Mo (2019) - full transcript

Mo and her best friend Vera are caught cheating during exam by Ursu, the toughest professor in the university. After she asks him for a second chance, the professor invites them to his place. Here, the students will have to pass an unexpected examination. It's all fun and games, until Mo loses control.

-Bye, honey!

-Take care now, will you?
-Good bye.

Don't leave her alone.

-I won't, don't worry.
-Maybe it was better if I came along.

I don't think so.


You gave me too much.

Thanks a lot.

You get back on the first train
after the exam !

-Fine, mother.

-Good bye!

Good bye!

-I have to go to the toilet
-Hurry up! Five minutes left.

Did you take your glasses?


The phone!

-Can you see it?

-Hey! I can't believe it!
-Hey, you!

He's coming!

Place everything in the back of the room.
Is it clear?

We only keep the piece of paper
and pens.

Can we move a bit faster?

We start with the row near the door.
Row number one...

Row number two?.

One? two! One? two!

-Has everybody understood?

Subject for row one:

Commercial bank structure...

...and feedback mechanisms.

Subject for row two:


complex adaptive systems... the economy.

From now on, nobody speaks.
You have one hour, plenty of time.

I can't find the subject...
Did you find it?


What are you doing?

-I'm looking.
-Looking at what?

Nothing, I'm leaving.

If you go out,
then I have to go out and I'll flunk.


I'm thirsty.

You two. What are you doing?

Show me what's in your desk.
You two!

There's nothing here.

Are you sure?

Do you think you can cheat
and get away with it ?

-We haven't cheated.
-Show me what's under your skirts.


Take them to the toilet
and check under their skirts.

There's no need. I'll tell you.

-Let's go, please.
-I don't want to.

Call the police to search them.

That won't be necessary.

Report her and make sure
she is expelled. For good!

-Report me for what?
-What was that phone doing there?

I have no pockets.
I have nowhere else to keep it.

-Do you keep cribs in your phone?

-Prove it.
-I forgot the password.

Get out!
Get out of the room right now!

I'm thirsty.

-I flunked because of you.
-I'm sorry.

No, you're not. If you were sorry,
you wouldn't have done that.

You should have let me go out.

What do you think
they'll do with my phone?

Do you think they called the police?

I don't know.

-Give me your phone!
-What for?

Looking for girls aged 18 to 25
for a TV series.

You know, I performed when I was a kid.
At the theatre, where my dad worked.

I can't believe you bought this.

Good afternoon...

-You're such a crackpot!

-Why didn't you show up?
-I didn't feel like it.

You're fun!
You should come more often!

Cristi, have you seen Flavius?

What did you do?

I did nothing! All subjects
were from the class notes.

Everybody will flunk.

What did they do with my phone?
Who took it?

-Ursu or his assistant?
-I didn't see.

I lost my scholarship.

You didn't flunk,
they registered you as absent.

You can try again tomorrow
with the others.


-No, it's not finished yet.


Yes, Mo is right here, but she can't find
her phone. Mo, talk to your mother.

I'm fine, mother. Bye.

-Who is it?!

There's no point to return today.
We'll book a hotel room and...

Yes, I'll take a picture
and send it to you. I'll call you later.

How are you, Puss?!
Were you sleeping?


We want the IT class notes.

Ursu's class notes?
What do you need it for?

We'll learn them by tomorrow.
Will sit the exam with the others.

Seriously? Are you a couple
of geniuses, or what...

Ok, fine.
Can we have the class notes?

Nobody gets any of my notes.

I'll give them back to you
after the exam.

My train leaves in two hours.

-Are you alone? Can we come in?
-It's quite messy, but...

-Can I have a cigarette?
-There's no smoking in here!

I won't be bothering anyone.

You can't even smoke!

You're just wasting them.

I just fool around sometimes.

Don't I look good?

Let me tell you how we'll do this.
I'll mail them to you.

Or I'll keep them safe
till the holiday is over.

That's the rule for everybody. I told you.

-I'm not just everybody.
-At least show us the class notes.

Do you want me to show them to you?

Come on!

Go on!

What, you can't find them?

I can. It's just that...

I don't wanna just give them to you...
For nothing.

-Ok. Do you want money?
-No, not money.

I usually don't give my class notes
to anybody...

-Still, you'll give them to us.
-I don't know.

What do you want?


He's kidding, right?

I was kidding! It was just a joke.

Ok, go on.
Look them up, will you?

What's up with these numbers?

What do you want?
I've nothing to tell you.

What do you mean, you have nothing
to tell us? What are these numbers for?

You aren't going to tell anyone, are you?



Pay attention to this!

The exam topics are the very subjects
he taught during his course.

Well, you sit in your desk
and you wait for the exam topic.

You put your hand in your pocket,
nice and easy. You take out the index.

And you look it up. You're looking,
you're looking?

There it is! Emergent systems.
Number five.

You put the index back.

You put your hand in your other pocket,

and you start counting.
One, two, three, four...

-Are you still with me?

When you reach five... You take out
the piece of paper jus a little bit.

You wait. During this time,
you write whatever comes to yo mind...

and, when you have the opportunity,
when no one is watchig...

You take the paper out,
you take a rubber, erase the number.

You write your name on it
and that's the exam.

Old school, bro'!

It's called the "ready-made".

I can't believe it.
You, cheating? Why?

Because everyone else is cheating
and they can get higher grades than me.

And I don't like this.
Don't you cheat by using your phones?

You especially, 'cause Mo hasn't come
to class that much anyway.

Yes, we do.

See? You cheat at every exam.
I've seen you.

And you have incredibly high
grades for how lame you are.

Why are you studying Economics?

Me? So I can understand.


How the world works.
Everything is about economics.

Do you think USA is invading a country

just to save those poor bastards
from a dictator?

Petrol is the key. If you don't get
economics, you watch TV like a sucker.

You don't understand anything.

And after you graduate?

Does it even matter? I don't know.

I'll become a broker, risk analyst
for IMF, World Bank?

Is it cool to work for the IMF?

I can get into politics.

I can become a prime-minister.

You're cute.

You can take the exam tomorrow as well.

We'll sit on different rows and when they
collect the papers I'll sneak yours in.

Which means I'll have to stay
until the end. Give me the phone!

Do you realize how happy your mother
will be if you pass?

If you get rid of Ursu, you graduate.

Here's the phone.
Whom are you calling?


Mo, are you looking for trouble?
Just leave him be.

I wanna know
what he did with my phone.

There's no answer.

Hello. Good evening, professor.

My name is Mo. You have my phone.
You are holding it right now in your hand.

I wanted to know if the police came
and what happened with my phone.

Well, we could be there
for the exam tomorrow.

Maybe we sit the exam,
as long as we are there.


Thank you. Good bye!

He is completely over it now. He's
waiting for us tomorrow to sit the exam.

See you tomorrow after the exam !
Call me, ok?


Bye !
Bye !

He's just gonna let us...?

Was I right to call?

-Tell me, was I right or what?
-Fine, whatever. You were right.

-It was right I called.
-You were right.

Who's playing?

I'm the trip.

Who are they?

You know them.
You've heard them before.

Yeah, I don't feel like getting in there.

-I'd go look for a hotel.
-No, come on! We have time.

You suck.

I don't like this music!

You suck!
I got you the class notes.

Tomorrow you can take the exam.
Come on!


We talked to Gabi to get in.
He invited us!

Who's Gabi?

The lead vocal ofI'm the trip,
the guys who are singing now.

I don't know him.

-I'm telling you!
-Allow me!

-Tell me, what do we do?!
-No ticket, no entry!

Can't you hear me? Gabi invited us!

-No one told me anything.
-Well, go and ask!

Can't you see what's going on here?

Do you think
that I have nothing else to do?

Then let us in!

No ticket, no entry.

Can't you understand
that Gabi invited us?

I don't care who invited you.
Without a ticket, there's no entry!

Come on, beat it!

-You should watch your language!
-Step aside, people have to come in!

-Come on, get outside!
-Take your hands off her!

Take your hands off me.

Take your hands off me,
you motherfucker!

Mo, come on, let's go

My God, I'm so pissed off! We missed
the concert 'cause of that cock sucker!

Mo calm down!

Ursu is calling me, what should I do?

Tell me, what to do?
Should I answer the phone?

Pass him to me.

Hello, yes.


Oh, yes, of course.

We know where that is.
We are very close.

Fine, fine. Bye!

What did he say?

He wants to see us to give me
the phone back.

He's in the Old Town.
Come on, we have to go!

Right now?

Just get the phone, then we leave.
Please, no more bullshit.

We have the class notes. We're ok.


Good evening!

I'm here for my phone,
we've talked a bit earlier.

Me and my friend,
we are the professor's students...

He found my phone
in my underwear and seize it.

And I really need it, because my mother
is the worrying type,

she really panics
if I don't answer the phone.

-I told you it's complicated.
-She was cheating during the exam.

I wasn't cheating.


Andreea, what are you doing?
Andreea, please, finish here.

Good bye. Thank you.

Hold on! Get back here.

What did you say your name was?

Mo. From Monica.

Monica Frasiniuc.

And the other one waiting outside?
Ask her in.

Vera Eftimiu.

Let her say that.

Good evening, professor.

Go on, sit here.
Come on, sit down.

What is your name?
Did I kick you out too?

No. I mean, yes...

Vera... Vera Eftimiu.

Pass me a Jager, please.

What have you done, girls?
You've ruined my evening.

Why do you cheat during your exams?

We didn't cheat, professor.
You saw that...

-Did you study?

Then why are you here,
instead of studying?

Well...You called us here...
to give Mo her phone back.

Oh, that's right.

You've ruined my evening, girls.

We are sorry.

Mo can sometimes be a little...

Are you also friends,
or just roommates?

We are friends, best friends.

And do you always spend
your time together?

Yes! We do everything together.

Are we going to pass
that exam, tomorrow?

It all depends on what you choose
to do tonight...

If you either spend the night in pubs,
drinking... or you go home and study.

Well...You tell us.
What we should do?

I say that you if you keep losing
your time around here,

you don't stand a chance.

Ok. Good night, then!

Wait a moment!

Have you been to class?

Of course we have.
We even have the notes....

I've asked if you came,
not if you have the notes.

We came to most of it, yes.

And you?
I would have remembered you, for sure.

And don't you?

Mo was sick. That's why...
She attended just a few...

Let me see those notes.

-Did you write these?
-Yes, of course.

Well, how are they organized?

Oh, they're fine.
Yes, you've organized them properly.


Wait a second.

Let's do a proper job.

If you are lucky...

If you are lucky, this is the section
where I'll be picking the topics from.

The rest you'll learn by yourselves,
after the exam.

Thank you very much, sir.

-Don't forget to sit in the second row.

Thank you...

Good night.


Well, now you should stay
a little bit longer.

Have something to drink. You've dodged
half of the subjects already.

Give me another one, please.
Will you have anything?

No, thank you.

-Why not? A cocktail, anything?


What do you girls do all day?

-Since you didn't show up in class...
-But we did show up...

Don't push it,
it won't do you any good.


Do you have any hobbies,
any passions?

Do you like movies, music,
do you spend time on Facebook?

I like music.

I like movies, too.

-Actually, we both like movies.
-I understand.

Are you hungry?

No, thank you.

Are you sure?

You spoiled my dinner.

-I am hungry.
-Well, see? Pass those notes over.

Move those over there, as well.
These are to be left after the exam.

-Thank you. Thank you a lot.
-Girls, you know what?

We should take something to eat
and go over to my place.

I have an impressive
collection of movies and records.

I live two blocks from here.
And I'm an excellent cook!

Check, please!

Come on, girls!


-Good evening, professor.
-Hi Tudor.

-How are you?
-I'm good, thank you. And you?

Let's see. Shall we go for the usual,
beef schnitzel?

-Beef? I've never tried it.
-Me neither. Isn't it chewy?

Not if I cook it. Shall we try?

Give me some beef schnitzel and some
parsnip. I'll make some parsnip puree.

-Parsnip puree.
-You'll like it.

Right. Give me...

Give me my wine, please.

Will you help me get that?

-127 Ron, professor.

There you go! How are you?

-Just fine, thank you. How about you?

A never ending story...

But it has some good parts.

Ok? Thanks.

-Thank you.
-Thank you, Tudor. Take care!

Anytime, professor.

Come on!

Good bye!

You know what?

Would you like anything else?
Chocolate or something...

No, thank you.

I told you I'm living nearby.

-How long did it take us? Two minutes?
-Right. It's so cool to live downtown.

I get to exercise with these stairs.

That's right.

Give me? Right?

What? No, no, no.
Or? fine.

I'll take my shoes off too.

Look here!

All the music and movies you want.

Take your pick.

It's unbelievable!
You must have hundreds of movies.

More than one thousand.

-Do you know who these are?

Mo, don't you know?


They're Romanians.

-Turn it down, Mo!
-No, no, no. It's ok.


There are no neighbours,
only companies in this building.

There's nobody here.

What are your plans after the exam?

We want to go somewhere.


We don't know,
it's cold here and we like it hot.

Then go to Thailand, to the beach.

We'd wish...

-I mean I wish, 'cause Mo?
-What about Mo?

Mo never goes to the beach, she's
too ashamed to take off her clothes.

Why, when you have
such a beautiful body?

And do you go there with boys
or just by yourselves?

Just ourselves.

Why? Don't you have boyfriends?

We do.
But we take a break from them.

-How about you, Mo?
-I don't have a boyfriend and it's ok.

As in you don't have a relationship?
Or you don't like men?

Oh, she likes men alright.

-There must be a fortune here!

All my wealth is over there. I have
no kids, no wife, no other expenses.


What, that I don't a wife or kids?

-She didn't mean that...

I know.

Tell me a movie you like.

Check this out.
I have them by years.

Here are the silent movies.
Do you like silent movies?


-No black and white movies.


Newer? You have then newer
ones down there.

What would you like to watch?


Why not?

What would you like to watch?

What's your favourite movie?


Yes, I liked Avatar.

We both liked it.


What did you like about it?
The special effects?

Yes. Special effects, the story,
everything. I liked that movie.

Can you tell me the story?
If you breathe a word, I'll throw you out!

You want me to tell you the story
of the movie?


Well? It's?

-Are you mocking me?

I'm just asking you about
your favourite movie, Avatar.

It's not computer science.

You said you've been sick
and you haven't studied much.

You also said you liked movies.

Then tell me about your favourite movie,

-Actually, music is her thing!
-We'll get there.

Right, so you want me
to tell you the story?

Well, it's about some people...
from Earth,

who want to conquer a new world,

another planet,
where these big, blue people lived.

Some giants?

Why are you smiling?

It's the way you tell the story.
Go on!

-How am I telling the story?
-Go on! It's fine.

So these people from Earth

build these big robots piloted
pilots in order to conquer them.

The robots were piloted by pilots.

Yes, by some people.

Actually, it was still them,
but they entered the robot's mind

and could feel anything a human feels,
but through them.

I don't know if I've made myself clear.

Yes, and then? Go on.

Then, this guy, the hero,
falls in love with a woman, a giant.

And he wants to save her.

Save the giant?

Yes, the giant.

And he gets on the giants' side and fights
his own people save the giants.

The giants?

Yes, the giants!

And how does it end?

Happily, how else?

Happily for the giants?

Yes, for the giants!

-Tell me about the ending.
-I've told you enough.

I'm sorry, you flunked.

Awful. I'm gonna kill myself.

It's your choice: either you go home
and study for compute science, or...

we watch Avatar, but at the end
you'll have to answer all questions.

We watch Avatar!
But what are you going to ask us?

Questions like:
tell me another movie

that bears a striking resemblance
to Avatar, script-wise.

Right. We'll go study then...
Thank you, professor.

Where do you think you're going?
Who am I cooking for?

Oh, we forgot... we're sorry.

It's your choice.
I gave you a chance...

Thank you.

I'll make you another offer.

I'd like that.

-Another offer.

You choose a movie, any movie here.
And afterwards

I'll be asking questions.

If you can answer them, we'll take out
some more subjects for tomorrow.

Say... half of them.

And if we can't?

Then we add... twenty more.
No, ten. Is ten ok?


But you ask questions only
about that movie,

not about any similar movies,
any trilogy or other stuff.

I'll only ask about that movie.

You have five minutes to choose it,
while I make the puree.

Let's see.
Did you find anything?

Zabriskie Point?

-We haven't seen it.
-Right! Moving on.


American Beauty?

-I don't think so?
-I didn't think so either.

How about this one? 4.3.2.
Have you seen it?

Is it Romanian?

That's a shame, that was a top movie.
An A grade movie!

-Such a shame...Palme D'Or.

Well, just take your pick,
there are plenty of choices, right?

Should we go for a black and white one?

-Stan and Bran.
-That's easy.

Ok. That's the one when they carry
the piano up the stairs right?

Yes. They carry a piano.

-Ready, professor!
-Ready? Let's see!

Stan and Bran.
The Music Box!

Is that your choice?

Alright! Can we start?


What were the full names
of Stan and Bran?

The names of the actors?

Yes, the names of the actors.

Stan and Bran is the Romania
version of the title.

I know.

Stan Laurel and...


I don't know.

What kind of question is that!?

You said you'd ask about the movie,
not about the actors.

It is about the movie!

It's on the DVD. If you paid
any attention, you'd have seen it.

I didn't ask you when they were born
or when they died.

By the way, are they dead?

Anyway, that's barely a movie!
It's more of a sketch.

-You chose it.
-Mo chose it !

Fine! Choose another one.
You have one more try.

Come on!

Let's try something more recent.

That's a wise choice!

-Something we've seen recently.
-You're right.

No, too much.

Look for a love story.

Ok, we're ready, professor.


You seem to like this director.

Yes, we do. James Cameron,
he made Avatar too.

That's right.

See? Even if it wasn't part of
the subject... we knew the answer.

Let's see...

Where did they make love?

Inside the car!

How many decks did the Titanic have?


It's good you agree.
How does the movie end?

He dies and she survives...
You go ahead.

He dies and she survives.

They find a piece of wood,
that can only hold one person.

So she climbs on top of it and
he stays in the water.

Because the water was very cold,
he dies.

There's actually a frame at the end
with him slowly going the bottom.

We both cried our eyes out.

1997. How old were you?

That's not when we saw it.
We where fifteen and saw it on TV.

And then we saw it again in the theater
when they made it 3D.

Alright, now...

The second topic?

You said one topic!

-You had two topics, didn't you know?
-No, you said one topic. That's not fair!

Easy, Mo.

Take it easy, Mo.

May I?

I've had enough!

When you've had enough,
you leave your glass full on the table.

If you drink up,
it means you want more.

Let's see, now.

Please, sit down.
You were saying...

You like music.
What kind of music do you like?

The weirdest music in the world.

You're really pissing me off!

You shouldn't be ashamed,
it could be any genre,

as long as it's skillfully played,
it's perfect.

Oriental style?

Come on, don't be shy.

Then I'll try to figure it out.
Hold on.

This tight jacket and the boots...

I would say punk.

And your hair, no,
too many wear it like this.

Black stockings I see?

Edith Piaf?

Cold, very cold!


How about you,
what kind of music do you like?

Look here. What do you think?

Rather cool, the old geezer!

Right, but you're not cool at all.


Check this out.

Mouse'N'Monkeyz are a group
of animals tested

in the experimental labs of Catwich.

A mouse and a monkey got fed up
with being tortured

by a crazy doctor called Kitler
and decided to run away.

The genre is Ninja fruit music

and it's a mix of electro,
pop funk, alternative and industrial.

Basically, a mix of everything.

Just look at this,
I got goosebumps. Go on, look!

Have you practiced Karate?

Black belt, second degree, Shotokan.

-Yeah, right!
-Can't you see the kimono?

This is not for Karate.

Not for Karate? What for, then?

-Of course it is for Karate.
-It's not for Karate at all.

Yes, it is.

It's for karate.

You're right. I messed with you.

Let's eat, everybody.

Put it here!

Let's see what we have here.


Very good.

It's really good.

So do you have anyone? A girlfriend?
A lover.

I'm thinking the chick you were with
tonight wasn't something serious.

-No, she wasn't.

At my age,
finding someone is difficult. live with.
I'm not talking about sex here.

You have your habits,
she has hers...

I have my music and my films, she has
Julio Iglesias and Gone with the Wind...

So? What kind of music do you like?

I'm really curious now.

Just tell him already,
what's the big deal?

Old stuff.

Oh, really?

Sorry, that's what it is.

Have you seen of it here?


Come on. I don't have a clue. I give up.

Pass that, please.

-Shall I tell you?

Green Day.

You suck. I haven't been into Green Day
since I was fifteen.

Green Day is not that old, dear.
Not for me, at least.

Yeah, whatever. Vera was talking
about my eighties' vinyls.

Do you have vinyl records?

Tell me what you've got.

I bet it's punk.

Post punk, new wave... Tell me.

Not so many.

I've got The Stooges,

Joy Division, Siouxsie
and the Banshees, Gang of Four,


-And that's about it.
-We could make swaps.

No... I won't give them to anyone.

You are right. Me neither,
they'll scratch them.

That's right.

Green Day...

I sometimes listen to some of their
songs. Clean punk, quite genuine.

Especially from their early records.

Yes, but punk was born in England,
not in America.

You mean Sex Pistols were
the first ones to play punk. Right?

That's a frequent mistake.
Just one second.

The first ones to play punk
were The Ramones.

From Manhattan. East Side.

Started in 1974.

Sex Pistols emerged one year later.

Thank you for the meal.

What's wrong with her?

She's very touchy about music.
She takes this after her father.

You can't touch her records,
not even when you dust.

They were very close.

Her father was a sound technician
at a theatre in Buzău.

He died when Mo was fourteen.

This year she's even wanted to quit?

Your friend is rather nervous, isn't she?
She gives me a weird vibe.

You're more relaxed. More cool.

-She really wants to pass this exam.
-And you don't?

I do...
But she has the scholarship.

-Vera, a scholarship?

She needs it.

It's complicated.

-Her father died when she was eight.
-Bugger. Vera's father died?

Her mother was a housewife,
left behind with two kids and.

She has a younger brother.

She tried to find work, cleaning jobs,
but they couldn't make ends meet, so?

My parents helped them a lot.

My father and her father were
in the same army unit.

Your father is an army officer?

Yeah, he's a colonel.

Anyway. Vera's father died because
a grenade exploded in his hand.

Oh my God!


He practically died in
my father's arms.

It was super awful.

Tell me a punk group,
that is known for a sensational blue.

Do you know who they are?

Of course I do.

It's Printre nori.
I know. Don't tell me.

Where do you live in Bucharest?

Student's campus.
But we want to rent a studio.

Would you like to live here?

-In the Old Town?
-Ah...of course.

If you open the window,
you can hear a hum.

That's because I live on the top floor.

Downstairs is a nonstop mayhem.
I'm ok with it.

When I feel lonely,
I crack the window.

When I feel really lonely,
I open it wide.

And when the loneliness kills me,
I go out for a beer.

-What's your plan after you graduate?

-I don't know.
-Do you want children?

Yes. Of course.
I guess...I have plenty of time.

-Why did you choose this school?


This is the time to decide
what to do with your life.

You need guts for this.

You seem to be a brave girl.

What would you like to do?
Think carefully.

Time flies like hell and one day you
realize you haven't done anything.

What would you have liked to do?
And you haven't...

Hold that thought.

He's hitting on you.
You do see it, don't you?

So what? Are you jealous?

I started playing two years ago,
in wintertime.

It's from Santa. I'm making
some progress, but slowly.

As you're getting older,
it's more difficult.

No, that's not good.

Go on, please.
Please, anything!

I don't know it well enough
to play for an audience.

It doesn't matter. Anything, please...

You know it?

"Confusion in her eyes that says it all...
She's lost control..."

Of course I know it.
It's Joy Division! I have it!

"And she's clinging
to the nearer passer by,

She's lost control...

And she gave away..."

Wait, wait! If you know it,
I wanna try something real.

Wait a bit. Hold on.

Amazing, it's on my dad's records!

Check this out!

-Is that an electric?

I want to try it properly.

Use this.

-A microphone?

Does it work?


Now, let me hear you.

That was good singing.
Really good.

No, I don't have a good voice.

It's not the voice that matters most.

If you have a good voice, you go to
Romania's Got Talent.

When you're gifted, you just sing.

It's all about the music.
That's what matters.

Do you think Ian Curtis
had a good voice?

-Not really.

What matters is the music in your head.

Mo, wanna go?

What ?
Go where?

It's not like you are going
to study this late.

You're right, but we're very tired.
We came by train last night?

No. I wanna stay.

-Well, I can't just leave you here.
-Then we both stay!

But I don't...

I'm sorry. I promised her mother
I'd always be by her side.

Mo was sick.
She has just recovered.

If she's recovered, let her have fun.

Tell me, would you have liked being
in a punk band?

My father had a punk band when
he was in high school.

I had a dream a while ago.

I was...

I was amazing with the guitar.

I was playing something like
progressive rock meets space rock.

Like Porcupine Tree.

The cool part was when I woke up.

I could remember everything,
this seldom happens.

I went to the bathroom,
peed, brushed my teeth,

looked in the mirror.

And was feeling like a genius
all this time

I looked at my hands
and felt I could play anything.

I went back to my bedroom, and
held my guitar, with my eyes closed.

I imagined I'd just finished a concert
and everybody was cheering.

They were yelling: more, more!

I felt this sheer happiness,
through my whole body.

Those were the happiest moments
of my life.

The happiest...

Of my life. My... shitty life.

I'm obviously exaggerating.

What would you like to do? Ideally.

I don't know.

My mom would be very happy
if I graduated.

What does she do?

No, it doesn't matter.
Don't tell me.

Don't do it, Mo, if you don't like it.
Don't do it for the sake of others.

You could sing.
If you like music, sing!

I have lots of friends in this industry,
they could help you.

Have you ever been backstage,
in a real rock concert?

I mean a real band, that can sing
in front of fifty thousa people?

When you get there,
you want nothing else.

Huge speakers, scanners,
thousand watts amplifiers.

When the concert begins and is all starts,
you can smell the wires, the electricity.

It's unbelievable!

And the heat. Dozens of technicians
who take care of everything.

And there is you...

With a guitar, or a mic.

Any sound you make is amplified
thousands of times,

in front of tens of thousands.
It's unbelievable!

Mo. Look into my eyes.

I want you to promise me something.

I want you to promise me
you won't waste your life.

Can you promise me that?

You need the guts not to care
of what everybody else think.

You need to do crazy things.
Unbelievable, revolting things...

Shock everyone.

Answer to no one.
Do nothing for the sake of no one.

You are so sexy, you know that?

If I had only met you twenty years ago...

Just a second.

I don't want to.

I can't. Please.

Please, I can't.

No, please, stop.

Please, please, no...

I don't want to.

Please, no. Please get off me.

-Mo, are you ok?
-Please, I can't.

I'm sorry. Please, please.

Get out.

She's crying!

I can see she's crying. I said get out!

No, no, please, no!

That's it! Enough!

Get out!

Stop it, she said no! Don't you get it?

Are you shitting me?

Do you want to flunk for good?

Do you want to go back to Buzău
and clean toilets?

Get out, now!
Did I make you come here?

Didn't you know
what you were coming for?

Get out,
you're done with school for good!

-I forgot my denim jacket.
-So what?


Mo! Mo, just forget about it!