No. 1 Chung Ying Street (2018) - full transcript

Four young lives were changed forever when they become involved in the 1967 Hong Kong Leftist Riot; half a century later, another four face similar challenges amidst the Mainland-Hong Kong conflict.

- Morning
- morning

hey. Chun man is here

come on down


this is for uncle


what is it?

He thinks my calligraphy is nice.
I've written something for him.

Great. I'll give him

look at you. So clumsy

the hakka tea cakes are done.
Remember to take them from the steamer

- it's just outside
- will do

thanks, mum

morning, my driver

morning, miss

alright, bye

- bye
- let's go

morning, great-uncle

good day

someone being so sweet today?

Just because my bicycle is broken

take care

when I graduate from
the university of Hong Kong in architecture

I'll build a bauhaus style marketplace
in shak tau kok one day

palmier pastries will be sold there

cheese cakes

best to move
my family's grocery store there too

you want a lot

it's only right

I'll put what I like in what I build

put me there as well


what is it?

I forgot the hakka tea cakes


Did you take for me?

This is mine


someone will have no breakfast

you can get palmier
pastries in sha tau kok?

Who said that it's from sha tau kok?


who's that someone who is most
against colonialism and imperialism?

Now he savours colonial
and imperial pastries

turn your back on the great motherland

say one thing and do another

you know everything


Go to hell

please take one


- yes
- no

so chun man

my head spins

carry it for me


hop on if you don't mind


- hey
- what?

We're not done yet at the last
inter-school athletics competition


on your marks

get set

- go, uncle ku
- yes, miss


in 1711, the British east India company

established a trading post in Guangzhou

mainly for the purchase of tea from China

but China didn't need anything
from britain at that time

britain suffered a severe trade deficit

to balance out the deficit

the British began to ship opium to China

people who became addicted

would do anything for the opium

this was what the British did

you must have heard this one before


this is the original version


you've seen the movie?

Of course

don't you think siao fong fong is so cool?

The lady killer

the artificial flower factory
incident in tai yau street, San po Kong,

is a continuation of history

as long as we haven't reunited
with the motherland

the British will continue
to take advantage of us

they will continue to exploit our workforce

so chun man

I know that last week
the federation of trade unions set up

the Hong Kong-kowloon committee for
anti-Hong Kong British persecution struggle

although I live in
a faraway place in sha tau kok

our union there is joining the fight

that's right

if we don't fight for our future now

we'll just end up like the workers today
when we graduate

students, stand up if
you want to lend a hand

I didn't expect so many of you
were willing to distribute leaflets


he was smiling at you


li lai wah, fong su ching

we're planning for a party at my place
after the exam

why don't you join us?

- Sounds good
- sure

- but...
- But what?

But lai wah lives in sha tau kok

it's a problem for her to go home
when the bus stops running at night

not a problem

just a short drive from kowloon tong


you'll be there, both of you

hi, take a look

for the sake of Hong Kong's future

the young generation
should support our initiative

thank you for your support

chun man

for the sake of Hong Kong's future

all young people should...

My father said they moved in only
when those people made trouble first

but my father didn't think so


Hong Kong people
shouldn't beat Hong Kong people

the yellow-skinned dogs
are traitors to the motherland

they willingly become the
slaves of imperialism

I get angry just talking about it

but if the police won't keep the peace

Hong Kong will be like mainland China

the police should serve the people

but not for an authority which rules
with an iron fist and through opium

do you really believe that

Hong Kong is better off
if it's returned to China?

You only live in your own world

without any idea of how people suffer


on the day after our exam

I'll have a party at home

why don't you join us

since you can go back with lai wah?

I can give both of you a ride home


that's a deal

su ching's father is a police officer

she said that the police moved in only

when the crowd broke through the barriers

can you believe them, the
yellow-skinned dogs?

Can you stop calling them
yellow-skinned dogs?

Your father and uncle always call them such


don't you think it's highly disrespectful?

Just study hard
for your university entrance exam

you'll then become a perfect match

do you think women study hard
just because they want to get married?

I study hard for the university

because I don't want to spend
the rest of my life in sha tau kok

I want to go see the world,
look at different architecture

the world is huge. Do you know that?

Bigger than the great
chairman mao in your heart

enough said

it's not necessary to mention chairman mao

I'm not talking to you

excuse me

be quiet... be quiet...

I'll let go if you keep quiet

be quiet...

I'll let go if you keep quiet

- let me go
- calm down

calm down

I won't tell the police... l wont...

I'm not going to tell the police

just got here from the mainland?

Don't tell the public security

I was just looking for food

take this palmier pastry

what's your name?

Cheung wing kuen

so chun man

my ancestors were just like you

they came from the mainland

we're compatriots after all

my old man always says

now that we're in Hong Kong

we won't be able to survive

if we don't look out for each other

this old house belongs to my uncle

he has gone to Holland to make a living

not sure when he'll be back

you can stay here for now

I want to find work

I want to make money

buy palmier pastries for my mother

you came to Hong Kong only for the money?


the great responsibility of
carrying the flag is with you

give me a second

I thought when I got to Hong Kong

I didn't have to face chairman mao anymore

don't worry

many of us
hang chairman mao's portraits at home

set your heart

fear no sacrifice

against all odds

fight for victory

set your heart

fear no sacrifice

against all odds

fight for victory

quiet please

during the anti-persecution rally

held on San lau street on June 10

we gave our word that

facing the British colonial government

for our patriotic compatriots

for our patriotic workers
persecuted by the fascist

we'll fight till the end



the joint strike action

that we call for

is supported by over 20 industries

with over 60,000 workers


premier zhou has pledged

his staunch support

for Hong Kong's union strike

Beijing will give us every support




this is my schoolmate cheung wing kuen

I mentioned before our village chief, mr li

chief always takes good care of our family

we go back a long way. Don't mention it

hello chief. Hello uncle

wing kuen is a good son

he wants to start work early
to help out his family

chief, please help him
if there's any opportunity

wing kuen, where do you live?


San po Kong

- San po Kong
- that's right

he told me he couldn't stand

how the British Hong Kong capitalists
take advantage of the workers

the police only care about taking bribes

it's also for a better Hong Kong that

he came to the rally in sha tau kok today

that's right, I want a better Hong Kong


we can't let the British
colonial government

- go on like this
- that's right

down with the British colonial government

uphold workers’ rights

down with the British colonial government

uphold workers’ rights

I can't get it

hey. Why are you keeping
to yourselves here?

I don't like to be quiet

I go dance

I like to know

do you come from a manchu noble family?

You've a big collection
of national treasures

my grandfather was
a rag-and-bone man in the mainland

my father followed him around
to collect old stuff

national treasures or not

they're just making a living

when did your family come to Hong Kong?

When they were fighting the Japanese

my father said all these antiques would have
been gone if we didn't bring them along

westerners love all things oriental

we never expected these antiques
would fetch higher prices in Hong Kong

is that why you don't approve of chun man
and the others being anti-British?

What are you trying to say?

Aren't you doing business with the British?

Do you think my priority is always

whether it'll harm my family's business?


is it not?

I would think so

it's getting really late

how come chun man hasn't got here yet?

But he's always like this, absent-minded

perhaps he's busy

right. Chun man and you... are you...

What is it?

That the two of you...

That the two of us...

Are a couple of

childhood friends, like brothers

why did you ask?


shall we dance?

Do you have any medicated oil for sprains?

In the drawer

sit down first

the middle one?

That's right

bear with me

you can treat a sprain?

You will when you often get beaten up

forget it

Hong Kong people won't get it


you're classified as the black five?

Hong Kong will classify people as such too?

I only heard about it

I thought there won't be any more struggles

when I got to Hong Kong

it's the same everywhere


we're only asking the employers
to treat their workers fairly

do you know that many workers

work 362 days a year in Hong Kong?

The first three days of Chinese new year
are their only holidays

but at least you've got food

and you don't get beaten up

we can't go any further, young master

what brought you here
to sha tau kok at this late hour?

- 1...
- Great-uncle!

Lai wah? Are you alright?

This is my schoolmate, chi ho

did you know that something happened
in sha tau kok today?

Better get home quickly

what has happened?

Ask your father when you get home

great-uncle, is it possible to
drive lai wah all the way home?

You don't have the closed area permit.
I can't help you

right. I can walk from here.


I'll just walk her home and
come back straight away

back in a jiffy!

Thank you, great-uncle!

Let's go

it's here, my house

thanks for the ride

my pleasure


we're thinking of a picnic
during the summer holidays

why don't you join us?


I don't have a phone at home

how could I get in touch?

But there's one in our store

mom! Auntie!

What's going on?

Chun man, his father and your father
didn't come home

I always ask them not to make trouble.
They never listened

now even the son is involved

you can't really blame uncle.
Chun man's school is also very active

active in what sense?

"Against the British and brutality”

they ain't starving.
"Against the British and brutality"

what if they got arrested?

I don't want my son to
have a criminal record

the news reports say that

those people are beaten badly by the police,
until their heads are covered with blood.

Don't worry. It'll be fine.

If you see chun man, help
me talk him out of it

he listens to you since he was very young

remember to talk to him. He's my only son

don't worry

what are you doing?

Hurry up!

What are you doing?

I'm not going back

are you crazy?

The village chief is expecting us

we'll meet at tung wo school
should anything happen

I'm turning back

are you crazy? Where else can you go?

I can't even go home

I haven't eaten

we always cross back and forth like this
since I was very young

it's nothing

listen to me

you crossed over once.

You don't believe
you could do it a second time?

Come on

long live chairman mao!

Long live chairman mao!

Village chief!

What happened to your foot, chun man?

Nothing. Just a sprain

- thank you so much
- you're welcome

we're one big family.
Feel free to ask if you need help

thank you, chief! Thank you, uncle!





wing kuen, do you know how to farm?

I know. When I was very young...

When he was very young,
he used to farm in San po Kong

right, San po Kong

great. I'm always short-handed on the farm

many people have left sha tau kok
to work overseas

come help me out if you've time

thank you, chief


let's eat

capitalism allows the economic exploitation
of labour force

enabling capitalists to
accumulate their wealth

imperialism in the form of colonialism

imposes such evil system

on the colonised workers

chairman mao teaches us

have you seen my father?

He's with me now. Don't worry

when are you coming back?


When are you coming back?

We'll counter-attack Hong Kong very soon.
Don't worry

- your mother is so worried about you.
- Can you bring me

- she doesn't want you to get involved
anymore - two white flower medicated qil?


Two bottles...

Your mother is so worried about you. She
doesn't want you to get involved anymore

alright. Let's get going. Talk later.

Sei, do you still feel dizzy at the moment?

A bit

take good care of yourself, you know?

I know

take care

ah chat, canvas shoes
are almost out of stock

go get some from sheung shui



have you got the prunella?

Mom, I just saw chun man
across the street from San lau street

did you see your father?

They're together and safe. Don't worry

I'm not worried. If he could survive the
war, nothing could go wrong for him

I can't believe you

the British must go! We shall overcome!

After more than a hundred years
of British colonial rule in Hong Kong

a lot of poisonous thoughts
have been planted in people

down with the British colonial government!
Believe in chairman mao!

To eradicate such poisonous thoughts,

we must first launch a propaganda
with correct ideology

let's charge ahead!

The great chairman mao once said

"the world is yours as well as ours"

the British must go! We shall overcome!

This is PC 5218

sha tau kok police post no.3

about 100 demonstrators from the Chinese
side are crossing the border in sha tau kok

calling for immediate backup. Over!

Down with the yellow-skinned dogs!

Who's willing to take the charge
for the motherland?


My name is cheung chi chung.

I'm willing to work for chairman mao
and for the motherland

long live China! Long live China!

Me too!

Me too!

Down with the yellow-skinned dogs!

This is delta no.2 commander

shau tau kok and the rural committee
building are under gunfire attack

more than one officer was shot. Over!

This morning about 300 mainland Chinese
surged across the border at sha tau kok

shouting slogans

rapid gunfire was exchanged
with the Hong Kong police force

at sha tau kok's chung ying street police
post and around the rural committee building

the mainland militia even set up machine
guns on the Chinese side of the border

and opened fire at the
rural committee building

the Hong Kong police had to call
on the Gurkhas to end the scuffle

five police officers are certified dead

several more officers are
sent to the hospital for treatment

don't worry. Your father won't die

mom, do you think it's right or wrong,
what father is doing?

You can't tell yet for certain things

just like fortune telling

when god che kung tells you
your fortune at the beginning of the year

is it really that way?

We wouldn't know
until we look back at the end of the year

what are you trying to say?

You're too young to get it

forget it

aren't you going out with your schoolmates?

Not in the mood. I'm not going

they don't care about what we think

they'll do what they want to do

why should you be so
unhappy because of them?

I can't believe it. That's your husband

you can't rely on anyone but yourself

you can make yourself happy

you can also make yourself unhappy

why should you make yourself unhappy?

Come on, your schoolmates
are waiting for you

- one
- two

- three
- four

- five
- six

- seven
- eight

- nine
- ten

- Jack
- queen!

Cut the cards!

Look, what's written here?

"Let's gather the masses and
further expand the anti-British forces"

these leftists are crazy people

there's an explosion in
a leftist school earlier

a student lost his arm from the explosion.


my father said that the police have also
arrested fu qi and shi hui!

- Both of them?
- Seriously!

Are you bored? Let's get some fresh air?

My father hasn't been home for three weeks

not a word from chun man. I'm so worried

I don't really get it

neither do I.
I don't get it why they're so into it.

My father was with the guerrilla forces
against the Japanese

he often told me that the
British were useless

they fled and abandoned Hong Kong
when the Japanese attacked us

but they came back to reclaim Hong Kong
after the Japanese was defeated

even the fire fighters were corrupted

they wouldn't put out the fire
if they don't get the bribes

but I heard that
when the Japanese attacked Hong Kong

the British and the Canadians
joined forces against the Japanese.

Many of them died

Hong Kong workers weren't any better!

Chun man said the new China
helped the farmers and workers

let them hold their heads high

liberate them from capitalist oppression

do you really believe
in what chun man said?

I don't mean he's lying

but if the new China
is really that great like he said

why are there still so many refugees
coming to Hong Kong every day?

I really don't know

then do you know that

I've been waiting for your call
since the shootings in sha tau kok?

Lai wah

I'm really worried about you

ah... do you think is there any other way
to look for chun man and my father?

Sorry, I shouldn't have
picked this moment...

Why don't we ask all the unions?


not at all

that's enough

you couldn't have eaten
much the last few days

we revolutionaries are
not afraid of hardship and death

revolutionaries also need to eat

- I'm full
- dad!

We're so worried about you

silly girl, your dad won't easily die

luckily that you've switched
your identity card with your brother

what about chun man and the others?

Sha tau kok is not safe now.
They went to Hong Kong

helping out at the unions

where are they?

You're a girl. Just study hard and
mind your own business.

Then why did you get chun man involved?

Boys are not the same

why are we different?
British women have the right to vote

your communism advocates
equality for all, isn't it?

I asked your father not to get you involved


lai wah, we just want to keep you safe

then you shouldn't take part too

I'm different. I fought in the war before

you say the same thing again

you were so worried about your father

now that he's back, shouldn't we be happy?

Hello? Miss, the call is for you

thanks. Hello?

Hello, lai wah.

Someone got me a list of the unions
in Hong Kong and kowloon

perhaps we could find uncle there

there's no need. My father has come home

chun mun and the others went to Hong Kong

no longer in sha tau kok

oh, good that he's back

but I'm still worried
about chun man and his father

my father won't tell us
where exactly they are

why don't we go look for them together?

Sure. Let's go to Hong Kong together?

That's right. We follow the list and
drop by the unions one by one

on July 9, dock worker Cheng chit po

and cargo handler ma lit came across

a student being beaten up by the
riot police in des voeux road west

they came forward to rescue the student

the student got away

but Cheng chit po and
ma lit were shot dead.

The two of you...

Hi, we're looking
for someone called so chun man

have you heard of him?

No. Who are you?

We're his friends

he has disappeared since July 8
after the shau tau kok incident

someone told us he went to Hong Kong island

that's why we came here to look for him

can we still tolerate the white-skinned
pigs and yellow-skinned dogs who

murder our fellow workers

and arrest our leaders?

No, of course not!

We're in a meeting.
Why don't you write down his name?

After the riot police
raided the union at the dock

lots of people came here
to look for their families

his name is already written here.
My number too

please let us know if you've news



excuse me?

Why are you following me?

We've a friend who is with the union

just wanted to know if you've seen him

please let go of him

what's his name?

So chun man


he's from shau tau kok.
No surprise that you don't know him

shau tau kok? Did he kill the five cops?

I don't know

how can I trust you?

We're really from sha tau kok

young master!

How dare you beat my young master!

No, uncle ku. He didn't beat me.
Just a misunderstanding

so chun man?

We went to lots of unions.
No one has heard of him

you couldn't possibly find him this way

please let us know if you've news of him

I'll let you know if I run into him

young master

I'll only drive you home from now on

nowhere else

auntie, don't be like that

lai wah, I beg you. Please tell me

kin fung and chun man, where are they now?

Your father told us they're now safe

but people are dying all around us

how could they be safe?

Dad said they went to Hong Kong

don't worry. It'll be alright

should anything happen,
dad will let us know


Should anything happen...
Should anything happen to them

I don't want to live

an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth

down with the British colonial government.
Reinstate Chinese authority

believe in chairman mao. Obey chairman mao

many people have died.
The British still won't stop

if Hong Kong is now returned to China

what would the other
British colonies think?

International affairs are not that simple

uncle, if you think nothing much could
be changed despite all you've done

why are you still doing it?

Changes are not brought
about by just one struggle

before the wuchang uprising

there were the qinuhu uprising and
the huanghuagang uprising

changes are brought upon by
a small group of people first

many people were killed
during the huanghuagang uprising

aren't you scared?

How can we not be scared?

But when you really love a place
and really love the people there

you'll spare no effort in protecting it

reinstate Chinese authority!
Believe in chairman mao!

- Obey chairman mao!
- Chun man, I need to pee

long live chairman mao!

Reinstate Chinese authority!

Believe in chairman mao! Obey chairman mao!

Long live chairman mao!

- An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.
- Down with the yellow-skinned dogs!

Stop it! Don't throw!


Stop! Stop or I'll shoot!

Shot? Fairy tower, pokfulam?

I'll be right there.

- I'm going out
- where are you going? What's up?


mom, I'm done. I'm going home

take the duvet out, under the sun


grandma chan, may I use your phone?


Hello, mom?

Sorry, I'm looking for kwok chi ho

yes. What's up?

I overheard my dad on the phone

he said someone was shot.
Then he rushed out

I think he went out for chun man

did he say where?

Fairy tower in pokfulam, I think

will you come with me?

You get there by yourself.
I'll meet you right outside the village

sure. Let's do that

alright. Bye

it's mom. She's angry with me that
she got no driver now

she has to take cabs

young master, if you listen to your mother

she won't be so upset


I'll take a nap upstairs
since I can't go out

good, go and nap

chi ho, where is it?

Should be over there

young master?

Young master?

Excuse me?

Hi grandma, we're looking for
someone called so chun man

may I know if he is inside?

The police were just here.
They took everything

grandma, how are you? My name is li lai wah

I'm here to help chun man's mother
look for her son

I think you have children of your own too

you know well how a mother feels

why don't you let us in?

Sorry, I can't help you

two people outside looking for so chun man

- lai wah
- dad

I told you to mind your own business

I'm only helping chun man's mother

where is chun man?

Come on in

behind the screen

how did it happen?

Why didn't you get him to the hospital?

Why didn't you get him to the hospital?

I'm fine

I told them not to do that

but why? There's so much bleeding

I don't want to get them in trouble

do you know your mother and I are
so worried about you?

Chi ho and I have been looking
for you everywhere, for a long time

you only care about your so-called ideals

did you care about the people around you?

We've done so much just because
we wanted to make life better for everyone

do you really think that the world would
become a better place with what you've done?

Chun man? So chu man?

Chun man?

So chu man?

Chun man?

Chun man?

Chun man?

So chu man?

Chun man?

Lai wah, my heart aches too

but for the sake of the nation and
the greater cause of the masses

fightings and sacrifices are unavoidable

did you know what you're talking about?

- Run! Run!
- Run! Lai wah!

Let's go!

Kin fung, let's go!

It's my fault that my son got killed

please let me stay here with him

let's run

still want to run?


Let's run

- lai wah!
- Young master,

don't go back. They'll get you too

I'm not leaving lai wah behind

get me that pokfulam file

yes, sir

what were you doing in pokfulam?

Passing by

passing by? We saw you
coming out of that house

don't ever think that
keeping your mouth shut could set you free.

Sign here!

You got the wrong person.
She didn't do anything!

Damn you, leftist! Get down!

Why did you hit him?

Why? Stop fighting back!

Still won't talk?

If you still won't talk,
we'll beat you until you do. Stupid!

You killed chun man!

Stupid! Still won't talk!
What's the yelling for?

Li lai wah, under the current
emergency regulations in Hong Kong

at around four o'clock
in the afternoon of August 23

you are charged
for unlawful assembly in pokfulam

and for assaulting the police

you've seriously underminded
Hong Kong's law and order

do you understand?


Aren't we due to stand trial?

The court has to handle too many cases

to control the situation,
we have a special arrangement

that's a trial in absentia?

How could it be?

Quiet! Shut up!

Li lai wah, you can talk with your family
before you enter a plea

does it hurt?

Lai wah, just sign and plead guilty
and you can leave

I've got everything settled

I didn't do it. I can't plead guilty

why are you being stubborn
when things have come to this?

Mom, what happened to dad and the others?

They got three years,
your father and chun man's father

think about it. If you're also in jail

what's your mom going to do all by herself?

Mom, I'm sorry

but I hope you could understand and
respect my decision

chi ho, thank you

we're only distributing leaflets

we didn't harm anyone

if that's not alright

is there still justice in the world?

What about the brother and sister
from yesterday?

One was eight, the other was three

both were killed by your bombs

is there justice for them?

Walk faster

lai wah

it's all my fault. I shouldn't have
asked you to look for chun man

lai wah, I got you into this

li lai wah is innocent

please let her go


The mob hurled firebombs at lam bun

he was burned alive

they're innocent?

Lai wah

uncle wing kuen

sze wai, sorry to trouble you

when are you coming back
to help on the farm?

I'm afraid you don't want me

well, farms won't discriminate ex-offenders

well, you talk to me like that. You aren't
afraid of hurting my delicate self?

How could you be delicate
if you could laugh about it?


there's a letter

can you please read for me?


oh, nothing much

uncle wing kuen

I got to help my mom with some deliveries

talk to you later

- mom
- let me do it. You take a rest

I'm fine

if you hurt your back

more trouble for mom and I

don't worry

when the new China-Hong Kong shopping mall
opens in sha tau kok

we'll be driven out of business

shutters down for our store soon

who needs more deliveries?

Why didn't you tell me all this?

You father is with the rural committee

ask him yourself

one pack of red Marlboro

what's going on?

I didn't want you to worry
when you were in jail

what about uncle wing kuen?

Our great-grandfather also promised that

we could live on the farm forever.
Silly girl

we'll be compensated. Silly girl

shau tau kok is getting all the attention

people are so envious of us

only land owners like
you are happy about it

what about the tenant farmers?

Just peanuts for them

not even enough to get a toilet
outside sha tau kok

there's a story behind every person

this is the world we're in

did you see my wife?

She went that way


ah, so sad

in life

the main thing is about letting go


you're the one who suffers

no one could talk you out of it

how did you get in?


I won't be back for dinner.
My friend is here

I want to know

why you never write me back?

You didn't let me see you even
when I visited you in jail

now that you're out, you
won't pick up my calls

let bygones be bygones.
We can't turn back the clock

if back then

I was the one who went missing in the sea

would that make you feel better?


it should be me saying sorry

when we were being chased,
I didn't pay attention to you.

I didn't know you were left behind

we all have our own destiny


but we are the masters of our destiny.
Isn't that what we believe in?

Do you think we still have a choice?

My son is just an ordinary student,
like many others

but after this accident

he couldn't go back to school and
play sports with his schoolmates

those who incited my son
to join this social movement

are still at large

I really hope the police
would get them sooner

so they won't be able to
fool our next generation

today's special is
uncle kuen's fresh local Greens

with auntie ho's fresh grass carp

I saw sze wai today

how much longer
do you want to punish yourself for?

Isn't it great that you've me here
washing and cooking for you?

Uncle kuen. It's sze wai

uncle kuen?

One minute, sze wai


your appetite has grown bigger

three dishes just for yourself

I won't have the strength to work
on the farm if I don't eat so much

but this much?

Democracy in retreat

you're reading such a trendy book?

I picked it up from the trash

good as a pot coaster

soup for you?


let me get a bowl

home-made fresh fish soup

smells good

fresh from the pond

did you cook it for a long time?

Of course

uncle wing kuen... uncle wing kuen...
Uncle wing kuen...

A strange vehicle out there.
Seems like it's here to clear the farm

hey, what's going on?

Lift it up

yes, up

hey, what are you doing?

What are you up to?

Never mind them. Keep going

- this is our farm.
- Stop it

- never mind them. Keep going.
- You can't do that


you got to stop it


auntie ho, let's get up there

take it easy

I'm okay

this is my farm

you got to stop

this is my farm

leave my farm alone

hey, what are you doing?

Hello, boss


can't you see the people here?

Some trouble here. Please come over quickly

with a few of you

did you hear me? I'm talking to you!

Can't you see the people here?


turn it off

turn the thing off

did you hear that?

This incident started
when property developers wanted

to build a China-Hong Kong shopping mall
in shau tau kok

many netizens are against the idea

this shopping mall is
located at the China-Hong Kong border

mainland visitors can
visit the mall without any visa

the netizens think it's a ridiculous and
compromising proposal to please the mainland

they support the protests staged by
the shau tau kok residents

but some netizens also pointed out that

this shopping mall

could ease the current situation
in sheung shiu and fanling

which have been much affected by
cross-border traders

it could even alleviate other districts such
as mong kok, tsim sha tsui and causeway bay

where property prices have soared
because of free independent travellers

such netizens do not support the protests
of the shau tau kok residents

there're people gathering at the spot

auntie, where are you going?

Jat hon. I saw jat hon

where was he? I get uncle to come with you?

Ah, no

I know where he is

I get uncle to come with you?

Ah, no. I know where he is

where's my son?

Hey, I want my son back



if uncle wing kuen knew
jat hon's whereabout

he would have told us long ago. Right?

He has no reason to hide jat hon, right?

Auntie... auntie

auntie, calm down first

jat hon



jat hon isn't there

jat hon...


jat hon...

Whose clothese are these?

These all belong to jat hon

you still want to deny?

My son left them behind

you son got married
and moved out more than 10 years ago

why would he leave his clothes here?

Don't lie to me

I beg you, please

please help me. Don't lie to me.
Have pity on me

I'm on my knees begging for you

sorry, wing kuen

ah, jat hon

- ching
- jat hon,

are you here?

Jat hon

jat hon, please come out

mom misses you much!

Where have you been?

I miss you so much

come out and see your mom

ching, don't behave like this

I really miss my son

I miss him very much

thanks, uncle wing kuen

I don't think I can stay here any longer

at first I thought it
would only be for a short while

before you wanted to go home

who would have thought that

you have stayed so long?

Whether you have thought about it or not

you should go back to your mother

how much longer
do you want to escape from reality?

As a social movement leader,
do you think you are responsible for

those people who are jailed or injured?

Do you think what happened was
because you made the wrong decisions?

But they can think for themselves, right?

Your mom is so worried about you,
don't you know?

You wanted the social movement.
You followed your own path

no one would blame you

but why would you pretend
you're missing after falling into the sea?

Is it because you're
afraid of being jailed?

I'm afraid of being jailed?

Isn't it no different
from being in jail this past year?


do you remember this song?

Still remember our dance
when listening to this song?

You can't really dance

you ain't any better

neither of us could dance

the government has
decided against public opinion

to open up the border at shau tau kok

and set up a special adminstration region
with a special adminstration region

it will turn farmland
into a new shopping mall

and evict farmers who have been
working on the land for decades

property developers are given a free rein

it's a collusion between the government,
business, rural committee and the triads

this is an act of injustice

to sell out Hong Kong

the land department and the police like you

how could you lose your conscience and
let such things happen?

Auntie ho, uncle wing kuen

- hi
- yat long

you came late?

Not at all.

Freshly baked

what is it?

Hakka tea cakes

this delivery boy is so thoughtful

get to work

move away

defend our homeland. No to demolition

stop it

this is a police appeal

calling for all demonstrators to stay calm
and exercise restraint

or we will use minimum force

it's obvious they started it.
Why didn't the police do their job?

Shame on the police

they started it

shame on the police

come round here

don't break the line. Hand in hand

shame on the police... shame on the police

defend our homeland. No to demolition

I make a move




it's been a long time. I
thought you were dead

I'm as good as dead

I make a move

where to?

Home, for my death sentence

I'll come with you

you can't come with me all the way anyway

I'll text you when I got home


take care

why are you gone for so long?

I don't know what else I could do

no matter how hard you try

things only seem to get worse and worse

then why did you show up today?

Uncle wing kuen has been
helping me for one year

I can't just sit there and
let him lose everything

what about your mom?

My dad takes care of her

what about me?

I want to be alone for a while



I'm home


don't worry

I won't tell your father

that I saw you

look me up once in a while

and I'll be so happy

whatever you want to do

just do it

I won't lock you up

like in the past


I'm back now



don't hit him...

Mom, let it be

don't hit him...

Run away?

Don't run away

from what you believe

what's that for?

Uncle wing kuen said
these vegetables are too cooling

sprinkling some chilli powder
will make them less cooling

that's my secret formula

the young people now
have new ideas for the resistance movement


not like our old days

wing kuen

do you still remember 1967?

You took chun man away

I stayed at the back


the shower of bullets

not like the young people today
who are so childish

back then

how we longed for China
to take back Hong Kong


the young people now

are the reverse

they don't think they're Chinese

uncle chi chung, please leave us alone

leave us in peace, please

everything that needs to be said has
already been said

nothing more to say to you

wing kuen

we want the best for you

why are you still so stubborn?

Uncle wing kuen

uncle chi chung


this brat is not dead yet?

Haven't your mom and sze wai
suffered enough for you?

The police will catch you soon


you're not welcome here

the young people know nothing

easily brainwashed and manipulated

you're an old guard

why did you lose your mind with them?

Chi chung

when you're young, you hurled bombs

and fought in the resistance movement

the anti-colonial fight was
for the sake of a better Hong Kong

the young people now

couldn't stand what's
happening in Hong Kong

they joined the resistance movement
because there's no freedom and democracy

now you think they're being manipulated

during the riots

at that time in Hong Kong

we had no democracy

but we still had freedom


We don't even have freedom

at the time of the handover,
who would say we didn't have freedom?

Then some people screwed up Hong Kong

the mainland began to feel unease
giving Hong Kong freedom

if it's really for a better Hong Kong

you should stop all this nonsense

enough said

all the best

uncle wing kuen

I've got some tools

your kitchen roof is broken

let me repair it for you


The whole place will be torn down

don't give up yet

as you like

I live one day at a time

get off the car

get moving

unload the stuff

get off faster

watch out

knock everything down

leave nothing behind

take everything down

keep nothing

come on

hey, what are you doing?

Hey, granny

we don't want to hear that. Get out of here

don't behave like this, granny

this ain't right

we're just doing our job

get out of here

what are you doing?


this piece of land has been sold.
Don't get in our way. Alright?

Is it your way?

Do you know how much effort has
gone into growing these vegetables?

You want to take the land, to build things.
Whatever you want

you think Hong Kong is in your charge?

How much money did you get
for making trouble here?

Do you think Hong Kong people
are all money-faced?

Why don't you tell us
how much money you've been paid?

Defend our homeland

no to demolition

defend our homeland

no to demolition

you guys take care of them

when we make arrests later


stay calm

the police are here executing

sir, this is private property


we've got all the papers

- good
- defend our homeland

no to demolition

according to the papers

you're trespassing on private property

this is a police warning

please leave at once

or the police will take action

shame on the police

defend our homeland

no to demolition

hq, we are calling for backup

we are about to clear the spot

cooperate, everyone

yat long

I better wait for jat hon

but you can wait for him in the car, right?

In two months' time

I'm going to America for my master's degree

are you coming with me?

Take your time

think about it

you go ahead first

I'll wait for jat hon here

li sze wai

what do you want me to do?

Still thinking of jat hon?


I don't want to hear that again

what do you want?

Stop the car

stop the car

I'm telling you now

not that you don't have a choice

we could get married and
have children in America

we could live a totally
different life there

I've a criminal record

do you think I could
just go anywhere I wish?

If you really want to stay in Hong Kong

I stay here with you

but not that I don't know how you feel


Miss, stop

it's not safe there

uncle wing kuen

things aren't as bad

didn't we agree that we would
resolve it together no matter what?

Someone said to me once

when you really love a place

and really love the people there

you'll spare no effort in protecting it

I thought he was stupid at that time

I finally got it today

the kind of feeling he was talking about


cheung jat hon

according to court evidence

you committed the following in 2018:

Unlawful assembly

inciting others to take part
in unlawful assembly

obstructing police officers
in the execution of public duty

police assault and resisting arrest

on April 9 of this year

you committed again unlawful assembly
and criminal damage

you are found guilty.
The sentences will run concurrently

you are given a two-year sentence

with immediate effect

civil disobedience

save Hong Kong ourselves

auntie ho

sze wai

you're leaving?

We're leaving

we ordinary people are
happy with just a roof over our heads

do you know where's uncle wing kuen?

He said

he would stay with his son for a while

I remember one time

I was sitting down on the street

staring at the water safety barriers
across the road

suddenly I thought I was
no different from them

just that we're in different positions

the human body is
made up of energy and and matter

it's formed before you were born

it'll exist in another
form even after your death

according to the Buddha,
all phenomena are empty

neither beginning nor ending

neither pure nor impure

neither increasing nor decreasing

when I was with uncle
wing kuen for one year

my mind was occupied
with such silly thoughts

as for me

I helped uncle wing kuen rent a new farm

I'm even working on the farm with him

when I look back now

I didn't know why I've wasted all this time

my conclusion is very simple in one word



you thought about it for one year

and you only came up with just one word?

Didn't you know this?

Before the old monk
studied zen 30 years ago, he saw

mountains as mountains

water as water

after his enlightenment in zen, he saw

mountains not as mountains

water not as water

after attaining the abode of rest, he saw

mountains still as mountains

water still as water

hold like this in your hands

no, the other way

that's right, this hand on top

that's right

lift it up

put it down

that's right

good. Now do it again

so smart, kid

where's yat long?

Haven't seen him for a long while

he's gone to America to study

didn't he ask you to go with him?

There's a price to pay

for every choice

uncle wing kuen

do you know that someone has built
a commemorative momument in shau tau kok -

the truth of 1967 and its reconciliation?

Did they really believe that
the building of a momument

could bring truth and reconciliation?

People risked their lives for chairman mao

but the mainland

didn't care about them

whether they lived or died


they tried their best

and lived their lives with no regrets

back in 1967 during the riots

the mainland had no plan
to take back Hong Kong

zhou enlai said that

the policy for Hong Kong was

take a long-term view

and make full use of Hong Kong

who would have thought
that a group of people

wanted to make a mark in history
through the cultural revolution?

After all had happened

the bristish colonial government

finally got their acts together

with the labour protection regulations

and the independent commission
against corruption

compared to what we're doing now

we seem to have achieved nothing

that's not true

at least I'm still alive

and you've got me a new farm

Hong Kong people from now on

are still able to enjoy
uncle wing kuen's fresh local Greens