Megalodon (2018) - full transcript

A military vessel on the search for an unidentified submersible finds themselves face to face with a giant shark, forced to use only what they have on board to defend themselves from the monstrous beast.

Subtitles by explosiveskull

I want you to look around
at the new faces today.

These are your brothers
and sisters.

You will serve together,
and you will fight together.

You will laugh
and you will cry together.

This is your home

and I am proud
to be serving alongside

each and every one of you.

Now as we set sail, I want
each one of you to think

about what you are
fighting to protect

because that is the thing
that will keep you going.

That is the thing that will make
sure that you never give up.

I want you to remember
our core principles:

honor, courage
and commitment.

That is what sets
the Navy apart.

Why are we here?

So others may live!


And now it is my privilege
to present to you

a very special guest:
Admiral King.

You should all feel
honored today

as the Admiral takes great pride
in welcoming new cadets.

Admiral on deck!

At ease, sailors!

Thank you, Captain.

You've all come a
very long way,

and now you'll be
tested out in the open sea.

So be careful.

A mistake can cost a life.

An even bigger mistake can
cost a lot more than that.

All I ask is you keep
your eyes open,

and watch your backs.

I'm proud to be here.

I'm proud to have you
as my crew.

This could be my last voyage.
Let's make it count.


Now's not a
good time, Vallier.

Yes, sir.

It's just...
we've got something.

What do you mean?

Well, we've picked up
something on the sonar.

I think you need to see it.

So what do we know?

Not much, sir.

How far down?
We talking about a sub here?

Not sure, sir,
but I did catch a sound.

A sound?

What do you mean, sound?

The timing on it, Munos?

It's been about
three minutes, ma'am.

- You got a bearing on it yet?
- I'm trying.

What in God's name
is going on?

Captain on deck!

As you were.
What's going on?

Strange signal.

No bearing yet,
but it's deep.

- What is it?
- We're working on that, sir.

Okay. Can we work on it
without hearing it?

We're thinking it's either
a sub or a drone.

But since it's so deep,
I'm willing to say

it's not a drone.

We're picking
something up, sir.

How far out?

Closing in on it.

Is this it?

Admiral on the bridge!

As you were.

Captain, what have we got?

Looks like a sub.

What are you gonna do
about that?

Well, we're working on it.
Vallier, what can you give me?

Well, it's hard to say, sir.

But I'm guessing
we're right above it.

What do you think?

I think we should
check it out.

- Lynch?
- Yes, sir?

Wait until the Admiral
has a chance to speak.

The Russians have
been operating

around this region for
a really long time.

But we never really had any
hard proof of it yet.

We need to find out
if it's them.

Well, if we're gonna
step in it,

then we're gonna have
to clean it up.

And I'd rather we get this
over with before NATO

sticks its big snout right
in my face.

- Or the president.
- Yeah, him too, yeah.

Well, we'll get
to the bottom of it.

I could take
the bell down, sir.

Admiral, if you'll excuse us?

I need to speak with
my Commander in private.

All right then.
You guys let me know.

You do not speak
to a CO like that!

Especially in the presence
of an Admiral.

- Do you understand?
- Sorry, sir.

You really want to get that
thing in the water, don't you?

I do, sir.

I helped develop that thing.

Which you never
tire of reminding us.

All right.
I'll consider it.

Thank you, sir.

Deploy the drones first.

If there's anything
worth looking at,

I'll consider sending you.

Yes, sir.
Already on it.

Excuse me, Commander?

I may have already ordered
the drones prepped, sir.


Sir, I figured it
would be something

you would want me to do.

Do you know what
an order is?

I do, sir.

You don't do anything
unless I tell you to.

- Do you understand?
- Yes, sir.

You can't take an order
unless it's given.

- Does that make sense, Commander?
- Yes, sir.

I went you to get out
there with Munos,

and I want you
to observe the drones.

But you do not do
anything unless I tell you.

- Is that clear?
- Yes, sir.

This is still my ship.


How far down is the drone?

Approaching 4000 meters.

Switch to live feed.

What's that, Munos?

Where, ma'am?

Third quadrant?

Did you see that light?

Or was that just a reflection?

Right there.

Zoom in.

That looks like a
Borei-II class submarine.

It's been hit.

All right.

Let's get that over
to the Captain.

Sorry to keep you
waiting, Admiral.

You know, there's
a lot of tension

between our countries
right now.

And I don't wanna have to make
a phone call to Congress

over something to do
with Russians, all right?

I understand, sir.
But if it is the Russians...

- And the SPCC.
- Yes, sir.

Yeah, I got a meeting
with the D.O.D.

As soon as I'm done, I'll
check back with you, all right?


So this is your last hurrah?

Yes, sir.
My ass is getting old

and I can't wait
for retirement.

Well, that makes two of us.

Hopefully, we'll be on
the same beach together.

Hey, listen, don't
worry about Lynch.

She's gonna be all right.

Yes, she will, sir.

I mean, it kind
of looks like...


I've never seen
anything like it.

What could do that to a sub?

Torpedo maybe?

Then what fired it?

It looks like the sub may
be sealed off at the bulkhead.

So there could be survivors?

In theory.

All right.
I'll take that to the Captain.

- You don't have to.
- Captain on deck!

At ease.

Lynch, come with me.

Vallier, call
my Tactical Actions Officer

- on deck immediately.
- Yes, sir.

- Nice work, everyone.
- Thank you, sir.

Now the only reason they'd be
down there would be espionage.

The Admiral thinks
they're trying to tap

into the Southern Pacific
Communications Cable.

I agree.

Why does that not
surprise me, sir?

Jameson, come join us.

Sir? Ma'am?

Did you get eyes
on that sub?

- We did.
- Russian?

Looks that way.

Should I prep my team?

If we find Russian survivors,
there could be a situation.

Not yet.
Although, have 'em at the ready.

Things could change quick.

Sorry, sir, but if we have
the capabilities to do it,

then we should...

With all due respect,
Commander, there's no guarantee

that anyone's even alive
on that sub.

Right, but there's no
guarantee that no one's not.

Yeah, but they sure as hell
will die if we don't intervene.

Yes, they could.
That's a risk they took.

- Jameson...
- Sorry, sir.

None of that means that
we can't go down there.

I hear you, Commander.

But who knows what the Russians
might bring up with them?

Or what they might do to
protect whatever the hell

they're intercepting
from the SPCC.

But it doesn't mean that
we don't try to rescue them.


I'd be willing
to take that risk, sir.

You would.

You'd be willing to risk
your life as well as that

of fellow seamen just
to get in that water?

Yes, sir.
I'd take responsibility.

Well, that's very
brave of you.

But I'm sure you know it
doesn't work that way.

Sir, send me by myself.

Go prep the bell.
You take two with you.

- Yes, sir.
- But you listen to me.

And you listen
to me carefully.

We're gonna send
you down there,

and that's your time.
You own it.

But whatever you bring up
with you,

they're to stay in
the brig until we dock.

- Do you understand me?
- Yes, sir.

I am still the
Captain of this ship.

So whatever I say, goes.
Do you understand?

Yes, sir.

Jameson, prep Mansfield.

Yes, sir.

I want him to be one
of your two.

Thank you, sir.


Heading down. Over.


What's ESDS?

It's Electro-shock
Defense System.

Cheng and I basically
built the inside

of the bell into
a Faraday cage

so we could electroshock
blasts as a defense.

That's amazing.

So that's what the lines
running outside are.

The problem is,
I wasn't able to hook it

to the battery reserve.

All right, let's keep
it tight, Lynch.

I always do, Captain.

And don't get too cocky
down there if we can help it.

Yes, sir.

Captain, are you seeing this?

What am I looking at?

I mean, it looks like...

Like a bite mark?

Just what I was thinking.

What has a bite that big?

No idea.

Closing in and
engaging with sub.

Take it easy.

We are aligned.


Munos, confirm airlock
to the sub.

We are locked.

- We're on.
- Copy that.

Bell's hatch is open,
moving on to the sub hatch.

Do you see anything?

No, sir, nothing.

Oh, my God.

Does anybody speak English?

I do.

- Is anyone hurt?
- All others dead.

Come up, come up.

Get in!
Get in now!

Are you okay?

Munos, get ready
to detach on my command!

Lynch! Commander!
Come in!




Okay, sir!

We detached just before
the sub collapsed!

How many did you get?

They all look pretty rough,

but no one seems to be injured.

What happened to you
all down there?

We were attacked.

By what?

I think a shark.

- A what?
- Did she say shark?

Yes, shark.
Big one.


Wanna tell me what
you were doing down there

in the first place?

Well, we were...

We do whaling, shark survey.

We need to get up... quickly.

Is not good down here.

So that's your story?
Shark surveying?

Of course.

We must get out of water
before the shark find us again.

You're lucky we picked
you up on sonar.

I'll take you back up,

but you're gonna have
to do better than that

for the Captain.

Keep an eye on our... whalers.

Yes, ma'am.

All right, Daniels.
Bring us up.

Captain, the Russians
are saying it was a shark.

Wait! A shark?
You said it was a shark?


Are you sure? Did you check
your systems, your sonar?

It's obviously B.S.

There's not a shark big enough
to do that type of damage.

Well, my guess is
we're not the first ones

to spot these guys.

Somebody probably shot at 'em
and left 'em for dead.


What is it?

Right there!

What am I looking at?

What is it? Sub?

Not sure, sir.

I need you to be sure!

Yes, sir, Captain.

Hey, Lynch, are you
seeing anything down there?

No, sir, nothing.

Checking monitoring again.


Wait, Captain.

I think I see something.

Could it be whatever fired
on the Russians?

Maybe, sir, but I don't know.

It's blocking all my monitors.

Oh, my God.

What is it, Lynch?

Lynch, come in!
Are you there?

Let me try to fix this now.

- Try it again.
- What happened, Lynch?

Do you copy?

It's a shark, sir!

It's a massive shark!

Lynch, are you okay?

Damn it!

I don't care what
you have to do.

I want you to find 'em.
Do you understand me?

Yes, sir.

Stay away from that
thing, damn it!

Captain on the deck!

What happened?

Something has the bell, sir!

What do we do, Commander?

Hold on.
Everybody, hold on!


Cable won't come up, sir!

That's not acceptable, Cheng!

I gotta get this
thing up here!

We tried to retract it,

but the counterpressure
is too much!

What if we gun the ship
in the opposite direction?

If we had more power, maybe.
But we've lost secondary power!

We have to blow the cable!

Communications are dead!
Propulsion's offline too!

Munos, take over!

What did you do to get
the shark to let go of you?


Do I look like an idiot to you?

Tell me now!

We're gonna blow the cable!

They'll all die
down there, Captain!

If we don't blow the cable,
so will we!

We don't have any other option!

- Blow it!
- Sir...?

We have no other option!

Blow it!

Hey, what just happened?

- I think they cut us loose.
- What?

Do you read me?


Mansfield, get to the back.
Watch them!

Yes, ma'am.

What was that?

That was the shark
swallowing us.

No, no, this
can't be happening! If we...

- Enough!
- We're dead!

Munos, I need a report!

We're losing power.

Oxygen 90%,
but it's not gonna last.

Kill all nonessential power.
We need to conserve.

What do we have then?

Maybe... I don't know.
Half an hour?

Munos, I'll be back.

Times' up, sweetheart.
I need to know everything now.

Sir, there's
only one blip now.

I think the shark
swallowed the bell.

You're kidding me!
Can you reach them?

We have to make contact.

Give me something.

I'm trying sir.
I really am.

But nothing seems
to be coming through.

Can we get a signal at least?

Negative, sir.
That's dead too.

Look. I don't care what
you have to do.

But I need you to get
those comms working.

Do you understand me?

We need you over here!

It's urgent, sir.

Find a way 'cause your
seamen are counting on you.

Let's go.

Yes, sir.

I asked you a question.

It was the sound of
our drill...

- Yana...?
- Your drill?

You ever hear of whale watchers
who use a drill, Mansfield?

No, ma'am.

Yeah, me either.
Cut the crap.

I'm telling the truth.

We were using our
high-speed drill.

And it seemed to draw
the shark upon us...

Hey! Drop it now!

No, I don't think so.

There is no more talking
to be done.

You understand?
We're going up!

- We can't...
- Now!

We can't go up!

We're stuck inside
whatever attacked your sub,

And if you don't help us, then
this is where we end right now!

Then it is where
it should end.

And I start with this traitor.

Grab the gun.

- Mansfield?
- Mm-hmm?

Tie him up!

Yes, ma'am.
Get your hands up.

Get your hands up.

And you need to sit
back down, huh?

Just put your hands behind
your back, broski.

So how do we get out
of a shark's stomach?

If we can get the ESDS
back online,

I think we can shock the
inner lining of its belly

and get it to regurgitate us.

Do you think that'll work?

I don't know,
but I'm gonna try.

That should allow
the electricity to pass through

to the shock rods
on the outside.

Let's test it out.

I'm gonna ram us into
the side of the shark.

Be ready to hit that button.

Yes, ma'am.

Here we go.


What was that?

There goes the rest
of our battery reserves.

Did it work?

No, it didn't.

All right, what's
the status on that bell?

Just prepping sonar one.

Can be ready...
it's sinking, sir.

The shark is heading
down to deep water.

It won't be able to
survive the pressure.

But if we cut...

Look, we gotta get
the ship up and running.

And then what, sir?

And then we save her.

Then we save her.

Commander, I don't like
this pressure change.

- If we go any deeper...
- I know.

I feel it too.

How long do we have?

That doesn't change anything.

You will not save us.
We will all die down here.

Not if the United States Navy
has anything to say about it.

I'm sorry, but I'm not
sharing your optimism

about abilities of the
United States...

You better watch your
mouth when you're talking

about the Navy.


Still dead, but if we can
get the lines clear,

maybe we'll get something.

Pumps are running
on battery power.

But we'll tear through
that soon enough.

Save it.
It's not gonna help us. Comms?

That's dead too, sir.

The power surge fried a
lot of the equipment.

But sonar is still operational.

It's just running on batteries.

Okay. That we'll need.

Keep that thing up
and running.

I wanna know where
it is at all times.


- What about Morse Code?
- Not sure, sir.

I mean, it's routinely
maintained, so it should work.

How do we even know
if Lynch equipped

the bell with a telegraph?

Well, knowing Lynch,
she probably did.

All right,
let's give it a shot.

It's all we got.

You work on
that Morse Code for me.

- Copy that.
- Dismissed.

Why don't you just
tell me the truth, hmm?

What were you doing down there?

We're all gonna die down here.
Then what does it matter?

Something funny about
that, Natasha?

You Americans are
all the same.

No respect for anyone
but selves.

And you Russians are
all dirty, stinking...

Hey! Hey, why don't
you just tell me?

What did you do there for
the shark to leave you alone?

I told you. Nothing.

We use drill.
Shark come, destroy sub.

And what happened
to the drill?

Drill destroyed too.
It slipped off cable.

So you were drilling
into the SPCC?

What are you after, hmm?
What is your mission?

Told you.
We are whalers.

We were performing
a shark survey.

Hey, Munos?
Do I like liars?

- No, ma'am, you do not.
- No, I do not.

So I'm gonna ask you
one more time.

What is your mission?

We are whalers.

We're performing
a shark survey.

Okay, will this thing work?

Well, I'm sending a signal.
But I'm not receiving.

Okay, please.

Lynch is counting
on all of us.

Do your best.

- Sir?
- Yeah?

Sir, the Admiral asks to
see you on the signal deck.

Bring Jameson up with you.

I don't want
to keep him waiting.

- Copy.
- Look. Get it done.

Copy that.

Admiral on deck!

As you were, gentlemen.

Captain, I heard about
the loss of Lynch.

Never easy losing a soldier,
and she was a good one.

There's no answer for it.

I think you did the right thing.

With all due respect, sir,
we haven't lost them yet.

With all due respect
to you, Captain,

they were swallowed by a shark.
I mean...

Well, you're not trying
to tell me

that you're contemplating
a rescue, are you?

That's exactly
what I'm saying.

If you want to put the men
and women on this ship

in harm's way, I'd have to find
that to be gross incompetence.

Sir, this is still my ship.

If there's men and women are
still alive down there,

I'm gonna do everything
I can to save them

with or without your
permission, sir.

Well, that's true.
This is your ship.

And you are in command.

And you don't need
my permission.

That's correct, sir.

Except in the event of...

what would that be, Ensign
Burkhead, in the event of what?


He's in command
unless in the event of...

In the event of gross
negligence towards the ship,

the lives of
the sailors onboard

or the protection
of state secrets.

You leave me no choice
if you're gonna continue

on this course but to
relieve you of command

and put you in the brig.

So, Jameson, take this
man to the brig.

Sir, there's men and women
still alive down there!

It's a casualty of war,
Captain, and we're at war.

I mean, I would think you of all
people would understand that.

All right, Jameson,
take him away.

Is there a problem, Jameson?

Yes, sir, there is.

What would that be?

Respectfully, sir,
I don't take orders from you.

You might be an Admiral.

But while you're aboard
this ship,

you don't have the authority
to take over command.

Well, I most certainly do.

Not if you're the only one
who thinks so, sir.

Burkhead, you take both of
them to the brig right now.

Is this really how you
guys wanna play this?

You're willing to risk
your futures on a whim?

Your military careers
are gonna be over

even before they started.
All for what?

For the lives of three sailors
that might already be dead?

They'd do the same
for us, sir.

Jameson, make sure the Admiral
is comfortable in his quarters.

Take your hands off me.
Let go.

You're all defying
a direct order.

Every single one of
you on this bridge

could be court-martialed
for what you're doing.

Do you realize that?

You do what you think
is necessary, sir.

Sir, please?

I'm sorry, sir.

That's enough standing around.

Let's go save our officers!


Guard his door.

Yes, sir!

Getting something.

Sir, they received
the message.

Okay, so they're alive now.

Thank God.

Okay, I need ideas now.

- Well...
- Sir?

- Yeah?
- I think I have one.

Okay, Cheng, so explain
this to me again.

Well, sir, it's commonly
thought that certain species

of sharks can smell
a drop of blood

- from up to 500 meters away.
- Okay.

So it's safe to say
that whatever

we're dealing with is
anything but typical.

Okay, so what's your point?

My point is this creature
is capable of sensing blood

from distances astronomically
larger than that.

Cheng, what do you think
this thing might be?

A Megalodon, sir.

A prehistoric creature
that hasn't been seen

in a couple of million years.

Then you're talking
about the Megalodon?

Yes, sir.

I thought that thing
only existed in myth.

No, sir. Just extinct
is all, or so we thought.

- Sir?
- Yeah, what is it?

Right this way.

Hey, Cheng, why are
we in the galley?

- Commander?
- What is it?

- I'm getting another message.
- What are they saying?

"Hang tight. We got a plan
to bring you up.

There will be blood."

Send this back.
"Oxygen at 60%.

"Power close to critical.

"Pressure increasing,
but bearable for now.

Thank you, Captain."

The battery reserve?
What do we have?

Not much.

Then I sure hope they hurry.

I left checks on aisle one.

Okay, where are they, Vallier?

It's very hard to say, sir.

The shark is heading down
to deep water laterally, but...

- But what?
- It's just not right, sir.

Explain that.

Well, it just has
an odd pattern to it.

A odd moving pattern to it.

Where's the nearest
land mass?

That would be Hawaii, sir.

It's a thousand miles
on the northeast.

- Okay. Jameson?
- Sir?

Time to prep your team.
Have them at the ready.

We're gonna lure the shark
back up to the ship.

It's not gonna like
what's waiting for it.

Yes, sir. Should I prep
the artillery guns?

It wouldn't do any good
unless we get

a good distance
between us and it.

Most likely, sir.

But it couldn't hurt
to have 'em ready.


Okay, let's prep
the artillery.

Make sure the sideboard guns
are working.

We'll see if we get a good
line of sight from there.

Yes, sir.

- Burkhead?
- Sir!

Have your men on standby.

Be ready to deploy
the lifeboats.

Once that thing comes up,
we're only gonna have

a few minutes to get it off
the diving bell.

You got it, sir.
I'll get 'em out.

Choose three men
to go with you.

Yes, sir.


May I ask how you plan on
luring the shark?

Here it is.

That's all the steak
we got on the ship.

- Such a waste.
- Yep.

Then it's beans and rice for
the next six months, fellas.

Thank you, Morris.

You sure this is gonna work?

Not at all, but in theory,
it should...

So, what?

We just throw this
bag of chow in the water

and wait for the shark
to take the bait?

Pretty much.

Cheng, what are we doing
about the electricity?

Well, sir, we're about
to hook it up right now.

It's semi-based on what
we did with the bell.

Didn't Lynch say that
wasn't gonna work?

This will, sir.

Well, I don't wanna
fry the last bit

of what this ship
currently has.

That's really where
CS Morris comes in, sir.

He retrofitted his galley
to run entirely off

of DC power instead of gas.

So we have an entirely
self-contained system?

Yep. And the ship
remains unaffected.

Morris, when we dock, remind
me to get you a promotion.

Yes, sir!

All right.

But the galley doesn't
have the same amount of energy

that the entire ship has.

That's correct, sir, but
it should give us at least

30 seconds of killer juice
before it fries everything.

Then we're cooking our
meals over an open fire.

Okay, all right,
let's see what we got.

Hit it!

It works!

Nice work, everyone.

Cheng, no matter what,

do not flip that switch
unless I tell you.

- Do you understand me?
- Yes, sir.

Make sure our sailors
are safe.

All right, let's get
that thing in the water.



It's closing in on it, sir!

It seems to have taken the bait!

- Cheng, are you ready?
- All ready on deck, sir!

Waiting for your command!


Ready here, sir!

Let's light this
son of a bitch up!

Vallier, did you get
the message to Lynch?

Sure did, sir.

Everybody be ready!

Let's go!

I'm getting something
else here.

- What's it say?
- "Be ready to move.

You'll know your window
when you see it."

All right.
Thank you, Munos.

Hold it down back there!

This could get rough!

What are we going to do?
Drive out?

That's exactly
what we're gonna do.

It's right below us, sir.

- There!
- This is it!

Get me everything
she's got, Munos!

Get me everything she's got!

Come on!

Everything she's got!

Do I have two
separate pings yet?

Not yet, sir, but we should
have impact in three, two...


That is how you drive!

Sir, I have them on sonar.

- Confirm again, soldier.
- Yes, sir.

I have two separate
pings right there.


Welcome back, Commander.

Looks like
you've been through it.

Nice to see you
too, Burkhead.

That ride for us?

Yes, ma'am.

We got 'em.
Sir, we got 'em!

All right,
good job, soldiers.

But we're not out
of this yet!

Chang, as soon as
everybody's onboard,

I want you to fry that thing!
You understand me?

Yes, sir.


Okay, everyone, this is it!

No matter what happens,
let's bring our sailors home!


- Man overboard!
- Man overboard!

Two in the water!
Grab the rope!

Grab the rope!

She's on!

Jameson, are they clear?

Not yet, sir!

- Cheng, are you ready?
- Ready!

Wait for my command.

All clear! All clear!

Light it up!

Shut it down!


Cut the cable!
Cut the cable!


And a private suite
for Ivanov.

It's pronounced ee-van-ov.

- And for you, Captain Ivanov.
- Okay, Captain.

Well, we're gonna get to
know each other real well.

All right, comrades,
party's over.

Sir, I think we
should question Popov.

Let me question Ivanov first.

But, sir, she has information
on the mission

about what they were actually
doing down there.

And she's frightened.

I think I can get her to talk.

I can hear you, you know.

I speak American,
or did you forget?

Am I wrong?

Okay, we'll question Popov.

Let me get Ivanov
first, all right?

Yes, sir.

Jameson, bring them inside.
Bring him down below.

I'll be there in one minute.
Lynch, you come with me.

So where do we stand?

Well, sir, the bell's
being brought onboard, sir.

I can see that. What else?

The trap drained most of
the power from the galley.

I was able to get
comms back online, though.

Okay, good.

Were you able to send
the transmission?

Yes, sir, but it doesn't
look like

we're gonna get help
any time soon.

Of course not.
How we looking on this shark?

Well, sir, it seems to
have taken the bait.

The sonar's pretty clear.

Cheng, I need you to find
a way if this thing comes back

- to come up with a plan, okay?
- Yes, sir.

Lynch, I want you
to guard the bridge.

Jameson and I are going
to question Ivanov.

Sir, I can...

Commander, you almost
died today.

I want you to take
a deep breath

and be grateful you're
still alive, okay?

Get yourself cleaned up
and guard the bridge for me.

Yes, sir.

I'll be back shortly.

Clear the room.

Yes, sir.

Step out, gents.

So, Commander Lynch tells me
that your mission down there

was some top secret research.

Top secret?

No, Captain.
I am a scientist.

We don't get to do secrets.

So I've heard.

But let me ask you this.

Why would one of Russia's
top submarine officers decide

to throw it all away
and become a scientist?

Come on, Viktor, you had
to know that we know.

You got me, Captain.

You speak Russian?

Now are you surprised?

Now I'm gonna ask you
one last time

because my patience
is running thin.

What were you doing
down there?

Were you trying to tap
into the SPCC?

We were to study whales.

If we find out that you
were trying to interfere

with allied forces,

there are going to be some
very serious consequences.

Is that what you think?

You think your president
is going to lift a finger?

You overestimate
the intelligence

of your current

Why are you Russians
always so arrogant?

Why are you Americans
always are so piggish?

You know, Captain Streeper,
in my country...

We are not in your country!
We are on my ship!

And that means,
if I give Jameson an order

right now to shoot you,
he will not hesitate.

So here's what I'm thinking.

I'm thinking you were
trying to tap into

the Southern Pacific
Communications Cable.

And I'm thinking that, while
you were down there drilling,

you have awakened a monster
from the bowels of hell.

The problem is that
you got caught.

This not only makes you a,
enemy of the United States.

But an enemy against humanity.

I don't think the Kremlin's
gonna be very happy with that.

Some pretty bad publicity.

So I'm gonna ask
you one last time.

What were you
doing down there?

I love whales.

Stand up.



Make sure the Captain
is comfortable.

Yes, sir.

Miss Popov, have a seat.

Now I can't stress this enough,

and I need you to be
honest with me.

Commander Lynch has informed me
that you're willing

to share information
that your commander

was not willing to give up.

I understand.

What were you doing
down there?

I can't tell you that,

Miss Popov, I have risked
the lives of my sailors

to save your life.

Not to mention facing
a horrific beast.

The least you can do is
to be honest with me.

If you are asking
why we were down there,

you already know.

The pipeline?

Do you realize the amount
of international outcry

this could cause toward
your country?

That is not my call, Captain!

I am soldier in
Russian military first

even if my specialty is science.

- That does not excuse...
- No, it doesn't!

But what choice do I have?
Can I say no?

Do you tell your president no?

No, I guess not.

What do you want
to know, Captain?

I do not wish to die out here.

What were you searching
for in the pipeline?

The most dangerous thing
your enemy has,

Captain, is their secrets.

We're after secrets.

Can I have a moment?

Sure thing.

Excuse me.

That shark is still out there.

I do not wish
to die here, Captain.

That shark is as dead
as your freedom.

It's a long ride home.
Get comfortable.

Right here's good!

- Oh, yeah.
- Ah, man.

That's the life
right there, man.

- Cheers?
- Cheers.

Cheng, this better
be important.

We got a million things
going on right now.

Sir, I think I have a solution
for if the Megalodon returns.

What is that?
Some kind of detonator?

Yes, sir.

We already know that the shark
is attracted to the bell.

So, theoretically, if we fill
it full of explosives,

we can use it
to lure the shark

and blow it up.

Are you telling me that
you've taken a $2 billion dollar

submersible prototype and you've
turned it into a cherry bomb?

I used every spare
part I could find.

I think I could probably
get a couple hundred feet

of range on this thing.

- Well, at least it's not 10.
- 10 would be bad.

- Okay.
- Okay?

If that's the best we got,
that's the best we got.

A bad plan is still
a plan, Cheng!

Yes, sir.

I'll start rigging it up
with fuel now.



Damn it!

Come on.


Captain on the bridge!

At ease.

Learn anything?

Well, Ivanov didn't
want to talk.

But Popov admitted to the SPCC.

Said she was down there
for their enemy's secrets.

Did they mention
anything about the sharks?

Only that she didn't
wanna die down there.

So they were
drilling the SPCC?

- Yeah.
- Pentagon's gonna love that.

Well, that's their problem.
How we looking on the ship?

We're still dead
in the water, but...

Yeah, but Munos is working
on it right now.

- Sir?
- What is it?

It's back!

What do you mean, it's back?

The shark is
circling the ship.

Yeah, but it's moving
away there.

Well, where is it going?

Okay, Vallier, where
were we when we first

picked up the signal?

We picked up
the sub right about here.

All right, so based on our
drift as well as start position,

sea current, that would
put us right about here.

- That's right about, sir.
- Okay.

So the shark's going at a
45-degree angle northeast.


I need you to get with Cheng

and work on that
diving bell.


I know you're
upset about this.

But it seems to be the only
thing that's gonna work.

You know that diving bell
inside and out

and I really need your help.

Yes, sir.

Let's get down
to the engine room

and make sure
that engine's running.

Yes, sir.

Ready to try it?

Right here.

Damn it!
What is that?

What is that sound?

The sound from earlier.

Yeah, but where's it
coming from?

Just give me a second.

I think it's coming
from the ship, sir.

- Sir?
- What's up?

- It's back.
- What's... what's back?

- The shark's back.
- The shark is back?

What are you talking about,
the shark is back?

That means it hasn't left.

I thought it left
the sonar there!

You were just saying that
a few minutes ago!

I know!

Okay, get every branch

of the military on
the phone right now immediately.

- We are under attack!
- Copy that!

Command, this is the USS Shaw.

We need immediate assistance!

Here we go, gents! Post up!

Move, move! Right there,
right there, right there.

Head on a swivel!

Post up! Post up!

Move! Post up.
Down! Go!

Head on a swivel!

Port side, 200 yards out!
There! Fire!


Coming in! Coming in!

Burkhead! Big gun!
Get on the big gun!


Move! Move!

Take that, you son of a bitch!

Movement forward!


- That's it?
- Yeah.

All right.

Cease fire!
Cease fire!


This isn't working!

Munos, shut it off!

It's making the shark crazy.

Yes, sir!

Shut it down!

Sir, the Russians
have escaped!

Okay, go!

Jameson, get to the brig!

- Where is it?
- What?

Hello, Commander.

Nice to see you again.

What did you do?

Take a look.

You idiot.

So quick you judge.

You say idiot, I say smart.

There is no way
I'm letting you take us back

to your country
to make example of.


Well, you just made sure
we're all gonna die.

So thanks for that.


Toss it overboard... now!


Do it now or
we will kill you both.

Do it.

Good girl. It is a shame
we couldn't get

to know each other better,

I have enjoyed this time we
spend down there together

but now we must take the boat.

And leave you all to fight
giant fish on your own.

You're not going anywhere,
Red October.

- Lieutenant?
- Yes, sir?

If the Captain doesn't
put that weapon down

by a count of one,
please shoot him.

Yes, sir.

Cover me, cover me!

Secure the deck!

Burkhead, secure the bridge!

Yes, sir!

Damn it!

No, I understand, sir.
Thank you, sir.

Well, that was the Pentagon.
They wanna stay hands-free.


Do they know what
we're dealing with?

They do. They're trying to
come up with solutions,

none of which we're gonna like.

Sir, I have some news
you're not gonna like either.

What is it?

Ivanov is armed.
He released the bell

and made Cheng throw
the detonator overboard.

Jameson and his men
are pursuing him now.

Anything else?

About 90 seconds ago, the
shark swallowed the bell, sir.

Is there any way we can
make it on the detonator?

It is possible, theoretically.

If I can find more parts,
I think...

- You think?
- I'm sorry, sir.

I mean, I will.

- Good.
- I'm on it.

Everyone's counting on you.


With your permission, I need
to lock down the bridge!

Permission granted.

Where is he?

- Who?
- Don't get smart...

Jameson, give me a report.


Sir, Jameson's been shot!

We think it's the Russians,
and they jumped ship.

Burkhead, I need you
to get down there

and figure out what happened.

Yes, sir.

What do we do, sir?

Well, we're gonna
figure out from Cheng.

- Sir?
- Will that thing work?

I think... yes, sir,

- Only one problem.
- What is it?

It's only gonna have
a short range on it.

How short?

20 feet, sir.

20 feet?

- Did you say 20 feet?
- Yeah.

Well, at least it's not 10.

No! I'm sorry.
That's not good enough!

Hey, Commander...

I'm not gonna let
anybody else go down...

Excuse me!

Everybody leave us for
one minute, please.

Thank you!

- Commander...
- I'm sorry, sir.

I just don't wanna
lose anyone else.

This was supposed to be
a simple mission!

Look at me.
Look at me!

One day you're gonna make
a fantastic Captain.

Thank you, sir, but...

Unfortunately for you,
that day is today.

No. No!

I am ordering an
immediate evacuation,

And I'm putting everybody
under your command.

This is a suicide mission!

This shark is gonna
take down this ship!

I need you get everyone
in the lifeboat.

I'll deal with the shark.

But I need somebody
to find the Admiral.

- You don't have to do this.
- Yes, I do!

The Captain goes down
with the ship!

And one day, you'll
understand that!

Now I'm giving you an order
and I expect you to execute it.

Lynch, watching you grow
has been one of

the greatest achievements
of my military career.

Thank you, sir.


All right, listen up because
I'm only gonna say this once.

We've seen better days.

We lost some brothers
and sisters today.

But we also saved a few as well.

We have found ourselves amid a
potential international crisis,

not to mention facing a beast

thought to be millions
of years extinct.

Well, that thing wants
to take us out.

But we will not let it,

because we are
the United States Navy!

We never quit!
And we will never surrender!

Not today, not tomorrow,
not ever!

We survive.

Look, we've never seen anything
like this, not in these waters.

I have ordered an
immediate evacuation

and I have placed you under
the command of Commander Lynch

who will make sure
that she sees

each and every one
of you safely home.

This thing wants
to take us down?

Fine. Let it.

Because we are going to
blow this thing apart

because we are part
of the greatest military

in the history of the world:

The United States military!


It's been an honor serving
with each and every one of you.

And each and every one of
you represents

the Stars and Stripes,
the flag of freedom.

And when times get tough, I want
each and every one of you

to think about our
core principles,

our core values:
Honor, courage and commitment!

Because that is
the United States Navy way!

Happy sailing, ladies
and gentlemen.


Treadwell, get yourself
onto that lifeboat.

Get off of this ship.

Let me have that.

Watch yourself, okay?

- Yes, sir.
- Relieved.

Everyone is ready, sir.


We've prepped
the engine room, sir.

And I think
it's safe to say...

I know.


You get to that lifeboat,

That's an order.

Yes, sir.


Where are you going, Captain?

Come on, Captain.

Let's not draw this out.

Ivanov, you know I have
to turn that engine on!

Don't forget about
my mission, Captain.

You have no mission, Ivanov!

Hello, Commander.

What did you do?


Come on out,
you son of a bitch!

I gotta be honest, sir.

That was some movie
hero type shit.

You bet your ass it was!

Streeper, you gotta
get off this boat.

No, Admiral.

The Captain goes down
with the ship.

You know that.
You taught me that.

Yeah, I did.
Now it's time to forget it.

Actually, gentlemen,
this is my ship.

Goddamn it, Lynch!
What are you doing down here?

No time for that.
Let's get you two topside.

No, no, no!
No chance of it!

I'm done.
I'm finished.

I ain't gonna make it.

Lynch, get the Admiral
to the lifeboat right now!

Get on a boat and get out.
Save yourselves, both of you.

You gonna martyr
yourselves over me?

There's sailors in
the water out there.

They need you both.

I'll take away my last chance to
have any glory in this lifetime.

You're relieved of duty.
That's it.

Actually, sir,
he gave command to me.

Well then,
God speed to you both.

- Get off the ship.
- Yes, sir.

Leave me. Go.

Sir, you're gonna need
to be within at least 20 feet

in order to make
this thing work.

You gotta free
the switch in order to activate

the sounds so that the shark is
still interested in the ship.

He's definitely interested.

From the sound of it,
20 feet won't be a problem.

Sir, if I may,

in my career, I owe to you.

It has been an honor
serving under you, sir.

You've been a good officer.

Get the hell outta here.

Thank you for everything.

You're welcome.

Well, hello, big fella.

You know, my wife keeps telling
me to quit smoking.

I guess now's
a good of time as any.

What do you say?


Thank you, Admiral.

Subtitles by explosiveskull