Meeting People Is Easy (1998) - full transcript

An entertaining "rockumentary" about Radiohead that shows some of the tedium of being a rock star, as well as some of the fun stuff.

*** Fitter, Happier

Colin: Hi, this is Colin from Radiohead
and you're listening to 10.40 Australia

Colin: Playing here its biggest
hits, this is Colin from Radiohead...

reminding you that you're
listening to the EuroChart Hot 100.

Colin: What does generic radio ID mean?

Colin: Just to...
Girl: Just introduce the single.

Colin: Okay.
Girl: Not, not... Not a particular station.

Colin: Hi, this... Yes, yes, yes, all right.

Colin: Hi, this is Colin from
Radiohead and here's our latest single.

Ed: C'mon, let's move on there.
Colin: It's all right. Okay.

Girl: I won't say anything else
Colin: Oh, sorry.

Ed?: That's the only way she's
gonna get you say "Ess Wee Hoo".

Colin: No, it's pronounced "Ess Wee Hur".
Ed: That's what I said.

Colin: Ok, all right.

Colin: Hi, you're listening
to... Hi, this is Radiohead...

and you're listening to
the Radio "Ess Wee Hur".

Colin: That's what it fucking says!!

Girl: What country is that?
Colin: Latvia. Ess Wee Hur.

Girl: That's fine!
Ed: Just read it!

Colin: Leave me alone!
Colin: It's not funny.

Colin: Hi, this is Colin from Radiohead
and you're listening to Radio Mix FM 102.7

Ed: Hi, this is Ed from Radiohead
and you're listening to Radio Centrus

Jonny: Hi, this is Jonny from Radiohead
and you're listening to Radio... Cacks?

Jonny: I can't say that. It?s
?Cacks?. It's ?Let's Rock?!

Colin: That?s what it says.
Ed: Well, just read it if it says that!

Colin: Hi, this is Colin from Radiohead
and you're listening to Radio Kuku.

Colin: Hi, this is... Hi, this is Colin
from Radiohead and you're listening to...

Colin: Oh, are we gonna go
through all these djs?!

Ed: Yeah, well, you do it, just do it!

Colin: This is awful, I hate
this. Would you do some now?

Colin: We've done this like that?
Ed: Yeah, absolutely.

Ed: Hello, this is Ed from
Radiohead and you're listening to...

***barcelona media interviews

Q: Do you expect very particular reaction
of your audience tomorrow in the concert?

Thom: I... I'm terrified. It's this.
Q: Why?

Thom: Well, just 'cause.. you
know.. saying just coming back.

It?s sort of quite terrifying.

Thom: It's just going into the whole...
The wheels start turning again

Thom: and the industry
starts moving again.

Thom: This time they get more
terrifying. It just keeps going on...

basically outside of our control.

***barcelona. backstage, before the concert

Thom: Lucky is actually wildly appropriate
- 'we are standing on the edge?.

Colin and Ed: Lets do 'Lucky' then.

***'fitter happier' playing in the background.


Q: I want to know if you
are aware of the fact...

that this album is going to be a... a classic?

Q: The album is called 'OK Computer'...

but there is no any song
called 'OK Computer'.

Q: What is music to you?
What is music to you?

Band: To us? Q: To you.

Q: Are you related in some
way to the britpop scene?

Q: Is there anything you'd want
to do that you haven't done?

Thom: Oh, Lord!

Q: What did you wanted to achieve...

when you started the
band? What was your aim?

Q: How would you define rock music?

Q: Do you think there is more
influence from Genesis or Pink Floyd...

Band: No. We all hate
progressive rock music.

Q: Your record... this record is incredible.

Q: One might say, 'a lunatic
crazy act of desperate men'.

Ed: Not just a soundscape,
but really a dreamscape.

Q: Dreamscape?

Ed: Yeah.
Q: Interesting.

Thom: Personally, I had
the sound in my head.

The sound of big glass shopping malls.

Thom: Lots of glass and
chrome and white and stuff.

Q: I think of it as a kind of mantra?

Ed: It's kind of... white and shiny.
Q: What is?

Ed: The record... it's kind
of white and shiny. Yes...

Thom: I had a reason for
it a couple of days ago...

which is the best one yet. Which was a...

The 'OK Computer' is about
everything being out of control.

Colin: Thank you very much for coming
to talk to us and ask questions.


Thom: Andy, can you turn on the
lights so we could see the people...

'cause we haven't seen them yet.

Thom: Thank you. Hello.

***philadelphia; 'creep'

Girl: You gonna talk to the Associated
Press, while Jonny and Phil...

do foreign interviews with that girl.

Girl: And then you're gonna get the
'Entertainment Weekly' interview...

and the 'Rolling Stone online ' interview.

Girl: you have an hour break.

Girl: And then... that's it until the optional
photo-shoot at three o?clock.

***Thom and Jonny are interviewed by
Tom Sinclair of Entertainment Weekly.

Q: if you're not the saviors
of rock, what are you?

Thom: Clueless.

Q: What it seems.. it seems
that you're kind of...

Thom: For this kind of
tabloid-literate generation (?),

every move you make has already
been done taken a piss out of.

Q: A lot is being made right
now in the American press...

that all these celebs, actors,
you know, coming up to your gigs.

Q: Does that have any impact on you at all?

Thom: We are from England and the
English people are not impressed.

Thom: There's an automatic assumption
that with any degree of success,

it automatically brings with it
that you've cheated in some way

Thom: or that you're full of shit or whatever.

Thom: So we have an inherent
distrust of... I mean this is...

Thom: It's an absolute
fascination to us that...

celebrities in America just
live on a higher plank.

Thom: They are untouchable. It's
fucking mad, it's really insane.

Q: Yeah, so it doesn't
impress you that? whoever?...

that Tom Cruise or whoever might
show up to one of your gigs?

Thom: Well, you say
hello to him, you know?

Thom: And go home and tell your friends
and say 'Ha, I met Tom Cruise, yeah'

Q: Have you had any conversations
with any of these celebs?

Thom: Yeah, I had a great conversation
with Calvin Klein about underwear.

Q: Last night?
Thom: Maybe.

Q: I understand that he
was at the show last night.

Thom: I didn't talk to him. But
you can put that in if you want.

Q: I understand that you've
been told that John Oates...

was at the show, of ?Hall and Oates? fame,

Michael Mist and Wyatt Franz?

Thom: Mr. Wyatt Franz?
Mr. Jacques Strap...

Q: Lenny Kravitz also

see it's tough to have
somebody you want just...

have to open it for you if you're out there

***new york
***'how to disappear completely'

Thom: it's very basic?

Michael: Welcome, guys,
it's Michael downstairs.

Michael: Good to see you.
All: Hi mike

Thom:... 20 minutes, for her spinning
away and we don't get 5 minutes...

to plug the fucking guitar in, is that why?

Man: I dont' know why

Thom: Just making sure, you know.

***'karma police'

Thom: There's a guy on
the stage giving us shit

Girl: who... who has? look,

I was sitting sort of off
from that on your shot

Thom: the guy that was
with you and Mike...

Girl: oh,

Thom: loads of shit, and
my friend's like... fuck!

***'meeting in the aisle'

Thom: It's funny because we had
this conversation on the bus...

a few days ago, the five of us?

Thom: Talking about how the freakiest
thing about all of this to the...

newbie is the idea that you would be
like one of those bands to somebody.

Thom: I just remember, like,
listening to Strange Ways, the Smiths,

...and this girl, in the
room I used to stay at in

Oxford, she brought an album
that came out and stuff

In the same time it's like REM's 'Dead
Letter Office', the whole album...

You know that thing of
it being imprinted on...

your heart, you know,
every now and then...

Thom: So I think every time I meet
someone who?s, like, that age,

that comes to one of our shows,
it?s such a big deal for me,

because I can remember how
much of a big deal it was?

you know, I never met, at the time, but
I know how much of a big deal it is,

cos I?ve been the same, you know.

And everything else is bullshit, you know.

Thom: Its the reason to keep going. That
in itself is the reason to keep going.

The idea that you form the part, the
most crucial part of someone's...

life, in the nasty teenage bit, where
everything goes completely wrong.

Girl: Yeah, yeah, just around
the corner, wherever, stop.

Thom: can i get a receipt for that?

1: There's a guy here...
1:... you hear anything about Radiohead?

1: What? A party for Radiohead?

1: Sorry, I don't want to put you out.
Girl: Ok, let's go.

1: That's pretty funny man.

2: Oh, wow! Shit! Dude, write a song
about it! Come on man write it right now!

Thom: That's the night for me then.

2: Radiohead! Creep! Dickhead!

***scott walker's 'on your own again'.

1: Radiohead? Tickets... Tickets for tonight.


Security officer: Gents, gents! Where
are we going? What passes have you got?

Michael Stipe: He is the singer of the band.
Nigel Godric: We're all together.

Colin:... aussi un remix pour
'Climbing up the Walls'... aussi

C'etait un resistre on record,
magical tricks autre engineer Nigel

Godric qui on resisterait et aussi
realiser 'OK Computer'. Er, il y...

a des amies en Henry and Sam...
qui aussi tres.. tres... talented?

***paris.'a reminder'

Colin: Bonjour Je suis Colin de Radiohead
et vous ecoteuz Oui FM cent...

Colin: Bonjour, vous ec.. Bonjour, je suis...

Colin: Bonjour, Je suis
Colin et vous ecoutez...

DJ: ??de Radiohead?

Colin: Bonjour, Je suis Colin de Radiohead

Colin: et vous ecoteuz a
Oui FM sur 102.3. Merci.

Q: Merci beaucoup Colin.
Colin: Ca va?

Q: Super. Tres-tres bien. Merci beaucoup.
Colin: Merci.

Q: Yeah, some of them are. Ed: Yeah.

Q: You can get a '97 Gibson
guitar if you want to.

Ed: Yeah. Well, I don't want to, though.

Q: Yeah, you don't have to. Mm, okay.

Q: Er, Sparkley Horse.
Ed: Sparklehorse.

Q: Next question? What is
the stupidest question...

a journalist ever asked you in an interview?

Ed: There's a feeling...
it's... very interesting.

Q: Good. Thank you very much.

Ed: Thank you very much. I?m very
formal.... Oh, now on to another one.

Ed: If you get the music across
that's the most important thing.

Ed: If you could still make it intimate.

Ed: Thank you so much.

Waiter: Would you like sugar?
Ed: No, that's great.

Q: About 'Paranoid Android' and
the other songs from the album...

Q: Do you like all that science fiction stuff?

***EMI office

Girl: Just to introduce a little bit.

Girl: This is Joubert,
the head of our company.

Girl: This is Michel, the
head of the EMI label.

Girl: Rudolph and Guy
who both co-head sales.

Girl: Sophie is the head of press.
Tanya, I know you well know.

1: As I speak you already
passed double gold album...

1: We?re flying to platinum status.

1: It's well deserved and again... We
just enjoy working with your music.

Band: Thank you very much.

1: So, well done.

All: Thank you very much. Good evening.

'Airbag' is playing

***'Creep' is playing

***'Paranoid Android'

Thom: Thank you! Good night!

Thom: We'd like to thank you all for
coming along tonight to see us in Berlin.

Thom: It's a shame we
didn't get to see any of...

the city but it's fuckin?
normal for what we do.

***berlin.'life in a glass house'

Colin: but, yeah, what do you think end
of the year though, everyone?s album?

the Verve, the Portishead, the Air?

made me think... we think
between... for the readers...

probably but for you all?, so I'm not sure...

Colin: Right. Interesting.

Q: I was pretty much split
between the rights as well?


Q: Do you feel famous?
Colin: No. It's great? It would be terrible.

Colin: Increasingly, actually,
and Thom gets that, obviously.

And Jonny does more now, you
know, but I don?t think...

Q: How do you cope with that?
Colin: I don't have to. So, it's not a problem.

Colin: But I wouldn't like to... going to...

be whisked up when you
are in the middle...

of like one of the cool parts of berlin and
you start hanging out, which is a shame,

but, you know, it's not what we are here for.

But I've had a good
company here anyway...

"What's it been like?? -- 'I don't know, I
don't have the slightest idea'. I don't know.

I hate it. I used to really like doing
this piece, but i really hate it now.

I don't hate it, i just, like,
get really incoherent. Sorry, Ted.

Q: I'm sorry about it.

Colin: No, I'm sorry. I
don't hate it, it's not true.

I was talking to Thom about
this, actually. We did...

this interview with John
after the set the other day

and I was saying, I asked
Thom how it was,.. Thom...

is like, yeah, it was good, it was, it was fine.

John had, like, all these questions,
and they were really good...

questions, it was just fine,
but absolutely nothing to say.

Colin: All of us except Thom, we'd be
doing up to like 3 interviews a day.

Colin: Completely talked out.

Colin: I just feel like Mr. Vacuum
Brained Bimbo at the moment.

Colin: I'm sure I've been much more lucid.

Q: What are you taking the spotlight for?
Colin: haircut, headaches... What?

Q: Why are you taking the spotlight?

Colin: No, each and every one of us
does as much of it as he wants to...

Colin: So, like Jonny
doesn't do any TV-interviews

Colin: that stuff, because he thinks
he comes across as an idiot, so...

Colin: What else is there?
That's about it, really...

Q: Okay. Cheers.

Colin: Sorry, mate?

Q: That's all right It wasn't that
bad, i don't know, you seem very...

Colin: Oh, I'm just tired.

Ed: Yeah, great, just make another record.
Q: Oh yeah.

***'Life in a Glass House'

***'Exit Music'

41:18 Announcer: Radiohead
are also nominated...

for 'the best album' award, "OK Computer"

Announcer: and I when I spoke to Colin
from Radiohead earlier he said that...

despite all the accolades that they've
had heaped on them the last year,

that he still thought it was
quite an honour to be nominated

Colin: I'm very flattered I
suppose would be the right word..

Announcer: What do you
feel your chances are?

Colin: Incredibly minimal to
slight hardly any at all,

Colin: but the record company
very kindly laid on a Lear Jet...

so that in the middle of our
tour we just came from Berlin

Colin: and we've never been
on any of these before, so...

Announcer: You're kidding!

Colin: No, it's very exciting!

Announcer: One of the most
prestigeous awards for 'the best...

album' and the nominees are
the Radiohead's "OK Computer",

Announcer: Prodigy "Fat
of the Land", Oasis...

"Be Here Now", Fun Lovin' Criminals...

"Come Find Yourself", Texas "White on
Blonde", and Sheryl Crow "Sheryl Crow".

Announcer: it could turn out
to be kind of dispelling...

the myth that Radiohead
don't ever go to parties.

Announcer: The London social world, they
turned out there on a Lear Jet, no less.

Host: The winner of 'the best album'
is the one and only Radiohead.

1:: Well we knew we'd won.

2: Oh yeah, we wouldn't
have come otherwise.

Man: Well, I had a good time, yeah. I think
Colin found it all a bit strange, actually.

Man: Colin probably
enjoyed himself, though...

he pretended not to... cos Colin's...

like... its just a day of bizzare, sort
of.. bizarre occurrences.... the final? (?)

***stockholm.'paranoid android'

***'climbing up the walls'

Announcer: now shipping forecast
issued by the meteorological...

office is 1130 today, Saturday,
the general synopsis is 0700,

Announcer: complex soul,
occasionally poor...

spinning and losing its identity.

***skytv news
Host1: Radiohead originates from Oxford

Host2: Originated
Host1: Yes, originated from Oxford

Host1: and their last year's abum,
"OK Computer" won critical...

acclaim, "No Surprise" is their
new single for us to listen.

***'No Surprises'

Host1: Again, music to cut your wrists to.

Host2: You know, the the
critics love Radiohead.

Host: I think that they are all
right but it is a bit, you know...

Host1:This is the most
miserable-sounding tune I've ever heard!

Host2: It's not the stuff that you'll want
to play on your first birthday, Tina, is it?

Host1: No, not really.

Guest: It's interesting video
though, that?s Thom York...

there, as you can see, look,
it's filling up with water!

Host1: Oh, God!

Guest: And it actually goes up the
whole way, you, probably, quite...

enjoy, 'cause he actually drowns at
the end, probably, you'll like that.

Guest: It's like, i think it's a
reconstruction of Houdini's last stunt.

But that's it. It just moves up.

Guest: And then the song continues and
he gets completely covered in water.

Hosts1, 2: How does he do
that? Does he keep singing?

Guest: It's getting very close to the mouth...

there. That?s what I?ve
always been wondering

Host2: Can we fast forward it
a little bit or something?

Guest: He's not worried
because the water is rising

Host1: He's lifting his
head up there, isn't he?

Guest: He is. You know, he's a bit nervy.

Host2: I can hear, but I
can't see that his lips move.

Guest: No, he's through. It?s
Roger de Courcey's song.

Guest: There we go. He's under now.

Guest: But he stays under there, for
ages! How he does it, I have no idea.

Photographer: Ok, keep it nice in
size boys!... All right. And again.

Photographer: Thom is standing like
enormous there... like in a real photo.

Colin: He is the cadboy.

1: yeah, i need someone on your
end to help us out here...

2: all right

1: you know i wish he would
come in here to see?...

2: he's got a monitor out there?

1: i know that

1: Everyone?s operating
under the "we're not...

changing what we do".
We can get moody, sure?

3: Because of the, you know, it?s the
nature of them to want to look very odd.

1: I didn't mind the first one being odd...

3: But if you want to do an hour and a half...
2: So, what did Andy say?

3: I don't feel like having green
people? He hasn't said anything to me.

2: But you've told them that you need
more light, right, and the whole...

conversation yesterday was that
we're gonna start with their lights?

1: right, we're starting with their lights
now and we need to come up a little bit...

2: right

we need to bring the level up a bit

1: well, its not just more light, it's like, this...

guy is green... I have
the light but he's green.

2: right

2: right, but is he? i'm just asking, what
are you getting there? no cooperation...

there? they are saying "no, that's not
it, we like it like this?" just so that...

no, they are not saying
anything, we're just not...

talking? but apparently the
agreement yesterday was...

But are you asking for stuff?? Are you
asking for stuff you're not getting?


But are you asking something?

Well, maybe you should start asking..
3: No, they told me to..

1: All right. Let me go and talk to them.
3: Did you ask it?

2: Okay, go and just talk of this...

3: He is not being a
prick... but we've got to...

1: I just need to..

***Ray Gun interview.

Q; You guys did the 10-Spot
last night? What was...

it, that 10 Spot? MTV
programme? Was it weird?

Ed: Yes, i think it looked OK on television.

Ed: You know, the trouble with a
lot if music in this country...

is the radio stations?. Modern
rock is such a stale format.

Ed: As far as I can work out and we can
work out as a band is, the music they...

put on the stations is not for the
people, it's to satisfy the advertisers.

Ed: It's completely reactive
as opposed to proactive.

Thom: There's a line in "Karma Police"...

about 'he buzzes like a fridge' and
to me it's sort of, after a while,

Thom: you know, when you are driving
around in America and you have the...

alternative stations on in the background,
or in your hotel room, whatever

Thom: it's just like a fridge buzzing...

it's not... it's all I'm
hearing. I'm just hearing buzz.

Thom: It's really odd.

It's kinda funny there already.
You just have to laugh.

Q: Well, the one song you had
that was really embraced...

Thom: Yeah, that had that
fridge buzzing you know.

Q:... by the modern rock
format was "Creep", you...

know? that first came in
with that, it was like...

Thom: That was a good fridge buzz.

Thom: If they gonna call it a
concept recording they gonna...

focus on the technology thing
and.., then just let them.

It's fucking noise anyway.
We've done our job, you know,

it just adds to the noise,
it'd be interesting to see...

Public address system: Virgin
Atlantic Airways flight 9.

DJ: Ed and Phil from Radiohead. Welcome
Ed: Thank you. Hello.

DJ: Shall I say... Sorry, I?ll put
that in a slightly different way..

Announcer: Ten minutes after 1 o'clock
and they're here, the upturned lorry on...

the m14 did absolutely nothing, and i'm
not gonna pretend, they've got me....

Ed: It's pretty heavy, the
chorus is quite extreme.

DJ: Listen to this and many thanks again.

***'Palo Alto'. Tokyo

DJ: You both look remarkably healthy.

Colin: maybe we should have, like, come
with someone who knew where this was.

Thom: Tower lobby floor.

Ed: Tower?
Thom: Lobby floor.

???: Tower lobby floor, 21...

Band: Thanks very much.
For you all. Thanks. Bye.

1: Hey, hey, okay, ready, you have
got to be ready, okay, over there.

Thom: Okay.

Thom: Do you want us
staying up or sitting down?

1: I'm aright, how are you? A bit of
er radio er stuff from Radiohead.

Thom: Here.
Hi, we're Radiohead, we're in Japan

Thom: and er would like to say
thank you very much to the...

readers who voted us and our
album, best album of 1997.

Thom: I fucked that up, I hate these things.
Band: It's fine. It's good! Good!

Thom: I didn't even say "the NME".
Band: That's okay. That's fine.

Thom: No it wasn't. I?ll do it again.

Thank you very much for voting
us "NME best album of 1997".

Band: Cool.

Thom: Hi, this is Radiohead,
thank you very much

Thom: Hi this is Thom of Radiohead

Thom: Hi, this is Radiohead,
we're on tour in Japan at the...

moment, so unfortunately we
can't be with you in person.

Thom: Thank you very much Denmark for
the Grammy of foreign album of the year.

Thom: Hope to see you on... soon.
Hope to see you on the tour. Bye.

Thom: You do it.


Thom: Thank you, good night!

Jonny: Yes, er, that's all very
downsome here. So now let's think

Jonny: Oh, yes, we were at
school mm and.. and.. Yeah.

On the other end:... to work, you know,
at school... progress. I'm gonna see...

much... coming.. strictly personally...
it's like.. to see that you know...

Jonny: Yeah, but, you know,
we're just having a good...

time and people enjoy that
music, i don't know...

Jonny:... they make outrageous media
comments but media enjoys them and...

Jonny: I'll call. Thank you. Good bye.
On the other end: Good bye.

Jonny: Amazing, he said halfway through,
"so... -- I can?t do the accent, --...

so, does Thom Yorke think that life sucks.'
I thought, oh, no. Here we go again.

Ed: Hello. Hello.
Photographer: Thank you.

Colin: Hello.
Ed: Hello, I'm Ed.

Colin: Hello, I'm Colin.

Ed: We're from Radiohead and
you're watching TV Wowwow.

Smbd: Okay.
Ed: Good?

Woman: Is it possible for them to take...?
Interpreter: Number?

Woman: 3 Poraliod shots.
Ed: Polaroids?

Woman: Yeah.
Ed: What kind of Polaroids...?


Thom: The short history
of the 20th century,

I mean I'm not very good with all that stuff

Thom: but there is a point when..
when countries.. whatever country..

Thom: it almost happened
Mexico beginning of the...

year. Because of the
legacy of.. Mmm.. Errr...

Thom: All the money that was lent
to countries, developing countries.

Thom: Then you have vast conglomerates
using, using the labour...

of those countries, this is
justified as the marketplace,

Thom: this is justified as this
is how the world economy...

works, this is how it works,
this is how it should be.

Thom: We take new countries
on. We're the loansharks...

and you know that the West
is the huge loanshark

Thom: And we're crippling these countries
that could potentially develop, and...

have to develop. And we do it in such a
way that we're basically extorting them.

Thom: The banking system
is going to collapse.

Ed: Should we take a little
break? Probably would...

be very good to us to take a little holiday.


Much as we love one, it's great.

Jonny: We are coming across
bands now that own...

hotels and you know they
just.. it does put you off?

Jonny: and have investment
companies and have more business.

There's a documentary done
recently about Pink Floyd

Jonny: and when it was
shown to Pink Floyd they...

refused to have it released,
because it basically...

showed them going out to
business meetings and...

board rooms and discussing
moving money around.

Jonny: it's not what we're gonna do.
Ed: Take it easy, that's what will happen.

Jonny: I say, yeah.

Kaching! Money! Kaching!

Ed: ?going to think that Radiohead is
I mean a guitar band which we know.

But it's very difficult for
us to be able to get any...

objectivity about, you know,
particularly in this last...

year there have been a lot
of polls, it's been a lot...

of critical acclaim and
the gigs have got larger.

Very difficult to tell where we actually are,
so, I mean, you know, it's a good thing...

to be worrying about, and we all share the
same fears that Thom, you know, said, but

at the same time, we actually don't
really know where we are at the...

moment because we haven't been able
to stop and draw ourselves back...

nagoya.'climbing up the walls',
'paranoid android' and 'planet telex'.

***fukuoka.'follow me around'

Thom: Everything that happened
after Glastonbury has been...

a letdown. In one way, in
the way that.. that.. umm..

Thom: The feeling when
the lights went on, and...

when I shouted at our
lighting engineer to turn...

on the lights onto the audience so we could...

see somebody, because we
couldn't see anything.

Thom: and then it's like 40,000 people
all along and up the hill with...

lighters and whatever, they had fires
going in the distance and tents,

Thom: I have never ever felt like
that, it was.. it wasn't a...

human feeling, it was something
else, completely different.

Q: And as a result "OK Computer" becomes
sort of manical-depressive album for me.

Q: Your previous album, your
old record sound quickly old?

Q: I tried to ask about "OK
Computer" and it?s going...

Q: I'm sorry, I'm really...

Jonny: You have got a
'Teletubbies' watch on.

Q: Yeah.

Girl: You're a bit too tall for her.

Thom: You will become a hypocrite,
you'll become a liar, you'll try and...

paper up your own cracks on your own,
you know,... and everybody does it,

Thom: that's what being an adult is.
Then you have babies and.. that's it.

Thom: Sorry.

dinner ready....

***tokyo.'i will'

Thom: I'm really, really, really worried...

that we have been going
too long on bravado

Thom: believing we're as wonderful
as everyone tells us we are.

Thom: Well, Jonny, last year we
would be the most hyped band, we...

were in all... we were number
one, you know, in all the polls

Thom: and it's bullocks,
man. This is bullocks.

Jonny: Yeah, you know,
that's.. that's.. yeah.

Ed: Of course, it?s
bollocks, but unfortunately,

it's the nature of you making an album.

Jonny: But I don't see why
that should change what we do.

Thom: But of course it
fucking changes your mental...

It changes how, you know,
lot of things change and we?

Thom: It's just a headfuck, it's
a complete headfuck. Isn't it?

Thom: The way that we work
is that we always have...

this bravado, and we all
sort of say, that we...

decided to do something,
and then we go "Yeah!",

we'll go and do it, and
then we are like... We do.

Ed: Isn't it really that the
excitement level's gone a bit?

Thom: Yeah,

Ed: ?rather than, rather than the expectation

Thom: I just feel we should
get out while the going's good.

Thom: If you're bored of the
songs, you're bored of...

the songs, and there's not
much you can do about it.

Jonny: We've got to have a long
break to make the new ones.


Thom: I guess it was.. I guess..


Ed: Everything will be
fine! We will be coming,

we will be coming in 2 years' time anyway..

***sydney. interview with richard
kingsmill of the triple j network

Q: Thom Yorke from Radiohead,
welcome back to Australia

Q: Just can you bring
your chair off that side?

Q:Do you feel like, almost like a
different band since that first tour?

Thom: I remember being on the plane
all the time and? getting pretty low...

Q: Are you going to
perform at the Grammy's?

Thom: Well, they've said that
we weren't good for the ratings

Q: Are you serious?

Thom: Yeah, yeah. It was cool, we were
so happy, man, you wouldn't believe it.

Q: When do you think you'll
start work on the next album?

Thom: no idea

Thom: It's like a supply and
demand thing. It's like, well,

this is what they want me to
do, what they want me to...

Thom: this is what they want
to hear, so i'll do more...

of this, because this is
great, and then nothing.

Thom: It's been a demise of so
many recording artists, because...

you suddenly, suddenly these people
start to give me cash, as well

Thom: soon you got the money,
you got used to this...

lifestyle and you don't
want to take any risks

Thom: 'cause they got you by
the balls, you don't want to...

take risks this, you know,
you've got all this baggage

Thom: you're carrying around with you
everywhere and you can't let go you...

know, you've got all these things
you've bought or you are attached to?

Thom: he starts getting, you
know, he starts spending...

all his money, that's how
they, that's how they get you.

Jonny: We gonna wait 6
months after this tour,

because there's been too
much about us in the press

Jonny: and we're slighly embarrassed
about it in a very English fashion.

Jonny: And obviously, there
will be backlash. If you...

believe the hype, you have to
believe the backlash, too.

Announcer: Any criticism we
get is always stuff we have...

already criticized ourselves
with anyway, Jonny insists.

Jonny: you read one bad
and you read 100 good ones,

and the bad one always seems
to make more sense to you.

Q: Could that just say
something about you, Jonny?

Jonny: I doubt it, Anyway, it's for
you to decide, you're the journalist.

Q: Ah, there he has me.

***london.'big boots'

Thom: There's something in it!

Thom: Fuck it, Jonny, just leave
it. Make it resonate a bit more...

Jonny: Ok.

Thom: it needs to be a little over
the top? That's it, that's it.

Thom: We are trying the usual, sort
of, you know... We've been actually...

working all day, and all we've got that's
any good is the bass and the guitar.

***new york.

Band: You did it! You did it. It's great.

Thom: Thank you. This
next one is kind of a...

new song. I don't really have a title for it.

Thom: This is a song about
believing you're actually...

wonderful when you know it's
not true. Yeah. Here we go.

1: Hi, Thom.
2: Hi, Thom! How are you?

3: Good to see you.

***matt pinthall show

Woman: five, four, three.

Host: Hey, it's Matt
Pinthall back here with Thom

Yorke from Radiohead at
Radio Music City Hall.

Host: Thom, the new song you
are doing live is called...

'Big Ideas '... I love that title, by the way?

Thom: That's good, actually
it didn't have a title. I...

wanted to call it, I mean, I
don't know what to call it.

Thom: when you get a mortgage in Britain
for your house, you know all the...

adverts for mortgages and so on, they
all have this thing at the bottom saying

Thom: that "your home is at risk
if you do not keep up repayments".

Thom: I wanted to give it that as the title.
But I'm not sure if it's catchy enough.

***'Big Ideas'

Thom: Got to find another note,
?cos I can?t go like that?

***matt pinthall show
Woman: Five, four, three.

Host: Welcome back to 120 minutes
of Matt Pinthall joined here with

Thom Yorke from Radiohead, and
we?re at Radio City Music Hall.

Host: Thom, good to be back with you now.
Thom: Yes, it's nice to see you again.

Host: You know it's great
to have you on the show.

Host: You know, it's been I guess almost a...

year now, when we last
got together, on the...

air, anyway, an we talked
about "OK Computer",

right at the time it was coming out.

Host: It's got an amazing response
for the record since it obviously...

critics favored it, it made it best
of the year list and, you know,

Host: you had all the best-band
votes. How do you feel...

about that? There's been such
a vibe about you last year.

Thom: You know, when we started
it up, it was, it was great,

because we, we... the first
thing, we finished the album,

Thom: we were convinced that the critics
would can it, because it wasn't.. you know,

and they didn't. And they did the exact...

opposite, which was really
weird. And then, mm?

Thom: Thanks.

Thom: We're going home now.
Thank you very much for coming.

Thom: Oh, well, we fucked that up!

Ed: It was really good though, Phil.

Thom: Hey, chaps! I mean, camera
chaps. I think you should stop now.

I think it's the end.

***'Exit music'