Night Zero (2018) - full transcript

Set the sight all over.

- Here's the most
recent imaging.

- It's like they
were aiming for us.

- We've confirmed sightings
just outside Boston.

Delta One has just lost signal.

- We have Delta Two on sight
at the crash in Ambridge.

It's about to transmit, sir--

Guys, you hear me?

- One spring.

This is Delta Two,

we are on site.

Meadows, Meadows are you there?

- Vasquez, I'm
here, is that you?

Copy that.

There's a lot of
debris around here.

- Be careful.

Copy that, sir.

The signal on the monitor shows

that the descent was
correct, it's directly ahead.

Proceeding with caution.

Meadows, we can't
seem to get through.

There's something approaching.

Fitz, Fitz.

There's smoke all
around us, Meadows.

- What's going on, Delta Two?

Meadows, Meadows,
there's simply the smoke.

The deceased...

Oh my god, run.

Run goddammit, run.

Delta Two,
can you see what it is?

No, run.

Kill 'em slow.

We'll be down below us.

It's an--
- Meadows, Meadows.

- Vasquez.

Delta Two.

- Please don't.


Please don't push.

I just, I don't.

I don't need it tonight.

- What do you want
me to say, CJ?

You want me to say yes, sir,

like you're my fucking father?


That's not that
what I asked you.


- You--

You don't
want me to say fuck

when I'm having a conversation?

- That's not what I said either.

- When I'm angry?
- Are we in the same room.

- Right, okay.
- Are we talking--

- How 'bout I just shut up?
- The same people?

- All of my emotions.
- Also not what I asked--

- So that you--
- You to do.

- Can ignore yours.
- No.

What I'm asking you
to do is very simple.

Okay, all right.

- All I'm asking to you to do
is just leave it be tonight

so that I can have a
night with my friends.

Well, we know
that I can't have a rational

conversation according to you.

- Not right now, apparently.
- Right, okay.

Okay, fuck off, CJ.

- What?
- God.

I'm so sick of you critiquing
everything that I say.

- Critiquing what?
- Everything.

We can't ever just
have a conversation.

Is what I'm saying.
- What the hell do you think?

How the hell do you think I feel

about coming home every day.
- Okay, here it is.

- After 15 hours at a desk--
- I know.

- That I hate.
- That's your choice.

That's not mine, CJ.
- Yeah.

Working with a boss
who hates himself.

- I know, you're miserable.

Coming back to this,

and then you treat me like
a fucking piece of shit.

- Why don't you just leave?

- Leave?

Just leave,
CJ, if you are--

- So that's your answer.

That miserable,
yeah, just leave.

- That's your constructive
advice for our current situation

is just leave, just run away?

Which is apparently
what you're good at.

Yeah, okay.

- It might be the only thing.


- All right, now he's cursing.

Fucking impossible.

- You promised to love me.

- I didn't break a promise.

I've never broken
a promise to you.

- I can feel you
don't anymore, CJ.

- I can't help what you feel.

- And I fucking--
- I can't--

- Hate you for that.
- All you can trust me but I--

- Fucking hate you.
- Can't help what you feel.

- I can't do this anymore.

- This, what is this?

- This.
- What is this?

- CJ, this whole thing.

I can't.

- Are you asking?

Are you asking for what I
think you're asking for?


You just want me to leave.

You just want to
throw everything away.

Everything we've worked for.

- You did this to us, CJ.

- Years.

You want someone to blame.

You want someone to
blame, okay, fine.

I'll pack my shit tonight.

- Good.

- I'll leave tonight.

That's what you want.
- Mm hm.

- All right.

- Fuck.

Hey, what are you
doing out so late?

Okay, bye.

- It's actually really funny
that you asked about that

because with everything
we've been going through

and all the packing.
- Hey.

- Hi!


- Hi.
- CJ, how are you?

- It's good, how are you?
- Good.

Good to see you.
- How's it going, man?

- Hey, Danny, it's
been a while, man.

- Yeah.
- Been busy.

- Monica.
- How are you?

- Hey.
- Hi, CJ.

- How you doing, man?
- Doing well.

How 'bout yourself?

- Long day.
- You look beautiful.

- I brought you a
bottle of something.

- You guys didn't have to do,

you do know we're
not dying, right?

It's a easy 90 minute
flight by plane.

- Right, right.
- This is true.

- When we can afford
plane tickets,

and time away,
we'll be up there.

- Yeah, we have the jet
set money, you stud.

- It's Boston, guys,

so if you think about it,

when you break it all down.

I think I'm making less money,

but it's still a promotion,

so that's something, right?

Okay, well then
think of this as your last

good bottle of red forever.

- Switch to the cheap stuff,

you know, that Mad Dog.
- Right.

- Do you need a drink?
- Right.

- Yes, I think we
need to go drink.

- I'm going with them.
- Yeah, go.

Well, if it's as good
as you say it is,

no one minds, I'm going
to pop this fucker open.

- I insist.
- Please.

- Actually if you
do not mind waiting,

we have one open
already for dinner,

so if we save it
for after dinner,

since it's gonna be good.

- Party pooper.
- Party...

Party pooper.

- What's going on here?

- Well, we don't know.

We just started watching it.

Some gas leak or
something near Hanover.

- Gas leak?
- I don't know.

It's been on for the last hour.

It looks bad but
they've been saying

that they're gonna
contain it, so.

- That's good, 'cause
that's not a quality

you want in gas.
- No.

- An industrial level.
- Right.

- If they can--
- No.

- Can I just put
my keys on here?

- Oh, yeah, throw 'em anywhere.

Doesn't matter.

- I would love that, thank you.

- Here you go.
- Hey, babe.

I'm just gonna
show CJ the thing.

- Oh, yeah, that's
fine, that's fine.

It has been this weird
sway of emotions all week.

One minute we're fine,

and the next, I am
bawling my eyes out

because I'm packing
up the mug you gave me

in the fourth grade.

- I can imagine.

- I can't.

- Hey, Danny.

- Oh.

- It's works.
- I'm sorry.

- Okay.

- What, I thought
you stood it already.

- I want to tell you in person.

I'm pregnant.

- Soph.

My good, you put
that down, come here.

My god.

- Thanks.
- Amazing.

The timing is perfect.

- Oh, I know, it'll give
me time to get settled,

get things together,
get a room together.

I mean, Eric wasn't keen
about the whole idea,

but that is our deal, so.

- Oh, wait deal like knock me up

and I'll move to
Boston, that deal?

- Yes.
- What?

I think it's this 1950s
mentality they have going on.

You sacrificed enough for him.

- Look, I just think
that you're pissed

because I get to be a mom

and no one will
put a baby in you.

- Danny would, right?


- I will, eventually.

- Well, I am just glad
you guys are here.

The people we give a shit about.

Eric's coworkers threw
this party for him at work,

and I am so glad to be leaving

half of those people, I swear.

- That's what happens when
you're the trophy wife.

Well, I have been
to enough of those parties.

It is just nice to
have five minutes

for food and wine, even
if I can't drink it and--

drink it for you.

Oh my gosh, I'm
not thinking about Boston.

The realtor up there is
actually a bit of a dick.

I mean, Nina, you all right?

- I'm sorry, Soph, I know
tonight's your night.

- What happened?
- I just, I can't get excited.

Did you guys
have another fight?

- We're getting a divorce.


- Jesus Christ.
- Wait, wait--

- Nina, I'm so sorry.

- Did he said he wanted it?

- He said he's moving
out tomorrow, so, yeah.

Pretty sure that he wants it.

That fucking asshole.

Stop it.

- You have put up
with so much, Nina.

I swear, you have to
get half his stuff.

The car.
- Okay.

- The house, you gotta
look out for yourself.

- I will, thank you, I will.

- You know what, Boston
is a 90 minute flight.

And once we get settled,

if you wanna come
up for a while,

you know you can.

- You should do that.

- I'm not, you just
moved out there,

I'm not gonna do that to you.

- I can deal with Eric.

- Yeah, besides, it'd be
good for you and Sophie.

- It's true.

Besides, I need somebody
to hang out with

while he's at work, I
mean, we can go shopping,

and we can get the
house together and--

- Okay.

Okay, I will think about it.

- I need you.
- I'll think about it.

- Okay.

- Just don't try to think
about it tonight, okay?

- Yes, don't let
it ruin everything,

and I know that this is
easier said than done,

but this is our last
night here for a while,

and I want you to
enjoy it, okay?

- Okay.

- So you're gonna
sit by me at dinner

and tomorrow, we are going
to figure all this out.

- Okay.

- And we're here for you.
- I know.

- Absolutely.
- No.

- Here for you.

- We can hug now.

- Wait, wait, wait,
I love you guys, too.

- It's gonna be okay.

You want in on this?

Come on.
- I'm good.

Come on.

- Okay.

You guys are huggers.

- Oh, what, goddammit, Eric.

- I'm sorry, I didn't
mean to break up

the little lesbian powwow,

and Danny, I do
include you in on that.

- What do you want, babe?

- I was wondering if you
could pop the merlot.

Let it breathe before dinner.

- Absolutely.

After all, that's what
I'm here for, right?

- All right, it's okay,
we'll take care of it.

We got it, all right.

Don't worry about it.
- Here, I'll get it.

Let me grab this one.
- Yeah.

We're going.
- All right, let's go.

- She told me to leave.

- Just like that,
she wants you out.

- Just like that.

- That's tough.

Do you wanna stay here tonight?

- No, no it's okay.

I'm moving out anyway,
so I should probably--

- Right.
- Start figuring things out.

It's just...

It's just been
brewing for a while.

- Yeah.

- You know.
- Yeah.

You tried, so...

Well, what can you do?

- It doesn't feel that way.

- Well, you know, you just
take it one step at a time

and it's a mountain, you know,

you gotta climb that mountain,

so you put one foot
in front of the other,

you take the steps,
you'll get to the top.

You'll feel better.

It sucks, dude, I know,

and I'm sorry that I have
to go deal with Sophie

right now while you're dealing
with this all by yourself.

I hate that, I don't
wanna do that to you,

but you know...

- Thanks, man.

You really put things
in perspective.

I just really want you
and Sophie to be happy.

- Yeah, that remains to be seen,

but you know what dude?

Fuck all that other shit.

I got you, too, okay?

I got your back, any time,
just not right now, though,

not in this exact moment
because of Sophinator,

but another point in time,

tonight definitely,
we'll recycle back.

Hey, guys,
dinner's ready.

- Awesome.
- Great.

- Great.
- Yep.

- So let's go make our
way to that, we're coming.

- Thanks for doing all this,
Soph, this bread looks great.

- Absolutely.
- Oh, hey.

- This looks amazing.
- It look good?

All right, everybody
sit down and remember,

let's agree, no
talking about work.

- Seconded, absolutely.
- Yes.

- Wait, guys, guy.
- Jesus Christ.

- Does the move count as work?
- Goddammit.

- I'm just asking, I'm sorry.
- Wine anybody?

- I'm just asking.
- No, I'm good, I'm good.

attic and the sink,

but we're gonna save
that for the end, so...

- Yeah.

Everything has
to be perfect and clean

for the realtor.

- Of course, of course.
- Do you guys need help?

You have so much to do.

- No, we're fine.
- Are you sure?

- Yeah, no.
- We don't mind.

- Be happy to pitch in.
- Yeah.

- Plus I got this big, strong
man here to help me anyways.

- Right, strong man.
- Oh, sure.

- Hey, he's stronger
than he looks.

I'll be around, is
all I'm saying, you know.

- All right, okay, let's
just get this over with.

Decided to put us
neck deep in it

in the first 20 seconds.

- I was just--
- Gonna give a speech.

Are you kidding me, man?

- Simmer down, you'll know it.

State of the
union over here.

- All right, relax.
- Come on.

Let him say it.
- Lend me your ears.

So here's to Eric and
Sophie, all right.

We know you're only
a two hour flight

away in Boston and some of
us will wish it was farther.

- Hey, what?
- Yeah.

- Here's a treat,
seriously, though, guys.

We love you guys.
- Yes.

And we're
gonna miss you.

From all the
bullshitting we've done

around this table to
the late night parties,

that last till four AM.

- I have the pictures.
- Can't remember half of it.

Rather not.
- Let's not go there.

To the nights
spent smoking cigars

on your porch, we
love you guys so much,

and we're gonna miss you a lot.


But rest
easy knowing that

once Sophie finally
gets to Boston,

she finally gets to be a mom.

Thank you so
much, that was a great--

- Wait a second, hold on--
- Richard.

- Hold on, whoa, whoa.
- What?

- Let's back it up, I'm missing
something, what happened?

- You haven't told him yet?

No, I
forgot to mention it.

- Is that right?
- You forgot?

- I'm sorry.
- It's only a baby.

I mean, why not.

put a baby in me.

Oh my god, wow.

Holy shit.
- Yeah.

- I'm sorry.
- That was great.

- Thank you.

- I'm very happy for you.

Did not think that was possible.

Like, at all.
- Right, right?

I'm not the only one.

- No, but goddammit,

- Thank you.
- That's amazing.

- Yeah.
- It's good.

- Yeah.

Here's to Eric and
him being a daddy, cheers.

- Cheers.

Cheers to
Sophie being a mom.

And all of us being
aunts and uncles.

- Finally.
- Can't forget about us.

- Finally.

- Yeah.
- Little who moment,

if I've ever heard one.

- Wow.
- Really?

- Someone doesn't
sound very happy.

Sound like
an obligation, Eric.

- It's not an oblig...

No, guys, it's fine.
- Right.

- I'm happy.
- You know.

Is that your happy voice?
- I'm happy.

It's good, it's good.

Look, it's all
apart of the plan.

It's all apart of the plan.

I get my promotion,
Sophie gets her baby,

we get a family.

It's all happening,
the American dream,

mommies, daddies,
aunts, uncles, one, two.

That's what I'm saying.
- Cheers, everybody.

- To romance.
- And to love.

- All of it, and we are
gonna miss all of you guys.

- We're gonna miss you.
- I mean it.

- Me too.
- Well, most of you.

- Yeah, I see how this is.

Lovely speech, okay.

- You dish it out but
you can't take it.

- Well, you know, it really
started to hit us today.

- Like what, like how?

- We were taking down
pictures with photo albums,

I mean...
- That must be hard.

- Well, you know, sometimes,
you just have to pack up

and move on.
- Yeah.

- Things run their course.

- Kind of like you
guys, right, right?

Guys, I'm sorry.

- It's fine, it was
bound to come out.

- I didn't mean to say it.
- It's okay.

It's all right.

- Guys, things
happen, let's just...

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

Let's just
have fun tonight.

- Let's just try
to enjoy our night.

Can you pass the dip?
- Yeah.

- Actually.
- Here.

- Thank you.
- Mm hmm.

- It's actually really good.

I'd like to
talk about this.

- CJ, I'm sorry I'm started--

I'd like to
talk about this.

- Come on, let it go.

No, I'd like
to talk about it.

- Are you sure?
- Yep.

I know everybody at this table

has a certain perception of me

based on something they
think I did or didn't do.

It's true, it's fine,
it's really fine.

But it's so important for me

that you know that I
didn't do anything.

I did not do what
you think I did.

Does anyone at this
table believe me?


All right.

- Well, hey, CJ I believe you.

- It's all right, Dan.
- Stop.

- Don't worry about it.
- Don't.

- Don't worry about it.

Look, guys, this is
not the best time to do this.

- No, I think this
is a great time.

- Yeah, so Nina--
- This is a great time.

- Come on.
- No, it's a great time.

- Let's not do it right now.
- It's a great time.

It will be like
couple's therapy.

Right, CJ, remember how you
never wanted to do that?

- Okay.

You really
don't have to do this.

- So...
- CJ, come on.

It's fine.

- I would love to start
off with a question.

- Shoot.

- Okay, why after an entire
year can you not come clean?

- About what?

- Okay, CJ I saw the texts.

- Okay, from who?

- The missed calls
from, you still?

Who calls at 11
o'clock at night, CJ?

- People in my life who know me.

- And then hangs up
when your wife answers.

Because I have a
life independent of you.

- Right, okay, you
still talk to her.

- Why are you
answering my phone?

Of course I talk to
her, I work with her.

- If you had any respect for
me, for our relationship.

- Hold on, stop, stop.
- Then you would--

- Stop.
- Never talk to her again.

- What do you mean I would
never talk to her again?

We work together?

- Stop raising your voice.

- We saw you, Sophie
and I saw you.

- Saw what?

- We saw you in your office

when everybody
else had gone home.

- Working?
- Who does that?

- People who work.

- Right, okay.
- Yes.

People who work
stay late sometimes

just stop.
- Did you fuck her?

Did you fuck her on your desk?

Were you too cheap
to buy a hotel room?

Hold on, shut up.

- So you fucked
her on your desk.

Hold on, shut up.

- Or maybe you didn't want--

- You're being a fucking
awful piece of fucking shit.

I can't keep my cock
in my pants 30 seconds

after I leave the house.

- Is that even a
question anymore?

- I have no impulse control.

Let me ask you a question.
- Yeah.

Ask away.

- Let me ask you a
motherfucking question.

- I would love to answer,
I would love to answer.

- Would I have been such
an awful fucking monster?

- Absolutely.

If I had saw any
degree of affection--

- Right oh.

Outside of our
goddamn nightmare hell scape

of a fucking home.

- You want affection?

I can't even look at you.
- Anything.

- I can't even look at you.
- A fucking kind word.

Are you kidding me?

- Without being
disgusted by you.

- Fine, fuck you, fucking
crucify me if you want.

- Walk away, you always do.
- Hey, hey.

Nina, that's enough.
- Oh, fuck off, Danny.

- All right, sit down.
- Leave her alone.

Danny stop.
- Okay, thanks Danny.

- Chill the fuck out.
- Thanks.

- You know what?
- CJ, hey, CJ.

- Are you okay, Nina?
- Can you believe him?

- I'm fine.

Yeah, thank you.
- Bitch.

- You never should
have done this.

- Man, that was...

That was...

Hey, man, do you wanna
stay here tonight?

We will not mind the company.

- No.

- Are you sure?
- It's okay.

- Yeah.

I'm moving out anyways
so I should find a hotel.

- Oh yeah, I thought you
were too cheap for a hotel.

- Fuck you.

- Go fuck yourself, man.

- No, I'm sorry for
ruining tonight,

and I don't know how things
just got out of hand.

- It's okay, man.

- Holy shit, you guys
heard that, right?

- Yeah.
- Yeah, we all did.

- We did.

- That scared the
shit out of me.

- Hey, did you guys hear that?

- Yeah.
- Yes.

It sounded
like a woman.

- Did you see someone?

No, no.

- Did you see someone?

- No, we were just standing
around talking, so...


I'm gonna go out there.

- I'm going with him.

- Wait, guys, I don't
think this is a good idea.

- Look, guys, this isn't the
best time to go playing heroes.

- We're not playing hero.

What if someone's
seriously hurt out there?

- Well, then let someone
else call the cops.

- Are you kidding, what
if it takes too long

for them to get there?

Look, we're just gonna
go out and make sure

everything's okay.

- Well, you have to stay here,

and make sure that
everything stays okay.

- CJ and I are gonna go,
it'll take two seconds,

and Danny will be here.

- Yeah, yeah, I got it.

Hurry back, okay?

I'll be with
CJ, it'll be okay.

- They said they'd
be right back.

It's been five minutes, we
haven't heard jack shit.

- You know what, it's
okay, I'm going out there.

- What are you talking
about, Soph, no.

- I didn't say you
had to go, did you?

That doesn't
mean it's a good idea.

- I know, but look, it has
been what, five minutes?

We haven't heard anything.

No noise, no sound, anything,

don't you think that's weird?

- Yes, I think that's weird.

That's why I'm not
going out there.

- I think we should
call the police.

- And tell them what?

It's been five minutes.

- Gonna tell them that
something is wrong out there,

something is going on.

You heard a
scream and you don't know--

- Oh my god, you
guys, it was probably

the morgues fucking
really loudly again.

- Hey, don't dismiss
me like that.

Something is happening.

Look, I'm
not okay, I just--

is happening.

- Monica, we're just not
all as sensitive as you are.

- Really, Nina?
- I'm concerned.

- Don't start, Nina, now--
- Fuck off, Danny.

no, you fuck off.


- Okay, you ever stop to realize

that maybe Sophie wants
to see her husband again?

- What'd you say to me?

- I was pretty clear.

Drop the act.
- Danny--

- Okay, no, this has
been a long time coming.

CJ's out there trying
to be a good Samaritan,

and here you could give
two shits about him.

- Okay, then what are you doing
here, you fucking boy scout?

- I'm trying to take care of
the people that I care about.

- Right, fuck you, Danny.

- What is that?

- Sirens?

- Are those air raid sirens?

- What the hell is
an air raid siren?

- Goddammit, Mon, read a book.

- Oh.
- What the fuck?

Who is that?

- Fuck.
- Shit.


- Help me, man, someone,
Danny grab the first aid kit.

Close the door!

- What was that, what was that?

What the fuck?

What was that?

The fuck, what
the fuck was that?

You, you, what the hell
did you bring to my door,

you son of a bitch.
- Sophie, stop.

- What did you say, you can't--

- Back off, back
off, it's a cop.

What, what the
fuck is a cop doing here?

Okay, okay, Jesus.

- Listen to me.
- Just calm down.

Grab some towels.
- Towels, okay.

- Hey, were you
shot anywhere else?

- It's okay.

- What's your name?

- Riley.

- Were you shot anywhere else?

- No.

- Are you hurt?
- Just there.

- How bad is it?

Oh my god.

- Okay, so this is
what we're gonna do.

I'm gonna put pressure here,

and I want you to keep it there

and do not move at any
circumstance, okay?

Otherwise you're gonna bleed out

and we're gonna call an
ambulance, call someone now--

- No, no, don't.
- Fuck, no.

No what?

- No ambulance.

- You need medical attention,
you're gonna bleed out.

- They won't make
it through all that.

- What?
- Won't make it through what?

What's out there?

What is that?

- More people like that.

Just get away from the windows.

- What are you talking about?

What did you see out there?

The war.

- What does that mean?

- Hey.


- No, no, don't.
- CJ, CJ, don't.

crimes co-seals,

you must leave.

If you do not disperse,
you made be arrested

and or subject to
public police action.

- Sounds like a
goddamned riot out there.


- Oh my god.
- Gosh!

Oh Christ.

Jesus fucking Christ.
- Oh my god.

- What the fuck was that?

- Pittsburgh Metro got a call.

There was an explosion
or something.

They figured it was
just a gas leak,

so they sent a few officers.

- What was it, was it bomb?

- That's what they thought
when they got there,

but then they realized
what really happened.

It was some sort
of chemical attack.

- Was it terrorists?

- Honestly, I don't know.
- Oh my god.

- The first
responders, they called

for backup in riot gear.

Then they were torn to pieces.

- Where are the other officers?

Your team, where are
they, what happened?

You guys get separated?

- My partner, I lost
him in the smoke.

I couldn't see a
damn thing out there.

My mask is the only
reason I'm even here.

The smoke, it...

Made everyone go crazy.

They were like goddamn animals.

I'm not sure if anyone's left.

The hit the whole city.

They hit the whole damn city.

Danny, keep
pressure on that

and Monica, turn on that TV.

- Okay.
- Oh shit.

- Okay, guys, what the fuck?

What do we do, do
we call the police,

the fire department?

- I don't know, did anybody hear

anything about this earlier.

- No.

- How do we even know
he is who he says he is?

- What?

- The fuck are
you talking about?

- He could be a fake
cop or something.

- He's a cop who's
bleeding out on your floor.

The fuck, what the hell
are you talking about?

- I don't know.

Playing up on the gas
leak, trying to rob us,

kill us, there's sick
people out there.

- No, people don't do that.

- All right, do you want me
to go ask him for some ID

while he's got a
whole in his stomach?

- Anybody can buy a
badge and a costume

and say, "I'm a fucking cop."

- He looks pretty
fucking official.

- We don't have time for this.

- Oh, okay, I'm sorry, I'm
throwing something out there.

- We don't have time for this.

- Okay, just give us a break
all right and use your brain.

You guys,
you guys, get over here.

- What is it?

- Listen, listen
to this, listen.

Presence here.

Again, if you are
just joining us,

we are seeing pictures
from downtown Pittsburgh.

There's been a
massive explosion,

and a chemical
component of some sort

has been released into the air.

So far we've had 72
casualties reported

in just the last
30 minutes alone.

Now, we're here, just
off close to the tower,

but the police are telling us

we cannot move in any
further until all the gas

has been cleared from the area.

We are also hearing
rumors that Pennsylvania

National Guard maybe called
in within the next hour.

Keep in mind, David, we
are hearing this news

on the back of
reports that the same

sort of incident has
occurred in both Philadelphia

and New York and
although we have not had

official confirmation
from government officials,

we are fairly certain these
are coordinated, biological--

- I can't listen to this
shit, that's ridiculous.

- Is this real?

- Calm down, it's okay.
- Is this really happening?

- It's okay.
- I wanna go home.

- No, you can't.

No one can.

Look, we all heard
what that thing said.

No one leaves this
house, you hear me?

What the hell?

Oh, fuck.

Go on, honey, go on.

- Okay.
- What is going on?

- You can't see.
- Okay, I got a flashlight.

- It's okay.
- Somewhere.

Let's just calm down.

- Fuck.
- God.

What is happening?
- Lantern, okay good.

- Yep, we got it.
- Good.

Looks, it's all right, guys.

It was probably just a
breaker or something.

Bullshit, Eric,
didn't you just hear the TV?

It's whatever's
going on downtown.

We're eight
miles from downtown.

Look, maybe it's somebody
else acting crazy

but let's not jump
to conclusions.

- Oh, great, conclusions?
- Yeah.

- People are dying downtown.
- I know that.

- What do you want
me to think, asshole?

Christ, calm down.

- Calm down, I don't
want to calm down.

What I want is to go home.

I never even fucking wanted to
come here in the first place.

- Well, she gets
points for honesty.

- Wow, okay, well, let's,

you know what, let's figure out
what the fuck we have to do.

- Is it on the news yet?

- Is that the thing
you were talking about?

- I saw it.

I saw it.

People tearing each other apart.

- Well, it's okay,
you're safe with us.

- Am I?

- Get down.

- What the fuck was that?

I don't know.

Okay, hold on.
- What?

- Hold on.
- Eric.

- Eric.
- Eric, don't.

Do not
open that door.

Are you kidding?

- Hey, hey, are you
with the police?

here to help, sir.

- Are you with the police?

Is everyone okay?

- No, we're not okay.

We have an injured Pittsburgh
metro police officer

in here, he's
bleeding pretty badly.

Guys, the police are here.

Monica, help's here.

He's right over here.

Are you okay?

- Besides this hole
in my fucking stomach.

- Oh my god.
- Ma'am you need to back up.

- What the hell is going on?

- Back the fuck up.
- What is going on?

- Okay.
- You need to back off.

Back up before I ventilate you.

- Jesus Christ.
- Okay, all right.

Stay here,

there's a major
gas line explosion.

Look, there's more
important things

going on in your neighborhood

that we need to assess.

Stay here, lock the door.

We'll send a team down
to retrieve you guys

in about 45 minutes.

- 45 minutes?
- He's bleeding out.

- Are you fucking kidding me?
- He doesn't have 45 minutes.

- Do you understand?
- Yes.

We understand.

then, shut the door.

Lock it and don't answer it

for anybody other than military.

Do you copy that?

45 minutes, my ass.

- Fuck.


- If it's a gas leak, then
why is the military here?

- Hey.

- Hey, Soph.

- How you doing?

- I'm really sorry about that.

I don't know why I
said those things.

I didn't mean it.

- It's okay.

- No, it's not okay.

I just feel like I'm
losing control, you know?

- Mon, it's okay.

- I just wanna get out of here.

- I know, me too, all right.

- Look, I promise I
won't be a bitch anymore.

- Well, let's not make
promises we can't keep.

Actually, we're gonna
go down to the basement.

Try to see if there's
anything down there

we can protect ourselves
with, anything.

Why don't you come with us?

- Okay.

All right, let's go.

- I'm so sorry, I'm so
sorry for everything.

- Me too.

Just don't, CJ.

It's not worth it.

- Hey, we're going downstairs.

We're gonna try
to find something

to defend ourselves
with, you know?

- Yeah, okay.
- All right.

- It's actually an older radio.

My dad used to keep
in the basement

in case of emergencies.

Getting anything?

- He's trying.

- Echo seven, this is Riley
on an emergency frequency.

Do you copy, over?

Echo seven, this is Riley
on an emergency frequency.

Do you copy, over?

Riley, come back.

This is tango six
one, come back.

- Harrigan, is that you?

Copy that.

Good to hear your voice, Riley.

- Where are you, over?

We got pinned
down just outside of homestead.

There's no one else, Riley.

I'm holed up just off of 837.

A family took in
me, Von and Chappy.

Downtown core is shut down.

It's just not downtown anymore.

It's everywhere.

You need to stay inside.

It's only gonna get worse
from here on out, you hear me?

Protect yourself.

You can't--

Protect yourself.

Be safe.

- Harrigan, Harrigan,
are you there?

- What the hell are
we doing down here?

- I just told you.

We are trying to find something
to protect ourselves with.

- What, like a broom or cobwebs?

- I don't know, Monica.

I am trying, okay?

- Sorry, I'm sorry, Soph, here.


- Hey.
- What, what?

Can you give
me those containers?

- Those?
- Yeah.

Do you see 'em?
- Yeah, yeah.

- This is gonna work.
- Here, here.

- Look, if we mix the
bleach and the ammonia,

we can use it.

- Use it as what?
- That's your idea.

- If you mix them in
the same container,

it becomes toxic.

Then you can spray it
in the eyes of whatever

those things are if
they come at you,

and it gives us a chance.

- Okay.
- All right.

- Just to buy--
- Day is it, Sophie.

- What are you saying, Nina?
- Seriously?

What do you need?

- I don't wanna die.

- What are you saying?

- We'll fucking die in
this fucking basement.

- Nobody is gonna die.

Nobody is gonna die, here, Nina.

- Guys, I don't feel very good.

- CJ?

CJ is up there
trying to find a way

to get us out of here,
get you out of here.

- No, he's not.

- Because he loves you.

Yeah, I heard it.

- Someone's here.

- Go get Eric, now.

Nina, I got this.

- No, Soph, I'm staying
down here with you.

- All right.

- All right.


No, no.


Come on.

Come on.


Oh, fuck.

- You know this guy?

- No.

No, I don't.

- There's no reason you would.

- Hey, asshole, you
broke into my house,

so technically, I got
it, I could kill you

and I'd be within my rights,

isn't that right, Officer Riley?

- It feels right.

- Sounds good to me.

- Who are you?

- Fuck off.

- Fuck yourself.

You're not a guest
here, who are you?

- Shane.

Dr. Emmet Shane.

- How the fuck did you
get in my basement?

- Your side door, your
side door was unlocked.

- So what, you were just hiding?

Hiding from what?

What's out there?

- Yes.

- Where do you work?

I said where do you work?

- I work at Nexor Labs.

- Are you responsible
for all this?

- Me, personally?
- Okay.

You snarky son of a bitch,
you think you can attack me.

- No, wait, Nina, Nina.

- I will fucking kill you.
- Nina.

- I will kill you.
- Stop, Nina, stop.

- This is not healthy.
- Nina, stop.

Calm down.


Calm down, it's gonna be okay.

- That's what they
want to happen.

They want us to tear
each other apart.

- Who?

Who, goddammit?

- You want the official
statement or you want the truth?

We've been toying around
with this for a while.

Chemical warfare
can only go so far.

Gas masks can protect you.

But what if we could
have made a nerve agent

that could be absorbed
through the skin

or through the ears or
by some other means.

That's what wins wars.

Changes countries.

That's what they gave us.

They cut a single,

so we sent a probe
up, in friendship.

They sent back meteors.

Impact was about 15 hours ago,

and that's when it started.

Starts with a tingle in
the base of the spine

and it slowly moves up to
the center of your brain

where all your hate
and aggression lie.

It jump starts that.

Removes all the inhibitors,

and all that hate comes spilling
out in glorious fashion.

It really is a thing
of destructive beauty.

Before we knew it, there
were impacts in other cities.

DC, Boston, New York.

By the time it's all sorted out,

all those cities will be gone,

wiped out by man's
own aggression.

Whatever it is up there,
they don't like us very much.

This is it.

An extinction level event.

This is how the world ends.

- What do we do?

- You're looking at me,
why are you asking me?

- What?


I am asking you.

I am fucking asking you

because you have the answers.

You have the solution.

You can fix it, remember?

You always fix it, so how
are we gonna fix it, Eric?

- We go to the basement,
we barricade ourselves in,

and we don't leave
until this is over.

- Fucking wait it
out and then what?

Then what are we gonna do?

That shit's gonna seep in here

and kill all of us, all of us.

- So we try.

- No, hey.
- We try this time.

You don't get to
take this from me.

- CJ, you need to calm down.

You need to calm down, now.

- Do you know what?

Fuck you guys.

- You know what, who
the fuck cares, anyways?


This is my house.

- Okay, Danny, you and Monica,

just go upstairs and make
sure the windows are closed,

and make sure Eric
double checks the attic.

- All right.
- I got you.

- Let's go.
- Come on.

- Sophie, come here,
it's okay, it's okay.

It's gonna be okay.

It's gonna be okay.

- Danny.


- You okay?

- Danny, I don't.

Something's wrong.

- Hey, look at me, look at me.

Come on.

- I can see downtown
from here, hold on.

- What?

- Do you see that?

See what?

- The glow.

- Hang on.

Here, look, look.

Please don't tell me
that's what I think it is.

- I think it's headed here.

- What do we do?

- I found this in Sophie
and Eric's cabinet.

And I would hate to see
it get wasted in the move.

It's good shit.

- It was our first date.

That's when I knew.

It didn't take six
months or a year,

I just knew right then.

And we've hurt each
other a lot since then.

And I know I'm not always the
easiest person to deal with.

- You're fucking impossible.

It's okay.

- I know.

- I'm not easy either.

I really still give a shit.

That's why I'm here.

- I know.

- That's why I'm here.
- I know.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.
- It's all right.

I'm sorry, too.

- I'm sorry.

And I know I said do
whatever the fuck you want,

but I don't mean that.

You don't get to do whatever
the fuck you want this time.

- I like it when
you're demanding.

- I'm scared, CJ.

- What is it?

- Wait, wait.

Don't move.

- It's just a matter of
time before they make it in.

- Either that or the gas is
gonna leak in through the vents.

it'll find a way to seep in.

- Can we just go somewhere
and get more equipment?

- Where the fuck
are we gonna go?

- If you can move, can we
make a run for the cars?

- And go where?

- I don't know.

- Try that radio thing again,
get the emergency line up.

- Okay, okay, hold on.

Echo seven, this is Riley
in an emergency frequency.

Do you copy, over?

Echo seven, this is Riley--

Echo seven,
this is tango six one.

It's getting worse out here.

We just got word DC and
Philly have both been hit.

It already started there.

Now, New York's gonna
fall within the hour.

This is it.

The winds are shifting down.

It's pushing all this
shit over the top of you.


Riley, are you safe?

- Copy that.

We're running short on time here

and we have no supplies.

We have seven survivors with us.

Is there any way out, over?

I know, I know
there's a police substation

just off of Center Avenue.

If you can make it there,

there should be more supplies.

I can't guarantee that,

but it might be
your best option.

If you stay where you are,
you are sitting ducks.

I repeat, you are fucked.

- We're starting to
get that feeling, over.

Where's Center Ave from here?

- It's about three
miles that way,

but we'd have to go through town

and we only have one mask.

- Then only one of us can go.

- That means one of us is
gonna have to get to the car,

get in, supply
up, get back here,

and then we get
clear of the city.

- Harrigan, we're going
for that substation,

and then we're coming for you.

Once we get back
with the supplies,

I'll radio you and
get your location.

Echo seven out.

Copy that,
watch your ass, Riley.

- I never liked
Philly much anyway.

- Okay, all right.

We gotta figure out
what we're doing next.

What's the plan?

- Okay, just wait a second.

What exactly are
we dealing with?

The minute this touches
our skin do we--

- It slowly absorbs through
the pores of the skin.

- Okay, so we just,
we have to cover up,

we have to get barriers.

- Sophie, do you have any extra
clothes that aren't packed?

Like gloves?

- Most of it's in the van,

but you know what, I saw
some things downstairs.

- Okay.
- I'll go check--

- Yeah, go check.
- And see if I can find them.

All right?
- Yeah.

So who goes?

- I'll go.

- What, Danny, no.

- No, I'm the fastest
in this group anyways.

Fuck you trying to say?

- I think I said it all, man.

All right, fuck you.

- Here, you're gonna need it.

- Hey, guys, come here.

Did you
find anything, Soph?

- Yeah, a few things.

Here can you grab
those, thank you.

All right, found some jackets.

It's pretty much
what's down there.

If you need me to
keep looking, I can.

- This'll work, this is perfect.

- All right, awesome.

Has anyone seen Eric?

His tool kit's over there
but I haven't seen him.

He must have finished
covering up the vents, right?

- Last I saw him, he
was up in the attic.

- All right, I'm gonna go
check on him, then, okay?

- Okay, I'll go with you.
- No.

I got this.

I think he's probably just
pissed off, all right.

- Okay.
- I got this.

Sorry 'bout that, guys.


What's that?

- Doesn't sound
like a helicopter.

- Whatever it is, it
sounds pretty low.

Can you see anything?

- That's a lot of people.

- They must be
drawn to the sound.

- Dan, are you ready?

- Yeah, I'm ready.

- Sophie.
- Sophie?

- Guys.

- Be careful.

- Shut the fuck up, guys.

She's finally quiet.

Fucking crying with the
baby, the fucking baby.

Crying, I couldn't take it.

What the fuck is this?

I can't--

- What happened?
- Sophie's dead.


- There's no time.

Eric didn't close the
vents, it's in the house.

It's in the house.
- Oh my god.

- It's in the house.
- Oh my god.

We have to go.

- Don't fucking move.

- What is that?

What is my head on fire?

- Go.

What are we
supposed to do now?

What do we do?

- We stay alive
as long as we can,

and make for the police station.

- How?

We only have one mask.

- Then we rotate.


- They're coming in.

- No, no, they aren't.

I'm buying you guys time.
- Danny, no.

- You need to go.

All right, get
covered and get out.

- Danny.

- I said go before
it's too late.

- Okay, I know Sophie looked.

We were here earlier.


Jackets, CJ, here, put 'em on.

Put 'em on.

We'll just wear these
sweaters now, okay?

We can wrap 'em around
you and I'll wear them,

and we'll be okay.

No, CJ.
- It's not working.

- CJ.

CJ, please, just put them on.

CJ, please, don't make
me do this by myself.

Okay, please?

CJ, CJ, CJ, I can't
do this by myself.

Okay, so please put these on.

Okay, look at me, CJ?


I don't wanna do this alone.

So just put 'em on and
we're gonna be okay.

- So tired.
- Okay?

I know.

I know, I know, but
it's gonna be okay.

You're gonna put these on,

and I'm gonna wear them
and it's gonna be okay.



- Let's go.

Let's go, it's time.

- There's plenty of
layers downstairs.

I'm gonna grab some, we can
put some jackets on you.

- I want you to put this on.

- Stop, CJ, we have
so many layers.

- I need you to put this on.

- CJ, stop.
- I need you to put this on.

- You can put some layers on.

I don't--
- Nina.

- I'm not going by myself.
- Nina.

- CJ, I don't
wanna go by myself.

- Nina.
- We can--

- I need you to listen.

- Find a way for
you to come with me.

- No.
- Yes.

- There isn't another way.

- You can--

- There is no other way.

If you go alone,
you have a chance.

If you go alone,
you have a chance.

You're gonna have
to and you can.

You can.

I know you can.

I love you.

- You too.
- I love you so much.

- Okay.

- Go.

Okay, yes.

Okay, yes.

Thank you so much.


- Please someone copy.


I'm a survivor.

I'm going to the police station.




Fire and
police, this is rescue three.

Repeat, this is rescue three.

Are you affected by the toxin?

- No.


Are you alone?

- Yes.



Please, somebody come
and get me, please.

Where are you?

- I'm at the plain police
station, please, somebody.

sit tight, ma'am.

The first wave has past.

Have you seen them yet?

Have you seen them yet?

- No.

What's your name?

- Nina.

My name is Nina.

we're on our way, sit tight.

We are coming to get you.

Just for 15, 20 minutes,
the rescue is coming.



- Nina.

Where are you?

Always running away,
fucking runaway.

Only think you're good at.

You're not fucking
good at keeping a man.



Nina, I wanna go home.

I'm fucking burning up, I
just wanna fucking go home.

I just wanna go home.

I can't go home.

I can't go home.

Until I killed my mother
fucking runaway, where are you?



You know what I really
fucking hated towards the end?

The nasty little fucking
pussy between your legs.

Why would I fucking
come home to that,

disgusting fucking bullshit,

why would I put a
fucking baby in that?

Why would I fucking
give you a baby

so I could rip it out of
your nasty fucking pussy.

Oh my god, you stupid
little fucking cunt.

Maybe I should have fucked her.

Maybe I should have fucked
her, you ugly fucking saggy

tit piece of shit.


I'm gonna kill you.

I never fucking loved you.

And killing you is gonna feel
almost as good as fucking her.

Almost as good as fucking her.

I fucked her.

I fucked her.

- I hate you, I hate you.

I hate you.

for survivors.

Hey, I think I found one.

Ma'am, are you okay?