Mingle All the Way (2018) - full transcript

Mingle All the Way is a new networking app designed to pair busy professionals together for upcoming events, without long-term romance. Molly (Lilley), founder of the app, is determined to ...

♪ Jingle bells,
jingle bells ♪

♪ Jingle all the way. ♪

♪ Oh, what fun it is to ride ♪

♪ in a one-horse
open sleigh. ♪

♪ Jingle bells, jingle bells ♪

♪ Jingle all the way. ♪

♪ Oh, what fun it is to ride ♪

♪ in a one-horse open sleigh. ♪

♪ Dashing through the snow ♪

In a one-horse open sleigh.


You guys home?


There you are.

Hey, daddy...




Hey Mols'.

You ready for your close-up?

We're taking the family photo
in front of the tree this year.

Yeah, but we always decorate
the tree together.

I...I brought some ornaments
from the old house.

Oh wow.

Hello darling.

Hi mom!


You know the service has been
doing such a fantastic job

on the exterior these
past few seasons

that I thought I'd have them do
the tree this year.

Yeah. It's just we always
have so much fun

decorating the tree together.

Where is the angel?

Somehow it got lost
during the move.

Oh, sorry Dad.

I know that angel has been
in your family

ever since you were little.

Yeah, it's a shame,

I mean it... It's always
my favourite ornament

on the tree.

I just loved sharing it
with you girls.

[soft laugh]

Ah, it's okay.

Time to make new memories.


I didn't realize you were
so sentimental.


Michelle, tell your sister
the big news.

[under her breath]

She's engaged.

Your little sister
is getting married!


Harris finally popped
the question?

Mom. It's not official yet.

But I did find a little bag
from the jeweller

and I think it could be
any day now.

Oh my gosh!

I'm gonna be the maid
of honour, right?

[girls laugh together]

Molly, baby. Is there anyone
special you would like me

to add to our list?

Because I'm finalizing
the guest list.


Nope. Just gonna be me.

But I'm really excited
to see everyone.

That'll be nice.

You know if you come back
to work...

You'd have steady hours again.

And you'd be able to spend
more time in your social life.

How else are you going to find
a Harris of your own?

We haven't met somebody
you've dated since Evan.

Yeah, I'm just, I'm not
really interested

in finding another Evan.

I'm interested in starting
my own business.

Alright. You get this out of
your system, this app thing.

And then... then you'll come
back to Hoffman Accounting.

Where you belong.

You know how hard she's been
working on creating

Mingle All the Way.

Yes, I do and it's a perfectly
fine hobby

to work on in your own time.

You know, actually, mom...

I've always wanted to start
my own company.

And Mingle All the Way,

it's already up and running
in the App Store.

We have quite a few...
users, that's...


We'll talk about this again when
daddy and I get back from Aspen.


Okay. Uh, so...

let's, um, let's take
this family photo.

I kinda have to get back
to my office and...

Work on my hobby.

Uncle Jeff!

Greetings, family.

Your decorations have arrived.

Thanks, but you know we bought
plenty of ornaments already.

Oh, Frank, old buddy, you can't
buy sentimental value.

Some of these go back to when
Erika and I were growing up.

Still haven't found mom's angel.

Sorry, sis. I looked everywhere.

What angel?

When your mom and I were kids,

we used to go to the store
every year

to pick out a decoration
with your grandmother.

Sounds fun!


Maybe we can go to the store to
find one when we're done here.

Sorry, kiddo.

I have to go to the office
this afternoon.

This new ad campaign
we're designing

needs some serious fixing.

That's what you always say.

You're not even in the design
department anymore, Jeff.

Seriously, it's the weekend.

You promised you'd help me
with my Christmas stockings.

I'm giving them
to my whole class.

I will, I promise.

But first...

Why don't we get this house
properly decorated!


Let's do it!

Riley, for you and..

(whispers) What's in there?

Thank you.

Okay, come on.

Let's get this tree
put together.

Do you think the notes
cover everything?

Maybe we should go over
the presen-

We checked them a zillion times.

It's gonna be great!

Let's just run the pitch
one more time.

Helen Lange isn't going
to invest in my app

unless the presentation
is flawless.

Let's take a deep breath.

There is no time for breathing.
Or eating.

Don't you dare tell me
that you've been sleeping.

Mrs. Lange is already

That's why she's invited us
to this breakfast meeting

at her private club.

But you might actually scare
her off if you show up

looking like a deranged zombie.

Okay. Fine.

I promise that I will go to bed
at a reasonable hour

if you show me the updated logo.


And maybe you could do something
fun one of these days?

You remember "fun" right?

There will be plenty of time
for fun

once we get Mingle All
the Way on the map.


[knock at door]


Are you in here?

Lisa! Hi!

Yeah, come on in!



Oh, and welcome,
you are now officially

in the Mingle All the Way

Well, temporary headquarters.

We'll have a proper office
soon enough.

This is awesome.

Lisa, meet Tyler,
my business partner

and incredible graphic designer.

Tyler meet Lisa, my most
successful friend.

What are you doing here?

I just wanted to wish
you good luck.

Oh, that's so sweet.

It's great to finally
meet you, actually.

I've heard so much about Molly's
genius college roommate.


[laughs nervously]

Molly is the real genius.

I've made my match
for the season

and I'm ready to mingle

thanks to her incredible system,
I no longer have to answer

why I'm not seeing anyone...


Or go to my work
functions alone.


I invented my App for people
just like you.

It's gonna be huge.

I am so proud of you
for following your dreams.


You are coming to my Christmas
office party, right?

I think I'm over Christmas.

It's just become such
a corporate ordeal.

How can you be over Christmas?

You have to come!

The only way I was able
to get Swift Technologies

off the ground is because I took
networking so seriously.

You might meet potential


You know, you two make
a very convincing team.

I just hope that your idea
of a holiday party

is much more personality
than my mother's.

You'll enjoy it, I promise.

Oh, and hey Molly.

If you have any worries
with your Christmas parties,

you can always join
Mingle All the Way.

Uh, that won't be necessary.

Somebody has to stay here
and handle the business.

Um, I'm right here.


Yo, Jeff!

Hey are you still working
on that Brady mock up?

Is that code for "thanks Jeff
for fixing my disastrous

"efforts on this ad campaign"
'cause I'm happy to help.

Hmm. You're needed
in the boardroom.

Mr. Grayson is making
an announcement.

That, uh, looks surprisingly


She's a successful CEO,
career driven,

and a leader in her field.

Yet whenever she is invited
to a corporate event,

the only thing people ask her
is who she's dating

and why she isn't married yet.

See, Lisa doesn't want you
to set her up on a blind date.

She wants your business card.

My niece has a similar

She's a lawyer.

Well yes, your algorithm
is rather impressive.

That's actually why I invited
you here today.

I'm interested in working with
emerging innovators in tech.

Molly is even being interviewed
on the local news this week

as an entrepreneur to watch.

We believe that our app
is ready for the next level.

With an infusion of capital
we could hire a full staff

and market on a larger scale.

Tell me, why is
Mingle All the Way different

than all the other
dating apps out there?

Because our matches
aren't created for romance.

Excuse me?

Unlike traditional dating apps,
Mingle All the Way

isn't for people looking
for a relationship.

Our users are perfectly happy
remaining single,

they simply need someone
to go to an event with them.

Imagine showing up at
your industry party or parties

with an ambitious and
intelligent person on your arm.

Not only do you make
a great impression,

but you have someone to navigate
the crowd with.

Once a match is made, our pair
agrees to a set of events

where they will be each other's
platonic plus one.

We find it to be an extremely

networking arrangement.

I know a ton of friends
that would love to try

something like that.

Before I invest in anything

I would really like to see it
in action.

So, tell me, Molly.

Do you use Mingle All the Way?

As a matter of fact,
she just joined.

Molly has so many parties
to attend this season

we agreed it was the perfect
time for her to experience

Mingle All the Way for herself.

Why don't I demonstrate
why mingling

is the next major
social innovation?


Why don't you spend the next
few weeks

as a Mingle All the Way user,

and then bring your match
to our Christmas gala?

If I'm aptly impressed,
who knows?

There might be an investor
in your stocking.

Sounds great.


Hello, everyone.

I am delighted to share
some very exciting news.

Grayson Advertising will
be opening its first
Los Angeles office

right after the holidays.


Now, the person I appoint to run
this new office

will be someone who fits
with our corporate philosophy.

And here at Grayson,

we value stability and
commitment in our executives.

That's very reasonable, sir.

I'll be making my decision
before the new year.


Thank you.

Would you and Melissa
still be able to join us

for dinner tonight?

Absolutely. We can't wait.

I can just send you a postcard
from L.A.

Slow down, Brent, we're both
in the running for this.

Plus, I look good in a tan.

Welcome to Treasures.

Candy cane?

Oh, no thank you.

Is that an original Reynolds
department store angel?

Sure is.

Someone just brought her in
this morning.

Oh. my goodness.
That's amazing!

It looks exactly like one I had
as a little girl.


...the spacing probably needs
to be 30 percent bigger

or it's not going to look right.



Okay, I'll just adjust it
when I get back to the office.

Oh, um, ex- excuse me.

I was just about to buy
this angel and...


I just saw it a moment ago
but I had to take a call.

Oh, is there a problem?

No, I hope not. It's just
I saw this angel first

and I was going to bring it up
and I was going to buy-

That's not how shopping works.

I was going to start a tradition
with my niece-

I was supposed to surprise
my dad and it would mean a lot-

And this is going to kick off
her collection.

I'm more than happy to help you
find something for your dad.

Should we flip a coin?

[cellphone ringing]

No, it's... I really need
to take this call.

Hey Tyler, what's up?

Wait, I really will help
you shop!

[phone rings]

Hey Michelle, what's up?

It's official!

Harris and I are engaged!


Mom is already obsessing
over the plans.

As my maid of honour, I need you
to be 100 percent on board.

We can talk about it at
the pre-Christmas dinner.

Your wish is my command.

Uh, Mols, are you sure you don't
want me to talk to Harris about,

you know, fixing you up
with his cousin Mark?

Yeah, uh, yeah
I really don't.

Um, but thanks.

I know you haven't had the best
of luck dating,

but, you know if you just
change your-

You know what actually,

I, I uh, I'm getting ready
for my news interview.

So I gotta go.

Um, I'll talk to you soon.

Okay! Fine.

Good luck.



[TV anchor] As the holiday
season approaches,

are you dreading the question,

"Why are you still single?"

If so, there's a new app
developed right here

by one of Cedar Falls' own that
could be the solution for you.

Using Mingle All the Way,
you make a match

and agree to accompany each
other to your seasonal events.

Purely platonic, no pressure

I guess there is an app
for everything these days.

Okay, listen.

Well, I am on my way back
to the office right now,

so I will see you soon and
you are amazing Tyler. Okay.



Oh that's... that's
really great.

That really adds
some unique detail.



Here you go, listen
I'm really sorry.


I could buy you some new
Christmas stockings if you want.

These aren't for sale.

I made these all myself.

Oh, really?

Well, um, I could help you
clean them?

It's fine, really.

I have a creative process.

I didn't realize Christmas
stockings were so artistic.

It's okay, look, just try
not to mess up

anyone else's aesthetic
vision today. Okay?

I gotta go.

Yeah, well you try not to steal

anyone else's Christmas
gift idea today.



So I'm thinking we hang this up

until we move
into a real office.

And we'll change the seasonal
motif of the artwork

throughout the year.

Easter eggs for spring,
beach umbrellas for summer,

autumn leaves for fall...

You're the best.

You think we're ever going
to be able to afford this?


We are going to get
this investment.

I know it.

Yeah. I wish I had
your confidence.

What's your secret?

Just... Look inside yourself.

You'll find it was there
all along.


So, Molly Hoffman,
are you ready to start

your Mingle All the Way profile?

Oh, I still can't believe you
burst out with that suggestion.


Number one, it's a great way
to show Mrs. Lange

how the app actually works.

Number two, I think it'll
actually do you some good.

Well, I guess if I do have to go
to all those tedious

Christmas parties then I can
kill two birds with one stone.

That's the spirit.

Sort of.

And, as a bonus, you get to give
your social life

some much-needed attention.

Is my mother brainwashing you?

She does have a point.

You know what, it is
old-fashioned comments like hers

that motivated me to start
Mingle All the Way

in the first place.


My mother wants me to spend
all of my energy

finding a boyfriend but I have
no intention of being diverted

by a relationship.

[Christmas jingle]

So pretty.



You made it!

Hey Riley!

I think these are what
you've been waiting for.

Perfect, thanks Uncle Jeff!

You're welcome, kiddo!

That's for you.

So, I think I need to find
a date.

That's a great idea.

It's about time you got back
out there.

Don't get too excited,
it's nothing romantic.

But Mr. Grayson keeps inviting
my colleagues

out to these couples dinners
and I need to be included.

There's no other way you
can get his attention?

Not really.

All the top execs are family
types and I need to fit in.


It wouldn't be a tragedy
for you to go out

once in a blue moon.

There's more to life than work.

Focusing on the business side
of the company

is how I'll move up.

Please, just help me
with this promotion.

You must know some single women
I could take

to my office Christmas party.

None that want to play pretend
with you.

Okay, my friend...
Enough stalling.

Enough analytics.

It's profile time.

You're right.

Talking about myself is
my least favourite hobby

but I can't put it off
any longer.

But I can see that
you kind of want to,

so, how about this:

You go outside,
get some fresh air,

find something to do that
doesn't involve

sitting in front of a computer
and I'll set it up
for you instead.

I think I know your hobbies
well enough

to get it sounding like you.

You are a prince.

Oh! But hey.

Don't put anything cheesy
on my profile, okay?

No long walks at the beach
or anything like that.

Got it.

Business plans and spreadsheets
it is.

And I'll add some personal stuff
to give it some flavour.

Nothing too personal,
but you know,

you want a match
that you can have

a good conversation with, right?

Yeah and go ahead and
add puppies on the list.

You know, any guy that
likes puppies

must be tolerable company.

Deal. Now get out of here!

So, what's your game plan?

You ever heard of
Mingle All the Way?

You're joining online dating?

Not quite.

It's a unique thing
for networking

but I think it's my best option

if I want to impress
Mr. Grayson.

And besides, I don't hear you
throwing out any ideas.

Oh, well, no, I am setting
you up right now

before you change your mind.

I will arrange everything.

Just make me sound appealing.

Uh, girls like puppies.
Girls are into that, right?


Okay, I'll text you with
my upcoming schedule.

Thank you so much, sis.

Trust me. And I will let
you know as soon as

I've got your first date set up!

Okay. Thanks.



Once he dips his toes
back in the dating world

he is gonna remember
how great it is

to have a real relationship.

[Jazzy version of
"Jingle Bells"]

[Jazzy version of
"Jingle Bells"]


Morning, partner!


So, have you heard any news
from Mrs. Lange?

Yup, I told her you're good
to go.

I will monitor your progress
and send her updates

as your events unfold.

Starting tonight, by the way.

Oh, so you found a match then?

How does he sound?
You think we'll get along?

Oh, definitely. You're match
score was 94 percent.

Your schedules align perfectly

and according to the personality

you have loads
of compatible interests.

Well, that's a relief.

At least we'll have something
to talk about.

What can I say,
your algorithm is perfect.

So, Jeff will meet you at 7:00pm
at the coffee stand

near Lisa's party.

I figured since we encourage our
matches to meet up one on one

to make sure they're

you should do the same.

Yeah, definitely.

That's perfect.

I'll show all the ins and outs
of how Mingle All the Way works.

It will be great, I promise.

Oh, also, your profile
does say that you work
for a tech start up,

but I thought it best
to leave out the whole

"you developed the app" thing.

So, I left that part vague.


This guy might get
a little concerned

if he thinks I have access
to his information.


Oh! Molly. Uh, one more thing.


Wear something... festive.


Excuse me, are you Jeff?

Three times in one week?

At least no collisions
this time.

Ugh, and they say good things
come in threes.

Oh no.

Are we... are you...


Guilty as charged.

Listen, my friend arranged this
for me, okay?

I didn't rzeou were
my match.

I would never-

Trust me, neither would I!

I knew I should've let my sister
set up my profile.


Looks like I got that for you.

Extra whipped cream.
Nice touch.

So this is probably a mistake,
let's just forget about this.

We could both rematch
with other people.

I mean, I could find someone
a little more gentlemanly.

And I can find someone
a little less clumsy.

On second thought, they say
third time's a charm.

Are you saying you actually
want me to be your guest?


Yes please.

Listen, it'll at least be

And I'll still go with you
to your office party tomorrow.

And you'll promise not to trip
all over me?

And I can have your dessert?

Uh, I'll try my best and sure.


[inaudible conversation]

You came!

Wow, Lisa, this is so elaborate.

Oh, let me introduce you
to Jeff.

Jeff this is Lisa.

Lisa, Jeff.

Pleasure to meet you, Jeff.

Pleasure's all mine.

Molly, wow.

You look fantastic.

If I had known what colour
you were going to wear

I would have matched it
to my tie.

How sweet.

Looks like you have a real
gentleman on your hands.


Oh, yeah, chivalry is alive
and well.

And what kind of work
are you in, Jeff?


I'm in business development
at Grayson

but I started as a designer.


I want to introduce you
to Kevin.

Yes, yes please.


We have Molly to thank for
pairing us up this season.

I love what you've created,

I can't take all the credit
for it.

I just make the suggestion
and it's up to you

to see who suits you best.

That's true.

So how do you guys know
each other?

Oh, we met the traditional way.

Girl meets boy,

boy ruthlessly steals girl's
amazing Christmas gift idea.

Girl mercilessly ruins
boy's Christmas stockings.

The standard stuff.

One of my biggest clients
just arrived.

I have to say hi.

But you guys circulate,
enjoy yourselves.

Nice to meet you both.


So, am I behaving acceptably
for you?

Yeah. So far so good.

But the night is young.



Actually, ladies first.

Oh, no I wouldn't dream of it.

Taking the last item is
your signature move, right?


So, have you done anything
like this before?

Mingle All the Way, I mean.

Oh, no.

But, I hear it's great.

I don't know, I think
it's a little weird, honestly.

But, desperate times,
as they say.

I'm sorry, are you calling
me desperate?

Because as I recall,
you also needed a plus one.

I'm sorry, I was referring
to myself.

I need someone impressive
to introduce to my boss

so he'll invite me to his
personal events.

So you're sayin'
I'm impressive?

Oh yeah.

Ooh. Now we're talking.

If you will remember
our deal.

Oh, um, yeah.

Uh, is it possible to get
one of these cakes

with the whip cream
on the side?

Of course, you're one of those.

One of what?

The type who can't
just enjoy something

without making it complicated.

Okay, cool.


I stand corrected.

So I gather your start up's
also in tech?

You here, what, scoping out
the competition?

Oh no, Lisa's my best friend.

And our companies
are really different.

I mean, mine's an app
for efficient scheduling.

Well, she throws one heck
of a Christmas party.

Yeah, if you're into
that sort of thing.

Who isn't into Christmas?

I don't know.
I'm kind of over it.

I feel like it's a whole lot
of obligations

and fanfare for nothing.

It's just not enjoyable anymore.

Now I get it.

Get what?

You're a Grinch.

I knew there was something off
about you.

Lack of holiday spirit.


No, that's not it at all,
I'm just really busy

so I'd rather focus, you know,

all of my energy on work
instead of waste time

with phony emotions.

Waste time...

enjoying the most magical time
of the year?

You're messing with me.


I live for this season.


Maybe someday you'll get to try
my famous eggnog.

The secret ingredient is cheer.


Okay...yeah, stop.

Mind if I take a pic of you two?

Oh, uh, no-

Nonsense, yes-

That's embarrassing.


No, I don't wear props.


I don't wear props!

[snaps photos]

Oh, come on.

Say Christmas!



How is Jeff?


He is totally smug, he is
way too into Christmas,

and, to top it all off,
he's the guy I told you about

who stole my dad's
Christmas gift.





Man, uh, he seemed
like a perfect match.

His profile was ideal...

It's fine.

I don't have to like the guy.

I just need someone who will
go on a few work events with me

over the holidays.

Fair enough.

Well, I'll leave the negative
report of Jeff out of

what I send Mrs. Lange and hope
for the best, I guess?

Our photos are already uploaded
to Lisa's company website

so you can forward those
to her as well.


Further proof of the two
of you together.

Let's check this out.


You wore props.

He wore props.

Nope, you can just go ahead
and turn that around

because I am not in the mood
at staring

at his annoyingly handsome face
all morning.

Well, hopefully
your mood changes

because you're going
to be staring

at that annoyingly handsome
face all night.

Yeah, yeah.

Hey, Brady team wants to see
the budget for their campaign.


And tell them they can contact
me directly

if they have any feedback
about the new design.

No, it's not necessary.

Mr. Grayson made me point person
on all the creative decisions

so I'll just take it from here.

He did?


Oh, hey.

Did Mr. Grayson invite you
to the carolling night?


No, that's right.

It's a... it's a couples
only thing.

Never mind.

[phone rings with
a holiday tune]

Hey sis.

So how was the date?

It was not a date.

And it was not great,
if you must know.

Ugh. You're being picky,
as usual.

She is the most uptight person

I have ever had to spend
an evening with.

She is basically a fun

who already can't stand me,
by the way.

So did you call it off?


She's the type who tucks
her shirt in.

Mr. Grayson's gonna love that.

[Instrumental Christmas tune]

[Instrumental Christmas tune]

Right on time.

Just as I predicted.

You're not actually expecting
me to skate, are you?

As I recall, you accused me
of being clumsy.

Well, I assumed
you'd be resistant

to the general concept
of fun

so I took the liberty
of renting these.

Just a few laps on the ice
for show,

and a stop in the restaurant
to introduce you to my boss.

So are there any activities
you don't enjoy

or is everything fun and games
to you?

Well, I don't love...

folding my laundry,
but who does?

I find it very therapeutic.

Why am I not surprised?

Oh Jeffrey, there you are.

Brent was just telling me
all about his honeymoon.

I'm actually working on a pitch
for a travel company.

You know, I thought I could use
my own vacation as inspiration.

I... I'd love to work on it
with you.

Well, actually I need you
to crunch the financials.

But Brent, why don't you and
Melissa stop by this weekend

for lunch and we can take a look
at some of your ideas?

Jeffrey, you have not introduced
me to your guest.

So sorry, where are my manners?

Mr. Grayson, Brent,
may I introduce you

to Miss Molly Hoffman.

My girlfriend.

It's a pleasure to meet you.

Pleasure's all mine.

Jeffrey hasn't mentioned
that he's been seeing anyone.

Well, I tend to keep
my personal life... personal.

That's all.



Just curious, has Jeff told you

about his interest in moving
to L.A?

Oh, yes, of course he has.

Jeff and I tell each
other everything.

And I fully support his dreams.

Thank you.

Well, choosing the right person
to head up the L.A. office

is certainly going to be
a tough decision.

Oh, well whenever I'm faced
with a difficult choice

I just make a rigorous list
of pros and cons

and then I cross reference it
with objective statistical data.

I find it very helpful.

Okay darling, no need to get
all nerdy on us.

Quite prudent, young lady.

Jeffrey, don't go hiding her
away anymore.

Say, would you two like
to join me and my family

for carolling next week?

Um, uh...

We wouldn't miss it.

Well, that's terrific.

Now, if you'll excuse me.

So how... how did you two kids
meet anyway?

Oh, well, Jeff and I met
at a negotiation seminar.

Jeff bested me, he has a
finely-crafted technique.

You are being far too kind.

We both know you let me win.

Oh, no.

You know I, I, I would love it
if you could just maybe

just show me a tip or two.

I'd be delighted.

Just as soon as I tweak
your latest design.

Okay, it doesn't need tweaking.
It's fine.

You killed it.

That was amazing.

What were you doing?


What do you mean?

I mean, you had no business
calling me your girlfriend.

I mean, come on Jeff.

You know how the app works,
it's for networking.

Not fake relationships.

I got a little impulsive.

But it worked and it was amazing
and my sister is going

to owe me a drink
when I see her tomorrow.

Tell your sister that you will
be carolling alone.


Ty, I think I completely
messed up.

Do you think it would be
too late to start over

with a new match?

Be honest.

Hmm. It's not ideal.

I mean, Mrs. Lange's already
seen both your profiles

and how the match was generated.

So yeah, it's not going
to look good to tell her

your first match was a misfire.

Especially since you created
the app.


[phone ringing]

Perfect timing.

Hi mom!

How are you?


I was just calling to see

if you're still on
for family dinner.

Well, that'll be nice.

Is there anything I can bring?
Maybe a dessert?

No, Michelle is making
her apple pies so,

just bring yourself.

I don't suppose there's any
reason to set an extra place

at the table, right?

For a guest.

Because I. I..as s wpeaking
with Vivian,

our old neighbour,

and she said that her son
Phillip was back in town.

So I was thinkin-

Well, tell Phillip he'll have
to find another date

because I have a new boyfriend.

Up, up, okay.

A little higher, higher.

There, yeah.

Hi. Excuse me.

Listen, I know you're having
a private event

but I'm just looking for Jeff?

Oh, uh, he's right there.


Look, I made a mistake
and if you would just let me-

Look, I have a proposal for you.

You need help with your boss and
now I need help with my mother.

So, what if we just keep
our events as planned

plus dinner with my family and
then I will say whatever it is

you want me to say to your boss.

Would you like to be my fake
boyfriend for Christmas?

I thought you'd never ask.

Actually do have a potential
client dinner coming up tonight.

Oh, well I would just be
delighted to join you, darling.


Wow, this place hasn't changed
a bit.

Sorry, I have to see this.

I... I used to live nearby
when I was a kid

and when my parents
would work late

my sister and I would do our
homework here after high school.

So you've always been a nerd?


Wow, that must have been back

when Frank senior
was running things.

Do you think, maybe, if we knew
each other back then

we'd get along?

During high school?
Not a chance.

I was cool.

Oh, please.

You were president of
the AV club all four years.


Oh, you can
never tease me again.

Hey there, I am Molly and you
are clearly my new best friend.

What do I owe you for that bit
of information?

Yeah, that one's on the house.

I'm Erika. I'm Jeff's sister.

Oh, sorry to hear that.


Uncle Jeff, we're ready to start
decorating the ornaments.

Why don't you say hi
to Molly here.

Hi there!

Oh, my gosh I... I love
your outfit.

Do you work for Santa?

That's just my dad.

The real Santa's
in the North Pole.

Don't tell.

She's really cute.

Uh, well, I should go.

Jeff just text me where
to meet you later, okay?



You can help me
with my ornaments.

We make them every year.

Well actually, I think Molly
is allergic to Christmas.

That is a terrible thing to say.

I would love to help you,
but you know you're going

to have to help me because
I don't know what I'm doing.


I'm going to find my favourite

You can use that one.


Oh, so sweet.

She is.

I better go help her.

You're gonna be alright?

Oh, yeah definitely.

Me and my new gal pal,

we're gonna swap some
juicy stories about you.



Hey, I, um, I know that you guys

didn't exactly hit it off
at first,

but I can assure you, my brother
is a really good guy.

Yeah, he'll make a decent
wing man.

I'm glad he's out socializing.

And it's good that you
guys matched,

even if it is only
for business purposes.

That is all it is, right?


Yeah, I mean business is
up and running

so I don't have time
for a relationship.

Well, I guess you both had
good reasons

for joining Mingle All the Way.



Come on! Everything's ready!

Oh, good.

This'll be fun.

Wow, I, uh, I wish I'd knew we
were gonna be crafting today.

I... I have zero aptitude
for this stuff.


This isn't the SAT.

It's called merriment.



I'm sorry.

It's forgivable.

This doesn't look like a
networking arrangement to me.

I wouldn't get your hopes up.


So, I've been trying to land
this account for ages.


I haven't brought in any
significant new clients
in a few months

so this would be a really big
win for me.

Okay, well, let me know if there
is anything in particular

you want me to say.

I have so many ideas for a new
Diamonds are Forever campaign.

Heather, you should know
that Jeff has a very thorough

creative process.

I like the sound of that.

You could even call it
his aesthetic vision.

Jeff, why don't you send me
a cost proposal

of what you have in mind
and we'll take it from there.

You'll have it before
the holidays.


Now, shall we order dessert?

Do you think they have anything

with the whipped cream
on the side?

Darling, I think they're playing
our song, shall we?

[Instrumental "Silent Night"]

When in Rome.

Are you asking me to dance?


After you.

[door slams]

Morning Ty!

I brought us a peppermint latte.


That's very merry of you.

This looks cheerful.

Did you do all this?

No, Lisa offered to help

in exchange for my graphic
design know-how.

Apparently, I was recently
described as incredible.

Lisa was here?


Yesterday, while you were
getting things

squared away with Jeff.

Are things squared
away with Jeff?

Don't lie to me.

Are you guys still a match

'cause I need to update
the report for Mrs. Lange.

All straightened out.

We even went to a party together
last night.

But don't worry, I made it
Mingle All the Way official

so you can send the details
to Mrs. Lange.

I think this plan is actually
going to work, Ty.


That's a relief.

Uh, one more thing.

Dress more festive?

Okay, two more things.

I think you should write about
your experience

with Jeff for the website.

What like a founder's

Yeah, it'll be the piece
de resistance for Mrs. Lange.

Lisa's also teaching me French.


Well, thanks so much for making
time for you dad, sweetheart.

Yeah. Of course!

I would never miss our annual

hot chocolate date.

Wish we kept up with more of
our old traditions.

Mom's been even more...

intense than usual this year.

She only wants the best
for you.

Here, I made some notes
on the uh,

Mingle All the Way figures
that you sent me.


You've done a terrific job,

I can tell how passionate
you are about this.

Thanks daddy. I really
appreciate that.

Well, I should get going.

Meeting this boyfriend of yours?

I'll see ya in a couple days.

I love you, daddy.

I love you too.


I didn't expect to see a
restaurant moon lighting

as a gift-wrapping centre.

Technically, this is
a Grayson event.

We like to support local
organizations whenever we can.

It's part of an ongoing
charitable program.

I offered up the restaurant this
year as a gift-wrapping venue.

Um, I think you meant to say
that I offered up the restaurant

this year.

It's nice to see you, Molly.

Good to see you too, Erika.

So sis, where should we set up?

Molly is a Christmas novice

so maybe we should stick
to the cards?

Oh no, no.

I might not be artistic, but I
am amazing at gift wrapping.




Two seats, right there!

Excuse me.

After you.



The kids are going to be
so excited

when they get all
of these gifts.


Our company actually donated
toys this year.

They're gonna be dropped off
at the children's hospital

on Christmas Eve.

Oh, that's nice.

Um, for once, my dear brother
here is being far too modest.

This is his event.

He organizes all of Grayson's
charitable events.

This was your idea?


So are you working on
any commercials lately

or are you responsible for
creating the concepts or what?

Unfortunately, I don't really
get to spend a lot of time

I am kind of just a corporate
suit now.


Do you miss it?


But my ex, Ashley, she's
the one who encouraged me

to make the switch.

She always thought there
was more growth potential

on the business side.

The more I thought about it,

the more I kind of figured
she was right.

So then, uh, your colleague,

he does all the designing?


Except he doesn't have a
creative bone in his body.

He pawns off all his work
on everyone else

and takes all the credit.

Mr. Grayson doesn't notice it?


He sees Brent's persona
as a viable team player.

But, if everything goes well,
Mr. Grayson will be hearing

about me and my girlfriend

representing the company

Oh yeah. I got your back, babe.

Thank you.

I guess I could use
a fresh start in L.A.

Oh, before I forget.


I made you a little something.

It's just a little gesture
to apologize

for making you feel
uncomfortable at the rink.

You drew this?


Thank you.

You know you really didn't need
to walk me home.

Well, it may not have been
a real date

but I am still a real gentleman.

Thank you.



So what does a woman
like you need

Mingle All the Way for anyway?

I mean you're not so bad
to be around.



I guess I just use it for
the same reason as most

Mingle All the Way users.

You know, I want someone to join
me for the holiday party circuit

but I don't want to have
to worry about romance.

A real partner in
networking crime.


[whistles] That is a handsome

Where did you get
your Christmas tree?

I don't have a Christmas tree.

You don't have a...


Is grinchiness
part of your heritage,

'cause I need to know what
I'm fake-dating into here.


When I was little

we did the whole traditional
Christmas thing.

And I absolutely loved it.

But then I got to high school
and my mom decided

that winter break would be
the perfect time to take

a ski vacation instead of
celebrating at home, so...

I don't know.

Every year has just gotten
a little less special.

What's it like now?

My parents still go to Aspen
every year for Christmas.

Ever since their company started
doing really well

my mom just became hyper focused
on impressing her clients.

That, and wondering about
my dating prospects.

You'll see.

I'm sorry.

Christmas isn't fun, or merry

or really a true holiday
for me anymore.

Couldn't take the heat.

So you got outta Santa's


Come on, come on, let's go.

Come on.

Okay, sounds good.


Well, Mrs. Lange sounds happy.

She's loving all the pictures

from your events
so keep em coming.

And I told her I'd send her
some more screen shots

of what it looks like
on the app too.

Oh, good.

You know I almost slipped up
yesterday about being

Mingle All the Way's founder.

I will be relieved
when this is all over.

I bet you will.

[text alert]

That looks good.


What's funny?

Just confirming tonight.

[text alert]


I'll see you after lunch.

Oh, and I started my
founder's testimonial,

will you take a look at that?

Will do.

Jeff recommended this place.

He works around the corner,
so, hope you like it.

Good. Things are still going
well with Jeff?

He's so cute.

Yeah, hey Lisa listen,
we're not actually dating.

We're just using
Mingle All the Way.

I'm sorry, I should have
told you sooner.

Oh, that's too bad.

I thought you were giving dating
a real shot.

This, from Mingle All the Way's
biggest fan?

Yes, I am.

I am only using the app
for now.

Thank you.

Kevin and I have gotten along
just fine

using Mingle All the Way

but I think I'm finally ready
to start looking

for that special someone.

That's great, Lisa.

Well, any guy would be lucky
to be with you.

I could say the same thing
about you.

Picture your ideal guy.



He would have a quality

analytical skills,
great at time management...

Do you want him to have
a fast typing speed too?

Ooh, that would be good.

I'm kidding!

Are you looking for an office
manager or a boyfriend?


are important to me too but,

what about personality?

Okay, fine. What's on your list?


I'm looking for someone
who can make me laugh.


But also, I can have a serious
conversation with.


Most of all, I want someone
who can see the real me.

Yeah but, aren't you concerned
that you'll lose yourself

to the relationship?

That's what happened
with me and Evan.

That's why it had to end.

I don't think that happens
when you find the right person.


You are a catch.

And you deserve to be happy.

[phone ringing]

Hey Michelle. What's up?

I just finished shopping
for mom and dad.

I had to buy all my gifts
online this year.

Enough with the small talk.

Are you going to tell me
about your boyfriend?

It's not really a big deal.

Not a big deal?

I want the details!

You know what, uh, I will have
to tell you later

'cause I am going to an event

that Stephanie Rowlands
is hosting.

Oh! That's amazing.

You've been following
her career forever.

But, okay, just give me

You'll get to meet him tomorrow.




You're looking
rather joyful today.


Hi Molly.

Uncle Jeff had to baby
sit me today.

Is it okay I'm here?

Yes, it is more than okay.

I'm so excited to see you!

He told me you were coming.

We're going to have
a lot of fun.

Have you ladies met
Molly Hoffman?

No, hi, I'm new to the group.

Uh, Ms. Rowlands
it is an honour.


Your book inspired me to start
my company.

Molly is going places.

Big places.

I suggest you take her card.

Do you want an apron?

I actually don't think that
you want me anywhere near icing,

if that's okay.

That is certainly not okay.

You are our teammate.

And our team plans to win.


Let's go get us ingredients.

Get some good ones!

I'm Molly.


This is great, you know.


Oh, hi, hi!

Hi Tyler, I didn't know
you were coming.

Neither did I.

Kevin is sick so I asked Tyler
to join me as my baking partner.

And you know how much I love
competitive baking.

You love competitive anything.

Wow, your uncle
is very talented.

What can I say?

My family watches a lot of
baking shows.



I just never quite mastered

the art of gingerbread
house making.

No, but you look cute trying.

Hey, you know what,
if we don't win,

you are a huge hit
with this crowd.

Thanks a lot for talking me up.

Stephanie Rowlands and I

are actually going to have
lunch together.

First of all, we're definitely
going to win.


Second of all, my pleasure.
It's what I'm here for.

Oh wow.

Don't quit your day job, Lis.


I think they need some help.

I think they need a lot of help.


Oh, I didn't know we were
allowed to heckle.

"A" for effort though.

Thank you sir.

Don't listen to him.

So, that's your
business partner?

Well, you never told me
anything about your app.

Oh, it's um, it's,
it's called "Book It".

And well, the details
would just bore you.

I just need to get a lot of
investors so I don't have to

close up shop and go back
to work for my parents.

Would that be so bad?

It's just my whole life my
parents have really wanted me

to follow a certain path

and I've always wanted to be
my own boss, you know.

Not have things handed to me.

Make your own mark.

I respect that.


Yeah, so, I figure, you know,
if I can't make it with Min-

with, with my app, then at least
I know I tried, right?

Okay everyone, it's time
to announce our winner!

Okay, okay.

In first place goes
to team Riley.





You ready to meet my mom?

It'll be fine.

Moms love me.

So what should I expect?

Roast beef for dinner
with a side of criticism.

Oh, my gosh.

I have to get this for my mom.

I can never compete with
Michelle's perfect gifts.


Could you help me find Riley's
perfect gift instead?

Thank you for letting me
come along.


Despite my past shopping


Well, we have come a long way.

And you know what I would
be happy to help you find
a gift for her

because she has been talking
to me about this doll

that she wants and I know
exactly where to find it.

Thank you!

Merry Christmas.

Come on.


I'll be right by your side and I
promise to make this night fun.

[nervous laugh]

[knocks on door]


Molly, what are you doing
outside, you'll catch a chill.

Come, come.


You must be the boyfriend.

Such a pleasure to finally
meet you, Mrs. Hoffman.

Thank you.

I brought you my famous eggnog.

Okay, thanks.

Everyone, this is Jeffrey.

Molly's new beau.


Thanks for including me tonight.


This room could be
in a catalogue.

Oh, yeah.

Isn't it fabulous.

It's beautiful.

I think they used a new
synthetic on the pine needles.



Excuse me.

Oh, thanks.

Ho, ho! Who is this?

Should I be jealous?

That's Evan, Molly's
college boyfriend.

Nice to meet you, Jeff.


Jeffrey why don't you sit down
and tell us about yourself?

y hasn't shared anything.

Oh, uh, well Jeff works
at Grayson Advertising.


I played golf
with Lloyd Grayson.

He is an excellent golfer.

Wow, I'd love to join
you sometime.


Jeff works at a company
that provides a 401K.

I have a 401K.

So what's on the agenda?

Should we play a game?

Well, typically we do
our gift exchange

prior to sitting down
for dinner.

Oh great.

Molly should go first.

This is for you, sir.

Thank you.

You left that one in the car.

Open the present.

Oh, I can't believe it.

How did you find a replacement?

This is so wonderful!

Look... Look at that!

Well, I'm so glad
that you love it, daddy.

Um, Jeff actually helped me
with that one.

Oh, let me see.

Look Harris.

Yeah, it's the one that broke.

But what about Riley and
starting your new tradition?

I just figured we'd go
to the store

and pick out something
new together.

I wanted you to have the angel.

Okay. Who's next?

Um, Harris.

This one is for you.

Here you go.


It's a fitness monitor
so you can sync it

to an app on your phone.

Oh, thank you.


Kids and these apps,
my gosh.

I mean, in our day the only apps
we were talking about

was bruschetta and cheese puffs.

[everyone laughs]

Well, I'll never
understand this.

I... I... I just don't.

I don't understand all this.

No, how could you understand
it mom,

you've never asked me about it.

Molly, seriously.

It's time to just let go
of this project

and come back to Hoffman.

Veronica not now.

We're supposed
to be celebrating.

She needs to hear this.

It's just too risky to go out
on her own like this.

Yeah well, I'd rather
take a shot

than risk being an accountant.

And what is wrong with being
an accountant?


Look mom, it's perfect
for you, okay?

And, it's just, I don't have
a passion for it.

And, mom I'm sorry if that
messes up your big life plan,

but it's my life
that you're planning.

Molly your Mother just wants you
to be mindful about the future.

No, she wants to control
my future.


Why don't we open more gifts?

I'm so sorry, I need to get
some air.

I'm, I'm sorry.

Oh, dad, so about this...


I apologize for the dramatics.

She'll calm down.

Mrs. Hoffman,

don't you see what an incredible
woman she is?

Of course I do.

She is just not acting
with any sense.

All she wants is to create
her own success.

Make you proud.

Young man I don't think I need
an education on my own daughter.

Forgive me, I disagree.

She is thoughtful, dedicated,

She's even funny.

When you give her the chance.

And maybe you don't
appreciate her.

But I do.

Well congratulations,

you've officially survived
a Hoffman family dinner.


But I still haven't fulfilled
my promise

of giving you a fun evening.

Shall we, m'lady?


Oh, I insist.

After you.

Thank you.

It's like your drawing.

Ah. Alright.

So tell me about this
Evan character.

Why did you guys breakup?

Is he even clutzier
than you are?


We both know
that's not possible.

No, he was a nice guy.

I just, I think, the future
he envisioned

only included his dreams.

He never really supported mine.

And then?

And then we graduated
and parted ways.

I guess as far as breakups go,
it was pretty painless.

Maybe your heart just
wasn't in it.

Yeah. Probably right.

That, and I promised myself that
I would never lose sight of

my ambition because I got
distracted by a boyfriend.

So that's why you use
Mingle All the Way.

You keep guys at arms-length.

Yeah, sure, okay.

Well, it takes two to mingle.

What's your story?

How much you bet me to take
the reins right now?


We could be half way to Canada
with me at the helm.

You are a menace to society.

Those Angelenos aren't going
to know what hit 'em.

Well, this menace is going to be
on your arm

at all the extra events
we've added to the schedule.


["O Christmas Tree"]

♪ O Christmas tree

Wow, you didn't even spill
a drop!

Beginners luck.

♪ Your leaves are
so unchanging. ♪


♪ O Christmas tree

♪ O Christmas tree

[shutter clicks]

Good morning, sir.

Do you want to take a look
at this proposal

for Diamonds are Forever?


But I also stopped by
to make sure

that you had my address
for the Christmas festivities.

Molly and I look forward to it.

She is a real keeper, Jeffrey.

And I have to say, I've noticed
a real change in you lately.

I can't remember the last time
I've seen you so engaged.

[text alert]



Hi Tyler.

Is Molly around?

No, she's uh, out running
some errands.

What's up?

I had a meeting nearby and
thought she might be free

for last minute lunch.


Well, I'd, I'd, I'd be happy
to join you instead...

If you like.

That sounds awesome.



Jeff Scanlon, reporting
for elf duty.


Surprised you didn't arrive here
on Santa's sleigh.

Don't be absurd.

Santa is in the North Pole,

finalizing his naughty
and nice list.

Oh, what are the chances
I made that list?

I regret to inform you,
I've seen that list,

you are on probation
on the naughty side.


But these might earn you
some points towards an upgrade.

I also made you a Christmas
movie curriculum, so...

Wow, a whole curriculum.

I'm nervous.

Come in.

This place is very Molly-esque.


With a hint of subtle whimsy,
just dying to get out.

I thought we can start with
dinner and then get to the tree.

You're the boss.

What's on the menu?

Well, I have prepared
my signature dish,

take-out pizza, a la Molly.

Oh no. Not on my watch.

Kitchen... this way?



I'm not exactly gifted
in the culinary arts.


I think I gathered that.

Uh, I can work with this.

This is good.

Oh you... you bake and you cook?

Well, not so much anymore.

Not quite as much fun
cooking for one.


Yeah, that's... I feel that way
every time

I get take out, you know.

I always have leftovers.

So what happened with you
and Ashley anyway.

Oh, well we were together
two years.

I started looking at rings.

I thought that's where
we were headed.

And then?

One day she told me she didn't
see marriage in our cards.

At first I wasn't ambitious
enough and then

when I followed her advice
and pursued the corporate track

she said I didn't have
enough time for her

which is pretty ironic, huh?



The breakup was a shock.

I'm over it now but sometimes
I do miss having

that person around
who always had my back.

Yeah, I don't... I don't think
I've ever had that.

My compliments to the Jeff.


Now it's time to make
like a tree.

And leave?

And leave.

I think you mean decorate
the tree, right?

Yeah, right.





You bought me all
these ornaments?

No, I did not buy these.

These are from
my personal stash.

I have been collecting
these for years.

Along with snow globes.

I get a new one in every
city I visit.

You are one of a kind, sir.

Yeah, I know what
you're thinking.

It's lame for a grown man
to love snow globes.

Thinking it, yes, but I wasn't
going to say it out loud.

There is nothing wrong with lame
hobbies because I, for one,

belong to a knitting club.


It's true.

My mom gave me my first
snow globe when I was a kid.

Keeping the tradition helps me
remember her.

I guess that's part
of the reason

I love tseason so much.

My family always made it feel
so special.

That's really sweet.

What about Erika and Riley,
aren't they going to miss you

when you move to L.A?

I'm sure they will.

Let's circle back to this whole
knitting club-


My knight in shining tinsel.

That was a...

was a close one.


Close one.




Is this a good time to talk?

Yeah, hey.

What are you doing here?

Came to see my daughter's


It's very charming.

Are you making fun of me?


I'm not.

I'm sorry.

Your, your Jeffrey gave me
a good dressing down

about my attitude and...

Well, I hope he didn't
offend you.

He's just, he's very encouraging
about my project.

Well, I'm glad.

It's high time I came to see
what Mingle All the Way

was all about.



You just said "Mingle All
the Way" without gagging.

Well, Michelle showed me
how it works

and it's very professional,
it really is.

Well, we're still hoping for
a bigger launch, but, we try.

Molly, I have no doubt that
you are going to be a success

at whatever you choose to do.

And I'm proud of you.

You have a funny way
of showing it.

I wanted to push you because
I didn't think

you were thinking
things through,

striking out on your own
like that.

But obviously I was wrong.

But you're never hard
on Michelle.

Michelle is a very
different person.

She needs constant validation

but you've always been
so confident.

I just knew you could take
more pressure.


Well, to be honest mom,

I just act confidently
around you

because I'm trying
to impress you.

Did it ever occur to you that
I wanted you to come back

to work with me because I just
like having you around?

Listen, daddy and I had
a talk

and we've decided this is
our last year in Aspen.

We'd like to start having
Christmas as a family again.

With all the old traditions.

Yeah, I... I would like that
a lot.

And I know you two have your
Father-Daughter time together,

and I was thinking maybe
you and I

could maybe start
our own one-on-one...


Activity... thing?

Yeah, that would be fantastic,

Now these didn't turn out quite
like they looked on the internet

but I thought we could have
a treat.

I think they look delicious.

And, Jeffrey's famous eggnog.


It's actually shockingly good.



I'm really glad you came.

Me too.

Hey, um, how did you know
that dad was the man for you?


Do you think you're going
to stay in touch with Molly?

I mean we didn't exactly
discuss it or anything

but sure I don't see why not.

I am going to have to check
on her progress

with that must-watch movie list
I made her.


And I'm going to send her
some simple recipes.

That girl is hopeless
in the kitchen.


Can you honestly say you don't
have feelings for her?

I feel that she is
an intelligent

and interesting person.

If you're asking romantically,
I just-

Okay. I have to tell you this.

Your face never lit up when
you talked about Ashley

the way it does when you talk
about Molly.

Are you sure that Ashley broke
your heart?

I mean isn't it possible
she just wounded your pride?

It's time you stopped hiding
behind your work

and get back out there.

What difference does it make?

Molly isn't interested in me.

Are you so sure?

I mean isn't it
worth finding out?

♪ Tinsel time is here again ♪

♪ so put up your
Christmas tree. ♪

Well, you seem a lot
less anxious

than the last time we visited
your folks.


Well, I had a really wonderful
conversation with my mom.

Thank you.


Um, by the way, I wanted
to thank you for standing up-

I have no idea what you mean.

But whatever your mother
may have heard,

it was all true.

Molly, sweetheart,
you look wonderful.

Thanks, daddy.



Nice to see you.

Hi mom.

Sweetheart, thank you
so much for coming.


It wouldn't be the same
without you.

Yeah, of course.

Either of you.



You look great.

Thank you!


Good to see you again.


Hey, would you mind helping me

and the caterers unload
some champagne?

Sure. Yeah.

Thank you, gentlemen.

That's great.

This looks great.

Come in.

Thank you.

Oh my gosh,
there's the Marklesons,

we really should go say hi.

Yeah, go!

Please, no, yeah,
go, go!

Okay, alright.

Hi! Oh my gosh.

I'm so glad
that you guys came.

Molly, it's so good
to see you.

It's been too long.

-Too long.
-Too long!


Is this festive enough for you?

It's not bad.


Where is Kevin?

I think my Mingling days
are over.



Oh, I see.

I should have introduced you
two earlier.

Wow, this is amazing.

Yeah, it kind of is.

I deleted my account yesterday.


You did?

Oh, hey, before I forget,
I've been meaning to ask you,

who does your advertising?

No one.


[glass clinks]

Everyone's attention, please.

Good evening, everyone.

Reginald and I would like
to thank you all so much

for joining us in celebrating
this festive season.

You know, many of you have been
with us for years

but we'd like you all to know
how much we value everyone.

We'd also like to congratulate
our daughter Molly.

You all know her
from the office,

but she has now started
her own venture.

So congratulations, darling.


Thank you.

And tonight's celebration is
really special for our family

because we have the joy of
announcing the engagement

of our daughter, Michelle,
and her fiancé Harris.



We would like to thank everyone
for coming.

Happy Holidays to all.

(All) Happy Holidays!

Thank you, darling.


Hey! Hi.

We were just talking
about you.

Hey Lisa, good things,
I hope.

Well, if it isn't the
gingerbread champion.


Good to see you sir.

Yeah. You too, Tyler.

Come on Tyler,
buy me a drink?

Uh, the drinks are free!

Hey, how are you?
Are you doing okay?

I... I don't know if this is
the best place to bring this up

or not, but um, there was uh,

something I wanted
to ask you about.

Oh, you sound very serious.

What's the punchline?

Molly Hoffman I think
you're fantastic.

And I was hoping that after
all our matched events

are over maybe you and I could
actually go on a-

Hey Jeff.


Hi, Je.

What, uh, what are you
doing here?


Well, Michelle Hoffman
is my accountant.

Hi, no, yeah, I'm sorry,
I'm Ashley Brock.

Molly. Hi.

I, I'm sorry, I hope, I hope
I'm not interrupting anything.

No, um, you know, you... you two
should probably catch up.

Uh. Really nice to meet you,

You too.

I'm actually so glad that
I ran into you.

I've been thinking about you
a lot.

What's up?


Let's go.



What are you doing here?

I was just, uh, was looking
for... water, or...


I know Ashley Brock and she
doesn't hold a candle to you.

Listen, Michelle, there is
something that you should know.

You can't tell mom,
but Jeff and I,

we aren't really-

I know.

But I think you could be.

Um, I, I need to find Molly.

I'm supposed to be
her date tonight.

Oh, it, it's okay.

Just before you go,
I wanted to apologize.

For everything.

It's okay.


It's good to see you Ashley.

Merry Christmas.

Good to see you too.

Pardon me.

-Ok. No problem.

Hey. There you are!

I've been looking everywhere
for you.

Uh, I wasn't feeling very well

so I'm going to call it
an early night.

Okay, um, are we still on

for carolling tomorrow night,


Yeah, that's part of the deal.


Okay well, uh, feel better.


Hello, welcome.

Come on in!

Merry Christmas.

["It Came Upon A Midnight
Clear" on acoustic guitar]

["It Came Upon A Midnight
Clear" on acoustic guitar]


Sorry I'm late.



Molly, so glad you could
join us.

Sir, Molly and I can't
wait to try

those restaurants
you recommended.

We just love trying new places,
don't we honey.

Oh, yeah, definitely.

Thank you.

It's also fun to stay in
and watch a movie sometimes.

I'm getting Molly up to speed
on popular culture.

Of course.

Uh, feel free to select
a favourite song,

if you have one.

Will you excuse me?

Are you okay?

Are you still not feeling well?

Because we can leave.

No, no. Yeah, I'm fine.

We didn't get to finish
our conversation last night.

Maybe we can talk after this.

Actually, I think I have to rush
home to get a lot of work done.


On Christmas Eve?

There is something important
I want to ask you.

[clinks glass]

If I could have your attention

Uh, before we start
the next song,

I would like to let you know
about our exciting new client.

All thanks to Jeffrey.


What? That can't be right.

Lisa Turner, from Swift

called me personally
and she wants us to create

a national campaign for her and
insists Jeffrey spearhead it.


And a very Merry Christmas
to all of you.

You arranged that?

I'm going to go look
at the song book.

Great work landing
Swift Technologies.

Thank you, sir.

Is Molly okay?

For sure. She's fine, sir.


Tell... tell us more
about Molly.

We barely know anything
about her.

Uh, she's a tech entrepreneur.

Her scheduling app
is currently being uh,

capitalized by Lange


That's an interesting way to
describe Mingle All the Way.

Mingle what?

Oh, it's a tool that very busy
guys like Jeff use

to rustle up a girlfriend.

Brent what are you driving at?

It's very fascinating sir, in
fact I was just reading Molly's,

uh, founder's testimonial on
the Mingle All the Way website-



Uh, here we go.

"This Christmas, it's networking
success one,

"dating anxiety zero"

Please don't.

"I am Molly Hoffman,

"creator of Mingle All the Way
and a proud member.

"My match Jeff and I have
compatible schedules

"and interests and a mutual gain
in accompanying each other

"to our seasonal events."

Can I see that?


"We aren't looking for romance
and that's totally okay.

"Helping each other navigate
the holiday season was

"the entire point of our
successful mingling experience."

This was posted today?

So, this was all for show,

This is, uh, extremely

Yes sir, it certainly is.

I should go.

So, you were just using me?

We were both using each other.

That's what we agreed to.


But I thought we developed
a real connection.

Jeff, we've been lying
to Mr. Grayson all along.


But I never lied to you.

Good luck with
your presentation, Molly.

[phone ringing]

Hello, darling.

Merry Christmas.

Daddy and I are having
a wonderful-


I messed everything up.

What do you mean?

Is it about the app?

'Cause if Helen Lange
isn't coming through

with that investment, honey,
we can talk about-

No. It's not that.

It's Jeff.

Listen mom, I've been lying
to you about our relationship

and you don't deserve that.

Merry Christmas, kiddo.


Look at that doll!

Thanks Uncle Jeff.

I love her!

Molly helped me choose

Well, Riley you're going
to have to make sure

that you call Molly
to thank her.

That won't be necessary.

You're in a mood.

Aren't you going to some
big gala with her later?

Not anymore.

I'm not feeling very festive.

I'm gonna take a walk.
Clear my head.

You forgot your last gift!

Molly dropped it off for you.

She wanted you to have it
Christmas morning.

Oh, that's sweet.

Mr. Grayson!

What brings you out today?

Merry Christmas, sir.

I'm on my way to my son's.

The real question is
what are you doing here?

You rushed out of my house
before we had a chance to talk.

Mr. Grayson, I am so sorry.

Well, that stunt that Brent
performed was despicable.

A true Grayson teammate
doesn't spite his colleagues

in that manner.

Believe you me, Brent and I
had some words.

Everything he said was true.

I haven't been honest
with you, sir

and it's time I stopped

Jeffrey, I know a man in love
when I see it.

And I'm not so sure you were
pretending at all.

Look, you don't need a
girlfriend to prove to me

you know how to commit.

I just needed to be certain
that you were dedicated

to an executive role.

And if you're willing to work
this hard just for the position,

well then, you've got
me convinced.

The L.A. office is yours.

If you want it.

Okay, if she turns around I'm
going to have to say something,

so, what should I say?

Talk about the food.

What about the food?

The hors d'oeuvres
are delicious.

That's great. I'll use that.
That's great.

Where is she?

Hey, uh, where have you been?

We've been waiting.

Cut her some slack.

Don't worry about being late
you're right on time.

Jeff isn't coming.

I ruined everything.

What... what happened?

He read my testimonial
and found out the truth.

He hates me now.

Molly, I'm sorry.

I... I wasn't thinking.

No, it wasn't your fault.

I just, I don't know what I'm
going to say to Mrs. Lange. I...

She is going to think
I'm a failure.

You know, forget about her
for a second.

Yeah. How are you?

What, no, it doesn't matter
I just,

I can't face her yet, I, I...
what am I supposed to say?

I can't face her
until I know what to do.

Okay, come on.

Listen to me, you are
Molly Hoffman-

Creator of Mingle All the Way.

You've got this.

Wish me luck.

Excuse me for a moment.


I have been trying to have a
word with you all night long.

So where is your match that
I've heard so very much about?

Well, the truth is Mrs. Lange,
the truth is-

The truth is, I was
running late.

Jeff Scanlon.

It is a pleasure to meet you,
Mrs. Lange.


I know you're considering
an investment

in Mingle All the Way,

but I think you should stop
considering it.


I can't think of a better idea.

I know I don't regret signing up
for it.

So you feel that your match
with Ms. Hoffman was a success,

in spite of your reluctance
to have a relationship?

Meeting Molly was the most
successful thing

to happen to me all year.

It taught me about the kind
of woman I should be with.

Do I detect something
between the two of you?

Something more than a functional


We used Mingle All the Way
exactly as it was intended.

There was never-

Yes, Mrs. Lange.

There is.

I'm sorry for misleading you,

but I've developed real feelings
for Jeff.


Sorry, there is someone
you really need to meet.

Oh, I'll be right there Connor.

Thank you.

I'm sorry. Will you excuse me
a moment?

I'm sorry I kept you waiting.

It was worth the wait.

So what happened
with Mr. Grayson?

Was he angry?

Yes, he was.

But, at Brent.

He offered me the promotion.

Wow! That's... that's great!


I didn't take it.

I don't need L.A. to be happy.

Everything I need to be happy
is right here.

I don't want to be that far away
from Riley.

Or from you.

So, what are you going
to do instead?

I told Mr. Grayson that I want
to get back to designing

and he is going to let me
oversee the department.

I am staying right here
in Cedar Falls.

[laughs] That is fantastic!



Sorry to interrupt.

What did she say?

Oh, I...I haven't heard yet.

Molly, I've put some thought
into it

and I think that the concept
for your app is...


And it's even better
when you get something

more out of the experience
than you expected.

It is?

That's great!

So I am very proud to say

welcome to the Lange
Enterprises Family.

Thank you so much!

Way to go Molly!

Well, shall we go celebrate
with a toast.

We shall.

Merry Christmas, Molly.

Merry Christmas, Jeff.

And just to be honest,

I have completely fallen
for you.

That is good to hear,
Molly Hoffman.

Because as it stands,
I feel the same way.

♪ Spill all your emotions
on the table. ♪

♪ and let me see your heart
upon your sleeve. ♪

So how about we go on
a proper first date?

Thought you'd never ask.

What are you doing
for New Years?

Well, let me check my schedule.



♪ So all you want
for Christmas ♪

♪ Ohhh, ohh, ♪

♪ Is me.