Neko wa Nigeta (2022) - full transcript

The story of a couple just before divorce and their lovers who rub against each other depending on who will take over their cat, Kanta.

(Wife - Machida Ako)

Would you like some coffee?

Hmm, thank you.

- Hey.
- Hmm?

This should be discussed later, right?

What do you mean?

I mean...

Shouldn't we decide first who takes which furniture

and handle the distribution of assets?

Signing should be done at the end, right?

It feels like once we sign,
everything will be over.

Can't we just settle our assets separately?

That's true, but it doesn't feel right.

What's wrong?
Are you hesitating?

I'm not hesitating.

What about Kanta?

Of course, he'll come with me.

No, no, you can't decide on your own.

Why not?

Wasn't I the one taking care of him all along?

We haven't even discussed Kanta yet.

Why are you suddenly like this, Hiro?

You haven't been taking care of him at all.

Of course I do, haven't you seen it?

Oh, really? It was me who was feeding him.


Do you think this kind of thing should be done by women?

i didn't mean that.

It's just that my schedule doesn't
match with being at home.

Wouldn't it be better if I took it with me?

No, you can't.

We haven't even discussed it yet.

-What do you want to talk about?
-Let's discuss it.

There's nothing much to talk about, right?

I'll take care of Kanta, that's it.


What if your new girlfriend mistreats it?

i don't want to see that.

She wouldn't do such a thing.

How are you sure?

Kota doesn't want to go, right?

Come on...

Can you not be so loud?

Hey, hey, hey, don't lick that. You can't lick it.

Oh, he's starting to pee.

-Hey, wait, don't bring it here.
-Sorry, sorry.

This can't be used anymore.

Kanta, don't drip down there.

Just wait a moment.

This one is no longer usable.

What's wrong, Kanta?


Ah, he ran away.

Wait a moment.


Come over here.

I'm sorry.

It seems really angry.

Is this true?

of course it's true.

I followed him all night yesterday.

This would be a big news, right?

But can we report it?

The man's agency is really terrifying.

It doesn't matter.

Well done, it's real.

Right, Hiroshi, hmm?

Don't skip work all the time,
bring more stuff like this.

You used to collect this kind of news everywhere.

If you keep going like this, you'll lose to Mamiko.

-But it's not someone else's fault, right?

Here you go.

Thank you.

No reward for me?

Don't be like that.

How about treating me to lunch to celebrate?

Come on, have some.

Thank you.

Is it a bit bland?

No, it's not.

The taste is just right, very delicious.

-Hey, that's not allowed.
-What's not allowed?

I'm talking about Kota.

The drawing is pretty good, quite erotic.


But I'm a bit tired of erotic content.

how come?

How about a manga with a cat
as the main character?

Like "Gugu Cat," for example.

Are you referring to Yumiko Oshima's style?


But we're a hardcore girls' manga magazine.

But it's not a bad idea to have a cat appear.

Lonely housewives and cats...

Ah, widows might be good too.

Forget it.

So, what's the outcome?


Kanta's custody.


It's just a cat, why don't you let her take it?

It's not that simple.

So you guys...

Because of the cat,
you can't get a divorce now?

But everything else has been settled.

She doesn't even need alimony.

Of course not, she cheated on you, right?

I'm not sure.

I just have that feeling.

Then should I go and catch her in the act?

No need, it has nothing to do with Kota.

Then what are you planning to do?

Hire a lawyer and go to court?

Go to court?

What's wrong?

don't be angry.

I'm not.




I have another interview appointment.

I'll go straight home after it's done.

Thank you for treating me to a meal.
The business lunch at this place is delicious.

Stop mocking me.


Sorry to keep you waiting.

Here's the complimentary buffet ice cream
that comes with the business lunch.

Do they also have buffet ice cream for the set meal?

I've finished drawing.

- You've worked hard.
- Here you go.

Ah, wait.

Look, the dialogue here is missing.

It must have been accidentally erased earlier.

Probably happened while
I was working on the draft.

No, don't.



-Come here.
-I'll take it.

are you tired?

Of course, I'm tired.

Do you want me to give you a massage?


no problem.

-Here you go.

Feels so comfortable.

wait, not today.

But this side of your body is so stiff.

Because you sit all day long.

I said I don't want it today.



You're quite heavy.

Get up.

No, I don't want to.

Can't you do it here?

i don't want to do it here.

Oh, it's Kanta.

Hello there.

I can't give it to you.

Otherwise, your mom will scold me.

Mimi went to play by the riverside. Go find her.

I'm about to climax.


It hurts,

What's wrong?

I have a cramp in my foot.


It really hurts.

-Ah, the other side.
-The other side, okay.

-Not that side, the other one.
-Which side?

I'm not talking about my foot;
you're pressing in the wrong direction.

It's the left foot, right?

Is it done like this?

You should look in this direction.

-This side?
-Yes, yes, yes.

Ouch, it hurts.

Just wait a moment, press gently.

Yes, just gently press like that.

Yes, yes, yes.

Thank you.

You need to exercise more.

Stop bothering me.

What's wrong?

I...haven't ejaculated yet.

Should I help you with my mouth?


How should we do it?

Matsuyama, you didn't bring
the original manuscript.

-Oh no.
-Here, take the original manuscript.

What do you think you are here for?

I'm not even sure anymore.

-You've worked hard.
-You've worked hard.

Oh, Kota, are you back from your walk?

Let me cook for you.

What is it?

Huh? What are you doing?



Don't drop it.

what are you doing?


Don't drop the gummy bears again.

don't run away.


Did you go drinking?

Are you okay?

stand up first.

Ah, you threw up.

Are you okay?

-Who allowed you to eat it?

You ate my buffet ice cream, didn't you?

Buffet ice cream?

Ah, I'm sorry.

But it's really delicious and sweet.

spit it out.

Do you want some water?

Did your wife send it?


-You should go back first.

I already messaged her that
I won't be going back today.



She said she made curry for dinner and
we'll eat it when we feel like it.

What does that mean?

It's the message she sent.

About dinner.


I've made the dress you bought it for me dirty.

Almost all the stains have been removed.

If it doesn't clean properly,
I'll buy another one for you.

You're so cunning.


But it's okay like this.

Because I like you.

You've been kissing for too long.


Your face looks funny.


I'm back.

I'm back, too.


It's you.

What do you want to do?

Who do you want to go with?




Can't choose?


You're back.

Sorry, did I wake you up?

Wait, what did you feed him?


You can't feed this.

Huh? Why not?

I can't stand it. It won't eat
regular feed after this.

Are you just trying to please Kota now?

No, I just happened to see it.

I'm sorry.

Is it delicious?

Hmm, very delicious.

I'm asking Kanta.

Is it delicious, Kota?

It's actually the most expensive feed.

Sometimes you want to eat
something different, right?

Is that an excuse for an affair?

Why are you bringing that up?

If you don't feed it,
why did you buy it?

I plan to give it on special occasions.

Like birthdays and such.

I see.

Although I don't know its actual birthday.

Right, Kota?

Still haven't decided?


Hey, no smoking here.

Oh, really?

If it's so difficult to decide,
why not refuse?

It's not that I didn't want to come.


I don't dislike karaoke either.

I'm not asking about that. I'm talking about work.

Ah, Mr. Koshiba's thing?

If I become a novelist,

it's highly likely I won't succeed in this lifetime.

Isn't that miserable?

What do you think?

Why not just go?

It's rare for Mr. Koshiba to invite you.

The conditions offered by their publishing house
are not bad either, right?

Don't make it sound so simple.

You sing the next song.

I don't know what to choose.

What about the marriage thing?



It's been some time since you proposed to me.

Of course, we'll get married.


Let's just say there's no smoking here.

Do you remember how I answered you?

Yes, I remember.

If I quit smoking, you'll marry me.

Yes, that's right.

I'm not asking you to find a job necessarily.

I've made up my mind to support both of us.

After all, the serialization is confirmed.

And I haven't been there since last month.


In other words...

It's impossible to say goodbye properly.

Ah, I'm afraid to believe in your love.

Time flies.

Now, I can say it from the bottom of my heart.

- It's great to meet you.
- I'll go to the bathroom for a moment.

In the lonely night, you accompany me.

Can this be true?

Time flies.

Now, I can say it from the bottom of my heart.

It's great to meet you.

We had the most beautiful love.


Is there still someone who does this in this era?

It's trembling.

Really? What should we do?

I do not know either.

- Let's go to the convenience store.
- Huh?

Let it eat something first.


- Excuse me.
- Huh?

Could you please not bring pets into the store?

Ah, sorry.

- Then, wait for me outside.
- Okay.

Also, buy some sanitary pads for me.

The one who just came in.


- Thank you.
- I want a pack of Seven Stars.


That'll be a total of 1085 yen.

Sorry, I won't need the cigarettes.

That will be a total of 685 yuan.

- Here's 1000 yuan.
- Okay.

- Your change is 325 yuan.
- No need for the receipt.


Thank you.

Are you feeling better?

Hmm, I'm fine.

You look more energetic than before.

If you have time, can you help me
with the color correction?



Didn't Kanta get neutered?


Yeah, nowadays it's rare not to neuter.

It must be troublesome during
the mating season, right?

Yes, it is.

He would pee everywhere.

Initially, I had plans to neuter him.

But that man didn't agree.

He said I didn't understand men's feelings
or something like that.

I can understand his perspective, though.

Are you on his side?

No, no, no. He's my biggest enemy now.

- So?
- What?

Have you talked about it afterwards?

We haven't really talked about it.

We're both busy individuals,

and this topic is complicated.

We both intentionally avoid discussing it.

If it comes to a lawsuit, I'll support you.

Don't talk about lawsuits.

Besides, I haven't mentioned anything about you.

You can tell him, you know.

But it would complicate things.


I didn't mean that.

I meant... you could use his affair as a reason for divorce.

We don't have to make a big deal out of it, right?

that's right.

I haven't been deliberately hiding
anything from him, okay?

Actually, I don't really mind.

If he asks me, I will tell him.

Has he never asked?

I guess he doesn't want to ask.

I see.

At least that's how it feels to me.

I'm sorry.

i won't do it again.


I obviously didn't ask anything,

Why did you tell me specifically?

I thought you probably already noticed.

You've noticed, right?

I could tell by the way you acted.

That's because I could tell from your attitude

But I had a hunch all along.

I haven't checked your phone either.

But why?

Why did you say it?

It's because...

keeping it from you was painful for me.

You've been distant lately too.

So you said it because you were hurting?

Not exactly...

You said it for your own good, right?

Rather than saying it's for myself...

It's more like...

It's for our own good that I said it.


Most of it was probably for yourself, right?

After that, the coffee tasted lukewarm.

Or you could say it cooled down.

What happened between you two afterwards?

We can't go back to how things were.

I can't treat him well anymore either.

He used to be honest at first.

But now...

Maybe he doesn't intend to hide it anymore.

They're probably dating now.

With that girl?

Yeah, probably.

After all, they're colleagues.

They see each other every day.

Having an affair with a coworker is really low.

He doesn't separate his
personal and professional life.

But it seems like you're the same.

We're different.

I hope you can pull yourself together.

So it's different from him, right?

That's true.

Thank you.

What's wrong?

Are you pitying me?

I'm just in heat, that's all.


Sorry, I'm late.

The movie has already started.

Will they show trailers in the beginning?

No, they won't show trailers.
This is a preview screening.

Do you know what a preview screening is?

Isn't it a place to watch movies for free?

But it's not that simple.

Because the love between two people
evolved from agape to eros.

Some even call it devolution.

But there's no such thing as unconditional love.

There's no love in this world that
doesn't require a price.

After evolving from agape to eros

we finally became a true couple.

From agape to eros,

the love between two people evolved.

The love between two people

evolved from agape to eros.

The love between two people...

No, perhaps it's just one person's love.

Evolved from agape to eros.

I can keep saying it over and over again.

Evolved from agape to eros.

From agape to eros,

you two should understand
the message I'm trying to convey.

This movie explains the origin of love.

You should be familiar with the
three types of love in philosophy, right?

Sorry, I don't know enough.

Agape is the selfless love of Christ.

Aristotle advocates for friendship (philia).

And Plato's self-love is eros.

The film is based on Plato's philosophy.

The female protagonist reclaims her eros

by setting her husband free.

She leaves her husband

and basks in the sunlight of nature.

The eros here

represents the pursuit of emotions for the other person.

I see.

You must have heard of Platonic love, right?

That's where it comes from.

Representing a love similar to Plato's.


Although it is considered pure love,

it's not actually pure.

It emphasizes mental connection
over physical intimacy.

It represents something more
important than loving a person.

In other words...

Explaining this will take a bit longer.
You should look it up yourselves.



Do you have any thoughts?

Why do relationships between spouses

reach a dead end?


Is it because their love

evolved from agape to eros?

Exactly, that's right.

Ah, I'm so happy.

This might be the first time someone
understood what I wanted to express.

That's because the lines say so...

Even the characters in the play noticed it.

That's why they decided not to wear underwear in the end.


The wife not only didn't wear underwear
but didn't even wear a bra.

Yet the subtitle says
"the underwear-less couple."

There's a sense of gender disparity there.

Is this also the intention of Director?

You've paid attention, that's right.

So the English title means

"Planless Naked Picnic."

"Planless"... has nothing to do
with underwear anymore.

That's right.

There were no bras in the Stone Age.

And, of course, no underwear either.

By the way...

Maybe it also represents the meaning
of not wearing underwear.

Now that you mention it, I just realized.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Ms. Mamiko Sawaguchi

Let me treat you to a meal next time
we have a chance.

I didn't expect it to be this kind of movie.

You were practically sleeping the whole time.

The subtitle clearly says
"the underwear-less couple."

Most people would think it's a erotic comedy, right?

But that director's talent is highly appreciated.

Plus, he's known for doting on his wife.

Is that so?

Can you help me with the report?
I really can't do it.

Weren't you originally aspiring to be a writer?

I write science fiction novels.


I will help you write it.

You've been a great help.

But the movie's content is really awful.

To portray the collapse

of love between a couple in that way.

Oh, really? I thought you guys were getting along well.

In the end,

Completely rejecting the constraints
on marriage or family,

Isn't this idea too outdated?

What do you mean?

This topic has been discussed for a long time now.

Many people still get married
because they aspire to it.

Otherwise, why would the topic of spouses
having different last names be so popular?

But some people believe that they
can be happy without getting married.

As long as they have more choices for themselves.

Whether to get married or not,

Isn't it just like that?

Just like me, I want to get married.

Oh, but don't worry.

I'll praise the movie more in my report.

I'm counting on you.

Well, I'll head home from here.

Goodbye for now.



How about having a simple drink?

Sorry, someone is waiting for me at home today.


It's a girl.

My cousin came to visit me,
so she's staying at my place.

I see.

Did I startle you?


I really like you, you know.

Very much.

And you?

Yes, me too.

I'm so happy.

So, I don't want to settle for the current situation.

I'll go back for now.

Say hi to your beautiful wife for me.



What's up?

Is it true?

Okay, I'll come back right away.




You're back.

Where's Kota?

He's missing.

Haven't you found him yet?

I can't find him.

Let me go check over there.

I've already looked there.

- Where's there?
- Not yet.










-He still hasn't come back?

I thought he would come back in the morning.

This has never happened before.

He usually comes back in the evening.

He never goes out at night.

He's so timid.

He's probably scared somewhere now.

it's all my fault.

Don't think like that.

It's all my fault.

-I'll go out and look again.

You should go to sleep.

Let's search again tomorrow.
I have a day off tomorrow.

It's okay.

-Hey, Ako.
-I'm going to find him.








I'm sorry.

Just another hour of searching will do.





Don't come closer.

i don't want to see anyone right now.

Hmm, it's been a week, right?

Maybe he ran away from home?

It's probably uncomfortable for him to stay here.

You have to cheer up.

That's it. Goodbye.

So it's not Kota after all.

The sound is different too.

Do you know Kota?

I thought you two eloped.

I know you're dating.

That's why I always leave the window open.

Do you feel lonely too?

Still haven't found him?

Found what?

The cat.


Are you still looking for Him?

Then I'll go back first.


Are you leaving?


After all, someone is waiting for me.



How long will she stay?

I don't know either.


(We are looking for a lost cat)
(If you see it or take care for it, please contact me)

(My name is Kanta, a male cat.)
(I'm 5 years old and my tail looks like a raccoon's.)

I'm back.

Hmm, I'm back.

We have pickled vegetables to go with it.

Then I'll have some.

Thank you.

I saw the notice you posted, it looks nice.

I wonder what would happen
if I posted something casually?

Is it okay?

If someone is not satisfied,
we can just take it down.

And the drawing is done well too.

Kota's drawing.

I was hesitating whether to just post a photo.

Using a drawing can better
depict its features, right?

That's what I thought too.

What do we do next?


How should we handle our situation?

How to handle it?

If Kota doesn't come back like this...

It will come back.


He will definitely come back.

That's true.

- This pickled vegetables.
- Huh?

Did you buy it or make it yourself?

It tastes really good.

This is made by Matsuyama.

- The editor, right?
- Yes, that's right.

He looks frivolous, but he's good at cooking.

He even grows the tea leaves for herbal tea.

I see.



What's wrong?


We have a good local sake,
want to try some?

Sure, just a little.

Did he give this to you too? should I put it?

I hope Kota won't be hungry.


I'm back.

You're back.

I'm back.

Well, I'll go back now,
I have a lot of work to do.

Thank you.



Cat's water should be changed once in the
morning and once in the evening, right?


Did you read the instructions carefully?

Of course I did.

But it's only necessary to change the water three times a day

when the weather is hot.

In reality, everyone just changes it once
in the morning and once in the evening.

No, we need to take good care of it.

After all, it's just staying here temporarily.

It says here that it should drink
cold water instead of warm water.

We humans also prefer cold water, don't we?

Of course, I know that. But I'm very busy with work.

I've been going out a lot lately, and the people
at the company are starting to suspect me.

If you don't take care of the cat,
you might get fired too.

I'll just expose your relationship with Miss Ako.

You're so cunning, aren't you?


Don't underestimate the perseverance
of a news reporter.

Come here.

Don't you like gummy candies?


Wait a moment.

Excuse me.

That cat should be my friend's cat.

This is my cat.

- Can I take a look?
- I refuse.

Wait a moment.

What do you want to do?

It really looks like Kanta, doesn't it?

It's Tama. What are you trying to do?

- Just let me take a look, okay?
- You're so annoying.

If you don't leave soon,
I'll call the police.

Go ahead and call the police.
You'll be the one in trouble.

If not, I'll make the call.

Hold on for a moment.

Are you free right now?


I see, you're her husband...


So your plan is to make Kanta disappear

to cause their divorce?

In simple terms, yes.

I won't do anything to harm the kid.

Once they separate,

I'll secretly return the cat to his wife.

What you're doing is equivalent to kidnapping

The worst that can happen is a theft charge.

Legally speaking, a pet is considered property.

Regardless, it's still illegal, isn't it?

But for you, wouldn't it be better if they separate?

What are you talking about?
Why does it concern me?

Huh? What's this?

When was this taken? Huh? Why?

I'm a journalist for a weekly magazine.

Is it right for an editor-in-chief to
meddle with a writer like this?

Wait, what are you doing?

wait, what are you doing?

But this content can't be considered a scoop
for a weekly magazine at all.

It's weird for me to say it myself,
but the Sensei is not famous at all.

I'm just a third-rate editor myself.

What if your company finds out about this?


Does it not matter even if your company
finds out about this?

Of course not...

You're too cunning.

then let's make an exchange.


I'll temporarily entrust it to you to take care of.

You can't tell Ako, okay?

I can't do that.

I can't keep pets where I live,

and it's my family home.


You still live with your parents at this age?

You're useless.


You and I...

are already accomplices.

You're allergic to cats, aren't you?

Stop arguing.

This is for you to drink

What's this?

My interest is brewing tea.

I mixed in tea leaves that are
effective for allergic rhinitis.

If you want it to taste good,

put about 2 grams of tea leaves in the teapot.

Then steep it with water at around 70 degrees for 20 seconds.

Or should I brew it?

What do you think?

It tastes good.


I added chrysanthemum in it,
and it helps stabilize my mood.

So, how's the situation now?


Do they still not intend to get divorced?

I don't know. What about your side?

She hasn't been meeting me lately,
so I don't know either.

I feel really sorry for her.

Right, Kota.

You should go find her and ask about the situation.

I don't want to.

Then what should we do? Keep waiting?

I don't know. This wasn't my idea in the first place.

I mean...


If I continue to be with Kanta,

I'm afraid I won't want to say goodbye to it.


Have you fallen in love with it?

Maybe a little.

What does Miss Sawaguchi think?

As for me...

I think

this tea is not effective at all

It won't take effect so quickly, right?


-By the way...

Do you remember the day we found Kanta?

The day we went to sing at the karaoke, right?

Of course, I remember.

What's the matter?

Well, at that time...

When I heard you say your period didn't come,

I was actually planning to avoid it.

Even if you hadn't said it,

I didn't know if I should go to work or not.

I couldn't quit smoking either.


I know it may sound weak,

and people might think I'm pathetic,

but at that time, I really planned to leave
everything behind and run away.

Deep down, I kind of knew


I also thought that once you stepped outside,

you wouldn't come back.

We had a wonderful love affair.

After all, I said I might be pregnant.

That must have put a lot of pressure on you, right?

Although it turned out to be
a misunderstanding in the end.



because you met Kanta,

brought it home and took care of him,

we got married.

I don't know if our decision was right back then,

but I have to say, I'm glad we got married.

Even though things have turned out like this.

Alright, I have to go back to work now.

The deadline is approaching,
I need to work harder.

-Ouch, ouch, ouch.

I have a cramp in my foot.

-Why does it cramp again?
-It hurts.

Ouch, ouch.

-Let me stretch it for you.

Is this better?

Your foot is like this, it lacks exercise.


How about this?

It's not bad.

It feels much better now.

good thing you took a shower.

What do you mean?

If the cramp happened right after you
came home, it would mean...

You talk too much.

Okay, okay.

You're really good at this,
as expected.

Is it better now?

much better, really comfortable.

You should be almost fully stretched now.

Almost there.

Is it better now?

Well, it should be fine.

What are you doing? Don't do that.

Oh, this angle feels comfortable.

you should stretch yourself.

It's okay, it's okay.

You're getting old too.

You're so annoying.

You must be feeling lonely, Mimi.

You've worked hard.

You're here.

- Isn't the door locked?
- No.

Sorry, did I come too early?

I tried calling you, but you didn't answer.

My phone ran out of battery, sorry.

I rang the doorbell, but no one responded,
so I got worried

After all, the deadline is approaching.


I just finished my drawing, here you go.

Thank you.

Are you tired?

I'm fine.

You also look tired.

I've been busy lately.

What happened?
Did you start dating someone?

What? Don't joke with me.


(Little Yu, I'm sorry.)

i drew a cat.

You drew it really well.

Then I'll leave first.

Are you already leaving?


Leaving so soon?

Are you okay?

I've been having severe allergies lately.

Is it the season for easy allergies now?

Also, your outfit and hairstyle.

Won't they be too conspicuous?

This is a love hotel, after all.

Shouldn't we look like a couple?
Why are you dressed casually?

It makes us stand out.

- Will it?
- Of course.

But will he really come?

he will.

Based on the information I received,

he comes here every Wednesday and Friday.

Look, he's here! He's here!

Isn't that the actress from
"The No Underwear Couple"?


Did you capture it on camera?

I'm not sure.

Ah, their faces weren't clearly captured.

Let's ambush them when they come out.

The movie director and the rookie actress.

Is it worth making it into news?

He acts all high and mighty,
but I won't let him off the hook.

And he cares so much about
his public image and his wife.

But he's actually a guy who
changes women all the time.

The "No Underwear Couple," huh?

Let's title it

as "Perverted Director Cheats Without
Underwear in Broad Daylight."

That's decided, what do you think?

I don't have much to say about it.

They won't come out for at least three more hours.

What do we do now?

Should we rest inside too?


Just kidding.

What’s wrong with you?

I just feel a bit empty.

Seeking happiness by exposing others' secrets

I'm not really enjoying it either.

Not enjoying it, but at least
we can earn money.

That's our job, after all.

Actually, I really want to become a novelist.

I also want to become a photographer.

I am sure…

Deep down inside,

I envy my wife's success as a comic artist.

And I envy you for getting your wife.

What's wrong?

I'm going to make a call.

what are you doing?

Sorry, Hiro.

I have to go home for a bit.

Huh? Why?

My cousin, she has some urgent matter.

Huh? I was asking you...

It's something urgent, I'm sorry.

I'll be back before the Misawa comes out, r
eally sorry.

Wait a moment, hello?

Sorry, I'm a bit...

I performed poorly, I'm sorry.

it's not your fault.

I should apologize to you.

That's not Kota, it's Mimi

It's a cat from the old lady next door.

Kota's girlfriend.

I'm sure it feels lonely too.

What’s wrong with you?

Why are you crying?
What happened?

There's something I must apologize to you for.

Huh? What's wrong?
What happened?

- I'm really sorry.
- What's wrong?

- What's wrong with you?
- Sorry.


I brought food for you.

Come and eat.


Please stay here and eat.

Is it delicious?

You're so slow.

Forget it, I've already fed him.



-What's going on?

Huh? Strange.


Because there's cat hair on it, I thought maybe...

Oh, right, it's...

I also have a pet cat.

Strange, did I forget to tell you? His name is Tama.

No, he's Kanta.

Huh? Do they look alike?

But cats...

Apart from the fur color,
their appearance and size are similar.

Or should I say body shape?

what are you talking about?

It's hard to find another
cat with such unique markings.

It's so cute, right?

Explain clearly to me, what's going on?

I told you it's Tama.

It's Kota.

They look so similar? It's really strange.

Explain clearly.

If we don't hurry back, the director will leave.

Now is the time to talk about this?

Why do you say that? It's a big news.

I'm serious, explain it to me.

There's nothing much to say, it's not Kanta.

What's wrong with that?
Can't I have a cat?

-Then where's your cousin?

When is your cousin going back?

When did she leave?

she hasn't gone back yet.

It's still daytime, she went out to work.
She'll be back at night.

Then tell me quickly, why is kanta here?

I told you it's Tama.

But it really looks like Kanta.


Kanta, let's go home.


No way.

- Kanta?
-What's wrong?

The door was slightly opened.

Is it true?

So, where's Kanta?

I'm sorry.

I'm really sorry.

Why involve Matsuyama too?

I've told her many times not to do this.

But she secretly filmed us to threaten me...

When did I threaten you?

I just thought that by doing this,
we can all be happy.

If the cat is not here anymore,

the four of us can be with the people we love, right?


I was planning to return the cat
to you after your divorce,

so I took good care of it too.

And I'm allergic to cats.

In this way, everything can be resolved, right?

How is this a resolution?

You are just committing a crime.

I told her the same thing.

You two are cat thieves, you know?

and now,

Kanta is really missing. What are you going to do?

Tell me.

What if we can't find him?

What should we do?

What are you doing?

Don't do this, I'm the one who wants to cry.

- that...
- what?

Am I really that terrible?

Did I do something very wrong?

Isn't that obvious?

Your approach is a bit extreme.

It's all because you didn't handle things properly

that it turned out like this, right?

Didn't you tell me you wanted a divorce?

Didn't you say you loved me?

That is…

I'm serious.

I was also happy when you said that.

I felt very fortunate.

I really like you.

I can't help but imagine many things in the future.

Just the thought makes my heart warm.

I think about what kind of home
we would live in if we live together.

I look at real estate flyers

and think about curtain colors.

Even with my personality,
I want to be a good wife.

I want to cook delicious meals for you.

I even plan to take cooking classes.

I'd like to help you knit sweaters and scarves.
I bought a lot of yarn.

But you haven't learned how to knit yet,
and you haven't even started, right?

I do plan to do it.

What's it to me?

Can you stop playing the victim?
It's really annoying.

You cheated with someone else's
husband and took the cat.

Aren't you just a cheater and a cat thief?

You had an affair too.

Didn't you start it first?

I was cheated on, is it wrong to fight back? Right?

Oh? Is this your attitude?


Because he cheated, so
you cheated to get back at him.

Is that how it is?

It was only like that at the beginning.

But I didn't just want to play around.

I said those things just to retort what she said.

So, that's your mentality?

I feel a bit sorry for you.

So, you're just using his kindness, right?

I already told you it's not like that.

i really like you.

I'm serious too.

Then just divorce Hiroshi.

We're currently arguing about
who should take the cat with us.

Are you lying?

Who's lying? Cat thief, shut up.

You still love him, don't you?

What? You're really annoying.

In the end, this woman likes Hiro more than you.

What's wrong with you?

At least it's better than not genuinely
liking someone, right?

Both of you, stop arguing.

The teacher said so too.

Said what?

What does that mean?

Did she answer anything?

Are you serious or just playing around?

If you ask me like this, of course,
I'm not very accepting either.

-What should I say?

I don't like this either.

But I'm also afraid to know the Sensei's true thoughts.

But deep down, I really want to know what the sensei thinks

Did you hear that?

Is there anything you want to say after listening to the teacher?

Are you serious or just playing around?

She really wants to know,
so answer her seriously.


That's how it is.

See, it's just playing around after all.

I didn't say that.

And initially, it was Matsuyama
who made the first move, right?

Does it matter who started first?

You could have rejected me.
And you've been seducing me all along, haven't you?

Have I? Did I ever do that?

Is that true? When?

Are you serious?

It's really funny.

Probably the funniest since the Reiwa era began.

It's too troublesome to discuss
whether it's genuine or not.

We're not children anymore;
there are many considerations.

It's unbelievable.

It's late now, please don't be so loud.

What about it? You're the one who started everything.

You're probably just playing around with her too, right?

Why did you apologize to me like that?

Didn't you understand my worth
only after sleeping with her?

And you said she seduced you,
but you didn't really like her.

-I can see that you're not serious about being with her.
-We're serious.

-I wasn't talking to you.
-We're different from you guys.

Can you please shut up?

so what?

It's so pitiful for her.

because I…

Let me make it clear first.

When men cheat, it's usually the wife's fault.

It's the Reiwa era, and
you can still say things like that?

Aren't you also a woman?
That's the funniest part of the Reiwa era.

Your way of speaking is discrimination, isn't it?

This is a truth that transcends any era.

I've seen too many people cheat,
so I understand.

Don't look down on journalists.

You are amazing too.

Even thieves dare to be so arrogant.

Now is not the time for discussing big principles

or gender equality, right?

Don't bring this personal dispute
into a discussion of gender.

It has nothing to do with being male or female.

And why can't we talk about gender now?

Don't you feel regretful about this

And which side are you on, anyway?

Do I look like I'm on your side?

Of course, we're on the same boat now.

We're not seen as extramarital affairs
It's just playing around.

- I didn't say that.
- I didn't say that.

What's wrong with you two?

Stop speaking in unison like that.
Are you really close?

You two are indeed a better match.

Are you out of your mind?

I can't compare to him at all.

Just because of that one sentence?

Are you giving up just like that?

Anyway, I already understand Ako's thoughts.

Wait a moment, listen to me.

These two people are already planning to get divorced.

And just because of what happened earlier,
you're giving up?

I don't want Ako to get hurt.



What's happening now?

Why does it seem like I'm the only bad person?

Are you two being too cunning?

Alright, I'll go make some tea.

What kind of tea do we have now?

You're a bit too excited.

Would you like some,
both of you?

-I would.

Then I'll have some too.

Hey, I said I don't want any tea.

What's going on? It's so strange.

Ah, wait.

What's wrong?

Quiet for a moment.




where have you been? This is great!

This is really great.

- that's great.
- um

As long as you're fine.

Don't you want it?

After that, although many things happened,

In the end, both relationships came to an end

Hiro was transferred to the Department of Literature and Arts.

Mamiko became a freelance photographer,

Continuously capturing news stories.

Director Watanabe's whereabouts are currently unknown.

(Cheating without underwear during the day)
(Film director Watanabe Chutaro)

as for me,

I drew a manga with cats under Matsuyama's guidance.

Other editors read it and approached me.

So I started drawing cat manga for other magazines.

(My life with cats Machida Ako)

One year later, Kota was diagnosed with kidney failure,

So he had to receive regular
subcutaneous injections.

It was a bit difficult for one person to administer the injections at home,

so we…

Decided to temporarily continue living under
the same roof until Kota passed away.

However, his condition was worse than expected.

In less than two months, Kanta passed away.

Meanwhile, Mimi, while battling the illness with Kota,

gave birth to four kittens.

-Come, I'll trouble you.

Come here.

Here you go, I'll trouble you again

Come over here.

Take care.

-It's in your hands now.
-Thank you.

Look, it's the new Dad.

thank you.

Since the elderly lady couldn't help raise the kittens,

We decided that each person would take care of one.


Say goodbye to them.

Huh? Aren't you allergic to cats now?

I drink the tea that Matsuyama gave me every day,
so I'm not allergic anymore

Could it be that you two...

The two of us?

We started living together last month.

-Oh, I see.

Where should we take the photos?

Let me think. The background
over there should be better.

Which way?

right there.

Be careful not to fall.

Be careful.

Is this okay?

It's fine.

Ah, it feels good.

Since we're already here,
should we change to this side?

-Feels good.

Is this side okay?

Move a bit closer.

So, what happened between
the two of you in the end?

Countdown: 10 seconds

5, 4, 3, 2, 1