Mission Kathmandu: The Adventures of Nelly & Simon (2017) - full transcript

Quebec City, 1955. Nelly Maloye, an ebullient novice detective, accidentally crosses paths with Simon Picard, an ambitious research assistant in anthropology at the local university. Backed by a glory-seeking philanthropist, the intuitive but disorganized Nelly and the methodical, obsessive Simon set off on a wild adventure, determined to prove the existence of the Abominable Snowman. To achieve this goal, Simon relies on the coded diary of a missing explorer - a diary that should lead them to the mythic creature's lair. Accompanied by Tenzig Gombu, a clever and enigmatic young Sherpa guide, and Jazzmin, a talkative myna bird, our heroes confront a host of dangers in the heart of the Himalayas as they seek that legendary beast: the Yeti.

Subtitles by explosiveskull


Hm! Yeah! Oh!


A long time ago
in a valley in Nepal,

there lived a poor peasant

whose only possession was
a big, strong yak.

He was proud of his yak!

One morning, the yak ran away

into the mountains.
When they heard the news,

the peasant's neighbours
came running.

"Such bad luck," they told him.

But the peasant smiled
and said,

"Good luck or bad luck,
who can say?"

The neighbours

couldn't understand
what the old man meant,

but several days later, the yak
returns from the mountain,

accompanied by a few
other wild yaks.

When he arrived, the neighbours
came to congratulate the peasant

on his good fortune,
but once again,

- he says,
- "Good luck or bad luck,

- who can say?"
- The next day,

as the son was
tending to the yaks,

he fell and broke his leg.

All of the villagers see this
as bad luck,

but not the peasant.

He happily says, one more time,

"Good luck or bad luck,
who can say?"

A few days later,

a warlord arrives in the village
with his army,

and all of the young men are
drafted to go fight the war.

But when the peasant's son
shows up

with his broken leg,

the soldiers let him go free.
And so,

was it good luck or bad luck?

- To the university.
- Step on it. - What's this?

Get out!

What's going on?!

Investigation gone wrong.
Happens to everyone.

Stop the car! Oof!

I am Édouard Martineau II!

I insist that you... Oh!

Nelly Maloye,
private detective.

"Intuition in service
of the truth."

- It's a full service agency. Ah!
- Oh!

Ah! Oh!

Oh, be assured,
my dear Mrs. Martineau,

we're most grateful for the
generous donation your family

plans to give to our university.

Yes, well, thank my son
Édouard. He enjoys boosting

his popularity by spending
his late father's fortune.

Huh! Where is he, anyway?
He should be here already.

While you wait,
perhaps you'd like

an exclusive look at the hall

that now bears
your son's moniker.

- Typically ostentatious.
- Mhm, hm.


Mr. Picard?

Why are you here?

What's that
curious-looking thing?

A hypothesis, ma'am.
Relying on solid research,

I determined the form,
proportion, organ size,

musculature and
follicle density of...

- The yeti.
- Precisely! The yeti.

- Why have you brought it in here?
- The faculty boasts

that it displays
all stages of evolution.

Therefore, we need a yeti.

I thought this was
a science museum!

Yes! Yes, don't worry.
We practice

the scientific method:
we establish a hypothesis,

we discuss it
and then we throw it out.

Your yeti theory
is bunk, Mr. Picard.

Ha! Correction: its existence

hasn't been proven.
Just a matter of time.

Crazy ramblings
of a twisted soul.


- but twisted.
- In their day,

Galileo, Newton and Einstein
were also thought to be bonkers.

But now, they're hailed as pillars
of modern scientific thought.

Are you comparing
yourself to Newton?

I also mentioned
Einstein and Galileo.

Well, now you've
gone too far, Picard!

Challenging the boundaries of
knowledge is the scientists' mission.

Get out! That's an order!

Here's your fare, sir.

You can keep the change.

The chief of police is a good
friend of the Martineau family!

Better find a new career,
young lady.

No, wait! Please,
don't do this!

You'll be ruining the career

of a first-class detective,
you know.

Let me make it up to you!

Keep that girl

- out of the building!
- Yes, sir, Mr. Martineau!

- No!
- Don't you dare touch me!

Ow! Ow! Ee! Ee! Ow!

If you give me one hour, I'll
convince you that the yeti is

- the missing link in the chain!
- You must have a few enemies

I could investigate!
I'll conduct

a full inquiry!
All charges on the house!

Mr. Martineau!
Are you alright?

- Édouard, what happened? - Ah...
- Get her out of my sight!

Now, hang on!


Oh, there you are!

- What a nice surprise!
- Do you know this young woman?

- Uh...
- Yes, very well! We go way back!

Poor character reference.
Who is she?

- His sister.
- My neighbour.

- Sorry? - His neighbour.
- My sister... and neighbour.

- Sister and neighbour.
- Ah, show this

- miss whoever-she-is out, please.
- Yes, sir, Professor! OH!

Oh, wait 'til I get you!

- Get back here, you! Hey!
- Watch out for the mammoth!

- Oof!
- I'll be right back.

Argh! Get her!
On the left! On the left! OH!

My dear Édouard, do you really
think I'm going to finance

- this circus?
- Mother, dear!

This room bears my name. This is
my chance to make my mark

- on the world.
- Find some other way to do it.

Your father gave you his name,

and I refuse to use
his money to sully it!

- No, no, no, no!
- I got her! I got her!

- Stop this!

Now, look what you've done!

Mrs. Martineau,
where are you going?

Now that you've
shown me the clowns,

I'll show you
my disappearing magic trick.

What about your gift?
For the museum?

That's what I mean.

It's gone to Nepal, along
with your nonexistent yeti.

Oh! This time, Simon Picard,

you've gone too far.
You're fired! Get out!


On what grounds
am I being fired?

You don't have what it takes to be
part of the anthropology department.

Passion only goes so far.

- You need much more than that.
- I've done my research!

There are creatures that resemble
the yeti in many countries!

In the United States,
there's bigfoot.

In Canada, there's sasquatch.

In China, there's yeren.
In Australia, there's yowie,

and in Russia, there's chuchunya.
How do you explain that?

Science is built on proof,

Mr. Picard, not on hearsay.

But there is proof
that the yeti exists!

Then go and find it!

What? In the Himalayas?

Where there's ice and cold
and hunger? It's just... I...

You have three months.
Bring back proof

the yeti exists,
and I'll reverse my decision

and give you back the teaching
position I promised you.

If you don't you're fired.

Go on. Bring back a strand
of hair as proof.


Mr. Picard.

If you would like to find proof
of your yeti's existence,

I'll finance your expedition.

I'm afraid I'm the wrong man.

Many adventurers have tried
to find it, and all have failed.

Almost all of them.

What do you mean?
You mean someone has

already discovered the yeti?

Well, there's actually
something in Taylor's office

that might answer
that precise question.

Look at this.

- What is it?
- The diary of Fred Norton,

a member
of Madison's expedition.

I'm certain it holds the secret
which leads to the yeti.

Taylor keeps it in a safe
with other artifacts.

Then why doesn't Taylor
think it exists?

- What do you mean?
- You said Taylor has proof

- it exists.
- He has proof, but he doesn't know it.

- What do you mean?
- Taylor thinks it's just

a relic from an expedition.
Convince him to lend it to you,

and... I'll think
about your offer.

He's friendlier
with my mother.

And after today's disaster,
she'll be of no help at all.

Well, in that case...

- Ahem.
- Huh?

Come in.

Leave it there.
The money's on the table.

Excuse me?

Keep the change, and...

close the door, please.

- It's your sister.
- I don't have a...

Who are you, anyway?
How did you find me?

Nelly Maloye,
private detective.

"Intuition in service
of the truth."

I think I can help you.

Do you happen to have
an autographed photograph

of a yeti?

Ah, that must be my food.

- You hungry?
- Mhm!

He gave me three months
to prove the yeti exists,

but I'm not an adventurer!

The Himalayas are the highest
mountains in the world,

with bitterly cold weather,
altitude sickness, crevices!

People come back changed
from the Himalayas,

- or they don't come back at all.
- What are you gonna do?

Well, my dream was to teach

anthropology, but now...

You really think he exists?
The yeti?

Of course! Listen to this.

- Wha...
- A colleague recorded this

in the Himalayas.
It cost me a fortune!

How do you know
that's not a camel?

It's not. The camel has
a sharper pitch. Listen again.


That's a dog bark played
backwards. Cry of the yeti!

OK. Whatever.
But this is the real deal!

Eric Shipton,
the famous climber,

took it in 1951
on the Menlung Glacier.

The shape, the size, the depth:

no other animal leaves
footprints like this!

That's one heck of a beast.

Well, this beast, as you say,

might be our common ancestor,

our grandfather, our patriarch!
The missing link in the chain!

If I could prove that it has
survived to this day,

I'll share my discovery
with all mankind!

So, you have to go!

That's one heck of a beast!

- You're beautiful!
- May I present,

Jazzmin, he's a myna.

- Jazzmin, Nelly.
- That's one heck

- of a beast!
- Hey!

Oh! You're beautiful!

- And what is that?
- Oh, this is a diary.

Oh! That's what Martineau
wants me to find!

- Martineau hired you?
- Then as soon as we get

- the journal, we're off to Nepal!
- Huh? We're travelling to Nepal?

Martineau's paying
for the trip.

If we find the yeti, it'll be
a big career boost for me.



- What happened, lady?
- A thief stole my purse!

- Where? - He went that way!
- Which way?

That way, I said!
Left at the corner!

- Huh? Looks like he got away.
- You'll be able to catch him, he was limping.

Limping, huh? OK!

- I'll call the police.
- No! You go after him!

- I said he went that way!
- You again!

- Oh!
- Hmm!

Oh, when I...


Shh! It's me.

- Whoa!
- Nelly, this way!

This is it!

He's coming!


Let me see.

What make is this lock?
General! Perfect!

There's the safe!

Fred Norton's journal is inside.

Do you trust this guy Martineau?

No, but he did reserve passage
for us on a boat...

which sets sail
at four o'clock in the morning.

Better hurry!

Oh, this is not good.

- Not good at all!
- What? Is there a problem?

There's a major problem!
This is a Patterson safe!

Patterson starts with a P.

I only know up to the letter M.
The lock on the door

is a general lock
which starts with a G,

so that was no problem.

Now, if this was
a Montana or a Marconi,

I could crack it in a flash,
but a Patterson?

I haven't gotten
to the letter P!

You're learning to crack safes
in alphabetical order?

Of course! I'm methodical.

Then let's be methodical.

Here it is!

- Ha ha!
- Come on!

Hm? Hm?


What we just did
is strictly illegal!

We'll rot in
prison for the rest of our lives!

Relax, nobody saw us!

I'm a professional!
Put on your knapsack.

Our ship sails
in less than an hour.

- What is that?
- It's a pocket knife!

My neighbour gave it to me.
You see?

It has a knife, some scissors,

a screwdriver, a loop,
some pliers,

a can opener, and... a thingy.

- Wow.
- I traded this little marvel

for Jazzmin. A pocketknife
is much more practical

- than a myna in the Himalayas.
- You're leaving Jazzmin with your neighbour?

Hi, little fella.

- Oh, oh, oh!
- Come here!

- You're beautiful!
- Come with me!

- Yahoo! Ha ha!
- Jazzmin!

Woo! Boing! Woo!

Ha ha!

Woo! Woo!

Ha ha!

I got him! I lost him.

Birdy, birdy, birdy!
Come with me! He hoo!

Birdy, birdy, birdy!

Use your hand!

- Hey! Hey! Wait!
- Hey! Wait for us!

- Wait! Hey! We're here!
- Wait!





What an entrance!
Welcome aboard

the S. S. Indiana. Your friend,

Mrs. Martineau's son,
hopes you have a great trip.

Could you take me
to him, please?

Oh, sorry. Mr. Martineau
isn't on board. He's sailing

- on a different ship.
- Where? - There.

We're off to Nepal!


This way.

What language is this?

No idea. I hope
the Nepalese can tell me.

What's so special
about this journal?

Norton was part of the doomed
Madison expedition

that mysteriously disappeared
near the Menlung Glacier

over 30 years ago. There were

no survivors. At least,
that's what we thought,

until Norton
mysteriously reappeared

in a village one day, exhausted

and half-crazed. The university
bought his journal...

...shortly before his death.

I'm quite convinced
that the Madison expedition

discovered the yeti on the Menlung
Glacier, and that's how they met

their fate.
Once the journal is deciphered,

I'll know
where to find the yeti.

Mr. Martineau insisted

that you have our finest cabin.

Hm... uh.


And over the Big Dipper,
you can see the Little Dipper.

And, to the far right,

is the North Star. She has been
a sailor's guide for centuries,

and, uh... the North Star

is in the wrong location.

- Uh, Captain?
- Captain?

Can you explain why we're sailing
south when India's to the east?

We are taking a short detour
to pick up some cargo

in Australia. Have you
ever seen a kangaroo?

You've gotta be kidding!
I've only got three months

- to find the yeti...
- Hey! We paid to go to India!

Two trips for the price
of one! What a deal!

Enjoy the sun! Relax
in the comfort of your cabin!

It'll be as though you're
on a leisurely cruise!

Ha ha!

Huh. Hm... hm?

One, two!

- One, two!
- Bring back my lifeboat,

you bunch of pirates!
Bring back my lifeboat!

One, two!

One, two!

One... what?

One, two!

One, two!


Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!



We're in Durbar Square,

Pretty nice place!



The things people will do
to entertain the tourists.

So, where does

- the Gombu family live?
- West of Durbar Square.

I'm sure they'll be able
to decode the diary.

The Gombu family have
been mountain guides

for generations.
A member of their family

actually disappeared
on the Madison Expedition.

I'm lost.

Alright, this is it!

Boy, you gotta be really lost

to say you're lost
when you're not lost.






My name is Simon Picard, and...

I'm Nelly Maloye,
private detective.

"Intuition in service
of the truth."

We come as friends.
Oh, and namaste to you.

We're looking
for a family named Gombu.

Well, I think we've
exhausted the topic.

Uh... we hope you have
a very lovely evening.

- Dhanyabad!
- Isn't it namaste?

- No, you say dhanyabad.
- I thought it was namaste.

- In this case, it's dhanyabad.
- It's namaste.

- Dhanyabad.
- OH!

Namaste! May I help you?

A member of your family

was a guide
on the Madison Expedition.

This is Fred Norton's journal.

He wrote it
while on the expedition

while in the company
of your relative.

- Dhanyabad.
- Dhanyabad.

There are many symbols
and diagrams.

I was hoping you'd decode it?

If you turn to the third page,
there's a strange character.

The symbol is quite fascinating!

Norton was no doubt
trying to tell us something.

Namaste! May I have a look?

- Tensing!
- Oh, sure.

It belongs to one
of Madison's colleagues.

It's about Madison?
And my grandfather?

Yes! At least, I think it is.

- What do you wanna do with it?
- I hope to find the yeti.


And we need a good guide.

This is just a bunch
of scribbles, sahib.

But they've gotta
mean something, don't they?

Good luck. Namaste.



Are you really going off

- to search for the yeti?
- Yes, we are. Then it is

my duty to carry on the work
of my grandfather.

I'm coming with you.

Welcome to our adventure,


This is the famous
Cavendish Hotel

- you were looking for.
- Marvelous!

Do you think
he's checked in yet?

There you are,
my dear friends!

Édouard, I'd like you
to meet Tensing Gombu.

Oh, yes, yes.
I'm afraid there's bad news.

The Kadamba region has been
hit with a bad storm.

The roads are closed.
We'll have to wait several weeks

- before they open again.
- Planes fly in bad weather.

Excellent idea!
We'll parachute you in

with your equipment, right
on top of the Semtong Glacier.

- Menlung.
- Whatever you say.

P... p... parachute?
I... I'd prefer

- a more traditional landing.
- Yes, but the problem

is that the region's only pilot
is in prison for smuggling.

As you know,
Einstein once said,

"If someone told me that
the world would come to an end

"in one hour, I'd spend 55
minutes analyzing the situation

and 5 minutes
to find the solution."

We know the problem.
We don't have a pilot.


We've got a pantry
full of supplies!

There's takaris,
a dal bhat, and churiyan.


Son, accomplish your mission
as did your father,

your grandfather
and your great grandfather.

I'm counting on you.

All you have to do
is land on a plateau

near the Menlung Glacier.

Wow, it's beautiful!

Nelly, look out!


- Oh!
- Nelly! You have

- a pilot's licence, right?
- Close enough.

I took the theory courses,
but I ran out of money

for the actual flying lessons.

Anyway, a diploma
doesn't make the pilot.

So, let's get
down to business.

What do you think
this symbol means?

Scribbles, sahib.

Excuse me, sahib, but we have
to decide where to land soon.

We should steer
to the right, shouldn't we?

It's very clear
we need to go left.

I say we come back
when conditions improve,

- With a real pilot!
- Don't worry,

these are just clouds!

- The wing flaps aren't working!
- We're going to crash!

- Put this on!
- Quick! We've gotta jump!

NO! I am in control
of this thing!


Come on, you!



Ow! Oh!

I'd prefer a more

traditional landing!




Hm? Hm?

The yeti!


- Simon!
- Nelly!

- Have you seen Tensing?
- No!

- Yahoo! Woo! Woo! Woo! Woo!
- Jazzmin! - Whoa!

Bing. Bonk. Ooh.



- Ouch!
- Are you injured?

It's my leg.

It'll be as though

you're on a leisurely cruise.

Poor Tensing,
you unlucky fellow!

Oh, you know.
Good luck or bad luck,

it all depends
on how you see it.

Injuring your leg
at 11 000 feet?

- No way I'd call that good luck!
- Actually, I agree

with Tensing. We're lucky to be
alive after a crash like that.

If we'd been lucky,
we wouldn't have crashed!

Not crashing wouldn't be
lucky, it wouldn't be anything

- at all!
- I'll take nothing at all over your good luck any day.

Do you really think
like that, or are you

- just being unpleasant?
- Que garne?

- Que garne?
- What? What's que garne?

- What can we go?
- Nothing, unfortunately.

Anyway, we'd better salvage

our equipment before
it disappears under the snow.

- Brrr!
- This weather is bad

even for a yeti, isn't it?


Have you found our provisions?

Yes! We have food to eat!

Well! Enough
of freezing outside.

Let's go freeze inside
the cockpit. Come on, let's go.

All we could find was bread
and hot peppers.

You saved the peppers!
That's excellent!


byadagis and mirchis!


Try it, sahib. In this cold,

- you need your strength.
- Mhm...


You are what you eat, sahibs.
If you eat

something strong,
then you will become strong.

This is Golf

Tango Echo Mike. Golf Tango Echo

Mike. Our plane has crashed.
We've had mechanical failure.

One person injured.

Position is latitude 27,
42 minutes, 4 seconds north,

longitude 86 degrees,
25 minutes, 11 seconds east.

Our morale is good.

I repeat: our morale is good.

With the mountains that are all around, our
signal might not get through to anybody!

Nelly, the storm has blown us
way off course...

- Are you sure about that?
- It would be wise to give up

- on our mission.
- Oh, no, no, no, no, no!

It wouldn't. We didn't come
this far to give up so easily.

- There's no way!
- Ow!

- Sorry, Tensing!
- There. That's better.

As Kipling once said,
"If you can keep your head

when all about you are
losing theirs, and..."

Excuse me, I'll be right back.

OK. There's no food,

we're way off course,
and Tensing's hurt.

We cannot carry on like this.
We must alert the rescue team.

You're right. From now on,

we are in survival mode.
Don't waste time.

If we want our messages
to reach the rescue squad,

we'll need to get
to higher ground.

There, to the south.
It's a two-day hike.

Two days?!

- What the heck are you doing?!
- Tensing! Which way is our landing site?

- To the right!
- Nelly! The plane has no wings!

Who needs wings
when you've got skis?

Yeah ha!
Yeah ha! Yeah ha!

What was that?

The departure song!
It's a family tradition.


Did you learn these manoeuvers
in your theory class?

You'll have to turn right,
Miss Nelly!

This thing won't turn!

- Nelly, cut the power!
- I tried!

It won't respond! We've
gotta open up the panel!

- I need a screwdriver! NOW!
- A screwdriver? - Hurry!

No. No.

No. No!

Got it!

Well, here we are!

At least we made it up
to an elevation of 12 000 feet!

Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!

This is Golf Tango Echo Mike!

Golf Tango Echo Mike!

Immediate assistance
required! Over!

OK, where are we now?

What is that?

Shi Mung, the great
Cantonese singer!

Ah, I love it!

I don't wanna
listen to your Shi Mung.

I want someone to answer
our distress call!

It's unlikely your calls
are getting through

with all this static!

This song's not bad.

So, show me where we are.

At the foot
of Menlung Glacier, I think.

- Huh?!
- Did I hear right?

So that

is the Menlung Glacier,
where we'll find the yeti?

Oh, well, uh...

why don't we just see
if there's one hanging around?

Yeah ha!
Yeah ha! Yeah ha!

Oh, and bring the radio.

I don't know what's worse:

the biting cold
or the screeching Shi Mung?

Tensing, you're making me
work up a sweat!

Well, you don't hire a Sherpa
by the pound.

There have been many deaths
on this glacier.

That, I don't want to hear.

Look at that!

That's Mount Everest!

Our people call it

Cho... mo...
lu... ma.

It means "earth mother."

I really feel like
an intruder in this place.

Yes. We all are, Miss Nelly.

That's good. Perfect. Smile!
Try to look natural.

Tensing, look at the camera.

Nelly... oh, that's nice.
That's nice.

OK, try a different pose.

Relax! Look happy.

Not too happy! That's perfect.


I'm coming!



Tensing can sleep
in the small tent.

We'll put our supplies
in that tent and we'll share

the big one. Do you sleep
left or right?

Uh... right?

- Tensing...
- Oh, sorry, sorry.

OK, if this symbol
indicates the east,

that means that this one
means north. Right!

And then this number here
must mean distance... hm.

Norton was British,
so he measured in feet. Right.

And this drawing here is
a mountain peak:

a sharp, high peak.

And that's a... crevice.

Or a V? A V for victory?

Or is it a crevice for victory?
Yeah, not bad, that.

Yeah ha! Yeah ha! Yeah ha!

What was that?

Yeah ha!

Yeah ha! Yeah ha!

That's his morning song,

I suppose.

According to my theory,

if we walk 5 000 feet
to the northeast,

we'll come
to a high mountain peak.

Then, we'll see some jagged
rocks on the north face.

If we stay on that path,
we'll end up in the yeti's lair.

4 998,

4 999,

5 000! Hm?


It must be

a secret lair.

But we did climb
exactly 5 000 feet.

I don't understand.

Did you notice a high,
sharp mountain peak?

Oh, my mistake!
It's not measured in feet,

but in yards! And the V doesn't
mean a crevice.

On the contrary, it's...
if you look at it,

the V is at 45 degrees,
so it's a steep cliff.

And what I thought was north
was west, and east was south.

Well! Onwards and upwards!

No trail.

No yeti. No nothing.

Not a single trace or clue

on the horizon.

- Take that!
- Hm?

Stupid mountain.


At least it's good
for something.

OK, I think it's time for me

to take a look at this thing.

Oh, no!

Yeow! Ha ha!


Vroom! Woop! Yeow!

Go ahead, have a look
at it, too.

I'll wait here.

Alright Simon, keep your chin
up. We'll just rest a while,

then we'll keep looking
'til we find your yeti!

That's assuming they exist.

Is anybody hungry?

Oh! What if we tried luring it

with a hot pepper sandwich?
What do you think? Huh?

It wouldn't work.

According to Shipton,
the yeti is a carnivore.

- Huh?
- So, we don't know if the yeti

exists, but we know
he's a carnivore.

All the more for us!

Reshampattis, byadagis, mirchis!

I never wanna see
a hot pepper again.

- Hey! Oh!
- Our peppers!

Miss Nelly?


Get ready

for the sleigh ride
of your life!

- Ah!
- Whoa!

Good work, cowboy!

Yeah, what a rodeo!

Did you hear that?
What is that?

Sh! It's really close.

It seems to have stopped.

Then, uh, what's that?

- Simon!
- What? - Look at this!

There's food here! Canned goods,
chocolate, coffee!

No more hot pepper sandwiches!


George Madison!

It worked! We followed
the right path!

Tensing? You're walking.

When did your foot get better?

You were carrying me.
It's hard to say.

Right, because you couldn't
put weight on it.

- Yes, I know, but I can now.
- You're certain

- it's safe to walk on it?
- Well, it's much safer

than being carried
by the two of you.

He deserves a proper burial.

Sahib, come see this.

His grandfather.

We know they didn't
die of starvation.

What if the yeti
attacked them?

The mountain has a way
of settling her debts.

Hey! What are you doing?

If you need these,

all you have to do is ask.


This was once held by Madison.

- At least this one is readable.
- Listen.

"June 10th, 1924.

"For 10 days now, my companions
and I have been surrounded

"by a landscape
that is endlessly transformed

by wind and snow storms."

"Weariness and despondency
have descended upon my men.

"Are they... possessed

"by the spirits whose voices

"echo through the mountains?

"I don't know.

"Madness has taken each of them,

"and is now waiting at my door.

"Nothing will save me. Norton
himself disappeared last night

"after losing his mind,

"leaving me here... alone.

"I am already dead,

"forever wandering
in the icy shadows of eternity,

"ready to haunt those who are...

foolish enough
to follow in our footsteps."

That was the last thing
he wrote.

Do you think
Madison and his men

were overcome
by some evil power?

My father told stories
about mountain spirits.

The mountain spirits?

No, don't!

Stop shooting, Miss Nelly!
It's dangerous!

The spirits are everywhere!

Do something, sahib!

We're doomed! Like Madison!

Oh, look out!




Miss Nelly? Are you OK?

I think so. And you?

I'm fine. And you, sahib?

- Are you OK?
- I could be worse.

I don't know
what came over me.

Tensing, throw me some light.

It's of no use, sahib.

There are tons of them.

I think we should be outside,
searching for the yeti,

eating hot peppers
and getting frozen feet!

And instead, we're prisoners inside
a mountain... AH!

For sure this is
a bit of bad luck.

But as you know,
good luck or bad luck...

Not this time, Tensing.
It's over.

Hm? Oops.

- Batteries are dead, sahib.
- Great!

That's all we need. I can't take
any more! Just leave me alone.

And where would you
like us to go?

Come on, Miss Nelly.

Let's go explore the cave.





OK, we have three matches left.
I can't mess up.

Sorry about my behaviour. I...
shouldn't've lost it like that.

- Diary.
- Norton's diary? What for?

- Diary!
- OK!

Sure. Here.

What are you doing?!

We only have two matches.
And keep your voice down!

So, now where do we go?

My intuition says
to... go right.

That's great!
Then we'll go left.

- Left?
- I saw what you did

in the plane. If you say right,
it means we should go left.

That's precisely the reason
I said "right." I meant left.

Fine. But, if you were
thinking left, yet said,

"Go right," which led us to go left,
then logic says we should go right.

Come on. We're going left.


Do you hear that?

- Ouch!
- Shh!



Give me that.


Well, look at that!





Nelly, come on!




Wait, is it?

Could it be?

It is!

This is it! We found it!
Look at this!

NELLY! We found the yeti!

We now have proof it exists!


Come see this, sahib.

It's her cap.

The yeti took her?

I thought yeti were
afraid of humans!

You'll have to revise
your theory, sahib!

Hm. OK. Which way
should we go?

Hard to say.

I know! Let's do
what Nelly would do!

Yes! We have to think
like she does...

...and do
the exact opposite!


She'd track her prey.

- Good thinking, sahib.
- So, what is the opposite

- of tracking one's prey?
- Attracting it.

Then we'll
attract our prey! Now...

How do we attract the yeti?

Got it! One of us hides
while the other serves as bait.

And... who will serve as bait?

The one with the most meat
on him.

Oh, no. The bait has to be
the one who runs the fastest.

I'm the oldest in the group.
I run the operation.

- You're the bait.
- I have a better idea.


This is fabulous! He's enormous!

Not at all
what I thought he'd be!

Move over, Tensing!
You're in my frame!


Tensing! There's
an entire tribe of them!

A village...

full of yeti!

There's Nelly!



Uh... Nelly Maloye,
private detective.

"Intuition in service
of the truth."

She never quits.


We have to get her
out of there.

Wait 'til nightfall.

The yeti will be asleep.

What do you think, Tensing?
Will they turn in soon?

Look up there!

The snow!

Ah ha! Ha ha!

Ha! AH!

Making snow fall on the fire
was an excellent idea, sahib.

Dear Nelly...

Run for safety
while there's still time.

For me... the road ends here.

We all have to leave

before the yeti find us!

Too late for me. You go.

I'll do what I can
to distract them.

Spread the good news
to the whole world...

and tell the university

I'd be honoured if they named
a scholarship after me.

They're coming!

I saw my life

flash before me in slow motion!

Huh? Hello, little guy!

No, don't move!

No, no, no, no, no!
It isn't what you think!

Hold on!


Hm? Hm? Hm?

Uh, you see,

he climbed up
the tree and, uh...

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Enough.

Ignore them.

I can't help it.
Seeing yetis laugh

makes me want to laugh too!

Hey! That's it!
That's the proof!

- What?
- The missing link!

- Huh?
- They say laughter is unique

- to humans, right?
- Uh, yes...

- But these yeti are laughing!
- Are they ever!

So, that proves their
connection to the human species!

Would you call that
scientific evidence?

Well, as much
as Newton's apple was.

We have made contact
with the yeti!

That's promising!

I'll be able
to study them in-depth!

Uh, what?

They want us
to leave their land

and leave them alone.
It looks like

they're pretty serious
about that.

Come on, Simon. Let's go.

They're giving us
a chance to leave in peace.



My friends, the contents

of this box
will change the world!

In a few days,
we'll be back in Kathmandu.

Our discovery will be recognized by
the most prestigious universities!

Tensing, you'll be
the most famous guide

on the planet!
You're grandfather

would be so proud of you!
And you, Nelly!

Your phone will
ring off the hook!

Scotland Yard, Interpol: you'll
get to pick what you want!

We're leaving now,

but we'll be back.
Right, Tensing?

With better equipment
and better prepared.


It's incredible
that despite all the bad luck

we had, we still managed
to find the yeti.

In fact, it was
your so-called "bad luck"

that made it possible for you
to find your yeti, sahib.

Simon, in your opinion, what
do you think will happen once

- you announce your discovery?
- The news will spread like

- wildfire!
- And everybody will wanna get a glimpse of the yeti.

Shall I tell you
how the story ends?

♪♪ Ye, ye, ye ♪

- ♪ Ye, yeti ♪
- ♪ Oh, Yeti Land ♪

- ♪ Ye, ye, ye, Yeti Land ♪
- ♪ Oh, Yeti Land ♪

- ♪ Ye, ye, ye, ye, yeti ♪
- ♪ Oh, Yeti Land ♪

- ♪ Ye, ye, ye ♪
- ♪ Oh, Yeti Land ♪

♪ Ye, ye, ye, ye, yeti ♪

- ♪ Oh, Yeti Land ♪
- ♪ Ye, ye, ye, Yeti Land ♪

- ♪ Oh, Yeti land ♪
- ♪ Ye, ye, ye ♪

- ♪ Ye, yeti ♪
- ♪ Oh, Yeti Land ♪

♪ Ye, ye, ye, Yeti Land ♪

♪ Oh, Yeti Land ♪
♪ Ye, ye, ye, ye, yeti ♪

- ♪ Oh, Yeti Land ♪
- ♪ Ye, ye, ye, Yeti Land ♪

- ♪ Oh, Yeti Land ♪
- ♪ Ye, ye, ye, ye, yeti ♪

♪ Oh,
Yeti Land ♪

♪ Oh, Yeti Land ♪♪

- Don't exaggerate.
- I don't know, sahib.

- I don't know.
- We will get all the glory:

great offers, new projects,
but it's the yeti

- that will pay the price.
- But we'll be around.

If there's abuse, we'll
intervene! You know that!

How? We won't be able

- to stop it!
- Why not? We discovered

the yeti! Many people dreamed of
doing just that, but we did it!

You think it's alright
for the yeti, who have

survived this long,
to end up as circus animals?

We should just let them live in peace.

We're looking
for signs of the...

- Listen!
- Rescue Alpha.

Do you read?

We're trying to locate your...

Mayday, mayday, mayday! Rescue
Flight Alpha, do you read me?

There! Up there,
we'll have a better chance!

Mayday, mayday, mayday! Rescue
Flight Alpha! Can you hear me?

- Hey, whoa!
- Sorry!

Our position is latitude
27 degrees, 57 minutes

and 10 seconds north. Longitude

86 degrees, 27 minutes,
13 seconds east.



Rescue mission...
Message received...

What's he saying?
What's he saying?

This is Édouard Martineau
Junior! We have located you!

- Have you found the yeti?
- A complete tribe!

- It was wonderful!
- Did you get them on film?

- One full reel of film!
- Ahem!

The images are won... derf...

Can't hear you.
You're breaking up.

Too much static.
Battery is weak.

I'm cutting communications.

Hello, my friends!

Oh! Wait 'til Mama hears this!

I met with a representative

from Pan American Films.

They want to produce
a big-budget movie

about our most
extraordinary adventure!

Is that me?!

Well, that's
a strange reaction.

Oh, of course!

You think the press
will be all over me!

Don't worry. When I'm asked if I
did it alone, I'll tell them...

A great man's best asset is
the people he has around him.

Your name will be
in all of the history books,

right next to mine. Just like...

oh, what's-his-name
and Christopher Columbus.

Oh! I've just reserved

the Cavendish Hotel
for the press conference.

Noon tomorrow,
the whole world will know!

Listen, uh... I think we need
to think about this a while.

It's all thought out,
my friend.

You've done your job;
I'll do the rest.

I financed your mission,
don't forget.

What are you doing?!

Simon, it's now or never!

Give me that!


Don't do this! NO!



Please, help me!

I've got you.

Miss Nelly!

Are you there?

No one could survive

- such a fall from up here.
- Huh?

Well, alright. Let's go.
Quite obviously,

there's nothing we can do here.

Go without us.

Descend slowly along the side
of the cliff, sahib.

That's right. Short bounds.



Rescue Alpha!

Ah! Ah! Ah!



- Nelly?
- Simon?

- Are you injured?
- I don't think so!

- Where are you?
- Tensing! Nelly is alive!

Lower me a little further.

Impossible, sahib.
There is no more rope.

Nelly, can you climb
your way out?

There's ice everywhere!
I'll never make it!

- Stand back! I'll cut the rope!
- No!

- You won't be able to get out!
- We'll see.


- I'm going down to Nelly.
- No, sahib!

Simon, did you
recover the film?

- No. Édouard flew off with it.
- We have to stop him!

We have to save the yetis!

First, let's save you,

then we'll save the yeti. Now...


I... have... to... get...
out... of... here.

You... and... your... family...
are... at... risk.

In... great... danger!

Do you understand?


Hm? Hm...


Where's Nelly?

I... have...
to... find... Nelly.

You... have... to... help... me.

Hm. Hm?



Have... you... seen...
my... friends?

Where's Tensing?

He's still up top.
He'll be better off without us.

I hope my instructions are
clear, my good man.

The contents in that canister
are of the highest importance.

As clear as a bell, sir.

Once the film's been developed,
I'll deliver it

to the Cavendish Hotel.

- Before noon!
- Thank you!

- Dhanyabad!
- Namaste!

- No, it's dhanyabad.
- Uh, no. Namaste.

- No, it's dhanyabad.
- No, it's namaste.

- In this case, it's dhanyabad.
- No.

Nelly, follow me!

Come on, get on!

Uh, Simon? We're in a hurry.

Hm. Interesting film, sir.

Thanks. Will you
run the projector?

- Mhm.
- Perfect! Get to it.

I'd like to see the film
before the journalists do.

Come on, come on!

- Oh, dear.
- NO!


No, no, no, no, no, no!

What, chief?

Are you the explorer?

Yes! I discovered the yetis.

Cavendish Hotel?

Ah, dhanyabad!


Mm. Hm!


Sorry about our appearance.

Thank you for coming out
in such large numbers!

Before I show you
my exceptional footage,

I would like
to dedicate

the discovery of the yeti
to my loyal assistants,

Nelly Maloye and Simon Picard,

who gave their lives
for science.

I know Nelly and Simon would
have wanted no better

resting place than that of
the majestic... Dim Sum Glacier.

We've been in the mountains.

We were part of the expedition.

Édouard Martineau's?

Édouard Martineau II!

- Never mind!
- My life

has been guided
by my love of animals.

When I was eight,

my father gave me my first pony.


That's one heck of a beast!

My parents were
always travelling,

and I learned
that an animal's love is life's

- most precious gift...
- Hey, Mr. Pony! You gonna

- show us your yeti or not?
- Uh, well, I...

Yeti! Yeti! Yeti!



A mission chief must know
how to inspire his team

to surpass themselves.
Here, you see our adventurers

with Sherpa,
our famous mountain guide.

They slowly make progress,

determined to scale
the highest mountain range

in the world! One of the most
perilous adventures

- since Tutankhamen!
- Turn it off!

The matinee is over!

- Go home, people!
- What's goin' on?

- What's going on here?
- Hold on tight, Simon!


Cut it out!

- Hey! I thought you guys were dead!
- I beg your pardon!

- Hey, look! It's a yeti!
- Huh?

This is the dumbest hoax
I've seen in my life!

- Who do you think you are?
- Go back to where

- you came from! Get out of here!
- Charlatan! - Phony!

No, wait! Please stay!


Looks like
the press conference was

a smashing success!


Charlatan! Impostor!

Charlatan! Impostor!

You know what, Tensing?
You're a hero.

- And one heck of an actor!
- Oh, no.

I disagree.
He's a terrible actor. Did you

see him as a yeti? Please!



- Namaste!
- Namaste!


this is for you.

So is this.

Today, our son has

heroically finished the mission
started by our ancestors.

Oh, if your grandfather were
still here,

he would be so proud of this
great accomplishment of yours.

For you, sir.

Dear Professor, I thought
the faculty would be proud

to display this in the museum.

Thank you for the challenge.

Simon Picard.


I've decided

that I don't want
to be a professor after all.

Oh, no? What will you do
instead? For a living?

I'm not sure.
I like my new life!


Is that the island
of Madagascar?

No. It isn't big enough
to be Madagascar.

Looks like smoke
in the distance!

Hang on! There isn't supposed
to be an island there.

I've never seen one on a map.

- You serious?
- It's a mystery!

- Come on!
- Whoa!

Oh, oh, oh, oh!

Uh! Yeah ha! Yeah ha!
Yeah ha! Whoa!

Bring back my lifeboat,
you bunch of pirates!

Bring back my life boat!

I miss the yetis.
How 'bout you?

I don't know!
They laugh

about the strangest things.

Subtitles by explosiveskull