My Airhostess Roommate (2009) - full transcript

A game and graphics designer lives and works alone in his apartment. One night, he finds a drunken flight attendant passed out at his front door and puts her up for the evening in his apartment. It soon becomes apparent that the flight attendant has been recently evicted from her apartment in the same building, and with nowhere else to go, she decides she's going to move into his place whether he likes it or not. He's used to being alone, and she's very outgoing...can these two polar opposites co-exist together, and can their living arrangement result in something more than just being friends and roommates?

You want to escape, eh?

If I don't get out of here,
I'll turn into a hooligan

Oh yeah?

Use this to take care of her

If you could, you'd go
up there right now!

You think I don't dare?

Hold on

Go ahead and laugh

Soon you'll get what's coming to you

Who changed them?

What are you playing at?

I'm asking you, who
changed my clothes?

What did you do to me?

Could you talk a little slower?


Don't break that, really!

It's dangerous

Then answer my question

0K, go ahead and ask

What happened to the clothes I had on?

You passed out drunk in
the hallway yesterday

Some people helped bring you in here

Then you changed my clothes?

It was Auntie Wang from downstairs

The doorkeeper Auntie Wang?

You know her?

So you live in this building too

None of your business!

Then what happened to my clothes?

They're on the balcony upstairs

The thing I broke

I can pay for it

I made all this with my own
hands, how can you pay for it?

Say a number

I won a prize at a high
school competition for this

It's been with me ever since

I'm sorry

It's okay, just get out of here

Thank you

What's your name?

Lu Fei

Let me formally introduce myself

My name's Lu Fei

Made in Taiwan, in the 1980's

So far, everything's
been running smoothly

I'm a pretty good animator

Some folks say life's all about motion

But I think life's about
always trying something new

That's what's let me lead a nice
and stable life here in China

For five years and seven months,
I've lived here, as a shut-in

Now let me make all of you suffer a bit

Know which one is me?

Who is it?

Fei, are you trying to go
back to the Middle Ages?

Turn on the light and eat!

Man, you play tricks a lot

Fei, I gotta say, you should
pay the tab you've run up


Hi, Mom


I'm okay

A girlfriend?

No, I'm still looking for a girlfriend

You're coming to Beijing?

Well, it's fine if you come

I'm the same as I was, though

You're looking for a girl?

I know the perfect website

“Love apartments, ” it's all the rage!

I don't need any chick

Dude, when I look at you,
I see how sick you are

So I don't believe in love, what's
so hard to understand about that?

Just focus

I guarantee you

Come out of this monastery

and hit the dating scene!

“Little lost lamb”

Hey, look at this

“In my next life I want to
be reincarnated as a man

and marry some woman like me”

Pretty interesting, isn't it?

You're becoming quite the matchmaker

Ooh, look at this one!

Hey, some news for you

You've hurt me deeply

The stuff you turned in

got me told off by the investors

No way!

Were my ideas that bad?

The boss just told me four words:

“Utterly implausible,
thoroughly fantastical”

Is he just trying to
bludgeon me to death?

You're suffocating any possible
result acting like this

It's like you're masochistic. Why?

Look, please talk to the boss for me

Give me one last chance

You don't believe in love at all

How could you put together
a romantic love story?

“Give me one last chance”

And if this last chance doesn't work out,

I'll never leave the house
again for my entire life

One last chance

If this fails you won't
need to leave the house

I'll make you jump off the roof!

Remember me?

Could you let me in to hide for a bit?

Please? Just let me hide, okay?

Let me introduce you

This is Lu Fei

This is the boyfriend
you were talking about?

Lu Fel, this is the Mr. Bai
I was telling you about

I get it!

It's not just that I don't
believe he's your boyfriend!

But you'd really pick someone
like him to be your boyfriend

or even just pretend
to be your boyfriend

than pick a good boyfriend like me?

It's like a comedy duet!

Double act

Thanks for helping me out again

It was nothing

Could you help me one more time?

I'm not sure how to use the
computer I just bought

Thank you

I remember this used to be a bedroom

How come you changed
it into a workroom?

It's quieter upstairs

It's a better work environment

So cute!

Why does it look like a girl's toy?

I designed that a while ago

You designed it?

You read stories online too?

This story, Pan Long, is
being adapted into a cartoon

I'm planning out some of the weapons.
for the character design models

I won't cause you any more trouble


When your girlfriend comes in here

and finds a strange girl in your room

she'll certainly be upset

I don't believe in love


Marriage is the tomb of love

love is the shackle that binds freedom

I don't understand

Love is supposed to be this miracle

like this big cake dropped from heaven


often the cake that actually drops
down is just a lump of coal

Okay, I've helped you create a password

When you go online nowadays

you need to keep your
files password-protected

Otherwise, it's like walking
down the street naked

What I mean is

I already set a password for you


What's its name?



That sounds good. See you!

Do you not remember me,
or did you just wake up?

Let me guess, your computer's
having problems again

The bag's a bit heavy

Where's the fridge?

The fridge? Over there


What happened? This smells disgusting!

This is expired

This expired too

How has this all gone bad?!

These are all "green
products”, you'll like them

Are you from the quality
inspection bureau?

Our rule is:

All food items that have expired

or are about to expire
will be thrown away

You're too kind

The refrigerator at my place is broken

So I'm putting these things here for now

Then when will you come
back and get them?

I'll be back in two days to pick them up.

Don't move them

What's your name?

Ran Jing

If I take it out...

and it falls on the floor...

then it doesn't count as stealing, right?

Curiosity killed the cat

This is pitting my curiosity
against my self-discipline!

I'll just take one glance.
Who wouldn't take a peek?

She must be a cosmetician

How did you get in?

Your door wasn't closed,
so I just walked in

What are you doing this time?

My place doesn't have a balcony

I just need to borrow yours
to hang my quilt out to dry

Give me a hand

You've got almost the same
taste in face packs as I do

Not almost the same

Exactly the same

Hey, are you stealing my face packs?

What, isn't my face

worthy of your face packs?

But my face packs are made for women!

They're rich in estrogen!

After using them

you know...

I need to go wash my face!

So what are you doing here, anyway?

I'm just a neighbor

Please don't come bother
me again in the future

I sleep during the day and work at night

You're a regular owl, then

Let me say it again:

The good cakes are the ones
that come out during the day

All you get at night are those cheap
ones that stick to your teeth

Anything that falls down from
heaven has nothing to do with me

I'll make it short, don't
come bothering for me again

When are you going to take
your stuff out of the fridge?

My fridge still hasn't been fixed

I don't have any place
to put those things

So you're going to come every
morning to look for me, huh

You think I'm one of those
sticky-cake hussies?


Um, um, um what?

How about you give me a set of keys

Don't tell me you only have one set

Nobody would believe that

You really gave it to me!

Thank you!

Thank you!


This is my house!

Was that an illusion?

Who are you?

Nishisaziyo pangpangdiyo



What are you doing?!


Aileyibazhang nimengle,

I only understand a little Korean.
can you talk a little slower please?

Stay calm

Uh, mites, I didn't call... no call


You don't need to speak
your crappy Korean

You're the one who called me out here

Then what were you
talking in Korean for?

I can get a higher price by
pretending to be a foreigner

You made a mistake, I
didn't call that number

Now hurry up and get out of here

No need to get so annoyed!

Whether or not you
called doesn't matter

Going through the wrong
door is a kind of karma

and you're quite the handsome
big boy, aren't you?

Wanna make friends?

Don't you get all friendly with me

I'm not interested

You don't want to give it a try?

How do you know you're not interested?

Today I will give you the whole service!

Get away! I'll sue you
for sexual harassment!

You think the police will
say that I harassed you?

Or that you harassed me?

Don't be nervous

In this financial crisis. it's so
hard to do business on your own

Give me a little face!

How come you never close your door?

Let me explain!

I don't have a clue who she is!

I don't even recognize her!

She just barged in here

then pretended she was Korean

going all "Massage! Massage!”

And pressing on me there, and then

It's okay, you don't
need to explain it to me

No, you don't understand! I
need to explain it to you!

It's your personal life

It's none of my business

But I'm really not that kind of guy!

I brought you some fruit

No, no, listen to me!

Zero percent harmful, one
hundred percent safe

One can find something to hate
in even the most pathetic

and something to pity in
even the most detestable

I need to get to work. Goodbye!

Wait a minute

You work with her?

You could say so

What the hell are you two up to?


Guess as long as you want,
you'll never get it!


What's this suspicion that's
kept you up all night?

The lock's rusty. It's hard to open

Then change it tomorrow,
that'll be soon enough

But if

I'm just saying what if

there's this shady woman

who had a key to your house?

What would you do?

Is she pretty?

A pretty and shady woman

is very different from one
that's shady but not pretty

The important thing is
that she's shady, okay?

Is it done?

Yep, all done

OK, then you can scram

One more thing

Did you give her the key,
or did she steal it?

That's very important

Lu Fei!

Lu Fei, open the door!

Lu Fei! Open the door!

Lu Fei

What are you doing in there?
Why don't you open the door?


But I don't want to open the door


They're gone

What are you doing here?

Why didn't you open the door?

And why did you change the lock?

Is that Sichuanese girl with you?

I know what you take us for

“Massage, massage”!

She was just playing a joke on you

How come you're still
taking it seriously?

She's too good an actress

You should take responsibility
for how you've acted today

First help me bring this suitcase in

This table is too big!

Put it downstairs

We can put the bed here

The head of the bed will face this way

and I'll hang a really long curtain
here, all the way to the floor

I'm certain it'll look amazing

And the desk can go right here

with a little table lamp on it,
and the computer right there

Wait a second, what do you mean?

From now on I'm living upstairs.
you're living downstairs, okay?


The landlord took my apartment back

I have nowhere else to live

So I'd like to live here for the time being

I'm sure you won't refuse me, right?

Then it's settled!

I'll move in this weekend



It was no joke last time

It was to sound you out

She was trying to move in all along

Don't underestimate yourself

It's good to have a
woman around the house

Are you still afraid of burning yourself?

A tiger doesn't flaunt his power

She things you're Hello Kitty!

Come on, give her a taste
of your true killing power

This kind of mysterious
girl is the most dangerous

Living with such a pretty girl!

It's so romantic, so aesthetic!

Becoming the regular love story!

An opportunity like this only comes once

You two are like the water
carrier marrying the tea seller

It's the perfect match

Talk one at a time, okay?

Wait, let me give you a hand

How come you like
keeping fish so much?

You've got so many of them here!

I'm here alone so often,
they keep me company

Wow, unbelievable!

You can't just come in
here whenever anymore

Before you come in,
knock on the door first

Come in!

I came up here to talk to you about
some rules for living together

Oh. Wait one second


Could you help me take it downstairs?


Let me first tell you my rules

Rule One: Each person will store
his or her own belongings

No party shall use the
other's belongings

without having first received
permission from that party

Rule 2:

All public spaces must be kept clean

No smoking allowed while I'm at home

Rule 3:

While at home, the parties
must wear clothing

that covers 60% or more of their skin

Rule 4:

Unless you've asked me for permission,

please don't bring any
strangers into the apartment

Rule 5:

Without having previously obtained
the other party's permission

Please do not enter that party's room

Rule 6:

When going to the bathroom,
remember to lock the door

because I always forget to knock


How many more of these
rules are there?

At the moment, I can only think of 23

Oh, you can say your rules

I'm fair

23 rules?

Even the military only has
21 rules! You need two more?

You're invading hallowed ground!

Don't worry!

I'm not here to invade you

I'm here to save you

Right now I'm just feeling one thing

What are you feeling?

Like someone's taken over my nest

Wrong. It's...


So have you had any sort
of emotional trauma

that turned you into such a love skeptic?

Ugh, don't talk about that with me

Who does really
understand love, anyway?

But you should understand love!

You're making a cartoon
about love, aren't you?

Okay, I'm going to give you a lesson

Love is like

the wine in this cup

Rich, fragrant, alluring

Then let me give you a lesson

Do you have a rubber band?

Grab it, and don't let go

What are you doing?

Grab it...

don't let go...


What was that for?

That's what love is

Love's just like stretching a rubber band

In the end, the one who gets hurt

is always the one who's
not willing to let go

But you know, Lu Fei

you really are completely harmless

Don't move

How terrifying

In one stroke you've managed
to break three different rules

First, you went to the bathroom
and didn't close the door

Second, your clothing isn't
covering over 60% of your skin

And third,

that's my cup

Sorry, I forgot you were here

It's all right

But you need to make up for
such horrible behavior today

These are the three rules you violated

All right, all finished

Does this have anything to do with me?

Of course it has to do with you

From now on, each time
you break a rule,

I'll take that rule off the glass door

Once they're all taken down,

I'll leave here

Then I need to study those rules

If I break every one

I can get you to move
out of here quicker

As you like


Municipal criminal investigation
squad. The name's Zhang

Lu Fei

from Taipei

came to China in 2005 to start a career

now a freelancer

designing an animation
for a cartoon company

Did I break the law?

Why come investigate me?

Stay there and don't move!

Do you know Ran Jing?


Tell me how you know her

Two months ago

the doorkeeper downstairs, Auntie
Wang, found her drunk outside my door

so I put her up for the night

You didn't take advantage of her?!

No, no, no!

I didn't touch a hair on her!

What's your connection to her?

We're... cohabitants



What I mean is... flatmates

It'll be best for you to
keep your distance from her

Don't go looking for trouble for yourself

Ran Jing can't have broken the law

What are you getting at?

I can't disclose anything

“The story of woman criminal Ran Jing

after being released from prison”

“Origin Chinese Network's Ran Jing”

“Kebao & Boloni Chief
Designer Ran Jing”

“Policewoman Ran Jing”

Hello, please show me your identity card

I'm a teacher at Yubao Middle
School in Yuxiang Village

My name is Ran Jing

The thing I hate most is when
people call me Superwoman

My goodness, what are
you wearing that for?

Are you trying to surprise people,
sitting in the dark like that?

I like to stay in the dark and think

Okay then, carry on I won't disturb you

Did you tear these rules?

Do you really hope that
I'll move out soon?

When a man and a woman live
together, it always causes problems

Okay, I understand

Lu Fei, you've turned into
a terracotta warrior!

Get back to the Qin Dynasty!

Say goodbye to the rules

I didn't ask you to move out tonight

It's dangerous for a girl
to be going out so late

Put it back! Put it back!

Don't touch my things

Get away!

Let go! Let go!

I said let go!

If you don't let go I'll call the police!

You'll call the police?

When they come here looking for
you, you really dare to call them?

The police came to look for me?

The policeman you're talking about,

was it this guy?


Is he a friend of yours?

A classmate

Then why'd he come looking for you?

I've never met anyone as dumb as you

Oh! He likes you!

No wonder people say you're a
moron when it comes to love


Don't change the subject!


Your apology is insufficiently sincere

Then what are you going to do about it?

You still want to add a Rule 24?

Times two

Help me move my things back upstairs

Don't step on the rules


Candidness is the foundation
of sincere interaction

The basic data about each party.

Shall not be concealed
from the other party

The airplane is currently passing
through an area of turbulence

Please return to your seats
and fasten your seat belts

Please do not leave your seats
until the seatbelt light has been

You broke the rules

Your clothes aren't covering
over 60% of your skin

I thought you were probably
a flight attendant

I've found you out

You're going too far, Lu Feil

Don't you ever pull this type
of stunt again, not ever!

Ran Jing

I know you're in there

Ran Jing, I'm certain you're right there

You're standing there
watching me, aren't you


Get up!


What are you doing?

There's some guy outside
covered in muscles!

Covered in muscles?

Just like the policeman
who came by that day

I never get involved in other
people's emotional lives

When the elephants fight,
it's the grass that suffers

You know that!

I'll be an elephant, then.
You can be the grass

You and I are like two
locusts tied to a rope

If I don't get any peace,
then you can't either

Ran Jing, open the door

I know you're there

I even brought water

I'm still not leaving,
open the door or not

If you don't open the door

I'll just turn into a statue and
stand right here forever. Idiot!

If he wants to come, then let him come

He'll leave in a bit

Is there anything wrong
with liking you?

I didn't realize you were
such an irresponsible person

I believe

my fiery passion will
melt your heart of ice!


Don't... Don't you dare laugh

Are the guys who like you all this crazy?

Go on and talk

I asked you to meet the attack

You just stuck your head inside
your shell like a turtle!

What are you going to do now?

If he comes, he comes

I'm going back to bed

I felt like making some food

You'd better eat it all

Sure, no problem

When you're looking tender

please let me long for you

Don't keep calling me a pig


What's up? You okay?

Clare's expression is so cute

But the boss doesn't think so

And I don't know how to change it

Believe in yourself

As Lenin said, there will be bread.
And there'll be new ideas, too

You know

I used to have tons of new ideas

My friends and I set this
workroom up together


You're so cool

The first two years,
everything went really well


later on, we didn't make any
money, and everyone else left

I'm the only one who stayed
behind and kept going

Do you want to finish the Clare cartoon?

Of course

I can't help you with your work

But I can do some more
housework to help you out

Are you some kind of angel
God sent to help me?

It's possible!

Then, can I ask a favor?


the kitchen's got a lot of dirty
dishes that need to be washed

and there are dirty clothes
in the washing machine

Oh, and also

The fridge is almost empty

and we need more coke,
drinks, and cookies

Oh, one more thing!

The water bill, the electricity bill,
the gas bill, the management bill

all of those other fees.
none of them have been paid

Sorry, mister

What God can't do for you,
an angel can't do either


The weather today is great!

The air in here stinks

You broke the rules again

This is my room, it shouldn't count

Were you busy all night?

Do you want something to
eat? I can make it for you

Hey, are you playing a game?

It's not often I've got something
to do. Something to be part of

You shouldn't play games

It's bad for your health,
and a waste of time

If you play it again, I'll delete it

Delete it?

Don't underestimate me! Move over

Let's see you try to delete it

You really deleted it!

Hey, wait! Wait a second!

Stop it!

Wait! Don't move!

I didn't click it

You knocked me into it

Get out of here, okay?

I don't want to talk to you right now

So it's deleted

Playing games is bad
for your work anyway

You're so annoying!

Who are you looking for?


Forgotten me already?


You're also wearing a stewardess
uniform? This is too much!

I'll sue you for trespassing!
I'll call the police!

Lu Fei, can't you be a little more polite?

No way!

You even know my name?

What are you doing here?

Jing! I made it!

Don't talk into thin air

C'mere. No need to pay attention to him

He's just part of the atmosphere

You're bringing strangers in here

Give me back one of those rule slips

She's my best friend

Besides, you two are hardly strangers

Let's go

What flight are you on tomorrow?

We're on the same flight

Really? Great!

He really is very handsome

Don't talk to me about the air

Don't tell me

that you don't get along well

with such a harmless shut-in? Why not?

I said not to talk to me
about that bit of atmosphere

How come I can't get through here?

What, are you playing a game?

I accidentally deleted a friend's account,

so I'd like to train a character
to the same level for him

Hey, come over here

I'll show you what a real expert
at these games looks like

Jing, what's this?

“Daily videos of living
with a flight attendant”

Is this me?

That hooligan! He must have done this!

Let's go find him and get even for this!

Wait! A good person
uses words, not fists!

Hah, if you count as a good
person, then nobody could be bad!

We can talk this out!

Talk it out, your ass!

This is too much!

Lu Fei!

Tell me, just because
I deleted your game

You set up a web cam in my bedroom?!

What web cam?

You're telling me you didn't set it up?

That's not my camera!

Don't waste your words on him

Let him taste a flight attendant's power!

Wait! Wait!

I think I know who did it

It was that police officer!

He's the only one who's
gone into your room!


He's a cop, he'd know that
sort of thing is illegal

We caught you red-handed

and you try to pass off these
ridiculous stories on us?

Wait a minute! It really wasn't me!

I swear, it wasn't me!


What's going on in here?

Seems like a lot's going on!


Aw, Fei

I didn't think you'd be associating
with this kind of people

I despise you!

Go ahead and complain, scum

You should despise yourself first

Despise myself?

There are already so
many people who hate me

You'll need to take a number

You'd better start talking fast
if you don't want us to beat you

Why did you put a camera in my room?

You'd better own up,
bud, they're terrifying

Own up to what?!

Beat me to death, I'm not
owning up to anything!

Fei, it was all because of you!

What's it have to do with me?

You're the one who told me

that there was some
kind of shady woman,

with some kind of "“special job"!

I didn't!

You're too much, Lu Fei!

Let me go! Fei! Stay
where you are! Don't run!

Two pretty girls at the same time

are bound to lead to disaster.

I'm sorry! I really didn't know!

Take it like a man!

We'll clobber you!

Weird, this person's name and
appearance are exactly the same as mine

Why don't you use magic?

Better keep asking

You haven't done any quests?

Looks like I've found a newbie

they could reach the monster
level without using any techs?

This is a bit unexpected

and a bit touching


Then let me ask you for a favor

The dishes in the kitchen
haven't been scrubbed

I put my dirty clothes
in the washing machine

please wash them for me

The fridge is almost out
of fruit and drinks again,

and - oh yeah, one more thing

The bills for the water,
electricity, the gas, and the rent

give that money back to me, okay?

Lu Fei?

Sweet dreams

Bubbles flying, flying high,

Fly to greet the sun,

Up into the sky!

Blowing bubbles, bubbles fly,

Bubbles flying, flying high,

Fly to greet the sun,

Up into the sky!

Blowing bubbles, bubbles fly,

Bubbles flying, flying high,

Fly to greet-

Mom! This is a bit sudden!

It's been over a month
since you called home

You're not ashamed of yourself?

Anyway, didn't I call
to say I was coming?

I needed to come to Beijing for
some business negotiations

Thought I'd come see you on the way

Quite a change here!

My little boy's made some progress

You're looking more
attractive yourself, too

Very nice

The kitchen's clean too, I see

You've changed to Boloni, too

Eggs, milk, fruit - you bought all this?

It's my mom, she just showed up!

Hide, quick,

or it'll be trouble for you!

No, it'll be trouble for you, not me

Lu Fei!

You don't want to provoke the old witch

If she finds out you're
here, we're done for

Trying to scare me?

Why are you using women's makeup?

Lu Fei

Lu Fei!

Lu Fei, who's upstairs?

Upstairs? My colleague

Why don't they come out and let
your mom take a look at them?

Their skin's not great right now,
their face is covered in zits

It would terrify you

It's normal for girls to be a bit shy


Did you really think your
mother was that easy to fool?

How could a lazy bum like you

get the apartment so clean?

That doesn't mean it's a girl

The room's just been cleaned today

Normally it's a big mess, like a pigsty

If it weren't a girl,

would there really be that much

fresh milk and eggs in the fridge

instead of just instant
noodles and soda?

There's nothing between us

We're just ordinary friends

Okay, okay, this isn't a confessional


she looks just like an old
witch, she's older than you are!

Believe me! The bags under her
eyes reach down to her chin!



Did you stick these
ruls on the glass door?

See, this is how to manage Lu Fei

Don't think he's honest, when he
was young he was very naughty

Oh, that's it

Oh yeah, auntie,

when you come to Beijing in the
future it'll be much more convenient

Yes, in the future I'll
take your company's flights

Maybe I'll run into you!

Son, you take treat her well, you hear?

Men! You need to understand
about obligation!

You know you need to
care for other people

Oh, auntie

He often tells me,

“Marriage is the tomb of love

Love is the shackle that binds freedom”

I was joking!

If you say that sentence in the future

Ran Jing, you'll help
me sew his mouth shut

Ran Jing

If he tries to bully you, you tell me

I'll come and teach him a lesson

Don't worry, auntie

I'll take good care of him for you

Son, did you hear me?

Not good

Not good

Not good

To your right a little...

a little more to the right...


Hurry, hurry

Why did you come live with me?

Because you're safe

I'm safe?

Because you're harmless

I'll show you I'm not that harmless!

OK, here it goes!

You really fell in love

When did this happen? This is all

just too much!

I'll tell you, there is another way

Look online and try, don't go to the gym

It is

This love...

it's just like Plato

Some people are just naturally suited

to being placed in a
fishbowl-type environment

When they're thrown together like
that, love can just develop naturally

Who's Lu Fei?


you should leave

“Though wildfire may
burn everything away

spring breezes still bring new life”

Bro, take care of yourself

Take a look, it's really effective

Well, shit

Let's have a chat

Chat about what?

Little Jing

Little Jing?

I'm her...

You don't need to introduce yourself

I know you're good-looking

Probably have a lot of money

But... She's my...

Please don't interrupt, let me finish

I know girls these days
really care about money

But Little Jing's not like that

Let me get two sentences in, okay?

Of course you can. Let's walk and talk

How long ago did Little
Jing move in here?

A while ago

It seems like you really like her

It's not “it seems, " it's for sure

Okay, then I'll make my leave

When Little Jing gets back

tell her I came by


Sorry, can't be connected

Don't panic

Maybe no news is the best news

Why do my eyes keep twitching?

Is it that when I was thinking of her

she was also thinking of me?

In these critical moments

you shouldn't just
think about what to do

You should rush to her right away!

Help her get out of danger!

Ran Jing!

Has Ran Jing gotten back?

Then I'll go to the
company to look there

How come you still haven't
gone to sleep this late?

I was worried about you

How did you know?

You saw the news?

It actually wasn't that...

Very creative, I like it a lot

I was originally going
to surprise you with it

But I didn't realize I'd
be so worried all day

When the plane started to crash

I suddenly thought of you

thought about what you might be doing

I didn't know that...

The angel knows what she's
doing. God better not rest easy!

You really care about me that much?

Of course

It's late

You must be tired

You should go rest


Oh, one thing

Did a middle-aged guy come
by today looking for me?

Calling me Little Jing?

Yeah, but I drove him away

You're so fierce

He's my uncle

Your uncle?


Yep, he came from the US just to see me

But never mind

you can find an opportunity
to apologize to him later

I like the one in the middle best

Me too

Understand how to exert
yourself for the other party

Don't hide in your shell
during a critical moment

Ran Jing

are you asleep?

I was until you woke me

There's something I'd like to say to you

Didn't you want to hear Clare's story?

Actually, a few years ago

after the other guys moved out,

I didn't have any good inspirations


Clare just popped into my head

Just like you appeared in my life

At the time I didn't know

how the story would develop

so the company kept rejecting it

but since you appeared

I know the story

It's been given life

and I can continue working on it


the day after tomorrow
is your birthday, right?

After I learned that
that day's your birthday

I kept thinking about how I
could give you a good surprise

I even thought about
leaving the apartment

to buy the ingredients to
make you the best cake ever

I was going to write one sentence
on the top of the cake...

Okay, it's done!

Can you close your eyes for a minute?


There's something I want to tell you

Go change your clothes! They're here!


Superman Returns! Applause, please!

Where are those whooping noises from?

Today, for Ran Jing's birthday


I would like to make an
important announcement

which is:

I've placed a classified ad online

From today onward

my love will no longer be for
plucked eyebrows and a thin waist

but for a majestic frame
and broad shoulders!

But enough nonsense talk!

Ladies, here I come!

Make a wish!

Wait a second!

According to the rules of our sisterhood

the birthday girl needs
to cut the first slice

and she needs to do it blindfolded


A little to the left

Left! Right a bit!

Right there

Cakes always need to be cut


Hi, uncle!

Hi, everyone

How'd you get here, uncle?

Little Jing! Happy birthday!

Thanks so much for coming!

This is for you

What is it?

It's all the documents you
need to go to the US to study

I've taken care of it all

Uncle, I...

Ran Jing, you should
treasure this chance

This was also your
mother's last wish for you

Jeez, stop hesitating!

It's such a good opportunity for
you, how could you not take it?

Yeah! Definitely!

Ran Jing, take good care
of yourself in America

We'll all wait for you to come back

Yeah, yeah

So you all knew about this already

I'm the last to find about it

Sorry, I don't know what to say

Oh yeah, Jing

What did you wish for, anyway?

Could I somehow not leave?

Hey, today's your birthday

You should be happy today

Have some cake, everyone!
Have some cake!

Have some cake

Let's put some make up on Ran Jing

Would you let me go?

I don't want to go

I'm afraid it I go

this hard-won love will slip away

I don't know what to do

Lu Fei, good news

Your design's been approved

I knew it would be

You're just boasting

Would you really have been able
to do it without Ran Jing?

Ran Jing

You know her?

How wouldn't I know her?

She didn't just appear out of thin air

So this was always the plan?

As soon as I finish the work,

she was going to leave?

She's leaving? For where?

Why didn't I know about this?

So you arranged for her to move in?

Don't get so emotional

Let me tell you the truth

She's the sister of an
old classmate of mine

She told me

that you once rescued her

She's always thought very highly of you

You two ganged up to
mess around with me!

No, not at all

Absolutely not that

Is she really going to leave?

And so everything's reached
that fatal crossroads

You still want to run away
and desert, so useless

Go away, okay?

Don't spout that crap at me

If you avoid me

you're just avoiding a third of yourself

Doubt is the bane of love

Maybe she's testing you right now

Then should I take her test?

You're such a moron

You don't have a clue about anything

You're trying to court her

In love, you have to follow the rules

Then what should I do?

You wait, I'll talk to her for you

I know you'd hate to lose Ran Jing

Little Jing, do you really
want to leave to go study?

Would you hate to lose me?

I know

I can't stop you

But I'd really hate to lose you

I'd hate to lose you too

But my mother's last wish...

Can you promise you'll
come back to me?

A promise would mean it's not certain

Angels can fly

because they take themselves lightly

Pig, let's have an argument

Have an argument?

We've never had a good argument

Before you leave

you really want to have an argument?

Good times are easy to forget

It's easier to remember bad things

I want you to remember me

I won't ever let you understand

what it feels like to be hurt

So while I'm gone

Can you keep the room open for me?

Don't worry

I'll even keep make sure your scent

will still stay in the room

But scents...

will fade

Cut it out

You look like some
wanna-be macho man

You're planning to just
let her go like that?!

Love should be selfish!

So I should make her give up a chance

to study abroad, just for me?

Being apart for so long

would turn the strongest
passion weak and puny!

It wouldn't be any different
from just splitting up with her!

“If our love is strong

how could we ever truly be apart?”

I don't believe that crap!

Love is about being together every day!

Day after day, tied to each other,

just like these!

Always together! Together! Together!

It's a rule! Understand? I tell ya!

Lu Fei!

Lu Fei, what are you doing?!

Stop shaking me! If you keep
shaking I'm going to fall off!

Yeah! I'm going to make you
fall off and get paralyzed

so I can take care of you
for your whole life!

What's possessed you?

I don't need you to care
for me! Stop shaking me!

I want you so stick by me every day!

We'll never leave each other!

You really don't want me to
leave the country this much?

Yes! Because I love you!

I'm hopelessly in love with you!

Don't try to escape me in this lifetime!

Lu Fei, you can't be so selfish!

I won't let you leave!

How could I have ever liked you?

Are you sure you really can't leave her?

Forcing her to stay might influence
the whole course of her future

Could you deal with that?

Are you sure that your love

will be able to stay
fresh after two years?

Then I think you already
know the answer

Don't you?