listening?
- Yes, I am. I am.

He went, "The fifth one were
proper nice, init?"

She's like: "Why are you talking
about a fifth one?

I only put four
Fruittellas up there."

Don't think that he was only
gonna fuckin' ate her shit.

How could he eat her
then? That man fucked her.

Listen! Listen!

That man fucked her
so hard, yeah,

he bust a hole between her piss
barrier and her shit barrier.

- So when he's eating her up, a lump of shit's come out.
- No, no, no.

And that's what man's munched.

No, that's nice, though.
That's a mess.

- Are you a fucking bum hugger?
- Come on, bro. Come on, bro.

- Your auntie, then?
- Your auntie's barrier got bust up.

She's still got a fucking
hole in her fanny, it's stupid.

She's got a hole
in her story, yeah.

She's got holes and that there.

Aye cool, cool. Cool.

You got me, init.?
You got me, init?

- You're nasty.
- Say nothing, init.

Nothing, no one was
talking to you, man.

- Shut up.
- What just happened?

- Hey, don't speak a word.
- Some nastiness.

- I don't care.
- No one was talking to you. Shut up.

- I'll have sex with her. I'll do it.
- What?

I'll fuck it.
I'm joking...

I'm talking about
my aunt, you prick.

- Look, come. Come.
- Shut up.

Come man. Come check.
Come, come.

You want me to come first?

Sure, man.
You're gonna suck my dick?

- Oh, fuck you.
- No, no, I'm joking, I'm joking. I am joking.

Come, come, come.
Seriously. Seriously, come.

Seriously. Look, bruv, look.

Look, what the fuck
are you taking long for?

Oh, Boogie, this is our car.

What are you taking
a piss for, seriously?

- That's you, bro.
- But, there is a purse. Fam, what?

You're not gonna... What?

- Come on. Let's just go, fam.
- What d'you mean?

- There's a purse. There could be money in there.
- It's a bait, fam.

What d'you mean it's bait?
Bruv, aye, bruv.

- Come, bruv. Quick man.
- Let's do it, man.

- What?
- Yeah, you get it.

I'm going.

Whoa, whoa. What d'you mean?

Hey, what do you mean?

Yeah, you do it. Yeah,
man. Go ahead, man, do that.

Says the one that fucked the
beef. Why don't you do it, bruv?

- You're the only one that's dumb enough to do it anyways then.
- How?

I don't know, umm...

Oh, shit.

No fucking don't.

Go, go.

You fucking stupid lad.

- Right.
- He's come underneath with the left.

Still while they're boxing,
you know what I mean?

They're more open,
they're down here.

- Okay. Then you go and clinch.
- Okay.

Like that.

Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom.

Fuck. Mom. Mom. Mom, look at me.
Mom. Mom, look at me.

Look at me. It's Leon. It's Leon, Mom.
Mom. Mom. Mom, look at me.

No, no, no, no. Look at me.
Look at me. Look at me.

- Alright. Keep looking at me. Keep looking at me, mom.
- Yes.

Mom. Mom, look at me.
Look at me. Mom. Mom. Mom.

It's Leon, mom. Come on.

Mom, you're going to have to drink.
You're going to have to drink, mom. Mom.

Look. Look, look.
It's alright. It's alright.

Have you ever
thought about getting help?

- About what exactly?
- Your drinking.

It's nice to know you're concerned, but
I've stopped drinking, so we're all good.

- Chelsea, I know you don't want me here.
- You got that right.

But Leon came into our care
voluntarily when he was 15

and even though he's come home to you
now we just want to support him.

So, please, let us do that.

What the fuck do
you think I'm doing?

- I'm his fucking mother, Rachael.
- I'm trying to help here.

- Help? You're just interfering.
- This doesn't have to be your fight.

It's 'cause you're always fucking
interfering all the freaking time.

It's just for your son's
best interest.

Oh, have you? And what,
I haven't? Oh my...

Then go on and say something.

Yes. I'm just checking in.

Getting a quick update to see if you
want to go back into education.

Ah... Sorry, but I think that boat's
already sailed, don't you, Rachael?

Not at all. He's only 19.

- Have you thought about going back to college?
- No.

How are you filling your days?

- Going to the gym.
- He's there all the time.

The gym is great, actually.

Yes, he goes there for fighting.

- It's boxing.
- I know, what I just said.

Perhaps, we could look
into a course related to that.

And what about money? And surely
we should be talking about work here?

He's got no

He's got no work experience. He's going
to find it really hard to get work.

I can put a roof over
his head, but I'm not in

a position to help him out
more than that right now.

If you stop drinking,
you might be able to.

Yeah, we're done here.

Shut the door on your way out.


This is my number.

Call me if you're interested and
we'll see what we can do, OK?

Relax. That's alright.
For the head.

Focus, Leon.

Footwork. Where's your footwork?

And again. Jump to the head.

Footwork, Leon.

Push him back.
That's it.

Protect yourself.

What's going on? Get in
there, and stop fucking smoking.

- I'm not fucking smoking.
- I can smell it on you. Come on get on with it.

Alright, that's it.

No, no, no. No, don't fuck...
You're fucking up the rotation, bruv.

- Alright, chill. Shit.
- Oh, no.

He's got every time.

Tell me if they've
put in something there.

Alright, alright.

You guys are taking
your time, you know.

My man finished
this thing you know.

I wish my balloon
was anything like that, bruv.

Are you sure it don't fuck up
your lungs, 'cause

I don't want nothing to happen
to my lungs, init?

Oh my God. Stop being
a pussy, bro.

Fuck the pussy,
not be the pussy.

I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna do
it. Shall I do it now?

- Do it, man.
- Shut the fuck up and do it, man.

You suck,
like you suck dick.

Wow. Oh, wow. Oh, wow.
Whoa. Whoa.

Take it like a champ.
Hey, sit down.

Oh, my God.

Eh. Eh, wow. Whoa.

Oh. Oh, wow. Whoa.

My mind. Oh, wait. Oh!

Hey, I've got
somewhere to be, you know.

- Where?
- Local place, down the corner, like 20 minutes.

- Let's go.
- Will you just wait, bruv. Wait!

20 minutes down the road.

You're forgetting
the drinks, man. Grab the drink.

Are you guys seriously
going? Seriously?

I'm kinda hungry man,
it's kinda...

- Grab them chicken and chips.
- Shut the fuck up.

I say nothing.

If you was to turn around and say
to him, "I take it up the arse"...

Not everyone is like you,
you know.

I know, but you know
what the realness thing is?

He'll be waiting on you
hand and foot, girl.

You will get anything
you want after that.

You won't worry about nothing.

Hey, let's bounce.

Tell them, fam.

Look at them.

I'm calling him now.

No, man. Give my phone back.



Oh, right. Sorry.

Holy shit.

- What's happening, sugar?
- It's Twiggy.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I've been looking
around this place and I'm pretty sure

you're the most
beautiful girl at this party.

Second most beautiful.

So, you guys are pretty close?

What are you doing?

How did you find out
about this place?

I live here.

You live here?
Where is your bedroom?


What's so funny? What?

I don't know.

Don't you like my place?

I didn't say that.

What's the rent like
on this place?

We don't pay rent.

How is it legal?

It's not. We squat.

You're a squatter?

You don't really
look like a squatter.

But what do I look like?

Hey, where
the fuck is my phone?

Where is what?

My phone.

I don't know.

- One of you guys taken my phone?
- What the fuck are you doing?

Where did you put my fucking
phone? He took my phone!

Leave him alone.

- I don't have your phone.
- Fuck off.

Get up and let me
check your pockets.

Oi, get off! Get your hands
off my fuckin' pockets.

Come on then, hit me,
you fucking prick.

Come on then. Come on then.

- You alright, Carter?
- It just got crazy.

Fucking hell. Is he alright?

What the fuck was that
about, though, for real?

Try go for my man, init?


What? They said someone
stole a phone in there.

It's always you, init?

Oh, shit.
Hey, look what I found.

Oh, my days.

What the fuck, bro?

Get off him, bruv.
Get off him.

Fuck off. What are you doing?

- I'll see you later. Pussy.
- Shut the fuck up, man.

Hey, Leon. Dickhead, man.

An investigation is underway after
police shot dead a man in North London.

The 24-year-old was
in his home at the time

and was about to be arrested
when for reasons

that haven't been confirmed yet
when marksmen opened fire.

Paramedics tried
to resuscitate him,

but he died at the scene.

The man is said to
be a father of three

and was well known
in the community.

The area's MP is
tonight calling for calm

as the police watchdog
investigates what happened.


Do you not remember me?

Oh, yeah. Yeah.
What are you doing here?

We spoke at the party.

Oh, fuck. You need to go.

Carter's going to kick off
if he knows you're back.

No. No, it's alright.
I came to talk with him, though.

Really not the right time.

I wanted to give him this so, I
don't know if you can pass it on.

- Oh, so I'll just take it.
- Sweet.

Nice of you to return it. I'll
give it to him. Thanks. Cheers.

Whoa. Can I get your number?


I'd like your number.

What are you talking about?

Can I see you again?


I don't know. I was thinking...
Hang out or something.

If you give me your number,
I'll go. So, to be saving time.

See. It's here.

Whoa, I don't know
if this is your number.

I'll call it. Then
we'll know if it's your number.

I don't hear anything ringing.

That's rude, you know.
We'll go again, OK, OK? OK.

- Happy?
- Yes. Happy.

Now promise me you're
gonna leave. Promise.

I promise.

It's nice to see you again.


Let me give you
a drink. Come on.


Leon, come and dance with mommy.

Lee, come and dance with mommy.

- Leon, come on.
- I don't want to, mom.

Leon, come on and dance with me.

Don't be such a grumpy fucker.
Come and dance with your mommy.

Alright. Come, son.
Come here, Chris.

Come and say hello to Chris.

Come and meet Chris!

Chris, oi. Chris,
this is my son, Leon.

- You want some?
- No, no. He doesn't. He doesn't do that.

- You sure?
- No.

He's old enough.

No, he is not old enough.

Babe, we're all out. Lee, are
you going down the shop, baby?

Oh, be a darling and get
Mummy a bottle of vodka.

I've just put my dinner on,

Mate, she said
she needs a drink.

No, you're right.
You've had enough.

I've had enough.

You need to start
looking after yourself.

Keep an eye on my pizza, mom.

Keep an eye on my fucking pizza.

Lee. Hey, be quick, yeah?
Be quick.

In further developments
surrounding the shooting of a young man

in North London the police have now
stated that when the victim was shot

he was holding a non-police issue
handgun, but his family dispute this.

A bottle of vodka, please.

Tottenham's MPs wants answers

aware how damaging a lack of
information can be.

It is important
in the coming hours

and days to allay
people's fears to insure

that rumors don't
start off on the next...

Oh. Oh, wow. Whoa.

Yes, I don't lose, bruv!
I don't lose, bruv!

What do you mean, you don't
lose? You just lost!

- How did he lose? He blatantly just won!
- He just lost!

- How?
- It just hit the fucking wall!

- So?
- Hey, put the money down.

- Bruv, that's how you play.
- Put the fucking money down.

Yeah, you know what, darling? You're
just jealous because no one will want

to touch your stinky,
wrinkly minge.

I'd rather be an old bitch than a
trollop who can't keep her legs shut

Aw, what's that?
You're just jealous.

Go on. Fuck off.
Go and look after your son.

- You're incapable, an embarrassment.
- Fuck off, you trollop.

Give me my fucking money now.

Relax. Stop, man. Stop, man.

- Relax, man. I ain't got your money.
- Hey, what!

Fuckin' watch your mouth
with my boy, you know.

Fuckin' watch your mouth
with my boy.

Don't put your mouth
on my boy, right?

Fuck you.


Where are we going?

To my friend's place.

Why are we going there?

They're being evicted.


Don't you care about
what happens to other people?

Ah, it's just life, init?

Is that right?
Is this our house?

- Is this it?
- Yes.

And you should
respect other people.

I am standing back.

- I'm on the side.
- You are so clever, aren't you. And so very funny.

Ladies and gentlemen, apparently
I am ridiculously clever.

I am ridiculously clever.

Who's that guy?

Oh, it's my boyfriend.

So she said she can't
get back now...

This riff-raff who are hiding
their faces...

Pointing is very rude.

People can't get away.
I have to deny that one.

Squeeze them out of here.
You two don't need to be here.

We're just having a discussion. We won't
be friendly if you two standing...

I have no idea what...

whatever it is you are doing.

Guys, what is it we're doing?

Guys, calm down.

Oh, we're good, we're good.

Hey, Leon. This is shit.

Go on, let's get
the fuck out of here.

So is this a new
recruit, Twiggy?

Jazzy houses round here.

Nearly as big as your house,

- Nearly.
- Yeah, nearly.

Whoa, whoa. Whose is this?

It's mine.

What's so funny?

Nothing. I just always wondered who
actually lived on these things.

Do you want to grab
the other one? Just untie it.

Have you ever been
on one of these before?

- No.
- No?

It's so quiet, bro.

I could live out here
for like a week or something.

Maybe even longer, you know.

You can think clear,
you know what I'm saying?

No noise, no cars, no nothing.
No people shouting and shit.

- I might get one of these.
- Yeah?

Yes, when I'm older
I might buy one. Red and black.

What would you call your boat?

I don't know, mate.
Leon's boat. That's shit, init?

Leon's boat?
Leon's boat. Oh, Leon's.

Obviously I'd get a good deal
or something.

Here you go. You take it.

Oh, man. We should do this
again, you know. Yeah, man.

Who are
the murderers?

Police are
the murderers.

Who are
the murderers?

Police are
the murderers.

People have taken
to the streets in protest

to what they claim is the
killing of an innocent black man

at the hands of the police.

The protests were
sparked after it emerged

that the non-police
issue handgun in question

was actually recovered from
the drawer in the man's home

and therefore wasn't in his hands
at the time of the shooting.

The word on the street is
that this was an execution

and the community are not happy.

Well, the situation now
is that there is an intense standoff.

A cordon of police
officers are holding back

the crowd of probably
about 200 odd people.

These pictures were taken earlier
today on the streets of East London.

Community leaders from the area have repeatedly
warned the police that trouble is likely

and they're urging them to go out
into the community and provide reassurance.

But the police has stated
that their hands are tied

as they can't
be seen to prejudice

an independent
investigation into the...

I was watching that.

- Tea?
- Yes.

What's wrong?

Leon, just talk to me, man.

What do you want to know?

I don't know. Hum...
Who your mates are?

What, you want to be
my friend now?

- Lord, yes.
- Why?

Just trying to make amends,
that's all.

I know I haven't always
been there for you but...

I'm trying now, ain't I?

What's with this Chris guy?

Chris? What about him?

What's he doing here?

Don't worry about him,
he's harmless.

Well, he's better
than your fucking dad.

Oh, come on.

Let's not go
down this road again.

Yes, Chris is a bully.
I'll have a word, I promise.

Let's just
forget about it, okay?

Listen, umm... why don't
you, umm... treat yourself?

Buy some new trousers or
something. No, just take it.

I don't want your fucking money.

Straighten your toes,
lift your heel.



Do you have any work going?

- Sorry?
- I'm looking for work, or work experience.

Sorry, man, I'm a bit
up against it at the moment.

That's it, that's it.
Push him back, push him back.

Keep your hands up.

Leon. Leon, focus!
Come on.

That's it. That's it.

Get back.

Oi, oi, oi! That's enough.

That's enough. That's enough.
That's enough.

Calm down, bro. Calm down.

What's the matter,
Leon, man? Come on.

Here, man.

- Are you alright?
- I'm alright, I'm alright.

The death of a
man in one part of London

has triggered a wave
of violence in neighborhoods

in the north and
south of the capital.

In Hackney, the disturbances
began in the early evening.

The police said they would have
more officers on the streets today

and here they have moved in
in force.

What is the good in
times of economic difficulties

in raising and destroying
businesses that are the lifeblood

of our communities
and that give people jobs.

All around this
area the cordons are going up.

For the second night running we've
got copycat acts of violence.

This is what the police feared and what
they are calling pure criminality.

Justice will be done and

these people will see the
consequences of their actions.


Hurry up.

Man, we cool, yeah? We cool?

shit's going to kill you.

One day it will
fucking kill you, hey.

It will fucking kill you.
Fuck, fuck.

- Fuck you.
- Fuck you.

What are
you gonna do, yo?

We need to get what?
But what?

Back to the bus, boys.

What's up?
It's not a funny thing, yeah?

You're not gonna
be laughing in a minute.

- My cock.
- What did he say?

My cock.

Yeah. Alright, boys.

Fuck you, bro.

I say, man up, my gangsters.
Excuse me.

My country.

Man up my Gs, man up my Gs.

You know what's the strategy?

You know everybody's strategy?

You got a plan? You got a plan?
These dickheads.

Come, man.
Let's go up there, man.

I live down there, man.


What do you mean, GCSEs, bruv?


- I just wanna go to my house.
- You don't live down there.

I do live down there. How do you
know that I don't live down here?

Get back, get back.

Oh, shit.

Hey, this is nuts, fam.


Hey, those guys were
shook, though.

I can't, let's go back, man.

- Alright, come.
- No, he's not from there.

- No, let's go now.
- Let me catch my breath first, man.

- Hey.
- What?

Hey, man, I was wondering where
you lot disappeared to, man.

- Why are you lying?
- What?

Oh, I come here, you know me.

I had to do a little stop
here, man. You know me.

What you got for me, fam?

Let's see what you got there,
bro. Let me see.

Hey, you look like
a fucking waste man.

What's wrong with you, man?
Chill out, man.

This ain't about
stealing stuff, bro.

This is about revenge, man.

No, it's definitely
about stealing stuff.

Alright, whatever.
I'm getting out.

I'll check you out later.
You know me.

Stand your
fucking ground, man.

Oh my days, man.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

What's that?
What are you thinking?

Don't be dumb, bruv.

Don't be dumb?
Don't be dumb.

Let's go there now and
let's fuck them up, man. Come.

Hey, man. What are you
planning to do with that?

I'm going there and fucking killing
them and I don't give a fuck.

Yes, go.

Man, let's go.

Hey, listen to me, man. This
are salmon toed sneakers,

Don't man.
I know you want some sneakers.

I don't give a fuck
about no sneakers, man.

Fuck this, man.

And where are you going, man?

I'm not gonna start
no fucking fires, man.

Run away then, you pussy.

Oh shit.

Let's go. Come on.

Let's go.

Let's go.

Hey. No. No. Hey. Hey.

Hey, Leon, what
are you doing, man?

What's he gonna do?

I don't know, but I feel
we should stick together, man.

No, man. This is bullshit, man.

Go on. Go run along to your
little blonde girlfriend, yeah?

Come on, fam. Come on.

Hey, Leon. Hey, Leon.
Come with us, man.


Hey, where are you going?

Leon, remember
your roots, man.

Police, Police. Stop!

You alright?

You all right, mate.

What's going on?

Car's fucking broke.


You alright?

It's not a good day.

What's wrong with it anyway?

No idea. You don't know
anything about cars, do you?

No, man.

- You don't have one.
- No.

I need to get out of this fucking city for
a few hours so I can hear myself think.

- ...more try and figure out.
- Let's go.

- We'll talk about it later...
- We're going now.

...because we're going...

- Later, of course.
- ...it's not like I don't wanna speak about it.


- This is nice, is it yours?
- No, man.

- Oh, shit.
- Where are we going?

I know, I'll drive.

You drive.

This is mad, bro.


- It's a mad fucking city,
- I know.

That's what my mom says,
it's a mad city.

- Yes?
- Yes.

Got the lighter?

And the siren as well.
Always sirens, 24/7 sirens.

This place is fucked.

- I'll see you later.
- Uh-huh.

It's upstairs, mate.

Lovely drive, ain't she?

Clutch catches a bit but... that's
to be expected with the old models.

The thing about her,
is I love her.

And she's mine.

Takes a little bit
of time to get going but...

once she starts going, I mean...

you'll never ever have
a ride like it in your life.

You fucking...

Come here!

What are we fucking going
to do with you, eh?

That's the fucking problem. I should
pop your eye out, you little cunt,

then you'll fucking learn.

Leave him alone!

Leave him fucking alone!

Stop it.
Chris, fucking stop it.

- You snitch.
- Ouch!

Is that all you got?

Look what you
fucking made me do!

Fuck you!

Lee, stop.
Lee, listen to me!

I'll fucking kill him!
I'll fucking kill him!

You're fucking dead!

Leon, Lee,
please listen to me.

Lee, please listen to me.

You fucking listen. Just leave
it! Lee, he's not worth it.

Lee, please, just get out
of this. Leave it.

Lee, please, just leave it!
Leave it, Lee!

It's okay.

What happened? Look at me.

Are you okay? Stay here.

It's okay. It's okay.

Stay still.

Alright guys, come on. Everybody out. Time
to leave. Go out. You need to get out.

- What do you mean? Fuck! We haven't done anything wrong.
- OK, mate.

You know you're not supposed to be here.
You're in trouble. You need to leave.

Step away. Step away.
Get back. Get back!

Oi, get back! Fucking
get back right now!

Oi, get off him!

Hey! Get back.

Get off him!

You get back.

Get off him.

Come on, get...

Fuck off!

Leave him!

Hold him! Hold him!

- Oh, God!
- Hold him.

Move it!
Get out of the house!

Hold it!

Stay down.

Look, I don't think they're
chasing us. I don't think...

Fuckin' hell. Shit, my eyes.

What the fuck was that stuff?
Some fucking poison.

- It's mace. It's fucking mace.
- Shit. What do you think happened to the other guys?

- I don't know.
- They fucking like dragged them out of there.

- Where are we going? Where are we going?
- Shit. This way. Come on.

Come on, hurry up.

Yeah? Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
What the fuck is he doing here?

- Just let us fucking in.
- No, no, fuck that, OK?

Had to have seven stitches
'cause of this prick.

- It wasn't him.
- He stole my phone.

- And he returned it.
- I don't give a fuck.

He can fuck off.

Fuck you! Fucking cunt! Shit!


What's wrong?

I left my fucking
camera in the squat.

- Whereabouts?
- In the bedroom. Those fucking...

I'll find it for you. Obviously I'm not gonna go
back there now, but I'll find it for you. OK?

Don't worry.

- Yeah?
- Sorry.

I'll find it.

I promise you
everything's gonna be OK.

You don't need to worry.

Lee? Are you all right?

- Mom. This is Twiggy.
- Hello.

Where did you spring from?

Don't know.
Same place as you I guess.

We definitely didn't come from
the same place, darling.

Is it OK if Twiggy stays over?

Yeah... You stay
as long as you like.

Mum, will you stop?
Stop, Mum. Mum, stop. Stop!

Mum, Mum... Mum, Mum, stop!

Stop. Look at me
and stop. Stop.

Stop Mom.

I need a drink, Leon.

I'll sort it out, all right.

I'll sort it out.

- Leon!
- Oh, shit.

- What happened to your face?
- Boxing.

You need to work on your guard.


I thought you were
gonna call me.

I was. I will. I've just been mad busy.
I'll call you. I promise.

- OK? I promise. I will. I'll call you.
- All right.

Fires are breaking out across
large parts of London tonight as more

serious violence spreads across
the streets of the capital.

The latest trouble started in Lewisham
South-East of the city late afternoon.

Before spreading to Hackney, Clapton and
now in the last hour in South London.

- These are the latest...
- Two bottles of vodka, please.

from Croydon, where
a furniture store

has been ablaze for
at least an hour now.

So, when can
I speak to him, then?

Well, my dad's a
lawyer so I happen to know

that I'm entitled
to speak to him.

Yeah. That's
fucking unacceptable.

Do you know what? Listen, I spoke to
someone earlier and they twist my words.

You guys are all the fucking
same, like, I swear to God.

Thanks, Lee.

You don't have to
worry about Chris no more.

He won't be coming back.

- Let's have a look at it then.
- Mom, it's all right.

- No, please. Can we just...
- Mom...

Leon, please, let me see.

Look what he's done to
your beautiful face.

I'm so sorry, son.

I don't know what to do anymore.

Maybe you shouldn't
have come back here.

- Mom.
- Come here. Just let me do it, OK?

- I'm sorry, does it hurt?
- It's all right.

She's good.

She seems like
a really nice girl.

She your girlfriend?


She should be.

Just make sure
she treats you right, yes?

That's what you need now, son. You need...
you need someone who can look after you.

I'm not good for you anymore.

You deserve better than this.

So, they are
keeping him over night

for resisting arrest and
assaulting a police officer.

He's gonna plead
guilty, on the condition

that they drop charges
on the rest of us.

My hero.

Do you have er...
anything to drink?

Er... Sure.

Um, vodka orange?


- Do you mind if I smoke in here?
- No, it's cool.

Show me your moves.

I've got one move.

What's your move?

Ready? That's all you get.

That's what you get. That's it.

I don't really dance
to this kind of stuff.

Sorry... I'll move this...

It's OK.

Umm, it's me. Call me back.

- Chill out.
- Is Twiggy here?

- No.
- Do you know where she is?

Fucking hell.


She's not here.

Hey, hey, hey. I saw Twiggy.

She said she was going back
to her folks' place.

Look, the address is on there.

- Thank you.
- It's all right. Good luck.

Look, Twiggy,
pick up the phone.

Don't ignore me, please.

- Oh, my God.
- Bloody hell. What the hell is going on?

Oh, my goodness!

Leon. Leon, man.

- What the fuck are you doing, bruv?
- What the fuck!

What the fuck
are you even doing here?

- Get the fuck away from me.
- No, please, no.

- Hey.
- Oh!

- Hey, yo. You guys got your ballies yeah?
- Yes.

- Fuck no!
- Man, you didn't bring one either?

They're going to be able to recognise
you with that big scar on your face.

Are you mad? There's CCTV
everywhere, you sausage.

Listen, listen, listen,
listen. You all gone crazy?

Whoa, whoa, whoa. A man
might get lost out there, init.

I'm just saying that. I got
love for you all still, init.

Shut up...

Fuck off, fuck off.

Get the fuck off me bruv! Fuck off! Get
the fuck off me bruv! Are you dumb, bruv?

Are you fucking mental?

Subtitles by explosiveskull