Mazinger Z: Infinity (2017) - full transcript

When the evil Dr Hell attacks the Earth, the mighty giant mecha Mazinger Z is formed to stop him.

* Extracted from Ulysses rip by loyz17*
* Sanjushi subtitles fixed by Jaybats (Ver 1.2) *


Unidentified objects at 6 o'clock!
And also at 10 o'clock!

Unknown forces are invading the Texas site!

There they are! Mechanical Beasts!

Reinforcements will not arrive in time!

Defend the Central Photon Reactor at all cost!

Scramble Dash!

Where did these monsters come from?

Great Mazinger and Tetsuya Tsurugi
will deal with you all!



Go back to where you came from!

Breast Burn!

Take this!
Great Typhoon!

Do you see that?

Mechanical Beasts breaching the
barrier from underground!

Great Booster, fire!

Operations Center to Alpha 1.

We cannot authorize the use of weapons

that can endanger the entire facility.


Hold them off!

60 seconds to core reactor shut-down!

Great Boomerang!

Scramble off!

Knee Impulse Kick!



Drill Pressure Punch!

Back Spin Kick!

This is the wrong plant.


Who are you?

We are pleased to meet you, Tetsuya Tsurugi.

We are Ashura.

Servants of Dr. Hell,

genius scientist.

Baron Ashura!

These are not just old Mechanical Beasts that survived,

but ghosts resurrected from another time!

Rocket salvo!

Double Mazinger Blade!


3rd phase of the work.
Site A. Explosion confirmed.

Continuing the work.

- Are you okay?
- Yes.

What is that?

Do you see anything?

It looks like...

...a face.

Hey, look!

Isn't that Kouji Kabuto?

I've never seen him in real life!

He just finished in one month

an underwater expedition that needed three.

Tetsuya Tsurugi, the pilot of Great Mazinger, joined the army.

But Kouji, he resigned to become a scientist, right?

Hello, Kouji.

You are entering Security Zone S.

Partially deactivate the barrier.

Only Center staff are allowed to enter here.

Order of Sayaka... I mean, the new Director.

I see...

This robot is so big that Mazinger could only be the driver.

Where is that light coming from?

Life-signs detected inside!




Hurry, alert the medical team!


Set the security level to Triple S!


We thank you for choosing

the Circular Line of Neo-Fuji City.

Photon energy provides limitless clean power.

This has earned it the nickname "the ultimate energy of humanity".

The photon energy network

meets our daily needs in electricity

and telecommunications.

Photon energy production

and network maintenance are assured

by the Fuji site that you can see now.

In the test phase,

the facility is already able to generate

22 Million GWh.

Once completed, it will be the largest
photon energy power plant in the world.

This site will fill

the needs not only of Japan,
but also of the whole of Asia.

Previous struggles
have taken many victims...

Where is Tetsuya?

His mission in North America
was extended by one week.

So he's not here.

I thought I would see him.

Tetsuya also wanted to see you, Shiro.

- Really?
- Yes.

One of the drivers of progress has been

the international and peaceful use of photon energy.

Our Research Center
has played a key role.

This huge source of energy,

under the supervision of the New United Nations,

solved a number of diplomatic problems.

The world could never have

rebuilt so fast
with conventional energies.

It is not an exaggeration

to say that we now live

in the most peaceful period since prehistory.

We will arrive in 5 minutes

at the central building of the new
Photon Energy Research Center.

Please sure not to forget any personal effects.

By the way, it seems
that the former Research Center

will soon be destroyed.

It is a pity, right?

It is better like that.

Better not to keep memories of that war.

They could make it a symbol of peace.

Besides, Mazinger Z is on exhibit
in the museum.

Shiro! Jun!

Over here!

- Sayaka!
- It's been a long time!

Your belly has grown!

- May I touch?
- Yes.

I felt it move!

It's been three years
since your wedding.

And I thank you for everything.

Oh, it's nothing.

By the way, how is Tetsuya?

He got depressed
when he found a white hair.

Verification complete.

Compare with the tree
in target mode.

It remains at 99.9996%.

Copy the difference.



the director is waiting downstairs.

Jun and Shiro too.

Very good.

Lisa, we're taking a break.


It's gigantic!

What is he, the robot?
The Mazinger they dug up?

Holy cow!

It's fantastic.


So what's happened?

In fact...

How are you and Kouji?

Let's just say that...

Hurry up to get married, damn it.

- What? You want to split up?
- Not so loud!

Why? What happened?

I understand.
Nothing happens, is that it?

We must recognize that Kouji

is a bit nil in this area.

But on the other hand,
I understand you.

My father also said to move on

if Kouji was not interested.

He is not wrong.

Besides, you must have other suitors.

Thank you

for making the trip.

Big brother!

Nice to meet you!
Thank you for what you do for my husband.

- "Husband"?
- But no!

Ah? "Husband" is not the right word?

"Husband" is the same word for
one called "master," right?

Yes, but no!

In other places, I asked you not to call him "master".

It is a translation error.

In Mycenaean, it is "mistor".
In English, it's "master".

In Japanese, it's "master"!

In Japanese,
it has a very different connotation!

Do not be angry, Sayaka.

Why do you look so happy?

Uh, who is this lady?

Allow me to introduce you.

This is Lisa, the control module
of the new Mazinger.

Large Intelligence System Agent,

alias Lisa.

Pleased to meet you.

What do you mean, the "control module"?

In simpler terms,

we could say she's a
computer in human form.

The Type 17's are also equipped with
a Combat Assistance A.I.

Ah, the language control interface?

To put it simply, it is an evolution
of that interface.

An autonomous interface between man and machine
with fantastic computing power.

An example of Mycenaean super-technology

that our modern technology is unable to produce.

This is adorable.

Frankly, I have some doubts about the taste of the manufacturer.

So, you are not human...

But not a machine either.

I consist of 91% organic components.

When I found her,

her system had just been formatted.

It seems that she was registered
as an administrator.

The truth is, without her cooperation,

we could not even access
this giant Mazinger with our technologies.

And what a Mazinger...

Just by analyzing its basic structure

our science has advanced by a century.


It is impossible for us to fully understand this thing.

That's why we called it...

Mazinger Infinity.

In one sense, it has infinite possibilities.

In that case...

There was intense tectonic activity here.

Could it be a remnant of Mycenae under Mount Fuji?

- I wonder too.
- You do not know?!

Could they have actually been here in ancient times?

Couldn't he have come from elsewhere?


I have a theory.

Shiro, do you know the concept of "parallel dimensions"?

Parallel dimensions?

A dimension close to
the material space in which we live.

A space of another dimension
imperceptible to our eyes.

An unknown world beyond our comprehension.

Photon energy is so powerful,
to such an extent that by accumulating it,

the boundary between the material world

and the neighboring parallel dimension
becomes unstable.

This phenomenon would allow

the transformation of energy into matter.

In theory,

we can even distort the border
to move from one dimension to another.

So basically, since this site is overflowing
with photon energy,

this robot could actually have come from Mycenae?

It is possible.

But it remains a pure hypothesis.

Do not take it this kind of

absurd theory seriously.

So much the better... I have not understood anything!


You really have the look of a scientist,
now, Kouji.

Oh, is that good?

Hurry up and settle things with Sayaka.

Since this Mazinger came out of nowhere, if not the imaginary,

I want to call it "I-mazinger".

- Sorry, that was rejected!
- But no!

I know it's none of my business,

but you will not stay young forever.

We have only one life.

I know that too well.


So if comes from Mycenae, why call it...

Why is this young man so disappointing
when it comes to love?

He is the hero who risked his life
to save the world, after all.

Hello? Huh?

That's crazy!


The Texas site was attacked an hour ago!

But by whom?

Mechanical Beasts.


Fortunately, they managed to prevent the reactor from exploding.

But Tetsuya, who was piloting Great Mazinger,

- Tetsuya is gone?

What does that mean?

What is happening?

The Army of the Iron Cross!

What are they doing here?

Ah, I'm lucky!

If it isn't Kouji Kabuto...

I was right not to accompany Baron Ashura.

Count Brocken?

Impossible! You're dead!

Me, dead?
I have been a long time, girl.

On the other hand, you have not died even once.


What a shame.

But do not worry!

I will immediately
send you all to the afterlife!

Kill them all!



Where did you come from?

You are not an ordinary human!

A copy of Gamia Q, maybe?

Be a little polite!
I am an original model!

Did I buy us enough time?

- Yes!
- I'm coming!

Look there!

Mechanical Beasts...













Goragon... on this earth!

On this earth!

7% decrease in the production
of the energy network!

Reduce the bandwidth for civilians

and focus on vital systems!

In Tomakomai, Sekigahara
and on the island of Sado,

increase production to 102%.

You want to exceed the limit?

I have worked on these reactors
since their conception.

Technically, there is no problem.

A call from the Prime Minister!

Sayaka, are you alright?

Thank you for your concern.

But you've taken too much time
to inform us!

We were reduced to informing ourselves
from the local authorities.

Yes, right...
But I would appreciate your assistance.

The meeting of the Security Council is over.

The attacks in Texas and Fuji
have been classified as terrorist acts

perpetrated by the remnants
of Dr. Hell's army.



These are terrorist acts aimed

to again plunge the world into chaos.

Wait a moment! That's impossible.

After the final battle with Dr. Hell,

we searched for them throughout the Earth!
They were gone!

It's time to think about realistic countermeasures.

In ten days,

we will conduct a military operation
to recover the Fuji site.

I therefore request
the participation of Kouji.

What? What do you mean?

He is a scientist, now.

Why mobilize someone who is no longer in active service?

I am very much aware of that.
But with Tetsuya missing,

the presence of Kouji
would boost the morale of...

Using Kouji's fame,

the government wants to silence those
who oppose its absurd strategy.



This Research Center

was set up for the peaceful use of photon energy.

You cannot use its employees

in an armed operation, even less as soldiers.

It is true that the photon energy
allowed us to rebuild.

But the psychological injuries
of the population

are not completely healed.

We need a symbol of hope that is well-known.

How much longer will he have to
bear the weight of the world?

This is not an order.

This is only a request supported
by the Japanese government.

I'm waiting for a realistic answer.

Hasn't he already sacrificed enough?

He saved the world and humanity
from annihilation.

He has already done enough.

I'm sorry.
Please try to understand.

Opening ports 1 to 8.

A.I. Auxiliary, start of Turing Cycle.

Switch photonic engines
from Sleep Mode to Mode A.

You have not fought in a long time.

Are you determined to win?

I will not disappoint you...

I will do what I can,

but I'll just try not to interfere with the kids.

OK, we go to the photo shoot!

I beg you!

Strength and courage!

We are your guardian angels!

We are the stars
of the joint forces!

The Mazin-Girls!

Look to the right, please!

- Yes!
- Left, then!

As you all know,

the great hero Kouji Kabuto

will exceptionally take part
in this operation.

It is thanks to him that we

survived and won the last conflict with Dr. Hell.

Today, we are honored

to fight with you

for the good of the people.

Let me tell you on behalf of all:
Thank you!

- Deploy the photon energy barrier.
- Deployed!

- Clear path.
- OK!

T-17 3rd Squadron,
ready for take-off!

Ready for take-off.

T-17 3rd Squadron, fight hard!


- Take-off!
- Path OK!

Loading 4th and 5th squadrons!

- Loaded!
- Lift-off!

- Enemy in sight!
- Fire!

We are within range of enemy fire.

The T-17s are entering
the capsule drop zone.

Drop capsules!

- Drop!
- Drop!

It begins.

There is no logical reason
for the participation of the master.

It will not change the outcome of this battle.

Are you against it?

No, I just think
that it does not make any sense.

He says that in addition,
he remains confined to the back.

Obviously, the active military

would not appreciate that a retiree

would be at the front line.


I cannot do anything.

People do not appreciate us.

This Center

has the obligation
to publish all the results

from its research on photon energy

in exchange for its huge budget.

But now that research has progressed around the world,

more and more people

question the usefulness of this Center.

But if we, supporters of the peaceful use of this energy,

are not constantly
at the forefront of research,

how can we stop whoever
would want to mis-use it?

Is that why you sent the master to fight, Sayaka?

And you accept it?

Defending freedom

requires sacrifices.

Do you accept it?

I remind you that you are a machine.
Do not make that face.

If the operation succeeds,
there will be no problem.

Stop calling me a machine!

3rd Squadron arrived at level 1 of the Fuji site.

The attack on the perimeter has begun.

- Mechanical Beasts eliminated.
- The way is clear.

Arming weapons!

Take cover!

Check OK.

- Detonate!
- Detonate!

Insertion successful.

The 3rd Squadron is entering
in the Infinity research area.


What the...?

A problem, Shiro?

Infinity is not here!
But there is a gigantic...

Sudden drop in atmospheric pressure
over Mount Fuji!

It is 80% of the normal level of the zone.

75%, 70%... And it continues!

Where is it?

Point all instruments
at the eye of the cyclone!


The Cherenkov effect?
Give me the gravi-metric variations

in real time!
- It is gone!

This is impossible!

Time has stopped?

Does that mean that the hypothesis
of a neighboring parallel dimension

is correct?


He who gets this power

and decides that this world
does not deserve to exist

can replace it
with the neighboring parallel world

that will meet his expectations.

This is the ultimate power of this Mazinger.

He can become

a demon as well as a god.

This is the Operations Center!

All units, report!


What is that?

The perimeter and the intensity
of interference

continue to increase!

Kouji, do not do that!

You do not have permission!

I'm going there!

I'm going to help them evacuate!

This is crazy!

Hang in there!

Damn it...

- All units, retreat!
- Brother?

Are you OK?

Great Mazinger?

This is impossible. Tetsuya?

"High energy detected"?

We are in danger!

Raise the barrier
to the maximum level! Quick!

The network is

under massive attack!

The firewall will not hold!

A long time ago, dear humans...

we fought to conquer you.

Dr. Hell!

This time, we have only one goal.

Co-existence with humanity.


We are here only

to collect photon energy.

If you do not interfere,

we will not resort to military force against you.

I ask that we forget our regrettable past,

so that no more blood is poured in vain.

And I wish from the bottom of my heart
that we could co-exist.

After being such a tyrant, you now dare!

This is the Advent of Goragon...

Please calmly evacuate the place!

I like this kind of neighborhood to the old.

But it's a bit small.

Living in an official residence in luxury,

that's not for me.

A good old shopping district

and a neighborhood
full of familiar faces...

That's where I want to have children

and live in peace with my family.

Is that too much to ask?

This area

was not affected right away by the battle.

We ask the people

to act calmly.

The instability of supply
in photon energy

has serious consequences
on the daily lives of citizens.

The absolute priority
is to ensure the safety of civilians...

We categorically refuse
to yield to terrorist threats!

The international community
must unite and put pressure on them!

This is absurd!

We need to open channels
for a diplomatic solution...

No, you need a military strategy!

We conducted a survey
with the following question:

"How should we respond to Dr. Hell?"

"Strongly resist: 25%.

" Negotiate: 23%.

"Cannot say: 52%."

The majority do not know.

Pro-resistance and pro-negotiation
are neck and neck.

The chasm between the two camps has not disappeared

at the meeting of the Security Council.

What is the Japanese government's answer?

Like the respondents:
They also do not know what to do.

Prime Minister Yumi is expected to make a difficult decision.

Nothing nice is on TV!

I don't want to watch that!

Hush! Do not say that!

But, uh!

- I'm bored!
- Here, for you.

Yeah, it's pretty bad!

I think I like you!

It's on the house.

Say thank you, at least.

- Thank you!
- With pleasure!

Sorry, Boss.

This is nothing, Misato!

When times are hard,
we have to help each other.

And life has not been so good to you.

It's also not been so good to you.

This is not so bad!

The destruction of infrastructure

will deprive the area of electricity
for a moment.

- Tell me, Boss.
- Yeah?

- What do you do for electricity?
- Simple!

I'm using the Boss Borot engine as generator,

via my multi-function underground tunnel.

- This is tough.
- We are in a crisis situation.

This is why
I do not want to close shop.

And here you are.

Thank you, Boss.

Your restaurant seems so old now.

Yeah. It is no longer as beautiful,

but I have always overcome everything.

This is great! What is this dish?

We call that "ramen"!

Everything is perfect!
Consistency, flavor, seasoning!

And what a nutritional balance!

It tastes like human wisdom!

Thank you very much, girl.

Here, more for you!

Wow! Thank you!

The times are hard.

Everyone must do everything he can.

This is wonderful!

Are you sure Tetsuya is alive?

I saw it with my own eyes.

And yet, all media say

that he is missing.


It means that some people

do not want that to be known.


Two bowls of ramen!

In other words, what has become Kouji Kabuto?

He participated in the military offensive,

but it did not do much good.

Yeah, it seems.

Are we going to get out?

We'll find out.

Uh, you want some water?

The note for both of us.

See you next time!


Whatever happens,

I will always believe in you
and in what you decide to do.

The quantity of photon energy sent

by the robot to the other dimension

is now rising to 42 Million GWh.

The activation of Goragon

will take place in about 120 hours.

But I'm concerned about this android

which remains the key to Mazinger activation.

You still have not found it?

I think she deliberately avoids
connecting to the network.

And Kouji Kabuto?

I suppose that he is with her.

Well, he cannot be far away.

What makes you think that?

After losing his Mazinger and his comrades,

he must be angry.

It is in his very nature.

Sire! Dr. Hell, it appears...


With all due respect,

it appears you cannot wait to find Kouji Kabuto.

Kill him as soon as possible.

Even though he is passionate about this Mazinger,

He is nothing more than a human.

Abbreviate his suffering and his life.

Yes, sir!



Great Typhoon!

Navel Missile!

Damn it...

It is futile.

Great Mazinger is under the grip of my Scepter of Bados.

You monsters...

The only one left alive to serve as
a replacement activation key,

and you allow yourself to be rude?

I heard you.

Your idea of co-existence is a big sham.

What happened to your desire to dominate the world?

What else do you think am I doing?


Humanity is now debating and
scrutinizing my every move.

So it is unable to do anything else.

This is the very definition of domination, right?

Tell me, honestly, what is the worst weakness of humanity?

I'll give you the answer.

It is its diversity.

Its diversity?

Everyone has a concept of justice...

but mankind is not wise enough to agree

on a common value system.

It was enough to say "co-existence"
to provoke this insanity.

If humans do not learn to manage their diversity,

they are doomed to fight each other.

We will proceed to the vote.

Humanity is unable to make a decision.

Humans do not change.

How many years have passed since our defeat?

You claimed to be able

ensure peace and create an ideal society

by eliminating us,

but watch this show.

This world does not deserve to exist.

I will reshape this world.

Stay in the corner.
You will at least have some usefulness.

Speed up the activation of Goragon.

Increase the photon energy supply by 8%.

Yes, sir!

Time for a new world...

the one that we need.

As you know,
the universe is born from the Big Bang.

It continues to expand,

but it is also said that it has been divided
into an infinity of possible universes.

What quantum physics call the "parallel universes"?


Thanks to Goragon, one can replace this universe with another,

according to his desires,

by a quantum super-imposition.

This is the power of this ultimate weapon.

Goragon will activate
when Infinity's energy charge

reaches its critical threshold.

And I imagine that the key to activation...
is you.


But Dr. Hell was able to replace me
with Tetsuya and Great Mazinger

to enable Infinity.

I never would have thought such a thing could be possible.

If I myself activated Infinity first,

none of this would have happened.

Don't blame yourself.

Nobody knew where Dr. Hell was.

I have just recorded an
increase in the level of energy sent to Infinity.

Dr. Hell is serious about activating Goragon.

This would mean the end of this world.
And in that case...

Enjoying your happiness
during the short time we have left

seems to me to be the best choice.

My happiness?

Sayaka tends to prioritize
her social responsibilities

before your personal happiness.

I would like that you stop fighting

and you spend as much time as possible

with her.

I already know that...

In that case, I beg you!

I learned that humans
who have a special relationship

enter into a contract called "marriage".

Then they form a community called "family".

At least try to form
this relationship with Sayaka

before the extinction of humanity!

You use a lot of complicated words telling me this.

You're quite sassy for a machine.

Forgive me. Sayaka said the same thing.

I'm sorry, sorry...

This phenomenon is called "crying", is this it?

Why do I have such a function
when I am a machine?

I do not like it at all.

I do not need emotions.

Confession of sins!

Purification of the six senses!

Confession of sins!

Purification of the six senses!

Confession of sins!

Purification of the six senses!

"He can become
a demon as well as a god."

What do you mean?

My grandfather had said that long ago,

before I started piloting the Mazinger he built.

He told me to choose one of them.

But there was nothing to choose from.

When I boarded, I thought at least
that I could not become a demon.

After the end of the fighting,
I became a researcher.

I never thought I would fight again.

But being in the battlefield
after so long...

I was very excited, to be honest.

If this feeling is that of a demon,

I have to accept it.


Today, I think I understand better why

your creator did not make you
a simple machine.

People are neither gods nor demons.

We have both in us.

He must have thought
that you must have emotions

before giving you such power.

In this sense,

we may be alike, you and me.

If I had stayed a Mazinger pilot

instead of becoming a researcher,

Maybe it would be me there instead of Tetsuya.

And when I think about it,
I refuse to stand idly by.

But humanity does not have a chance to win!

I will take Infinity with another Mazinger.

But they were destroyed...

There is still one left.

- Hello!
- Thank you!

Put it all at the bottom.

Thank you!

Will you revive the shop?

Yes, more or less.

- ...
- ...

I'll open, you go there!

Come on, stack it all!

I have to go soon!

I have struggled to gather all these mechanical parts.

Above all, do not drop anything!


We're back!

Special delivery!

What is this thing?

A photon-energy super-alloy modeler.

Prof. Nossori!

- Prof. Sewashi!
- Hello!

So? What is it?

To put it simply...

A high-energy molecular reconstruction ...

Professor Nossori does not change.

This is a kind of giant 3D printer
powered by photon energy.

It allows us to manufacture
any type of weapon or equipment.

Holy cow!

We moved on from our usual research.

We finally wanted to be able to make
unconventional objects.

This place will soon be reborn.

I'm counting on you!

Good evening.

Stop staring at me.

Uh... If it's fine with you.

This is good, do not force yourself
to compliment me.

I did not know that the Center had a bar.

It is a secret bar.
Do you want something?

No thanks, I'll be fine.

Look at this.

- What is it?
- Goragon.

I extracted this data
from Lisa's memory.

Space shrinks at a point
in the middle of Infinity.

This is the ultimate weapon
capable of reshaping the universe.

If it is activated,
our world will disappear...

Why do you think Dr. Hell wanted to dominate the world?

To do what he wanted...

What will he do?

Just to dominate the world is a chore.

Wealth, power, glory...

None of this is of interest to him.

This is what I learned
at the end of our final battle.

And I came to a conclusion.

- So what is the reason?
- Curiosity.


What is humanity? The world? The universe?

That's what he wants to know.

And he wants to know if this world deserves to exist.

So it means that if Dr. Hell
loses interest in humanity...

Yes. If everything goes as he predicted,

He will not hesitate to activate Goragon.

And he will make a new world
simply for his observation.

I was warned a few hours ago...

Sporadic fighting has broken out all over the world.

The world goes back to the time
when humanity was asleep.

For him, this reaction of humanity

must be predictable and tiring.

It may be so,

but I want to do
whatever is in my power...

To do what?

I will save Tetsuya
and destroy Infinity.

Do you have a chance?

If I lose, it will not change
anything at the end.

- So...
- Lisa said one thing.

Enjoying our happiness
during the short time we have left

is the best thing to do.


I thought that growing up, I would have a
little more discernment.

But I finally understood
that this was not the case.

I want the best and nothing else.

And that's why

I'll have to talk to you
once the battle is over.

You should not say
such things before a battle.


No, stop.




Lieutenant Jun Hono, is it not?

You're under arrest for illegal use
of military equipment.

I'd rather die than say

that it was better before.

What are you playing at?

Have you forgotten that you are pregnant?

Leave us.


Did you want to save Tetsuya all by yourself?

But I failed.

I did not think my belly would prevent me from using the pedals.


It was your child that stopped you.

I fought for a better world...

I think he was a little bit scared.

I was ready to die as a soldier.

And despite that...

Even so, I was cowardly.

Everything's alright.

You are not the only one worried about Tetsuya.

He could not come...

But we will save him.

All of us, together.

MZwere OS v.1.55.

Hardware verification.

Batteries and sub-batteries
100% charged.

Temperatures normal.

Communications verified.

Receiving the signal in progress... OK.

Master Imager, OK.
Heat sinks, OK.

Last summary of the plan.

This operation has two objectives:

Save Tetsuya Tsurugi
and destroy Infinity.

We will begin by infiltrating
the underground tunnel of the Fuji site.

Lisa will be my co-pilot
and my mission specialist.

At the same time,
Boss Borot and our scientists

will create a diversion.

Attract them with all
your firepower and run away!

OK! Count on me!

We will ensure a good show!

Once there,

we will take the elevator
to avoid any unnecessary combat

and arrive at Infinity's feet.

Thus, Infinity will not be able to use its Breast Fire.

We will go up to Infinity's head
by keeping close to its body.

The enemy will be less aggressive
and will want to avoid any fratricidal fire.

We will then interface with Infinity

and install a program to force it
to reject Great Mazinger.

Once we confirmed that Goragon has stopped,

we will escape with Tetsuya.

You need to accomplish the impossible
in a very short amount of time.

If only one of you misses the call,

I probably would not be able to come back with Mazinger.

This will be the last Mazinger deployment.

Completed checks.

Take-off allowed!

Mazin... Go!

Pilder on!

Jet Scrander!

Scrander Cross!

Thank you for coming, Mr. Gennosuke Yumi.

I have read all the reports
of your past battles.

It is an honor.

Even if we can not attack,
the presence of our elite forces

must dissuade Dr. Hell from...

High-speed flying object detected!

- Visual confirmation!
- Switch to the screen!

- That's...
- Mazinger Z!

Hey, look at that!

- How is this possible?
- I wonder...

But, Mazinger Z was

destroyed with the museum!

You did not know?

- It was a replica.
- Director?

Especially made to prevent mis-use by
mischievous adults.

Where are you going?

Turn your heads down a bit like responsible adults.

To be summoned or to go there voluntarily,
it is not the same thing.

I swear...

ah, love makes you so weak!

Now, breathe slowly.

- Blow, blow.
- Fetal heart rate decreasing.

Prepare for emergency transportation.

Tell the ICU to be ready.

- Yes, sir!
- Blow, blow!

What do I see here?

The enemy is coming!

Boss, that's a good package!

OK, scientists, it's up to you!

It is gone!

Photon energy 3D printer,

Here, for you!

OK, let's go!

Borot Ultra Shoot!

- Apply yourself!
- Sorry, guys.

This time, it's the right one!

Take this!



We go on!

I have! Borot Number One Spike!

- Nosso kick!
- Full head!

- Sewa kick!
- Pirouette!

- Nosso Kick!
- With the buttocks!


- Great!
- Hop there!

Top that! High five!
High five! Yeah!

Yoo-hoo! Woah!

Boss, that doesn't look too good!


We will not be able to defeat them.

Boss, Nuke, Mucha!

Do not forget that we are here
to make a diversion!

Of course not!

- We're going fast!
- Yeah!

Try to catch me, you bunch of Nazis!

Ciao, you morons!

They are all coming after us, Boss!

OK, we're off!


This is perfect, we have a nice catch!

What is that?

Everything is going as planned!

Yeah, so it is, but
it sucks anyway...

Breast Missile!

Here they are!

Strength and courage!

We are your guardian angels!

The stars of the army!

The Mazin-Girls!

- Yeah!
- Bravo!

Entrance to the site at 12 o'clock.
Low number of M├ęchanical Beasts detected.

The Boss Gang did a good job.
So let's go!

I do not have time to play with you!

We are in a hurry!

There's the entrance!

Scrander Cut!

Mazinger Z!

- What is the meaning of this?
- Well...

Driver identified! Kouji Kabuto.

This is Kouji Kabuto!


Excuse me.

I am Sayaka Yumi,
Director of the new Research Center.

Sayaka Yumi?

I'm here to explain the situation.

No enemy in the elevator cabin.

I am going to recharge using the elevator.

Thank you.


What did you discuss
with Sayaka all this time?

Well... From Goragon,

my attack plan,

and then...

A lot of things. Here.

So much the better.

It is not because you suggested
that I do this.

Of course not.

Mechanical Beasts detected.

The welcoming committee.

You rotten...
Do not think you've won!


Rocket Punch!



Mazin... Kick!

Photon Beam!

Do you like it?

Breast Fire!

Damn Damn Damn!

It was worth it to strengthen it.

No more playing!

Eat this!

Iron Cutter!

Drill Missile!


Missile Punch!

Southern Cross Knife!

Iron Cutter!

They are stubborn!

Scrander Off!

Go to hell!

Drill Missile!

Damn, you won't get me!

Rocket Punch!

Take this!

Eye for an eye, wheel for wheel!

Rocket Circular Punch!

Scrander Cutter!

You tire me!

Come on!


Missile salvo!

Scrander Cut!

Welcome, Mazinger Z!

This place will be your grave!

And here are the monsters
Ashura and Brocken!

I'm in a hurry!

Southern Cross Knife!

Do not crash, Ashura.

I know!

And you, do not delay!

Ashura P1 Bust Needle!

What a pain in the...

Rocket Punch!

Don't make me laugh!

Gas of the Iron Cross!

Damn flying head!

I am...

Brocken T9!

Eat that!


- Now! I am going for it!
- Wait for me, Baron Ashura!

- You will die!
- No thanks!


Ashura Press!

We will crush you!

Kouji Kabuto!

- Let me go!
- Perfect, I'll finish him!

- Finish him off, Brocken!
- OK, hold him right there!

Iron Cross Drill!


Pilder off!

Take that!

You idiot!


Pilder on!

Where is my body?

Scrander Cut!

Remote commands
to the Scrander restored.

Perfect! Let's get it!

Mazin... Power!

Rocket Punch!

Scrander Cross!

- This is disgusting!
- Get out, you pig!

Let me hook you two up!

And now to finish you off!

Rust Hurricane!

Damn you!

Kouji Kabuto!

So long!

"If whoever gets this power

decides that this world

does not deserve to exist,

then he can replace it with another one."

"He can become a demon as well as a god."

External socket checked.

Direction 20, within firing range.

3, 2, 1!

- Multi-connector, project!
- Projecting!

Installation of the release program.

Access in progress.
Ready to detach!

- Detach!
- Detached!

Just in time!

I've been waiting, Kouji Kabuto!

Lord of the underworld...

Dr. Hell!

Your project stops here!

Silence! Tell me, what do you think of your so-called peace?

Does it not bother you?

Certainly not!

You were always looking for a challenge, weren't you?

Now that you're older,

you tell yourself you should not fight
unless it is for a good cause.

You are basically like me.

You like this, don't you?

Even for peace, it's the fighting you love.

Peace is beautiful

as long as it escapes us!


You used to be simpler, more carefree,

more direct, and much stronger!

It's time that you leave your hopes with humanity!

You're not dreaming

of an ordinary man's happiness, I hope!

Shut up!

I am coming for you, Dr. Hell!

Approach, Kouji Kabuto!

I see. You are the original activation key.

"Does this world deserve to exist?"

"I think so."

Iron Cutter!

- Photon Beams!
- Hell Beam!

Hell Hurricane!

Hell Thunder!



Iron Claw!

Boomerang Beam!

Drill Missile!

Corrosive Balls!

Damn! Southern Cross Knife!

I don't believe it!

He managed to melt

the new Super-alloy Z!

I will send you to hell!

You've lost!

I am going to offer a death
which will be a very good

spectacle for the end of the world!



All Great Mazinger connections have been cut.

Thank you, Shiro!

You have become strong.

The army is now going

to help Mazinger Z
with all its firepower!

Insolent boy!

- Kouji.
- Tetsuya!


- I'm counting on you, Shiro.
- OK!

Breast Fire!

- Breast Burn!
- Thunder Break!

The countdown of Goragon,
it has stopped.


Surrender now

and you will be treated
as a prisoner of war.

Did you actually think you stopped me?

It's too late!

- The countdown has resumed!
- What?

I saved the code of Great Mazinger
in the Scepter of Bados!

But then...

I can fully control it.

And now, prepare for the Advent of Goragon!

- Is this that neighboring parallel dimension?
- Yes.

I changed its visual appearance
so that you can perceive and understand it.

Is it paradise?

Or hell?

Are we dead?

No, we are not dead.

This is a world where there is everything
and where there is nothing at the same time.

You're going back into talking with complicated words.

This great light is the core of Infinity.

In short, its soul.

- Those are Dr. Hell's scepters?
- Yes.

Infinity is now under Dr. Hell's full control.

Beside them float the kernels
of Mazinger Z and Great Mazinger.

And these cubes?

Each represents
a potential universe.

A potential universe?

Not the universe where we live.

These are seeds of the universe
that might exist.

The activation of Goragon
places them under the control of Infinity.

Do not touch it!

There is the shopping center that
will open tomorrow

in Fuji Plant City!
- Where am I?

Sit down instead of staying planted there.

This is not your child being born.

I know...

Will he look like Jun or Tetsuya?

It reminds me of when you were born.

Every minute, he asked a nurse in panic

if all was well.

I was ashamed when I learned it after the fact.

Dad did that?

- I do not believe it!
- Lisa?

What happened?

Did you hear that scream?
Is the delivery finished?

Huh, mom?

Yes, and Tetsuya was able to arrive on time.

Is this a dream?


This is another possible world.

Sensors inoperative!

I want visual confirmation!

The engines are at a standstill!

The hull is cracking!

- Goragon...
- Close the barriers!

Is this the end of the universe?


I'm sorry.

- It's alright.
- But...

It's alright.


I'm fine.

I am still in the next dimension.

What are you doing?

I turned into a key

and I forcefully interfaced with Infinity.


Yes, I am currently analyzing
the Infinity kernel.

The progress of Goragon
makes this space unstable.

Maybe I can give Mazinger Z

the same powers as those of Infinity.


Infinity cannot be released from
Dr. Hell's control,

but we can resist him.

That would mean that...
No, it's absurd!

Please just tell me one thing!


Does this world deserve to exist?

Dr. Hell asked me this question.

"Does this world deserve to exist?"

This world is imperfect,

overflowing with misfortune...
and much despair...

And yet... and yet...

I accept this world!

I'm happy.

Our answer is the same.

Acknowledged, master!

I'll make sure

that the commands are the same
for you to use them.

This is our last chance.

Fight with all your strength!

This is crazy...

Look there!

Mazinger Z has become even bigger!

- How is this possible?
- This is unthinkable.

What happened?

Sensors functional!

Spatial anomaly detected around Mazinger Z!

Is this an illusion?

No, this is real!

The photon energy of Mazinger Z

seems to have been converted into material!

Creation of matter by degeneracy.

Surface temperature:
10 power -10 K.

So who can send such a quantity

of unstable energy
at such a precise point?

Could it be?

"Photon energy is so powerful,
to such an extent that by accumulating it,

the boundary between the material world
and the neighboring parallel dimension

becomes unstable.

This phenomenon would allow

the transformation of energy into matter."

"But it remains a pure hypothesis.

Do not take this kind of
absurd theory seriously."


Take this!

Shut up!

That's all you're worth, Mazinger Z?

Infinity is pushing the giant Mazinger Z!

There is not enough photon energy

to defeat Infinity, we need more!

- Kouji!
- Kouji!

Tetsuya, Shiro!

Let me send Mazinger Z
your photon energy. This way!


Photon energy, fire!

One, two...

Photon energy, fire!

I have everything off!

This is fine.

Look, everyone! There are people

who defend our planet
and its inhabitants.

If we turn off the lights,
it will give them more energy!

Yes, they are risking their lives...

Everyone must at least do their part...

The other countries offer
their photon energy!

The private sector too.

They will convert their electricity

into photon energy and we can send it!

Ordinary citizens,

people from around the world send us

their photon energy.

I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart

all the people on this planet
who are helping us...

Mazin... Go!

Conversion of energy completed.

Power of the fists:

I hold all the photon energy on the planet!

You'll feel it with my steel fist!

Rocket Punch!

That's the true power

of a Mazinger...


I'm sorry.

I thought I could do better than that.


The school uniform was fine?

Lisa, what are you talking about?

This is the world you chose, master.

But I may have chosen the same.

I understood a little better
what it was like to have a family.

I felt that was why it's worth living
in this world.

Me too.

We will meet again...



Thank you.

Clearly, Goragon was not
the new weapon of Dr. Hell,

but a natural phenomenon?

Yes, we think that Goragon results

in the super-imposition of parallel worlds

as described by the multiverse theory.

Some experts argue
that the concentration of photon energy

disrupted the space-time continuum
and allowed Dr. Hell's resurrection.

Would not it be safer to operate

thermal, hydraulic and nuclear energies?

- Photon energy is dangerous...
- Humanity...

- Huh?
- What?

Humanity does not yet have the power
to overcome all difficulties.

We are only a tiny part of the universe.

This is what this incident has taught us.

Our existence. as well as

that of our planet and the universe,
remain precarious.

And that is why

in spite our mistakes,

we must always remind ourselves of this

to live fully.

In short...

Let's do better next time.

When do we arrive?

We arrive in about six minutes.

Would you like to disable
the autopilot?

Not yet.



I am so relieved!

Sorry to have caused concern.

This is good...

Oh yes, and then...

I have something to tell you.

As I had announced to you
before the battle.



I want to have a child with you!

You're saying that in front of everyone?

How dare you?

What? But...