Obara'M (2022) - full transcript

Obara'M means My Blood in Igbo. After her estranged father's death, Oluchi, an up and coming musician is forced to confront her true self and her past mistakes.

They can try
But they will never bring me down

Because no matter the pressure
I know that I'm bigger I will survive

Put a smile on your face

-Baby girl you've got what it takes

At the end of the day, I am ready
Nothing can bring me down

-Eh eh
-I feel good

No matter the problem oh lo lo

Leave me, let me enjoy myself

-I'll continue to enjoy oh
-I feel good

Nothing can bring me down

-No matter the problem oh lo lo
-I feel good

Leave me, let me enjoy myself

-I'll continue to enjoy oh
-I feel good

Nothing can bring me down

- Bye bye.
- Okay.

Papa Oluchi.

Papa Oluchi..

Oh, oh

As long as we are together

-Nothing can stop our good vibes
-Ah, eh, le le le le

We will battle the...

- Eh, Papa.
- Hmm?

Teacher Pius said
that he wants to see you.

Tell him I'll see him later, okay?
Come, I don't want you to be late.


Get down. Come down here. Fast.

Papa why are we stopping here?

I have somewhere to go
and it's very important, okay?

-We will battle the weather
-My people eh, eh, eh

As long as we are together

-Nothing can stop our good vibes
-Ah, eh, le le le le

We will battle the weather

-I don't know about you
-I don't know about you

-I know about me
-I know about me

-I'm going to be fine
-I'm going to be fine

-Yours is not certain
-Yours is not certain

-But it's certain for me
-Certain for me

I will be alright

-I will be alright
-So my people, eh

Come, let's enjoy

My people, eh

Come and dance


As long as we are together

Nothing will stop our good vibes

We will battle the weather

‪Could be? Am I dreaming? Is it him?

-Could be that he cares
-My people, eh

After all

‪Why can't he see

‪That it hurts me more

‪Than him

‪So why did he come?

‪So why did he go?

It's okay.

I'll be fine

Oh yes. Ah ha!

My papa doesn't sleep on me.

This is the sonorous voice

-My papa doesn't sleep on my matter
-of the choir on top.

He's always taking care of me

- He will arrange...
- Arranging everything we scattered

-He doesn't sleep on my matter
-He doesn't sleep on your matter.

He doesn't sleep on my matter


-He doesn't sleep on my matter
-Oh, yes.

He doesn't sleep on my matter, oh

Celebrate and give Him praise
For that all things which He has done

Celebrate and give Him praise
For that all things which He has done

What is this?

Ooh! Ah, what is this?

I fall short of your expectations

-I fall short everyday. Everyday
-That is it!

-And then the guilt dress

-Hit me harder all over again
-Ooh ooh ooh

And then it feels so hard
So hard so hard to move

And then it feels so hard
So hard so hard to believe

-That you will love someone like me
-Oh yes!

- What kind of God is this?
- Ooh ooh ooh

-He doesn't sleep
-Ooh ooh ooh

- My God doesn't sleep!
- He doesn't slumber

All of the hair on my head
He knows the number

What kind of God is this oh

-Hey eh
-That's it!

What kind of God
What kind of God is this, eh

-He doesn't sleep
-He doesn't.

-He doesn't sleep
-About my matter

He doesn't sleep on my matter

-He's always taking care of me
-Always taking care of me

-He never sleeps
-On my matter

-He's always watching
-On my matter

-He doesn't sleep
-On my matter

-For my matter
-For my matter

-He doesn't sleep
-On my matter

-He doesn't sleep
-On my matter

-He doesn't sleep on my matter
-He doesn't sleep

-What kind of God, what kind of God oh
-For my matter

- Papa.
- Are you through?

- Yes.
- Okay, let's go.

Papa, why are we going through...

Let's go through the Vestry.

But your Tricycle is there.

- Er, it's not...
- Papa Oluchi?

Ah, papa Oluchi.

Teacher Pius, good evening.

Teacher Pius.

- Good to see you.
- It's good to see you too.

- Papa Oluchi.
- Yes.

I have been looking everywhere for you.

- Really?
- Yes.

- Ihunaya?
- Sir.

Didn't you tell your father
that I've been sitting, waiting for him?

- No... He, she never...
- Papa?

I told you.

She told you?

- You mean she told you, papa Oluchi?
- That's what I'm saying.

- No papa, you're supposed to...
- It's okay. Keep quiet, Ihunaya.

So, what can I do for you, teacher Pius?

- What can you do for me?
- Yes.

Papa Oluchi, please can you step aside?
Let's talk in private.

- No, no... Okay. It's alright.
- Yeah.

- Papa?
- Yes?

I'm sorry that I told teacher Pius
that I told you he was looking for you.

No, you did nothing wrong.

That was good. You did the right thing.

But papa, he collected money from you.


I don't have to be angry with you.

I know that. He collected money from me.

The money he collected from me

was for your own good.
It's for your future.

- Hmm?
- I don't understand.

You won't understand now

but teacher Pius is a very nice man.

Trust him.

He's a good man. Hmm?

- Okay papa.
- Okay. Don't think about it.

Thirty Eight, Thirty Nine and Forty.

- Have this.
- Ah, ah!

Didn't you just count forty?

- Yes, it Forty.
- Our money is Fifty.

- That was before.
- Ahn-ahn!

- Things have changed.
- Since when?

Since I started running at a loss.

Please, RK it's unfair.

Yes, you said it.

You yourself know it's unfair,

because for the past six months, you and
your band have been singing the same song.

Dance the same dance
with the same outfit for six months.

I was even expecting
that you and your band will change but no.

Now you're here saying this.

Yes, it unfair to me.

- Hmm?
- Yes.

You said we've been singing
the same song for the past six months?

With the same outfits.

- Dancing the same dance?
- Yes of course.

Okay. What about you?

Haven't you been selling the same liquor
to your customers for the past six months.

Are you crazy?

We're okay, enjoy yourself.

We're good, we're good. Okay?

Come oh,

you're disrespecting me
in this business now.

Are you interrogating me?

Did my customers complain
to you that the liquor is tasteless?

Did my customers campaign
to you that they want change?

But you guys still continue...

I wanted to lay you off.

There are other groups out there.
Hungry, begging for work.

Even if I give them 10,000 they'll dance.

RK, calm down, it hasn't come to that.

You know how this music hustle is.
It's not easy for any of us.

We're just trying to manage it.

- I know.
- Eh?

And you're aware there's no other band
in this town can perform better than us.

I know. Your band is sophisticated.

Very sophisticated. I like it.

But try and switch it up once in a while.

That's why the saying goes,
"Variety is spice..."

- "Spice is the variety of life."
- "...Pepper soup"

Now this is your food.

Say your prayers and eat your food.

But papa, what about you?

Are you not going to eat?

Don't worry about papa.

You know? After service,
I went somewhere and I ate a heavy lunch.

So I'm not hungry, hmm?

- But papa...
- When I say eat your food, eat your food.


- Papa?
- Yes my dear.

Were you trying to call sister Oluchi?

Why do you ask?

Because I saw her number on your phone.

This girl, nothing gets past you.

Yes, I was trying to call
sister Oluchi on the phone.

And did she pick your call?

No, she didn't pick my call.

- Papa?
- Hmm?

Papa, have faith, one day sister
Oluchi will pick your call.


I don't want you to worry yourself with

things you shouldn't worry yourself with.

Now, okay, I want to sing you to sleep.

What lullaby now will sooth you
and make you sleep? Okay.

Let me sing something
so cultural and so matured. Hmm?

Are you ready?


Something you have not heard before.

What are you doing?

You're bringing your singing instrument.


Now listen. Are you listening?


Always never far from me

Always never far from me

Closer than my sister
More like a lover

You never stray far from me

Even though sometimes

I push you away
Even in those times though

Your promises never failed you

Always been here
Always been near. Always with me


Always been good
Always be true. Always

This is the money RK paid us.

- How much did he pay?
- Thirty thousand.

- Thirty thousand?
- Yes.

- For what?
- That not enough.

Wait, why did you take the money from him?

Oh, you think I was happy
collecting the money from him?

I'm sure he's cheating us.

One day I'll deal with him.

Calm down. Don't let him hear you.

What will happen if he heard me?

He said he'll replace us. Keep shouting.

- Huh?
- Why?

He said we sing the same song,

wear the same outfit,

dance the same dance
for the past six months.

But I actually think we
should change our game.

Not that our songs are not melodious.

Same song every time?

He sells same liquor every time as well.

- Brand is brand.
- That was what I told him as well.

- Oh!
- Of course.

What did he say?

He said his mom is crazy.

That's why I like you.

Oluchi, that's why I like you.

You're... You're a she goat.

You're mad.
Looks like you want to trek home.

If I give you your share,
call me a she goat.


Papa? Papa?

Papa? Papa, papa?

Papa wake up! Papa wake up!

Papa? Papa?



Hello Aunty, good afternoon.


your father is dead.

Why? Tell me why

Why did you leave at a time like this?

With so many things unsaid

And many things unfinished

Why, tell me why

Why do you have to go?

Why was it you He chose

To take away from me

Trying to convince myself

That I'll see you some day

But by here right now

I don't believe what I'm seeing

Trying to convince myself that

We'd be together some day

But right here right now

You're gone with the wind

My heart cries and bleeds sometimes

-I think, I will not see you again
-I will not see you again

Goodbye is easy to say

But at the of the day

-I will not see you again
-I will not see you again

-I will not see you again
-I will not see you again

-I will not see you again
-I will not see you again

Lord, have mercy on us.
Girls of these days! Ha!

Now that her papa has died,
she's coming to pretend to cry

If I'm her papa's ghost
I will disturb her every night

A child grew and forgot
Her father and her younger one

Bro, my guy, this is the thing

Someone should think twice
Before praying for a child

Cos how can a man live
A life just to raise a child

When the child grows she
Won't remember her papa

Abomination! I'm not gossiping
but see, this matter is annoying

Eh? Chai Oluchi.

Girl, I'm ashamed of you

How can someone
Be so wicked even to her family?

Oh she thinks she's wise
That's why she ran to the city

Now it's clear to her
Now she wants empathy

I won't join the people pitying her

Cos this girl is a witch
This girl Oluchi

She's been in Lagos following
con men dey to cruise big toys

And the men have used
her destiny for ritual purposes

I hear she's a musician
Who is she deceiving?

Please let's leave the matter
For God. Let's try and focus

I will not see you again

‪Goodbye is easy to say

But at the end of the day

‪-‪I will not see you again
‪-‪I will not see you again

-I will not see you again
-I will not see you again

-I will not see you again
-I will not see you again

What will Oluchi do?

What will Oluchi do?

What will Oluchi do?

I thought you'd bring
Ihunaya along with you.

I actually wanted to talk
to you in private, ma.


Please give this to her.

And make sure you tell her it's from me.

Oh, okay ma. I will.

You'd better be careful with that girl.

She has got a sharp mouth.

And a sharper brain to go with it. Ah!

Eh... Aunty,

that's what I even want
to talk to you about, ma.


You know you're my favorite
aunty in the whole wide world.

- And I don't have anybody but you.
- Oluchi?

Say what you've come
to say, I have things to do.

Aunty, can Ihunaya stay with you

- just for...
- She cannot stay with me.

No, Aunty, I'm not even done
with what I wanted to say.

There's nothing to finish.

She cannot stay with me.

- She will not stay with me.
- Ahn-ahn.

And if she stays with me.

What would you be doing in Lagos?

Aunty, is just for...
for a short time. It's not for long.

It's just till I settle down.

You probably think you're wise.

Do you know

how many times your father has
come here to borrow money from me?

If you could not give him
that money while he was alive,

is it now that he's dead
that you're going to give it to me?

Aunty, that's a different case. Did I
send him to borrow money from you?

Did I?
I didn't send anybody a message. Ahn-ahn.

Can you hear how stupid you are?

Instead of you...

To be sober,

and think,

and know,

your father probably died from
worrying about where he would get money

to pay your child's school fees.

And Ihunaya is your responsibility.

It's about time you stopped
running away from it and faced it.

Aunty, I'm not running away
from anything. Am I not seated here?

I left her at home and came
down here. Where am I running to?

If I actually wanted to run away I would
have done so while leaving her at home.

I'm just saying you should please
help me to hold her for a period of time.

So that I can focus on my work.

I... I'm working.

When I had Ihunaya.

I took her to the orphanage.

He went there to bring her back.

I told him not to but he refused.

So... The fact that he didn't have money

to train her is not my business.

I didn't request for anyone's help.

I am going to close my eyes...

and sleep a little.

By the time I open them,
if you're still here...

whatever you see, you take!

What's inside this envelope.

What is this? Letter?

No money? Ahn-ahn!

What is this?

What is Ihunaya going
to do with wedding rings?

So this woman couldn't
put money in this envelope for her?

I know what to do.

- Eh...
- Oluchi, is that you?

- Chinwe!
- Hey!

- How are you?
- I'm fine.

- How are you?
- I'm fine.

- How have you been?
- I'm Okay.

- How's Ihunaya?
- Ihunaya is fine.


But you know you need
to take care of her now?


- All your attention needs to be on her.
- Okay, okay.

No problem. We'll try our best.

Now that you're still around, what's up?

Ah, that's why I'm here.

Er, I need money.

- Huh?
- I said I need money.

From where, my dear? In this hard time.

Maybe you don't understand.

I'm not here to borrow
or collect money from you. Okay?

There's something
I want to sell, that you'll pay me.


- My dear?
- Yes.

- My dear, these are quite fine.
- Mm-hmm.

Where did you get them from?

I think they belong to my parents.

- Your parents?
- Mm-hmm.

- You want to sell their wedding rings?
- Mm-hmm.

-These are your heirlooms
-What is heirlooms?

Please, forget about it.
Are you buying or not?

- I don't think you should sell it.
- Really?


No problem. Let me go
and find who will buy it.

- Oluchi?
- What is it?

- Oluchi?
- What is it?

Please come.

What is it?

How much will you sell it?

What are you doing?

- I'm reading.
- Why are you reading?

I don't understand that question.

I said why are you reading,
are you not on holiday?

I like to read.

"I like to read."

You're the only one who knows how to read.

Before I forget.

Why is it open?

Because I opened it.

Why did you open it?

Because I needed to see what was inside.

Don't you know it's rude to open other
people's things without their permission?

So, because I helped you carry something

from aunty Nwaka's place,
I'm now the rude one?

No, you're rude because you opened it.

You shouldn't have even opened it.

You opened the letter.

No problem, give it to me.

Give it to me. Let me return it back to
her so you'll go and collect it yourself.

I'll give it back to you on one condition.


look at this little girl.

You're even giving me conditions.



What's the condition?

- Give me back my, "Thank you."
- What? Which thank you?

When you dropped it I said thank you.

So you have to give me back my thank
you and I'll give you back your envelope.

So, how do you give
people back their "thank you"?

I don't know, you're the adult
so you tell me when you know.

So now I'm the adult, right?

My friend, just make sure you pack
your things before tomorrow morning.

Why am I packing?

Because I'm going to Lagos tomorrow.

If you're going to Lagos tomorrow,
why am I the one packing?

Because you're coming with me.

When are we coming back?

Coming back to where?

Here of course.

Here, to do what?

This is our house and I have school.

I don't have time
for this your sharp mouth today.

You keep questioning me everyday.

Just make sure you do as you're told.
Pack your things.

Pack your things,
get them ready before tomorrow morning.

I'm not packing.

- Excuse me?
- I don't want to go to Lagos.

Let me just warn you.

If you don't get ready before
tomorrow morning, I'll deal with you.

Why will you deal with me?

Eh, eh, eh...

Look at this child...

I'll break your head.

You cannot break my head
because you're not my mother.

My dear Ihunaya,

If you're reading this,
it means I'm no longer with you.

I want you to know
that I will always love you.

Oluchi will take over your
responsibilities from now.

Please don't give her a hard time.

So you mean you live here all by yourself?


It's nice.

Thank you. You like it?

No, I'm just saying it to be polite.

Don't worry you'll like it here.

I don't want to like it here.

Why can't we just stay back
at papa's house?

Because I work here, okay?

Enough of the questions,
please go upstairs.

Why does your room look like this?

Like how?

Like this.

- Where is your bed?
- Are you blind? What's this here?

This, is a mattress.

There is a difference
between bed and mattress.

- Okay. So, what do you do with a bed?
- You sleep on it.

- And what do you do with a mattress?
- "You sle..."

You think you're wise?

My friend, remove that thing.

You should even be happy
that there's a bed for you to sleep.

It's fish and meat.


I'm coming

When did you cook it?

Must you ask questions?

- I was just wondering when...
- Shut up. You're always wondering.

Take this thing.

Bring it let me give you fish.

The food is really nice.

- I thought you cooked it?
- Mm-hmm. Do you want more?


Okay take.

- It is empty!
- Come on, shut your mouth.

"It's empty." My friend, carry this thing
and go wash these plates.

You may find out some things about Oluchi

that I failed to tell you.

But I want you to know that

I did it to give her a chance.

And Oluchi,

if you're reading this

I want you to know that I love you.

And I forgive you.

- Yes. Whose there?
- It's me.

What do you want?

I want to use the toilet.

Can't it wait?


Hold on. Ahn-ahn!

Madam, hold on.

What took you so long?

My friend, will you go inside
and use the toilet you want to use?!

- Aunty Oluchi.
- What is it?

There are people at the door.


And so, sleep.

Come, this girl, I'll fling you.

There are people
at the door, I think they're thieves.

They're not thieves.

Just leave them,
let them be doing their thing.

- Really?
- I will use my left hand to slap you.

Forget that you're my
boyfriend, I'll slap you.


I heard them.

Bishop it's you.

Don't you realize I was sleeping?

Why are you banging at
my door? What happened?

- I have a little kid that's sleeping.
- Madam,

who ate the food in the kitchen?

Who are you?


Are you mad?

- You have the audacity to eat my food.
- Your food?

- And you're now telling me rubbish.
- Your food?

Do you even know how to cook?

- Please, Bishop who cooked the food?
- I did.

That is not the point,
madam. You ate my food.

- Okay. I'll make it up to you.
- You...

You are the visitor here.

That girl walk all over you.

She has no regard or respect
for you and you're talking.

You're a shameful man.

- Do you have respect for me?
- No I don't.

I told you to leave it alone,
we'll chat it in the morning,

but you refused to.

Isn't that a sign of disrespect?

My dear, I don't need
to have respect for you.

You don't understand.
I'm sleeping with you.

She on the other hand, ate my food.

The food is mine. I made it.

- For me.
- Don't be upset.

- I shouldn't get upset?
- Calm down.

I shouldn't get upset?


- Ihunaya, right?
- Yes.

I'm Bishop. Your mother's house mate.

My mother's what?

So you think aunty Oluchi is my mother?

She's not my mother.

She's my elder sister.

Oh, my bad. My bad.

- Anyway, em...
- Ihunaya!

Who's there?

It's me, Bishop.

How was your trip here?


- Ahn-ahn.
- Ahn-ahn.

- Bishop.
- Oluchi, how are you?

- How have you been?
- I'm okay.

You don't know how to greet?

Good morning sir.

- Good morning.
- If I don't tell you to greet,

‪-you don't know you're supposed to greet.
‪-It's okay. We need to talk.


If it's about what
happened last night, it's fine.

You don't need to apologize, hmm?

Just tell your babe to calm down.

Wait, I don't understand.
What are you saying?

What am I...
What do I need to apologize for, Oluchi?

Ahn-ahn! Didn't you witness
what your babe did last night?


you're crazy.

Eh, eh...

I think you are crazy.

Don't come here
and insult me this morning.

I'm warning you.

See, let me tell you now...

My aunty is not mad.

I don't understand.

I made a food for Charity,
both of you came and you swallowed it

See, I chewed my own.

- I don't care.
- Hey!

- Get out.
- Eh! Shut up. Don't shout at her.

- Is something wrong with you?
- Go and brush your teeth.

- Don't try it.
- Do you own the food?

I live here and I pay my rent.

Don't ever shout at her.
Do you understand me?

- Because the landlord doesn't live here.
- Please get out.

You're mad.

- Please leave here.
- Come back here.

- Come back where?
- That's not why I'm here

- Come back.
- And you think I'll come back.

You're crazy.

- Bring your money please.
- Which money?

Money for gas and electricity.

Hey, you're a very wicked man.

I don't understand,
what's the "Hey" all about?

Won't you pay?

You are asking me for money,
when you know I just buried my father.

I used all my money to bury my father.

I don't have any money with me.

I have used all my money.

- All my money to bury that man.
- Nice one. It's okay. It's okay.

I'll give you two weeks
for you to put yourself together.

When I come back
make sure my money is ready.

I'll put my fingers
inside your turkey eyes.

You look like uncooked eba.

Devil, you will be shamed

You will be shamed

After the journey
from your village, you can't even

-You will be shamed
-speak your language correctly.

-Devil, you will be shamed
-Go away!

-You will be shamed
-Bring my money.

-You will be shamed

You and your chief priestess.

- Idiot.
- Holy Ghost fire.

Holy Ghost fire. Wizard.

Aunty Oluchi, you lie a lot.

Come on, get away.

When did I lie?

You just told that man that you spent
all your money on papa's burial.

Of course.

You did not even spend
a dime on papa's burial.

- So you spent all your money.
- Who told you that?

Aunty Nwakaego.
She said you didn't spend five naira.

Shut your mouth!

Don't you know you're
not to believe everything you're told?

That aunty Nwaka, she has big a mouth.

I'll tell her.

Go and tell her. Who cares?

You think I'm scared of her?

Don't say I didn't warn you.

Shut up there.

Aunty Oluchi?

How old are you?

Why do you ask?

Are you very old?

Excuse me?

If you're not very old, why does
that man think you're my mother?

Which man?

Uncle Bishop.

What did you tell him?

The obvious, that you're not my
mother, you are my elder sister.

Aunty Oluchi?

Between you and papa, who's older?

Are you mad?

- Oluchi?
- Hmm?

Is everything alright?

Everything like what?

Like you.

The AC is on.

And at 16 degrees you're still sweating.

Do you mind if I ask you another question?

If I say no will it stop you
from asking me?

- No.
- Okay, what do you want?

When was the last time you took your...

You know what I mean.

How does it concern you?

How does it concern you?


Are you doing it because of Ihunaya?
You don't want her to know you smoke.

It's true but your voice is too low.

Shout it. I'll give you a loudspeaker

so you can put it upstairs and shout,
let everybody know that I smoke.

You're really doing it because of her.


I want you to know I'm very proud of you.

And I want you to know that
I'm very do not give a flying fuck.

‪Let me leave.

Leave here.

Trouble maker.

Ola, hold on a bit.

- Oluchi?
- Yes?

- Are you sure you're okay?
- I'm fine, let's go on.

I'm not sure you're fine

- Are you coming down with something?
- I'm okay.

Why don't you just relax a bit. Relax.

- I'm fine.
- Wait.

Is it contagious?

I'm fine, guys. Let's rehearse.

Have you forgotten
that RK is trying to replace us?

If you collapse now, we don't have
money to take you to the hospital.

- Fine, let's go.
- Oluchi, I think you should rest.

- Just sit down. Lie down or something.
- Sit down.

- Sit down.
- Guys, let's rehearse.

Guys, let's get her to the hospital.

Guys, let's take
Oluchi to the hospital now.


I think we need
to take her to the hospital.

No, no hospital please.
Guys I'm fine, let's go.


because you said you're
fine doesn't mean you're actually fine.

- Let's rehearse, guys.
- Oluchi please.


You know what guys?

It's okay.

- We know the tune right?
- Sure.

Let's rehearse till she gets better. Okay?

Alright, Ola,

let's do this please.

Let us begin.

Wait, who's humming?


Do you know the song?


Like you know the words to the song?


T-Clef set the mic for her.

Always never far from me

Always never far from me

Closer than my sister
More like a lover

You never stray far from me

Even though sometimes you know

I push you away

Even in those times of trouble

Your promises never fail to...

‪Oh My... Whoa! Oluchi.

That is freaking incredible.

You didn't tell us she knows how to sing.

I didn't know she can sing.

Ihunaya, where did you
learn to sing like that?

Papa taught me.

- What?
- How long have you been singing?

Since I was three.

- Oh, my!
- That explains it.

I'm sorry, guys,

- Remove sweat from her.
- Let's go.


where are you going?


- Let's do this thing.
- Let's go please.

Always be mine


Always with me, yeah



I have a question to ask you.


When are you planning on telling Ihunaya?

Telling her what?

The truth.

What truth?

That you're her mother.

Why would you ask me
that kind of question?


I'm just curious.

Thunder will strike you
and that your curiosity.

You're mad. Mad person.

I don't understand. Is it your business?
Did you give birth to her?

See, Bishop, I'm warning you.

I'm warning you.

The fact that we're in the same house

doesn't mean you should
pass your boundaries.

In fact, cook that food by yourself.



Are you sure you're okay?

Yeah, I'm fine. I'm coming.

Okay. Cause we need to get
your opinion on something.

Okay, I'm coming.

What is it?

What's that in your eyes?

Have you been crying?

I'm fine.

- Or have you been...
- If one more person asks me

if I'm fine, I swear I'm going to scream!

- I'm fine.
- Okay, okay. Sit down.

Just sit down.

What is it?

Guys, that's enough please.

We just want to
get your opinion on something.


I'm listening.

We want to know
if it's okay if Ihunaya does

her part, at the bar.

- What?
- We are not trying to replace you.

- No.
- We just feel...

you're not fit right now.

- So we are looking for...
- It's fine.

- What?
- Are you sure?

Of course.



Wait guys.

- Which Health Centre...
- Guy!

Far from me

Even though sometimes oh

I push you away even in those times oh

Your promises never failed to

- Oluchi?
- Yes?

- Oluchi.
- What happened?

Please, what's going on?
Who's that on my stage?

Who's that?

Who? Ihunaya?

- Ihu what?
- Ihunaya.

Is that the thing?

What is she doing on my stage?

What do you mean by that?
She's singing of course.


Always be mine


Please, convince me
that the person on stage is an adult.

How old is she?

- How old?
- Ten.

I can't hear you properly.

I think she's like ten years old.


Oluchi, what type
of business am I running here?

Eighteen and above.

I sell alcohol.

Alcohol and cigarettes.

Everybody is watching and recording.

Tomorrow I'll be on live.

As the man that's into child labor.

Human trafficking.

My business is gone totally.

- RK calm down.
- All my hard work.

I should do what?

Calm down.
Should I chase her out of the stage?


Why? Leave her there.

Leave her there!

- Will you move!
- Calm down.

Who's calling?


Hello, am I on to E Piano?

Yes, this is E Piano.

Please who am I speaking with?

Um, my name is Catherine.

I'm Mabel Smith's personal assistant.

And I got your number from Rough Koin.

Sorry, please come again.

Sounded like you said something about...

Mabel Smith.

The thing is Mabel is looking to add a
group band to what we offer our clients.

And he likes your performance last night.

Ah, miss Catherine, we are very free.

My people eh, come let us dance


As long as we are together
Nothing can stop our good vibes

We will battle the weather

My people eh, come let's rejoice

My people eh, come let's dance

Oh ooh

As long as we are together
Nothing can stop our good vibes

We will battle the weather

-Smile cos you want me for people

-Smile whether it's good or bad oh

Smile when you get up in the morning

Yeah, you ready to take on the world

Do not relent. Don't answer them oh

Don't argue with them
Don't respond to them oh

There's a lot of good in your future

-Baby, that is a focus

This band's sound is good.

- Look at their performance.
- Excuse me.

In this city, you snatched my phone?

This is Oluchi.

What's my business with
Oluchi? Give me my phone.

Argh, Oluchi.

Take your money.

Was it not Oluchi I just saw?

It's Oluchi.


Who's the little girl?

- Mm-hmm?
- Have you sent the link to RK?

- Yes I've sent it.
- What did he say?

What happened?



Why are you talking
with a little girl at this hour?


- Mister man.
- Oluchi.

Please who are you?

- Are you a pedophile?
- No!

Bros, I'm just talking to the little girl.

Okay. I wanted her to know
why she shouldn't be here.

- How's that your business?
- Who are you?

You shouldn't be talking
to a little girl in the first place.

You're a stranger.

- Yes.
- Oluchi knows who I am. Oluchi.

- Oluchi, do you know him?
- I don't know him.


He's a criminal.

When did you leave prison?

- Oluchi?
- Answer the question you're asked.

- Why are you calling her.
- Olu...


Sorry, but yeah I just got
out of prison a while ago.

Okay? But I'm here
to make up with my family.

What family?

Look we're not your family, okay?

Stay away from us.

Aunty Oluchi, what's he talking about?

Aunty, how?

Oluchi, why is she calling you aunty?

- I thought this...
- You should leave now.

Please, just go away.

Please leave.

Go where?
That's not her aunt, that's her mother.

- Will you...
- Huh?!

- Oluchi is her mother.
- Why are you doing this?

She deserves to know.
Why is she calling you...


This is none of your business.

It's my business.

I'm that girl's father!

You're not my father.

My father is dead and gone.

I'm dead? Oluchi.

You told her that I was dead.

My father died
and was buried in the village.

Young girl.

Your father is not dead.
Okay. I'm your father,

The person you buried
was your grandfather.

I am your father.

You're not her father.


I merely wrapped the pregnancy around
your neck and you're too stupid to see it.


-If I see you here again,

- I'll deal with you.
- Listen to me.

Okay. That man is not your father.

I need you to believe me. Please.

Why should I believe you?
You're a liar, a thief and a prostitute.

Don't you ever speak
to me like that ever again.

- You hear me?
- Please calm down.

She's just a little girl

That's excessive.

Ihunaya, you can't speak to
elders like that. Especially Oluchi.

Why not?

She's a thief

- Why are you calling me a thief?
- Oluchi it's okay.

Calm down.

Ihunaya, you need to be
more respectful. What's wrong with you?

Okay, it's because you guys don't know.

Cause you guys don't know.

She's been stealing your money
and cheating all of you.

- Wait, what?
- What are you saying?

Whenever you guys go
for parties or concerts,

she takes little money
before she shares it with you guys.


What the fuck!

- Oluchi, is it true?
- Wait.

- It's not true.
- Speak.

- How?
- Where is she?

Where is she? Ihunaya.

- Ihunaya!
- Hey you, come back thief.

I knew this.

- Make this make sense to me.
- I told you.

- Ihunaya.
- Ihunaya.

- Ihunaya.
- Ihunaya.

I told you.

- What did you tell me?
- I told you guys.

- I told you.
- What did you tell me?

Did we know she's that type of a person?

If I get hold of her...

Don't touch me.

- Don't touch me oh.
- Don't do that.

- Ihunaya.
- Don't do that.

To be treated this way

All the secrets says a lot

Must be driving you crazy

Talk to me, babe

Where are you? Where are you?

We've come too far
For me to lose you this way

Always believed I can
Do better by myself

But now I realize

-With you I can do better
-Do better

Come back to me

Where are you? Where are you?

Where are you? Where are you?

Come back to me

Where are you? Where are you?

Where are you? Where are you?

Don't be far away. Come back to me

Where are you? Where are you?

Come back to me

Where are you? Where are you?

Where are you? Where are you?

Where are you? Where are you?

What's this you're saying?

What are we hearing today?

Is Oluchi your sister
Or your mama, eh, eh

And why was she
Keeping part of our money?

Why was she reducing our wages?

In any way

Where are you? Where are you?

Where are you? Where are you?

Because Lagos is not safe

Where are you? Where are you?

So come back little girl

And we promise you that

That at the end of the day
Everything will be okay

It'll be alright. Come back to us

Where are you? Where are you?

Come back to us

Where are you? Where are you?

Don't be far away. Come back to us

Come back to us

Where are you? Where are you?

Where are you? Where are you?



I'm tired.

I've checked everywhere.
Where do we check again?

- Eh!
- They've found her.

Wait, come. Come.

They've found her.

Come B Sax,

you remember when E Piano was singing.

- Uh-huh?
- Did you hear any sound? Like.

I think I heard something
but I'm not sure.

Yes, I heard.

- You heard it?
- Yes.

‪-You know as a band,

we're connected by melody.

What does that mean?

Where are you? Where are you?

- Didn't you hear it?
- What?

- You didn't hear it?
- I didn't hear anything.

Get out of here.

- Ihunaya!
- What's that suppose to mean?

Where's she?

Where are you? Where are you?

- Where?
- Where are you? Where are you?

Safe journey.

Or am I not connected?

I'll just forget about it.

Ihunaya, I brought you dinner.

I'm not hungry.


I apologize for hitting you.

You pushed me.

You called me a prostitute. Ihunaya,
you can't call your mother a prostitute.

Oh now you're my mother.

I've always been your mother.

No, you've not.

Mama has been my mother.

And when she died,
papa became my father and my mother.


You never even met her.
So how is she your mother?

She died before she gave birth to me.

Ihunaya, you're actually
smarter than that.

If she died before she gave birth to you,
how then were you born?

I meant to say, she died during...


Who told you that? Papa?

No, all I know is that, if you're
my mother, you'd have a better attitude.

Ihunaya, I really am your mother.


that man is not your father.

But he said he is.

He's not.

Why will he just show up
and say, "I'm your father."

And he's not my father.

And why should I even trust you?

All you keep telling me is lies upon lies.

Ihunaya, I've never lied to you.

Okay, please.

That man is a criminal.

He's been in prison for years.

Then who is my father?

His name is Fidelis.

Ah, wake up.

You're awake.

Babe, I've fetched water for you.

Go and take your bath
before those neighbors wake up.

You don't want to go
to the toilet because.

I've messed it up


What are you doing?

I'm leaving.

What's going on?
Did something happened in the village?

I can't do this relationship anymore.

- Why?
- I just can't continue anymore.

Don't say that, come on.

You know I'll do anything for you.

Anything that you want, I'll do it.

That's the thing.

You can't do something
for yourself but you want to do for me.

Are you joking?

Look around you.

This is poverty.

I'm tired of suffering.

I'm tired of struggling. Am I cursed?

I need to make something out of my life.

I... I need to make
something out of my future.

I... I need to get money
I want to be wealthy.

I can't continue like this.

I cannot be with a man
who has no money and no future.

I can't.

Oluchi please. Oluchi.

- Oluchi. Oluchi please.
- Stop.

- Oluchi.
- Leave me alone.

Oluchi, don't do this.

Please can you open your boot?

Oluchi don't do this.
I love you. Come on, don't do this.

There is no future
for both of us. Just leave me alone.


Eh eh.

Bros, please don't touch the bag.

Come on, give me this bag.

- What bag?
- This is my girlfriend's bag.

And your girlfriend
put the bag in my car. Drop the bag.

Can't you see she's coming from my house?

Leave the bag alone. Your house?

Is this a house or mud?

Drop the bag, stop it.

I'm warning you.

- Leave my girlfriend's bag.
- What's this rubbish?

Is this not your stupid cab driver
that is arguing with me.


- He thinks I'm your driver.
- Oluchi.

- Wait... he thinks I'm your driver.
- Stop.

He thinks I'm your driver.

Do I look like a taxi driver?

Baby is this...

No, please lets just go.

Boss, excuse us.

Get a job and make some money.


Do you think a lady
like this was created to suffer with you?

Look at the mud house.

Get a job.
If you come close to my car, I'll hit you.

I'm not okay.


The only kind of place

beauty queens such as yourself

are meant to walk in and out of.

I'll make you even love it more.

- You see all this?
- Yes.

Belongs to you now.

House keys.

Oh my God!

- You like it?
- I love it.

I love it.

Now you're in the mansion.

- All this for me?
- Mm-hmm.

And more to come.

Please. What's the special occasion?

Look at you.

Silly girl.

Do you want to know?

I'll tell you.

I'll tell you what I
found, in the bathroom.


Is it what I think it is?

I didn't know how you're going to react.

React how?


I don't want you to think
that I want to use this

to track you down in this relationship.

Are joking Oluchi? This is what
my mother has been waiting for.


Look, see,

this is the best news ever.

Who is it?

Who is there?

FCC. Open the door.


- Good evening madam.
- Good evening.

We are here to search this premises

and to confiscate this property.
Where is your husband?

My husband? What happened?

‪Where is your husband?


- What have I done?
- Handcuff her.

Keep quiet.

Take him out!

People, come

-My eagle egg has landed
-Prepare to welcome her


- She's a baby girl?
- Yes sir.

Thank you God.

Thank you, Creator of the worlds.

You're welcome.

I name you "Ihunaya"

There's no point naming her.

I am full of joy.


You're welcome.

What are you doing?

Packing. I'm going to Lagos.

I see.

And... Where is Ihunaya?

I said I'm packing, I'm going to Lagos.

I heard you.

When you want to go to Lagos,
journey mercies.

But my question is,

"Where is Ihunaya?"

I don't know.

What do you mean you don't know?

I don't know. I don't know where she is.

You didn't leave her in my care.

Look, Oluchi.

It's like that thing you smoke has given
you a permanent scar in your brain.

Where is my child?

She's not your child.

And I don't know where she is.


What have you done with my baby?

What have you done with my baby?

She's not yours
and it's none of your business.

Am I... Look, let me tell you,
I'm not joking with you.

Pray, that the next thing
that comes out from your mouth

will be the where-about of Ihunaya.

If not, I swear to God
Who made us, I will deal with you.

- So, where is she?
- It's not your business.

Where is she?
That's what I asked. Where is she?

- You cannot..
- You think I'm joking?

You think I'm joking.

Where is Ihunaya? Where is my baby?

Have you gone mad?

Where is she?

I've used the belt,
I'm going to punch you.

Where is my baby?

- Ah.
- Thank you

very much.

You're welcome sir. You're very welcome.

My baby. My baby.

- God will continue to bless you.
- Amen.

Thank you very much. God bless you too.

Thank you sir.

My Ihunaya.

You're welcome.

My baby.

Why won't this girl close the door?




Have you seen Ihunaya?

She's inside my nose.

- I knew you'll give me a stupid answer.
- Idiot.

-You're looking for Ihunaya
-Your father.

‪-You're dressed like this.
‪-Your father.


Your father is the prostitute.



Oluchi good morning. What is it?

Have you seen Ihunaya?


- When was the last time you saw her?
- Um,

Last night. We came in together and...

And what?

Bishop, I think she left.


- To where? How?
- I don't know.

- Does she knows her way around Lagos?
- I don't know.

- I don't know what to do.
- Okay, let me get my shirt.

I don't quite understand.

I'm sorry, but how did she get here?

Well, she said she took your money.

And then.

Got one aunty,

Aunty Purity...


Aunty Charity.

To take her to the bus station.

And help her get a ticket.

Where is she now?

She's in school.

Which school?

Secondary school of course.

Which secondary school,
how did she get there?

She took the entrance examination.

She passed.

She was selected.

And she's there now.
What kind of questioning is this?

Wait, let me understand you...

So, who paid for her school?


I think it's best I take you
to see her school teacher.

When you get there,

you can kill him with your questions.
Consume him with questions. Not me.

Aunty please let's go.

Before your father died,

I told him of a scholarship opportunity
for Ihunaya's secondary school.

I went ahead and paid
for the entrance examination.

But he did not have
enough money to pay me back.

So, I took half of the fees from him.


sat for the examination and she passed.

They gave her 250,000 naira cash prize.

And that is beside the scholarship.

They admitted her
into the secondary school

and from what I heard,

she's doing really well.

Did you hear that?

Our Ihunaya is going to do great things.

- Eh.
- Oh.

Did I mention
that they gave her 250,000 naira?

Can I please get the
details of the school? Please.

Yes sure.

But if you have to visit her, you'll
have to wait till the next visiting day.

I don't have that time, I need to go now.

- You cannot badge into a school when...
- Wait.

I don't understand.

I cannot see who?

Teacher Pius, that's my daughter.

I gave birth to her.

- Aargh!
- Ah!


Now you gave birth to her.
"I gave birth to her."

Well... I will see what I can do.

I'll call the principal
of the school and ask for a favor.

Thank you, teacher Pius.

But I'm not promising you anything.

Humphrey, wherever you are,

God bless you.

And you,

did you know?

That that money your
father gave to teacher Pius

For Ihunaya's exam, scholarship exam.

That it was meant for drugs

for his high blood pressure. Did you know?

How did you know that?

Because I loaned it to him, that's how.

Well he didn't tell me.

And how would he have done that?

When you were not
even picking up your calls

He could have texted me.

- Really?
- Mm-hmm.

Text you to say
that he's dying of high blood pressure?

When all the text messages he sent you

about paying your little girl's school
fees went unanswered.

‪He... didn't have to use his money

- for his health to pay her school fees.
- Shut your mouth, little child.

Can you hear
what is coming out of your mouth?

That a man who has the option

of securing the future for his daughter

will now think of himself first.

I can't imagine how stupid you are.

He should have told me.

And what would you have done about it?

Paid for the treatment?

I would...

I would have done something.

Like what?


That would never come to visit. You,

that never picked up the phone to call.

What exactly would you have done?

Please leave the way.

"I would have done something."

God works in mysterious ways.

He communicates
with people in different ways.

Even sent messages in different ways.

Through visions,

through dreams,

through interactions with people,


friends, and even foes.

It depends on you

to identify your message,

decode it,

and move on in life.

For those of you who mistake it.

You'll waste your time.

And it will be dark.

The world does not wait for any man,

any woman.

Make haste.

Tired of it all

Can't risk anymore

Feeling all the emptiness as it comes

Can't take it no more

Sick of all the trial

Don't want it no more

I've decided to give it all to you

‪Can't take care of it all

Oh oh oh

Now I've been trapped in the dark
I've been here for so long

So, I'm trusting you
Lord come and fix it all

I don't wanna to go back

I'm done with that life it's behind me

Oh oh oh oh

Now more than they see in the world

I choose you
Covenant keeper, destiny changer

Righteous ruler

I choose you with all that I am

I surrender Lord here I am

You never take me this far
Just to leave me alone


-Not your way, not your way
-Not your way, not your way


-Not your way, not your way
-Not your way, not your way


-Not your way, not your way
-Not your way, not your way


-Not your way, not your way
-Not your way, not your way

I must confess, I wouldn't
have agreed for this to happen

if it was anyone other than
teacher Pius who made the request.

I understand ma'am.

But seeing you here,

I'm happy.

That he requested and I agreed.

- Good morning.
- Morning dear.

Ah, teacher Pius tells me that

your father raised Ihunaya all by himself

and that he passed away recently.

Yes ma'am.

Ah, your father was a good man.

Very good man.

You know my father?

Not exactly,


I think,

I know that I only met him once.

I mean, I didn't even know who
Ihunaya was until you showed up.

Good morning.

I don't quite follow.

You don't remember me, do you?

No, I...

It's okay, come on.

You can see her now.

Hello, Ihunaya.


There's someone here to see you.

I don't know who she is.


she said she knows who you are.

I don't know who she is. She's lying.


I'll give you two
a moment to talk this through.

I'll be waiting outside.


Behave yourself.

Thank you.

- Ihunaya.
- Don't touch me.

It's fine.

I just err...

I just want to talk to you.

There's nothing you have to say to me

and there's nothing I have to say to you.

Because all you've been
telling me is lies upon lies.

You even sold
papa and mama's wedding ring.


Aunty Nwaka told me
that she gave it to you.


I'm sorry about everything.

I'm sorry I lied.

I'm sorry I sold the rings.

I'm sorry I couldn't be
the mother that you deserve.

I'm just so happy
the way you've turned out.

Even better than I could ever be.

I'm sure papa will be so proud.

Ihunaya, I er...


Please know that

I'm always here and available for you.

Please know that I'm ready.

I'm ready to be
the mother that you deserve.

I just need you to let me in

whenever you're ready.


I'm willing to do anything,

and everything in my power
to be the mother that you deserve.

I beg.

I love you.


I love you so much.

And I'm such a fool for just...

for just realizing this.


I'm here for you whenever you need me.

And even if you don't believe this,

I love you very much.

- Sandra!
- Ma!

Sandra, please come
and take the kids upstairs.

Go upstairs, okay?

Go upstairs with aunty Sandra.

I'll come and meet you later.

- Oh, do come in. Come in please.
- Sorry.

What is this about?

Please, I really would
like to talk to him in private.


Em, hello dear,

there's someone downstairs who...

She's saying she really
needs to talk to you.

You know what, just hold on.

Em, sorry,

this information, how important is it?

Very important.

I actually wouldn't be here if it wasn't.

Babe, just come downstairs
and attend to her please.

I know.

Okay for my sake.

Thank you.

He'll be joining us.

Take a seat.

What do I get you?

No ma'am.

- I'm fine. I'd rather even stand.
- No.

My husband won't be happy
if he comes down to see you standing.

I'll be fine.

Say what you've have
to say, I have things to do.


I have...

You have...

We have um...

I have a daughter for you.

You have a daughter for me?


Is that all?

- Yes.
- Good.

Now leave.

No, no. Hold on.

Did you just say

you have a daughter?

- For my husband?
- Honey.

- Don't dignify this nonsense.
- How?

I swear to God, Fidelis.

I'm telling the truth.

Who gave you the permission
to call me by my first name?

I haven't seen you in ten years.

The other night you saw me
at the club bar, you track me here,

to come and tell me this nonsense.

I left you when I found
out that I was pregnant

I shouldn't have done that, but I did.

This isn't even about me.

This is about your child.

- I find that very hard to believe.
- You don't need to believe me,

Fidelis, you don't.


Ihunaya deserves to
know her biological father.

And you deserve to know
about your daughter's existence.


That's her name?


Ihunaya is an intelligent student.

Just like you.

She's also very witty.

I know she got that
from you and my father.

Of cause she sings like a nightingale.

I think she got that from me.


She's also a very, very smart student.

- And she just got scholarship to go to...
- Shut up.

And leave my house.

Fidelis just...

I'm really sorry.

For all the pain
that I've ever caused you.

And I'm sorry ma'am for...

bringing this into your home.

- But I really don't have any other choice.
- I said get out of my house.

- Fidelis would you behave...
- Get out.

I'm sorry.


This guy's skit is so funny.

This guy is a fool.

This idiot.

- Charity.
- Yes.


Oh my

Please don't mess with me

I look cute
But I came from the trenches

Don't test me, guy I'm cranky upstairs

Oluchi, what the fuck?!

She helped Ihunaya to the East by herself!

I listened to your daughter because

she said she wanted to go back
to the village to resume school.

You have no right.

It was her choice.

You're not her mother.

And so what? Are you a mother?

What do you mean and so?

- Be thankful nothing happened to her.
- What do you mean and so?

Why would you do that without
telling the mother or even me?

Didn't I tell you that
I'll get back at you.

I'm getting mad and if I come through

You'll know what's up

Put you in a difficult situation

Put you in a difficult situation
Put you in a difficult situation

If I catch you
I'll put you in a difficult situation

What if something happened to the child?

Nothing happened to the child. So shut up!

You know what? Forget.


Oluchi, please.

- Get out.
- You're begging her.

- She should be thankful.
- Please.

I swear, because if something
had happened to her.

- If something happened...
- Please.

You're begging her!

She injured me
and you're still begging this fool.

I should have way-billed
your daughter to the grave.

- You're senseless.
- Hm.


I told you I'll get back at you, didn't I?


Why are you running? Fool!

Why are you running? Coward.

Can you care for a child?

You don't even know when she left.


- Charity.
- What?

By morning...

She should leave.

Pack everything
that is yours in this house.

- Ehn?
- To the minutest of...

and leave.

You and I...

- are done.
- Donatus!

I'm not going anywhere.

You told me you'd love me forever.

I'm not going anywhere.

Why will you tell me to leave? For who?

For that girl?

See, I'm not going...


Ihunaya, this is Mr. Fidelis Nwankwo.


- that is doctor Akinwande.
- Doctor Akinwande.

They came all the way
from Lagos to see you.

Good morning Ihunaya.

- Good morning.
- How are you?

I'm fine.

There's no easy way to say this,
so I'm going to go straight to the point.

I think I'm your father.

I'm sorry that I'm just showing up.

But I found out
you existed only three days ago.

And how sure are you
that you're my father?

Honestly, I'm not.

The only reason why I think that is
because your mother showed up at my house

three days ago.


Do you have money?

- Do I have what?
- Money.


I like to think that I have some.

That's it.

Aunty Oluchi needs money

and she can say
whatever she wants to get it.

Mr. Fidelis, don't listen to her.

No, it's fine.

I like her.


Ihunaya, here is the thing.

There is a way for us to be
sure if I'm your father or not.

And how's that?

It's called a DNA test.

What does a DNA test stand for?



I will personally google the spelling
and the meaning for you, okay?

Let's just not keep this gentlemen
waiting they have a flight to catch.

Actually, it's okay.

Mr. Fidelis she needs to get back to prep.

Oh yeah, that's true.


I want to do this paternity test.

But only if you're interested.

And what if I say I'm not interested?

Doctor, does it involved injection?

No, there are no syringes involved.

But I will have to swab your cheek, um,

with this.

- That's all?
- Yes.

That's all?

Well, we'd have to take
it to the lab for a test.

But first, all we need
right now is your cheek swab.

Aunty Nwaka, what do you think?


Only if you want to. Hmm?

But I think Oluchi would
like you to take the test.

I don't care what she thinks. Is it okay?

Even I

would like to know if this
man, is really your father.


Let's do this so that everybody
can go back to their normal lives.

Okay, can you step forward please?

Open your mouth.

Where are you? Where are you?

We've come too far
For me to lose you this way

Always believed
That I can do better by myself

But now I realize

-With you I can do better
-Do better

Come back to me

Where are you? Where are you?

Where are you? Where are you?

Where are you? Where are you?

What does this mean?

It means,



I'm your biological father.


But I cannot accept you as my child.

Not just yet.

Am I your child or not?

The paternity test says you are.

But I have a family of my own.

I don't just see
how you can fit in with us.

- Are you rejecting me?
- No, I'm not.

It's just...

I'm going to pay your school fees.

I'm going to put you through university.

Up until you can stand on your own feet.

I don't need a sponsor. I want a father.

I'm sorry, Ihunaya.

You shouldn't have bothered coming.

You sent for me.

I took the liberty of,

carrying out a paternity test

on the child you claimed is mine.

I don't need to look at that.

I know whose child it is.


I'm happily married...

with two kids.

I cannot accept Ihunaya

without affecting my marriage.

- But she's your child.
- I didn't raise her.

You stole her from me.

You stole me from her.

I need you to understand,

that because of your actions,

I'm forced to make

the most painful decision of my life.

You're making a mistake.

I know.

But it's either that,

or I destroy my marriage.

And I have no intensions
of destroying my marriage.

You've done enough damage
in my life already.

Take this...

Use it,

to raise my daughter.

I came to ask for forgiveness.

Guys, I understand
that you're all angry at me.

And it's very justified.


- you stole from us.
- Yes!

- Judas!
- I shouldn't have done so.

But I did it.

That's why I'm here
to apologize. I'm sorry.

This is the money that...



- Wait what?
- Wait.

Let her finish.

Finish what?

Guys, this is not about money.

This is about trust.


we trusted you,

but you betrayed our trust.

I was scared.

Of what?


I was scared of failing.

I was scared of being poor.

I abandoned my papa.

I abandoned my own child.

For this...

For this money.

And the small family I have in Lagos...

I still abandoned you guys,

and cheated.

That's why I'm here today
to apologize. I'm sorry.

Please forgive me.


How much is there?

Eight Hundred Thousand.

What is this?

Let me help her hold it.

Aunty, good evening ma.

Good evening, Oluchi.

I was not expecting you here.

I'll leave the two of you.

Thank you ma.

How are you?

I'm fine.

You have...

no idea how much I miss you.

Ihunaya please.


Let me be your mother.


Do you know how to be a mother?

I don't but...

I can try.

I miss you too.

I know where you are
I know where to find you

‪Oh oh oh all the point is that
‪It's the person who'll fix me I'll call...

You're looking great.

Oluchi I have good news for you.

You remember that your song?
I shared it with one of my friends.

He's one of the biggest
artist managers in the country.

So, he said one
of his artistes likes that song.

And he wants you guys
to have a collaboration

That's really a good news.

But... I can't.

You know I'm not
the only one who recorded the song.

It was with my band.

And we've parted ways.

And it was my fault.

But don't you think this is
also an opportunity for them.

Because it's a big one.

I'm not sure they'd want to listen to me.

They're not really happy with me. So...

Why not ask them yourself?

Okay, talk to them. I'm here with them.


E Piano.

How are you doing?

So, Oluchi.

We'd love to do the song with you.

Always by my side Obara'm

Oh oh oh oh

Always by my side oh oh oh oh

-Always by my side Obara'm
-Always on my mind...


Thank you so much, Waje,

for doing this with us.

You're welcome.

I heard she's your baby sister.

She's my baby.


- She's going places.
- Amen.

I'm thinking we should work together
again if you're open to the idea.

It would be our absolute pleasure.

Oh great. Mine too.

Let's do it now
before she overtakes the industry

- Thank you so much sis.
- You're welcome.

- Thank you.
- We're going to be on our way now.

- Alright.
- Take care.

Ihunaya, come on.


please where is my Tab?

It's in the bag.

Did you just called me mommy?

- No, I didn't.
- Yes, you did.

- No I didn't.
- You just called me mommy.


- How are you?
- How are you?

What's happening there?


- We are here grooving.
- Grooving!

- Make sure you don't finish the money.
- Don't worry.

‪Subtitle translation by: Regina Njoku