Method (2004) - full transcript

Rebecca Fairbanks is a movie star, a method actress making her first film in three years following a breakup with Jake Fields, her co-star in the new film. They're on location in Romania, Jake's new wife is with him, and Rebecca's stage mother, Mona, is close by monitoring Beka's every move. The film they're making is about a mass murderer in Indiana in the early twentieth century, who lured men to her farmhouse with a promise of marriage. Jake plays the widow's farmhand, lover, and partner in crime. As Rebecca gets deeper into her part, people around the set start to die. Who's the murderer? Is there a madness to her method?

Please, Mrs. Hinkley.

You sure are a great
beauty, belle.

You're gonna make me just one
mighty, mighty proud husband.


What's the matter?

We gonna get married.

I don't want to do this.

What? Too soon?

I think you just give
me a little old kiss.

I said, no!

I want you to leave, please.

Listen, belle. You
sure are pretty now.

'Cause I ain't leaving.

You think I come near 200 miles
for supper and conversation?



All right, cut it,
for Christ's sake!


Okay, cut!


After a three-year absence
from our screens,

here in Bucharest, Romania,

we witness the return to
work of Rebecca Fairbanks.

The crowd's have been
gathering all day.

And did you hear that reception?

Something which she
so richly deserves

here in Bucharest, Romania,

where she'll be doing her
new film with Jake fields.

Let's see if we can get
a question from her.

Rebecca, how does it feel to
be working with Jake again?

Rebecca, please!

How does it feel to
be back on the set

after such a long absence?

Rebecca, come on. Give us a
smile over at film focus.

Well, listen, she's
very quiet now,

and maybe that's camera shyness

from not being on camera
for such a long time.

- We love you, Rebecca.
- Thank you.

She looks gorgeous.

Yes, but she can't act.

Over here, Rebecca.



- You look stunning.
- Thank you.

Doesn't she always?

She looks like my
favorite daughter.

Only daughter, mummy.


Thank you.

See all these people?

They're all here for you, darling.
Are you excited?


Is the handsome Jake fields

with his wife, Bethany fields.

Let's ask Bethany a question.

Bethany! How does it feel?

I think she said,
"it feels great."

Sure does feel great
with Jake fields.

Hey, Beck, how you doing?

Hey, you look great.


Good to see you again, Jake.
We've missed you.

Um, Rebecca, meet
my wife, Bethany.

- Bethany, Rebecca.
- Rebecca.

How do you do?

I've heard fabulous
things about you.

It's all lies.

Oh, this is my mother, Mona.

Yes, this is Rebecca's mother.

Yeah, just the mother.
Beth, was it?

- Bethany.
- What do you do?

Um, just the wife.

Oh, you poor thing.

Please give us a shot...
Just the two of you.

Could you please step out of the way?

Just Jake and Rebecca, please.

Thank you. Excellent.

Can you move like...?
Oh, thank you.

That is excellent. Beautiful shot.
Thank you.

Did you see the way
she looked at you?

Baby, no.

Listen, just don't make
it any worse for her.



Whatever. Get in.

Oh, hi.

Hi, aren't you gonna
introduce us to your friend?

You think I want her, don't you?


Is that what you think, huh?

- Think I want her?
- I don't know. Do you?

Jake looked good.

Seemed very pleased to see you.


Don't pretend you didn't notice.

- He's married, mom.
- Mm.

Anyway, I seem to remember
when we were together,

you thought he was beneath me.

I never said that.

Oh, of course, sorry, I forgot.

He's a big movie star now,
so obviously you like him.

I always liked him. I
just worried about you.

After all that happened.

That was all years ago.


Just the two of you?

Just Jake and Rebecca, please.

Beautiful shot. Thank you.

Excellent. Just
Jake and Rebecca.


I'm so tired.

There's thousands of girls

who'd do anything
to take your place.

Be grateful for
their good fortune

instead of moping
around being tired.

Besides, you'll have plenty of
time to rest after you're 40.

We're on the set of "belle"...

The new Rebecca
Fairbanks- Jake fields...

Rebecca, what would you
call it, a biopic?

Oh, uh, no. Probably...
Probably more of a thriller.

Listen, tell me a little bit

about the character you're
playing in "belle."

All right.

I play a guy named ray lamphere,

who is, I guess, he's kind
of a dimwitted fellow.

And he falls in love

with belle gunness...
True story.

And he, uh, I guess, gets
wrapped up in her...

Her plan.

I don't know how much
I should give away.

Tell me a little about Ms.

Um, well, she was a widow
who lived in Indiana

at the turn of the century,

and she used to lure
men to her farm house

where she killed them
for their money.

Take down this cable, Jake.


One more. One more.

Excuse me! Thank you.

Teddy, Rebecca's decided.
She's gonna live on the set.

Oh, god.

She's taking this role
very seriously, you know.

Very seriously, indeed.

That's what method
acting's all about, mm?

What she needs

is to be on her own
here, to feelit.

Feel it?

This is a huge
opportunity for Rebecca.

We're thrilled to
have you on board.

But if you really want to
get the best out of her,

she's gonna live on the set and
she's gonna bebelle gunness!

Total identification.


Now, we're gonna need a
functioning bathroom.

She can't be expected
to traipse outside

in the middle of the night.

And air conditioning.

Well, we'll see what we can do.

- Jake.
- Yeah.

I hate to bring this up,

but Hollywood, your fanbase,
our viewing public,

the world went into mourning
when they heard the news

that Rebecca had that
distressing miscarriage.

Back to the movie.

Are you, uh, dating anyone
that's special at the moment?

Oh, no. I'm just
married to my script.

It's a tough part, you know,

so I'm really concentrating
very hard on it.

You're working with your
old flame, Jake fields...

Uh! Uh! Uh!

Enough already, mm?

Thanks, mummy.

- Does anyone have a leash?
- Finished.

What was the particular reason

why your wife decided to come
with you all the way to Romania?

Was it maybe to...
Keep an eye on you?

Is she the jealous type, Jake?

Stay the fuck away
from me, all right?!

Was it... something I said?

I expected you to run.


Do you mind if we do
it one more time?

Uh, no, no, sure.
It's not a problem.

Sorry. I know I'm torturing you.
It's just that...

No, no, no. It's my job.

It's the first day tomorrow.
I want to be perfect.

Okay, shall I go from the top?

Yeah, sure. Anywhere you want.


My dear Mr. Hinkley... Good.

I was so pleased to receive
your letter of last week.

Uh, not "your" letter.

There's that "r" again.

- Yeah, yeah. "Your."
- "Your"letter.

Ask me some questions
about my character.

Okay, um, uh, who are you?

I'm belle gunness.

And, uh, how old are you?


How many people did you kill?


Oh, god.

She looks terrible,

like she hasn't slept all night.

I think we're about ready
to go on this one.

Okay, John, we're set.

Roll sound.


Let us pray.

Lord, take into heaven
the soul of this man.

In nomine patris, et filii,

et spiritus sancti, amen.

Well, how much isleft?

After certain, uh, debts your
late husband owed or paid,

the, uh, insurance
settlement amounts to



That won't last three months.

How am I supposed to
feed my little girl?

I don't rightly know.

Jenny, now, follow mommy.

Ohh, damn!


Ma'am, if I can be
of service to you.

- Oh, my.
- Yeah.


Thank you very much, sir.

Come on, Jenny.

What's up, cowboy?

- Hey.
- Hi.

Is this log taken?

Beck, can I ask you
an honest question?


Does my ass look big
in this outfit?

Um... yes.


- Very big.
- It does, doesn't it?


They're all out to get me.

I'd slay the costume designer.

I will. I plan on it.
It's a disgrace.

Do you want my egg?

Yes, I'd love it. Thanks.

It's got a little
black kernel in it,

but I'm sure it's safe
Romanian cuisine.

So, how was the first day?



And what?


Well, I didn't forget any lines,

and the catering was disgusting.

Sounds fascinating.

By the way, have you been
working on your accent?

Howard said the American
r's were a bit shaky.

And when did you
speak to Howard?

This morning.


Now you've got to get
it absolutely right.

You know how audiences pick
up on that sort of thing.


Remember, accents
made Meryl Streep.


So, have you?

- Rebecca?
- What?!

Been working on your accent?



Okay, good.

You are all right, aren't you?

You'd tell me if you weren't?

There mustn't be any
secrets between us.


This has got to work.


"Man of means."


Wants a wife.

Uh, ma'am.

What do youwant?


I saw you in town the
other day, and, uh...

Well, I heard at the bar there

you was a-a widow and all,

so I say to myself,

"there's a woman needs a
man about the place."

So, I-I come out here
to see if can, uh...

Well, see if I can make
myself useful to you?

I don't have any money. I
can't pay you to do anything.

Oh, that's all right, ma'am.

I work for meals and
a place to sleep.

I'm sorry, sir. It's quite
out of the question.

Uh, "ray."

You... you can call me ray.

Then I'm sorry, ray.

There's really nothing for ya.

Thank you anyway, ma'am. Uh...

You have a... You have
a pleasant day now.

Sir? Sir?!

Hey, ray!


Can you mend a fence?!

Yes, ma'am.

How about cutting corn?

Yes, ma'am!

Money is everything
in this world.

Without money, I'm nothing.


"Comely widow of good fortune
desires acquaintance

"of well-provided gentleman

with a view to friendship
and marriage."

I need you to post
this letter for me.

Yes, mom.

Don't forget, now. It
must be mailed today.

"Mrs. Gunness,"

"your response shed light
upon this dark soul."

"Such a nice letter I
have never received.

"You asked about my business,

"and I am a farmer
with 200 acres

of the greenest land this
side of the Mississippi."


"Yours, Christian Hinkley."

"My dear Mr. Hinkley,

"I was so pleased to receive
your letter of last week

"and judge this finds
you good and happy.

"You must do quite
well for yourself

"with a farm of your own.

"While it matters
not for myself,

"I am keen to see my
daughter well looked after

by a man of means."



"I am eager to see you,

"and, of course, I
understand your concern.

"With a youngster at home,

"you would be
delinquent not to ask.

"I have near $3,000
in ready cash

and a good deal more in equity."

"My dearest fiancé...

"What a delight to
write those words...

"I urge you not to send
cash through the bank.

"I do not trust them.

"So, paper bills in the
lining of your knapsack.

"I am eager to see you.

My heart is bursting."

"I cannot bear the
days until we meet.

"Each one seems longer
than that before.

"Please hurry, my darling.

"I fear my heart will
burst with loneliness.

Yours, belle."

Ma'am, well, what a
pleasant surprise.

Delighted to meet
you at long last.


Jenny, I want you to
meet Mr. Hinkley.

He's visiting us
from platteville.

How do you do, ma'am?

Mr. Hinkley and I are
gonna be married.


Come on, let me feelit.

Feel what?

What would you like to feel?

What it's like...

What it's like to be you.

Yes, ma'am.

Grant county, Wisconsin...

Finest farming land this
side of the Mississippi.

And what do you grow,

Mr. Hinkley? Please.

Uh, mostly corn.

Some wheat, some beans,

but, uh, mostly corn, though.

I've always found
farmers fascinating.

I must admit...

I'm paying to keep even
the smallest bud alive.

Well, it's all in a firm and
steady hand, miss gunness.

Most farmers... well, hell...

They ain't worth their salt,
let alone their corn.

'Course, uh,

farms are a mighty lonely
place without a good woman.

Might I have a touch more of
your beer there, miss gunness?

Oh, sure.

Thank you kindly.

What, uh, what's that?

Oh, that's my brother, ray.

You didn't mention no
brother living with you.

Oh, he's slow in the
head, Mr. Hinkley.


Mrs. Hinkley.

You sure are a great
beauty, belle.

You're gonna make me just one
mighty, mighty proud husband.


What's the matter?

We gonna get married.

I don't want to do this.

What? Too soon?

I think you just give
me a little kiss...

I said, no!

I want you to leave, please.

You come any closer, I'm
gonna call my brother, ray.

Now, you sure are
pretty now, but listen.

You just better keep
your voice down.

'Cause I ain't leaving.

You think I come near 200 miles
for supper and conversation?



Okay, cut. Thank you.


Excuse me.


That was terrific!

We can do it all
day if you want.

No, it wasn'tterrific, Teddy.
It was awful.

I just... I can't feelit.

You can't feel it?
Will you go away?

I'll tell you what.

We'll shoot around you
for the rest of the day

and pick the scene up
tomorrow morning early.

Then you can obsess over
it all night if you want.

You know I'm here to make your
life as miserable as possible.

Oh, thank you, Teddy. I'm sorry.

That's my baby.

Hey, killer.

Hey. I wish.

I liked take 1...
through 7, actually.

You want to run lines later?

Oh, no. No, thanks.

I've just got to get
this right in my head.

I have got so much stuff
floating around in here

that I just...

Well, listen. I
have a confession.

Uh, I got you this
back in the states.

Yeah, it's from the period.

I thought it might... Help
you get into character.

I know you love that shit.


Well, I thought you might
think it was weird.

It's just...

It's helpful.


And beautiful.

Give it a spin.

Thank you.

Hi, Bethany.

Hi, guys.

Nice ring.

Oh. Thanks.

My mum gave it to me yesterday
as a good-luck present.

It's beautiful.

Thank you.

Jake, I think they're
calling for you on set.

All right. We'll
catch you later.



Can I get a beer, please?


Go to bed!

Jesus. Jesus, belle.

Oh, my. Oh, my.

Oh, my. What have I done?

Oh, Jesus.

Don't worry. I-I'm
gonna get the police.


No, not the police.

No, they'll want to know why he
was here and why we were alone.

And, ray, I can't go to jail.

I can'tgo to jail.

Ma'am, you're not...
You're not going to jail.

I ain't gonna... I ain't
gonna tell a soul.

Well, help me, please.

Ma'am, I would do
anything for you.

I'm gonna take care
of this, all right?

You just... You just
go on up to bed.

Go on. Go on. Go upstairs.

I'll handle this.

Go on.

What do you mean there are no a.A.
Meetings in Romania?

Look, I'm going
fucking insane here!

Christ! Oh, Goran, help me.

Man, these look great.

But there ain't no kind
of letters, are there?

How many others of
those need shooting?

Drooling all the time.
How does that feel?

Well, I think a bit of
drooling's all right.

And the opposite sex,
there's, uh, Jake fields.

You're working with
your old fla...

Jake, get off!

Stop it.

- What?
- Just stop it.

Sorry. I'm sorry.

What's wrong?

It just feels all wrong.

I told you nothing's going on.

We knew this was gonna be
awkward before... it started.

We talked about it. Remember?

Nothing's happening.

I mean, you realize if
I keep getting blamed

for something I'm not doing,
I might as well be doing it.

That's not funny.

I don't think it
was meant to be.

I feel like I'm losing you.


Do you promise you're
not attracted to her?

Can you honestly say that?

You know, um, I'm attracted
to a lot of people,

but I'm married to you.

Don't you think I
look better in blue?

You can be such a
dickhead sometimes.

Oh, look, lady MacBeth.


Mrs. Fairbanks.

I'm gonna go talk to her.

Mona. Mona.


So, how's she doing?

- Who?
- Rebecca.

Word has it she's taking this
role a little too seriously.

She's living on set?

That can't be right, can it?

Well, you have to ask her.

Listen, I think wehave
a lot to talk about.

Do we?

I know about the abortion,

and, uh, I know about the boys.

I don't have to listen to this.

Listen, I am willing... I'm
willing to make a deal.

I like your daughter.
I really, really do.

And I can play ball just as
good as the rest of them,

so, I will forget about
those other incidents

if you tell me exactly what I
need to know about her and Jake.

You broadcast one
word of this...

And what?

I'll never eat lunch
in this town again?

Would that be L.A. or Bucharest?

There will be consequences.

Am I interrupting something?

Yeah. He's blackmailing me.

Well, we'll just have
to get his sorry ass

barred from the set.

Come on, Jake. It's no big deal.

So you're cheating again.
What's new?

I wish you'd stop lying to me.
I know how many there are.

I don't understand
why you do this.

You've been so much better.

Therese, do you think we
can re-curl some of this?

It seems to be really flat.

- Sure. Sure.
- Yep, excuse me.

Could I have a few moments alone
with my daughter, please?

Thank you.

Do you want to ruin this?

Do you want to get sick again?

You've got a second chance.

You were lucky to get it.
There won't be a third!

Oh, now we've got that
creep from film focus

poking around and
asking questions.

What creep? What questions
are they asking?

Becky, you have to
take your pills.

Oh, mama, they make
me feel so tired.

I can't concentrate. I
can't remember my lines.

I can't... I can't feelanything.

You know I have to be good in this.
I have to.

Becky, this isn't
the way to do it.

She doesn't want
you to be happy.

Are we making a movie
here, Teddy, or what?

All right, everyone relax.

We're supposed to
be in love here.

Let's focus.

All right, let's go. It's fine.
It's fine. It's fine.

- Let's go!
- Okay.

Can you just say "place" for me?


- Mark.
- And action!

It's a fine country, isn't it?

Sure is.

Sure beats living in Kansas.

Ma'am, I ain't never
been out of Indiana.

You're born here?

In this beautiful place?

I ain't real sure.

I think roundabouts muncie.

I moved around a lot.

With your ma and pa?

I ain't got no family.

I grew up in an orphanage.

The only time I seen family-type
people was at Christmas.

The nice rich folk would adopt
us around the holidays,

give us good food,
clean bed, presents,

then give us back
the new year...

Like a coat they borrowed.

You're a good mother, ma'am.




Seems like you and I have both
been kicked around a lot,

but perhaps the bad
times are behind us.

You reckon?

Nobody can take away what
you're willing to protect.

Question is, are you
willing to protect it?

Ma'am... I mean belle...

I would never let anybody
hurt you or Jenny.


I thank god I met
you, ray lamphere.

Now, I thought iwas the
one that found you.


Oh, Rebecca.


"Belle." call me belle.




We have to talk.

You fucked her, didn't you?

I didn't mean for
this to happen.

Bethany, where are you going?

You think I'm just
gonna stay around

while you screw around with her
right in front of my face?

I... I can't be here anymore.

This is too much... even for me.

You know what, Jake?

I think you did this fucking
movie so you could be with her.

- That's not true.
- I'm right.

No. No, we talked about this.

You know, I considered that. I
did notwant this to happen.

That's bullshit,
and you know it!

I know you! I'm your wife!

I know.

This thing you have with her...
It isn't real.

If you want to be with
her, be with her.

You just got to figure
it out for yourself.

Just don't get her
pregnant again.

Can't imagine what youwant.

Mr. Helgelein, good
to see you, sir.

Good to see you.

I have $576 for you, sir.

Mm. You did good.

Seller return.

I'll see you in a month.

Oh, may I ask you, sir,
in your opinion as a man,

what you think of the fit
of this particular suit?

I'm blind to that
kind of opinion.

Your husband looks mighty fine
over there in his new suit.

No, sir. I'm a widow.
That's my brother, ray.

Handsome brother
in his new suit.

Runs in the family.
Come here, Jenny.

Yes, it does.

What brings you to our
little old town, mister...

Oh, I'm sorry. I failed
to introduce myself.

Andrew helgelein...

The best damn traveling salesman

on the western plains.

We have to go after
what we want,

and sometimes it's not so easy.

But you have to ask
yourself if it's worth it.

It's worth it, isn't it?

Tim here.

Uh, no, no. No, no.
I-I'll meet with you.


Where and when?



We need to make certain that
you establish that corset

on the set in scene 24.

Scene 24.

What's going on?

Um, they found a
body in the woods.



Sure is nice of you to put me
up like this, Mrs. Gunness.

Oh, it's our pleasure,
Mr. Helgelein.

You write the most
charming letters.

♪ In a canyon
excavating for a mine ♪

♪ Lived a miner, '49er

you want to marry him, belle?

I got plans for him, ray.

God damn it, belle. What the
hell is wrong with you?

You got everything a
person needs in this life.

Except money.

And money's everything
in this world.

Without money, I'm nothing.

We could get by.

How? Tell me how.

I could work.

Oh, ray, you can't
support yourself.

How are you gonna feed
two extra mouths?

And, ray, you're part
of our lives now.

Oh, you want to tell me

exactly how I figure
into this plan of yours

i-i-if you marry him?

You forgetting something, ray?

Mr. Hinkley.

You killed Mr. Hinkley
for his money.

You buried him.

Now, hold on a minute.

Now, I did that for you.

I did that so as you
wouldn't go to jail.

And it was the kindest thing
a man ever did for me.


Oh, ray.

I don't want it to be like this.

You're the best man I know.

Even my daddy, he married me off

to as true a bastard
as ever lived,

left me no money,
debts sky high.

These men... these men
only want one thing.

But he's an innocent man. He
didn't do nothing to you.

I guess I don't feel bad

taking when so many
men took from me.

You don't think if that man
up there had the opportunity,

he wouldn't take
everything we have?

You think he wouldn't? You
think he cares about me?

You think he cares
about my child?

I won't have her growing
up with nothing.

I won't... I won't have
her being sold off

when she's no more than a girl.

If you love me...

You do.

Don't you, ray?

Yes, I do.

We can be a family...
You and me and Jenny...

With his money.

I have to go after what we want.

Sometimes it's not so easy,

but you have to ask
yourself if it's worth it.

It's worth it, isn't it?

Why, hello, little lady.
You come to scrub my back?

♪ Light she was and
like a doo-doo-doo ♪

♪ And her shoes
were number nine ♪

♪ Herring boxes...

You do it.

I... I can't.

If you love me.

Thank you, sir.

Well, how do you do, sir?

How do you do?


Hey! Be careful.

You... bitch!

Come here, you!



Stop it!



Ray! It's mommy!

Belle! Belle!

I said, cut it!

Take that thing away from her!

Get off me, ray! Get off me!

Hey, I'm Jake. Rebecca,
would you relax?

- Get off!
- Someone get a medic.


Get her out of here.

Get her out of here!


Oh, shit.

I've got plans for him, ray!


Sweet lord.

My poor darling, I've
brought you some tea.

Yes, we're dealing with this!

I told you we'll be back
on the set shortly.

Jake, yeah, come on in.

Darling, I'm gonna leave
you two together.

I'll be back soon.

Five minutes, okay?

Jesus, Beck, what was that?

You need to take some time off.

I can't.

Why not?

You realize how lucky you are
Jim's not pressing charges?

Is he okay?

Yeah, he'll live.

But you broke his nose.

Now, I get wanting
to do a good job.

I do, and you are,
but I got to say...

I don't know if
this is something

your mother's pushing
on you or what...

Good. That'd be a first.

You got to stop letting
her run your life, Beck.

You're 34 years old.

I need her, Jake.

I don't think so.

After what happened with us,
I tried to be without her.

I promise you. I really did try.

And... it didn't work.

Everything really fell apart.

I need her.

At least, I-I need someone.

I'm here.

What about Bethany?

She left, and...

It feels right.

Come here.


I've told you before.
He's not to be trusted.

Hey! You all right?




What's going on?

I don't know.

You're all right.

You're okay. Come here.

She was seeing things.
I was with her.

I see.

Well, she's only
got two more days,

and she can go home, so...

I assume you've kept
this to yourself.


It's worth it. We're worth it.

Yes, we'reworth it.

Ask yourself.

Well, now, I see a
friendly face over there.

Whoa. Whoa, Nico. Whoa, whoa!

Pull the reins, boy.


That's my girl.

I bet you remember me.

Aw, you do remember me, girl.

You're a good old girl. Look at that, ma.
She remembers.

This got to be the place.

Let's have a look at
this new bride of his.



Are you miss belle gunness?


Well, ma'am. My name
is asle helgelein.

You must be my brother's wife.

I'm sorry, sir. I'm a widow.

You aremrs. Belle gunness?

Who'd you say you were?

I'm Andrew helgelein's brother.

I have these letters.

You, uh, recollect him now?

Oh, sure.

He just passed by.

My handyman took him
back into into town.

Um, such a shame he's not here.

Ray lamphere is his name.

He could tell you where he said
he was going. I can't recall.

Took him into town
and dropped him off.

He was going off...


You ray lamphere?

Lady here says you were the
last to see my brother Andrew.

You remember, ray. You
took him out of town.

Tell the gentleman.

Little guy. Cart full of wares.

I-I don't remember no cart.

Of course you do, ray.

Where was he headed?

Uh, I don't recall.

South, didn't you say?

South, I guess.

Well, maybe you'll
recall when I get back.

You were supposed
to be in town, ray.

What did you tell him?

Why'd you come back?

Giddy up!

Come on!

There's nothing else
to be done, belle.

This ain't gonna end good, and I
ain't taking the fall for this!

I've been an idiot as is.

Oh, ray, please don't go.

Me and Jenny... we need you.

It won't do either of us any
good for me to stick around.

You best get out of my way.

Hannah, you be good.

I, uh...

Just be good.

I expected you to run!

You're a coward, ray, and
you'll never outrun that!

You're on your own now!


You're on your own now.


How about some tea?

I'll go and put the kettle on.

What are you doing?

What do you mean?

What did you just
put in that cup?

And what are you talking about?

Where are they?

Darling, I was only
trying to help.

Yes, well, you're always
trying to help, aren't you?

But I've just about had
enough of you helping.

You keep me weak!

You know that's not true.

You keep me weak so
that I'll needyou.

Don't think I don't know
what you're trying to do!

I know what you're doing.

Do you really think
that I could forget?

Forget? Forget what?

You killed my son.

I could have been
happy with Jake!

It was your decision.

No, you bullied me into it!

I only did what I thought
was best for you.

No, you alwaysdo
what's best for you.

"20 to 30... The
best career years.

Oh, you can't take time
off now to have a baby."

That's what you said to me.
I've given you my life.

All my hopes, all my dreams...
I gave up everything for you.

Whatever you wanted,
whoever you wanted to be.

All I asked was that
you were fearless,

that you were the best.

And if I've made a mistake,

it's been in loving
you too much.

That is just nottrue.

Youwere never talented enough.

You were never pretty enough.

And you were never smart enough

to be able to do
anything by yourself.

That's why you had to live
your life through me.

Everybody knows it.

Jake pointed it out
to me all the time!

If you think Jake is gonna
be your white knight,

you're in for a rude awakening.

Do you think he won't
fool around on you?

Do you think he won't leave?
Men don't change, darling.

You're pathetic, and you
are nothing without me,

and I'm not gonna be your
meal ticket anymore.

I want you to leave!

Okay? I want you out of here.

Take those with you.
Just get out.

Go on, leave!

I love you, Rebecca.

I only ever wanted
you to be happy.

There's a body down here!

Oh, for Christ's sake, cut it.

Okay, cut! Thank you.

Of course there's a body!

I mean a realbody.

It's not a realbody.
It's a prop!

All right. All right!

Sit down, Mr. Fields.

Want cigarette?

Sure, thanks.

Ha ha, it was a joke.

Mr. Fields.

Let me tell you that I very
much enjoy your movies.

You know?

Thank you.

Especially that one with
the big snake, ha ha ha.

There are some questions.

Yes, I've been waiting.

We want to start with your wife.

My wife... what does she
have to do with this?

You said that she was
visiting her mother...

Yeah, yeah, yeah, she's
in Paris with her mother.

No, Mr. Fields,
she's not in Paris.

Uh, what does this have
to do with anything?

We had a disagreement.

Because she was having a
relationship with Mr. Stevens?

What? No.

She wasn't having a
relationship with Mr. Stevens.

Mr. Stevens was a homosexual.

What does this have
to do with anything?!

Why am I here?!

Nice, fuckwad.

While you're here, stay
the fuck away from me!

Give me a fucking break.

This is bullshit.

What? You think I... This
is fucking bullshit.

Mr. Fields, I think
that you need a lawyer.

Yeah, that's right. I'm not
gonna talk to you anymore.

I need a lawyer.

I just told you! I'm not
talking to you anymore!

I want to talk to
my fucking lawyer!


Are you familiar
with these objects?

Yeah, these are Bethany's.
Why are they like this?

They found those in the studio
around the burning house

with the body of a young woman.

Sit down, Mr. Fields.

What the fuck is going on?
Where's Bethany?

Sit down, Mr. Fields.

Don't fucking touch me!

Sit down!


Where's my wife?

I'm not talking to
you people anymore.

I want to talk to my lawyer.
Is my wife dead?

Mr. Fields, we need you
to identify the body.

After that, you must go
to the American embassy.

For the time being, please
give us your passport.





Please help me.

I... I called the police, but
I don't know what to do.

What the fuck is happening?

It was... it's all my fault.

Oh, god. Oh, my god.

I... I said horrible
things to her, Jake.

I was so mean and cruel.

No, read that.

Jake, I told her
she was hopeless,

and... oh, god.

I never meant her to do this.

Oh, god, Jake.


Beck, have you read this?


She killed Bethany.

They think I did it.

They think idid it.

Come here.

It's okay.


Yeah, yeah.

Oh, hey.

Yeah, she's right here.
Hold on one second.


It's your lawyer.


Hi, how are you?


What do you mean?

Why? Why would they do that?

Oh, god.

I've got to go.

What was all that about?

It's my mother.

They say she didn't
commit suicide.


They said she couldn'thave
slashed her own wrists.

What do they think
happened, then?

They think she was murdered.

I think you're being a little
melodramatic, aren't you?

What do you mean?

Well, don't act like you care.

I mean, you know that we could
have never been together...

With her breathing
down our necks.

You know that.

What? Don't look
at me like that?

I did this for us.

Now, all I ever wanted, all
I ever wanted was you.


And you never thought about it?

How much easier, how much nicer
it could be, it wouldbe?

You... you killed them?

It's flawless, Beck.

We can be happy.

Did... could you just
let go of me, please?

You need to understand.

They would have
never let us alone.

Not Bethany, not that
damn journalist,

and certainly not Mona.

You killed my mother.

Shh. I love you.

I will do whatever it
takes to keep you!

I will do whatever it
takes to keep you!

Oh, god.

Oh, god.

He doesn't know.

He will.

No, he won't.

How do you know?

Have you told him how we
cut his wife's throat?

He's not to be trusted.

You can see that.

None of them were to be trusted.

Please, I love him.

We're on our own now.

You think he loves you?

He's just a boy.

What does he know of anything?

And he'll leave you.

They all do.

This... this isn't who I am.

But this is who weare.

You are...



What's going on?
You can't sleep?


Come back to bed.

What are you doing?

You just reminded me of
that horrible movie.

You okay? Beck?




Don't call me Rebecca.

Très bien, ma chre. Très bien.

Oh, such a lovely girl.

And so talented.

- Oh, yes.
- It's a pity, isn't it?

Your late husband isn't here
to enjoy her, Mrs. Buchanan?

Yes, it is.

Well, don't worry
yourself, my dear.

We'll soon find you
a very good match.

I fear I haven't had
much luck with men,

but I'd be willing to try again.

It's worth it, isn't it?