Non-Stop (1996) - full transcript

A salaryman, a drug addict and a yakuza go on a breathless three man chase through the streets of Tokyo, each for a different reason and fighting demons.

And have a nice day yet. Good bye.

"Tomoru Taguchi"

Don't move, made with the money!

Good day. Can I help you be my man?

Thanks, I'm fine.

As you wish.

"Shinichi Tsutsumi"

Hurry up!

"Written and directed by: Sabu"

Very good.


1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.

Stupid guy! Slow as a snail!

Oh, forgive me!

Complete idiot! What're you squatting in the middle of the way around, you monkey?

Excuse me!

Own fault! What's going on? Come to you!

Excuse me!

You're nothing to use, you fool.

What are you doing with the cabbage?

Don't be ridiculous!

You does not fit easily into this world!

What map are you looking at me? What?

I don't even do it.

Exactly this perspective brings me into a rage! Come on, throw it out! Right away!


Get up! Get up and get out! Hau, now, and let the cabbage da!

Now we have to snip new cabbage! Crap!

What are we going to do?


But Midori!


What are you doing here? You're not working?

What's that on your head?

Yasuko-honey, you know this guy?


Hey, you're an adult, pull yourself together! How do you look like?

Why "Yasuko"? -This guy bothering you?

Not at all. Everything okay!

Let's go, it's not important.

Did you hear?

Now come on!

Hey, you, you're with Yasuko to do?


Oh no! Always the same with him, that's disgusting. We're going!

There's so such types of failure. Terrible, isn't it?

Terrible! You are quite different.

Moron, out of the way.

Did you hear?

There's Yes those loser guys. Terrible, isn't it?

You're nothing to use, you fool!

Come to you!

The look makes me rage!

You're grown up, bring about but finally something!

I'm going to do that!


Here we go!

I will show it to you!

Oh! The mouth guard!

There he is.

Crap, for students.

Don't move!

I bought here yesterday!

Then I want to have that also. -If there still is.

Don't be so mean, of course there's more!

There it is. Lucky!

I take it also in pink. -Post Äfferin!

Don't be silly!

And that! -Oh, Yes.

This is too much. Hey, look at this.

Oh, how nice.

There I'll buy two of. -Nice and sweet.

This is however quite expensive. -Not to stand.

You have the money. -I have more of her.

That's a laugh!

You have twice as much as we together.

Wrong at all.

Totally doesn't matter. -Now at once!

Stop it, we want to but have fun!

Exactly, and that's why I buy now what you too!

Then I take two of them.

For all I care! Then you get fat and round, just right can be me.

And now you, find out what! -She's so modest!

Now do not rush me, I can just opt ​​bad.


This is for kids!

You shoplifter!

My goodness, a shoplifter!

Have a look! - Because, a shoplifter!

You, stay standing!

What do you want with that? A child's toy, you're not very close?

Oh, how can you be so stupid, ridiculous.

Showing it to him now!

Shooting yet, if you can, you thief.

No, I'll break.

What are you doing?

So you wanted to stop!



Everyone is waiting for me, the whole world is waiting for me.

I'll show you, yes!

I withdraw and make the best song ever!

But everything is fine.

Everything under control, do not worry.

Get out!

I earn with the substance of money,

have you figured that?

Obviously not.

If you want to have something, you'll also pay.


Three days, I do not wait any longer.


You pay your total debt. Bring the money to my office.


do not dare to muck the Yakuza.


Shit that you'll regret.


I'll kill you!

I kill him!

Listen, Takeda! - Yes?

Do you think it was good for you to be a Yakuza?


Say, you take care good care of your parents?

My parents died.

Excuse me, I did not know.

All right. For me only the big boss there.

My parents live in the countryside. I was supposed to visit them again.

Listen, Takeda.


Would you die as a shield for the big boss?

I would.

I understand. You're a decent guy.


Frankly, I do not know if I would do that.

I really do not know it.

Good day!



There are seven bullets in it.

What do you want with that?

That's your life.

Takeda. - And?

Say, do you know the friend by the boss?


Do you have a girlfriend?

No fixed.

I understand. There's a woman I want to marry.

Oh shit!



What do I do now? Forgive me!

Forgive me.

Sorry, Mr. Kuroki!

I did not bring the ready!

I can not do this!

What am I doing now?

I avoided. How come only?

I was afraid!

I am a cowardly rat!

What shall I do?

I'm afraid! I can not say that simple.

I kill him!

Big Boss!

Is it true that a low Kido member the head honcho

and Kuroki killed?

Yes that's right.

Where is Takeda?

He said he accepts responsibility, then he hung up.

Big Boss! Let me go!

Now the war has begun, be ready!


Hey, Shimada! Look at that!

Allow me that I fuck your daughter?

Can I get him?

Oh, man, listen to the writing.

Man, why do not you say anything?

So a lot of unusual shit!

The head honcho of Yamane-family, a Kido member killed him!

Mass! - And?

Get the car here! - Yes.

Hey, let's take what car? - The Wagon!

Not the patrol car?

No, the Wagon!

Which is so much easier!

"The police headquarters is an employee."

Just come on in!

May I help you! A cold beer?

A cold beer anyone?

Kudo -. Ja?

Be a real man, when death comes.



Is that true? - Yes.

You lost your gun? - Yes.

but that's crap, really big crap!

Such a fuss over a gun!

When was it?

Days as three or. - And where?

I had put on a bit drunk and got me with a Yakuza.

Which was the Yakuza?

Takeda was that, from the Yamane family.

Then Takeda has your weapon?

No idea. I can ask Takeda bad indeed:

"Hey, buddy, you might have stolen my gun? Or do you know where she is?"

Maybe he knows it, yes.

Then he would have long since sold off.


It's quite possible that now some idiot running around with it.

Hey, buddy! But surely that is the weapon.

This is a toy gun. I shoot anyway never to do just fine.

Show me. Yes, give it to me already.

Looks saugeil! Honestly! Yes!

Real dangerous.

That's what I'm saying.

The shape is a bit different.

Do not worry. Nice.

If even such a thing, you had the gun Dirty Harry should take.

A .44 Magnum.

What? If you stand around on? - Yes.

He's a gun nut! - Oh! If I wanted a what?

A MGC Colt Woodsman Match Target of. Heavyweight, I would advise you.

Powerful explosion sound.

The cartridge is like shot out of a cannon.

Like an arrow she hisses then.

The Beretta M92F has a semi-automatic start mechanism

, Easy to control with about 800 RPM.

Western Arms Colt Government, a truly impressive weapon.

Very strong rebound, featherlight deduction feeling.

Super Horny styling, more than great!


You must persevere, big boss!

There! The starry sky, look at him!

Big Boss!

Our boss, Mr. Araki, was the greatest of all.

A model for all Yakuza.

No one was as Mr. Araki!

Oh yes, that was a living legend.

Der Hauptverantwortliche war dieser Herr Araki.

Hören Sie, ich verrate es Ihnen.

Die ganze Familie hat Widerstand geleistet, und alle sind deswegen krepiert.

Was machen Sie denn da? Keine Aufnahmen, verschwinden Sie sofort.

Verpisst euch hier! Seid ihr schwerhörig?

Großer Boss! Passen Sie auf!


Großer Boss!

Ich kill euch!

Großer Boss!

Kudo, nur du allein wirst mein Nachfolger.

Sagen Sie so was nicht, Sie werden leben!

Die Familie, ich überlasse sie dir, Kudo! Sorge gut für alle!

Nicht sterben!

Ich zähle auf dich, du schaffst es!

Großer Boss!

Am besten finde ich immer noch die Beretta von Western Arms, die M92F.

Dafür gibt es so viele Zubehörteile, da kommt keiner mit.

Ja, es gibt eine Laserzielvorrichtung als Aufsatz, ein Hartford Beamfold One.

Sieht ein bisschen altmodisch aus,

ist aber momentan das lichtstärkste Teil auf dem Markt.

I would remove the finger switch to the redundant wire

and installing a one-touch switch.

Beam Fold One has a light intensity of 5 milliwatts.

Even in daylight you can see the target.

She has an excellent accuracy and is therefore very popular.

An upper horny part.

Oh, to stay with police weapons: how about a police collection?

The traditional weapons lovers like the Western style,

the modern fan moved to the Police collection.

We need jackets, like those of the ATF, the American Special Forces.

Like the cops who lead the fight against serious crime: Freeze!

Don't move!

Great! Just great.




I love you I love you!



Keep on


let us go from here,

wherever you want.

I want to be with you.


Frankly, I do not know if I would do that. I really do not know it.

But, you'd die with a smile.

Die with a smile?

Listen, Takeda! - Yes?

A Yakuza dies in style. But no one knows when he has to step down.

The style of dying is like your lifestyle, you understand?

It's not about how you die, but how you live.

If one lives long in this world, paying attention to how you walk.

What style of running I have so far pronounced?

And what is the situation for the people when they see me run?

One runs to achieve a particular goal.

No, not just the people to do that. All living things do that.

Run, Takeda! Run so that you discover your lifestyle, run!


Don't fucking move! Da! Fuck! Dada!

Get down! Get down, motherfucker, get down!

Quiet! The Yamane family!

Very well done, Akagi.

Thank you.

Drink this, you. Go to the police here. - Yes.

You say that what we have discussed. - Yes.

Then when you come back out, you will belong to the management team.

My job, I will fulfill it.

Very well, I'll wait for you.

So then...

Big Boss!

What do we do now? Suppose a fixed?


That's a damn.

Of course, you are right.

We will just grab a few of the Yakuza.


What is it, Sheriff?



Big Boss, Takeda!

So then...


Man, which family you belong, scumbag?

Do you hear heavy? Which family you belong? Speech!

You guys is aware of you, you're here?

Laddie, great gun you got there. Is it a toy?

Get up, you son of a bitch.

Bring it on.

Take it easy. What the hell this kid stuff, fools?

I'll show you the time now. That's how it goes!

Big Boss!

Big Boss!


Don't move!



Could this weapon viell ... - You bastards!

What a nasty trick that?

You will not get out of here alive!

Hey, that gun there ...

You bastards killed the Kido boss. This will pay you!

Hey, there's my Waf ... - Shut up!

Are you proof of your statement? Then show it!

Can I use the weapon once did ... - We need to prove anything!

I will make you all flat!

Oh really? Well roared lion! Come here!

Why are you laughing?

What's that crazy laugh?

Hach, somehow ...

I ask you, what is there to laugh.

Running ... - Huh?

Run, I said. - What?

Running was good,

it has done me so well.

I've never gone in life so, so full of power.

I can not explain this.

I had a feeling,

I would do anything in life.

Enough, show me the gun now!

I did it again!

Here, this is to be taken? That is her! Looks at this.

I did it again.


What? What are you doing, scum? Did you say something?

You're a piece of shit, but you get nothing about.

Too cowardly to die, but still silly rumfuchteln with the weapon.

Oh, there's only one thing:

To the dump. Arrested all!

You have no sense of aesthetics.

Pull the trigger yet.

Model gun!


Big boss!

"Kido family"