Mektoub, My Love: Canto Uno (2017) - full transcript

Amin, a young screenwriter goes to his Mediterranean home town for a summer vacation where he falls in love with Jasmine, and meets a producer who agrees to finance his first film. But when the producers wife shows interest in Amin, leaving him to decide between her, Jasmine and his career.

"God is the light for the world"
John, 9: 5

"A light with a light, God will by this
to lead the light who pleases him "Quran, 24:35

August 1994

Your beeper is insufferable.

I still have three deliveries.
My mom is killing me. I have to go.

Stop it!
Do you not have deliveries?

Stop it!

Do I soap you?

Do that down.
- It's okay.

And my feet?

Be happy to do your buttocks.

Are you expecting someone?

Who is it?
- No idea.



- What are you doing here?

Is Toni here?
- No.

I saw his moped.
- What are you doing here?

I drove by.
I saw Toni's moped.

Is it going?
- Everything okay, and you?



It was Toni.
- Yes.

Everything fine?
- Yeah and you?

Come in.

You scared me.

How so?
- What are you doing here?

What are you doing here?

I made a ride
and now I was driving home.

I did not know you were back.

I arrived yesterday.
- Okay ... cool.

This is the house of my aunt.
- From your aunt?

From Elena?
- Yes.

I knew she lived somewhere here.

Is not she home?
- No.

She's in the hospital.
- Damn.

What does she have?
- Cirrhosis.

She's been in the hospital for three months.

My mother and I visit her every day.

It's serious, but that's life.

Do you want something to drink?

Like, no matter what.
- Beer. That's all I have.

I am happy to see you,
but you scared me.

- Because...


I think you've understood.

Look, I'm shaking.

Thank you.
- You're welcome.

Do you want to eat something?
- No thanks.

Watch how I beef. My legs...

You've already seen your parents? Everything fine?

What is it?
- Why do you change the subject?

No idea, the stress.

Why did Toni leave?

Did he have a delivery?

I think so.

I thought you were going with Clément.
I heard that.

- Yes what?

I'm going with Clément.
- I see.

Where is he?
- On the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle,

he keeps an eye on the air.

Let's talk about something else.

How are you doing on the farm, with your parents?
- Everything fine.

You stopped with medicine.

At the beginning of the semester.
- Why?

I did not like it anymore.
It was no longer what I wanted.

By what?

The subjects changed in the second year.

I do not know if I do that
want to do my whole life.

What are you doing now?

I am on vacation here.

I heard that you are still writing.
- I've finished a scenario.

I sent it
to a few producers in Paris.

You wait for reactions?
- As usual.

A lot of waiting! Sounds cool.

How long will you stay?
- No idea, a month or two.

Maybe three.
Depends on the reactions.

Whether I should return to Paris, or not.

Everything okay with your brothers and your sisters?

You know my sister is going to divorce.

She lives at home again.

Soon the guardianship
arranged for her son.

Currently it's no fun.
- I understand that.

That's the way it is.

And your brothers?
- They're okay.

Do you remember that Martin took the exam
for policeman?

He was successful.
- Cool.

Alexis does not know what he wants to be yet.

Parachutist or policeman.

I do not know anymore ...

They are busy with order and discipline.

Like you, order and discipline.

You saw that correctly.

I do not know if I am their sister.

Do you want to?

From your farm?
- Of course.

- Nothing.

Say it.

Clément would be better
keep an eye on something else.

Very funny.

Are you buying me with strawberries?
- Not at all.

How long do you deal with Toni?

- How long do you deal with Toni?

It started four years ago.

I say "started" because ...

It's not like we're together for four years.

We have been together for four years.


Four years.


there is nothing.

But it's not ...

I do not know.

Did not you get married?
- Yes ... We will.

It goes on?
- I think so.

Yes, it still goes on.

It's complicated.

I understand that.

You keep this for yourself.

I do not know if you're discussing it with Toni ...

No, he never said anything to me.

He never said anything to me.

And you neither.

I know.

Do you still take pictures?

I want to start again.

That will be ...
Not me. That is over.

It was annoying.
- You posed

while you gave the impression
to feel uncomfortable.

Not at all.

- I do not pose.

Go back a bit.

I was joking.

Which is good.

Do you remember the photos we took?
- And or.

You never showed them to me.

My mother cleaned up my room
and left them on my desk.

It is time to show them to me.

Shall I look at your desk at home?

I would come, but ...

We will make others.


When you have more experience.

If I have to pose again for four hours
for one photo ...

You enjoyed it, for sure.
- Very much.

It was really fun.
No, it was cool.


This time it will go faster.
I have become better.

Take your photos in Paris?

I took a lot.
I'm busy, but I already took a lot.


Are you showing them to me?

If you want, but you obviously do not want to.
- Anyway!

Do you have a girlfriend there?

Do you have a girlfriend in Paris?
Did you already take pictures of her?

- No pictures or no girlfriend?

- I see you laughing.

Who do you think I am?

I know a few girls in the restaurant ...

Colleagues. No more?

No more. Nothing official.

Just unofficial.

A bit like you.

Leave it, okay?

You have changed.
- For real?

You have grown.
- Nonsense!


Do you think?
- You're almost handsome.

I take that as a compliment.

Are you helping me?
- Do I make you nervous?

You can say it.
- I still have a beef, I think.

Do not move.


We go.

I will go first.

It's good. Come on.

May I?
- Yes.

You are by bike?

It's really beautiful here.
I have to bring my device.

I bought a new one.
- It's worth it.

Do you also cycle in Paris?
- No.

I do not have a bike there.

I take the metro.

And the metro ... and the metro ...

And the metro and the metro?

Do you live in the subway?
- Something like that.

You should not have left.
- Yes but...

Is not it nice to live there?

Look around you!

That's true.

When you're used to it,
it will get bored.

This never bores.

Out of habit everything gets bored.
I would like to go to Paris.

When I go back, you come along
and I lead you around.

For real?

A statue on the Place de la Nation
reminds me of you.

- You will see that.

Tell me why.
- You will see it.

Turn around. Discrete...

For real.

We agree?
- Yes.


Excuse me, does it bother when we get there?

Usually we are there.
- For real?

That is really our place.

Do people often sit at your place?

It's not really our place,

but usually we come here.

Come ...
This is my cousin Amin.

And you are called?
- I am Charlotte.

Cute, they talk at the same time.

And you?
- Céline.

He's Tony ... My cousin.
- That's me.

Do you live in the neighborhood?

No, we're from Nice. And you?

Yes, we live in the neighborhood.

Are you on vacation?
- Yes.

Are you staying for a long time?
- Two weeks.


Are you renting something?

We stay with my grandmother.
- Your grandma.


Why are you laughing?
- I do not know.

You make me laugh.

What are you doing?

I manage a number of things.

- Restaurants.

Because "manage things"
sounds a bit strange.

Two restaurants here,
two in Tunisia.

For real? Are you serious?
Where in Tunisia?

In Hammamet.

Do you know that city?
- Hammamet is not. Tunisia, though.

Have you ever been there?
- Two years ago with my parents.

Where did you go?
- Sousse, Tunis and Djerba.

We may be going soon.
- I hope so.

- Yes, we're going to my father.

Does he live there?
- Yes, he manages the restaurants.

While you manage it here.

Those from here and from there.
- You manage 4 restaurants.

You are...
- I am the manager.

I understand. I apologize.

What are you doing?
- I'm at the trade school.

Dance school.
- That's nice.

My cousin moved to Paris.
- I do medicine.

And he writes scenarios.
Science fiction.

The latter was science fiction.
- What is it about?

Do not you want to tell us?
- It's something ...

that will happen on the earth in the future.

In 2020, 2022, something like that.

The people live together with robots
they look like people.

There is a love story
about a man and a robot woman.

A handsome robot woman.
- Cute.

Do you like movies?

Yes very much.
- Stars come to the restaurant.

For real?

Then it's known.
- Certainly.

It is called Hammamet Sun.

Do you know?

Hammamet Sun.
- I know.

For real?
- I was there with my grandmother last year.

Is it tasty?
- It was nice.

Did you eat well?
- Yes.

Have you been amused?
- Huge.

Have you seen stars?
- Nobody noticed me.

Sometimes Jessica Paterson comes
from Flames or Passion.

She and her husband live in the neighborhood.

Aldo Maccione is also coming.

Do not you know Aldo Maccione?

- Aldo Maccione.

La classe?

You do not know him?
- Who is he?

A very famous actor.
- I do not know him.

You do not know La classe?

Is that a movie?
- No, a way of walking.

He does it in all his films.
- La classe?

He invented a way of walking?
- A pass.

Go ahead, show me.

Do you want to see it?
- Yes, show.

Give us a demonstration.
Maybe we know it.

He starts ...

and does a few steps.

With a jump?

That jump tells me something.

Aldo la classe.

Look, even backwards.

Never seen?

You do not know?

Been in the water?
- Yes.

How is the water?
- Delicious.

Come on, we're going to swim.
- OK.

Do you come?
- I'm going to rub myself.

I'll be right.

- They already hold hands.

They look happy.

I hope so.

Do you want some?

Do you want to become a dance teacher?
- No, dancer.

Dancer, okay ...

With an orchestra? In a company?

Cabaret and in a dance company.

Come to Paris. That's what it ticks.
- Right.

The best cabarets are in Paris anyway?
It is known for it.

I do not know Paris well.
- I could show you around.

Notice, I do not forget anything like that.

I hope so.

Have you never been to Paris?
- A couple of times.

I visited museums.
- There are beautiful museums.

The Louvre, Musée d'Orsay.
A lot of interesting museums.

Paris is beautiful. Unusually.
You can take beautiful pictures.

Are you a photographer too?
- I take pictures. I like that.

I never photographed a dancer.
- For real?

What do you think?
- Take photos of me?

I am not photogenic.
- For real?

But you dance well?
- A photo does not show a dance movement.

You do not know.

A photo says a lot.
It's not a snapshot,

especially with dance.

With an attitude, a movement
you can do a lot.

Okay then.

- Of course.

If you show me around in Paris.
- Gladly.

Give and take.

Where are those two?

Do you see them?
- No.

There they are.

Charlotte leaves no grass on it.

It's up to her.
- Also to your nephew.

No matter, she is not.

But she is sensitive to it.
- That's true.

Are we going too,
before they do stupid things?

Not that we will change anything.
- That's for sure.

I need some luck.

Hey, men!


How's my nephew doing?


You are always in good company.

Hello, girls.

I'll introduce you ... Charlotte.

Uncle Kamel.
- Céline.

Aimé, pleasant acquaintance.

He is a friend of the family.

You are not from here.

We are going to eat.

Are you going to eat couscous?

The couscous is not finished yet.
- I take them to the restaurant.

First drink something and then eat.

We can eat together.
- We'll see each other there.

But the couscous is not finished yet.

We see each other there.
- Come in or I'll come outside.

You do not have to come out.
- I do not need? I am coming.

My uncle is a special case.

I do not have scabies.
Come and have a drink inside.

Come on.
- A rosé.

I do not need two of you.

She wants to.

Look, I'm a thief,
but I only steal hearts.

Are you shy?
- Not at all.

Do you give something for my friends?

What will it be?
- Nothing, I do not need anything.

A nothing with a bit of mint.

A gin-fizz for her and a rosé for me.

And a nothing with some currency.

Everything fine?
- They seem to like it.

Sète seems to like them.

We saw each other on the beach.

You are here with two sweet boys.

The very best.

They are fiery!

He said that you are handsome.

Exactly. Do not be so bad.

Is it, Céline?
- Yes of course.

Can I have a look?

- I know someone

that you will want to paint.

- His father.

A real artist.

My father paints.
- They also.

You did not tell me that.

She will be entertained.

You're going to Hammamet?

Did he tell you about Hammamet?

Only bring a toothbrush.
The rest is there.


Pool, great villa.
A top holiday.

Chicha, mint tea.
- Exactly.

I told her about my father.
She will not believe it.

Believe me, she'll believe it.

No, she will not believe it.

Where is your glass?

This is for you.

And where is mine?

You can drink later.

Is business going well?

Very good. I'm proud of you.

You are a good manager.

He manages all restaurants.

Yes, he told us.
- The boss.

I also manage the bar.

If you are not the future, who is?

He's an artist, though.

Did he talk about his plans?
- He did.

Firm, is not it?
He is the pride of the family.

Did he already take photos of you?

You have to ask him.

Are you going to eat couscous?

Are you interested in 'n couscous
with my cousins ​​and me?

She did not understand.
- That is why I prefer not to answer.

Scarface never seen?

That is not possible.

She is so cute.

See you later, uncle?
- See you later.

We may still come.
- We're there.

Hello, Charlotte.

Chez Maryse.

Céline, you have stolen my heart.
I swear.

Tasty, girls.

Will I get another one?

Great ass.
- I'm in love. Do not talk about her like that.

Good evening ladies and gentlemen.

This is a typical Tunisian decor.

Camels ...

The port of Hammamet, 13th century.

In reality it is even more beautiful,
with a sunset.

At sunset you will be blown away.

You are watching.

It sounds great.
- You will see it.

Why are you laughing?

Good evening, ladies.

Everything fine?

Nice to meet you.

Are you coming to eat?

On the terrace?
- Outside, it's too crowded here.

This is my mother.

She is handsome.

You are handsome.

Did I speak too loudly?


This is Charlotte, a friend.

My mother Hatika, my sister Lamia.

We sit outside.

That's the actor I was talking about.

And next to him, look good.

No family trait?

Your father?
- Indeed.

He made a movie in Hammamet
and came to our home.

So you see how he will look like.
- Exactly.

My brother is handsome, is not it?
- Yes.

Has he already imitated Maccione?

He did it. It is mandatory.

Isabelle Adjani. Clearly.

That's Jessica Paterson,
from the series.

Her husband, Jack, the producer.
Our mayor.

Your brother...

He has taken everything out of the closet.

Now it's a Chinese restaurant.

No Chinese, but Vietnamese.
Completely different.

He wants to impress you.

I'm lost!

Aunt, can I show them the kitchen?

A look behind the scenes.

Such handsome girls
do not take you into the kitchen.

It's also a matter of hygiene.

You see?

My uncle, the aunt's husband.

The father of Amin.


The cousin of my mother.
It took me a long time to understand.

Do we serve you outside?

You can choose between Tunisian and Asian.

Everything okay, young?
- Is not there anyone?

She is for you.
- Cool, perfect.

Awesome. We're going to sit there.


Can we view the menus?

Toni, can you come here?



He is together with two beautiful girls.

They're pretty, are not they?
- Yes, very handsome.

Time for a sermon, Toni.
- Why such a long face?

Where were you all day?

At Amin.
- You would work.

You go too far.
- We come to dinner. It's a restaurant.

We just met them.

You come in boasting ...

Do you like blondes?
I did not know that.

You betrayed me.

Tomorrow I will be there at 7.30 am.

Toni, you should have called.
We could not deliver.

Amin is there.
- We have had to pay.

Let us know something.
- Tomorrow morning at 7.30.

Do not let us down.

Good evening.

Is everything all right?
- Yes, everything okay.

You seem lost.
- Not at all.

What are you doing?
- We read the menu.

Excuse me.

Come sit with us.

We are here with Amin and Toni.
- Toni is my cousin.

Do not stay there alone.

I introduce you to Melinda ...

and Thomas.

What's your name?
- Céline.

I am Charlotte.

I did not introduce myself.
- Also true.

Joe ...

You are not coming from here?
- No, from Nice.

We leave them alone for a while and ...

We keep them company.

What are you up to?

What are you doing here?

Are not you home?
- Never.

What's up?

Be careful. Watch out.
This one is here.

Stop, we are family.

Not at all. I do not trust you.

To drink something?

- Over there.

Chez Maryse.
Music, dancing, drinking.

You can eat afterwards.

Are we going to dance?
- Do you like to dance?

Céline, do you want to stay here?

Céline wants to dance with me.

We're going to dance. Then we see.

Over there?
- Across.

Do you like to dance?
- I love to dance.

We have something in common.
- Why?

I like dancing.
I do not dance well, but I like it.

Show me how good you are.

We'll see.
- What do you want to drink?

How are you?

Quiet. And with you?

Are you going to show you dance talents here?

Imagine me?
- I did not see you.

Céline, Ophélie.

Are we going to dance?

How are you?
- Good and how are you?

Ophélie is a childhood friend.

I'll get the drinks.

I'm not a dancer,
but I do what I want.

Come on, Charlotte.

Are we going to drink something?

Do you want something?
- No, it's okay.

What are you going to drink?

Nice place.
- Yes, it's cool.

Do you take something for me?

Do you know that?

Can I hide her away?

Show me what you can do.

No, do not try to copy me.

It's more ...

The hips.
- Women use their hips.

We too, but ...
It's like a plane that's taking off.

You stopped with medicine?

- Why? Medicine is good.


Is it going?

Cool friends!

You burned me with your cigarette.
- Punished!

He's going to take your girlfriend away.

You can not take my girlfriend away.

I did not intend that either.

Thank you, you are a top guy.

I knew you could dance well.

I'm thirsty. We're going to drink something.
- Me too.

Amuse yourself?
- Certainly.

On the intense dance ...

"Wise is he who saved the heart
from his youth. "

Do you want to sit down?

I'm warm.
- I can imagine it.

I'm hot, but it was nice.

It's fun to dance like that.

You were in good company.
- That's true.

It was a beautiful spectacle.
- For real?

You also danced.
- A little.

A little?
- Not as good as you.

No not so much.

And not so good either.
- No, that is not true.

I knew it.

That you dance so well.

I do not dance well.
I am fun.

And I?
Do I dance well?

It was good. You dance well.

You encourage others to dance.
- For real?

How do I interpret that?
- No idea.

I dance badly,

but does others turn to dance well?

Sorry. I did not mean that.

Try to save you from this.
Fast! I have not heard anything.

Forget it.
You dance very well.

Do you want a cigarette?

It's warm in here.

Yes, I'm also hot.

Do you have a friend in Nice?

Why not?

Are they blind in Nice?
- It is not.

It's up to me, point.

If beauty is a crime,
you get lifelong.

Because you're super nice.

Is that a local joke?

No, it's my joke.
Nobody takes it away from me.

I do not doubt that.

Anyway, I mean it.
- You are sweet.

Is not it mutual? Give me a compli ...
Just kidding.

I'm teasing you.

Nothing to say?
- About what?

I do not know. You stare at me.

I do not know.

Do I confuse you?
- Yes, but it's okay.

You completely undermine me.

I'm warm.

But it is not because of the heat.

By what then?
- Your presence.

There is a sunbeam for me.
- For real?

I can tan brown.

Do you want to get a fresh nose?


After you.
- Thank you, that's sweet.

The courtesy.
Where are you going?

We're going to the restaurant, are not we?
- The restaurant?

The Hammamet.
- That side ...

The Hammamet is there.

The bar where I met you.

The best pizzeria of Sète.

On the other side, the video club.

Want to see a movie?
- No thanks.

There you have a nice view of the harbor.

And right in front of you ...

My lips.

The hostile army threw laughing gas

to our brave and courageous soldiers.

If you want to watch TV all day,
you had better stay in Paris.

What does that mean?

Movies, always movies.
- It's almost done.

Turn it off, look at it later.

Watch movies in the evening.

Come on, honey.
- I'll turn it off.

Here, honey.

You look pale.

Your punishment for being in the dark.

Amuse yourself today.
- I'm going outside.

Walk in the sun, go to the beach.

Have fun.

Do not you eat with me?

I do not have time.
I have to go work.

Hatika ...

will already be angry.

Did you see how she was in the restaurant?

She was whining behind the bar.

With that disapproving frown.
She never laughs at the customers.

I do not know what's wrong,
I do not understand her.

I do not understand her.
First it came through the separation.

She waited impatiently.

Now that your uncle has signed all papers,

and gave her everything,
she still complains.

I do not understand the women anymore.

As if it were my fault

that your uncle was constantly deceiving her.

It's not my fault.

I can not tell everything.
It is not that she knew nothing.

She knows him from when they were children.

I feel sorry for Toni.

Did you see how he did?
His mother who calls all the time.

She responds to him,
but she has a problem with my brother.

He has to pay for it.

It's the fault of his parents.

You see how parents treat their children
to be confused?

That is Toni's feet.

And you know how I take it for your uncle,

but he bears part of the debt.

He is in the sun all the time.

He is brown all year round.

I'm talking about Toni
and he is constantly talking about massages.

"Send him.
There are women, massages ...

nice things to eat.
He can have fun. "

That's the only thing he thinks.

How do you want him to be stable?

That is why he has no fixed relationship.

But now, with Ophélie ...

is it good. He insists.

- Why?

He has nothing with Ophélie.

You tell nonsense.
Of course he has something.

He would have told me.

Trust me.

He and Ophélie are a couple.
A good couple!

She is with Clément.
- Clément ... He's gone.

When he is here, she is with him.
When he's gone ...

Believe me.

I know what I'm saying.
If I say so, it's true.

But Toni is not the problem.

As long as his parents behave like that,
he will always remain restless.

What about you? Your father is working.
I work. I do everything.

Why are you in the dark?
Do you have a problem?

No, I'm going out.
- Have fun.

You did not come to ...

Let the gloom in Paris.
Okay, honey?

I want you to be entertained.

And the beautiful blonde?

She is very beautiful and funny.
You can have fun together.

Very funny.

She said:
"Where is my baby?"

Do not be difficult.
Otherwise she finds another.


Are you going to have fun?
Do not crawl back into your room.

- I'm going to take pictures.

Of course, take photos.
But stay outside.

In the sun.
- I'll go to the beach.

Provide a color.

You are very nice tan.

I'm leaving. Another sip ...

Leave everything.
Just cover it, okay?

You do not say anything about what I look like.
- Perfect.


Tell that to the girls.


Good day.
Do not come to the restaurant.

I want to see you outside.
Lots of fun.

Tell me everything tonight.

Are you serious?

That's fine, right?

I wanted to tell you something.


Do it, nobody listens.

It's about Toni.

People ask me strange questions.

Your cousin and I were sitting here.

She has stared at me for ten minutes.

With such a suspicious look.

She said, "What is it?
You act strange. You seem sad. "

Do you know what she said next?

"Any news from Clément?"

I said, "Yes, I got a letter
three days ago."

She asked, "Is he doing well?"

I said, "Yes, everything is okay."

And then: "Have you already answered?"

"Not yet, but I'm going to do it."

"You have not answered him yet?"

I do not know what she's up to.

I said, "Not yet."

She asked me when he comes back.

I say that the date is never fixed.
It can always be extended.

He rarely comes home earlier.

Then she said:
"There is a tradition for marriage.

You must commit a sin. "

I said, "A sin?
Which tradition? How do you mean?"

I did not understand.
"What do you mean by a sin?"

She looked at me:
"Committed a sin."

"That's new to me."
"And," she said, "are you going to follow the tradition?"

I said, "No, I'm on vacation.
I am busy with other things. "

She said, "Okay."

She kept challenging me.
I did not understand.

She worked on my nerves.

Say it right in my face.
She wanted me to speak out.

She insinuated things.
- Exactly.

"Would you share your secrets with me?
You're my best friend. "

I told her, "What do you want?"

She looked at me with a smiling smile.

"I'm looking for the truth."

I replied: "No comment."

Then she stood up

and said:
"If you have something to say, call me."

She went away, but kept looking back.

She does not know anything.

But you know how she is.

Toni has been with that brill for a week.
I do not say anything.

All the better.
- Indeed.

Relax. Nobody finds out.

Nobody finds out ...

It's better that nobody finds out.

It reminds me
what Clement said before he left.


You do not remember the last time?
- What did he say?

Everyone was there.
He was drunk by the whiskey.

Do not you remember?
- What did he say?

Why are you laughing?
- I remember Toni's face.

He turned pale.
- What did he say?

Just before he left for the Golf.

In 1990, at the end of August,
just before he left.

We sat at the bar. He was drunk.

He interrupted us.

He said, "My future wife ...

you are going to have fun together, no problem.
She amuses herself with you, no problem. "

A silence.
I saw Toni turned pale.

Then he said:
"But if someone touches her,

I cut off his balls
and let me eat them! "

Forget it...
- I still see that look.

That does not surprise me,
but that is not the worst.

He left and came back,
but he was totally changed.

He's got worse now.

With everything he has seen,
what did he do,

the dead he saw in Mali, Kosovo, Rwanda,
during his missions,

maybe he went mad.
What does he do when he finds out?

You have to emigrate.
I'm not joking.

I am the only one he trusts.

He likes you because you study

and you are respectful. No more.

If he finds out
that you knew about Toni ...

Forget about it.
Then everything explodes.

Do not worry.

- What?

- What do you mean by "actually"?

You opened my eyes.
I have a bomb in my hands.

That's true.

You have a bomb
and you will explode with it.

I can get a lot for it.
- You're crazy. What can you get?

Are you going to blackmail me?
- It had not occurred to me yet.

You're not going to say anything. Are you crazy?


You have to die with it.
It's the only way.

What do you want for your silence?
- No idea.

Do you want money?

Money is not my thing.
I think something better.

I'll let you think about it, okay?

Do not worry. I find something.

You can get everything you want.

Almost everything.

Do not say that.

Just kidding.

I'll sweat Toni a little.

He will give you everything, I swear.

He would even
his wife and his children.

What do you have?
- Nothing.

And you?

In the beginning he called me all the time,

he asked me to eat out.

He was very sweet, very romantic.

You already told me that.

But the last three days ...


I'll call him. He never calls back.

Allegedly because his battery is empty.

Last, I waited for him ...

We would go to the beach.
I waited two hours.

He came
and pretended everything was normal.

For real? And what was his excuse?

What did he say? He said...

"I had problems with my aunt,
with the restaurants. "

He already flunked me three or four times.

For real?
I did not know it was that often.


It can be true.
He always has an excuse.

Maybe it's true.

Maybe I'm suspicious
and everything goes well.

If you are together with someone,
you can not be together 24 hours a day.

Then there is no problem.

It means that we trust each other

and that we are really together.

Even when I wait for him,
as soon as we are together

everything goes very well.

Even though it is too late.


It's normal. He has his restaurant.

It is normal that he has so much to do.

She is actually jealous.
While she knows nothing.

Does she think I want to take her boyfriend away?

Even if he is not around,
she does so.

She looks at me and I think:
"What do you want from me?"

I do not imagine it.

And there are hundreds of questions.
I saw them talking together.

And they looked at me.
My father is killing me.

Hurry up!
- Given what time it is!

Grab them!

Collect them, Galaxy.

To the right. Right.

Collect them!

Take my bag, please.

Galaxy, to the left!
- Arob, come here.

Is this an hour to come home?
- We went to Amin.

The day your mother visits your aunt
in the hospital!

He wanted to take photos.

That is not really nice of you.

How's her?
- Always the same.

You are not alone.
Your sister is there, and your niece.

Arob, here.

Do you make the goats go inside?

Of course, Dad.

You go too far.

You go too far.
- How so?

Hurry up!

Arob, come to me.

To the right, to the right!

Collect them!

You too, little one.

Galaxy, to the right!

Are you going to close?
- You do it.

Everything okay with you?

You'll have to hear it tonight ...

I know. He is waiting for me.
I knew it.

Shall I prepare the bottles?

The bottles are ready.
- I know.

Did you see how long it took
to get them in?

Too late. Too hot.
This is not possible.

I go to the cheese factory.
- How are Elena doing?

How does Elena do it?

Not good. Not good at all.

I'm going to give the bottles,
I put my stuff away first.

Do not delay.
- I'll be right back.

We will talk later?
- OK.

Do not you want your towel to dry?

I understand that if you end up in a group
you want to assert.

But not so.

She works on my nerves.

And I am friendly.

By being unfriendly,
do not make friends.

He is not even her boyfriend.

She is an adventure for him.

Do you put the teat on?

Was it fun on the beach?
- Very nice.

We laughed a lot.
- All the better.

- See you later.

Do you have number 55?
- That's it.

Are you ready?
- Another one.


Do you still need us?

He told me a lot about her.
He does not care about her.

She does not leave him alone.

He does not ask to come.
What does he care about.

He usually takes them once
and then it's over.

She stays around
because her girlfriend is there.

I would not want to
that he tells me about it.

Do you want to know?
- Say it.

He said she is cold.

She is cold or she is getting ready too soon.

Whatever the case, it is not good.

That's what he said.
I would not like it.

That means he does not care about it.
He does not love her.

She swallows it.
Do you know what I think?

She thinks I'm jealous,

but she's jealous of me,

Why should I be jealous?
- She must not be jealous.

Jealous of me?

She has all the reasons for the world.

She thinks I want to take off Toni.

She does not know that he is already mine.

I do not give a hoot.
I'm not jealous.

Toni and I discussed it.
That's how it goes.

I do what I want and he too.

I do not say anything, he does not say anything.

I do not like her attitude.

When you end up in a group,
do not shoot yourself with angry looks.

We are not equal.

Take it easy.

Do you like her?

I mean, could you make love with her?

You do not have to marry.

Not even a quickie.
She's a bad bitch.

You like that.

I was in the clouds when he told me.

I did not ask for details.
It was sufficient.

I wanted to hear it.

Has the little white eaten?

Yes, he eats first.

Number 78.

Her friend.

I love her.

We are amusing ourselves. You see?

I do not understand why she is friends
with Charlotte.

They are completely different.

Céline is cool.
She is friendly.

Charlotte is always a rival.

Did Toni tell you he is in love with her?

He told me
that she's just a cover.

- Nothing?

Then he does not care about her.


No never.

Would you tell me?

Swear it.
- I swear.

It's something between you.

I do not care if he does
say something about her.

He did not say anything even drunk.

And that often happens.

But he was not drunk
when he told me that.

He said, "She's a cover.

If she was not,
it had been someone else.

You never know.

I often collect goods.
The people ask questions ... "

I said:
"Nobody wonders what.

Nobody suspects anything.
You should not exaggerate.

I get it!
You take her enough. "

I did not say that.
He would think I was jealous.

I'm not jealous.
- Not really?

No not at all.
I do not give a hoot.

He does what he wants.

Excuse me, I'm looking for Toni.

Toni is not there.


Go see next.

I'm looking for Toni.

Toni? He's doing a delivery,

I think. Délinda?

Do you know where Toni is?
- No. He is not here.

Hello, girls. How are you?

That is a long time ago.
Do you want something to eat?

Not at all.
- We're looking for Toni.

Are not you going out with me tonight?

Yes indeed.

Did you said here?

I thought so. He said:
"I'm gone, I'm going to get ready."

He actually had to work,
but he said he was going to dance.

That is true.
- Are you lucky that you are going to dance?

You do not look good.
- It's alright.

Are you sure?

Has Toni done anything?
- No, it's okay.

I'll finish it.

Tell me, I already work for him twice

so he can go out with you.

Is it okay between you and Amin?
Everything is OK?

My son has a good taste.

You are so Beautiful.

You are both pretty.

Those guys are lucky.
Have a nice evening.

Amin is here.
He plays pool.

Okay, great.
- I did not want Amin to help.

Serving a year in Paris ...

That's enough.

Did he tell you?
- Something.

Now he has to enjoy.
Amuse you with him.

I will accompany you.
You do not want to drink or eat anything?

No, that's very sweet.

For real?

You have to watch your line.

See you later, maybe.
- I hope so.

What are you doing here?

Céline, is not it?

You're handsome, honey.

Everything fine?
You are so pretty!

Stay as you are.

You always look sad.

Not at all.

Are you crying?
- Not at all.

For real?
- Of course.

You are lying.

She's going to cry like that.
Come here.

Everything is alright.
- Come here.

I feel sorry for her! Momo!

What's wrong?
- It's okay.

For real?
- I swear.

You feel sorry for everyone.

Are not you ashamed?

Be more like Céline.
Look, she joins.

Sit down.
- No, it's okay.

Sit down, honey.

- No man...

Give her a glass.
- Give her a glass.

Céline knows about mittens.
- This can not be true.

What is going on here?

Are you crazy?
Why is she on your lap?

Leave her alone.
- Anything. Stand up.

Take care of Charlotte.
- And you do not say anything?

Charlotte, come here.

Now you exaggerate.
She is 20.

She is the friend of Amin.
Stand up, honey.

Of course I know who she is.
She is Céline.

Release her.
He is drunk. Do not mind him.

I am drunk.
- Indeed.

We were talking about you.
- Not about her.

She's a sweetheart.
Why was she on your lap?

Sit down. Keep calm.

He is drunk. Do not mind him.

Is everything alright?
Your girlfriend does not feel well.

I'm sure Toni did something.
- No, it's okay.

If I go with you tonight,
I will deal with him.

What is it now?

Nothing. I'm going to sit.

I'm going with you.
I do not trust him.

Stop it, Kamel.

Hello, young people!

Is my son here? Amin!

I do not see you anymore.

Everything fine?
You are so pretty!

Come here, honey.

I do not know
what Toni did to her.

She says everything is okay,
but look at her.

Come on for her.
- Do not worry, Mom.

Laugh at me, honey.

See you later.

Where is your girlfriend?
Where is she?


Do not you love children?
- Nope.

This is unacceptable.

You disgrace your cousin.

Go inside!

Go play pool!
- No respect!

We're waiting for you
to make spring rolls.

I can not do everything.
You do not help me.

Why are you here,
to drink and to eat?

Wait, Délinda.

I'll send Kamel.
Kamel, go help Momo.

I mean, she is my true love.

You are always in love when you are drunk.

Go back with the young people.

She wants it.

What does she want?

A hug.
- You will.

Did you see all those handsome boys?

They are children.

I believe that.
Because she was on your lap ...

We are handsome.
- She jumps on everyone.

Not at all.
She falls on beauty.

He lied about everything.

All the more reason to not be sad.

He made fun of me.
- Quiet.

I do not care that he does
is not a manager or is older than he says.

But say that he loves me ...

He does not care,
but I fell in love with him.

I'm falling in love with him ...
But now I know everything.

I know everything.

With Ophélie,
with everyone, now I know!


Stop crying, Charlotte, please.
You have to talk to him.

If it was just for sex,
he should have said it.

He did not have to make holiday plans,
or to say that he loves me,

that I am the woman of his life.

I am also on vacation.
I also want to entertain myself.

You have to see me now.
- I know, but ...

I do not know what was said,
but do not get upset ...

Say to yourself
that you did not come for that

and even though it takes time,
you have to overcome this.

Nobody deserves this.

Everyone likes you, even my mother.

No, they feel sorry for me.

They feel sorry
because they are from the beginning


Look at me, please.
Calm, try ...

We're going to drink something.
Try to forget it.

Try to relax tonight.
Tomorrow it will be better.

Do not let it hit you anymore.

It'll be fine.


Come on.

How do you say "I love you"
in Arabic?

"I love you"?

"I love you."
We're making things a bit more complicated.

"I am madly in love".

How do you say that?

No? That's it.
I swear.

No, it's ...
- What is it then?

What does that mean?
- "I love you."

I'm sure.

Who knows better than you?



I'm sure.
I hear it in my head.

Trust me!

I'm sure.

We ask the family.

I say so
and we'll see if you believe it.

I want to believe it.

I'm sure of my piece.

Are you sure?
- I'm sure of my piece.

I know that it is not.

We ask.

We're going to take a bet.
- Hello, girls.

My nephew!
- How are you?

Hello, Charlotte. How are you?

Everything fine?


How are you?

You are dressed up like that.
- Ready to party?

Look at you.
- All done.

Let's see.

She wears the same top as you.
- Not the same.

With black at the bottom?
She carries the same thing as you.

No, that's her bra.

And back?
Do you have a bare back?

No, it's crossed.
Those of me look like straps.

That of you is a tip.

Have you seen Toni, Ophélie?

Did you see H im?

I saw him walk past.

Where did he pass?

She is drunk.
- What did she say?

Where did he pass?

We're going to have a good time tonight.

He walked past. Fast.

A question!
- Set them up.

We went to a bet.
What is "I love you" in Arabic?

Is that a trick question?
- Say nothing.

What did you say?

That's right?
- Did you hear it?

That's right?
- I do not know.

Yes, that's it. No doubt possible.

Are not they both correct?

I heard that.
- You certainly look like you.

The two are possible.
- What's the difference?

We're asking a third party that ...


How do you say it?

See you now?
- She says it as if she is certain.

That is normal.

That is it. I told you.

They are both right.

It is one or the other.
Both can not.

We ask it ...

A third party?

A second third party.

That does not exist.
- The tigste party.

Do you want something to drink?
- Champagne?

Or rum.
- We drink rum.

I do not know why.

He's hot.

Champagne or rum?


Aunt is there.

There she is!

- The best of all.

You're too busy looking at yourself.

Have you forgotten your aunt?
- Nietes, I really missed you.

Yeah, right. Is everything alright?
- Absolutely.

So handsome.

- Amin.

So nice to see you.

The hair is you.
- It has grown, hey.

Is it going?
- Awesome.

You do not love me anymore.
- Why do you say that?

As a child he wanted to marry me.
Not anymore.

Were you in love with your aunt?

Who not?

Just hold on.

Come here.

How are you, girls?
Good looking.

You are the most beautiful.

Charlotte, Aunt Camelia.
- Pleasant.


What a nice couple.

What a cute couple.


And Paris? Tell.
- OK.

Like I said on the phone.

I am happy to be here.
It went as it should.

Was it not too cold?

I am happy to see the sun, the colors.
- The sea...

Everything is black and white in Paris.

Did you not get bored?
- I did not have time for it.

The work in the restaurant ...

Did not she say that I write scenarios?

She told that.
Have you met Belmondo?


We do not live in the same neighborhood.

You will meet him someday.
- I hope so.

It would be great if I were
meet him professionally.

Ask him a signature.
- I will.

Say, "Here, for Fernando."
I would work for my whole life free of charge.

How are you doing? Holidays?
Mama said you were in Tunisia.

It was great.

Was it your first time?
- I've never been to Africa before.

Have you traveled around?

We went to the family in Tunis.

We were with Toni's father.

He's okay, is happy.
I'm happy.

He has received us well.

He has people with him all day.

They cook for him, work in the garden,

the swimming pool...
All girls ... young girls.

He prefers young girls, like his son.

With thick buttocks.
That's why Uncle Kamel wants to go there.

As always naughty.
- Uncle?

Naughty and a liar, like Toni.

The apple does not fall far from the tree.

You can not deny that.

Like father Like Son.

Something always happens.

Did you get the print that I sent?

The painting?
- It's amazing.

When I saw him in the museum,
I had to send him.

I have not let him see you yet.

When you enter the restaurant,

there is a painting,
the portrait of a woman.

Van Renoir. He painted it ...

a century ago.
The woman has aunt's face.

So weird.

I got goose bumps when I looked at it.

Me too. I was blocked.

I was a star in a previous life.
I inspired a great painter.

You like that, do not you?
You have not changed yet.

I am beautiful.
- The most beautiful.

I hope so.
- More beautiful than the painting.

It will!

We're going to drink something
instead of standing here as fools.

You are emaciated.
As a child you were a fat boy.

He was so fat that he could not step.

Why do you say that?
Do not listen.

You do not have your cute cheeks anymore.

Your mother gave you the breast for two years.

How does the future bride and groom make it?

How are you?

You are already drunk.
Where are you going to end?

Did you drink?

I, drink? Never.


What is that?
- Do you want some champagne?

How far are the plans?

We are almost there.
Uncle would help us.

He wants to do it there,
but we planned it here.

In Tunisia? Magnificent!

But we want it here.
- Marriage?

What is the other option?
- We already booked here.

Can I follow the conversation?

Why do not you both do?

We do not want to benefit.

We are going to toast.
- Tonight!

On the reunion!

No one looks me in the eye!

I have a question.

No, no, shut up!

You too.
You could not answer right away.

Say it.
- "I love you" in Arabic.

In the Tunisian?

There you have it.

Yes, that's it.

The most important thing is to love.

Is it special for someone?

I never said that.
- She blushes.

You are often with Arabs.

I grew up with Arabs.

Camelia, even she knew it.

How are you?
- Good and how are you?

My eyes speak for themselves.

What are you drinking?
- Whiskey.

Whiskey? And you?

You are very beautiful.

I also give one to Sarah.

Something more, please.

Sarah, your glass of champagne.

Where is the most handsome waitress?

How are you, Amin?

Can I speak to you?
- What's wrong?

In private.

What is it now?
- Aunt Camelia, how are you?

Yes, come on ...

I'll lend it for two minutes.
No longer.

I'll be right.
- Where are you going?

No idea. I'll be right.

Where did you meet each other?

- On the beach.

Did he decorate you?

He has decorated you.

No, he did not.
We just talked.

What a scam. He has grown up.

It is strange.

I like to play with your hair, sorry.

I want to see your face.

OK. Go ahead.

Is it good?

Do not.
- Why not?

I fall asleep.
- Nope.

Why do you do that?

I like it.

Do what you want with her.
At your age

I would have loved to have a friend
who had given me such tips.


Mathilde, come.

Are you going to drink something with us tonight?

That way you get to know Carmen.

Who do you ride with?

They are discussing it.

Go with us. There is still room.

We'll see with the rest.

Carmen wants to sit on your lap.

Just kidding. There is enough space.

It will be fun.
- You're welcome.

That's sweet.

She's a sweet girl.

How are you?

You are back.
I did not understand you yesterday.

She likes you. Talk to her.

Charlotte was looking for you.

Where is she?
- I'm going to her like that.

Is it going?
- Do not worry. Excuse me.


Can I talk to you?

Everything fine?
- Yes. Can I talk to you?

I get something to drink. What are you drinking?
- Champagne.

A whiskey, as usual.

Do you want a glass?
- No thanks.

- Take your glass and come with me.

Is something wrong?

Is something wrong?
- Everything is alright.

Just hold on.

Are you coming this evening?
It will be fun.

What is it?

Toni, come and talk.
- I am coming.

Where were you?
Did not we have a date?

I could not.
The car of my size was defective.

I had to help him
when replacing his wheel.

Why do you make an appointment?

I wanted to see you.

Do you have a cigarette?

I have one. Do you want them?

No, thank you ... It's okay.

No cigarette?
- Come here.

I'll be right.
Do you have fire?

Give me a fire.

How are you, aunt?

You have to confirm something.

I am coming.
Shall I introduce you?

Anita. No, Carmen!
Anita, Carmen.


Why are you doing this?

I want to introduce you.
- Why?

What's wrong?

Do you think I'm blind?

There is nothing.
I am having a good time. They are friends.

How long do you keep going like that?
Do not do that.

You seem upset.

That is normal.
- Relax.

We are going to have a good time.
- You amuse yourself a little too much.

For real?

You can never have enough fun.
- You do it.

Do not touch me anymore.

Do you have to say all about Toni?
- Why?

She is his girlfriend.
- His girlfriend?

Yes, his girlfriend.
- Damn.

When I said you were a nice couple,
you said yes.

The last three days
he sends her from the cupboard to the wall.

I wanted to cheer her up.

He is older than she.

They are not a nice couple.
She's better with you.

How are you, buddy?

How are you?
- You're already drunk.

Where is my baby?

Klote. Hide me!

What is it?
- Hide me!

How are you doing, honey?

You are really sick,
so lie to everyone.

Laugh, you're fun.
- Stop that.

You do not have to continue like that.
I'm tired.

Then you are the most beautiful.

Stop that.
- You are the most beautiful of all.

Why do you act like this?

You are not that bad.
- You make me angry.

Let's dance.
Maryse! Where is Maryse?

Sarah, play a salsa.

We dance a little, to warm up.

Can not you talk something?
Why do you change the subject?

I'm talking.
- You do not do that.

You do not laugh. You seem unhappy.
We are enjoying ourselves.

I'm unhappy because of you.
- Why?

- I want to entertain myself with you.

If you want to entertain yourself,
do not you say this nonsense.

Do not say ...

I told you I like you.
I love you.

You are the love of my life.

You also love her and her.

You are the woman of my life.

We're going to have a good time tonight.

Please go along.


Toni does not lose time.

Come on.

Carmen, show me Spain.

I love your buttocks.

The most beautiful buttocks in the world.

Go ahead! Come on we go to the disco!

Are you driving?

You can not drive.

No way. Are you crazy?

Let me.

We get in the car.

Helm up.
- Do not pretend you care for me.

See you there.
Do you take them per kilo?

Why do you make such a scene?

Take him.



Where are you going?
- To the disco!

Are you going to dance with them?

Tell it to your mother.
- Why all that noise?

I said nothing.

Is he going too?

It's my car, I do what I want.

But you do not drive!

Mama, I drive.

We need a car,
so we take his.

What is the matter with this family?

I've got everything under control.

Stop talking. Get in.
Or else you stay here.

Kamel, help her on the bike.

Come here.
- I'll get it.

Get in the car.
Do not!


We will be late because of you.

You showed everyone my ass.
- No one has seen that.

Uncle, get in!

Start the engine.

I am coming.

My youngest sister is like my daughter. Pay attention.

Enough of it. Get in.

Take good care of her.
Drive slowly.

Kamel, get in.

We'll see you there.
- Slow driving, Amin.

Take it easy.

Close the door.

Nice laugh.

Lots of fun!

Go ahead! We want to talk quietly.

Among women.

Momo, the pasta is great.

Spiced exactly enough.

- Not bad.

Did you have a good time last night?

It was amazing.
- You were drunk when you left.

Be silent.
- Shame on you.

He is full of nonsense.
- He teases me.

Did he make it?

Always surrounded by girls.
All girls.

How's Charlotte?
It did not look good.

She drank a lot.
- She was looking for Toni.

She was great. She was having a good time.
- Did Toni come?

He did not come. Not at all.

He left with us.
You saw that ...

I could not talk to him.
- He is gone.

He joked in the car, laughed ...

and then he was gone. As usual.

I wanted to give it to him
when they left.

It was not the right time,
but I will not let it go.

When I saw Charlotte in that condition ...

Charlotte is just an alibi for them.

How do you mean?
- You know what I mean.

Is it confirmed?
- I think so.

Ophélie is really ...

I have Ophélie.

She presents it to other girls.
So weird.

It's clear to Toni.

Charlotte is like Christelle,
Murielle, Sandrine ... The same type.

A victim of your son.

Always the same naive girls ...

He's a beauty crater.
Like his father. Ask her.

They're just a cover

for the adultery that she commits.

Adultery ... Clément is far away.

But as soon as he is back, they will marry.

Tell me something about my son.

How was Amin?
It will have done well.

He looked happy.
He was afraid I would go along.

"I'm tired, I stay home."
But I wanted to go along.

Did he amuse himself?
- Very.

He was not drunk, was he?
- He is cool.

He is a calm, good-natured child.

He was decorated.
- Of course, he's handsome.

Guess where she comes from.
- I do not know his type.

You have everything in Paris.
- Paris is cosmopolitan.

A nice Russian.

A Russian?
- A doll.

A Russian doll.
Not too much make-up?

No, very natural.
The only one who just did against me.

Beautiful green eyes.
A bit like yours.

That will be beautiful grandchildren.
- Good skin, no unevenness.

A good taste, like his father.
- She decorated him.

She decorated him.
- For real? That is no surprise.

She asked him to dance,
treated him to a drink.

Did you behave?
- Always. Fernando was there.

There was a guy who fell on me.
Fernando did not see it.

- There she is.

How are you doing, honey?
Come and say hello.


Take some fruit.

How are you?
- Your daughter-in-law.

I always forget to ask your aunt.

How are Elena doing?
- Not so good.

Does not heal the cirrhosis?

He can not cure it.

It's been a while since I visited her.

I hope you tell her
that I inquired about her.

We should visit her.
- Make time. It's not good.

Is it better since last night?
- Yes, and you?

You dragged me along.

You can not keep a secret.
- We do not say more.

Will you help with the harvest?

I'm not helping my father.
He's doing it alone.

Do not you help him?
The olives ripened very early.

By the heat wave.
That is why we have to start so early.

Not only the boys and the girls are ...
- Disrupted.

Everyone goes through the heat because of the heat.

Even the olive trees.
They drop their olives too early.

We will have good olive oil.

That's true.
- What are you hiding? Say it!

Such a temptress!
- That's normal, she was always pretty.

When we went to the park with her ...
With Toni too!

He took good care of her.
Clément too.

- Toni called her "sweetheart".

She always followed Toni.
She always wanted to give him a hand.

Yes, when you were little.
Tastes can change, like yours.

You ended up with a blonde.

How is he doing?
- He is doing well.

Do you have any news?
I can hope.

I never see him when he is there.
Does he not want to see me?

When he returns, it is enjoyment.
- To rest.

You write to him.
He tells you what he does ...

A bit, but not much.

Does he dare not tell me what he is doing?

No, he is not ...
- Does he feel uncomfortable?

Do you want some grapes?

Take it.

Maybe he does not feel well
about his job.

I mean,
he is at the Charles de Gaulle.

It's not his fault that he's sitting there.
- He does not choose his missions.

You do not really miss him. You live your life.
You're right.

It will be quite difficult.
- It's not a dance opportunity.

No dance opportunity.

They are important missions.
It surprises me that he is there.

Yes, I mean ...

He grew up with our children,

with you...
- There you have it.

I never thought Clément would end

in the Gulf,
to control the air and the sea ...

Someone has to bring in the money.

Sometimes you have to make choices in life.

It's not his fault,

it makes me know something
that he is sitting there.

And ... you're about to get married?

Are you happy?
- Yes.


Why do you all want to get married?

Because you are not married ...
- And I feel good.

I do not know.

Because he never asked you.

Yes, every summer in the moonlight.

You never agreed?
- Now he does not ask anymore.

If it is to separate immediately afterwards ...

In life you are never sure.
- Exactly!

Another reason not to sign the contract.

It does not mean it's forever.

We are not from anyone.

If you reason like that,
we know the sequel already.

You're right.

If you say, "We can get married,

but you do not have to stay married. "
No, the marriage is forever.

One is separated,
the other is never married.

I suggest that you learn from our experience.

We will talk to each other in a few years.

It's true: she is divorced
and I am not married.

Nobody is loyal, married or not.

Just think of someone else
and you are unfaithful.

You can change your mind and hesitate.
Then you are not unfaithful.

You can be with someone and be insecure.

That is not yet unfaithful.
That means nothing.

We are all seen.

Why are you saying something like that?

You give up immediately, that is even worse.

I'm getting married, but after that ...

if I meet another person tomorrow ...

You are not married
and it happened to you too?

That's why I do not want to get married.

If it happened to me,
I save at least the court costs.

When is it?
- October 23.

Set it out.
Then we do it together with Camélia.

Do it in Hammamet.
- The smartest!

Can you do it with those three?

Are not you ashamed?
You're here with a pint.

Do you drink?
- It's my first.

I hope so.
- Dad gave it to me.


We'll talk about it later.

Leave her here with us.

Why are you taking her?
- She came for us, not for you.

She was okay. No complaints.
She did not come to get you.

You have to see him.

My son learns quickly.

As I see it, she is manipulative.


She's a bad person, point.
- That's for sure.

She is handsome.

She's too beautiful,
but the angelic are the worst.

Her father, her parents,
want her to marry.

She wants to get married,
she did not have to stay with him for 8 years.

Toni is not the type that marries.
I know.

You think he will ever marry.
Forget it! No way.

Toni is like me.

No marriage, no contract ...
He is right.

What do you want me to say?
I can not give him an equal

because I have to pretend ...

To also favor you.
But in essence he is right, he is free.

Let them talk. Laugh with it.

Do not look at them!

When she says "You fit Toni",
you play along with it.

I did that.
I said I'm with Clément.

They know it.

Do not worry.

Let's talk about you.

Why do not you say
what happened last night?

You can tell me.
- What?

What you did.
Did you go home with her or not?

You've seen me.
- You went with her and then?

We left the disco, walked on the beach ...

I walked with her to her hotel.

And then? Nothing?

For real?
- Stop that.

Why are you running away? Stand still.
Look into my eyes. Say it.

We have talked, point.
I could not let her go alone.

What is her name?
- Anastasia.

What is that for a name?

Is that Russian?

What is she doing?
- She studies literature.

You were interested in what she said?

They do nothing but talk ...
but they do not know anything.

Have you been amused?
- She is cute...

- We talked about books, movies ...

You meet someone in a disco
and you talk about books and movies ...

You know best.
- I do not have to buy you.

I see?
- Of course. You just do not say anything.

No, come here.

It's going to cost you something ...
- What can I do for you?


Money does not matter.
- To easy.

To easy.
And it would be a lot of money.

That is too easy.

You owe me two lives ...
that of you and that of Toni.

And yours.
- You owe me three lives.

What do you want?

I thought...

I'm listening.
- We can take pictures again.


Only pictures?

You are not demanding.

Like three years ago?
We can do a before and after?

We can do that later.
I try...

I went to exhibitions
and I work ...

to a subject
that I never photographed before.

I want to take some nude photos.

I do not know.

Do you want that?
- No, dream on.

Choose someone else.
- It does not mean much.

You owe me much more.

Nude pictures? Are you serious?

No I can not.

Why not?
- Impossible.

I did a lot with photography,
but never.

It does not work with me.

I can not say to my parents:
"I make nude photos with Amin."

That is not necessary.
It's something between us.

It gives me the chance
try something new, something ...

inspiring, and for you it is ...

What does it give me?
- It's fun.

The photos will magnify your beauty.
You'll like it.

That will be. You will like it.

You too.
- I do not see the importance of it.

Later you will be happy to have such pictures.

Like I said, you've changed,
in the right sense.

It would be nice to immortalize that.
- I do not have to see myself.

You'll like it.

We would do it at the lake,
in the early sunlight.

Like now?

Imagine me naked now?
Stop it.

How does that work?

I'll show you.
They are natural poses ...

- She scared me.

What are you doing?
- Just talk.

About what? Me?
- A debriefing of last night.

What does that mean?
- It was cool.

You were horny.

- Really.

How do you mean?
- Do not you remember?


No, I was watching you.

I watched you.

What did you notice?
- You talked without me.

Without you or about you?

I am not authorized ...
- Not yet.

You get it from me at a later date.

But not now.

You can talk about me.

You are jealous.
- No I'm not.

Are you jealous of him?
because he talks to me or to me?

We do not know.

There is no answer.

As a bisexual
are you jealous of us both.

Exactly, you get it.

You get it.


Not both!

Hold it while I press the other button.

Make her knot again.

What if I release it?
- Do not abuse.

Do not you dare.

Look how ...

he makes knots.

- Do not be bold.

Lay down. You are drunk.
- We go.

Leave it.
- Stop that.

Have not you seen me enough?

I did not see you at all.

She is really jealous.
Because I talk to a man?

You can do what you want.
- Our love story is out.

It has not started yet.

You started last night.

She has a lot of milk.

Have you told Lise?
about grandma at dinner?

You must hear.

Grandma did it again.
- What now?

She's a real chatterbox.

Our new trainee is black.
- I have not seen it yet.

We sat at the table with Dad, in the evening.

Rebecca, Sarah and I almost killed us.

Grandma asked him where he came from.

He said he was from Paris.

She asked him: "From where in Paris?"

He said, "Out of the suburbs."

She asked:
"Are you sure you're from Paris?"

Did she want his identity card?

She asked:
"Where do your parents come from?"

He said:
"My parents are French too."

She said:
"Have they lived in France for a long time?"

He said, "About 30 years."

She said:
"How did they get here, by boat?"

"Then you were born on the boat."

We could not hear it anymore
and she kept on going.

Once they are caught in something ...

He got a baptism of fire from grandmother.
- Welcome to the farm.

What a welcome.

What a cliché.

I felt sorry for him.

Are we going to take them out?
- Yes.

Check that they have eaten.

I think it's okay.

Go ahead, honey.

Keep an eye on her.

Too late.

- Yes.

When did she complain?

So right.
Just after I called you.

It's not true.

For real?
- The work has been done.

They are not there.
They are in another fence.

Until they ... Do you finish?

When will she lamb?

I do not know.
It's not an exact science.

Come, girls.

Leave them in.


Forward, little one.

Are you going to take pictures?
- Yes, from a birth.

- Sorry to interrupt.

To illustrate a scenario.

I see. What is it about?
- A lamb.

You do not have to decorate him.
- Nonsense.

About today ...

And decorate?
She blushes.

Get Lise and I free for a few hours
to go to the beach?

- If you do not need us.

Clean it here and come back
by 3 pm to let the herd out.

She picks up the decoration on the beach
and you do not say anything.

Are you going too?

Not today.

I doubt it. And you?

This is it. And you?

- I wait.

Did you do this?

They can go outside.

What are you doing?
- I'm waiting for the birth.

That can take hours.
Maybe you should stay here.

Come on, girl.

I'll let you finish.
- No problem.

See you later.
Nice afternoon.

Do not forget to turn it on again.
- We clean up. Do not worry.

Good luck.

She is in love with you.

When I called you this morning
for lambing,

she was not in the milk team.

I called you and she came.

She knew it.
She is constantly talking about you.

She's coming into my room:
"Where is Amin? What does he do?

Is he still so handsome? "

As soon as you came in,
before I could say day ...

Okay, we've seen you.

Ask her for the nude photos.
She will immediately agree.

She will introduce it herself:
"Photograph me naked!"

So cute.
But you ruined her day.

In the presence of everyone
she asked to go to the beach.

You did not say anything.

She waited until you said:
"Shall I go with you?"

You think?
- Of course. I know that.

Why does she ask you differently?

She asked me deliberately
when you were there.

She wanted you to know.

Just Nadège and me
when we were little. I swear.

We were the first to fight
knocking on your door,

to charm your parents the most

and so the future daughter-in-law
to become.

But it's a secret.
Do not tell anyone.

In the meantime, we have become older.
Now I can tell you.

Nadège and I were incredibly competitive.

Those with a blue sign will soon ...


- I do not know.

Fat bellies almost mean it.


her vulva is dilated,
her udder is swollen.

Look at her.

She got one.

- No idea. I just saw it.

It stands right.
- The first time.

Now it is trying to drink.

Do you want something to sit on?
A chair...

I'm going to stand there.

I'm going to watch them.

And I will wait.
- I can ...

to give a bale of straw. Do you want this?

Come on! On the side, fatties!

Thank you.

Just a chair.
- Perfect.

I see them well from here.

If you want to see it better,
you have to put yourself at this height.

Squat. Sit down.

Look at them.

If you look closely,
you see the dilated vulva's.

You also see the contractions, pay attention.

Are contractions the last signal?
- Yes, the contractions.

How do you see that?
- Then the work started.

Under the ribs ... there.

She gets contractions, she presses, it gets hollow.

Then you see it here.

I think she will start too.

She has...

She might have lost her mucus plug.
There's a little bit of blood.

No real blood.
It is translucent, sticky.

Which one is it?

Keep an eye on this.

I let you.

If you're still here
when I return at 11 pm,

nothing happened.

See you later.

If you have beautiful pictures,
maybe I will pose naked for you.

For real?


It depends. We are still seeing.

I told her
that you have a farm and ...

You do not have to tell me my whole life.

Amin is there.
- What?

Amin is there.
- Where is he?

At the bar.

I'm going to him.

I love you.
- Do not.

I like all good things:

alcohol, girls, men,


Uncle, are you drinking something?

A little one.

People, drink up.
- A shot.

We do not need a syrup.

Another one.


She wants to dance with you.

Where were you?
- I was at home.


Have you taken pictures?
- Yes, I took pictures.

Did you do honey on you ...?

What are you doing to attract them?

Do you want to photograph me?
I am a model.

Kiss her ...

On the mouth.

For real.

What is it?

Do you want to force them?

Do not you want to photograph her?
- We talked about it.

She is very beautiful.

Very nice.

Do you want a shot?

Do you want a shot?

No thanks. And you?
What do you want?


She has ordered something. Do it too.

Help me down.

Time to go home.

We were fantastic tonight.

We were crazy.

Two against one, but I won.

There's a referee.

I'm silent like a grave.

What a disaster.

You are all drunk.

I'm not drunk.

I swear.

Aunt is going to fall.

He did not leave me alone.
I'm tired.

He did not leave me alone.
- Who?

Who do you think?

We have talked.

He explained me his love
because he is drunk.

I said, "Grant it tomorrow morning."

He said, "I'll do it."

He said:
"I love you, I'm telling Clément."

I said:
"Do it, we'll talk later."

We'll see.

I'm tired.

Do you have enough pictures for your book?

Yes, what an experience.

There were even two.

Then you waited.

I did not expect the second one.

That is normal.
You do not know something like this beforehand.

Was it already dark?

She only sat down in a corner.

I said that they often isolate themselves.

If you see one leaving ...

I do not drink this.

You are drunk.

I want some water.

Do not you dance?
- Yes.

Yes, I see how you dance.

I'm going to dance.

Do you show it to your girl?

What is her name?


What do you drink?
- Nothing and you?

What is it?

Hands off.

Nobody looks.
- There are many people.

Céline is behind you.

Amin is watching us.
We are still caught.

There is nobody.

Amin asks a lot of questions.

Good evening.

Look who we have there!

Everything fine?

What do you want?

I do not understand. What is it?

Why those strange tongue movements?

Shall I leave you alone?

No why?

Nice evening, is not it?

Do not you dance?
- You see that.

What a dancer!

Can I take a break?

What is it?

Security, please!

Somebody bothered me.

I stop.
- I'm kidding.

Why do not you seduce her?

Why do not you seduce her?

I have done that.

Nobody looks.

Nobody looks at you.

You can kiss her.
- You can kiss me.

You too.
- No you.

If you love me, you do it.

We're doing a threesome tonight.

She is horny.
- You do not earn that.

Just go.

I'm sure she wants it.

Shame on you!

She knows no shame.

The freedom!


You dance well.

Take the Spanish girl.
- Kiss Me.

We will make love with her.

For real? Tonight?

Do you want to leave?
Do not feel like dancing with me anymore?

I did not say that.

Shy? Do you have a girlfriend?

Do not you know that?

Who is your girlfriend?
- I do not have any.

I do not have any.
- For real?

Are you sure?

She is right in front of you.

What does she have?
- How are you going to come home?

What does she have?

I see Céline.

What do you inspire?

He is like a brother.

Do I pour or not?

A real brother!


Day! Nice to see you again.

What are you doing here? Do you want something to drink?

No thanks. I'm looking for Ana.

I have not seen her for a while.

Shall I help you find?
- I need help.


Ana? I am not alone. Are you there?


She's not here.

Sorry for the mess. We are sloppy.

It's part of the profession, I think.

Maybe she's outside.

She is not in the pool, I was there and ...

she was not there.

Maybe on the beach, I do not know.

Okay, I'm gone.

I look at you and I understand why

she likes you. You have...


with your deep-set eyes.

We can go see the pool ...


How are you?
- I was not sure if it was you.

Everything fine?
- Yes, and you?

I am glad to see you.
- Me too. What are you doing?

I walk around.
I took pictures of the sunset.

And you?

Nothing, I swam and relax.

Are you alone?

Any news?

Not much.

All days are similar.
I do not do much.

How are you?

Good. I enjoy my vacation.

What is it you do?
- Beach holiday...

Many pictures...

For real?

It's beautiful here. Very nice.

Are not you with your girlfriend?

I left
from her grandmother's house.

We did not talk anymore.

We were home every night,
together with Toni and Joe.

I was always tired of seeing them.

I left.

Maybe it's better.

Now I have my own flat.
It is fun.

Small but nice.

I have a small terrace.
I like it.

Enjoy it.

Three or four days remain.

Are you leaving?

I go to my parents in Athens.

We stay there for 10 days.

Have you been there?

No, it's my first time.

It seems to be nice.
- Yes.

I talk about it for a long time.

I am very happy.

How are your parents doing?

Still in the restaurant.

Is it going well?
- Yes.

- Come along before you leave.

I planned it.
I have to apologize to your mother.

It is not necessary.
- Anyway.

I was in the restaurant.

She was busy and yet she took care of me.
That was sweet.

I want her to know that.

Do you live somewhere?
- Five minutes from here.

How are you going to walk?
- I'm coming with you.

That's sweet.

I have done some shopping.
Are you coming to eat with me?

Why not?

- If you ask so sweetly.

Do not compare me to your mother.
It will not be so good.

But I will manage.
I will make something delicious.

I have confidence.

What do you want to eat?
- Choose.

Is pasta okay?
- Perfect.

Nice. How do you want him?

With fresh tomatoes, basil and garlic.
That's nice.

I have all that.
- I like simple things.

It will take a while.
I hope you are not in a hurry.

I have all the time in the world.