Monster Run (2020) - full transcript

Some strange things have always existed, but people call them coincidence or make up a reason to make it reasonable. At the end of the season, Ji Mo was regarded as an outlier because she could see monsters, until one day she saw monsters again in the supermarket where she worked and magically met Monster Hunter-Brother Meng. She discovered that there really were monsters in the world, and the two young men were involved in a new turmoil.

No one's ever believed me.

I just know things
others don't want to believe.

Have you ever found a scratch on your arm

when you check your watch?

It may have been a cat.
Maybe it was a piece of broken glass.

But when did it happen?

You just can't remember.

Actually, you were scratched by a monster.

They like crawling around on people.

When they move too fast,
they leave scratch marks.

Ji Mo.

Do you remember why you're here?


Are there monsters in this world?

I... I don't see any monsters.

What's this?

A paper cut.

- You got it when you turned the page.
- I suppose so.

It wasn't a paper cut.

I just said what he wanted to hear
so I could leave this place.

Mom, that day, I waited for you
at the gate for a long time.

They said they couldn't reach you.

Where are you now?

How have you been?

I am working in a supermarket.

Business is in a slump,

so the manager makes me
hand out leaflets at night.

It's a tough job,

but I will work hard.

Hopefully one day, you will see

that I'm an ordinary girl now.

What the...

Who did this?

It's happening again.

- Have you finished taking inventory?
- Almost done.

Slow as always!

You idiot!
I'll fire you if you can't keep up!

Get out! Hand out leaflets!
Don't go home until you finish!

I've tried so hard to fit in.

But just now,

I heard that strange noise again.

I wonder

if there's a way to get rid of it.


Sir, sir.
Are you going to the supermarket?

- What?
- It's closed. You can come tomorrow.

Our anniversary sale is tomorrow. Mega
sale! Spend 888, get 888 back in cash.

Easy to choose, easy to buy.
Lowest prices every time.


I'm a hunter. A monster hunter.

You carry on with leaflets
and I'll deal with the monster.

After tonight, just forget everything.

All right?

Thank you!

Sir! What monster, sir?

It's freezing in here.

Take a look around.

We're too late.



What's wrong with them?

I told you today would be a good day.

You see?
If we nab it, we're set for the year.

- You're a real pest.
- I gotta hype myself up, all right?

Hey, there.

What are you?

You can see me?

Boss! She can see me!

Get over here!


Over there. Lift his feet.

He's so heavy.

Should we call the police?

Call the police?
And tell them you saw a monster?

- What was that?
- Maybe the circuit breaker tripped.

What's the temperature now?

Let me remind you,
the monster will wake up

any moment without air conditioning.

You don't say.

Stay here. Don't come out.
It's dangerous outside.

Hey, lady, he's not kidding.

As he said, we're monster hunters.

The first step of monster hunting
is to trap it with charms.

My boss is setting up
a Confinement Sphere.

Don't worry, I got your back.

As for...

As for your two colleagues,
they'll be fine.

It's just like getting a cold.

Don't worry. They're fine, see?

No! No! No! They moved!

They're alive, so of course they move.
I told you to stay inside.

- Hey, did you complete the charm?
- There! It's done!

Get out of the way. It's dangerous here.
Lure it to the trap.

Why is it always me? Come on, fatty!

Looks like you need some cardio!

Follow me!

Keep it up! Breathe!

Come. Let's find a safe place to hide.

This way!

Hey, fatty!

Why are you following them?

Here! Come with me!

Come on! Follow me!

Bro! Focus on me!

What are you doing, Paper?

- I'm luring it to the trap.
- It's on the other side. Go!

Come on!

This place is a mess!
How would I know where to go?


Jeez, it's fast!

Messing up the sale shelves
doesn't make you a hotshot!

Am I a joke to you?

Tickle, tickle! Tickle you to death.

Come get me! Oh, but you can't!

Are you all right?

Oh, crap!


Hey, fatty. Over here.

Now you get to face the real me!

Boss, take care of the girl.

It's show time!


Sorry, sorry.

I was kidding! Why so serious?

You're trapped now, fatty.

Having fun?

Catch me if you can.

Show me what you've got.

Can't move now, eh?

Done showing off? Think you're hot stuff?

Why is it breaking free?


You didn't close the circle!

Look what you've done!


The girl.

That was pretty cool,
but don't do that again.

Now it's clear.
I haven't been hallucinating.

There's someone else in this world
who can also see monsters.

Are you okay?

Now you believe me, right?
Our job is to turn monsters into crystals.

Paper, let's go!

I'm still talking!

Do you see monsters a lot? And I...

- Move it, man!
- Fine.

See you.


You... What do I do with this mess?!

Miss, I told you that we're here
for the monster.

You should be grateful you're alive.

I have finally found
the person I've been looking for.

Bring her to me.

I keep thinking about the girl.

You wrecked the supermarket
and left her with the mess.

Should I feel guilty?

Call the dealer.
See how much the crystal is worth.


Did you notice
that the Yeti kept going after the girl?

Don't you find that odd?

What's odd about that?

Well, nothing's strange in this world.

Look at my job.

Some people catch thieves.

I catch monsters.

We go where the monsters go.

I've never asked myself
if it's what I want to do.

Besides, it's too late to ask that now.

Why is it locked?

Did you do this?
I ought to call the police.

Just at around 10 p.m., our supermarket
got wrecked by this nutcase.

Our boss reprimanded her for slacking off
so she smashed the place out of revenge.

- See? They're talking about you, right?
- It's the girl in the photo.

Her name is Li Ji Mo.
She even knocked us all out. She's nuts!

All your things are here.
Take them and leave.

The room is not for rent anymore.


She looked like such a nice kid.
How could she do something like that?


Are you seeing monsters again?

Look, it's there.

A monster is following me.

Every time you do something wrong,
you blame monsters.

They say I've raised a psycho!

Are you happy now?

- Do you know why you are here?
- Paranoia.

Sorry, the number you have dialed
is busy now. Please...

I've tried so hard to act normal.


where are you now?

Boss, the Peace Charm's been torn off.

Can't you just open the door?

- I didn't want the neighbors to bother me.
- That's how you welcome me?

If you weren't Zheng's brother,
I wouldn't be wasting my time here.

Charlene, have you brought enough money?
We have some real good stuff today.

Fine. Where's the Yeti crystal?

Where's the crystal?

Oh, no.

Where is it?

Damn it.

These are from our last few hunts.
Check these out first.

I came all the way here

for these tiny crystals?

I saw you put the crystal in your bag
unless it ran off on its own.

You didn't catch any Yeti.

- You tricked me into coming here.
- Take it or leave it.

I shouldn't have trusted you,
knowing what a terrible hunter you are.

- You're just a dealer. What do you know?
- You're right. You sure know everything.

You were trained by the best.

We all know how great your brother was.


I'm here already.
Let me look at the damn stones.

If the Yeti really showed up,
it means the Gate is about to open.

This is your chance

to go find your brother's crystal.

Aren't you in a hurry?

Come on, how much?

Hey, you! Watch your attitude!

Forget about him, Charlene.

Like I care.

This should be enough for some
late-night snacks. Money's on the table.

Only late-night snacks?

- I'm still growing, Miss Charlene.
- Too late to butter me up now.

- I'm off.
- Show yourself out.

You might as well give up
on your brother's crystal.

- Paper, let's get to work.
- All right!

Let's go!


- Isn't that the girl from the supermarket?
- Shut up!

Hold the door!

Why are there so many monsters?

We're running out of ammo.
Go to the other side.

Come on. Give me a hand.


Lower! Lower!

Come. Give me your hand. Watch out.

Be careful.

Thank you.


Are you okay?

You knocked her down!

Don't move! I'm coming down.

Give me your hand!

Come on!

Don't let go.

You okay?

Boss, this district's hunters are here.
Let's scram!

I told you not to show your face
around here.

Come here!


Miss, you don't want to go in there.

You're not supposed to be here.
How dare you try to steal our crystals?

What's this?

You use these plumbing supplies
to catch monsters?

Let's see how many you've got.

Where are the crystals?

Oh, you've got nothing.
What a waste of time.

What are you doing here?


You and your paper toy friend.

Cut the kid some slack.

His girlfriend is here.

You brought your girlfriend to the hunt.
Think you look pretty cool?

Can I go now?

Did I say you can leave?

You wanna look cool in front
of your girlfriend? Here, watch this.

This is what you call a hunter's weapon.

You come for our crystals again,
I'll be aiming this at your face.

Hey. Are you okay?

I'm fine.

I picked this up in the supermarket.
You left before I could give it to you.

No wonder I couldn't find it.
It was with you.


It's raining.
Where do you live? I can give you a ride.

I have no place to stay.

My landlord kicked me out tonight.

What about your family?

My mom sent me to the psych ward
because I kept seeing monsters.

I tried really hard to fit in
after I left the hospital,

but I found that I'm powerless
to change anything.

Until I met you.

I finally found someone else in the world
who can see monsters like I do.

And you've saved my life so many times.

You're a hunter.

Can you tell me

why I've been seeing monsters all my life?

Can you help me?

Sorry, I can't help you.

You saw what happened.

I'm just a mediocre monster hunter.

At least you didn't leave me to die.

Let me introduce you to someone.

Buckle up.

Look straight ahead.

Don't stare at me. It stresses me out.

Here you are.


Why the long face?



The Gate is about to open

and it seems you hardly care.

- Where's the girl you are looking for?
- That's why I called you here.

Do you still remember your nemesis, Zheng?

You should know
that his brother Meng is with the girl.

Look. The girl's power is awakening.

Once she learns how to control monsters,
it will be difficult to bring her here.

If I bring her here,
don't forget what you promised me.

You want Zheng's crystal.

If you succeed, I promise
I'll take you to the Gate in three days.

That powerful crystal
is sitting right there.

- I want this one, Uncle Ping!
- Look at you. Always eating sweets.

Open your mouth. Look at your teeth.

I'm going to have new teeth anyway.

Just one piece of candy a day.

It's for your own good. Here you are.

Go play.

No more candy!

- I want one, too!
- Give me one! I want one, too!

Come! One for each of you! No exchanges!

Don't give my stuff away.

Look at you, can't deal with a few kids.

- Are you feeling ill?
- You know what?

I knew you'd come to me...

but I didn't expect
that you would come with him.

Follow me.

Close the door.

Put on some pants.

Have you ever seen a lion wearing pants?

This is how animals live.

You're a monster, too?

What is a monster?

How do you define what's supernatural

and what's not?

The word "supernatural"

has never had a clear definition.

Throughout history,

monsters have always appeared around us.

Ordinary people can't see them.

You can see me as I am

because you see with your heart.

Most people believe in their eyes

and see only my human half.

Humans and monsters live
in separate worlds.

They are parallel,

like yin and yang.

The two worlds revolve around each other

and strike a balance.

It's natural that beings cross over
by mistake.

That is how...

monsters enter our world.

This is where

monster hunters come in.

Throughout the years,

they catch monsters on this side

and turn them into crystals,

so they can absorb the energy
of the monsters from the other side.

But in fact,

our real mission

is to send all the monsters back
to the other side.

Ever since you were born,

you've had a connection with monsters.

You even attract them.

But your powers

don't stop there.

In three days,

when the Gate opens again,

you'll receive unlimited power

because you will become

the new Guardian of the Gate.

But you're in danger now.


the current Guardian of the Gate

will lose all her powers

once you ascend.

She will eliminate you
by any means necessary.

I'll arrange the best hunters
to protect you.

I'll ask them to come as soon as possible.

All right.

You just want me

to leave her with your people, right?

Great, I'll wait right here.

I need a nap.


I've prepared two special charms for you.

A Charm of Sanctum

and a Blood Charm.

Use the Blood Charm on someone you trust,

and he will be able to answer your call

when you're in danger.

What are you doing?


The Blood Charm can only be used once!

I know this brat.

I watched him grow up.

He's a total failure!

I'm sorry,

but you're the only one I can trust.

Come here!

Take this girl home immediately.

Use the Charm of Sanctum
and stay indoors for three days!

Now go!

Thank you, Uncle Ping.

You dumb brat...

Don't let me down.

You're back, boss.

Hey, young lady. What brings you back?

Buckle up.

Let's go.

Careful, man!


Do you know where we are?

We haven't been here before.

Something seems off to me.

Careful, man!

It's them again.

It must be the Dimensional Spell.

It's Spade!

Quick! Turn around and look for a way out!

What's going on?


Give me the girl

and I'll let you go.

Eyes on the road.

I can't stop!

Grab the steering wheel!

We're trapped in a loop.

Look, that's us 10 seconds ago.

Keep it steady!

I'm going to break the spell!

Hurry up, Paper!

Keep it steady!

Damn, that was close!

Almost there...

Exit's up ahead!

I thought Zheng was a great hunter.

Didn't he teach you anything useful?

I guess both of you
are just worthless cowards.

Look up!

Boss, that's your cue!

Get in.

The Charm of Sanctum.


Paper, watch the door.


We'll wait it out here.

- You can leave in three days.
- Okay.

You want some water?

Thank you.

Where's the bathroom?

Over there.

Do you have another bathroom?

It's all right. I'll look away.
Let me know when you finish.


I'm done.

- Okay.
- Thanks.

You can sleep on my bed tonight.

I'll sleep on the couch.

It's okay. I'm not tired.

I'll just hang out here.

I'm not used to strange beds.

Suit yourself.

Sweet dreams.


I'm so tired.

When the Charm of Sanctum takes effect,

you will disappear.

No one will find you.

In three days,

Lotus will lose her powers

and you'll be safe.

Why would she come after me?

I'm just an ordinary girl.

Fate has chosen you

for a reason.

Keep lying to yourself

or face the reality,

that's up to you.

Follow your heart.

Have faith in yourself.

Hey, he did all that.

When you were asleep last night,

he cleaned the bathroom.

He used the Charm of Peace on you

when he saw you tossing and turning.

I've known him for years.

I've never seen him
treat anyone like that.

You're the first one.


you guys have been together
for a long time?

His older brother gave me to him.

His brother was the best hunter around.

Meng's been trying to follow
in his footsteps,

but no matter how hard he tries,
he can never catch up.

That's why he pretends to be carefree

in front of everybody.

Good morning.

Hey, hey.

Do you see that painting on the wall?

Every time he's upset,

he goes into the painting
to see his brother.

Are you his brother?

This is just an illusion

conjured up from memory.



Are you his friend?


he saved my life three times.


Looks like...

he's finally found a person
that he wants to protect.

Come and get me!

You don't like tomatoes?


I used to like tomatoes.

My mom loves them.

But ever since I was sent to the hospital,

I haven't had any

because they remind me of her.

How did you get out?

I lied.

I would be locked up forever
if I told the truth.

But if I lie,

I can live a normal life
like everyone else.

The man you just saw

is my brother.

He's dead.

He used to be a really powerful hunter.

He always hoped

that I could be like him

and be a good hunter.

I don't think I have much talent.

I'll never be as good as him.


he left a crystal near the Gate.

I've always wanted to retrieve it...

as a souvenir or something.

At least...

your mother is still around.

It'll be fine.

Just talk to her.

At least she's alive.

Your brother's crystal...

let's go get it together.

♪ If you're the sun ♪

♪ Then I'm like the ocean ♪

♪ We've found the calls we need ♪

♪ In a faraway place ♪

♪ If you turn into a bird ♪

♪ I shall bring the sky along ♪

♪ We'll fly and fly to a far-off place ♪

♪ At the edge of the world ♪

♪ I finally see you ♪

♪ On this nameless planet ♪

♪ We shall wander together ♪

♪ Slumber in my embrace ♪

♪ Forget the distance of time ♪

What are you doing?

Keep the crystals away from water.

♪ You're like a perfect dream ♪

♪ I'm no longer afraid of the path home ♪

I have never been so close
to a monster before.

But it's like

I can actually control it.

Do we have to send it back?

♪ From here on
We'll have no reason to cry ♪


Quite a nice little store...

you got here.

It's just a small business.

You've got a wide range of stuff.

I wonder

if you've got what I want.

I doubt

there is anything worthy
of your attention.

Of course there is.

I want the boy and the girl.

So, you really did hide them!

Let me be clear.

That girl is the thief,

not me.

They can't hide from me.


just stay here quietly.

Don't try anything clever.



Is this Fang Huizhen's family?

What's the matter?

I thought my mom didn't want to see me.
Turns out she's been in the hospital.

Why? What happened?

There's a Critical Condition Notice
for her. I need to sign it right now.

Hey, hey, hey.

Don't you remember?

We have to stay in here for three days.

Spade could be waiting outside right now.

Paper, what is this?

Boss, it's incredible.

She's summoned the Labyrinth Monster.

It can send us directly to the hospital.

I can't believe it.

Ji Mo's power has grown so strong.

I'm going with you.


Promise me,

we leave after you see your mom.



I thought you don't want me anymore.

Now I know you've been waiting for me.

I'm on my way to you.



What's on your mind?

Feeling envious?


It's all right, man.

You've got me.

It's the Dimensional Spell again.

I'm moved.

I've never seen

anything this sweet before.

I'm here to help you.

It's nice to meet you.

See what you can do.


I'll go find Ji Mo, find us a way out.

Copy that!


What are you doing?

I don't wanna hurt you.

I just...

I just want to talk.

Don't you touch my mom.

I didn't do anything.

I knew you'd come for her.

That's why I've been waiting here.

Stop lying.

She wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you.

You always blame others
for your own misfortune

rather than looking at what you have done.

There you go again.

All the facts are laid out
in front of you,

but you still don't see it.

You have seen this before, right?

Looks familiar?

It's your old friend.


It's been keeping you safe.

It's been looking after you.


It kept your mom quiet.

But do you know

who's been feeding it energy?

Don't touch me!

Ji Mo!

Every time you felt wronged,

you summoned a monster.

The more energy you have,

the more uncontrollable you become.

Look what you've done.

You got angry
and destroyed the entire hospital.

If this continues,

you'll kill everyone.

Who's really destroying this world

and who's really saving it?

Now you know the answer.

I'm here to help you.

I will make all this go away.

Come with me.


Uncle Ping!

Uncle Ping!

Uncle Ping!

Uncle Ping.

Don't be afraid.


This is the Gate to the other world.

Come on.

Let's start.

Your sacrifice will not be in vain.

From now on,

no one around you

will be harmed by monsters ever again.

You're right.

I am a total failure.

I've lost my arm.

Paper is dead.

And Ji Mo...


I'm a hunter.

A monster hunter.

I finally found someone else in the world
who can see monsters like I do.

You're the only one I can trust.

I'm just a mediocre monster hunter.

At least you didn't leave me to die.

Your brother's crystal...

let's go get it together.


She hasn't given up.

Right now...

she needs you.

Have you forgotten?

She chose you.

Now you are the only one...

who can wake her up.

I'll use all my power

to gather Paper's ashes

and forge the strongest weapon for you.

Believe in yourself

and go save her!

What's wrong?

Why did you stop?

Ji Mo...

since you were a child,

you've been bullied,


You've always been alone.

I know how it feels.

I've felt it myself.

I'm here to help you.

Give your power to me.

Attention, hunters!


is about to kill her successor

just to retain her power.

The evil inside her

has made the monsters go berserk.

Our world

will descend into chaos.


we must gather all our strength...

and safeguard our world!

Why are you hesitating?

You want him to take you away?

Don't you understand?

One day,

he will realize

you are a monster, too.


Ji Mo...

As long as you're alive,

you will only bring disaster.

Unless you really want him

to die here.

We're all doomed.

We've left the fate of the world
to that wimp.

Shut up!

Let's go! We're being overrun!

What are we gonna do?

Meng, don't give up!

You worthless scum!

The crystal, it's here.

You want to use it to save the girl?

The crystal is mine!

You don't deserve it.

You should have finished me off by now.

I really don't see how great you are.

Shut up!

From now on, I'm the most powerful hunter.


The most powerful hunter...

shouldn't be this dumb.

Look what's under your feet.

This is the power of the crystal.


Ji Mo!

I can't believe you made it.

Seems like I have underestimated you.

Too bad that it's all pointless now.

She's about to disappear from this world.

She chose this for herself.

You've absorbed the power of the crystal.

It's useless.

You're just a puny hunter.

You won't last long.

Ji Mo...

Ji Mo.

Ji Mo.

Ji Mo.

Ji Mo.

You're so special...

but all you want is an ordinary life.

And me, a man with no talent,

keeps trying to be a great hunter.

We've been trying so hard.

But in fact,
we've just been trying to run away.

Today, I just want you to know...

I'm here to protect you.

If you want to stay, I'll stay with you.

But if you want to go...

I'll go with you.

Ji Mo, this is your destiny.

You could have died with some dignity.

I'm not like you.

You are alone in your world.


But I, I'm not alone.



Don't just sit there. Get to work.

That silly brat.

He's finally reached his full potential.

Shall we send him back?


Go for it.

I was afraid
of being different from others.

Now I understand

everyone doesn't have to see the world
in the same way.

Have you ever found a scratch on your arm

when you check your watch?

Have you ever had trouble
leaving a parking lot?

That's because

there are monsters

in our world.

It's quiz time!

This is a good one.

- What can you serve but not eat?
- A tennis ball!

Another one.
What do you call a cow that twitch...

Beef jerky!

I wasn't finished.

Give me my prize!