Nothing About Robert (1999) - full transcript

Didier never knew that a wrong film review of a film which he did not bother to watch would land him in numerous troubles.

Didier, Juliette's here.

I'm coming.

- Sorry.
- What for?

Sorry I'm late.

I had it out with Evelyne.
Any cigarettes?

Who's Evelyne?

- A colleague. She wants to be friends.
- Nice.

No, it's not. We've nothing in common.

Anyone saying: ''Let's be friends''
must be mad.

Maybe it's sexual.

It could be.

Nothing sexual about her.
Not with those teeth.

Those teeth?

They're green. I think it's plague.
She wants to be friends...

...but can't see how green they are.

Also, I was sacked.

- So that's it.
- That's what?

That's why you're upset. Why sacked?

I 'lack team spirit'.
I'm 'not friendly'.

So that's why.

Is that all you can say? I'm broke.

We'll find you something. Don't worry.
You'll see.

Him again.

Look at him. He's hounding me.

I keep seeing him.
Every day for the past three weeks.

See that jacket?

Not bad.

- I look a mess.
- You look fine.

No, I look a mess.

You're a genius. He must be a prat.

- I need a makeover.
- Stop thinking about yourself.

It's only a film, not a ball.

- It's that Serbian film, right?
- Bosnian.

That crap piece of fascist propaganda?

Just checking.

To confirm your opinion?

- Why review a film before you see it?
- I had no choice, no time.

You always have a choice.

- Why stop?
- For your cigarettes.

Gauloises extra light, please.

Gauloises extra light.

What's wrong?

They were weird in that café.

They gave me nasty looks.

Maybe it was nothing, but it felt like
it. They seemed to know each other.

The owners, the customers.
All of them.

- All conspiring.
- A criminals' café?

Or extreme-right supporters. You don't
find criminals around here. Still...

Maybe they were Serbs.

I felt they were dying to insult me...

...waiting for any excuse
to call me names.

When anyone calls me names,
it throws me.

I look like a complete idiot.

Leave me here.

Stop here.


What's the matter?

- Make a wish.
- We don't have to see the film.

Make a wish.

All done? Pick a cheek.


Look at this guy.

- Isn't he gorgeous?
- No.

I'll ask if he wants to make love.

If he has condoms, I'm off.

- Seriously?
- Of course not.

- You sounded serious.
- You disgust me.

Excuse me. Do you...

Do you have any cigarettes?

No, sorry.

Do you smoke?

No, I don't carry cigarettes.

- Sorry.
- It's all right.

Don't I know you?

- Through Muriel?
- Muriel who?

I don't know.
Didn't we dine at 'L'Industrie'?

- Where?
- 'L'Industrie'.

A restaurant near Bastille.

I've never been there.

It was your double then.
Do you go to the opera?

- At Bastille? Never.
- Pity.

- Do you go often?
- Only for concerts.

We do know each other.

We had a cool conversation
about television. I'm a TV director.

You told me I was really cool
for a TV director.

I doubt it.
I hate anything that's 'cool'.

Particularly TV directors.

- You make me smile.
- So smile, you prat.

You're crazy.
I didn't ask you anything.

You came to me, so don't insult me.
You're the prat.


- So?
- We have a date.

No, you talked about cigarettes
and opera.

- Why ask then?
- He called you a prat.

- He's a TV director.
- Really?

- Why didn't you beat him up?
- I don't do that sort of thing.

Proud of yourself?

- Not at all.
- Yes, you're very proud.

You're crazy. I've had enough.

That's right. Piss off.

- Leave me alone.
- I can't.

I'll get over it, but right now,
leave me alone.

- Thanks for coming.
- No problem.

- Are you OK?
- Sort of. And Juliette?

We've argued.
I don't know where she is.

Probably with her crazy mother.
She'll go mad there.

What did you want?

I'll tell you.

Where's that magazine?

Tell me.

Any jobs going?

- For whom?
- Juliette.

What does she do?

Assistant librarian.
Assistant anything.

I'll see.

There's an article by Jérôme Sauveur.
It's like your style.

There's an amazing number of new books.

He's too good. It makes me sick.

What's that favour?

You wanted a favour.

You know Uncle Ariel Chatwick-West,
the Professor?

He could get me a grant
to finish my thesis.

He hates me, but he'd listen to you.

You overestimate me.

He taught lots of people other than me.

He likes your work.
Even that Serbian thing.


- You've seen it?
- No.

He's told me several times he'd love
to meet you. Please do it for me.

What do I say? ''I'm Didier Temple.
I'm calling on behalf of...''

He's having a dinner party on Tuesday.

I'm not going,
but I'll get you invited.

- And the job for Juliette?
- I'll do my best.

- Really?
- Yes. The invite won't be a problem.

All right then. Have a nice afternoon.

You too.

- Arthur, I need my jacket.
- Mum and Dad are here.


- Who is it?
- Didier.

About time.

About time?

I wondered if I'd ever see you again.

You visit your brother,
but we don't exist.

Would it be so terrible to visit us
now and then?

Don't be so predictable.

- I'm predictable?
- I knew you'd say that.

Don't talk back.

I'm talking to Didier.

I'm too busy working to visit,
but I don't think of you that way.

You never say what you think.

We're very happy you have lots of work.

- How's Juliette?
- Fine.

- Did you argue?
- Three days ago.

- What are you reading?
- Jérôme Sauveur.

You've read it?

- You should.
- Why?

It's great

''The golden eye of the beginning
has closed

''We must now face the dark wait
for the end''.

Brilliant. How depressing.

- I'll take my jacket.
- What's it for?

I've been invited to a dinner party
or something.

I can't look a mess. What's so funny?

Why are you looking at me like that?

Can't I look at you?

It's not him.

Didier Temple.

Ariane Morgenstern. You're here...

For dinner. Isn't it tonight?

Yes. Are you invited?

That makes thirteen.

You didn't know I was coming?

No, but don't worry.
I'll take your coat.

Sorry, it's not your boyfriend.

Violaine Rachat, Mr Temple.

- Do you mind waiting?
- No.

I'm cooking.

- Do you need help?
- No, I have plenty.

Mr Chatwick-West is here, isn't he?

He's busy. He'll be here soon.

How about a drink?

No, thanks. I'll wait in here.

See you later.

At last.

I'm on time, aren't I?

- Well, almost.
- Quite.

- I hate waiting.
- What were you doing?

Teaching the girl.

I'm glad you're here.

I think we've met.

Jérôme Sauveur.

What's wrong?

Where's the bathroom, please?

Upstairs, first door on the right.

Wake up.

What's wrong with me?

- Are you OK?
- I don't know. What happened?

I thought you were dead. Are you hurt?

I bumped my head, sat on the bath
and then... I don't remember.

- Vagal blackout. Ever had one?
- Never. Are you sure?

I'm a doctor. It's caused by shock.
You're lucky you didn't fall face down.

How long have I been like this?

A while.

Did I miss dinner?

No but everyone's seated.

I don't believe it.

- I'll tell them.
- They'll think I'm weird.

- They forgot about you. Feeling OK?
- Fine.

- No dizziness?
- No.

Splash with cold water.
I'll tell them to wait.

The dining-room is down the corridor.

I'm very tolerant.

I can even take Kundera's writing
on Janáček. And God knows... tedious that can be.

Feeling better?

- Yes, thanks.
- Good.

Take a seat.

Excuse me for asking...

I was invited here tonight, wasn't I?
I didn't make a mistake, did I?

I wasn't?

I'm terribly sorry.

Your nephew assured me...

Martin? How strange.
That boy is very strange.

This is totally absurd.

I'll just go and I'll call him later.
Please forgive me.

Don't fuss.

Sit down and help yourself.

Owen, please serve this young man.

Sit down.

You're on 'Testaments Betrayed?'


Kundera's 'Testaments'. Not only that.

He mentions Janáček
every chance he gets.

Even in his first novel.

- 'The Joke'.
- You're an expert.

I'm not surprised.

I agree with you about Janáček.

But the pages... 'Testaments'
about Kafka and Hemingway...

...I find really accurate. Don't you?

On that Hemingway story?

'Hills Like White Elephants'.


He goes on and on about ambiguity.

Textual polysemy. That's so academic.

It is.

On the contrary,
I find it both clear and critical.

Give me an example.

Actually we weren't talking about.
Kundera at all...

...but about you.

About me?

Yes, about you. Does it surprise you?

No. Under these circumstances, no.

He's blushing.

How charming.

Your writing doesn't suggest
you're so shy.

- You seem so confident.
- Like all shy people.

What? Well, maybe.

Like all shy people.

You've read his work?

Some of it.

Brilliant, isn't it?

Yes, very.

I don't try to be brilliant.

But you are brilliant.

And to contradict you,
I think you do try to be.

You think you are.

- You mean he knows he is.
- Yes, he knows.

He really does.

I like some of your writing.

My nephew must have told you.

I was deceived.

Shut up.

I've something to say, so listen.

Your style...

...hides a deceitful soul.

You attacked a work... hadn't even seen.

I'm talking about that Bosnian film.

No, Serbian. You know what I mean.

I was horrified. I couldn't believe it.

Then, your convoluted denials
in indulgent publications...

...opened my eyes. I understood.

Or rather, I saw with the eyes of
the mind what I now see in the flesh.

A literary scoundrel...

of French intellectual arrogance...

...and of heartlessness.

I don't understand how my nephew...

...whose inane admiration for you
is tempered by rancour...

...thought I'd welcome you
with open arms.

You have nothing to say.

No justification. No indignation.

Have a nice evening.

You'll always be hungry.

A critic.

Without enthusiasm or strength.


- Over there.
- What?

The spider. Kill it.

- What?
- It's enormous and horrible.

Why horrible?

I found one on my pillow once.
They're attracted to hair.

I'm sorry, but I'm looking
for the cloakroom.

Or a wardrobe.
My car keys are in my raincoat.

You'll find it. Can you look again?

Forget the spider. I can't see it.

I just want to go.
Have you seen anyone with coats?

He won't let me go down.
He's ashamed of me.

Lord 'West-West', that fat bastard.

Who is he to you?

My stepfather.

Well, I call him that.
I spend weekends here...

...or Mum gets no money.

He bores me with his sermons
on morality...

...while he sucks any dicks he can.

Sorry. Did I shock you?

No, on the contrary.

You look sad.

I'm sick.

Is it serious?

It's my soul apparently.

That's nothing.

- Does it hurt?
- I think I'm bleeding.

Let me see.

You cut your head. There's dried blood.

It's all right.
Do you know where the wardrobe is?

There it is. Thank you so much.

What are you doing?

Turn the light on. Open up.


No password. Turn the light on
and open up.


Stop that.

Why do that?

- 'Paperboy'.
- What?

The password is 'paperboy'.

You're not very considerate with me.
What a pity.

They're coming.

Please, no.

Your raincoat.

- Do I have time?
- Hurry.


You've slain the monster.
My knight in shining armour

Aurélie what are you doing?

I'm defending myself.

This shit-hole is full of bugs

Go to bed.

He's showing someone out.

Get rid of it. It makes me sick.

Why 'paperboy'?

The password. Why 'paperboy'?

Just something we used on the boys
at school.

- How?
- Like this.

I'm a bad girl.


I have wicked thoughts.

Close your eyes.

- Why?
- Another trick.

It won't take long.
I'll say when to open them.


You're mad, bursting in like that.

Shut up.

Get out.


Excuse me.

I'm sorry

Hello, it's Martin.
Please ignore my fax

I didn't manage to contact my uncle

I don't think it's on

The best thing... Call me back

It's Juliette. Pick up

We must talk. Something's happened

I'll call back

What is it?

Mrs Sauvage, sorry to wake you.
It's Didier.

I must talk to Juliette

Juliette? Isn't she at your place?

Isn't she with you?

Why should she be?

Can I come up?

I'm sorry to bother you. Any idea
where she is? I'm very worried.

You're very worried? Why?
Has she done something wrong?

I'm sorry. I'm very worried...

...because I love her terribly.

Really? Terribly?

I know a lot about love
and terrible things.

So far, you haven't shown much proof
of this 'terrible love'.

That'll change. I must see her
or I'll have a dreadful night.

Really? Dreadful?

You make me laugh.
You know nothing of dread.

Be modest. Say you'll have...

...a bad night.


- A very bad night. Can I stay here?
- Here?

In her room in case she comes.

She's not mad enough
to disturb people so late.

Go on. It won't hurt you to suffer
a bit.

It'll only be a bit.
You're not one to suffer greatly.

Didier, telephone.

- About time
- What?

I left you 20 messages. I had a horrid
night. You could have called sooner

I wasn't alone.

- Of course
- Meaning?

I can imagine you weren't alone.

Did you have a good night?

Betten than good.

Can I see you now?

- You're working.
- I don't care

- I'm far away.
- I'll come

- I'm in the street.
- Where and when?

- About six.
- Not before?

Six at the Ctuny.

- Who is he?
- Who?.

Do I know him?

I've seen him?

Who is he?

I'm out of coins. Six at the Cluny.

You're crazy to do this to me.

It wasn't to spite you.

No I meant the time. We said six.

Forget it. What's this outfit?

What's wrong?

This dress isn't your style.

It is my dress.

- What are you having?
- Waters fine.


You want to know?

You said I'd seen him before.
It's Jérôme Sauveur.

No, his name's Alain.
He's the guy from the park.

You're joking.

No, why?

He's vulgar and repulsive.

The TV director who insulted you
and called you a prat?

That's the worst insult
for an attacker...

...and their victim.

- You're so clever, darling.
- Stop making fun of me.

- How did you find him?
- When I left the park...

...he was looking for me to apologize.

He looked so sad.
I went to a café with him.

- That's it?
- I can stop there.

Come on, Juliette. A TV director?

How can you?

You're full of clichés.

He makes great documentaries.
He went to Bangladesh...

...and shot a wonderful film.

You've seen it?

When I say something is wonderful
or crap, I've seen it.


He's going to exhibit
his beautiful photos too.

Not for himself,
but to make this country exist.

To make it exist?

I'm going to scream. I swear I am.

Are you in love? Do you love him?

I don't think so.
I think you're the one I love.

Will you see him again?

Good lover?

I don't know, but I like it with him.


You want to know?

He buggers me. You never did.

I didn't know
you liked being buggered.

Neither did I

What's scary is he puts his tongue out
when he comes.

He puts his tongue out?

Yes, but now I think it's quite sweet.

First, he screwed me for ages,
quite conscientiously.

After I came, he stuck his dick
in my arse.

I was terrified.

I pulled away.

So he started withdrawing his dick
from my arse and that drove me mad.

I screamed so he stuck it in
all the way.

You can't imagine how good it felt.
Of course you can't.

I was wide open, ecstatic.

But I worried I hadn't cleaned my arse.

On the sheet, it looked like milky
coffee. So embarrassing.

You're telling me
you did it without a condom?

His test was negative.

How do you know...

...he's negative?

He's just had a painful break-up.
He hasn't made love for two months.

Do you have proof?

He suffered terribly.
He thought he'd be impotent.

A sensitive, delicate guy...

...who buggers you.
Two months is nothing.

I don't want to talk about it.
It's done.

Will you carry on?

I don't get it. You say you love me.

I do. What's that got to do with it?
I'm late.

You've just arrived.

Are you meeting him?

Don't be so predictable.

I'm predictable?

I must see...

...his latest film.

- It's about Iceland.
- Wonderful.

- When will I see you?
- No idea.

No idea? Fine.

Give me my keys.

One more thing. What's his name?

- I told you. Alain.
- Alain what?

Alain de Xantras. 'Bye

Just like nature...

My poor darling, you're disfigured.

I'm not. It's just a haematoma.

- Can they take it out?
- They don't. It heals.

Can they heal it?

Forget it. What's this?

- I said no nougat.
- It's cantuccini.

Same thing. I can't chew.

- You've lost your teeth?
- They're falling apart like my ears.

No I'm fine. I just have two cracked
ribs. They're not even broken.

Why are you staying?

I'm under observation
for cranial trauma.

Don't worry.

- Nothing will ever happen to me.
- I hope not.

Has Juliette been?

No. Have you seen her?

She called to ask...

...where you were.

Did she say why?

She'd left things...

at your place and had no keys.

Did you say I was in hospital?

- Was I wrong?
- What did you say?

I said it wasn't serious.

What do you mean, not serious?

I'm having tests for internal injuries.

It's horrid to say it's not serious.

You said it wasn't.

Now I'm saying it's not serious.

But you didn't know that
when she called.

Why did you say it?

Don't you know I hate sugar
after 40 years?

What's all this?

I'm sorry.

I've just arrived. I'll let you sleep.

No, I'm glad you woke me.

Sorry, I'm a bit...

A bit surprised to see me?
I won't stay.

I've been trying to contact you.
You're not too...

No, it's nothing.

I had to tell you I was appalled
the other day.

I told Ariel after you'd gone
and I left too.

Really? Why?

I hate public torture.

But Ariel relishes it. I think he had
a reason which had nothing to do...

...with your unfortunate article.


About the Serbian film.

It was unfortunate... many ways.

So everyone keeps saying.

You find me gauche?

I'm a little gauche.

I had a dreadful night.

You're in hospital
and I'm the one whingeing. I'll go.

I've brought a copy of my latest text.
Tell me honestly if you're interested.

Of course I'm interested.
Sign it for me.

All right.

I'm touched you came.

I'll leave my card.

I'm really touched.

That's a nice jacket. Is it silk?

It's fine wool from a shop in New.
York - Paul Smith's, like the shoes.


The shoes? Yes.


No, it's for you.
From Ariane Morgenstern.

Excuse me.

Impossible. Not before Saturday.


I'm not at home and I'm not alone.

I said no. Yes.

I have to go.

Can you handle them?

- Handle what?
- Women.

Can't leave them.

Can't keep them.

They hang on, it's hell.
They leave, its hell.

Right now it's hell twice over.

Pretty view. You're lucky.

I was happy in Thônes. You know it?

Near Mont Blanc.

Twelve miles from La Cluzaz.
Sublime landscape, Sublime is the word.

What were you doing
to make you so happy?


lt was both awful and divine.

Let's meet up soon

This is Didier Temple


Aurélie Coquille?

Yes who's that?.

You gave me your number through.
Ariane. Didier Temple.

Are you surprised I called?

No. I don't know.

Shall we meet up?

I don't know.

Should I hang up?

I don't know


All right.


Wherever you like.

I don't know

My place?
I'll show you my Félicien Rops.

You have a Félicien Rops?

Come in.

Take a seat. Wherever you like.

This is your place?

It is and it isn't.

It's my mother's place. Well...

It's not really her place either.

What do you do? Are you a student?

I sell things.

What do you sell?


You're a bit young.

There's no right age.

And your Félicien Rops?


Am I bothering you?

I feel I am.

You can't bother me.

Would you like a drink?

Yes, thanks.


Whatever you like.


All right.

I don't have any.

Whatever you like.


All right.

Thanks. You're not drinking?

I must be careful
because of a past S.A.

- Pardon?
- S.A means...

...suicide attempt.

I was saved, but it left side effects.

What kind?

- Frequent renal colic.
- That's very painful.

Yes, very.

So, this S.A.

Why did you do it, if I may ask?

No reason.


Hardly any.

Why send me...

...your number?

I have wicked thoughts.

You said.

What do you mean?

I have a rough idea,
but I'm not sure it fits.

You can do whatever you like with me.

Does it fit?

Why me?

You fit.

Show me your Félicien Rops.

This is your room?

It is and it isn't.

Are you sure it's a...

Félicien Rops?

No idea. That's what I was told.

Don't look at me.

- You're not staying?
- I have work.

I know you don't like me.

I like you a lot.

Is there someone in your life?

Only my mother.

There she is.

Mr Temple.

My mother, Ana Carmina Burana.

Don't call me that.

Did you do what I asked?

I was just leaving.

I'll show you out.

- It doesn't matter.
- I'm yours body and soul.

Sorry to bother you.

It wasn't planned, but I'm celebrating
my recovery. Would you like to come?

I'm in the mountains.

- In Tignes?
- In Thônes.


Working with the Aravis Mountains
and the sunset.

I read your text. I disagree
with the virtual stuff, but I liked it

Come and discuss it.

Thanks. Have a nice evening.

- Where are they?
- Parking. Put it in the fridge.

How is she?

She's had her hair done
and she's dressed up.

- What are you drinking?
- Red wine.

I'm a bit worried.

My brother.

I got you a little something.

You shouldn't have. How sweet.

- What is it?
- A brooch.

What animal is it?

A salamander. The eyes are citrine.

- It's a lizard.
- It'll look lovely with my grey coat.

You could try it on now.

You weren't expecting me. May I?

Come with me.

- You've hardly any scars.
- It's healed.

Was it an accident or did you...

Of course. It's not your style.

- What's up?
- I'm unhappy.

I love you. I can't talk to him.

I hate his bookcase.
It's full of expensive art books...

...and the Encyclopaedia Universalis.

- Terrible.
- Yes, terrible.

You still care for me?

I think so.

Glad to see me?

I think so.

Don't kiss me.
I've been kissed too much today.

Don't take it badly. Understand?


Take care.

You're off?

To see 'Nabucco'.
The direction's awful.

You're joking.

Don't hate me. I'm torn.

She's off? I wanted... offer her a job



Just wondered
whether you'd see me again.


When? Am I bothering you?

It's a bad time. I'll call you.

- Juliette left?
- Don't pretend you're sorry.

- Stop it.
- Don't.

Listen to yourself.

Shut up.

Don't start arguing.

- See how he talks?
- You're the one...

...putting on airs.

This is a nightmare
and you're the worst part.

Quiche, anyone?

- We're a nightmare?
- I didn't say that.

You said we were the worst part of it.

You invited us,
but if we're a nightmare...

Not you.

Then what?

The nightmare is the fixed smile
on your face since you arrived.

The nightmare is
behind that smile you're incensed...

...because you got a brooch...

...instead of an apology.

Sorry for being bad,
for the salamander...

You prat

l forgive you...


Go after her.

You upset her, so shut up.

Get out.

Sorry about earlier. I was abrupt.

Are you alone?
Get dressed and come with me.

- Where?
- To Italy.

All right?

Can I bring clothes?

- Can I make a call?
- In there

Arthur sorry about earlier.
I was on edge

I'll let you know where I am.
I hope Mum... I'll call back.

That's the Aravis Mountains
with Mount Tourette.


Yes, how do you know?

I know things.

- What's that?
- I don't know.

- What are you thinking about?
- Happiness, escape.

- Why are we here?
- Don't you like it?

You said Italy.

- It's across Mont Blanc.
- Are we going?

- Right now?
- No, I need a bath.

I've sweated like a pig. I must stink.

- Don't you like mountains?
- They're OK. Do you?

Not especially.

You wanted to escape?


Escaping is good.

Shall we get acquainted?

Not now.

- I stink?
- You smell lovely.

Don't look.

Not too hot?

It's perfect

I thought I'd never find you.

- Who gave you this number?
- Your stupid brother. You're busy?

- What's up?
- I want to see you.

I'll be back on Saturday

No, now. I left Alain.

Really? Why?

Are you sorry for him?
I can't stand him

I want to see you. I'm taking
the 23.05 train arriving at 8.12

I'm travelling first class.
Can you pay me back?

- Don't you love me any more?.
- Yes

Is that all you can say?

Wait, Juliette

- Do you still love me?.
- I said yes.

That means nothing. Say: ''I love you''.

- I love you
- Be there.

No apology, no tears, no pity.
It's very simple. Buy me a ticket...

...back to Paris.

You want us all to drown in ridicule?

It's stupid.

That's the Aravis Mountains and
that's Mont Tourette. I mean Tournette.

- And that?
- I still don't know.

Why 'still'?

I asked, but I still don't know.
Aren't you hungry?

Not really.

There's ostrich steak
and kangaroo fillet.

- Help me.
- If you try being less unpleasant.

I travelled 400 miles
to be with you...

...and all I get is kangaroo
with strangers.

They're nice. Their house...

I don't care. I came for you.

When I called, you didn't say anything.

I was astonished.
You won't be alone with me.

Come in.

We were bored so we came up.

This is Juliette.

Violaine Rachat and Jérôme Sauveur.

What a view of Mont Sulens.

Haven't we met?

- Wasn't he hounding you?
- I was hounding him without knowing it.

- Really?
- You've found each other.

Aurélie's here.

Let's all have a drink.

Of course.


- What are you having?
- Mondeuse.

I love it. Have a taste.

Funny seeing you here.
What are you doing?

You left the shop?

- You're alone?
- I'm working.

On what?

- She might not want to say.
- I teach her.

But nothing sinks in.

You're embarrassing me
and everyone else.


- I thought you'd be happy to see us.
- Very.

Excuse me.

Did I upset her?

She's pretty.

A bit neurotic.

Neurotic? Don't talk like that.

- You know what I mean.
- Don't.

- What is it?
- Excuse me.

- Renal colic.
- Are you a doctor?

It's obvious. Have you never seen it?

I need water.

She's in pain. Fetch water.

Renal colic. Is there a doctor
in this place? Are you a doctor?

- It's renal colic.
- Give her an injection.

- What is it?
- Renal colic.

Do something.

Profé... what?


Pass the water.

Anything else?

- I'm not an idiot. She's with you.
- Are you mad?

You held her hand.

I hate seeing people suffer.

- You knew what she had.
- I'd seen it.

- Where?
- Ages ago.

- Where?
- In Kenya.

Can we talk about this tomorrow?
I need a rest. That's why I'm here.

Sorry I'm ruining your holiday
with your friends.

I'm here because you left me.

Coming here was a great idea.
Do what you like. I'm going to bed.

Is she tired?


We took her to the hotel.

- Is she in pain?
- She had an injection to sleep.

- It's awful.
- It is.

- Would you like a drink?
- Whatever you like.

Something non-alcoholic.
Milk and honey.

With a bit of strawberry.

It's me, Didier.

Feeling better?

Still in pain?

No, it's over.

Thank you for earlier. For the gesture.

It wasn't a gesture.

It came from the heart?

If you like.

Thanks anyway.

I'm fine.

It's over. Go back to your girlfriend.

Sorry. It's the injection.

It's silly. You can't stay here.

I'm with you
even if you're not with me.

That's the way it is.

Say my name again.

You should pick it up.

I've nothing to say to you.

It was no one.

You started something interesting.

I just said Aurélie.

Say it again.

Open up, please.

- Go home.
- We need to talk.

- Tomorrow.
- Don't do this. It's unbearable.

I'm ill.

That's no excuse.


I said I wouldn't see you any more.
I was clear.

- Why are you here?
- That's my business.

- I'll kick the door in.
- Go on.

OK, tomorrow. Promise me.

Promise me.

It was nothing. Who cares?

Where were we?



You're crazy. Go away.

You recovered quickly.

I didn't know.

- I really didn't.
- Of course.

- Why are you here?
- Having fun?

Of course you are.

Yes, we're in hysterics.

- Will you kill us?
- That's stupid.

- But I like it.
- Really?

You like it?

What are you doing?

Have fun. It's your turn.

What will I do with this?

You're scared.
Do what you say for once.

I'm scared.

Pull the trigger.

Stop it.

You shut up.

Your style... heavy and devoid of grace.

Have fun.

You're crazy.

Are you OK?

- Me?
- You don't look well.

I know. Something blew up.
Sorry about the noise. It's over now.

It's a 38 starter pistol.

Available everywhere. Harmless.

Maybe it is, but I didn't know that.

Did you really think...

Of course.

You were scared. You're ashamed of it.


I almost had half my face blown off.
What do you mean harmless?

You scare me. You just don't do that.

I had to get rid of him.

There are other ways.

Why did you shoot?

Please forgive me.

Go. She must be waiting.

You'll think of a lie.

I'm kissing your neck.

I'm kissing your hair.

I'm kissing your eyes.

I'm kissing your mouth.

I'm kissing your balls.

I'm kissing your feet.

See you later.

There's a train at 8.15. I'll take it.

Would you like breakfast?

I'll have it downstairs.

Can you write me a cheque
for the train?

A still mineral water, please.

That's fifteen francs.

You're going home?

For treatment?

No, for work.

French and Maths?

No, lingerie.

I'm a bookseller.

- You're due back?
- No, we argued.

- Things aren't right with Didier.
- Really?

He doesn't know what he wants.

I'm boring you.

You live in Paris?

Been there long?

Eight years.

You're not inquisitive.

What do you mean?

You don't ask me anything.

What should I ask?

- I don't know. Whether I live in Paris.
- Do you?

Should I ask more?

I'm not forcing you.

- Are Jérôme and Violaine your friends?
- More or less.

Have you been with Didier long?

Two years.

How long has it been going wrong?

It was never right.

What was wrong?

Everything. The sex, for instance.

Does he screw you well?

You're not used to direct questions?

Not like that.

You didn't answer.

Do I have to?

You find me aggressive? Nosy?

Does he caress you
or stick it in once you're wet?

With me, he's afraid
of losing his hard-on.

I finally worked it out.
He still loses it, but during sex.

Then he gets hard again,
but starts sweating.

He looks distant, but focused.
You know why?

He fantasizes to stay hard.

About girls...

I'm not interested.

Did you work this out
or did he tell you?

A bit of both.

Does it disappoint you?

No, it makes me laugh.

All guys do that.

All guys? Not all of them.
Have you had many?

About average.

Average means two at most.

- I fantasize to come.
- Really?

Don't you?

- With me. it just happens.
- Always the same thing.


I'm led to a big square full of people.

I'm wearing a white shirt.
They tie me to the stake.

They light the fire.
When the flames...

...start blackening my skin
and devouring me, that's it.

Like Joan of Arc?

No, Joan of Arc was innocent.

I'm totally guilty.
I deserve to be burnt.

Another coffee?

Yes, please.

Don't touch the wedding scene.

Don't touch it.

We'll fix it later. I'll call you back.

Your Iceland documentary?

- Shall I set up a screening?
- I'll see it on TV

You know Iceland?

Imagine a mossy plain.

An endless plain. Green moss, blue
sky and volcanic rumbling underground.

The beginning of the world. Beautiful.

I read your article
about the Bosnian film.

I found it admirable. It's wonderful.
It's so accurate.

I never saw the film, so...

That's why it's so wonderful.
It's so right.

You're brilliant.

- Juliette admires you.
- Really?

- She doesn't know what she wants.
- True.

I care for her. I really do.

You want me to talk to her?

She despises who I am compared to you.

- That's why you wanted to see me?
- Maybe.

You've seen me.

You shouldn't be ashamed of who
you are compared to me, honestly.

I believe you

'Bye. The tragedy isn't over.

May I borrow your phone for a second?

Is it on?

I'll just be a second.

Martin? It's Didier. Pass me Juliette.

Juliette? I'm with your friend Alain.
You know what he's just told me?

He said: ''The tragedy isn't over''.

You can't stay with that prat.
It's frightening.

You're right. The tragedy isn't over.

We said seven.

Sorry. What time is it?

It's nearly eight.

Can I still kiss you?

- You look unfocused.
- It's my eyes.

- You're burning incense?
- You don't like it?

I don't know. It's trendy, isn't it?

You talk like a magazine.

Where's your mum?

She's in Lyons until tomorrow.

What for?

I don't know. Awful things.

What do you have against her?

Do I shock you? Are you Catholic?

I don't care.

I don't care. Hold me.


What's wrong?

An attack?

No, I'm fine. Go away.

I'm fine. Go away.

- Shall I call someone?
- No need. Just go.

What's wrong?

Nothing, you idiot. Just go.
You're embarrassing me. Go away.

I don't understand.

Go away.

Well, if it's what you...

Yes, it's what I.

Can't I...

I'm an animal.
I want to be alone like an animal.

Is that Aurélie?

It's Didier Temple. Is Aurélie there?

- They just tool her.
- What?

Took her where?

- Are you OK?
- Fine.

It's nice of you to come I'm glad.

You scared me. You really did.

Promise me you'll never do anything
crazy again.

- I didn't mean to scare you.
- That's what's scary.

They've been whispering like this
all day.

I'll speak to them.
Promise me not to try again.

I saw her last night.
I didn't understand.

- Maybe I didn't want to. I'm so...
- Flippant.

That's what you are. Flippant.

That's me sorted.

You've proved it again.

I'm as shattered as you.

This is not he place for indulging... your games.

Not so loudly.

- I didn't ask you.
- I'll ask you something.

Go on.

Did you see yourself talking to her?

Languid looks, your eyes in hers,
your hand in hers.

What do you want?

I want you to stop this horrible act.
I want you to stop your game.

- It's not a game.
- What?

What do you want from her?

She didn't ask me anything. I made... promises.

You leave, come back and leave again.

You throw her.

You lead her on. That's wrong.

You know she did this
long before she met me.

- For the same reason.
- What?

She's passionate.

That's her misfortune and ours.

She threw herself at me. I should have
refused. That's where I'm guilty.

Who cares what you are or not?
We're not asking you to be, but to do.

- I will.
- You'll do what?

I don't know.

Do you want her?

Sorry. Nothing about Robert Desnos.

Are you staying long?

No, I'm out tomorrow.
I was thinking about you.

Come closer. I won't bite.

You have something to tell me?

On the train, I met your girlfriend.
We talked.

She's nice.

I forgot what she said.

I couldn't hear. I was looking
out of the window at the landscape.

The landscape?

Sometimes it was bright.

Very green under a beautiful sky.

Two seconds later...

...there were horrible walls.


It kept changing.

I thought...

It's silly.

Say it anyway.

I thought... must be bright, green and
beautiful or it's not worth living.

That's all.

I love you.

That's all. It's simple.

You say you love me.

But I...

I don't love you.

By freeing myself, I freed you.
We freed each other.

What's wrong?

- Are you seeing him?
- What do you mean?

- Are you lovers?
- I don't date every guy.

- What is this?
- You were meeting?

I've a conference in Florence.

- He asked me to go.
- You accepted?

I've never been... Florence.

- Why her?
- I asked her.

- And Violaine?
- That's different.

- It's over?
- So what?

You left Alain.

- How do you know?
- I know. Don't go.


You'll make love on the first night.

That's insulting. I'm not like that.

Why her?

I'm a customer. We just talked.
I asked her.

- That's all.
- No, it's not.

Yes, it is.

- Come on. He's crazy.
- Please.

I beg you.

On my knees.

I'm with you. I hate him