Mirror for a Hero (1987) - full transcript

Two not quite similar men, our contemporaries, psychologist-linguist Sergey Pshenichny and former mining engineer Andrew Nemchinov, are walking in the street in their native miners town and found themselves in 1949. Its a common knowledge that real miracles happen without technical devices: time comes miracle happens. They spend in 1949 only one day the next morning they found that it is the same day that was yesterday. All several months, they spent in the past, they spent in one and the same day: the 8th of May, Sunday, the day of heightened coal production. In the morning to the coal mine, in an hour an accident in a coalface, at 10 o'clock wire from the Ministry, after work reunion concerning the Stalins anniversary; robbing of pay desk, death of policeman Ryabenko, in the evening - volunteer Sunday work...and in the morning the same, and so for ever and ever Philosophic fiction, accompanied by music of group Nautilus Pompillius. After a novel of S. Rybasa of the same name.

In response to my secret ardent call,

Oh my dear friend,

Come out on the terrace.

How beautiful is the satin firmament.

Clear and resonant,

Is the sad sound of the strings.

Illuminate the darkness
of night with your smile,

And I will lovingly put my arms

around your slender waist.

Till dawn, till the cool of the morning

I will be singing

Serenades for you.


The night is silent,
and shadows get thicker.

But the Eastern sky is already pale,

Anticipating the daybreak.

Our whole town

Is peacefully sleeping,

Enveloped in silence.

We are all alone,

No one will ever know.

Come out on the terrace.

The stars are shining and twinkling,

And the strings are emitting a quiet moan.

Do you go out at all?

I go to the grocer's.

Otherwise, I'd have starved to death.

I received your paper.

Thank you for keeping me up-to-date.

I read it, needless to say.

Even twice.

Even three times.

I'm neither a psychologist,

nor a linguist.

I'm a miner

and an engineer.

If you care to know my opinion,

I can share it with you.

Of course I do.

Go ahead.

With all due respect,

I have to conclude

that your thesis

won't concern anyone

except a few experts.


The particularities

of spatial organization

of bio-electrical activity of the brain

during the speech act. How poetic!

Yes. I thought about why it is the case.

You know, you failed to find

the pain spot of our day,

but there is one.

I've gleaned for you some material

on the most pressing of issues.

But in order for you not to get bored
looking through articles and figures,

I turned it into a story.

Please listen attentively

and don't interrupt.

It was written for you.

I'd ask you not to throw it away


but to re-read it a few times

in order to fully

comprehend the idea.

Are you hungry?


let's begin then.

The title is optional.

The Shutting Down
of the N Hydropower Plant.

You can come up with

a better one later.

"In the turbine room

of the N hydropower plant

there finally was a long-awaited silence,

which came unexpectedly

for everyone.

Aleksey Nikolayevich Kondratyev

wiped his forehead

and walked

thumping across

the silent room,

passing by the grim

ex-director Lychkin.

He came up to the window,

and watched the water

slowly, almost reluctantly

beginning to subside.

"Never again will its relentless flow

turn the giant machines

which had devastated hundreds

of Russian towns and villages",

Aleksey Nikolayevich thought to himself.

He imagined

houses and churches emerging

from the subsiding waters.

Soon, everything will
revert back to normal,

people will come back here

to breathe new life
into these buildings..."

8, 10, 300...


The price is reasonable,
plus it's not far from Moscow.

You own a car,

so you can get there in no time.

Sculptors used to live here before.

What great people they were!

We're no match for them.
- I'm not renting it for myself.

My father will be living here.

He can't stand civilization.
This is the right place for him.

That's none of my business.

Whoever lives here is fine with me.

It's my brother's house.

When he was alive, we were like strangers.

But he remembered about me on his deathbed,

and bequeathed this house to me.

He was a famous sculptor.

Without me, my dear, Earth will
feel too small for you, like an island...

He died when his time came

and was buried as an honorable man.

Who am I compared to him?

I don't amount to much,
but I'm still breathing.

Dad, look!

Don't touch it.
- If you like the house,

I can extend the rent for one more year.

We'll see.

Well, in about three weeks, as agreed.

- Thank you.

Isn't your wife going to have a look?

She's a bit under the weather.

She has a headache.
- She's come such a long way and...

I've got only one request -

don't touch anything in the yard.

People from Moscow
come from time to time.

It's a sort of site.

The one who doesn't drink or smoke,

And always buys flowers.

The one who brings home the bacon,

And calls his mother-in-law 'mum'.

The one who's indifferent to football,

And is always interesting to talk to.

Dad, why was the gentleman
buried in the ground like that?

He misbehaved,

that's why.

What if I behave?

If you behave,

you'll be put on a pedestal like this.

Stand still.

Be prepared!
- Always prepared!

Like Gagarin and Titov!

Exactly! That's right, my precious.

Jesus Christ...

Mum, there's a giant buried in the ground.


He's not going to move anyway.

You might as well have used this money

as wallpaper in the loo.

So that you can sit on the toilet

and see it before your eyes.

Before, his lunacy was at least free.

I'm tired,


"The trial was over.

The jury rose to their feet

and applauded.

Aleksey Nikolayevich could
hardly hold back the tears

thinking about that event.

He re-gained consciousness

and looked at his friends
who were standing beside him.

"We can proceed with dismantling",

said Yefim Ivanovich Pyankov.

This is how the N powerplant

was shut down and dismantled.


A year passed.

The eight friends were standing there

observing the saved land.

Fertile fields stretched before them.

They could see pioneers

who came to take in the harvest.

Girls made wreaths

and put them on their heads.

Boys were singing the song of pioneers.

Georgy and Vera were
standing aside holding hands.

Vera was wearing a snow-white dress

like that of a bride.

Georgy turned to Vera

and said to Vera..."

It says 'Vera' two times here.

"Georgy turned to Vera

and said,


what a beautiful land this is!"

They were standing side by side,

young and inspired.

The girl turned her face to him,

he leaned forward

and kissed her on the lips."

And the last thing.

I realize that

such an ending might be frowned upon,

but the aim of art

is to show that justice

always prevails.

A positive ending will convince the reader

that his struggle in the name of Motherland

is right and just.

That's all.


sounds fine to me.

Well done.

You really are a hard-worker.

When I get home,

I'll look through it once again, alright?

You know, dad, I've rent

a cottage near Moscow for you.

It's a 40-minutes' drive.

A wonderful place.


I've already bought a ticket,

but I'm telling you right away
that in the beginning

we won't be able to see you often

as Dasha just started music school.

But I'll come over each weekend.

Will three days be enough for packing?



enough already. I told you,

I'll read it when I get home.

You're a writer and I'm a reader.

I'm not


Dad, what's the matter?

Why not?

Because Seryozha didn't like
dad's novel, that's what it's about?

You were reading

for three hours.

I was sitting here not saying a word.

You didn't like my thesis either...

It's not about the novel.

I had absolutely no illusions about you

when I started reading.

You and your friends are wrecks,

there's no doubt about it.

It's for the young,

for those who need something to aspire to

in their future lives.

Faith is the most crucial issue
of every generation.

The young need ideals.


they'll have nothing but 'hurrah'.
- What 'hurrah'?

You know what.

As they used to say in the times of Russ,

"For the Tsar,

for the Motherland

for the Faith we will say
a thunderous hurrah."


Thank God, the Tsar was overthrown.

The faith was abolished.

But how did we live?

What did we die for?

"For the Motherland,

for Stalin!"

that's what we were screaming
in the last hour.

We achieved victory like that.

Now Stalin has been ousted.

What is left?

"Hurrah for the Motherland!"

But what does 'Motherland' mean to you?

Just an empty word.

The Motherland is in danger.

But you don't care.

You're not capable of
suffering or loving anymore.

You unite not in order to create,

... but in order to...
- Motherland is always in danger.

... make fun of the problems...
- Dad, please.

... and mistakes of your Motherland.
- Stop it.

Your unity is based on criticizing

of what was done and is being done,

in mockery and funny stories.

Now is a crucial moment.

You're given the opportunity to learn

all the opinions on each and every subject.

But you...

You have lost dignity.

You have strayed away from the path.

You have forgotten the goal.

You don't even know what the goal is.

And you yourself

are turning into a jester
before my very eyes!

Yes, I'm a jester! I'm a buffoon!
- And now, each person...

...has to find their
place in the struggle...

So what?
- ... and not in relation to it.

500 thousand hectares of fertile land

were destroyed when

the Rybinsky reservoir was built.

190 towns

and more than 500 villages

were razed to the ground,

and with them was lost the Russian culture

which had been created for centuries.

I'm not a writer

and don't profess to be one.

But you had to understand

the meaning and the pain!

You're a dead man walking!

I'm a dead man walking.

You're a nonentity.

You're a miserable person.

And what about you, dad?

Tell me,

was it me who built those your powerplants?

Maybe it was me who screamed 'hurrah'

while you were razing whole
towns and villages to the ground?

I wasn't even conceived

when you, swept by enthusiasm,
were doing such things,

the mere though of which scares you now.

I've been trying to root out
this your 'hurrah'

my whole life, because I feel ashamed!

It's stupid to do things in earnest

and then write all that tosh
about saving Russia.

What have all of you
gained with your lives?

I'm 38 years old

and sick of life, is that it?

You've lied and been lied to all your life,

and now you're scared to admit it!

Thank God, mother

doesn't see what a scumbag...



I couldn't possibly have come...

I've told you a hundred times,

I couldn't be present at mother's funeral!

I've come here because
you're my father, because...

I've spent all my life working hard...

Because you're old and in bad health now.

What are you doing?

...we haven't deserved a single bad word.

We were dying for you.

"There are no obstacles in our path,

And we don't need them!"

I can't take it anymore! Shut up!

You're an enemy.

You're a real

dangerous enemy.



I will. I know,

I'm a jester, a dead man walking.


Take care!

May the saviors of the nation live long!

And you personally, Kirill Ivanovich.

Why are you making me look like shit?


Oh sod you.

When all the songs

I don't know are over,

My last paper ship

Will hoot in the bitter air.

Goodbye, America!

Where I've never been,

Goodbye forever!

Take your banjo and
play me a farewell song.

I've grown out of

Your worn-out jeans,

We were taught for so long

To crave your forbidden fruits.

Goodbye, America!

Where I'll never go,

Will I ever hear a song

that I'll remember forever?

Dear friends!

The concert

of our rock club goes on.

Welcome on the stage, Nautilus Pompilius.

If there's no love in the wires,

If the voice on the phone is cold,

I can understand, I can forgive,

I call nowhere, I've forgotten the number.

What's this shit called?

Nautilus Pom...

I don't know.

Like some kind of mollusc.

But I'm not sure.

You'll hang on a chair
The forgotten shadow

Of my visits and wet kisses.

Casanova! Casanova!

Mollusc, you say.

I came back and just
shrugged my shoulders.

Came back from where?

I got five years in jail and
was released after serving two.


There used to be a bulkhead here.

I see.

The gate's been renovated.
Must be some holiday soon.

And why...

... were you in jail?
- An accident.

What accident?
- A mine collapsed.

Two people were injured.

And I'm an engineer.
I'm responsible...

... for safety.
- I see.

Anyway, I come back

and a journalist approaches me,

"Andrey Ivanovich, we're writing
about the injustice you suffered."

I say, "Who'll give me two years back?"

One always has to think about the future.

At least, I always think about it.

Watch out!

God damn.

So what do you do?

I'm a linguistic psychologist.

Is it interesting?
- It is for me.

We can start shooting anytime now.

Let's have a look, shall we?
- They're shooting a movie there.

Let's go.

Andrey! Andrey!

Remove those.

Stop fooling around with the gun!

It's not a toy, it's a real firearm.

Act your age. How many times
do I have to repeat that?

Geez, so much smoke here...

Kolya! Put it out!

Why does a soldier have long hair?

A movie, indeed!

The whole kit and caboodle!
Mollusc there and cinema here.

Couldn't you at least check?

Andrey, don't forget the signal...

Just look at that! Bandits

and the police.

See what you've done?

I asked you not to fool around!

Get people out of here!
- Can we have another shirt here?

When I was a kid, my father told me

that there had been a robbery right here.

Let's go find a spot with a better view.

Soon they'll start landing
on top of our heads.

Hey! Airplane!

Trofim Denisovich Lysenko's
outstanding work


published in 1948,

describes a step-by-step
application of Michurin's theory

over the past fifteen years.


page by page,

tells the story of Lysenko's

uncompromising struggle

against the enemies of Michurin's theory,

supporters of Weismann and Morgan.

Check out that old steamer!

Those cinema people must've unearthed it.

Hold on, steamer!

Wheels, stop turning!

Driver, pull the brakes!

...a tale about the past...

Hey, chief!

Got lost or something?

Who are you?

- Yeah.

We're from Hollywood.

We've come here to gain experience.

Really? Where from?

I told you, from Hollywood.

I see. Do you have any papers?

Did you hear that?

I'll punch you out of your saddle

and kick your ass,

bitch-ass cowboy.

Oh really?
- Really.

We'll do it together.
- Don't move or I'll shoot!

Calm down, chief.

Put the gun away.

Go back to the mine. Move!

What's gotten into you?
- Move it!

Move it!

Well, actors,

come on, move!

Keep walking!

That way.

Keep your hands off!

Calm down, chief. Chill.

The money is here!

To the wall!

Aunt Dusya, why aren't you
doing the voluntary work?

Voluntary work you say?

You are the authority here.

I should've been paid three days ago.

I've got children, you know.

They promised to pay me
on 5th, and it's 8th already.

Who's going to feed my family? You?

All of you are trying to cash in on us!

Damn life!

Alright. Your papers.

Get everything out of your pockets.

I think you're suspicious.

Of course, if you're ordinary
people, you'll be released.

But if you're American spies,

you're out of luck.

I served in the First Belorussian
Reconnaissance Company.

If you put up any resistance,

I'll make a hole in your head.


Stop grabbing your gun,

it's loaded with live ammunition.

That's not

local currency.

Check this out.

I see.

The tobacco is foreign too.

You thought we were fools.

You wouldn't even use a better disguise.

To the wall!

Hands behind your head!

Move it!




Yes, Rebenko here.


I'm waiting.

Alright, chief, enough!

Cut it out already!

Don't move.

The money is here.

Here come bandits.

Don't move.

Don't move!

This really is cinema.


Come on!
- Kill them!

Come on!
- Finish him off!


Uncle! No!


Let go of my hand!
- Stop whining!

- Get out of the way!

Let's go!


Maybe we're just hallucinating.

Yeah, both of us.

Holy shit.

That's Sasha, the tankman.

He and his sister used to
live in the same street.

When nature falls asleep

And the moon comes out shining,

The heroes of the sunken fleet,

Awake from their sleep.

Vitya, mum is looking for you!

Sasha, another one.

The ballad.

The ballad. Write it down.

Aunt Manya!

Have you recalled the song?

I have better things to do!

You've forgotten again, old hag!

Go away then.
- Sasha, I'll recall later.

You're always forgetting things.

Oh shut up.

I forgot where I was going.

You didn't even know.

Sasha, where are you going?

Sasha, come back!

What is it?

Germans are coming!

Are you suicidal?



Get out of the way!

Volodya, why are they so boring?

Sod you!

Cheer up! Sing a song!

Hold on. Translate!


What's wrong with you, guys?

You're going home after all!

Ok. I was walking on the right.

You tripped and fell.

Yes, there was also a plane.

Now fall down!

- Nothing.


I'll try again.

Hang on.


Let's try one more time.

Let's do it in reverse, like in movies.

And the plane... Go ahead!


What are we going to do?

Let's try again tomorrow,

at the same time.

Do you remember the exact time?


It was around 7.

How do we estimate?

It said '1949' in the newspaper
at the police station.

It fits.

May, 8th. There's a holiday tomorrow.


Doesn't make any sense.

What happened in 1949?

Don't you know?

I think we invented the atomic bomb.

When was Donbass rebuilt?

In 1943.

My father used to tell me about

how mother and he collected
insulators among the debris.

1943 then.


I think East Germany was formed.

Hang on,

I was born in 1949.

Happy Birthday then.


Nonsense. It's impossible.

Why the hell not?

It is possible.

When I got my sentence,
I couldn't believe it either.

But it turned out to be true.


I have similar feelings now.

Let me introduce myself.

Nemchinov Andrey Ivanovich.

Tukhmanov David Lvovich.

I'm kidding. Pshenichny Sergey.
Won't your family be looking for you?

I don't have anyone.

My wife should call me about now.


- Hello.

I'm telling you...

Stay away!

Where are you going
without me? Are you nuts?

Have pity on me at least.

What did I say wrong?

What did I say?

I just told you not to
throw your medals around.

What for? They're hard-earned.

They're not just some trinkets.

Everything's alright.

What did I say wrong?

Don't yell at me.

I'm not yelling.

I'm not!

That German is better than me.

I swear on my voice.

Everything's alright.

We've seen things, me and you:

the blood of friends, the tears of mothers.

We've known each other for ages.

It's alright.

Everything's alright.
- We haven't deserved...

You're blind

and I'm lame.

And together we're
a fully-functioning body.

Bug off.

I said, bug off.


Kirill? Oh...


I said quiet!


I said...

Come in, please.

Who are you?

Your face looks familiar.

Didn't you work at the experimental station

in Stalinsko-Kuznetski by chance?

Kirill is not at home.

He's gone to the city to look for workers.

The country needs coal,
but there's no one to mine it.

Many local women even work in the mine.

They go to work, and
children stay alone.

Are you an engineer by chance?


That's a pity.

Engineers are in high demand.

They even live

in a separate dormitory.

Don't worry,

Kirill will be back soon.

As soon as he learns about the robbery,

he'll come to check whether we're alright.

It's awful.

Three people were murdered.


You must know each other
since the South-West?


Since the South-West?

I don't know.

I'll be going.

Don't leave.

No, I'll just...

go for a walk.

I'm not feeling well.

Ok, but don't leave.

Kirill will be mad at me

for letting you leave.

Alright then, so I...

I'll be going then.

I'll be going.

The dormitory is to the left,

along the street.

My God.



I'll show you!

Seryoga, he'll stab you!


That's it.

We got away.

I've been to my place.

I say, "Hello! How are you doing?"

Dad asks, "Who are you?"

"Show your papers."

I've forgotten about the robbery.

They're all afraid of the robbers.

I say, "What's wrong with you, man?

What if I'm a journalist?"

And he just gets an axe and runs at me.


they're both alive.

My dad and my mum.

And little me, running around.

It was so great.

What about you?

Did you see your family?


Yes, I did. I saw my mum.

We have to think of something.

We have to settle down.

Don't we?

Watch out!

That horse again.

We have to settle down,

or my own father will send me to jail.

What were you thinking?

They'll kill him!

They'll shoot or stab him,

and no one will ever find out.

My car broke down,

I'm trying to go as fast as I can.

And what do I see?

The gate is open, the door is open.

Why are you doing this to me?

You don't love me.

You don't take care of yourself.

At all.

If it happens again,

I won't come back!

You'll have to live alone!

You're so silly.


Do you hear me?


It's moving.

Hello, guys!

How is it going?

Let's go.

Are you staying for long?

We should stick together.

Have you been to the mine yet?

- Hello.

The country needs coal badly.

The math is pretty simple.

1,5 years in the shaft

equals 1.500 on my account.

I have to support my mother.


I had a brother,
but he died in the war.

So I decided

to save up some money
and marry his widow.

Well let's go.


what day is it today?


Then what are we doing here?

It's the day of increased production.

Let's go.

I got scared at first because

the boss was looking for me.

And then I learned we had a newcomer.

Don't be afraid.

I used to be scared too at first.

I confer the title of 'miner' on you.


Kiss it.
- Cut it out.

Do you think there'll be
a war against America?

What do you mean?

No, there won't be any war.

Here we are.

Get off.

Hello, girls!


Who's there with you?

Watch where you're walking.


What's that?

A gauge-door.

Smells of coal.

Not afraid anymore?

The coal-face is worse.

It's narrow and cramped.

Although the roads there are wider.

In the coal-face the man is

face-to-face with nature, it's easier.

He looks so tiny in comparison,

but always comes out victorious.

You know?

Don't just stand there, let's go!

It'll get warmer closer to the coal-face.

But alcohol is frowned upon here.

You can smell it for 200 metres

in the mine.

Come on.

So don't ever drink before
getting down here.

This mine is old, it was dug
before the Revolution.

Yeah, I can see that.

Just look at that! Fascinating!

Is that snow?
- No, it's mould.

They say if everything
in the world has a purpose,

it will also be used one day.

Have you heard about the pec...


I read about it.

They say it works miracles.

It's so quiet and fresh down here!

Look at that!


I'll make rubber knee-pads for you.
- What for?

Otherwise, you'll rub your knees sore.

I see.
- Come on.


why do you even work in such conditions?

The country needs coal.


It's Bukharev.

He's the best miner.

He's using a progressive method.

Good luck there!

We're finally at home.

An engineer!

A miner!


Valya, bring us some coffee!

Sorry I can't shake your hand properly,

my sinews are injured.

It's ok. Thank you.

Have a seat.

Thank you.

So you're an engineer!

Finally! My dear!

I've been here for two months.

It's tough.

There's a lot of recovery work
to be done underground.

Our current production

falls short of that before the war.

We lost our best professionals.

- Andrey Ivanovich.

Andrey Ivanovich?

Andrey Ivanovich.

You're a boss without an object,

and I have an object without a boss.

We've found each other!

I swear on the miner's honor,

the overall production

can be increased by 20%!

And 20 plus 60

equals 80%

of the pre-war production!

- Right.


You see, life...

Life needs warmth most of all.

It's a day of increased production today.

You'll go to the Molodyozhnaya mine

and check the old bore pits.

Where are you coming from?

From Moscow.

She's thrilled to bits,
takes all her clothes off

and assumes the right position.

He comes closer

and says in a flat voice,

"And now, slowly

and carefully

go to sleep."

Are you new here?

He is. It's his first day in the mine.

You haven't brought
any food again, Fyodor.

You're such a miser.

Here, take some.




That's nothing.

We'll teach you.


Wife? Kids?

Far away.


The freaking war

wreaked havoc everywhere.

You should stick to your family.

Don't just nod your head!

Listen to what older people are saying.

- What?

Does your mum write to you?

They had to chop down
the orchard to pay taxes.

Nothing but stumps left.

We used to grow apples.

This big!

Are you saboteurs or something?

The times are hard for the whole country.

And you're evading taxes.

Authorities should deal with you.

Not everyone is as stupid as you.

Shut your mouth sucker.

They know better what's everyone's due.

What if I want apples one day,

go to the market and
there's nothing there?

I'll kill this motherfucker one day.
- Someone tell him!

We're all working our asses out

in the avant-garde
of the working front, and you...

Stop weeping, Fyodor.

Bukhar told the truth.

Have you taken offence?

Too bad.

What did I say? Why is he running away?

God knows.

He feels insulted.


Hey, Anthracite!

Come here.

Hello, Anthracite.

Why is he so thin?

Give him some lard.

Come on.

Feed your family.

My frau

gave birth yesterday.

- Yes.

Four mouths.

On Fedya's lot.

Anthracite is the man.

Here comes Roza!

My dear Roza!

Get your hands off me!

And I lost my head!

Remember, Roza!

There are many women
but only one Lyutkin!

Is it dangerous?

Rats are here.
That means it won't explode.

Well, let's go.

We'll work side by side,

I'll see what kind of miner you are.

Fucking Stakhanovite.

Mikhail Ivanovich!

Are you warm enough?

I'm a young




But I wear a beard.

And I don't care -

Let it grow waist length!

Get a move on!
You have to deserve the bread you eat.

Right, get out of here.

After we chase away the Fritzes,

We'll have time to shave.

Move it!

Guys! The roof is unsteady!

Watch out!

Run, everybody!

He's not a man, he's a miner!


What happened? You shit your pants?

It's going to collapse.

The roof is going to collapse.

Nothing's happening.

It needs a couple more poles.


Where are you going sucker?


Bukhar! Quick!

Sit with your back to me!

Now press with your feet!


I can't feel my legs.

It hurts.

I can't feel my legs.


Don't just sit there like a bitch
in a kennel! Give us a hand!

After we chase away the Fritzes,

We'll have time to shave.

To shave and get a hair-cut!

To Comrade Stalin!

We have been winning, are winning and
will always be winning for Comrade Stalin!



Look at you!

And I'm doing ok.

I met the head of the mine.

He got me this outfit.

And gave me some money just in case.

He said

he was worried lest our Mao

might fall into the Imperialists' trap.

I told him not to worry about that.

We won't let that happen.

I've stolen some papers

to be up-to-date.

Let's read.


Listen, it's interesting.

In Moscow, the Smolenskaya
metro station is being built.

The North Atlantic Alliance
has been created.

What else?

Reactionary genetics
in the service of Imperialism.


They write about problems of
post-secondary technical education.

After so many years,
problems are still the same.

Let's go.

There are really a lot of
common problems, Seryozha.

Where are you going?

To that spot. Let's try again.


why not?

Worth taking the risk.


page by page,

tells the story of Lysenko's

uncompromising struggle

against the enemies of Michurin's theory,
- Damn you!

supporters of Weismann and Morgan.
- Calm down, Maradona.

It's not about the wire.
- What is it about?

God knows.


is, in a sense, a tale

of the past history,

of the struggle that ended in victory...

There's a story by Bradbury

about two guys who travelled in time

They killed a butterfly,
and when they got back

the cause-and-effect relation was broken.

When we get back,

there'll be a swamp here, like dad
said, or even worse - a dump.

What does Bradbury have to do with it?

We're in Russia after all.

Which mine are you working at?

On the Pyanaya.
A guy almost got killed today.

There's a shortage of wood there.


I got in jail for that.

It was rebuilt hastily.

So people worked there until it collapsed.

I warned them many times.

And they put me in jail for that.

I'll shut it down!

I'll get you transferred
to the Molodyozhnaya.

They have the money and
the press coverage. What do you say?

Where are you going?

Let's go for a walk.

Forget about it.

Alright, go weep.

I'll go check out the voluntary work.

We will sing and laugh

Through the times of
struggle and hard work.

What the heck!


To that bush over there.


To that bush over there.

Go ahead.

Bukharev got killed!

No, he's fine.

Take that! Now give me my bottle!


Oh hello, Roza.

There's not enough wood as it is.

People are dying because of that.

And Roza is taking a pole home for herself.

That's how the whole country was robbed.

2.12. I'm waiting for you.

This is it, Roza.

Come with me.

Where to?

To there.


Hold it.

I'll give you a hand.

Roza, where do you live, by the way?

See, I'm tired.

You live

pretty far.

Here we are.

Hold it!

Who's there?

It's me!

Who's that?

It's my brother, don't worry.


Hold on.


I didn't say a word,
he just offered me help.

Sasha, don't be angry with me.


- Thanks.


Who cares about a pole?

It's for the fire, you see.

Don't be sad.

Why are you so wet?

Sweat from hard work.

You're a funny guy.

Let's go.

Come on.

Let's have supper.

You're not a miner.

You think

people see with their eyes?

Here, look

what I was like with eyes.


Who's that?

That was a long time ago.

Way before the war.

Today they were sending
German prisoners back to Germany.

Sasha was yelling at the top of his voice.

I was.
- Sasha,

I wanted to ask,

why are they still here?

Do you remember the war?



the war must be remembered
in order not to be forgotten.

I spent every single day of it out there.

First Belorussian Reconnaissance Company.

I've seen things

you can't imagine
in your wildest dreams.


The deaths of friends

and family members,

the tears of mothers.

Anyway, I've gotten over the war now,

now I'm into linguistic...

That is,



What's that?

That's my waterproof watch.

It's a part of history.

Remember Elbe Day?

This watch is special.

It was given to me

by the Supreme Commander
of the Allied Forces



Have a look.


can I

stay here for the night?

Can you make a bed for me somewhere?

What's wrong?


You wanted to ask me something?

Go ahead.

I want a song without the war in it.


Just a moment.

Beautiful girls

Greeted him with a quiet song.

And the young man

Went down in the mine.


Why aren't you sleeping?

Can you bring me some water?

Oh God.




Thank you.


do like you do when ironing.

Well, how are you doing?

I'm doing well.

Good girl.

I've never stolen anything.

They just left it there.

Our money was stolen,

three people were killed.

One of them a policeman, Rebenko.

And last month, all the money
was taken to make flags.

We live like ants.

When they pour sand on us, we crawl up.

Like ants.



I'm what?

Pretty that is.

Poor Fedya.

Maybe they fixed him.

That's unlikely though.

Not sure that's even better,

being an invalid for
the rest of your life.

It's dawn already.

I have to go to work soon.

You don't love me.

You don't take care of yourself.

At all.

If it happens again,

I won't come back!

You're so silly.

It's here.

Wait around the corner.

What's going on?

What's wrong?

Seryozha, I can't take it anymore!

I'm exhausted!

He's been screaming for four years,

he still can't forget the war.

Seryozha, don't leave!

Stay with me!

I warned Kirill Ivanovich

to keep his mouth shut.

Neither the Party nor me deserve

to be insulted like that,

even by such respected people

as your husband.

Justice will prevail.

There will be people

to understand and forgive.

The evil-doers will be punished.

Roza, who's here?

Are you nuts?


do you think you're doing

with this girl?

She's been groped many times as it is.

Are you nuts?
- Damn you!

Because of the likes of you

I lost my eyes on the frontline!


We didn't do anything!
Get away from me!

I'll kill you!


Well done!

Uncle! Auntie!

What do you want from me?

Should've told me, I'd have left!

My uncle will show you!

Don't bother to put on that show
with me, I remember it all clearly.

All your sweet words and kisses.

You scumbag!

You're insane!


A stupid bitch, that's who you are!


A thief lives here!

She's stolen a pole!

I saw it with my own eyes!

It's not true!



Come to me!

It's not true.

Hello, Varya.

Is Tyurkin here?


And you're...
- Hello, Comrade Tyurkin!

Hello. You're here to see me?

Of course.

Listen, Comrade Tyurkin,

I've been to the Molodyozhnaya,

checked the old bore pits.

But also

I've been to the Pyanaya.

I wrote my conclusions and suggestions.

Excuse me...

Who are you?


Nemchinov Andrey Ivanovich.

Ex-deputy head, an engineer.


you told me to get to work.

An engineer!

A miner!


Valya, bring us some coffee!

Sorry I can't shake your hand properly,

my sinews are injured.

Have a seat.

Thank you.

So you're an engineer!

Finally! My dear!

I've been here for two months.

It's tough.

There's a lot of recovery work
to be done underground.

Our current production falls
short of that before the war.

We lost our best professionals, Andrey...

Andrey Ivanovich.

... Andrey Ivanovich.

You're a boss without an object,

and I have an object without a boss.

We've found each other!

I swear on the miner's honor,

the overall production
can be increased by 20%!

And 20 plus 60

equals 80% of the pre-war production!

Life needs warmth most of all.

Help yourself.

It's a day of increased production today.

Where are you coming from?

From Moscow.

I'm interested.

How are things going there?

Are there any news from our brothers in...

- Yes, China.

I'm worried lest

our Mao might fall into
the Imperialists' trap.

Those reactionaries

have a lot of gold,

their industry is highly-developed
and so on.

One thing I can tell you
for sure, Comrade Tyurkin -

the Chinese people will triumph

and will work for the better future.


That's right, Comrade Nemchinov.

When we live better,

we'll help our brothers out.

We'll restore the industry,

crop a couple of good harvests -

and we're rich again.

You and me

just have to provide more coal.

And you've come to me just like this,

with an offer.

I respect that.

By the way,

what's your financial situation?

Do you need help?


take it.

Come on,

take it.


Hey, Rebenko,

your horse was seen drunk again last night,

you spoilt it.

Whose fault is it?

I know it's you.

Surely, it doesn't pour for itself.

Maybe it does, who knows.


Have you been to the mine?

No. Look.

That policeman is alive.

Recognize him?

Also Tyurkin didn't recognize me.


He treated me to coffee

and four sandwiches.

And gave me money on top.

For you?

Time is stuck.

The menu in the cafeteria
is from yesterday.

People do Sunday voluntary work.

It's started all over again.

At 10 o'clock,

there will be a telegram from the Ministry.

Then - the robbery.

Want a bet?

Andrey Ivanovich,

Tyurkin needs you, it's urgent!

Remember the butterfly?

I have two documents here in front of me.


number one.

"Government message.

Due to the sharp decrease
in the overall production

take measures to guarantee
the complete production

and delivery of coking coal.

Deputy Chairman
of the Council of Ministers."

Document number two.

"From the head of the object, Nemchinov."

Comrade Tyurkin!
- Busy!


"Due to

absence of any prospect
of the Pyanaya mine,

I suggest to shut it down."

May I ask?


While the bore pits are being restored,

the Pyanaya will be closed. Right?


How much does the Pyanaya produce per day?

20 tons.

20 multiplied by 20?


So, according to your document,

these 400 tons of coal

I'll have to steal from the country!

Every coal-face will produce
much more than that.

In 20 days...
- In 20 days?

In 20 days you won't be here anymore!

The country needs coal.


That's a concrete task from the Party.

And here's our answer.

In 30 years it will collapse,

and I'll get in jail.

And my wife will leave me

since I'll be a prisoner.
How about that?

In 30 years,

other Communists

will be accountable to the Party.

Our task

is to do what it takes in our time.

And from that perspective, only
a provocateur and a saboteur

can respond

to the Government's demands like you did!

Don't wave your piece
of paper before my eyes!

I know what it's worth!


Go ahead!

Make a call!

Tyurkin here.


I'm waiting.

Go ahead, inform on me.

Come on,

go ahead!

Lousy dog!


Get him!



Rebenko! Quick!


I can't do it.

Get away!


Who are you?

Your face looks familiar.

Didn't you work at the experimental station
in Stalinsko-Kuznetski by chance?

Kirill is not at home.

He's gone to the city to look for workers.

The country needs coal,
but there's no one to mine it.

This is my last warning.

All of it is driving me
up the wall as it is.

The mine was robbed this morning.

Rebenko and three other
policemen were killed.

The funeral is tomorrow.

Hold on! Wait for me!

Yura! Yurockha! Don't forget to write!

Where are going?

Put your ticket away already!

You have a younger brother,
he should follow your example!

Don't get upset.

In all the mines

thousands of followers of
Zaporozhets and Vaslyukov

are leading the way for Donbass!

Not far off is the day

when yearly production

will be restored to the pre-war level!

I want to go to Kamchatka so bad!
- The whole country's looking at us.



All of you are already
familiar with the telegram

which we received from the Ministry today.

We all know

how much our Party and Government

care about

improving the life of the Soviet people.

The 1st of March

brought another

downturn in prices

of more than 30 different products!

Now it's our turn

to back that up with good coal production.

To increase even more

the power of the Soviet state!

I give the floor

to our new engineer, Comrade Nemchinov

Andrey Ivanovich.

Dear Comrades!

Today I'm happy

to put on the agenda

my unexpected suggestion

to shut down the Pyanaya mine.

I would like to add

that in Moscow, where
I've come from recently,

the most serious and sincere support

was promised to me

on the highest levels

of our dear Government.

Don't think I'm boasting,

but I'm very proud of that.

And I would ask you

to consider my suggestion

with all due seriousness.

I give the floor

to our best miner

Comrade Bukharev.


It seems the war ended just yesterday.

But Donbass has restored

its power already!

And our lives are improving also!

Let me be frank.

My heart fills with joy

when I think about our dear

Comrade Stalin

and about how wisely he rules our country.





The Soviet people...


I'm waiting.

There will be an attempt to rob a car

with the miners' money later today.

More guards required.

Who's speaking?

Happiness is something to be gained,

to be built firmly, brick by brick,

as one builds a house for a big family.

Moscow speaking.

Our miners

are preparing for the celebration

of the seventieth birthday
of our dear leader

Comrade losif Vissarionovich Stalin.

I can hardly express the gratitude,

love and respect that each of us

and our families

feel towards our dear Comrade Stalin!

For Stalin we have been winning,

are winning

and always will be!

And in this respect, dear Comrades...

And in this respect, dear Comrades,

I deem very important

the initiative put forward
by the new engineer

who represents, so to say,

the mining intelligentsia.

Today he's been to
the mine for the first time

and became concerned
about its problems.

Way to go, Comrade Nemchinov!

We need more initiative like that!

Let me have a go.

It's also very important
that all of us together...







You can't do it either, can you?



Comrades, we are all
aware of the state of affairs.

You all know how hard it is

for us in winter

to mine coal

in order to heat our homes,

the coal we need

for our personal needs.

This is life, Comrades.

Our life.

The Pyanaya mine produces
20 tons of coal per day.

That's not much.

But that's not little either.

And it can produce more.

Referring to Comrade
Nemchinov's own suggestion,

even timely and rigorous

inspection of empty stock

can provide a sufficient increase

in coal production.

We should all help Comrade Nemchinov with
this pressing issue that concerns everyone.



I'm stuck.

I'm here!

- Come here!

Come on, Andryukha!


You're alive!

Come on!

Hello, bastard!

Freaking piligrim!

Listen, Seryoga,

at first I didn't realize you'd left.

You just weren't there.

It took me a while to understand.

I even got a calendar.

Have a seat.


Have a drink.

Cheers! And you?

Not me.

I used to drink, but
I can't stand it anymore.

I lost my tooth.

I'll tell you about that later.

One night I was sleeping

and heard a loud "bang".

I rose to my feet

thinking maybe he died
when the mine collapsed.

What an idiot.

Have some caviar.

Like Luspekayev.


Your honor,

My lady Separation...


Feeling better?


So how are you doing?
- There's not much to tell.

I'm like a god.

I create, punish and save.

I didn't let Fedya in the mine today.

Now he's alive.


they'll bring a gramophone
and some nice records.

You'll have some music to listen to.

I also prevented the robbery,

so miners will have money now.

By the way,

take some

just in case.

Take more, money's not a problem for me.

I come to Tyurkin every morning.

"An engineer!"

"A miner!"

And I get 100 a day.

Like a Stakhanovite.

I spent all the money I had
on a motorcycle though.

That's a monster of a bike,
it's called Kievlyanin.

Oh well, you saw it.

I still can't drive up the hill though.

Or shut down the Pyanaya.

Oh, and this!

"Remember, James,

the friendship between

the peoples of Russia and America

is the most important issue

facing the humanity today."

We go to the cinema too.

Encounter at the Elbe. 29 times.

I thought

I had to find a new approach

to convince them to
shut down the damn mine.

Once I took Tyurkin to the mine
early in the morning.

The layers there are loose,

timberings are weak,

shafts are way too old.

That seemed to convince him,

we decided to shut down

the Pyanaya.


Then Comrade Tyurkin received a telegram.

That damn telegram.

And everything started all over again.

"The country needs coal",

"you're a provocateur and a saboteur"...

So I got drunk,

got some dynamite

and decided to blow up the Pyanaya.

I even went to the church.

The dead return to life,

the living are like the dead.

No matter what you do today,

tomorrow it starts all over again.

I don't even know if Fedya
will live in the end.

That's the way my life is.

I create and save.

I'm so tired, Seryozha.


But the most important thing

is that I know how to
go about doing it now.

One thing you haven't seen, Seryozha.

They change.

If you repeat the same thing everyday,

they remember it.

You just have to be consistent

and spare no effort.

I also thought a lot,

tried to find a way...

You can't escape, I tried that.

And you can't change anything


There's only one way left -

for this day to pass

we have to avoid doing anything -

trampling grass, casting a shadow.

And most importantly,
don't meddle in their business.

They don't remember anything,

neither good nor evil.

Like a thermometer - you shake it
and there's nothing there.

I realized

that since this crazy day
keeps repeating itself,

that means it's a test.

It's a test for us, you know?

Whether we can live at least

one day the way

it should be lived.

The Germans have been sent away,

Sunday voluntary work has started.

I'm going to blow up the Pyanaya.
- Go ahead.

Only they work three shifts there.

I'll have to blow it up
with people down there.

What people, Andrey?

What are you talking about?

They're all phantoms,


It's like a book

about post-war dislocation.

A movie.

It took place a long time ago,

which means none of this exists.

Vasya! I got myself a bicycle!

I suggest

that we call our city garden...

Let's call it

Marquis de Sade Garden.

I'm like an unwelcome visitor,

Listening to the storks fly away.


Now he'll break the shovel.


Check it out.

Look! Do you recognize?

Your parents.

I called your father, so that

your parents could
spend time together.


Look at you, you're drunk.

Let's have a seat.


Come on, sit down.

We were

just talking

with Comrades about the new engineer.

Can someone bring some water?

... Kirill Ivanovich.

One more thing, Aleksey Nikolayevich,

you're a potential murderer.


I repeat,

abusing the enthusiasm

accumulated during the war,


substituting with mottoes...


Substituting with mottoes

real, even the most important

issues of our time, secondly...

Kirill Ivanovich!

...are means of destroying

everything reasonable and conscious,

all the best in our people.

I will...
- And I will stand by

my convictions before any authority.

And I'll be understood.

Very well.

Don't even try, Kirill Ivanovich.

I won't even have to try.

I'll just shut down the Pyanaya.

Let's go.

I dare you!

I dare you to try to do that.

Go ahead and shut it down!
- Don't even try to scare me.

Let's go, Kirill.


You should love your husband better, Lida.

I fought for my country for four years,

I lost my hands!

And I won't have you

accusing me of destroying it!

The country lives by heroic effort!

And stopping work

even for half an hour

is sabotage!

Look at him, he's drunk.

Look, I got Yesenin to copy.

But don't show Katya,
it's banned literature.

Everything is similar.

Here's a tree.

It will grow slowly

until it grows big.

"In the pine forest wood grouses cry.

An oriole cries hiding
in the hollow of a tree.

But I don't feel like crying -
my heart is warmed."

Water it.

Water it, my little boy.

Water it well.

And Andryusha will grow big too.

He'll be as big as his dad.

And your grandson will grow big.

He'll help you one day just like this.

"There's something of a cheerful
melancholy in the evening glow."


I'm waiting.

I warned you about the robbery today.

Who's speaking?

Just a second.

I would like to add,

it's known for a fact

that the person behind the robbery

is the head of the mine Tyurkin.

That's all.

His clear

bright eyes

could discern

an enemy.


Are you sick?


I see.


Having a nap.

For how long?

You should be ashamed!

Others have been working all day.

You should be ashamed!

Go away!

Go away!

They made their way

to Leningrad through swamps,

Cutting enemies' throats.

They made their way

to Leningrad through swamps,

Cutting enemies' throats.


Play the record!

What the heck! Deal!


To that bush over there.


To that bush over there.

Go ahead.

Bukharev got killed!

No, he's fine.

Take that!

Now give me my bottle!


Come on, guys!

All together now!

Get out of my way! I'm a war hero!

What's gotten into you, Aleksandr?

You're a front-line soldier after all.

You should be ashamed of yourself!

We asked, "Why aren't you singing?"

Give it to me right away!

And Sasha grabbed his medals,
"I'll give them to the one who deserves."

Let's play before it gets dark!

Who else do I take picture of?

Don't bet next time, loser!

The Miner of the Belvedere!


Comrade Lyutkin, stop it!

I'm trying to work!

I'm talking to you!

How is your horse? Hungover?

Rebenko is here!





May I

hold your horse?

It'll be taken care of. I guarantee.

Comrades, why are you causing trouble?
- Bukharev's just having fun.

Come on, pour all of it.

He values his health more.

Come on, Rebenko!

Show them what you got!

What are you doing?

Stop giving vodka to my horse!

It's state property!

Ready? Let's go.


Comrade Bukharev!

No drinking and driving!

The night is short,

The clouds are sleeping.

I heard familiar sounds of waltz

From a quiet town.

The morning is calling,

Another campaign.

It's nice that I met you,

walking past your door.

Although I don't know you at all,

And my home is far from here,

But it feels as if

I'm back home again.

In this big hall

we are on our own,

So say just one word,

No matter about what.

Although I don't know you at all,

And my home is far from here.


We met as allies,

lived as neighbors,

and we're saying goodbye as friends.

Do your best

so that in the future

we don't meet again as enemies.


The friendship between
the peoples of Russia and America

is the most important issue

facing the humanity today!

No smoking inside.




Where is he?

There's no telling what he might do.


What are you doing?

Where are you taking him?


What money?

I'm a Party member.

It's a misunderstanding.

It's a mistake.

A mistake!

I don't know what you're talking about.

What money?

Who could have done this?

I don't understand!

Who could have done this to me?

Oh I see.

But why?


It's on the chest of drawers...

Alright, never mind.



Why would I do that?

You know me, Kolya!

This is ridiculous.

Enemies burnt down his house,

Killed his whole family.

Where will the soldier go now?

Where will he take his sorrow?


He went

To the crossroads,

He found in the field

A mound covered in grass.

No one answered the soldier,

No one came to meet him.

Only a warm summer wind

Was shaking the grass on the grave.

The soldier sighed, tightened his belt,

Opened his knapsack,

And put a bottle

On the gray gravestone.

He drank - a soldier of his country,

And spoke with pain in his heart,

"I have been trying
to get to you for four years,

I conquered three countries... "

The soldier was getting tipsy,
A tear was rolling down his cheek,

The tear of false hopes,

And on his chest was shining,

The medal for the city of...

What was that?

How did you say? A tear...?

The soldier was getting tipsy,
A tear was rolling down his cheek,

The tear of false hopes,

And on his chest was shining,

The medal for the city of Budapest.

I knew

that there has to be

a song like that.

"The tear of false hopes."

That's about me.

Thank you, Andrey Ivanovich.

We were very glad to meet you.

Today there were sending

German prisoners back to Germany.

Sasha was yelling at the top of his voice.

Now he calmed down.

Thank you for everything.

Not at all.

I washed your bandage.
- Thank you.

Let's go, Andryukha.


Come over tomorrow!

Sasha will be glad.

I will.


Hold on.

I'll take you back.


are you serious about that?

It's a game, don't you see?

Only you cannot win.

There's nothing we can do

to help or change them.

You injured your hand and now it hurts.

But there even the dead

will rise and walk

as if nothing happened.

And they won't remember

neither good nor evil. Nothing.

And they'll believe in
the same thing as yesterday.

Like in a movie.

Yes, like in a movie.


Like a thermometer.

You shake it - and
there's nothing there.

You and I have only one task -

to survive, don't you understand?

To survive and to go back.

As you said, it's like a movie.

You can watch it,

but you can't take it seriously.

What do you want from them?

What do you expect to change?

Look at them,

those are phantoms.


And you're doing everything in earnest,

you expect some results from them.

Could you tie it up?

So, Andrey,

if you as much as...

Tell you what.


See that boy?


You know who that is?




Are we to sorrow?

Don't put your accordion aside,
Play your best tune!

Goodbye, America!

Where I'll never go.

Goodbye, America!



"Due to absence of any prospect
of the Pyanaya mine

I suggest to shut it down."

Look who's here. Roza.

What have you gotten
yourself into, Andryusha?

Good bye, uncle Andrey!

Come here! I'll punish you!

You think

I'm made of steel?

I'm already

at the end of my tether!

Don't you understand?


What the hell are you doing there?

Come here!

Why don't you ever close the windows?

I'll show you!



Alright. This is my house.

My house...

Oh God.

I still have nowhere to go.


Who're you barking at?

Don't. Come here.
I've brought you milk.

Come here.

Here you are.

Hold on.

Don't spill it.

...from the heart, from the eyelashes,

from the buttocks, from the soft tongue,

from the yellow teeth, from the red gums...

Hello, dear Comrades!

Hello to you too!

Let's begin our programme

Music Of The Soviet Cinema.

Hello, country of heroes,

Country of scientists,
country of dreamers!

Great construction work everyday,

Cheerful noise, lights and chime,

The steppe and the forest,

The tropics and the pole -

That's my dear,


Unconquerable Motherland.

There are no obstacles to us

Neither at sea, nor on land,

Neither ice, nor sky

Can hold us back.

The spark of my soul,

The flag of my country,

I will carry

Through miles and years!


Fedya Potapenko got
into an accident in the mine!

God, for a second I thought
something happened to Kirill.


How is he?

Is he dead?



Don't cry! I'll be with you right away.

Why did you tell me? I mustn't worry.

My God...

She died but I kept writing poems to her.

"Whenever I close my eyes,
my heart is breaking.

I see home and my mother.

Am I ever

to see you again?

Will I ever get another chance

to hug you?"

... I'm dreaming

in the full moon

that I'm at the seaside

and I pull out of the sea,

with golden skin and twelve teeth...

What were you thinking?

They'll kill him!

They'll shoot or stab him,

and no one will ever find out.

My car broke down,

I'm trying to go as fast as I can.

And what do I see?

The gate is open, the door is open.

Why are you doing this to me?

You don't love me.

You don't take care of yourself.

At all.

Kirill, shut up!
- What's wrong with you?

I can't take it!

You said the exact same words before!

I'm scared.

I can't take it.

I'm scared.

I beg you.

Lida, just don't worry.


I beg you.

What's wrong? What happened?

Calm down, dear.

I beg you.


Calm down.

Everything's alright.

It's ok.


Good girl.

Wait, don't turn around.

Sit still.


I'll be back!


Don't turn around yet!

I'm scared!

No! Stop it!

You're creepy!

Ladies and gentlemen!

Your ship

leaves in fifteen minutes!

Please take your seats!

We will

be crossing the great

Mississippi river!


I have to got out.

Don't leave the house.


Where are you going?

I stood my ground in the office.

I made them shut down the Pyanaya.

But it wasn't the right time.

I didn't watch my mouth.

And that scumbag Tyurkin

didn't support me.

Anyway, to hell with it!

Please don't.

Make sure the door
and the gate are locked!


Hold it!

I'm an American spy.
I want to give up.


I have money.

I have both Soviet

and foreign currency.

Can I get in?

Hello, dad!

I didn't know you were in jail.

Were you?

Will he get in jail?

Did someone inform on him?

How do you do it?

Tell me, dad,

if a person over a lousy mine

ruins his own life

and the lives of his family

and achieves nothing in the end,

does it qualify as cretinism, fanaticism

or something else I'm not familiar with?


you'll become a completely
different person,

nothing will remain of
the person you are today.

You'll howl and climb up the wall

because of your powerlessness

to change anything at all.

Only mother will forgive,

cry and forgive...

Dad, I'll probably feel sorry

for you for the rest of my life.

I feel sorry for mum even more...

At first she cries,

and then she screams

that justice will prevail.

"Girls will make wreaths

and put them on their heads."


Let's shake hands.

Quick, we're pressed for time.

What are you doing, scumbags?

He has a wife who's pregnant...

...with me!


I don't get it.

Why are you quiet all of a sudden?

What's that noise?

You haven't shut the door properly.

What day is it today?

Monday, the 9th.

9th? That's impossible!

After 8th always comes 9th.

Victory Day.

Happy Victory Day.

What's going to happen now?

If you sit quietly,

nothing's going to happen.

Nikolay, maybe you should let him go?

If I let him go, there's
no telling what he might do.


Here we go.

Be careful.

It's not the time yet.

She knows better.


Get out!
- No!

If I get out, you'll kill me.
- Why would I do that?

I'm not getting out.

Kick him out.

I'm not getting out!

Get your hands off me!

Shut the door!

I'm not getting out! Shut the door!

I'm not getting out!

Make him leave.
- Sasha, go away!

I said go away!

What's wrong with the two of you?

I'm blind, remember?

I'm not getting out!

I'm not getting out!
Let go off me!

I'm not getting out!

Let go off me! Dad!


Let go off me!

Help me, dad!

She's about to have a baby!

Thank God!

Let there be a baby!

I'm not getting out!
Let go off me! Dad!

Dad, help me!

Go ahead, son!


Comrade! Are you sick?

What's wrong with you?

I'm ok. Thank you.

Thank you.

I'm sorry.

Happy Victory Day!

The night is short,

The clouds are sleeping.

I heard familiar sounds of waltz

From a quiet town.

The morning is calling,

Another campaign.

It's nice that I met you,

walking past your door.

Although I don't know you at all,

And my home is far from here,

But it feels as if

I'm back home again.

In this big hall

We are on our own,

So say just one word...