Mon père avait raison (1936) - full transcript











Come in.

Come in!

Who's there?

It's you? Come in!

Why don't you come in
when I say "Come in"?

It's not the first time!
You wait till I turn around.

- Why?
- I don't know.

You don't know?

Make up your mind!
What do you want?

Nothing, Papa.

Then Why'd you come in?

- To say hello.
- Hello?

- We already said that today.
- Yes.

So you surely want something?

Tell me! I'm busy working.
What do you want?

Nothing, Papa.

My dear, you must stop
talking that way.

Yes, no, nothing!
Aren't you old enough to think?

Yes, Papa.

So why don't you come in
when I say so?

Because you just say "Come in".

- "Come in"?
- Yes.

- Instead of?
- "Come in, son!"

- "Son"?
- Yes.

But think, my boy! With my back turned,
I can't see it's you knocking!


What a strange boy you are!

- You don't want anything?
- No, Papa.

- Are you alright?
- Yes, Papa.

- You're not sick?
- No, Papa.

- Your mama hasn't come in?
- No, not yet.

- Were you playing outside?
- Yes, Papa.

- So go on and play!
- But I've finished!

- Finished?
- I'm all played out.

- So what will you do now?
- Nothing!

- You can't do nothing!
- Why not?

I don't know.
But it seems to me...

Well, I can't force you to play!

- Want to stay here?
- Yes.

Then stay!

- Don't just stand there. Sit!
- I'm not tired.

- Are you sad?
- No, Papa.

That's good.

- Want to see some pictures?
- No, Papa.


I can't have you like this
when I'm working!

Tell Marie to give you
some chocolate.

Yes, Papa.

- Here's Grandpa!
- Lord!

An interruption every five minutes!

- Hello, Grandpa!
- Hello, my boy!

I haven't forgotten your bike.

But I remember
only when I see you!

- But I won't forget it!
- Me neither!


- How are you, Papa?
- Fine!

In your way?

You in my way, Papa? Never!

Still calling me "Papa"!

- Isn't that silly at your age?
- Maybe.

- Call me "Father" or "Adolphe"!
- Why not?

- Your wife's in?
- She's not home yet.

- What?
- Not home yet!

May I wait for her?

- You want to talk to her?
- No.

Then why wait?

She must have
something to tell me.

- Her?
- Yes.

She came to see me
but I was out.

- Why?
- I don't know.

She absolutely had to see me.

That's what my butler said
when I came in.

- Oh?
- Know why?


He said she was nervous and upset.

- So here I am!
- Yes.

- It's nothing serious?
- I hope not.

- Are you nervous?
- Not at all!

Good! Nervous people
never do things right!

- Staying for dinner?
- I'm dining at my club.

- All alone?
- Yes.

Then stay here!

- No, I prefer my club.
- Alright.

And you dress to dine alone?

- Yes, every night.
- Extraordinary!

Why? It's a good reason
for dressing up.


Marie, Papa said
to give me some chocolate.


- A cigarette?
- I guess so.

- Those are American!
- Yes. Why?

No, thanks. They're too mild for me.

They're like watered wine.

I like dark tobacco, pure wine,

lamb with garlic
and women who are young!

What good health! Superb!

- Quite a sight!
- I'm a sight?

- I mean your health!
- Yes...

- Beautiful!
- Enjoy it!

When I don't see you
for a few days

it's a very pleasant surprise.

- You look better and better.
- True!

- I feel better and better!
- Really?

Since my last case of flu,
I'm a new man!

We should be very ill
every ten years.

Afterwards, you're much better.

- Maybe.
- I'm sure of it!

You get rid of a lot of rubbish!

I've never felt so well.
And two days ago, I was 77!

- What?
- Yes!

What're you talking about?
You're 72!

- You know my age?
- Of course!

You were 61 on my wedding day
11 years ago.

How can you be 77 today?

- I've made myself older!
- Older?


It's fun! That way I can say
I knew Louis-Philippe.

- And you say it?
- As often as I can!

I made up a great story

about why and how King Louis
kissed me when I was 8.

- Very flattering!
- I'm sure!

Have me tell you some time.
The details are very moving.

They always increase.

The more I tell my tale,
the more details there are!

Why do you do it?

Nothing's better
than using the imagination!

- Plus the joy!
- Joy? What JOY?

- The joy of lying!
- Joy?

Even better! It's pure delight!

One of life's greatest delights!

It's not tiring and is limited only
by people's believing.

You see where it can lead!
It's a habit you develop.

I began young.
I lied to my parents, teachers,

mistresses, friends
and then I got married.

- Don't tell me!
- I will!

When your mama died

I was 50.
I could no longer lie to her,

so I made myself younger,
to amuse myself.

I did that until I was 70.

Then, I suddenly made myself older
to appear younger.

It doesn't help much now
but in five or six years,

when I'm 78,
think of when I say I'm 85!

I'll be surrounded
by attentive admirers

especially because by that time

my having known Louis-Philippe
will seem quite important,

- sort of intimate.
- Yes, but I don't like lying.

I hate it rather superstitiously.

- Really!
- Yes.

- Afraid of being punished?
- Maybe. And you?

You made Mama think
you were going deaf.

Yes, she talked too much.
That way I found a little peace.

Later you became hard of hearing.
Wasn't that your punishment?

That's no punishment!

Hard to be hard of hearing?
I'd say so!

What a mistake! Punishment?

It's hard on the others but not on me!

It's lovely!
They only tell me basic things.

Since they have
to shout in my ear

they think first!
It's good for everyone.

It doesn't keep me from talking

and they can't interrupt me
because I can't hear them!

And the other deaf?

I said, "And the other deaf?"
They annoy you?

They ask me to repeat everything
and I love to talk!

- Hello, son!
- Papa!

- Are you OK?
- I'm fine!

In a good mood?
Always be in a good mood!

_ Are you?
_ Yes!

- Nothing bothers you now.
- I'm too old!

- Nothing more can happen to you?
- Yes!

- What?
- Dying!

But that's unimportant.
As for the rest...

- You think about it?
- Dying? Every day!

Not at night. That'd be sad.

In the morning
and it's not sad at all!

You still think life is...

There's nothing better!
Life's magnificent!

But don't make it complicated!

Remember what I said
about your getting married?


- Still glad to be married?
- Naturally!

Good! If you're happy,
that's superb!

It's so lovely,
wanting to make that trip together!

But I feel sorry for those
who make a mistake about it!

- Weren't you happy?
- No.

- Why?
- Due to your mother!

- Mama? Why?
- She cried so!

Why did she cry?

- She wasn't happy.
- Why?

Because of my behavior!

Being sensitive,
I was sad to see her cry so much.

Someone other than your son
might ask why you acted that way.

I'd say it was because
she was the same age as me!

- You knew that when you married her!
- But we were so young then!

Your poor mama!
She was a good woman.


And very honest! But so boring!

That's all over now.
She wasn't very intelligent.

And so boring!

If you're like me, your wife will suffer.

- And like Mama?
- You'll be good!

Thanks! I see what you mean!

- How's it going?
- What?

You two!

- Already? Why?
- I don't know.

Maybe she's not in very good health.

- What's wrong?
- I don't know.

Did you notice anything?

- Sort of.
- What?

The last time I had lunch here
you didn't say a word.

Sorry... Well?

She was sad, absent-minded
and distant that day.

Did she say anything?

- No.
- Nothing?

- You're worried.
- No.

You seem worried.
Have you been careless?

No, I don't have to be careful.

- But you are!
- No, I don't need to be.

But you have a girl from time to time!

- That's how it is.
- I don't understand!

Or else... it's your wife
you're worried about?

Another couple on the rocks!

Shall I talk to her?

I hate getting involved!

I'll talk to her myself tonight.

This morning
I let her know I'm fed up.

Something specific?

No, but she goes out
too regularly and it upsets me.

I asked her to be home by 6.00.
It's 6.15!

She's not here
and I hate tardiness!

- Calm down!
- Yes, I know.

Don't get nervous. Hold your temper!
And don't make any concessions!

We must try to keep
women under control.

But if we can't, let them go!

It's always an unequal battle with them.

- You got married too young!
- We were the same age!

At 20, it's magnificent
to be the same age.

But later,

you'll see the difference
between a man and a woman at 50.

First of all,
women are ageless!

They're young or they're old!

Young, they cheat on us.
Old, they hate to be cheated on!

A man's a fool to wed at 19!

- But, Papa, you know...
- Yes, yes...

- You always say that.
- You both got foolishly involved.

What a lesson!
But it won't do anyone any good.

Now you must try
not to be too unhappy,

because if you're unhappy
you can't make anyone happy.

In the name of the Good Lord,

you can't go anywhere
or listen to a soul

without finding a bit of sorrow,
sadness or trouble.

Know what my 72 years
have taught me?

That the Turks
weren't so dumb after all!

- Know what I think?
- No.

Women are made for marriage
men are made to be bachelors.

- That's the trouble!
- You like bachelorhood?

It suits men! Widowers don't remarry
as often as widows do!

That's all because
you're self-centered.

- What?
- You're self-centered!

If that's all you find out.

You admit you're self-centered?

- Naturally! Like you!
- I'm not.

- No?
- No!

You will be... thank God!

Thank God? Papa, at times
don't you feel alone in life?

- Of course, I'm alone!
- You see?

- I'm alone! Like you!
- I'm not alone!


Aren't you alone when you
and your wife dine alone

without saying a word?

When you disagree with her
regarding no matter what

aren't you alone
at that very moment?

- Every man is alone!
- Don't say that!

Why? It's not sad!

What's sad is being surrounded
by annoying people.

Being alone is fine, believe me!

Aren't you afraid
the time will get longer?

I don't fear it, I hope for it!

I want it to last and never end!

- My God, then are you happy?
- Yes.

- Really?
- Yes!

Of all things! Forgive me but you live
such an exclusively material life.

- Maybe.
- You believe in nothing.

- Nothing at all.
- Honest, duty and all...

When others believe in it, I'll see.
But I don't set examples.

- If others said that...
- They do!

- You don't believe in progress?
- Nothing!

Justice? Forget that! Love?

- Women?
- Love, yes.

Unfortunately for us,
love means women.

So... women?

Pretty! Very pretty, of course!


- Such little vixens!
- Not all of them!

- No, I mean only the pretty ones!
- You're terrible!

You don't believe
in the family either?

People in the same family
can like each other, but that's all.

Family evenings! Family life!

- But if you're ill?
- Don't be ill too long!

If it's fatal, don't drag it out.
Be discreet about it.

Don't say that!

If that's so, Papa,
what's left? Nothing?

- Yes! Friends!
- At last!


As long as you don't need them!

You're depressing!

No, but it's silly to live with illusions.

Reality is better than any illusion!

- You're sure?
- Yes!

- If you could relive your life...
- Well?

- Would you?
- Yes!

- Relive it?
- 20 times!

- The same life?
- No!

- You'd do what?
- Nothing!

So as to hurt no one!

Fate didn't give me a creator's mind
nor an apostle's soul.

I'd do nothing.

I'd admire the deeds of others

and live only for myself
and my pleasures.

That's abominable!

Then you can do just the opposite!

You don't want
to do good around you?

Yes, maybe... I don't know.

I'd do what I could,
as I pleased and if it's good,

all the better!

- I wouldn't force myself.
- I see.

At my age you'll see you're not made
for most of the things

you felt obliged to do
all through your life.

Like it or not, in 20 years you'll say,
waving your hands like this,

"No, don't bother me!
Let me pass!

"Leave me alone!"

You're the age that you are
and you're going to be unhappy.

You can try to be smart.

But if you only knew
what it is to be your age!

It should happen at least twice
in order to understand it!

What? What is it?

Experience can't be transmitted.

But if only you knew
how little it takes to be happy.

7.00! I must go!

- Bye!
- Bye, Papa!

To think I was once like you!

And that you'll be like me!

My father was right!

I wish I could give you
what he gave me:

the unlimited confidence
we must have in life!

- You're here?
- Papa, can I talk to you?

What about?

Am I going to go
to boarding school?

- Who said so?
- Marie just told me. Is it true?

Yes, son, it's true.

- Why? Have I been bad?
- It's not punishment!

- What is it?
- It's a necessary obligation.

I was a boarder too at your age.

- Did you like it?
- No.

Then why make me go?

- But...
- Revenge?

Such talk!

I'll be alone at night!

Alone? There are 50 boys
in each dormitory!

Then I'll be alone with 50 others.

- Afraid to be alone?
- Yes.

I hear it's a habit one can acquire.

In a month,
you'll forget all about it.

But you still think about it!

I realized it was a necessity.

- When?
- The day I decided...

- To send me there!
- That's enough!

A boy mustn't grow up
with only women around him.

With a mother who's always absent
and a governess!

With hair that makes you look
like a girl, not a boy!

You're very behind at school!

You can't read well! You can't count!
You cry every time I talk to you!

- Because you scare me!
- Scare you? Why?

- Do I beat you?
- Never!

- So?
- Maybe that's why.

Such talk!

- It's my fault you can't read?
- Yes!

- What?
- You should've taught me!

Maybe, but I've no time
to teach you to read.

I have other
more serious things to do.

Reading's not serious?

I mean teaching it isn't my trade.

- It's a trade?
- It certainly is!

- You don't know how?
- No!

- Maybe you could.
- I'm not patient enough.

- Tell me...
- What?

- You learned French history?
- I did once.

You forgot it?

- It's forgotten?
- Yes.

- Then why learn it?
- Don't ask! Just learn it!

- Papa!
- What?

Do all nations
have a French history?


_ IS it pretty'?
' No! .

- They have kings?
- They do.

- What are they like?
- Nice!

- Who's the greatest king?
- Charlemagne!

- Wasn't he an emperor?
- An emperor too!

- Papa!
- What?

If I study hard,
do I still have to go?

Yes, dear.

Don't cry!
I'm upset enough already!

Hello! Yes!

It's you?
I didn't recognize your voice.

Why didn't you come home by 6.00
as I asked you to?

Why are you calling?

You had an accident?

Then why phone?
To talk to me? Then come home!

No? What does that mean?

What an odd voice!
Where are you phoning from?

It doesn't matter?

Alone? Yes.
Maurice is with me.

Why? He can't hear what you say.

Yes, alright.

Leave me alone with Mama, dear.

Go ahead, I'm listening.


You're too nervous!

I meant to discuss it tonight.

You knew what?

That I meant to discuss it?

So you didn't come home! Why?

Why won't we talk about it?

What do you mean?

Over? What's over?

Come home at once!

Have you gone crazy?

The courage to see what?

Life? You're blaming life for what?

Unbearable in what sense?

What're you getting at?
Just say the words as they come!

You're a victim of what?

What feeling?

Not enough willpower?

Leave? Where to? When?

Tonight? You're leaving tonight?

Who made the decision?

You! When? A month ago!

You've kept this secret for a month!
Like a poison!

You lived and slept
next to me with this idea!

Afraid of whispering it in your sleep!

For a month you've lied
and let me talk about the future!

Remember what you told me
two days ago?

I was already holding
another man's woman in my arms!

If you knew the disgust
I feel right now!

How could you wait
till the last moment to tell me this?

Why? You were scared?

Not proud of yourself! Coward!

And Maurice! Yes, go away!

What a vile woman!

Where are you calling from?

The train station!

To think you
didn't come home out of fear!

Afraid I'd retain you by force!
You don't know me!

Retain you? No!
I'm prouder than that! Go on! Cry!

Explain? Don't explain a thing!
Go! Hang up!

You first!
You're the one who's leaving!

I want to hear
the phone click as you go!

Go! Go! No! Lies!

Saying it's over like this!
It's over! Go!



- Here I am, Papa!
- Maurice!

Yes, Papa? You called?

- Why?
- I don't know.

Just to say hello.

And to say I lied to you earlier.

I think I recall
a lot of French history.

You've given me an idea.

I don't think
you'll go to boarding school.

Instead, I think
I'll become a teacher.

But to start with,
I'll have only one pupil.

- Me!
- Yes. You!

I'll teach you all I know!

At first we'll have fun but one day
I think it'll fascinate us!

If only I can
make you a happy man!

Come in.

Come in!

Who's there?

Come in, son!

Why didn't you
come in at once?

Why are you laughing?

- Don't you remember?
- What?

20 years ago, Papa,
at that very door,

I made you say "Come in, son!"
Not "Come in!"

I remember.
You were terrible!

You refused to see
why your papa...

I couldn't accept
not being called son.

Besides, that still moves me.

My boy, that's all so long ago!

You didn't tap on that pane then.
It was the lower one!

Yes, long ago!

Yet I still see that day
with extraordinary precision.

I sat there,
wearing my big blue collar.

You were there,
dressed all in gray.

- Think so?
- I'm sure of it!

Remember what happened
that day?

- No. Was it important?
- Yes, very!

That night we dined together
alone for the first time.

- It was that night?
- Yes.

- Forgive me!
- Please!

Besides, we must talk
about that today.

About that
and some other things.

- Leaving?
- No.

Today's your birthday.

- Pardon?
- It's your birthday today!

- True!
- You didn't know it?

Yes, but I forgot.

- Nobody reminded you of it?
- No.

I thought you had someone
who'd remind you.

What you're referring to
ended four months ago.

- My boy, I beg your pardon.
- Never mind!

- So now you...
- I have a new one.

- Good! But she didn't think of...
- It's too recent.

For now, we only remember
her special dates.

- But that's unimportant.
- Anytime you want to discuss it...

- Maybe later.
- I can wait!

Meanwhile, shall I talk
to you about me?

Yes, Father.

- What? Father? Why "Father"?
- I don't know.

An odd idea!

I thought now that I'm 30,
maybe you'd prefer...

- Never!
- Good! I prefer "Papa".

And so do I.

Here's what I want to say.

After teaching
history and geography,

I taught you
all I knew about life.

It took me 20 years.
I've lasted that long

and now that you know
as much or as little as I do

- I can quit.
- Quit?

I've worked enough.
You're ready to run things.

- You like our business?
- Very much!

Then henceforth you'll take over.

I taught you to row.
Now you'll steer the ship.

Sail slowly away from the shore
so I can still guide you.

Why stay ashore?

To breathe, live
and enjoy doing nothing.

- Are you tired?
- No, but you're worried.

Don't be!
I'm neither weary nor dejected.

Besides, I don't really mean I'm quitting.

I just want to stop for a while,
for ten years.

Then I'll get back into harness

but for now, I'm interested
in things new to me,

such as painting,
theatre and stylishness.

- Stylishness?
- Indeed!

I held it in contempt
but now it tempts me!

I've worn this tired old jacket
for 20 years?

Adieu or farewell to all that!

I've lived with my grandmother's
furniture most of my life.

I'm tired of Louis-Philippe.
I want to rejuvenate all this!

- How?
- With Louis XVI!

- Do you approve?
- Please, Papa...

We must agree! That's the only way
it'll be charming.

You must realize
I've just reached 50,

roughly half of my lifetime.

Because of duty or reason

I haven't used all that's in me,
meaning my youth.

I want to see if life
has more in store for me.

Our material matters
are easily settled.

I wrote it all down this morning.
A nice birthday present!

- I'm sure! Thank you!
- Hush!

As for the house, that's different.

Your old birthplace, far from town,
with its lovely garden!

- What do you prefer?
- For?

Do you want it or may I have it?

- But...
- What?

We're separating?

Life together
could become delicate!

Who knows what your life
or mine will be like?

Thus far, we've always
been very discreet.

But anything may happen!
One day you'll get married.

- Never!
- Why not?

Just because!

Perhaps I've said too much
against marriage.

I kept you with me
till you were 30

to keep you from being
as silly as I was at 20.

You're 30! A man! It's your decision!

I decided long ago!

You told me not to make
a bad start in life

and told me
what I needed to know.

I may not recall
all my algebra but

the subject of women
is firmly engraved!

I see I went too far.
We mustn't exaggerate

their strength nor our weaknesses.
We too are armed!

- You didn't say...
- I did!

- No, Papa!
- I'm sure I did!

You didn't pay attention.

Women are usually enemies,

but dishonest ones
and can be caught!

Also, women are very pretty!

- Of course!
- We must think of that!

Yes, Papa, I do! All the time!

But a wife?
A wife in the house?

An organized existence
for a lifetime?

Yes, it's serious.
And if you're wrong

it's a horrid error
that can bear fruit!

A child from such an error? Never!

Don't say that! I'm glad you're here!
But it can be serious.

Take it seriously
and it can be grave!

Each day, a new problem
must be resolved.

I read 20 books
on heredity because of you!

I swore to fight any bad influence
I might have on you.

I dug through my family
and your mother's.

- I had to stop.
- Why?

I was so discouraged.
I found everything!

Idiots, alcoholics,
a senator, a process-server.

To think you might be like them,
it was just too unfair!

The phone...

Yes, madam.

No, madam, here he is.

- A lady for you.
- For me? Good Lord!

- A lady? I thought it was for you.
- For you!

No, madam. Who are you?

Just a moment!

Could you leave?

- Of course!
- Just two minutes!

Of course!

I'm listening.

See me?

Is that really necessary?

That's what you say!

Where are you calling from?

The train station again!

I don't feel like laughing
but you make me laugh.

A phone call from the station
every 20 years!

Why are you at the station?

You're back!

Yes, he's well, thank you.

So am I...
You're too kind.

Again I ask you.
Is a meeting truly necessary?


No, I'm not in any danger.

Using the phone for such a thing!

Yes, he's here.
No, I can't answer you yet.

No, we'll have to discuss it first.


I'll be expecting you.

Yes, the same address...

See you later!

I don't know where I put it!


- You called?
- Yes.

- Mama?
- Yes.

- On the phone?
- I'm waiting for her.

How do you feel?

I feel

cold and like I can't breathe.

- It was her!
- Yes, son.

We discussed it once 15 years ago
but never since then.

We've only mentioned her
in the past tense and short phrases.

We affected a rather
serious indifference

and suddenly life
has become quite specific.

If we love life, we'll truly have
to live it in a moment.

Especially you! As for me...

So think and tell me
how you want this to happen.

If you want the meeting
postponed or canceled

do exactly as you wish.

- So how do you feel?
- Quite differently from you!

We're to see a lady who was my wife
and is still your mother.

- Even so!
- 20 years!


I look at this and I'm 10.
That door will open and I'm 30.

She's 50.

- She must be gray.
- I hope so, for her sake.

One never knows!

You're deeply moved?

- Very!
- That's all we need!

- May I ask you something?
- Anything!

- What was she like?
- In what way?

As a woman. Her personality.

She was... like that!
She was adorable!

Like her picture!

It should've
and could've been marvelous!

But the calamity happened.

You know she told me
about it by phone?

She's announced
her return by phone!

The phone's made progress!

- Yes, it's been 20 years.
- Almost.

She was in America.
Do you know where she lived?

- I didn't dare ask!
- Of course.

- I'd like to ask...
- Ask me anything!

- Are you divorced?
- No. Because of you.

That may be
what she wants now.

To legalize her situation.
Maybe she's had children.

Anything's possible.
I won't refuse a divorce now.

It'd be best that way
if she wants to live in Paris.

- It's up to you.
- I think so.

Tell me.

When she left,

did she want
to take me with her?

I don't want
a faux pas from Emile!


Come here!

Don't question
the lady who's at the gate.

Just show her in
and say she's expected.

Yes, sir.

Go upstairs!

- You'll do as I say?
- Yes, Papa!

- Come down only if I call.
- You'll call?

You want me to?

- You decide!
- Go!

- Mr. Bellanger?
- Come in!

Madam is expected.

I'm expected?


I really have a nerve!

My heart's pounding!
I feel like leaving!

This is crazy! I'll leave... Too late!

This must be him! It's him!

Sir, forgive me for coming here...

Forgive me, miss! Who are you?

I'm Loulou!

- What?
- Loulou!

I could lie and say
I'm Loulou's friend,

but it's better
to tell the truth. I'm Loulou!

I know this is incorrect

but you'll forgive me
once you know why I'm here.

- May I please tell you?
- Please!

Am I interrupting?

- No, but I may shortly be obliged...
- I understand! I'll explain fast!

It seems my dream of a lifetime
is impossible because of you.

Because of me?

Yes and I was sure of that
till just a minute ago.

But now that I can see
and talk to you

and look at you,
I can't believe it.

With eyes like yours,
you can't be mean!

I bet you can't be
led by the nose

and you're right about that,
believe me.

But unfortunately
I don't quite know what to think.

I'm very nervous.

I must be making
a strange impression on you.

What's your impression?

You impress me as being a person
who's honest and determined

and who came to the wrong door.

Whom do you think you're talking to?

- His father!
- His father?

- Aren't you?
- Whose father?

- Maurice's!
- Yes, I have a son named Maurice.

So I'm right! How you scared me!

- It's about Maurice...
- Yes, Sir.

I'm his girlfriend.

- Didn't you know?
- No.

- Know what he told me?
- No idea!

He said you two
had had a long talk about me.

I don't recall it.

What a liar!
Well, I'll tell you the truth.

- Go right ahead!
- I can never lie.

Here's the simple truth.

I was a seamstress. I met Maurice.
Two months ago...

- You quit work!
- It's simple!

It's so natural!

- Isn't it?
- Yes.

He rented me
a lovely little apartment.

Seen from afar,
my life seems filled with happiness.

Yet it's spoiled when Maurice
comes to lunch each day

but won't stay for dinner or overnight.

- No!
- Never!

When I ask why,
do you know what he says?

Papa won't stay alone nights.

- No!
- Yes!

At first I accepted it
and said nothing.

Finally I saw
it wasn't the real truth.

He doesn't want you to be alone!
I understand him!

That's why I came!
Maurice is right!

You mustn't be alone!

Here's my idea!

It may sound crazy
but since I want everyone to be happy

I think it's fine!
I know what I'm talking about!

But now
I'm too embarrassed to tell you

because you're not
like what I expected.

- I thought you'd be...
- How?

Very short with a pointed beard!

Never mind.
Tell me your idea. I'm curious.

Here it is, sir!

Let's see...

Who's this nymph?

She's my girlfriend
who needs someone.

She's a seamstress too.
She wants a change but I don't.

I like what I've found.

She wants someone serious.
To each his own!

I thought you'd be
just what she dreams of.

She'd be satisfied
and you'd have a girlfriend.

- What do you think?
- I think you're charming.

And she's adorable!

Is this balustrade at her home?

- At the photographer's!
- The photographer...

- And cute?
- Yes, very!

- And good!
- She looks it!

No, I mean,
she's still very good.

I didn't know your preferences
but that's how she is!

It's not a real problem.
Only momentary!

- Soon ended!
- Her name is Henrietta.

I said to change it
but she's stubborn!

- Isn't she wrong?
- About...?

Keeping Henrietta.
It's so plain and old-fashioned.

It's not up-to-date!

I begged her to change it
but she won't.

But if you ask her,
I'm sure she will!

- It's not important, is it?
- I don't find it terribly important.

Don't you think
that for me and this child

the age difference
is a bit large?

Yes, but I'm sure
you'd never want one of your own age.

If you want one not so old
pick one who's really young!

How right you are!

If you're concerned about fidelity

pick a new, fresh one
who won't know any better!

That's very sound reasoning!
But for now...

- Her address is on it.
- I saw it.

Now let's talk about you.

- Me?
- Yes.

- You've been his girl for...
- For two months.

And you love him.
That much!

- Sorry!
- For what?

Talking this way.
Sorry if I speak badly

and about Henrietta too
if I was wrong.

I pay no attention to how I talk.

I let myself go
because I know my feelings are right.

- I'm sure of that!
- Me too.

That's why I'm so tormented.

Yes, what's happened is sad.

- Maurice doesn't think I love him.
- That's silly!

Yes, he is!
And he never says he loves me!

Yet I swear on my mama
that he does!

- Believe me!
- I do!

He loves me as much
as I love him... Almost!

But he won't discuss it.

- Out of modesty?
- I don't think so.

He seems afraid of all that

as if he can't forget something bad
that once happened to him.

- I don't believe so.
- No.

He told me about other affairs

and bragged that they were
very short and of no importance.

Why do you think
it was something bad?

From things he's said.

When I mention our future,

because for me, the future is us,
he says,

"One day you'll phone
and say you're deserting me!"


- He said those very words?
- Yes! Often!

- It's a bad sign?
- No.


To say such a thing to me!

I'd die if I didn't see him
at least once a day!

And he's mean to say that
when we don't even have a phone!

I don't see why he distrusts me.

You're not the one he distrusts, my child.

- Then what?
- No doubt life scares him.

- Talk to him!
- I've talked to him but...

Do we always say
the things we should?

Yet at times
he can be so tender.

He doesn't really act his age.
He's one or the other!

A 60-year-old who's seen it all
and believes in nothing!

Or he's like a 5-year-old!

Sometimes he'll spend hours
with his head resting on my shoulder,

not like a man with his mistress
but like a boy with his mother.

- Indeed.
- If only he'd trust me!

- Sir!
- Yes, darling?

You know life!

- Find a way to make him trust me!
- I'm trying!

I think we're too often apart.

If we spent a week together alone
it'd be different afterwards.

What's stopping you?

- You again, sir!
- It's always me!

For a week
he's talked about

taking me to Venice
for Easter week. Venice is beautiful!

It's not bad!

It won't happen
cos it's already too late.

We were to leave tonight.
He'll find an excuse not to go!

He won't leave you
and also a friend said to him,

"Once you've seen Venice,
you'll be inseparable!"

He turned pale
and changed the subject.

You'll go to Venice tonight.
You'll both go to Venice tonight!

Want to bet 5,000 francs?

- I can't!
- You don't have 5,000?

Buy the tickets!
And a gift for his birthday today!

Go home, pack and wait for him!

- But..
- You'll do as I say?

- Gladly!
- Go!

- I beg of you!
- What?

- Don't say I came!
- I won't.

- Promise not to tell?
- I swear!

- Are you angry I came?
- Do I look angry?

- Not at all!
- So?

You're nice, sir.

It's nice being nice
but it's not everything!

Now I'll have to please Henrietta.
Do you think I will?

- Yes, but don't frighten her.
- What could scare her?

- Your eyes!
- What about them?

- Well...
- I've no others!

They'll do.
Don't make fun of her!

I'm sure you'll like each other.

- And if I cheat on her?
- She'll love you!

- Which way out?
- That way!

- If I meet someone?
- Say hello!

- Goodbye!
- Goodbye!

Will you come here a moment?

Can you leave Paris
for a week?

- Yes. Why?
- Then go!

- And you?
- I'll be gone too!

Keep me posted!
Send me messages all the time!


Please sit down.

I've gone mad!
Tell yourself that!

You must admit it's true!
Try to understand me!

You must be not kind
but intelligent and admit it!

Can't a woman truly go mad?
I swear that's what happened!

I was insane!

Pardon me.
What are you talking about?

My departure!

- Not really!
- Yes!

- About your leaving?
- Yes!

After 20 years,
our conversation is to pick up

from where we left off?

Your departure!

Do you think
I'm still the same man

whom you deserted?
Look at me!

- It's you!
- Because you know it is!

Would you have recognized me
in the street?

- Yes.
- I doubt it!

- Wouldn't you?
- Recognize you? No!

You're extraordinary!

- Have I changed a lot?
- Like me!

- A woman mustn't...
- Why not?

Because your hairstyle
is the same?

It's not a question of hair!

No, I'm not the same man
you deserted

and you're not
the same woman who left!

We're now two new people
who don't know each other.

So forget a conversation
that ended 20 years ago!

- I strictly forbid it!
- Why?


20 years ago any excuse
for your behavior was impossible.

- You left like a madwoman.
- Exactly!

I didn't know what I was doing.

- But now I understand.
- I understood you then,

but not now!

It took you 20 years to remember
and me, 20 years to forget.

I won't go back
to the day you left, luckily for you

because if I had the strength
I'd no doubt commit assault and battery!

- No, I'd find the right words.
- Yes, I know!

You're all alike
and capable of anything!

After 30 years
we know nothing about you

and we're babies
before a new face,

but only when facing a new one
because an old one can't fool us twice!

That's our strength!

When we know women
it usually means only 1, 2 or 3,

not the others!

And those two or three
needn't come back!

Once is enough!

As for the rest,
let them come anytime! Eyes closed!

But not you!

So please leave the past alone
and understand that

I no longer see the woman
who left here 20 years ago.

You could be her mother!

- How you hate me!
- No! Hate you?

Don't digress! Hate?
At my age? It's too late!

Hate? How demanding!
Go ahead, I'm listening.

- You know what my life has been.
- No.

- What?
- No!

- Nor where and how I've lived?
- No!

- That I was in America?
- Yes!

But not whether it was
North or South America!

- I was in Rio de Janeiro.
- Fine.

You're not unaware that

the friend I lived with
died three months ago.


- You're unaware?
- Yes!

You knew...

Nothing! I never tried
to find out a thing.

- I'll tell...
- Don't tell me a thing!

Just say why you're here today.
That's all!

- Your affairs don't interest me.
- My affairs?

I didn't have some affairs.

I had one beautiful affair
that gives me the right

to call it a perfectly noble,
exemplary life.

- What?
- It's true!

I erred 20 years ago
but I've atoned for it!

- With whom?
- Don't make jokes!

I've atoned for it
through my behavior,

devotion and good manners.

Don't say
it's a far-fetched lie!

For 20 years I proved
to the entire city

my absolute fidelity!

- You're totally mindless!
- Not at all!

Yes, you are!
Telling me about your fidelity!

I'm the one man to whom
you should never say that word!

- You know what you just said?
- I said...?

For 20 years you exemplified virtue!

- And it flatters you to repeat it!
- I'm proud of it!

It's incredible!
In front of me you brag

of being faithful to another man!
What do I care about that?

It's to show you
I didn't act like a madwoman!

You want my approval?

Just don't change
the subject on purpose!

If you didn't take it personally
you'd understand.


- Just listen to me!
- That's all I do!

Listen to the meaning of my words!

Begin by giving them a meaning!

- Accept one thing.
- What?

- Trust me!
- Impossible!

Pretend we don't know each other.

- What for?
- Just try!

So we don't know each other!

And I come to you and say,

20 years ago I erred and acted
like a woman who'd lost her head.

I was unforgivable
at that very moment!

Since then,
my behavior has been such

that the continuity of my sin
has become its own apology

- and my pardon!
- I understand.

So I didn't truly lose my head!
I was faithful in my betrayal!

Tell that to people
who don't know you.

Tell it to anyone except me!

It will sound odd to them
but it's dizzying to me!

There's a bit of dizziness
in your case.

You'll end up saying

you should be forgiven
for deserting me out of love!

No! Please!

- Don't say that in Paris!
- Parisians are prudes?

We know what's ridiculous!

- They don't pardon sin?
- Never!

- Some do!
- They're wrong!

But you're not here
to ask for my forgiveness?

- Yes!
- What for?

- To get it!
- And then?

Take my place again!

- Where?
- In my home!

You're crazier than 20 years ago!

- I've a right...
- No right!

- To ask!
- And you'll get a refusal!

- You're sole judge?
- Who else?

- Our child!
- My God!

- Our child is a man!
- You told him...

No need to!
One day he understood!

- I'm ready to face him.
- I'm sure!

- He won't judge Mama.
- Such words!

Words with meaning! Yes!

I didn't say no!

- Call him!
- No! Not so fast! Wait!


You'd ask a mother to wait?

You've waited 20 years!
So, five more minutes...

May I smoke? Good.

First, kindly give up
any ideas of a pardon,

redemption or reclaiming
your place in this home.

What if Maurice's happiness
depends on our reconciliation?

- And my happiness?
- Make a sacrifice!

Another one? No!

- I've done all a father should.
- What did you do for him?

What did I do?
You're asking me?

I was 30 when you left.

To avoid marrying again
I didn't get a divorce.

I spent my time educating him.
I raised a very intelligent boy.

He can stand alone now.

The years I have left
I mean to live them for myself!

You talk to me
of coming back here

and I'm asking you for a divorce.

- Now?
- Yes, he doesn't need you now.

- You're sure?
- Sure or not, it's what I want!

- Like a royal decree?
- It's my decree!

- Your name?
- You used it there?

The way you bore my name here
wasn't encouraging.

It's so easy to wander
for 20 years

and then come home
when you're lonely.

Have you no pity?

- For those worthy of it!
- How simple!

Did you pity me?

- No, but you're better than I am.
- Indeed!

I thought you might make
a gesture a bit...

- Idiotic!
- No!

Anything not thought out is idiotic.

The forgivers will say,
"Act right!" and I'd act like them

if I didn't control myself.

Otherwise, you'd take pity?

When you came in
I almost took you in my arms.

But what for?

- We'd now be...
- Now here!

What a life!
I can easily see ours!

Gentle, smiling and peaceful!

I'd give you all my affection.

- I see you calmer in old age.
- What eyesight!

- When you're ill...
- I expected that one! Illness!

Wishful hopes! I'm not sick!

- But when you are...
- We'll discuss it then!

For now, I'm fine and need nothing!

- "Store is no sore"!
- Good Lord!

- What?
- Adages!

Your fourth today!
I recall how you lived on adages.

"One sorrow expels another"!
"One swallows not a summer"!

I can only tell you one thing:
"The future belongs to God."

But what's your place here?
Where is it?

- Here!
- Where you are?

There's also
a dining room, bedroom...

Maybe it's occupied.

- You think...
- Not a thing!

- Thank heavens!
- Congratulations! She's lovely!

- Who?
- The girl I met as I came in.

- She's charming.
- I'll tell her.

- If you wish. Although...
- What's wrong with her?

She's perhaps a bit young.

- Young? For you or for me?
- For you!

- For me she's perfect.
- Be careful!

Nothing surprises me!

Look no further!
Here's what our life would be like!

You're almost jealous
and you only just arrived!

No, you don't belong here.

We're not a father and mother
nor husband and wife.

We're lovers...

Just ex-lovers.

You left as a mistress
and return now as a mother.

You need gray hair.

We might become a bizarre couple
like so many others

if we hadn't once been in love.

People should never separate
if they hope to grow old together.

What'll become of me?

Even so! Counsel me!

when you spoke of yourself

and wanting to live for yourself,

your eyes began to smile.

Think of that again!

Think of being happy
so they'll smile again!

Counsel me.

When I spoke of my rights
I didn't really believe in them.

When I demanded my place
in the household

it was merely my way
of asking you for it.

I could have begged you
on my knees!

Pay less attention
to my words and voice

- and see only the deeds. Please?
- Yes.

After 20 years away,
I suddenly ask to return home.

It's mad! It's stupid! It's insane!

Nevertheless it's certain
that I'm asking it of you.

Counsel me!
Send for Maurice!

- Don't say that!
- Why?

I don't want him to see
the pathetic sight of a couple

trying to patch things together.
It's not a pretty sight!

I'm already worried
about Maurice in that respect.

- How so?
- Well...

Your departure 20 years ago

left an indelible mark on his mind.
Can you understand?

I've slowly won his trust now
and mean to keep it.

I'd lose it by behaving
in such a weak way.

If you only knew...

how he talks about you unknowingly
when he talks about women!

You asked for my counsel?

Here it is: come back in 10 years!

- You're horrible!
- Why?

How cruel! Come back in 10 years!

To say that to a woman!
Your wife! The mother of your son!

- How'll she live 10 years?
- I don't care.

You don't care how she'll live!
Let her die of misery and sorrow!

Let her run like a mangy dog!

Laughed at by some,
scorned by others!

You're starting to bore me!
That's enough!

Stop judging me!

You want me
to repeat things 20 times

so I appear to abuse my rights.

I'm not fooled
by what you're doing.

I've no more to say to you!

I'm wrong to let you talk.

It's unforgivable!

You have money?

- Yes.
- Well then?

- Let me keep your name!
- That may be best.

Let me see Maurice.
Five minutes!

I said no! Don't insist!

Not with your hair like that!
It's indecent!

You'd be ashamed of yourself!

I'm that shabby?

That's not the question!


- What?
- Tell me!

- What?
- That I'm not shabby.

Say something nice!

- Something nice?
- Yes!

Say something nice!
My heart hurts!

Say something so I won't cry!
Say something nice!

Look at me!
Say exactly what you think of me!

- Such trust!
- In you!

- In us both!
- So say it!

- What do you want me to say?
- I don't know either but...

I'd like to go after hearing
something nice from you!

Give me more confidence!

You want me to say
you can still easily fool me?

That's what you want me to say.
That's what you're thinking.



- Really?
- Yes!

Thank you!
Not another word! Your hand!

Thank you!

My God!

And to think we suffer for that!
How silly we must be!

Emile, I'm going out!

Prepare my dinner.
If I'm not home by 2.00 you eat it!

Yes, sir!

Which of you beauties
is going to die on my heart?

- Sir!
- What?

- Just a word, sir!
- Which one?

- You're going out?
- Yes, I'm going out!

You joked when telling Emile
you might not come home tonight?

- The idiot told you?
- Yes!

- It's true?
- Yes. Why?

- You were so late last night.
- Spying on me?

No, sir, I wouldn't dare

but you were out
and I was so worried I couldn't sleep!

Worried? Why?

- No idea!
- So?

- You're not afraid?
- Afraid of what?

Tiring yourself out!

- I look tired?
- No.

- So?
- You've changed a lot lately.

I've changed?
For better or for worse?

I couldn't say
but you're not the same.

- What's changed?
- I don't know. You're funny.

- Do I make you laugh?
- No.

But you laugh all the time
and make jokes.

That's forbidden?

No! For someone else,
it'd perhaps be natural

but for you, it's so extraordinary!

You were so serious, so solemn.

Seeing you suddenly like this
makes quite an impression!

How have I changed?

Can't you see
you're not the same?

You dress differently.

- Badly?
- No!

You frightened me!

- A charming tie?
- Yes.

- A lovely hat?
- Yes.

So life is beautiful!

Even so, aren't you sad at heart?

- No. Why?
- Because of all this!

All what?

- You're going to change more?
- Do you mind?

Seeing this beautiful house
go to pieces!

It's not!
It's the inside that's changing!

All your mama's old furniture!

- So?
- Replaced by new things!

New? These are antiques!
The others were just old!

What's that over there?

Your antique man
brought it this morning.

- He brings something every day.
- You didn't tell me!

He's charming!

He said to keep it
two or three days

and if you don't like it, return it.

Return it? How have I ever
lived without him?

Isn't he charming?

- Who is he?
- I don't know.

Not yet! Emile!
We'll learn his identity!

Emile, please take down...

Let's see...
That man in shirt sleeves.

He's indecent! Replace him

with this portrait
of my great-grandfather.

- He's...
- This 10-year-old

is my great-grandfather!
Look at his eyes!

All the family has his eyes, right?

- Say yes!
- Indeed, there is something, sir!

It's obvious!
And you, Marie?

- Say yes!
- He has a bit of you!

Of course!

So he's the husband
of your grandmother's mother?

Not really but he was
my great-grandfather all the same.

A lady's honour is at stake, you see?

So not a word to anyone
in the neighborhood!

- Indeed!
- Goodbye!

Marie, what do you think?

There's something
but not like you said.

I had an impression!

He doesn't seem crazy.

Crazy people
don't always look like they are!

It's not natural for a man his age
to laugh all the time.

He wakes up singing
and leaves the house singing.

Off-key but he's singing!
I mean, really!

You've been here for 30 years.
You raised Maurice.

- It's your duty to alert him at once.
- But where?

I saw his address
on a letter mailed to him

and copied it on my cuff!

- When?
- Six days ago!

- Change more often!
- I kept it on, on purpose!

Is there time to write?

He was to be gone a week
and it's been two!

- Send a telegram!
- That'll cost a lot!

Just use 4 words:
Father has gone crazy.

Emile, you can't say such things
so bluntly!

Then say:
Father is rather crazy.

We can't use the word crazy.

Then say:
Father is rather odd.

No, he wouldn't understand.

- Then say anything!
- Suppose...

- Don't bother! Here's Maurice!
- Leave us alone! How wonderful!

Good Lord!
It's you! How wonderful!

- Is Papa sick?
- Not sick but...

What? What is it?

- May I be frank?
- Of course!

Well, then...
Since you left, he's changed a lot.

- In what way?
- Well... Like that!

- What does that mean?
- Like he's sort of deranged!

Deranged? Him?

- What did the doctor say?
- Nothing.

- He hasn't seen him.
- Why?

- We didn't call him.
- You should've called him at once!

Sit down, darling.

- He's in bed?
- Who?

- Papa!
- No.

- Where is he?
- Out!

- Alone?
- Yes.

Then it's not serious!

I'm not saying it is!
But I'm glad you're home!

- When will he be home?
- About 7.00 to put on his tuxedo.

- He's dining out?
- Like every night!

- And wears a tux!
- Him?

Well, well, well!

- Where does he usually dine?
- At his club.

- Papa?
- Yes, every night!

- Like his father used to!
- Call the doctor!

It's best we do!
The doctor's known Papa for ages.

He'll see at once what's wrong.

- Is Emile here?
- Yes.

Take my car and
go for Dr Mourier at once.

Say it's for Papa. I'll phone him.

Does Emile know
what you said about Papa?

- Yes.
- Good.

Marie says
you think Papa's changed a bit.

Quite a bit!

Is there anything
that's really struck you?

Well... it's just that...

Speak freely!

- You'll understand.
- Yes.

- It's little nothings...
- Nothings...

- ...that give me a feeling...
- Feeling...

and that's what makes it curious.

Go get the doctor at once.

Loulou, be sweet
and get me Wagram 87.73.

Wagram 8773...

Marie, can't you tell me
something specific about Papa

that I can tell the doctor?

I don't know.
Look around you!

- The furniture's changed!
- I see.

He emptied the rooms
in two hours!

Doesn't that mean something?
Like he's empty-headed!

No, there's absolutely
no connection!

Wagram 8773... Wagram 8773...

What are you doing?

Wagram 8773...
Memorizing the number!

- Dial it instead!
- Sorry!

Know what happened between Papa
and my mother the other day?

I only know she came
for half an hour and left.

- You saw her leave?
- Just a glimpse!

- Was she crying?
- No, she was laughing!

She shouted, "Thank you!"

How was Papa that night?

- Fine!
- Fine...

- Darling, what are you doing?
- Calling the doctor!

I haven't stopped dialing!

Maybe I'm doing it wrong.

- You'll soon get it!
- Hello?

Dr Mourier? Hold on!

Maurice Bellanger speaking!

I'd like to see you
at once about my father.

I just arrived and Marie's told me
things that worry me.

The past few days,
it seems he's been...

rather... excitable...

especially nervous.
But I hope she's exaggerating.

I'd like you to find an excuse
to drop by at once,

examine him
and tell me what you think.

Yes, I've sent my car for you.

At once? Thank you!
I'll be waiting.

- Do you have some ice?
- Ice?

- Yes, ice!
- No!

- Get some at once!
- Alright!

What do you think?

You're wrong to worry
without seeing him!

- You know servants...
- You're right. I must be careful.

They see things
in such an odd way.

- I shouldn't have gone.
- Why?

Left alone,
he may have lost his head!

He might have...

- Who knows?
- What?

- One can imagine all sorts of things.
- What do you imagine?

Maybe he met someone!

- What is it?
- Nothing!

But would that be a catastrophe?

- I'd say so.
- Why?

If he were a naive,
rickety little man, I'd tremble for him.

But as smart as he must be,
with his strength and health...

You've never met him!

No, but from what you've said,
he must be big and strong.

- It's not a question of size!
- Yes, it is!

Besides, a woman's
not inevitably a catastrophe.

- Not all of them.
- You agree? That's progress!

If only you really agreed!

If you wouldn't talk about women
as you did before!

- Before what?
- Before our marvelous trip!

Admit that it's modified
your opinion a bit.

Maybe I've found an exception. Maybe!

I'm sure!
Are you afraid you're wrong?

Terribly afraid!

What if you learned
I'm a mere nothing?

- Hush!
- Do you love me?

I don't know.
But I do like you!

My God, I do like you!
You smell good!

My perfume?

Do you think
I mean your perfume?

Your eyes change
when you look at me.

For good reasons.

Maurice, what would
make you completely happy?

Being sure that I make you happy.
Trusting you.

Knowing you couldn't lie to me.

I've decided
to introduce you to my father

and marry you in a few weeks.

But if I ever learn
you've lied to me

for any reason whatsoever,

it's best you not marry me.
I know me!

Your life would
then be unbearable and mine too!

I detest lying
rather superstitiously.

I'm certain I've never lied.

- That's why I'm so severe.
- Whom do you trust?

- My father!
- But he must know women!

I think so.

If you knew he approved
of your choice...

- ...would you trust me?
- Yes!

- Like to know if he thinks I'm nice?
Of course!

- Like to know at once?
- Yes.

- Suppose I said...
- What?

To find out once and for all,

you could introduce me
in a special way,

as if you barely knew me.
That way he'd let himself go.

You'd know the truth
and see if he likes me!

That might be dangerous for me!
But I'll run the risk!

- Darling, even better...
- Yes?

- Leave us alone together!
- No, no need for that.

But I like your idea.

I'd like to know his opinion.

If you'll run the risk, so will I!

But I don't even want to consider it
until the doctor... Here he is!

- And me?
- Get in the car.

Park 100 yards away and...

Once your father's home,
I'll park by the gate.

How will you recognize him?

I'll bet you
100,000 francs I can!

- How?
- You'll loan me the money!

- I adore you!
- Me?

- Him!
- Congratulations!

Emile explained your fears to me.
I think you're exaggerating.

I agree, doctor,
but I'd like to clear things up.

We'll know at once!

Thank you but we must find
an excuse for your being here.

- I have it! Marie!
- Perfect!

Tell me, how does
mental upset become apparent?

In several ways!

Oddities, a certain volubility,

an uncommon over-excitation
in spite of normal feverishness!

- Emile...
- He's that way?

He said that during your absence

your father changed the furniture.
That's an oddity.

No, I knew weeks ago
he meant to do that.

It's amazing
what he bought in two weeks!

I don't recognize any of these things!

Tell me, doctor.

- Can a man suddenly go insane?
- Insane?!

My friend,
I daily note a painful fact

concerning words that constantly
lose a bit of their meaning.

What does insane mean?

Words mustn't be used
at random like that.

Insane! You ask if your father...
You're insane!

Besides, for a doctor
the word has no precise meaning.

We classify the imbalanced
by category in a special way.

According to your butler

and from what I've found
by observing your father,

I would classify him
among those who are...

- ...futile.
- Futile?

- Father is...?
- Futile! It wouldn't surprise me!

- It's serious?
- Not at all!

- Not at all?
- No.

It's a rather gentle
downhill inclination.


To almost total thoughtlessness!

Have you found this condition
among other people?


I find it frequently among most men
who are over 50

and whose physical organs
are unimpaired.

- So he's in good health?
- Yes!

- No need to worry?
- No!

Here he is!

- I'll pretend to leave!
- Perfect!

Maurice is back!

- He looks well!
- It's just as I thought!

Where is he?
What a lovely surprise!

Let me kiss you!

- How are you?
- Fine, Papa!

- A good trip?
- Excellent!

- Health?
- Fine!

- The room?
- Unrecognizable!

- But...?
- Magnificent!

- Why are you here?
- To see Marie.

- What's wrong?
- Her arm's sore.

It's the shopping basket
or the frying pan!

My God!
It's so good to see all this again!

Let's tease him!

Doctor, these portraits
are from my grandparents.

I was deeply touched to receive them
from the country after 40 years!

Here's my great-grandfather!
You've heard of Louis XVI?

This isn't him.
It's his aide-de-camp!

That's one
of my grandmother's grandmothers.

He's not in the family!
At least, I hope not!

Here's an uncle
who was the king's architect.

You can be proud to bear a name that,
don't laugh, was so famous!

That's my aunt's mug
you're looking at!

- Charming!
- No, I mean the silver mug!

It's all quite interesting!

May I drop by one morning

and examine in detail
your beautiful collection?

You're a bit feverish! Are you ill?

- A sick doctor!
- See you soon!



swollen pride, an extremely
flushed imagination but no fever.

- I was right!
- What will I do?

- Don't upset him!
- I won't!

What's going on?

Good bye!

No! Farewell!
He always says goodbye!

What's he up to?

- What did he say?
- We discussed Marie.

What do you think of your ancestors?

Quite unexpected!

They impressed the doctor!
And me?

- Like the room! Unrecognizable!
- But...?

- Magnificent!
- To that extent?

I must tell you
something overwhelming.

- What?
- Papa!

Know why he came?

Know what the servants told me?


That while I was gone
you'd gone crazy!

- No!
- Yes!

How nice!

- See how you impress them?
- Yes.

Because you change the furniture,
wear a tux and smile!

I joke
and they say I'm crazy!

Yes, a normal man
should be unhappy.

I'm happy, so they think I'm mad.

The doctor...

Doctors see only those
who suffer and complain!

They can't recognize healthy men!

- What'd he say?
- That you're futile!

Naturally! It worries him
that I'm cheerful!

- Are you sad?
- Not at all!

I've thought about all this and...

there's nothing
that's worth being sad about.

- You had a good trip?
- Excellent!

Good! You wired me
you were in Milan on business.

- You did some business?
- No.

True, this is no time for business.

- You enjoyed yourselves?
- "Ourselves"?

Yes, you!

The travelers!
You weren't alone on the train!

We must always think of others!

Sorry, I misunderstood!

Yes, I... I mean... we all enjoyed
the good weather.

I made the most of it!

- It's a wonderful country!
- Superb!

Isn't the Doges' Palace overrated?

- It's in Venice!
- Yes, Venice!

I'll have to go see it!
Isn't it good to be alive?

We should satisfy our need
to live on the surface.

We should even create such a need.

We're such economical stay-at-homes!

We think pleasure
is only for foreigners...

forgetting we're foreigners
when we're abroad.

- Free for dinner?
- Well...

- No?
- Yes.

- But...
- But?

- I'd like you to meet someone first.
- Good!

I like enlarging my circle of friends!

It's a young lady I met...

a few weeks ago at friends'.
I met her again...

two or three times.

She's very simple and sweet!

I meet nothing
but charming people lately!

She'd like a recommendation.

- For whom?
- Herself!

To your lawyer friend Bonnardier!

- Why?
- A lawsuit!

- Poor girl!
- It's awful!

- Lawsuits can last for ages!
- At least!

- I didn't think you'd say no.
- Of course not!

- I just met her by accident...
- She came along by accident!

Then go and get her by accident!

- Do you mind?
- Am I busy?

- You'd say so?
- Am I shy?

Hurry up! Go!

I'll get her!

Lovely! Marie!

Prepare the dinner!
I want champagne! Flowers!

The most charming dinner
in the world!

- Do you have some ice?
- Some ice!

Come in, miss! Please!

Papa, this is
the Miss Desmaret I mentioned.

- What? Miss...?
- Desmaret!

Delighted to meet you
and welcome you into my home!

Please have a seat!

My son says you'd like
a recommendation to see

my lawyer friend Bonnardier.

- Yes, sir.
- With pleasure!

What's this about?

It's about...


I'm sure the young lady can explain...

as well as you
the reason for her visit!

- You were saying?
- Nothing!


I'm sorry! It's about...

- What do they call it?
- A lawsuit!

A lawsuit, right?

I'm not mistaken? A lawsuit!

Good! You're the one
filing the suit?

It's best to do it oneself!

And you're suing whom?

Yes... Who knows?

File it! We'll find out later!

I bet you're suing some people

who didn't behave towards you
as they should have!

- Exactly!
- That's how lawsuits usually begin!

- Henrietta said that yesterday!
- Henrietta?

An old friend of Mama's!

The old girl said it leaning
on the balustrade in her garden!

But let's get back to our lawsuit
and the people

who have wronged you!

Well, sir...

It's the people who live...

above us and...

let their bathtub faucet
run on purpose...

till it overflows...

and the water
goes through their floor...

so that now...

my dining room wallpaper
is completely ruined!

That's horrible! I'm heartsick!

It's the lawsuit of the century!

But we needn't bother
my lawyer for this.

In fact, I wouldn't even sue!
I wouldn't do that!

With people who've done that to me...

I'd go away! I'd move! Move out!

Change apartments!
Try to find a new place!

A place here in Neuilly near me!

That way if you ever need
some butter, I'll be nearby!

And suppose I need something?

You'd be just as close!

Wouldn't you like a townhouse?

Yes? Isn't my arrangement
acceptable? Pleasant?

Yes! I'm sure Maurice
who's such a gentleman...

would love to find you a townhouse!

In recompense, once he's found it...

I hope you'll let him
live quietly with you...

Let me finish! ...until you decide
to legalize a situation...

I already think is delightful!

- Papa!
- Papa what?

I think two people
who've been to Venice...

You know?

You big baby! I'm the one...

We both arranged your trip there!


When I told you
to go away for a week...

I'd just talked
to her for 15 minutes!


You dared do such a thing?

Maurice, listen!

- You did that?
- Let me explain!

- I'll listen to nothing!
- What's this?

I won't discuss it in front of you!

Just a moment!

This is an unfortunate incident
but I want to know why you're so upset.

- I can explain!
- Be quiet!

Where do you think you are?

What's this behavior?

- What's going on?
- Sir, I came to see you but...

- I didn't tell him!
- So?

After Venice, he made me swear
I'd never lied to him.

That's all? Good Lord!

That's why he's so upset?

- No?
- Yes, papa!

I can't bear her lying to me!

I have so little faith in life
and what I've just heard won't help!

- I detest lies!
- So Why'd you lie to me?

- Me?
- Yes, you!

Why'd you say
you didn't know her?

Why did you force her to lie?

Why did you say you were
in Milan on business?

You lied for no reason.

She had an excuse!
Her happiness!

- She's an egotist...
- Egotist? And you?

- Me?
- Yes, you!

Like all the rest!

When I advised you to take a trip,
did you hesitate?

Instead of one week,
didn't you stay for two?

You did it because of a feeling
greater than any other!

Your happiness!

For you to lie and assert
your egotism to such a degree...

You must truly love her!

I don't blame you!

Nothing in the world is more natural!

Lying, my boy? We all lie!
For our benefit or pleasure!

Yet there's a moment in life
when we all hate lying!

It's when someone lies to us!

The word egotism makes you sneer.

You're young!
Actually, I raised you badly.

I scared you!

To spare you unhappiness,
I kept you from being happy!

But happiness depends on you!
We're pretentious with children.

We give them life and want
to do more, as if it were possible!

You'll see that with your own son!

He'll see it too!

And to think I did research
on heredity because of you!

How foolish!

No wonder a child's like his father!
All men are the same!

To think I fought any possible
influence of my father on you,

whereas I can feel that influence
rising irresistibly in me!

The abominable things he said
that I hid from you till now...

I think I'll say them to you because...

today they seem to be
full of common sense and truth!

I was like you. You'll be like me!

My father was right!

One day you'll be like me
the way I'm becoming like him!

But there's no hurry!
You love and are loved!

So be happy
and let yourself go!

The day I said being in love
was serious, I lied!

Nothing is serious
except the death of others!

I'm not asking you to trust in her

but I beg you to trust in life

because its resources
are inexhaustible!

Maurice, listen to me.
I have suffered.

I've suffered much more
than I should have done.

I did it deliberately
so I could see what it was like,

and to earn the right to say
to you today,

"Maurice, look at me.
I swear to you that I'm happy."

Let's eat.

- Dinner is served.
- You read my mind.